Callahan House – August 2023

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Callahan House – August 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
so we can get started. And has everybody had a chance to look at minutes? Are there any changes or additions you want

Speaker 1 0:13
to Quick? Quick corrections. So in new business number six a one estimate was technology. He normally charges 20 per mile, but for us it was only going to charge 10. So I wanted to make this clear. Estimate the nominees scratch up twice. Yes. And then it will take him two weeks, not three to four weeks. to two weeks, yes. It wouldn’t take two weeks.

Unknown Speaker 0:55
Okay. This minor we can take it. Anybody else notice anything?

Unknown Speaker 1:03
I move we accept the minutes as corrected. Second.

Speaker 2 1:06
Okay. All in favor? Aye. Hi. I think it was an analyst

Unknown Speaker 1:11
who’s serving as Secretary. Okay, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:21
What was wonderful, thank you.

Speaker 1 1:28
Yeah. So it was recorded. So, Cynthia, as you’re going through a revival, or reviewing your own, if you will. That helps the

Unknown Speaker 1:41
key item was Isaac’s

Speaker 3 1:43
Yes. As a 616. Was a take care of those adjustments. For Britney. Well, sure. For the final product.

Unknown Speaker 1:57
I just mentioned to me, I’ll

Unknown Speaker 1:59
just sit here, correct this.

Unknown Speaker 2:04
person here, wondering if we can do

Unknown Speaker 2:07
introductions. Yes, that would be good. That would be fantastic.

Speaker 4 2:11
I think I’m first okay. I’m Kristin. And the new supervisor over a few different areas of recreation and Callahan house falls under my new job duties. I have extended really looking forward to meeting all you guys and be more involved with me and what she’s doing here and all the exciting things that we’ve done as a congress or community. I also oversee our large community specialist, general leisure programming and our therapeutic recreation.

Unknown Speaker 2:44
So what is your full time supervisor? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 2:46
general programs, general

Unknown Speaker 2:47
programs. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:49
I’m over immigration. So

Unknown Speaker 2:50
Program Supervisor.

Unknown Speaker 3:00

Unknown Speaker 3:03
welcome. I’m Curie.

Speaker 2 3:06
I’m Anne Thompson. Are you sending our team? Welcome. Alright, and the next item on here will be the public, which I don’t think we have a public today. So

Speaker 5 3:22
I do have a quick question with the all the new job titles and everything. Is there possible way that we can get an update? For?

Speaker 6 3:33
Yeah, that’s in the packet? Yeah. Nice chart. I

Speaker 7 3:38
did want to ask that last meeting. Yeah. Yes, you listen.

Speaker 3 3:46
No, no. So what a great segue. Um, I’m included for you. Recreation has been undergoing total reorganization. I think. Eight years ago, we did rip the band aid off your organization. And it’s a year later we rip the band aid off and reorganize the reorganization was really painful. And so when Jeff accepted a position as the director of recreation and culture, and Ben took his position, or a new position, we started a settlement organization. So there used to be from this big org chart with all the colors. When you went to the assistant city manager of external services. That’s a that’s a relatively new position. And it used to be Karen Maroney had all these departments underneath her, and she was a very capable woman. And when she retired, they replaced that with two individuals. And one of those was in a freezer. And he does the recreation and culture, which is recreation golf Library Museum. The his counterpart does the human services side. And that is Christina Pacheco. And she does senior services, housing, youth services and house services. So more the taking care of the human side. And then the other side is that once your needs are met, this is all the other things I want you to do. When Jeff moved up, he kept some things that he traditionally did. And so the position for recreation became a superintendent of recreation jobs. And that’s the position that that Ben Wagner now now fills. So he’s in charge of both services, and is in charge of three distinct areas of recreation. One of them is Recreation Center, which is the area supervisors Kris Krohn, he oversees not only operations of the Walmart recreation center, but has a specialty in fitness and athletics, and field maintenance. So that’s the area that he oversees. The other side is recreation with Aquatic and ice. And that group oversees the full operations and I civilian operations in the in the, in the winter. And then for the memorial building in area, then kind of followed Jeff’s lead. And he kept a little bit of what you did before and kind of handed off the rest. And so that’s where my change came in. Where I am doing the area supervising with a specialty in business operations and marketing. And Ben is keeping the facility piece of the memorial building and he’s keeping direct. And he’s continuing with direct supervision of the program supervisor, which is which is pressing. And then as Kristen said, She oversees three different areas, that Callahan house and Brittany being one and then three other staff members. One of whom we are interviewing, next, in next few weeks. Wow, for that position.

Unknown Speaker 7:36
So you still do all the marketing?

Speaker 3 7:39
Yes, I mean, well, we call the marketing Still. Still the rec track. And with the business operations within recreation, I

Speaker 3 7:53
have my own name next. I just officially started changing my name at the city last week. Okay, so I’m still I signed my name as a row like, well, 50 times yesterday. Putting a D and

Unknown Speaker 8:12
you’re still confused.

Unknown Speaker 8:15
That’s not okay.

Unknown Speaker 8:21
It’s route R AU.

Unknown Speaker 8:23
That’s easy. It’s Wow, look at our

Unknown Speaker 8:30
my husband is less enthusiastic about that one.

Unknown Speaker 8:36
Like, okay. You did provide me any other option

Unknown Speaker 8:44
that’s nice. Thank you for that. Yeah, yes.

Speaker 3 8:48
Anyway, it was hard to do the org chart for recreation is is is very, you know, very one dimensional in our report structure is very much not one dimensional. And these people aren’t necessarily

Unknown Speaker 9:00
that really lined up like,

Speaker 3 9:03
No, it doesn’t but Oh, well. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 9:10
Thank you. sharing with us

Unknown Speaker 9:16
a question

Speaker 3 9:25
called recreation golf, library, museum Callahan houses under recreation. And so you will see that

Unknown Speaker 9:34
the recreation center on that next chart, so we’re not the colorful chart

Unknown Speaker 9:47
okay, and that was provided not by me, that was

Unknown Speaker 9:50
yeah, this was the city manager’s office.

Speaker 2 9:52
So is there any more discussion from the packet To steal some of them go through. Is that? Yeah, no, no, I know that I know.

Unknown Speaker 10:16
Okay, all right. Get No or there,

Speaker 2 10:20
I think right in the front quarter. Okay, so we can move on to old business now. So we’ll start with the status of the SH F grant project.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
It’s It’s happening. It’s happening,

Unknown Speaker 10:35
it’s going on.

Speaker 8 10:35
That’s been great. They finished the concrete last Friday, it was really interesting to see. And it was, you know, a little nerve racking taking out the big chunks and whatnot. And, but I think they did a great job that week, you can hardly tell, and a lot of places. So that is complete. As far as I understand. Window Plexiglas has been removed, and they did take some of the windows out for restoration. And the plan is to put store windows over those sets will be clear covering instead of the plexiglass or gel is over time, so it will be a great option for protection and keeping it clear and being able to really enjoy those details.

Speaker 5 11:16
Click Clear and critius. already. Yeah, exactly. Wow, you can really see the garden. Exactly. Yeah,

Speaker 8 11:26
no, it’s really nice to see in and out. And as you can see, you know, we’ve got some the word covered schooling, those that are under restoration waiting to come back. And I’m not sure exactly what the timeline is on those, but they’ll be done by September. They’re perfect for paint. Yes, painting started yesterday. So yeah, they did all of the taping and trimming and all of that. And actually, some folks were here a few weeks ago to removing lead paint, and scraping and whatnot. So yeah, painting started yesterday. Afternoon. Great. So yeah, those three big projects are on track.

Speaker 3 12:06
And then then met with the contractor to get the quote through the repair of this up over here and a couple of other punch lists, also installing and repairing the wall for the hanging manager or the hanging project upstairs, we’re going to have to take care of that or that we’re respecting, we’re requesting for that. And now that we’ve gotten that, I don’t know where we’re getting the Hansard back. But it has been met with a contractor and they’re preparing that. We’ll see that.

Speaker 2 12:43
Okay, well, that’s good information. The next is Artwalk. And I can talk to that. It’s rolling on really good. We’ve got the artists all set up, the music is looking good. We’re getting an exact count on the number of pieces right now. And if you let us know if you need a nice little or not

Unknown Speaker 13:03
exactly one

Speaker 2 13:05
to one, though, we might know a friend. But that would have to be a small of tabletop because we’ve got an artist in there, we get results. But yeah, if you need a tabletop in there, but if you want a floor easel for us here, so those we have to order that’s

Unknown Speaker 13:21
kind of floor is just just

Speaker 2 13:23
one and it takes they have a big footprint when they’re opened up and so it would take away something from the artists. That’s why but we could do a table top and that doesn’t take as much floor space but upstairs you can have flooring, so

Unknown Speaker 13:39
there was an order those ASAP. Right now

Unknown Speaker 13:44
about six but if you want one we can order.

Speaker 1 13:48
Either one if we have a table upstairs and we can put just tabletop Yes.

Unknown Speaker 13:53
Sure. Okay. Okay, then we’ll use a table top down here.

Speaker 8 13:57
They’re just kind of the tabletop ones are not huge. Like they don’t have a big hold something about like this. If that works for you big enough to hold

Unknown Speaker 14:10
them sizes will be

Unknown Speaker 14:16
probably, I think you’re okay.

Speaker 2 14:18
I think there’s one tabletop that’s a bigger, there’s yeah, there’s a couple bigger ones. They’re all different sizes, but I think there’s one rather larger role. We’ll find it

Speaker 8 14:26
like actually, okay, we have rights or acquire some flurries is anyway so depending on cost and make it work on the hit purchasing. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 14:43
Okay, any questions on our walk?

Unknown Speaker 14:45
We need to arrange on time.

Speaker 2 14:48
Oh, that’s I’m glad you mentioned that. Yeah, I was thinking about at home and then I just forgot it. So yeah, we usually split it up a little because it is a long day. So for the first shift Usually if you’re like I’m you have artists coming in beautiful fishing workers, and you have to pay upcoming 100 ensemble ensembles a better

Unknown Speaker 15:11
yeah. Jazz Band I yeah

Speaker 2 15:19
first shift, and so we need one more person on the first ship and he volunteered. I’ll do it that way. Oh, yeah. Okay, so the hours, first shift is three to six. Because in you need to relate at three o’clock, but

Speaker 8 15:41
three is official to six. And how are you here? Right? Yeah, you’re gonna be here for

Unknown Speaker 15:49
the whole, you’re gonna be

Unknown Speaker 15:52
CLP, or at least I two are

Unknown Speaker 15:57
going to be in that session, I will be here

Speaker 2 15:59
marine Karen and I. And then Brittany will be here. And then the second shift is six to approximately 830. I mean, it’s you have to include the teardown. So six to eight is the actual Artwalk. But then yeah, tear down and help an artist a little bit. So yeah, I think it’s a faster tear down and setup. Yeah, so we get for sure for setup. But you know, they’re ready to go home too, right? Yeah,

Speaker 1 16:26
you guys can between first and second ships, there’s a little bit of an overlap, if I remember a 16 minute time about 530. Because then that would put you from 530 to 830. And it’s really not going to take that long, the way it’s the same. It’s the same length of time, from each shift like three to six by 30 to 830. But it won’t even you won’t even feel.

