Longmont City Council – Regular Session – March 19, 2024

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Longmont City Council – Regular Session – March 19, 2024

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I would now like to call the march 19 2024. Long that city council regular session to order. The livestream of this meeting can be viewed at the city’s YouTube channel. It can also be viewed at the Longmont public media.org forward slash watch. And Comcast channels eight and eight ad. May we have a roll call please crystal.

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Mayor Peck, present councilmember Chris. Present. Mayor Pro Tem Hidalgo Ferring. Yeah. Councilmember Martin. Here. Councilmember McCoy. Councilmember Rodriguez. Councilmember Yarborough? Mayor, you have a quorum. Thank you. Let’s stand for the pledge.

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pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty.

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As a reminder to the public. The rules for providing public comment are as follows. Each speaker must give their name and address and is limited to three minutes. Only Longmont residents and employees of the city of Longmont may speak during first call public invited to be heard and you must sign up on the list prior to the start of the meeting. Persons wishing to speak on a specific second reading or public hearing item are asked to add their name to the speaker list for that specific item. Prior to the start of the meeting. Anyone may speak and no signup is required to speak during final call public invited to be heard.

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Do we have any agenda revisions to my crystal?

Unknown Speaker 7:26
I think we do. It’s an ordinance.

Unknown Speaker 7:31
2024 Dash 23 It was amended on March 12 2024.

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I’m confused what is that for? Are we to the ordinance was amended. We amended it on March till 2024. So we just made a note under that. Okay, so we don’t need any action on it. No. Okay, thank you. Do any councillors have agenda items they would like to put on future agendas?

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I don’t have an agenda item but I do have an ask of Council. And you have at your seat, which Bob Norris graciously graciously gave us. It is March for childcare which is going to be Saturday, May 18. And I am wondering I would like to move that city council support this and that we have an Bob we’ll talk about it a little bit later.

Unknown Speaker 8:24
And that we support it with $500 from our council contingency fund.

Unknown Speaker 8:32
Okay, thank you. Are there any is there any discussion?

Unknown Speaker 8:37
Seeing none Let’s vote

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I don’t see it. Let’s do a verbal vote. All those in favor say aye. Aye. All those opposed? That passes Thank you, counsel.

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Do we have a city manager’s report Harold?

Unknown Speaker 9:06
No report Mayor Council. I see no special reports and presentations so we’re going to go immediately to first call public invited to be heard remember you have three minutes and we would like your name and address. The first person on the list is Sherry Malloy.

Unknown Speaker 9:32
Sharing Malloy 1632 Sherman way I’m speaking to the Fourth of July event proposed on Martin Street adjacent to protected open space at Dickens farm nature area. You’re being told the safest place to set off the display is the Fire Training Center on Martin I don’t dispute that what I do dispute and others is the very close proximity to Dickens nature area. The issue is where 1000s of spectators will go to watch the fireworks which will be at the dickens people

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Want to get close to where fireworks are launched? Staff intends to install fencing and have three rangers to keep people out of tickets. That’s unrealistic. How can 55 acres with multiple access points be fenced off, the public will be confused and unhappy about why they’re not allowed access to this area like breach and likely breaching the temporary barriers. We have laws and guidelines clearly addressing what is and is not allowed on open space, our municipal code, open space plan wildlife management plan, Dickens farm plan and more. were approved by city council after careful and thorough public input. These say open space lands should not be used for special events should allow only passive low impact recreation, have restricted hours from sunrise to sunset, be non consumptive and prohibit alcohol. The proposed Martin Street Festival and fireworks display with beer garden food trucks staged with large bands, large bands, carnival games violate every basic rule. Even if the festival is moved from Martin to another location and the fireworks kept at the training center. The problem of feet people flocking to and causing harm to the dickens protected open space area to watch remains.

Unknown Speaker 11:11
Over 4 million taxpayer dollars went into Dickens the vegetation has continued to struggle most of the trees have died. st Vrain Creek is a sensitive riparian area 90% of all wildlife depend on riparian areas for survival. It will be impossible to keep people out and prevent harm. From feed dogs tarps wagon strollers bikes trash sparklers groundhog fireworks, like fountains and other fireworks. The overuse will cause damage to an already challenged area and harm wildlife, plastic and other pollutants will get into the creek, Dickens in all our open space areas have value and deserve better.

