Callahan House Advisory Board – June 2023

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Callahan House Advisory Board – June 2023

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Speaker 1 0:00
Call me. I know we just handed him out, had a chance to look at the agenda

Speaker 2 0:15
we don’t have July 26, we’re open for business, how much should be there? The July 26, summer open house, we need to probably have that in the

Unknown Speaker 0:32
items from the board up without it unless you want to make an

Speaker 2 0:44
amendment just to include that, because it was something that was pretty sweet. Okay. Yeah. And then there’s the past present, more memorable projects is no longer an old business thing. It’s more of a future agenda item because it goes along with the house manager picture project. Because those two projects will be assembled, placed at the same time. So let’s

Unknown Speaker 1:15
hear it. I’m sorry, I’m having trouble hearing it this morning.

Speaker 2 1:18
I’m sorry, the five seeds. The past and present board member while project is no longer an old business matter, it’s now part of future agenda items because it goes along with the house manager picture projects that get played. And all of that is going to be happening in the scene. With respect to the walls upstairs.

Speaker 1 1:46
Oh, good them. Thank you. Alrighty, so those approved, now buddy had a chance to look at the minutes they were sent out. And the changes, additions

Speaker 2 1:59
suggest one deletion. And that is on page three. The last bullet point of the future agenda items. Being upstairs hall closet that was not on the agenda

Unknown Speaker 2:16
was something that I put on. But you were

Speaker 2 2:18
wonderful because you did get it in the content where we did discuss it and said yes, let’s put that on it. From just that. Yes. Just that one line. Beautiful federal picture

Speaker 1 2:41
okay, that’s all I’m Can I get a motion to approve? So moved. Thank you. Remember to vote. Yay. Okay. Number three is public invited to be heard. No, public. Okay. Number four is discuss items from packet updates.

Speaker 2 3:14
I’m not sure. I want to think that it has to do with anything that’s in the packet. Is that right?

Unknown Speaker 3:24
Right. Okay, we didn’t have a lot.

Speaker 3 3:29
So, we’re talking about this picture, but I’ve got to say I’ll just do that.

Speaker 1 3:35
Okay, move along here. All business and certainly to that.

Speaker 2 3:41
Okay, pause for just one quick question regarding the minutes. I will still link to the public to view all previous minute meetings to see the video meeting minutes, or the minutes Yeah, the video the minutes. So once we’ve got our minutes and we’ve submitted them we were so late that the public can access I think it’s they’re

Unknown Speaker 4:10
finding it like while I was applying to the board

Speaker 1 4:21
determined can find it, right. Okay. So let’s go to a business status of

Unknown Speaker 4:31
that grant project. And then

Speaker 3 4:33
so they’re working working now but wrapping up this session of work done, what were they really focus was on the windows, and then the planning for concrete. I thought maybe the concrete would get done before this point, but it didn’t that’s okay. So they’ve really focused the concrete plan is set. So we looked at the mix I showed you guys Some pictures. And the windows have been the main focus. So but then we’re going to take a break as of this week. They’re done because we have a wedding this weekend we have begets more weddings in the next month. And then middle of July, they’ll they’ll pick up again full speed. Yeah, so that’s, that’s where it’s at. Right?

Unknown Speaker 5:24
So the windows are

Speaker 3 5:26
done. No, no, no, no. But they’ve been they’ve been working on fitting. Working on pain, making sure paint color. And you notice the green and green that we had talked about talked about it. And then there’s a base color out there two numbers that we’re going to match. So yeah, that’s where that stands right. Now, a month until these these events are done.

Speaker 2 6:00
So the green and green colors that we saw this presentation, is what’s been painted. Okay. And then with respect to the current window, what’s the progress on that is what’s happening with it?

Speaker 3 6:19
That’s just in classes. I don’t have a specific update on the current window, but it’s a part of it. So I don’t have a specific code.

Unknown Speaker 6:29
And then what is the approach for

Unknown Speaker 6:32
the protective

Speaker 2 6:35
it’s gonna be a glazing or if it’s a protective layer of an exterior, you know, protection for all the leaded stained glass windows, the ones that are not covered or know that went all of them, because it’s all of them.

Speaker 3 6:48
It was glass itself, it’s a tempered glass that will be over. Okay, so

Speaker 2 6:52
it’s a timber glass that’s going to be on the exterior. existing historic glass.

Speaker 1 7:00
Wonder if that will be awfully windows and

Speaker 2 7:03
stained glass. All of that was inquisitive.

Speaker 4 7:10
Yeah, that’d be like a storm window on the outside. It’s

Speaker 3 7:16
much more attractive than the the legend that you see over here with that have gotten so yours. Yeah. And I’m, I am meeting, I’ll have a little more update, even though they want to restart work, because I actually be with Kevin contractor next week. So I’ll have a more update directly from him. Where where are we at right now as far as the pause and where we’re going. So we’ll put together next time, we’ll have a little bit more information, because I’m also going to talk to him about a couple things on the inside. We’re scheduled for the 20th including this and talking about that wall upstairs. Question, which is not a part of it.

Speaker 5 8:00
Is the delay in the concrete? Just kind of curious, because some of it to do with all the extra minister?

Speaker 3 8:09
Honestly, I don’t I think it’s more time trying to get the time.

Speaker 4 8:15
Is that their access to electricity? Is that why it’s so

Unknown Speaker 8:21
there’s a water damage.

Unknown Speaker 8:24
There’s nowhere else has screws.

Unknown Speaker 8:30
I mean, it’s the only

Speaker 3 8:31
I haven’t climbed up there. But that’s that’s we’re gonna meet him on and talk to him as a separate. Since these guys are here. We pay them separately separately.

Speaker 6 8:49
There’s that there’s damage done this year, isn’t that piece to the warmth of the burlap into blew up the Verlauf? slope?

Speaker 2 9:03
So good. On this question about the window, they do plan to do the restoration with it in in place, they’re not going to take the window

Unknown Speaker 9:13
out the main window, curve one.

Speaker 2 9:18
But they’re not going to replace the materials, right? They’re not going to replace the I guess the framing of it and they’re not going to replace the leaded glass. That’s not restoration that will be replaced right and make sure we’re clear about that because that’s what happened with the flat one and we can’t have that happen again.

Unknown Speaker 9:50
Thank you Jeremy. silence So Sue Ellen’s reminder

Unknown Speaker 9:59
that squander

Speaker 1 10:04
Alright, so we move on to the curbing project on Third Avenue.

Speaker 3 10:08
And that one was completed by the city and discussed it with historic board. On first historic commission, I’m sorry, on the first and it is in place, and they mirrored the look. If not the mix color is now something that and appreciate that the city did that that went that extra distance that will link I can actually talk about the picture here, because that leads to the picture, which is I think the box you see in here is actually the historic designated property area. And if you notice that the third is not,

Speaker 6 10:59
so if you ever went when they gifted it, they Callaghan’s didn’t have it the access or the curb abscess of going period.

Speaker 3 11:12
I’m saying that the Callahan house property highlighted below is applicable to the local historic landmark designation. That’s

Speaker 2 11:24
a copy of the ordinance 1229. And it provides a legal description here.

