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The Shakedown 202: A Digital Billboard in Jails?

Video Description:
On this very special episode, we have on Paul Buckley and Ramses Merriman of the Baumy Group to discuss the TOWR, a digital billboard system used to provide information to people in jails and their families. We discuss what information people are looking for in jail, how the TOWR can help distribute that information in a more fair manner, and how powerful information is at any stage of incarceration.
More about the TOWR at: jailtowr.com
More about the Baumy Group at: https://www.baumygroup.com/
You can reach the Baumy Group at: sales@baumygroup.com
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Ramses Merriman
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Paul Buckley
Business Development
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00:00 – Opening to The Shakedown
00:12 – A bit about TOWR and How TOWR has impacted Louisiana Jails
02:49 – Introductions
05:00 – How TOWR got started
06:33 – How you find a bail bondsman in jail
07:02 – Why are there so many bonds companies that start with A
10:30 – How has TOWR changed jails?
13:19 – On the manners of sheriffs
13:49 – Who are the TOWRs for?
15:29 – How much do TOWRs cost jails and taxayers?
16:18 – Where can bondsmen advertise?
17:40 – Where do bail bonds advertise?
19:09 – Finding legal services in jail
19:36 – What is a parish?
20:18 – What are jail staff noticing about the TOWRs?
21:06 – Ideas for putting the TOWRs in prison
24:34 – How TOWR addresses security concerns
29:26 – How did TOWR get started?
31:50 – Making jail hardware vs software
35:11 – The resistance of adding new tech to jails
38:29 – Looking for TOWR affiliates