Unknown Speaker 11:47
With only three months left to plan I mentioned some options. Number one the easiest to keep the event hit foxhill One more year and get it staff and the quanties plenty clients plenty of time to explore better actions to move the whole event to downtown. With their well developed festival template. DDA is very interested. Similar to New Year’s Eve the fireworks and drone could be set off from the memorial building with people watching from Main Street and Roosevelt. Three explored Dry Creek Park 81 Acres is plenty large enough with lots of great viewing. There are four Skloot schools close by with loads of parking and viewing. For explore having quit using having Quayle campus, or Centennial Park is the venues please make a recommendation to direct staff to pursue better options. Thank you. Thank you. Sure. Bob Norris.

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Hi, I’m Bob Norris. 532 writer ridge. And for Councilwoman crest, I’m in your ward.

Unknown Speaker 12:55
So anyway, everybody else knows me.

Unknown Speaker 12:58
Anyway, I kind of changed a little bit about what I said. The reason we started this childcare March is everybody knows somebody or themselves have had trouble getting child could childcare or paying for it. So what we want to do was we want to raise the awareness of this issue of like housing or some other issue. If we do that, then elected people, particularly those and the big building and Boulder, county commissioners would have the authority to help us do something about it. So and then if we raise enough people at the event, that they will know that there’s a lot of people that will back them for so what the march is going to look like eight o’clock, we’ll have some tables. Anybody wants to have the table there. We’re not talking about dinner. And then about 830, quarter to nine. We’ll have some young children, entertaining us. And then we’ll have speakers. We’re gonna live in 45 minutes. Somebody here once volunteered to be a speaker, Congressman.

Unknown Speaker 14:05
Congressman, if you’re getting all in anyway,

Unknown Speaker 14:10
we’ll go for it.

Unknown Speaker 14:12
Anyway, then the speakers and then we’ll come back. We’re not sure whether March is going out because Kaufman Street will meet some. So at the moment, the Early Childhood Council of Boulder County is the primary sponsor. We have 16 others sponsors and now 18. So that’s good. So we’ll hopefully see you there. We hope you’ll share that information. What we’re asking people to do is to share their logos, have them provide information and encourage people to their general Thank you ever so much. You’re welcome. Thank you pop Strider

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Good evening up

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Huh, strike your bench to 951 was 17th.

Unknown Speaker 15:06
The child thing? There’s many aspects of that

Unknown Speaker 15:12
the governor of my home state now

Unknown Speaker 15:16
how can be? Well, whoever it is they’ve they’ve changed some times

Unknown Speaker 15:22
is already actively pushing for child labor in in the South 10 in Arkansas.

Unknown Speaker 15:31
So maybe I don’t know if the main purpose of Jim Crow

Unknown Speaker 15:37
to destroy the democracy in the south the possible democracy was to put the racist against each other. And part of that was to abandon any possibility of workers rights. No unions in the south child labor in North Carolina in 1904. The wages were 58 cents a week.

Unknown Speaker 16:06
And for about an 80 hour week, most children died before they were of age like 15 or 16. And that was the province of plight workers because blacks were not allowed to work in the in the cotton mills. And this is precisely what the game is going on throughout the country. The Trump skirts

Unknown Speaker 16:34
Trump studied Hitler, people don’t know they actually read something in his life. He studied Hitler his entire life, how he took over, you put countries out the countryside against the metropolitan areas. You put the

Unknown Speaker 16:52
the uneducated against university people, you put

Unknown Speaker 16:58
religion against science, you put the past against the future, you can put the cults against democracy you create a dictatorship. And that is exactly what is happening right here. Step by step, started 1947, the mount Pelerin Society to destroy democracy and the economic structure that was beginning to take place. And it Goldwater’s Up campaign was first stop it now it’s gotten down to Trump a complete cult victim figure who has no qualities except for violence and assault and law breaking and all of that. Now Paul Manafort is coming back he served his time in jail after being Trump’s campaign manager. He’s probably killed more rhinoceroses than any other person on the planet, because he used diamond theft and rhinoceroses to put my bow two in power inside here. Wake up and stand up for democracy. It’s the only chance we have

Unknown Speaker 18:10
Lance Whitaker.

Unknown Speaker 18:24
Lance we’re here 1750 Collier St. Louis in Longmont for quite a while. Good thing to be a porcupine nowadays with the politics going on.

