About Us

Longmont’s Media Makerspace

Longmont Public Media (LPM) is a 501(c)(3)nonprofit “makerspace” specifically dedicated to the creation of media of all types for all platforms by and for the community. If you are interested in creating or learning how to create video or audio content, LPM is here to serve you and the community at large. We want to help you create and distribute media to reach the world through broadcasting (eg, TV, streaming, podcasting) as well as interactive media (eg, Facebook live and Twitch shows).

The primary goal of LPM is to create media that captures the heart and soul of Longmont, Colorado. In addition to recording our day to day local governments in action (eg, City Council meetings, Planning and Zoning meetings, School Board meetings, and about 17 other boards and commissions), LPM is an actual public space for creating media. We see people creating all kinds of new and interesting “shows” that can be broadcast on cable TV, social media, YouTube channels or even privately for family, friends, business functions or events.

Media content created at LPM will be available to the general public in an easy to access format including a live 24/7 broadcast on Comcast Channel 8, and through this website. For content related to the City of Longmont, we’ll be transcribing the video and audio recordings using artificial intelligence to create text transcripts that one can search, copy, and otherwise keep up on the various activities of your local government.

The LPM space is a makerspace for media creation in an easy to access facility, right downtown, next to our Public Library. We have or will have video studios, audio studios, podcasting studios, video/audio editing bays, equipment, and software.

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