Museum Advisory Board – February 2024

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Museum Advisory Board – February 2024

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Speaker 1 0:01
For for a one on one one thing I returned, as yes it says call the meeting order. appreciate everybody. Today. So good to have a quorum says everybody, this is us except for Callie, the chair. Recruiting

Unknown Speaker 0:27
what? Three more?

Speaker 1 0:29
Three? Yes. April in a row, I think like this. So we want to remember to check our own circles and see if there’s any, as I mentioned last week, see if there’s any buddy that you think would make a board member for the music public invited to be heard anybody have anything to say? Sheila? No. She’s a republic. We missed you last week. On your somewhere I can’t remember. Was an Eric I think was his name. Yeah. Yeah. Everybody have a chance to look at the minutes. And as usual, expertly, done. Move. Anybody want to make a motion to accept the minutes on a second? Where’s my view? All in favor? Aye. Anybody opposed? Imposed you?

Speaker 1 1:57
Know, sessions this month, which will make somebody by the name of Mark. Think he’s a volunteer?

Unknown Speaker 2:06
Oh, yes. Mark is

Speaker 1 2:10
volunteer reception. And he said, you always have to approve. Because he keeps I don’t know he does, like catalogs or something like Yeah. Do you ever reject anything that

Speaker 2 2:27
we do? We have a lot that you don’t you don’t ever see things for us that don’t relate to online at all.

Unknown Speaker 2:37
Anyway, Mark, we have made this

Speaker 2 2:41
but yeah, when we were doing the transition, we got pretty far backlog. Cataloging mark is video.

Speaker 1 2:55
Alright, so let’s go into our reports. And the first one is to record a live

Speaker 2 3:01
there are so few highlights. If you haven’t taken a look at our windows, the Stewart family courtyard is in process. Well, there’s all kinds of dirt being moved right now. If you were here earlier in the day, you might have felt the building shake a little bit because they’ve been doing a lot of compacting of the soils in order to give us a nice flat courtyard with a great drainage and much more usable facility for more than a year. Sorry about that. As you can see, they totally dismantle all of the the old pavilion that was there and there’s a big hole in the ground where the new performance will be. We are right now I think the latest completion date is somewhere mid May that’s already shifted a couple weeks as they’ve had some snow to deal with. We are now planning on using the grassy area this summer is to give it a chance to root down and get fully established. We’ll be opening this fall

Unknown Speaker 4:25
so you only have a certain square this

Speaker 2 4:27
summer concerts will be out in parks around the city for free. Let people know Hey, which ports don’t think Justin has chosen them yet. Kinomoto Park was one that was like a good possibility is working with the folks in parks to find ones that have the right sort of infrastructure for a big crowd. Reach be announcing those in a couple of weeks. I will also mention under administration that we’re starting to work on a code of ethics for museums. So this is something you’ll see coming back to you in a couple of months. It’s one of the kind of standard documents that museums should have. According to the American Alliance of Museums, we’ve never had one. So we’re gonna start the process and then bring it to you all for further discussion.

Unknown Speaker 5:37
Guess the bribery is we’ll have to stop that.

Speaker 2 5:39
That is one of the elements is you know, Bruce, picture will be

Unknown Speaker 5:48
Public Enemy.

Speaker 2 5:52
Exhibits we have Jerry Thompson here with us our accouter exhibit. So if you have any questions about any of the elements of your exhibits, ask him.

Speaker 2 6:08
Like, we have already opened Registration for summer camp seems hard to believe under Education. Before we know it, we will have our summer camps. They’re going to be using a fenced in area out in front of the museum’s summer as the courtyard gets established. But we’re still gonna have a full array of our regular summer camps. And a lot of them this year will be taught by museum staff, we’ve hired some additional staff. So rather than contracting out our camps, which is basically no net gain to our bottom line, we’re able to bring in staff and so we’ll actually make some money on our on our camps this year.

Unknown Speaker 7:02
So you and Joanne will be teaching.

Speaker 2 7:08
Some great new folks, Henry Anderson, Julie Benoit, our new staff. Sort of. So Ann and Lee are, what the city calls permanent or benefited staff. And then Henry and Julie are both part time non benefit. So you bring them on, as needed for classes, and so forth. And so there’ll be pretty much full time in the summer months.