Speaker 2 16:54
Yeah, that was fun. So one thing to remember it for the people working to is one of our responsibilities is to kind of watch people we don’t want they’re all coming from our walk, they’ve got food and drinks, we don’t want that coming in the house. So you know, we kind of have to catch them at the doorway. And it’s I mean, so we get by it. So you got to be careful if you happen to see somebody made it into the house.

Speaker 5 17:15
So we might want to put a trash can. Yeah.

Speaker 9 17:20
Fine, too. So we don’t have to tell some. I mean, we can tell people but it just be less of that to do.

Unknown Speaker 17:26
Yeah, yeah. Signage is always going they

Unknown Speaker 17:28
could go to the garden and finish their

Speaker 5 17:32
tables. So starting from these visions, and they wanted to know, they did say, you know, I’m not funny. So we’re gonna have to take a break this specific time.

Speaker 2 17:48
I would say, what’s the busiest times of course, the first two hours. I mean, that’s when everybody comes in and it slows I think there’s a lot of slack period we can you know, they don’t mind playing our Yeah, so maybe we’ll see we started four or five 630. What do they need? 1515 20

Unknown Speaker 18:05
minutes. No, you have to play a

Unknown Speaker 18:15
certain point we do have to

Speaker 1 18:17
break Yeah. Through grades. Okay, okay. So, so this second movie Karen and Cindy in to

Unknown Speaker 18:32
help teach her to miss a meeting. She will all come down here for Okay, I’ll be here. Okay. Okay. Okay, so moving on. I’m sorry. Oh, and do you think and I believe that that seat can be here. And I’m waiting to find out that Jacqueline. But

Unknown Speaker 19:05
does that give us enough people for setup?

Speaker 2 19:07
Would she be here for the early? Yeah. And I’ll probably try to get her a little earlier too. Because we have to hold a few tables out. Tables and chairs.

Speaker 8 19:15
Yeah, but well that. That’ll be okay.

Speaker 2 19:19
Did you talk to Jack we’ll just ask her how many tables she remembers having she didn’t really set up I think about five or six tables is what

Speaker 8 19:26
we have. We cannot Yeah, we’ve got plenty of tables and chairs around so we can kind of do whatever we want to do but I think they’re they’re up in the sleeping portion that not obviously there’s gonna be a little bit of moving volume which I’m happy to take the lead on. And you know, I can haul stuff around and chairs or is

Speaker 3 19:42
there any way we can get some help from the city? We are listening. Yeah, yes. We don’t have to all set it up on that day. So after the meetings are noted on Wednesdays, we could do some pre set of

Speaker 2 19:58
tables downstairs. I I can probably do that on Thursday. So they’re already downstairs in the music hall on Saturday. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:04
Will that be will that work? For a Saturday?

Unknown Speaker 20:07
Morning? So many buddies available? are meeting?

Unknown Speaker 20:11
That’s cool. Okay. Ready? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 20:19
Yeah. Holding out chairs and things like that anything in advance? Able bodied Nike.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
Okay, I certainly am not great at John Stuart.

Unknown Speaker 20:37
Mill, then and then obviously.

Speaker 2 20:41
Yeah, so that’ll be figuring out how to set up those tripods as I was fun to hear those

Unknown Speaker 20:45

Speaker 2 20:47
I mean, they should be easy. Anyway, okay, any more on Artwalk? Okay, let’s move on to news

Unknown Speaker 20:54
releases for the grant project.

Speaker 1 21:00
We will still be giving two handouts, right for yet that information about the house and?

Unknown Speaker 21:09
Well, some of them come in groups, we can have it available.

Speaker 1 21:12
Yeah, I was gonna say it’s still an opportune one

Speaker 8 21:15
doesn’t get every hand. Yeah. And we’ll put out the donations right

Speaker 5 21:22
to her door and help do that. And then ask people to sign up if they would want to sign up on my email list, because

Unknown Speaker 21:29
we’ve got to

Unknown Speaker 21:31
do just the volume of people is so much greater than

Speaker 5 21:34
Absolutely. And if we miss some, we’ll try our best but we’re going to have up the front we’re clicking who would like to That’s it did that at the at the open house do we want or doing anything

Unknown Speaker 21:51
that we need help with?

Unknown Speaker 21:52
So that’s kind of the easiest. Least I guess knowledge or partnering assignment so so if she wouldn’t mind doing that, that’d be great all on the board members available days especially.

Speaker 2 22:09
One other difference from other years that we’re doing is that obviously for fire hazard doors are unlocked. We don’t. But we’re not letting people in through the cycle. They’re going to come in through the front door. And we’re going to do some signage there too. That directs them into through the front because it’s just too hard. Having them come in two doors like we’ve done in the past. It’s too confusing, very confusing.

Speaker 5 22:30
And that’s when you get problems. Yeah, fruit coming out,

Speaker 2 22:34
because you’re watching the front and they come into sight. And so yeah, we’re just gonna it’ll be unlocked

Unknown Speaker 22:38
so we recognize Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:48

Speaker 5 22:50
I can’t think of anything. Ropes we’re going to have make sure those stores are off right,

Speaker 2 22:56
right. Yeah, she’s gonna have signage on them too. Yeah, we’re gonna be a little more signage visible this year. Because I think yeah, you have to you know

Unknown Speaker 23:08
people that trawl

Speaker 2 23:10
so there’s gonna be a sign upstairs, right that says, Yeah, our entrance is down here.

Speaker 5 23:15
Yeah, but it still so one of us will have to be up there. We need a personnel because it doesn’t matter. I don’t know how many times we’ve had this happen at least when I’ve been here. There’s always somebody

Speaker 2 23:29
we haven’t had before. They are there hazardous stairs. So yeah. Very cool. Okay, so anything else with artwork, we can always jump back if it pops into your head, but let’s move on to news releases. Who is

Speaker 1 23:58
remember that the city has opened a group and what they do. Okay, so is there any?

Speaker 3 24:09
Oh, I think a lot of their energies are tied up with the bond with City Council and the agreement to put in a different questions on the ballot in November, right. So anyway, so while this painting and everything is getting done a thing it’ll probably be more towards the end of the piece. The actual event

Speaker 1 24:32
will will it be possible for them to get to it in September or October? Like emergency? If not, then perhaps the Trump’s call could do a simple interview with Brittany like they did with Kathy before. And then that day there’s an article can go in the paper about activities, the restoration that has

Speaker 2 25:00
Okay, I think every new house manager over the years has kind of gotten newspaper article

Unknown Speaker 25:17
about the wonderful things that just happened. And

Speaker 5 25:20
we also doing pieces like that on the UMC NPR stuff where they do local things that are going on and that was a good time to

Speaker 8 25:35
connect with John and see what we can get done and yeah.

Speaker 2 25:44
Okay. Next on our old business is the fall T. Do you want to talk about

Speaker 1 25:52
potations were mailed on July 24. A while Have you open? We didn’t put postage on yours. So we are expecting RSVPs by September 22. And I think what we need probably talk about is arrangements at the marriage arrangements, because I think we sort of tabled it last month, Brittany, because we were waiting for you to be in place so that we can. Okay, so what I mean, I can tell you some things of what we’ve done in the past, but I think it probably is important to be open and flexible about what we should do here now.

Speaker 8 26:45
So what do you use this generally hosted by Random House Manager in conjunction for all past and present? Well, I had heard that great. You’re interested in doing

Speaker 5 27:00
X saw the thing more than glad to kick in my quarter.

Speaker 8 27:05
Okay. So here’s something we need to consider there. That is how our food license works. So anything that’s coming in from outside that served down is the event mostly down here as a whole house aside from any food is made from food served down here, according to our retail license or food until license it needs to be? Come from a certified kitchen. So you have a catering license, though?

Speaker 5 27:32
I don’t have a catering license, but I’d have all the rest of my food serfs save all that night now certified chef, so I guess it might be a license.

Speaker 8 27:46
Or I mean, yeah, so there are like certifications that people can rent time. I don’t know if this

Unknown Speaker 27:55
is a certification.

Speaker 8 27:56
Yes. Or if it can be prepared here here. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I think, yeah, depending on what you are thinking about, we could we could prep most of it ahead of time here. Okay. Yeah. And then anything else that we want to if we want to add things, you know, in addition, they would sort of I can show this, you know, a restaurant or grocery store or whatever, or caterer or anything. So if we want to add some from places like that, and have marine do some or whatever, we’re kind of thinking so. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 28:33
how many people attend this multi

Speaker 1 28:35
wanting to invite was hands on if they bring a guest, for example. And everyone is encouraged on the invitation to feel free to bring a guest. So if they want, it does serve serves two purposes, it does allow them to bring someone who is special to them, but it also gives them that other person an opportunity to kind of uncertain. Learn a little bit about the house and it opens the opportunity for future volunteers or future board members. branching off that way. Some people don’t have a Highlander 50 Maybe even I think it was men, it was 20 to 30. Really, really?

Speaker 8 29:35
Want to plan for 30 people 35 You don’t want to have a master? Oh, yeah.

Speaker 1 29:44
Like next month, I can certainly bring the headcount at that point, because next time I will have reached out to everyone who I haven’t heard from yet. Just chiming in. So and then I’ll have Closer idea about headcount

Speaker 5 30:04
doesn’t matter in the slightest. So we’re gonna have some people get really worked up over that. But so what

Speaker 8 30:14
point do we want to talk about menu and offerings? And is it more like? Finger sandwiches type? It’s not it’s not full meal.

Unknown Speaker 30:27
Slight fatigue less alerts. Yeah, it’s great. See? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 30:30
it’s two, four in the afternoon. It’s on my

Speaker 5 30:34
nipples, though the one thing that so this also actually opens up a whole thing. So so because your are we going to be looking at getting additional caterers on are

Unknown Speaker 30:50
bringing in additional

Unknown Speaker 30:51
preferred caterers? We sure can

Unknown Speaker 30:55
use by supplier to be honest. So they’ve kind

Speaker 8 30:58
of fallen out of there very preferred cater, I think we generally tend to steer people towards tools

Unknown Speaker 31:06
and brings points now.

Unknown Speaker 31:09
But yeah, it’s certainly something that can be expanded upon.

