Airport Advisory Board – August 2023

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Airport Advisory Board – August 2023

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All right, well, good evening, everyone. It’s six o’clock. I will call our August 10 2023 meeting of the airport advisory board to order your look, can you please call the roll

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Thank you.

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We’ll we’ll call Marsha and when she gets in here, nice to see everyone here and have all five of us at once. Thank you, everyone.

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First thing our agenda is a public invited to be heard. Would anyone like to speak at the first public invited to be heard?

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And if you can start with your name and address you’ve got five minutes. Go for it. Melinda. Can you turn on the mic bill?

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Melinda Jordan 1110 Twin Peaks circle Longmont.

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First of all, I want to tell you, I got a notification about a fast webinar on August 23. Regarding swift fool fuels, that’s for more show when she gets here too, because she’s interested in that. So it’s an update on where they are on the 100, our unleaded gas, so I did register for it. And if I, if I’m not present, I’ll get a recording of it. So that should be interesting. Then the air show, so we had a team meeting Saturday, and we decided to scrub a fly in or any activity for September 23 2023. So that we can conserve our resources, and really focus on 2024. So our next meeting will be September 23 2023, at 9am. In Levi’s airport managers conference room, and I told him, I’ll bring the doughnuts. And I’ll try to get through to if I can. And then. So we the best date for the airshow teams is going to be September 14 2024. So we have pulled that date. I said 7am to 5pm. Just Malcolm and asked if we can maybe go a little longer and stretch it out. So we’ll see what the program starts to look like the and then FYI, that means we get there at like four in the morning to set up. So it is a long day. Our leadership though is starting to coalesce fall into place people are are starting to really find their divisions and a good sense of duties. So on this September 23 meeting, I’ve asked for people to gather all their inputs, we’ll put them all on the table, and then divide and conquer, and really start assigning titles and come up with the org chart for the event. I’ve got a few people in there. But we need to finalize that. Our theme right now is future of aerospace, which is not the most clever theme. If somebody’s got something better. We’re still partial to racket in the Rockies.

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But it’s your space. And then we’re featuring the st Vrain Valley School District, the innovation center that’s really a cornerstone for us. And then the higher ed institutions, Ames

Unknown Speaker 3:19
score Spartan, any of those that want to come along. And I’ve already queried this silvercreek Leadership Academy for a capstone student, a student that needs to do their capstone would they like to take this as their project. So I’ve got that query, and they’re off at the retreat right now. So I should hear more in a couple of weeks after school starts.

Unknown Speaker 3:42
The teams come up with some really good ideas, some fun.

Unknown Speaker 3:46
Malcolm had the idea of starting the air show with a car parade down the runway, to officially close the runway, kind of get everybody’s attention out there. I’ve secured the band already. And they’re very loud. So they could start all that we can really get that attention grabbing, that we haven’t really done. We that hasn’t been our strongest suit, and the past and then really call attention to the field. And then the announcer can be heard, really make it more of the kind of air shows that we go to, and where there’s more information about what’s in the air and what’s on the ground and that sort of thing. So we’re ready, the team is ready to start diving in securing sponsors, donations, commitments, entertainment, the whole show Mazal. So

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we’re really working to develop an engaging program, we’ve got well over a year out, which is the main thing we needed to do. And then we’ve had a lot of creativity. So and their team is about I think my distribution list is at least 14 people. And we had a good show on Saturday despite it being rather impromptu and so it’s looking good. It’s all it’s all coming together finally, and we’re feeling encouraged about it.

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So if you guys have any questions or input for the team, please let me know. And we will be reporting back to you regularly, we’ll start having a regular monthly meeting and provide an update on what’s going on. And then we’ve got a few people on the board that will be participating as well, so they can be bringing reports back. Thank you, and more shall repeat. There’s a webinar on the 23rd with fast, which is the FAA safety team. And it’s about the the new 100, our unleaded gas, and a registered for that. And we’ll see, see what that looks like to get some more information about it. And when it’s going to be available, that sort of thing. The Swift tool. Thank you, Melinda. I can’t ask you a question and back and forth. But can you just repeat for the record the date and time of the next meeting. Next meeting for the air show team is September 23 2023 9am. In the airport manager’s conference room at the airport, I heard doughnuts. And that’s where I can thank you glazed over. And then the air show officially right now, pending any conflicts with the city or anything like that, September 14 2024. And that was coordinated with our local performers when they would be back here to be able to perform. Thank you, Melinda.

