Longmont City Council – Regular Session – February 27, 2024

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Longmont City Council – Regular Session – February 27, 2024

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Speaker 1 3:53
Good evening, everyone and welcome. I would now like to call the February 27 2024. Regular Session of city council to order. Can we have a roll call please. Mayor Beck present

Speaker 2 4:09
councilmember Crist present Mayor Pro Tem Duggal fairing Here. Councilmember Martin. Councilmember McCoy, Councilmember Rodriguez, Councilmember Yarborough? Here. Mary of quorum,

Unknown Speaker 4:19
thank you. Let’s stand for the Pledge

Speaker 3 4:24
of Allegiance. And to the republic for which it stands, nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Speaker 1 4:43
The city council meeting can be it as being live streamed on the city’s YouTube channel. You can also watch it at long run public media forward slash watch forward slash org or on Comcast channels eight or eight ad as a reminder to the public the rules for providing public comment our each speaker must give their name and address and it is limited to three minutes. Only Longmont residents and employees of the city of Longmont may speak during the first call public invited to be heard, and you must sign up on the list prior to the start of the meeting. Persons wishing to speak on a specific second reading or public hearing item are asked to add their name to the speaker list for this specific item prior to the start of the meeting. Anyone may speak and no signup is required to speak during the final call public invited to be heard. Can I have a motion to approve the February 13 minutes

Unknown Speaker 5:43

Speaker 1 5:44
the minutes have been Moved by Councillor McCoy seconded by Councillor Crist. Are there any discussion? Is there any discussion? Seeing none Let’s vote. That passes unanimously. Do we have any agenda revisions? Don? We do not mer. Thanks. Counselors. Do you have any submissions of documents for future agendas or motions?

Unknown Speaker 6:10
Can yes I

Unknown Speaker 6:12

Unknown Speaker 6:13
Councillor Hidalgo fairing. Okay.

Speaker 4 6:17
Thank you, Mayor. So I actually have a couple of motions. One is to amend my previous motion that we did months ago on the discussion on impacts of meth houses, you know impacts to the neighborhood surrounding meth houses and houses that are have contamination. I would like to amend that and move to bring it to a future study session instead of pre session to add the discussion of neighborhood impacts of meth houses in regard to just what recourse do neighbors have? review key problems associated with meth contamination in units and houses? And the impact to neighbors is predominantly and what is the city already doing to mitigate these issues that arise? What are current practices and identify any possible solutions or safeguards for residents?

Unknown Speaker 7:25
Can you turn the light on again, Sean?

Unknown Speaker 7:29

Speaker 1 7:30
thank you. So Susie made the motion to bring back the map house study with all of the issues that she put into that motion. And that’s been seconded by Councillor McCoy. Is there any discussion?

Speaker 5 7:46
Yes, actually, my lights on for a but yes, go ahead said you wanted to amend it. Soon as your previous motion Susie, but I couldn’t tell from what you said what Oh, amendment was it

Speaker 4 7:57
was to have it as a pre session. I’m asking to have it changed to a study session so that it would be bigger, it would be more public and it would give opportunity for residents to come in and speak to the matter. Sure.

Speaker 5 8:13
Okay. Thank you. I’m gonna leave my light on because I think I’m next in terms of adding things. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 8:18
And I have one more. Okay.

Speaker 1 8:23
So, is there any more discussion on Susan’s Councillor Hidalgo fairings motion? Seeing none, let’s vote.

Speaker 1 8:37
And that passes unanimously, counselor Hidalgo, hearing, you had two motion? Yes,

Speaker 4 8:41
I have my my second one is to put on a future agenda. During our special reports, and presentation and opportunity for our library board and director to present their annual report, during our I guess it would be during the regular council meeting. I got to hear I had the opportunity to hear the annual report yesterday. I have never in the time that I’ve served on the library advisory board here in detail, what the expenses are, what they’re doing and all the data that surrounds the the amount of contact that the library makes with the general public as well as circulation and digital materials. So I think this would be an excellent opportunity for council to hear the work they’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 9:33
I’ll second that. Okay. So

Speaker 1 9:34
Councillor Hidalgo. fairing made the motion to have an update from the library board. seconded by Councillor Martin. It looks like Councillor Rodriguez has a question or comment.

Speaker 6 9:48
Yes, since these are technically departments that do report interior, interior in an interior fashion to the city up to the city manager who will say That way, probably through directors and whatnot. I’m sure that’s probably why we don’t generally get these because we don’t get a museum yearly. One, we don’t get children’s and Family Services yearly reports. So I’m just curious if we’re kind of opening up a can of worms on this one to start having all of these come to counsel. I just I’m curious to what your your thought process is on that.

Speaker 4 10:28
So I actually I have no problem with hearing from other departments. As far as the work that they’re doing, I think it informs the public as well as it keeps us keeps us in the loop. I’m just saying from this is the first time that the library has actually created a format and a slideshow that had and had been collecting the type of data they did this time. So this is fairly new for them. In historical context, so that’s, that’s why I’d like to bring it forward to share with the rest of Council.

Speaker 1 11:00
And my input on that would be whether they do this annually, whether any other board or commission, or division wants to report to us, the library has had a lot of discussion in the past year, about a library district about the discord actually on the library board. So I would personally like to know where they are today. Where are you after all we went through with, with the library, district discussion, etc. And because we have a new librarian that none of us have heard from, so I am in favor of that. See no one else in the queue for comments, let’s vote.

Speaker 1 11:47
And that past 61, with Councillor Rodriguez in opposition. And we now are there any other Go ahead? Councillor Martin?

Speaker 5 11:58
Yes, this is just a little one. And depending on how the council feels about it, it may be that it’s little enough that we could just vote on it tonight. Or maybe we can put it as on the next regular session because there’s no work by the staff to do it. But I don’t have an itemized roster of expenses that they expect. I’ve been approached by the sister cities and rotary because they have six to eight students from the Northern Arapaho that want to come down here. And they’re coming up a little short on the budgeting of that. And so they have asked us for an amount of money not to exceed $3,000 Depends on whether it’s six, seven or eight students out of the council contingency fund. So I have no preference. I will move that we discuss that. And maybe in discussing the motions, people would say would if they had been you can say you don’t want to discuss it at all. But you could also say let’s just vote on it. Or let’s put it on the next regular session because they’ve got plenty of time. It’s next summer. Councillor

Speaker 1 13:14
Martin? I don’t think there’s a problem with us voting on that right now. So if you make the motion No, but just make the motion. Okay, we’ll get a second.

Speaker 5 13:22
I move that the city council from the council contingency fund provide an amount as needed up to 3000 not to exceed $3,000 for bringing the Northern Arapaho students to Walmart next summer.

Unknown Speaker 13:44
Counselors, Yarbrough had her.

Speaker 7 13:48
Thank you, Mayor. I don’t have a problem with Can

Speaker 1 13:51
we get a second? Okay, so your motion was made by Councillor Martin to give dollars up to 3000 out of our council contingency fund to allow students from the Northern Arapaho to come to Longmont next summer as a student exchange seconded by Councillor Hidalgo faring? Councillor Yarborough?

Speaker 7 14:12
Yes. Thank you. My concern is there are three sister cities and so I just want to make sure that if we do for one, and for those students who can’t afford to go, what about the other groups who may not where there’s some disparities?

Speaker 5 14:32
I don’t know. Because I know that the financial circumstances in the agreement with the Northern Arapaho was different than the traditional sister cities which get funding from their own nations. So I would assume that we would if if the sister cities Kate had a similar issue with any of the other groups they could ask separately.

Speaker 7 14:59
I just want to Make sure that it is open to the other cities as well. So if we give 3000 or whatever the disparities are within those two groups to other groups that we will be open if they need if they have a need that we will also be open to going into a contingency fund to help them out as well. I

Unknown Speaker 15:17
would certainly not opposed okay.

Speaker 1 15:21
Okay, seeing no one else in the queue, let’s vote

Speaker 1 15:33
that carries unanimously thank you for that motion. Councillor Martin? All right. We’re at the city manager’s report Herald

Unknown Speaker 15:41
report Mayor Council.

Speaker 1 15:45
And it doesn’t look like we have any special reports or presentations. So we’re gonna go right to the first call public invited to be heard. And remember that we would like your name and address and you have three minutes

Unknown Speaker 16:04
I thought I lost the list. Sherry Malloy?

Speaker 8 16:24
Good evening Sherry Malloy. 1632 Sherman way. I’m here to speak to two agenda items. First, the issue of raising City Council compensation 25 years since an increase is way overdue. Thank you for thinking about future residents who might be interested in serving. Serving on council takes a lot of time brainpower, energy skills, and heart and provides tremendous value to our community. Members deserve to be compensated with an allowance that demonstrates that their contribution is respected and appreciated. $750 monthly take home pay is embarrassing to me as a resident. I know a 35 year old smart, energetic entrepreneur with a two year old she works part time from home. She told me I’d love to run for city council, but I’m not going to do it for $750. That’s just ridiculous. Sherry,

Speaker 1 17:15
can I interrupt you for just a second? I’m sorry to do that. But I think that what it isn’t that is not our compensation to date. So I don’t want that to go out. It is $1,000 for counselors and 1500 for the mayor. Take home. I said take home. Oh, I’m sorry. Yeah. Well, then I apologize for interrupting you. Sure. Sorry. Okay. There

Speaker 8 17:39
are tools that calculate what $1,000 A month established in 1999 would be today that can determine what pay is more current and fair. Please make a motion to direct staff to come back with this calculation, which also builds in an increase for the inflation rate every two to three years. The other issue is moving the Fourth of July fireworks and other happenings to Dickens, Dickens nature areas protected open space and not a good location. We invested over 4 million taxpayer dollars there, including planting native plants, shrubs and trees. There has been a huge irrigation problem. And the vegetation has continued to struggle to be well established. ated that 10,000 People trampling the land with tarps, wagon strollers sparklers ground and other fireworks would cause a lot of damage to an already challenged area. pedestrian safety is also an issue. There is very limited parking at Dickens and along Boston. The Best Buy parking lot can’t accommodate cars for 10,000 people so many would park by Lowe’s or across 287. Both 119 and 287 are very busy, wide and unsafe crossings especially after dark. This high traffic area has almost no pedestrian traffic so drivers would be caught off guard. The fireworks display at the fairgrounds worked worked until 2021. Boulder County wouldn’t allow you to COVID Fox Hill was tried with parking and viewing challenges. Again the fairgrounds works well with multiple access and viewing spots, including Rogers Grove Hobby Lobby Home Depot and target neighborhoods to the north and west and sunset golf course. These dispersed viewing locations relieved both parking and traffic nightmares with hundreds of people not needing their cars at all. The fairgrounds makes the most sense. The proposed food truck edition could be located at the Rogers Grove parking lot by the picnic and restrooms. Likewise, moving the symphony and picnic to Dickens nature area is impractical. Roseville Park is a great location of Thompson is too small. It is more accessible than Dickens for musicians hauling their instruments and picnickers to the city. I timed this

Unknown Speaker 19:52
you know what you had an interruption Yeah, go for it. The

Speaker 8 19:55
city has a well established template for events at Roosevelt with stages power etc. plus Roosevelt is close to businesses for sandwiches, ice cream, coffee and adult beverages. Please direct staff to pursue the fairgrounds for fireworks and Roosevelt for picnic, as well as recare. Calculating a more fair and respectful wage for City Council. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 20:15
Thank you, Sherry. Jonathan superski.

Speaker 9 20:27
Good evening. My name is Jonathan Sapir hausky 1285. Sell Fordham Street. I just wanted to greet you all. And I wanted to begin by saying that it’s an honor to address you but also to, to introduce ourselves as new pastors in the area our churches opening in March. And so we just wanted to stand before you not to bring a problem or an issue, but to say that we love this community, that we’re very excited to be here, and to offer our partnership to you in any way that we possibly can. My My late father in law who passed away a brain cancer in 2019, pastored, here for 20 years at New Creation church, right across the street from Roosevelt Park, I was able to pastor alongside of him for several years before his passing. And during that time, we bought an ice cream truck to serve free ice cream and hot chocolate at the high school football games and around our community and different events. And, you know, we provided the atrium for the folks at the Christmas parade to come and just get warm and have some food. And, you know, we did some surveys where we were able to partner with City Council previous in painting and doing yard work in some of the more dilapidated neighborhoods in our area. And as we begin this new venture, I just want to say that we are not only willing to be a part of that, but we hope that you would call on us in times of crisis in times of celebration and tradition. We’re here for this community, we love this community. And we hope that you would look at us as partners in this community and and the times of moving forward, young man standing with me as our associate pastor and our campus pastor that will be here at our at our Longmont campus. And we just want you to know that from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for how you serve our community. And please allow us to partner with you in serving the people here in any way we can.

Speaker 1 22:22
Thank you Jonathan. Kim Zimmer.

Speaker 10 22:37
Hello, hello. I’m Ken Zimmer. I live in southwest Longmont and I come in peace as a living woman of God. And I have some questions on the opt out meter that have not been answered for our Longmont community. So I called Longmont power and communications. Almost every question that I asked that nice gal she couldn’t answer and referred me to the person in charge of the rollout, which is Michael Villalpando. So I emailed Michael Villalpando of the lung power and communications. And in the meantime, I was doing a little research, Longmont power and communications as long month community owned electric and next light internet service provider with high quality, affordable and reliable services for businesses and homes. On the website. For more than 130 years, public power cities and towns had been delivered a vital service to the American economy. You and your neighbors are owners driving utility policies, which I didn’t know, local utility government officials focus on your priorities which is ours, electricity and homes and businesses 24/7 at a reasonable cost delivered safely on a not for profit basis while protecting the natural environment which by the way, I am really concerned about the environment and all the impact this has on the environment. So public power is an expression of the ideal American of local people working together to meet its local needs. It goes on city employees joined with citizens serving and governance roles to provide electricity to every home and business in a safe and responsive manner. And I’m just repeating that responsive manner. So our mission is to provide you with a reliable electric service at a reasonable price. And our priority is not sharp shareholder value which I’m really concerned because city of Longmont all caps is a corporation it’s on Dun and Bradstreet. But it says Our priority is not shareholder value, but rather community value. So there’s a lot of questions and questionable statements made on this website. And many of this community would not agree with. So let me continue with my story. So I emailed Mike veal, veal pondo on February 15, which was the day after Valentine’s did not hear back so a week later I called and left a message that have questions on the opt out meter. It is now February 27. I still have not received an email or a phone call back and before you know it’s gonna be Easter. So all that I have to say is that and I just want to say thank you, but I just wanted to make a comment So thank you very much.

