Callahan House Advisory Board Meeting – April 2023

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Callahan House Advisory Board Meeting – April 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
to then look at the minutes will previous in but everybody gets a chance to read a

Unknown Speaker 0:18
question with a suggestion can you be the spelling of my name? I missed one just there you got it right. It can be it’s yours Oh,

Speaker 1 0:41
by the NSA other spells KR UI

Speaker 2 0:46
fights Hey are you investing in AI in your own business or business yeah and then the next thing I would suggest that I was doing is number the pages that will help us be easier to reference okay, go to patients

Speaker 1 1:10
they remembered at the bottom if you will, oh my gosh, they aren’t what you are right I was looking to find where it was

Speaker 2 1:30
previously agreed that the mission statement would be on the bottom of the minutes. And so that’s how it’s been for a few months. So it just would want to put that mission statement underneath the signature blocks and then little typo period at the end of the very last thing for the signature blocks

Unknown Speaker 2:13
just wait for you guys. I’m sorry.

Speaker 3 2:25
Okay, I believe I can make those corrections and print them out upstairs.

Speaker 2 2:32
Requests for everyone to I guess consider, can we at the bottom underneath the mission statement even separate from just a small addition of the video and audio recording of this meeting can be found at the city of Longmont that a YouTube channel? I don’t know how they referenced that. But just for purposes of transparency from a written record to a recorded record that there is a recorded record.

Unknown Speaker 3:06
That’s actually good I do.

Unknown Speaker 3:17
Have a motion to that effect?

Speaker 3 3:22
If it’s okay, yes, we could do that moving forward for especially the the reference to the audio and videos because I want to get the correct things which is going to be time consuming and I really would like to be very proficient within eating right. So that would be okay, for me moving forward piece. Be happy to incorporate that as future minutes. But if right for this particular one, I want to make sure I reference the right thing with the right. With the right link. Thank you Okay,

Speaker 1 4:02
can we have a motion to approve the minutes as amended?

Unknown Speaker 4:11
All in favor,

Speaker 1 4:13
like chose either report, which was really

Speaker 3 4:32
well, I was looking at trying to get the first three months of 2023 done. I’m trying to roughly follows Kathy had completed at some respects January. So I was trying to take that data and use it as a reference point for creating the additional months and February was rough just because we were in chaos and radical A lot happened. So that month is a little bit more of a stab. One of the things that was really high is we had a lot of inquiries in January, it was kind of funny because I was hitting things like, Oh, we only get like, you know, two a week. And I’m like, This is not to know this is a lot more than. And the, we did stop the advertising the paid advertising to the Wedding Wire and not in March. And you can see that hasn’t slowed down much at all, which is the experience that I’ve heard from some other historical venues that don’t do the paid advertising. But since they’re listed people who are searching, so find them, and they still get it, we do have the electronic advertising trance transformed over to the Callahan on So all those inquiries are coming into our central mailbox. So they can be addressed in multiple people. And it’s not just one person. So that’s very nice. And Akron is doing a good job of, of sharing the information about the venue. With the folks that are making their inquiries. We are getting a few new bookings. And not a lot, I have more information about our blackout dates. So we get to that part of the grant update, we had our construction meeting yesterday. So there may not be a whole lot of new bookings for this year, just to keep things open. And we’ll be opening those blackout dates as construction

Unknown Speaker 6:49

Speaker 3 6:51
So right now, unless it’s fitting in between two existing weddings, it’s we don’t really have a lot of space for

Speaker 4 7:00
things. Just a question about under inquiries, the number of guests that that’s inquiries about

Speaker 3 7:09
that. Yes, no, that is a I can highlight that differently. That’d probably be helpful. It’s a different category.

Speaker 4 7:16
Okay. So it’s like, one of the headings like, yes, yes. Okay.

Speaker 3 7:25
And I don’t have those numbers. Oh, I’m, because to me, it should be higher. Because to me a recreation, we count the number of people who walk in the door, right. And if you come in the morning, and you leave and have lunch, and you come back in for another event in the afternoon, you are another human, right, because it’s a separate, distinct visit in transit. And to me based on the number of clubs, and based on the number of people in those clubs. I don’t know how she got 50. But maybe that was up to that point in time she was completing it. And I don’t have that timestamp. So, you know, I’m, I think that’s an area for standardization as it moves forward. So that we’re pulling the same data from each time. So anyway, that was one of those. As for me, I’m not quite sure. And we haven’t had a catered event yet. So this year, so that was easy. And I think right now, at the end of March, we have 21

Speaker 3 8:34
revenue bookings for 2023. That’s what that he had four new revenue bookings. In total for years now. They’re 21. So at the end of March, that’s what that that means to me in my brain, it makes sense. Just have a different groups that come in. And you had our first wedding, which was, which was very cool.

Unknown Speaker 9:02
Did you get to participate?

Speaker 3 9:04
I did not. But it was a it was a learning experience. And I think the conversation was you have a caterer yes, we’re going to use the whole thing that everyone had a staff member here comp and staff member here. And then in the middle of the reception DoorDash showed up with all of the water, and that was it. And they’re like, oh, boy, that’s a thing. So we like to keep the deposit and things like at the end of the day,

Unknown Speaker 9:42
beautiful. Happy, right.

Speaker 3 9:44
Everybody’s really fine details. It could give somebody a little bit of a nervous tic

Speaker 4 9:53
so they were going to secure somebody from Chipotle to serve

Speaker 5 9:59
them. Think so? Have you ever worked with all work out?

Unknown Speaker 10:14
Anyway, they were they were distressed about

Speaker 4 10:16
not having your deposit back. Yeah, as long as they were as mellow at the end as they were.

Speaker 3 10:27
So, anyway, talking a little bit, I learned a little bit. And we’re able to have, I think, more explicit conversations with folks. Just to avoid that piece. We just have an Easter egg hunt. That was super fun on August or April. They’ve wanted to enjoy as a family of like six families together, and they wanted a more contained space because one of their homes where they normally had it was under Major stuff. So they wanted it here and they wanted a bathroom which meant they went to the auto Pam’s in Betsy work, he says absolutely delightful. Oh, they had a great time. And it’s so much fun. They told Betsy anecdotally that they would like they can make it their new, you know. Apparently nobody else was here, enjoying the garden stuff morning for an acre.

Speaker 6 11:32
So it was really awesome. When there is a revenue event about type event, the gardens are involved. So we actually show those to the public. It’s always just they’re open. If somebody wants to come for this

Speaker 3 11:47
particular event, it was explicit that it was it’s it’s still very old. But that makes sense. Yeah, because we’re like a wedding day for our wedding.

Speaker 6 11:55
Weddings or wedding. The only one that kind of shut down the gardens to the public, for the most part is they pay for that extra is peace. Thank you exclusive.

Speaker 3 12:08
Yes, we’ve got a 70th birthday party coming up, which sounds like a lot of fun. And then it keeps you there at the end.

Unknown Speaker 12:20
So that would be a nice

Unknown Speaker 12:25
day. You have no bats.

Unknown Speaker 12:31
Bees and no bats is a good thing.

Speaker 3 12:35
And then the phone line was moved from an analog phone line into digital phone line. It saves the city about $600 a year that’s bad for that and that was finding the room I didn’t know existed because they were forwarding all the calls to that city phone and it wasn’t working well. So for Taipei’s for days, people would call the phone number and they would get the direct to voicemail. And I didn’t know that that was the timing of that process because this was part of a much larger multi year project with them and they just got to us and they did it and they told me about it and I’m like okay, and so when it came over trying to find the try to find the phone, I found it on the desk, make it like not attached to anything. Just the phone so that’s why I joined this morning.

Speaker 2 13:34
So men are like to not appear here

Speaker 3 13:47
anyway so that the phone was a fun five and we got that figured out. And because we now went from analog to digital phone line, I will be ordering a new cordless phone with two bases. We count on how soon they’ll have their tracks at the desk phone, you know and then they’ll have their brand new phone again. And I think that came into a round of really good new to us, which saves about $500 on a chromosome. So that was two days it’s been about $600 for a new cordless phone, but it will work out for the city Wi Fi or talk with the the new digital system that we have for

Speaker 2 14:39
you to asking us to ask somewhere else in the city so we know that it functions well with this one, right?

Speaker 3 14:45
Yes, it’s working well. Yeah. After the the few days of not realizing a sporting phone that was on his desk not attached to anything right. Once it rang and it has two nines on it. So we have the Callahan hotspot, how slide is the main line that in both lines, and then the second line is in in holding for the new?

Speaker 1 15:18
Airport. Question about the ROI, never mind. The next order of business is old business. The status of the grant

Speaker 3 15:36
we met yesterday with the Empire is our official contractor. And we met with Kevin, who is the main person

Unknown Speaker 15:48
working on this project,

Speaker 3 15:50
and met with Carrie and Ozzy from the city. And Mclean from the state historical foundation, Mr is really very involved in the whole process. And the cleave insights out two hours here, working on my tan pods. But we got our got the timelines in, we decided that they’re going to start on the concrete first, that’s going to be the first project which was different than you were thinking. So all of this is a little bit different than we thought. And so by early next week, they’ll have sample cores of like two foot by two foot concrete.

