Library Advisory Board – September 2023

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Library Advisory Board – September 2023

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But it’s seven o’clock. So let’s go ahead and get started which was

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great, great. So I’m sure

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be having the name of Chris here written down. In terms of last month’s meeting minutes, I did not see any needed corrections. So any other corrections he wants,

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then I vote

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to approve, I move to approve them, I should say

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great All in favor.

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So those

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if you don’t like them or you’re

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takes good care of us.

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I have been speaking mister today. So I try very hard to continue to be cogent and clear. But it makes

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me it looks like we cannot have any members of the public who decided to

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move on to the next one. And our first order of business is our library staff presentation. And we have adult services representative here. So I’ll introduce you to Penny first, who is our department Technical Services, serves pretty much all the upstairs and helps out a lot in the computer lab as well. She and her team

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supporting the computer lab staff. So that’s my small introduction.

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Alright, thank you. I’m obviously really casual. So if you have any questions, please go ahead and ask Allah along the way. So my name is Kenny and I’m the head of adult services. I’ve been here for about eight years.

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My job is like nobody leaves long Bond was the retires.

Unknown Speaker 2:21
Eight years is actually fairly short 10 years amongst staff.

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And that’s just kind of an idea of like what me and the team does.

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You know, we refer to ourselves as services, but we kind of interchangeably use the word services to or inpatient services.

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So I feel like

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but we do sell, we feel that to the old fashion, like reference services, and that is, the main focus of our teamwork There is to be up on the second floor, at that desk setting, that first desk when people greet people up there, and are helping folks out that we got some two people occasionally we have three people that work on that desk, but we always have two people available.

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And yeah, we’re still doing kind of like a little session preference, helping people with their genealogy, you know, don’t suit genealogy, or do research, you know, high school kids who are coming in, or doing a project, you know, the rain forest, or, you know,

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the teacher, you know, maybe doing some research for a class that they’re going to be presenting, and that kind of thing. So, so that sort of type of thing. We help people find library resources. Sometimes it’s just the old fashioned and helping them find a principal or a movie, but it’s also helping them navigate, like the digital resources that we provide.

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We do a lot of help with

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people doing ebooks. We observe scalability, and disable a lot of folks who are like, hey, you know, I heard I could get free ebooks, you know, they maybe they’ve been paying for, you know, ebooks through Amazon or another service or through audible or something like that. And are you paying, that’s,

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I get those. Get your books for free. So they come to us from a number of ways. Ever, Christmas is our big time, but he was busy. You know, I got this ebook reader. I have this tablet for Christmas and

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he helped me you know, get it set up so that I can use your

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readers advisory. Can you help me find all of our people are just that general. And sometimes they’re like, you know, I’ve been reading this really specific types of, you know, science fiction, sort of

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as they come up with, it turns out that like, after all these years of working in libraries, I still don’t know. But

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you know, they wouldn’t help I knew like the next in the series, or I’ve already got all of the books by this author, and I really enjoyed this style of what like, what more can go type of book, can you help me find that type of thing. So

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I guess I’ll backtrack a little bit about our team, there are their keynotes total, I’m myself. And then there’s eight folks that work that are regular staff according to the city, because the folks that work 30 to 40 hours. And then we also have for what we call part time on benefited staff. And those, those four folks are their sole duties, and it’s to work on the desk and or it’s like, the desk duties are on the desk, and they work about 12 hours a week, the rest of the staff kind of rotates out of the working on the desk, and then are also on the backs area,

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working on all the other different things that we were gonna jump into here in a moment. But I ground that up just because at that moment, because we use advisory, it’s really kind of funny how, like, sometimes you just find the right reader, like you’re like, what come up to me and be like, this historical fiction that I was like, really love, like, do you have anything?

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To get out, I’m like, you know, we have a moment. And then I’m, like, running all over the fiction area. Yeah. And then the other, you know, and then sometimes they’ll be like, so I’ve read all these mystery books, but you know, it’s, and I’ll be like, you know, like, Okay, well, then I’m working on my like, my skills as like, a librarian, like, how do I help readers advisory when I go actually read the books, but it works out really well. Because we have such a diverse team that, like, 90% of the time, the person working on the desk, wait is like, yeah,

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and be like, Oh, wow, let me let me show it to you now. So

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you often find somebody out at the desk, who is not a good match to the type of the type of books that you read. But again, yeah, we also have, we really work on our skills to help folks when they’re asking for books that perhaps aren’t our cup of tea, or putting out our personal read. But that’s our ways that we can kind of like search and find realize forum and find a list, create a list based on service where people can just type send me an email and say, I like these kind of breaks, I like these kind of honors, I don’t like this, and then respond to those emails too.

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Alright, so going back to like the kinds of things we do when we’re not on the desk or not working at the reference desk, we manage the all the collections out there. And you know, the second floor is huge. And then the fiction the adult fiction collection is the largest and most use collection in the library.

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We have one librarian specifically whose job it is to manage the patient collection. In addition, we buy all ebooks on the adult you’ve got to select advice children’s but the majority of that money

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there are equal so if you have a consortium that we work with an app of free range digital library, so we work with a number of libraries to build that collection and everybody is required to put in so much money like we all agree that we’ll put in at least this much, we probably probably agree to put in about $20,000 a year and usually spend about $100,000 American the collection

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we also are responsible for the magazines and newspapers and all the media

Unknown Speaker 8:47
for like DVDs and audiobooks on disk and, and music CDs. And then we also are responsible for all of our digital collections to

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and when I say that we were purchasing and we’re also adding meaning you know, just kind of managing the collection in such a way

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that overflowing were a collection is so that fresh somewhat like you know to try keep it useful. We do want to have a pretty deep collection here. Some library system vendors have gone to like really more popular collection, where we’ve kind of kept a more traditional way called the collection which means like you may have several items on a subject versus like the two most popular

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We do a lot of programming of our let our click out of our teen. We do the big you know,

Unknown Speaker 9:45
programs that you probably hear more about the the author visits coming in the lectures. We do a couple of we did some film screenings. We don’t have a film license here. So it’s more like a bigger

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The documentary about older This is not who you are, we did that then that was like something we were able to do outside of a film license because we were able to like contract directly with the folks who produced that

Unknown Speaker 10:18
movie. So we did that over the city center, because here is not great for watching, especially for adults, the kids can like sit on the floor and go, you know, look at adults who likes to make chairs, it’s not a great place. For that kind of thing. Um, we have to do a lot of next year that was going to be down, I walked past the writers group meeting in our little quiet study area on the second floor, there’s their packages are like this for desks with like six chairs available for each desk and there’s no room.

Unknown Speaker 10:51
And they meet every week.

Unknown Speaker 10:54
We do an AP limos group, which is like practicing Spanish when you’re say hello, which is practicing English. So we get not just Spanish speakers, but we flatten people who speak Korean and other languages. And those are just folks who want to practice their English casual way.

Unknown Speaker 11:12
Um, would you create a knight which is kind of like an arts and crafts thing we’ve, we do a chess group, which is going to make that we’ve had to come down here to the first floor meeting room.

Unknown Speaker 11:24
We are doing a game tonight, your traditional book groups were books that actually discuss books. Here at the library, there’s a really casual

Unknown Speaker 11:36
groups for folks to join.

Unknown Speaker 11:39
And we also do with partners of outside groups, we do like a genealogy group with the geology

Unknown Speaker 11:47
below my genealogy society,

Unknown Speaker 11:50
space to host some do some of that.

Unknown Speaker 11:54
And then we also run a lot of like, our special

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things out out of the art department ship. So we discovery pass is something that our our department does he have somebody who is in charge of that kind of the backend software on the contract stuff, we do contract with all the groups that we we run passes for you might some of you are shaking your head, like you know, this allows our patients to go around to different organizations, different museums, and

Unknown Speaker 12:30
around the metro area. For the most part for free. There’s a few exceptions, but but we do have to contract with all of those, there’s a few that we are, do provide the passes for free, there’s other places where we have to pay them.

Unknown Speaker 12:44
So there’s a lot of work on the back end of getting the software working and all that kind of stuff, making sure that passes are correctly, they’re closed for a day, we have to put that in the years

Unknown Speaker 12:55
out of date that they’re close, that kind of thing. We just elaborating some of our, our departments, folks today to come up to our desk to check those items out. We don’t circulate those on a regular circulation. Those are just kind of unusual objects that you know, we have a sewing machine, we have tools, we have

Unknown Speaker 13:16
radar detectors, the radar detector is actually circulate right through.

Unknown Speaker 13:21

Unknown Speaker 13:23
we did we have like our library things, which is kind of a separate collection. And then we also do unusual objects through a regular simulation. So just kind of heads up how they were purchased, for the most part, literary things completely funded by friends with the software and they pay for all the items and

Unknown Speaker 13:44
we have telescopes, the friends and by the telescope. So those are actually a long serving thing that we’re doing many years ago before I started by

Unknown Speaker 13:57
the group

Unknown Speaker 14:01
Trixie I think she’s been here long enough. But yeah, they were donated. But when we started the library to library things, the nice thing about the library things is folks can reserve something by calendar so they can actually go in the software and just pick what date they wanted to get up. And with the telescopes, it’s great because you know, it’s something

Unknown Speaker 14:23
in space is gonna happen, because obviously, they’re always heard and they’re all getting checked out like that maybe like super moon we had recently like they were all checked out, like over that week. So and then like other times, you know, it’s cloudy and it’s coming in, basically.

Unknown Speaker 14:41
We have a number of like yard games is a really, really popular over the summer.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
We have, like summer I think we had there’s a place where people can write a comment and we have like a lady who wrote music for my wedding reception. This is so great. Thank you so much for having this collection. So

Unknown Speaker 15:00
other telescopes can really gross up shoes use them so they can get their

Unknown Speaker 15:08

Unknown Speaker 15:10
The thing you plug into a car hard diagnostic, like people will check it out. And it’s very common, they even they get seven days is very common to those that can come back the next day. Because

Unknown Speaker 15:22
again, they figure out what they need to do, and they bring it right back.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
So that’s kind of a nice, a special collection that we run out of there.

Unknown Speaker 15:32
We have our experienced bags, which is just a collection of materials that kind of relate to each other. So we come destination bags with experience bags, like we haven’t dealt that badly, the bag, that kind of thing. So that’s kind of all things you don’t really sort of travel or just kind of immerse yourself for like, a weekend or something like that. And Stranger Things or you know, other popular tastings, we so a few years ago got a grant to do wellbeing ads, which are also about like mental health and stuff like that. So either your own or you’re working with somebody who

Unknown Speaker 16:15
is struggling with mental health

Unknown Speaker 16:18
and memory next to you also for folks who are or even folks who may be experiencing one memory loss.

