Airport Advisory Board – March 2023

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Airport Advisory Board – March 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
All right. Good evening, everybody. I’m going to call our Thursday March 9 2023. Airport Advisory Board Meeting to order.

Unknown Speaker 0:08
In the absence of recording secretary, I’m calling the roll for tonight.

Unknown Speaker 0:13
welcome Dean.

Unknown Speaker 0:15
Tallis, Ella Muntean.

Unknown Speaker 0:17
Steve shook.

Unknown Speaker 0:19
Harrison Earl Here. Councilmember Martin

Unknown Speaker 0:24
Levy. We’re out in the airport manager here. Phil Greenwald, transportation planning manager.

Unknown Speaker 0:32
Mr. Chairman, you have a quorum. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 0:35
First item on our agenda is election of new Vice Chairperson. So you’ll notice our for our quorum here is all we’ve got. We’ve had Russell leave the board. So he was elected vice chair last meeting in January. So we’re opening up elections for a new Vice Chairman, for other officer position. Are there any nominations from any board members? For a Vice Chairperson?

Unknown Speaker 1:00
I’d be happy to take it on.

Unknown Speaker 1:02
Okay. Mr. Dean, self nominate. I will second

Unknown Speaker 1:07
but anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 1:10
Okay. Any further discussion? motion on the floor? All those in favor of Mr. Dean, elected vice chairman say aye. Please. Aye. Any opposed? Motion carries. Congratulations, Vice Chair Dean.

Unknown Speaker 1:24
Next item on our agenda is a public invited to be heard anyone is welcome. I will note we have two action items on the agenda. As we have done in past meetings, I’ll have a public invited to be heard for each of those action items. So if you’d like to speak about either of those, particularly you are welcome to wait until later. You’re also welcome to come forward now if you choose to.

Unknown Speaker 1:44
So with that, I’ll open up the public invited to be heard. Whoever would like to come on down.

Unknown Speaker 1:51
Just a reminder of the rules for everyone. You have five minutes I’m keeping time. Please start with your name and address address your comments to the board and please be respectful. i This is Al manly 940 Rangeview Lane 80501.

Unknown Speaker 2:05
Just one thing here.

Unknown Speaker 2:09
I’m going through a lease renewal on the south side. This would be the first as far as I’m aware of the first leases that are up for renewal on the south side. And just have a brief statement here comment a question, etc. The two vector two hangar owners, hangar Owners Association leases on the sell side have reached the initial initial lease term of 20 years. We the two Victor two HOA wanted to renew the existing lease for another 20 years. But that wasn’t offered as an option as stated in the ways. In place of the renewal we received a draft copy of the new hangar lease template, comparing the two lease documents, the existing lease that was approved at the December 2022 city council meeting and the draft template that was received, we notice a modification that didn’t match, you know, between the two documents. So my question is,

Unknown Speaker 3:12
should the unapprove modified version of the draft lease be used in place of the master lease that was approved by the City Council in December of 2022?

Unknown Speaker 3:24
And if the answer is yes, just a follow on question.

Unknown Speaker 3:30
Comment it seems to me if the master lease can be modified without city council approval.

Unknown Speaker 3:37
You know, the formal process of the city to approve these documents. Doesn’t that diminish the integrity of the mass release itself? Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:49
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:52
Would anyone else like to come forward and speak the first public invited to be heard?

Unknown Speaker 4:04
Hello, my name is Colin Dieleman 5521 West one Oh, Third Avenue West minster 800 to zero.

Unknown Speaker 4:14
This is my first approach to the board. But

Unknown Speaker 4:19
I have interest in be coming the new

Unknown Speaker 4:23
FBO on the airport. I am speaking with Chuck and Julie Myers of elite aviation and just looking for some advice on

Unknown Speaker 4:35
negotiations on the terms any future or current considerations of the land leases or anything associated with the hangar, the FBO and whatnot, just seeking advice because I have not been here for any other board meetings and would just like to catch up I guess. So.

Unknown Speaker 4:58
Thank you for your time.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Thank you very much

Unknown Speaker 5:05
any other public invited to be heard?

Unknown Speaker 5:22
Dave Kap, 4625 Wesnoth police, Westminster, Colorado. And

Unknown Speaker 5:28
so you wanted to start, you know, the Al brought up in this lease deal. The this is one of the biggest customers on the airport.

Unknown Speaker 5:36
Maybe the biggest Yeah, we’re talking 60,000 plus square foot hangers. And first 20 years on this one, one of the newest hangers to come up for renewal. And I was disappointed that the master leases and what they sent out in fact, they didn’t send anything out, we had to go back and ask them for something they wanted to do a Microsoft Teams meeting. I think the pandemic is over. I think the biggest customer airport deserves a face to face meeting with its officers of the to v2 condo association. And to talk through, let’s see the least you got let’s go through it. Although

Unknown Speaker 6:14
we asked for some advanced copy of it send us blank lease, no numbers, nothing. So pretty Cavalier. And then we noticed some changes on it. And says, Hey, what are these? I mean, you had something approved by the Advisory Board and the city council. And the bottom line is there’s changes. What are the changes? Don’t you have them highlighted or anything? No, you’ll have to go through a comparison side by side and figure out what the changes are. What kind of customer service is this for the biggest customer in the airport? Doesn’t make any sense. The

Unknown Speaker 6:55
we don’t know what else to change the render. We haven’t gotten to them side by side. The the one thing we did notice is that there’s a million dollar liability for all personal vehicles on airport labs flown into a lot of airports. I’ve been I’ve had angers on two airports in Colorado here in Jefferson County now called Metro and they don’t have a million dollar liability on personal vehicles.

Unknown Speaker 7:18
You get a bad you get you just file a Colorado law right $100,000 liability is comfortable for the whole rest of the airport. airports in Colorado and everywhere I’ve ever landed. Never question In fact, most of the places I land they give me a courtesy car. They wouldn’t care if I got a driver’s license or insurance course they’re not the nicest cars but they’re a car they’ll get you from A to B

Unknown Speaker 7:41

Unknown Speaker 7:44
and along with that if you look at this new lease 21 dot 10 says that this the lease shall be governed and construed by the laws of Colorado well the laws of Colorado say $100,000 liability fine for the rest of the world. What the hell’s wrong with us? You can’t possibly manage this. You can’t the visitors that come in you got to card them and see what they got me not a liability. What about the skydivers you got half the south side over there. If you don’t monitor anything in or out of there ridiculous

Unknown Speaker 8:20
the you gave a lot of accolades to the new airport manager. He’s coming up on his one year anniversary I wanted to give you a little my perception as a customer that

Unknown Speaker 8:31
yeah, got great accolades on a 3000 4000 feet of sewer line over there, I didn’t see one manhole and 4000 foot of sewer you can’t even get 4000 feet of sewer. So those should have been added when the last modernization of the water and sewer was done at Longmont. They included both water and sewer no water was added back over there. So now the expectation is you’re going to attract a developer

Unknown Speaker 8:57
and ask him to come up with a million and a half dollars for front for

Unknown Speaker 9:03
storm sewer drainage, raise the elevation, you’re not going to attract anybody and you got no water over there. And the existing customers that are down there that want water got got roughed in and everything you didn’t do any half taps on these things. Now you got to do 180 degree loop to get back to the new plan where the sewer line is. So bottom line I don’t think I would grade them very high in this performance even though the sewer is in and now we got new grassy but no manholes, no half taps, no idea you got to you got to have to radio code out where the hell the sewer line is dig back down to it to get tied to it.

