Longmont City Council – Regular Session – November 28, 2023

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Longmont City Council – Regular Session – November 28, 2023

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28th 2023 Longmont City Council regular session to order councilmember Martin is requesting to participate remotely in meetings, possibly through the end of the year. To do that we must vote to permit her to do so. Would anyone on council like to make a motion to allow councilmember Martin to participate remotely in city council meetings tonight and through the remainder of the year if necessary, under this is through council rules of procedure 25.2 A two

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know where you’re following the rule. So I do need a motion. So moved. Second. Okay. Councillor Hidalgo. fairing moved the motion and it was seconded by Councillor Yarbro. All those in favor? Let’s raise our hands or voice aye.

Unknown Speaker 7:08
All those opposed.

Unknown Speaker 7:11
And that past five, to nothing with councillors. McCoy and Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez absent.

Unknown Speaker 7:24
I’d also like to announce the following our votes tonight the results are not going to be displayed because it’s broken. So for tonight’s meeting, we’re going to be voting electronically and keeping with councils Rules of Procedure, and I will announce the result of every vote. We’re working with our vendor to get the display fixed and hope to have it working again for the next council meeting. I do have a question Don. If it is broken, how can we be voting electronically? Should we just should vote by hand okay, or roll call vote. That’s what I thought I will still do them in the system so that it’s captured. Okay, the extent I can keep up, sounds good to me. So, this live stream this meeting will be live streamed at the city’s YouTube channel also with Longmont public media at long public media.org forward slash watch or on Comcast channels eight and ate ad. Can we have a roll call please don

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Mayor Peck, present councilmember Duggal Ferring. Councilmember Martin

Unknown Speaker 8:31
Here. Councilmember McCoy absent council or Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez absent councilmember Yarborough Here. Councilmember waters there you have a quorum Thank you stand for the pledge.

Unknown Speaker 9:04
The rules for providing public comment are as follows each speaker must give their name and address and is limited to three minutes. Only Longmont residents and employees of the city of Longmont may speak during the first call public invited to be heard, and you must sign up on the list prior to the start of the meeting. Persons wishing to speak speak on a specific second reading or public hearing item or asked to add their name to the speaker list for that specific item prior to the start of the meeting. But anyone can speak and no signup is required to speak during final call public invited to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 9:40
We are now at approval of minutes. Can I have a motion for the November 14 2023 minutes

Unknown Speaker 9:49
been Moved by Councillor waters seconded by Councillor Yarborough. All those in favor? Aye. All those opposed? So that passes

Unknown Speaker 10:00
is five to nothing with councillors, Councillor McCoy and Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez absent.

Unknown Speaker 10:09
Do we have any agenda revisions or submissions of documents done? I do not mayor. And do any of the councillors have want to give directions to the city manager to add agenda items to future minutes agendas?

Unknown Speaker 10:24
I don’t see Councillor Martin raising her hand. So

Unknown Speaker 10:29
are there any motions from Council? I’m sorry. We are now at the city manager’s report. No comments Mayor Council.

Unknown Speaker 10:39
No special reports their presentation so we’re at first call public invited to be heard. The first person on the list is Brandon James Miller. And remember, you have three minutes and give your name and address.

Unknown Speaker 10:55
Give me just a moment so I can bring up his presentation and make sure that Marsha can see it

Unknown Speaker 11:15
I see it Sandy. Thank you very much, Councilmember Martin.

Unknown Speaker 11:23

Unknown Speaker 11:31
Good evening. My name is Brenda James Miller. And I am the Chief Executive Officer charity pictures. And today, I would like to introduce something to the city but before my address when a three four main street I’m a new Longmont citizen. Today, I would like to ask question,

Unknown Speaker 11:51
if I told you that city tax derivatives could be increased without increasing taxes or without increasing the price index? Would you believe me? If I told you that the answer is here in this formula, this economical formula? Would you still believe me? As you can see here, the city’s tax sales tax has many derivatives 3.53% fuel tax, a special sales tax. Even the largest tax has an additional 2% excise tax. All of these, as you can see are correlated to what the consumers ability to spend. And in accordance with a JCR

Unknown Speaker 12:35
people who have increased frequencies in their payment, they often increase their expenditures. This is associated with consumer trends. And as you can see, Forbes advisor best to 2023 stipulates that these people spend 1/3 of their money on debt 1/3 of their money on investments, and the other third on fun, which pertains to long months, majority of commercial district representation. On the third slide, you can see that with this law, it’s basically share the wealth. And this law mandates that all businesses after cost of goods sold, share 1/5 of the profits to their employees that make up the payroll. As you can see, from here, these numbers are based on Colorado’s average salary and the bonuses on a monthly basis. This is $6,000. These are facts. People who have this increased money 1/3 You can see from the $8 million increase is from that money being spent on those fun items, you can see the additional the investment in retirement 66% accumulate to a double derivative. This isn’t including all the taxes, this is just including the sales tax, the Boulder County tax, and a little bit of the additional so you can see the varying residuals, that last year is 2022 representation of the city’s tax was 35 million. And you can see here not including everything, all of the city’s tax residuals, you can see a double derivative in the very first month, most of these people, they will be paid, and they spent when they spend. This causes a stimulus a frenzy. And these people they buy twice as much three times as much. So I’m asking the city to adopt this ordinance initiative share the wealth. I’m asking this for the betterment of the community. This pertains to my universal libertarian human rights life project. And at the end of the day, it creates wealth for the community members

Unknown Speaker 14:39
in the long run, thank you so much. Thank you, Brandon. That is all. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 14:44
Lance Whitaker.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
mayor and city council. My name is Lance wicker 1750 Call your street on lock Colorado resident for about 45 years now. It was a lot to digest in three minutes.