Speaker 2 11:40
Ladies, I think last year, you you may already have that. But I definitely know that our newest members don’t have a specific they weren’t chronograph retreat last year. That is that is the ordinance that provides designation, a landmark and a official legal description. Think. And just because this is a picture, and even just looking at the picture, I’m not sure it’s accurate, because it appears that excludes the pillars out front, which I don’t imagine that’s really what the intent was, I think it’s just an aerial picture, fairly new. And this highlight may or may not be completely accurate. But I guess I just want to point back to the fact that if we want to talk about the property, and and its legal descriptions, or make sure that there’s any reference to the properties, then we always have to refer back to the legal description, which is recorded recorded both with obviously with the city under ordinance number one, two to nine, but also with Boulder County Circuit recorder, under the warranty deed from the Callaghan’s to the house, which again, it does say that South 30 S 30 feet of club core, and all of lots five and six, in block six into sort of a longer. So I hesitated a little bit when we put pictures out there because I think it can be a little it could be mistaken. But again, you can see what I’m talking about where, you know, just outside this line. That’s the entry. So the pillars that hold the gate, the entry of the

Speaker 7 13:45
drive. You don’t see it doesn’t know who’s right here. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:49
You don’t mean to exclude that.

Speaker 3 13:52
You’re asking? I’m not an historian. We’re on the boards. I’m not going to comment on it. Did you get this? The streets folks who were doing the research on it?

Speaker 2 14:03
Okay. With the city. Okay, so employees in the city, doing the way the employees of the city or contractors

Unknown Speaker 14:12
of the city? Why is it the city as far as I know?

Speaker 2 14:15
Nothing. But that one’s doing that we’re doing work on the street? Well, I just would caution anyone to look at it like this? Well, absolutely.

Speaker 6 14:28
I think this is one of those things that if it’s saying it’s resistance, and this is what it is, and yet this is actually wherever it is, definitely has to go by this and this is one of those things that this then needs to be corrected.

Speaker 2 14:45
Well, I again, about images. I get a little concerned about that because it could it could be mistaken. So somebody could look at this and say, Oh, well that means that the the pillars that Have the gate at the end of the driveway are not part of the legal description of this property would not really. I don’t believe that’s correct. I agree that this so the origin and the warranty deed which is recorded with the clerk and Ricker, Boulder County and in the assessor’s office, yes, our legal document is that the legal description for the property

Speaker 5 15:24
and I have this question. So you presented this to the historic preservation commission. How’s that possible when that meeting was cancelled?

Unknown Speaker 15:34
After you’ve done the first you did

Unknown Speaker 15:37
on the first?

Unknown Speaker 15:39
The first day or the other one?

Speaker 6 15:43
It didn’t have quorum and then in that was after the fact though, because the concrete had already been demolished.

Speaker 2 16:00
Saved I loved. I mean, if the city was just bored with it anyway. Well, we didn’t have much of it. But I liked Britain’s suggestion of saving. Fortunately. I can. Because that was a wonderful. Historic concrete, exactly like what they did with art,

Unknown Speaker 16:35
jewelry to wear.

Speaker 2 16:39
Fundraising. And yeah. It’s an idea. Anyway. So the driveway, can we please just be more included? Not that we’re going to interfere 20 people included in this process as things are happening more.

Speaker 3 17:02
I will include you on every information item that I have, which I have done.

Speaker 6 17:06
It was just disappointing to be directed by Jeff Burke. And knowing that it had it hadn’t. From keeping on top of things and watching the historic preservation commission when they stated that they would have wanted to know more about anything information before they voted on it. And after the fact when it’s already been demolished, they can’t really do anything. So there was no point, in my opinion, to even come back and present to them when it’s already been demolished. I don’t it should have been put on hold, particularly since they requested to me. I don’t understand why was demolished before they even had a chance to vote on it. That’s something I find disturbing. And then we as a board as well had said that we preferred to preserve it. And we want to know if possible, and I just don’t know what by demolishing it really would it serve did it really make any difference in the in the water the moving of the water or anything like me that that concrete there was 150 years old and I just don’t understand really, other than I just quite don’t understand the even the in engineering reasoning behind it. It seems a shame that we lost that. And we also lost the curbing on Ontari when it should have gone through the right boards and commissions as as it has been set up within the city and it was just overlooked.

Unknown Speaker 18:52
What I was told is it was under failure. It was falling apart, but it

Speaker 6 18:57
was falling apart and crumbling. Okay. We didn’t know that. We hadn’t been told that we had been told that it needed to be replaced or not. We stated in our thing specifically, I remember staying, I understand if it’s falling apart if there’s a water reasoning or something along those lines. And the statement back in, of course then my my memory could be faulty on this. That statement back was no you didn’t believe that was the case. It was just that they were going to be fixing all of it on the area. Okay,

Speaker 3 19:32
well, both things are true. It was part of the process that as they’re going through that that material is falling apart. They couldn’t there was no way they’re going to connect is what I’ve been told. Okay, this is not me. This is what I’ve been told is that there was no way that was to save that while you’re trying to update the waterway there the road to drainage. Okay. That’s what I was in

Speaker 2 20:01
We did. We did mention in a meeting when we were told,

Unknown Speaker 20:05
when I came back and I said this was the plan,

Speaker 2 20:07
yes. We’re told it’s going to happen. We said, Can we take a portion of that? And who do I get, but also I suggested, you need to include our contractor who’s going to be paying, taking care of the computer on the driveway, perhaps that’s going to be the best sample to use to match.

Speaker 6 20:26
And to be fair, Karen, and I apologize. I know, I’m interrupting. But I do not believe Ben was. Swelling was, but I didn’t I believe that was meeting and this was apparently where we stayed at. And that’s one of those things that, that I did

Speaker 3 20:44
not know, the day that we’re going to do that. I did not know that when I came for a meeting for the for the grant, it was being done.

Speaker 1 20:57
What was it done on the ground made over a call? I mean, is there a chance we can find that? What did they take?

Speaker 2 21:04
Yeah, well, I did combine, I took pictures in the video before it got taken out. And what’s the silence? And I did just so you know, as a citizen, separate food board, not representing the board, send an email to city council, regarding my concerns, and if you’d like I can share that, you know, with you it’s public record at this point, of course. But it just, it’s it’s alarming that these things happen without pause for community voice. And that includes not just us, but the historic preservation commission, they really had no input on it, either. And that’s unfortunate. While we can certainly all appreciate the need for safety, and I guess, sort of burning water flow is something obsessive over a large change, that needs to happen? Well, severe, but it should not just be forced. And it should not exclude the community or the citizens or the volunteers serving on the boards. And but rather, it should include the opportunity for discussion about it, at the very minimum, and that that discussion, while may lead to while the end result is Yes, unfortunately has to be torn out. In the process. It could have been confirmed, you know, this historic property? Yes, we could use it in part to help our contractors match it or the driveway restoration. And yes, we could use it in part for potential future fundraising opportunity, like what was done was valid, Molly Brown house concrete resort company. I mean, it’s there are things that are beyond just the structure that need to be considered. And I think that’s where our voice needs to be included.

Speaker 6 23:20
I think the thing that I find most disturbing is that supposedly, we have the safety nets in the city that will help preserve historic properties or restart things and time and time again. So been over overlooked, and we’ve lost houses, and we’ve lost other things because it was overlooked. This house that used to be back here that was on the national registry, it was on the national registry, the simple

Unknown Speaker 23:53
payments house.

Speaker 6 23:57
It may seem small, about concrete, but it has larger implications. And one of the things that I think we should do speaking about this, and looking at that picture, I do think it should be properly measured, and they should happen with a new pitcher. Because if this is what’s left into engineering, and this is what they’re basing everything on. That’s correct. Because again, once something’s gone, it’s gone. And you can match that this is the history. So if we really truly look at the measurements from what we have, as the legal description, truly believe and I will pass

Speaker 1 25:00
Um, any other input on the coding project? That was great. Okay, we’re gonna skip C. So D committed for policy for donations and contributions?