Unknown Speaker 9:44
And the the annual performance review we got last last session was pretty weak. I mean, it was the worst I’ve seen in the 20 years I’ve been here there was no income and expense report. We have no idea how much money came in and where it went out. I see $50,000 Bobcat

Unknown Speaker 10:00
sitting out there that somehow we’re paying for not in use.

Unknown Speaker 10:04
The no awareness of what the real plans are coming up, what kind of grants we got approved. So overall for Levi’s first year, I gave him a d minus. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 10:18
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 10:23
Anyone else like to speak at this time?

Unknown Speaker 10:28
Okay, seeing nobody. Next item on our agenda is approval of our January 2023 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 10:35
Do any board members have any comments, revisions? anything they’d like to see changed?

Unknown Speaker 10:42

Unknown Speaker 10:44
I have, I think one.

Unknown Speaker 10:49
Page one, line 22.

Unknown Speaker 10:53
This is the election of officers. It says that board member Robeson dissented on his own nomination for Vice Chairman. I believe it should be abstain, not dissent.

Unknown Speaker 11:08
If there’s nothing else, I would entertain a motion to approve the minutes with that amendment.

Unknown Speaker 11:19
Is that Mr. Chuck? Oh, sorry. Motion to approve the minutes as written with you.

Unknown Speaker 11:27
was moved and seconded. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 11:31
Any further discussion?

Unknown Speaker 11:33
All those in favor say aye.

Unknown Speaker 11:35
Aye. Any opposed?

Unknown Speaker 11:38
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 11:40
Item six updates from the airport manager.

Unknown Speaker 11:45
All right.

Unknown Speaker 11:49
I’ve got a few updates for you guys. This week. I’ll go through them. And if there’s any questions, I’ll just go through them. ABCD. If you have any questions, I’ll leave a little spot at the end of each one there for you guys. Southwest sewer project is pretty much all wrapped up was just processing paperwork this week to close out on that project. They did also get the grass seed planted and then they got hay down put on it. So everything’s buttoned up. It’s all passed inspection. Things are looking really good.

Unknown Speaker 12:18
Little bit of a project left, just need to double check, make sure we’re repairing some of the permanent road and the turnaround area for the skydiving outfit. But beyond that, everything is 100% Done.

Unknown Speaker 12:31
Any questions on the southwest your project?

Unknown Speaker 12:35
Mr. Shah?

Unknown Speaker 12:37
So we heard from Dave cough about manholes and things like that. Can you comment on that? I can comment from the manholes. I’ve inspected myself there’s at least two long around I think there’s actually a third There’s one at the terminus also. So there’s manholes. In fact, that was one of the things on our cleanup list. was we needed to reroute rate around the manholes to make sure that they were to spec we had a gap of about four inches. We wanted to level with the rest of the ground.

Unknown Speaker 13:08
Mr. Dean, yeah, quick question. Um, you said you put grass seed down with drought resistant? And what kind of grass seed did you use? It was we I can’t remember the exact one. But we had discussions about that during the meeting as we wanted, of course, low maintenance Colorado native grass out there that would grow naturally. So that was planted and then proper mitigation to make sure that hopefully it grows the best that it can with the hay and stuff like that. That was actually kind of the last thing on the whole list. Really, the project’s been done done. But we’ve been waiting on March to get that grass in to give it the best chance for for growing come this spring here. Perfect. Thank you much.

Unknown Speaker 13:50
And when else on the sewer project

Unknown Speaker 13:53
go ahead lever. All right. Prairie Dog mitigation. So as we’ve discussed it, other airport advisory board meetings, speak into the mic. Oh, is it a little closer here? Is that better? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 14:08
All right. So we’ve discussed it other airport advisory board meetings. We had FAA inspection last year and there was definitely a concern about the pre dug holes.

Unknown Speaker 14:18
So we’re pressing forward with doing a complete airport mitigation plan is and we’ve covered this up for meetings but do a full clean with a six pack machines on every hole and airport come back. Now the plan is two days later and do it all again to all the dugout holes, the concept being to get just the hardest hit we can on it and then the city’s wildlife department can hopefully come in after that and keep on top of it. So that’s the plan that is moving forward. We got all the money moves around in the airport budget we need to do that Pio has been created that we are going to go with I think in the last minutes I miss mention the company was

Unknown Speaker 15:00
which was D HQ ranch services. And they are we’ll be doing that service. They’re gonna be starting hopefully Tuesday. So I spoke with him this morning. They’re supposed to be out here Tuesday, there’ll be for about a week with their first push, we’ll have a couple day pause, and then they’ll do another whole airport push. So that’s moving forward. Quickly. Any questions on predawn? Mr. Jean? And hold on, let me actually get to a possible price that was gonna cost the city for that. Yeah, I made the PIO for $43,000. It’s all based on hourly rate. So it’s hard to say exactly what it’s going to be. But that’s kind of our best guess the they put it up, we had the wildlife guys kind of assess it based on their hourly rate and what they’d be doing. And they said, Yeah, that looks pretty close. So that’s where we’re sitting at right now. Perfect, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 15:54
Right, what else?

Unknown Speaker 15:56
Okay, next one engineering consultant update, I put this on the agenda, with the greatest of hopes that I would be able to update

Unknown Speaker 16:06
more about this. But

Unknown Speaker 16:09
we are still technically in the cone of silence because of signatures on paper. So I know Tallis knows more about it, because he was part of that process. But technically, via city rules, we’re still in the cone of silence. So we can’t talk too much about that. I can say that we are incredibly close to the point where I checked this morning

Unknown Speaker 16:30
to see if I could talk about this. And it’s it seems like most things are signed is maybe just a transit of paperwork and making sure it’s in the right people’s hands right now. So we can we can move forward with.

Unknown Speaker 16:44
Yeah, and we can send out certainly we will send out a communication when that’s all. All official I was, again, in this month’s airport update, I had it all prepped up and written up to make the announcement of that engineering consultant. And I had to pull that from the the email kind of last minute. But any any answer questions on that that I could talk about? Anyway?

Unknown Speaker 17:09
Levi’s, that something that has to go to council for their approval? Once you know, signatures, okay, so that’s just we’ve gone through the rather painful process of the kind of standard procurement process through this city. So that’s supposed to be all we need to do. So really, it’s just signatures. And to my understanding, really all that’s been signed and done is just really our procurement department, making the official announcement that we are out of the cone of silence and can proceed forward. Fair enough.

Unknown Speaker 17:39
Any questions from anyone?

Unknown Speaker 17:43
Or meeting Okay, airshow meeting. So we have set up for Saturday at 9am. At the Public Works and natural resources field office, which is right next to the airport, for you, the who are familiar with it. You might know it if you’ve ever tried to navigate to the airport by putting it in your map on your cell phone because it takes you to that office instead of the airport for some reason. But we’ll be having a meeting there and nine o’clock Saturday morning. And what we’re doing is just trying to get a basic idea of who’s interested and helping out on the airshow. And it’s time to start organize things to a point where we have an organization that we can move forward with and actually get some things accomplished. So that’ll be nine o’clock on Saturday morning, tell your friends, I sent that out in its own email. I also sent that out in the airport update and the address and the times and locations around that. Also.

Unknown Speaker 18:39
Have you gotten much response from people saying they’re likely to be there? I’ve gotten to people RSVP

Unknown Speaker 18:46
I kind of said, hey, please, RSVP if you don’t have to show up if you don’t. Belinda told me actually, that she’s heard a little bit more about interest.