Speaker 5 31:12
Well, I’m wondering if we don’t want to reach out to the community and let them know that we’re opening to possibly have additional caterers looked at to be used as for a caterer

Speaker 3 31:22
formation for an RFP, or identified RFP where we did out to the community. And then people responded, and that’s where we got one of our original list of preferred carriers. So I think

Unknown Speaker 31:34
that again, yeah.

Speaker 5 31:36
Yeah. And I also think that we need to then remind the clubs that this is the case because I, you know, I’m sitting down, that was not necessary a rule that was enforced. People brought in whatever they wanted. Yeah.

Speaker 1 32:03
So maybe we’ll think between now and next month meeting about specifically ideas of what foods and things is that our goal? Sure. And then next meeting, we can finalize. Okay, we’re gonna does that

Unknown Speaker 32:19
give enough time? Yeah.

Speaker 5 32:21
So if we get together with the committee, again, I can bring a list of certain items that I think are easy and, and some choices and we’ll go from there.

Speaker 2 32:37
Okay, okay. All right. So salty. Sounds like it’s in good hands. Yeah. Okay, July, you know, July Open House is already taking place. Right. I have some numbers. Okay. Yeah.

Speaker 8 32:51
But it was it was bigger than April 17 people. July open house was three, three people. So growing. And we did get $50 in cash donation. So that was great. Some people signed up for the email list, and we sold a $40. Artwork. Yes. So that is

Unknown Speaker 33:15
okay. Within the trouble with the Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:18
Yeah. Was it a credit card or cash?

Unknown Speaker 33:21
Okay. That’s good to know.

Speaker 8 33:23
Yeah, no. easy process, at least on my end, in the back end. I handed them the receipt and said this is from this. They said, Okay, that’s

Speaker 2 33:31
good. Yeah. Something else went on, sign up on that email seven. I

Unknown Speaker 33:36
questioned about that. What?

Speaker 3 33:39
What is happening with those signups? Or is that just being held? The one of the items with the content for any eblasts communications was requested to be drafted by the advisory board? Okay. Cool. Right now, it’s just

Unknown Speaker 33:57
accumulating, so I’m okay.

Speaker 1 33:59
So would you like something drafted and brought to the next meeting? Just so that it can be sent to all units to say

Speaker 8 34:08
thank you for attending to sign up for this? Year? Yeah. If you all want to do that, that’s fine. Or I’m happy to do that either way.

Speaker 5 34:19
Great, really? And then then I also let them know that they’d be made aware of upcoming events, perhaps?

Unknown Speaker 34:28
Yes, basically, that’s basically it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:31
So yeah, we want to get something out before our walk, then that’s

Speaker 1 34:37
about this entire block, but it also has to do them in house events in general. And notice that the open house the July house was not in constant contact. So it wasn’t in that weekly recreation, blast email. So I’ve got one had planned for all of those to be I knew that it wasn’t going to be in recreation brochure and printed but I thought that they had planned we planned to have that in for at least the two weeks prior to the event in the constant contact email pick up

Speaker 5 35:15
moms finding all the things that have been dropped there their marriage and you got wet can’t imagine you want to know you haven’t checked all the boxes.

Speaker 3 35:38
That was one of the things that did drop off there there other ones on that while watching

Speaker 3 35:53
Brady and I will make sure that Brittany and Kristen Kristen is aware of how we scheduled those for the future with our constant contact person. And a lot of these things that you have here. The amount of detail that can be included Brittany knows all of that right now. Because there there’s not room for pool, a lot of stuff so she can get that done and pre loaded. So here

Unknown Speaker 36:21
contact person

Speaker 3 36:23
was my administrative one of the results.

Speaker 1 36:27
And yeah, for sure I can. Okay. Okay. So, look at so making sure that isn’t costume contact August 31. The September 7, because Artwalk is September perfect. Kristen, you have just sold her

Unknown Speaker 37:06
full time remote pliers, so we’ll make sure.

Speaker 2 37:12
Okay, so anything else on your mouse? Okay, let’s watch the donations and contributions and I think there’s a team working on it.

Speaker 3 37:24
And then the donations that she could have provided you just wanted okay, it gives us an idea. I have not inputted the money to do the cash donation yet at this time for this one. So I guess that would bring our annual totals up to 101 103.

Speaker 8 37:44
Ad? Yes, yeah. Actually, I think there’s some 50 was from US Open House. There was $21 in there before that. So we see you calling in April open house. Okay. And then there’s another $10 in there for some people that wanted to come see the house. Well, we can donate it tonight. Yeah. Yeah. That makes the one Well, it’d be into 380 plus, we had 2120 10. But

Speaker 8 38:39
so then, yeah, on the online donations, verbiage updated swell and did that for us. So that now when folks go to make a donation online, they can make a monetary donation to the Callahan house fund. Previously it was kind of directing people could easily directing people to purchase a park bench. And it really the funds were still going it was still a monetary donation into the house funds. But it looked as though you were you had to select a park bench to make the donation. So that’s been fixed. Thank you. So thank you. So yeah, the sheet here is just what the page looks like.

Unknown Speaker 39:18
Thank you for showing her that because we’re trying dates

Unknown Speaker 39:26
Yeah, so that was done. So that’s great.

Speaker 3 39:28
I was looking at completely wrong place. So you’re I was confused.

Unknown Speaker 39:36
Like down the rabbit hole from here, but yeah.

Speaker 8 39:39
Yeah. So that is that is right now. So yeah, for the donations and gifts committee. We’ve been working on this policy for a long time. So the cover page here, it’s just kind of to talk about the process that we went through and what we’re still expecting because there’s still some some parts of the process that are upcoming but basically our purpose was to create a vacations and gifts policy and guidelines so that people could easier donate to house. And also kind of to dry and more donations, more community partnerships. And hopefully same organizations that might want to donate to us and things like that. So that is our plan to put out those feelers and draw those things in moving forward. So yeah, we started with ideation created the policy that you’ll see on the next page. So the first step now is approval from the board. And then the the policy and our process is going to go through final approval.

Speaker 3 40:40
Well, in so backing up a little bit, thank you for all your work, because this is really good work. And it’s where it goes from here is that all this information will be getting incorporated in a way that’s in alignment with with the city stuff, that the city policies, the city guidelines, of which we’re not expecting or wanting you guys to be experts in, because that doesn’t make any sense. out there that we didn’t

Unknown Speaker 41:14
use the city’s policy as it was

Speaker 1 41:16
an infrastructure without, right again, the foundation has been built. Right. So

Speaker 3 41:22
the final piece is a piece that will get clarified with city staff, in collaboration with the different departments that need to be involved to with a clear with the clarity that we need. And then there’ll be the final policy that will be ready to go in place.

Speaker 8 41:40
Which will then confused again by the board. But basically, once it goes through the city’s process, that’s kind of what we have to work with. But yeah, but I think this is gonna be really impressive thing to help make it easy for people to donate, we’ve worked for Kleiner, saying that we’re here to be donated to and

Speaker 1 42:01
for the donations. Yeah. That money in sport. So rather than just limited to anything else in the city, this is very specific to this historic property.

Speaker 8 42:13
Right? Right. So there’s still some some outstanding to dues as you can see in a lot of them have to do with the website. And I did go through some kind of initial website training last week, I think that was, and in going through that it did learn some of the forms that we have here. After the policy, and I’m going to skip ahead, but the donation agreement and the request to donate, we’re probably gonna actually just turn those into like an online fillable form. So it’s not going to be this one exactly. But we’ll be seeing information where people can input that information. And then it comes through email says that someone has requested to donate.

Speaker 3 42:55
So it’s basically taking the content that you guys are so hard with, and putting in a form that fits the requirements of the city for ADA, if it’s a requirement for legal if it’s a requirement for consistency. So the final form will be heavily flavored by what you’ve contributed.

Speaker 2 43:16
That valve exactly like yeah, basically, if it’s over $500, some of these, no,

Speaker 3 43:25
that’s all going to go back to get in alignment with other things. But

Speaker 8 43:29
yeah, so we emulated ours also after what the museum has done was to help Americans and which is very much appreciate it. And so they don’t, there’s no real like limit on what people can can donate, but there are a difference well, up to $10,000 and that is subject to change. But right now the city, any donation of $10,000 or more needs to go through city council to be approved and accepted. But anything under that amount is generally approved although that job is subject to change. So potentially someone could go in and donate $900,000. For over $500 is a different

Speaker 1 44:20
kind these are regarding in this I’m going to offer it to set that’s okay.

Speaker 8 44:28
So anybody can donate a monetary donation. We’re not going to put anybody through a process to make a monetary donation or you know, any of that but if someone wants to donate a tea set an item, or even supplies or something like that a physical item, they would go through the request to donate because we don’t want to become a drop off so there is a process involving involving SuperSU

Speaker 5 44:59
It was my understanding when we were doing this that they were going to request to donate. And then they would receive this agreement if they’re approved. Yes, exactly. Okay. Is that going to be similar? Once it’s approved by the city?

Speaker 8 45:16
I guess we’ll have to see. But I imagined because the donation agreement form wouldn’t be available online as a point of view. I guess we’ll have to see. But I think the idea is that the request to donate or is available freely on the website for anybody that wants to reach out. Hey, I have

Speaker 5 45:34
an idea, which is what we’ve got. Spark. Exactly.

Speaker 8 45:37
Okay. Yeah. So that’s the piece that still outlying aside from me going through the city’s process is getting these things on the websites. And they’re easily accessible to every client who wants to donate their monetary buttons or items.

Speaker 5 45:52
Okay. And I’ve shared this with the committee more times than I can count that this has been on my wish list. So thank you all again.

Speaker 8 46:02
So does anyone have questions about any specifics? Did everyone get a chance to read through the policy itself? Okay. Any questions about the specifics? Or? Correct me for clarification, that doesn’t look good to everyone’s questions.

Speaker 1 46:19
So I think, at this point, if there are any questions about it, then move that we approve this. Donation policy guidelines. And the content of the forms to be submitted to the city for the overview. What am I? Okay, that was it say?

Unknown Speaker 46:52
Okay, that’s very good. A

Unknown Speaker 46:55
lot of work done there. So that was very well done.

Unknown Speaker 47:00
It was fun to work on.

Speaker 3 47:02
The next thing, I move on, or do any other discussion.

Unknown Speaker 47:07
Okay, updated video discussion. And

Speaker 3 47:13
that’s for me. So we got an opportunity to see a presentation, but it’s Pharaoh o’clock media. And he was very awesome. We discussed it with our purchasing department, and we have to open it up for this video. To to, to the to the to a larger audience. Yes. So we’ve got two ways of moving forward. The dollar value gives us some flexibility, because it doesn’t hit a certain threshold that requires a very formal, laborious process. But we do need to have a total total of at least four bids. That’ll work out. So to continue with this process. It’s it’ll be Brittany are in person and try to identify four different groups in the northern Colorado or Colorado area. Who do similar type of work. Yeah, and solicit those,

Speaker 2 48:12
as I think one thing because this came up quickly, in wasted Z, a wonderful presentation. But I think we need to put together a parameters that we want to include. That way. If we have parameters, then each group would be equally you know, they know what to present. Because otherwise, they’re gonna be on the board and be very hard to make any decisions easier to evaluate.