Unknown Speaker 18:38
I like to call the sneakers and the Smuckers vallot

Unknown Speaker 18:44
Mainly because we got on one side the sneakers and shake your head. And on the other side we got the smokers the presidential candidate who first time be on a jar jam. How ironic. But anyhow, Today is National backyard day. National Ag Day, National chocolate caramel day. National poultry Day, National Nurses day for all the nurses out there.

Unknown Speaker 19:23
And it’s also 3d Day, which is the third day of the third week of March. So Happy 3d day. And I love you guys’s new

Unknown Speaker 19:40
plaques. They’re much easier to read. Thank you guys have a good day. Thank you Lance, Steve ALTSCHULER.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
Steve ALTSCHULER 1555 Taylor drive

Unknown Speaker 19:59

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Again, I want to give you some more information about how illegals affect our neighborhood.

Unknown Speaker 20:07
This little article here in the paper activist Sue Chicago Mayor over sanctuary status, a coalition of black Democrats in Chicago is taking legal action against the city over damage they claim had been caused by its sanctuary state status. And I’ll skip over a little bit of this.

Unknown Speaker 20:28
One lady had buyer’s remorse after voting for Mayor Brandon Johnston. And she claims preferential treatment towards illegal immigrants over Native Chicagoans.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
That’s the definition of a sanctuary city. You take a person that broke the law getting here, they’re not being punished for that. They’re being arrested for an additional crime. Once they get here. By definition of a sanctuary city, that illegal person is not being turned over to ice. They are being released back into the neighborhood. So right there, you’re getting preferential treatment for an illegal person versus a citizen of that city or state. And of course, we’ve all heard, even in California right now, they’re gonna start giving illegals, no interest, loans for buying a house, they’re gonna start giving them $400 A month towards buying a house, all while we have American citizens and veterans, homeless people living in our streets. This is beyond absurd. And I repeat that I think Longmont City Council should just like Aurora and Lakewood should proclaim ourselves a non sanctuary city. I know that you said that. You never made the city a sanctuary city. But the Governor did. So unless an individual city says hey, we’re not partaking in that you are automatically partaking in that. I’ve heard and other people told me they’ve seen bus loads coming up to 17th in Maine, and dropping off people that are getting picked up in cars and taken places. I think you have a responsibility to protect the citizens of Longmont, both from crime and outrageous expenses of housing illegals and giving free health care. And I would like to add, Shawn, I saw you shaking your head no. Two weeks ago, you said to me should grab Greg Abbott be brought up on charges for aiding and abetting,

Unknown Speaker 22:32
transporting people across the United States across borders. Well, we already have proof now the Joe Biden has done the same thing. He’s flown in over 320,000 people in the dark of night, avoiding our border control and just dropping them off at different airports around the country. So I say to you, shouldn’t he be arrested for illegally transporting people in the United States?

Unknown Speaker 22:58
Thank you, Steve.

Unknown Speaker 23:02
Gary Hodges.

Unknown Speaker 23:08
Good evening, Mayor City Council. I know the last meeting I promised I was going to wrap up my energy series tonight, I’m not going to be able to do that I wasn’t able to prepare my conclusion. So I’m just going to touch on a couple things real quick. In the February city line, there’s this article efficiency work business offering bonus on rebates and talk about efficiency in there. Last week, there was an article in The New York Times titled A new surge in power uses threatening us climate goals,

Unknown Speaker 23:37
that they actually cover some of the things that I’ve been discussing here, but they also talk about efficiency in there. And when you heard the Climate report, two meetings back, they also talked about efficiency.

Unknown Speaker 23:53
There’s a widespread misunderstanding of what efficiency means. And it clearly most people think it means you’re going to get less of something. But it’s it’s not correct. It’s a fundamental economic principle efficiency creates more demand, you end up getting more of what you make more efficient. All you have to do is look at Henry Ford and the assembly line in the car. I mean, that increased efficiency in and it spread like crazy. So efficiency is not a way to reduce anything, it’s going to exacerbate whatever you are making more efficient, you’re going to you’re going to get more of it’s just a fundamental economic truth. Not my opinion. This is just pure economics. There’s a seminal paper on it that I should have printed out and and brought in so with the climate report talking about efficiency, bad input will lead to bad decisions. So I just bringing that up.

