Longmont City Council – Regular Session – January 10, 2023

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Longmont City Council – Regular Session – December 20, 2022

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recording in progress

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yes Are you still good?

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Yo yo

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hello everyone

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we’ll get started in just a minute or two we need to make sure all of us up here are logged in so and I apologize we were a little late in our pre session but we got a lot done so

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should have already

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okay it looks like we’re ready to go.

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I’d like to now call the January 10 2023 Longmont City Council regular session to order we have turned we as you know we’ve turned back into in person meetings. But if you would like to wear a mask you please do that if you’re feeling more comfortable.

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We are being you can watch this live stream on the city’s management portal at www Longmont colorado.gov, agendas and meetings and agenda management portal. You can also watch it on the city’s youtube channel at Longmont YouTube,

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and the Longmont public media is also live streaming this at Longmont public media.org forward slash watch. And also at Comcast channels eight and eight ad. Can we have a roll call please.

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Mayor Peck, present councilmember Hidalgo faring Here. Councilmember Martin, dear councilmember McCoy, present. Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez. Councilmember waters, Councilmember Yarborough here. Mayor you have a quorum, say

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Thank you, Councilman Marie Yarborough is out of the country. So she is logging in via zoom. So let’s stand for the Pledge please.

Unknown Speaker 15:14
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Unknown Speaker 15:43
So anyone that is wishing to speak at first call public invited to be heard will need to add his or her name to the list outside the council chambers, and only those on the list will be invited to speak at the first public invited to be heard. speakers who do not place their name on the list will have the opportunity to speak during final call public invited to be heard. And anyone wishing to speak on second reading or public hearing items are asked to add their name to the speaker list for each particular item. Each speaker will be giving given three minutes, and we would like you to please give us your name and address. May we have the approval of the minutes

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Unknown Speaker 16:26
I don’t see there’s any minutes I don’t think we have any to improve.

Unknown Speaker 16:30
So we are at the agenda revisions and submissions of documents, do any counselors have any revisions or submissions of documents that they would like to

Unknown Speaker 16:41
to put on the

Unknown Speaker 16:44
agenda, any motions.

Unknown Speaker 16:48
Seeing them from the other counselors, I do have three motions that I am going to bring up.

Unknown Speaker 16:56
So I’m going to move to amend tonight’s agenda to move the discussion and presentation of the Broncos funding from the general business portion at the end of the meeting, to our presentation, special reports and presentations. And the reason I want to do this is that when we put things this is an important item, when we put things on the general discussion at the end of the meeting, very few people are still tuning in or have left the chamber. So that’s why we’d like to move it up.

Unknown Speaker 17:33
So I’ve moved that Councillor McCoy has seconded it. We’re open for discussion.

Unknown Speaker 17:39
Seeing none, let’s vote on that, please.

Unknown Speaker 17:43
Oh, you just popped up. Councillor Martin.

Unknown Speaker 17:47
Thank you, Mayor Peck in terms of the council discussing this. What impact does that have moving it from general business up higher in the agenda? Will we discuss it the same way we would

Unknown Speaker 18:02
during general business? Yes. Thank you for that question. And the reason I want to do it is that the three the three

Unknown Speaker 18:11
I guess applications for these dollars have presentations. And I would like the public to be able to see them. Since work. That’s fine. Just Just so we still have a discussion on it. Of course. All right. Let’s vote please.

Unknown Speaker 18:34
Think we’re waiting for one more?

Unknown Speaker 18:41
Councilmember Yarborough, are you able to vote?

Unknown Speaker 18:48
Yes, I’ll just say yes.

Unknown Speaker 18:51
Thank you. So it looks like it passes unanimously. So that’ll be in our presentations tonight.

Unknown Speaker 18:59
I need to close this so I can see my

Unknown Speaker 19:03
There we go.