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Anyone else like to speak at first public invited to be heard?

Unknown Speaker 6:25
Seeing none, we’ll move on to approval of the July 2023 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 6:30
Does anyone have any comments revisions? On the minutes? Otherwise, I’ll go through my list

Unknown Speaker 6:41
that’s that’s number one on my list. Alright, so page one, line 11. It doesn’t say that Steve shirk was present. He should be listed as absent.

Unknown Speaker 6:55
Page one, line 33. It says the motion carried six to nothing. There are only four of us here so it should be four to nothing.

Unknown Speaker 7:06
Page two line one same story. Motion carried six to zero in the notes. It should be four to zero.

Unknown Speaker 7:14
Page three, line 13. Same thing for to zero.

Unknown Speaker 7:20
Page three line 16.

Unknown Speaker 7:24
The there is an acronym there’s a o p I believe that should be a Opa. That sounds correct.

Unknown Speaker 7:31
Line 22. I believe it was Don Dorsey who spoke Nan, not Don Dorsey.

Unknown Speaker 7:38
And that’s what I have.

Unknown Speaker 7:42
Any other comments, revisions from anybody? Did you get those Kaler you want me to repeat any of them? Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 7:51
Anyone want to make a motion to approve them?

Unknown Speaker 7:57
With the changes,

Unknown Speaker 7:59
motion and seconded.

Unknown Speaker 8:02
Any discussion? All those in favor say aye? Aye. Any opposed? Motion carries five to zero

Unknown Speaker 8:11
updates from the airport manager. All right, leave I

Unknown Speaker 8:14
updates. I will skip my first item which was air show and Linda did an excellent job of covering everything that I would have covered on it. So all right.

Unknown Speaker 8:23
Next item I have on updates, kind of a multi unit here. Different improvements we’ve been doing on the airfield starting with mowing that continues to be kind of a learning process as we kind of deal

Unknown Speaker 8:38
with the new mowers that are out there. I had a meeting this morning where we went out did a another survey the airport and the mowing map that we created. And we thought we were missing quite a bit of chunks. But it just turns out that maybe there was some miscommunication with some of the mowers. So I’ve asked to meet with some of the Public Works guys. So we’re going to all kind of cross train on exactly what needs to be mowed. So when any of us are out there on the field and people are mowing who can tell them that hey, you know you missed this, you know that. So we’ll keep a closer eye on them. There’s been a couple of issues. From my standpoint, they don’t seem to be cleaning up areas along the fence rows and the ditch and the front of it, it kind of it’s looking, they’re leaving some weeds. So we need to up that a little bit on top of that for mowing also, looking at entering a letter of agreement with the local farmers to cut some hay on the airfield. Apparently that’s been going on for years. There’s just no documentation of it. So we’re currently working with the city on what needs to be done to make sure all T’s are crossed and I’s dotted on that.

Unknown Speaker 9:38
New wind socks up this week which is just an ICT little update and they look really nice out there. This week also we did begin

Unknown Speaker 9:47
the improvements on the airport perimeter road. They’ve already done all the repaving and between the taxi lanes which is really nice because I’m looking forward to getting rid of that gravelly stuff that was there before which cars

Unknown Speaker 10:00
is great issues with dragging

Unknown Speaker 10:03
rocks onto the taxi lanes. So that’s looking pretty nice. They’re continuing on with the rest of the permanent road today, filling in the potholes, grading up re leveling the rest of that. So it should be really nice on the dump there.

Unknown Speaker 10:18
That’s kind of what I had on air field maintenance. Was there any questions on any of that or anything?

Unknown Speaker 10:24
All right, Vice Chair Dean first. As far as I mentioned last time, do you have any information on a gate by chance that we can update from like the gate that was opening slowly or it was rusty in the chain? Oh, we I did call the Waterford corporation to come out and do some gate repairs. They haven’t made it out yet. But they’ve been contacted a time or estimate for that? Not recently. Now I’m not 100% on it, it’s one of those things we’re just calling a list for until it gets down here, which is you won’t probably more than a month or so. Okay. Thank you. Mr. telementoring.