Unknown Speaker 15:17
Today is National

Unknown Speaker 15:20
waffle Day, National Red Planet day and national Giving Day, which gives me an opportunity to ask who’s taking me to the Waffle House. So we’ve got Mars. But anyhow, you guys have a good day and thanks for your service to Him. Thank you. You have a good day. Thank you Lance Matt Eldred.

Unknown Speaker 15:53
Good evening Matt Eldridge. 318 Carter lane.

Unknown Speaker 15:58
I’m here tonight in the season of being thankful to just thank you all on city council for your public service and what you do for this community. Thank you for the countless hours that you put in Tim waters tonight. I truly want to recognize him as a public servant. Tim has served more than 23 years as an educational leader, and more than five years as the Longmont city council member. He’s been leading an advocate he’s been a leading advocate for children and families and has convened Longmont residents on other important issues such as housing, economic development, environmental protection, and workforce preparation, and thus providing invaluable services to all the citizens of Longmont.

Unknown Speaker 16:39
He has done this all while sustaining a more than 50 year marriage with his wife Janie, which may be more of a testament to her than him.

Unknown Speaker 16:47
Tim has been driven more by evidence than by ideology. He has spent countless hours gathering data listening to the citizens of Longmont in order to make informed decisions. He has been more interested in entertaining new ideas than worrying about who would get the credit for those ideas. He has been transparent on his stand on issues and on how he arrived at his conclusions. He has always been accountable for his decisions, his statements and his actions. We the citizens of Longmont. Oh, Tim a deep amount of gratitude for his service and to this community. Thank you all. But tonight Thank you, Tim for your service.

Unknown Speaker 17:24
Thank you, Matt. That was very kind. Polly Christensen.

Unknown Speaker 17:34
Polly Christensen for 10 minutes in St. Longmont, Colorado. Good evening, mayor and council members.

Unknown Speaker 17:44
Tonight you will decide by resolution whether or not to approve five economic development contracts every year. These are approved by resolution with no opportunity for a public hearing.

Unknown Speaker 17:57
Latino Chamber and older or small business development are both wonderful organizations and should certainly be approved. No citizen ever voted to turn long months economic development over to a non governmental entity, financed with public funds from the city, the county and public, Platte River Power Authority, and increasingly on a pay to play basis by the businesses who appoint each other to be voting members of long run Economic Development Partnership. The board appoints the director of the board appoints each other. Increasingly this group interferes with and seeks to serve. City Council’s policymaking and ordinances it colluded to undermine the inclusionary housing ordinance and the rebounding of Metro districts as shown by the Garretson and Belmont open records requests which are still available for free is currently busy with more housing policy initiatives. while neglecting to create truly economic stability and prosperity for the average long months resident. It is time to bring long months economic development back in house where it belongs. Thank you. Thank you, Polly. Stand tall

Unknown Speaker 19:24
Thank you, counsel. My name is Stan Cole 2001 tarry

Unknown Speaker 19:32
reason i. I’ve been coming up and I’ve been talking a little bit about

Unknown Speaker 19:38
urging the city council to become woke about traffic issues. That means being educated and aware of some of the issues.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
One of the things that just happened one of my extended family members was severely injured in a traffic

Unknown Speaker 20:00
accident in the last few weeks.

Unknown Speaker 20:04
She’s still in the hospital with broken hips and they had the extractor with a

Unknown Speaker 20:12
you know, those rescue devices?

Unknown Speaker 20:18
This was an avoidable accident. It was basically just a stop sign.

Unknown Speaker 20:25
And no thought was made that what if somebody didn’t see that sign?

Unknown Speaker 20:31

Unknown Speaker 20:33
I almost had the same issue. I was driving on Alpine. And somebody, I don’t know if they just ignored it or didn’t see it. They just came down and just, you know, luckily, I saw him coming down and I turned into the other lane. And they luckily they weren’t,

Unknown Speaker 20:55
you know, like going off into the baseball field. And but it’s same thing.

Unknown Speaker 21:04
Really, I think the city should if we want to reduce the accidents and the deaths in this town, I guess we don’t miss the people that are dead, do we.

Unknown Speaker 21:17
But I mentioned roundabouts, a town that adopted that and reduced their, you know, by 90% their intersection deaths. And what’s interesting is that there are people who know how to do it. Now I said I was on Terry street, they put a stop sign just a little south of there. And they did it right. They put this put a island out there they put the stop, sign out their work be seen.

Unknown Speaker 21:52
And they’re doing that some places on schools, other places, stop signs or put on the other side of the sidewalk in the bushes.

Unknown Speaker 22:01
And it’s not just the stop signs. It’s like, like

Unknown Speaker 22:09
Brilli, the policy and the awareness. I’ll use the term woke, be educated, be aware and demand that because there’s people because I see it.

Unknown Speaker 22:24
At Terry, there are people that know how to do this right. Okay, thank you. Thank you, Stan. Seeing no one else on the list. I am going to close first call public invited to be heard. We are now at item number nine which is the consent and a consent agenda and introduction to reading by title at first reading ordinances of Dawn Would you mind reading the consent agenda into the record? Absolutely. Mayor the ordinances on consent tonight will be on second reading and public hearing on Tuesday December 12. Nine A is ordinance 2023 Dash 67. A bill for an ordinance making additional appropriations for expenses and liabilities of the city of Longmont for the fiscal year beginning January 1 2023. Item nine B is ordinance 2023 Dash 68. A bill for an ordinance amending section 3.0 4.885 of Longmont Municipal Code adopting an amendment to the employee contribution requirement of the city of Longmont. General employees retirement plan. Nine C is approved 11 Capital Improvement Program amendments. 90 is except for capital improvement program program amendments approved by the city manager. 90 is approved funding transportation services for Longmont Housing Authority C or senior residents. Nine F one is resolution 2023 Dash 98 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving an agreement for economic development services with the Colorado Enterprise Fund. Nine F two is resolution 2023 Dash 99 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving an agreement for economic development services with the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Boulder County. Nine F three is resolution 2023 Dash 100 a resolution of Longmont City Council approving an agreement for economic development services with the boulder Small Business Development Center. Nine F four is resolution 2023 Dash 101 resolution of Longmont City Council approving the agreement for economic development services with visit Longmont nine F five is resolution 2023 Dash 102 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving an agreement for economic development services with the Longmont Economic Development Partnership.