Speaker 8 25:13
Who’s talking for that? Yeah, so we submit and better, great draft items. And I think we probably need to be one more time, at least on our meeting, and have that ready for approval by the board next month. Basically, where the gist of it is, and obviously to give you just

Speaker 8 25:46
you know, overall kind of steer people towards making a donation to HubSpot, but having some other options for the potential of accepting in kind donations, maybe a concert nature. I spoke with Eric Mason about what the Museum does for that. And he gave us some guidance. And, and give us their donation from the US which charity then use to draft a donation for us along the same lines, but obviously more befitting of the house. So yeah, just kind of making sure that we have all of our bases covered so that we can objectively accept or deny donations and give people potentially other options. And so we’ll have that I think we should do that next time for

Speaker 6 26:32
now. I just want to compliment Brittany and Karen and everything that’s been

Unknown Speaker 26:37
written. Thank you basically,

Speaker 6 26:41
lucky to have her on the board. Yeah. And, yeah, it’s just a lot of work. It’s pretty

Unknown Speaker 26:55
talking about that, so we’re excited to have that I think it will be really useful.

Speaker 1 27:06
Next is art watch when there was a committee on the ad and you had one meeting, and now that you’re going to talk, but to start with, we did get our fees paid. So we’ll be in the advertising with our people. And we had a meeting and kind of divided things up and it’s going to be fun this year. It’s gonna be different. And be fun. So we’ve got some artists for in the house already. We’ve got some upside stuff. Bring up talk on the music a bit and Brittany found a set. I almost said live painter. I did a Live Paint. All of our painters are live. We haven’t killed anybody

Speaker 1 27:52
yet, but it will be outside. We’ll have to kind of find a spot. I was even thinking cortical there, sir. Yeah, it is a little drizzly out there. Or the porch. Yeah, yeah. So we’re inside we’ve got photographer we got the red doors gonna be in here with her. She’s a smattering, like kind of a consignment artists. So it’ll be a sampling of all different artists industry. Who wants to go first?

Speaker 6 28:22
I had Sal Montserrado. He’s a local resident that has been in town for forever, and a teacher who’s a band instructor over last week. And he is bringing his trio and he’s very excited to play for us on the porch. And he’s already been over the porch measuring everything. He plays jazz and all sorts of stuff. He said, he’s an amazing, very amazing gentleman. Very enthusiastic, he’s very excited about doing and I said that we would do a nominal donation of $500 to the group and they will he’s also very involved with almost 70 And they just did their big garden fundraiser.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
Well, they they do them all for hours.

Unknown Speaker 29:10
He did say he is no longer 20 And

Unknown Speaker 29:15
what Yes, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:21
On the backside there so the ACR Yeah.

Speaker 6 29:24
So but he is very excited about doing it and I think we’ll be likely to do that. The other thing that was on my on my plate was gonna try to talk to Tim King about doing a more but instructable thing about his broads work. And I don’t know if anybody’s familiar with Tim kings. He has done a lot of the if you’ve ever been to the elementary schools and see the bronze pieces, the children reading books or anything like that. He’s got several pieces around him. He’s an amazing artist and behavior. because it’s in the works. I’m still working on that one, but it was at Roosevelt Park. So, yeah, he

Unknown Speaker 30:10
would be upside. Yeah,

Speaker 6 30:12
we had talked about placing him in front of the the autumn house. And that is true. Or it depends on

Speaker 1 30:18
the weather or if the live painting is on the porch, you can maybe under the portico Reese protect us. And

Unknown Speaker 30:23
we’ll we’ll figure out the smattering you’re able to activate all these different spaces, I think would be really nice. Okay, great. Talk about your life model. Yeah.

Speaker 8 30:36
So his name is John Marin. He’s been painting out of Boulder for decades. But he’s wonderful. He’s a veteran that I worked with at Chautauqua and he does a lot of work with the old Victorians in downtown boulder. So I thought that that was a really great fit. And he loves to kind of talk to people about his work. And he’ll, you know, I’m not sure we’re trying to work out if he can maybe come and do something ahead of time to get a image of the house started. So then that he’d be working on it while he’s here. But yeah, so I don’t know if that’ll be able to happen or not. But either way the subject matter will be appropriate. John Aaron, a Arlen. So yeah, that’ll be fine. That can be really interesting to be outside. And there’s a lot of like plein air painting all over the place all the time. So that would be great. And also working on trying to help fill those glass house so well. You

Unknown Speaker 31:46
have one kind of couple. Yes, yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 31:49
in the back from our local water chorus, but

Speaker 1 31:52
I’ve had some other names. And again, we can throw it up to the board if we do have two spots in the house yet. So if you know somebody just throw it out to us.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
And who was it you talked about here in the diner?

Speaker 1 32:04
Can you believe the lien? Anita, I think she runs the red door and she has a consigned it’s like a designing place for artists. And so what she does is bring a sampling of about 10 different artists. And it’s nice, you know, because you get a lot of different things right. Hi, hi. Rob on the way so what used to be right next to the crane Paulo or crane

Speaker 6 32:34
that they did I think they’re reopening to see what they did to the gas station out there. The new little the gas station, the credible, amazing coffee shop.

Unknown Speaker 32:47
Oh, I was walking around with be something.

Unknown Speaker 32:51
Really, it just looks just amazing. It’s

Unknown Speaker 32:54
very upscale, isn’t it?

Speaker 2 32:55
Yeah. Yeah. So you’re open to having a couple more if you only have two spots, but one is, let’s say once, add one more.

Unknown Speaker 33:10
We want different types. So

Speaker 1 33:11
we’ve got a photographer we’ve got sampling in here, driver thing. There’ll be a watercolor that tentative one into watercolor. So pick some you know if you if you know somebody let us know.

Speaker 5 33:26
That so are we still open to maybe having a jewelry on it just

Speaker 1 33:30
jewelry is fine. We’ll probably have a little jewelry here. But that’s fine. That would be good as a parlor because that’s a small group. So the jewelry doesn’t need as much. Okay,

Speaker 6 33:37
I have an artist that I reach out to and see great.

Speaker 1 33:40
And that’s the one spot okay, if the watercolor comes through so then this is certainly too so again if somebody does is workout, don’t panic, we saw

Speaker 7 33:51
the other

Unknown Speaker 33:55
day date is September 9.

Speaker 1 34:03
And I am telling the artists than usual that come here three, three to four setup. Those three of us will have to divide up you know, divide up the board, but the three of us in the group will be in the first group because we want to be here when people we’ve talked to

Unknown Speaker 34:21
get things going. Yeah.

Speaker 5 34:22
Now something was mentioned about a contract. Do we need to happen is a contract than personal musicians if we’re just doing the normal I don’t I believe

Speaker 3 34:43
generally try to stick with over the past years just know instead of contract for somebody to do what they normally do, like pay somebody committed. A contract

Unknown Speaker 34:58
I understand if we’re Paying a large sum or something?

Speaker 6 35:01
Yeah, you know, it would seem silly, it seems silly, but sometimes end up going all the way to the system. But I just wanted to verify,

Speaker 2 35:18
I think, under the threshold of when you’d have to provide someone with a 1099

Speaker 8 35:23
stated in the letter, so I think it’s fine. One more thing to reiterate if somebody’s getting a another vendor by chance that there’s no table fee, which is really exciting every time people table fee, and we are on the map to pay for the

Speaker 1 35:40
advertising serrania advertisement. Yeah, so just Yes, them to don’t promise that because, you know, we might have already talked to somebody but just throw it our way. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Okay, so I think we have covered our walk. Thanks, very buddy.

Unknown Speaker 35:59
So there has to be different.

Speaker 1 36:06
Okay, to move on to new business. Okay, news releases for grant project. Cool. Let’s tap on them.