Unknown Speaker 11:03
You just two quick questions about the farmer farmer that you’re going to engage with? Would there be any positive revenue from that? Or is that just kind of now that’s going to be probably an in kind agreement. It’s really expensive, the more that we have to So it’d be benefit for everyone if they want some hay and we want to get that mode for free would be really nice. Oh, yeah, that was my second point was how much savings Do you think we’ll be able to get from using the farm rather than a significant it’ll be 1000s of dollars, like half?

Unknown Speaker 11:33
I have I hesitate to say that much. But of course, we’d have to run the figures and kind of see on that good work.

Unknown Speaker 11:44
All right.

Unknown Speaker 11:46
Next item we’re going on there, the has the airport survey has officially begun, we initiated a survey with local company to essentially go look at all the parcels on the airfield, we don’t really have a good partial map, we have a partial map that was created in 2000. And I want to say was 16 without a lot of provenance behind that map. So we’re kind of having that redone. There’s been some headaches struggles recently, I’m sure I covered this in previous meeting

Unknown Speaker 12:15
with getting leases completed, because we have no good exhibits for leases, nothing showing the parcels. So

Unknown Speaker 12:23
my joke is it’s they’re all Google Maps, you know, actually, a lot of them are Google Maps, it’s a little exhibit a and there’ll be little Google in them on on the corners, exactly the most professional. So those are moving forward with being completed. That’ll take a good chunk of my professional services budget for this year,

Unknown Speaker 12:40
about 20 grand all together that was coded. The nice thing about that it’s going to be brand new map is going to be are also going to have digital copies, there’ll be something there, you know, for future too. So we can add to it, we can update it, we can maintain that map. Moving forward, it’d be nice.

Unknown Speaker 12:59
Any questions on that?

Unknown Speaker 13:02

Unknown Speaker 13:04
ATSB tracking, one of the things I’m trying to get a handle on for the airport.

Unknown Speaker 13:11
And I gave an update on this. I know some months back as well to give further update on it is making sure we’re getting good figures on airport operations.

Unknown Speaker 13:21
Important for funding important for just general operational knowledge important for and when we’re making a case to a business or sort of the city about who’s utilizing our airport, we signed a contract with a company called airport monitoring services. As of yesterday, they have actually shipped their unit to us, that should be installed in the FBO. I’m hoping now knock on wood within this month, and up and running pretty quickly after that. That’ll give us a starting point to get account to get

Unknown Speaker 13:56
daily, weekly, monthly yearly figures for the airport and all kinds of great data.

Unknown Speaker 14:03
Any questions on it?

Unknown Speaker 14:06

Unknown Speaker 14:10
That’s most of it. One other item I have a meeting with. Well, the city’s meeting with the FAA. Next week, we’re just talking about general land use around the airport. And they’re going to comment on kind of what they see is important for keeping grant assurances and stuff like that. That meeting will be next week with John Sweeney, with the FAA.

Unknown Speaker 14:33
The guy who from the city is in that meeting. That’d be

Unknown Speaker 14:40
it’d be me. I think Phil’s in on that one City’s attorney’s office. I don’t know if Chris will be there or not. And then Jennifer from planning shall be there on that one.

Unknown Speaker 14:50
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 14:57
Any other questions? That’s what I have for the update.

Unknown Speaker 15:00

Unknown Speaker 15:02
Oh, sorry, Steve, one second. Go ahead. Sorry, I got a quick question back on the ATSB is that that’s for vehicles. So that’s just for S for aircraft. So as the aircraft tracking for the airport and utilizes ATSB information, so so you’re just bringing in the, the equipment to be able to read ATSB off the aircraft, and then that gives you the data point. Exactly. So there’s figured out yeah, there’s there’s ways we can kind of track ad hoc here, if you’d like FlightAware, and ATSB, share stuff like that this is a dedicated unit for the airport with a 25 antenna they focus on and measure just traffic at this airport. And what comes along with that service is also for use of you, those of us who have utilized Power BI they create a Power BI interface that you can essentially customize whatever data points you want permanent. Yeah. Oh, cool. Yeah. It’ll be a

Unknown Speaker 16:00
yearly charge. Right? It’s from a budget standpoint is it’s nominal. It’s it’s low enough, I can put on my credit cards. I was just curious how it worked. And yeah, it’s I know, most of the earplugs are required to have ADSB. So yeah, it’s it’s exciting stuff, you know, the majority of the fleet out there is either ATSB now or very shortly, going to ATSB out hope and what’s not, we can certainly accommodate that, you know, in the figures make adjustments for and the company is currently working on other methods of even tracking those. So we have 100% accurate, which would be amazing if we can get to that point. Thanks. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 16:42
That’s a good update. Leaving a lot of small airports don’t have that. Yes, that’s a big deal to be able to do that. It is nice. And I got this crew has actually been operating out of Boulder for a bit and they love it. It’s not I’ve been highly successful there. So they come with all kinds of good reviews from not only there but all over. So

Unknown Speaker 17:00
I’m excited.