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Thank you Dawn do councillors any councillors want to pull any items off of the consent agenda?

Unknown Speaker 24:36
I am going to pull nine I’m sorry nine F five.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
And with that, I’ll move the consent agenda minus nine F five

Unknown Speaker 24:49
It’s been seconded by Councillor Hidalgo fairing Let’s vote all those in favor of moving the consent agenda. please say aye. Aye. All those opposed. So that passes

Unknown Speaker 25:00
is five to zero. With Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez and Councillor McCoy absent Mayor just for the record. Could we get councilmember Martin?

Unknown Speaker 25:10
Oh, I don’t know that I read her vote. Okay. I’m sorry. Councillor Martin.

Unknown Speaker 25:18
Councillor Martin, did you move to vote to move the consent agenda?

Unknown Speaker 25:27
Well, I guess that has

Unknown Speaker 25:30
that passed for 204 to one.

Unknown Speaker 25:39
Their shoes, did you vote to pass the consent agenda?

Unknown Speaker 25:44
You. We couldn’t hear you. I’m sorry. No, barely.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
The first time we could not Marsha. So thank you for popping in. I wanted to ask you if I was on it. If you’re hearing me on a on a delay.

Unknown Speaker 26:00
Or you were just muted before when she was asking as soon as you unmuted we could hear you. Okay, I use the spacebar. Apparently it’s not working as a temporary unmute. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 26:12
So the first, the first motion passed

Unknown Speaker 26:18
five to zero.

Unknown Speaker 26:21
All right. We are now on ordinances on second reading and public hearing on any matter. The first one is zero 2023 Dash 60. It’s a bill for an ordinance amending section 15.0 5.220 of the Longmont municipal code on inclusionary housing. And we have Maliau Donald here for staff presentation.

Unknown Speaker 26:52
Marsha, can you see that?

Unknown Speaker 26:55
I can. Great.

Unknown Speaker 27:04
Mayor and members of Council. Thank you for your time this evening, Molly O’Donnell, housing director for the city. I’m going to give a brief update here. But you have seen the first couple of slides here. So this is just a review of last time

Unknown Speaker 27:19
summary of the code changes that we are proposing for the inclusionary housing program.

Unknown Speaker 27:27
Too fast. Here is the summary of our fee and lieu update, which we’ve talked about. But I can always give those numbers again, if needed. And then this is the new information tonight. So we got some guidance from counsel on November 14, which was the second reading of this ordinance to come up with some ways to accommodate certain projects that had made it up to certain points in our development review committee process. So what staff proposes tonight, and what is shown in your in your ordinance for consideration is that the fee in lieu increase would be effective December 11 2023. So that’s the standard 10 days after the noticing in the newspaper of the ordinance. And then, if however, a development satisfies two conditions, then the 2018 fee in lieu rate could apply to those developments. The two conditions are that the application for the final site plat site plan PUD plan, overall development plan or other similar planning approval. So those are the thresholds listed and code has been accepted as complete by city staff by December 11. And that application then receives final approval by December 31 2024. So if you meet both of those conditions, then the 2018 fee in lieu rate could apply. If you don’t meet either of those conditions, only one of them, then the the new fee and lieu rate would apply. And then here’s our summary of the direction already given to plan for future implementation years. So it’s more predictable. And the timeline is set with notifications to developments in review.

Unknown Speaker 29:12
So if there’s any questions I’m gonna posit on this slide.

Unknown Speaker 29:16
Do councillors have any questions on this? Presentation?

Unknown Speaker 29:21
No. See no one in the queue. I’m going to open the public hearing on 2020 I’m sorry, zero 2023 Dash 60. And we do have three people signed up. Oh my gosh. I’m sorry. What?

Unknown Speaker 29:37
I don’t see her. Hang on one second. I don’t have her on here.

Unknown Speaker 29:45
I’m confused. Hang on there. She is there. Marsha. Did you have a comment on this? No.

Unknown Speaker 29:54
Thank you. But we do have three people signed up to comment on this

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Is Lucien Carl Ruby ribbon?

Unknown Speaker 30:06
Carl ribbing Ruby.

Unknown Speaker 30:11
I’m sorry, I didn’t sign up for that. I did sign up for something else.

Unknown Speaker 30:19
Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 30:21
Just let me know what you signed up for later. So we’ll make sure we don’t miss you. Caitlin quandra quandre.

Unknown Speaker 30:36
Good evening Mayor, Members of Council Caitlin quandre. I am legal counsel for mgL partners and Rockefeller group. And my comments tonight are quite short. They are to say thank you, thank you to this body. And thank you to city staff for hearing the concerns that we raised around the timing and the implications that had for projects in the pipeline, and particularly the projects at second and Martin and for mountain Brook. And appreciate the adjustments made to the ordinance to allow those projects which are far along in the process. We feel quite comfortable with the December and year date that they would be able to proceed and deliver more housing for this community, particularly the mountain Brook project to deliver a kind of that workforce housing at 80%. Ami. So thank you and we ask that you vote in favor this evening. Thank you Caitlin. Greg glade.