Speaker 1 25:03
Kim, can you leave your contact information with our City Clerk, please? Thank you. Dale Kelly

Speaker 11 25:26
hi, hi guys. I’m Joe Kelly. I live on Barbary drive.

Speaker 12 25:31
Let’s see. Okay. Um, to

Speaker 11 25:35
really wanted to talk a little bit about, in the middle of the pandemic, there was an online EMF medical conference. And I brought it to everybody’s attention here one way or another. I didn’t attend it at first, but later on, I got to attend it. And there was a presentation in that medical conference that particularly stood out for me. It was a slideshow lecture entitled diplomats mystery illness and pulsed radiofrequency radiation, where in the so called Havana syndrome and other EMR issues, were discussing EMI electromagnetic radiation, and we talked about the Havana syndrome. It’s been brought up before this Council, and the person who was presenting this lecture was named Beatrice a Golem, gol O M. B. MD, PhD, professor of medicine, San Diego School of Medicine. And so my question is who is Dr. Gollum and why should we care about her? So she heads up something called the UC San Diego Gollum research group. She’s an MD She’s a PhD, and this group studies conditions related to oxidative stress and cell energy impairments. They work with Gulf War veterans, people with side effects from fluoro quinolone, antibiotics, radiofrequency radiation and other non ionizing radiation from such things as cell towers and smart meters and people affected by the toxins released in the power East palestino Ohio train derailment and you can find them online Gollum research group.org. The syndrome of being sensitive to electromagnetic and especially non ionizing aka microwave radiation is known by several names and in this case, I’m calling it electro sensitivity or E S. And Dr. Gollum reported in this conference that she had performed an E s triggering events survey and she asked such questions as what are predisposing factors what kinds of features are associated with development of electro sensitivity? And are there types of EMF that are more likely to trigger development of electro sensitivity and this is all verbatim because I took copious notes. She went on to describe a survey that they conducted a few years ago, including over a little over 200 EMS people, and about 50 Healthy controls. They asked the electro sensitive people if they recognize and inciting or triggering event, and close to 70% of those people did. And by far, the most commonly reported trigger was smart meters. Now if you do the math of 200 people 70% is 140. And the majority of that reported a smart meter triggered their EH S or II s. Thank you. So I have a question for this council, which is are you going to create some kind of a registry so if people experienced this when they get a smart meter, they can register it and they will know there’s someplace to go? You can publicize it in the newsletter. Thank

Unknown Speaker 28:46
you. Diana Chavez.

Speaker 13 29:04
Good evening, I’m Diana Chavez. I live on Princess Dr.

Speaker 1 29:09
Diana, can you move that microphone closer so that the people in the back can hear you? You’ve got a very soft voice.

Unknown Speaker 29:18
So I’m, I’m here tonight regarding smart meters. I have my letter in the mail. I’m going to oppose this contract. I don’t want to be part of it.

Speaker 13 29:36
I don’t even have a microwave in my home because of the radiation and the damages that that can cause. And for me, I mean COVID was gnarly, no fun, but it certainly did cause some eye opening experiences and One thing that I’ve learned is that our city is incorporated and is traded on Dun and Bradstreet. Bradstreet. And so in my opinion when something is incorporated and on the stock market or whatever it is, the ultimate goal is to make money. So to me that kind of seems like, I’m not sure how much citizen opinion is really taken into account for a lot of things. I know that we’ve been having conversations about smart meters for, I think three years since during COVID. And I don’t, where there’s danger, there must be options. And it doesn’t take much research to realize that smart meters are not very safe. I personally feel that there’s a lot of money being exchanged hands through this process. And so my I guess my statement is, is that as a city council that has supposedly been elected to represent citizens of Longmont that you would listen to citizens and take into account our reasons for not wanting as meet smart meter, which are NUMBER Numerous. And that we should have an option to not have one that then doesn’t cost us a fee per month to not have my analog meter works perfectly fine. I pay my city bill every month. And I can think of no really legitimate reason why I should put a smart meter on my house. So that is my statement. And I thank you for your time.

Unknown Speaker 32:03
Thank you. Diana Polly Christensen

Unknown Speaker 32:17
you called Yeah. Polly Christensen?

Unknown Speaker 32:31
Mayor and members of council? Yes. Yes, yes. Okay. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 32:40
name and address.

Speaker 14 32:44
For my eight years on council, there was a row of all of our previous leaders. They were all until there were basically 100 years of rich white men. They’re not there anymore. But anyway. Our first female mayor was a wealthy real estate agent. All of them could afford to serve. The charter clearly intends the City Council compensation to be adequate compensation. The last time City Council raised the rate was 1999. That’s 25 years ago, the $1,000 month in 1999, for a town of 50%. This size is in today’s dollars adjusted for inflation $1,851 or $22,215 a year, not $12,000. The sources from a number of sites and I combined to the two of them that seemed to have roughly the same amount of 1851 a month. I served for eight years and I found I could not both work full time and adequately serve the people of long one for 80 hours of work a month. So I quit my job at CU. I finance my eight years by going into debt. Twice. I asked my fellow counselors to raise the compensation and was told by the three wealthiest that they would not vote for an increase because they did not need it. Well. What would you think of a person who was underpaid yet never in 25 years had the guts to ask for a raise. It’s a matter of equity. We need working people to be able to serve we need younger people to be able to serve. We now have a council that actually had represents the town. We have people of color we have people. We have people of different incomes. That’s representative of the town that’s what we want to keep going. Do this for the next council so we can continue to have working people and younger people. Serve Do the right thing for the next leaders, raise your compensation to $1,800 a month and index it to inflation. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 35:08
Thank you, Polly. Terry goon.

Speaker 15 35:22
Thank you, Mayor, Terry Gouda Martin Street. And I am planning on opting out of the AMI as well. I don’t expect anybody to change what you’ve got planned. But what I was calling about, or what I wanted to talk about was, about three months ago, I finally went to a remote reader. I’d had the standard manual reader for years and kept the dog inside during the first of the month and went to a remote reader. And it was suggested, of course, for the people safety and because it’s easier, and they can read it from the street, it makes sense. This weekend, I got the letter telling me I needed a new meter. And it states there will be a one time fee to install the manually read meter along with the expected monthly charge. So I couldn’t understand why you would switch from a remote reader to a manually read reader. And the woman on the phone could not explain it to me in any way that made any kind of sense that she said the City Council determined this. I suspect you do not get into the nitty gritty. But this is what I told her that I was told so I came here to you tonight, because the HMI project manager also didn’t call me back. So I get I get that since there are currently remote read read meters in use, I would request that rather than purchase new manually read meters that require people to go back into yards jeopardizing safety and taking more time that you keep just what we have those who go to AMI good AMI and leave the rest of the meters alone until they were out. It makes zero sense to change things out now especially to manually read meters just because the majority of homes are going to AMI Why on earth would you do this? I get technology requires upgrades. I also understand when AMI was discussed, most of the people here in town did not want it as far as people who spoke publicly so here we are willing to pay extra because the human has to go outside the city buildings to get the readings that I think it’s a little high. But having a new meter installed that cannot be read remotely after just receiving a new meter two months ago that can be read remotely is not a good use of taxpayer dollars. So who do I talk to to get the decision changed? And if there’s a good reason for this, then please explain it not only to me, but to the poor people on the phone who need to share something with their customers that makes sense to them.

Speaker 1 37:50
Thank you Terry. Gary Hodges.

Speaker 16 38:02
Good evening Council Mayor Gary Hodges 2148 Stuart Street. So what do California Toronto and New Jersey all have in common? It’s been in the news lately, they’ve all massively increased their tonnage of plastic going into landfills after they banned grocery store bags, which is a bit ironic, but our state has done the same. So maybe we can also look forward to putting more plastic into our landfills. But I mean, think about it for a moment right our state legislature has legislated the way we bring food from the place we buy it into our homes. I mean, they’re really getting into the weeds of our lives. But anyway, in their in their infinite wisdom, they’re now going to mandate Evie refueling stations in New homes, apartments, businesses, etc. So I’m wondering why hardware store needs to be in the business of refueling cars and to what end? Last week, or last week or two I said maybe it’s like the lottery where we’ve got it set up so that the less affluent pay for the recreational areas of our more affluent people, you know, the hiking trails and such 90% of EVs are sold into two to three car households. So they overwhelmingly go to more affluent people. And so maybe there’s just another way to progressively get less affluent people to pay for infrastructure for for, for vehicles, but okay, we all know the real reason, right or the real stated reasons about co2. But it’s just a shell game. There’s just as much co2 being released from an Eevee if when you count, consider the entire lifespan of it. But we pat ourselves on the back while we outsource a negative external externalities to other countries. But hey, listen, we’re all on the same page here honestly. Everybody wants unlimited energy. And, and transportation that has no negative environmental consequences. I mean, that’s literally what everybody on the planet wants. But it’s not truth. It’s not reality. There are always trade offs. And we have to speak about the reality and the truthfulness of it if we’re going to make good decisions. So here’s a few headlines I just ran across this week, I was not looking for any of these Biden and men backing away from aggressive push for electric vehicles as consumer demand remains low. Mercedes, here’s another one, Mercedes won’t go all electric by 2030, as it wants promised. And saw this one today, Apple cancels work on the electric car, ending a decade long efforts. So I think you know, the world is waking up to this. I know this is not the kind of commentary you’re used to hearing, but you’re going to be hearing more of it. And I’m signed up to speak tonight on the other one. So, To be continued. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 41:02
Thank you, Gary. Kim ConnectKey.

Speaker 17 41:13
Mayor Peck city council members, Kim can Eek 136 South Main Street, the dickens homestead established 1862 located that North West End of the dickens farm nature area. I’m also first chair Cannoneer for the Longmont symphony orchestra for the 1812 Overture on the Fourth of July for the past 30 years. I have a few concerns. Out there at the park the weight waist high weeds. Are you going to mow a nature area for the people with the picnic nine gets to have a place to set them down and or water the heck out of the area to green it up. Otherwise the dead weeds will be a major fire danger depending on the wind direction and the spectators setting off their own fireworks in the park. The reason for these concerns is my wood buildings on the property. The historic property includes d bar and reception hall. 128 year old tinderbox, as its historically designated building, moved from Fifth and Lashley it was old Senator Lashley his dairy barn. Also this being a traffic nightmare after the fireworks with the pedestrians crossing 119 and other roads in the dark getting back to their cars. This being said I do want to say the Fourth of July fireworks are a great draw for the city of Longmont is definitely a fabulous show. And I’d like to also say a huge thank you to the skyline Kiwanis Club for the hard work they put in to this each year for our pleasure. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 43:10
Thank you Kim Lance Whitaker.

Speaker 18 43:25
Mayor and Council. My name is Lance Whitaker, other than 1750 Collier Street. I’ve been a longtime resident of Longmont for over 40 years. And I would like to remind you more importantly, that Sunday is national, Colorado. But today is National retro day is also national Good day, which I’m retro and well. I had some cool my coffee this morning. I had a strawberry in my pocket but at the end it’s also national polar day by day. And I got my advice from a polar bear on my birthday. And I’d like to share it with you and he says to live large, sniff out opportunities. Learn some good icebreakers. Be thick skinned, be fearless and approved. Appreciate long winter nights. And to keep cool. Thank you mayor and council. Lance. I also would like to discuss with you a little bit about some of the bus drivers here in Longmont that have concerns. I have several friends who are bus driver As for local buses, and they would like to see a fare added to the buses, because the homeless and drug population are using our buses as drug depots, and he’s sick and tired of cleaning needles, his buses, so anything you can do I mean, even a minor fare could help out in preventing people from using our buses as drug depots. Thanks. Thank you.

Speaker 1 45:38
Thank you, Lance, Jason Martinez.

Speaker 19 45:53
Hello, my name is Jason Martinez. And I’ll politely declined to give my address and I’ll be open that it’s because like I shared with Longmont Police Department, when I called I do have concerns about repercussions from law enforcement, as I’m shaking the trees, dealing with them to stand up for me and stand up for my kids within our community. I’ve called your office, it rang through to the city manager’s office, I’ve called the phone number for the long long police chief. And that rings through to the to the dispatch. So the people who can make the changes, they’re not reachable by us. So here I am. And I’m hoping to advocate for myself, and I’m hoping to advocate for my kids. I reported to Child Protective Services, which contrary to what their name is, you would be amazed how much they don’t actually want to help any kids, if they had abuse when they were younger than 18 and are now older than 18. Because you’ll get told as an adult, as that parent that the system doesn’t allow for it. That’s unacceptable. I still have children who are under the age of 18, I still have a concern for it. I’ve raised these concerns I’ve displayed or I’ve provided history of I’m really, really frickin anxious right now. I’ve provided a history of situations in which they could look into. And I got told, if anything else happens, then let us know. And we’ll we’ll investigate it again. So I’ve been told that in order for them to follow up with the abusers of myself and my children, that I have to allow her to do it again. I’ll tell you right now, anybody who puts their hands on my kids forfeits their right to safety. That’s the bottom line. I hope the cops are quick because if it happens again, and the system doesn’t allow for it to be taken care of and prevented, then you’re gonna have a whole nother realm of stuff on your hands. This is the system that we have to deal with the single fathers. This is what I got to deal with. That same woman put her hands on me. And when she put her hands on me, I let the law enforcement know, I asked him to go out there and do the same thing that we’ve told our kids, our youth, which is as toddlers, it’s not okay to put your hands on people. I said, I don’t want charges pressed, because I’m not afraid of her. I want you to go out here and tell her not to put her hands on people. They took eight months to get out to her to do anything. And they were more concerned about her safety. Any woman in this room can beat me up if I don’t fight back. That woman beat me up. I don’t like standing here and saying, I hate it. I’m a veteran. I went to war. I offered to serve and fight for everybody in this room. Who’s going to stand up for me? Because I’m freaking Oscar. Mayer, I left you my information. Feel free to call me if you want. Jason.