Unknown Speaker 16:45
Sample boards, yeah, of course,

Speaker 3 16:46
yeah. And they’re going to, not me, but they’re gonna lug them around to different spots, to compare the aggregate finishes and see how the matches. And they’re also going to do a historical analysis to see what the percentage of the aggregates are, like, if it’s, this is my understanding. So it’s like it’s 20%, X creative, raw 15% x greater raw, and they’re gonna compare that to what the contractors stab is, and then look at historical status and make a determination from there. For you, yeah, and they are also going to do a payment. So that sounds really good there, I didn’t realize how complicated replacing parts of concrete is. Historic, is complicated. So they were talking through the different ways to make the grooves which he wasn’t worried about that, but that very nice center group, you know, they were talking about that piece, and then how to do the side channels in a way that’s very structurally sound. So it sounds like they are very aware of all the different components. And that sounds really cool. Anyway, so that we’ll have some progress next week. They’re going they’re using Abraxis glass to do the library, the curb the curb window, wherever that is, what’s Abraxis either in Fort Collins Abraxis art clubs, they’re going to do a repair in place. So they’re going to kind of look at this more in May to see if they can do the whole repair in May in place. And if they can do the whole repair in place, if they’ve got the time in May, they’re going to do the repair in May, if they need to rethink that schedule. Their next window is July, you know, and then if they need to read, rethink that schedule, which they weren’t anticipating maybe need for the window. But for any reason, the next window is going to be in October. So they’ve got three distinct timeframes to work on this window crap. It’s a

Unknown Speaker 19:11
restart restart.

Speaker 2 19:13
Class is very heavy in over 100 years. Oh, it’s just it’s it’s way down and it is collapsing the frame or showing up in the media like and so the process was to go in and restore it not replace, replacing No. Okay. And so they do that well, from what what kind of stained glass explained to me in the process, okay, that is that they would either determine if they could do the restoration in place where they’d have to remove the entire encasement. And then, but it would be here on site, it would be would be getting out of the window, window.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
I just heard

Speaker 2 20:02
that he could properly restore it, and then replace it without transporting it. And their concern was that they had to determine if it was going to be in place or take it out. And that I hope, I don’t know anything about Praxis people columns, I know a lot about walking stained glass, because they’ve been doing that for generations. So I don’t know what their plan is, but I guess it’s on this end, McLean,

Unknown Speaker 20:37
she’s very visible proving very,

Speaker 2 20:41
gives me more confidence. Because the last window that was actually replaced, because it was for that purpose, because of the heaviness of the glass, the material was removed, and new material was put in, so it compromised the integrity of that. So it was class consisted of just Oh, my. So the problem is, I just want to make sure that we are historically

Speaker 3 21:12
restoring hands, very adamant that she’s involved in every step of the way fanzine sketches to the product products being used to all the different things, so she’s very, very, very hands on. And I was, I was just going to

Speaker 7 21:29
mix that your wording is clarified that it’s it’s a restoration. Yes.

Speaker 3 21:45
They took measurements, Empire took measurements of the windows in the sleeping porches, they are going to make some windows in their shop, so that they can, the idea was to seamlessly, you know, not leave gaps, you know, so you take it out, do the restoration on that piece, swap it in with a

Unknown Speaker 22:12

Speaker 3 22:13
yes. Right. So they’re, they’re working on that piece. And some of them have, because of their exposure, because of whether there’s a lot of some that needs to be done for the

Speaker 5 22:24
woods. So that’s both, that’s an asleeping purchase.

Speaker 3 22:29
Yes. So they’re, they’re starting on the windows in the rescue, the restoration of the different things are underway. They are the July timeframe at the moment. When they’re kind of looking at the paint, it’s gonna be for that July timeframe. And they’re working to make sure they get the wood whatever they need to do to the wood prepared or wherever they find the different things. They want to have that ready to go for the next piece. And then yes, the

Speaker 5 23:10
same company that’s doing those metals, or somewhere else.

Speaker 3 23:15
Empire is a, my understanding, they have a lot of speciality with wood, in historical context, and, and was very comfortable with Kevin and Kevin was very comfortable, again, regarding the historical restoration of the woods getting ready to record. And so that was very cool to see their interactions with each other. And a great familiarity that Kevin had with State Historical Fund grant process. So next, he actually voiced some things that actually needed to happen, and it did. So again, grand scheme of things, it all worked out exactly what you’re supposed to do, and I’m glad that he did. So everything was there. It almost sounds like everything will be done by September 1. Almost. Obviously, you gotta Yeah. So, just really excited that it’s moving forward in that way. We are also electing to have them do but Bill separately, the repainting and Zeebo as the shed. So when they when they do the house, they’ll also do those two areas as well. But those two projects will not be paid for other stuff. It’s different project and Callahan has the funds to do that release. We are adding in another piece on the governor’s as they were going through there were some veterans that needed repair so you guys will Want to get that information shared with everybody involved? And see how that fits in?

Unknown Speaker 25:12
Is the gutter of work going to be included in the grant?

Speaker 3 25:16
I think the project is under budget. Right from the grant award. So there

Unknown Speaker 25:24
is plenty of buffer.

Speaker 3 25:28
Right. So there is I don’t know. But, but

Speaker 5 25:33
sorry to throw a loop. No, but but gutters are required anyway.

Speaker 3 25:36
So whether the money comes from one place or another? Yeah, my opinion, is it’s just

Speaker 5 25:44
a side question. You get getting a new roof and gutters, so to speak. And so it houses insurance. Right. So if a new roofer needed or gutters or whatever, I don’t believe insurance others,

Speaker 3 25:59
I don’t think these are the gutters that the new roof people put in? These are?

Unknown Speaker 26:07
Just curious, you know,

Unknown Speaker 26:08
I don’t think these are covered under the insurance.

Speaker 5 26:12
If we were to get hail damage, there would be it would cover? Yeah, just learning new things about insurance and Russia and Qatar.

Speaker 7 26:22
That’s a really good point, though. consideration. You know, we’re always so thinking about the historical aspect. Taking consideration, the insurance aspect? Yes. Certainly,

Unknown Speaker 26:40
for insurance.

Unknown Speaker 26:45
I understand that. But I haven’t even thought

Speaker 2 26:47
about it. Chance the gutters are part of what’s necessary to properly restore things. And if that’s acceptable. And History Colorado, then if that can be included in the grant funding, Daisy, that is best. But do they need anything further, like written recommendation from the board or from the city or request for funds beyond what was requested in the grant? In other words, do we need to write anything to request that that be included?

Speaker 3 27:25
I do not believe so. And was present. During that conversation, we were talking about the, the gutters and of it. This sounded like a nod to unexpected situation that they find when they get into a project. And so and Kevin had a very easy conversation back and forth about that piece about working to find a local contractor, you know, versus his guy that is somewhere else. So it sounded like it was very much an easy process, as long as an ad emphasizes many times she’s involved from the beginning, which she is she gets to see the

Unknown Speaker 28:07
drives where they’re planning on doing

Unknown Speaker 28:09
the material being used.

Unknown Speaker 28:13
That’s, that’s wonderful. That lays on Yeah, great.

Unknown Speaker 28:18
before any work begins,

Unknown Speaker 28:19
she has to get the approval. Yes,

Speaker 2 28:21
that’s good. for capturing the change, can we begin to take some photos have some photos made of before, during and after? That’s all part of what we promised we would

Speaker 3 28:36
provide for photos have been taken, corrected if they’re scanned and handed in to and so those are done on historic photos have been submitted to the to being on. And they’re, I mean, we haven’t started yet. So the in progress photos are non existent.

Speaker 2 28:56
I just want to make sure that there’s a plan for who’s going to do that so that we don’t miss that step.

Speaker 3 29:01
I am very confident that we will not so because that’s one of the pieces and like I said that whole interaction between covenant and was very reassuring. And he was very aware of the decline days, especially for the reporting back. The financial reporting, carry and Ozzy said that, you know, Kevin from Empire was saying that he was running into some problems trying to translate the city thing was a great thing. And Ozzy and Kerry said do the grant thing the city will adjust to so it really is. A lot of people working to make sure that everything goes smoothly, and everything has to be approved in advance by and before anything can be done. So there’s no need

Speaker 1 29:51
to worry about, right? Yeah, yeah, we battery, let the process do what it’s supposed to do. That sounds great.

Speaker 2 29:58
Thank you. Yeah. So it’s Some point can we talk about when it would be appropriate to do some sort of news story update that can be provided to times call, so that the public can be aware of that? That yes, they, they were made aware that we received the grant. But now, work has began going to begin. So to have an update for the public, knowing that the work is commencing and anticipating that will conclude, hopefully, before the close of this year, that kind of thing, and with some, just some updates, and maybe some neat little pictures,

Speaker 7 30:39
wouldn’t that be best to start inputting it while it’s in processing? So it’s just

Speaker 2 30:45
yeah, once we see that, so the question is, when would we want to do that? I just don’t want the I don’t want us to get to September and go, Oh, yeah, we should, we should have informed the public that, by the way, that grant that was awarded, work is being done. And that is why you might see, you know, blocked off access to the gardens, because they’re working on concrete, they’re working on that driveway. So you may not have access to walk in the gardens. But, you know, rest assured, it’s been completed quickly.

Speaker 4 31:19
Is that project solely grant funded? Or was it also the result of community engagement sitting at

Speaker 2 31:28
25% 60,000 in the city?

Unknown Speaker 31:34
The community wants to know

Speaker 4 31:36
what’s going on? Right. And then I understand but I thought if there they had made contributions, it would be something to acknowledge as well when in the story,

Speaker 2 31:46
and NDSM it because the Callaghan has fun and fun to use. Include donations, and there are donations. Yes, count toward this work, essentially. Okay. I think that, yes, that’s great. Overall, could be. It’s also I think it’s appropriate because it’s sharing with community for two parts, it tells them what’s happening. And it also lets them know why they won’t be able to get access to the gardens or something.

Speaker 3 32:17
So when we do want to when do you envision that coming out? Or

Speaker 2 32:21
I would imagine, whenever they are going to begin to do the work whenever they’re going to start do work on the driveway?

Unknown Speaker 32:30
I don’t know that yet. Is going to be cheaper by cubic square foot right there for that. I don’t know if you want to.

Speaker 2 32:47
I mean, when they communicate to you and say, Okay, we’re going to, we’re going to sample thing. Okay. That’s not probably the time, but when they’re back from doing the sample thing and checking, you know, the composite of it all and then say, All right, we’re ready to go with, you know, the restoration, we’re ready to begin this process of restoration driveway, that would be a good time, because I would imagine they will want to block off public assets.