Unknown Speaker 31:44
Good evening, mayor and council members, Greg Glade, NGO partners 1936, West 33rd, Denver, Colorado. Again, I just really want to say thank you. As I’ve stated here, on multiple occasions, we are partners proudly with the Longmont Housing Authority. We’ve been beneficiaries of the fee in lieu in the projects that we have ongoing. And we’re very supportive of the concept. But I really would like to thank staff and also counsel for the time, the focus and also the reasonable approach you took in amending this. We think it’s fair and reasonable and we look forward to developing in Longmont over the years to come. Thank you very much. Thank you, Greg.

Unknown Speaker 32:30
Seeing no one else on the list, I’ll open up to the public. Is there anybody in the public that would like to comment on this resolution?

Unknown Speaker 32:39
Okay, come on down.

Unknown Speaker 32:41
State your name for us and who you’re with

Unknown Speaker 32:47
giving members of council. My name is Alison l terrorists. I’m a land use attorney without and Johnson 950 17 Street sweet 1600 Denver, Colorado 80202. I’m here tonight to speak on behalf of the Dinnerstein companies, which is another multifamily community developer who’s got a project pending in Longmont first to speak in support of the revised ordinance that you’re adopting tonight, and also to draw Council’s attention to sort of an ongoing issue within the city and with respect to delays for projects that their project and a couple of others are experiencing. And that relates to the flood paint currently pending floodplain mapping processes that are in place or that are being undergone by both the state and the federal governments. So first, I just want to express on behalf of TDC that they are supportive of the revised ordinance appreciate council’s consideration of it.

Unknown Speaker 33:39
By way of a bit of additional background here after the 2013 floods, the Colorado Water Conservation Board initiated a program to remap the 100 year flood plains and a lot of the affected waterways. And as a result of that process, FEMA has to take maps that the state proposes ultimately adopt them, and then finally approve the city’s letter of map revisions which are currently pending. And this all takes quite a bit of time. TDC is project has gotten sort of caught up and delayed in the course of all of all of that process and continues to be delayed. And so what I’m here tonight, das council to consider and for staff to consider going forward is for projects that are continued to be held up as a result of just that those processes that the fee in lieu increase be continued to be delayed for them, assuming that they get approval by the city by the end of next year in accordance with the timeline that you’re considering tonight, that they continue to be able to pay the current fee in lieu that’s in place.

Unknown Speaker 34:37
Until basically the state and federal government processes are completed. So we just wanted to raise that issue for council. We’re not even really making a specific request tonight in terms of additional changes to the ordinance. But just asking the city to kind of acknowledge that there are a couple of projects tDCS some city projects and others that are being held up as a result of those processes over which the city really has no control over the timing. So

Unknown Speaker 35:00
I’d be glad to answer any questions if counsel has any. Otherwise, we just thank you for your time and your consideration and look forward to continuing to work with the city on bringing that project forward. Thank you. Thank you. Seeing no one else in the public that wants to comment on this resolution. I will close the public hearing. And may I have a motion to move this ordinance? ordinance 2023 Dash 60

Unknown Speaker 35:28
It’s been moved by Councillor Hidalgo fairings seconded by Councillor waters. All those in favor say aye.

Unknown Speaker 35:34
All those opposed?

Unknown Speaker 35:36
Got it Marsha. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 35:40
So that passes of five to nothing with Councillor McCoy absent and Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez absent.

Unknown Speaker 35:49
The second ordinance is 2023 Dash 62. It’s a bill for an ordinance making additional appropriations for expenses and liabilities of the city of Longmont for the fiscal year beginning January 1 2023. Are there any questions from Council?

Unknown Speaker 36:06
Carl, is this the one that you wanted to speak on? No. Okay. It was a sister

Unknown Speaker 36:13
was wastewater system development fees? Okay, so it’s

Unknown Speaker 36:18
10 e

Unknown Speaker 36:20
10. E. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 36:24
Thank you, Harold.

Unknown Speaker 36:26
So now open the public hearing for ordinance 2023 62. Is there anybody from the public that would like to comment on this ordinance?

Unknown Speaker 36:36
Seeing one may I have a motion to move 2023 62

Unknown Speaker 36:41
Second, it’s been Moved by Councillor waters seconded by Councillor Hidalgo, fairing all those in favor say aye. All those opposed? Thank you. That passes. Five to two I’m sorry, five to zero with Councillor McCoy and Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez absent. The next ordinance is 2023 Dash 63. A bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Longmont to lease the real property known as Vance brand, Municipal Airport, hangar parcel H 62. The premises to Patrick Koprowski. tenant.

Unknown Speaker 37:17
We have a staff presentation. Do we have a staff presentation? I don’t see one. No. So are there any questions from Council on this ordinance? Seeing none, I’ll open up public hearing on 2023 63.

Unknown Speaker 37:31
Seeing no one from the public, may I have a motion to pass this.

Unknown Speaker 37:35
So moved. Okay. It’s been moved by Councillor Martin seconded by Councillor Hidalgo. fairing. All those in favor?

Unknown Speaker 37:44
Aye. Thank you that passes five to zero with Councillor McCoy. And Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez absent. Mayor. May I interject and take us back to 10. A. I think we need clarification that that was adopted with the proposed amendment by staff. Okay, let’s turn what do they need to? Let’s just redo the motion.

Unknown Speaker 38:09
Okay, let’s go back to 10 A, which was a bill Bill for an ordinance amending section 15.0 4.2 to zero of the Longmont municipal code on inclusionary. Housing. May I have a motion to

Unknown Speaker 38:22
adopt and support ordinance 2023 Dash 60 and county attorney. Sorry, attorney, Mayor, Eugene Bay City Attorney.

Unknown Speaker 38:35
Just thinking about it here, I think the proper way to do this would be a motion to reconsider. Okay. And then we’ll be at the point in time.

Unknown Speaker 38:45
If the motion to reconsider passes, you will be at the moment before you voted. And then you could clarify that you are amending a motion to approve the amended

Unknown Speaker 38:56
motion to amend the ordinance as suggested by staff and then approve the amended ordinance. Does that make sense?