Unknown Speaker 17:02

Unknown Speaker 17:05
Any other updates? That’s what I got. Questions for Levi and updates. Otherwise, we’ll roll into the budget and we can have questions there to

Unknown Speaker 17:15
budget Alright, sounds good budget items.

Unknown Speaker 17:18
Fortunately, didn’t bring the budget with me today, I can give you some updates on some general stuff that I do know, working this morning through the maintenance items and stuff like that on the airfield and calculate pay. Currently we’re at $43,000 left of $100,000 on maintenance budget, that budget is going to be

Unknown Speaker 17:37
definitely sucked up all this year, we’ll be using all that money. One thing I didn’t put on the update, which perhaps I should have budget concern is we just priced out bollards to get the airfields gas lines, fire hydrants up to standard. There’s a lot of areas that should have bollards around them that don’t, and kind of the areas that are easy to hit by a car. That was cheapest bid for that was $13,000 just for the material for that. So that’s kind of chunk setup, another big chunk of our, our maintenance budget for that.

Unknown Speaker 18:11
Other budget items, that’s all kind of to my understanding being approved and talked about in the city right now. I did put in for budget for the air show. I don’t foresee any issues with that being denied or anything like that. But I think that was 45,000 that we put in for that. So that we should be hopefully, I help moving forward with that.

Unknown Speaker 18:33
That’s kind of what I got off the top of my head for budget. Were there any specific questions that I could address your answer? Mr. Dean? Yeah. What’s the current mowing budget? How much are we going to spend this year on mow? So that’s one of the reasons why we’re spending such close attention on that previous mowing budget was $9,000 a year this year, the lowest bid was $42,000 a year. So it was a huge hike. So yeah, that’s that was the lowest bid.

Unknown Speaker 19:03
So that’s currently what we’re working with. Is there any reason that it’s jumped so much. There’s a gentleman that had been mowing the airport had been doing it for 2030 years, and was doing it the price for all that time. And it was just him. He’s out there with his tractor and when we went back again, you know, we’re going with you know, mowing companies and stuff like that. And prices just seem like they’ve they’ve adjusted a little bit over the years that possibly be cheaper for us to possibly mower for the airport made me do it ourselves. I asked about that. And that’s something that I’ll continue to

Unknown Speaker 19:35
go back to and reevaluate. The last time I brought it up and we sat down and kind of crunched the numbers that it wasn’t looking like it would be cheaper.

Unknown Speaker 19:46
To my understanding, even the Parks Department hires out all their mowing now they don’t even have their own mowing equipment really.

Unknown Speaker 19:54
The airport has some additional resources we could potentially utilize

Unknown Speaker 19:58
like the DIA sale and using

Unknown Speaker 20:00
grant money to buy a John Deere tractor with a big more blade or something like that. If something like that should pop up and the DIA sell and unfortunately there’s nothing like that this year and the DIA so we could potentially sit down bigger those numbers okay you know if we get the tractor for this price and if we can use this you know Public Works guy for this many hours you know would It would it balance out I suppose that’s another item I should have put in my update dia sale into the month this month and I will be attending that

Unknown Speaker 20:33
this year also do you have to go that route? The reason I asked is there are some other local auction options like Ricky brothers that do have that kind of stuff. Maybe that’ll be remotely from LA Yeah, so we actually put it out last fall for open contract for open bids and just let whoever you know advertise it said Give us your bids for cheaper so yeah, anyone who wants to bid on it certainly can.

Unknown Speaker 20:56
Can you just tell us what you’re going for in the day actually, or do anything was here and I’m hoping to do with it too. I hoping I literally just got the new eBay list this morning. I shot it forward to fleet I want fleet to kind of get their eyes on and give me their input onto on what they feel might be beneficial. I’m hoping to get this year they have a large assortment of pickup trucks for next to nothing. Our cost would be a couple grand

Unknown Speaker 21:25
that would be great for me for a stopgap measure until we were able to get a new airport vehicle. The Dodge Durango I have doesn’t really run much anymore. Sometimes it runs sometimes it doesn’t. But having something stopgap even if it is an older pickup truck that I could least throw you know the my rakes and shovels in the back would be really great.

