Longmont City Council – Regular Session – March 7, 2023

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Longmont City Council – Regular Session – March 7, 2023

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We already separate those two

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Hello, everyone, thank you for coming. I would now like to call the February 28 2023 long months City Council regular session to order. If you are viewing this livestream at home, you can watch it on the city’s YouTube channel, long, long public media.org Watch, or on Comcast channels eight or eight ad. Can we have a roll call please. Mayor Peck president,

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Council Member Hidalgo Ferring. Council member Martin. Council member McCoy, Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez, Councilmember waters, Councilmember Yarborough your mayor, you have a quorum.

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Thank you. Let’s stand for the Pledge please.

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I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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As a reminder to the public, Anyone wishing to speak at first call public invited to be heard, will need to add his or her name to the list outside the council chambers. Only those on the list will be invited to speak at the first public invited to be heard. speakers who do not place their names on the list will have the opportunity to speak during the final call public invited to be heard. Anyone wishing to speak on second reading or public hearing items are asked to add their name to the speaker list for each particular item. Each speaker is limited to three minutes and we would like you to please state your name and address. There are no minutes to approve tonight and no agenda revisions. Are there any some motions to direct the city manager to add agenda items for future agendas from council members? No, seeing none, we’ll move on to the city manager’s report.

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Report Mayor Council.

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Okay thank you know special reports tonight. So we’re going right on to the first call public invited to be food the first one is Kim Edmondson. She’s not here. All right No.

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Yeah, you can hear me I’m sure. Right. Good evening. Oh, I’m Joe Kelly. First things first. I’m Joe Kelly. I live on barberry drive. I’ve been here many times. Good evening, you guys, city council Mayor Peck. I’m here to talk about smart meters. Again, here are some titles and quotes from a variety of articles I found online, some of them from RFK Jr’s children’s health defense website, quote Dr. Blasts smart meters and tells the public we should be demanding electromechanical analog meters and utilities should be providing them and, quote, don’t want a smart meter. Take it up with your state legislatures, says Scott McConnell Makala, a lead litigator for children’s health defense, and I guess we’re just gonna have to go to Denver for that and write our own legislature legislation. And my dyad McCullough is the lead attorney who successfully prosecuted the case against the FCC for its antiquated radiofrequency guidelines that a year and a half later have never been updated, leaving us to wonder if any wireless device is in fact safe. According to the updated science of wireless harms, which has not yet been factored in to any reassessment of the FCC RF guidelines, your federal government not at work for you. Now back to state legislatures. In January, Massachusetts became the latest state to introduce smart meter legislation with a bill that would require the state’s utility companies to obtain written consent from consumers before installing a smart meter. The bill also would eliminate fees for consumers who want to opt out of smart meters. Here’s a quote coming from senior scientists in an article entitled it’s time to invoke the precautionary principle for radiofrequency Why don’t the tenants of toxicology apply from the February 28 Microwave news, quote, the precautionary principle should be applied to public exposures to RF radiation. So say for senior academic scientists, including the former director of the US National Toxicology Program, the NTP in a strongly worded appeal. Writing in the peer reviewed journal Environmental Research, Paul Ben Ishai. Linda Birnbaum, Deborah Davis and Hugh Taylor point to a plethora of both experimental and epidemiological evidence establishing a causal relationship between EMF and cancer and other adverse health effects. Now, on to the more practical nuts and bolts and carbon footprints that the city hopes to reshape by the use of smart meters. I am asking you on behalf of the public for the unbiased evidence that this is actually working and working well somewhere else show me where the co2 co2 footprint has been affected. Where are the savings for we the people show me the evidence this actually works somewhere anywhere? Show me the unbiased independently derived evidence that this will save me money. I have it on expert authority. Nobody is saving money or carbon once the smart meters go in. Oh, contraire. Thank you stop the smart meter rollout now, please.

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Kyndra piershale. Kyndra is not here, I’m assuming corporate owner and

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Hello, corporate on around 800 Emery street 80501. I’m here to express my support for the Center for Arts and Entertainment initiative. I also support City’s decision to conduct a survey on the current use of certain facilities and support for potential investment of these facilities. I took the survey myself, and it asks what facilities I currently use and investment on what facilities I would support. It’s a good idea to have this information. However, in my opinion, the survey emphasizes the potential use and the emphasizes the question of is it good for the community? And those are different questions. Let me give an example. I teach as an adjunct in the University of Colorado, Denver, and I have access to University’s library system. So I don’t use long man Public Library. But I would support any investment to make the library better, because I believe it is good for the community. Long man deserves a good library system. I encourage you to approach with the same question to center of arts and entertainment. Is it good for the community? And instead of who would use it, we should ask how can we make it more inclusive? How can we make the center attract people from all ages and backgrounds? I want to end with a famous quote by the poet William Carlos Williams. This is what he said. It is difficult to get news from poems. Yet people die miserably everyday for lack of what is found there. We are all humans. We need poetry and art in our lives. We need arts to brings us together. Thank you.

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Thank you Korkut Lance Whitaker.

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Mayor and council My name is Lance would occur in supportive House Bill 191230. Again I’d like to remind you that when the federal government in 2008 and nine begged me to buy a house where else would I have bought a house but here in Longmont now that the state is basically begging me to start up stop burning out of my garage with grant money and loan money where else would I want to put my business because here in Longmont So again, I’m here in support of House Bill 1230. And also, as you well know today is National be heard day II cheering the seventh day of March national be heard day encourages small businesses across the country to make their presence known. The day recognizes over 45 million small businesses striving to be heard over the big business dominated noise. As you’ll be heard day around the United States, small businesses employ approximately 40% of the workforce standing out amongst the crowd can be a daunting task. But small businesses are unique in many ways. Not only do they supply cutting edge services and products, but they also reinvest in small town America, local neighborhoods in many ways, when small business owners live, work and play in our community needs, their dollars stay and grow. Many of these small businesses create small products, solving any problems for businesses. Not only that the support of schools and dollars as mentors in classrooms and in field coaches. Thank you.

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Thank you, Lance.

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Ethan and am I pronouncing this correctly? Is it in an grin? Okay, close

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Ethan green nine three button rock, green councilmembers hunting 3000 trees in Lamont would represent a 2.6% increase in total tree canopy and sequester you’re gonna 30 tonnes of carbon and 10 tons

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