Serving Locally, with Michelle: Recovery Cafe

Serving Locally, with Michelle: Recovery Cafe

Video Description: What is Recovery Café Longmont? Our mission is to be a community of refuge and healing for people in recovery. But, what does that mean? Simply put, we understand the process is more complicated than just making the decision to be recovered. Being stable for a day or a week doesn’t necessarily mean […]

Serving Locally, with Michelle: CASA of Boulder, Voices for Children

Serving Locally, with Michelle: CASA of Boulder, Voices for Children

Video Description: OUR VISION: We believe that all children deserve to have a safe, nurturing environment where they can thrive. OUR MISSION: Voices for Children builds a healthier community by delivering services, support, and advocacy to children who have experienced trauma. Our story began in 1977 when Seattle Judge David Soukup noticed a flaw in […]

Serving Locally, with Michelle: Tenaciously Teal

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Video Description: Tenaciously Teal’s founder, Tarah Warren, was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer in December of 2012. After her surgery, she began to notice many patients who needed to be reminded of God’s love for them. Tarah began bringing Cancer Care Packs to treatment, and praying with patients over her sixteen months of chemo. […]

Serving Locally, with Michelle: City of Longmont: Recreation

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Video Description: Longmont Recreation is your one-stop-shop for affordable fun for the whole family. Our three year-round, indoor facilities offer several amenities including: • indoor pools • an indoor running track • weight rooms with free weights and selectorized machines • cardio equipment • aerobics and fitness classrooms • a climbing wall • gymnasiums • […]

Serving Locally, with Michelle: Imagine!

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Video Description: Imagine! provides services designed to incorporate people with developmental, cognitive, and physical challenges into the fabric of their communities. Services include educational and therapeutic services, job training and placement, recreation and leisure activities, opportunities for community living, behavioral health services, technology solutions, and support for families. We continue to use that original goal […]

Serving Locally, with Michelle: Mrs. Frederick and Domestic Violence Awareness and Education

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Video Description: Brenda Curran, Mrs. Frederick, 2024 and Domestic Violence Awareness and Education Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior in an intimate or dating relationship that is used by one partner to gain and/or maintain power and control over another partner. This includes any behaviors that intimidate, manipulate, humiliate, harass, isolate, frighten, terrorize, […]

Serving Locally, with Michelle: Longmont Humane Society

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Video Description: Longmont Humane Society Longmont Humane Society is a 501(c)3 private, non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of animals with a mission of caring, serving and educating to improve the lives of companion animals. We provide temporary shelter to thousands of animals every year. Dogs, cats and small mammals that are lost, surrendered or […]

Serving Locally, with Michelle: Mountain States Children’s Home

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Video Description: Mountain States Children’s Home Extends Christian services to wounded children in an effort to meet their physical needs, heal their emotional hurts, challenge their minds, and teach them moral principles, in order to reach the goals of reuniting them with their families or preparing them for independence. This is accomplished by utilizing a […]