Speaker 8 33:16
You want people to not come to utilize that Garden Supply.

Speaker 7 33:22
That’s why so so from what you’re discussing, maybe May June,

Speaker 2 33:27
ish, yeah. Whenever contractors to end that. Yeah. So we have to go really have to go off of their timeline whenever they’re going to begin that work.

Unknown Speaker 33:40
That said, so if you’re saying that the project would be completed by September,

Unknown Speaker 33:51
there, yeah, there

Unknown Speaker 33:52

Unknown Speaker 33:54
been a two hour conversation. Yeah. So

Speaker 7 33:56
that being said, Me, we as a board should be looking for the artwork event in the fall to stay. Here we are without a finished project.

Speaker 2 34:11
If we haven’t, yeah, that might be a nice.

Speaker 7 34:19
It’s a target point. If we push it back, so be it. But at least we have a plan. And in fact, we can at least discussed it. Have you discussed to say okay, maybe that’s something that we then

Speaker 2 34:32
just maybe in June, we can talk about if if we’re kind of on target for that.

Unknown Speaker 34:36
I’m just putting

Speaker 7 34:37
it out there. Yeah, in the sense of, I know, the reality is, you have to be flexible. Nothing. Trust me. I’ve done enough additions and different things. I know things can go wrong. So but the bottom line is, if we just discuss it, and have a squishy type of idea in place if you just move it, so be it. But, but it’s something to think about because we are going to be looking at opening for our block anyway. That might be a good.

Unknown Speaker 35:13
That’s something we can discuss as we get closer.

Speaker 2 35:15
I think I think we don’t need a month or two. For too long. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:23
For a future agenda item,

Unknown Speaker 35:25

Unknown Speaker 35:26
do want to discuss that at the main one. I think we’ll have some

Unknown Speaker 35:29
pretty great. It will have.

Unknown Speaker 35:33
I mean, they might be they might be done. Sure. worse comes to worse the table I’ve told you. Yeah. So this is the news release?

Speaker 2 35:47
Well, actually, that’s the discussion about I think what you’re talking about unveiling, unveiling, restoration. But I think that’s a separate topic than the, you know, in process article for The Times called to that’s a different one. And I’m sorry, the latter comes first, because the work that’s going to be done, the public is going to go out and have to hold public office rounds for that time, so a contractor to properly get so that article might be a main topic just because maybe you’ll have more of a timeline.

Unknown Speaker 36:30
But you

Speaker 1 36:34
let’s move on then to Item b, the Callaghan health advisory board and then we’re in the city council. We got that all finished.

Speaker 1 36:45
Thanks, Elena. We got a bunch of members plugged in and it’s it’s complete do everything

Speaker 3 36:54
to it. If you if I have two paper copies because a lot of good paper copies are being handed around the last the last writing I can print out those

Unknown Speaker 37:17
the one that

Speaker 1 37:22
I read it in the packet. Yeah. Yeah. It’s it doesn’t have question mark city, bro. Yeah. So are there any comments or corrections or additions or deletions?

Speaker 7 37:40
I just want to thank it was

Unknown Speaker 37:49
can I have a motion for acceptance of

Speaker 2 37:52
the annual report except this annual report as an elation to

Speaker 1 37:59
all of the theater my post okay, it’s except now how is this ended up getting super sick. That’s got something

Speaker 3 38:07
to do with the city clerk and it is already in marine it’s already as an information item. Okay, it’s officially as an information item as earlier. I don’t know why they would take an information item off because it’s really for reference and not necessarily discussed within the meeting itself. It’s just in their packet. The final steps for this to be the April

Speaker 3 38:39
25. Council meeting is to get Marines already got bands and

Speaker 3 38:53
I’ll swap out that page. And then I’ll upload it in the system that will be approved by the people who approve them for me that will get them into the packet. Great.

Speaker 7 39:08
Thank you took the signature out. Great.

Speaker 5 39:16
A skin idea that they go through and look over correct it’s not a formal presentation Correct.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
Okay, it’s okay to be present.

Speaker 3 39:28
You’re welcome to have my kids always invited

Speaker 1 39:31
to Liebert always. Okay, let’s move on to Item see April 26. Open House. Really engage potential was

Speaker 3 39:45
written on there. Betsy and Jacqueline will be here. So definitely be here. We’ve got the new donation box.

Speaker 1 39:53
Great. So it’s a matter of assigning rooms to each of us to just center it So let’s, let’s use suggest adding a new

Speaker 2 40:06
another new members like to host this in, I think it’s you in that way you didn’t

Unknown Speaker 40:13
introduce can reiterate, Tom.

Unknown Speaker 40:17
Yes, it’s just another inch

Speaker 4 40:20
that whatever room we ended up in, should we be? Would we be talking about details about that room and sort of the specialist.

Speaker 2 40:35
And you can have your business to share with you. So you can speak to everything, every detail about that room because it’s right. And the thing about this is, it’s a group effort. Yeah. If there’s something that somebody asks, and you don’t know the answer, you can ask someone else or you can quickly write it down and say, No, I’m going to check into that. And then bring the questions back to the next time so that we can update more

Speaker 7 41:06
in the past, where it’s been helpful, because people look at stuff and

Speaker 2 41:10
we’re like, Oh, we didn’t have that in that area where we do. So. Yeah, we added it in.

Speaker 1 41:17
But the majority people don’t come up to you and ask you a lot of questions. They ask all these things. Yeah. How old is this house?

Speaker 2 41:24
Yeah. So I can’t Don’t stress. You’re you’ve been a docent for years and years and years with here and the cover home. And so just being able to be familiar, be familiar with, you know, point things out. Points specific,

Speaker 5 41:42
right? Because a lot of people don’t ask questions. I mean, there are a lot. I’m just

Speaker 4 41:47
kind of, yeah. Well, and if they do bring up a question relating to the house in general, that’s in our tag.

Unknown Speaker 41:55
Right. Yeah. Thanks, Karen.

Speaker 7 42:00
Because, again, not everybody’s going to ask you a question. So if you can say walk into the house and find out then they open up? Yeah, it’s interesting to see how they operate. But at first look, husband,

Unknown Speaker 42:16
just taking it all they don’t know what to

Unknown Speaker 42:21
do in the room. Now. The

Speaker 7 42:23
fruit or the different paintings and the ceilings and the kind of the chandelier and things like that work, the woodwork and how it was unfinished? That kind

Speaker 2 42:34
of stuff. And there’s things that are that are on there. Really blip?

Unknown Speaker 42:42
Yeah, I want to point out that so rolling out the dice, guys,

Speaker 2 42:44
which rooms are you looking at in July? Yeah. Yes, I think so. They haven’t been through the whole house yet. So I think that would be a good idea. So after the meeting, when I go around quickly and around and do a quick walk through and choose your

Speaker 7 43:06
room, and debris every time

Unknown Speaker 43:11
I lost,

Speaker 2 43:12
it’s 430 to 630. Yes. So she said that means that we probably should be here about I wouldn’t want to say four because that’s a bit too. Routine has to come in as long as you really hear for food too, right? I mean, if you’re the kind is like okay, I’ll be there at four and then you’re there a corporate team, then you do need to be here at four right? Are there for either for 15 that’s the time you just come in picture person check or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 43:46
And how we can help you

Unknown Speaker 43:50
get that bit of information.

Speaker 2 43:56
I gave it to you. And you have an electronic hand do you want to put another print out? No, no, no. Did what’s the essence tour? Oh,

Speaker 7 44:10
you finished? We’re in close history. Coffee that we put in I don’t

Speaker 5 44:14
know. I can put the coffee in the room somewhere that would be good. In a drawer or whatever. As always, we can

Unknown Speaker 44:28
put with our name tags in the door there even more

Unknown Speaker 44:32
the accessibility to get a room I love that.

Speaker 2 44:38
Racing cheat sheet which how many? How many should we have mean? How many how many adults for each rooms or? Yeah, well, for the house. I mean, do we want just one for every room? Because

Speaker 5 44:50
I think that’s a good idea. I think it’s brilliant and you’ve done it enough. You love it and we know from the gate. What do you guys

Unknown Speaker 44:59
have doesn’t why reinvent

Speaker 5 45:00
the wheel? It makes perfect sense to me because I know from

Speaker 7 45:04
just speaking from my experience, I think I’m really organized until I get here and I know my cat my coffee stand, right? It didn’t make the car so therefore,

Unknown Speaker 45:15
we’ve got your first one at the carwash.

Unknown Speaker 45:23
We’re not gonna put one in the hallway? No, we’re not gonna put one in

Speaker 2 45:37
dining room? That’s fine. So far, it would be

Unknown Speaker 45:46
perfectly alright, to have that coffee. I always bring all this stuff.

Unknown Speaker 45:55
First of all, I get things modeled. So

Unknown Speaker 45:58
would you mind making 10 copies, please.

Unknown Speaker 46:03
And that’s the dose. Yes, it is. And our pages are those.

Unknown Speaker 46:07
These are agents

Speaker 2 46:10
see HIV report. It begins with page 11. and ends with page 18. If you wouldn’t mind 10 copies towards the end, put one in each of the significant.

Speaker 5 46:30
We used to hear those two people coming through. So

Speaker 2 46:36
it actually it’s been replaced by with that shirt, one single, there are two fittings. It’s the angle, one page. And it’s a legal size. And it’s the Callahan house self guided tour. Now, this has all of the information about the Callahans and the history of the house, on the front side of it. And then on the backside of it, it has the floor plan. And the names and what was originally household was additional, it talks a little bit about the auto house and the gardens. And then just about the historic restoration maintenance. That’s one page that every guest gets, they also get another page single page to legal size. Callahan, house wide historic restoration and preservation is important. And this talks about all of the historic restoration preservation that’s been done on the property, and also specifically lists out how we’ve worked with History Colorado, on previous grants through the years and what that entailed. And so all of that detail is there. I gave these to you last week, so electronically in the packet Suellen provided to everybody. So if you wanted to familiarize yourself again with those, then yeah, that would be a good idea to read through them. So you know, what guests actually have in their hands. And what they do know about the docents guide is not given out to them too much. It’s just too much information. We had too many people who were not interested in keeping it. And we’re just just when you’d hand them a packet like that they were overwhelmed.

