Art in Public Places – March 2024

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Art in Public Places – March 2024

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Unknown Speaker 0:03
The Baxter Danielle Academy Jennifer many families

Unknown Speaker 0:18
Sydneysider melodies

Unknown Speaker 0:27
anybody okay

Speaker 1 0:32
just for the record she’s a morose floral old German and easily see our

Unknown Speaker 0:41
public advisory work

Unknown Speaker 0:45
on campus

Speaker 2 0:46
this is Berkeley campus the aipp intern this semester

Unknown Speaker 1:02
we also have two visitors Susan is Isabella Alexandra okay

Speaker 1 1:20
because we’re so great in terms of this was procrastinating are you thinking about joining

Unknown Speaker 1:34
Okay, so

Speaker 2 1:35
the next item is corrections to the February 15 minutes

Unknown Speaker 1:42
you can Okay.

Speaker 2 1:45
This is going to make sense you can vote to approve the minutes if you were not at the last meeting, but you cannot make the motion because you weren’t at the last meeting

Speaker 1 1:59
or you can abstain or does everyone knows that meetings? minutes were actually reflective of the meeting legally. Yes. Okay. So

Speaker 2 2:08
I need a motion to approve the minutes from last meeting for February 15. Jennifer second

Unknown Speaker 2:21
All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 2:22

Unknown Speaker 2:24

Unknown Speaker 2:32

Speaker 3 2:40
so I got five eyes zero days and two sessions.

Speaker 2 2:46
Are there any additions or corrections to the agenda for today? I am okay. Susie developer ferry is at my meeting. She might come later but so there’s no public comments from her today. Okay, number seven’s you know quickly we get to the

Unknown Speaker 3:05
purchase of things. So

Speaker 1 3:07
I have spoken to Larry Felton with grip he has agreed to the purchase price and so the work will stay in St. Stephens until such time that we find a place for so I was fantastic news protector, the artist is also agreeable to that purchase, we will have to make some decisions on it. So it’s in storage right now. So once we get through the art of the new conversation that we have an appropriate place for it for you just want to remain in storage until such time that we find a place for that for

Unknown Speaker 3:39
executives the big Marvel

Speaker 1 3:45
I can show you pictures. And then processing is of course as previously discussed, moving to Kensington Park quality take the temperature of the community.

Unknown Speaker 4:00
So we have renewed that contract for another year.

Speaker 1 4:07
And we’re part of a process process, which is a robot in front of for not for last few in front of

Speaker 2 4:18
any questions discussion? I was this to to the

Unknown Speaker 4:22
point that we have a kids looking up

Speaker 4 4:28
to their books on the rock. Yeah, yes. It’s a third. Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 4:34
Anybody else? Any

Speaker 3 4:35
comments, discussions? Questions? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 4:41
Eight out of the blue our selection stop. Okay, no,

Speaker 1 4:45
oh, no, you’re right. I’ll just let you go. We’re done. Okay, so

Speaker 2 4:51
we have a question. We have a question man who decides, which is many of the people that has not been several All the artists that have submitted items this year, has submitted more than one. So our question that we have to decide is whether or not in one year, we want to accept two artworks from the same furnace. Or if we want to limit them to one a year.

Speaker 4 5:19
I think I’m remembering right last year, we had a conversation reference to that, and talks about only having one from the artist to be able to get other people view ability they have. If I remember correctly, I believe

Unknown Speaker 5:37
I vaguely remember that I have memories.

Speaker 1 5:42
And that would make more people opportunity. Yes, yes. That is what you have to do. That is correct for last year, but it’s not written into the rules. So you’ve just before we go through this process of selecting artwork, you as a commissioned need to determine how you’re going forward this year.

Speaker 5 6:01
Another factor is that we only have five to choose this year. Actually. No, that was what I was going to say. Okay. That Oh

Speaker 2 6:12
yeah. Okay, so what if people think that that’s the right decision that one per artist so that we get more people the opportunity to be displayed? Do we have to vote on

Unknown Speaker 6:25
anything just for formality sake? Yes.