Unknown Speaker 19:05
The other one that I the other motion that I want to make. We all got an email from Janice Rwanda from Sister cities with telling us what it is going to cost to move the firetruck that we’ve donated to see a dog Guzman. So I’m going to move to fund at the sister cities organization up to $10,000 in may not cause that but up to $10,000 from the City Council contingency fund to finance the incurred costs to move the donated firetruck to see a got see a dog Guzman Mexico second. So that’s been seconded by Councillor McCoy. That’s any discussion

Unknown Speaker 19:54
for the people in the audience, I will read to you what the sisters

Unknown Speaker 20:00
City’s director has written to us. She said that they’ve determined that it’ll cost approximately $4,000. Us to export the truck, export the truck to Mexico. And I’m sorry, can you take that down? Right. And because it’s blocking my notes that I wrote

Unknown Speaker 20:18
the voting

Unknown Speaker 20:22

Unknown Speaker 20:24
thank you. I didn’t know that was available.

Unknown Speaker 20:27
And she’s also estimating that it’ll cost $500 in fuel to get it to the border, and another $500 to get from Laredo to Guzman, plus the cost of tolls in Mexico. Additionally, there’s going to be travel costs for Carlos and another firefighter to travel to Colorado. Israel has located additional equipment that they’re going to need, but it costs $200. For the box, I have no idea what that is. I’m assuming it’s mechanical tools that they will need.

Unknown Speaker 21:01
So let’s vote that’s what the money is for. It may not cost $10,000. But up to that amount for any other incurred costs.

Unknown Speaker 21:19
Councillor Yarbro has thumbs up. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 21:23
So that passes unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 21:28
Let’s see.

Unknown Speaker 21:31
All right, the next motion that I have is I moved to direct staff to schedule. Oops, let me get rid of that again.

Unknown Speaker 21:41
To schedule a meeting during the first quarter of 2023 for a discussion of council rules of procedures and and establish, and I’m sorry, I’m having trouble talking tonight. And to establish an ethics committee.

Unknown Speaker 21:59
So that’s I’ve moved out and seconded by Councillor McCoy. Let’s have a discussion.

Unknown Speaker 22:07
Seeing no discussion.

Unknown Speaker 22:10
Let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 22:17
Thumbs up from Councillor Yarbro.

Unknown Speaker 22:21
So with that, I’m assuming it passed unanimously. Thank you very much. That’s it for me.

Unknown Speaker 22:28
Glad. So the next thing we have our city manager’s report. No report. Mayor Council. Thank you on special reports and presentations. I have a proclamation to read. And it’s a proclamation designating January 15 through the 21st of 2023 as honoring dark Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Week, in Longmont, Colorado, whereas January 16 2023 marks the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday on which we honor Dr. King’s unwavering fight for the absence of oppression and the presence of opportunity for all who sacrifice to sow the seeds for a movement of peace, equality and justice. And whereas across the nation in the state of Colorado and in the city of Longmont honoring Dr. King has become a week of service within our communities. events held throughout Boulder County County are made possible by the commitment and dedication of many volunteers from diverse backgrounds. The combined efforts of these volunteers are a fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream and highlight the importance the civil rights movement and the need to action to take action. And whereas Mr. Lance her shiko photoconductor and manufacturing automation systems engineering manager and Lexmark international incorporated for their many years of above and beyond faithful support and service and sharing the importance of social justice, the civil rights movement, Dr. King’s legacy and keeping the dream alive for future generations throughout the Boulder County. Now therefore, I Joan Peck Mayor by virtue of the authority vested in me and the City Council of the City of Longmont, do hereby proclaim the week of January 15 through the 21st 2023 as honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Week in Longmont and invite all to attend this exciting program honoring Dr. King.

Unknown Speaker 24:36
So do we have anyone here to accept this proclamation? Oh, here she comes in her great hat.

Unknown Speaker 24:54
Can you turn on the mic for her?

Unknown Speaker 24:58
Okay, thank you, Joanie.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 25:03
Good evening, everyone. Good evening, mayor and council members, and my dear friend, Councilwoman cicada, overseas. Good to see you all. I am honored to be here to receive this and to receive it. And I’m going to introduce you to this phenomenal man. We’ve asked his crew

Unknown Speaker 25:26
to come stand with us as well as the city people that have supported us for years. Let me tell you about lead. So she called this man for years, years has given in kind contributions, donations services in the form of printing materials. And everybody knows how expensive that can be, particularly when you want them in color. And then the other thing that he does miss is that Silver Creek For I know the past, I’m gonna say 11 years.