Unknown Speaker 16:26
Um, you know, with our success from literary things, we’ve tried to like board game collection. So that’s also up on the second floor. We do kids games up there too, though, but we all have we have models up there.

Unknown Speaker 16:39
written back what we figured we were like, how are you gonna circulate this and make sure all the pieces come back because you know, we weigh them.

Unknown Speaker 16:47
Anyway, that’s

Unknown Speaker 16:49
it, you’re wondering how we how we do that. We got a puzzle exchange upstairs. So that’s just a free one for one like there’s you know, visit

Unknown Speaker 17:01
completed and then

Unknown Speaker 17:04
just take one so there’s no checking out of all your parents you this

Unknown Speaker 17:11
plan. The other big project that we run out of our department is homebound. So that’s a program where folks who cannot make it to the ladder, right and don’t have anybody who can come to the library. For them, we set him up for a service, we’ve got one staff person who runs the program and as part of her job, and she also works with a small army of volunteers. And the volunteers have been wanting to take materials in and drive them and drop them off and our home our patients or residents in the house and pick them up. So there’s a kind of a mix, like we do have a couple of volunteers who are selectors, and they can walk around, choose items for your person, or like a lot of our folks that are in this program now are very digitally savvy, and they’ve got their own, you know, computers and stuff and they place their own holes in the woods just get routed to the homebound services boxes for them. So, um, yeah, so that’s kind of our main thing I thought he knows

Unknown Speaker 18:17
about like, you know, a couple of each of these. These are marketing person Heidi put these together with I worked with her to get the you know, what we

Unknown Speaker 18:27
felt like are kind of the highlights of adult services. And you can see here the discovery passes, we talked about computers and printers, which probably

Unknown Speaker 18:38
your lab test COMM A will come we’ll talk more about that or later things, oh, study groups to study your input snares, very popular posts, back to back most afternoons

Unknown Speaker 18:52
that we have already got center, we have our digital library, which the big thing there is our living service, which is where you can read and listen to books. But initially, in addition, we have E magazines, newspapers, on Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post are all available.

Unknown Speaker 19:12
Consumer Reports is a really popular one, we have some more language, digital resources, ancestry with and heritage quest, and my knowledge of like, kind of searching for articles and that type of thing. So if you’re doing some sort of research project, for high school students, or

Unknown Speaker 19:31
projects on the Amazon forest, that kind of thing, that’s what those there, you know, are just finding articles in general, you know, a doctor told me I have

Unknown Speaker 19:41
Yeah, it’s kind of slow to process by the time a book gets, you know, edited and published and all that stuff. You’re looking at information that’s, you know, six months out a day, whereas an article

Unknown Speaker 19:54
published yesterday, so with kind of the latest research, and then this

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Just kind of more of our research and learn and then a list of like RPMs, which is certainly expanded to give us more money

Unknown Speaker 20:12
and then we’ve got the same, a similar Spanish to it’s also a big part of our.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
And since I’ve been here in probably the past three or four years, just making sure everything is available to our Spanish speaking.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
Okay, that’s it.

Unknown Speaker 20:33
You’re caught on, you’re gonna eat us, we’re in your email address.

Unknown Speaker 20:38
I can give you my neck here at Penny P e, n, n, i e.

Unknown Speaker 20:44
Dot Burris. B, you are R I S. U R R I S. And then at Lamont, Colorado. I work at

Unknown Speaker 20:54
sort of there make sure there wasn’t anything that we’re missing that we should be communicating to our clients. Oh, okay. Excellent. Yeah. So yeah, you can, and I can get in touch with Devin.

Unknown Speaker 21:07
Yes, yes, she and I have been in contact recently, when she says she’s looking for more volunteers right now. But I just wondered about anything else. If you wanted us to share with older adults, we would be happy to. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 21:23
So you have so many wonderful programs and collections. I personally really appreciate the deep collection, there’s things I find here that are just find elsewhere. What would be a top of your wish list?

Unknown Speaker 21:39
I mean, just study rooms. I mean, it’s up to that to that.

Unknown Speaker 21:44
pandemic, we have a lot of folks who are doing online interviews or other classes or looking to for alternative places, do you know whether to do work from home or take classes from home? Right, other than that, it’s two hours a day per group. So

Unknown Speaker 22:04
some other folks have what for what they like to sit in groups for. In addition, I mean, we, you know, traditional sitting room uses to, you know, it’s really

Unknown Speaker 22:15
common, you know, kind of edited November, early December. And again, like April May, like, you know, the high school kids who have like three or four students who are working want to work together on a project, you know, they’re going to get there. So there’s room to work on that for a couple hours. But yeah, we’re very, we’re just, it’s,

Unknown Speaker 22:37
yeah, we have a staff module. And it’s like, if it’s green, it’s open, and it’s orange is what, and, you know, it’s orange, it’s always orange, somewhere.

Unknown Speaker 22:50
And then, we also feel a bit like we allowed folks to do, you can make reservation after seven days in advance.

Unknown Speaker 22:57
So, you know, sometimes people need more flexibility than that. But again, just the nature of just seven rooms and how much demand they are. I’m just in a meeting or two, because sometimes the groups are bigger, those rooms accommodate six at the most. And that’s very, you’re making good friends with those folks.

Unknown Speaker 23:18
First comfortable, so maybe like a variety of spaces that we can offer, folks. Okay. So we’re in between this, like conference room and you know, in a small study room would be great. You know, more casual, just kind of reserved, um, we’re running out of space for library things.

Unknown Speaker 23:37
You can’t really take anymore, it’s all in like a closet upstairs.

Unknown Speaker 23:46
Let’s see here.

Unknown Speaker 23:48
Digital Collections, we aren’t for any kind of streaming services right now.

Unknown Speaker 23:54
There’s a number of reasons for that cost, obviously, is prohibitive.

Unknown Speaker 24:01
And 72. You know, it’s it does take somebody in the back end managing those subscriptions and stuff like that. So

Unknown Speaker 24:11
and then, you know, staffing, you know, libraries or sites often have a business librarian, which we now have.

Unknown Speaker 24:19
You know, like I said, our hometown services is like one person part. And that’s just part of her job. Like, she’s got other things she needs to do so, and she is, we’re kind of at the max. She was afraid of us sending it out in newsletter format, as opposed to just cherry picking yet we knew we needed it. Yeah, but she said she’s maxed out. Yeah, yeah. And that was the staff thing and a space thing too. You know, Devin is just space in her her cubicle, piling up that better so, so you know, you just need more space, to be able to handle more Holding, holding more holds, being able to transfer those materials

Unknown Speaker 25:00
plus having additional staff to be able to get those materials or have somebody in the backend.

Unknown Speaker 25:07
Working with the volunteers getting everybody on schedule, when somebody applies, it takes

Unknown Speaker 25:13
you know, just to bring them up to the very start them, it takes about an hour of work to get them on the schedule, but you know, their likes and preferences and you know, all that stuff stuff.

Unknown Speaker 25:26
So yeah, we wrote about

Unknown Speaker 25:29
1516. Agency served right now to homebound and we’re about maxed out.

Unknown Speaker 25:38
And then yeah, then I mentioned, like having,

Unknown Speaker 25:42
you know, money for digital services, and then the staff that managed services.

Unknown Speaker 25:51
That’s the list.

Unknown Speaker 25:56
what the needs are, is there anything out there that still requires you to be in the library in person to access? Or is everything accessible? The website, you

Unknown Speaker 26:06
know, there are a few little services that we can only get a contract with, it’s given

Unknown Speaker 26:14
to us. Our grants guide is the cover for its guide, happy library, its history

Unknown Speaker 26:24
is in house use only

Unknown Speaker 26:30
visuals to subscribe to

Unknown Speaker 26:33
the library version. And the same thing is also there’s an automotive one.

Unknown Speaker 26:45
Small Engine, auto repair service.

Unknown Speaker 26:49
apps go and you can access it anywhere. But there’s another one that’s

Unknown Speaker 26:54
all data repair. Yeah, yeah. And again, that’s because they don’t want you know that the garage isn’t the shops in the areas that were threatening. They want to make sure that this is the individual who you know, it’s coming in and I got to fix my car myself kind of situation.

Unknown Speaker 27:11
So, so yeah, so there are a few that like, to be able to

Unknown Speaker 27:16
upgrade to like, in house you saw me? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:21
So, and I’m in the process of, there’s another genealogy called Family Search. And it’s like,

Unknown Speaker 27:30
LDS church, I’m in the process of working with them to bring us up as

Unknown Speaker 27:36
a Partner Library and that will be in house use do.

Unknown Speaker 27:43
You mentioned like a language programs or tribulations and I’ve heard of programs where like, if someone comes up and they speak language, even though staff doesn’t speak, they can like call a wife get a translation from the person or do use any like tools or apps? Or does doc not really come up? Um, the way the city actually it’s to the city isn’t just a library, the city does have

Unknown Speaker 28:05
a service that we can use, we have a little tablet, so especially if it’s like,

Unknown Speaker 28:10
sign language, yes, it’s, it provides video, but yeah, we do have a phone number, and we can use the tablet. Um, my experience of Spanish speakers, though, is if we can get a Spanish speaking staff person or it’s probably a lot better off because that person understands libraries and what we’re trying to explain

Unknown Speaker 28:32
with like lending things, or you know, setting up ebooks or you know, that kind of thing like a translators gonna do, like, translate it literally. Whereas, you know, as a library staff person who speaks Spanish is actually going to understand what you’re trying to tell a person and being able to translate it in a way that actually, you know, isn’t just the words, right?

Unknown Speaker 28:55
The context.

Unknown Speaker 28:59
My office speaks English as a third language and our first language like nobody, pretty much nobody speaks in America. Like, no one can translate. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:08

Unknown Speaker 29:11
Team members, Edward, he does translations for this visa on level three, which means you can translate for the city and stuff like that. And he was like, Yeah, cuz when I use the word circulation, like tribulation is such a library term, right? But he’s like, why he, you know, here just typed in circulation to Google Translate. They’re gonna talk about like, circulation.

Unknown Speaker 29:36
This person was talking about anatomy. I’m trying to check out a book.