Speaker 1 48:39
I would like you to refer you to our chief of public safety in the back sack artists. And I’m sure you’ll have a conversation with you.

Unknown Speaker 48:47
Here we’ll see. That’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 48:50
He’s said he’s right. In the best. Yeah,

Speaker 19 48:52
that’s fine. I’ve asked for the chief of police. I can’t get the Chief of Police is his officers. Just like it’s your staff. Just like you’re our council. It’s his officers. Jason

Speaker 1 49:02
he is the chief of police. He is and

Speaker 19 49:08
public safe. Okay. Then he’s not the chief of police. I asked for the Chief of Police Chief of Police. Well, that’s fine. His number

Speaker 1 49:14
Jason I’m gonna cut you off. He’s standing up waiting for you not

Speaker 19 49:18
shine. I gave you my information to when you didn’t call me back. Mayor. raising your voice to me. How dare

Speaker 1 49:28
Thank you see no one else on the list. I’m going to close first call public invited to be heard.

Speaker 1 49:40
The next thing on our list is the consent agenda. Done. I’m sorry. Would you mind reading the items on the consent agenda into the record?

Speaker 2 49:51
Absolutely. The ordinances on tonight’s consent agenda will be on second reading and public hearing on March 26 2024. Nine A is ordinance 2024 Dash 19 a bill for an ordinance amending title 10 Chapter 13.20 and creating a new section 110 of the Longmont Municipal Code regarding penalties for public lands violations. Nine B is resolution 2024 Dash 13 a resolution of the Lamont City Council approving the lease of real property known as the Oaklander property to J doccia. Farms LLC. Nine C is resolution 2024 Dash 14 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city and the state of Colorado for a state aviation grant for airport pavement maintenance at the band’s brand Municipal Airport. 90 is resolution 2024 Dash 15 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the City and Regional Transportation District for partnership funding to the city’s micro transit startup program. 90 is resolution 2024 Dash 16 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving the 2024 intergovernmental agreement between the City and Regional Transportation District for fair reimbursement on the local Longmont routes and accessorized services. Nine F is except one capital improvement program amendment approved by the city manager and nine G is approved to capital improvement program amendments. Thank

Speaker 1 51:14
you Don. Do councillors want to pull any items off of this consent agenda? Councillor crest?

Speaker 3 51:23
I moved to remove a D and E.

Speaker 1 51:31
M. Councillor, would you mind making a motion to approve the Consent Agenda Maddox? They do?

Speaker 3 51:40
I move to approve the consent agenda, including b c, f and g. Okay. Let me rephrase that. Okay, go ahead. I move to approve the Consent Agenda. Without a D, and E.

Speaker 1 52:01
Perfect. Second, that’s been moved to consent agenda minus a d and e has been Moved by Councillor Chris seconded by Councillor Hidalgo, fairing. Are there any questions? Seeing none Let’s vote. And that carries unanimously. We have ordinances on second reading and public hearing on any matter. Before I read this, do we need a bio break up here? Okay, we’ll move on the first ordinance or is a bill for an ordinance it’s 2024 Dash 15 an ordinance making additional appropriations for expenses and liabilities of the city Longmont of the city of Longmont for the fiscal year beginning January 1 2024. Are there any questions from Council? Seeing none, I’ll open up with this bill for the public hearing. You say anybody in the audience would like to have to comment on to to 2024 Dash 15. Seeing no one I would like to a motion

Unknown Speaker 53:14

Speaker 1 53:17
Moved by Councillor McCoy seconded by Councillor Martin. Let’s vote. That carries unanimously the second one is 2024 Dash 17. A bill for an ordinance amending chapter 15.05 section 15.0 5.080 of the Longmont Municipal Code concerning electric vehicle Park. Excuse me parking. Are there any questions from Council? Hang on for a minute. Need to read the rest of this electric vehicle parking infrastructure development standards and amending chapter 15.2 In section 15 point 10.020. Seeing no questions from Council, I’ll open up the public hearing on this ordinance. Is there anybody that would like to speak to ordinance to this ordinance 2024 Dash 17. Gary Hodges

Speaker 16 54:30
Thanks Gary 2148 Stuart Street so just going to continue on I got some prepared remarks. I’m going to read them because I got a lot to say there’s a lot to say on the subject. So the problem with most visions about so called clean energy or renewable energy is both those terms are elastic and misnomers. Clean is in the eye of the beholder. There is no such thing as clean anything in the ways that people find clean that is we have to dig minerals out of the earth and use lots of chemicals and big machinery to manufacture all energy systems whether you That’s combustion turbine, wind turbine, nuclear plant solar array or battery for electric car everything begins with mining. To be serious about any of this for example, Evie replacing an internal combustion engine vehicle Ice Vehicle, one would have to analyze and complete analyze the complete supply chain what minerals are used what it takes to get those minerals, how much are needed, how much they are refined, where they are refined, transported, in short, the complete environmental cost of each. And so EVs are obviously different than eyes for one simple fact and that is the battery weighs about 1000 pounds in a typical Evie and that 1000 pound battery because it is made up of copper, aluminum, nickel, manganese, cobalt, lithium and other metals requires digging up about 500,000 pounds of Earth, Heavy Diesel machinery is used and powerful chemicals are required to dissolve the minerals and release them from the ore. So the bottom line is all this environmental has environmental impacts and co2 released but mostly not in the US because we outsource our environmental problems and pat ourselves on the back for being such good environmentalists. So it disease supply chain consequences where most analysts are being intellectually dishonest and why so many of so much of the public falsely believe electrifying our lives has an environmental benefit. So I’m not here to disparage EVs. They’re, they’re fine. They have a lot of positive interesting features, but they are not objectively better than ice vehicles and are certainly not worthy of being subsidized either directly or in their use IE charging stations. So when to read this to let you know what you’re in for when this comes about this is from a really heavily documented research article on this I happen to know the gentleman pretty well that that wrote the so installing two dozen or more superchargers that a filling station creates a power grid demand comparable to a small town or a steel mill, instead of a convenience store demand level of today’s filling stations. So at the same time, the higher power levels for Evie chargers will radically decrease the lifespan of existing power transformers on utility poles, coming in at a time when costs for new Transformers have inflated about fivefold. Moreover, bigger heavier transformers needed to support higher power demands will require the replacement of many of today’s 100 and 80 million roadside utility poles. So slow walk this to the extent you can maybe don’t do it at all just tell the state you don’t want you’re not interested if you’re forced to do something on what this requires, I would suggest doing the absolute bare minimum that the state requires. So again, if you’re interested in reading this longer paper, it’s very long I just read one smidgen from it please contact me I’ll send you anything you like thank you

Unknown Speaker 57:48
thank you Gary

Unknown Speaker 58:13
Okay, well wait I’m sorry Lanta. You weren’t on the list and I didn’t see your hand

Speaker 18 58:23
I also have concerns over the freebies being given to EVs. Electro vehicles are going to put an increase strain on our roadways also because they are nearly twice as heavy as standard car. So I hope you all you know consider that and also in your in his long statement. There just there’s just so many reasons why we shouldn’t give opportunities to people with EVs over gas engines. They’re just going to be a real strain on our roadways with potholes and increased torques and various other things but we’re gonna have to definitely upgrade our roads from asphalt. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 59:30
Thank you Lance.

Speaker 1 59:38
Ah, sing Noel’s no one else in the public that would like to address 2024 17 I will close public invited to be heard. I’m sorry, public hearing. So can I have a motion to move 2024 17 Councillor Martin?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
I move adoption of Oh 2024 17. Second,

Speaker 1 1:00:13
it’s been Moved by Councillor Martin seconded by Councillor Hidalgo fairing. Let’s vote. No. No, we had it was open on on the second reading items. The council gets to. I opened it up to council first. She had something. Yeah. Okay, nevermind, but it’s out of order.

Speaker 6 1:00:38
There’s always the opening of discussion after a motion. Yeah. But if there’s nobody that’s wrong.

Speaker 1 1:00:47
Okay. All right. I’m gonna go back. I’ve been corrected councillor, Chris.

Speaker 3 1:00:59
So we had a rather robust discussion about this during our retreat. And, and it’s my understanding that this initiative has been brought forward before us follows House Bill 23 Dash 1233, which is imposed by the state legislature and requires us to have this ready to go by March 1, which obviously, we have taken our time to adopt this so that we are in compliance by March 1. I also understand from Mr. Ortiz here who brought this forward, that this is for all new development, and it is just as prescribed by House Bill 1233. Oh, is it making that noise? Health frustrating? Thank you, counsel. Good belgo faring. Mr. Ortiz, would you like to respond?

Speaker 20 1:02:04
Mayor council member Chris i Yes, that’s correct. It would be for all all new developments. And as well as any existing developments that would result in a substantial modification of the site meaning 50% of the the square footage of the parking lot.

Speaker 3 1:02:30
Okay. And is that everything that’s required by House Bill 23? Dash 1233?

Speaker 20 1:02:41
Mayor councilmember Chris, I apologize. Uh, I don’t understand the question.

Speaker 3 1:02:46
Okay. is are we going above and beyond what the House bill is requiring of us?

Speaker 20 1:02:50
No, no, we’re we’re implementing the House bill, for the language of the ordinance. Okay.

Speaker 3 1:03:00
Okay. And in your forum, you mentioned that there is no fiscal I can’t find it. no fiscal impact to the with the proposed changes, is that correct?

Speaker 20 1:03:13
So in terms of the staff responsibility for, for it implementing the House bill, we would just be folding that into our existing duties. So we wouldn’t be going above and beyond what would normally be required of us in a 40 hour workweek.

Speaker 3 1:03:34
Okay. Having heard the comments today, do you have anything else that something that I haven’t asked you that you would like to add in terms of your presentation here?

Speaker 20 1:03:46
Well, I think that the speakers do make some compelling arguments. Unfortunately, I can’t respond to the science. However, what we do know with respect to two point source type of emissions, which are emissions from the factory, versus mobile source emissions. Points are submissions are usually easier to control and make cleaner, I believe Phil would like to add to that.

Speaker 21 1:04:20
I think my name is Phil Greenwald, transportation planning manager with the city. Just wanted to add some points to the comments that were made. The idea is that the House bill forces all cities to do this in the state. So we’re just trying to comply with that House Bill regulation. And so we don’t really have any say over, you know, some of those items except to say that we are trying to comply with the bill or the law now it is it is the law now so we’re we’re complying with that. And the TV stations going in are at the cost of, of the private developers that are going in as well as you know, there may be some cost to the city as far as when we do affordable housing. So we’re looking into those costs and how they impact us, but there’s nothing budgeted that we need to. There’s nothing in our council column that refers to a budgetary item for this, this is all done at at a different level. We obviously have to work with our LPC Allama power and communication to make sure the infrastructure can work with what they have. And I think there’s some compelling arguments about what that means to our system. But again, we’re complying with a law that is starting on March 1.

Speaker 3 1:05:33
All right. Thank you, Mr. Greenwald. And Mr. Ortiz. Based on those comments, I’d like to move then did we second in Oh, yeah, we did. Okay, then I’m ready to vote. Or it looks like Councillor Martin has a comment. So

Speaker 1 1:05:51
before you leave, is it correct that this is these charging stations will not be free? I know the charging stations I’ve used there is a charge your there is a payment for them. So I don’t want people to think that this is a freebie that people with electric vehicles are getting

Speaker 21 1:06:12
may or to your point exactly. Correct. There. The EVs will be charged at the rate of electricity that are are being used. So it’s not a freebie. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:24
Thank you, Councillor Martin?

Speaker 5 1:06:26
Yeah, well, the mayor stole my thunder a little bit, because I was also going to point out that the charging stations are not free. Also, that the law does not always require complete charging stations, they just have to have the electric infrastructure of the buildings, in most cases, be ready for charging stations. And then the last piece misconceptions I would like to correct a an array of what what were was referred to by a speaker as superchargers. That is level three chargers would require bat that many of them would require battery backup to be in order to be permitted by the city because we couldn’t possibly tolerate anything that could draw that much power on a random basis. So and having installed battery backups have all sorts of positive uses, that the city could take advantage of, if it chose to in separate legislations. But we do have the power to make reasonable decisions about what kind of demand any kind of enterprise prize places on our distribution grid. So we don’t need to, you know, be afraid of things like that.

Speaker 1 1:07:54
Thank you. Thank you, Ben and Phil. So let’s vote. We’ve already discussed this.

Speaker 1 1:08:07
So Bill for an ordinance 2024 Dash 17 passes unanimously. Before I read the next one, I want to make it clear that after the title is read, I asked for questions or comments. And if you want a presentation from counsel, that is our time to ask for any information we need. And then we open up the public hearing, then we make a motion and vote on it. So after the public hearing, we at the motion we don’t according to our

Speaker 6 1:08:43
it’s only it’s only supposed to be for debate on the motion questions and comments per Robert’s Rules.

Speaker 1 1:08:50
Okay. Thank you. So knowing that let’s go back to C 2024 Dash 18 which is a bill for an ordinance authorizing approval of the Longmont planning area, comprehensive development plan inter government governmental agreement between the city of Longmont and the county of Boulder. Are there any questions? Comments from Council? Councillor Martin?

Speaker 5 1:09:23
I just want to confirm my understanding that this is the intergovernmental agreement that confirms affirms the boundaries of the loanmart planning area with respect to Boulder County, is that correct or incorrect? Mayor

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
Peck. Councillor Martin, you are correct.

Speaker 5 1:09:40
Thank you. And you could say whatever else you’d like to about the agreement, but that was the point that I wanted to make.

Speaker 1 1:09:47
Joanie, I do have a question. Is this the same planning area that we that has been defined? When was this defined this planning area?

Speaker 22 1:09:57
Mayor Peck, so the planning area in The current version of the IGA before you tonight is the Envision planning area. Okay, which is by and large a continuation of similar planning areas that we’ve had since the early 80s. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:11
thank you. Councillor Crist.