Speaker 5 48:28
Realistically, with those two pieces of paper don’t have read it. And the time they get to you says correct, right is some of that information, and our dosage reports related to the room we’re in.

Speaker 2 48:43
Not particularly because the the room details are in the dosing report. The other one general details. So we should include 10 copies, each of the self guided tour and the historic restoration preservation that would be appropriate to keep along with you, guys. So if we can do 10 to

Speaker 5 49:05
one of the things that I want to bring up, I know we have we have this and we do have our planet and doing some paper copies to hand out to people.

Speaker 7 49:14
So isn’t this one of the reasons why we want to QR code for other generations that don’t want to kill a tree and they just want to pick it up on their phone? Isn’t this something that we can have on the QR code that they can access? And you can point and say people are blind and not want to pay for copy? Here’s a QR code right there. And it is the purpose

Speaker 2 49:41
of the QR code that I don’t know if the content has been linked to the QR code. It has to come content if it can be linked to the QR code. That’s exactly what like the QR code does two things it provides the history and information about the house but It also provides the opportunity to donate should feel moved to do. So is a real hassle. So I don’t know. I’m so sorry. I can

Speaker 3 50:19
easily. So I’ll just see what the QR code is sending us because all about that it’s, it’s in the document, sending it in the air to be done. So

Speaker 2 50:33
this is just outside the house on the porch, on the west here, and then over on the south, west over here. And so the QR codes there and available for anyone to scan, and they’re coming in the house, or even just walking around the garden or something. Ah, but that’s where we probably need to have the those two legal sides, single page, documents and stuff guided tour and the historic restoration Preservation Commission those two links to that

Speaker 3 51:09
they can I can have page jumps on that page to a different vocational care navigation. The information that’s contained in here won’t be a PDF, it will be on the web page itself. Because that way, if Cambridge is not their language, they can choose the language of their choice to do Google Translate to translate it. If they have a vision issue and make it larger, it will still fit on their phone. If it’s a PDF. I know you’ve probably experienced. I’ve experienced make it wide and you have to. Yeah, so for excessive accessibility. It won’t be the document, but it’ll be the content areas. And I can’t kind of get hairdresser. I can’t put everything on the first landing page. Because what, no

Speaker 5 52:09
more access to that throughout the house rather than just those two locations that every room have that that suddenly they’re upstairs, they go, Oh, maybe I should have that, then they have access to

Speaker 2 52:22
even higher points, whatever has given them at the door when they enter the two pages. And they automatically have access to that code because it’s on each of those two documents. So they’re somewhere saying front door having said yes, I agree. And we count because that’s where we take the count to the counter and know how many. But on Okay, so for example, on page of the CH AP report, page seven, and eight are the Callahan house self guided tour, and so on to this on the second on the backside of it. QR code. As we’re as we’re allowing people come in the house and we are taking, taking the count, we’re handing them we’re saying you’re welcome to count. For comparison pair of a pair of two pieces of documentation you might want to take a look at to read through if you haven’t or these are for you to have and carry along with you and read at your leisure. And if they if they refuse it, then we can say, okay, that’s no problem. If you would like an electronic copy, you can scan the QR code. And so we can have this also in front entrance. I mean, it’s outside the door. But we can also have one of these inside the door too. So you might understand this and you shadow electronic version. But most people take the paper. And so when they have that on both that self guided tour and this historic restoration and preservation, why it’s important on the backside of it is again,

Unknown Speaker 54:07
I think it’s so

Speaker 7 54:08
generational. I think it is people certain people don’t want to deal with it. Other people are really happy just to do the q&a. So long as we have it inside and so unless it’s just those couple so we can count that. That was really my idea in the first place so we can cut down on printing the door

Speaker 6 54:29
Are you do you have time to say that to everybody? Here’s the packet and

Speaker 2 54:35
it’s very brief. It’s not a long greeting and welcome in person information but the house pretty much read it or if you want to copy the code and

Unknown Speaker 54:47
get like 100 ad was right last time.

Speaker 2 54:50
We’re going to build that now it has the numbers.

Unknown Speaker 54:54
Copy to the legal stuff. Do you want you want 100?

Unknown Speaker 54:58
I think we did. They’re not gonna go bad. Make

Unknown Speaker 55:01
the information?

Speaker 2 55:03
Ah, yes, because they are their legal sites single page for each document, I need to give you the numbers, page numbers.

Unknown Speaker 55:13
Walk around the house.

Speaker 2 55:15
And that’s what I noticed. And here’s the difference between what we used to do and giving them this massive packet and what I now do giving them two pages is previously a lot of people would be returning now, they’re keeping their two pages, their legal size, that really, you know, great information. And they’re seeing that as Yeah, I’ll hang on to this. Yeah. So that we had less returns, in the last couple of times that we have used this, that we had previously was the big packet. So

Speaker 1 55:53
okay. Source of sharing education. Community. Is that enough discussion about open houses? Everybody? Good. So we’ll be here for 15? Or for if you’re casual in all take?

Speaker 2 56:09
I was gonna ask you, but after the meeting, let them pay. And then should we go ahead and send an email out through to show sure and say, okay, they’ve chosen this everyone else, you know?

Unknown Speaker 56:24
And how should we dress?

Speaker 2 56:26
I’m just comfortable comfortable that not jeans? You know, screen? Oh. Yeah. But generally, just, you know, yeah, just casual but nice.

Speaker 5 56:48
Um, something probably warm. It gives pretty cool in this house. That’s Jeff, that happens

Unknown Speaker 56:54
later, like

Speaker 3 57:01
visual standpoint on the spreadsheet? Absolutely. Yes. The packet made that legal size into an eight by 10. Yeah, for revision purposes, for your use only your use only in with a folder with the stuff. Is that okay, for that size? Or does that create a visual thing where you’d rather have it in the legal with a full, you know, for the purposes of the

Speaker 2 57:32
giving to the city council? Is that whichever it is, for your,

Speaker 3 57:36
for your event? Like I My eyes are set, and I wouldn’t be able to read this without my glasses on. But I could read the other stuff without the glasses. So my preference would be go ahead and make it legal. I’d rather see that the larger size, but I asked a

Speaker 2 57:51
little easier to read. Yeah, it was a reason for putting it aside. So we can read it. No, yes, please. legal size 200. Because they’re not gonna go back. We can use them was updated. So this is one. This is brand new. Awesome. Okay, do we need to plan to stay about 15 minutes after the event to help clean up like we have previously? Or do you? Just want to

Speaker 3 58:26
say that event Thursday is 830 custodian. Okay. Great. So as long as you don’t need to do a whole lot because the custodian will be here the next morning, correct? Yes.

Speaker 1 58:41
Okay, moving on to old business item D curbing project update

Speaker 3 58:45
all right Kirby project update. The city for the integrity of the road needs to replace the curbing on the Terry side. However, we’ve been

Unknown Speaker 58:58
very on the Terry side, not

Speaker 3 59:01
the Third Avenue to Third Avenue sorry, Third Avenue site. And they are doing an amazing job of they’re going to use the same mold, they’re going to recreate the mold, they’re going to recreate the detailing. So that it will look the same. And then also our hope and goal is that when they redo this side to side they would use demote that so that right so we will replace both places eventually. This one This one is scheduled, right right right away this year. And they have done this one at some time in the past. So yeah, they will

Speaker 5 59:54
do the next piece so it wasn’t truly the story goal.

Unknown Speaker 59:58
It is that is historic that? You know, I don’t know so much because it’s very placed

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
that Kevin has Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
Yeah. So it’s probably guessing this

Speaker 2 1:00:15
is a question. Can you? I mean, if that’s really what the city’s decided that choice in that, can we? Can we ask that camera cleave, be informed about that, so that she’s aware that that’s what’s happening with the end of the driveway? Two reasons, one, so that it’s acceptable to history. But to so that you can work with Kevin, perhaps maybe he can use that actual material. I don’t know when this replacement is scheduled to occur, but maybe he can actually use that material because it is in the best condition. He’s trying to match material. Okay, that would be the material to match

Speaker 3 1:01:02
it, depending on the time of the project. I can see yes, I’ll definitely.

Speaker 2 1:01:08
It’s really important that we keep an eye quickly on that. And then also, if it can work, then they can use the best sample that we have for them, too.

Speaker 3 1:01:21
I think that makes a lot of sense to use the concrete as a sample opportunity. I think that’s a good, that’s a good point there. So yeah, definitely bring that up for that. purchase, purchase really, really pleased on the point of the city, being willing to do that extra work to make it to aesthetically, visually make

Speaker 8 1:01:48
it look yes. Because that’s great. The degree to that extra effort sets

Speaker 3 1:01:52
to the man of the drage for the road that impacts the things and we don’t want the trainee to be bad around here. No, that’s not gonna be helpful.

Speaker 4 1:02:03
Question about and I’m not sure who she

Speaker 3 1:02:08
is. She’s at the State Historical. Okay, so she’s the rep who ensures the proper dispensing of historic. Okay, great.

Speaker 5 1:02:20
So I’m going to ask a question. I’m not sure the new board members

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25
have received a copy of the grant. I don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:02:36
think you’ve finalized yet.