Unknown Speaker 29:42
So, so yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 29:45
Spanish speaking. Staff members are a better option here

Unknown Speaker 29:51
to pinch. And we had

Unknown Speaker 29:55
one person maybe two people on staff who know ASL, so

Unknown Speaker 30:00

Unknown Speaker 30:01
but a lot of times you can get away with like, notes and what’s the grading? And

Unknown Speaker 30:09
so, with folks who have hearing

Unknown Speaker 30:13

Unknown Speaker 30:16
you mentioned working with high school students, a lot of times, are you really seeing the same grade students or your large homeschool group is?

Unknown Speaker 30:24
Um, I don’t know. I don’t know, not to know.

Unknown Speaker 30:31
Their high school students are asking us for questions. You know, it’s, I think I’m here on the children’s book, get to know the homeschool families, because, you know, they’re in the middle of the day, and you’ve got the email the mom or the dad or that email, and, you know, they’re, like, you know, really curriculums and stuff like that. But then you get a high school student, you know, they’re just coming in and saying, Hey, I’m doing a project or hey, we study real kind of situation. They’re not building that kind of relationship. We are

Unknown Speaker 31:05
in school first, homeschool families they do down here.

Unknown Speaker 31:14
Else here.

Unknown Speaker 31:21
Any other questions?

Unknown Speaker 31:23
I’m sure we could all keep going. I’m curious. It’s a short one. I’m curious. The text a librarian services that a particular one and how is that

Unknown Speaker 31:34
managed on the back end? Um

Unknown Speaker 31:42
it’s not super. Yeah. Email is more popular than text. Yes, we have Maria, both services, the types of librarian is kind of a library wide, and we all are meant to log out. And the idea is that whoever, like on service desk would log on.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
So I would say the majority of tech celebrity questions are about people’s pins.

Unknown Speaker 32:10
The lady I mean, you mentioned in terms of this.

Unknown Speaker 32:15
So we’re if you do have also we have escalatory, an email which is monitored by reference staff, it sent a reference question, we will pass it along. If it’s like more in the realm of like, a children’s something, you know, hey, you know, can you help me find kid, you know, my kid or? Or sometimes there are questions about unclear accounts, and that kind of stuff will pass that one situation. But yeah, it was the escalating questions are, like reference in nature. So helping people with like, their kind of research kind of things. To get more information about how to access people necessarily depend on like, hey, this tablet. Yeah. And I hear you guys have free free ebook,

Unknown Speaker 33:01
downloads, those kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker 33:03
So and that’s, that we probably get one or two questions a day through the Ask a Librarian, email, where’s the text of that right can be really, really trickled in, like sometimes

Unknown Speaker 33:18
we’ll get like, a couple of the day, and sometimes I won’t see any, for a couple of days.

Unknown Speaker 33:25
Maybe there’s a delivery, there’s desk answering. We haven’t seen that. I don’t think we have like

Unknown Speaker 33:32
on the backend. It’s like a web platform.

Unknown Speaker 33:36
Basically, people log in and then change and then they can really see what it is. So

Unknown Speaker 33:42
if it’s a lot of certain questions, someone else can pick it up probably pretty quickly. Yeah. And we can see who’s like on so if there’s a reason you know, we don’t see a certain person logged down we can like go ahead, you know, a certain type of question or account or an account situation

Unknown Speaker 34:07

Unknown Speaker 34:10
Any more questions?

Unknown Speaker 34:12
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 34:15
And welcome.

Unknown Speaker 34:18
So you’ll notice that I didn’t have anything on the board development from last week and I think that’s because we had a staff visit so next time we don’t have a staff so we can pick that conversation.

Unknown Speaker 34:31
Monthly icebreaker is gonna be a quick one.

Unknown Speaker 34:35

Unknown Speaker 34:37
if you haven’t you feel free just to say no or pass.

Unknown Speaker 34:41
What book would you recommend right now? Anybody old favorite new favorite any age?

Unknown Speaker 34:48
One thing that comes to mind?

Unknown Speaker 34:51
And Muse This is my question. I’ve thought about it. So does it manage I will go first.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
I would recommend reading so you

Unknown Speaker 35:00
dress. anyone’s heard that by Robin wall camera ability is a life changing bug.

Unknown Speaker 35:05
So I don’t have your sophomore, anyone has

Unknown Speaker 35:09
gone about that, but

Unknown Speaker 35:13
I just finished Maggie Smith’s, you can make this place beautiful. And it was a gut punch. It was just, I don’t know, I think it just resonated with me where I am in my life and all that. But she’s a poet,

Unknown Speaker 35:38
author and the book is it’s a memoir, but it’s basically written in prose, poetry. And

Unknown Speaker 35:47
I just kept thinking about that book after I finished.

Unknown Speaker 35:55
Class cloud cuckoo land.

Unknown Speaker 35:58
It’s long.

Unknown Speaker 36:00
Yes. And it’s so worth it. It actually reads very quickly, despite how long it is the first book that my library, my book club, all loved and was still me. You’ve read some other ones that were just like reesy reads and like there’s not much to say about it. This is the first one that we all adored. And like we could have talked about history.

Unknown Speaker 36:24
Fiction, I mean more time to think about it. Let’s circle back

Unknown Speaker 36:31
to more nonfiction that I’ve been reading the lives of these talks about wealthy companies and just kind of like all the things we don’t know about a species that we really rely on. So second person recommend that book to me in the last two weeks halfway through.

Unknown Speaker 36:51
Yeah, hi. Okay. Yeah, always.

Unknown Speaker 36:59
Hi, now,

Unknown Speaker 37:02
my favorite one of my favorite books to teach and one of my favorite books to read.

Unknown Speaker 37:07
Have you read station 11?

Unknown Speaker 37:10
Read auto. I mean, the fact that she wrote before the pandemic is just wild to me, and she just is really lonely. I feel like right uplifting, dystopian though, which is rare. And it’s a your favorite teacher read.

Unknown Speaker 37:26
What is that? Is that your favorite to teach or real? I like to teach that like, okay, it helped me this process. There are pandemic experience.

Unknown Speaker 37:34
I just started teaching it this week again.

Unknown Speaker 37:38
I mean, one of my favorite books that really challenged me was Americana, like Chimamanda DJ, just like a totally different take on the immigrant experience and such a visionary person. I don’t know. I just respect her so much. So it’s also been really good.

Unknown Speaker 37:58
Catherine Hamer really like to ask you about have you read the library of Mount Char?

Unknown Speaker 38:06
Now, she liked ch AR. Okay, I will look at that. Thank you. I read that right after finishing station 11. And it was interesting to read them I won’t give anything away. But it was an interesting pairing.

Unknown Speaker 38:26

Unknown Speaker 38:27
if that’s

Unknown Speaker 38:30
what I’m thinking one that I finished the summer in equal waters. And actually the author John VESA is who’s a colleague of mine at Loma Linda, and he’s a teacher in Longmont. Hi, oh, that’s always fun. Yes. And it’s a psychological thriller. It was not my usual read but I was I spent so yeah like I picked it up read it it’s actually pretty good. So you know, you’re looking for something a little different and a local author and a local author Yeah, he’s he’s going around the nation he’s got a few other books as well

Unknown Speaker 39:06
to see

Unknown Speaker 39:14
love picture.

Unknown Speaker 39:18
Kid many

Unknown Speaker 39:21
Charlotte’s Web

Unknown Speaker 39:24

Unknown Speaker 39:27
I’m not reading anything good right now. The only thing I’ve read a recent that light is also local aircraft Krause and we did an offer event with her club told me everything. It’s a nonfiction book about

Unknown Speaker 39:41
her work as a as a private investigator. As a lawyer in Boulder who was investigating the early 2000s Older football team and a bunch of rampant sexual assault. That was one that led to changes in Title Nine. And it was it was really good and I

Unknown Speaker 40:00
You know, everything I’m reading this the only thing that’s been different and it’s it reads like fiction to me. What was the last thing? Crops crops AR or USC, Erica. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 40:14
All right, thanks, everyone

Unknown Speaker 40:16
still continues for mainly newborn still anyone want to volunteer for next month?

Unknown Speaker 40:31
Great. The next thing I wanted to just to bring up on new business is a reminder of the Colorado Sunshine Law. And I wanted to do that for two reasons.

Unknown Speaker 40:40
Mainly because I wanted to get a fair amount of new board members. And also because the member email conversations have picked up, which I love, but I and we, I don’t think we actually know this, because I’ve been watching for it, we have not breached anything, but I just want to make sure we’re all reminded of this.

Unknown Speaker 40:59
But it’s the Colorado law that any two or more members of

Unknown Speaker 41:05
city council that includes a sport that constitutes a meeting conversation between two or more members. And that does include email as well. Um, so we can email as a group about things such as meeting times, or some pieces of logistical information like that good, unfortunately, and substantive conversations.

Unknown Speaker 41:30
So any questions or comments on that?

Unknown Speaker 41:34
Just real quick, I think I’ve been on a different board where like, before we had our first board meeting as a new member, they would help us like watch a video or they kind of mix. Yeah, I guess before going into it. So I get that, like, nothing has happened. I don’t know if we should build that in order process. I guess we did this. When I started here. The city did an orientation where that was very heavily emphasized. Was that

Unknown Speaker 42:00

Unknown Speaker 42:01

Unknown Speaker 42:02
no Yeah, I think it was one I was. Yeah. What was that? I missed it. I missed it. There was none. Yeah. Well, great. So thanks so much. I thought I was just doing like a brief reminder. And

Unknown Speaker 42:18
so I’ll bring in the exact language around the city. And then yeah, I think that’s great feedback.

Unknown Speaker 42:24
Ideas, something sorry. Yeah, whatever. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:27
Thanks. Yeah, we’ll add that to the agenda next time. And I’ll I’ll bring in exactly which but the gist of it is that anytime we are discussing library board matters between two or more, we have to have it posted publicly

Unknown Speaker 42:42
for the Arizona city.

Unknown Speaker 42:46
But I will bring that language in.

Unknown Speaker 42:50
Did you all have any for orientation training at all from the city of first starting?

Unknown Speaker 42:58
But not like a one with the city lawyer and I know.

Unknown Speaker 43:05
Nothing? But

Unknown Speaker 43:09
you’re learning to? And I’m wondering if all that kind of was stopped because of COVID? Yeah, then they just haven’t picked it back up? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:20
A lot of things to go over like Robert’s Rules. Like everything like that. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:29
One great.

