Equipment Room

Professional video and audio equipment for all of your production needs.

Longmont Public Media has an extensive equipment list ready to be used for any productions. From video cameras and microphones to lights, c-stands, go-pro’s, and more, Longmont Public Media has you covered.


All of the equipment can be used for free within the Longmont Public Media facility (i.e studios). Equipment can also be rented for outside use.

Equipment includes but not limited to:

-Cameras: Sony FX30, Panasonic 4k (AG-CX10), Lumix G85, Rebel SL3, and more.

-Microphones: Rode Wireless Go 2’s, lav mics, shotgun mics, Zoom recorders, and more

-Lighting: GVM lights, Godox Lights, softboxes, and more

-Much more equipment!

Rent equipment today

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