“Who Do You Know??”

Video Description: Alexander Richmond, Success & Mindset Coach with Ginny Schuster, GinnyPreneur, LLC Part 1 of 3 – A political prisoner from East Germany Alexander T. Richmond – International Speaker, A Leading Authority in Transformation and Performance Coaching, Sales Trainer (Personality-Based), Today, I’m focused on working with top achievers, companies and organizations which are looking […]

“Who Do You Know??” – Karrie Pittman, Karrie Belle Designs, with Ginny Schuster

Video Description: “Who Do You Know” – Karrie Pittman, KarrieBell Designs with Ginny Schuster, GinnyPreneur, LLC KarrieBelle Designs specializes in branding and strategic development to help businesses reach their ideal customer. We develop and design branding packages to give said business a solid voice in the market place. We also create beautifully branded print and […]

Who Do You Know ?? – LLC with Phil D’Agostino

Video Description: Want to Start a Business? Why Get Into Business – Phil D’Agostino with Ginny “Who Do You Know ??” – Ginny Schuster, GinnyPreneur, LLC with Phil D’Agostino, licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach and Business Consultant Phil D’Agostino is based out in North Carolina. His counseling is science based and generally Cognitive […]