Unknown Speaker 18:59
So she’s kind of hopeful that we will have at least a small crowd at least to the point where I’m gonna go buy donuts, just in case. So anyone else wants to show up just for Dona.

Unknown Speaker 19:09
Dona should be emailed so I’m getting. I’m getting lumbars. So yeah, exactly. So that’ll be Saturday morning. 9am. At the Public Works. Field Office. Any questions on that?

Unknown Speaker 19:25
comments from anybody here on that?

Unknown Speaker 19:29
Oh, there’s another. That’s it. That’s RSVP. I’ll consider that.

Unknown Speaker 19:35
It’s not in sorry. I put the address in the communications. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:41
I see nobody else there. Leave anything else on your that’s what I got. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 19:48
Can I ask you? I’m not asking about any particular lease or negotiation that you’re in. However, there are concerns that were raised about lease modification from the master lease

Unknown Speaker 20:00
and particularly the insurance requirement. Can you talk at all about that and where that stands, I can talk a little about that. That’s something that actually that the risk department came to me about and saying that we needed to alter apparently it’s, it’s changed over the years. And another thing was brought up as I didn’t have a list of exactly what’s changed in the lease. Well, the problem is, over the last 20 years, there’s actually been several incarnations of leases. So anyone, Givens persons lease that’s changed from 20 years ago to now. I mean, there’s so many different versions to keep an ongoing list of every change that’s occurred, to my knowledge never happen to the airport. So really, lease that we just processed came from the last incarnation lease, which was not the one that was signed 20 years ago. But that came straight from the the risk department. And if you go back through the leases, you’ll see the the insurance requirements change from year to year and stuff like that. That was something that was their recommendation, I actually reached back out to them this morning, to just get some clarification on that haven’t heard back from them yet. So I’m just kind of waiting to see what they say.

Unknown Speaker 21:03
Mr. shook, and I’ve been involved with airport properties for 30 years, I’ve never, never, even on commercial airports moderate the exact heard of a 1 million liability on your personal vehicle. It’s just

Unknown Speaker 21:23
it’s cost prohibitive, number one, number two, some insurance companies might not even give you the insurance on a commercial vehicle. Sure, I get that, but not for individual. And then I would ask,

Unknown Speaker 21:39
what does the city do for let’s say, the parking lot at the police department? So everybody that drives them, they’re on airport or on? You know, the city? Do they have to have a million dollars? Why are they just, you know, stating the airport tenants. And that’s kind of what I forwarded to the risk department and kind of asking is like, well, what’s the, you know, what are you hearing from your insurance providers? Why are these things require this and really, at this moment, it’s just, I’m kind of hanging out and wait until they kind of get back to me and, and take it one way or the other and get an explanation for it.

Unknown Speaker 22:17
Because everybody’s going to be parking out beyond the fence and walk into their air.

Unknown Speaker 22:24
I’m not, I’m not getting a million dollar, personal insurance on my vehicle.

Unknown Speaker 22:30
So I’ll walk

Unknown Speaker 22:34
through the other question I had on that just

Unknown Speaker 22:37
I think I know the answer to this. But I’m gonna ask you anyway, every single lease that gets signed has to go to council. Yes. And the idea of the master lease was we have generic language, so that the airport advisory board doesn’t have to make a recommendation on every single lease that goes to council that we’ve done the recommendation one time.

Unknown Speaker 22:58
But it’s also a starting point and was had pretty expressly in the meeting that gives you some flexibility to change.

Unknown Speaker 23:04
Recognize there’s a difference between changing a substantive requirement in the lease versus, you know, negotiation with an individual tenant, but every single lease still goes to city council, the city council still has the opportunity to weigh in. Yep. Everyone always has the opportunity to comment on it or counsel or comment on it here. If we need to make a recommendation. That’s true. And Correct.

Unknown Speaker 23:23
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 23:26
Anyone else have anything in the

Unknown Speaker 23:29
airport manager updates?

Unknown Speaker 23:33
Okay, we have no information items tonight. So we have two action items. I will have a public invited to be heard for each of these items. But as we’ve done in the past, I’ll start out with with us. Let us talk about we’ll open up for a comment, any further discussion, and then take a vote. So our first item is the sustainable aviation resolution draft.

Unknown Speaker 23:58
Leave I fill you guys are listed as the presenters. Would one of you guys like to start that discussion? Oh, or I have to otherwise I could certainly start that. Thank you. So the sustainability resolution that’s kind of been passed back and forth. We had an initial draft and went to the city and then it kind of went back to the airport advisory board, and there were some revisions made. So it’s just kind of at a point right now where I think we’re pretty comfortable with having a final draft or that should have been put out in the packets, if I recall correctly. So at this point, I think it’s kind of been through everybody’s hands in some people’s hands twice. And we were just putting it up there for an action item if it there wants to move forward with a vote to approve it.

Unknown Speaker 24:41
So thank you. Kind of further that this if you remember we had a discussion. I think this was probably October or November, where both I can’t remember the department of the city but the city sustainability person and Lamont power communications person were both presenting to us

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Talking through the resolution, it was a much longer, more detailed resolution. Russell did a lot of work to, I think, make it a little bit more targeted to the airport and to being a resolution as opposed to an ordinance. difference being resolution, please correct me, Councilmember Barton resolution is a statement of policy intent. It is kind of a direction we’re going it is not binding. It doesn’t hold us to anything, but it kind of expresses where we’d like to go forward.

Unknown Speaker 25:31
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 25:33
So that’s what has

Unknown Speaker 25:36
turned into the resolution that’s in front or I guess recommendation of a resolution that’s in front of us. There are two statements in the whereas section that are not in this that we’ve gone back and forth on that, I’d like to kind of add my motion as we get into the discussion.

Unknown Speaker 25:52
I’ll read those. And then we can, I’m not even officially motioning at this point, but I’ll read them. So we have open it up for discussion, open it up for public comment. So those two are, whereas electric aircraft now and commercial use are quieter, the general aviation aircraft driven with internal combustion engine, and whereas reducing noise from repetitive short range activities, such as pilot training will improve community relations with the airport. And those get added in really anywhere in the warehouses.

Unknown Speaker 26:25
I’ll repeat those. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 26:27
So first one, I’ll pause in between them, so not just reading them. First one is whereas electric aircraft now in commercial use, are quieter than general aviation aircraft driven with internal combustion engines.

Unknown Speaker 26:41

Unknown Speaker 26:42
whereas reducing noise from repetitive short range activities, such as pilot training, will improve community relations with the airport.

Unknown Speaker 26:52
And so one of those, the first one had some concerns. Originally, it was worded a little bit differently, but concerns around the fact that the aircraft may not actually be quieter. There’s been a lot of discussion back and forth, and some articles pointing out that at least some of the electric aircraft now in commercial use are in fact quieter.

Unknown Speaker 27:15
And the second statement is kind of, I actually think it’s pretty cut and dry. reducing noise is probably better for Community Relations doesn’t actually tie to electrification directly.

Unknown Speaker 27:26
So those are the two I would add, that’s my perspective. I’m opening up for any discussion anyone has. And then we’ll get anyone else as well. Board members.

Unknown Speaker 27:40
Mr. Salatin?

Unknown Speaker 27:43
Yeah, I mean, I’m not an expert in electrification of airplanes. But my people who are much smarter than me, telling me that it’s the propeller that makes most of the sounds so I’m not sure about the first one. And the second one, I think that we should encourage as many people to take up aviation is possible. So we have a future as an airport. Because if there’s not as many people learning how to fly, I am concerned that maybe we’re getting ourselves out of an airport. So I think we should not include either of those.