Unknown Speaker 26:02
We have produced product, we’ve had productions there in honor of Dr. King. Well, each year, he has had the, I’m gonna say executive shelf of Lexmark, get up early, early, early, create these phenomenal pastries and desserts and just unbelievable dough service. And then on top of that he delivered them has them delivered by staff, people that just jump in him that are willing to follow Him that speaks to what kind of a person he is an outstanding man, an outstanding young man that I am so honored to know. But in addition to that they would come and they would serve everyone there. And up to it including Well, last year, we added

Unknown Speaker 26:57
a boulder county wide celebration, and it was at the dairy Art Center. And it was an exhibit of Dr. Ernest C withers and we actually flew to Memphis and selected over 100 pieces and long story short, we created what’s called a keepsake brochure. We wanted it to be of the level that people would want to save it as a keepsake to pass on for generations to come. Well.

Unknown Speaker 27:31
Mr. Lance Toshiko and his crew took on the task, I’m going to call it a mission of producing over 2000 copies of a 40 page brochure. And it is indeed a keepsake then June teeth, produced an additional whole different production 600 Plus copies. And, and all of this is in kind in kind now with the work the staff and and just people just willing to pitch in. And then

Unknown Speaker 28:07
he and the crew came and actually toured the exhibit. And that was such an honor and it was an honor that I had the opportunity to share with him. And one other thing I’ll mention is his phenomenal son, in the name of Trenton how Chico has produced for our community productions when virtual productions for those that couldn’t get out and still can’t get out for whatever reason.

Unknown Speaker 28:36
Be an illness, age, whatever it is just caring enough to put that kind of work into what it takes to do that. And it’s just remarkable people. But like father like son, then back to Father Tonight, we honor man Toshiko, and it is indeed an honor for us to have him to have him with us. And this year will be no different. We’re getting ready to do some other events coming up post MLK is as you read the two celebrations countywide. The first one is going to be in Boulder at Jewish Community Center on January the 15th, which is Sunday. And Monday. Of course, it’s Silver Creek again, our Silver Creek High School, Eric Finisterra principle. And we’re just honored and we want you all to please come please come and support. We’d love to see your faces and with that. There are many other events that will be planned throughout the month. And I’m not going to entertain you tonight and read them all. I know you really want me to but

Unknown Speaker 29:48
so, but they will be posted on the website. Thanks to Adriana Carmen and the crew. Thank you for your support. And with that, I’m going to present and ask if you will

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Please let’s give him a standing ovation, Mr. Lance Oshika

Unknown Speaker 30:17
sir, before you speak, even though I know who you are, I’m not sure everybody in this

Unknown Speaker 30:25
chamber does. Can you please give us your name? Miss Woodley?

Unknown Speaker 30:31
Oh, me.

Unknown Speaker 30:33
I’m Madeline strong Woodley and I am the Chair basically for all of the Boulder County events, the cultural events surrounding African American culture. Thank you, Mr. machico.

Unknown Speaker 30:48
Thank you, Mayor pack. And thank you Council. I wish to commend Lexmark international for their commitment to diversity equity and inclusion. And also thank my many volunteers who for many years have delivered the goods for the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. Thank you very much. Thank you Would you care to have a picture with us

Unknown Speaker 31:18

Unknown Speaker 31:31

Unknown Speaker 31:47
I can have you all scoot in a little bit closer together please

Unknown Speaker 31:55

Unknown Speaker 32:03
everybody 1234

Unknown Speaker 32:09
Thank you

Unknown Speaker 32:38
now as per our motion that was just made, we are going to have the presentations for the Bronco funding.

Unknown Speaker 32:46
The way this was presented, it was presented to council to to make recommendations as to what we wanted to see. So we have three council for actually council people up here who have made recommendations for the funding. The first one is one something that I’ve been working on closely with Vic Vela and Anthony and it is a recommendation requesting from the lot logMAR lateen X voices mission so I would like to invite Anthony and or Vic up to make that presentation

Unknown Speaker 33:41
I’m Michael Schultz my case.

Unknown Speaker 34:04
Share that with Chiquita real quick Sure. Thank you, sir. No, you’re okay.

Unknown Speaker 34:12
shipped to me justice.

Unknown Speaker 34:49
You all right.

Unknown Speaker 34:56
Mayor, City Council members, city manager

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Mr. Dominguez, thank you for allowing us to follow up with our previous

Unknown Speaker 35:06
proposal concerning the Bronco tax money.