Unknown Speaker 43:30
read to them. Yeah. I’m better with this

Unknown Speaker 43:35
information, you think you can pass on your job like that as well. And I can email Sandy. Right. And then I can look back and see what I believe I have information for mine. So I can look back and we can bring in maybe we could add some of those pieces to the agenda?

Unknown Speaker 43:55

Unknown Speaker 43:57
great. Let’s move on to old business.

Unknown Speaker 44:01
And, John, do you want to explain the resolution, that paper mechanic as well? Yep. So yeah, under the library belt, as you see review resolution, and that was in the packet if you happen to look at it. So as you know, council did refer the library to the ballot. Technically that happened after the last time you met like the next night.

Unknown Speaker 44:27
So that’s why it’s quote unquote old business I

Unknown Speaker 44:31
am sorry. Since then, a few things are going on one and the city is currently working on a brochure that will go out to all residents. That’s a little bit more of a

Unknown Speaker 44:43
explaining the issues not just about language itself.

Unknown Speaker 44:47
And so I got some opportunity to give some feedback on there. With that, I think they they’re obviously on a quick deadline. So they’re trying to get that to the printers so it can get out ideally either before

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Word arrived around the actual ballots will come in your mail as well.

Unknown Speaker 45:04
So as a part of that, or I shouldn’t say part of that, but around the same time,

Unknown Speaker 45:11
the city manager’s office would have the resolution that you saw in your packet, which is, as is allowed from all boards and commissions, you’re allowed to make a resolution to counsel in support or, as opposed to supporting

Unknown Speaker 45:27
initiative. And so what I included there was the language they Well, I reviewed it. I, if there is some feedback, certainly I can bring it back. But I don’t really know the timing of that. Just everything’s obviously moving pretty fast given that

Unknown Speaker 45:45
it was referred to the ballot by counsel. I mean, basically, in the last moment.

Unknown Speaker 45:51

Unknown Speaker 45:54
So that’s that was is what is there before,

Unknown Speaker 45:58
as far as

Unknown Speaker 46:01
and maybe Suzy communicated that here? Because I don’t know what happens with this next. I mean, it goes to council, I don’t know what the expectation is for a board member in common council to officially, you know, like during public invited to be heard, like this board has done before, I don’t really know what happens with this resolution. So there are a couple of things, I know that it could be brought up. So we can, I don’t know if we necessarily vote to accept it. It can be shared, it can be emailed to us, it could be if we’d wanted something more public, I believe.

Unknown Speaker 46:42
It can’t be done during that job. Three minutes. And whether it’s like a rolling like, right, one speaker goes for three minutes leads as much as they can, and then the next one.

Unknown Speaker 46:54
Can and then the next. Wow. So that is a strategy that we both know when we go lobby or testify at the Capitol or we have to speak.

Unknown Speaker 47:09
So that’s that could be an option as well. So that is something that is rare that is made public. And then I can ask DOD, if there’s something where it could be included into our package. But I just don’t know where

Unknown Speaker 47:25
it will be. Like, I don’t know if that would be special reports and presentations or Yeah, right. Yeah. Since we already discussed the library, but I think it, you know, to be able to have that key public, I think it’s something that would be really important

Unknown Speaker 47:41
for residents to see.

Unknown Speaker 47:45
So I,

Unknown Speaker 47:48
I have a, I have an addition, I would like to see, but I’m also balancing the need the timeliness in my head, and how did I see your cancer is? So I’m wondering for him to say something similar?

Unknown Speaker 47:59
I think we could say in the third. Whereas whereas Longmont has surpassed 100,000 residents in a feasibility study show that he furnished a library grant, I would love to see and funny to bring us to a

Unknown Speaker 48:15
sustainable level of service, whatever that whatever that phrases that comes from the feasibility study, because it is more than just a branch.

Unknown Speaker 48:25
Yeah, but how does that did you want to add anything as well?

Unknown Speaker 48:33
perfectly great. Um, so however, I also I played around button and turn my camera off.

Unknown Speaker 48:42
My exact thought I just would really like to see that preferred level of service in there. So people are held more accountable, because additional is super vague. Can you want to know,

Unknown Speaker 48:52
is preferred level of service preferred to something more general, like existing standard or sustainable? Service and operations are? This right this because that’s what we discussed last month, were preferred makes it sound like, oh, wait, what’s your favorite place to be? You know, like it like it’s fancy. We’re talking about we’re not talking about luxury, right?

Unknown Speaker 49:23
Yeah. And there’s a way to demonstrate that it comes from the actual research. I see where you’re coming from. But I also feel like we’re saying this is grounded in the feasibility study that the city

Unknown Speaker 49:38
that I believe that attribution, that it from the feasibility did. feasibility studies shows the need for an additional branch as well as additional support for ongoing operations.

Unknown Speaker 49:56
So I think it’s the day if we don’t use

Unknown Speaker 50:00
But there’s a there’s $1 amount attached to that terminology in the feasibility study true. So I think before we get into the nitty gritty to back up a little bit, do we want to try? If we do have suggestions for this, does that need to go back then through you, John?

Unknown Speaker 50:21
We will not be able to vote on this tonight. It is my understanding.

Unknown Speaker 50:25
So is that

Unknown Speaker 50:29
I’m trying to figure out if it makes more sense for us to pass as is able to read it the next city council meeting, versus a little bit more time because we would have to wait till our next meeting and pass it.

Unknown Speaker 50:44
Is my understanding that someone please jump in? That’s incorrect.

Unknown Speaker 50:50

Unknown Speaker 50:53
I don’t have a response to that. But I have a question for Susie. So I can wait.

Unknown Speaker 50:57
If anybody has anything to say, well, I, I can jump in? Yeah, on a couple of thoughts there. So one is, I mean, unless the board were to come up with the actual language tonight, then you don’t have to come back. If you’re wanting to make edits. Okay, it can be captured in the minutes, and I can send it back on and request the change. Right. What I will say is, again, with the timing, I don’t know where this is at. Right. The second thing I’ll respond to, as far as that prefer level. So when we spoke last month, and I was one of the ones that brought that up was a little bit of a concern, because at least as far as the brochure goes, that’s being developed, it doesn’t reference the feasibility study. And therefore, I was offering the opinion that same preferred level out of context, in that brochure may not make sense. And that’s the way it’s being at and it’s certainly a saying, somehow win there to get it to a level of service that basically makes sense for a population of this size, without using that word. Yeah. However, in the resolution here, I think if you refer back specifically to as described in the, whatever 220 volt law feasibility study, then then in my opinion, and it’s within context, I don’t think it hurts there to say prefer, this board has already done that a couple of times to counsel about preferred level of service. And each time it’s referred back to the feasibility study. It’s only the brochure that I was talking about that doesn’t. And that’s where I was a little worried about that.

Unknown Speaker 52:35
So just sound like then we could amend the language, but on them that can go back. And then I think it would be, like you said, captured in the minutes.

Unknown Speaker 52:47
So this is where I get a little confused on the rules of order. My understanding is that we have to make a movement to invent,

Unknown Speaker 52:57
build on that and then work on the language, or am I taking this a step too far? I really want to make that motion, right.

Unknown Speaker 53:10
And I asked my question real quick.

Unknown Speaker 53:14
Susie, since we talked about this last time, did you already go over this? Or we like beating a dead horse? Did you talk about this council? We talked about it on council, we already voted on putting it on the ballot, and we voted to keep them separate? I think it’s this the purpose of this resolution is to really show that the board supports. So it’s more of a message to the public, I would think so right for the board to be as explicit as it is in that third. We resolved what we can tell people. Yeah, we should vote yes. But last week, we voted to bring forward a resolution in support of the ballot initiatives. So we as a council would write motion. Okay, so this I think I’m viewing this as something that’s more for the public. It’s not really telling us as city council to vote on this or supporting it to the public. It says Sportlyzer Yes.

Unknown Speaker 54:16
Yes, yes. And this is really one of the only places that we had cool. If we can do it, I like being direct.

Unknown Speaker 54:26
Thank you, especially because they’re very specific about DNS,

Unknown Speaker 54:31
very specific language in there about Next slide. So let’s be super specific

Unknown Speaker 54:38
entities that don’t

Unknown Speaker 54:41
exist anymore. So the language Yeah, preferred levels find

Unknown Speaker 54:48
additional funding to serve the operation and maintenance of the libraries. So that’s in there anyway, so that’s good. Yeah, so that is but I think

Unknown Speaker 54:59
I think green

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Either I would like it here earlier as well, that barbed wire that just that is not only a branch that there is more that this board is in support of not only your branch, but in funding. So I think there’s a few different ways I can suggest some language for the city. What else would like to? I would think and I’m not going to make a motion to amend yet that we would want to say

Unknown Speaker 55:28
where as long that has depressed 100,000 residents and a feasibility study.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
I think we could name the feasibility study, but a feasibility study showed the need for additional library branch, as well as

Unknown Speaker 55:43
sawston. I’m

Unknown Speaker 55:47
sorry, I have this pulled up, I lost it.

Unknown Speaker 55:57
As well as for Longmont public library to be funded at the preferred level of self service, as put forth by the 2022 feasibility study.

Unknown Speaker 56:07
Does that addition before you vote on it capture? Is it specific enough? Does it does it fit within the concerns that were just raised?

Unknown Speaker 56:31
Then I would like to move that we amend the resolution to read.

Unknown Speaker 56:54
You said

Unknown Speaker 56:56
June that it was the line that you just showed it is at the bottom under Section Three in the results.

Unknown Speaker 57:03
Additional funding to serve the operation.

Unknown Speaker 57:06
See, I would actually flop I’m sorry,

Unknown Speaker 57:10
to flop the whole sentence and then I would flip flop the freezing. So in the whereas right here, as we’re saying, Alright, given this given you know this, it actually isn’t given the feasibility study that that preferred level that option three has to be the solution. It’s there’s a couple of different Yes, it’s one of the it’s one of the right. But what it does show

Unknown Speaker 57:38
without a shadow of a doubt is that it needs additional funding to serve the operation maintenance of all libraries in one month. So I would wonder about taking that phrasing from section three. Throwing that up in the third warehouse following me so far. Yep. And then in that section three.

Unknown Speaker 58:01
We urge Longmont citizens to vote yes, on the ballot issue approving a new library branch and for funding at the preferred level as recommended in the 2022 feasibility study.