Speaker 3 1:10:16
The section that says new sections is that added on from the last time we saw this ordinance or it was included.

Speaker 22 1:10:27
To my knowledge, this is a carryover item. So there hasn’t been anything added from the first reading and presentation that Glendon

Speaker 3 1:10:35
so the rezoning land within county islands was the discussion we had last time. That’s my primary question. Thank you.

Speaker 1 1:10:46
Okay, see, thank you, Joanie. It doesn’t look like there’s any more questions from council. So now I will open it up to public hearing. Is there anyone from the public that would like to address 2024 Dash 18? Seeing no one I will close the public hearing. Can I have a motion on 2024 18?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:08
I move ordinance 2024 18. Second,

Speaker 1 1:11:11
it’s been Moved by Councillor Rodriguez seconded by Councillor Martin. Do we have any discussion on the motion? Seeing none Let’s vote.

Speaker 1 1:11:27
And that is the last item on the second hearing. Let’s take a five minute break.

Speaker 2 1:11:36
Maybe do you want do you mind reading the result of that last vote? Oh, of course

Unknown Speaker 1:11:40
that passes unanimously. Thank you for the reminder.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:42
We are ready to begin again

Speaker 1 1:20:53
thank you we are now going to have the items that have been removed from the consent agenda and I will turn it over to Councillor Crist.

Speaker 3 1:21:09
Okay, the first item removed from the consent agenda is 2024 Dash 19 a bill for ordinance amending title 10 Chapter 13.20 and creating a new section 110 110 of the Longmont Municipal Code regarding penalties for public lands violations.

Speaker 3 1:21:38
Let me pull this up. Okay, so this is presented by David Bill and I just have a few questions about it. One of the

Speaker 3 1:22:01
one of the funny things about this is I kept reading it and then thinking I’m looking at page six, which starts with hazardous activities.

Speaker 3 1:22:16
So let me just be a little detail oriented here, hazardous activity starts on line three with number 51 engage in any activity with constitutes a hazard. But if you go down to line seven, it says 51, again, failed to permanently affixed the union reservoir annual pass. Can we call line 752?

Speaker 23 1:22:39
I’m sure we can go ahead and Mayor pack. Councilmember Chris, we can go ahead take a look at that. I don’t have our legal counsel with her. It’s nice to see how we could combine those or how we call that that I think is something we could could do. Yugi Do you have

Speaker 17 1:22:55
mayor and council Eugene may city attorney. This is first reading we can just fix it on second reading. It’s Scriveners error. Yeah,

Speaker 3 1:23:03
yeah. Okay. So but let’s talk about the topic, which is about says permanently affixed the union reservoir annual pass in a visible location on the lower driver’s side of the registered vehicles windshield. And I’m this is very car centric. So I’m wondering, you know, the transportation department’s doing a lot of work over there to increase pedestrian and bicycle traffic on Weld County Road. And I’m just wondering, you know, what if somebody wants to bike in or wants to micro transit in and that’s really where the council wants to wants to see a little more, you know, mix it up with mobility? What, how would they be able to use an annual pass? And is it just that you can only use one vehicle when you go into the reservoir? Correct.

Speaker 23 1:23:53
Councilmember Chris, the past is only good for that one vehicle. So if you’re walking or biking and we do have different fees for that, so we do have a lower fee for the biking and or walking in so that our union fees are really trying to encourage people to not have to drive in especially having with our trail coming over?

Speaker 3 1:24:11
And do they have something to fix on the bicycle. So at this

Speaker 23 1:24:15
point, we don’t have a biannual annual permit for biking or walking in. Okay.

Speaker 3 1:24:21
I’m wondering, you know, when we go to do the recycling, we usually just take our utility bill, but also belong to a school where they had badges for visitors. And this was for safety of the students that that put a picture of you on the badge. And I just wonder if you could somehow come up with something that would work on all those items.

Speaker 23 1:24:45
I believe as we move forward with like the union updates for their fees, which is something we look at is one things we have talked about in the past again, trying to encourage that that the thing of the benefit for the season pass with vehicles that pass covers the whole vehicle so getting multiple, you know, for a family that has four by people and it is a great way to get a great benefit. So as a bike, I’m not sure we get the same benefit, we only have one person coming in on it. So definitely something we will look at how we try to encourage, we know we have addition to the sustainability piece, we know we have parking challenges that you know, your people are backed up out of the gate going out to Highline road, if we can encourage people to walk in or bike and it’s something that they were looking for creative ways to do that. Okay.

Speaker 3 1:25:24
So it is something that you’re yes, you’re hoping to improve. Okay, now, as we continue on to Section four, I noticed that you’re shortening the hours or just not allowing overnight fishing. And I’ve had a friend who had a sign at her back door that said, We interrupt this marriage for the fishing hour. I know a lot of fishing, people like to go out when it’s dark, I guess the fish bite better than or it’s quieter, or there’s less. So have you had input from, you know, I guess there’s associations for fishermen and fisherwomen.

Speaker 23 1:26:01
So one of the things with with Yun reservoir, we have a lease from the union reservoir company, which requires us to close and gate that property. Because we didn’t have staffing to do that for a while we counted on seasonals and temporary people then it was a ski left open. So now that counsel has provided more resources out there, we do close that gate, it keeps people from being there after hours, we have people then that if they’re going fishing, we aren’t sure, if they’re using appropriate baits we’re not sure if they’re taking their when they’re supposed to be taking so to stay consistent when when we have people out there the gates are open and having access to we can really monitor the fishing. We wanted to reflect the hours of the reservoir, the reservoir company and the the gate. There are some species of fish that people do like to fish after hours. And I think one things that we can done I’ve done in the past too is you have special events for that you could say we’re on these couple of days, we’re going to open up the reservoir or we’ve done it over fairgrounds lake where we have special after hours cat fishing events.

Speaker 3 1:26:56
Okay, and that you don’t you’re not going to add that to this to this ordinance to this. At this point,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:05
I think we want to keep it consistent with the hours of the

Speaker 3 1:27:08
reservoir. Okay. So it’d be just a special event, it’d

Unknown Speaker 1:27:12
be a special event.

Speaker 3 1:27:13
Okay. All right. So, and we look at page, let’s see section five 13.2 0.110, the penalties. A.

Speaker 3 1:27:31
On line seven says, these fines which shall not be suspended or revoked, as follows, if you look down on one line, let’s see, okay, that’s line five, line seven. Now let’s look at line 1112, which says shall not be suspended or reduced. And forgive me for being picky. But I’ve spent a lot of time on with contract law in in front of a judge or the court with contracts. And it seems like both of these, say upon conviction, the court shall impose. The court shall punish. Okay, so it’s my understanding that the judge cannot revoke a law. So maybe we need to be consistent there.

Speaker 23 1:28:31
And I will let the Eugene, take this one. Okay.

Speaker 3 1:28:43
Mayor and Council. Eugene made? What? What’s your suggested language? Well, I found that I read this section quite a bit, actually. Because it just didn’t logically follow for me. Okay, so if we start and first of all, we also have the same problem that they’re both listed as a so that’s just a picky little thing. But on line five, it says the court shall punish anyone convicted of an offence under this chapter by a fine only, which shall not be suspended or revoked, as follows. So it seems like we had correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought when we discussed this before, Mr. Bell that we had said, this would not be an issue that would go to court.

Speaker 23 1:29:38
As we work through this, ordinance updates, we really wanted to have those rules and regs that have the offense kind of line up with the assessment. There are certain things if you look at the ones in that section, those are going to be the things like hunting weapons, things that we really think that someone does something that really has the ability to have more than a hunt. 100 or $500 ticket could relate take consequence for then those would go to a court. So we have two pieces in here we have the fee schedule, and then we have several items that have been a numerated that talk about those things that would be going to court. So

Speaker 3 1:30:14
Right. So that starts on line 11, which is supposed to eat Section B even it’s yes. Okay. All right. So we had a discussion when it was a zero reading about how fines can be. I guess when I look at this section, I think what would solve the whole problem with the verbiage and with the fines that we had discussed before? Is, is it possible, we could just do a warning system, say for a year, find out how many you’re actually issuing? You know, if you’ve got a handful, that’s not so much of a problem. But if we end up with 1000, then we’ve learned that it is a problem. But we also have learned, you know, who’s getting those offenses, and we can kind of figure out forward what might work. In terms of having a good history. A basis to go on, it makes me feel more comfortable than assigning an offense charge. For I’m not sure how many this this would be and how it would be received by people starting right off the gate at the Union reservoir. So

Speaker 1 1:31:29
I’m going to jump in here. Harold, did you I saw you put on your microphone. Did you want to make okay? Not yet. Okay.

Speaker 3 1:31:39
All right. So then, when you go down to line 11, which should be Section B, these are actually much more serious offenses, commercial activity, fires, fireworks, firearms, hunting and trapping destruction of property. But What’s odd about this is fine of up to $500. And imprisonment up to 90 days or both. And the court should have jurisdiction over the violation set forth. When it says fine of up to 500. But it started by saying shall not be suspended or reduced, is actually saying it could be from $1 to 500. So it could be reduced. So anyway, I’ve gone through these two sections several times thinking it was me going out. I’m just underlining this. I don’t think this makes sense. If you were to take it in front of a judge.

Speaker 1 1:32:43
May I jump in for a minute, please? When it says once the fine is set, whether it’s $1, whether it’s $200, it will not be reduced? It’s it doesn’t but it says up to, and then it says that it will not be reduced, you can’t reduce a fine unless it’s set. So that’s the way I’m reading it. However, I don’t know Do you want them to change the language? In this? Are you? I do. Do you want to? Is your motion going to mean to? Okay, go ahead.

Speaker 3 1:33:27
So thank you for resolving that issue number 52. So first of all, I’m going to move that we can accept this 2024 Dash 19. But with the following amendments. So in section three, we just change the second 51 to number 52. And just remember that section and on Section Five 13.2 0.110 penalties. I would like Section A to be changed to a warning system with a ability to review and Section B which also just needs to be re numbered or re identified as B instead of a resolve revoked, reduced discrepancy. I think I would go with reduced rather than revote and give the court and judge discretion because if it goes to court, judges feel they have discretion in my experience. So and section four hours of use will just leave as is. So just with those three items of amendment.

Speaker 1 1:34:45
So do I have a second for this motion that counselor Chris made. Seeing no second dies for lack of a second too long Do you want to move this? Okay, Councillor McCoy?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:06
I move ordinance 2024 Dash 19. I know you will correct the

Unknown Speaker 1:35:15
we’ll take care of that.

Speaker 1 1:35:21
Yeah, so that’s been Moved by Councillor McCoy seconded by Councillor Yarborough, I do want to say that I know a lot of work went into this. And it was a legal legal has been in volved in this completely and I trust our legal team. I do know that it’s very expensive to clean up union reservoir to take care of union reservoir. And for me the fines are appropriate. People know what it’s going to cost. If they screw it up. Then maybe they won’t do that. So is there any counselor Martin?

Speaker 5 1:36:03
Yeah, I just have a couple points of clarification on this because I also had some misunderstood the intent. I thought these were equitable adjustments for things that used to have penalties already. And now we’re just regularizing them.

Speaker 23 1:36:19
So that was the intent. This was something that brought forward by the rangers and our legal team to look to see how we could do a better job of not having people take off for the majority of it. Again, as we talked before, over 90% of the contacts we may have tried to get voluntary. voluntary compliance are warnings and verbals for those other ones that were crossed that threshold where people had multiple offenses or something felt crossed that line we sent them, it was a day off work it was going to court is having uncertainty on what the judge was going to assign as a penalty. So this really takes majority of what we’re doing and tries to make it something that the Rangers the officers, and the public says this was the violation, you understand it, and here’s your ability to pay that and be done with it, you can still go to court. But then we have that other list that we just felt was a threshold that we really felt still needed to be in front of a judge if we had things like weapons or hunting there that we wanted to keep that at that option.

Speaker 5 1:37:12
And so the Ranger does still have the discretion to warn. You don’t have to assess one of these penalties. Correct.

Speaker 23 1:37:19
And I think that’s again, I will go back to my philosophy, which I believe we’ve hired rangers have come in with that philosophy, that our goal is always voluntary compliance. And that can be through education, it can be through warnings. But again, I think people need to know that at some point there are consequences to bad behavior, if it’s the extent of their bad behavior or is multiple offenses that same bad behavior.

Speaker 5 1:37:44
Yes. And and just as a courtesy, I will I would like to say it it’s it is too hard for counsel to amend something that’s legalistic like this on the fly. And that’s the reason there was no second I believe.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:02
Seeing no one else in the queue, let’s vote.

Speaker 1 1:38:14
So that passes of six to one with Councilman, Councilwoman Crist opposing. And Councillor Chris, do you had another one that you pulled?

Unknown Speaker 1:38:35
This is quick. Councillor Chris.

Speaker 3 1:38:39
Okay, the second item is our 2024 Dash 15 A resolution the Longmont City Council for the inter government agreement for RTD and partnership for the micro transit system. And guessing that would be Mr. Greenwald. Okay, so I’ll be quick. I know that microtransit is designed for the city of Longmont. How are we going to close the gap between sandstone ranch and where the busting is coming through at i 25.

Speaker 21 1:39:19
Mayor Peck and Councilmember Diane Christie excuse me, Phil Greenwald, transportation planning manager with the city. The idea is that we will start with the Lamont planning area as designed in the intergovernmental agreement with RTD. And that’ll give us some foundation to set this program and test it for three year period within that three year period. If we do need to expand it or change it. We’ll come back to you with those ideas of of what we need to do and and do it at that point. Once we understand how the system is working.

Speaker 3 1:39:57
Are there going to be enough parking places Where the busting comes through for all all of the people that want to go either to Fort Collins or Denver to park there if they can’t take microtransit

Speaker 21 1:40:10
Marion council member Chris, that’s CDOT project Colorado Department of transportation projects. So I think that they have expanded the parking lot that was out there before. So they feel like this will accommodate the parking that that is needed along with the other parking rides along that I 25 corridor. So you’ve got a bunch of parking lights coming online about the same generally the same time, so that should handle the parking they believe. Okay.