Unknown Speaker 35:12
My name is Vic Vela.

Unknown Speaker 35:14
I reside at 1114 circuit street Longmont.

Unknown Speaker 35:19
I was born in Boulder and raised in Longmont. I am the founder and president of Longmont, Latinx voices. We are a nonprofit organization certified to the state of Colorado.

Unknown Speaker 35:35
Our main mission is that help to make an even playing field for our underprivileged and at risk use. So they are able to participate in whatever activity they desire.

Unknown Speaker 35:50
I have coached for 39 years in Longmont, both youth and high school baseball and football

Unknown Speaker 35:59
during those years,

Unknown Speaker 36:02
just says it is today

Unknown Speaker 36:04
are underprivileged. And at risk kids were and still are unable to participate in football, baseball or any other extra curricular activities because of the cost to register or to purchase equipment etc.

Unknown Speaker 36:24

Unknown Speaker 36:27
We have data and cost to present to the council as to why it is important that we receive some of that Bronco tax money. So we are able to help our underprivileged and at risk kids participate in activities, but out of school activities not to tivities sorry.

Unknown Speaker 36:50
Now I would like to have three of our members present data costs as the sex success stories.

Unknown Speaker 36:59
They are character terrorists, Andrew Thomas, and Jonathan singer. And I thank you for this opportunity to let us speak again. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 37:28
Thank you so much for the time to speak. My name is Carrie Gutierrez. I live at 1200 Kimbark Street in Longmont, Colorado. I am a first generation college student and I’m currently attending frightened Range Community College and I was born and raised in Boulder.

Unknown Speaker 37:45
Tonight I’m going to be going to provide data to prove and show how much disparity

Unknown Speaker 37:54
disparity there is between privileged children and underprivileged youth.

Unknown Speaker 38:01
You can see on this slide, you were provided, there’s a graph that shows the disparity among children in poverty in those who are not.

Unknown Speaker 38:15
The data is grouped into an age group of six to 11 and another group 12 to 17 year olds, the group is broken into elementary and middle school and high school

Unknown Speaker 38:27
in both age groups, six to 11 and 12 to 17 children and poverty only some months were more likely to be in gifted programs, and then children and poverty all months in the previous year. Among children six to 11 14.3% of those living in poverty only some months were in a gifted program compared to 8.8% of children living in poverty all at once. For children ages 12 to 720 3.8% of children in poverty summons were in a gifted program compared to 15.6% children in poverty or months.

Unknown Speaker 39:11
The rest of the data we’re providing is from sports. However, there isn’t much different in not another activities. As we just mentioned. The following data is from researchers at the US National Center of health statistics also known as the NC HS.

Unknown Speaker 39:28
Across the United States 54% of six to 17 year olds took part in sports in 2020. That includes 42% of black children, 47% of Hispanic children, 51% of all of Asian children and 60% of white children.

Unknown Speaker 39:46
37% 37% of kids whose parents had a high school education took part in organized sports. 68% of those born college graduates took part

Unknown Speaker 40:00
in organized sports, as family income increase, so to sports participation,

Unknown Speaker 40:07
and as Dr. Cabot cats sorry Dr. David Katz, who is president of the two health initiative in Tulsa, Oklahoma summarizes the SATs easily while pointing out the consequences. Children with less educated parents are far less likely to engage.

Unknown Speaker 40:26
The same populations are dispersed, disproportionately subjected to obesity, diabetes and other ills and intubated by inactivity.

Unknown Speaker 40:39
Again, the data from the MCH s from 2017 to 2018, and identified more disparity. During this time 36,779 youths participated sports between age six and 17 years old, broken down to

Unknown Speaker 41:00
males being 19,000 119,000 130 females 17,649

Unknown Speaker 41:10
And then broken down even more to be ethnicity slash race. Why whites been 25,522, Black being 2415, Asian 1804 and Hispanics being 4277 and then multiracial being 2161 Which then breaks down to household and education. With parents having a high school diploma or less, having kids of 5500 5950

Unknown Speaker 41:47
Excuse me, 5958 and then with some parents having some college been able to have 1870 And then it increases more with parents having a higher education, college degree to 21,911. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 42:11
Council members, city manager, where we went

Unknown Speaker 42:16
My name is Andrew Thomas other 2145 Square Street. Sorry, I didn’t mentioned that last time.