Speaker 2 1:02:43
This is so but that was back when you were

Speaker 4 1:02:48
opening for but I don’t have the document. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
So that was there was a tab. There’s a tab? Yeah. Yeah. What do you

Speaker 4 1:03:02
grants fundraising house projects? There’s nothing. Oh, wait, I’m sorry. Maybe it’s in front. I always. It’s not the documents not mess.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13
I see documents, so you would know

Speaker 2 1:03:20
a copy of a copy of the grant printed and provided to all programmers. So

Unknown Speaker 1:03:31
that way copy of the grant

Speaker 2 1:03:33
application I’m sorry, it was submitted on this first to do that, when he was 21 Yes. So August 1 121. So to end an email Kathy and all the board members and then also to Karen from me and

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
but that’s it’s got but it

Unknown Speaker 1:04:18
thinks it happens and then I’d be like, one way you guys

Speaker 2 1:04:26
can see it and it has enhanced written content and images, pictures of the projects and yes, really, really? Pretty. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
are we ready to move on to new business?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:44
Yes. Great. The new agenda, swiveling your back with

Speaker 3 1:04:49
that one? Okay. So he, your board packet. There’s an example of an agenda that’s used. A format that’s usually a bit more comprehensive throughout the different four advisory boards of the city, started with a group called the approval of agenda minutes. And then they have a spot for public invited to be heard, which gives people an opportunity to see where they’d be incorporated within the meeting, you know, like some people like to come in and so on, and they do have that experience and other board meetings, bringing people who do show up know that they are invited, say their piece and forward in the old business, new business. Hey, that, so. So I was just offering that just to bring it into alignment with other meeting formats that folks are using for your consideration. So it’s,

Speaker 7 1:05:49
it’s basically just streamline across the city also to have consistency.

Speaker 3 1:05:54
Yes, yep. And then part of that is also on page nine, the signature piece is a different page. And this is what I envisioned based on the conversation we had earlier that this piece would have the mission statement always on it and would have that YouTube link right on it. But what this allows is that we can get the signatures of the folks at the meeting and if there are those type of corrections it can be done like that

Unknown Speaker 1:06:26
it can be done afterwards

Unknown Speaker 1:06:27
and it’s just put together and submitted in that way

Speaker 5 1:06:33
so when I tried minutes to I do this page you would not anymore

Speaker 2 1:06:39
okay so she just wouldn’t type signature page she she wouldn’t type signature blocks

Unknown Speaker 1:06:44
she would do the same shoebox mission she went into mission you and you would do the YouTube like consistently on this page is good

Speaker 6 1:06:56
house managers report included in it from staff? That’s

Speaker 2 1:06:59
an excellent question. I was just going to ask you about content to share Sure

Speaker 5 1:07:15
so my only issue in looking at this as I was brought up and outlined that you had to have two things underneath your under approval previous months. minutes, you have an A but you don’t have a B right. So

Unknown Speaker 1:07:37
just just make it a bullet point. Bullet point. Yeah. Okay, that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:07:43
it come up with be

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
really it’s a beautiful day and then future agenda items. After new business,

Speaker 2 1:08:00
I would hope that we could include future agenda items after new business even though it’s not on this. Yeah. Does that sound like it’s that’s acceptable? I mean, I know this is a one through 10 agenda. Can we have 11? In other words, because we we don’t need nine we don’t you write items from bored well wait a minute now you

Unknown Speaker 1:08:22
have a lot of stuff. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:26
Okay, it’s just looking at me it’s been

Speaker 2 1:08:35
it’s been in that other business. So that is what other businesses I assume a board right.

Speaker 5 1:08:41
So if we do items from the board can be forever so slash future agenda,

Speaker 2 1:08:49
I think actual future agenda items does need to be its own separate category and here’s why. It’s something that is going to carry from one month to the next until things get moved up into new this new business you need to be discussing this this month, kind of status, but it makes it so that it’s still on our radar and it’s we’re not going to put it on the back burner and have false so I think if we had it and it was from the board, it might feel a little unknown. So I think it’s a good thing to separate them out because you wouldn’t know when you’re when you’re when you’re dealing with and you know, you’ve got future items that you’re going to be dealing with you’re not gonna be discussing okay that they’re you know it but with respect to items from the word the you know, the brought up just kind of, Oh, I thought that or just was made aware of this. I want to share this with you is not going to be in future agenda items is going to be items from board. Oh, you

Speaker 1 1:09:43
just come up from the board all the time. Yeah, it’s in the discussion. I arrived. I don’t see anybody bringing things in off the street. Well, much but something that just occurred to you or something that you were just made aware of? Makes sense. You

Speaker 2 1:10:00
No. And it was a similar example was, I think would Connie brought up this beautiful, historic property that she went and visited. That was nice. She should, and she shared it. And like when I went to this family house. Hey, guys, we need to go there. You need to happen here. Yeah. So that’s not going to be a future agenda. Item. Okay. All right. All right. Sorry.

Speaker 4 1:10:31
We all went through. Yeah, that would be right there. And you’ll see it move up to new business. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:38
yeah. Right. So

Speaker 4 1:10:42
if we go with the old lovin, is that something that can be done in the template?

Speaker 3 1:10:48
Do you want that item to be item 10? Future agenda items and then make a German afterward?

Speaker 2 1:11:00
See, like, I don’t assesses we never do number two. Actually,

Speaker 3 1:11:11
we’ve moved item up above? Yes, we have. So that would be an approval of the order. We’re moving this

Unknown Speaker 1:11:19
to them, we tend to combine to make this shorter. All these logical?

Speaker 7 1:11:30
Roll calls and approval of agenda and that kind of in one pot. Gotcha. But yeah, we could do

Unknown Speaker 1:11:37
that. I like to do we formally then

Unknown Speaker 1:11:42
see, we’re looking at

Unknown Speaker 1:11:44
a technical role

Speaker 9 1:11:46
that we approve the agenda, but never, but

Speaker 7 1:11:50
we will we the board person or anybody else. We move forward with the agenda. But that that point if there needs to be changes in the agenda? Right, that’s what we’ve always done. We never have had it been official. So maybe we do one call and we’ll call an approval of agenda. Make it one? Sure. And then they are sitting down to 10. Yes, I’d like to.

Speaker 3 1:12:17
Yay. And you were Did you want the parking lot at the future? Items that aren’t discussed in the meeting? But are there for a visual reminder? Or did you want

Speaker 2 1:12:29
future items? Seven future like like, yeah, Brittany such future agenda items should be right.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:38
And then we just

Speaker 3 1:12:41
we don’t discuss? I guess I don’t see me. Is it? Are the future discussion items discussed every meeting head

Speaker 7 1:12:50
on and not necessarily people read it over? And is there additional items that need to be included on that list?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:55
Or does it need to be adjusted or

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
Yeah, that’s it. It’s pretty simple.

Speaker 6 1:13:02
Super cool. Seems like it’s a picture project and just checking in with sort of ongoing items.

Speaker 2 1:13:10
Yeah, cuz summer. Okay, we’re gonna put that off for a couple of months summer. You know, we’ve got we’re gonna check in just quick look over and we pick up off the radar

Speaker 5 1:13:20
to can we actually determine that that point six in the meeting, or should that be towards more towards the end? I mean, it seems to be as I’m taking notes, because a category that you kind of don’t think zoom into, right so maybe we

Speaker 7 1:13:38
want it to nine and that’s what Suellen was saying maybe we want it to be nine right before we adjourn we have the final dumb wait.

Speaker 8 1:13:46
Yeah, we want to call that that parking the parking lot I liked the on deck on deck as much as

Speaker 2 1:13:54
baseball season it’s on deck. Beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:57
That’s Futures On Deck

Speaker 2 1:14:08
some sudden we have this rectum it goes through that list of we’ll have number one will be roll call and agenda. Number two will be approval of previous month minutes with a bullet point

Unknown Speaker 1:14:26
well, if there’s more than one item that I’ll do, right yeah, I’m just gonna play for me that’s smart rocket. Yes,

Speaker 2 1:14:34
it is. I’m just being playful. And so and then number three is the public to be heard. And then number four is all business. Number five is new business. Then number six is what

Speaker 1 1:14:46
discuss I am through packet update, which really it is. It is a few church and discuss items

Unknown Speaker 1:14:55
per packet updates.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:58
Without what is that

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
So this was the first time you had a packet.

Speaker 5 1:15:03
So it happened? Well, no.

Speaker 3 1:15:11
So for example, this one, that one of the packages

Speaker 5 1:15:19
house managers reports in that packet, so Right, yes. Is that where we put the house managers report?

Speaker 1 1:15:26
Does that make sense to have the house managers report after the old business? And then in business?

Speaker 2 1:15:31
That’s a good question. Perhaps we should have

Unknown Speaker 1:15:35
the the other way around. That doesn’t mean

Speaker 2 1:15:39
managers report first, and probably closer up to where public invited to be heard. Because what if we just

Speaker 7 1:15:45
shift numbers and we put number five, as has been in his report to and we just push it down?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:55
So if you own business, then

Speaker 2 1:16:03
it needs to be sooner it needs to. Yeah, exactly. So in between public invited to be heard and all business is house. Compatible old.