Speaker 3 1:40:37
Well, in that case, I move that our 2024 Dash 15 be accepted.

Speaker 1 1:40:47
So 2024 Dash 15 was Moved by Councillor Chris seconded by Councillor McCoy. Is there any more discussion on this? Seeing none Let’s vote.

Speaker 1 1:41:03
And that carries unanimously Councillor Chris, you had one more?

Speaker 3 1:41:08
I did. And it is our 2024 Dash 16. The resolution approving the 2024 Iga between the Regional Transportation District for fare reimbursement on local local routes and access a ride serve service. Excuse me. Mr. greenwall? I’m sure you heard comments about from the community that they some people prefer that there might be a slight fare on the local RTD buses.

Speaker 3 1:41:48
Is there any consideration of making the fare on RTD match the fare for micro transit?

Speaker 21 1:41:57
Mayor and Councilmember Chris, again, Phil Greenwald, transportation planning manager with the city. The idea is that the micro transit will have will likely have a fair just to give it that value. But it will not match. It’ll be our fair, it’ll be something that we determined based on the needs of the program. And so we’re thinking it’s gonna be a nominal fair and that we’ll be able to scale it for people who have lower incomes and are trying to use the want to use the service. And so we’ll we’ll have an available product, we’re writing it into the scope right now that there’ll be a product that needs to be part of this fare structure that allows for a reusable or a loadable card kind of fare. So you don’t have to have a smartphone necessarily to use this. So the fare card could be loaded and distributed that way.

Speaker 3 1:42:57
Okay, so what is your feeling about adding a bus fare for RTD?

Speaker 21 1:43:07
So mayor, and Councilmember Chris at the end of the council communication for this item, we did mention that we would like to see how micro transit operates, especially in that first year and come back to you with some recommendations on the possibility of reinstating the fair for the RTD services now that we have a new fair structure that just started January 1 of this year, we think that that fair program that was instituted by RTD is is much, much more fair for our residents. So the whole point of it starting 10 years ago, was to say, we think fares are an impediment to transit in Longmont. And that’s why it’s not being used, we were able to prove that very easily to do RTD by by what we did by eliminating the fares in 2014 and continues today that that ridership continues. So we do understand that point, we may need to take some of the money that we’re spending on this contract. In 2025, it’s going to be higher, more money is going to be requested by RTD likely. So we’d like to talk about taking that money and moving it into micro transit of micro transit is successful. And

Speaker 3 1:44:14
do you think for this next year, that that would mean that RTD would be in competition with micro transit? In other words, you know, free versus a slight fare that people would go for RTD rather than micro transit.

Speaker 21 1:44:30
Marin County councilmember, Chris, I believe you mean it the other way around that

Speaker 3 1:44:34
the fair for microtransactions are more and more active. Yes. And the fair well for the micro

Speaker 21 1:44:41
so micro transit will cost something. We don’t know what that is yet. We’ll work with the vendor that we select to the RFP process on that RTD will continue to operate based on this IGA that’s in front of you right now. We’ll continue to operate with no fares. So the idea is if micro transit is as successful as we hope it will be, that that will not provide the competition, but it’ll be more of a partnership piece. Because the micro transit will bring people to the transit, I’ll make it it’ll take care of that first and final mile issue that we have right now with fixed routes where there’s lots of gaps in the system. People can’t get to it keep people can’t use the current system. So this should provide that. Fill those fill those gaps of that first and final mile.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:33
So you think it’ll be complimentary?

Speaker 21 1:45:34
Thank you very much. Yes, complimentary is the word I was looking for.

Speaker 3 1:45:39
I had more time to think about it. All right. Thank you, sir. So and for giving us the background is just for the public here and at home and also for councils benefit. So I moved that our 2024 Dash 16 be accepted.

Speaker 1 1:46:00
2020 Ford F 16 was Moved by Councillor Chris seconded by Councillor Yarborough. Is there any other discussion on this? Seeing none Let’s vote.

Speaker 1 1:46:15
And that passes six to one with Councillor Rodriguez in opposition. Thank you

Speaker 1 1:46:33
the general business portion of our agenda and it is the proposed Fourth of July event. assistant city manager Sandy cedar will lead us through this

Speaker 24 1:46:49
thanks Mayor Sandy cedar assistant city manager and have a team I would dare say a posse to help me with this conversation. So I’m here to kind of speaking as your historian on the Fourth of July events and how they have worked in Longmont. In the past. I have been involved with the Fourth of July fireworks for the past five or six years, kind of starting when the when when we had some budget woes and had to cut the fireworks from our ongoing budget. At that time, the skyline Kiwanis who had already been giving some funds to the city to make the fireworks even better, did decide to take over the event at that time. During that budget year, we continued to budget for police and fire services. And at that time, the fairgrounds was still the host the hosting spot for it. We certainly have seen our fair share of traffic issues with hosting it at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. And during COVID times 2020 We were unable to give them a permit and help them to do that. It just didn’t make sense for us to do gathering even outdoors at that time. The Boulder County commissioners or whoever it is that runs the Boulder County Fairgrounds the next year also was pretty leery about holding the event there. And that is when Skyline Kiwanis decided to move the event to the fox Hill Country Club and golf course. I should have pardon me I should have started by saying the reason we’re even here is because councilmember Hidalgo fairing had asked about the fairgrounds as fireworks and Mayor pack you had asked about a drone show around that time. And so we got our thinking caps on and started thinking a little broader, about Fourth of July fireworks and some of the challenges we have here in the city and pulled together a group of folks to kind of talk about Okay, so we’re being asked these two questions, but can we look at this a little bit more holistically and community oriented. So as I mentioned in 2021, the Kiwanis moved their firework show to the fox Hill Country Club, which is interesting because the golf course itself where you’re setting off the fireworks is not within city boundaries. Although the clubhouse itself is so they had to kind of bob and weave through Boulder County, unincorporated Boulder County and Mountain View fire in order to get all the permits that they needed to do that. And I think they had a pretty successful show a whole new place, area and Longmont were able to see fireworks that hadn’t been able to see them before. But over the last couple of years that has created some neighborhood impacts, certainly some traffic impacts that we were not thinking about. In those first few years as more and more people have gathered to see their spectacular firework show. Part of that discussion, of course, just thinking of staffing, I’d like for you to consider that. When the fireworks were at the fairgrounds. The staffing was almost two and a half times what it has been at the golf course. So location of these fireworks matter when it comes to how we staff up for public safety. The other thing that I would mention is that in 2020 You may remember since we weren’t having a firework show and everybody was homebound. We saw a tremendous increase on illegal fireworks in neighborhoods. And that created I think quite an issue for a lot of Folks, that has obviously calmed down some since the pandemic, but maybe, maybe never again to the levels before the pandemic, you know, unless something like this might work. So we met with a Kiwanis mayor, particularly about your request on a drone show, we asked them if they would be interested in hosting a drone show. Instead, they declined. They said they really want to host a firework show. It is it is their funding. It is, you know, private funding at this point, with the exception of the fire and police folks that help and traffic engineers and everybody that helps out. But I went ahead and did check out a couple of for profit drone performance companies. And you can see the costs there for what that looks like. If you were to host a drone show with the Kiwanis did mention was that they would be happy to have it prior to fireworks. If that’s something that the council was interested in. The private drone show companies do charge a premium for being on the Fourth of July itself, if you were to change dates, then you would be able to have a show for about half the cost as it is on the Fourth of July. But they they can do all kinds of spectacular things. And in particular sky works, I think has just done some work with the Super Bowl during this last round, etc. So they’re very cool. At the same time, I happened to get a call from Joe mcbreen from the St. Vrain Valley Innovation Center, who was asking me questions about drones. So I called them back and asked him why he was asking those questions about drones. And he told me about his performance team that they’ve been putting together for the last year. They they have 300 drones that they have rented. He feels at this point, when I first called him he wasn’t sure but at this point, he feels that the students could put on a pretty nice show if the council was interested for about $3,900, of which I believe our next slight folks would be willing to sponsor. So we’ve we’ve kind of put together a whole bunch of conversation about this. The other thing that I think is important to note is that because the fox Hill site is becoming a little tough to manage, we really consulted with our fire folks, fire marshal and the fire staff. What they told me was that the fairgrounds was not a particularly great safe place to have the fireworks. But there was a lot of people that got on site, there’s a lot of people walking by that kind of enter the fireworks Fallout zone. The Fox Hill one started off pretty secure, but it’s had some rough patches since then, as well, their recommendation is to hold the fireworks kind of regardless of anything else that happens at the Fire Training Center, because it is completely fenced in and the fallout zone could be completely secured. And so from their perspective, it makes for a safer place. So that I think led several of us to kind of get together and say okay, so if we were to move the fireworks to a more secure location, perhaps have a drone show nearby or or there or something to that effect. What else could we potentially put together to try to encourage people to not be in their backyard setting off illegal fireworks. And so that’s where our friends from recreation and from the symphony came in. So before I turn it over to Ben to describe, you know what they kind of dreamed up. I want to make sure Harold didn’t want to jump in there. Because I may have said things backwards. I’m excited.

Speaker 25 1:53:16
Yeah, so part of the challenge at the fox Hill location is it how’s it started, bing, bing, bing, they were being built out adjacent to it. So where there was one streets with no homes, there are now homes. So that started eating into where people were parking before homes started being built at that location. And that was one piece the other piece in terms of at the same time, the symphony was reaching out to us saying we’re looking for a different spot. And I believe they talked about Roosevelt Park. And what we were just trying to figure out at that time is managing capacity of all of our different staff from public safety to recreation, and multiple locations. So we were trying to figure out a way to make it more efficient, and hit all of those things that Sandy was talking about.

Speaker 24 1:54:10
So mayor, really when we pulled everybody together and really we really pulled our partners in from recreation into this conversation and we had a few different goals. One was to provide a safe space for the firework show. Two was to provide a place for the community to gather rather than setting off fireworks in their backyard necessarily. Three providing an opportunity for the Longmont Symphony who had been playing at Thompson park but I believe Clemson Park is under construction in this year so they were going to have to move anyway and and have been interested in playing at the same time as the fireworks for a few years logistically it just hasn’t worked until potentially now provide the opportunity to highlight the St. Vrain Valley Innovation Center drone performance team and better have a better location to manage traffic, view the fireworks and then provide an amazing community event so I think our partners at recreation have put something together pretty cool. So I’d like to introduce Ben so that he can kind of go through what the event itself is proposed.

Speaker 26 1:55:12
Good evening, Mayor pack council members. I’m Ben Wagner recreation and golf superintendent. Jeff was a little under the weather tonight. So that’s why I’m here tonight. So yeah, that break that gets to us. And we were tasked with coming up with an event surrounding the fireworks that would be accessible to the community, fun, free. Just just something that we could all be proud of. And so I got our, our event czar, Sam Calhoun and back was to put together some ideas which are in your packet. And I’ve kind of hit some of the highlights. So So we kind of thought of, you know, classic Americana. Let’s get some games involved. We want to hear music. We certainly thought of the symphony. And yeah, going back with the symphony, we have been in discussions previous to any of this about them possibly moving for this summer, and possibly beyond. And then we found out Thompson Park was going to be closed this summer. So just kind of a sideline on that, just so you understand that. So the events, what we have set up we’ve been tasked to do is come up with this. And we basically plan about a five to 930 ish, depending on when the fireworks finish event that would involve a couple of bands, it would involve our stage that we own, we would need to put up if the symphony is involved, we would put up a tent for them to perform and it’d be a food truck event also, we put food trucks at this site, to to allow folks things to eat. carnival games have a company out to do a multitude of carnival games, so people would have something to do something else to do other than hopefully set off fireworks at our event, which is really the last thing we want to see out there. And certainly we would be trying to shut that down if we didn’t see any of that. And then of course, the potential of a drone show now which is exciting to hear this kind of the first time hearing about the specifics of it so and then the firework show, which quanis has done just an amazing job of picking up. And we’ve worked closely with them, we feel like we have a really good relationship with them to be able to do this. So talking about the venue. And I know you guys have questions on that, you know, the way we looked at in in your packet, you’ll see a map, we’ve actually made one change, there’s a purple area on the map that we had set up quanis had requested a beer garden area, and we’ve actually moved that to Imoen area that’s just to the east of the current grass area. So So if you’re familiar with the site, there’s a mode, bluegrass area, that’s where we would put our stage and the tent for symphony. And just to the east of that in a mono area along the walkway, we would put the the beer garden. So that’s what we’ve come up with. We would need to get involvement from our sanitation folks or please. Everybody else, the reason we picked the the way we did there’s multiple ways to look, look at that site. It is not designed for events, we recognize that this is not something we we plan to you know have multiple events. That’s not where we’re going with this. But the accessibility we see from the park, we obviously see the major parking being at harvest, and probably both sides. And they access that through the two bridges. That section that we put this that we’ve designed, this is the easiest to access. So we also know we’ll need to do some transport. We imagine setting up an accessible parking in harvest junction doing some transport that way, but primarily people are going to be walking up and when you come to the back of harvest junction, you’ll be able to see what we’re doing. So that’s why we picked this spot. We do have other options. There are other options on site. I should mention those that we can look at adjusting. This one we feel like provides the best experience for the citizens of Long Island. And we’re guessing a lot of people that’s just the truth of that. That’s about all I’ve got with that cover anything

Speaker 24 1:59:45
good? Yeah, I think that’s good. And of course, Mayor Peck and members of council this is just kind of the the outline and the discussion. We certainly would you know, are looking for your feedback. We would probably be closing Boston Avenue probably be closed St Maarten st so that people could stay on the paved areas there and be able to watch Of course, it may be pretty hot. So it’ll kind of depend on what that looks like that weekend. But, you know, the other piece of it is that in your council communication, you can see kind of how we divvied up all the different roles and responsibilities. You can see the high level budget, bought from the recreation staff that doesn’t include the $50,000 for the fireworks, that’s its own separate line item. And that’s coming from the Kiwanis 100% nor the drone show, which like I said, we’re hoping will be sponsored by next slide. And past that, we would and we would be looking for those funds from the from the city manager contingency and this year and then work on budgeting that next year for your consideration. So in this year, obviously, it’s not something that we budgeted for since we’re trying to kind of figure it all out. But it’s it’s uh, it has been a really amazing, you know, coming together with everybody. Our staff on recreation really pulled together a nice proposal. And of course, the Kiwanis you know, the llama Symphony has always been a great partner. And the Kiwanis has always been a great partner, helping us to continue to have a firework show in Longmont. And then I’ll turn it back over to Harold for any final thoughts.