Speaker 2 6:28
All in favor? Aye. No way a motion to accept only one artwork for artists this year should I say forgive this year this year? For art of on paper in discussion? is going to change our policy entirely worth it just just do clarify that okay. 1234566

Speaker 3 6:57

Unknown Speaker 7:01
They abstain. Sorry, city, you made the motion to second.

Unknown Speaker 7:11
House Second. Thank you.

Speaker 2 7:18
So I have six yeas, zero nays and one abstention. Okay. Right.

Unknown Speaker 7:28
So that’s is

Speaker 2 7:30
the Development Association. Ltda, has offered a contribution of $4,000 to allow us to choose more and more partners,

Speaker 5 7:43
which are bringing our total to 10

Speaker 2 7:47
with two or three options. And we need a motion to accept the Ltda contribution of $4,000 for additional artworks for this year’s art. Setting. Dollars Second.

Unknown Speaker 8:10
All in favor? Six. Opposed? Nobody’s heard about money that’s sustained.

Unknown Speaker 8:23
I do have one more question.

Unknown Speaker 8:27
Do you think this will affect our budget? I mean, we still have to pay our workers city.

Unknown Speaker 8:36
Work hiring our handlers and upgrades anyway.

Unknown Speaker 8:44
Sure that thinking

Speaker 1 8:46
is neat. So just a reminder, the guidelines of our workplaces we have a limit on temporary our work every year. And Ltda proposes this because they would like to see more most of the car places around town. Only better for everyone is a very popular program. So yeah, when it comes to affecting the budget one

Unknown Speaker 9:11
way or the other.

Speaker 1 9:18
Okay. They may have any questions then about orlu. Before we just dive right in, maybe for our guests I’ll just say really quickly are on the move is the program that we do every single year, where we borrow our works from artists on they go on display for one full year, and we pay them $1,000. So it’s a win win for everyone. In some situations, the Commission may or may not consider doing a direct purchase, albeit it’s not best practice, of course to do all direct purchases and sometimes there are things within the community that is really loving. And so then we have to do particle. So the commission has received their review of this artwork in advance. Everyone kind of went through to get to take their temperature and the yes, no maybe kind of way about it sort of Ray kind of has an idea about how they feel about these different artworks. And so what we’re going to be choosing today is we’re going to review all our works. We’re just going to go through it all, everybody has any questions that you have about any work, I can answer those questions, then we’re going to go back through again, everyone participate, of course, you have a score sheet in front of you, and you have five votes, your votes are your documents, and if you eat them, but that’s just so you’re keeping track of, of how many times you’ve been voted. The other way that you can keep track is you have around one round two round the green button here. So you can keep track of what you’re liking as you go through this process. And then we’re going to go through, we’re going to raise our hands, we’re going to vote we’re going to tally and it’s going to quantify it in the program that we use. Anybody have questions about what it is that we’re doing?

Speaker 4 11:13
Okay. Oh, yes. I have a good question. Sure. Yes. Absolutely. If

Speaker 1 11:17
you like to do, absolutely. If you don’t want to participate, you do not. Yeah, thank you, I appreciate it. No, we’re we’re open to meeting and participating in purchasing. It can click with a participating, you get to participate. I will clarify that you know, the footprint of some of these work, some of the footprints don’t. Some of these things risk management might say, you know what that’s claiming hazard, that’s sharp. I did not edit this, I did not go through uncensor anything, everything is here for you to see. But I am going to make note of it as we as we look about them. So when you’re taking your five votes that you get, you might really want to think about how you’re spending that vote. And then we’re going to narrow it down. We’re going to get it to a shortlist. And because we’re just doing one piece per artist, there’s going to be like sub votes, right? Here’s five things actually feature and I slowly got to prove that here. Here are three things. All three of these things were created by this artist. They’re all in the top bit of a list, the shortlist, which one do you want to go. And so as we go through this process, you know, let me know, when you get one vote, this time you get three goes, we’re going to narrow it down to those 10 pieces. And probably three alternates, because we’re not the only show in town for does this loan program that some of these works might be under contract with other communities. And so when I contact the artists who say, Hey, your piece was chosen for Walmart, they may say, hey, sorry. And then I just go through that. The other thing is, if you are passionate or have a feeling about where something like this should go, that you would like to see the long name to be on a tree group. If you would really like it and Stevens, you think a breezeway would be most appropriate. By all means, please let me know that I’m not ever going to promise you that is exactly how that’s going to be because some of them are bolted, some of them are welded, and I just do my magic of making things fit where they fit. I’m going to try and do my best to make sure that like two things clash, visually, terribly check those things next to each other, some things might be smaller, and you might be able to do things a little bit more. Questions. Yeah, it’s that five votes total for the entirety of the rounds or around for just the one, round one and you get five votes, and then I’m going to take you to a shortlist. Yes, yes, yes, we’re voting for what we like you got. The other thing just to be a reminder is these these artworks are by someone who have their heart and a feeling in there, and they’re passionate to it. And we don’t always like everything we don’t. And just because you don’t like anything, you can just keep that little nugget to yourself. If there’s something you really do like by all means, yes, I really liked this. If we get into it’s a heated discussion of what I don’t like about it is x, y and z. We just remember that we’re being profitable about the person on the other side and your neighbor might really love something. We’ll look at our DB possiblys. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 14:42
to arrange enhancements. So