Unknown Speaker 58:19
Seriously, saying I think that makes sense. I could go, I can go I don’t have a strong opinion on that. I think what you’re saying is that is where we say we want this specific level. Yes. Saying yes. For that were mentioned in the feasibility study. Yeah. This for backstabbing. Yeah, and I think that definitely makes sense. The only reason I like that it’s just I like it being earlier. But I think how the document reads what you’re saying makes sense. Um,

Unknown Speaker 58:49
other comments on what Jamie just suggested

Unknown Speaker 58:56
was a little muffled for me. Could you just read it again?

Unknown Speaker 59:01
Which, which way should I aim my voice?

Unknown Speaker 59:05
Oh, so owl.

Unknown Speaker 59:07
What I’m suggesting it’s just weird because your face is over there.

Unknown Speaker 59:13
What I’m suggesting is that you take the phrase, in section three,

Unknown Speaker 59:19
the operation and parks are

Unknown Speaker 59:25
additional funding to serve the operation and maintenance of all libraries in long line, cut that and you paste it up in the third whereas, so it reads the feasibility studies show the need for an additional library branch and additional funding to serve the operation dot dot dot. And then in that section three, that’s where you say, we urge Longmont citizens to vote yes. Delta duck approving a new library branch and funding Longmont library at the proof

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
For level as recommended the 2022 usability study.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
That’s can we make one small change instead of representing a related point? Is there a recommended piece a, let’s say outlined, outlined? Yes. Outline?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
Yeah. wordsmith it. Yeah. And the pays homage. The phrase additional funding to serve the operation of municipal libraries is also in the sixth wehrens.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:35
I’m okay with that. being repeated. Yeah, me too. Great. So, how were you able to hear that one? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:49
I think the preferred level in section three, it’s, it feels a little bit more strategic to Yeah, that’s right. But for the public. Yeah. Let’s be honest, a lot of people just read the resolution. Whereas, what are you doing? What do you say?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
Okay, you remember?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
knew to amend the resolution, using the language that was previously stated, which I can state again, are you able to capture that? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:28

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
Second, second.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
All right. So

Unknown Speaker 1:01:39

Unknown Speaker 1:01:41
So now, we still have to vote on this, because then we’ve just voted on approving the amendment. So now, I move that the board adopts the resolution of the Law Library

Unknown Speaker 1:01:55
adopts the resolution as put forth on 913 2023 As amended.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
As amended. Second.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:06
Is that a yay or nay? Hand up? Yeah. Okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
Great. So we have now adopted this resolution.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
If you don’t mind getting this edits, and the John, if you don’t mind, sending our amended version.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:24
I would love if one of us could read this out at public invited to be heard. When I just emailed Sandy FCCU on it as well to ask about orientation, as well as what would be the best format? Could it be something that’s too special report by presentations? Or is so I’ll get clarification on that thinks we can get you on the agenda. And we can do that. Okay, great. And once again, we’re I wish we could discuss more over email.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
When is the next week comes tomorrow? It’s tomorrow, it probably would have been 26 lessons that that’s the other one. So tomorrow is a study session. Okay. And then that should be the next one and should be regular

Unknown Speaker 1:03:16
October 3 and October.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:23
Okay, if need be, I can read this on the 26th. That’s a regular session as well on the regular session. Right. So based on what we hear back, I will tentatively plan James join me if other students well, to read on the 26th.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:40
All right, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:44
Any other comments before we move on to our next agenda? Yes. Where else would slash could it go beyond being read at the City Council?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
I mean, I think

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
yeah, it could be shared. I was thinking to the news. Because as far as just sharing the resolution

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12
could it be posted

Unknown Speaker 1:04:14
to in social media library? I don’t know. I don’t think it’ll be on the library website. Yeah, that’s the website, the Facebook page. No, not the libraries.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27
Other organizational stuff?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:32
Yeah, first of all, they’re not obviously restrictions. That’s a great. Would it be on the city’s website as just a resolution?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
I mean, it might be I don’t know if it would get in there. Buried in a packet. You

Unknown Speaker 1:04:51
know, that’s what I don’t know what you typically make to help work. Right, but then taking that

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
You could certainly go elsewhere. I just don’t about library platforms. Yeah, this group has a page or has a page on which were mentioned on the city website. Could it be a link on that page? Back to the same concern, though? So yeah, it would be the minutes. And what is the interest? Well, I mean, have you the same concern of not posting using like the library social media?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:24
Which I’m hearing would be a no go.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:27
Now, unless, how are you able to art art? Is the general public able to access this packet on that website?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
On the city’s board pages, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:43
And that’s public, and like our minutes are shared, you know, in our agenda that are

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49
going that route. That’s where we make the most sense, because I understand the concern around library employees, and their perception of that being

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
a connection. But if we can overtly say we want we say this, as a council, you have then anywhere where we have public documentation, as a council should be okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:16
Yep. And then it lives there. And anybody who happens to see it from another organization, or as a personal citizen, wants to make others aware that it lives there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
So I guess the question is how to,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
to get that there

Unknown Speaker 1:06:34
are some posts our genders, minutes? I don’t know, as a library employee? Oh, it is? Well, yeah. Well, you send it to the city clerk. Yes. Yes. John would be able to answer that question. So then it’s the city clerk. Question. Okay. Kevin, and if so,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:55
yes, yes. Okay. So the question is, for the City Clerk, can this resolution be posted publicly using the same platforms where we get to sell their library within your

Unknown Speaker 1:07:12
space? Or

Unknown Speaker 1:07:15
you have your own space that are?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:18
Great. So is that?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:21
Okay, because when I Oh, I guess I’m looking at live die kind of Lifeworld. I’m just looking at something.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:29
So this is, well, this was the one that I have logged into. So

Unknown Speaker 1:07:34

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
But when I click on the board meetings, there’s nothing on there to be populated in there. So

Unknown Speaker 1:07:42
what what you’re under September? Does that matter?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
So if you go back to August, which is?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
Does that help you out? No, I think it’s still the same.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:53
And the follow up question, if we can say yes, as a library board, we urge you to vote on this. Does that mean that individual board members of the supervisory board can also advocate for this as as a citizen as a citizen, but not not with that member? Not see on behalf of the board? So I can say, vote? Yes. If I am part of the board as a whole putting forth a resolution but I can’t say vote yes. As an individual member of that same board, then you’re you could say as a long lat resident, I’m just wondering and library supporter of the library.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
This is posted, you know, you could also refer back to

Unknown Speaker 1:08:46
refer back to the leaks as a Bureau of social media. Yeah. Hey, this is

Unknown Speaker 1:08:52
um, okay. So is this a question best as to the City Clerk’s Office for me, or is this one that

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
you all would be able to ask as well?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:04
Great, thank you. Thanks, Jamie. Those are good points.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
Great. Other comments on this agenda item?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:15
Right then let’s move on to reports and journals capacity. Yep. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
I have a few things to go through

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
as quickly as I can. So

Unknown Speaker 1:09:32
I’ll start with

Unknown Speaker 1:09:42

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44
okay. I’m trying to

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
share because Katherine’s

Unknown Speaker 1:09:53
Okay, so I want to

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
go through a couple of them. So you see

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
as Catherine,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
our action plan. So just important just to talk to a couple things, I mean, doctors will expand because it’s obvious I can’t talk us here at the same time.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:16
But under some of these sections, so patreon patron Steffensen security, I circle back with facilities, one of the items is left hanging there as the staff secure areas, they have to get a quote for the door. And apparently, it was hard to understand what you’re saying it sounds like they got a quote at one point, but it gets long expired, I certainly never saw that. So they’d have to kind of start that over again.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
So that was just following up last week.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:44
Under internal communication, one of the items here is for library staff to make better use of SharePoint, which is, at this point, I can say it’s a new platform for city employees, but it’s new ish. And we’re trying to just make better use of that for internal communications. And the update there is, I had my tech titles, musician name, but he kind of oversees the computer lab and technology in the library. And he gave me a nice long update for that, as far as what we’ve done since January, with SharePoint in there. And there’s a number of things and realize we’ve actually done a number of things there. But we try to post our own minutes in there and things like that, and trying to get staff to go

Unknown Speaker 1:11:29
under external, communicate communication.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:34
Got to bring this but

Unknown Speaker 1:11:36
I do have it.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:38
There’s a couple of things. One is, and I think the board saw this one, the website,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:45
we have a separate section. Now for policies, this has been a a twofold goal. One was just to have more of our public facing policies on the website. As we develop them, they’re there. So now the website under About Us has

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
policies, and it’s its own section. With everything in there, the newest policy being the meeting room policy, the meeting rooms next door to us, which, as of today are now open to the public. That’s also one of the action plan goals is to open up to the public.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:16
So definitely a shout out to Tracy who did a lot of the work and kind of tightening up the policy there somewhat based off this, this room that we’re in, which has been open to the public for a while. But we had to consider a lot of other things for the meeting rooms. One there’s a kitchen, there’s technology available for the public to use,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:37
tables and chairs, different rooms set up. So there was a lot to think through there. So. So that policy is there, of course, but also just wanted to let you know the meeting rooms itself are open

Unknown Speaker 1:12:49
after a few years of not being.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:55
And then

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
another policy that is currently waiting on legal review is it’s one of the ones we needed to write here that we didn’t have, which is a basic computer use policy, because we have public computers, and we’ve checked out laptops and other things. We didn’t have a computer use policy. So we worked on a draft of that and got finalized and sent to legal, we’re celebrating that to the board here to review what’s legal has

Unknown Speaker 1:13:30
a chance to review it. And if there’s anything from this board, I can always go back. But that’s where that stands now.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:38
To have that.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:42
And then another Well, let’s see that’s Action Plan stuff. Actually, that covers what I wanted to talk

Unknown Speaker 1:13:49
here about.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:53
Okay, so other updates.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:57
We wrote an internal policy. Actually, this was written a little while ago, long enough ago, I don’t actually know. pass this around. Coffee Do you want this is an internal policy for staff? Just saying Nope. So you won’t find this on the website to privacy policy.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:16
That I think was in draft vote when I started. So that’s how long backward goes. And really what this is. It’s based off Colorado State statute of patron privacy and privacy of user records, which those of us in the library land are quite familiar with. And some of you hopefully have gotten a little education from me on that if you’re new to the board, but

Unknown Speaker 1:14:39
this policy is based off of that, but with clear steps on

Unknown Speaker 1:14:47
what staff need to do, in particular as it relates to Longmont, city, police, law enforcement

