“Who Do You Know??” Cymber Lily Quinn, Chief Conductor of Pitch Perfect Profits Coach, with Ginny

Video Description:
“Who Do You Know??” –
Cymber Lily Quinn, Chief Conductor of Pitch Perfect Profits, with Ginny Schuster, GinnyPreneur, LLC
When Cymber started conducting her first business 30 years ago, she got a lot of advice to listen to her intuition for business ideas. It didn’t go as planned…..
I quickly learned that having intuitive ideas wasn’t enough. I was losing money and the clients weren’t coming. I needed to learn how to orchestrate all my great intuitive ideas into business action, and fast.
If you find yourself in a similar situation where you aren’t sure how to move forward let me share some things I did to conduct my intuition into pitch perfect profits and happy harmonious clients.
1) First, realize that your intuition can’t run the whole show alone; it needs structure and guidance to become real.
2) Then figure out how to start conducting your intuitive energies into profit by developing a plan and communicating it to your team and players.
3) And third you need to check with your intuition, balanced with reality.
4) Then you can take highly orchestrated action.
From my early beginnings I’ve conducted three musical groups and four companies. From the start I had to learn to conduct my intuitive ideas into structures, products and services.
If you find yourself realizing that you have a busy intuition too, and could use a little help, let’s talk. I’m offering free half hour sessions. Let’s schedule your Pitch Perfect Profit assessment call.
I look forward to talking with you, helping you bring all those great ideas and intuitive thoughts into a harmonious business and pitch perfect profits.