Unknown Speaker 28:18
And I would respectfully disagree. With both of those. I recognize that there is a certain baseline of propeller noise. I would say new ones are probably quieter. But even so combustion engines certainly generate their own noise. And I absolutely agree, I do not want to discourage anybody from getting into aviation with like more and more of it. But

Unknown Speaker 28:41
I would say quieter is probably better for the community. Period.

Unknown Speaker 28:45
And again, no.

Unknown Speaker 28:49
No policy from this no requirements from this. But I would generally say having a quieter airport is a good thing.

Unknown Speaker 28:57
Mr. Game? Yeah. I think quieter airport would help. I know, people complain about the noise, but I don’t know why they move next to an airport. But it’s already been in studies for actual decibels. Does that mean you can say loud, quiet it’s it’s ambiguous, you know, what’s loud to me might not be loud to you. We have any actual measurements that are actually had been taken to quantify or qualify what would be how quiet or how violent aircraft actually is.

Unknown Speaker 29:32
I’m certainly not an expert in this. I’m not going to claim to be but the I have read several articles talking about specific aircraft that are in operation. They’re not FAA certified. Okay. So they’re an operation elsewhere in the world that are in fact quieter, but I can’t give you a decibel number. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:49
Councilmember Martin?

Unknown Speaker 29:52
Thank you, Mr. Chair. I would say you can drill down as far as you want in terms of modern propeller design.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
and how much less noise they make. But it’s not really appropriate in a resolution to say any more than quieter, because unlike in an ordinance where, you know, at some time in the future, we might want to restrict the airport to, you know, certain propeller designs, although I don’t think we can, I think the FAA would have to do that. But that’s ordinance stuff. The fact that that we know that much quieter propeller technology is out there is really enough to to put it in a resolution.

Unknown Speaker 30:43
And, you know, as far as engine noise, well, electric planes don’t have engines, they have motors. And if you’ve walked past do it a Tesla when it’s pulling out of a parking place, you know, that they are dead silent. So

Unknown Speaker 30:58
I hadn’t really I researched this when when Russell was not able to finish up. And

Unknown Speaker 31:09
I did it with John Grunsfeld, who, who, you know, is that kind of an engineer? And would know, and so I think we’re pretty safe and saying that the propeller noises quieter.

Unknown Speaker 31:25
Thank you, Councilmember Martin.

Unknown Speaker 31:31
tells it pelted hit that one more time. Nope, you’re good. Mr. Telemedia?

Unknown Speaker 31:36
That’s great point, Councilmember Martin, you raise the propeller, that’s the main function of that, right. So associating that with the type of engine may not make as much sense, but I’m all for mitigating noise. Whenever possible, I just want to make sure that we’re not

Unknown Speaker 31:54
preventing people from using the airport in ways that could produce economic gain, ie training others to use the airport, hopefully creating more use of the airport, right?

Unknown Speaker 32:09
Councillor Martin? Yeah, thank you a resolution actually can’t do that. No, again, as as Harrison explained, it’s a statement of intent. And there’s an if you read it, through, there’s nothing in it that says a classical airplane can’t use this airport. You know, the FAA has rules that says, you know, if, if it requires too long a runway, it can’t use this airport. And that’s about the only restriction

Unknown Speaker 32:38
that that we’ve got, and it’s not something that the city can impose. So there’s not any any reason to worry about passing this restricting the use of the airport. And by the way, the the first

Unknown Speaker 32:54
electric plane, likely, I mean, something could get ahead, but the first plane likely to be certified for use by the FAA in the United States is a training plane, because they want to train more pilots, and it’s very much cheaper to use this kind of plane for training.

Unknown Speaker 33:14
Because the fuel costs aren’t there.

Unknown Speaker 33:18
Mr. Shook

Unknown Speaker 33:21
I’m not a

Unknown Speaker 33:24
proponent of electric aircraft, number one.

Unknown Speaker 33:29
To me, being at a 5000 foot elevation airport, the amount of battery and, you know, the weight of the batteries, the thrust? I think it would be dangerous to be honest with you.

Unknown Speaker 33:46
Again, I I haven’t read too many articles. And

Unknown Speaker 33:52
I just think that I don’t know I think we’re a little early

Unknown Speaker 33:59
for that type of aircraft here in Longmont, myself, that’s

Unknown Speaker 34:08
I would agree with you. We’re early, but I don’t know that that’s a bad thing. I think that’s I mean, so my personal perspective. One, just because it was brought up strongly would disagree with any resolution ordinance, anything that attempts to restrict any particular type of aircraft from operating at the airport period, full stop

Unknown Speaker 34:26
to electrification is coming. The technology is not there today, it may not be appropriate at Longmont today or tomorrow or, you know, one or two years down the road. But the city has made a I think push across the city to move towards sustainability. It’s a priority of the council. There is going to be resolutions like this coming and I’d like it to be ones that reflect the best reality in aviation today from the experts and we are those experts for the city.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
I also think setting ourselves apart from other airports and being on the cutting edge is a good thing for us. Even if none of that comes to pass, this doesn’t restrict anything. It doesn’t, you know, require anything to happen. It

Unknown Speaker 35:17
helps say I have a little bit of proof that the city is thinking about this is making a serious when say we’re putting in for a grant for electric charging stations, or going out and seeking funding from an organization or anything like that. It does nothing beyond that period.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
For the board comments,

Unknown Speaker 35:46
I’ll open public invited to be heard. If anyone would like to speak on this, please come on down. Same rules apply as before, please start with name and address. Alabama. back just for as a 940 Ranger, Lane llama ittle five one. Just a clarification for Levi, it was just a comparison from the

Unknown Speaker 36:09
blank that the council approved in December 2022. To the what we were presented a week ago, those two documents. So there would have been if there were any changes will have been really easy to track.

Unknown Speaker 36:22
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 36:26
Anyone else and I would just suggest we stick to the resolution, there is still another public invited to be heard at the end for any other business.

Unknown Speaker 36:36
My name, my name is Rick Basler. I live at 420 in Nebraska Avenue in birth ID 80513. I’d like to speak to the lease issue. It seems like things are still pretty fluid. Nothing’s down in in concrete yet, as far as 20 years, 25 years renewals. One thing that’s just come to public knowledge is that Fort Collins Loveland airport is offering to the public 50 year leases, inexpensive leases, and that’s the way their their term is. So I just like to, if you would take that into consideration when you’re working on the fluidity of this lease. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 37:27
Thank you,

Unknown Speaker 37:29

Unknown Speaker 37:33
Melinda Jordan 1110, Twin Peaks circle vomit,

Unknown Speaker 37:37
to the

Unknown Speaker 37:41

Unknown Speaker 37:43
I live on in downwind, if you’re heading in for one, one. And I can assure you that I can’t hear propeller noise because the engine noise is so loud. And so especially when you pull back, you know, you’re at the mark and you pull back and a lot of backfire. And so I I do

Unknown Speaker 38:04
I believe that the engine noise

Unknown Speaker 38:07
on a carbureted engine, internal combustion engine is considerably higher than anything that Prop is going to produce. And then the resolution was not like grandfathering out any types of aircraft, we’ll still have jets, we’ll still have, you know, vintage aircraft, paragliding powered parachutes and other things that make a lot of noise that don’t have a noisy prop. I understand the master plan has the decibel level listed for what’s acceptable the and I know we that was all challenged with my high. So that’s all in the record. Want to say it’s like 65 but that’s just a guess. Okay, so that was all challenged with my high and so that’s already been vetted for the the noise level that’s allowed unacceptable. And while I’m not one to want more government and more documents and more regulation,

Unknown Speaker 39:03
I was encouraged by this that we could be at the forefront.