Speaker 2 36:15
I’m happy to draft something that then would of course, be approved by the board. And then would of course, I guess, would that have to go through legal before it goes to the newspaper or

Unknown Speaker 36:31
no, just drew us timing wise, if you technically know anybody in their lives. You guys representing?

Speaker 6 36:49
So honestly, I think that’d be amazing. Karen, if we did that, and then we approved of it at the next meeting, and then put it in place if you’re saying in my mind and thinking is the concrete for easy can it be completed on your office?

Speaker 3 37:07
Well, by the end of August, that’s the six weeks between mid July and the end of

Unknown Speaker 37:10
August. So that would be perfect.

Speaker 6 37:14
timing wise. So people combined see something’s going on.

Speaker 3 37:21
Yeah, so imagine something going out. Again, mid July as we restart and really the visual steps are going to be in the next six weeks.

Speaker 5 37:30
I was thinking that in August 1 thing we went put it out and then we’re done. Yeah. project

Speaker 1 37:42
to do that, for the Board’s review and approval, as my apologies but I want to jump back to Artwalk just for a second. We didn’t discuss the upstairs room which will be open during Artwalk and not normally and I think we’ll do that again this year as we play video. You know, it’s a nice historical video, but we also speak up there so we can kind of condense that a little more into the east side and then carrying you wanted to set up a table I think for the for the grants if you want to

Speaker 2 38:15
out well I would prefer that be in the library and reasons well the reasons the hope would be people can actually well they can I Artwalk is for the artists is the primary Yeah, that’s why we offer them what it is that we’ve discussed that that would be like our unveiling projects and the grant so that’s why I suggested and

Speaker 1 38:46
I remember you brought it up with that was just brought up but wasn’t it discussed that

Speaker 6 38:50
we could label that this is the window and then we would do most of the historic stuff UPS Yeah, maybe

Speaker 1 38:56
just put a little eight by 10 little table you know what framed a little bit what do you call it a tripod tripod this a little tripod not a big tripod and the library in there but not have but really because an artist is going to have their we that’s why we’re doing this that’s what we asked them

Speaker 7 39:14
if you shoulder stuff was impossible to do anything like that for the summer open house No we don’t we’re ongoing but just don’t it out week

Unknown Speaker 39:29
visuals already? Yeah

Speaker 1 39:33
yeah. Put a marker but then put the details upstairs. You could have a whole table

Speaker 5 39:42
and make well we can take a picture of it. Put a marker and I think we can we

Speaker 2 39:49
can we make it I guess the marker so that it holds the space of the career plan. In other words, so the artist is not set in that

Speaker 6 39:55
but more sure we can do that and then we have more in depth Information upstairs. Because what we had talked about doing upstairs is we talked about having the film, and then having

Unknown Speaker 40:07
the items that were for purchase.

Speaker 6 40:11
Right there in you with the discussion. And then we talked about having historic clothing in price. And I had that contact that you met the young gentleman that had menswear from from the 1900s. So I’m working on having him as well as impossibly women. Clothing to him in the bride, Terry.

Speaker 1 40:39
So if anybody happens to have a 9010 or so, wedding dress, Catholics tend to if you happen to have

Speaker 9 40:51
a Masonville, to the store therapy block store, I guess I have

Unknown Speaker 40:55
occurred about this

Unknown Speaker 41:00
period, wedding

Speaker 9 41:00
dress, as far as women’s clothing is concerned. That’s something to

Speaker 6 41:04
think about, because I bet I had just been to a luncheon with my questors group. And we had this group come in and do all the undergarments for women’s were going all over. And it was really fascinating. She had several dresses, and I was going to reach out to her to push into that place. Because I’m not I also have the historic Colorado has occurred. Costume guilt reference kind of myself. So I’ve got I’m working on

Unknown Speaker 41:34
a hard thing to come by,

Speaker 4 41:37
you know, relevant or not, but a friend of mine just showed me recently, a whole collection of vintage purses, some of them beaded, and so I’m really really old, old stuff. And her sister in law, collected it and then the sister in law passed away. I don’t know if you’d be interested in looking at this box of purses to see if there’s anything you’d want to display with the women’s clothing

Unknown Speaker 42:06
trace route being with my with my

Speaker 6 42:09
Questers for I know people that collect versus I happened. I will be fascinatingly interested

Unknown Speaker 42:14
in maybe an interesting table to set up.

Speaker 6 42:17
Yeah, I have. I’ve had a few have some I have I have some, but I collect them. It’s my passion that happens. So I’m talking to the right person here

Unknown Speaker 42:31
to set up up there.

Unknown Speaker 42:34
And I tell him that possible. In addition,

Unknown Speaker 42:40
in the guest was the guest we can change you want to keep

Unknown Speaker 42:49
us interested? Yeah. I don’t know where she’s at. Yeah. I just want to know, right? Oh, absolutely. Okay.

Speaker 4 43:05
I mentioned it to her, but that’s not clothing. I don’t know if she can get rid of it. But I guess if she was getting paid, maybe she’d

Speaker 6 43:13
been twice. Yeah, but good. That’s along this line says something to discuss that. Maybe at some of our open houses. I run into some amazing people here in Longmont. I’m blanking on the last name. Her name’s Anne. And I cannot remember her last name. But she is responsible for doing historic vaults. She has over 1000 historic goals here in town, that date some date, pre Civil War gene and genome I’m sorry. And genome, right. And she’s an amazing lady. She has done the restoration for all sorts of stuff. It’s just astounding what she’s got. And maybe that would be something that we might consider doing at an open house at some point where we would bring in specific guests that don’t necessarily want to sell items, but that would like to just play it historically.

Unknown Speaker 44:18
Just fundraising. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 44:18
Yes. Thank you. And

Speaker 2 44:23
so in wrapping that was cheesy, the clothing, part of the art is going to be in what was formerly known as the bride’s room now known as the guest room. And in the meeting room, we’ll have an East Side DVD planning and house items for sales such as the books and the artwork, artwork, on the east side of the meeting room and on the west side, we can have a table for the rent project

Speaker 1 44:52
and actually send it out they can tweak it, you know, they would work better somewhere else. But that’s a good that’s a good starting plan.

Speaker 2 44:58
That’s a good outline. Yeah. And we’ll have a marker, as you call it near the curved glass here, can that be on one of the short square tables so that it has been on just a tabletop easel that shows and it’s just in front of the window. So that, in essence, it kind of directs people to, to where to look. And then, you know, they’re seeing the easel with the information about the window. And they’re looking right there. The windows right there, right.

Speaker 1 45:29
I don’t want to pry the wills or something there. But I don’t want to promise a whole table because again, we did promise that room to an artist and she’s not talking

Speaker 2 45:37
large. No wonder the Cardinals? Because yeah, we usually do the artists

Unknown Speaker 45:41
like to cartoons are up right. Right. I think Yeah. So we’re right in front of it. So that if it’s taking too much, right, I think

Speaker 5 45:59
just saying that when we set up, Brittany, and I will be here and Karen, if you come in then we’ll just make a decision on what goes way what works. And I think we’re all adults. That looks nice. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 46:20
that stuff, will you guys will tweak it as we go along. Okay, sorry for jumping back there. But

Unknown Speaker 46:29
where are we now I know.

Speaker 1 46:30
We already talked about the news release. Karen is going to write us a great article. And the default T is the 60s so we need to start looking at a date for that.

Unknown Speaker 46:44
May I suggest that we do something in early October?

Speaker 1 46:49
Oh it’s indoors. So we don’t know about the weather’s?