Speaker 25 2:01:17
Yeah, I think to Ben’s point, even as late as Friday, we were out at the site looking at it going, what works? Where do we need to go? How do we keep people off the natural areas? And really flipped our mindset to say no, we want to move in here. We actually want to fence out or protect the natural areas. So we don’t have folks encroaching on those baseball in the comments that we’ve seen, because that was important. Obviously, David Bell, Jim Couric and everyone talking about what’s the ideal location if we do it there. You know, we’ve been talked about the concept of what if it rains on the Fourth of July because happened last year, we’ve had a few fourth of July’s with rain. And going well do we move it on to more of the road, the concern with the roads, the heat, if it doesn’t rain, and so again, just thinking of different options, and trying to figure something out, but also taking the input from our public safety staff in terms of the challenges that they’ve had at the other locations, and then the safety issues that we need to take into account primarily with that Fallout zone.

Speaker 1 2:02:30
So it looks like we’re open for discussion. Unless Sandy, did you have more that you wanted to add?

Speaker 24 2:02:35
No, that’s all I was gonna mention mayors that was just looking for some direction. If counsel wants us to continue this conversation, then we’ll continue to plan this event. If there’s any changes, or any any other options you would rather us look at. You know that that’s certainly fine. This is just a proposal for you to consider.

Speaker 1 2:02:51
So let’s start with council comments and questions on on what was in the council column. So it looks like Councillor McCoy has his light on first thing,

Speaker 27 2:03:03
Mayor Peck Thank you, Sandy and Ben and Harold. I think the things that I’m hearing the most from concerned citizens is the idea of the impact on the on the natural part of that this walk way and the impact on wildlife. Just to the east of Martin is an area that we know very well has a lot of raptor habitat. And so I think people were concerned about that. From a safety point of view, I’m concerned, you know, nighttime round water. That sort of thing is is concerning. I’m sure it’s beautiful. But I’m also concerned that of the possibility of, you know, young children and around water and steps and things like that, that. That and uneven terrain, that those are the sort of things that mostly concern me about this. But I just have one quick clarifying question. On your map that you have here. You have the purple area and the kind of a fuchsia midway carnival area and you’re seeing that I see that the yellow food truck and and Longwood Symphony Orchestra tent area there. Are you saying then to the there’s a walking path there to the east of that you? That’s where you’re thinking about having the beer garden and

Speaker 26 2:04:48
Yep, yeah. Councillor McCoy? Yeah, that’s the if you see, it’s a tiny little map, but if you look directly to the east of the stage which is represented by the little yellow piece, there’s a stone pathway. So it’s kind of right next to that correct Sam, along the path is where we where we would put that, and that is a mon area. So there’ll be a walkway directly to that there’ll be a pathway down to the bigger grass area. We felt like that was a really a better spot than where we had it originally. And

Speaker 27 2:05:25
then, you know, we have a number of public that’s owns business in that area, the D barn with the the idea of, you know, historic buildings, you know, and I think people are a little nervous about, you know, after the marshal fire, things, things not going quite as planned, especially with fireworks. And I’m concerned about a lot of this, and it seems cool, but also is there’s that hesitation. So I’ll hear what other council members have to say and see if they come up with any solutions or ideas.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:11
Councillor Martin? Oh, I’m sorry, Chris.

Speaker 3 2:06:21
Sandy, tutor me about this. Do does the city is it required to have insurance for the fallout zone? And especially if we’re talking about a drone show? Is there insurance required?

Speaker 24 2:06:38
In this particular case, because we’re the ones that are kind of regulating the fireworks, we carry the insurance? Yes. In this particular case, now the drone show? That’s a good question, we probably have to work with our risk management department to try to figure that out. I don’t think we have a location for where they would take off from at this point, because we wanted to make see if you were interested in pursuing that before, we would determine that, I will tell you that they did a little practice show last week from the innovation center itself. And I was able to see it from civic center. So I do think that even if they were able to just stay on their own property that people would be able to see it in a different location. So but we haven’t we have not set on that. And we would have to obviously pull together a contract for that and determine insurance needs at that time by our Risk Manager.

Speaker 3 2:07:24
Yeah, I wondered about that, because I think you can see it for quite a distance. Yeah. So but so insurance, if if we’re talking about like D barn and all that and a fire happening there, that would be the city that would handle?

Speaker 24 2:07:39
Yes, but I do. It’s my understanding from the fire from our fire folks that being able to use the Fire Training Center really does cover the entire Fallout zone for the fireworks. I mean, you’re right, of course, something, you know, unexpected things can happen. But they felt much better actually about having an enclosed place. You know, that that they really had more control over?

Speaker 3 2:08:02
We’ve heard a lot of enthusiasm about this. I think it’s time for a party. A city party.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:10
Councillor Jago?

Speaker 7 2:08:12
Thank you, Mayor. Sorry, I’m kind of low. I just wanted to just clarify a few things. Will there be a shuttle from harvest junction harvest area to the to the area of the weather band, you know, if you’re going to shut off those streets? So will there be shuttles for people who may not be able that may have mobility issues and can’t walk that far, especially if they are across the street like by Lowe’s and everything?

Speaker 26 2:08:50
Yeah, the short answer is our plan within our plan is yes, we do have to We haven’t gotten the step of talking with our restriction yet at this point, because we’re we’re here representing to see to go forward. But our plan certainly does encompass having a specific area for folks with mobility deeds. Probably not as at our plant currently is not as extensive as what you may remember from rhythm on the river. But just getting folks with those specific mobility needs, from from that side to the other side, and we haven’t gone beyond that, but we absolutely do you have a plan for that.

Speaker 7 2:09:31
Okay. And then my I just want to also say that I shared the same concern with Councillor McCoy, just making sure that the nature area is preserved and making sure that we do have if we proceed with this to fence that area of very well to protect as much as possible, if you know because I think I know we have volunteers that go out there and spending their time and making sure that area is taken care of. And so it is for our community. So I just want to make sure that that area is protected as much as possible if we can somehow I don’t know if what that looks like in how we can fence that off without actually causing more harm to the area. So I mean, that is an issue. I think that is a concern. Just making sure that we’re not damaging, doing more damage. And good, I think it is an amazing you all put together a great pack, I mean, with counselor Christmas party. But at the same time, I do want to make sure that we’re not causing more damage to our nature, natural areas, because this will make Longmont Longmont and especially in that area. So if some kind of way we can figure out that I think it will be great. And I know that’s not tonight, but so I thank you all for putting all of this together. So that’s my concern in that my two concerns is, of course, the nature area, and making sure that people who have mobility needs have a way to still participate and want to be there and enjoy the party as well.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:24
Councillor Hudak offering.

Speaker 4 2:11:25
Thank you, Mayor. So my feeling is I you know, I would like to explore this further. You know, bring this back, I really I like the idea of adding the additional the attractions component. The other thing and I started thinking about the neighborhood, or the community I grew up in, where we used to have fireworks on the third. And then you had the bigger display on the fourth, I’m almost wondering if we could I really liked the idea of connecting with this with a students. And the fact that they have, you know, a team that does drone shows, and it’s not a lot of money. I’d even be down for doing a GoFundMe and like pay for ourselves. But to do something on the third. Earlier this afternoon, I had to youth council. So I’ve got to, to have a chat with the students around this topic. And it was interesting to hear, you know, their response. I mean, they were really, they were kind of torn between the idea of drone show and fireworks. However, once they started talking, you know, they realized that it was more of that tradition, they’re used to it being at the fair at the fairgrounds, they remember that from their childhood, that’s, it’s this idea of tradition. One of the things that one of the students had mentioned, it was like, Well, you know, if we try it this year, or it’s a flop, we can always go back next year. It’s not, you know, forever change. So the openness to change, I was really encouraged by our youth on that in that regard. But then I started thinking, you know, if we did something where the third, you know, you have this drone show, to kind of give people the idea of what, what it looks like. I mean, I have never seen one I’ve heard they’re great, but I’ve never in person seen, seen what that looks like. And you know, what it could mean? So how, you know, I’d be interested in knowing what other council members would think if we did something on the third with the drone show and then had the fireworks on the Fourth. It’s a lot of staff, but not really have event. You know, and that’s where we would explore this to see if this is something that’s feasible.

Speaker 24 2:13:50
Mayor Peck and Councilmember or Mayor Pro Tem had dug a fairing, I do believe that the school district is kind of up for anything. They’re excited that you’re excited. You know, it’s kind of what I would say I would just mentioned it’s a 16 minute show. So in just as far as kind of planning what that what that might look like. I mean, I think the firework show is about 20 minutes. So yeah, all in all, it’s an hour total on the fourth, if you broke it up into two days, you might have more, you know, you would have more staffing needs, but I think they’d be up for anything you suggest. Yeah, well,

Speaker 4 2:14:21
and I thought, you know, in regard to people who let out fireworks the day before, and you know, even two weeks up before and two weeks after, but, you know, at least maybe it’ll kind of fill that that day and kind of build up excitement. I mean, that’s just a thought. But, you know, I’d be curious to know what staff, you know, as far as providing public safety resources, what would that look like if it’s something that’s feasible? Do we want to go down that road? I’d be I’d be down for that.

Unknown Speaker 2:14:54
Councillor McCoy,

Speaker 27 2:14:55
Thank you, Mayor Peck. I’m thinking of you know, that sort of crowd that gravitates to the Thompson Park event. And though Thompson Park is off the off the docket for this year, because of the things that are going on there, that they don’t always seem like they’re the same crowd that the crowd that goes to Thomson park might not go to a fireworks show just because they, why they’re going there is because they’re lovers of the symphony and that and they, they, they like that, that old time sense of community and, and the different things that they did their tables and groups and stuff like that. I’m just kind of thinking that. I don’t know if if, if Roosevelt wouldn’t be better still, for the the folks with the symphony. We have the the ice skating pavilion there, and everything to shield them from the sun and the rain and everything else that goes on there. I’m just kind of thinking out loud about their, the different sorts of interests that that particular event brings in over a fireworks.

Speaker 26 2:16:27
Councilmember McCoy, I appreciate what you’re saying there. And we agree entirely. So so I don’t know that I spoke clearly enough at the beginning. Doing the symphony at the fireworks does not preclude them doing another another event earlier in the day. In fact, I think they’re they’re planning on that in the future. We’ve got a little bit of, you know, planning this year with rote, you know, because Thompson’s closed and possibility of using Roosevelt, but we Those are definitely options. And we agree entirely that the crowd is probably quite different in a lot of cases. So I just I absolutely agree with you. And so does the staff and the symphony. So

Unknown Speaker 2:17:13
Councillor Martin?

Speaker 5 2:17:14
Thank you, Mayor Peck. So was was that a clarification on the symphony? Is there a possibility that they might play? Two shows in one day, one in the afternoon at the park and one during the fireworks?

Speaker 26 2:17:31
Yeah, that’s to be decided, as we go on. But But absolutely, that is absolutely a possibility. It’s

Unknown Speaker 2:17:37
under discussion. All right, thank you.

Speaker 25 2:17:42
That’s, that’s really the symphonies decision, in terms of what they want to do. This was sort of trying to bring everyone together. And obviously, when you hear audio connections in this is, we’ve talked about even for those that don’t go to the site is finding a way to utilize the radio station that we have, to where people could get the music from the symphony, wherever they’re watching the fireworks from. And that’s something I’ve seen in other communities, it was really popular. I will say in all of this, I think the one thing we’re going to continue to deal with his space issues in terms of where this occurs. To kind of give you a sense of what public safety was talking about. So in this area, the fallout zone is kind of think he goes into this parking lot, goes out over here and goes out over here. So and what they were saying is, I guess just with the trail connections, they were finding that they would be in the middle of the display, and people would be like right on him in this location off the fairgrounds. That was part of the safety issue from public safety in terms of traffic. What we were seeing is so many people all the way back in from this neighborhood, through these areas. And so what it was really doing is doubling if not going over double for public safety at this location. What they found over here, just to give you a sense is because of the way the streets were positioned, and because of the signal lights, prior to the homes being built, they actually were able to manage this with fewer public safety staff because you had larger roads there to move people in and out. Obviously, you can now see with all the homes being built here that that becomes a challenge. So then, when they looked at this location the fallout zone is primarily on city property. And it kind of does something is that correct? Something like this. So the majority of the fallout zone is actually on the Fire Training Center. And that was part of what they were talking about.

Unknown Speaker 2:20:07
Councillor Rodriguez?

Speaker 6 2:20:10
Thank you, Mayor Peck, it seems like we’ve kind of hit a natural inflection point here. So I’m hoping to get the ball rolling with a number of motions. First, a low hanging fruit in my opinion, I move that we partner with the same brain Valley’s school district and their students for a st. Green Valley School District drone show.

Speaker 1 2:20:30
I’ll second that. Is there any discussion on this motion? Seeing none, I think this is a great idea. It may not be the kind of show that a $30,000 one would cost. But I think marketing our students abilities, what our school district is doing, and they can put this on their resume for college applications, because it’s a huge deal for them. The pride showing the pride in our residents and our kids, I think is huge. So see no one else that wants to say anything, let’s vote.

Speaker 1 2:21:13
That carries unanimously. I have a question. Because of the concerns on both sides. Have it it Dickens farm have go back to the fairgrounds have it? I’ve heard both of them. So in doing that, I did some research and went back to the parks and recreation master plan. What was the purpose of Dickens Park and there was just one sentence in there that caught my eye. The Parks and Rec master plan stated that Dickens farm was not to be used for anything but passive recreation. So that term is interpreted in many ways. What in the heck is passive? You know, I’ve seen the kayakers the kids playground, the natural nature playground. What exactly is passive recreation? And did we ask the Parks and Rec Board Advisory Board about this as to what they would interpret that for? David? Bell, can you address this as to what passive recreation meant in the master plan?