Speaker 2 7:46
skip on down to our public places, I wanted to give you all a heads up, because this is one of those things that you never know, it may pass completely under the radar, or it may become a big issue. So the Safety and Justice Center, which is basically at third and Kimbark Street, was built in 1993 and is undergoing a massive renovation. They actually, when they did an assessment a couple of years ago, there’s sort of front Rotunda on that and they said this is just about to fail. So there’s major work that that building will be undergoing. And unfortunately, there is a very large mosaic mural that is mounted are basically integral to the clock tower on that safety, justice building and the clock tower is coming down and unfortunately it cannot salvage the mural. So that has been the exception by the art in public places Commission. They will be putting in the new artwork conclusion of the project. But sadly, one of the first pieces of public art in the cities are going to have to be removed that they looked at really hard. Is there any way to salvage it? And because it is basically integral to the building as it stands now, there’s no way for it to be salvage. So you know, certainly something we will be working with the city’s communications team to let folks know about it. We don’t want this to be swept under the rug or anything but certainly something that could come up if anyone does have any questions, feel free to refer them to myself or to Angela Braille or other places. Administrator.

Speaker 1 9:47
I would assume that somebody will be taking some photographs.

Speaker 2 9:54
It will be very well documented. We’ve reached out to the Artists, let them know, they actually have the right if they wanted to try to salvage it on their own, and they have not responded. So multiple attempts by multiple channels have not been able to get a response. Whereas if you walk into the front doors of the Safety and Justice building your walk versus on the inside, it’s basically right at the front. But it is kind of enclosed. There’s a big arc of sort of concrete ribs that come out of the building, and it is inside those ribs. So if you’re just standing, looking at the building, it’s easy to miss. But as you kind of walk up to the front of it, you’ll see there’s a mural, which right below the o’clock that hasn’t worked for many years and will be coming down as part of the whole project. I want you all to be aware of that since it is something that there could be public concern over.

Speaker 1 11:16
I’ll probably be at least one letter to the newspaper leaves

Unknown Speaker 11:24
are they expanding the building or they just

Speaker 2 11:27
mostly renovation, but some expansion as I understand having a jail cell was? So I mean, there’s a lot more cops and public safety. And when the building was built in 1993 So we need more space public safety Yeah, just talking about the the exception of

Speaker 3 11:52
the artwork. Oh, talking about that the building needs to accommodate more autoclaves

Speaker 4 12:02
there’s some of that but a lot of foundations of the building was in bad I’ve been in the public safety looking and just the foundation the the cracks, like key parts are like if you have a supporting beam, and you look along the floor, where concrete with the rug, it’s just all sounds

Unknown Speaker 12:31
like we’re always constructive.

Unknown Speaker 12:32
Yeah, like the citizen center. Yeah. Carry a lot of weight. So like some of the public art public places. There they put in anything too heavy and crashed. So lightweight, lightweight, lightweight.

Speaker 2 12:58
The new whatever new artwork, much lighter.

Speaker 2 13:11
Moving on Saturday, June 22. Mark your calendars for a fundraiser at the museum. It is called Touch of Trump. We are going to be working with a number of different city departments. They’re very excited to be here, show off some of their cool pieces of equipment. And we will be selling tickets or families and anyone who wants to come in you can actually come in and sit in a city garbage truck, City Fire trucks, public works, trucks, parks, trucks, all kinds of things. So work worked out. We will be filling the museum watch with all of these vehicles and then parking folks in the rec center lot and probably have shuttles from the Innovation Center down the road to be a very popular event. And I already mentioned stats on our visitor services, finance, marketing and then under volunteers and evaluation coordination and trade volunteer appreciation for Valentine’s Day event. Last week as we were able to be here appreciate coming out to meet up with other volunteers and see what what folks are doing for the museum.

Speaker 1 14:47
And more and more about online through no god yeah. Trivia to me and fortunately is a team effort.