Unknown Speaker 24:54
How much time slot

Unknown Speaker 24:56
earlier this week, this our state legislature

Unknown Speaker 25:00
are exempted themselves from our state’s open meetings law?

Unknown Speaker 25:06
I think the article suggested they got tired of being sued. So instead of fixing it, they just decided to exempt themselves from it. And I’m sure you’re not going to do that. No, I’m not sure if that’s even within the power to do that. It’s not what I’m saying. But something I would like to mention and our YouTube channel, the comments are turned off, I would like to request that the city turned the comments on on our YouTube channel so that people that watch it, or watch portions of it, or want to put comments in there that that timestamp, different sections of the meeting, you know, we can we can

Unknown Speaker 25:45
bring more light to what’s going on in these chambers is really a very trivial percentage of the city that attends these meetings or,

Unknown Speaker 25:54
or watches them online. And I just think it’d be really beneficial. I got a feeling I know why you did it, but or why it was done. And maybe it wasn’t this council that did that. But I would strongly advocate it. The comments to on the YouTube channel are turned back on and let’s continue to strive to bring white to our Thank you, Gary.

Unknown Speaker 26:14
Seeing no one else on the list. I’m going to close first call public invited to be heard. And we’re going to move on we do not have anything on the first reading on ordinances. So we’ll move on to the second reading ordinance is on second reading and public hearings on any matter. The first bill is an amendment, which crystal head which was in the very first part of our meeting amend 0.20 I’m sorry, a man 2024 Dash 23 It’s a bill for an administrative ordinance approving the conveyance of parcels of city city on land to the Longmont general improvement district number one, generally located in the 300 block east parking lot. This has to do with actually the parking lot right across the street, where you will see that it is cordoned off with a green barrier. So

Unknown Speaker 27:12
do we have any comments from Council?

Unknown Speaker 27:17
Seeing none, I’ll open up the public hearing on ordinance 2024 Dash 23.

Unknown Speaker 27:25
Anybody in the public would like to address this ordinance.

Unknown Speaker 27:29
Seeing none Let’s vote. I will close.

Unknown Speaker 27:35
First of all I need to close the public hearing part of this ordinance. And the motion has been made by Councillor Rodriguez on 2024 Dash 23 seconded by Councillor Yarborough. Let’s hope

Unknown Speaker 27:58
I still can’t bring mine up.

Unknown Speaker 28:01
screen does not work. No, it’s not working. So can we have a voice vote? All those in favor say aye. Aye. All those opposed? That passes unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 28:15
This is going to be a very short meeting.

Unknown Speaker 28:22
We are now at final call public invited to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 28:26
Do we need a break during this whole meeting?

Unknown Speaker 28:30
A bio break?

Unknown Speaker 28:34
Come on down.

Unknown Speaker 28:37
Yes, please. State your name and address

Unknown Speaker 28:44
Ira Chernus to 719 Denver Avenue.

Unknown Speaker 28:50
I am

Unknown Speaker 28:54
I’m getting up here to express my deep concern as a Jewish American for the suffering of the people in Israel and Gaza. I’m a retired professor of religious studies CU Boulder. I taught about Zionism and Israel for many years. And I’ve wrote and spoke on this subject in local and national forums. So I know quite a bit about it. There have always been Jews, many of them devout Orthodox Jews, who have criticized Zionist and Israeli policies that did not in any way make them anti semitic. So it’s very important that you don’t confuse criticism of Israel and his policies with anti semitism, not the same thing. Since 1980s, important Palestinian leaders have offered to negotiate peace with Israel. All they asked was that Israel allow the Palestinians have the right to form their own independent nation has the same right of self determination. That’s at the heart of Zionism. And there have always been Zionists who wanted their leaders to accept the Palestinians offer of peace negotiations. But sadly, the Israeli leaders have consistently chosen to ignore Arab peacemakers.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
The Israeli leaders claim they care most about Israel security. But history and the current conflict show clearly that rejecting the path of peace makes Israel less secure. I get emotional talking about this because my sister moved to Israel 50 years ago. She has five children and five grandchildren there. I care, certainly about their security. The current wars forced my sister in many in her family to leave their homes. So very painful time for them. And obviously, the longer their government chooses war, rather than allowing a ceasefire that could be the path to peace, the longer my family’s pain and insecurity will go on. Now, why should this matters to Oakland City Council? Well, first because as Americans, we give Israel massive amounts of weaponry that allow it to go on pursuing war and anywhere in the Middle East. may very well get our men and women in uniform dragged into it. Some of them may live here in Longmont. Also, policy change in Washington happens only when elected officials there hear constituents back home demanding change your voice. If you speak out on this issue would be heard loudly across the state it would reach to Washington, where the seeds of a new more even handed policy on the Middle East are beginning to take root. You could nurture those seeds by giving public support for at least a temporary ceasefire. That would be the first step toward peace and security for my loved ones in Israel. Thank you. Thank you, Ira. Is there anyone else that would like to speak at this final call public invited be heard come on up. State your name and address please.

