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Is there prison mental healthcare?

Is there prison mental healthcare?

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We continue our discussion of mental healthcare in prisons with Heather of the Hot Mess Espresso podcast. We discuss the availability of mental healthcare in prisons, each of our personal experiences, what it takes to get healthcare, and what healthcare actually looks like for an inmate.
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00:00 – Start
00:40 – What was the access to mental healthcare in prison?
02:01 – Mental Healthcare in Texas Prisons in the ’90s
05:04 – Who provides healthcare in prisons?
07:09 – How do we affect change in mental healthcare?
07:58 – The stigma associated with a borderline diagnosis
11:23 – Practical ways to affect real world changes for mental healthcare
14:52 – What are Civil Commitments?
16:27 – Treating vs. Medicating in prison
17:53 – Medications vs. Therapy
21:30 – How Prison Psychiatrists Work