Speaker 8 48:39
Parameters are running time wanting to be available for

Unknown Speaker 48:43
UPS. Yes.

Speaker 5 48:46
I also think one of the parameters should we do need to put in the places that it’s going to work in pickup pickup with our QR code status, in addition that I threw at them at the last meeting that they weren’t even aware of that we want. So so that’s going to put in another thing and but I think crucially, for what we want to roll house, I think that’s something Okay, so when you have a outdoor QR code, not just a sheet of paper, but a think of when you go to any museums or anything else, they have a permanent, right. That’s right. They’re plastic. Not just a sheet that’s laminated but a specific material solid. And they click on it and then they can get a video information or verbal information about that specific the film or the statues or we need to make a decision where we would like or if we had like one of those things, that was something that I just, I thought in my head, that’s something that would help us for for work, if we’re not here in the house, and somebody’s walking through the house and doing this, they can do their own.

Speaker 2 50:09
You want to make a more furniture like, you know, I mean, they’re nice. They’re not not furniture, but

Unknown Speaker 50:13
not just paint,

Unknown Speaker 50:15
solid, a solid,

Speaker 5 50:16
yes. And something that we can change at any point, because once once that’s there, but this is something that, again, I just threw out at the app, the presentation, they weren’t even aware of that. I was like, what about this. And so that would should be put in as part of what

Speaker 2 50:36
we want to accompany to create the code as

Speaker 3 50:39
long as something is residing on the internet. So say, a YouTube channel, that city has a YouTube channel, if this is uploaded into the YouTube channel, it’s a QR code just references a URL. And that can be created. What we want as a deliverable from the agency is a web sized version of the document. Thank you. So that’s, as long as we use QR codes on How to Work Code, the links of address pointing to where we put it online, that will be on our end, no county, not the company. But for example, the quality and the size of the file for a documentary that might look really good on IMAX theater is much, much, much larger than the version that you’re looking at on an iPhone, right? You know, so it’s a difference in size. We’ve drawn it in different sizes, which is, if they are in that business,

Unknown Speaker 51:51
they show that So okay, so they would all have

Speaker 3 51:54
this we can we can specify that we want in different sides. Okay. And they understand

Unknown Speaker 51:57
yes, okay, as long as

Speaker 5 51:59
it’s in. Polish, I’m not articulating that basically, in my, in my head, I’m, I think this would be bringing us up to a higher,

Speaker 2 52:13
so yeah, but so we do need to, and I don’t know who was the lead there, but we have to have the parameters pretty pretty accurately described so that everybody gets a fair shot.

Speaker 3 52:26
And that may, realistically with the onboarding that Brittany is doing, and she’s doing a phenomenal job, and Kristen is doing a great job getting getting up to speed with this piece. You’re probably looking if you guys wanted to look at a draft you’re probably looking at a cobra meeting, to maybe do more discussion that that will get you have some to the events that you guys are involved with. And also give Brittany time to get acclimated to the city with some other different community related activities so that my recommendation would be in the table that type of work and actually

Speaker 2 53:09
that’s that’s in our favor because if you know we won’t be ready to start doing any filming probably till next spring and the gardens need a little recovery time.

Unknown Speaker 53:20
They got a rough summer

Speaker 2 53:23
that will give the guy because right now I don’t think I want anybody out there photographing close up there’s a lot of insect damage and

Speaker 10 53:30
it was nice to see some today in the garden

Unknown Speaker 53:36
there there yeah, we can all do this a jar of water you start knocking

Unknown Speaker 53:45
the other day just knock Yeah, well, I have my hands recommendation and it works.

Unknown Speaker 53:55
Well, it’s

Speaker 2 53:56
just whatever you do, don’t hang this jammies. bags because right. Yeah, there’s mixed feelings on that. It does but they’re gonna we have Bertold infested and we didn’t have the bags and so it’s that’s a contention. Your neighbors are hanging those

Speaker 5 54:22
were saying something about putting something that was helping.

Speaker 1 54:25
Yeah, it’s, it’s called. You’ve told us about if something isn’t right, and all that you’ve done, yeah. Can I email it? Please? To you all just so you all know for your own home. But maybe here for the garden too. But it is this Pacific grain all that you put on in the spring and the lawn and in the fall and it stops the larva from and being able to continue to learn and grow. And then that helps with the grass too, because they are dangerous on two parts of their lifecycle as larva, they very into the lawn and deep enough in the winter to be protected and that gap in the spring, and then they will eat the roots of the grass. This is the critical time of year and

Speaker 8 55:23
just came out and put this be safe and it was for the larva and the adults they didn’t like

Speaker 1 55:32
it is because the grass roots grow out of and become adult. Yeah, a lot. Yes. In the garden. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:50
Yeah, yeah. Everyone’s

Unknown Speaker 55:55
there one more, we’ll do this.

Unknown Speaker 55:59
I feel bad for our

Unknown Speaker 56:00
western slope.

Speaker 1 56:01
This session at that time, fresh Buddhist teachers in the western slope.

Speaker 2 56:06
They went after my grapevines. And here they liked the Virginia Creeper. Yeah. Yeah. And the roses.

Speaker 5 56:15
I didn’t realize how bad they were until we had a friend that came in or my husband turned around and

Unknown Speaker 56:23
they were all over us

Speaker 2 56:24
back. Oh my goodness, he bumped into something that he was just walking. It’s usually

Speaker 1 56:32
they like, anything. That’s helpful. I’m like, quick.

Speaker 2 56:38
So anyway, so it’ll be good, though, that we have time to get the cards. Yeah, perfect. Okay, so anymore on the video. So basically, we’re

Speaker 5 56:52
going to table it until October, and then it was swollen husband called me and talked to me about it. And I, you know, I don’t want any conflict of interest. So basically, we would then set up a committee to review

Speaker 3 57:06
No, so the board’s the board’s involvement will be the establishment of the criteria of what you would like to have, and making sure that Bernie has the, you know, the concept of what you guys are really looking for. Okay, and then at that time, it was just

Speaker 2 57:24
something probably the entire board wants to participate in so we did set aside time in

Unknown Speaker 57:30
the area. Yes. I think

Speaker 5 57:33
at one point it was discussed that we would view the proposals and I definitely wouldn’t step off it Yes, conflict of interest, but so it’s changed from when we spoke last.

Speaker 3 57:47
Alright, I think if you are able to identify and feel really comfortable with your criteria of what you’d like to see and you guys take off then then it goes in the process and then that just keeps it simple.

Speaker 1 58:01
Selection is then yesterday does that but once selected, then the board can be working collaborating with as as that company needs for I may show and I felt

Speaker 2 58:15
so good. Okay, cool. Sounds good to me. Anything else? Okay, let’s move on to digitize to scrapbook. Who would like to

Speaker 1 58:31
follow because Cindy and Marie and I met in Sydney has a couple of variables, she took just pictures of a couple pages. Because we’re trying to think of the ways that we want him to digitize the scrapbook and not cost us much. So potentially taking the photos ourselves. But in that process, we discussed the need for some equipment, such as I mean, we can stand over something and hold our iPhone or even your nice, but you know, you’re gonna so what would be really helpful to know is what resources within the city we could utilize as far as equipment, like, is there a scanner that we can use that we can scan one page at a time or is there a stand up or something that’s not talked about but more like a square because it’s going to need to sit up and over and have it if there’s lit or something so that you all we do is just slide the page and set up and just photos. So we like feet and I would like to hope that our city has Lots of beautiful resources like that with all of the things that the city does that are in print and electronic and everything. So we need to know if there’s anything that we can be able to

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
use for.

Speaker 1 1:00:12
We know putting the man hours, but can we use the equipment? Can we get somewhere in the city to use the equipment to do this?

Speaker 3 1:00:24
I don’t, I don’t know. The next question that we

Speaker 5 1:00:28
were asking ourselves is we want you for doing all of this, we want to make sure that we’re using compatible software that the city the city uses or city has license to, to make sure that when we do have this, we can download it to that. And one of the big things when we’re looking at, it has to have the ability that you can scan scanning, like what we currently we’re using PowerPoint, but you should be able to pause on it. And then scroll in some zoom in to see what you want, if you want some more detail, because some of the articles are really faded. Sure. And I’m gonna get close. He said, there’s people like me that are blind as a bat and can’t see unless they do have that ability.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:23
The Wi Fi. Now like five

Speaker 10 1:01:28
years ago, Bob and I had a little tripod, and he put his camera out there. And we did all of our family photos from the time it gets a little break. Do you still have

Speaker 2 1:01:42
to go after? videos, I hope people do that. And there’s actually some scanning tape machines that so this one lady really did a couple a bunch of videos on it and they’re running the three to $500.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
I suppose because get rid of it.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
Something that would continue to?

Speaker 2 1:02:21
Stay online. Yeah, there might be higher tech than what we buy for like 500. They might have a $10,000.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
Yeah, he would rather than I don’t want to bring it expensive machine

Speaker 8 1:02:42
here. So the idea is that if we can find the equipment we get ourselves or this is a quote from someone.

Speaker 3 1:02:51
And you know, the just to avoid conflict of interest, if you would like to to. If the decision is made that we were ready to proceed forward and cover funds to digitize the scrapbooks. At this time. It’s helpful for a city staff member to solicit those the contacts so that we are not, yes. cherry picking these cases is getting our business more. So

Speaker 1 1:03:28
first check within the city, we’ve got to have some equipment, right. I mean, the city’s gotta have some Well,

Speaker 5 1:03:35
if we were to just be long something for free, there’s one thing but if if there’s a specific company that that is used as a source that you know, we can at least this is a source that we know of can we can hand it back?

Speaker 3 1:03:51
And is this your priority over? There’s a lot of things bubbling here to let you guys know, we are onboarding new staff, we’re getting things going, do you want this and have other things called down? What is the priority that you want the threats, because you can’t, there’s no way to do all of them at one time

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12
is lower priority.