Unknown Speaker 31:48
Good evening members of the Longmont City Council. My name is Giselle Hertzfeld, and I’m a four year resident of Longmont and a lifelong resident of Boulder County, and I’m the great granddaughter of a Jewish victim of the Holocaust. In the 14 days since I last spoke with you the death toll in Gaza has risen to 31,553 13,790 of whom are children and 9100 of whom are women. According to a press release by Oxfam the daily death rate in Gaza is higher than any other major 21st century conflict with the Israeli military killing an average of 250 Palestinians per day. According to that you aren’t un are wa the number of children reported killed in just over four months in Gaza is higher than the number of children killed and four years of wars around the world combined. According to Al Jazeera, approximately 15 people are killed in Gaza, six of whom are children every hour. So if this meeting were to go until 10pm, approximately 75 Palestinians 30 of whom are children would have been killed by the Israeli army during the course of this meeting. I agree that nations have a right to self defense. But Israel’s definition of self defense includes laying siege on a civilian population of 2.3 million people, half of whom are children, imprisoning them within the confines of a 25 mile concentration camp, bombing the vast majority of civilian infrastructure denying the entry of humanitarian aid shooting people who attempt to retrieve what little aid is allowed in if Israel’s definition of self defense includes murdering 13,790 children and babies in 163 days than Israel needs a new definition of self defense. If anyone thinks that this is an acceptable civilian and child casualty rate under the guise of self defense, they need a new definition of self defense. What we are seeing is Hamas being intentionally conflated with all Palestinian people so that the annihilation of Hamas become synonymous with the annihilation of the Palestinian people. This is dangerous and genocidal rhetoric.

Unknown Speaker 33:47
Due to the unprecedented globalization and interconnectedness of the modern world we live in, the delineation between local issues and international issues is blurrier than it has ever been. This is a very much a local issue. While I recognize that Gaza is 6846 miles away from Longmont, I am directly funding this genocide through my tax dollars. Longmont residents, federal taxes contribute $1,435,537 to Israel’s weapons, which could instead be funding 170 households with public housing for a year at a time when far too many people here in our community are houseless or housing insecure. While I recognize that Gaza is 6846 miles away, I have personally video chatted with my friend and Gaza who told me he did not know if he would live or die that night. I suffer from severe depression due to the images and videos I wake up to every day coming out of Gaza. This is a local issue. Your community members are being impacted. We are paying for this through our tax dollars and we want this to end and we hope that you will stand with us in our call for peace. Thank you. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen. Remember that I want your name and address if you don’t want to mention it please give the your address

Unknown Speaker 35:00
As to Crystal, the city clerk at the end of our

Unknown Speaker 35:06

Unknown Speaker 35:08
Thank you. Is there anyone else that would like to address council at final call public invited to be heard?

Unknown Speaker 35:21
Yeah, Stratford minster 951 17th Avenue. Thank you. Is there just so much going on?

Unknown Speaker 35:31
One thing.

Unknown Speaker 35:34
Israel certainly has a right to exist and defend itself. But after the first week or two of counter offensive and stuff, there’s everything has gotten entirely out of hand and cloud side genocidal layer. I agree with the previous speakers in our Congress, Rasheeda Talib, who is the only Palestinian member of Congress was condemned, because she used a phrase in one sentence from the river to the sea. Well, Netanyahu and Israelis have used exactly the same words. Well, you know, and I think she offered an apology because of the implications of that. But she got condemned and censured by Congress. Not for what she said, but because of who she is. Because the attacks on the squad or whatever have always been like that. I mean, defensive weapons, Israel certainly has the right to like the Iron Dome and stuff, but the offensive stuff is becoming genocided at this point, and the game

