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How to End Political Debates with Prisons

Video Description:
As the gang starts planning out an episode, we discover that Malone and Rainforest have some pretty major differences in political ideology. Dave discovers a great way to bring the conversation back to reality by focusing on what the current issues in prisons. We discuss heat in prisons and the goods that TCI (Texas Correctional Industries) sells using inmate slave labor.
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00:00 – Introduction
00:12 – The list of Trump’s current indictments
01:27 – About Trump’s Classified Document Charge
08:35 – Our Opinions of Tump vs. Biden
12:30 – Dave does a reality check by pointing out some of the biggest issues in prisons today
13:28 – Let’s talk about heat in prisons
14:02 – TCI’s list of prison slave made products (that they sell)
15:27 – Number Heat Related Deaths in Texas prisons Recorded so far in 2023
19:22 – The first twenty years of heat deaths in Texas prisons in the new millenium