Speaker 8 1:16:16
Is this because six which currently is?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:20
Seven is items from staff? Yes, we can leave that and see

Unknown Speaker 1:16:27
if we use it. Can we? Can we do

Unknown Speaker 1:16:30
what we do? Because then all the time? Yeah. So it just gives it a little

Speaker 1 1:16:39
more structure. That ages items from the board. Nine is future agenda items. Intense June?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:48
7, seven,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
seven items. Okay. From the board? Nine future agenda it does sound right. Yes, everybody? Yes. So if you completely stuck in the mud, I got its money. I’ll send it out. Right. So I’ll send you the template. Right. Awesome. So it’s

Speaker 7 1:17:18
our mission statement is only going to be able to sit signature page

Speaker 3 1:17:23
I envision it would stay looking like this on the agenda. Yes. Okay, plus one, two, plus the new ADA acknowledgement on the bottom right, you

Unknown Speaker 1:17:34
may need assistance, right,

Speaker 3 1:17:36
beautiful. And at the signature page. On the next page, we have the mission and use

Speaker 7 1:17:41
of wonderful I’m sorry, I need

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
for our next trick request to purchase and install a memorial bench.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:02
I have reservations

Speaker 1 1:18:07
to have lunch and sit down that particular

Speaker 2 1:18:11
area has its it’s not entirely stable with respect to the grass. And I don’t know that we would want to promote pedestrian traffic specifically in that area. So that’s something be careful about it’s also a very tight spot. And given the fact that the birdbath is just feet away from where all the rows are surrounded, just feet away from where this tree is, I just think it’s going to look cluttered. So for purposes of, of not wanting to create pedestrian traffic in that area. And because you can see and if you walk out there, there’s really no walkway or pathway to get to that one. And that’s kind of by design. It’s hard to keep that grass healthy. You can even see it in the picture here. That did a good job in the picture. It’s an aggressive not fully.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:20
So it’s hard because

Speaker 2 1:19:21
the ship is that’s tough. The other reservation I have is that while I knew Rhonda like I don’t know that putting in Memorial is appropriate, I think is probably setting a precedent that well anyone who works for the city who’s worked for the house for however many years can watch so imagine I may want the garden now. Okay, I’ve got to set this apart from historically time. donations. I You guessed it, you planted a beautiful tree in memory of your husband, who is directly is a shy and so has absolute direct connection to the Callaghan’s. And so there is a reason for that there’s a purpose for that, that is tied to the Calico historical route for yes. And so for that reason, I am not interested in having memorials placed in the garden. Now, there is a bench that is out on the north west side of the lawn and garden that was donated from the Girl Scout troop. And you can see the little plaque on that and sweet as that is as precious, it does somewhat historically tie into the purpose of the house. And that being ladies clubs,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:52

Speaker 2 1:20:55
So that makes that acceptable. Now, you also have to notice that it is Boeing. And so at some point, it’s going to need some maintenance. And so that cost for maintenance is going to be borne on the Callahan house fund. So we have to keep maintenance in mind when we’re accepting donations of any sort. But something of this type I’m not interested in. And Covington, while I appreciate the offer of a gift, I might encourage them to offer a monetary gift that could be used that could contribute to the expense of repainting the gazebo, as we’re going to be doing that. So I would, I would rather ask them to consider a monetary gift in lieu, and that we can include in, in our scrapbook if they would like we can include something nice some some beautifully written statement or some picture of her knowledge acknowledgement, yes, we can include that. And that can be in our scrapbook, which is going to be kept and it is going to be digitized. And so people will be able to see Oh, how nice this person who worked there for X amount of years or whatever, you know, as a custodian, but if we had every custodian, every cook every you know, that we’re setting precedent, we cannot we cannot sustain

Speaker 6 1:22:25
like to understand a little bit more about where the house is at now with these tight I mean, do we have more understand that there are some but that’s the thing and working at a historic place that does accept memorials, there’s a very set structure and how that’s done. Because you’re setting a precedent moving forward. And then you know, you have to I would say, whatever route this goes, you have to have a structure moving forward in place before allowing anything like this. Okay, so but the standard now is it’s not it’s not commonly done. Memorials.

Speaker 7 1:23:05
With Britney, I think we should get this is one of the things that we should have standard in place. And currently, that I’m more I also think that because we use the house for so many different venues and somebody, I just think can Memorial bench where we could be having a wedding or something along those lines. It takes away from the gardens. And I just am not sure that this is the right. Spot slot for it. Even if I would even question on if it was a member of the Callahan house family that wanted to put a memorial bench. I just don’t there’s something to be said about putting a tree or widening in the small lack in in, in memory of that makes it more acceptable or across the board. But it isn’t so big

Unknown Speaker 1:24:13
your face? Yeah,

Speaker 7 1:24:15
I’m trying to use I don’t want to use the wording that should be offensive to anybody but whitened or or it does. It sets a bad precedent that you know, just because I’ve been on the board, it’s my family going to come in and want some Memorial. You know, you never know you hope that people. I just think moving forward, we’d be much better off setting the precedent and stating that this is this is a garden it’s open to the public. Nothing from Memorial, it’s not meant for a memorial bench. And if if we do Memorial benches I’m not sure how the city does that in parks and other or on other properties did they allow

Speaker 3 1:25:03
it, they have specifically parts have specifically identified bench locations throughout their system. The donation is only valid for the lifetime of that item. So there is no repair of the item when it’s at the condition that’s made very explicit upfront. In a on their website is on the city website, you can go to the bench availabilities, and they had a long number to it. And you say, I would like to do a donation for this bench planters part of the northeast corner, identified as Flanders x 2358. And then they work together to the purchase of the bench, and they have a very specific standard format.

Speaker 1 1:26:01
So we could actually direct this family to that, that process

Speaker 5 1:26:08
are tied to Callahan. I would assume that the family wants something here, I think yeah, I, I would tend to suggest has in the past, one day have passed last 14 years ago, I was directed towards a live tree. So I know the thought was, yes, we can’t accommodate every bench. All right, walk and there is a rock, there’s a little oil. Well, yes, that’s trending over here. We’ve can’t do that, right? It really can’t so but lettings aims Yes. Purchase to replace something or to occupy a bare spot in the garden or something along those lines in

Unknown Speaker 1:26:52
black, or with a black smoke.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:58
It’s possible.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:01
Stability is not enough

Unknown Speaker 1:27:04
to get the flat.

Speaker 2 1:27:07
So we have to keep in mind is that aside from the city and allowing that process in regular parks, this is not regular practice. historic garden. And this is a historic property. It has a whole separate boundary. So I think we need to be mindful about I personally,

Speaker 4 1:27:27
in lieu of any kind of plug for tree or anything. You have somewhere right, a list of benefactors, I mean, people who’ve donated

Speaker 2 1:27:43
investment, but scrapbook actually, there are a lot of beautiful things that different pages in different times through different years, where people I mean, I have the pictures of wearing with that, that T set was donated who it was from and who was in memory of and, and so all of that that’s in the scrapbook. So it’s beautiful, because it’s kept

Speaker 4 1:28:04
that way. And it’s something that the public immediately has access to,

Speaker 2 1:28:09
once we get it digitized, okay, and that’s the whole. Like, we need to digitize our scrapbook. So everyone has access to all of this beautiful inflammations, history.

Speaker 7 1:28:19
Okay. I personally think that we should give love for support. So we should get a precedent set and recommendations on what we would recommend instead. First of all, I now have to call is blue somebody posts and trying to do something that you think would be sustainable for them? I totally get that. So it’s important that we use so in a in a manner that people aren’t going to find offensive in will be thoughtful to the loss and yet would be helpful to the to the to our precedents on what we think the house you know, a historic CI set for something along those lines, a living item would be great. And I do think we have to be very careful about the precedent as well. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:32
that I can I’m sorry, tree was bigger than this very

Unknown Speaker 1:29:36
small, but it was

Speaker 5 1:29:37
all day beautiful. Things that were planted around the tree got so tall that you didn’t see staking, or sorry, I had a new plaque made because the first tree died. And the second one it was replaced with a different tree. So I had a new classmate and I have yet to find somebody to make a steak long enough. Yeah, that it will be visible when the garden is in full bloom. And we just

Speaker 7 1:30:05
have, we just had this discussion though. Prior to this coming up, we had talked about where we could find mistakes. And we had, we have sit next hand here, where you could find mistakes, that type of stuff. But that, to me is so much different than such a large item has to be in the

Speaker 1 1:30:26
sense of precedent. Yeah, everything. Behind you comes 15th. Everybody

Unknown Speaker 1:30:30
wants a bench in the garden. And it’s like, oh,

Speaker 4 1:30:36
well, I’m just thinking, in addition to the scrapbook, if people don’t take to go there to access it, but you come to the house, you want to, let’s say we want to encourage visitors to donate anyway. Would it be possible to let’s say, we are relationships and mods that update an electronic file that gets placed in you know, in some little frame somewhere on a wall?

Speaker 7 1:31:10
It’s been suggested it can actually have a shot down, I think it’s a good idea, because it promotes people to be able to want to go Yeah,

Speaker 4 1:31:21
it really shows how much how much this is a part of the community. Yes, right off the bat, this is here, because in

Speaker 2 1:31:31
theory, it can be a beautiful display inside a frame that can sit on the table just outside the front door to

Speaker 2 1:31:44
come up with things that we’re we’re going to do this as well as change this and as the history will, I would be happy to take banks, to me that is not that is not a big cross Nonnberg

Speaker 4 1:31:59
thing to have each time someone donates it must be on a record somewhere, right? But would it fit on them? I mean, there must be a ton of

Speaker 3 1:32:10
different topics. One I heard a need for a policy for donations, guidelines and accepting donations and requests so that we can so that this individual can be responded to in a kind, compassionate and consistent manner. And then I hear another discussion around acknowledgement of donations, which can be part of the policy for donations. Yeah, I would like to be able to get back with

Unknown Speaker 1:32:42
this person. Yes.

Speaker 3 1:32:44
I do not draft the letter toes, I owe the advisory board feels to you. Well, the bad isn’t the desired outcome that I would like to give this family closure. So they can move in the manner that they would like to to wrap up their estate.

Speaker 2 1:33:04
So are you asking for something in writing from the board that you could then supply to? Okay, all right. So

Speaker 7 1:33:14
we’re going to do that we need to be able to state what would you feel would be a better option? Again, rather than just saying no, thank

Speaker 2 1:33:24
you. No, no, not that it is a thank you for your beautiful offer to contribute to the Callahan house and gardens. Well, we appreciate your initial line of thinking is not consistent with protocol. So, what we would ask is if you would reconsider donating making a monetary donation in lieu of a bench and that can be contributed to the Callaghan house fun, we can explain with Calvin pacified who does to hold a pass to support or in the alternative, so, that would be an app that was suggestion or the alternative is you might want to resubmit a suggestion for planting of a living tree or a living contribution to the garden instead of

Speaker 4 1:34:40
that kind of and then maybe say, way you become part of this family. That people walk in the door Yes, yeah. And in the with their name, it could be you know, in memory of it. or whatever. I mean, it’s gotta be careful.