Unknown Speaker 36:51
the units are game in the UN and the the

Unknown Speaker 36:57
Preventing votes and all that kind of stuff. We have to find a way to get beyond that we have to survive the UN but it’s not really that democratic an organization it was supposed to have been with Eleanor Roosevelt and and of General Smuts and TR de sure Dan, and of various Henry Wallace and people who helped to create the UN. They were thinking about peoples but it got turned in two nations. And it was only what the physical structures of the countries now power structures were. And Vito came in with that. And the veto abolishes democracy, just like the Senate of filibuster rule, abolishes democracy 40% wins everything. Sick. 59% loses everything. I mean, those games, we got to figure out what the heck they’re doing, how they’re doing it. And with the uneducated people.

Unknown Speaker 38:09
That is what the Trump game is to prevent people knowing history, knowing personality, knowing their own lives, don’t you know, the interplay of different cultures and

Unknown Speaker 38:25
education? We got to have some Strider

Unknown Speaker 38:33
Is there anyone else that would like to address this issue? Or

Unknown Speaker 38:38
not this issue but

Unknown Speaker 38:41
any issue? Steve Altshuller 1555 Taylor drive. And kind of like two weeks ago, I’d like to point out that I have 20 family members living in Israel, brother, sister, brother in law sister in law, nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews. My youngest nephew was in the IDF. And he was released a couple of years ago, and October 8, he was called up for service as a reserve. And for the next two or three weeks, he had the unenviable job of going out and picking up dead bodies. Babies with their heads chopped off old women, young women that have been raped multiple times beaten. There was not one person at that festival that had a gun. These asinine terrorists attacked unarmed people just out having fun. And one thing about terrorists like Hamas, they do not wear uniforms. They purposely don’t wear uniforms, so that the IDF and this isn’t just in Israel, but even in Vietnam and other places. They don’t wear a uniform so you can’t tell who the enemy is. So when you’re going out fighting, you don’t know who that person facing you. If it’s a good person or a bad person

Unknown Speaker 40:00
A couple of weeks ago, they spoke about hospitals about two weeks into this war that Israel did not start. But they had to fight back to save their sovereignty. There was a big headline about Israel bombed a hotel, hospital, and 500 people died. And then it turned out that it wasn’t Israel to bomb the hospital. It was Hamas and one of their missiles went astray. And it never even hit the hospital. I hit a parking lot. And they showed the video of the tracking of that missile as proof of where the missile came from, and where it struck. So nobody wants innocent people killed. But Hamas is the group that built tunnels underneath hospitals underneath schools, they hide behind the schools. They don’t they took the hostages, just so that they could use them as human shields. So like I said, nobody wants this war. But the only reason to stop it now is to let Hamas rearm and and get ready to attack again. There was peace on October 6, who broke that piece. It wasn’t Israel. And my family and every Israeli person over there won’t be safe until they can wipe out Hamas. And if Palestinians and other people

Unknown Speaker 41:21
don’t want to be killed by accident, then they can turn over the Hamas people they can rebel against Hamas. And like I said two weeks ago before Israel bombs anything, they dropped millions of flyers saying get out of here we’re about to bomb as Hamas it holds gun to their head says no, you’re not leaving.

Unknown Speaker 41:39
It’s Hamas and other terror groups that are making these innocent civilians. Get a kill Steve. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 41:49
Karina. hajus

Unknown Speaker 41:54
Thank you, Gary Hodges. 2148 Stuart Street so here we are, again.

Unknown Speaker 41:59
geopolitical issues didn’t intend to talk about this tonight. But I guess it’s the game being played so I choose to participate but I’m wondering why we limit ourselves to

Unknown Speaker 42:09
this situation this war this conflict. If we as a city are going to take a stand let’s be big let’s go bold. Let’s let’s take a real stand. So

Unknown Speaker 42:22
until my time runs out, I’m going to just offer Wikipedia I will list ongoing armed conflicts and total casualties today.

Unknown Speaker 42:31
internal conflict in mind Mar 180,000 air all skip that we’re already talking about insurgency and mogra 70,000 war in Sudan up to 15,000 Russian Ukrainian war 180,000 to 200,000.