Speaker 3 14:47
I motion for the step to move forward with contracting, contracting the finalists ultimately, as

Unknown Speaker 14:53
approved by the Commission

Unknown Speaker 15:00
On favor

Unknown Speaker 15:05
post Epstein

Speaker 3 15:12
so that I zero day one possession

Speaker 2 15:19
so moving on then a US nature’s way maintenance. Moving on to maintenance. Yes. Nature’s Way, the executive to the Met, and we’re going to examine, we’re gonna go walk around nature’s way all five parts and see if we want to spend the money. Okay, or if we want to accession them or what we want to do about it. There are five parts to that. We have a call from the conservative for doing everything. And what we would like is to have the permission, make a motion to authorize the executive committee to spend up to $45,000 to do the maintenance for treatments, treatments on pieces to keep them in the collection.

Speaker 6 16:27
I move that we spend up to $45,000 to keep nature’s way maintenance for the executive committee. Senator okay.

Unknown Speaker 16:38
You’re authorizing? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 16:40
was wondering. Seven

Unknown Speaker 16:46
can we vote on that please? Eyes?

Unknown Speaker 16:59

Speaker 3 17:06
Okay, that’s 60s. One mil one I’m saying no

Speaker 1 17:10
to nose to mouth. Did you vote yes. Yes. Okay. So I’m sorry, since one on one. Yes. So just to be clear about the conservation report, it’s basically an ala carte menu, it says here is the treatment that we would suggest because of the state of peace, here’s the state of the peace, then there is also here is what you could do to make it as close to perfect as possible. And here’s what you could do to just kind of keep it okay, here’s our recommendation, the executive team is gonna go walk it assess. And what this does is it we’re like, that is stable and sound is gonna fall over, we need to do this one thing, and it’s going to cost this amount of dollars, and you’ll authorize them to do that. That does not mean that the executive team is suddenly just going to go in and say we’re going to spend all this money on based on these recommendations. But to get some of these stabilization things going if we’re going to get in line and in the queue, we need to get moving. And we also don’t have a maintenance task force. So the executive team is working on behalf of you as a maintenance task force

Unknown Speaker 18:23
you said so much better.

Speaker 1 18:29
Feeling saucy today because that’s it for maintenance. It will probably be the only maintenance that you do the share. There may be some room for some powder coating or some paint. This is a big one. Right? It’s a good question. From firm here. Museum. If you were to take quail and go west into South neighborhood, there are five components of nature’s way. The biggest and most obvious one are to lease a tree or trees with these lightweight pillars that’s got some weeds on it. There’s a couple of benches that are shaped like leaves. There’s a back there was a bat box before the flood. There’s a flatbed Jack bench wants to honor so our family. I spy which is eyeglass but the stability of one of the pieces is not well it is not well. So it either needs to be placed where it needs to be.

Unknown Speaker 19:33
It’s just from Canada motor park down to what’s that lesson

Speaker 1 19:40
and if anyone is interested in joining the site visit let me know Monday. This upcoming Monday.