Unknown Speaker 1:14:55
and in state statute without trying to go into a whole lot of detail here. If

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
Does state in there that, you know, the basics of patient privacy is we don’t share records and stuff without subpoena or whatever. But there is a clause that says, Unless otherwise required by law with the city did is they took that to say, well, there’s times we need to have, we need to help the police under certain circumstances, which would only be under exigent circumstances. And you’ll see that in in the policy there. So we just finished some trainings with staff on this, to help them understand what that means. This type of circumstance came up not that long ago.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:43
Unfortunately, we hadn’t done training for staff yet. We had a situation where police came in wanting to either tell us some footage from our cameras or looking at themselves, which under normal state statute, we wouldn’t allow. But it was an exigent circumstance in the sense that there was a missing child.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:02
And staff didn’t know. So they they held by state statute, instead of going by this policy, and I’m not trying to call staff who turned on the train

Unknown Speaker 1:16:13
in and helping them

Unknown Speaker 1:16:17
with whatever we could in order to help them under under that only and only exigent circumstance. So I want to be clear, it has to be an emergency. Police were trained on this exact same policy. They know the terminology to use.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:32
In the trainings, there was a we did four different trainings, basically, and get every staff involved. And

Unknown Speaker 1:16:42
there wasn’t one training or someone didn’t ask the well couldn’t just a police always say it’s things.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:48
Sure, but it’s not in their best interest to do that. And they actually can get in big trouble. So I don’t expect anyone to abuse that just in order for them to get their way. But we have to be willing to help police in a situation that really requires the burden isn’t necessarily on all staff. Just so you know, that’s really the burden is on me, or someone that I would designate which will be a supervisor or someone else who’s a lead on SNAP, it should still try and call me if I’m not here.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:21
So I just wanted to share that policy with you. So you know, where we stand long before me in before this policy. Something else that’s declared in this policy in this policy that wasn’t clear to staff was, well, what if library, the library calls the police because there’s criminal activity going on. There was a time where that happened here. We call the police. for criminal activity, the person that was here, whatever was going on had left, the police come to help ask where the person was only for staff to say all while privacy laws don’t allow me to tell you that it’s a bit you just taught.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:02
So there was a disconnect there between, you know, understanding Colorado library law and also knowing how to react to different situations. So anyway, I

Unknown Speaker 1:18:18
can always entertain questions or things like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:23
But I wanted to pass up.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:26
Stan, I do have a question. If you don’t mind paying a little bit more.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:30
Under Section three, part C.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:36
It looks like

Unknown Speaker 1:18:40
when the library’s referred to kind of one person that this is just one year. So what you’re talking about the library director doesn’t mean, rightfully, information to do your records. But how would How do you consider reasonable precautions

Unknown Speaker 1:18:56
that can be taken to adequately protect the privacy of other patrons? So in that sense, so the example we use with staff and that type of situation, particularly if police are involved, right is

Unknown Speaker 1:19:10
first of all, there’s only

Unknown Speaker 1:19:13
I think less than four people on staff that know how to use the security camera system software. So it’s not like every staff can just hop on and say, here’s the cameras, the police don’t know how to use it either.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:24
So the reason I’m practicing that is with the security team would do because they know how to manipulate the cameras is police come in, they’re looking for somebody, the security person will log, they might identify that that person is up on the second floor in this area. They’re gonna turn off all of their views except for them. Now, can someone else walk into the picture? Sure, yeah. And the police see that that person that walks in, the police might say, Oh, I know that guy we haven’t worn out for his arrest. Well, the burdens on the police at that point, not on staff

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
So that’s a reasonable precaution.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:10
questions for John on this at this point.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:14
Thank you for sharing this with us. I think it’s really important that we,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:17
yeah. And actually, it probably should have was your hand up and down?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:24
I mean, this is probably a stupid question. But the police are the only people who could ask for this information, right? There’s no other Correct? Well, anyone can ask

Unknown Speaker 1:20:36
to be granted and

Unknown Speaker 1:20:38
correct. Yeah. And it’s in the policy to and I’m sorry, I didn’t put this in the packet on purpose, just because it’s not public information. But

Unknown Speaker 1:20:48
it’s in the policy about the public asking for cameras. And at that point, any that of that request will be put towards me. And I would probably right away, I mean, depending what it is, but most likely, what I would do is I would be going to the city clerk and consider that an open records request, and let it go through that process. And let that be the decision maker of whether that fee was opened up or not.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:15
legal responsibility is that the individual or the library is an entity.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:22
This lesson.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:32
It’s the individual. So she’s asking, there’s a statement in there validating all responsibility of library staff and volunteers. And basically, it’s the part in here that says if we violate this policy, a staff can be fined.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:48
And the reason I’m talking a little bit is because if library staff were to break Colorado State statute, law, it’s considered a petty crime. In the end, do you know who would charge that staff person for that crime?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:04
Law police? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:07
And law police are not going to charge library staff, right for helping them, basically, and I most pretty much have that guarantee from the city attorney’s office.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:20
Even so it’s $300.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:25
I’m not trying to encourage anyone right now. We have to follow this. That’s why it’s so far every very everybody has heard on the side of

Unknown Speaker 1:22:35
too much privacy. So yeah, Clearly.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:39
Clearly, yeah. Yeah. It’s a real thing. And I, you know, we as library professionals take great pride. But I think, yeah, I always say we’re one of the last institutions that values privacy on that level, whereas everyone else is happily getting your data right away. Yeah. So you know, I’m very proud of that. But there are times when we have to, let’s remember to city police are our homes. Right? Well, they’re not working against us. So we have to have reasonable measures to allow us to help him in emergency. So

Unknown Speaker 1:23:13
okay, as he has mentioned previously, is such a bedrock value of librarianship and library site.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:25
Okay, so I’ll move along from that topic. And that’s okay. And I’ll go to some of the programming highlights. I realized last month I forgot to do this, but

Unknown Speaker 1:23:36
but I didn’t combine them either. Because

Unknown Speaker 1:23:39
July was a great month, we did a lot of stuff. Now we’re on a

Unknown Speaker 1:23:45
building like Madeline never showed this intermediate. Anyway. So here is August.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:54
So your first experience with this, but I like to it’s not to show every single thing we did in the month, but I like to show highlights of what we’ve done. And your packet last month, it wasn’t a hack. So you could have looked at it, that’s for sure. The other thing I think

Unknown Speaker 1:24:15

Unknown Speaker 1:24:21
This also on occasion gets shared with friends in the library for now, not only because they would like to see but also because as you all know, they want to represent fun, all our programs. That’s what I represent.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:36
So here’s some children’s programs for the month of August kind of go through a little bit so you can look at some of the cute pictures and

Unknown Speaker 1:24:43
read some of the captions here.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:50
Our tween our tween,

Unknown Speaker 1:24:53
if you know, tween ages, some of us

Unknown Speaker 1:24:57
that’s a growing population. We’re getting more

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
more engaged with the library.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:05
Oh, this was a good program

Unknown Speaker 1:25:09
with another teen program, and then just some data from children’s reporting slide that just shows you some of what we’ve done. So in August, you know, we’re 1600 attendees in total for children’s programs, which is pretty rare.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:25
That’s total attendance, by the way. So parents included, or guardians, whoever’s there with the child.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:32
The children’s department does do outreach as well in the form of class visits, classroom visits, whereas our outreach department does more of the outreach events and special events with us here and that will find the next person in here at some point.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:51
You heard Kenny talk a little bit so she had a few things. We did this make earrings night, which was which is pretty fun. I think we did bring it off or I wasn’t able to go to that. So I’m not sure that was but I think the turnout was pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:08
And the other thing was like she mentioned the chest night we have to do down here now because it’s so popular.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:14
I realized that there’s I found this by accident, if any of you are familiar with her using meetup, but there’s a group there a lot about Library group. So they they indirectly help promote this stuff because they’re getting people together to come to these things.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:31
So I think that that’s helping in part.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:34
And then other programs here totaled out

Unknown Speaker 1:26:42
very quickly, it’s it’s in the packets and I go through this a little more.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:46
And then outreach, a lot of stuff. This is a busy time of year for outreach.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:52
This is Lillian who when she’s out people ask her or they stop in so a lot of her outreach is in here. Because she gets families and primarily Spanish speaking families and social impromptu, give them tours.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:05
And they love it. They just love it.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:09
She goes out to the our our center. When she says 16 stats she when she interacted with 68 people.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:18
This is a regular program and one of our parks

Unknown Speaker 1:27:25
are or call they call. Yes. Thank you all the kids call it between. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:32

Unknown Speaker 1:27:35
She goes I think once a month, maybe more.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:39
She went to the Latino Chamber of Commerce, which was a great that was a special invitation they gave her to come there there’s landing Park, which is another regular visit that we do.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:52
She always provides great photos, which I love.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:55
It’s a Klaviyo has come a few times. They come here she can give tours to that group

Unknown Speaker 1:28:05
this was the last concert they did out here which was the makeup concert for the June right now. So I joined in on that one that was a really fun night nice night out to just

Unknown Speaker 1:28:17
and really really good turnout

Unknown Speaker 1:28:20
for us back to school late so she’ll do these back to school nights and obviously interacts with a lot

Unknown Speaker 1:28:37
Oh, that’s the place it’s pretty

Unknown Speaker 1:28:41
close. It’s really close. Another back to school Nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:47
Nice school.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:49
Yeah, she was there

Unknown Speaker 1:28:52
was great. And then I’ve been talking with Lillian a little bit too about outreach and trying to get out a little more north in town that she has

Unknown Speaker 1:29:03
just in general we need to be there we know that’s what we hear even when it comes to a ballot initiative when people ask where’s it going to be in American city for a while even up north

Unknown Speaker 1:29:16
that would also happen but

Unknown Speaker 1:29:20
so she’s trying to get out there and talk to the north in the title but more

Unknown Speaker 1:29:26
and then all the different stuff she did here in August

Unknown Speaker 1:29:32
quite busy. And then you’ll see more in September because of course she was at River this weekend and a bunch of other stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:41
And all this is just all the various things and people are helped.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:46
And there we go.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:47
So I know you’re

Unknown Speaker 1:29:50
free to see all

Unknown Speaker 1:29:53
this you can

Unknown Speaker 1:29:56
let’s see if I can stop my share.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00

