“Who Do You Know??” – Mary Brown, Boundaries Coach, with Ginny Schuster, GinnyPreneur, LLC

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“Who Do You Know??” – Mary Brown, Boundaries Coach, with Ginny Schuster, GinnyPreneur, LLC
Mary Brown – Coaching people pleasers to have healthy boundaries!
To learn about me and my work, check out this video. https://youtu.be/dHTYn_yg_aA
Website: boundariescoach.com
Email: mary@boundariescoach.com
I was a social worker for over a decade. I served people who struggled with mental health, addictions, trauma, and patterns of abuse and neglect. I wrote hundreds of treatment plans for the people who were “identified clients.” I facilitated family meetings for their loved ones and support networks. My heart was drawn to the family members around the person who was struggling: the sisters of someone with a mental illness, the partners of someone with an addiction or a pornography problem, the mothers of wayward children, the survivors of abuse and neglect. They were heartbroken, disappointed, and burnt out. These women needed Self-Confidence! These women needed Self-Care! These women needed Boundaries!! And, I have my own personal experience of growing up in a big huge family with 9 kids and 0 boundaries, navigating difficult relationships, and learning to show up from a place of love for myself and the people around me. I wanted to help the women, like me, who were taking care of everybody else, the helpers, and not necessarily the identified clients. I became a life coach to help women build confidence, set boundaries, and practice self-care! I see coaching as a vehicle to carry you from where you currently are to where you want to be, like Cinderella’s stagecoach. The women I work with come to me feeling defeated, taken advantage of, and exhausted. I help them become confident, intentional, and empowered.
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