Unknown Speaker 39:04
I’m sure you’ll correct me if it doesn’t.

Unknown Speaker 39:07

Unknown Speaker 39:13

Unknown Speaker 39:15
in our last meeting, we never voted, that we gave direction. The motion was to give direction to come back with an amendment to the ordinance that reflected a set of principles, which the staff did. We did not vote in the last meeting in the second reading on the ordinance as presented. So what would be we be reconsidering? We I don’t want to reconsider direction to staff.

Unknown Speaker 39:37
Not direction to staff you voted to approve the ordinance.

Unknown Speaker 39:45
But yes, we do. We amended the ordinance from first reading to now. And so I want to make sure it’s absolutely clear on the record. That Council is moving to amend the ordinance as suggested by staff and then approving that amended or

Unknown Speaker 40:00
But it’s because it’s changing from what we had. I get that I just inter I’m not I don’t I don’t want to vote on a reconsideration. If I’m not clear on what vote, I’m voting to reconsider, when we just took, right. It could be you want to vote to reconsider the vote we took just now. Just now. Yes. Okay. And it may be unclear whether or not the ordinance that was introduced at first reading was amended or not understand. Thank you. And we’re also reconsidering and then re voting to adopt the amendment as well as just pass it.

Unknown Speaker 40:37
Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 40:39
Mayor, Members of Council Tim Hall, Assistant City Attorney, so first reconsider, yes. Second amend third adopt, adopt or don’t adopt the ordinance itself. Thank you. Can I have a motion for reconsideration? Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 40:55

Unknown Speaker 40:57
All right. We motion has been made to reconsider 22 The vote on 2023 Dash 60 seconded by Councillor Hidalgo, fairing all those in favor say aye. Aye. That passes that passes five to zero with Councillor McCoy and Mayor Pro Tem Rodrique is absent. And now we will we will make a motion to

Unknown Speaker 41:22
move approval of amending ordinance 2023.

Unknown Speaker 41:28
Motion to Amend first and then approval of the whole order.

Unknown Speaker 41:34

Unknown Speaker 41:36

Unknown Speaker 41:38
make a motion to approve the amendments directed by are suggested by staff.

Unknown Speaker 41:45
Second, all right. The motion has been made to approve the the amended motion on 2023 Dash 60.

Unknown Speaker 42:01
Oh seconded by councilmember waters, and the motion was made by Councillor Hidalgo faring so all those in favor? say aye. All right. Passes five to zero with Councillor McCoy and Mayor Pro Tem Rodrique is absent. And now we need a motion to adopt the resolution.

Unknown Speaker 42:22

Unknown Speaker 42:24
The amended resolution ordinance ordinance ordinance as amended by staff. So I moved to adopt the ordinance as amended.

Unknown Speaker 42:33
There again.

Unknown Speaker 42:36
I have a second.

Unknown Speaker 42:39
Oh, there you are.

Unknown Speaker 42:41
Thank you, Marcia. So that’s motion was made by a counselor who don’t go fairing seconded by Councillor Martin. All those in favor?

Unknown Speaker 42:52
Aye. Thank you that passes with counselor that passes five to zero with Councillor McCoy. And Mayor Pro Tem Rodrique is absent.

Unknown Speaker 43:02
Well, that took a lot of discussion.

Unknown Speaker 43:06
Thank you

Unknown Speaker 43:12
exactly staff but no,

Unknown Speaker 43:15

Unknown Speaker 43:18
We got through.

Unknown Speaker 43:20
So, we did pass C 2023 Dash 63 And then we went back to a

Unknown Speaker 43:30
we are now at D which is 2023 deaths 64 Mark healthcare Martin, do you have a question? No. Okay. This is a bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Longmont to lease the real property known as Vance brand Municipal Airport, hangar parcel H 70. The premises to Francis H. Smith, Jr. The tenant. Are there any questions from Council on this ordinance?

Unknown Speaker 43:55
Seeing none, I will open up public hearing on 2023 Dash 64 Are there any people in the audience that would like to address this ordinance? 2023 64.

Unknown Speaker 44:07
Seeing no one I’ll now close the public hearing on 2023 64. Can I have a motion

Unknown Speaker 44:15
to pass and adopt?

Unknown Speaker 44:22

Unknown Speaker 44:24
thank you Moved by Councillor waters seconded by Councillor Martin. All those in favor say aye.

Unknown Speaker 44:31
Aye. That passes five to zero with counselor McCoy and Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez absent. We’re now at EA

Unknown Speaker 44:40

Unknown Speaker 44:43

Unknown Speaker 44:45
if the water and wastewater system development fees. This is a options for discussion and direction.

Unknown Speaker 44:54
And are there any questions from Council?

Unknown Speaker 44:58
Seeing none, Carl

Unknown Speaker 45:00

Unknown Speaker 45:04
on ordinance 65?

Unknown Speaker 45:07
Are you doing a public hearing on both at one time?

Unknown Speaker 45:12
No, this is E. Yes. There’s two ordinances there 65 and 66. One time the water system development fees and one’s wastewater system development. Okay, car, which one did you want to speak at? What I wanted to speak about was an outside sewer tap that was approved back in in September of 21. I didn’t realize that there was a sunset clause or a time period. So I still have to acquire right away and stuff for my neighbors in order to I have to excavate about 150 feet outside of my property. And that’s what I was.

Unknown Speaker 45:52
That’s the delay with with COVID. And trying to get an excavator and understanding the fees and all that stuff. I thought it once it was approved, it was approved, and then was just a time.

Unknown Speaker 46:06
Carl ribby ripping all right, read the ing. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:10
Carl, have you talked to staff about this? Rachel Jones was the one that initially gave me the stuff or all the the direction. And I wanted to, I contacted her this year. And she said that

Unknown Speaker 46:28
the time had run out on it, I guess. Stop. You know, I still think that to get reapproved. And this is still a Staff Operations issue. Council would follow

Unknown Speaker 46:43
staffs direction.