Unknown Speaker 39:08
As Harrison was saying, let’s get at the front of it, let’s be the first ones it’s gonna be training aircraft, we pretty well can see that that’s, that’s where it’s going to begin.

Unknown Speaker 39:18
Whether that training aircraft is going to be I remember hearing that it may not be

Unknown Speaker 39:25
qualified for a regular private pilot license, it may only be light sport or something like that. But whatever it’s going to be if they come to our airport to recharge or buy something to eat,

Unknown Speaker 39:37
you know, go into the neighboring businesses, that’s what we’d like to encourage for sure. And our unique situation with the city of Longmont in that the city owns the airport and the city owns the power company learn about power and communication. And that was always the marriage that made this particularly interesting to partner with LPC potentially have

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Have a partnership on the field with charging stations, battery, battery stations, things that LPC can leverage and that we wouldn’t be negotiating with some with public service that deals with Denver and Boulder and all these other places. So they’re part of the family and it made it a very intriguing resolution to be at the forefront, leverage our situation, see what electric aviation is all about. And get him out here so we can find out what’s noisier. But again to you that I cannot hear there’s one plane at the airport that had an extremely long prop. That’s all you can hear us the proper noise, but I haven’t heard him in a long time. So he may not be on that plane may not be on the field. But I definitely would encourage you to pursue this to be on the forefront and be a leader and not a follower on this subject. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 40:52
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 40:55
Anyone else like to speak on this one?

Unknown Speaker 41:02
I call him Dieleman 5521? West one. Oh, Third Avenue. Westminster 800 to zero.

Unknown Speaker 41:11
Again, I’m a little bit new to the meetings. I missed that second part about the flight training. If that could be presented once more, if that’s possible.

Unknown Speaker 41:24
Not supposed to have a back and forth here. Are you asking just for the warehouses that we read? Or yeah, what was that actually in that new revision?

Unknown Speaker 41:33
I’m just gonna read that. Whereas reducing noise from repetitive short range activities, such as pilot training will improve community relations with the airport.

Unknown Speaker 41:43
Okay. So I’m a flight instructor by trade and it does sound like would have an intent to reduce the amount of flight training, which I agree that could have significant economic damages not just for the aviation community, but for Longmont as well.

Unknown Speaker 42:03
And if we want to grow Vance brand as an airport and a transportation hub, I believe that is going to be the hallmark for Benz brands. As for electric batteries, I believe we do need to move forward. And technology, I believe it’s going to benefit not only are you No delicate climate, given that I’m young, I don’t have offspring yet. I’d like to one day,

Unknown Speaker 42:33
technology’s only getting better. And so the express intent, I believe it is good for the state of Colorado as well as

Unknown Speaker 42:41
the country to know that

Unknown Speaker 42:44
there is more support behind this technology. Huge investors and companies already working towards this kind of technology will probably be more inclined to come to Colorado knowing that Colorado is being the leader

Unknown Speaker 42:59
in moving towards this kind of technology. So that could bring more economic advantages as well, if we do show that intent, that is only my opinion.

Unknown Speaker 43:10
And to express the fact that propellers do make quite a bit of noise, because

Unknown Speaker 43:16
propeller moving at 2100 RPMs will break the speed of sound. And therefore repetition of Mach of post Mach one will create a sonic boom

Unknown Speaker 43:30
1000s of times per minute.

Unknown Speaker 43:33
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 43:34
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 43:38
Would anyone else like to speak on the resolution?

Unknown Speaker 43:46
Board members, any other comments on this? Anyone want to make a motion?

Unknown Speaker 43:52
Councilmember Martin,

Unknown Speaker 43:55
I just want to clarify one more time. A resolution can’t prohibit anything. So it would not be able to restrict the you know, it would not, for example, restrict pilot trainers to just electric trainers at all. It would it it doesn’t. It doesn’t change Vance brand in in any way. Except it improves its likelihood of getting grants for electronic aviation. And and that’s all. So just don’t be scared of them. That’s what I want to say.

Unknown Speaker 44:31
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 44:33
I would like comments from the board, if anyone on that second, whereas that I proposed and I know you can’t read it in front of you. So I apologize. But based on the comments, or I’m actually rethinking the wording a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 44:48
We have it written in there as well as reducing noise from repetitive short range activities such as pilot training will improve community relations with the airport

Unknown Speaker 44:57
on its own I

Unknown Speaker 45:00
I get where the comments are coming from. And I think ordinary 17 You were you were getting this earlier, and I wasn’t quite, it wasn’t thinking and with me,

Unknown Speaker 45:09
I’m thinking of it in context of electric aircraft, but it’s not worded that way. So I’m wondering, either if we reword that to tie it more directly to electric or just say reducing noise, will improve community relations,

Unknown Speaker 45:25
since it since the whereas before it would be about electric aircraft, and I think that might, because I, I agree, I don’t want to discourage pilot training. I don’t want to discourage those activities. Ideally, they’d be quieter, but that’s ideal. And we know that’s not now. So appreciate comments on that.

Unknown Speaker 45:44
Mr. Dean, you were in first? Yes. I actually liked the you said that to reward it for, you know, with public aircraft in that now, just in general, so I think that would be good to reword it.

Unknown Speaker 45:56
Mr. 17? I completely agree with you. I think your second revision is perfect. Okay. Thank you. And thank you for the comments on that, because I was not thinking about it that way. But I see how it could be read that way. And that was not the intent at all.

Unknown Speaker 46:11
Any further comments?

Unknown Speaker 46:15
I’ll make a motion then that we recommend that council approves this resolution as in your packet with

Unknown Speaker 46:23
the addition of, whereas electric aircraft now commercial use or quieter than general aviation aircraft driven with commercial internal combustion engines, and whereas reducing noise will improve community relations with the airport.

Unknown Speaker 46:38
Would anyone like to second that? Moved and seconded Mr. Nene? Did you have comments on that? No. Just a second. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 46:46
Does anyone have any comments on that?

Unknown Speaker 46:52
Then all those in favor of the motion please say aye. Aye. Any opposed?

Unknown Speaker 46:58
Thank you, we will recommend that the resolution as amended, is presented and adopted by council.

Unknown Speaker 47:08
Second action item is our annual report. This was also in your packet.

Unknown Speaker 47:15

Unknown Speaker 47:17
I will fully admit I am not as adept at this as vice chair emeritus Jordan is or was doing this. So this is my best attempt to kind of blend what you saw in January. That was a straight list of our accomplishments. With a little bit more, let’s call it marketing about the airport, the impact on the community, what we what we as a board do and what the airport does and provides to the community. We are required.

Unknown Speaker 47:46
Under I don’t know statute, city charter, whatever the document is that establishes us to provide a report to council it does not determine the format at all. But this is what I’ve come up with as a draft. I would love comments, feedback from board members. This is an action item. So I will do another public invited to be heard on this if anyone from the public would like to comment as well. But board members first.

Unknown Speaker 48:13
Anyone have any comments, suggestions, typos that I made?

Unknown Speaker 48:18
Mr. Dean? Yeah, I can make a comment. I don’t know if you added it in there. But I know that I’ve spoken to a number of people on the airport who are the only local businesses in law around the country and the to have a private airplane makes it really important for them to be able to get their businesses on time and be able to conduct and transact business kind of around the country. So we’re kind of a local hub for a lot of local business owners.