Speaker 5 46:55
Well then if we’re lucky, maybe the garden we might still have a little smattering of the gardens. October

Unknown Speaker 47:05
October is when the weather starts to

Speaker 8 47:09
get together for passing President board members manager sysadmin it’s up to them. So just leave really fun to that or does despise get sponsored or

Unknown Speaker 47:25
I think the Callahan has found it.

Speaker 5 47:28
It’s we’ve tried to keep it minimal. It’s pretty low key it’s more about getting together

Speaker 2 47:35
and visiting and sharing about the house.

Speaker 5 47:39
And by October we should have good things to everybody show everything we have done together but

Unknown Speaker 47:54
we’re not gonna go

Speaker 2 48:01
past that were on the financial reports from years prior like and and it’s going to be something very similar in line with that.

Speaker 5 48:10
We had pastries brought in for us and she’s right in. I believe Jacqueline was responsible for all of that. We can we can certainly I know that I can pitch in and make some pastries and desserts or whatever. And then we do have cheese and things in case people have dietary issues.

Unknown Speaker 48:38
Yeah, not really a meal.

Unknown Speaker 48:42
A whole bunch of should not be myself.

Unknown Speaker 48:43
I’d rather have cheese, cheese

Speaker 5 48:45
and fruit or some savory. Maybe I have to do some small tea sandwiches. But it just does that

Unknown Speaker 48:58
first aid and 50 for all some

Unknown Speaker 49:01

Speaker 2 49:04
honestly is the main thing that we wouldn’t want to hear with anyone’s other plans for a holiday.

Unknown Speaker 49:12
We’re trying to first Can we try the first

Unknown Speaker 49:15
sign on his birthday? On Saturday, October

Unknown Speaker 49:27
22 How’s everyone for

Unknown Speaker 49:29
the 22nd weather can be good and bad. I could get together with her on Saturday.

Unknown Speaker 49:38
We get back from a women’s retreat that day on

Unknown Speaker 49:40
the 29th that might be Krishna Glocal

Unknown Speaker 49:45
I mean I wouldn’t use the weather as an indicator because

Speaker 2 49:49
we have no be is okay or the first one okay,

Speaker 5 49:53
I can even don’t want you to do that. But yeah, I think the first is fine for us. You’re back last year on Saturday. You’re awesome. You’re after.

Speaker 7 50:02
Yeah, we can always suggest that we don’t have to put in concrete. Yep. Yeah. So what are your expenses? What’s the invitations that we sent out?

Speaker 2 50:11
There? It was, it was their supplies that we already have here at the house. That was minimum. All right. We didn’t set out what 20

Unknown Speaker 50:26
was 30 and we actually use have stamps that

Speaker 7 50:28
were okay. All right. We want that to go so

Unknown Speaker 50:33
well, it’s there’s the other thing is we could go okay, yeah, we could go for

Unknown Speaker 50:39
just my wife. We’d like to see I liked the

Unknown Speaker 50:43
first if we could. Oh, yeah.

Speaker 7 50:51
Your felt that Yes. Just the last part So

Speaker 2 50:57
COVID says, do your mom’s through your mother models. So October 1, how about the time that we’ve done in the past has been a afternoon kind of mid afternoon

Unknown Speaker 51:12
too far thoughts?

Unknown Speaker 51:14

Speaker 5 51:20
I think that will permit because interest to two o’clock for people that have fishing issues, elderly people on the board or whatever else don’t want to be driving out in the dark. And I think if we need to look broadly you know, one or two is good and then everybody’s

Unknown Speaker 51:39
once on to one or two if we

Speaker 5 51:41
go at two and then we can be here at one to set up

Unknown Speaker 51:45
I think that works for some people on Sundays at

Unknown Speaker 51:48
church services. We don’t want to

Unknown Speaker 51:50
see you don’t want to take them on you know

Unknown Speaker 51:58
Brittany, thank you for

Speaker 5 52:04
spring I mean really a cup of tea a couple of sandwiches they’ll be nice nobody

Unknown Speaker 52:18
should be more than

Speaker 2 52:23
it’s generally a two hour thing. Next, so if we have done 123 and also two to four so what do you all want to do? What 123 So what you were thinking here Yes, that’s what I was thinking.

Speaker 1 52:52
A bunch of 1233 Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:01
Yeah. So then can you send that out to everybody? So I’ll figure out a way is set for the October 1 at 1pm. Okay, moving on to um, do you need to set up apologists do we need to set up committee?

Unknown Speaker 53:30
Yeah, I suppose we should be volunteers.

Unknown Speaker 53:34
Of course. I think we will. Okay Cindy, did you want

Speaker 2 53:50
it there’s really no to no barrier

Unknown Speaker 53:57
Great. One more voice always has a better suggestion than the other

Speaker 2 54:04
it’s always good to get more people involved in exactly in all these annual plans.

Speaker 9 54:12
Well once you help planner then like say all of us

Speaker 2 54:18
like the point is just to get together and talk about them and then of course bring it back to the board to say okay, so what do you think are the other input or suggestion it’s always that way

Unknown Speaker 54:29
you guys instead of deciding sounds good.

Speaker 2 54:36
I’ll reach out to you to set us up for beautiful for me

Speaker 1 54:41
already and then number see now we moved the July 26 Open House spot see here so we can discuss there. timing of it. Will that be later because the other one was started? Of

Unknown Speaker 54:53
course it’s

Speaker 2 54:56
it’s, I think that if we have more than just So now we’re gonna have that might be a good idea. But more importantly, getting the word out is really critical. And it was in two different weeks. However, my only, my only criticism of that is this, it was really low down on the list. I mean, when you when you call it the Thursday constant contact that you have to do for you, there’s a nice, beautiful list of lots of things to do in recreation, which is fantastic. But it was pretty far down. And given that it was coming up sooner than other events, I thought it maybe should have been a little higher up on the list. That’s just a thing that I think if if something’s coming up within two weeks, probably should be one of the top items on that list. But aside from that, sending out an email to the guests who we didn’t have sign our guestbook and saying this is coming. That’s a bit of soap. So more we’re

Unknown Speaker 56:03
looking at changing times.

Speaker 2 56:05
And it’s up to you all I think the time interferes a little bit if we can extend it a little bit. I guess that’s what I would say. Because it was a six to six hour that was part of my search. I think it was four or 530 that I think it was just a bad

Speaker 6 56:27
business are working there’s no way most people don’t even get off to a fire I

Unknown Speaker 56:31
think at 430 to 630

Speaker 2 56:33
thinking that’s maybe a good idea.

Speaker 3 56:37
Or not watching too much of your guys time that’s

Unknown Speaker 56:45
more like five to seven

Unknown Speaker 56:48
that’s a better i

Speaker 5 56:51
I honestly think we’re people that are working in Yeah, it’s

Speaker 1 56:55
hard to get home from work. And you have to come right away. And if

Speaker 4 56:59
people bring kids it’s the young adults who aren’t working would have those kids if you want to educate and that’s the younger population. That’s something about getting

Unknown Speaker 57:11
more people involved and I don’t know anybody that doesn’t work except for people that are retired or for the most part it’s

Speaker 1 57:24
so can we get a agreement five to seven

Unknown Speaker 57:27
year yeah okay

Unknown Speaker 57:36
July 20 Oh

Speaker 1 57:42
census not Artwalk since it’s nothing but we can get by with a smaller crew right. Now is there anything else is it just a bit open house it’s going to be anything else? You want to show your you know, any more of the grant money more of those things

Speaker 2 57:59
when I could put together is just warming it. Sure. Yes, yes. But this is what the project is. This is where we are here’s what’s going on out there. Excuse

Speaker 5 58:12
our mess. Yeah. Absolutely. Actually that the house sales and can we have that put in our board calendars, please. So that comes out and it shows up on everybody’s

Speaker 1 58:40
Oh, I keep jumping around here. I’m sorry. Definitely one more thing back to artwork. Some we’ve always had tables set up outside. And yeah, is the city will the house take care of it? Or was any crews take care of that?