Unknown Speaker 15:07
Any questions on the directors report

Speaker 1 15:15
or the chair I don’t think Kelly got anything that she wanted to bring forward unfinished business was looking through the letterbox I don’t think there’s anything that we carry for the vision statement was approved last month new business

Speaker 2 15:44
need to designate the official posting places dates and times of the museum advisory randomized me is here at the museum Civic Center on online. Correct.

Speaker 5 15:55
And just we should have done this last month but your secretary so in the end, just designate that your meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month 4:30pm at the long runs. So if anyone wants that motion anybody like to move on second

Speaker 1 16:29
I’ve moved and seconded Yes. Okay. That was our meeting times will be posted online at the Civic Center and here everybody agree with that say aye. Aye. position on IT person many more places. Okay, the motion passes. Any more comments about any topics?

Unknown Speaker 17:08
Know usually when Eric is

Speaker 1 17:19
one, I’m sure I apologize for that. They’re always good comments. makes us think about some things. Appreciate those.

Unknown Speaker 17:30
I liked them. When did they slow construction

Unknown Speaker 17:36
mid January budget or pre press project

Speaker 2 17:50
they do quite a lot already.

Speaker 3 17:58
Vocally, when it snows or rains, the water won’t back up into the museum.

Speaker 2 18:13
And whilst it’s within that particular problem, but certainly the swamp that that central area the courtyard becomes not great for any kind of event, so it must be regrading. So they’re actually going to put all of the drainage underground. Downspouts all go basically onto the app on what was a grassy area, just pipe it directly into underground pipes. And then what happened kind of a grassy area closest to the museum will become hardscapes. So it will be much flatter, much used for a longer period of time. Since we don’t have to deal with weather conditions. Anything else?

Unknown Speaker 19:18
How’s the capital campaign?

Speaker 2 19:21
We are at 85% of our goal. We have January’s kind of a quiet period for the campaign. We’re actually just this week with our capital campaign committee. So our two big fundraisers this year one will be the touch a truck event and then the other on September 7 for the gala that will hopefully wrap up the campaign. Megan also just sent in well Got her to the fetcher foundation in Denver. That’s kind of the first step of a multi step process to apply for a grant Batcher. And then we’re planning a couple of smaller events, farm to table dinner at Olin farms, as a fundraiser, and probably an event here at the museum that may be similar. If any of you came to the walk through event back in November, where we’re touring you through where the expansion will be on now, I got an opportunity to show folks, you know, here’s, here’s the first phase, and also look at offices, which are now completed into. So those those will be kind of some of the fundraiser events are continuing to contact folks reach out. We’ll be doing that. Until hopefully, we finish the campaign off.

Unknown Speaker 21:08
And what’s the date of

Unknown Speaker 21:10
September 7?

Unknown Speaker 21:16
Oh, that’s great. Yeah,

Speaker 2 21:20
I’ve had great support. In fact, our consultants, prismatic consulting, laid out what they thought we could get from individuals, corporate foundations, they thought we can get about 100,000 from individuals, and we’ve already well surpassed for that. support from the community.

Unknown Speaker 21:49
Just as a reminder, I

Unknown Speaker 21:50
remember a former our former board member Dale

Speaker 1 21:53
had suggested and encouraged it would be in because probably already has occurred to the good at each board member contributed something. There’s no minimum or maximum. And it’s I know, from my experience in the healthcare industry, it’s always good to be able to say, when people ask, you know, how’s your board or is someone you’re able to see? Oh, yeah, we have 100% have contributed. So we’re not expecting hundreds of 1000s from the board.

Speaker 2 22:38
But the foundation would not be rejected. Absolutely. They ask is has 100% of your board contributed pin. So it’s very helpful

Unknown Speaker 22:49
for states to

Speaker 1 22:55
does anybody have anything else they would like to bring up? Before we move to adjourn is moving into our feature presentation this evening. And somebody likes to namely adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 23:10
I move that we adjourn.

Speaker 1 23:18
I can see I have 450. Right now we have I’m sure it’d be an interesting presentation buyer. Jared. I’m having gone through several of the exhibits since I’ve been on the board. They’re all amazing.

Unknown Speaker 23:38
They get so creative. And I’m sure it just happens through the process and I’ll show you some of behind the scenes

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