Unknown Speaker 48:44
Yes, I don’t have anything great on that right now. Because I don’t, I don’t have a lot of data on okay, I’ve met a few people that I own and I’m just like who they are. I don’t want to like advertise but I’ve met a few local business owners that have aircraft up along one airport and they said that it saved the money, they can’t do their job, they can’t get to their stories. They’ve had to fly commercial they would even take them twice as long to get you know where they’re going there. So that’s really important. I think there’ll be a good note to have so

Unknown Speaker 49:17
anyone else

Unknown Speaker 49:22
no comments from board members public open public invited to be heard if anyone likes to speak on this.

Unknown Speaker 49:29

Unknown Speaker 49:35
wind I welcome your comments but don’t on my lack of making this as nice as yours. Melinda Jordan 1110 Twin Peaks circle Longmont.

Unknown Speaker 49:45
I got some information that was forwarded to you and leave by what I didn’t get was

Unknown Speaker 49:55
medical flights flown by the Phenom and I’d love to

Unknown Speaker 50:00
include that and we had the benefit of a

Unknown Speaker 50:03
magazine article about them in the year prior that we were able to share. So I just need to get some data from them. And I realized I haven’t got I haven’t followed up on getting that. And then would be, I think a value to add the economic impact for the area surrounding the airport, which in my view would be first of all, flight deck grow. And then

Unknown Speaker 50:30
Nelson an airport road businesses there. And then it up to an even businesses on the mall where people would come in, get a car and run over and get something to eat or do some shopping.

Unknown Speaker 50:44
I don’t know if we can paint with that broad of a brush into our plan. But just the immediate area that’s even within walking distance that I know, I go into other areas and parking go walk up to a mile to go someplace to spend some money. And then

Unknown Speaker 51:04
what was the other thing, oh, the sky of revenues, for skydiving are

Unknown Speaker 51:12
remarkable. And

Unknown Speaker 51:15
I haven’t asked for that information. But that would definitely be worth pursuing to include in there because the the revenues from the skydiving operation

Unknown Speaker 51:25
are remarkable. And any other businesses we have on the field and we do have commuters we do have net jets coming in, they’re needing catering services. And so there’s there’s a lot more than just those of us putting around and make an engine noise and propeller noise out there. So the I guess just to if we once we get that framework in for these additional items, then it will live in perpetuity and make it easier next year to grab that data and plug it in. I will do my part to help get information forward towards you.

Unknown Speaker 52:04
Thank you

Unknown Speaker 52:14
I’m calling the woman 5521 West one Oh, third Ave Westminster. I kind of feel like a bother now. But I just wanted to express that.

Unknown Speaker 52:23
I stated earlier, I do have interest in becoming the new fixed base operator. And so many of this is already in my interest, such as attracting those two vans brand, as a hub so that they we can actually benefit the local communities. I’ve already considered ways to increase transportation from the airport to the local businesses. Many ideas while a car rental is convenient, we also do want to think about sustainability. And I do have

Unknown Speaker 52:57
connections to get electric bikes that can charge in outlets, no actual needed extra infrastructure to charge those just need an outlet

Unknown Speaker 53:10
and see what else.

Unknown Speaker 53:14
I do have catering interests. While they may not be directly mine, I do intend to have some sort of food service around the fix based operation around the FBO. However, I’m still very unfamiliar about

Unknown Speaker 53:32
bands brands is policies around putting any type of food service, I understand that there’s a food truck, but I don’t know anything further than that as in terms of, I guess, what’s allowed.

Unknown Speaker 53:47
But I do want to help bands brand and the local communities around it. And we also do you have a go to market strategy to bring local businesses also to the airport.

Unknown Speaker 54:01
So I just wanted to express that. There are individuals out there looking to benefit the airport, in all in all aspects. Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 54:26
Dave cap, same address, the annual report is still severely missing data that’s usable. I mean, it’s a lot of blue sky, wonderful stuff. But we still need to know where the money’s coming in and where it’s being spent. There is no profit and loss statement. All it is is here’s what we plan to do. I don’t know where the money is being wasted, but I’ve certainly seen some very wasteful things being done. And just FYI, I’ve searched commercial airlines that are electric and there are none in service. There’s none approved in Canada or the US by the FAA.

Unknown Speaker 55:00
So they’re all doing point to point testing, but nothing’s carrying people for hire yet.

Unknown Speaker 55:11
Thank you, anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 55:16
So board members, then I’ll close the public invited to be heard on the annual report.

Unknown Speaker 55:23
There are certainly things that are missing in here. Financials, notably

Unknown Speaker 55:28
some of the revenues,

Unknown Speaker 55:31
specific business owners or kind of talk about that the economic impact statement. And sorry, airport economic impact is something I added, based on the last annual report, we got a significant questions primarily from councilmember waters, but from a couple of council members about the impact and if the airport was maximizing revenue for the city. So this is using a little out of date CDOT study but really wanted to highlight it based on their feedback.

Unknown Speaker 56:00
It’s not something the airport did. So it’s a little hard to expand the radius or look at something different, but it should cover what’s happening at the airport, including skydive visitors theoretically.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
It was also done with input that was an airport manager ago. So it’s a little hard to know exactly what went into it at this time. But my question for the board,

Unknown Speaker 56:21
is given the report that’s in front of you, with the deficiencies with the missing pieces, we can bring it back next month

Unknown Speaker 56:31
with some more in it and vote to approve it. We have the first half of the year to get this to council, or we can move it forward more or less as is since we have to vote on it. And it’s kind of hard to vote on significant. Missing Pieces, I think. So that would be my question for everyone. Mr. Dean, I see that we get the missing pieces and kind of get everything updated and then move it along to the council. We have all of our ducks in a row.

Unknown Speaker 56:59
Mr. Salama Tina,

Unknown Speaker 57:02
I want to commend you on your work on this. First of all, I know it’s not easy to put on put a document like this together. Having done this in other types of situations, I do agree that there should be more financial information included within this. However, it really depends on what the purpose of this document is, if this is like an executive summary type document with those other resources available elsewhere, then it doesn’t necessarily need to be included in here as long as that information can be linked to and be accessible elsewhere. So I’m fine with moving this forward as long as the information requested, especially the financials are available elsewhere.

Unknown Speaker 57:45
So I think to that point, the requirement that we have is to report on our work activities as a board. And that’s really the second true page that has airport advisory board 2022 work activities is the header. That’s our legal requirement to provide. We’ve historically provided quite a bit more because we view it as an opportunity to advocate on behalf of the airport.

Unknown Speaker 58:09
And I like that, and that’s why we have you know, at least an incomplete,

Unknown Speaker 58:15
more comprehensive report. But our legal requirement is not even this. It’s tell counsel what we’ve done for the year.

Unknown Speaker 58:26
So I would argue this meets the requirement by certainly argue though, it could be better and absolutely can be more comprehensive and tell a better story.

Unknown Speaker 58:40
Councilmember Martin, my question, I guess for you is a little bit on timing.

