The Shakedown: Episode 23 – What are our Achievements?

Video Description: On this very special episode of The Shakedown, Rainforest, Malone, and Dave all hang out to discuss their achievements since getting out of prison. Of course, Malone thinks he doesn’t have any so most of the episode is spent trying to convince Malone that, yes, he has actually accomplished something. Also, Dave apparently […]

The Shakedown – How Do We Fix the System? The Future of Prisons Part 2

Video Description: We continue are discussion about the ideal criminal justice system by discussing how to prevent corruption from taking our ideal rehabilitation system and turning it back into prison camps. More about us at: Find our merch at:

The Shakedown – What is PREA?

Video Description: Malone and Rainforest dive into everyone’s favorite rape elimination act – PREA. What it stands for, what it means, when it started, and when it actually hit Texas. Malone talks about life before and after PREA. And we talk about why some inmates miss, “The good ol’ days.” More about us at: […]

The Shakedown – Socializing in Prison Part 1

Video Description: David Brown guests hosts as Rainforest and Dave discuss the social hierarchies in prison. We discuss respect, disrespect, and everything in between. More about us at: Find our merch at:

The Shakedown – What’s so bad about Cop Shows?

Video Description: Inmates love to watch people get arrested and go to jail. What are their favorite shows? And how are those shows influencing our society? All this will be discussed in our latest episode. Plus, should you listen to or watch True Crime shows? And why are they not really “true”?

The Shakedown – What Should We Do with Sex Offenders?

Video Description: Rainforest, as usual, is causing a ruckus on the internet. Today he discusses a local debate about to do with sex offenders and his views on the issues. He also discusses why discussions about sex offenders can derail real work on criminal justice reforms. Also, can someone please help Malone with his phone?