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The Shakedown 134: The Case System in Prisons

two men in prison cell reading a book titled "How to Get Out of Jail

Video Description:
Even in prison inmates can get locked up in administrative segregation, or get new charges to extend their sentence. We explain how the court system in prison is drastically different and far more terrifying than the one outside of prisons.
Link to the story about the case of the officer’s planting the screwdriver: https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/4-Texas-prison-officials-indicted-after-alleged-13064474.php
Link to the story about case quotas: https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Texas-prisons-More-than-500-inmate-disciplinary-12984923.php
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01:12 – Rainforest doesn’t have any cases because he’s a boyscout
01:46 – What is the prison case system?
03:10 – Staff Ranks in Prison
05:15 – Major vs Minor Cases
06:40 – Major Disciplinary Cases
08:08 – Escalating Minor Cases into Major Cases
10:29 – The Amazing Tale of Geesey
13:21 – The Value of an Inmate’s Word
15:21 – Nepotism in prisons
17:34 – The Façade of Winning a Case
19:56 – Part 2 of Geesey’s Tale
22:30 – The Different Types of Cases (Including Free-World)
24:19 – Who Investigates Cases
26:09 – Rainforest on Meeting a Prison Celebrity