Unknown Speaker 46:50
Talk to David Hornbacher in the back. And he’ll work with you on that one. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 47:05
So, I did read the title on this and now that we will need to any questions from Council on any of these? The next one is

Unknown Speaker 47:15
the public hearing on 2023 65 B, and 6566 B.

Unknown Speaker 47:24
Let me read 65 B 2023 65. B is a bill for an ordinance amending chapter 14 section 14.040 4.160 on water system development fees. And that’s what Carl addressed the development fees.

Unknown Speaker 47:42
Is there anyone else in the public that would like to address the development fees on 2023 65 be

Unknown Speaker 47:50
seeing no one else? And I’m sorry, I didn’t ask if council wanted to address the development fees.

Unknown Speaker 47:58
Signal one. I would like to ask for a vote

Unknown Speaker 48:03
on 2023 65 b

Unknown Speaker 48:06
I’ll move ordinance

Unknown Speaker 48:09

Unknown Speaker 48:13
Moved by Councillor Hidalgo Ferring seconded by Councillor Yarbro. All those in favor?

Unknown Speaker 48:21
Aye. Aye. All those opposed? That passes five to zero with Councillor McCoy and counselor. I’m sorry, Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez absent. The next one is 2023 66 B is the bill for an ordinance amending chapter 14 section 14.0 8.610 on wastewater system development fees.

Unknown Speaker 48:44
Are there any questions from Council on this?

Unknown Speaker 48:48
ordinance? Seeing no one? I’ll open up the public hearing on 66 B. Is there anyone from the public that would like to address this ordinance?

Unknown Speaker 48:57
Seeing no one I will close the public hearing on 66 B and ask for a motion.

Unknown Speaker 49:05
I’m going to move ordinance 2023 Dash 66 b Can I have a second? That can

Unknown Speaker 49:16
so I moved 66 B and it’s been seconded by Councillor Martin. All those in favor say aye. Aye. All those opposed? Thank you that passes unit that passes five to zero with Councillor McCoy. And Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez absent.

Unknown Speaker 49:33
That was a lot.

Unknown Speaker 49:35
Now we’re back two items removed from the consent agenda. And I

Unknown Speaker 49:43
I’m trying to get back to my screen

Unknown Speaker 49:50
Come on. Where’s my

Unknown Speaker 49:56
I’m sorry. There we go.

Unknown Speaker 50:00
All right, so I pulled F five and I am going to vote for this. But I have a couple of comments, I would caution the board members have led up on housing developments and code, zoning changes. Board members who have developments before planning and zoning should be careful to not use LD DB l e d p partnership for personal advantage. The second one is that is also to keep in mind that all city department heads and their staffs are employees of the city manager community and communication with the staffs should be at the direction of the city manager. It is the same rule. Basically that council follows that if we want to talk to staff, we go through the city manager because they are his employees. So, having said that, I am going to move the consent agenda. I’m going to move I’m sorry, we did the Consent Agenda minus five I am going to move f5 resolution 2023 102.

Unknown Speaker 51:04
So that has been sent moved by myself seconded by Who should I pick?

Unknown Speaker 51:11
Councillor waters? All those in favor? say aye.

Unknown Speaker 51:16
Aye. Thank you, Marcia. So that passes five to zero with Councillor McCoy and Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez absent.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
Do we need to take a five minute break?

Unknown Speaker 51:30
I know but I thought I’d throw that in.

Unknown Speaker 51:35
We’re general business. We’re now going to recess.

Unknown Speaker 51:39
We’re going to recess at the Longmont city council and convene as the Board of Directors of the long run general improvement district number one that was made me

Unknown Speaker 51:49
I think I need a break. May I please have a motion to recess as long as that city council and convene as the board of directors.

Unknown Speaker 52:00
Then Moved by Councillor waters and seconded by Councillor Yarborough that we read that we convene as the Board of Directors of the Longmont general improvement district number one. All those in favor.

Unknown Speaker 52:14
Aye. Thank you. That passes five to zero with Councillor McLean and a Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez absent.

Unknown Speaker 52:25
The the resolution that we are going to discuss is the resolute is 2023 Dash oh five a resolution of the Board of Directors of the Longmont general improvement district number one, enacting a supplemental budget and making an additional appropriation for the expenses and liabilities of the district for the fiscal year beginning January 1 2023. Are there any questions from Council on this? ordinance or resolution? I’m sorry?

Unknown Speaker 52:56
Council Councillor Martin?

Unknown Speaker 52:59
Yes. Are we moving adoption of the budget as amended or do we have to move the budget? The amendment adopted except the amendment first.

Unknown Speaker 53:09
It’s not an amended one. This reads as enacting a supplemental budget and making additional appropriation for the expenses and liabilities of the district.

Unknown Speaker 53:21
Thank you. You’re welcome.

Unknown Speaker 53:24
So Let’s vote again. All those in favor.

Unknown Speaker 53:30
Oh, I thought we did.

Unknown Speaker 53:32
Okay, resolution.

Unknown Speaker 53:38
Thank you. All right. Councillor waters move 20 2305 That was seconded by Councillor Hidalgo, faring. All those in favor say aye.

Unknown Speaker 53:49
Aye. Aye Thank you passes five to zero with Councillor McCoy and Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez absent.

Unknown Speaker 53:59
May I please have a motion to recess as the board of directors of Longmont general improvement district number one and reconvene as the Longmont City Council.

Unknown Speaker 54:08
I move that we recess as the Laura and reconvene as long on City Council. Thank you that was Moved by Councillor Martin seconded by Councillor Yarborough. All those in favor?