Speaker 3 58:57
I’m not sure how we’ve done in the past but I’m sure we can choose to get people what sort of tables in what were the

Speaker 1 59:05
square car tables and put a little sometimes a little table cloth on and it was for picking chairs for people just to sit out there the band would be playing so they sit and listen they

Unknown Speaker 59:15
sit and listen. I’m sure

Unknown Speaker 59:18
Jacqueline and Betsy can handle that.

Unknown Speaker 59:20
And we have a dance with somebody who’s a scientifically

Unknown Speaker 59:26
tested question. Do you need one of

Speaker 3 59:29
the material or if we could use just a little bit longer table anyway we’ll figure out

Speaker 1 59:35
what it is kind of scattered but we never the board has never messed with it. That was always

Unknown Speaker 59:42
lead us to speak to staff to do that then.

Unknown Speaker 59:47
Just want to make sure we have sorry. Yeah, let’s

Speaker 5 59:49
talk about those setup. Okay, before there’s your city So I hit her up again, but with the faulty, we should make sure that’s on the staff schedule as well that they knew that were happening to us to

Speaker 3 1:00:16
make sure this goes on. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:00:24
Okay, again, jumping around a little bit. Okay, so we’ve covered the faulty number seven and we dealt with anything else.

Speaker 2 1:00:35
Okay, step to do some open house, we are gonna get everything covered in is good. So with our summer open house and we said okay, it’s gonna be five to seven. Again, that’s a every, we all need to be here and present.

Speaker 5 1:00:56
Yeah, 15 minutes beforehand and then have specialists Chase,

Speaker 2 1:01:01
join them in the door and they are made folders as suggested, and that was an excellent blog

Speaker 6 1:01:07
on that suggestion. Do we have index for a new board members?

Speaker 2 1:01:12
They were here. Yeah. Last Last time. So great. Great.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
And since it’s July 26, which is nice. We’ll have

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
our July meeting. Yes. Yes. I

Speaker 1 1:01:23
just wanted to nail down. Sorry. Sorry, yes. Okay. Anything else? Okay, let’s move on to items from staff. That’s okay. Make sure I get this.

Speaker 3 1:01:40
So we’ve got some staffing changes, I want to update you guys on Suellen is moving into a slightly adjusted role. It’s a promotion for her doing much of the same thing that we have to have her jewelry crumble at the seams with just taking care of our backside, all of our track and all of that just fun stuff that she loves. And so she’s going to be area supervisor for us, which is great in our common Business Business Services section. And we will be hiring a program supervisor. That was her current position, we’re going to change that position. That person will actually end up overseeing Callahan house so oversee special events, general interest how hen house sandstone rentals, wow. There’s a person who took those jobs. Okay, so that’s, that person’s gonna see

Speaker 5 1:02:51
so so we’re gonna not see swelling anymore.

Speaker 3 1:02:55
You’re gonna have to move further. I think you’ll see me and probably this person to you know, we’ll figure that out. There’s a ways to go see her for a while

Unknown Speaker 1:03:07
for sure. Oh, congratulations to her.

Speaker 3 1:03:11
It’s very well deserved. So that dovetails into the amazing news that we’ll have somebody around for July 26 And somebody after the July 12 board meeting will have to resign from the board to welcome our new house manager oh

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
oh my gosh

Speaker 10 1:03:50
oh, all very very excited. today. Yeah. So

Speaker 3 1:04:03
Thursday figure out as July 7 So we’ll be at the July 12th Meeting resigning from the board after that you’re fired from here

Unknown Speaker 1:04:18

Speaker 3 1:04:29
Yeah, we actually had some great candidates which was this is not an easy position to build and we were really impressed and very amusing and she was obviously a target right now just straight away. could not be happier from our welcome I haven’t actually seen so we’re could not be more excited. or for sure. Helping to get started on the wall behind the scenes stuff I haven’t involved myself with. So you’ll see a lot of just knew you got

Unknown Speaker 1:05:26
a great story background and you’re perfect. Well, that is really good. Okay, so immediately. But we don’t know who the interim person is the other face? Yeah. Oh no,

Speaker 3 1:05:44
that’s, that’s yeah, the program supervisor will be that job leg will be posted externally. We do have a couple of good internal candidates for it. But we’ll definitely post that one externally. That’s the job I’m excited to have. Because I’m doing that

Unknown Speaker 1:06:04
he wants to break. Like

Speaker 3 1:06:09
it’s been over a year and it’s time and it’s time

Unknown Speaker 1:06:13
to retire that one hat. Yeah,

Speaker 3 1:06:16
I need to, I need to be looked at more to the recreation center and aquatics and some different things. So, definitely excited for me, but also this, I think it’s really cool disposition. The way we’ve kind of maybe reorganized really allows this person, we haven’t had this sort of position, even when I was area supervisor, spread quite a bit more thin this person is going to be able to really to focus on on those areas in programming, and assist again, there’s a person who will serve salmon events. And there’s Kristin and the general programming and written here at Michelle and our rentals, and it’s an area or therapeutic or new person’s therapeutic recreation. So they can their only job is to help them and God knows I do that. I’m thankful that people that. But somehow they can continue to grow. exciting time for us. And this is a big sport.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19
Yeah. Couldn’t be happier. Okay.

Speaker 6 1:07:26
I’m rethinking. So then that opened several more position. How are we going to handle that?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:33
You wouldn’t get refilled.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
Last year, we’re too short. Yeah, we were short, short.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:42

Unknown Speaker 1:07:44
But But basically, it stays open until we go through the whole process. How does it work then? Since you don’t have a quorum, hopefully no. changes. We do have the Gorman’s. If we have a time we have to talk more in Congress. We will be better Oh wait. Yeah, I think it’s better to negotiate. Yeah, celebrate. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:08:26
So okay, that was the only item walking tool. So we have one more item on the boards, anybody have any little tidbits to share on your you’ll

Speaker 2 1:08:42
always love sharing? Well, part of is, is follow up from last, last last meeting, really him this way. But and so take one and personalize. This is just a little bit of proposed language for an email to go to the guests who have signed the guestbook. And anyone else who has reached out for information about future things that are coming up at the house, the write offs of that, of course, we need to change the summer house time from 4.63 to five to seven. So go ahead and strike that. Replace that with a factor of seven timeframe. But I did want to run this by you all and see Is this acceptable to you for swelling or whoever it’s going to be doing that? Just proper email from the city to our guests who have

Speaker 1 1:09:43
the email be coming from overseas city of mama or let’s say from you know, the Frost has

Speaker 2 1:09:49
a question. I was going to ask you all that, would you would you like it to say so, Sarah, this subject from the Callahan house Oh, or what what would you want? Like,

Speaker 1 1:10:02
wanted to let you know? Well, if anybody’s email is like my email box, I just get so much stuff that I need something that catches my eye that I don’t want it. Because I get so much advertising. So I just kind of go through the link, delete. But if it’s something catches my eye, then I skip over that one. And I come back and read it. So it does I just want to say something in the subject line that will catch their eye.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:25
Well, this is going to

Unknown Speaker 1:10:26
the people that have signed up

Speaker 6 1:10:28
for you know, Can we somehow have it? Well, here it says website that one my call around go see

Unknown Speaker 1:10:38
that we

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
come from? It’ll come from a city. Yeah. The subject subject to Callaghan house events that we should immediately

Unknown Speaker 1:10:56
you’ve done your anything that catches your eye? I think

Unknown Speaker 1:11:03
that’s perfect. Kelly

Unknown Speaker 1:11:05
should be counted. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:12
Thank you for doing this. Yes. How

Unknown Speaker 1:11:15
does that read to you austerity?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:18
Really well.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:21
It’s simple. And it gets the point.