Unknown Speaker 21:47
And the benefit of Dia besides it being cheap is the grants right? Yeah, so that the nice thing about that dia cell program for those of you aren’t familiar with it, dia yearly, joins up with color department, transportation, dia sales, they’re used equipment, these essentially switch everything out, I want to say it’s every five years, they just get all new equipment. So last year, they had a big influx of skid steers. So they’re all 2017 models, they sold them for I want to say it was 10 grand for a skid steer model. And then CDOT picked up 80% of that cost and wrote it in a grant for us and all we had to do was pay the balance. So it’s for as far as equipment goes, it’s sealer. The thing to watch is just to make sure that you are getting a good piece of equipment. And that’s why I usually insist on bringing a mechanic with me when we go those cells.

Unknown Speaker 22:45
There’s a reason that’s cheap. Yeah, that Yeah, that’s true.

Unknown Speaker 22:50
Any other questions we’re leaving on budget?

Unknown Speaker 22:54
Navigation easements. Alright. Navigation easements, I know we talked a little bit about last month on kind of what we wanted to go with what I should probably do on that is I’ll get to this board, I’ll shoot out a copy of the navigation easements, that hasn’t been written and kind of passed back and forth between the airport and City’s attorney’s office and with legal advisors, I’ll get those guys out to you. So you guys can review those kind of see what

Unknown Speaker 23:21
they look like and start and get some input back from you guys and getting some thought on perhaps, how the city might want to apply such easements or where they might want to buy such easements and then probably move forward after that.

Unknown Speaker 23:37
Questions on navigation easements at the moment? Don’t see anyone yet.

Unknown Speaker 23:44
Leave, I think it’d be really helpful for us. I mean, it’s listed as an action item. Clearly, we’re not going to take action tonight, but for next month to steer us with the action you’d like us to take. Okay, so is this a recommendation to council is this to the city manager?

Unknown Speaker 24:01
I know we’ve had discussion about those about the navigation meetings we’ve had discussion about where they apply. It would be really good to have the attorney’s advice on that so we’re not

Unknown Speaker 24:11
we’re able to follow expert advice. While we all have thoughts while we’re all have our own perspectives, I don’t think any of us are experts on navigation easements alright.

Unknown Speaker 24:23
Questions thoughts from anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 24:27
Quiet tonight okay. Leave anything else from your perspective? That’s all I got. All right.

Unknown Speaker 24:34
Final public invited to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 24:37
Melinda, you want another chance? Are you good?

Unknown Speaker 24:41
You don’t need to anyway.

Unknown Speaker 24:50
Since I can’t have a back and forth I’m going to close the public invited to be heard and open up to board Council and staff comments and their show would be lovely to be at

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Topic Vice Chair Dean. Oh, the only one I do have for Levi is the prairie dog. Here making about that last one. We talked about costs and bids and possible remedies to get anything updates on that haven’t really got any updates yet. So it’s all that budgeting is going on right now. I know the wildlife guys also put in a big chunk of thought process and time and focusing on that also. So I’m sure in some respect is going to be addressed just not sure how yet. It’s got to kind of wait for see what the city gives us the the green thumbs up. I think within next month by next month, we get some information. I would I would hope so. I can’t speak with authority on it. Okay. Perfect. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 25:41
Councilmember Martin.

Unknown Speaker 25:43
Thank you. I just want to extend my compliments to Melinda. Sounds like the airshow is really coming together. And

Unknown Speaker 25:53
you know, it’s it’s pretty normal for old institutions to

Unknown Speaker 25:58
take a year or two to resurrect our post pandemic seems to be the way things are going. So I’m, I’m really glad to see that this one is, is

Unknown Speaker 26:09
looking like it’s going to get resurrected, and it’s going to be a good year.

Unknown Speaker 26:17
I would second that for sure.

Unknown Speaker 26:20
Any other board comments? staff comments?

Unknown Speaker 26:27
Everyone’s real quiet tonight. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:30
Seeing if there’s nothing else on the agenda. We’ll call the meeting adjourned. Thank you, everyone. Have a great night.

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