Unknown Speaker 58:45
I’d certainly like you to have this before you start talking about budget for the next year. And I don’t know if if we’re voting on this next month. That means you see it probably in May, if that’s appropriate timing or if doing it faster is more relevant. Yeah, actually,

Unknown Speaker 59:03
the budget cycle is not important to counsel for me. It’s important to staff for May, because apparently there’s this scary app that I don’t get to see because I’m a council member. But

Unknown Speaker 59:21
the staff has to put in budgetary requests in the spring. I think May is the end of May is the deadline probably right for putting in budget requests. And so this report would be sort of grist for that mill that of justifying but budget requests. And then the financial staff will turn the crank all summer and come out with a budget that the council begins to see in August. So that’s the way the cycle goes if that’s helpful.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
And yeah, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:03
as as interested in promoting the board, you, you want to try to, to get data in front of, of these gentleman sitting over here as early as possible so that they can be diabolical in their uses of it, and try to get as much as they can for the airport.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23
But in terms of its being official,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
not so much, you know, so, so the work could could continue for the next month or so, because it doesn’t have to match the match up on a going to cycle or going to council cycle. Sorry about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
But but you do you do want them to have their hands on whatever case you can make for the airport. Fair, that’s very helpful, then I think I would turn the question to Levi and Phil, of, I think you guys have heard loudly from the community from the board some of the desires for things to do going forward grants, CIP, etc.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
Is this sort of a document helpful for you advocating internally with Joni, Harold, finance or anybody? Or doesn’t matter if this is a couple of months behind? And counsel sees it when they’re actually approving budgets? Does it make a difference for your internal advocacy? Okay, and I can talk a little bit with and Phil, you have better information, certainly feel free to button. It certainly can’t hurt. I mean, anytime we put information together to you know, kind of justify a case for ourselves, and we can take that to counsel, I mean, more information, the better. So yeah, as we we get close to doing that budgetary stuff I could, certainly seeing myself, you know, having a good feeling over a document like that going up. Having said that,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
I don’t think it’s anything to to sweat too much about. You know, I’m also came from like a pretty good case for the stuff that we need at the airport. Again, love to see that for information.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
It’s, it’s great. But yeah, you have anything to add.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:15
I think just in our our minds, as you pointed out, page two is really what we need to do to be official. And the other pieces of this are very helpful when we are writing grants, to put that information into those grant requests. So as we’re going forward, as we’re working with the FAA, and CDOT, and other folks, we can refer back to this and have a good baseline of the other important pieces and aspects of this airport that we can put out there and try to go for additional funds for but, again, we’ve met, we’ve met the requirement that we need to keep the board fun, you know, keep the Fourth Ward function of of that report. But the other pieces are gonna be very helpful.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:58
Mr. Scheck,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
I’d like to commend you on, you know, what we’ve done so far. I think that if we have a month or so, and there’s more information that can go in it, I would say we postpone and

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
maybe put a little bit more in there. If it’s possible.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
Anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27

Unknown Speaker 1:03:29
I don’t know that we necessarily need a motion then if we’re not taking action.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
Mr. Tomatina? Yes. My question about information being accessible.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:39
You got to use the mic sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure whether this information that we’re looking to include in the next iteration is available elsewhere, or whether the only visibility of that information would be in this new revised document that we will then be working on?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
I think it’s specifically the financials. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:03
So Phil Levi, we’ve historically had financials in these board meetings,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
at least occasionally.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
I’m going to request it in the comments at the end here

Unknown Speaker 1:04:18
as we go forward, but right now, I don’t think they’re super accessible in any kind of location. There’ll be in a budget that goes to council. But am I missing somewhere else that they are that’s easily accessible.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:34
We’re just trying to keep

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
the boards and commissions at the same level of intricacy I guess, and detail as each other. So this board was asking for the financials. And now it’s beyond what any other board gets to see. So we were trying to really remain consistent, I think with all the boards and commissions and keep that that’s really something that’s done more at the staff level.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
We’ll take care of those issues. This board is not at that level of

Unknown Speaker 1:05:07
being able to make recommendations on how to spend dollars except when we get to the budget piece when we ask you specific items that need to go to the go into the budget, but when it gets to the very specifics about how dollars are spent day to day, that’s really revised per view. So

Unknown Speaker 1:05:23
we’ve been asked specifically by our city management to not keep going with those financials. So that’s part of what’s on our

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32
you know, what’s, what’s kind of driving, why we don’t keep putting those in, I’m not sure how that started. I guess it was requests, maybe from Tim Barth back in the day. And we’ll see what we can do. But there’s certainly public record. So we have publicly available records that can be provided to this board. So I’m not worried about that. But if we’re going to be starting to talk, if this board is starting to get into the idea of

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
you spent $43,000, on prairie dog removal, we think it should be $40,000.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
That’s not something we can really deal with at the staff level, we have to do what we need to do per FAA requirements. And so we have to move beyond the detail pieces of that, but we can provide the overview of the financials.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:18
I understand that, I would respectfully disagree that this is an enterprise fund. And we recommend rates to council.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29
One of our objectives is to increase revenue at the airport. So I do not want to be in the weeds. I do not want to be paying 40 43,000 or anything like that. But I think having a pulse on it would be valuable.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:41
And I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:43
I’d really don’t want to do that through court requests. We don’t we don’t want you to have to do that either. But what we’ll do is we’ll look at our other enterprise funds and see how they compare. I think you have a very valid statement there. So we’ll we’ll look to see how those enterprise funds report out as well. And I don’t and it historically was monthly.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:04
I don’t necessarily know that we have to have a monthly pulse on it. I don’t know that there was a whole lot of value in things that change month to month. But I do think keeping a better pulse would be valid, valuable, particularly since we we recommend rates, which I think is probably a little different than some of the other advisory boards.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:26
Anyone else on annual report.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:28
So if anyone has anything you’d like to have included or added beyond the comments that were made, or some of the things that people said they might be able to track down, I would ask to please get those in as soon as possible. So we’re not making a last minute rush.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:43
Given that I’m going to work on this last minute, so anything that’s not in my hands before I start doing that is probably not going to make it in

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
councilmember Martin.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:53
Hi, I just have a tip on this communication.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:58
I’m the liaison to the waterboard, which is also an enterprise fund and does also recommend rates. And

Unknown Speaker 1:08:07
so you can use some might get together and see what they do. Because I don’t know, but

Unknown Speaker 1:08:14
there is a parallel there.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:22
So we’re out of action items. So that would move on to our final public invited to be heard. If anyone would like to bring up anything they haven’t already possibly on the airshow or really any topic whatsoever.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:37
Just in case, Melinda, Melinda Jordan live in 10 Twin Peaks circle Longmont on the annual report, I do think we at least the board has to see numbers. We are an enterprise fund, we’re supposed to be self sustaining. If we’re blind to what we’re spending and bringing in we can’t do that. And the other thing that jumps out at me is that we had a $25,000 budget item for several years for the air show. And we stopped seeing the budget report and didn’t realize that that item had left the room and was no longer on there. And so we are not having an air show in 2023. And it would take too long to get any kind of budget approval. We’ve been talking about an air show for five years. And 2023 We had a date we had we’ve been talking about it up here and it never made it and we’ve always been very transparent that the city in the past and they had we had been able to allocate 25,000 from our budget to go to the event and we were unaware that that had fallen off of the budget. So there is no money for an air show no money for deposits. There is no air show in 2023 Just to clarify. So the open house will be for a prospective 2024 Air Show

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
Go. And with time to then get it in front of council to request that that money be set aside from the budget. But again, if we don’t know what the budget looks like, we don’t even know if there’s 25,000 in there. So I think the, we’re chasing our tail right now,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
in specifically with the or show, but also just as the board, it’s you’re trying to advise,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:26
which would include economic impact and business development, and how to support that. And it’s all about money. So we really need to be able to see,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
I think it kind of it ends up being monthly could be quarterly. But again, you’re flying blind without that kind of information, as we were with the show. So we’ve lost of something that we’ve worked on for quite a while,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:55
due to not knowing that the money wasn’t set aside any longer. So I do recommend that