Speaker 2 1:11:24
Now I did leave, refer to website for details on that site open house, because that’s going to be a reservation required. Event budget, it’s a holiday open house is just refer refer to the website for time because we’ve not yet carved out those time. And so at this point that seems appropriate to just refer them to. Okay. Just wanted to double check with you all make sure that

Speaker 9 1:11:54
so I have a question. Did we have some point? Discuss wanting to collect donations? The QR code was kind of designed for that, is that built into this QR code?

Speaker 2 1:12:08
And when you scan it from from from the donation option is at the top of the information page.

Speaker 6 1:12:20
Right had been at the bottom and you can see it, so we request to pick up. So yes. So if you scan

Speaker 2 1:12:27
because it’s at the top of the information page. Quite good.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:36
Okay, items from the board. Are you done? Or do you have some printers?

Speaker 2 1:12:43
To? Okay, so as long as this is okay, then should I just email the content to you? Okay, and then

Unknown Speaker 1:12:55
you should send it to the whole

Speaker 2 1:12:56
board. A copy? Well, it’s the same content, nothing changes just just to it’s just

Speaker 1 1:13:03
that we all know, but everybody else’s see. That’s okay.

Speaker 2 1:13:07
So, and then the last couple of days, I got another article from Brian who’s doing that research. really kind of neat. I couldn’t wait to share it. But it’s just this isn’t children. Yeah. Well, he’s from Texas, but he’s doing the Yeah. But he’s doing the research. But he found some article for me, my 236 that Tom Callahan had gotten back to the city there and informed them that there was this article in the Times called here that he was receiving his 50 year. Jewel is what they call it for the FBI. Oh. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:58
The clock actually is over on Main Street.

Speaker 2 1:14:03
Right. Yeah. So anyway, so he shared this with us, too. This can be included in scrap. Okay. And then I still need photos of the for support before for this show. I just thought it was an email to sue on and to you about that scrapbook. Okay.

Speaker 1 1:14:22
All right. I have a question on the scrapbook. Is anybody working on digital, digital? I can’t say

Speaker 2 1:14:31
I’m going to, I’m going to ask you all if you would prefer to have that done by an avatar that we’re not going to have any cost. Or if you would like me to go ahead and get an estimate of what it would cost like a procedure from from someone who does art photography, and it was referred to me by Eric Masons. We will possibly

Unknown Speaker 1:14:56
see a sample of three work. Okay.

Speaker 2 1:15:00
So show us what you can do. It’s not it would not we would not be that professional. Or it would be a student who

Speaker 1 1:15:09
wanted to do a sample for us. Not all of it just to compete, just so you can see what it would look like.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:19
Right? So it would be good to see ya, okay. All right. Forget Yeah, it could be

Unknown Speaker 1:15:36
rice, price, or price,

Speaker 6 1:15:40
even monitor, it may have been more mature than we can consider figuring out how it responds to

Unknown Speaker 1:15:47
this trend.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:49
So there’s, there’s ways to

Speaker 2 1:15:53
orient there are funds and counting house funds that could be utilized for it. We can do this. All right. I’ll bring some an estimate, and some sample to next month.

Speaker 1 1:16:10
Or if you don’t get it together for them. But yeah, that’d be great. That’d be wonderful. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:16
I have an issue that I wanted to bring up before.

Speaker 6 1:16:18
My daughter, Molly is she’s she is doing several films and professional work on almost lines. And she said that she’d be willing to come and work with us with her film crew, and redo the video that we have of the cabinet. That’s it’s kind of dated, I’m trying to be diplomatic, it’s dated. And I think that they could use some work. It’s something for us to think about and to consider. We could also get a grant for it to cover expenses, but she is her work was actually put up for award this year.

Speaker 6 1:17:14
To Sony, and she’s very good at what she does, but I thought it was very generous on her part. She said, Would you consider collaborating? And because I talked about, she’s heard me talk about the video, needing to be updated and whatnot. And then if that would be possible, that would be a consideration if we did our film more than we could possibly consider working to have it put on

Speaker 1 1:17:40
Colorado. That’s what I did. I think that’s yeah, that video does cover it’s not just counting houses a lot. It’s a lot because she would include them.

Speaker 6 1:17:51
Yeah. And she’s, you know, she is she’s also worked with, she’s worked on various different words and conditions for selfish is achieved as a student worked with downtown development. So authority, and it just she’s got a lot of amazing background about that, that she’s even willing to consider. It gets pretty amazing. Molly McQuaid Mo, ll IE. But it’s something I’ve wanted to put out there. You know, I know, other board members who have hurt me expressed that I think we have an opportunity here to possibly get on in and use the phones. I like watching PBS and watching them in Colorado Experience. And I think the Callahan would be a great fit. And if we could get something that was up to par, that they would be willing to look at that would be crucial.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:57
So do we need to

Speaker 6 1:19:00
I don’t think it’s something that we need to discuss the support has been open to have a discussion to have or come in and talk to the board. or similar. I mean, it’s up to you guys on whether this is something that you want to look at for now or who want to postpone it and look at it for an extra project. Again, the sooner we get on the the calendar to discuss things, it will take time to do it, and, and whatnot because she’s got all the projects that she’s working on.

Speaker 1 1:19:33
I would I would be in favor of getting her here to at least look it over and talk to us a little bit about it. I don’t know when we could squeeze in our

Unknown Speaker 1:19:44
agenda next month. Just kind of interesting to us,

Speaker 6 1:19:50
which was a shoe which again, yeah, so I will ask if the shoe can present something to the board that we More work in your brain. And I’ll keep in contact with the purpose and and being in what should be on that agenda. But, but I wanted to put it out there.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:12
So July is a 12, that should be available on

Unknown Speaker 1:20:15
title apps. Yeah, that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:20:19
what the night

Speaker 6 1:20:23
as she is working on other people’s projects, and then a quick side note, for a community event that I did want to bring up, I am working on a fundraiser this weekend, at my father’s house on 3000 means 3000 Mountain View, we’re doing a cluster squad sale, which is from a firm across the state. And if you know about clusters, we then any proceeds that we do go for historic preservation. So anybody that would be interested to come, it’s going from eight

Unknown Speaker 1:20:55
until two o’clock,

Speaker 6 1:20:57
please come in, consider buying something for heat,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:01
or or

Speaker 6 1:21:05
spend some high dollar or so. And it all is for a good cause. So it’s this 1717 at 3000 Mountain View. And it goes from eight until

Unknown Speaker 1:21:24
April. That’s an interesting, second to be posted anywhere.

Speaker 6 1:21:27
It’s where it is posted on in the newspaper. And again, we’ve invited all the Questers throughout the state. Okay, so we’re a national organization. So we’ve got latest.

Speaker 1 1:21:43
All right. Um, so any more items from the board? Catalog today? Okay, let’s move on to future agenda items. And let’s see the house manager picture project that’s pretty under control that house

Unknown Speaker 1:21:57
is just waiting.

Speaker 2 1:22:00
Yeah, I was gonna say collectively, that and the past and present board member. Well, Walmart is going to be happening at the same time. And it really just comes down to when the wall when walls when the hallway walls, because all of the photos that are on the walls right now in the hallway, and I just outside of afternoon to come on. And then we’re going to be meeting with Kevin next

Speaker 3 1:22:30
week just to talk about that, you know, I don’t just, here’s what we want to do. Here’s what’s here now. Any thoughts on? So? Yes. So I’ll have some more information.