Speaker 24 2:22:30
Err Well, while David’s coming down, I should mention that there’s no guarantee that we could get the fairgrounds anyway at this point. Just I want to point that out. Oh, good point that usually they reserved the back in the day they would reserve the fairgrounds in August for the next July. I just don’t know that answer. Yeah. It’s worth looking into though.

Speaker 23 2:22:51
Mayor packing Council. In addition to the Parks and Rec trail trail plan, we also have the dickens fairground master plan too. So we have some guidance there. The best thing is other open space agencies and even the city we didn’t button rock masterplan. looked at what really the definition of passive recreation was it really was low impact birdwatching, hiking, moving through the park, non motorized activities, and even to the point of, you know, no, no play that has rules engagement. So you couldn’t put to a soccer game or a football game. So so there’s a lot of things there’s really no solid definition. It’s really more of what we would say is the hiking, biking, moving through fishing, birding, they do enumerate those in some of those in the master plans as well too as button rockers with the place we use that definition.

Speaker 1 2:23:44
So I’m wondering if we if we and that’s why I asked about the advisory board. Do they think we should stick with this passive and hold it true? I would like to hear from them. Was this brought up to them at all? We

Unknown Speaker 2:23:59
have not asked them yet.

Speaker 24 2:24:03
Mayor pic just as a reminder, we started this by trying to answer your questions and Councilmember Hidalgo fairings question. So if you would like us to take it back to the Parks and Rec Advisory Board, we certainly could do that.

Speaker 1 2:24:13
I would i i want to make a motion that we take

Speaker 1 2:24:25
and that we direct staff to take back to the parks and recreation Advisory Board, the meaning of passive recreation and what we are planning at Dickens farm for the Fourth of July. Does that meet that definition? We have any discussion on this motion? If no, I see none. Let’s vote. McClay no McCoy I’m sorry.

Speaker 1 2:25:07
So that passes six to one with Councillor Rodriguez, in opposition. The reason I’m asking for this is that we’re setting a precedent here as to what our master plan says, when we adopt that we adopt what it what it says, Are we following it? And if we are great, but if we’re not why why aren’t we? So? Thank you for that. There were some other things I think that they need direction on. And that is, do we want to divide this and have the symphony Roosevelt in I’m thinking maybe the food trucks, if, depending upon what the definition of passive recreation is? Answer that question. No, I think we have to wait. Okay, well, yeah. Okay. Well wait on that. What other questions do you think we need before we make a motion to adopt what? Anything else in this

Speaker 4 2:26:12
have to wait now until we hear from Parks?

Speaker 1 2:26:15
But I still would like that, that information to go to Sandy, what else? Are we looking at that we might? dependent? You know, if they say it’s all fine, then they already know what else we want to look at.

Unknown Speaker 2:26:34
Okay. Okay. The funding. I was going to make a motion that we take it out of the council contingency funds, I

Unknown Speaker 2:26:43
don’t think you have enough?

Speaker 1 2:26:45
Well, it depends. It depends upon what we come up with. Right now, we don’t know

Speaker 25 2:26:51
we can split it, if you want, or we can bring it back and forth, we can bring that back to you or we can split that. So it’s not overly impactful to either budget.

Speaker 1 2:27:02
If I looked at the council contingency correctly, and Jim will probably correct me that after the 3002 the Northern Arapaho kids, we have 143 854

Unknown Speaker 2:27:17
After carry after the carry over,

Unknown Speaker 2:27:19
right, yeah, that’s what the carry or so we can discuss that later. Yeah,

Speaker 25 2:27:27
I just didn’t want to pull your content or Well, somebody volunteered my contingency foot. But I think I didn’t, you know, for me, personally, we don’t know what’s going to come the remainder of the year. And so I didn’t want to pull, you know, part of it is I don’t want to pull a council contingency so narrow, that then if something comes up, but I think if we could split it, okay, you know, 5050, then that keeps both contingency funds somewhat strong. Okay, as we’re looking at this, but we can bring you the financials on that if you want to move forward. And you know, what I said to Sandy earlier, Council can say, you know, we’re fine with just doing the fireworks here, but no of it. We’re fine doing the fireworks here, you know, but can we focus the event, more on the street and not on the park? I mean, there are options that you all can move through. Once we bring that information back to you all? Well,

Speaker 1 2:28:27
the one thing that we didn’t get full compliance on is the firehouse for the the fireworks show, the fire, what you call it Training Training Center, like the firehouse well. So does everybody agree we don’t need to make a motion? Really? Can we just agree that we all think that the fire the Training Center is the place for the Yes. Okay. I think we’re unanimous on that. Hope you got something through there. So, Councillor Martin,

Speaker 5 2:29:04
thank you, Mara pack a couple of questions and a motion at least one motion? Do we have a motion to direct staff to find out whether the fairgrounds would be available as an alternative?

Unknown Speaker 2:29:18
I’ll second

Unknown Speaker 2:29:21
then I’ll make a motion.

Speaker 1 2:29:23
I know if you make a motion. I’ll second. Any discussion on that? Seeing none Let’s vote.

Speaker 1 2:29:42
So that motion to find out whether the firehouse the fairgrounds were available was made by Councillor Martin, and I seconded it. And we are voting now carries unanimously. I think it’s good for us to get all of these things upfront. So we know exactly what we’re talking about. And for the residents, I think to be able to actually answer them, for me is always good. So the other thing I wanted to bring up, and I mentioned that I did have

Speaker 5 2:30:16
a second question, I’m sorry. Okay. And then a couple of other, you know, Schedule Options, we don’t have an answer about what the options are for the symphony. And I think we should get a list of options. And possibly, you know, we have a concert band, we have maybe other groups that might want to perform if we have festive festivities going on all day. So I would like a list of options, depending on what you know, what other options we choose out of the list that’s coming back to us. We might want to consider different options for live music. So I move that, that we can that we that that when you come back, you present a list of options for live music from local performing groups, especially the symphony, since they traditionally do it.

Speaker 1 2:31:24
So a motion was made by Councillor Martin to have a list of options for musical performances on the fourth or third. And that was seconded by Councillor Chris, is there any discussion? Seeing none was vote?

Speaker 1 2:31:51
So that passes six to one with I’m in opposition. Is that the last question you had? Okay. So I had mentioned to our city manager herald that in the past, and it was before his time we would it was at the fairgrounds, we had RTD shuttling people picking them up at certain points in the city and taking them to the fairgrounds. And that relieved a lot of the parking problem. And it allowed many more people to enjoy the fireworks. So I would like you to look into if we can use our free bus service to pick people up from harvest junction or any other place that might be a gathering place. And then that leads to the amount of people that are attending which could be a problem, depending upon what Parks and Recreation says about passive. So Councillor Martin,

Speaker 5 2:33:05
I wonder if the mayor would accept a friendly amendment that we should always also look into other transit services such as brew hot for the same service? Because I you know, there there is kind of, we’ve we discussed this kind of scatter gather method of moving people around for special events before. And I think it’s a good idea.

Speaker 1 2:33:33
Yes, I’ll accept that. The reason I mentioned the free bus is that it’s free. And I don’t know in our budget if we want to take on a contract. So that’s something we would have to decide. But yes, I will accept that friendly amendment. So no, it really wasn’t a motion. Oh, no, I just said all right. So I move to direct staff to look in the possibility of our free bus service, along with perhaps another outside vendor that would be willing to shuttle people if our free service would extend to using it for this purpose. And I guess Councillor Martin seconded that. Any comments? Seeing none Let’s vote.

Speaker 1 2:34:46
And that carries unanimously. Counselors, Are we finished with this subject? Do you need anything else? Do you need anything from us? You have everything you need it Did we totally screw up your plan? $150,000

Unknown Speaker 2:35:13
Perhaps it will be we don’t even have that much money in our contingency

Speaker 1 2:35:28
now we’re going to discuss the compensation of city council. And this is once again city manager, Sandy cedar. Hello,

Speaker 24 2:35:35
Mayor Peck and members of council, this was an item requested by the city council just on the process for council compensation. And so what I have put together for you is what the code with the code currently says around compensation. And you’re right when you mentioned it earlier, Mayor, and I’m not sure about the take home pay portion. But our current code does provide for $15 per month stipend for the mayor and council members at $1,000 per month, that’s the current stipends that you receive. The charter doesn’t require that council compensation go to a vote or or do anything other than you all enact it. The only thing that charter stipulates is that it cannot apply to the current council. So any changes that you might make today wouldn’t go into effect until after the 2025 election, which is the next regular municipal election in which there are council members that would be voted in. And on. At the end of the communication, our human resources, folks put together information about what other council members are generally being paid in stipends for your comparison. I did kind of a little quick math, if if you were to change, let’s see here to $1,300 a month for the council and $2,000 a month for the mayor, which is kind of the average at the bottom of that if you were to do that it would be about $27,600 in the first year. And if you decided to do some sort of an escalator escalator, then they would obviously be that that would be the budget impact from that point forward. This is the information I’m here to provide you. But this is obviously 100% of council policy decision. So I will stop talking.

Unknown Speaker 2:37:17
We’re open for discussion. Councillor Martin?

Speaker 5 2:37:19
Yes. I think there’s a couple points to make. First, I’d like to correct the record. Because the last time this was discussed before Council, nobody said that the reason for that they were voting no was because they didn’t need raise a reason the reason given was for not giving a raise was that this should be done as a public servant service. And that it should not be something that really paid well, like being County Commissioner does, for example, that it should be a sacrifice a show of service. I think there’s a lot of room between those two poles, you know, between paying a six figure income, which is probably impractical for the city and totally out of line with all these other cities and being a little bit closer to a living wage, so that maybe somebody with a decent part time job, and this could get up to a living wage. So, you know, I don’t think we have to give, you have to abandon the idea that this is a public service, being on council serving on council in order to make it a little easier to serve because I’ll tell you having done this for six years and gotten old in the process, I don’t want to be so that you have to be old to be able to afford to do it. I’d like people to have a little energy on the other hand, I have never ever spent less than 40 hours a week at the job in six years unless I was completely you know like having a health issue or something like that. So yeah, I think it’s time I I really wish I don’t know how hard this would be on the budget but I really wish that what we could do would be to convert the original the original stipend into present day dollars, which would put us above everybody I guess. But Fort Collins by But I realized we’re probably going to have to have to not do that. But I do think that the $1,300 averages is a little low. And I’d be at least willing to spring for 1500 a month. That’d be my those are my ideas.

Unknown Speaker 2:40:22
Thank you. Councillor McCoy.

Speaker 27 2:40:26
Thank you, Mayor Peck, I hear where you’re coming from there. Councilmember Martin. I think though, that if we start off slow and and see how it goes, I think it does attract younger members of the community to participate. It also attracts folks that might be, you know, just newly retired or some sort of thing like that, to participate. I think that’s the whole goal there is to encourage some folks to participate. And, and get involved. And I think that’s kind of what a stipend does. It makes you feel like, you know, when you’re here as a council member and, and members of the public, you can’t respond back to him, at least you felt like you had received something for your punch in the nose. So that there’s, you know, some benefit, I think, to that I think we probably should wait until after. I mean, we obviously have to wait until after the election for it to go into implementation. But then after that, I think some sort of escalator is Sandy, but it is probably reasonable.

Unknown Speaker 2:41:47
Council, Jabra.

Speaker 7 2:41:50
Thank you, Mayor. I, myself, have had several people come to me and asked me, who are very passionate about government and passionate about this city just as I am. And I know, working a full time job, how difficult and challenging it is like when we had a two day retreat, I had to take a PTO. Not very many people can take paid time off to participate. And granted, it is our duty as elected officials. But in order for this city to have different perspectives, in a more equitable way to have more representation on the city council for us, that’s representing our city, which is growing and becoming much more diverse as it is. It’s important that we look at the stipends that we have. And if we have a mother, a family and I’m a single mom, but have a single mom that has to pay for childcare, for a full day of a retreat, or when we’re here for six hours on a Tuesday, after working from nine to five we can get here and have to be here at nine 530 and may get stay here until after 10 o’clock. Who’s taking care of their child if they have no family here, so they have to pay for childcare. So it’s not I think it’s reasonable for an increase, not because we don’t want to serve our community is because times are changing. And if we want more perspectives, and diverse people on our community, on our, on our council, we have to think about some of the barriers that are causing the lack of perspectives that are on our council who are representing our community. That is why I brought that up is not because I want a pay raise or stipend raise is because of the future of the city and the future of our council. So I am myself I’m very happy with the average but I will be even happier if we go with Councillor Martin’s increase because of course is not for me is for the Future Council. So either way, I’m happy if we decide on

Speaker 1 2:44:34
so our our staff is looking for us I think to give them what we $1 amount and for them to work with because they’ve already done the research as to what the average is. So can you mention the dollar amount that you oops

Speaker 7 2:44:56
I don’t know if I can justify Councillor Martin’s amount But since the staff has already, I’m happy with Councillor Martin’s amount, but since staff has already done the research, I’m definitely happy with the 1338 for council members in 1997 for our mayor, okay.

Speaker 1 2:45:18
I have your next counselor, Rodriguez.

Speaker 6 2:45:24
Thank you, Mayor pack, I just did actually quickly research and did the math on $1 in 1999, would be approximately $1.87 today. So that’s obviously 4000 $1,870. And then for the mayor, it’d be 2805. Obviously, that’s just doing quick, simple math on on that and not necessarily how generally wages work. As such, I know the city’s policy within our own staff is basically market plus 1%. So to speak. And so to me, looking at the average is basically market for council member. And so that’s kind of more where I would see this falling into line, if you will. And then as somebody who very much plans not to continue, after my term limit is done in 2025, I would support bringing us up to at least average for the area, which

Speaker 1 2:46:31
is what we have here. Okay, so great. Okay, counselor McCoy.

Speaker 27 2:46:42
I just did it. I just had one. Question for council, member Yarborough in regards to the escalating aspect.

Unknown Speaker 2:46:55
Sorry, that’s not you, sir.

Speaker 27 2:46:59
You know, where each year or each two years that we applied a cost of living sort of raise to this, like Sandy suggested, is that something you would be supportive of? I just was curious where you were at with that. So I think that any motion should should hit have that aspect to it. And I and I agree with councilmember Rodriguez that I think this is the you know, the positive thing for the community not not for just members of council.