Unknown Speaker 1:30:05

Unknown Speaker 1:30:11
because we use teams here

Unknown Speaker 1:30:15
it’s like going from a Mac to a

Unknown Speaker 1:30:19

Unknown Speaker 1:30:21
So a couple other things in my report, it is library card sign up month. If you didn’t know we’re doing some promotional things here. One is because we have the new library card and has a nice photo and teaching thing, the month of September, you can exchange your card if you still have

Unknown Speaker 1:30:38
not been charged for it.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:41
So you should do that if you want a fancy new car.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:45
Yeah, and for people who are new members of the library, they cannot opt to register for the prize.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:55
We’ll be getting some nice like canvas bags that says I love my library Walmart library

Unknown Speaker 1:31:03
to give away for new members, so

Unknown Speaker 1:31:06
you can get them on an exchange sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:13
So, so there’s that that should be getting out on our website and social feed pretty soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:20

Unknown Speaker 1:31:23
I think oh, well, the last thing I don’t know, it’s kind of a potential topic for discussion. But I think this a couple things came up an email with a couple of you here with

Unknown Speaker 1:31:38
well, it was from Douglas County Library.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:41
And facing some book ban, you know, and the good news of that is the chair Board of Trustees had a final vote that everything that was being challenged has to remain on the shelves,

Unknown Speaker 1:31:55
which is great.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:57
The one thing I thought was interesting that you might want to look up and we can talk about this, or at a future meeting. But I don’t know that it’s in response to this or something that they’ve been developing. There’s a library that they came up with a children’s card now everybody has a children’s car. But this one

Unknown Speaker 1:32:18
at the Paragon legal guardians discretion can opt to limit what can be checked out

Unknown Speaker 1:32:23
on the car. And I think this is very interesting. And I certainly have thoughts about that, I think.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:32

Unknown Speaker 1:32:34
you know, basically, in doing so,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:38
it might sound nice that way, a kid comes up and from the library alone, and they bring up an R rated movie, for example, the system will say you can check this out.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:50
My concern about that is that puts the burden on library staff in our libraries. And we are not responsible for kids in the library. We’re not a public school. Well in an RA movies, probably an easy example, because another entity has provided ratings and guidance. But it’s the other stuff that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:33:14
on the burden on the library. And I don’t know how you would decide what’s limiting and what’s not according to whose philosophy it was very different. It was these three book titles, this type of content. Yeah, because that becomes subjective.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:30
I saw something similar where it was a young adult car, kind of like a junior

Unknown Speaker 1:33:39
card for when you reach the upper teens, I guess, in relation Oh, so just sections in the library, you’re allowed in based on age.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:50
Some things were moved from a teen section or youth services area to a young adult section that was upstairs with referrals to the adult library but seem to come out of the same places. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:09
I have questions about

Unknown Speaker 1:34:12
a lot of those ideas currently here.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:19
How does children’s credit work? Is it just a regular library card? Is there like it under 13 Parents need to sign or under 15 or 16 and then they have access to the account or yeah there.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:35
You might have just told me on the age right? But there’s a certain age where

Unknown Speaker 1:34:42
whatever that below that age they cannot get a card by themselves. You have to have a parent regarding present and guarantee right? Yep. And it’s their partner great because I tried to improve my neighbor girl last week when I brought my daughter and the neighbor girl to Dar she had never been here and she wanted to check out both

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
Books and

Unknown Speaker 1:35:02
library card and herb everything like now of course, it’s like I figured

Unknown Speaker 1:35:07
that I would check. And so it went under My Account, which we’ll see how that goes. But yes, it has to be your own parent or guardian to

Unknown Speaker 1:35:15
just someone who’s with you. And what happens is they go into the kids account their name, and that pair of guards information is put there. And that’s really, you know, the biggest reason for that is the financial burden. So if something happens, we don’t do fines here. But if the book was lost or damaged, then that falls on whoever is on that account.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:37
There are there are some other things in there too, as far as it gets back into privacy. So in that case, the parent or guardian, if they have the card, the kids card number, or can verify information about the child and they can get access to their actual account, meaning what do they have checked out? But there’s certain parameters with that. It’s not just on that. And if I remember correctly, when my daughter got her library card, it was through field trips to the library. And I think I had the signup form beforehand. Yeah. So even if it’s done through field trip, yeah, the one the newer thing we did here, I think it came up a few a number of meetings ago, we, it felt within our action plan to improve access for teams. So we launched we, we basically, it’s not like a team card, in the sense it’s a different card. But we in our system, we created a new team, what we call a patron type, but it basically allows a team who would be considered a minor, and technically require that parent guardian. But in their absence, they can still get a card, we give them a card, it’s full access. They’re just limited to I have to check it out. Until we can get that signature because we don’t want to block access says it doesn’t learn somebody a builder. I don’t know if we get here. I think we’ll Republic is that where you don’t have your proof IP address? You can you can

Unknown Speaker 1:37:03
basically, yeah. So you know, we, we expanded that to include teams, it’s just so because so many come in here by themselves.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:15
Most of them do. They don’t want to get their parents. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:20
Anybody else teams?

Unknown Speaker 1:37:22
Yes. So

Unknown Speaker 1:37:24
anyway, I guess I could have brought that up under live under professional news. But I had it under my notes that I just I wanted to bring up you can look it up under Douglas County, let me know what your thoughts are.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:36
Just very curious. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:39
And then the last thing I wanted to mention,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:43
if you’re not familiar, some of you are there’s a really good nonprofit organization that does advocacy for libraries called every library, one or every library. And they do tremendous advocacy for libraries. And, and a lot of it is also helping where they can with campaigns,

Unknown Speaker 1:38:08
with libraries, and I reached out to them just to see like, because I haven’t really been to an election here. And they have experienced everywhere. And they were actually pretty helpful with older Public Library in their last election,

Unknown Speaker 1:38:23
voted to become a district. They were they were helpful with them, and just providing some things and do’s and don’ts. They know they’re very familiar with city employee, and board member parameters on limitations of what we can do or not do. It was just very helpful to talk to them and learn about things we can do as a library or library staff to advocate for Libraries Without advocating for a certain vote. And I just wanted to share that you can look up every library and kind of see what they do. I’m bringing them back in actually tomorrow to meet with my marketing person to get some

Unknown Speaker 1:39:06

Unknown Speaker 1:39:08
to get some

Unknown Speaker 1:39:10
kind of input on what maybe she can do or not do throw her on social media.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:17
Just just, you know, one of the examples, I remember that I share because some people are like, Well, what do you mean by that? Well, we already use social media a lot. And it’s generally to promote our own programs and events. And one of the examples is this. Okay, so you have storytime. Great. And now what you want to do is tell the story of why do you have storytime and why it’s important. And then everything else you do. You’re not saying anything about an election, you’re just saying this is why we matter. You know, and so just talking with them a little bit and

Unknown Speaker 1:39:54
Jamie came to one of those meetings, so helped learn a little bit more

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
With her involvement here, but also with the friends, I thought it’d be good to have somebody on that side, not just library staff to kind of hear some of that messaging.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:09
So anyway, I’m happy to talk more about that, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:13
It was pretty insightful. Just just given the limitations we have and the short timeframe.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:19
The end, anyone would have the white want to have became, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:24
you’re someone to engage to?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:27
Because you’re

Unknown Speaker 1:40:29
like, I didn’t hear anything on that call. I really appreciated being in that space. I didn’t hear anything that I didn’t know, I wasn’t working in marketing. Right. So it was very

Unknown Speaker 1:40:40
pretty, like common sense stuff, not necessarily specific to right. Government and

Unknown Speaker 1:40:48
board members, but

Unknown Speaker 1:40:51
the social media stuff. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:55
I’m guessing you will be a good

Unknown Speaker 1:40:58
resource for ourselves.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:06
No, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:10
Well, that’s plenty.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:13
Questions or comments for John.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:20
Updates, book sale starts Wednesday for members only

Unknown Speaker 1:41:28
suggested giving up members of the jacket.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:35
Bags, we have nice

Unknown Speaker 1:41:40
paper, shopping bags with a handle

Unknown Speaker 1:41:45
of the library logo on them. And those will be the only bands that will count toward that $5 band, sort of the last day on sale, which is Saturday. Now, those those bags, we fill them up and they’re $5 a bag

Unknown Speaker 1:42:07
improvement from the single target plastic shopping bag, perhaps not as awesome as if we were able to get a fabric or reusable bag, but we’re working on it. Um, the other thing that’s just really happening

Unknown Speaker 1:42:32
with the friends is they are very motivated and supportive of this ballot initiative. And they keep asking me what they can do, and what they can’t do. And I’ve had a lot of conversations with them the past month, I

Unknown Speaker 1:42:50
loved getting to talk to the folks at every library because it gave me more language and kind of like some

Unknown Speaker 1:42:59
backup, you know, we have some communications with the friends lawyer that they retain. And unfortunately, that person was not a helpful resource for navigating what

Unknown Speaker 1:43:15
friends members could or couldn’t say as

Unknown Speaker 1:43:19
part of a 501 C three organization. However,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:23
Marines, you know, Googling a little research,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:28
and you can find what you need. And so it’s pretty clear that the friends can advocate

Unknown Speaker 1:43:36
what just to keep things clean and easy.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:44
We want to keep a cap on what spending they do so that they don’t draw any attention as a nonprofit person. There’s no specific number, a great case study suggests somewhere between five and 10. It can represent a substantial portion of your expenditures.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:10

Unknown Speaker 1:44:12
within that you can do a lot, especially when we’re talking about functioning on a municipal level rather than, you know, nonprofit who is a national state. Anyway, so why I agreed to help with his talking points and kind of, you know, I’ve put together

Unknown Speaker 1:44:31

Unknown Speaker 1:44:34
cheap or free.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:36
Basically awareness like grassroots word of mouth marketing, kind of campaigns for different things. And so I saw that would help with that. They kept asking if,

Unknown Speaker 1:44:50
you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:44:53
I was going to create a whole bunch of content for them, and I’m limited in what I can do as a volunteer

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00
But I want to make sure that what I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:45:05
showing them is, you know, above board and in line with, you know, anything that did.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:17
Some of the recent training I had was that if you can arm your board to concrete steps, and then their own story, so, like the fact that the library was designed for 67,000, like, make sure they have that number down pat, and one other thing and,

Unknown Speaker 1:45:35
and have their own source, I think that one of the issues is that they are hesitant to spend money toward this, not because

Unknown Speaker 1:45:45
they are not generous, but because they are. So they want to be so careful. Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:45:54
And the second thing is that I don’t know, there’s there’s so much enthusiasm, but I don’t know about

Unknown Speaker 1:46:02
the level of availability of anyone, certainly on the board, or anyone that the board knows who’s like, yeah, let’s get this going. I’m gonna write a letter to the editor, I’m gonna call the the TC line. And, you know, the, it’s the mobilization of that, those steps and that information. So what I’ve been advising them, and we’re probably going to talk about it a little bit more. At their next meeting next week, is here, here are some stats and some talking points. Right. But the most effective thing is for you to personalize it, right? How did these things resonate with you? What example from your own personal experience? What story? Could you tell to somebody, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:46:52
hear they’re in all these different spaces that people go, that makes it real, because that’s, that’s what works. That’s what stays with people. And that’s what will motivate action, not hearing like a recitation of an elevator. It’s like, what’s your personalized elevator pitch? One question that they had that I cannot answer is we they keep coming back to

Unknown Speaker 1:47:18
wanting to do something physically outside of the library, put up a table and answer questions. Do anything outside of the library, even if it’s in front of the library?