Speaker 3 1:04:16
And it’s not yet keeping it up which as as connections are being made. That that because there’s opportunities within the city where the city is mindful about having staff connect with people from other departments and other places, and to allow those things for bringing the lead to need. And so when she’s connecting with people at plant, they are connecting with people in these different areas, new people the museum and stuff like that, then she’ll get an awareness, you know, able to connect with those things.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:49
I hear what you’re saying. So

Speaker 5 1:04:50
but we’re also looking at doing this as a board project in the sense that we’re putting the time in and we’re putting the energy into this. We’re not asking city staff to put additional time or energy into it. I mean, we’re asking specific questions like, we’re using, can we use use airport?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:11
Right now there’s

Speaker 3 1:05:12
not equipment beyond your standard scanning Xerox

Unknown Speaker 1:05:23
department, or

Speaker 3 1:05:25
they don’t have, I’ve got to find out who to contact, I’ve got to find someone. It’s a process that takes time. That’s the moment you don’t have a lot of that. I wasn’t even, you know, there’s, there’s this nice. I’m just saying there’s a

Speaker 3 1:05:47
it’s not your high priority. And it’s also not a high priority at the moment with the other things that have already gone at the board. So I hear you and I hear the request to have a more exhaustive search for the city to see if they have equipment existing that’s capable. 12 by 12. scannings.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:14
I know. It’s an iPhone. They made a video for me for summer camp. iPhone. So you know, simple. Yeah, that’s, that’s yeah. So good frame. Which picture?

Speaker 5 1:06:29
If you so. So, okay. Fascists in a lot of ways, they answered my question. So that makes up for one thing I do have to ask is, if you’re putting in a format, what is what is a format that is a licensed for the city? So when we put it on, on the website, and somebody wants to access scrapbooks need to know which program they’re using, that we’re covering the same licensing, that we’re not overstepping in that sense. So what would

Speaker 3 1:07:05
they be a JPEG or a PDF? So your standard image file image, or a PDF, and Brittany is going to a number of classes this month, about PDA.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:20

Unknown Speaker 1:07:20
a word, you know different things.

Speaker 5 1:07:23
Okay, that’s cool. So we can tie in, and we can save it on an urn without

Speaker 8 1:07:31
a concert, you know, trying to figure out who to talk to about what, what if any, equipment is available, and

Speaker 2 1:07:42
so under scrapbooks now, are they all at your house? No. Okay. So once we, they need to come back

Speaker 3 1:07:47
to the Callahan house at this time, because then that will give Brittany x theta d here that Brittany has access to them. She knows the size that she can move forward on the project. So so we’re ones that aren’t actively being worked on right now need to come back to the

Unknown Speaker 1:08:09

Speaker 5 1:08:09
not that I can help you. So we can use like. The big point that we’re trying to do is keep consistency, fighting, and everything else. And so the point that we’re hoping is that once we get up to where they’re supposed to be, we’ve got system going to steward fluidly. And just take pictures.

Speaker 8 1:08:35
Yeah, I think if we find that there’s equipment, we’ll either have to use it wherever it lives, or if it can come here, we can do it here.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:42
Those two options. I imagined.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:45
I just need to be responsible for really expensive committee

Speaker 8 1:08:49
using it where it is. Yeah. For the tripods, scenario. But you started digging into those because potential options and then

Unknown Speaker 1:09:01
there’s a lot of sticks in the fire right now. Okay, so anything else on digitized? Did you want to I guess?

Speaker 9 1:09:11
It’s just two pages. And this just happens to be in PowerPoint. But just to show you what it looks like if it is a phone snapshot. This one’s a little tough, because the articles are kind of hard to read to begin with and stretch and write. Well, and yeah, and this is I think this is 300 dpi, they could be 600 dpi. However, if it’s going to be something online, I’m sure you don’t want it to be a really big file because it’ll take forever to load download or

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
see other questions.

Speaker 9 1:09:55
So we should, but this is probably not the best example unless you You feel that there are a lot of other articles that are kind of fit.

Speaker 5 1:10:03
They are like that. That’s exactly why we chose that page to work on to see if. Okay, what? How?

Speaker 9 1:10:12
I mean, in that case, a scan might be better than a photo because it’s

Speaker 2 1:10:17
so this distance? I can’t I mean, it looks to me like if I were closer, I could read it. I’m just thinking my way question

Speaker 1 1:10:23
is going through the pages kind of like online. If you could take a pause on any one page and scroll in, yeah, stretch

Speaker 3 1:10:33
it out, ideally, would be to have the text available outside of this document, so that someone could download or read the

Speaker 8 1:10:45
yes, yeah, there’s two because of ADA compliance, all required to have an alternative text. I was just so which is?

Speaker 9 1:10:55
Home Phone instead of on their computer, it has to be components that can be re arranged, right? That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:11:03
part of our website. Yeah.

Speaker 2 1:11:04
I was wondering if we could talk to somebody like with the times call, or any of those papers that are now online, like we canceled our paper subscription, and we just get our online business exactly the same. I mean, you’ve got this thing that looks just like you’re reading a newspaper, you know, and wonder like, it gets banned. Yeah, yeah. Can you stretch it or click on it and make it bigger? I love it. But I’m just wondering if we could maybe talk to them about their technology? Or how would they, because it’s really improved? Yeah, because a couple of years ago, I hated the online stuff, you know, but that was great. And I just wondered

Speaker 1 1:11:38
if it has to do with the software? So I don’t know, the city does anything. So

Speaker 3 1:11:42
taking digitizing scrapbooks is the picture portion of it, if you want people to be able to read with these say that, to me is would be a great opportunity, if the board was interested to go through the scrapbook and type out each article. So that is available in APA format, so that people can have access to what, that’s what

Speaker 5 1:12:08
we need to do. And that if that’s what we’re gonna wear, we should

Speaker 1 1:12:13
that is higher, higher resolution file, it’s just going to be more important that

Speaker 3 1:12:20
we can put it on site, but it has to be it has to be done that it has to be easy.

Speaker 8 1:12:27
Yeah, but I think summarize, I think I’ll learn more at the nursery. But I think based on what Ian was saying, like the art, you could say, this image is of this age, these are being cards is summarizing this thing. could be it could need to be typed out. Yeah, not sure. But it could be summary might suffice. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:50
so zoom in on that picture, you know, like,

Speaker 9 1:12:54
she’s in a PowerPoint. So right now, yeah, no, but when I had it in Photoshop, to begin with, you can see I can, you know, make it larger. But it wasn’t a great improvement, because it’s so sad to get to grant even letters to begin with, right?

Speaker 5 1:13:16
I look at this as a long term project, this isn’t going to happen over a day or weekend. If we do start seeing what’s available, if we have to meet the requirements, exactly what you’re seeing, that’s what we need to be aware of. So you might be a project where one of us takes it on and off.

Speaker 8 1:13:41
Yeah, let’s find out. I mean, we can get it so that people can zoom in to read it. So that it’s ADA accessible summary, then that’s great. That would be the best of worlds to beat

Unknown Speaker 1:13:55
just sending

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
the idea for them to be available for everyone to figure out the best way to get new business

Unknown Speaker 1:14:14
does that I guess fall in this empty? So

Unknown Speaker 1:14:17
yeah, I’m just from staff that were around before this other extra one other little bit. So I got a call from her name’s Ed. And she is with Bo.

Speaker 8 1:14:34
All the CEO of Walmart is celebrating their Founders Day on January 20. So she called to see if we might be interested in one of the four I figured one of the board but wanted to put it out see if anybody’s interested in is going to their Founders Day gathering and doing a 30 minute presentation on the history of the balance and how So I thought that was really cool opportunity. Obviously, we’re already have ties with PEO. So they’re exactly they’re looking for program. So there’s 200 women attending their program starts at 10. And there’ll be 30 minute presentation at some point during their program. She wasn’t sure exactly at the time, but we do need to have a decision to them by the beginning of October, I believe they’re also kind of searching out for other opportunities as well. They’re not necessarily just waiting for us. January, January 20. So I thought that, that someone from the board might be interested.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:40
It doesn’t have to be first I know people want to collaborate. I’m sure if people are interested, you can collaborate, I’m sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:53
The more the merrier.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:55
Yeah, that’s right. Should be included.

Speaker 8 1:15:57
Yeah. Do it. Yeah. So but I thought that’s interesting.

Speaker 9 1:16:05
They actually, they’re acting the parts. No.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:10
We’ve done now. Didn’t like, yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:16
You don’t want to wear

Unknown Speaker 1:16:19
you don’t have to dress up in period.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:20
Yeah, really?

Speaker 8 1:16:28
Dressed up it’s your it’s your lawn more. Or more founders say are your loss aversion? My house? So that’s very happy. Show I follow up and say yes, we’re interested. Okay. Okay. And yeah, that’s actual January. So I can let you know if that is still available and open. She did also mentioned that they would pay a fee for us to do that. I don’t know if we want to charge a fee or not. But she did ask what we will try. That, say you want to make a donation to the house. So that we can leave it open to whatever they want to donate. Or you can have a suggested donation or you got open for discussion. I thought maybe for the next time

Unknown Speaker 1:17:23
we were willing to do it for free here for two minutes.

Speaker 8 1:17:34
Yeah, so I’ll just follow up with her and say, Yes, we’re interested. I’ll get more information and then we can reconvene on that. So if we want to add that to talk about the next whole business? Yeah. Okay, I figured that that would be fine. Okay, and then

Unknown Speaker 1:17:56
we have to sign up for the training.

Speaker 8 1:17:59
I know the guy by hearing training, don’t you can just show up. So yeah, yes. That’s okay. I saw Yeah, it’s certainly not required, but it is able to board members. No pressure, but if you’d like to go, you can just go. And Kristen and I will both be there. And whoever wants to be here.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:20
Yep. Sounds good. Unfortunately, out of town.

Speaker 8 1:18:22
That’s okay. Yeah, so anything else about the coverage day or? So yeah, the other item here is kind of an interesting one. I don’t know if we’ve had anything like this come up before. But basically, someone a Walmart citizen contacted me and said, I have this antique, circa 1930s sofa that looks to be in very immaculate condition. And are we interested, she does prefer to sell it for $350. She also contacted bull Dorado and overwhelm but is open to donating if no one is interested in purchasing it. And so it’s this is really, you know, maybe we’re interested in it or not. You know, and we’d have to obviously, I would have to decide about if we have the funds for that or if we want to use funds for that but it’s also just kind of a practice in and this isn’t it could be a donation or it might not be a donation but with the new donations policy that is still being worked on type of practice and thinking about when these things come up how we want to decide if they are worthwhile to us or not, and if we want to use funds for certain things or not. So yeah, it’s great. It’s kind of the idea and I know that there’s some some not everybody likes the piano. God duty have room in the house. Do I? Do we? Yeah, I don’t know that. So we just wanted to share that this opportunity came up to kind of get, get a feeling for what thoughts are on acquiring things for the house moving forward, not necessarily. This is just okay. This is the school that we move on or just to kind of get an idea of how we feel about acquiring new ideas for the house, do we want to kind of fill things in and, and feel more that sort of Victorian Queen anaesthetic, more talking points for people coming through to house more bits of history and interest for educational purposes?

Speaker 8 1:20:27
So just thought that this kind of brought up all of those things. And I wanted to hear from you all about how you can’t just a

Speaker 9 1:20:33
question about that. When you have weddings and the weather’s bad, and has to be inside? Do you ever? Are you ever lacking seating? I’m just wondering if this is helpful in that regard? Or if there’s, you know, even a need for them?

Speaker 8 1:20:50
It’s a good question. I don’t know for sure. I’ve only seen one wedding so far. But any of that is something to consider to you know, do we have space? Where is it going to be

Unknown Speaker 1:20:59
in a way when we need to? So

Speaker 4 1:21:00
now we have to do actions? Monday is motion? Yeah.

Speaker 2 1:21:05
Very true. Yeah. With weddings, they either rent the inside and the outside or just the inside or just the outside. Typically,

Speaker 8 1:21:13
if there it’s summer season, and they’re renting outside, they don’t they kind of have to know that that there’s not a plan B for women. It’s just too many people. Yeah, the family. So anyway, just kind of wanted to you know, whether we are very interested in this couch or not just kind of see about moving forward. We’re interested in acquiring new items write

Speaker 2 1:21:33
offs, we wouldn’t have to talk about more, because where would you have a couple ideas here?

Speaker 8 1:21:38
Yeah, where could it go? Yeah. House is a good revamp that space a little I was gonna

Speaker 1 1:21:44
say, I think that would probably be the only place I’m putting this and that would be replacing the couch. But I don’t know that we would want to just put it just Yeah. Because I think the one that’s out there is not really it’s not restored. But oh, it looks nice. So do we need your replacement? You know, we want to if this something is more historic, maybe that that would be the only thing I would say, that might be a good fit for that.

Speaker 8 1:22:20
This is a large item. A lot of large items will be coming. Dimensions. Yeah, I can ask the dimensions and everything I can hear you’re saying, you know, it’s interesting. If you do want to donate it, maybe let us know. But this time we are interested in purchasing it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:38
I don’t know. But I just kind of wanted to Yes. Yeah.

Speaker 8 1:22:41
The font is Yeah, I don’t know what everything that’d be not great, but it’s potential opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:49
But yes, luckily, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:50
yes, I’m going

Speaker 8 1:22:52
to color school. It’s very well I can say it when did you decide to donate it? Let us know. And you know, she may have already sold by this time. Yeah. Just wanted to get into and what our thoughts about moving forward acquiring items for the house? Is that something that we’re interested in? kind of goes along with the in kind donations and it’ll be obviously case by case basis. Exactly.

Speaker 2 1:23:16
Right. So the item or at least keep listening. Yeah. So yeah. And then another point here though, I’ll just bring it up now. Informally, we kind of talked about the piano there and whatever but found a rather nice looking older piano Oh yeah. Here

Speaker 2 1:23:52
again, there’s be some funds involved with this and they don’t it’s free but you have to

Speaker 9 1:23:56
write Yeah, I’m trying to I mean, not that I’m moving forward on anything but I’m just trying to find out with it lives moving. Moving in a panel and just work

Unknown Speaker 1:24:06
period. Does anybody know the story on this try was just joking. There’s no worries

Unknown Speaker 1:24:20
let’s get one of those. But this one right.

Speaker 5 1:24:24
Right. It was just in the upstairs was more period of time period. And it’s also more it’s gonna is you can play a habit. A pianist really playing.

Speaker 2 1:24:39
Now the nice thing about this piano if we did get rid of it is it’s nice to put things on. It’s like a shelf. We’re using it as a shelf where you can take pictures and so if we did get rid of kind of a shelf unit there

Speaker 8 1:24:52
Yeah. Does the TV need to be there all the time? No,

Speaker 1 1:24:57
the only reason it was there I think was first Storage typically then gets moved upstairs in the meeting room for open houses to my video who’s willing to do so. I think I think trying to place on the class is something

Unknown Speaker 1:25:18
there. For me Mario is

Speaker 1 1:25:20
choosing doing she did the other activity, but it really doesn’t happen.

Speaker 2 1:25:27
Okay, here’s a picture. It’s hard to, I can see Yeah. But perfectly there, which is a little more that doesn’t say if it works.

Speaker 9 1:25:36
Oh yeah it says like, whatever they call it limits. The grain of the word is just not infringes especially in 2020, at least professionally standard tuned in cleaners a small permanent marker spot on one of the keys. She could not get off work works great for being 100 years old must pick up and hallway. We are moving to San Diego. We cannot take it with us. So they’re kind of, you know,

Speaker 2 1:26:13
time. Yeah. But it is pretty much on I looked at the picture. That’s much nicer. Let’s see.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:24
I didn’t I didn’t look I didn’t Oh. I didn’t see a better dimensions.

Speaker 9 1:26:32
Yeah. I could ask her. If we’re potentially

Speaker 8 1:26:35
interested in. Cindy. Would that be okay, if Cindy looks at some some bids for moving companies? No,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:43
probably more sports related. Right?

Speaker 9 1:26:46
Okay. And then we also have to, it’s not to say

Unknown Speaker 1:26:51
we have to get we have the funds or if we want to use the funds

Unknown Speaker 1:26:56
away and put that one in.

Speaker 2 1:26:58
I think you pay to get rid of the Freedom thing or we’re just sitting.

Speaker 2 1:27:13
Twitter four times really a free day, it has to be a pickup local, that’s about a pickup.

Speaker 3 1:27:19
We can find somebody that wants to come pick. So that kind of goes back to that concept of Is it a priority? Is it a budgetary priority? Is it a priority for the to the board to actively updates, acquire the items within

Speaker 2 1:27:37
the troubles with this piano if it’s as nice as it looks? I mean, there’s time we have time constraints, they want to leave, they’re going to San Diego. So if we wanted it, we would have to

Speaker 9 1:27:49
I would just make one observation here. I haven’t seen this so far in the auto house. But I certainly have seen the panel here. And if when people want to donate and kind item, we’re saying that in our guidelines, it needs to be historic, blah, blah, blah, is hard. What if somebody looks at that and says, Well, what’s that doing there?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:14
Yeah, this is this time.

Speaker 8 1:28:19
But it helps us to make better decisions with those things moving forward.

Speaker 9 1:28:24
So I totally understand that. If the decision ends up being it’s too much does cost too much to move up and

Speaker 8 1:28:35
getting some information about potential costs. If it’s still available, it is

Speaker 9 1:28:40
available this morning, I have three requests for bids. And right now,

Speaker 5 1:28:47
I actually think the width would be similar to the width that’s in the music room. I think we’re pretty good. I think it would look really good there. Again,

Speaker 8 1:29:00
so you’ve already got some facts, some potential prices for moving.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:04
I hope to get it today.

Speaker 1 1:29:08
And she’s where she says she’s got three parties out. Yeah,

Speaker 2 1:29:12
I guess it’d be worth, you know, looking at it. The pictures are wonderful. You know, sometimes you want to go look at it, just to make sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:18
Yeah. That’s one other drawback. So that also

Speaker 2 1:29:23
makes the size of the movie a little expensive to get it down. But yeah, hold on here. You know, if you give some bids, I guess you could send that out to everybody before the next meeting. We kind of have that information. I mean, to me, I don’t say I didn’t mean get up before I said Do you happen to get a few before you know,

Speaker 5 1:29:46
well, I don’t think we can wait till the next meeting. So she didn’t want to move

Speaker 3 1:29:50
us provide but in your guidance, if it’s a priority for you to acquire items, then that kind of that becomes a city budgetary issue where they find out how much it costs to do that Brittany estimated case for her supervisor, and all that stuff to make that purchase. So it’s just taking the information you guys have and in direction that you would advise. And then that allows her to be nimble. Oh, and honoring what your intention is. Okay. Does that make sense? And she may not be able to? If it’s a case by case basis, yes, you know, if that’s possible or not possible, right. But this way, it doesn’t walk you guys into, you have to be available for 14 days. Yeah, you have to have another meeting. Yeah. Make a request, we need to make sure that we asked the appropriate people,

Speaker 5 1:30:44
I think it really comes down to I think we need to make a decision, this is what we really want our day. If we want to find this to go for the piano overdoing or to just move on? I’d suggest finding

Speaker 8 1:31:05
out how much you need to know. And then you all can assess and say yes, did it forward, and then it comes to me to decide if we can reform. So I don’t mean over the course of the next meeting, I mean, like, you can find out what prices are let the board know, and if you all collectively in the next couple days. So yes, we want to move forward. Then if there’s one meeting to start,

Speaker 5 1:31:28
we’ve gotten trouble for Ghana. I also yes, we can’t do that on, on, make decisions.

Speaker 3 1:31:37
So the decision, the decision is, do you want to place a priority on acquiring large items of historical significance with a pop up kind of thing, have the appropriate time period in the study about

Speaker 2 1:31:53
I was gonna say to we don’t know, as a board, I don’t anyway, know what our financial situation is really, I don’t know how much money we have that we can use discretional money, I guess. So I guess all’s we can do is say we’re interested in this in you guys make the decision? If we have enough money, correct? And then do we want to use money that we might need for something else? You know, so that’s a five it’s it’s a finite amount

Speaker 3 1:32:17
of money is finite. So whether it’s dedicated to putting the money towards the acquisition of pieces, or towards the the digitizing process of the scrapbooks, or towards video, these are all things that compete for resources. Yeah. And it’s what priority you have. So it priority one is a video priority two is the digital scrapbook. And then priority three is the acquisition of historical significance. Where are these things?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:50
That’s what we you know, so

Speaker 3 1:32:51
that’s the direction that is helpful for Brittany as she moves forward? Because that provides her

Speaker 2 1:32:59
would it be nice to do that? Now, you know, not just talk about our priorities? Or do we want to put that let us all think about it, or and talk about it?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:08
Think about it and talk about it? Because you

Speaker 2 1:33:11
do want me? Right? So you should be pressing for it. So just put that on for

Speaker 1 1:33:17
the next part that comes here is that we need to know what this balance in California was 60,000 at one point, certainly before we even get to application. And none of those funds are being earmarked for any of the grunt work because we had 60,000 from the city to match for 180 grant for the $240,000 grant projects. So all of what was in the cat and mouse fund should still be there because nothing’s acquired or purchased from us from transition.

Speaker 3 1:34:01
Most likely, it’s fair. So is the questions where the priorities are not.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:13
It also is do we have fun?

Speaker 3 1:34:17
Well, obviously, because the Callaghan is supported by the sea there are funds dedicated annually to the operation and upkeep of the Callahan house, right.

Speaker 5 1:34:31
But we shouldn’t be able to use those funds, which is the

Speaker 10 1:34:35
it’s fun, you just separate operations budget separate from

Speaker 3 1:34:40
the city. The city is tasked with the budgetary account in that house. And that is not going to change as far as I am aware because it is a city facility. It’s a city budgeted piece. The Advisory Board provides a lot of great information that we need. And one of the teachers is where that priority is. Now, whether that that budget is a million dollars or $100 it I don’t I don’t know that that would change your priority of how you want things to be addressed.

Speaker 5 1:35:17
Well, I guess what we’re, I’m trying to fill out who and it’s not like I made a decision on this. But it seems to me that we have, we should have the calla house fund, that we should be able to tap for specific items. And if we prioritize, and again, it’s question why do we prioritize the fund specifically to buy more historical pieces? budgetarily. And then we use the budget items for from the city to look at doing something like that video, and we should be able to recommend the same would agree I think

Speaker 3 1:35:56
that that’s stated that way. Totally. in agreement with that.

Speaker 5 1:36:06
That I guess is that is that where you’re thinking that we should have the ability to use the funds, the cow house funds mix, declared entities that way?

Speaker 1 1:36:19
Yes, for the board to recommend that funds that are in Callahan house fund be used for historic property

Speaker 3 1:36:28
recommendations that could be made as a priority.

Speaker 1 1:36:31
That’s what should be allowed to happen. Now, what the city does with the budgeting process overall, with regard operations as the city’s decision, while we can suggest or recommend some specific things be included in an annual budget that the city creates for the county and helps the counting house fund is its own separate pot. That is all the proceeds from the

Unknown Speaker 1:36:58

Speaker 1 1:37:02
revenue generating events go into that for the purpose of preserving and restoring

Unknown Speaker 1:37:09
your priorities. And that’s what comes from the advisory boards. You know, what

Unknown Speaker 1:37:15
we have the perfect is that we need to

Speaker 1 1:37:17
do that we have the funds in the Callahan house to be able to do that. That’s what we totally agree on. And that’s what we should continue to do. Right. So

Speaker 10 1:37:28
I just Googled quickly with the customer, the piano. Basically, it’s at $9 an hour with two movers it says, I mean, this is just a ballpark. Yeah, just to get some feel anywhere from what’s not gonna be $100 It’s 350 to 450 Probably

Unknown Speaker 1:37:46
do they have a minimum? Like because they talked about mileage at all

Speaker 10 1:37:51
this was just a bad part. I mean, it’s a bunch of them you could Google as much as I thought

Unknown Speaker 1:37:59
I was thinking 1000 That’s actually

Speaker 10 1:38:03
makes it makes me go well yeah, let’s actually think about it it’s worth

Speaker 5 1:38:08
it worth it? Well, let’s just start peace and then we have to figure out what we do right we’ll go into the collected hefty guys for what else to go into the piano?

Speaker 8 1:38:35
Well, I think I mean, there may be some some cost involved in that one to find out Yeah, the city doesn’t get

Speaker 3 1:38:40
things free. No, I wish we still pay for that and the Callahan would be responsible for covering the cost of removal if they’re

Speaker 8 1:38:48
listed for someone that’s interested in having said that the chances are

Unknown Speaker 1:38:52
really slim Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:58
Yes, Ben two wants to

Unknown Speaker 1:39:01
just hold it to it.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:03
It needs to be grateful bonfire. So

Speaker 8 1:39:07
at the time when if we’re interested in moving forward with this we also need to be deadly I get rid of the other

Unknown Speaker 1:39:13
one because it’s a local

Speaker 9 1:39:14
So yes, there is a local guy in Longmont who makes himself available to bring your items to the dump. And for 50 hours he’ll you know fill up his pickup with yourself. And I did do that one. Yeah, they show how much

Speaker 1 1:39:41
they charge per space in the truck and so that would not take much bass in there.

Speaker 8 1:39:49
chart the upgrades phases for us. This first would have to be contracted or we’ll

Speaker 3 1:39:56
get a pet piece will get taken care of I guess the bigger question is back to the brand new guys want? Is it a priority? To have Brittany be aware, larger items and historical significance to upgrade the pieces of the house?

Speaker 1 1:40:17
It’s not something that okay. It’s, it’s whereas this come up with. With the piano, that’s more significant. It’s like, maybe we do want to do that. So it’s not a matter of an overarching Well, you know, do you want to be looking for historical, it’s a matter of case by case instead of this

Speaker 9 1:40:45
particular case, it’s a functional thing. I wonder if when you’re creating or creating these immersion events where you’re experiencing a time in the past, perhaps there’s a piano player that can be brought in to play some of the music

Speaker 5 1:41:01
in the past, we’ve had concerts here. Well, that would be something that we’d be if we had a functioning, the only truly good instrument that we’ve got the house is the one upstairs. This one is just not yes. So we’ve got a couple of options, we could look at removing this piano completely. We could also look at moving the piano that’s an existence of stairs.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:32
No, we’ll deal with let’s say of recitals up there up database.

Speaker 1 1:41:38
I would leave Alice’s. But this one is yes. Not function. So

Speaker 8 1:41:42
the general idea is that, yes, you are interested in piano? Yes. So that I think, to move forward?

Speaker 2 1:41:50
Well, I was gonna say, we need to say let’s pull this to a vote that we want to prioritize just, you know, this is fine individual basis, just like that. So please look into how do we want to word this, we want to prioritize, and we have to act fast enough.

Speaker 5 1:42:06
I would like I’m going to put forth a motion that we vote on. Okay, I put forth the motion that we put it to a vote, whether we prioritize this specific item as as the piano coming into the house.

Speaker 1 1:42:24
Second, that we’re going to prioritize, okay, all in favor? Aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:32
Opposed? No. Okay.

Speaker 8 1:42:36
So I think the next steps are, we said, okay, then to use the bed system DNS 30, the process of requiring

Unknown Speaker 1:42:43
passes along to regain

Speaker 9 1:42:48
more information, because some of them are asking for, you know, what’s the surface like at the residence? And that’s what I want to know, should I just pass it on to you to answer those questions? And that means that you need to contact this Facebook seller?

Speaker 8 1:43:07
Yeah. Yeah. Would it be okay, if since you’ve been in contact with them, we can send you that information. But But reach out? Yeah. To say where it is,

Speaker 9 1:43:19
because I said it’s possibly going to be or if we did get it, it would be in the historic Callahan house, blah, blah, blah. And she said, Oh, that that would be so exciting. She said, The only thing is, I need to do it quickly. Because I asked her if she’d hold it until this meeting today or midday today, if we decided, and she said, I would love it, if you could get it, but I do need to give it to the first

Unknown Speaker 1:43:47

Unknown Speaker 1:43:57

Speaker 8 1:43:59
So yeah, you can connect with them and say, Yes, we’d like to move forward. And then I will reach out to them today. But just so that they hear back from you to say Callahan house is interested. And

Speaker 9 1:44:10
I need to indicate that it’s not a final decision, because we don’t know the cost. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:44:16
I think it’s, I think from from what Karen found, it’s going to be fairly reasonable theory reasons.

Speaker 5 1:44:25
I think the bottom line is if it blows up at the top, and we think it’s over extremely Brittany, if you have good taste, and it’s too much and it’s reached over the limit that just

Speaker 8 1:44:38
checks what I was saying. Yes, we’re interested in we’re working on moving forward.

Speaker 1 1:44:45
But, and then Cindy, please also give Brittany your contact with who came and got the things from your house that Oh, yeah. And then wanting to remove that. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:56
Okay. Expensive removals.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:59
You So just thinking of solutions to remove the

Unknown Speaker 1:45:03
effect, and then yeah, if you can send me that link.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:07
So very accurate.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:09
So I really respect to hear what you’re saying. So I

Unknown Speaker 1:45:13
think I think the

Speaker 5 1:45:14
bottom line is this is all it comes up as a case by case basis. And I also think that having a music room without having a instrument, it just does.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:23
Yeah. With a couch in it.

Speaker 8 1:45:29
But but then I think I do have to agree that, okay,

Speaker 5 1:45:37
if we, as a board are working on a project, and we can kind of have it come in and do it inexpensively, free, and we’re donating our time to do it. That’s one thing. But then the video is something I don’t I know, I don’t have the expertise to do I don’t know anybody else on the board that’s willing to do that. And we’ve already talked about possibly bringing it forward. So I guess

Speaker 2 1:46:05
is that something you could take a vote on? Somebody recommended to go harder?

Speaker 1 1:46:10
I think we’ve already put it forward to the city to afford with the next step,

Speaker 3 1:46:19
I guess, and in a good we’re doing a limited a personality, this profiling, we are not the same place. I prefer substructure of like, where do you want to focus energy on and if something has to fall, the way that works for me for a way of moving forward, and Brittany Will have her own preferences of things about if she has time to work on this or this, when it’s priority is provided that it’s like, Oh, you guys have said you value this more? At this time on this. You

Speaker 2 1:46:59
want to be able to also take advantage of opportunities? Yes. And again, we haven’t prioritized, but this is something we have to act on. So I’m glad we prioritize it. Yeah.

Speaker 9 1:47:14
And the one thing about this is you’re not adding you’re just replace, right. Yes.

Speaker 2 1:47:17
Right. Yes. And then the funds are, you know, it sounds like you know, hopefully borderline.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:24
Thanks for that. Well,

Speaker 8 1:47:27
does this go through that like, as I said, and kind of does this need to be acknowledged as an in kind donation or not? Because we are

Speaker 1 1:47:41
paperwork component that then that would you need to say yes. As in any kind of historical paperwork or any kind of documentation she has? That would be a piece

Speaker 8 1:47:58
of Victorian say this is this was acquired in this way at this time? Yes. So

Unknown Speaker 1:48:04
there you go. Okay. Tax donation. Yeah. All right. So that’s pretty much

Speaker 1 1:48:19
it Yes. That was any other items from staff? It’s not for me. Okay.

Speaker 2 1:48:25
That was the board. So I think there’s additional parenting stuff that I’m sorry. Oh, okay. Oh, well, I

Speaker 10 1:48:32
do actually. So Kenny, I spoke with candy. And she is she’s back in town right now. But she’s prepping for her surgery official thing she’s got to do. She’s having surgery next week. And basically, exactly, she told me, so. That’s why she’s feeling here today. Just wanted everybody. Yeah. Yeah, process.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:58
keep us informed. I

Unknown Speaker 1:48:59
will. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:01
Thank you, Cindy, for filling in US secretary.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:04
Oh, yes. Thank you, Cindy.

Speaker 1 1:49:07
I do have one thing I haven’t it’s only important addition to future agenda items, and maybe something that you might want to begin working on is that annual report as chairperson, you can probably want to start to capture all of the highlights of the year and begin to draft

Speaker 5 1:49:27
some of them. Okay, um, as far as I work with

Speaker 4 1:49:35
Sydney, you were brought up in an email that you wanted to include that.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:41
Yes. It looks like it’s a future agenda.

Speaker 1 1:49:47
I think that’s a little bit different. Okay, because the chamber is not the chamber so it does kind of Yeah, that’s it.