Speaker 2 1:35:03
Careful about like, like I said about having too many of those. That’s true. So we may not say that so much. Yeah, but we can offer the, we can use the funds that you were willing to donate, we can purchase, purchase

Unknown Speaker 1:35:20

Speaker 2 1:35:23
Yes, but Your donation will be, you know, graciously accepted. And we’re grateful to you. And we will acknowledge that both in the list that is available to the public. And then also it will be more or less in the scrapbook.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:38
Yeah, that’s wonderful. When

Speaker 1 1:35:39
I ask Karen and Sandy, we do work together on that. And just come up with a single letter. I’ve never asked him to make up the protocol for the whole board. But just to respond to the so that we can sort of move forward. Yeah. What do you mean by that? You have great.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:59
I would love that when three of us work together.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:03
Separately, phone call, are

Speaker 2 1:36:04
we allowed? This is a volunteer, I’m just gonna say, Are we allowed to communicate via email? That’s a really hard thing. I know it’s complying with whatever the city require us to do the tricky part. But we just don’t, I don’t think you can make the policy No, no, we’re not making a policy where the letter Yeah, we’re communicating this request

Unknown Speaker 1:36:30
letter can be approved by the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:32
Yes, always, always goes through the board.

Speaker 6 1:36:35
So that what our thoughts on the plaque for since we don’t have yet a policy in place, maybe being a little more lenient on a plaque for this one, since they wanted to do something so big, it’s important to them to be in the garden, perhaps a plant with a lack. And then, and then once we have a policy, it’s easier to kind of say, this is the policy. So we don’t end up with the garden. Tons and tons of blocks.

Speaker 2 1:37:00
And here’s how I hear at this point, I would say not to offer like an only reason it’s because like, really, I mean, matters shy? Because the story of the Girl Scouts because that is someone that it’s already here, but it is moving forward, I think we need to not so make sense. So I think we need to offer a flag at this point. It

Unknown Speaker 1:37:26
hasn’t been there for six years. But I want

Speaker 2 1:37:28
it to be whenever it can be. And there’s good reason for it. There’s there’s historic reason for it to be so that makes sense. At this point, that’s okay. We don’t offer.

Speaker 7 1:37:43
So I do think this needs to be on an agenda item that we need to create a committee to work on this app and see policy put in place.

Speaker 8 1:37:52
Yeah. So let’s put that on the agenda for next month.

Speaker 5 1:37:58
Okay, committee data committee come to create high quality. I also think that in your letter, you should make it clear that we really appreciate it Brandon, that should have done for the house. Yes.

Speaker 2 1:38:10
She was well thought of Yes. Scrap look and see if they’ve got any patients that are in there. I think there there may be one or two. And if so, I can make a color copy of a nice bow color copy and we can include that. Thank you for your offer. So they know what we are. We are here about this

Speaker 4 1:38:33
letter. Do you have you have the names of the people in the talk the request itself just so that I think we will

Speaker 2 1:38:41
make create? Yeah, we will create a letter presented to the board and some board approves then. the finality of it.

Speaker 4 1:38:48
And I believe Yeah, but I mean, I don’t mean to get back to them. I mean to do you have seen it when we’re putting together this letter. I haven’t heard the whole request from them. I have an email. This

Speaker 2 1:39:00
is all I know. All we know. Yeah. This is this is a request. This is Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:09
okay. So this isn’t entirely okay. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:39:13
that’s it. All right. It’s really

Speaker 9 1:39:21
off because yeah, that’s what it is. Okay, sorry about

Speaker 2 1:39:25
all here. So yes. So Brittany and Cindy and I will get together probably person to be easier for between now and the next board meeting to to create a draft letter for everybody. It’s good to put it awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:47
I think that will be fun. Okay. If they asked you to

Unknown Speaker 1:39:51
tell were another request.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:55
Grateful for their request.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:57
Thank you. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:40:00
Okay, I think that takes care of new business. We’re all the way into future agenda items. The house manager picture project. Does anybody want to connect? Yes, please.

Speaker 3 1:40:14
There was a potential that was left on the table after our last board meeting. Does anybody know anything about a Punchbowl being left on the table after meeting?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:25
The great big last one? It was a it was

Speaker 3 1:40:30
a new appearance as a new bull.

Speaker 2 1:40:35
There was a there was a meeting that was being held in that one. That’s true. And it was a PEO. Would that come in from the group? Probably from?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:43
I think so. It was okay. You’ll hear soon. So

Unknown Speaker 1:40:46
we’ll try to Rianne I

Unknown Speaker 1:40:47
think I’ve said it before that he has to be

Unknown Speaker 1:40:53
thinking who was in the house? Yeah, that’s the group coming in.

Speaker 3 1:40:58
Yeah, yeah. And I did get a, I got a person who sent me a photograph, which I just remembered right, during this discussion. And they said, Hi, this was taking somewhere in the past.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:13
Can you tell us who these people are?

Speaker 3 1:41:15
Like? I did direct them to the museum, because they would have more the archival application?

Unknown Speaker 1:41:23

Speaker 3 1:41:27
what I can send it out to you guys, if you think he’s fine. Have a stab at it. It’s a real old photo. Yeah. How could they were

Unknown Speaker 1:41:36
in the house? Or what worsened?

Speaker 3 1:41:39
There was some connection, they said, We connected the dots to you. Here are people who are they?

Speaker 2 1:41:51
Jim, yes, he definitely would have thought we were gonna do any art. She started shooting reports. But the beautiful thing about the scrapbook is those ladies who put this together were really diligent and they write people’s names and

Unknown Speaker 1:42:12
that’s it. Okay, well, it’s okay. All of you.

Speaker 3 1:42:15
I don’t think it’s a thing. And then Is this acceptable? If you have an answer in the affirmative, you may take it independently. Is that okay? Or would you like that to come back as the board to share with you? How do you guys want to do that? Because I could just give it to you. It’s a one off, it’s a request from the public. Let’s do it that way. So this is easy. If you guys have a clue, you have a clue? Make something out of

Speaker 2 1:42:40
it if we need to, but something we have. So if we noticed something, just email you back or email, right, the inquiry. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:49
Once you bring that back into the

Unknown Speaker 1:42:54
shirt is was

Speaker 3 1:42:57
is that? Does that sound acceptable? Yeah, absolutely. Chances are I was in. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:43:05
Okay. Okay. So these future agenda items, shall we decide? And we’re going to talk to you about them this month or next month? I mean, it’s not on, I think no business so

Speaker 2 1:43:15
we can just briefly touch base on page just okay.

Speaker 1 1:43:19
Okay. Okay. And say, shall we put keep the money or should we move them up? Right? That’s great. House Manager picture project, where are we hanging real? That we’re just waiting to get it?

Speaker 2 1:43:33
Okay, how is that going? Is it going? It’s not going okay.

Speaker 7 1:43:43
So he called me and I said, I will come with me or they’re doing it, but I have no idea. So.

Speaker 2 1:43:50
Okay, so that’s a touch base with Ben thing. Will you please touch base with Ben and see what the status is on getting the

Unknown Speaker 1:43:57
rail itself the railing somewhere on the back of

Unknown Speaker 1:44:01
that because we didn’t want it to walk?

Unknown Speaker 1:44:03
Oh, yeah. Good, good. It’s somewhere. Okay.

Speaker 6 1:44:08
I did call the numbers that can be right in their vaults. airBaltic connected.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:19
And I found that it was, it was still good.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:24
So I got a hold of

Speaker 5 1:44:28
like, the person who was in the house for her. And she knows it very well on the newer very, she didn’t think so he was eating from long. Oh, she had no clue where. So then there’s no chicken was a school teacher. And I reached out to him to be a Facebook friend and I haven’t heard back from him. So I thought I’d call him next and see if he had an idea. When she said she didn’t think she lived here. Yeah, well, that kind of brought us to for two years.

Speaker 2 1:44:57
Yes, it was a very short term short stint. but we still do have a beautiful space saver and small frame service. So if we come up empty and cannot find our picture, it’s still been beautiful. Yeah,

Speaker 5 1:45:12
I did reach out to excuse me, Pamela Bansal again, we got ahold of her nephew this time. And he gave me her daughter still didn’t steamboat, and I’d call them left a message, and haven’t heard anything back from her. We do have a picture of her because that was the person my sister graduated with. But I thought maybe there’d be more current pictures. Make contact with

Unknown Speaker 1:45:37
nothing yet. But I think we are at a point where we are ready to have a system HMI system, and we can help.

Speaker 1 1:45:51
Okay, the past in prison board member wall project, I don’t want

Speaker 2 1:45:55
to tell I would take that on hold off, because that’s really

Unknown Speaker 1:46:00
up and discuss it next month.

Speaker 2 1:46:02
Yes, I think that’s because it’s like the house manager project. And we’re talking about three pages. It’s going to be beautiful people they are I will if we’re going to talk about next month. I will bring it, for example. And okay, you can see and I think you all will realize that it’s going to be lovely. That is going to be so

Speaker 5 1:46:26
JUCO suggestions made concerning that yes, that might be because it is big.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:33
Like as more like that

Speaker 5 1:46:38
still requires maintenance and upkeep in the few digits, the possibility of perhaps posting it online, along with all the other info about Callaghan house, keeping it updated from here, because I’m really lucky. Chest official record of everybody and people could access that. Yes. But it wouldn’t be something that future rolling. Interesting. Keep it up.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:07
Yeah, don’t keep it

Unknown Speaker 1:47:10
easier online.

Speaker 2 1:47:12
The reason why I had I love the idea of hanging out. Also, I still think having a physical acknowledgement here in the house is important. For two reasons. One, it does show the history for people who are walking in the house or walking in the house and they’re looking, they’re going to be looking at the house managing photos, this is one other smaller piece, there’s really not going to be that much work, really not his life setup. So it’s so super simple to update. And it’s not going to be a lot more that is for them to see all of the volunteers through the years. And then they can look and go, Oh, I knew that person. And then they’re here in the house, saying that it also is a representation. This a volunteer board, and anyone walk into the house, this house would love to be involved in this house. And then they see that I want

Speaker 5 1:48:10
to serve on the board. That’s just something to think about and talk about.