Unknown Speaker 54:21
Thank you. That passes five to zero with Councillor McCoy and Mayor Pro Tem absent. We are now at final call public invited to be heard. Is there anyone from the public that would like to speak to council?

Unknown Speaker 54:38
Seeing no one I will close final call public invited to be heard and we are Marin Council comments.

Unknown Speaker 54:47
Councillor waters? Thanks Mara Peck. I just want to note in six years, this probably is the shortest council meeting I’ve attended. We wait to my last meeting. Yeah, we kind of

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Were during before eight o’clock.

Unknown Speaker 55:03
And I even offered a break. I want to say that’s a good standard for moving forward. Right. And the other thing I would, I would say is to the staff. What a pleasure. It’s been to get to know you all and, and benefit from your expertise, your wisdom, your guidance, your support of this council. I’ve appreciated the work I’ve had a chance to do with other council members.

Unknown Speaker 55:26
Everybody up here needs to be thanked over and over again, for the sacrifice of time away from family and to deal with all that you have to deal with week in and week out. So

Unknown Speaker 55:39
it’s been it’s been a pleasure. I hope that at some point in some way, we’ve done some good along the way because if we’d have everybody in Longmont benefits, so thanks.

Unknown Speaker 55:53
Councillor Yarborough? Thank you, Mayor Peck.

Unknown Speaker 55:58
Thank you, council waters. Yes. Let’s keep it like this. Short and sweet. But we know that I won’t laugh. Anyway, I just wanted to say that council McCoy and myself went to NLC in Atlanta. And it was very informative. I learned about more grants that are out there, especially for downtown Loma, of course, I signed up for some more stuff. Don’t be mad at me, Becky. She’s gone. Good.

Unknown Speaker 56:28
So she’s back.

Unknown Speaker 56:33
So just learned a lot about what’s going on in other downtown’s across the United States and how they are empowering the youth everywhere, allowing you to take charge in, in meetings and in government. So when I talked about what we have already done here in the city of Longmont with our

Unknown Speaker 56:58
with our pilot internship program, I had everybody wanted my business card because they say how did you do that? How did your city do that? That sounds amazing. I would like to also mention that we are well known throughout the United States

Unknown Speaker 57:17
as long Longmont city government, for all the wonderful things and accomplishment that our city manager and city staff has already accomplished. I mean, I was puffing my chest out and very proud of my city. They already know about next slide.

Unknown Speaker 57:36
They I mean everything about us what we have done and what we have accomplished our environmental efforts.

Unknown Speaker 57:44
So I just want to tell you all be proud of all the work that you have done. I know there have been some times where we probably stress you out and get on your last nerve.

Unknown Speaker 57:56
But thank you for all that you all have done in making me as a city council proud. I’m supposed to go make you proud. But thank you for making our city look good. Even in Atlanta.

Unknown Speaker 58:10
So I just really wanted to say that. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 58:17
Councillor Hidalgo? Perry. Okay, thank you, Mayor, there are two things I want to mention. So earlier this afternoon, we had the youth council, so I’m the liaison to that. So I attended their the youth council. And during my council update, I just threw it out there just to engage the group

Unknown Speaker 58:39
around their perspective on these valid initiatives that we brought forward. And, and it was it was interesting to see that perspective. And that, you know, it kind of, you know, one of the things that I shared with them, it’s like, you know, when these things come to fruition when they are, you know, as they you know, as projects move forward, it’s really to benefit them. Like, hopefully, I’m like, going to be retired and peace out people. And, you know, so when we’re looking 50 years down the line, these are our youth are going to be the ones who are benefiting from the actions and proposals that we’re bringing forward. Now.

Unknown Speaker 59:20
It was interesting to hear that they were not really keen on that idea of the land swap with the why, because of their own experiences with trying to utilize that facility. So I thought you know, that was an interesting perspective. There was there was for voiced frustration that, you know, for the swimming piece, especially at Centennial pool is it’s reaching its final limbs and they were a lot of the kids were well aware of that. That

Unknown Speaker 59:51
the how the district’s pool is inaccessible. So I think as we’re moving forward to build collaboration with the school

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
board, you know, these are conversations that we really need to bring forward. And to make sure that, you know, all of our community, we’re paying taxes into these, these facilities that either the school district has or the city has, and making sure that they are accessible to people. And if not, what kinds of partnerships are what are some other

Unknown Speaker 1:00:21
processes that we could take to, to secure that kids do have these these opportunities? Now,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:31
overwhelmingly, what I heard, you know, from the few that did speak up was that they were very disappointed about the Performing Arts Center. And it wasn’t just kids who dance, but you had kids that play music, you have kids that have an interest in it. And, you know, just wanting to have a space where they could come together. I totally empathize. You know, having done costuming for my daughter for llama Dance Theater, which is now Centennial ballet. And we used to be in the classrooms, either in the band room, or the art room, or though

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
it was a woodworking room that, you know, the kids would have to change in. And it was like, okay, don’t touch those dry erase markers get out of their desk, and you know, trying to hurdle kids. I mean, it’s just, it’s really, but then, you know, these organizations are able to put on these fantastic shows. So the audience doesn’t see that piece. But from the back end, what are young performers and community members have to do in order to get these, these programs and these events out to to the public? It’s, it, it’s taxing, it’s hard. So I served a lot of disappointment about that one, not passing the library one, I think they said, you know, with a branch, I think they felt that it would enhance opportunity for people to get more engaged with the library, we had a couple of kids who, who spoke to me about, you know, just having, you know, they have a lot of siblings in the house. So just being able to go to the library and work quietly on homework, and not, you know, that they can do that at home. So having opportunities for people to or for, especially for our youth to be able to access those those spaces. You know, that is that is important. I’m not going to give up. And I think we need to find a way to, to better communicate, or really create something that is in line with what the masses really, really desire. But also bringing forward that perspective of the youth because I was very,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
you know, just kind of very humbled and very appreciative of what they