Speaker 5 1:22:43
Okay, do you need volunteers to come and wrap the current

Unknown Speaker 1:22:47
pitches that are on the wall? And

Speaker 3 1:22:50
not yet. So let me let me meet with them. And then I’m reluctant to do much of anything as far as that stuff goes through the house through the end of August. So But again, as far as doing that work, I will know why. So at the next meeting, we’ll set up with the setup.

Speaker 6 1:23:11
I know it was discussed. We didn’t want to hang anything until work was done. Then there’s the other aspect of it

Unknown Speaker 1:23:23
earlier, so that’s what we’ll talk about that for sure.

Speaker 6 1:23:26
If we need volunteers, here’s

Speaker 2 1:23:29
a session of work thing happened happened over the next month, that is fine. So we can say okay, now we could probably go and be rapidly something. But anyway, yeah, that is something that so that process

Speaker 1 1:23:46
moving on the quality there, that’s going to be we’re going to schedule that next year, right, we still haven’t get

Speaker 2 1:23:51
something we do want to consider to be scheduling for next year. So perhaps that might be something not next month or pushing it out. But potentially, you know, maybe that’s okay, we might want to eliminate it. Let’s put that on the radar for let’s bring it up in October to

Unknown Speaker 1:24:10
remind me what that as

Speaker 2 1:24:13
it’s an event that an opportunity for clubs, local clubs, to have representative come and have a table here in the house and present information about their club. And then the House is open. It’s kind of like our walk but club walk because it allows the community to come in and

Unknown Speaker 1:24:42
look at all the sub opportunities I think there’s so I don’t know who came up with it.

Speaker 9 1:24:52
We did it three years and it was to drum up business for clubs used to house it was also a fundraiser, because we changed it for tables. So if you wanted to swap card tables have separate donors female in a larger table with $600. So it was like, the work on heart for setting up the tables and figuring out where your football it was, I felt was successful. Got a little crowded. Okay, you guys. Whoa,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:27
that’s great.

Speaker 9 1:25:29
It was really pretty cool. As you learned about the different groups and clubs that were in town, the newcomers and you know, what

Speaker 1 1:25:41
we can talk about in October or unless somebody has some really good information prior to that.

Speaker 6 1:25:45
No, I think it’s a great idea. And I like the idea that we can use it as a fundraiser. So

Speaker 9 1:25:51
not only it was a community service introduced to people, and that was many several years ago. So we’ve got excellent.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:02
So was it advertised as like an open house? How was it advertised to get the public to come to

Unknown Speaker 1:26:06
it? I think we advertised in the paper as it was called. flyers. So yeah,

Speaker 1 1:26:16
okay, so attract people, not just the clubs, but you got the general public coming to kind of Oh, yeah, that’s

Speaker 9 1:26:21
just the general public. So yeah, I first had to solicit the clubs. Yeah, I’m on board. And then you have to guarantee that you were advertising to the community as well, because I particularly for two different things.

Speaker 6 1:26:33
So we could then put it in the newspaper post, have a poster of the library, have when at the Senior Center, various different locations.

Speaker 9 1:26:45
But first, we started by brainstorming all the clubs we knew about the town. And then we said to their presidents, or whatever, said flyers about it, then they had to respond at a certain date with their money and stuff. So we knew what we had thought about.

Speaker 1 1:27:01
Now, thinking back that on with the city, you know, advanced sized to get better turnout from the public. And

Speaker 2 1:27:09
I don’t know what’s in? No, that’s one thing, kind of like the iceberg. So

Unknown Speaker 1:27:15
let’s look at some time early in the year. Once we get through Christmas,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:27
right, yeah. If you think about it, January, February, that’s when people are thinking, right. So this

Speaker 2 1:27:39
is the key. Morning. May. I remember to check the time but yeah, yeah, no. It’s a well, it’s a beautiful community service. Outreach. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:54
I think it’s a great idea and

Speaker 2 1:27:57
informative about the house, but also about the local clubs and win win win, everywhere.

Speaker 1 1:28:10
Yeah, how much space do you give each club if you get a big turnout? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:28:14
think it’s a great way a lot of car tables.

Speaker 2 1:28:17
Yeah, correct. So we can just mark it that will bring that up into new business in October. Yeah.

Speaker 6 1:28:25
Yes. And could we put a tent to talk to talk about our tentative date in February?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:33
That date may be in February. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:28:42
All right. Anything else upload there? Or clone? See, review, review, future house restoration and preservation project. So we did that says in October? Yeah. Is there anything to bring up that? No.

Speaker 2 1:28:56
I think the only thing I might ask is that if we have that, we have those two spreadsheets. One that is restoration, preservation, and the other is maintenance. So notice they’ve been updated or if you need any help in doing that, but if there’s anything I mean, even Brittany, when we were walking around the house found a spot that was like, Oh, this is coming off into the wall. near the window. I was like, we’re not that’s not on the spreadsheet. So have you

Unknown Speaker 1:29:26
seen a copy of the spreadsheet?

Speaker 2 1:29:29
Yeah. All right. Both of them were included in the report. That annual report to

Unknown Speaker 1:29:39
write it was included on

Speaker 2 1:29:41
those lists, but say maybe at some point, if not in definitely in October. We probably shouldn’t be updating your job for

Unknown Speaker 1:30:09
All right, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:12
copy of that. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:30:15
Yeah, maybe we could just kind of what’s twice a year distributed. So there’ll be seats when times do something. It’s important. Okay, moving on eblast. That would be more of a

Unknown Speaker 1:30:27
swelling thing, if

Speaker 2 1:30:28
it’s just unhear as a regular reminder that anytime that we’re wanting to inform the public about anything regarding the Callahan house, that that’s what she does. And she’s available to do that. And she said, I’m willing to take any content you all would like, and put it out there. So it’s just a reminder for us to this is one of them. And so this is just a reminder for all of us to just keep in mind that there’s something that’s coming up that it’s coming

Unknown Speaker 1:30:55
up that we forgot about, or that we need to put out there. We’ve got a public friendly

Speaker 1 1:31:03
reminder every month. Okay. And the last item is I don’t know. Yes, closet organization, is that some

Unknown Speaker 1:31:11
group? Got off for that reason. thing. Great. That would be really great. So

Speaker 6 1:31:21
I know, there’s a lot of our stuff up there. And it’s through the years. So maybe that would be rather than feel like Oh, guess what, Brittany, we’re overwhelming that. We you have volunteers that are here to help. Right here a

Unknown Speaker 1:31:42
couple months, we’ll look at that.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:45
I think it could be an educational thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:48
Definitely. You received things that you haven’t seen for forever.

Speaker 7 1:31:54
Yes. Sounds like doughnuts and coffee to me

Speaker 1 1:32:00
in the day okay. Well, that covers our agenda is before I ask for Germans, anything else?

Speaker 7 1:32:11
I have one question quickly. Maybe I’m forgetting what we decided to do. But there we don’t have any financial system. And we didn’t vote our house.

Speaker 3 1:32:22
That’s just a pause on okay. But we also don’t have a lot going on. That’s kind of why

Unknown Speaker 1:32:31
didn’t always discuss it. We’re going to look at it on a quarterly.

Speaker 3 1:32:34
That’s the general we get Go on, get going to start to put that stuff back in place, but definitely on our minds, because that’s it’s important to make sure you guys have the information. The information is there. Yeah. Well, yeah, but nothing. I mean, there’s nothing earth shattering generally slow.

Speaker 1 1:33:02
So with that, can I have a motion? We adjourn.

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