Speaker 2 1:48:15
We can talk about it. So I think online too.

Speaker 3 1:48:19
And you’re also doing major restorations in this house with windows being removed, swapped out, things are being painted, right. And I’m not really up on the wall. Really nervous about all the moving parts, but putting things in hallways with working and going through everything. So yeah, yeah, we’re creating so I’m having a lot of anxiety. Feels like a discussion of installation at the completion of this project. Yes, then, because I’m hearing we want it done next month. Oh, no. While we’re doing all these other things, I don’t want to disappoint you. No, ma’am. And I have an anxiety attack.

Speaker 1 1:49:02
Very valid point zero workers. We don’t

Speaker 2 1:49:07
know we, we don’t need to be doing that and causing complication for any work that’s needing to be done in the house. No, no, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:15
Because it does not need to be done until September.

Speaker 7 1:49:19
That’s okay. We can put the hanging system and you don’t have to.

Speaker 2 1:49:28
But it’s actually smart to be installed and ready and don’t turn the wires.

Speaker 4 1:49:34
Yeah, and it’s probably appropriate. They’re gonna be painting.

Speaker 2 1:49:38
Yeah, probably probably because they’re going to be taking we’re going to take the photos that are on the wall right now off and we’re going to take all of them, the hooks and the nails and things that are in the wall house, in the

Unknown Speaker 1:49:48
hallway. But anyway, my feeling

Unknown Speaker 1:49:53
is not

Speaker 2 1:49:55
speaking all of those things have to come off the wall when the constructions work is being done anyway. It’s all coming off the wall so the the restoration of the wall can happen at the same time well, but construction happened to

Speaker 7 1:50:15
me on the wall get knocked off. No, yeah, no thanks for your point in an analyst are giants and they’re good to know it’s just a metal thing that can be hung up right don’t put wires that will have it all off the side. It’s where you can tell they’re gone

Speaker 2 1:50:31
and all yeah and all those pictures hanging on the wall right now have to come down anyway anyway so then so long in through the hallways and stuff

Unknown Speaker 1:50:45
okay, I think we figured that one out.

Speaker 5 1:50:47
Okay. Club and stare. I can call prefers to just put on hold.

Speaker 1 1:50:51
I think it stays in future agenda items, savor it where it is reviewed future house restriction was preservation projects do we need to leave it on with it? It can go on for like it can go on for like a gallon and house eat less content.

Speaker 2 1:51:07
I think that’s a continuing one. And it is relevant when we have an event coming up. Like for example, the April 26. Open House right? There is going to be a constant contact. Notice right

Unknown Speaker 1:51:20
this is not that this is the

Unknown Speaker 1:51:23
oh, that’s that this is

Unknown Speaker 1:51:25
this is our that’s yours. That’s our guest list.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:28
Yeah, yes. Okay. All right. It’s speaking communication.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:33
Never request again,

Speaker 7 1:51:34
because I’m sorry, I was late to this meeting. But I didn’t read this agenda very well. And because the last meeting was at 930 I have my calendar. So I’m pretty. Is there any way that we can have our board meetings listed in Central US

Unknown Speaker 1:51:53

Speaker 3 1:51:54
I sent out Outlook calendar request to everybody’s email. Did you guys get a calendar invite on Outlook? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:03
I did not. I do have Outlook and I said I did not see me and I apologize that I would normally respondents

Speaker 3 1:52:21
that me there. Okay. I’m sorry. I sent out the invite for the year with the app and I will

Speaker 7 1:52:30
be sending me and then if if I will double check to see that and go someplace worship.

Speaker 4 1:52:37
Okay, here’s my email this morning. It can be to pick it up. What does it say for the sender? It would come

Speaker 3 1:52:47
from maybe from Callahan at Longmont, Colorado.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:56
You guys have received that.

Speaker 2 1:52:57
I think it was Did I was I think it was but I think it was like yeah, it wasn’t right off. Right after the last meeting. There were several there were several, like imitation oral electronics, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:53:13
Yep, yep, yep. Yep. So I did not pay

Unknown Speaker 1:53:16
close enough attention. Yeah. But I

Unknown Speaker 1:53:18
knew that it felt normal.

Speaker 2 1:53:22
I saw it enough to know Yep, that looks right. Yeah, yes. Yeah.

Speaker 7 1:53:26
Yep, that’s it. And I am one of those that know me, it’s all on me. This is not a huge this is me. All right. I will I will. I can

Unknown Speaker 1:53:43
resend that though. If you do not

Unknown Speaker 1:53:45
I didn’t see it.

Speaker 4 1:53:46
I don’t see it under when I put in a Callahan from Callahan on let me do it right it’s the

Speaker 3 1:53:54
email on the board member thing correct that sheet of paper that’s in your hand

Speaker 7 1:54:03
because I got here’s the deal I got the agenda for this meeting got all of that but I did not receive that and this is specifically for you so well. I don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:54:13
know if it is because I was in a new calendar

Unknown Speaker 1:54:15
I don’t have an essence right away. Is this what you’re talking about? So on this list? Yeah. Is that the correct Is this the correct email address? Pretty green?

Unknown Speaker 1:54:33
Absolutely. Okay.

Speaker 3 1:54:35
Everyone has their calendar and that’s what we’re gonna miss Callahan Yeah. Yeah, that’s, that’s right.

Speaker 4 1:54:50
To be using and I can tell that my calendar I love this one I was it tells me

Speaker 7 1:54:59
right Over the years I’ve talked on the 22nd. I imagine a dozen for you. I didn’t get anything more than that. I’m looking at. Okay. I don’t know why I can come up. Okay.

Speaker 3 1:55:20
I can I can read. I’ll make a change and send it out to everybody. But there’s

Speaker 4 1:55:25
a change. I’m sorry, I don’t. I don’t know why I didn’t do it either. Unless I got it. And I overlooked No, because when I do a search, I’m not finding that you’re not

Unknown Speaker 1:55:38
finding it either. That’s what I’m down as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:43
And then Sunday, I had CJ.

Speaker 4 1:55:50
Yeah, that’s it. That’s right. And I got all your other emails from you directly. I didn’t get anything from my account.

Speaker 3 1:55:58
Canvas is very Cindy’s great Karis Group and Marina screen.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:05
Right. And I don’t know You mean, like it’s been so they

Speaker 3 1:56:08
didn’t say anything. You guys didn’t say anything. I got a positive response from Brittany can cruise.

Speaker 5 1:56:15
She tried some accepting? And I would have accepted right away. Try again. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:27
Good to know you only

Speaker 2 1:56:30
because it sort of ties the content made you remember about our April 26? Open House. So two things? When did we get or do we? What list are we going to have for guests who want to be on our mailing list? Remember how I provided the example of that last month? Can we use that? Is that just a Yeah, landscape page. Let’s go ahead and use that. That’s because I know we’ve talked about getting like an official book or something. And obviously we don’t have any kind of update on that but that’s fine. But for now for collecting

Unknown Speaker 1:57:11
those books. Did you want me to get one of those?

Unknown Speaker 1:57:14
I don’t know. I don’t know do we? Do we want to try it

Speaker 2 1:57:21
I’ll print out some pages I’ll print out several pages of that sign in sheets that are annual bringing, say that

Speaker 3 1:57:27
response you want to send that to me and I’ll print them out and I yeah, I have some of the

Unknown Speaker 1:57:33
let me try. Okay, yes, I’ll send that to you. Okay, I

Speaker 5 1:57:38
work with several rooms. Or do we want to I’m worried about a bottleneck with people coming in the front door right so

Speaker 1 1:57:46
somewhere out there on the way out the door there they’ll want to get information they’ll know more about it so many sign up on their way out the door

Unknown Speaker 1:57:56
to a bottleneck that with people going and going in and

Speaker 2 1:57:59
how would it go instead of wood through several rooms at the front door and then maybe one upstairs would you to clipboard I mean that way there’s a strike and then way there’s one on each level and just do two clipboards

Unknown Speaker 1:58:12
and colloca

Unknown Speaker 1:58:14
so in the book open house we should we shouldn’t have any adjacent room here the books

Speaker 5 1:58:24
and I think that’s a better place we tried to do it at the same open house it was just

Speaker 7 1:58:28
well location it was a good location there’s too much stuff do you think that we could put it on sale here

Unknown Speaker 1:58:39
with the book because if people want to book

Unknown Speaker 1:58:43
so we need to have the

Unknown Speaker 1:58:48
so whoever is going to be in

Unknown Speaker 1:58:50
palatability to

Unknown Speaker 1:58:53
well we were just gonna say actually

Speaker 7 1:59:00
are we just piling on here? I just didn’t do like we’re piling a lot but we are

Speaker 4 1:59:08
cool. As far as invitations go out I’m pretty sure this was not me pulling in the spring open house day. I’m pretty sure this came from you and I must have accepted

Unknown Speaker 1:59:21

Speaker 4 1:59:26
Oh, did I put them no that’s for me that way okay, yeah, because when I do a search it comes it came from you. Your name you grow. Yes. We will get this. I will

Unknown Speaker 1:59:56
move on with our agenda.

Speaker 2 1:59:58
We do. My second part because that was not just the guest but but but constant contact will it be yes in context so

Speaker 3 2:00:05
I have executed the word from before it’s

Unknown Speaker 2:00:09
is it going in just one week or in this week and next? It will be very habit in both

Speaker 1 2:00:19
okay, I didn’t ask the fall to set the date in June and I agreed let’s move that to the do of business in

Speaker 7 2:00:30
June. Okay, so future agenda items, just keep it there until contact.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:38
Okay. Okay. Boys, we discuss a lot this

Unknown Speaker 2:00:46
was one of the questions that the meetings adjourned.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:52

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