Can You Fix Crime?

Video Description:
Live talk at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs featuring host of The Shakedown, Ryan Forbes; Chief of UCCS campus police, Dewayne McCarver; Professor of Sociology, Dr. Edwardo Portillos; and Aiyanna Quinones, representative from UCCS student government.
00:00:00 – Introduction and Discussion Rules
00:05:41 – Introduction to Dr. Edwardo Portillos
00:06:34 – Introduction to Chief Dewayne Mcarver
00:07:43 – Introduction to Ryan Forbes
00:08:32 – Introduction to Aiyanna Quinones
00:09:18 – What is Restorative Justice?
00:16:29 – What is working in the current criminal legal system?
00:28:53 – What are the systemic problems in the criminal justice system?
00:48:48 – Personal responsibility and making change
00:52:39 – What are the solutions to crime and punishment?
00:57:39 – Audience questions
00:57:52 – Why can’t we improve the justice system and community corrections?
01:08:30 – When can restorative justice be used?
01:09:50 – Why has the Colorado Springs and the UCCS police department received so much community support?
01:13:52 – What form of policing does UCCSPD use and how does someone succeed in law enforcement?
01:16:41 – How has CIT training helped the Colorado Springs and UCCS police departments?
01:22:31 – How can an average person help/improve the justice system?
01:27:33 – Closing thought: Can we fix crime?