Unknown Speaker 2:47:40
Councillor Crist.

Speaker 3 2:47:44
So just for the public’s knowledge of two and a half months in, I think just the half two requirements of the job have been over 90 hours. And for the public’s information, we all serve on about six different boards or commissions. So so I don’t know if Council council members can ever be fully compensated, I think there’s always going to be an element of, of community service. Now I have to say in the last election, which I was apart there, it was, there were 13 candidates, one out of four seats that were running, and it was pretty half and half in terms of male and female. And then what I noticed is there were about maybe four or five people that were under the age of 40. And the council now as it sits, there’s five of us that are mid career. In other words, we still work. And I think what would help me most since I feel like I could never adequately be compensated for my loss of build build hours. What would help me most is if it was easier to maintain my regular job and be a council person. And so I’ve I’ve started making a list of things I thought might be helpful. One problem is the length of the meetings, you know, what can we do to make them more efficient? And a piece of the schedule? Maybe, you know, maybe pace it out a little bit differently. I was also wondering about collaboration with within the boards and like can conjoin initiatives, sort of maybe combining boards so that we don’t have such a heavy burden of six boards and commissions each? When we’re talking about $1 amount, and let me say that, you know as we’re looking at the community and affordability in the community, it occurred to me that how rather than putting more on the budget for our pay, is there a way to reorganize the pay that we already get? And I don’t want to shock anyone here but I do something I was have wild ideas. And one of them was to shorten the council to five members. In other words, three Ward seats and to at large the mayors and that large seat as well, which would split the, which would make the split about $1,400 per council person and $1,900. For mayor, I’m just saying reorganizing the math. If that were to happen, we’d have to combine the boards. I think that there was another thought. And that is, the long run Housing Authority seems to not need as much input from the council as it did when you first took it over. And I wonder if maybe that could go to quarterly, which would save a Tuesday. So we could pace the schedule a little bit differently. So we get home by 930. That time do so these are just ideas that are outside of but may adjust the the pay and would be personally helpful for me as a working council member.

Speaker 1 2:51:00
So Councillor Crist, all of the things you brought up can be discussed at another meeting, because those are Council decisions. But that’s why we’re here tonight to look at what was proposed. Do we agree with it? Or do we have another proposal?

Speaker 3 2:51:19
Okay, so the recommended option is Council policy direction. So I guess I would move that we come back with some other ideas, not necessarily a direct pay raise for council, but ways to make it a more livable situation for a motion. I move. Can

Speaker 1 2:51:40
I have a second? Not seeing a second that dies for the lack of a second. Councillor Martin.

Speaker 5 2:51:50
Thank you, Mayor Peck. I move that we increase Council wages for the next council after the election to $1,500 for a councilmember and 2000 for the mayor.

Speaker 1 2:52:17
I would second that. But I also would like to add to that motion. That we have a cost of living increase. Yes. So it’s it’s 15 102,000. Is there any other comment? Councillor Martin?

Speaker 5 2:52:42
Yeah, I had meant to say and I just was thinking about councilmember Christmas ideas and forgot that that we tie it proportionately to Social Security coal. Cost of living. So do you still second councilmember America? That’s

Unknown Speaker 2:53:04
what I said cost of living?

Speaker 5 2:53:09
Whenever? Well, yeah. Every two years is fine. If you count both years of cola.

Speaker 24 2:53:18
Yep. What? Yes, that timeframe would be great. So if it’s every year every two years, it’s fine. Either way,

Speaker 5 2:53:24
I thought I said two years because you’re away. Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 1 2:53:28
Okay, so the motion is that we raise the council compensation to $1,500 for council members in $2,000 for a mayor with a cost of living raise every two years, which leaves the mayor out totally. So Councillor Martin made that motion I seconded discussion, please Councillor McCoy.

Speaker 27 2:53:55
So just so the public understands this hasn’t changed in 25 years. So to what councilmember Rodriguez has pointed out is far below that in every aspect. So just so folks have a have a working understanding of what what we’re dealing with here.

Unknown Speaker 2:54:18
Seeing no one else in the queue, let’s vote

Speaker 1 2:54:32
and that passes six to one with Councillor Crist in opposition. Thank you for that discussion. It’s quite interesting. So now we have the last thing on our agenda is the 2024 legislative bills. And once again, city managers assistant city manager Sandy cedar.

Speaker 24 2:54:53
Thanks, Mayor Sandy cedar assistant city manager. I have three items to chat about today on the legislative bills recommended for position. The first one was that you had asked for some additional information on House Bill 1098 to 98 did make it through committee. This was the one concerning protections for residential tenants and requiring cause for evictions, it was significantly amended. And I would say that probably over half of the things that we found to be problematic have now been removed, that language has been removed. The couple of things that are still in there that may be problematic, is it still because it requires a 90 day notice it basically kind of does away with month to month leasing as an option for folks. And the prohibit the Pro, the prohibiting of retaliate, retaliatory rent increases? Also seems like it doesn’t have a whole lot of teeth to that, that, you know, really, if landlords are just increasing, you know, by a certain amount, that that would be acceptable. But the concern really, is that if people are worried about that, that they’ll just pull their own, you know, smaller rental unit out of the market entirely. So those are the two elements that are still left in that bill, everything else, including, you know, I think there were concerns about at us, you know, having to be forced to rent to somebody who’s living pretty much with you. All of that has been removed. The requirements for 90 days were there for the relocation expenses has been removed. The let’s see here. They exempted the mobile home owners that were paying lot rental. So a lot of the concerns that we have were removed. I know that that city manager Dominguez did mention of a conversation that had been had with landlords that we were going to send you that recording. There were some technological issues, and then the bill was amended anyway. So you know, I have the full Rieng gross, Bill, if anyone has any questions, I sent you a link to that as well. But at this point, we just we don’t have a position on House Bill 1098. We’re not suggesting one to the council. It’s really up to council. If you’d like to take a position at this point.

Speaker 1 2:56:58
I moved that we do not take a position on House Bill 2014 98. It’s been moved by myself. And it has been seconded by Councillor McCoy. It’s open for discussion. Councillor Martin?

Speaker 5 2:57:16
Yeah. I am alright with not taking a position tonight because I have not had a chance to read the ringrose bill, and would like to. However, there are some influential influential people in the housing movement who would really like the City Council to take a position on this bill. So I’m if the mayor would like to amend the motion to say, bring it back for consideration at the next regular session. I still think it won’t be through the session, the Senate at that point on. So it would still mean something for us to endorse this. And we do have very weak tenant protections compared to other states. So I’d like to get a shot at having the city endorse this. If if the mayor doesn’t want to change her motion, then I will vote no and make a second motion if it mayor’s motion doesn’t pass.

Speaker 1 2:58:29
So Harold, I know Europe, it says here in our counsel calm or in the list that you had wanted to share the conversation you had with landlords. But did you share that with us? No.

Speaker 25 2:58:48
That’s what Sandy just explained. It was a separate session that we had staff as a part of, okay, we were participating in in it didn’t record or something happened. So we weren’t able to share that with you.

Speaker 1 2:59:02
Do you want to share any of those comments before we vote or?

Speaker 25 2:59:05
Well, I think the challenge was that was pre amended version. And it’s been amended. So I’m not sure that what was discussed and that is actually pertinent to the conversation now because the amendments were so significant.

Speaker 1 2:59:21
Okay, do you think that because we are not taking a position on it now, that those things that you discuss, were not in this, these amendments will come back to be amended? Should we wait for those amendments or those other items in that discussion that you had with landlords? Because we’ve tabled it basically.

Speaker 25 2:59:48
So this was a broader regional landlord conversation. It wasn’t a local landlord conversation. I think many of the things that Sandy mentioned to you that have been adjusted, were things things that came out of that conversation, but there just wasn’t. Okay. There’s still a couple of things there. What I can tell you operationally is, and there’s some nuances to this. As I’ve been reading this as operationally, from the housing authorities perspective, I think we could have always made this work. The differences is, I think, in some cases, we would be pushed to eviction. And, and so a lot of those things like failure to pay, they call it a no fault eviction in this, which is a little bit different than an at fault eviction. So I think Sandy synopsis was spot on, that a lot of those were dealt with, but there’s still some things there. And that’s why we said, we don’t really have a position on this one. It’s more of a council policy decision.

Unknown Speaker 3:00:49
Okay. Thank you. Councillor Crist,

Speaker 3 3:00:55
just to clarify, Sandy, since it’s cleared committee is will there be any more amendments to it? Or is it just a pass fail now?

Speaker 24 3:01:05
Mayor, pet council member Chris, there can always be more amendments, because once it goes to Senate, then it’ll hit another committee, and then they’ll have to re engross their own amendments. So there’s still a process for this bill to go. And

Speaker 3 3:01:16
it may be coming back with new iterations. So lately, but I agree that we should wait.

Speaker 1 3:01:22
Okay, so let’s vote. There’s no no other discussion in the queue. Let’s vote on the motion.

Unknown Speaker 3:01:31
And the motion is no, no position. Yes, I

Speaker 1 3:01:33
made the motion that they’re to take no position at this time. And it was seconded by Councillor Mackay.

Speaker 1 3:01:48
So it passes five to two with counselor who don’t go faring and counselor Martin in opposition.

Speaker 24 3:01:56
Thank you, Mayor. And thanks to Molly O’Donnell for helping with all the analysis on this, as well as Erica in our office. Okay, so then the other two are both construction defect bills. You know, I think for those of you who attended the LLDP economic summit that was certainly brought up today. The first one, they’re actually very similar Senate Bill 106. Really, and Senate Bill 112, for the most part puts more reasonable restrictions so that homeowners are still predict protected from defects in original construction, but the length of time that they can bring, you know, an issue and the fact that things can be remediated and completely closed, are things that would enhance the construction defects act as it sits today that would hopefully encourage building of some of the attached properties that we currently don’t see. Many developers have cited because of the current construction defects act. So both of these have been met by positive comments from our housing staff and others. And so the staff recommendation is to support Senate Bill 106. And Senate Bill 112. On construction defects.

Unknown Speaker 3:03:07
Counselor Martin.

Speaker 5 3:03:09
I just want a clarification about supporting both of them. And what that means. Are is the is the legislature likely to think that these are complementary bills, or that they are that they’re alternatives? And they’ll only pass one of them?

Speaker 24 3:03:28
I would bet that they just passed one of them. Yeah, there’s there’s one that is sponsored by lots of representatives, lots of senators and the other one that’s represented by a couple. So my guess is that the one that has the traction, which I think is 112 is the one that will likely go but yes, I think it’s I think it’s multiple legislators, recognizing that this is a significant issue and bringing forth their best efforts to fix it.

Speaker 5 3:03:52
Okay. I move that we support both of them.

Speaker 1 3:04:01
So it’s been Moved by Councillor Martin that we support both SB 24 106 And SB 24 112 seconded by Councillor Hidalgo fearing Seeing no one in the queue for discussion, let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 3:04:24
I can’t decide.

Speaker 1 3:04:31
So this passes six to one and I voted against it.

Unknown Speaker 3:04:36
Thank you very much, Mayor.

Speaker 1 3:04:39
Thank you. So we’re playing Final call public invited to be heard. Is there anybody in that would like to address the council saying no one will move on to the mayor and council comments. Councillor Martin?

Speaker 5 3:05:05
Thank you, Mayor Peck. I just it was it was said earlier that most people oppose the smart meters. And I would like to remind the public that that was an opinion. And that what is true is that in 2018, the Council voted to convert to convert to 100%, renewable energy, electricity renewably generated electricity by 2030. And no council member got voted out of office in the next election. Subsequent to that, I there was a citizen initiated resolution declaring a climate emergency. And subsequent to that the resulting climate Task Force recommendations were accepted by the Council, a different city council, as I recall, although I could be wrong on my times. So a lot of people do support climate action in this city. And for people who don’t understand the difference between smart meters and other meters, smart meters return a lot more information than a simple electric meter. And they do it on the hour or even more frequently, every single day, as opposed to once a month, which is what an old fashioned analog meter does. And because of that, the city is able to make all kinds of progress about fattening up our grid to make sure that it can handle the changes that electrification and renewable energy costs. And enable a lot of future benefits for residents to save money as well. So they’re, they’re not interchangeable, that’s not a newfangled thing. And if you’re worried about climate change, you should be in favor of the advanced metering infrastructure or the Smart Meter network, I just want to make that clear that we do have a reason for doing it. It’s not an arbitrary thing. And it was actually a courtesy, that we had several informational sessions about what this is, because most of the infrastructure, the equipment that the electric utility installs in the field, including your electric meter isn’t some is a matter of operations, and is not something that the people or the council need to vote on the council approved the budget for it. And that was really the only thing that had to happen. And all this other stuff was gravy. So just you know, I just like to reiterate that because it’s been a number of years, thanks.

Speaker 1 3:08:28
Anyone else wouldn’t have anything to say. I put on every council members by your computer. What we discussed in the pre session, the code of ethics is going to be coming back. If you want to pull it on the ordinance, these are the these are the things that we changed. So if you want to discuss it at that time, I just wanted to give you a little headway that that’s what we would be doing. I want to thank you Jean and Harold and the legal staff and city council for helping us through that. I also want to say that on May 18, there is going to be an early childhood, March. And it started out to be very small, and it is growing by leaps and bounds. And it is to promote and bring awareness to the shortage of childcare in our region. So when I get all of the information because it’s still we’re still working on it. I’m going to bring it back for support from Council on and hopefully give some dollars toward the effort from my council contingency. So that’s just a heads up

Unknown Speaker 3:09:47
with the fireworks money, don’t give it all the fireworks and we got to support

Unknown Speaker 3:09:57
Well, we would have 120,000 Law So I think we’re okay. City Manager remarks.

Unknown Speaker 3:10:08
Comments, Mayor, council,

Speaker 1 3:10:09
city attorney. No comments, Mayor. Thank you. Can I make a motion to adjourn? All those in favor say aye. Aye. That passes unanimously. Thanks. We are adjourned.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai