Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – June 2023

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Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – June 2023

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commas Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting to order June 12 2023. Let’s start with the roll call

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and an angel.

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Scott common

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Thomas Davis

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page Lewis

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samlede will be joining us

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here, Dan Olson here and Mr. Jim waters.

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Alright, so let’s go to approval of the agenda bow. Does anyone have any proposed edits to the agenda?

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Could we do cover Chris’s presentation first since he is kind of traveling back after public?

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So just switch a and b

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Wait, can I get a motion to approve the agenda

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and move we approve the agenda with old business the before a second later.

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On surpasses

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let’s look at the previous month’s minutes does anyone have any edits to the previous

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motion to approve the minutes please. I move to approve the minutes

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all of the statement was

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okay with that we will move to public invited to occurred to folks

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aren’t even speaking

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we can start with Sergeant

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sergeant, some pretty cool that looks great in old town. And last year

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he got together with a bunch of families to start a food call.

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And we were Mary and I were driving around to work like

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four or five different farms to buy the food that we wanted. And we thought

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okay, it’s crazy to have all these people driving around everywhere buy food, why don’t we get the families that want the food and the farmers to grow the food to coordinate better and so we started to grow a farm to family Co Op food or food Co Op we don’t have a storefront

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we just order from the farms once a week they deliver and we distribute so we don’t store anything

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that was led to an ad but here’s so anyway that’s basically so what happened is that was was we have so many families that wanted local you know clean local produce and meat and dairy that we couldn’t get all the food that we we had more demand and supply basically with the local farmers because the in Boulder County if you can grow Blue Book and organic vegetable you can already sell it about retail.

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And so what we thought was why don’t we start growing

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and since we said that

Unknown Speaker 3:37
several people offered us land to grow on and we finally selected one property which has been under organic cultivation for 10 years and we are now growing on an actual farm with greenhouse and two hoop houses. And dishwater etc etc. In Lafayette

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Exactly. Yeah, so this land is only voted an acre and a half. It’s a good training farm, but it’s not really what we need.

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And so, you know, we while all of this has been going on, but I just explained we’ve also seen

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a good land that was once farming even if it hasn’t been farmed recently

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being developed in Longmont and so, we would like to propose that

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we we don’t take

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land out of being open space to make developments and so I don’t know if that’s anybody here is involved in that zoning and reposition repurposing land

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to be developed on but

Unknown Speaker 4:58

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All of this land was farmland. And

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there’s still a lot of just really amazing farmland in Longmont, but it’s disappearing into developments. So

Unknown Speaker 5:15
who can we talk to about? How can we get involved we have a lot of families behind us we have not just in Longmont but we have

Unknown Speaker 5:25
we have members in Boulder and Lafayette, burthen and Loveland.

Unknown Speaker 5:31
And so it’s it’s more than just long run, but we’re in long on sort of the core operations in long on

Unknown Speaker 5:40
I’d rather be driving to a 10 minute so farming mama and 30 minutes or farming Lafayette.

Unknown Speaker 5:48
So I know that there’s been problems in the past with small

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parcels going to, you know, vegetable farming and the instability of of that compared to Hey, farming. But I’d still like to get involved in, you know, who do we talk to? And how can we come up with a plan

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to be to promote the idea of the concept of farming

Unknown Speaker 6:17
as something that’s still important,

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and so important to the people who will come to learn not to live and

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it’s still when we decided to move to Walmart, it’s, you know, it’s not because of a mall, because you have all this access to arms and beautiful open space. So

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yeah, I think it’s probably, I mean, it’s not exactly under the purview of this board, unless it was particularly open space. Correct.

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Sony’s Yeah, it really would be for the for the board here for our speaker to I’d be happy to update development director parks. Resources. Yeah. So you present it counsel, Daniel mind is

Unknown Speaker 7:08
Daniel city is our new open space manager. And

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how we’re looking at open space program, we do have an agricultural component of that a lot. There’s really large historical, agricultural land that meets the water needs, the irrigation needs. Some of the pieces made hard to do small market farming on those properties. And then what

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we need to look at is kind of like was mentioned the zoning within the area that pebble development is open space is not acquired properties within the development area of long line. So we don’t really compete head to head with those areas that really are set aside for primary development or primary employment. So we we do have some internal conversations about because you’ve touched people there, I’d be happy to talk with you. And Danielle, and I could sit down and spend some time talking about the work you’re looking at doing here. My past work ever a lot of this small local farmers for over a decade. Listen to the Monterey County real estate properties.

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Thank you. So as David, David Bell, thank you.

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Could I add?

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We’re presenting open space at city council on the 20th of June. So you certainly could come

Unknown Speaker 8:23
here or you could come speak during public invited to be here at that time as well. Okay, thank you.

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Daniel, correct me if I’m wrong, but once it becomes open space, it never gets developed. Isn’t that correct? Well,

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it kinda was a controversy. It depends on it depends on Sharon’s, like, for instance, a conservation easement if it’s written in perpetuity, then that’s in perpetuity.

Unknown Speaker 8:52
Well, some of the things we have going on right now and this doesn’t compromise that open space, but you know, we have

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some, some of our tenants, our affordable housing tenants on our understanding open spaces, so they’re still open spaces, but we’re, we’re working on you know, creative solutions to

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things that are going on.

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Mary Well, I’m here.

Unknown Speaker 9:18
I set up the city sustainability advisory board and at the meeting where my name is Mary Lynn, back to bedside and also historical town, or Grambling food forest that we built that the neighbors either love or hate, because it’s messy, but

Unknown Speaker 9:35
but we love it here in Longmont and I sit on the SAP and I’ve been coming increasingly concerned. In the four years I’ve been here that that board is very, very much focused on what I consider that top down technocratic solutions to sustainability issues and is doesn’t seem interested at all in planting trees and building soil health and doing the things that truly capture carbon and that are truly measurable.

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There’s a bit they just want to focus on electrification and densification, which is angering very many residents, who would move to here for the open spaces for the, for the fact that we’re at historic farming community and so forth.

Unknown Speaker 10:13
So I would, if you look at the Open Forum, while we spoke, which was

Unknown Speaker 10:20
May 30,

Unknown Speaker 10:23
there were four council members, including Joe, who expressed an interest in having called COOPERATION ACROSS boards, to bring in some of these life based approaches to sustainability. And I suggested that we, we bring in as much opportunity for people to farm locally, you know, putting in food in the parks, a lot of cities have done this, maybe citizens don’t have quite the wildland interface issues that we have, but you know, fruit trees, fruit bushes, having more opportunities and zoning to bring in

Unknown Speaker 11:01
community farms and such. And so I would just like to ask this board, if there’s any interest in looking at the leases and seeing if there’s a different way to use them, to open them up for local farmers, there’s a great call for more land. So lots of folks who’d like to be doing regenerative, putting animals on land and so forth. So that’s.

Unknown Speaker 11:31

Unknown Speaker 11:33

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plants and trees around the city. Appreciate that very much.

Unknown Speaker 11:41
And I noticed that you’re all doing updates on master plans with parks and open space. And you may combine those into one last point.

Unknown Speaker 11:50
And don’t know what Mary was saying. I think now’s a perfect time to include your deadline management’s of essential organizing principle and pillar, the master plans, I think you’re already doing some of that work. Have you done it? Well, I might have been but the two brought together in a stronger focus. You go back to the climate action recommendations of 2020, I believe. And you look at this committee’s assessment of that, Y’all said that it lacked an emphasis on making decisions at Marriott was just saying. So one way to address that would be to include your general management, as well as fire focus in master plan, and to go out to help you out through the working program for projects of the departments. That’s what I wanted to say.

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Learn to Speak.

Unknown Speaker 12:54
In search, you can join us.

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We will move on to business starting with an update

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on the master plan.

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Good evening, everyone.

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Thank you for jumping.

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On that was easy, but I’ll make this quite brief. This is a really great opportunity in our process. And we recognize a few of you folks are using open house on Sunday evening.

Unknown Speaker 13:29
To present sort of our status report on the recreation center feasibility study to this board. Obviously, this is a great point for us to get feedback, comments and discussions, as we started getting in the process of developing recommendations to take over to council to potentially bring this, this opportunity to council for longer.

Unknown Speaker 13:52
So now let’s go through a quick summary of the process and the things you’ve learned to date.

Unknown Speaker 13:58
And, and certainly go through some feedback we’ve been meeting, we’re sort of in the middle of the process in the back. And so this is a great time to share what we’re hearing, also present some program opportunities, and then open it up for your questions and comments that help guide the rest of this process

Unknown Speaker 14:19
to completion. So really, this is a very straightforward recreation feasibility study. We’re looking to understand the needs and expectations of long run community, one of the communities who build recreation facilities very early on and sort of trend to Colorado and have taken the benefit of that. And so this is an opportunity to understand the needs of this community as you’re growing as you’re moving forward. And make sure that we continue to set a standard and long line for quality of life and residents expectations of recreation. So the goal of this is to bring forward something that’s tangible that’s actionable and truly represents the vision of

Unknown Speaker 15:00
of recreation in this community.

Unknown Speaker 15:04
A little bit of background. And again, feel free to interrupt me if there’s any pressing questions. I don’t want to get too long winded on any of these topics, but I’m happy to dig a little deeper. The background on this project or this process obviously dates back several years, there was a recent bond referendum in 2019 for an ice and aquatic facility that was unsuccessful in that 2018 election. But much of I think that demand or need within the community is expressed by residents is a little bit broader than swimming. And I felt like the feedback that I was getting from that effort

Unknown Speaker 15:46
sort of suggested that there was a broader need for recreation within the community that wasn’t quite so focused on those those particular needs. And so that’s something we’ve taken forward to understand to kind of embark on this process. There’s also a parallel process, and I’m guessing many of you are familiar with it. So

Unknown Speaker 16:06
I apologize if I go into more detail, but the YMCA is also proposing a potential facility at Centennial Park that would include a significant aquatic and competitive aquatic amenity, potentially a sheet of ice, as well as other recreational components and some affordable housing. We met with the YMCA last last week and had a discussion about the goals of that project. I think working with recreation staff, their their intent is to be complementary to programming and find ways in which that programming sort of synergize with what the city is offering. So it’s not a standalone sort of competitive

Unknown Speaker 16:46
facility, but rather a complementary. And so in the April 25, council general session, there was support for moving forward with this direction of the feasibility study. And staff directed to continue those conversations with the YMCA to understand the best program pieces together. So that’s a bit of the background. We’re sort of here in the timeline, we held an open house last Wednesday, the sevens, there was some concern that the you know, get scheme affected the attendance and of course, my prompting dilemmas also may be a little bit late to the to the game, unfortunately. And so we’re going to take, we’re going to take a second pass of this this Wednesday, we’ve already started advertising to see if maybe we can gain a little more feedback from another group of attendees. So we’re going to do open house version.

Unknown Speaker 17:45
Tonight, and really run through the exact same agenda and or keep everything sort of at the same at the same level, we want to make sure all the information gathered in a similar fashion. But the point being is we’ve gone through some market demographic research, we’ve really begun to understand the community, the drivers, the economic and population realities that allow sort of the potential for additional recreational uses. And that will really drive some of our recommendations. We’ve begun to develop program options, what you’ve seen in the open house, and some of the folks that were part of that probably saw a little bit more of a

Unknown Speaker 18:25
sort of high level kind of prioritization exercise we’d be done to build the program, we’re going to show some things. We’ve started looking at the site at Dry Creek Park and analyzing that, I’d say that’s probably one of the places where we’ve gotten the most public feedback is the location and some of the mitigation measures that would allow that to be a successful location. And then finally, as we start really refining the program, we’re going to move into some conceptual planning you can share particularly so that we can put some process and and see the project understands what are the realities of the program, and use that as an opportunity potentially to communicate back to the public for

Unknown Speaker 19:07
potential election. We also will be writing some costs and revenue analysis once. So that’s a big piece of our process. So that said, you talked about the location and drag pre Park in in really what is a

Unknown Speaker 19:22
site that’s been identified on the 2008 parks and recreational space master plans and potential for a public recreation facility

Unknown Speaker 19:32
sits outside of the core lawn lumber as you can see other community assets reside. I’m not going to start with

Unknown Speaker 19:40
all of these facilities for years. But just want to point out that that site location is something that we’re studying now for, for a good test fit for this facility. And we’re programmed in based on the feedback and based on some of the planning, roughly 90,000 square feet, indoor recreation, as well.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Ella’s potential library which in this plan is labeled future cities, but could also contain the branch library. And we’ve also started looking at different ways that we could organize a site. But this is just sort of a snapshot in time of how that facility might sort of gravitate toward the eastern half of that property.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
And sort of nestled into that that exists in the hillside.

Unknown Speaker 20:23
Probably a good point to stop. Are there any questions or comments about the program, show you some images, and then we’ll get into discussion. But if there’s specific moments, that site was probably the time to chat over

Unknown Speaker 20:38
how subjective is the setting or proceeding here, like how big of an area is an actual location for it are some words ending up in this kind of example.

Unknown Speaker 20:47
This is very conceptual and very malleable, I guess is the answer that eliminate two or three solutions that put party toward ease and push the building a little more or less, maybe a little more linear solution, we’re looking at something that’s a little more dance that tries to keep it a little more tight to the open space. So what is the generally the area bounded by that dashed line that says, that’s why they’re in for that?

Unknown Speaker 21:11
Reason, unless you guys smoking, less production, and you better see another another study, I think the idea is to sort of keep at least at a minimum to keep the traffic as easy as possible, so that we’re not drawing quite so much traffic into that parking lot, and driveway people into a parking lot much earlier. There is some drainage way, research at the cyber

Unknown Speaker 21:33
conscious of

Unknown Speaker 21:35
try to keep that western half of the site, focus on

Unknown Speaker 21:42
one thing that I’ll add just, we can talk about this more later. But since you brought it up, I mean, I feel like the main barrier to this site is traffic and parking. And so I don’t think that it’s going to be a viable site. And tall people can understand how that’s going to be addressed. Because right now, there’s kind of one way in one way out, it’s narrow. Maybe even if you put the park in there, it’s still going to be a bit of a cluster in the entrance. So I’m sure you’re very aware. But that’s the thing that I hear that it’s hard to overcome in terms of a barrier to this site. And I actually like this site, I think it’s a good place. But

Unknown Speaker 22:24
that’s the one thing that I think is has to be addressed. Before this goes on. Yeah, no. And I’m very sensitive to that. And so I would say,

Unknown Speaker 22:36
I think there’s a macro traffic question that relates to streets and schools and time of day, and all those issues that really can avoid in this part of the neighborhood. And there’s sort of a micro approach to this, which I think is probably warranting a pretty detailed traffic analysis, probably not something that you would embark on at feasibility stage to simply because it’s a lot of money to invest in this project doesn’t pass election. But I would say I think given the future turf fields, the fact that you’re building a facility that’s probably going to drive

Unknown Speaker 23:12
1000 visitors in a 240 parking spaces is probably

Unknown Speaker 23:18
the sweet spot for parking, we want to understand, first of all, how to best serve well, that park that traffic and parking is located. Is it one large lot? Or is it a series of smaller lots, as I said, I really think this plan really warrants the bulk of the parking on the easternmost side of the site so that you can kind of mitigate people coming into the site. I love to not park as much people. But again, given the uses, there’s probably some complementary uses, knowing that fields are busy in the evenings as well as the recreation center. So it’s not like it’s a complimentary use of schools, for instance. So I think a detailed traffic analysis is critical to the site. critical to its success. I think it’s a beautiful property. But you’re right if it becomes a traffic nuisance, and that’s

Unknown Speaker 24:06
I think it’s the core issue a little rocket.

Unknown Speaker 24:11
And we’ve been told by fire that it has to have

Unknown Speaker 24:16
two entries to it.

Unknown Speaker 24:22
Two entries and two exits for no

Unknown Speaker 24:27
two ways in

Unknown Speaker 24:31

Unknown Speaker 24:34
So to that point where we’ll be revising this site concept to really show how the party will be dealt with, at least at a conceptual level.

Unknown Speaker 24:44
And it might require some traffic mitigation, some, some additional turnarounds are other things that will prevent some of that new traffic. And that’s something we’ll study.

Unknown Speaker 24:57
So there any other questions or comments related to the study?

Unknown Speaker 25:02
I’ll just say, now that I appreciate that looks like you’re starting to integrate some of this

Unknown Speaker 25:09
in building some connectivity between that sort of indoor outdoor space, which is other primary thing that

Unknown Speaker 25:18
this location and eternity think it’s nice to the extent possible to maintain as much of the natural area

Unknown Speaker 25:26
that transition. So I got

Unknown Speaker 25:30
started to get

Unknown Speaker 25:32

Unknown Speaker 25:34
Yes, it’s a it’s a tough balancing act, when you think about locating pretty significantly sites building on what’s right now, an open space property and you build that highly dense and tribal, more property or you try to take any sort of flatten out and sort of hungry into the land and make it less sort of less

Unknown Speaker 25:57
conspicuous. And so that’s a that’s a word for the record. It is not open space property that’s under this city.

Unknown Speaker 26:06
I keep saying kids beds, that’s a property.

Unknown Speaker 26:11
My mistake,

Unknown Speaker 26:13
the audience

Unknown Speaker 26:16
is not a laborers.

Unknown Speaker 26:19
Thanks. Yeah. So this, this undeveloped piece of property waiting on purpose is,

Unknown Speaker 26:28
hopefully it won’t be designed in a way to integrate that into the land, that side of the room can start breathing again and

Unknown Speaker 26:36
realize my mistake.

Unknown Speaker 26:40

Unknown Speaker 26:42
So again, some of the summary input, and I’ll just, I’ll go through this, there’s a lot of content, we actually have an online survey, there’s actually a QR code here that we can leave you all as well. So that’s in the process. Right now. We received a little over 150.

Unknown Speaker 26:58
inputs in the last two weeks since it’s been live, and we live for two weeks to make sure we get to maximize the input. But up until this point, we’ve conducted one public informational open house in April into April, that included some polling questions and Mentimeter questions, a little build a center activity that we’ve summarized, and showing will show you some feedback. And then it was a pretty good question and answer session, it was a hybrid, the between in person and virtual. And so there was a little bit of a

Unknown Speaker 27:32
challenging game,

Unknown Speaker 27:34
sort of comparable question, we were able to get feedback from both in person and the virtual session. And then last week, we also held another open house. And that was really more of an informational comment session where we had stations talking about site program pools and sort of design questions. And so this is just an opportunity to get general expression, we’re trying to create a new type of polling as much as just gain information and discussion about some of those topics. And so I think we’ve been able to really kind of fill in a lot of the color commentary to the more sort of dry survey questions, understanding some of the discussion, and again, a lot of discussion surrounding side issues, some of the programming issues. And so we’re sort of taking all of that in summarizing

Unknown Speaker 28:20
our ultimate recommendations.

Unknown Speaker 28:25
Some of the activities that were expressed in some of the Mentimeter poll even at first,

Unknown Speaker 28:31
that first open house focused on swimming, exercise, fitness, as you might expect basketball and yoga therapy pool, deep water aerobics, there’s a pretty passionate group that continues to stress and water aerobics.

Unknown Speaker 28:50
They’re very passionate about tennis, child sitting gym, and then there’s some others that sort of fell maybe outside of that initial kind of core group that you’ll also want to consider.

Unknown Speaker 29:01
So this just gave us some general feedback about some of the preferences and then we’ll compare this to the survey contents and integrate these these preferences into that shows you some of the some of the commanders expectations. Likewise, we had a similar tabulation of that bill designer exercise and fortunately it aligned. These were more specific where we actually gave people selections rather than previous which was sort of an open, open comment. I think everybody here

Unknown Speaker 29:32
great and all that tabulated, and we’ll continue to tabulate those as we

Unknown Speaker 29:37
use those different different groups. And again, focus on fitness existing quail road recreation centers, pretty limited in the fitness space. That’s not That’s not surprising. Obviously, recreational water is a big demand. Very popular busy, is equal with the long run rec center, and they’re walking, jogging, another high priority lap swimming in any

Unknown Speaker 30:00
You kind of get down the list or about your size all these classrooms child sitting

Unknown Speaker 30:05
amazing in space. And then you’ve seen your activities to that multi generational aspect to the facility. And indoor playground was something that got quite a bit of interest. And then potential teaching cadence is always sort of lands right on that kind of middle of clusters. So that’s a question mark that will continue to come up. But

Unknown Speaker 30:26
was the was the online? And yes, the yellow is the was the in person in the blue online? I think so.

Unknown Speaker 30:35
So it starts really setting up in our minds have a pretty clear prioritization of some of the most popular amenities that we’re going to be considering as part of the program. We also asked this question the new survey, fix this question a little bit better. Instead of answering a number it says, live less important, important, more important. So I think it’ll be a lot clearer in the survey. It’s out in the street now. But we did ask residents, how important is this. And even though there was some confusion around the question format, it still shows significant support, at least between those people that participated in that, that session, which you can see, the majority fall into that is ranking of priority.

Unknown Speaker 31:20
So that said, we’ve taken a lot of this information and sort of collected that or culminated that into a program that we’ve began, you’ve done studying. In the open house, we’re showing too, and the idea there was to really get get people to sort of comment on the activities, what’s most important, as well as understand

Unknown Speaker 31:39
the amount of aquatics that we build,

Unknown Speaker 31:43
sort of ways to budget toward the amount of other less expensive spaces that we build. So we’re really just asking people to help prioritize, but this program is the one that we’ve been digging a little deeper into, that really kind of follows that prioritization that we’ve inputted through the current survey and the open houses and all the feedback that you gain. And it shows you a roughly 91,000 square foot facility that includes all of those priority facilities, including aquatics gymnasium, space fitness space, general community use space, like the scene, activity area, and youth activity center in your playground. And it really this is just a diagram, but it really kind of gives you a sense of the scale of the opportunity that we think is potentially out there for this section. That’s all single level. No, no, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s what I meant. This is just a programming

Unknown Speaker 32:39
perspective, it’s a multi level. So it’s just our clearest way of showing all the activities in 130 questions to put the point to stop and talk about the program for a little bit and just recognize some of the some of the

Unknown Speaker 32:57

Unknown Speaker 32:59
The second time for board members to share that.

Unknown Speaker 33:03
Absolutely. The rest of this is just some pictures. Is that the diagram proportional to the square footage? It’s pretty close. Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty close.

Unknown Speaker 33:13
How did how does the library units factor into this because some of these spaces can be done right in spaces, meeting room spaces.

Unknown Speaker 33:25
That sort of thing is similar to

Unknown Speaker 33:30
our our past was not to

Unknown Speaker 33:34
conduct feasibility on the library components, we were asked to integrate the library, at least at the site planning level. And it’s sort of a general planning, discussion. And so when we started developing concepts around this program, we will show how the library was integrated into that.

Unknown Speaker 33:53
I guess the we had a lot of discussions about this. And there’s a couple of different ways that we can do that. So I guess I look to you to tell us how much or how little do you want to see integrated into this feasibility study, we’re, we’re able to kind of be the one.

Unknown Speaker 34:07
There’s sort of different models for that there’s sort of an integrated model where library and recreation services are shared common uses and have common check in and common integration. And there’s a separate model, they come into a lobby build left to the next and go right to the library to share a lobby space and bathrooms. And so I’d be curious to hear from you all, how much or little do you want? What is

Unknown Speaker 34:32
my knee jerk reaction is that we’re in a ladder in terms of an organization in terms of how you check in but

Unknown Speaker 34:39
I would like to see overlap in the use of facilities because there may be different times of day uses that one would dictate

Unknown Speaker 34:50
use of the space versus another one. But

Unknown Speaker 34:54
say it’s sitting there and we’re doubling space

Unknown Speaker 34:59

Unknown Speaker 35:00
I think up and on the real big question is why would you build multiple

Unknown Speaker 35:06
rooms? Multiple gallery spaces, lounge spaces? Why would you have children’s reading room on one side of the wall and a child sitting area on the other where they can have integration. So to the extent that it’d be nice to sort of consolidate some of the services and community based services, but on the other hand, library districts, districts don’t always sync up that way. This is our project. This is your project. So I think, to answer the question, I’d like to see some as much integration as we can

Unknown Speaker 35:37
logic logically push forward.

Unknown Speaker 35:39
Make sense to us.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
Jeff, is there a demand for activity centers and meeting rooms and

Unknown Speaker 35:51
catering kitchen and senior activity, our current rec center, I think of a rec center, I think more like what we have, which is fitness equipment, and a pool and a track on gyms. And I’m surprised that we’re devoting a lot of space to community space. Well, Senior Activity is really about recreation programs specific to seniors, we really don’t have a large base that is public in Longmont anymore. And one of the things that we believe is a large as large those three put together in the museum aren’t big enough, but they’re not available enough. That’s that’s an issue with all the programming that they’re doing. So we’re trying to find space for public as well as programming space. And they can be interchangeable. But you know, meeting spaces or activities like

Unknown Speaker 36:53
big parties, receptions, that sort of thing would be what would go into that month i purpose.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
Senior seniors. So we call this a community center rather than a recreation center.

Unknown Speaker 37:10
I don’t know. I mean, we did a lousy job naming last time, so I’m not the best person to help.

Unknown Speaker 37:17
Well, I mean, a lot of the things weren’t on that top of that list. So people aren’t

Unknown Speaker 37:22
there on this square footage.

Unknown Speaker 37:26
My next question yours? How did these things get into there? Well, some of them was some some work. Let me just since you’re on that topic, I’ll just add that that’s a concern for me as well is it feels like I mean, I know some of these are associated with recreation, that this feels like almost more than half of a facility is dedicated to non recreation space. So I would just ask that we continue to evaluate what really is necessary are other recreation features that we can add in here while still having some public communities face helped me understand what what wouldn’t be recreation, classroom classroom, teaching kitchen, multipurpose meeting

Unknown Speaker 38:11
the wrong name, that’s where we would do all of our programs.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
What yoga yoga, well, yoga there, there’s a studio but any of our general leisure programming any any type of athletic coaches meetings, any type of trainings for staff would all occur in those spaces, which we really have don’t have available right now we have one meeting space at at the Rec Center, which generally on weekends is tied up with birthday parties entire time

Unknown Speaker 38:54
we look at those as programming spaces. That’s how we look at those programs to fill out with a balance between there is a community we know this we know this just from our constant experience. There’s a community need for some open some older rooms or parties for all sorts of activities.

Unknown Speaker 39:17
But we looked at those program spaces

Unknown Speaker 39:21
would you like to see him called something different? Oh, I don’t like to see anything cool. Even time period you

Unknown Speaker 39:29

Unknown Speaker 39:30
I mean, that just seems like open room space to meet which I can see value and I don’t know how much

Unknown Speaker 39:38
we’re we’re we’re gonna do our programming. I don’t know what you mean by programming. Like I’m having general leisure but when it’s sewing basket weaving drama

Unknown Speaker 39:51

Unknown Speaker 39:54
other valid issue that we’re gonna vote on? No, because there’s there’s no space at

Unknown Speaker 40:00
The Rec Center don’t know what the

Unknown Speaker 40:03
what’s it called the theatre, arts arts that does a

Unknown Speaker 40:09
total total recreation of general leisure anywhere from dance to learning how to basketball with all your

Unknown Speaker 40:24
suggestion that the piece of this that is a big question mark, in my mind, I would imagine that we designed and plan and do feasibility studies all over the state for recreation.

Unknown Speaker 40:35
I would, I would argue that very few would say I don’t have a need for a 600 square foot classroom.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
He’s on this list that I think the exceeds that would be that large multinationals. That’s like a community.

Unknown Speaker 40:52
That Hall that’s a 2500 square foot, that might be the one where you all would have to decide as a board and as a staff to say, You know what, that’s, that’s one Space to Man. There’s a lot of large community spaces in the US. And again, I’m not speaking for anyone, I would say the multipurpose enrichment classrooms feel like they go directly into your core daily programs, they’re always looking for those spaces for 15 to 20 people to gather for a class to learn something, it’s that big 3000 or 2500 square foot community hall, you really have to understand is that something we need more of?

Unknown Speaker 41:29
Is that does that feel more present as maybe a compromise in that area? I’m not saying that’s a decision to make. I’m just saying Help Help us help guide us. I think people talked about classes and those types of uses. They didn’t say, give us all necessarily what was the bill up to 91,000 square foot, but is that the right size of the building in some other way beyond? These are the popular things. And now, ironically, I gave you a little bit of a benchmark comparison to other centers. Just any help kind of answer that question. And and when you start looking at larger centers and communities that are comparable or regional for Longmont, this shows you kind of what other communities have now you have the quail road center this roughly 60,000 square feet. But you also have communities almost double the population.

Unknown Speaker 42:22
Or Lafayette, I didn’t check off yet, I guess it’s off 45,000. Most of you should know that. I will say that twice on rather than the apex is

Unknown Speaker 42:36
placing regions on thunderstorms just do that unconsciously.

Unknown Speaker 42:40
So again, I could I could certainly add to the list. But I think there was a question well, what what is 91,000 square feet look like stacked up against a piece, I would say Loveland is probably in that, but it also has a little bit more of a full service Senior Center, entire senior wing, but they have a pretty significant aquatic program. I don’t know if this helped answer that question. But where did the 90,000 square feet come from, it really just came from trying to align those needs that we added within the various feedback to square footages. And we’re certainly happy to adjust and modify that based on the activities that you all think are most important. This is by no means our our recommendation, this is our first shot across as honestly, how does this look? And if you think there are things in there that are too small, too big, you know, not not focused on enough. And we can certainly have that conversation. Yeah, I would say is sharing feedback about the various different general purpose rooms like the difference to me between improve exercise to do a classroom, a youth activity center and multiple was meeting room is somewhat semantic, is a little bit and I would think one thing to look out would be designing for flexibility. So you could have four or five spaces that can follow any of those needs. And other moving tables that are now in a professional studio isn’t feasible for every class. But it seems close enough that there’s some crossover between them potentially, for both programming. And indeed,

Unknown Speaker 44:10
that pretty much summarizes pretty much the trend in recreation, is to build flexibility.

Unknown Speaker 44:17
And I would say there are points in which you get to a point where space is so multi use that becomes kind of useless, like a senior group that says, gosh, the teams were in earlier and they left the mass and he couldn’t walk are things up. So you’ll get to that point where you know the answer, but to the point that oh, you can build specialized studios for certain activities, things like climbing walls, kitchens, those are single purpose spaces that have to score programming and if they don’t, they don’t build them up in this conversation about the kitchen idea being part of the museum or something like there was a conversation at some point about that being somewhere else.

Unknown Speaker 44:57
Well, Aaron talked about that.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
that you’d rather have it at the museum than in the rec center. I was sitting when

Unknown Speaker 45:09
am I sort of hearing feedback though, that of the spaces that are shown in this program, the ones that are sort of questionable to this to this group? Are some of the yellow spaces, some of the multipurpose, leading gathering spaces and potentially the kitchen? Those are the ones where there’s some question about your parents, you know, like there’s a group that would like to have more lap lanes like so that like, it’s not just the ones on the side, but

Unknown Speaker 45:37
babies baby, I think it was helpful to compare it to the size of spaces at the Rec Center. I don’t know offhand how big your pool was the Rec Center. In this case, ballgame. But you know, what, a 16,000 square feet at least. Yeah. All right. You know what I’d be happy to do? Yeah, I think we could help people understand what what means.

Unknown Speaker 45:58
I just went down the list. Anecdotally I can tell you your, your current rec center is probably much lighter than this on lockers is much lighter than this on leisure pool, or this leisure pool will probably be 50% longer than that. Lap swimming is identified six lane map pool. Skinny lanes. Yeah, that’s right. There’s no long no arms butterflies is gonna go up no therapy pool to court gymnasium instead of three court.

Unknown Speaker 46:27
Notice three, it’s got a smaller the smaller three. So it’s recreational three quarters. So these would be larger. That’s about 4000 people argument I think you have much more fitness. That’s probably three times says Jeff, all along the fitness.

Unknown Speaker 46:49

Unknown Speaker 46:53
obviously fit within that. But I think it’s I mean, it’s 63,000 square feet. Obviously it’s 50%. Bigger, right? Where did that area end up? Ended up aquatics. And probably

Unknown Speaker 47:04
another question I had was on the conceptual site plan very early, there are significant amenities that are shown outside of the building that I think add to this layout really well. If there’s a 5000 square foot external fitness area for classes, that’s an awesome asset. That should be shown every time we show the abuse.

Unknown Speaker 47:24
And see if it’ll be different costs. impact because there are other facilities, it still costs money, but buildings for feet other than this year. Yeah. We’re in a climate where our shoulder seasons are beautiful. Yes. If you have an indoor outdoor spaces where you can open doors to outdoor rooms and outdoor patios, and we’re just very much not the case.

Unknown Speaker 47:43
Yeah, it’s very interesting. And frankly, that was kind of the trend back in the 90s was these very internalized buildings, and now they’re becoming the opposite. Very externalize and, you know, ripped up workout spaces and community spaces. Fill in the courtyards. It used to be buildings were very compact and very much about the perimeter. And now they’ve kind of broken themselves open. And they’re very much about those sort of indoor outdoor spaces in the

Unknown Speaker 48:10
comments. Wonderful comments.

Unknown Speaker 48:15
Yeah, I think I’m concerned with like, I think the group here and people in general, like a lot of these things that could in this goes back to my comment, library comment. Is there like library ones? I think there’s, there’s some things are just like synergistic, and get people accepting more people from doing groups excited about like the rec center. But then there’s other things really pickoff the 3500 square foot room, which doesn’t have a definition for people like well, I don’t want the rec center because they’re clearly being too fancy. No advocates for it. Right? Right. You’re sitting around screaming building this thing. Yeah. So but if it was like if it was defined as I knew that was going to be my library, as well as recreation, so I’m having a flashback. Yeah, we built the Longmont rec center, we purposely cut out class to other classrooms, because the museum space will be available. Guess how often recreation has ever gotten to the museum to do programs? Together? Yeah. And because they’re using it, and so

Unknown Speaker 49:18
I’m just hearing us cutting if we look at reducing or eliminating those. It’s it’s an opportunity that we miss, you know, I think I think what you were saying though, is a really good point earlier is you need to market what these are better than just be globs of empty rooms. People are gonna be like, Wow, that’s really expensive, empty rooms. You don’t if they’re gonna think about this, then they haven’t thought the plan out. Well, right now.

Unknown Speaker 49:47
We’re in a preliminary stage where I’m dealing with some still dealing with blobs. Yeah. And the next phase is to take this and build very communicative three dimensional plans that would show

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Tables and rooms and people working out and do all the things that but I think what you’re what you’re basically doing is helping guide us to the next step. And say if you’re going to show this face that cell, the activity, show people what’s going to happen in there. What is the progress or state of this kind of drawing when we put it up? If and when we, first of all presented to council on second on a ballot? Yeah. This is

Unknown Speaker 50:27
Last time it was zero. We had no clue. Well, that’s there’s that’s the July deadline.

Unknown Speaker 50:34
Example. So we’re gonna have a footprint are a quasi drawing. So very different than the last valid issue. We had those last time. No, we were not allowed to.

Unknown Speaker 50:45
Okay, well, it’s

Unknown Speaker 50:49
weird. So just to sorry. That’s okay. Jeff. So

Unknown Speaker 50:56
July 11, we’re looking at going back to council.

Unknown Speaker 51:01
All right, I think we have the wrong date.

Unknown Speaker 51:06

Unknown Speaker 51:08

Unknown Speaker 51:10
So at least present this information to council. And then we’ll talk about some of the other ballot initiatives as well as a setup for Council to discuss which things they want to move forward.

Unknown Speaker 51:29
Because they need to be having those conversations in July, to do their two readings to put them on the ballot in August. So when we go in July, it is our goal to have drawings that would represent what

Unknown Speaker 51:48
the 99,000 would possibly

Unknown Speaker 51:52
that could be used by anyone, because they want to be in favor or against the facility. It is important legally to do that ahead of Yes.

Unknown Speaker 52:08
I’ve always held all of you seen the graphics that were produced for the 2019 study that weren’t part of the public election.

Unknown Speaker 52:16
Happy happier humor you and take two seconds and pull them up on my directory to show you what we did. To get an idea. That would give us a great idea.

Unknown Speaker 52:25
I want to take, I just want to add two things.

Unknown Speaker 52:29
So one, if it’s potential that the library is going to be combined with this, I would suggest that you do to, like get down to to

Unknown Speaker 52:42
one that’s not library just so that people can see

Unknown Speaker 52:48
them. And then the other thing is I heard you say maybe ice at the YMCA? Do you know is that?

Unknown Speaker 52:58
I should have said because if it’s not.

Unknown Speaker 53:05
First you’ll figure that open space is not talking about I’m

Unknown Speaker 53:12
talking about

Unknown Speaker 53:14
three core communities and we talked about how it’s a different size and the current I think I think your current recreational recreation.

Unknown Speaker 53:24
Basement 23 Short Course, the recreation courts and work program. High School says yes, just keep some space that you have for whatever.

Unknown Speaker 53:40
And they have recently been how many pickleball courts fit into three court as

Unknown Speaker 53:49
well, it’s the common apps that I mean, you look at the

Unknown Speaker 53:53
lessons people want, you can get started to

Unknown Speaker 53:56
the pool area at the Rec Center now is 16,409 26. Yeah, so it’s a it’s a little bit larger.

Unknown Speaker 54:10
I want to see those renderings

Unknown Speaker 54:12
of what we would see

Unknown Speaker 54:19
what happened last time was that these weren’t available and then once they were it was too late because like you’re

Unknown Speaker 54:29
seeing right

Unknown Speaker 54:31
now hours and everything shuts us down. We can traditionally have a warehouse and an additional 22 years old when the second getting

Unknown Speaker 54:42
Yeah, so this is a study that they’re doing right now for the city of Fort Collins. And this is a diagram that we took the council that this is their 20,000 square foot library connected to their lobby with the gymnasium leisure pool lab outdoor Sprayground lockers. So this is how

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Representative the type of plan graphic that you might and this is a little fuzzy because it’s linked but I don’t have internet but

Unknown Speaker 55:08
just to give you an idea how we show that a library plan integrated to a recreation center plans similar stuff. But I can go ahead and pull it up and graphics that we did for 10 by eight meters by ers. Glasses, losing a recital here, yes, you could be running laps.

Unknown Speaker 55:30
So lessons

Unknown Speaker 55:40
so, drawings. So there is an example of the plan drawings that were shown for the ice and aquatic facility. So you kind of see the lobby and the locker rooms and the pool so so we’re hoping to get something similar to this to take four to council that expresses the program that we just went through, feels a little more like an actual usable building, you can see people. So hopefully, that’s kind of headed in the right direction of what you can expect from the next stage in the state. And then my favorite part that she actually really were disappointed with the show was the renderings because he did these wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 56:22
He did this wonderful rendering of the interior space for ice and aquatic.

Unknown Speaker 56:32
I’m sure there’s a final way to prolong my logo on the floor and projected right onto the table, plaudits and highs. So at some point, the hope is that we’ll get to some graphics that express the beauty of this potential project.

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Yeah, this is Chris Coker right now. Yeah, I’ve got your building done. Um, so to give you an idea, yes. You’re looking at kind of the you’ll be cooked in the kitchen.

Unknown Speaker 57:01
Outside? We did we did that was even cooler. But I don’t know if you’ll love that designs.

Unknown Speaker 57:08
Yeah, there was there was some additional diagramming that we kind of showed how the exterior design kind of indicated.

Unknown Speaker 57:17
We had this kind of cool idea that one would be it was kind of a water and ice idea and that there was a sort of chiasm that went between the two plate one of its own.

Unknown Speaker 57:27

Unknown Speaker 57:29
let me see if I can find that next year.

Unknown Speaker 57:39
We cut those off pretty quickly. Didn’t really work on much.

Unknown Speaker 57:45
No, I don’t I don’t think I have anything I can easily open.

Unknown Speaker 57:49
We did really kind of a fun exterior.

Unknown Speaker 57:55
But but we did need to be produced some really, I think some pretty expressive graphics that really showed that these are some of the concerns conceptualization, I don’t

Unknown Speaker 58:05
know, I think I think hopefully, we’ll get to the point where you get something, we can all kind of agree consensus, this is the right mix of activities, and then we can produce some really nice graphics. So what is it? Is there more presentation? Are we interrupting? No, no, you’re there’s about 50 Really cool pictures of interiors and recreation spaces. If you can’t see them, what’s the best we can call that process for us? And you

Unknown Speaker 58:31
can be ready by July. What did you say? 11? I mean, there that we meet?

Unknown Speaker 58:38
Once we meet July 10? I guess. And that’s it as far as this board is concerned. So are we this is our one and only chance? Well, I intend to you’re done. I think first and foremost, it’s reacting to that program. Because once we react to that program, then we can start putting together a diagram that integrates a plan concept. Now, we all know that whatever goes to the election, as far as the plan concept isn’t necessarily what we build. It’s what we communicate to the public. So

Unknown Speaker 59:06
this one says I’m not too concerned that if you want to have if this past election, we want to have time to manipulate that plan. There’s certainly opportunity for that. But what we want to do is understand the program, the scale, some point?

Unknown Speaker 59:23
Yes, absolutely. Be very thoughtful though. So that’s probably the best conversation this evening is to maybe not have so much. Maybe maybe not be so linked to the diagram and more have Have you really captured the list and I’m happy if if it would be helpful to do maybe a comparison of of railroad center and you have a side by side that we could distribute and review. If there’s particular spaces that you do or do not support within this program plan that’s, that’s something we’d like to understand sort of later at

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
I think maybe that diagram is walkthrough masterless off. Initially, I went up the multi purpose room is, you know, the same size as the recreation. Yeah, well, we hit the numbers, though, it’s probably way more representative, just this bottom, like yellow section represented by the yellow and vertical sections. Yeah, that’s a good point. Because when you stack the numbers, it’s 70,000 square meters. That’s this square feet of recreational space traditional. And then 20,000 of that space that you guys missed out. I wasn’t obviously there last time. It sounds like you guys missed out on getting these important meeting spaces as well. I think it does appear to be a lot more event space when actually traditional recreation is said. And

Unknown Speaker 1:00:51
that’s a that’s a good observation. And frankly, yeah, diagrams are not doing us any favors. We just have this fear of putting things out too quickly, that are too detailed. Because then we have the opposite problem. We’re looking at doors. And so to the point, I think you framed it perfectly that if we if we’re comfortable with the idea that it’s predominantly these recreational spaces, you know, maybe the Aquatics could be slightly larger. There’s a big question mark of how many lanes that we show not knowing how many lanes will be built by the why, potentially?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
I think the three quart gym is one that a lot of support personnel is probably no, I’ve never heard a rec professional see, it went to gym space. Never in my entire life. So that might be wonder and the fitness obviously trying to augment what you have now being so limited. So many communities got

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
into providing your fitness and because of the private sector,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
having a small exercise studio and large like I heard you say that’s one of the classrooms, but I wonder if you did that,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:53
you know, in that recreation side having small, absolutely studio that, you know, could be somewhat flexible. But if you’re thinking about like psycho classes and eating

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
well, we do that. Yeah. Great.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
To multipurpose studios, that’s a good suggestion. I would almost swap some of that.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:16
spaces. And that’s a good

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
exercise. I think we got to 91,000 square feet.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25
But I think

Unknown Speaker 1:02:27

Unknown Speaker 1:02:29
Would you like to

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
say chlamydia? Yeah, absolutely. And I should point out to not to not to get too hung up, these are all groceries. So they’re all grossed up for storage and circulation and everything else. So it’s 91, including all that stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:47
What the understanding is just, this is really helpful to see how it’s fitting into the rest of the site. I think it’s a, it’s an amazing piece of lower case, open space. Right now, you can see a lot of stuff from there. It’s open, very successful. And I mean, it’s mind open to the west, what we talked about if it’s a more inward facing, so like wellness, it’s not very appealing to the outdoor space. Or to me, it’s really exciting. There’s picnic area, outdoor classroom, there’s a garden there, I want as much seating as possible. This is like part of the park. Now the standalone red flag in the park.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:23
Very compelling weather presented. And I think when you start thinking about spaces that are sort of internalized, they make sense to sort of eager, and you’ve already started looking at this by sort of creating stay around. So the aquatic surnames out of Long’s peak, the community space contains out alongs being needed the fairness, it actually got me to the fields on the upper level looking out over the pool, so it gets those in use. So the idea is to take this plan and kind of get it. So all the spaces capture that Western expanse, and then the library probably actually moves the other direction, not because it doesn’t want those use, but because it needs sort of direct parking access and other things. It might actually because it’s a lower CLL might get nicer neighbor to the to the residential, since it can be kind of on that scale, as opposed to June’s court. So we’ve really started kind of manipulating the massing scale on the site more sensitive and frankly, takes advantage of that lowercase open space of use.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:26
Is there any other plans or thoughts? It’s not here? Other outdoor like program space, you know, interesting that he’s mentioned that.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
I won’t I won’t bore you with a lot of pictures of our work. But

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
I will show you we do a lot of work with heavy timber and wood a lot of great sustainable stuff that I was trying to get to the outdoor stuff that we had shown up here. That I think is kind of bizarre just there’s a there’s our community is really just give you an idea

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
ethno states,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:02
that’s not the program we’re looking for.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:05
Sorry, too fast.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:10
You know, one of the things we’ve really considered is, you know, how you create a building that’s really integrated to its site integrated into the public realm integrated the public space, creating outdoor gathering areas, outdoor rooms, you know, maybe things like food trucks or other other uses that on the weekends could potentially support that type of use. You know, for us, it’s, it’s, you know, how you create the sort of map or other outdoor amenities and activities, not necessarily spread around, maybe that’s an option. But really just trying to find ways that you know, there’s an injury This is a study from recreation center at CU Denver with a rooftop workout studio with a rooftop.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:52
You know, just just trying to create outdoor space that feels integrated to the building feels like those uses become part of the experience. That’s that’s kind of our goal is to start thinking about the concepts.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07
Lots of glass, although I didn’t have a lot of discussion that night about bird, bird deaths, compared to the first few sticky notes for all about bird problems, you can deal with the Rec Center in Jackson Hole for there, sits right at that customer there, elk meadow preserve, we’re doing this film that sort of a blur film on the glass that supposedly

Unknown Speaker 1:06:34
doesn’t eat well preserved economy.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:37
We didn’t have windows, I think we do a lot more flat. But I’m trying to find ways to integrate that into other things.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
So I don’t mean to ruin this board, you guys have a lot of important issues to discuss. But I feel like kind of creating this more broad picture of what this potential concept of a center could be.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
I wish we had more opportunity this is sort of ingredient causes million square feet of Fort Collins warming. So

Unknown Speaker 1:07:07
that one was about 65,000 because it doesn’t have a ton of fitness.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:13
It’s really an aquatic center with a few other things that sits in

Unknown Speaker 1:07:20
this space outside the Rec Center or the concept for dry creek what is currently that, that open land with that be programmable like Brazil Park,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:33
sort of thing or keep it as you know, Activity Center activity space.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39
The the reveal is when you go back to the site. So if you’re looking at the west side, the west side, I’m just thinking when he was we’re talking a little bit on the community side, community programs aren’t directly the west side of the park. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:56
That would probably stay natural there. Further so draped where it says existing athletic field, directly to the west of that is phase two, which is got soccer baseball, it’s got a water feature with the stream there and permanent slotting.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20

Unknown Speaker 1:08:21
It’s between disc golf and building would be just more parking lot more nearly under

Unknown Speaker 1:08:33
a scale of No, I agree. But it’s somehow

Unknown Speaker 1:08:37
maybe on the east side.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:39
Slide two buildings West. And they’re I mean, the master plan has an outdoor pool area. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:48
And that’s something the master plan for the park is kind of hit on that there may be time to relook at it

Unknown Speaker 1:08:56
for two years.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
From what Steve said

Unknown Speaker 1:09:07
already, it’s just to the north of that existing athletic field. It’s kind of natural, but

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
it’s long.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:18
So one final question. You don’t like the idea of the large meeting space or events? Well, actually looking at his numbers, it was exactly the same size as the leisure pool 3200 square feet, but the picture was four times bigger. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
Yes, my phone. I think they’re saying I think it’d be good to compare what other spaces are available. I don’t know them all exhaustively, you know, between bands grand

Unknown Speaker 1:09:50
we the museum.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:53
Yeah, no, I think it’s important that

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
people there are not a lot of spaces where people can use them.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
larger gatherings and you don’t see like deer points, you don’t see a lot of support for that. It’s until you need to do the graduation. You don’t care if that’s not a space you need. So there’s not like a group supportive such a thing. We know that those spaces.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:16
I’m not saying should or should. But I’m just telling you our experience right now is that those faces are

Unknown Speaker 1:10:23
voters here voters. aquatics, I do think that I mean, you’re gonna have to think really carefully about how you communicate about that. And you know, what you call it? And maybe the idea of is this a recreation community center? You know, because then you’re saying, like, we’re intentionally creating community space versus like, this is a recreation center with a bunch of open space.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
You know, so I think it’s like how you communicate about this is going to be really important. And you know, think about do you have a constituency that’s really gonna support that because you don’t want it to be a detraction for the big recreation, because they don’t understand it, and they don’t vote for it, because they don’t see it as recreation. So for things that was the last time

Unknown Speaker 1:11:11
we heard, people say, Why don’t we use red wire? For this? I think community does fraud are the

Unknown Speaker 1:11:18
same. There were several comment cards are now and we have to assess all of it. There were some comments, not that they were majority. But that did say, you know, please don’t forget those other general community uses that this is still a community center. So I think

Unknown Speaker 1:11:35
question is funny. Not only is it a Community Recreation Center, answer that question matters. And then we can answer your question about harsh.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:46
Words, I just wanted to mention that your whole read guide has all those programs that you’re talking about what you’re putting in there.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:52
If I’m in charge of the, the factual summary, which I think I am, you know, I would put all those in there. This is what this space is for. Because I mean, your example of basket weaving is lovely, but it’s probably not the top vote getter. And

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
I know that

Unknown Speaker 1:12:18
there are hundreds and hundreds of rep classes that would be held spaces, and we need to make sure that we getting granular around what that is. And I think that’s important. It’s the big community event all that feels to be

Unknown Speaker 1:12:31
more nebulous than that being said, I, I find it hard to fit into a classroom.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:37
But they’re tiny. Those are tiny. And they’re not expensive. That big event always the space that you really want.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:46

Unknown Speaker 1:12:48
there’s enough stuff that’s gonna get thrown into this bond that they’ll find

Unknown Speaker 1:12:54
Do you know on the

Unknown Speaker 1:12:57
door that

Unknown Speaker 1:12:59
says, meaning? Do you know how Apex got its name?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:05
I don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:13:07
know. I just got it. Yeah, how they decided to come. I’m guessing it’s our bad arts and something? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:18
Oh, no, it just seems recreation and community. Discussion, whatever you come up with participation?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:27
That sounds like a perfect job for political action. Yeah, I will just say, I really feel that the classrooms are different in that big Command space. There. They’re they’re really meeting different needs. And I would give up the meeting space before the classrooms as

Unknown Speaker 1:13:49
well looking at the drawings you had a to explain where for the Fort Collins folks, they had an obvious big pool of like a pool and then there was this nebulous, you know, others. And so that’s the opposite of what we just saw, where there was a circle, that Venn diagram kind of shape had names on each of these things and areas that we find out aren’t really representative of the actual areas. So for more accurate

Unknown Speaker 1:14:17
avoided half of our conversation

Unknown Speaker 1:14:21
just an explanation because you know, I think two point you were just talking about like being really clear what this represents, so that people don’t make it up. Right see themselves and the thing that they care about in the district a lawn mower when you did four years ago, had a huge pool and a huge and then there was this stuff in between which was which was the rec center, but you know, if that’s, again, what you’re going to be things for our group and the discussion we get, we’re worried about gyms and pools and fitness space, and the other just kind of slides down on the edge. That’s right.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:56
You know, I mean, it’s whatever this community space

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
That’s just one of those rooms up in the corner. I mean, you don’t have to label it as such or put, you know, ballroom dancing going on or anything like that. Well that that diagram showed everything from storage to, right, viewing everything into this point where we’re being a little presumptions, we’re stepping a little ahead of we’re a little ahead of our skis here. That’s the one like, those diagrams are representative of a program that we haven’t confirmed yet. We’re still waiting for some survey data, some open house, so okay, I feel like you’re seeing a little bit of the work in progress. I will say that it’d been helpful if it was a little more proportionate. I think at some point, it started out very proportionate. But be aware that once we kind of lock in on that program, the drawings and diagrams become very accurate. Because we know exactly what we’re proposing. At this point, we’re still kind of anticipating what, what the final community, you expect the city council to have the same discussion, I want more square footage for this than that does. That’s what city councils do, how we’ll probably give them a fairly similar presentation of the process, the feedback, the site concept, the building will have a plan, much like I showed you with an actual area designet to it. And then we’ll probably ask him for that feedback about this. Do you feel like what we’ve shown you represents the feedback that we communicated? We did.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:22
This feels different than the last time. It’s why I’ve asked nine more years ago in 19, it was very nebulous, we wanted x amount of money, we’re going to build a pool and an ice. I mean, there wasn’t a sense the drawings weren’t yet done. I don’t recall there being a negotiation about how much space each thing should have.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:48
Recovering losses know the process. Part of the problem with 90s was a lot of that work was done as early as late 15, early 16. I remember that sort of talk to Hey, we got to do the election. Drawings together. Yeah. And and really the driving force from counsel at that time was

Unknown Speaker 1:17:11
50 meter pool, and, and the ice, the other things were nice fees, but weren’t really what I was saying about.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:23
Right counsel, like when you go to council, they will tell you whether or not the library should be included.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:32
In the concept.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:35
Yeah, but I, at that point, it’s too late to do

Unknown Speaker 1:17:40
more than what Chris is representing.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:44
Will can have a placeholder, but we’re not going to really get into main goal, there are no non mangled.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:52
If that makes sense. That would come later.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:56
After the election,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:00
I think that’s probably going to be problematic. I mean, if you have a way, because if it’s going to be on the ballot, as like recreation and community center that includes a library, then you’re gonna have the library. people voting for that, because their thing is in there. I mean, I think it matters, it does. What we were just concerned about was trying to communicate something to the public without explanation. So as I think our it’s our goal, or direction or another direction, our thought was show the library as part of the complex, but not get into the weeds as to help. How much how much or how little integrates, because that feels like it’s too complicated to convey in a general election, as opposed to this is the site, this is the community rec center, this is the

Unknown Speaker 1:18:49
side, right, whether they want to move forward library as part of what are those sort of? Yes. And if they say yes, and loving, they want it to be co located in some way on the site or somewhere else. Possibly.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:07
Encourage them.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:10
My hesitation is, there’s a lot going on right now. Yeah, some of it. We can’t talk about.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:19
I’ll just leave it at that.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:22
I was just going to add that what happens if one passes than the other. So I think what they want to see is what it looks like with me. I think there’s reference rec center passes and library passes librarian x inside the Rec Center. I think that’s their preference. But that being said, library will be a separate question. And so you’ll have to be ready either way. So if library fails and rec center passes, then you don’t have a library annex on there.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:50
Just needs to be a big community building. Could you do both on the same ballot issue? It’s a good question. We’ve asked our legal folks about it and learned about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
Smart rolling. Right, right. No, I’ve heard all this. What you said, is community center. Put anything you want in there, right for the community? I mean, that would be my interpretation.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:12
Would that allow for a bigger square footage? I guess is that no. Right? So, well, yours is gonna be limited by dollars.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:22
Because we’re looking at, you know, 90 plus 1000 for the Rec Center, and somewhere between 20 and 30. Score 1000 square feet for a library. Very close.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:37
But yeah, council will have to decide if if,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:42
you know, the voters want a branch library, not rec center, is this still the right place to go?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:52
challenges there. Were a lot of folks wind up in Northwest Longmont. We just don’t have the space to do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:02
We don’t we don’t.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:04
Do you get the sense that this is something that our study, we were trying to figure out how we would tease this out or survey it with the sense that some of the site

Unknown Speaker 1:21:15
reaction is related to folks that live kind of in and around that part that will use it regularly? Or is the sentiment that’s carried by the other 70,000 Plus residents? It’s that sort of a question.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:28
My My guess is that

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31
the people that are most localized pried from that area, but I don’t have anything, but we don’t have any ways to go

Unknown Speaker 1:21:40
against the site are in favor of another site against this site, the one that’s back at some stranger,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:48
this is your savvy side is the biggest challenge we’re hearing. And, and no sight was the biggest challenge. Yes, I can’t do that. That’s an absolute.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:00
Well, I mean, it may be people that are very proximate because I live probably less than a mile from this site. And I, I mean, I see challenges, like I said, if you don’t address the park, and then you know, access, that it’s not going to work. But otherwise, I think it’s a good site, and I would be in favor of it at night, you know, that I don’t live right next to it. It’s heard, I’ve heard less reaction to that school. And it’s near the schools. That’s your captive audience, too. So I think I’ve heard more reaction to the micro issues on the site about wildlife and traffic than I have. Why isn’t it on the east end of town? Why isn’t?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:41
The focus has been the site issues less than gap analysis of the community? Kind of what we’ve talked about is we need to be prepared to respond how we’re going to respond to those issues. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:57
So are you guys

Unknown Speaker 1:22:59
coming out? pretty impressed?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:02
All right. I mean, I feel like it’s gonna be part of my questions are because I’m really afraid of what happens if this doesn’t pass. And that community continues to not have access to a resource that we’ve desperately needed for a long time. Is the City Council thinking about like, Jamie had to figure out another way

Unknown Speaker 1:23:23
for people to,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:25
you know, the quality of life and value of the community is, I think, impacted if we can’t provide these kinds of facilities.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:35
I would agree, but I don’t know that. If there were other ways to finance a rec center, we’d be working in that direction, ways to finance other things. I’m sorry, they find other ways to find other things. I mean, maybe there are public private partnerships they should be exploring that are different than what

Unknown Speaker 1:23:55
I just don’t want to like all the surveillance basket and it doesn’t pass.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:02
I think the council will take that as public directly.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:06
The real question

Unknown Speaker 1:24:13
you asked me to ask him.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:15
It’s hard to get

Unknown Speaker 1:24:18
ahold of voters.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:21
We did what she did in the polling was pretty positive.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:29
We’re in Colorado, they never pass.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:32
lessons at ease, so

Unknown Speaker 1:24:39
quite a bit, to talk. So right time to move to the next thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:46
That was great. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:48
Very much. Excited to get to the next step. So thanks for the time.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:52
You have to send this presentation.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:58
station they

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00

Unknown Speaker 1:25:01

Unknown Speaker 1:25:04

Unknown Speaker 1:25:10

Unknown Speaker 1:25:20
Ah, nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:23
Yeah, we were stuck in the lobby.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:34
Okay, so continuing with old business, we’ll go back to the library operation

Unknown Speaker 1:25:40

Unknown Speaker 1:25:41
Sandy first,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:44
I will actually give you a quick tour because I got, I got in the middle of understanding a little bit of room on this if we don’t get it quite right. But we’re trying to jump my talking about what we heard in this group grew from in this room, but also very true. And part of that was in the last go around trying to drive people to the right information on the website was frustrating that gives it a heads up, there might be some constructive criticism on how our website can provide things better to people that information for trying to move

Unknown Speaker 1:26:15
people to our recommendation. The other side of that was if we’re gonna have conversations with people, what can you say? How much can we say when does that transition from staff supporting us? I think those are the kind of two pieces I kind of brought Sandy in to talk about kind of the city’s messaging on the website, how you people do better job with it. And then how this board and South reacts go forward. Under some of the legal requirements. We have managers that Zoom. Yeah, that sounds good. I think we can start with the second

Unknown Speaker 1:26:48
pair for it. Oh, okay. Great. Thank you, my ears on and my legal brief.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:01
I brought with me my friend Erica.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:05
I think it sends me pretty regularly right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:10
Very good. Erica is a communications manager.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:16
Okay, well, hello. Hi. Thanks for letting me join you today. My name is ABC here. I’m assistant city manager with shared services. What that means is all the internal stuff, including communications and clerks and legislation, our kind of stuff is my general area. I also work a lot with the council. And I’ve worked a lot with this project. So I apologize for typing up. But I certainly want these things to pass as well. I actually worked for Jeff as a deep water aerobics instructor awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:45
I’m surprised that came up like that, like not just water fitness, but deep water.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:52
Oh, my God.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:55
Yes. They want to help you. They’re

Unknown Speaker 1:27:59
passionate. They are sort of done with the lab folks to see whether they want even more space as well. So yes, I certainly have a deep passion for all of these projects that we’re taking a look at.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:12
You ask the question. So the second one is the how, what’s the involvement of the board? Right? Okay. There are a couple of kind of bright lines as far as timeframe when it comes to elections. Both are city employees, and for boards and commissions. Because you are a board Commission member, there is no reason why you can’t speak up about different issues which you have to identify as an individual person when you do those types of things. Because when you’re working in the staff, in the capacity of a city, either official which you are, or city staff, which we are anytime that you’re in that kind of situation, once ballot measures have been set, then we are not allowed to spend any public money on that or advocate for or against those things are city jobs. So for example, if if you’re probably not the city manager or manager, but if you’re else in the organization, and you’d like to just speak as a member of the public, you’re welcome to do that, just as you are able to do that on a board commission. But those of us speaking in our titles in your titles, that’s where things get to be a little funky. So let me give you some timeframe. At this point. Everything’s up in the air, people are talking, we’re debating we’re discussing all those things, you’re probably fine. You want them to say anything you’d like you love it, you really need it, whatever it looks like you’re welcome to talk about all those things. Staff is able to give their professional opinions all the way through until the moment about a valid setting. Valid setting is the second reading for us about title that usually happens in August 1 readings are usually the first meeting of a month of that month. And then second readings are the second meeting of that month. So once that ballot title is set in August, now we have to put on our election clothes.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:58
And what that looks like is that you

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
As a board, as the city council as a board can take advocacy for Oregon’s ballot measures, you’re welcome to do that. We can then advertise those

Unknown Speaker 1:30:11
group decisions from a board either from you or from the city council. And that’s as far as our advocacy or dissent and how it works here hearing

Unknown Speaker 1:30:21
your advocacy or the other way. That’s, that’s as far as we can spend any city money tax money time on

Unknown Speaker 1:30:30
zoning resolution, resolution. Yeah, so the City Council are usually direct to me, after they set a ballot to bring them back the resolution of support, I do so. And we published that in the city line. The reason we’re able to do that is because city line is the customary way that we get information out to our residents. So because we do it all the time, and we do it every single month, we are allowed to publish resolution of support and city like me as a board, and we take a position in favor of Commissioner, can we write like a letter to the editor that’s signed by the board about that? Yes, you can, if you signed it as a board, and you’re welcome to distribute that position any way that you would like, where it gets a little funky is, is we probably can’t have you put that on Ask Erica put that on the city social media, right, because now we’re talking about Erica city time and social media time. It’s It’s pretty.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:26
But yeah, and so you know, we can’t at that point in time, once that stop that second reading happens if the valid issues, then we no longer can, you know, really speak to it for or against all, we are allowed to provide that point or factual summaries to the residents, which we which we do, we then usually put together that brochure that people will get as a direct mail. But it’s very, it has to be very factual. And I think what happened 2019 And I do think we have different attorney interpretation this time, but because the drawings that your consultant show you showed you were not introduced at a public meeting, prior to ballot setting in the attorney’s office team that was considered advocacy, because it wasn’t part of the public domain compiled. So that August date is really, really important. Because we can strategize and talk about it and talk about, you know, what should the name of it be? And how should we make sure that we get the vote? And how do we really advocate for it. And once that August timeline hits, these guys can’t talk about with you like that anymore? They have to be able to provide only factual summaries, they can answer your questions, but they’re not able to really advocate for against at that point.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:33
Does that make sense? In general question. The second reading is that just develop towards the test as well. It’s the whole list of texts and every,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:44

Unknown Speaker 1:32:45
So it’ll be set at that point at that point in set. And then that’s when our regulations are really tough. Or we can’t use any more City Times, city money, city, advertising, we can’t do any of those kinds of things. Now, until that happens, if this board ends up discussing, you know, an action group that wants to, you know, either come out for this, if that’s what ends up happening, you’d like to organize residents to do so you’re welcome to do that. Once we hit August, then you can’t even discuss that in this meeting room, because now you’re a board, you’re

Unknown Speaker 1:33:21
an official city official. And at this point, it really is just as resolutions of support.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:27
So it really changes what things look like, for us the more information that you get out there publicly. That’s why I’m hoping that your consultant is coming out the 11th, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:37
Because the more you get those pictures out, the more you get those maps out, that’s public domain. Now we can use public domain to give factual summaries.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:45
Since So, the last year pictures you got out there, that’s better for us ahead of the August timeframe, because we can include those in the information. And I do think that was pretty rough in 2019. To show a rec center, just my opinion, everyone has their opinion on what happened. My opinion is to show a rec center that has no place and has no pictures is not something most people are going to vote for. Because it’s just not enough. Certainly, people want to know what it is that they’re going to get further money. And so the more certainty that you could have I mean, you’re right about that namespace, even if you call it something different. I mean, as you want to be as clear as possible with how you’re laying out some of these things. Because once that the valid titles are set that there’s no there’s not a lot of huge discussion that can come afterwards.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:34
No question that’s applied, maybe oh, maybe. When is the text that goes into the blue book around the ballot built out? Simple descriptive texts that said municipal elections are not included in

Unknown Speaker 1:34:48
that if it’s a timber piece, which this will be, there will be a Tabor common that can happen. This is an opportunity that a lot of people miss is that anybody from the public can

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
Make a comment for the caper book for two chamber statements that do go out and they’re not

Unknown Speaker 1:35:07

Unknown Speaker 1:35:09
And it doesn’t matter if they’re factual or not. So anybody can say that you just kind of you type up whatever it is that you want to tell voters about this particular piece, whether it’s factual or not, which can be super dangerous.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:22
If people say anything they like with with one, that’s Tabor Tabor means that there’s a tax associated with your rights. So once there’s a tax associated with this one, there certainly will be, then we’ll have to put out a taper notice taper notices have an open comment period. Anybody can comment during that period. So that’s a great opportunity

Unknown Speaker 1:35:43
to be able to put your comments and that’s also can be a little dangerous that the clerk’s office post saw that on their website.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:51
Did we do a factual sheet that was mailed out to people Yes, we do a factual summary every year on these valid issues once the titles are set, so we know what they are. And we try we run that all by the attorney’s office. But we tried to just say, here’s how much money this is, this is what decides for you. And this is what we get, you know, so the more information that you have out in the public domain before that the more information we can share with the public. We also are required to put together pro and con statements that are not only equal in number but equal in size on the brochure. And that’s how factual we have to do it. If we had more pros and cons, our attorneys would say no, that’s not, that’s not a fair assessment, you need to have the same space, the same numbers on both sides of yours. So

Unknown Speaker 1:36:39
there’s the brochure you mentioned the statement that Camilla may or may not go out and still factual. Is there a city webpage about the initiative, we usually take the same information. So the way I like to do it, which doesn’t doesn’t always go this way. But the way I like to do it is to create all the factual information once and then publish it in veiler. That goes to everybody the same exact information on the webpage, the same exact information that goes out on social media. Because then that way, there’s no like this is the approved text approved by our attorney’s office. Yeah, actually, one thing that is compelling about this initiative that will restore is it’s not something that was taught this year, because there’s only 15 years of planning and witness loss initiative, is there a place that can be kind of written up as a narrative that makes the argument in favor of an initiative go to the public, prior to the reading of the ballot. So you can have an existing piece of website material that is supportive of the general idea of this being part of a long narrative, you can absolutely do that. If you wanted to put out editorials ahead of the battle ballot.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:44
He gets a little rough. So yes, technically, could we Yes, would we? Probably not. And the reason we wouldn’t is because even though that line was drawn in August, part of the reason people vote for city things because they trust the city. And so if we feel if it feels like we’re advocating for something ahead of time, sometimes that can erode public trust. So I’m real careful. I try. Really, I mean, we’ve done it, we certainly got it through the last, you know, the last sales taxes on the streets. We you know, we had folks that contacted routinely want us to kind of speak to you before ballot setting, how I feel great about that, usually, and so, you know, under my direction, kind of stuff that I’m really just like, hey, we’re going to be factual. We’re always going to be factual. That’s the role of city government. Now, if people ask questions like that, and say, Hey, how long has this been considered? That would certainly publish FAQs, like that,

Unknown Speaker 1:38:39
I guess started by feedback will be encouraging us to be including the history as factual things that have happened, and that has been discussed and planned for a long time. There’s been a lot of public comment. There’s a lot of chances to get involved with it. It’s not something that was thought up this year. That’s all factual. And there’s a way to include that and actually have that great letter to the editor. However, also, my call is not exactly getting to everybody. We also know for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:05
But I think the city, it’s important, the city has been information that shows this is part of a longer story. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:13
can understand certainly the longer story portion of it? Well, especially feedback from the last election, this is not the same. Yeah, we changed because of all

Unknown Speaker 1:39:24
bad years. Yeah, that gets into that opinion piece. Like we were heard. We heard you when we change the business that’s a little less factual, but somebody won rights. Okay, volleyball.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:34

Unknown Speaker 1:39:36
Didn’t jump go back to asking more questions. And survey. Yeah, we didn’t have anything different to ask them at this point. So the council took, you know, however many we had seven or eight different projects and narrowed it down to four. But they didn’t change the way that they were presented. So the Magellan coin basically holds this the same thing. They did something like combined library and rec center and said this

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
So community center that’s something we might want to pull on again, although our time

Unknown Speaker 1:40:05
can we get deeper? Does that?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:09
Tell online that Oh, Magellan, everything, it’s like a 60 page report is all okay?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:15
Because there is like within demographics, yep. You can see the demographics, you can see which demographic said which thing. We asked them to rerun it if we were to do at the presidential election year. And they felt like, what would pull better is the park,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:31
which then ends up cutting this last round.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:34
But what was probably pulled better they thought an election year as opposed to an off year was was parks and maybe union. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:45
They didn’t feel like there would be a significant change based on the presidential election more turnout.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:53
You know, there was the request to go for staff to go back and think about the all their recreation pieces and sort of what package.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:04
When do you have to bring that back to council, I think as we’re bringing back on the 11th grade. So I think what we’re saying is that here’s some teams conditions. And what Council directed us, like I said was for Rec Center Library, performing arts center, and this YMCA slot idea. They may not be right, we’ll kind of we’re going to find out in the next probably two weeks, you know whether any of these are actually right to actually happen to somebody who didn’t vote again. And that’ll be information that’s also presented.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:35
But we did not, we did not combine any other projects, we basically just left projects off based on their direction.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:44
So directly Park union reservoir, we decided to move toward towards water water storage. And in enhancing that through water storage and museum who did receive the grant, or finding the money doesn’t go as far as it used to, but they received the grant.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:02
I think it was interesting about the polling is that the centennial pool call out ended up being much

Unknown Speaker 1:42:09
confusion over what was going up in Centennial pool, I think was the problematic piece. And

Unknown Speaker 1:42:19
so we’ve been doing additional polling, most of the polling came back, as you know, 53 55% as Yes. And I recognize what the consultant is saying our consultants say if it doesn’t pull 60%, it’s probably not going to pass

Unknown Speaker 1:42:33
which the library did.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:36
That was the only thing that barely made 60% with the unscientific survey.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:43
Any other questions?

Unknown Speaker 1:42:46
Is it clear on what you can do with when like right now kind of wild west, but once we hit that, obviously, then we’re really, really restricted and we want to make sure that we are paying very close attention to earning that public trust all

Unknown Speaker 1:42:59
they have to know when they get this brochure or the information that’s inside

Unknown Speaker 1:43:04
of us just payment is asked for July for Intuit is just free agenda and you’re wanting me to

Unknown Speaker 1:43:11
talk about being fair we can can’t do

Unknown Speaker 1:43:15
in September because the August meeting is too close to the reading the thing. Sorry. Direct once already, maybe twice. Yeah, like September, October, time we make resolution

Unknown Speaker 1:43:26
talking about things like reading a letter the other than the all sudden, I think we can’t talk about that though. Instead we need it correct me to plan beforehand.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:35
What we’re gonna do that’s not too late. That’s what he said July.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:40
I will have to get to July.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:43
I’ll be your old boy, John, the toys will play.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:51
helpful information?

Unknown Speaker 1:43:57
Are there things that were missing the PAC you shouldn’t know? Talking the city or getting resources from the city or the city would want a PAC to know to advocate on his behalf for things I just it’s just a weird sort of relationship doesn’t show up that often. And, you know, there aren’t things that are not quite public all the time, things that don’t get out. So it’s just, it’s pretty.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:24
Yeah, that’s a great question. Right. But you don’t know what you don’t know. What I will tell you is that the first time that we tried to pass the next slide, the ability to provide broadband to the residents, it failed because of a huge campaign against it. And the next time it was a small political action committee, it was a small group of residents that got together and told other friends who told all their friends and I believe that that’s what made it past the second time I would never underestimate your ability to organize people

Unknown Speaker 1:44:54
to get something done. This town is completely built on that. This is this is part of our brand of

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00
It is absolutely what it is to live online. So I would say, don’t underestimate your own power in organizing your neighborhoods, your friends, your kids, schools, whatever, whatever it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:14
As far as the resources, we can provide all the brochures that you need, we can certainly publish any resolutions that you make. And that’s kind of it, we can talk to her, you can come and talk to groups.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:30
If we’re invited. That’s a good one, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:34
Yeah. And we’re we’re able to come and give factual summary and answer all kinds of questions. If we are invited,

Unknown Speaker 1:45:43
like vampires?

Unknown Speaker 1:45:51
Yes, yeah, I would, I would never underestimate the public opinion. I think my ask is to have one place and city website where we have all this info. So like the survey results from Magellan, I want that on the same website as everything else about this initiative, if possible, because there’s so many places you can get different accesses, I was putting the next topic, but

Unknown Speaker 1:46:13
that will be the hub for all of us to be able to, in our private capacity, put people to a single place that lays it out. It’s not a brochure. Yeah. Yeah, I think we would get railed against that on the website, because I think it would look like

Unknown Speaker 1:46:29
that, and we can take a look at more specifically what you’re talking about. But if you’re trying to build the case, showing the polls showing the essence, my guess is that I’m gonna get whacked. Just the people are interested in looking at the polls right now I need to go and look at some drop down menu on a former agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:46

Unknown Speaker 1:46:49
I’m currently information.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:51
I’d love to, particularly in July, if you want to give me a list of what that looks like for you kind of an outline of, hey, this page would look like this, have this and would show these things. You know, that’s something that we may be able to get together. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:05
Yeah, it gets a little tough, because on the city’s website, we can talk about elections, we have a election page, right, the election page is brought to you by the City Clerk. And we will never fix that with anything that looks like anything else. This is where this is where you go to find out how to register to vote and how to register to become a candidate who the candidates are, what are their campaign sheets, what does that look like? Then we have a tie over to the ballot issues and valid issues are flashing some video and have the you know, the text that we just talked about? That’s part of the pro con kind of thing. And we have had problems linking those before. So I think this year, we have a better plan. And can you remember that you may not have been part of that conversation. But we used to never go from clerk to ballot issues. And now I think we’ve agreed that we will, you know, at least have some connection there. Because we are looking at elections, we’ll never see the ballot issues. If you’re looking at the clerk’s page right now, because all you see is the elected officials. So I think we’ve worked out some of that. Plus, I think last year Last time, we certainly had some duplicate pages because we had different valid issues. So everybody did their own web page for their own valid issue. And we will not do that again, ever again.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:21
Because it doesn’t give voters the full picture. Right there like is that also, does that play into the

Unknown Speaker 1:48:28
issue of each page has its own traffic, so then just doesn’t look great. So if you looked last time, then you were like, oh, there’s a water bond issue. And then you get your ballot you find for ballot issues, be like, Well, what the heck is giving us information. So we will be putting it together, it will be much more consistent this year, it will be single, single pages, so that we will have that on the homepage.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:55
That will create it time. So that’s a couple of things that we recognize we needed to improve.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:01
All right, you can have a pack and

Unknown Speaker 1:49:05
create your

Unknown Speaker 1:49:13
own you kind of jumped in there, but we can go back and forth to whatever. If you give me kind of this is what this might look like, then I can at least consider that. You know, because City Council is rolling decisions as we go. And the first presentation isn’t relevant to the last presentation always. Right, the first presentations that we see you’re gonna see dollars that are no longer relevant at the next presentation. So we want to be really careful. Counsel pages and council minutes are the rolling dialogue of these conversations. And then when something’s finalized, absolutely put it up on the web. So we show the history can be kind of tough. It’s not that we haven’t done that before. Particularly like resiliency Brain Project. We want to remind people there was a flood 10 years ago

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
That’s exactly that’s what put us here.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:03
We don’t we try really hard not to pull on heartstrings, but we see some pictures floodwater.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:11
Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:15
So I think the other portion of this is if we have any other feedback could be related or to this initiative or other.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:24
Finding other information, we talked a lot about how it is easy or not easy to find all the recreation and parks and open space related materials and

Unknown Speaker 1:50:36
have some discussion about maybe how to how to simplify that and maybe like having a searchable features where you could have like a map with all the parks and things located where you could click and find out about that map. But I was we talked about some of this at our retreat. So if there are any things that people suggest

Unknown Speaker 1:50:57
wasn’t there. So

Unknown Speaker 1:50:59
the mapping was a big, big item is that is that something that can be done? Well, the way that the website is set up is right now we have a facilities module. Now, I should caveat all of this by saying that we’re in the middle of a web redesign project. So what I would tell you is that maybe some of these things are not super easy today. But knowing kind of that vision for what you might want to see tomorrow is something that we can include as part of our web redesign project. Because I love the idea of being able to have an interactive map or current website, the way that it works is to see facilities directory. And so you have all the facilities in the directory in the directory ties to different pages. So when you’re on the Rec Center page, you can go back to the facilities page, and you get the list of all the facilities, rec center, Memorial Building, all the parks, those kinds of things, but it’s set up like a web so that the facilities are in one place and read out to individual pages. But I’d love to get those ideas for usability on on what to do when we are getting ready to

Unknown Speaker 1:52:01
think that I my skirt around that has been interactive Google Maps. And so there is one underneath of slash RX locations, we do have a pinned map of various recreation facilities and things that are kind of color coded. The issue that we may run into at this particular moment in time is accessibility. So we are struggling with a 10 year old website to meet ADA standards. And we added standards, which is part of this next iteration of the website. So you don’t see it now stay at this point. I would love that feedback, I would love to hear all of those pain points as we get ready to send out a request for proposals for a website vendor probably within the next few weeks. So that we can start gathering some of that usability data and seeing how we can dovetail that with the accessibility concerns. So you’re not gonna hurt our feelings, we know it’s time for a change.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:03
Special field. So that’s my special interest. So I’m always happy to make things as easy as possible on the web. That’s absolutely

Unknown Speaker 1:53:12

Unknown Speaker 1:53:14
I have to think tourism comments quicker. One is a good example from that doesn’t work well, for me today is not personal. But as actives, oldenbourg,

Unknown Speaker 1:53:24
the planning and zoning and development log, there’s a map, there’s also a PDF of a spreadsheet.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:32
And in

Unknown Speaker 1:53:36
the map, if you want to get documents and details about a specific thing that has happened in place, you know, something’s happening, it’s nearly impossible to find documents for that. So I think, in general, the way in my experience, people think about either developments, or parks or facilities is there’s a place and a thing that has information about that. And there’s a lot of nuance in the city world about what happened during city council, what is a draft review plan? What is their final review plan or plat site plan these things that have nuance that is lost on the public, so pleased to find that everything about a certain site is the main focus. And and I think the effects of Parks and Rec for me, the rec stuff is largely very accessible. But it’s really most of that we talked about things in this meeting on open space and parks. And it’s pretty hard to get an idea of where these things are, what is happening there now and what is planned in the future for these different sites. And part of that, I think, is that most of the staff is very fluid in the meaning of terminology. But my experience turning this for six months ago was that things of difference between a park renewal and a new park bill are largely irrelevant to the public. Or a you know, this phase 12 of the Greenway we don’t think of it it’s just the Greenway. I think there’s my my passion was that there

Unknown Speaker 1:55:00
so much cool stuff being planned for public that people should know about. It’s pretty hard to find it. So I’m big cyclist, and I was really psyched to hear about the workers face their team that you send the Greenway projects. And you know, I asked CBO is there a map of that locations? Oh, yeah, it’s in the master plan. I’m like, Well, where do I go find this, like, tiny little map with a red lines and where it’s gonna go? There’s a lot of challenge, I think with being too specific, right? Because you’re gonna lose that design phase. So for those things, but I think we sometimes are too conservative and reading things in a document that you might find a way to, rather than being like, here’s the whole Greenway, we have incredible plans to both fill in the park that’s close right now and extend both directions. It’s going to be frickin awesome. We can say that on the website, and just just show those things. And right now, it’s not

Unknown Speaker 1:55:49
troubling that it’s like if you know what, for the Nino Gallo park site, and that was being built to get there, but I’ve never heard about that, until Steve told us about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:59
I do know that Harold is very interested in doing some enhanced capital improvement program, information, communications and information. Because we have a lot of things out there. People are like, well, when’s that gonna happen? When’s that gonna happen? And so I think he’s interested in more reporting, and these kinds of things would be included. I think it’s okay to say, we don’t know. And it would need funding, and there’s not that much money out there. And that’s what if you’re interested in this or you want to support this, here’s more information about it or how to get involved. And to your point, we have a lot of things that are happening, that are happening right now. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 1:56:38
more interactive maps that tell us more things? Yeah, I’ve, I keep the active throughout their lives up all the time, because I don’t work in external services. That’s the question that I was getting at is, hey, what’s going on with your next meal? Yeah, but pretty much

Unknown Speaker 1:56:56
the docket number, or whatever it is, and maybe there’s a link or not, but

Unknown Speaker 1:57:02
I don’t have cards that make the meal on the board. So you’re all welcome to email me or do a website, a walkthrough, anything like that, I’m always happy to entertain and learn about your recreation accessibility, because I’m pretty sure that’s 100%.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:21
Because you didn’t used to be much more interactive for the site where you don’t have to log in classes for more than perk sets, but a lot of focus.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:36
We had a lot.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:40
We may have to revisit back to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:44
I guess one other

Unknown Speaker 1:57:46
thing that came cropped out of the retreat sort of element was that we thought I as a citizen, so the pull up and jump onto some AI just to see if it could pull some information. And it was one of I’ve managed to make it do other things as well. But a few times it crept back with.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:10
Yeah, and that was one that was one thing that was

Unknown Speaker 1:58:14
passed the phone around, we’re like, hey, look, it says it can’t find that. It’s also a recent point that a lot of I’m in banking, a lot of big banks right now we’re trying to figure out how to better integrate. So if someone wants to save something about,

Unknown Speaker 1:58:31
like, give me every single rate against I bought and it gives me anything, it possibly can. That way one of those sorts of shows up as a point of doubt. That’s terrifying.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:43
Yeah, I want

Unknown Speaker 1:58:47
the best one. But yeah, it was it was something we passed around

Unknown Speaker 1:58:57
the AI completely in a different way.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:03
I had it write me a poem about the Giants the other day, and it did a great job.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:12
I will share of Sandy at the retreat, I had that map all the projects, and it kind of show where they’re all that appeal. But it’s great to see so geographically, but also the idea of that interactive piece it if you hover it over the rec center, you start seeing what you get when you hover over union, you’d see what you get you hover over st grade 13, you get some idea where it was, I think that geospatial with some information as information changes, if we could add that things with us. We have a lot of conversation about some interactive spatial displays as a way to so if you don’t mind, I’ll share that with Sammy a little bit. The map we have we also said that staff is doing for us as some of our map layers.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:59
I’m very happy to help with that.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:00
stuff I will present

Unknown Speaker 2:00:02
yourselves as a citizen like, are you happy to help? That would be great. We actually just opened up our first GIS Division

Unknown Speaker 2:00:10
at the beginning of this year as part of our strategic integration department. And so they are super excited. We’re hiring one more person and they’re ready to rock and roll. They’re excited about it. So cool. Yeah, I think that’s what we think. Do you think the interactive maps make a ton of sense? Great stories? Lots of great information Great.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:28

Unknown Speaker 2:00:37
Okay, so if we want to hear 830 I’m just flew by I didn’t even notice you had to tell me. So we want to continue. I think we have one more item under new business. So maybe we should try to get to somebody for 15 minutes. Are you telling you

Unknown Speaker 2:00:57
although some extended

Unknown Speaker 2:01:04
wife just texted me that we all should go home because it nuggets are down by one.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:10
Watching it, make it quick.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:14
One other thing that we had from our written retreat to is that it’s really hard to find the right classes through the website, you basically have to know to go direct track. And you spell it out exactly how Rick track has something. It’s not intuitive at all that you just went to the website until the last

Unknown Speaker 2:01:34
classes and also searched on the chance.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:39
Classes. No.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:48
No, yeah. COVID To get masters, you had to just leave it on. I had to leave that screen on my phone. Always gonna, because you had to you know, so far. You ever find that again? You don’t want to call it

Unknown Speaker 2:02:02

Unknown Speaker 2:02:07
No, I get it. It was just Yeah. And it wasn’t worth it. Yeah, to have somebody show you how to do that kind of thing. But that’s because it was early. Right.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:17
But alright, continues to get better. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:20
Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:23
Thank you so much for having us. Do you have any other questions, these guys know how to get ahold of me they get all day every day.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:29
I’m gonna take my germs

Unknown Speaker 2:02:31

Unknown Speaker 2:02:35
Thank you all for everything that you do your voices really matter. And as I said, don’t underestimate the power of

Unknown Speaker 2:02:42
you very much.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:51
Okay, so the sunset has opened open on time, was a Herculean effort by staff after the

Unknown Speaker 2:03:01
whole day that builders mud

Unknown Speaker 2:03:03
are the main cause of a night’s storm but also

Unknown Speaker 2:03:11
in the end, we were able to add 90 parking spots to that lot based on some things they did. And some creativity we have. Also were able to move a few of the Gulf staff out a lot.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:26
In addition to that, firstly, sunset the nobody this was weather related.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:33
We did add a another 1515 or so spots, and a lot below where the sunset

Unknown Speaker 2:03:42
or some sort of practice area. So we created a lot there. Golf guys are just big

Unknown Speaker 2:03:50
streets, lots and parking blocks. And so between those we got about 34 Extra spots.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:58
Staff notice to park in that lower lot from sunset pool between our guidelines, we took one in five to try to minimize, we had originally lost about 45 spots. So we got about 34 back and then when dealing with a lot of the factors. So

Unknown Speaker 2:04:16
it’s not I don’t feel like it’s much worse than it was now. It was always problems. So that’s a challenge, but we’re there to

Unknown Speaker 2:04:28

Unknown Speaker 2:04:31
Yeah, I did run that first week. It’s not pretty, right.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:37
Yeah, so we haven’t really been challenged with it. But we have I think it’s coming together really well through a bunch of different folks in the city.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:48
Getting going very quickly to have this happen. And then again the cool stuff.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:53

Unknown Speaker 2:04:55
yeah, that’s where as far as that goes now the tank itself

Unknown Speaker 2:05:00
Okay, Erector Set out there.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:04
Any questions about that?

Unknown Speaker 2:05:08
And that’ll finishes this summer fall. Your students? Really? Oh my god. Yeah. That’s why we consider that lockdown mode or something.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:18

Unknown Speaker 2:05:20
And science knew it

Unknown Speaker 2:05:23
was different from what used to be one way on the right hand side and then one way back, or was it never was it just functionally works that way. People tend to treat it. It hasn’t really changed and just, that’s people tend to

Unknown Speaker 2:05:38
just like outsiders dropping.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:46
Related to pools, their thing I’ve just mentioned is that both the activity pools are now open for fresh.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:56
You know, you weren’t so sure about it was goalpara. Like you were sure it wasn’t going to open.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:02
There were a bunch of leaks and just just a lot of issues to be solved.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:10
That’s great. And staffing. Staffing staffing has come around for sure. That hasn’t been nearly the issue that it hasn’t always an issue.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:22
And the the opportunity to hire two full time. Basically pull managers that we didn’t have in the past has made a big difference in

Unknown Speaker 2:06:42

Unknown Speaker 2:06:44
urgent in the last

Unknown Speaker 2:06:47
five ish minutes,

Unknown Speaker 2:06:50
items from packet or anything else from stuff?

Unknown Speaker 2:06:54
So it’s kind of a stupid question. I don’t know what UWS is. But somebody was very excited to write some AWS signup page 10 Something about parts.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:08

Unknown Speaker 2:07:10
playgrounds have been refreshed with the WF wood product.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:15
Wood chips, but they’re the mess. They don’t move out of place and stuff. So I’m

Unknown Speaker 2:07:20
sure the landscape architect got excited.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:25
As a wildlife biologist to be a couple of times, I

Unknown Speaker 2:07:29
like to be excited for

Unknown Speaker 2:07:32
it right, because it is because the fall hazards and stuff like that, too, is almost like the standard those things in place that it really reduces injury.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:44
I had to agree my questions, one on the face of teams that use them, right. We’ve mentioned that for a long time, more than $5 million.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:53
Now we’re looking at other funding sources, how much of that is going to be attending a live project? Or a final note? Is there some idea of how much that feels?

Unknown Speaker 2:08:02
There’s a lot of moving pieces. One of the pieces right now is the fact that what

Unknown Speaker 2:08:08
the states that we can no longer go under the underpass with St. Franco. So that was always the intention was we already had a underpass under 119. We were going to put in a, you know the desert path along the side of that brochure that sometimes you would flood through in your way high water marks at the point 13 They redid all the flood modeling and said, you know, you let’s see that the state giving us money to do that it would seek out their flood model and said no, there’s just no way to mitigate that. So to get around that there really requires another box culvert to go onto the intersection of women, Kenan and county road fogging up, and that is a $5 million

Unknown Speaker 2:08:47
increase in that project. So that gives us a little bit we’re looking grants. Elizabeth, for the piece, we have an adjacent landowner that,

Unknown Speaker 2:08:57
again, to get it up on the floodplain was the adjacent landowners, we have about $2.5 million retaining wall and mitigation work on that in our seven we have a adjacent landowner that

Unknown Speaker 2:09:11
is not willing to sell is an easement who will be willing to sell us this whole property which falls in the ballpark ish of those numbers too. So but in that we have some other options too. It’s really on negotiations. So we have I can tell you right now is going to be at least $5 million more 5.5 or above Okay, house and yes. So then we have

Unknown Speaker 2:09:35
we have we have

Unknown Speaker 2:09:37
quite a bit more

Unknown Speaker 2:09:39
than one was on the west. I got one two already down. So let’s see.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:47
The other trail mentioned in the regional trail planning the 12 to bocote system. screamer 12 DeVos has no connection to that. What would that mean? So

Unknown Speaker 2:09:57
12 years ago from Golden ponds out to

Unknown Speaker 2:10:00
You both go Boulder County openstage properties which is right there across from

Unknown Speaker 2:10:05
70 airports and the fifth.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:08
Fifth, going over to was still a private property. The county has an easement on that. And I think about five years that will be burned over the county. And that that will tie in Chicago. Hans, if you’re going to

Unknown Speaker 2:10:21
talk about

Unknown Speaker 2:10:24
this unsafe at this airport

Unknown Speaker 2:10:32
Yeah, all those vocals in, give us

Unknown Speaker 2:10:37
40 plays place is the other one.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:42
Okay, there’s nothing else I haven’t

Unknown Speaker 2:10:45
bored. Oh, yeah. I’ve gotten several questions and comments about the tennis courts at Quail wondering how often or what’s the schedule for resurfacing? There are certain courts, they’re getting pre chewed up. And whether it’s from play or shoveling or I don’t know, but visiting teams ask folks about it all because this is a great facility except what’s with this? So does that thing we submit, hey, this is looking bad? Or is this every five years you repainted them, or I’m just curious, it’s kind of both out of these two jump down to kind of professional side. But there really is sort of a maintenance routine that temporary park superintendent kind of follows that piece of it, we also recognize are some areas that just didn’t seem right that there is post care pockets under measures. And maybe they

Unknown Speaker 2:11:37
just put in, hey, take a look at this court. And we’ll see if we can do this as a Capital One, keep it professional looking stuff. And we’ll make that decision. If this is something we can, you know, major level plays out looks good, or if we really have to go to that. But I made sure that next time, I’ll get that rotation from timber on what needs to happen. Five, and eight,

Unknown Speaker 2:12:00
in particular, are the two worst, but the courts next to them are bad a coil.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:10
And for whatever reason, it’s not clear how that you know, maybe that’ll help you decide about shoveling. If you think that’s what caused it or sunshine or, you know, for sunshine. It’s not a problem. Yeah, well, it isn’t.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:27
You know, not having it though.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:30
You’re right, it’s the rain and ice combo. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:36
And I wanted to throw it in one minute.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:39
So from our meeting last week, last time,

Unknown Speaker 2:12:43
around dressed about the ramps around the park around tennis from from quail. So Phil greenwall sent over a new plan, that by July 4 weekend, two ramps are going to be put in on busy, you go up the ramp ticket, right, there’s a walkway up on the south side of the parking lot of the tennis court area of your ramp there and then you take a left and then the ramp, basically to the access path to Greenway. So both of those will be ground down. And then there’ll be signage for cars to watch out for bikes.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:21
So this is to cross the tennis court parking area basically Correct. Yeah. Okay. Or bicycle access to the Greenway. Right? Right from the rec center.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:31
Make sense? So I noticed that there were just curbs, right? Yeah, exactly. I missed the last meeting. Yeah. Yay.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:44
So kids run so but all these columns do the steps, right? Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:58
will be adjourned.

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