Unknown Speaker 19:49
Okay, so this is

Unknown Speaker 19:53
yeah, I just

Speaker 5 19:54
want to make a brief report on the task force with Susan Deniro, the task force having to do with the piece called ultra ultra Museum, the altarpiece that we met with the library director and another library staff member. And evidently, there have been some history of the previous library director saying that they did not want this piece in the library, the new library director is really, really great. And he said, You don’t have to convince me you have. So we have a good place. And we, we have a prominent place, it’s gonna be in the hallway on the first floor, right? When you go to the meeting rooms. There’s a nice kind of indented wall there. And yeah, there it is. In fact, this is a memorial to the two men who died in 1980, at least hands. And it’s, you know, now it’s been 45 years or 44 years since this happened. But you know, it’s still very much present in long run history. So we’re very excited. It’s been in storage, right? Yeah.

Speaker 1 21:03
Same thing holds true with the interpretation, we’ll make sure that it is, there’s plenty of interpretation for folks to learn more about, and grace blue tears, who was the curator of the exhibition, which, from which this was purchased, first of all library.

Speaker 5 21:22
The library director is just so present, very willing to try new stuff, doing new stuff.

Speaker 1 21:29
But it also will be behind Plexiglas because those those flowers a lot of top and bottom are sculptural newspaper. And we don’t want touchy feely people getting excited about it. So there will be an investment there of encapsulating it in Plexiglas, much like that T shirt that they’re probably each, each component will have its own individual case.

Unknown Speaker 21:57
apart, and

Speaker 1 22:00
it’s, it was like newspaper, photocopied version.

Speaker 1 22:11
And interpretations already done. It’s already translated into Spanish. Everything is ready to go. So it should be really quick. All right, other new business.

Speaker 2 22:28
The safety justice building. Demolition is fairly imminent. We have this uptown that needs to move somewhere. And the executive committee was thinking, maybe we should put it out at the recycling center. But wonder if the mount recycle center would accommodate. We just

Unknown Speaker 23:07
they’re destined to

Speaker 2 23:11
place but the thing is, where I can pull.

Speaker 1 23:19
A bigger thing is that this is coming. This is coming down while we have the our handlers while we have the women, right, we’re doing our on the move. I’m taking this up to live, we are not going to be efficient about this. So I think basically, grown this into the art of the move mix is how

Speaker 2 23:36
to negotiate out the most cost.

Speaker 1 23:40
But long term, y’all need to think about where this ends up. I think

Unknown Speaker 23:47
the Recycle Center is a good idea, actually.

Speaker 4 23:52
Permanently keep it in the recycling center, or does that plants have to be okay, so it doesn’t have to be earmarked for art. And I say we put it there and thank you there.

Speaker 2 24:01
It is definitely both. So it is yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
I also think it could go along with environmental science. But I’ve got to propose that we’ve

Unknown Speaker 24:16
read ribbons into it. So it’s like

Speaker 1 24:19
I know common. Yes. So if we may get pushback from our friends at the Recycle Center and some amount of time like, hey, this has been here long enough. We’d like to see something else here. And with that day comes then that day comes in the meantime, this has got to get new goods and utilizing our services that we are already paying for is the responsibility to do so just kind of more as if you all are okay with it. I’m just gonna wrote this right into that.

Speaker 2 24:46
So Angela needs permission to do that from us is slightly to the motion to move the sculpture to

Speaker 3 24:56
the reception and make a motion to Uptown to the recycling sideplates

Unknown Speaker 25:13

Speaker 1 25:20
these sessions Okay, now they’re all on your business and your traffic boxes are being installed on the table it’s monday tuesday eterna yes and Brooke has is nearly complete almost all of the interpretation for that so all of the tour a little bit of info what’s gonna go on QR code that somebody’s been rebuffed those reviews done

Unknown Speaker 26:00
okay. Commissioner pallets

Unknown Speaker 26:05
chance right

Unknown Speaker 26:07
to eat your chocolate from somebody in both

Unknown Speaker 26:20
on favor

Unknown Speaker 26:26
post saying

Speaker 3 26:31
that okay I’ve said that the eyes zero days one says

Speaker 1 26:36
no job at 8:16pm

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