Unknown Speaker 1:11:00
at least the board if it’s privy and not made public, you know, that’s, that’s okay. It’s just the people who need to

Unknown Speaker 1:11:08
be steering those decisions and be aware of what is

Unknown Speaker 1:11:14
are we making money? Are we paying our own bills, we take a lot of criticism about our reduced administrative transfer fee. And because I know we don’t have that much impact on the city as some of the other enterprises might, or at least, that fee fields Fair, where it’s set now, given my understanding of the impact, and I worked with David quite a bit trying to see even as a volunteer if I could help offset some of those expenses so that we could get that fee lower.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:44
So again, that fee is going to change probably it has been, and is that being Are we being fairly represented and fairly billed for that fee? And can we afford it are we bringing in enough fuel flow edge and

Unknown Speaker 1:11:59
tower fees and cell tower fees and and lease renewals, tape and support our airport? I don’t know how we can have a discussion about a business without knowing if it’s making money or not encourage you to get the financials. And then just to have it on the record that the show has been called off for September 23 2023. There’s no future date set. So the meeting on Saturday will be the beginning toward that process potentially.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:31
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
Dave cop again, same address. I know that sounds like the Bray dog, Costas minor amount, but just in the last two weeks is gone from 30,000 to 43,000. Yeah, further discussion I’ve just heard and, and I know that Levi has been talking to people at coffee break over elite that, you know, they stopped dropping prairie dogs off at the airport years ago? Well, I don’t believe that’s true. And sooner or later, I’m going to have evidence, somebody else is still dropping them here. And the bottom line is 43,000 is not minor. You know, last time I saw an income statement from here, that was probably 10% of our income. And it certainly probably matches the gut income we get off the cellular tower. So it’s not a huge income that we have, and throwing it away when somebody else is planning these things. And we got cameras, they’ve got cameras out there. We don’t have access to them, they can find out who’s doing this. It they don’t just happen. You know, once you get rid of them all. They somebody’s bringing them back.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:51
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:55
Would anyone else like to speak at our final public invited to be heard?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:03
Seeing no one I’ll close public invited to be heard. And we were on do board Council and staff comments. Board members first, Mr. Dean? Yeah, for Levi, I wasn’t aware that they had pulled 25,000 that I thought was really interesting. Do we have any information as to when this occurred? And and who, who or how that happened if we’ve traditionally had money set aside for an airshow. So the last time the board voted to actually have an air air show was actually conducted after budgeting was set for that year. And I’d like to use your question as opportunity to answer it was brought up that we just didn’t have the money to do it. That’s not necessarily true. I actually went to city council and we were going into the progress of getting a procurement to actually get all that money. So getting the money actually isn’t a huge deal. It was told me we’d get that certainly by September 23. So that’s not that big of a hang up. I think the biggest hang up was there were this far along in

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
The year and essentially no real planning has been done.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:04
So, I mean, this meeting we’re having Saturday, I was gonna kind of throw it out there to everybody comes, you know, what kind of interest can we get? What kind of, you know, people can we get moving on this is September 23, an option, my gut tells me that because of where we’re at, we’re at probably not. Last time I did an air show, it was two years of planning. By this point, we were having lots of meetings, and we were sorting out volunteers and parking and stuff like that. So I don’t think it’s super practical. But I want to have that discussion with everyone else who’s interested in being a part of an air show.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:41
Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:45
Other board member comments?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:51
We have on here ideas for future agenda items or 2023 work plan. Any thoughts on either of those? I know, we talked through 2023 work plan a little bit in January. So fine, if that doesn’t change any future agenda items beyond having financial updates that we’ve covered?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:11

Unknown Speaker 1:16:15
Mr. selama team.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:18
Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:20
Seeing that we have a ambitious young person interested in taking over the FBO I know there’s a lot of talk from owners of their disaster. The been very dissatisfied with the operations of the current FBO I think we should talk about what we can do to improve the airport by potentially see what we can do by improving the FBO situation.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:44
Are you suggesting that some agenda item for the future I, it could be I’m not sure what the process would be for that?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:58
I’m in favor of having that on a future agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:01
I probably put that as an information item. And we can have a discussion.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:09
Anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:11
Councilmember Martin, any other comments from you this evening?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:16
Yes, I would just like to thank you for passing the sustainability resolution.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:23
It will make some people tomorrow at the City Council retreat very happy. I know, it was kind of painful and getting, you know, everybody aligned, that this is a forward looking thing. That’s not going to change any anything. So I appreciate you, you know, doing the painful work of getting there. And

Unknown Speaker 1:17:46
you know, it, it’s just it’s it’s going to do some good and and I think that

Unknown Speaker 1:17:54
a lot of things.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:57
A lot of good things will come out of it. The FAA, by the way, is looking at a special approval for the pipistrel. Trainer. So it’s not as far away as it sounds.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:13
Thank you, Councillor Martin. Mr. Shuck? You had something? Yeah. With only four board members. Is there any way to do the application process early to maybe get three more? Board members? That is a great question. I look to the city staff. I know there’s a mid year recruitment. Any details on that? Or any way we can do it? We actually already kind of asked about that and said, Hey, is there any way we can have like a special? You know, little everything? They told us? No, not really via our rules. So unfortunately, we’re kind of stuck. Do you know when the next recruitment cycle is that I don’t have off the top? Do you have Alright, Councilmember Martin?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:54
Sorry, I do.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:58
The the applications will begin being accepted on Monday. So it’s opening up real soon. Now. You have six weeks? And

Unknown Speaker 1:19:10
yeah, so it’s it’s not really long, that long to wait. You know, you have to I’m sorry, you have to get along with only four members for this amount of time.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
I am

Unknown Speaker 1:19:25
doing an outreach

Unknown Speaker 1:19:28
to try to get a more a more diverse population of board members. And I was originally thinking that maybe does not apply to the airport so much, but maybe it does, because is that upholstery business still out at the airport? Or were they a casualty of the pandemic? i To my understanding, I was looking into them a little bit too. I can’t find information on recently. I think they’re no longer there. Oh, I’m so sorry. Oh, well.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:55
But anyway, yeah, we’re, there’s there’s going to be some

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
little reminders that you can apply on long on public media on, you know, channel eight, eight ad and, and on the city website and all kinds of things to we can, you know, look and make people more comfortable. I’ll send Harrison some links when they’re up and

Unknown Speaker 1:20:24
he can send it out to the board. And also when I haven’t I’ll post it in the FBO and get stuff posters and stuff like that, too. So hopefully we gets, you get more interest perhaps right, we can get you some even if people are not seriously comfortable with being online. We’re good. They’re going to accept paper applications this year. So we can maybe bring you a little stack of them. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:51
Thank you, Councillor Martin, thank you Mr. Shook for bringing that up.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:55
When we had our last election process, which was at the end of last year, there were three positions open to

Unknown Speaker 1:21:04
members who terms were ended my was, I guess, three members whose terms were ended and Melinda was one of them. I was one of them. We had two applicants for the three places.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:15
So we and now we’re down to four of us instead of the five we started with. So we’d really encourage anyone who is a Longmont resident who meets the requirements to please please please apply

Unknown Speaker 1:21:27
and and be a part of this.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31
It is rewarding, frustrating at times, but it’s kind of fun and very rewarding to influence how everything’s going at the airport.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:40
staff comments.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:42
The Hi Phil anything we missed? I think I covered the ones I covered with the air show and stuff like that. Do you have anything addition? Phil, we should begin. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:52
No other comments from board members? We will adjourn our monitoring meeting. Thank you everyone for being here and being part of it.

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