Unknown Speaker 42:52
Colombian conflict almost half a million people the Afghan conflict one and a half to up to around two and a half plus million people the Somali Civil War 360,000 up to about a million allied democratic forces insurgency the Dr. Congo attacks that’s around 10,500 Communal conflicts in Nigeria 98,300 The Iraqi conflict

Unknown Speaker 43:23
up to one and a quarter million

Unknown Speaker 43:25
insurgency and Chi Burke Hi there. I’m not sure how to pronounce that. 61 and a half 1000 People Kabuki conflict. Another Dr. Congo Rwanda issue. A lot of nasty stuff there. Some of that, is that where are we get our cobalt where the kids drag it out of the mines for our batteries in our cars and phones and 27,000 people Mexican Drug War 357,000 400,000 Sudanese nomadic conflict 380 888,000 to 400,000 Boko Haram insurgency This one’s particularly nasty, especially if you’re a Christian 373,000.

Unknown Speaker 44:07
Down there’s a real long one Syrian civil war with a lot of subheadings. Suffice to say up to 660,000. That’s the second page. There’s several pages you can go to Wikipedia if you want. There’s a lot of wars in the world. I mean, it’s really disturbing. It’s very sad. And again, let’s not limit ourselves to Israel and Hamas. I mean, let’s go big. Let’s do a proclamation for all of these in demand ceasefires across the board. Yemeni Civil War. 380,000 Anglophone crisis is the only only 7000 That’s in Cameroon and Nigeria.

Unknown Speaker 44:39
Ethiopian civil conflict, I feel like I’ve already said that, but here it is, again, up to 600,000. gang war in Haiti that’s in the news these days. I mean, that is nasty stuff. The Clinton Foundation I’m sure we’ll resolve that soon. 3700 3700 people dead in that Kurdish separation in Iran. We have

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Up to 58. Okay, I’m sorry, there’s many more. Thank you, Gary.

Unknown Speaker 45:07
Thank you have a couple of minutes to see if anybody else would like to speak.

Unknown Speaker 45:12

Unknown Speaker 45:22
mayor and council Lance Whitaker 1750 Collier Street. As you can see 75 to 76% of the population today disagree with the ballot that were being given.

Unknown Speaker 45:40
That’s why I called this makers smokers

Unknown Speaker 45:44

Unknown Speaker 45:48
Three out of four dentists disapprove the campaign. And

Unknown Speaker 45:54
yeah, we can call it spring is sprung. So on a happier note, spring time is here, officially in 10 minutes. Thank you. You have a good day. Thank you. Let’s

Unknown Speaker 46:13
see, seeing no one else. I’m gonna close final call public invited to be heard. And move on to Marin Council comments. Any comments from our council? Councillor Rodriguez?

Unknown Speaker 46:27
Oh, thank you my back the precession, this guy got canceled. It was where I was going to bring this up. But at our coffee with council on Saturday that Councilmember Chris and I

Unknown Speaker 46:38
participated in, there was a constituent who is talking about a newly implemented program in the city of Detroit, which aims to keep the canopy of the health, the canopy of the city healthy. And so that

Unknown Speaker 46:54
program involves elderly members and members of the community that have private trees on their properties, that who may not be able to financially maintain those trees and save those trees.

Unknown Speaker 47:10
Because if anybody has had an arborist to their home recently, it’s not cheap. And so it’s something that I want to suggest that we maybe take a look at as a city council at a future time. And I’d rather talk about it again at like a pre session before I am ready to make a motion on it. But I just wanted to bring that to the council’s attention, that I thought it was a very substantive proposal brought by one of our constituents that we should consider. So thank you. Thank you. That’s interesting, especially since we did have a resident bring that up to us. At one of our public invited to be heard, how expensive it was.

Unknown Speaker 47:51
Is there anyone else that

Unknown Speaker 47:53
seeing no one? I would turn this over to the city manager? Any remarks? No comments? Mayor, Council? City Attorney? Eugene?

Unknown Speaker 48:04
No comments, Mayor. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 48:08
Can I have a motion to adjourn?

Unknown Speaker 48:11
Oh, you did? I didn’t hear. Okay, so that’s been Moved by Councillor McCoy seconded by Councillor Martin that we adjourn. All those in favor say aye. Aye. All those opposed? Don’t say no to Aaron.

Unknown Speaker 48:25
Thank you. We are adjourned.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai