Prison Revenge Stories

Video Description: As we attempt to discuss the issues and costs of prison transportation, we run into some connection issues and Malone starts telling stories from his 30 years in prison. First, he discusses the an inmate’s ultimate revenge against a field boss. Then he discusses how inmates took advantage of a prison transport and […]

How to End Political Debates with Prisons

Video Description: As the gang starts planning out an episode, we discover that Malone and Rainforest have some pretty major differences in political ideology. Dave discovers a great way to bring the conversation back to reality by focusing on what the current issues in prisons. We discuss heat in prisons and the goods that TCI […]

The Shakedown 131: Does Prison Make Us At Risk?

Video Description: Part 2 of Malone’s live, in-studio discussion. In this part, Malone tells stories of his experiences of how prison has actually made life more dangerous for all of us, everyday. More about The Shakedown at: Find Shakedown merch and support us at: More about Nina the Pitbull at: @nina_is_a_pitbull 00:00 – […]

The Shakedown 134: The Case System in Prisons

Video Description: Even in prison inmates can get locked up in administrative segregation, or get new charges to extend their sentence. We explain how the court system in prison is drastically different and far more terrifying than the one outside of prisons. Link to the story about the case of the officer’s planting the screwdriver: […]

The Shakedown 202: A Digital Billboard in Jails?

Video Description: On this very special episode, we have on Paul Buckley and Ramses Merriman of the Baumy Group to discuss the TOWR, a digital billboard system used to provide information to people in jails and their families. We discuss what information people are looking for in jail, how the TOWR can help distribute that […]

The Shakedown 133 – Should We Discuss Race and Prisons?

Video Description: It’s difficult to discuss prisons and criminal without discussing intersectional issues like race and gender. In this episode, Rainforest argues that race and other issues distract from finding solutions to the problems with the criminal justice system. Can we put these issues to bed in less than 30 minutes? Listen and you can […]

The Shakedown 132 – Attitudes of Gratitude

Video Description: The prodigal podcast returns with discussions about what we were up to whil we were away and ideas for the future of The Shakedown. We also get into how far we have come since our time on the streets and how grateful we are for the people we have become. More about The […]

The Shakedown, Ep 26: How to talk about prison abolition – Part I

Video Description: Discussing prison abolition often feels like an uphill battle, especially with people unfamiliar with the concept or unsure why criminals deserve empathy at all. In this episode, Malone plays devil’s advocate as Rainforest defends prison abolition. Rainforest gets the stats wrong, but he explains a different perspective on prison abolition so that YOU […]

The Shakedown: What Happened to Rainy’s Commitment? – Part 1

Video Description: Malone asks the questions this week as we find out updates on Rainforest’s yearly commitment as well as what it takes to make changes to a condition of parole in Collin County, TX. More about us at: Find The Shakedown merch at: Timestamps 0:00 Introduction 3:00 Do you have to hire […]