Unknown Speaker 1:47:32
It might not write about them? I think so. I mean, I’ve seen other I think you can be out there, out there. You can’t be in there. And you can’t say your library. Right. That they get and they can’t talk about, you know, vote yes, yes. But they can go they can do an educational? Yes. Yeah. Yes. So Jamie, friends meetings open to members of the public.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:57
Eye because it sounds like they’re interested in volunteers for us. So we have a list of 300 active members. And we have all these people’s email addresses. And one of the things that I suggested they could discuss is sending emails,

Unknown Speaker 1:48:18
by their soliciting support from their member base, or providing information, providing links to other resources that inform them around this ballot measure or inform them around the feasibility study or what the library really needs next.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:39
It’s like they’ve cut things just Yeah. The reason I’m asking Yeah, is because obviously it’s Library Board members, we cannot

Unknown Speaker 1:48:48
perhaps assist but if anyone was interested in volunteering on our own time, right, would that be an avenue that would be open to you? I don’t think I just have to be invited in.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:00
I don’t know that it’s close to the public. I just knew that no one goes alright.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:11
Is there any help they want from us for reserve for the book sale to go back to full sail? Sorry, they last time I talked to Sharon, who’s the president. She mentioned that there were there was someone who had signed up for a number of shifts who had to back out. And so there were very recently some shifts that they were looking to fill still. So if you have that email from them with a link to sign up, genius, it’s probably worth checking one more time. If you don’t like that. Link, I can send just let me know and I can send that to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:57
Is Jamie

Unknown Speaker 1:49:59
anything else?

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
A lot of friends or other comments

Unknown Speaker 1:50:03
leave us on.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:06
So, recently,

Unknown Speaker 1:50:09
so right now we are

Unknown Speaker 1:50:12
neck deep in budget. So every session we’re hearing a little section of the budget and what’s the projections, and were

Unknown Speaker 1:50:22
moving forward on certain things, one of the things that I brought forward that I really want the something to be allocated into, towards is extra

Unknown Speaker 1:50:35
Rangers at, like Macintosh.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:41
Since COVID, people seem to have discovered that lamps, the way it’s designed, it’s not really you can have a an entrance for people to come in and paid to come in. Otherwise, you know, just because there’s a long stretch of land that, you know, where people park their cars, and it’s right to the lake.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:05
It’s not even dragging into a driveway. You know, like, even. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:10
one of the things we’re finding is people are drinking there, people are, you know, taking out their boats, you know, on and throwing them out on people’s yards on Lakeshore drive. I mean, it’s just really a lot, you know, it’s, you know, I’ve got out there in my city council capacity and just kind of chatting with people, Hey, where are you from, and a lot of people that I talk to, or don’t even live in LA,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:37
wow, discovered, and they come and hang out. But and you know, that you’re not supposed to park period in a park. So just having that presence, and I don’t think it’s fair to put that on the residents, or other people who are there to say, hey, you know, you can’t be drinking.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:00
Here’s a party of 30. And they’ve already had a few years ago. And like, that’s not, that’s not safe. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:08
So, you know, as I’m hearing from residents, or certain things that are coming, especially, you know, for me, my focus is word three, as I’m hearing these things, I’ll sit down and have a chat and with Harold or other department, folks, and then just kind of bringing that forward. As we’re approaching the budget, you know, hey, how much would it cost for this particular component, even if it’s not year round? Something that summer months and high, you know, usage on weekends, that we just have somebody, you know, somebody allocated for that space.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:44
So yeah, so that’s kind of, you know, and other council members are doing the same as well. So so that’s kind of the things that we’re looking at.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:54
We are also going to hear about the sugar factory, we’re going to get a presentation. So it sounds like there’s activity happening.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:04
Properties are getting sold to developers so they can see this come to fruition.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:12
I don’t know if I ever shared with you all. So last two years ago, we were approached by growing up with growing up older, and there are organizations that works with youth to get them engaged into projects. I believe that they worked with our fourth graders years ago on apple to apple for Park redesign. So they actually got to play a role in redesigning that that park is right next to you and beats. So I worked with the developers for the sugar factory growing up older our planning and zoning department, Sandy. And

Unknown Speaker 1:53:51
they introduced a design challenge to our third graders at the time, they got to redesign that space. So we’re gonna it was it was so cool to see all of our council communication.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:03
Photographs, and our kids pass my laptop around.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:08
And so the redesign that space, so there was a host and historical component of it. For the longest time, people were referring it to the sugar mill, Sugar Mill. And as my kids were studying this, they’re like, well, they were started one of the kids, couple of them actually, were talking about the milling process. And just actually, you know, do that with sugar beets. Some shouldn’t be called the middle, it should, you know, it’s just the factory. And then we were hearing from other residents who were chiming in, it was like, That’s right. You know, this is it’s a factory. It’s not a mill. It doesn’t, you know, it’s erroneous, and we need if we’re going to be caught up on history, we have to, so we’ve actually changed the name so sure, instead of the sugar mill, it’s the Sugar, Sugar Factory redesign. So it’s cool to see that our youth have played a role in that too.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:00
So we’re going to hear, so you know, the updates and where we’re going with the sugar mill, our sugar factory, I should say, and so that’ll be expected tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:11
Other things coming down the pike, we are going to be having a pre session in October. I think this one is an executive session first, and then we’re going to bring it out to the public.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:22
On, you know, we had a lot of residents trouble with meth houses. And, you know, some neighbors. There was one neighborhood that was in December, where the SWAT team came out. And they were notified, well, you know, they can’t really put out push out, because as they push out that information to specific perpetrators that they’re trying to get, could also get that. So it gives them it. So they have to kind of come into spry. So it’s like, okay, I understand that piece. But what is something we can do, even if it’s at the policy level, or something that we can do as far as public safety working with individuals who have these homes and are using, you know, what, what can we do? So we’re going to kind of strategize and get into detail in the executive session. And because, you know, we’ll be talking about certain individuals and for privacy, we have to have that executive session, but I do want this topic to be pushed out publicly as well, because this seems to be a growing problem.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:33
Especially as we’re looking at lack of housing, and now we have houses that people can’t even access because of math. So, anybody?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:44
What’s that? A talking with anyone at public health? Oh, yes. Yeah. You know, the, we’re talking with DHS, we’re talking with the county, DHS, and, you know, just all the all the moving parts and, and what was involved. So, so that’s one of the things that’s going to be coming down

Unknown Speaker 1:57:05
the pipeline, as well, as you know, right now, our big focus is looking at housing or zoning, you know, that was a big controversial annexation on 150. Frances streets. You know, for me, I felt, you know, that’s an older neighborhood, the infrastructure. So it was one of the three that we did not want to see it move forward yet that we had to look at some domain. So that didn’t step it went ahead and passively what the annex.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:35
But there are, you know, as far as us within Council, we’re looking at it, it’s only, especially in some of our older historical neighborhoods that really weren’t designed for high density. So how do we navigate really, all the pipes, everything underneath? And so I mean, it’s not really germane to library, but,

Unknown Speaker 1:57:58
you know, we have all the rules around. So what happened with our own building an infrastructure when, you know, build around it, and we’re not kind of taking care of the foundation? So

Unknown Speaker 1:58:12
looking at that, yeah, a

Unknown Speaker 1:58:15
lot of different things happening.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:18
Questions, comments?

Unknown Speaker 1:58:21
Just so you know, Catherine commented on thanking you for your work.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:25
Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:29
Okay, yeah, yeah, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:35
Um, every profession news, I will share that fan Books Week is coming up in the first week of October this year, and I’m saying this to memory, so maybe it’s wrong, as most challenges ALA has seen since they started tracking in 2001. And America also has an interesting lesson steps out this year, there are top 30 for melee abusers visa three types. So we you will probably be seen

Unknown Speaker 1:59:00
displays and so on, but it’s a week that every year the office of intellectual freedom releases the challenges and fans from the previous years and as their self reported.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:14
And it’s just

Unknown Speaker 1:59:16
libraries with stories and so on, usually sell it often celebrate the right to me during that week. So it’s October, the first whatever that first week of October is honestly the second through this second like that, yeah, we’ll be doing a display or displays collaboratively between children and adults.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:39
To highlight that, so there’s there’s some activity going on in planning.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:47
See, library board comments.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:51
You know, I do have some books.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:55
These were discarded, actually the school district was going to throw them away and

Unknown Speaker 2:00:00
There are some hardcover books in there, adopting a new curriculum. So the were books that I didn’t quite make it out the kids took off

Unknown Speaker 2:00:10
before I was able to add them out, but they’re, you know, there’s some pretty nice books I you know, I’d be happy to donate them to the Friends of the Library. They wanted to add it to their book sale, or if anybody just wants to come and take some children’s picture books.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:27
They’re very good shape. Yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:33
So I have the right over here. And I don’t know if you want me to put them somewhere else. I think what we could do is if on the layout anyone wants to look through them with you feel up to it. If not, we’ll bring them back into our admin area. Okay, if you want to look in tonight’s not the night, let me know otherwise. I’ll take them to the friends. Okay. Thank you, of course.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:57
Library Board comments. Okay, mix things up to number 16. Katherine, if my memory serves me, right, you won’t be able to join us on that one.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:07
Yeah, I think we get it our light comes in too late. If I haven’t been getting an earlier I’ll hop on the zoom at least but yeah, we were traveling that day. Well, we will miss you then. But look forward to seeing everyone else and we will adjourn at 901

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