Speaker 9 1:49:56
She did put it in there. Okay, so that’s that

Unknown Speaker 1:49:59
simply can’t get I just tried to figure out how

Unknown Speaker 1:50:01
to word it, you know? Yeah, right. Yeah, my oscillation was

Speaker 5 1:50:06
just so you know, I had reached out to the chamber and gotten the list of things that were that they do every year. And it was set at the time that it that it wasn’t worth our time.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:23
I disagree with that statement.

Speaker 9 1:50:25
I honestly think Sydney, it would be great if we worked with the chamber and collaborate with them on what we were doing. And just an explanation to the board on this and how the idea came up was when we were talking about publicity of our upcoming events. It also occurred to me that there is, besides us pushing the word out to local people, when visitors come to town, it’s it’s really a shame that they don’t have one place to go for historic landmarks. You know, when they look online. Let’s say they go to the chamber, that’s why we will brought up the chamber because it would be probably the place they would go to find out. Oh, word child, let’s look at you know, long with a long, long historical society and what we have with the city, they’re not in one place.

Speaker 5 1:51:24
I agree that they should, we should then collaborate with Lachlan, which is the Loma area visitors Association. Oh, and that’s what they should do. And that’s through the chamber. And that’s another board that’s here in this town, and we should do is it and St. Train?

Speaker 8 1:51:39
Are they not included in the chamber? Now St. Mary

Unknown Speaker 1:51:43
Historical Society is it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:51:45
like she said, one lottery

Unknown Speaker 1:51:49
system in its grasp.

Speaker 5 1:51:54
And they have some kind of collaboration around the calendar of events I

Unknown Speaker 1:51:57
served on the board is my recommended

Unknown Speaker 1:52:00
St. Louis Historical Society right over home.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:03
I I thought that, were they I thought that it would be great. I’m sorry, if

Speaker 9 1:52:14
the board, Brittany whoever it is, reaches out to the Historical Society first. So that there it becomes something that both parties feel good about, and there won’t be any sense of competition or anything. And then as one they go to

Unknown Speaker 1:52:34
candy store? Oh, yeah.

Speaker 5 1:52:39
She is very good with that. But I also know there’s what can’t be said there’s been some past her appeals or that and not wanting to collaborate? Yeah, she knows about the history. I’m hoping that we could heal those riffs. And then, but I do know that lava has a monthly calendar that they put out. And that would be one of the things we would like to get more visitors here. And this. I just am not sure why we have.

Speaker 9 1:53:14
So if somebody wouldn’t know about Lago hosting, it’s actually saying chamber. Okay.

Speaker 4 1:53:22
I’m really sorry. I have a son, that’s homesick. And I only have a babysitter for 130. So everybody, like coffee? Or something? You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:53:44
some of all,

Unknown Speaker 1:53:46
yeah. You might want to go that way for a painting. Oh, yeah. That’s kind of

Unknown Speaker 1:53:54
great, great communications.

Speaker 2 1:53:57
So how’s everybody else’s time here? You know, we can keep going. We’re almost at close. So we can start with future agenda items. Maybe get through this? You know, we’ve been through these a couple times. So take July. So real quickly.

Speaker 1 1:54:15
Should be can we just knew that a major picture project plans that that’s going to be coming in September, right. Potentially, right moves.

Speaker 8 1:54:24
I mean, that’s still patching of that wall before the hanging starts as part of that. We’re waiting for it since and other items, so right,

Speaker 5 1:54:34
and then toss pending on that timeline. Picture of the house?

Unknown Speaker 1:54:38
Yes, yes.

Speaker 8 1:54:41
Yes. Yeah. And we also did talk about the bar would go below the wooden writer trade, I was wondering, rather than having it. Yes, yeah. But I think I think right now it’s the wall getting re done.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:59
And there Right. So

Speaker 1 1:55:01
Right. Yeah, right. So, so great. And II so that housemanship Picture project and II the past president board member that wall acknowledgement those are simultaneously want to have Yeah. Okay, so have a fair I remember that we said that on the episode about gender. So just making it that that that agenda. And then obviously we’ve seen that picture customization was about natural sun in October. So

Unknown Speaker 1:55:32
we discussed the countertenors blast as well.

Speaker 1 1:55:37
We did other meetings, so it’d be included, you know, for our block, but then also for the December 1 and seventh.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:47
Okay, so that gets us down to the closet cleaning. What’s really important? Which is getting a lock in my are

Speaker 8 1:55:58
working? Well, I am suddenly so I mean, not a long time. You can walk in there. That’s all I’ve done. I’ve not gone through any sort of training but a good very

Unknown Speaker 1:56:07
good you can walk in. Yes. That looks.

Speaker 8 1:56:11
So yeah. And we do need a desk in the manager’s office for that second workstation. So we’re not able to fit the one that’s in the closet in there as is, but maybe we can take it apart and try to get it back in there. We’ll see. But that might help get that out of there. Otherwise, we can see about getting rid of it in some other way. And anyway, so that’ll help you but you can watch that. Yeah. So is that something like the board wants you together in a

Unknown Speaker 1:56:40
closet? Do we want it to go into here? Okay, do

Speaker 8 1:56:43
you need any help? Okay. Well, I will say the closet coming out is obviously not a huge priority. Now. Yes. Down the road. But in fact, you can walk in there now. And I am slowly starting to figure out what’s in there is good. Yes. So I think lately, I don’t know if that needs to if you

Speaker 5 1:56:59
want to put it back on the future board item. So you’re aware that we’re willing to come in help? Sounds good.

Speaker 2 1:57:11
Flower order? It’s gonna talk with with, I guess dance? I

Unknown Speaker 1:57:17
don’t know much about it. Yeah, at the venue probably.

Speaker 1 1:57:21
I don’t remember I didn’t need it. So maybe you can correct me, then said to us at the beginning of the year, because you’d asked about the flowers. And he said that for that gets done in there, or am I wrong? But that is when we had to have a plan put together, that this is what we want. So that was constantly included. It

Speaker 3 1:57:45
didn’t be helpful for that discussion to have happened prior to January because I believe and we were ready to say hey, and they sent me an order last week. Okay, well, thanks for including Yes, right. And that was fun. And that’s okay. But she

Speaker 1 1:58:01
put you have the plan. Because you already right together, right. So now it’s just a never make sure that you get

Speaker 3 1:58:08
and Brittany is and the like role in meeting the different players and parks, who are working with the ability to grab the other grounds areas. So I think our discussion this fall winter, so that by the by the end of the December meeting or November meeting, if that’s the last budget meeting, or the last functional meeting, and she

Unknown Speaker 1:58:33
has an awareness of what

Speaker 3 1:58:36
to advocate for anti supplement when she finds out what that order is. That should be

Speaker 2 1:58:42
one of the I like to mention about our grounds out there. And we’ve taken some walkthroughs on it. And I think we need to put that on a priority list too. You’re not just buying flowers and sticking around. But the drought is needed some upgrading some maintenance quite a bit. They’re down. I would call it down level out there. Yeah, there’s

Speaker 3 1:59:03
some hard things happening with the fulfilment of contracts that the cities noted and Brittany being here.

Speaker 2 1:59:15
We’ve already been working on things I didn’t really notice out there. And I’ve noticed a couple of years ago. And in considering that we have weddings and people wearing high heels and stuff. The ground is like a miniature roller coaster. I mean, it’s just up, down and up and down. It hasn’t been rolled rolled are leveled yours and I really think we should get one of our turf managers from the golf course because you know, they keep those fairways nice and wet. And I really think we need to get a serious look at the grounds. I also think it’s almost to the point of being over planted. I think there’s areas especially when you go on the south side here, it’s just overtaken, we could throw just start pulling. I mean, there’s bushes that you don’t see because there’s other stuff growing Oh, right. We really need to get out there. Send it out I mean when you see a formal garments this you know, really maintain everything is so pristine and the

Unknown Speaker 2:00:06
borders are nice and

Speaker 2 2:00:09
nice and everything out there is well kind of eaten by bugs right now. But there’s a lot of overgrowth that just needs to be really worked on really thinned out. Right back to our

Speaker 5 2:00:23
I think it’s my understanding from from when I was walking out there that the ripped up the grass recently because of what’s been on the sprinkler system or

Unknown Speaker 2:00:35
something like that back in Yeah. But then again, will will create a

Speaker 5 2:00:39
depression. And I agree with him, that it comes down to access for anybody with a disability, anybody with wheelchair access, anything like that?

Speaker 2 2:00:50
I think that it should be your priority. Yeah, I think we just left it to the contractors for you know, the people grow and in but we really need to look at it and say, you know, we’re not going to be a formal gardens that we can

Speaker 5 2:01:03
provide guidance. Yes. Very good. So, so, so is this something that I should I think it should be on as a new business to be discussed for next for the October meeting, or actually September meeting, and that we get a game plan and and you said, you already have a list of flowers and stuff. I would love to see what you think we should put out? Well,

Unknown Speaker 2:01:27
I have the list that we worked up a year ago.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:33
I remember that, but I’d like to see it again.

Speaker 2 2:01:35
Yeah, I’ll have to find it. But if not, I can do some from memory. Okay. I love that. That was a great idea. Yeah, that was kind of disappointing. We didn’t get we can do it. I’m just gonna throw in that little plug for the winter on the sign. Hostas are nice because not only are they perennials, but they don’t run away from you. And otherwise perennials have a bad habit of older growing but most is that just well behaved they stay pretty much day in if you get the minute and others monster holsters that are three four feet tall, but you get the smaller ones and then pretty Yeah. Then you provide a beautiful Yeah, they make it together. Yeah, merge together to kind of nice border and then I was thinking to make it even easier. We in that’s shady there. Yeah, they like that around the edge. And we can do something like periwinkle or Bianca. That’s also a perennial that stays very low to the ground. And you know, it’ll be this nearly wholesome weeds. Kind of

Unknown Speaker 2:02:31
maintenance. Yeah, no

Speaker 5 2:02:32
maintenance, but very pretty in the shade. I just keep if I can make a recommendation and we could we please put

Speaker 2 2:02:42
that on as new business. But yeah, I was put grounds if flowers and flowers and,

Speaker 5 2:02:48
and your list recommendations, because then you have it. And then as soon as we know when we get that turned in, that’s we don’t miss the opportunity. Right? Yeah, that would be really helpful. agenda. So that’ll be your business for September. Yeah. Yeah, we’re a

Unknown Speaker 2:03:12
little shaky on that, but

Unknown Speaker 2:03:14
you got it.

Speaker 2 2:03:16
Okay. So that was a quick trip through our future agenda items. Is there anything else? Anybody wants to present your chance?

Unknown Speaker 2:03:27
Okay. For I get a motion to adjourn. Second. Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:37
Thank you. Got a comment or a

Unknown Speaker 2:03:47
reason why

Unknown Speaker 2:03:54
you work now.

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