Unknown Speaker 1:02:48
you know, what they voiced at that at that time. And then I don’t know if you all have seen your email, but the board, I’m the liaison to the library board as well. And they did write out a

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
statement. I don’t know if it’s really a resolution, but it’s a statement that they all voted on and really asking us and staff to, to ensure that we have those children programs and circulation, you know that we are adequately funding those circulation departments that are being utilized. We have staff that are in the library who are really overburdened as well. And I don’t want to diminish other departments that are doing the same thing. But, you know, as their council liaison, and in sitting on the board, I mean, they really wanted to do their due diligence in articulating that to to the city and to the public. So, thank you. Thank you for that. Councillor Yarborough.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:47
Thank you, Mayor. Sorry, I never doubled up. Okay. So don’t be mad. No, I’m never doubled up. Okay. I would like to say that our youth Christina Pacheco is here. Christina, would you like to say, how was your experience at the NLC? The they did a wonderful presentation. It was amazing.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
People was so like engaged in what we accomplished. I just didn’t know if you wanted to say something from your perspective.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20
With your group. I know. I don’t remember Hilda was there. I don’t remember the gentleman’s name that was there.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30
Wanted. I just want to give everybody their props in is better for you to give your perspective.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Mayor pet council member Yarborough. Christina Pacheco, Human Services Director. Yes, we presented on our early childhood dashboard with delivery associates. So we were part of the human development focus area. And so

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
We talked about how this project could be scaled to communities of different sizes, and how they could approach approach, really any any situation in their communities by using this problem solving approach, whether it’s early childhood, or any, any other any other approach. So it was very well, very well received. And we had some great questions. So it was it was pretty successful. So we had a great team that was there there for support children, youth and families. And Becky Doyle from strategic

Unknown Speaker 1:05:41
integration right, was with us as well. So it was it was a great presentation. So thank you. It’s great to know that Longmont was highlighted at NLC. That’s, that was very special. Yeah, they specifically should have been there. Yeah. They specifically asked if we would present so it was great. I love it. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:03
Councillor mountain?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
Yes, thank you, Mayor Peck several things. First of all, I want to a pro. I want to thank the Council for approving my continued remote

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
participation, I hope not to have to use that I’m planning to return to Longmont this week. But I couldn’t arrange it because of the things giving holiday so that I could be there in person tonight. So thank you very much for that. I agree with councilmember Dogville fairing about the disappointment and the things that the amenities that Longmont needs. You know, obviously, the public was not in a in a movement to be at the moment here and moved to be taxed. But, um, but I, I, I still think we need that these things, some of the things that I that I think we can

Unknown Speaker 1:07:05
that we can move forward with in other ways, like ways to do things for the library.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:12
Other things that are our bigger, unitary projects we’re going to have to get a lot more creative about but I hope we do. And finally, I just would like to say that I don’t think there has ever been a council member who has worked as hard or as creatively or as factually as councilmember Tim waters. And he will be sorely missed on on this board. And just everyone my colleagues on the council, I’d like to borrow a phrase from the First Continental Congress that my colleagues I say you Tim waters.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:56
Thank you, Marsha.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:59
So I would like to note that Councillor Sean McCoy has joined the meeting. And he will get to be I have a last word at some point. I do have a couple of comments, I want to echo what’s been said about Councillor waters, and remind people that next week, we are going to have the ceremony for the outgoing counselor. And we’re also going to have swearing in of the new counselors at our meeting next week. So that should be a whole lot of fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:30
Then the other thing I want to do is thank all of the residents who have commented on the Fast Tracks. Tax Thank you very much. We need more and more people speaking up. And I particularly liked the letter in the last month later this morning. It was factual and not critical. But the more people that speak up in Longmont, the more support that we have as a board member of orange passenger rail as we slog through how we’re going to do this partnership with a with RTD with

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
CDOT in the state.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:16
I need all of the residents to log in to rtd.org and email all of those directors and the executive director. Tell them what is wrong with our Fast Tracks. Vote and that will how you feel about paying all this money.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
It can’t just be me going to those meetings yelling. I need more people. So thank you very much for all of your comments. Keep it up. Councillor McCoy, would you?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:49
You have any comments read the end?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
I’ve noticed that as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
you tried to get out before you came?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:09
Thank you, Mayor pack? Well, I just want to two things I want to point out our Thank you, Tim waters, obviously, you you have given me some insight as we’ve done some coffee with council and other things and, and, and set the bar nice and high. And I really do appreciate that. I also want to point out our city staff, Christina Pacheco, our fearless leader that presented at National League of Cities. We can half ago, it was so impressive. Her staff and

Unknown Speaker 1:10:47
in the folks that worked with or they they presented just they presented what they presented to us with the Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood opportunities for child care. And that that is so unique that that we have that other communities just simply didn’t have it. It’s so applicable to so many other aspects as well. But the early childhood, where you can go in there and see where are you where we have some childcare deserts in our community and and other things like that. It really was really something something else. And so I just want to say, great job. That really is a credit to the leadership here. And it’s a credit to her leadership and and our community’s dedication to what’s really important.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:48
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:50
Christine, aren’t you glad you came to this meeting tonight?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:55
City Manager remarks. Comments, Mayor, council, city attorney. No comments, Mayor. Thank you. Can I have a motion to adjourn? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:06
Please do.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:10
That is the last time he gets to do that. It’s been moved by Councillor waters seconded by Councillor McCoy that we adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:21
Well, he’ll be here but there won’t be he won’t be part of the meeting. He’s going to college.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:27
Yes, but we can adjourn then.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:34
That’s true. So

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
yeah, we can all continue.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:44
So I need all those in favor of journeying. Hi. Those opposed Hi.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:51
We’re adjourned.

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