Unknown Speaker 42:24
My first resident residents was thistle place. I lived there for the first five years before taking a six month voyage to North Dakota in the winter of 1982. When I was five,

Unknown Speaker 42:38
my second residence was on Jetson Street and south of Long’s peak Middle School from age five to 15. And I came back to Longmont in 2010.

Unknown Speaker 42:48
Ever kids sports in Bend Oregon, offer sports scholarships for underprivileged kids something of the wishes to do. Its Executive Director Natalie Hummel stated quite clearly.

Unknown Speaker 43:04
It’s not surprising the discrepancy between kids of color and white kids because there are so many places where there just are not any sports programming, or was taken over sports programming are really expensive club elite travel programs.

Unknown Speaker 43:24
She goes on to point out that club sports cost families five to $10,000 a year for families letting their kids participate

Unknown Speaker 43:33
in the local high school where I am assistant baseball coach. One of the players in the program is an exact example of what Miss Hummel points out.

Unknown Speaker 43:43
His parents pay approximately $6,000 a year for him to play and train in club baseball outside of our high school program. Conversely, the head coach of our high school and the rest of the coaches have created a club team that only requires players to pay a few $100. We will continue to do to do this next year and beyond.

Unknown Speaker 44:08
We’re also trying to create a pipeline team for middle schoolers. We do this because we think it is ridiculous ridiculous for parents to pay so much money when it is not necessary.

Unknown Speaker 44:20
Aside from that,

Unknown Speaker 44:22
equipment is expensive. Bats can cost $400 gloves can cost $600 batting helmets at

Unknown Speaker 44:36
catching equipment is 600 By the way, that’s like double than when I was a catcher. This does not even include cost of pants, socks, protective cups, batting gloves, gear bags, sliding shorts, etc.

Unknown Speaker 44:52
Entry fee for a singer single player to join Longmont baseball league is 140 to two owner intended

Unknown Speaker 45:00

Unknown Speaker 45:01
a lot of he wants to positively affect as many youth as possible. If we were able to field one team, in just one age group, the cost would be over $12,000.

Unknown Speaker 45:15
Like baseball, to fully equip a kid for football, we’re looking at 650 to $900. A person. club volleyball is 2000 $4,000. For ages 12 to a karate is $300 a month, a golf pass is 350.

Unknown Speaker 45:33
Half the money we are requesting to is to cover the cost of fees and equipment for as many kids as possible to participate not just in sports, but also other activities.

Unknown Speaker 45:45
One quarter of the requested money is to cover the cost for many fundraisers to create additional dollars in the future.

Unknown Speaker 45:54
These fundraising events include dances, baseball tournaments, golf tournaments, and what other whatever other funding fundraising opportunities that we see fit.

Unknown Speaker 46:06
The remaining 25,000 We’re requesting is to establish seed money.

Unknown Speaker 46:13
So that we can grow income through investment to make our efforts perpetual and in

Unknown Speaker 46:20
perpetuity. We are in conversation with a bank to establish an endowment,

Unknown Speaker 46:27
or some other low risk but savvy investment.

Unknown Speaker 46:31
We’re also seeking legal advice to set rules or guidelines of how we use the seed and investment money.

Unknown Speaker 46:39
These rules and guidelines will include a sub board with llv to accept applications and review nominations for scholarships.

Unknown Speaker 46:50
Thank you for giving me the time, time to give reasons why we are worthy of this request.

Unknown Speaker 47:06
Hi, good evening, council members, mayor and city staff. I’m Jonathan singer. I reside in Longmont and as I have for the last 18 years and now living at 2408 Mountain View Avenue. And before I was here, I

Unknown Speaker 47:21
was also in the state legislature where I chaired the House Health and Human Services Committee. And before that I worked with at risk youth across Boulder County to ensure their success.

Unknown Speaker 47:34
So I wanted to share three stories with you very briefly about what that success looks like. The first story in all these names or pseudonyms, starts with a kid named Tom, on Tom came to my after school program. And he was shy, little skinny, wear glasses. I know nothing about what his life was like as a high school student. And he showed really little physical interest in physical activity and a little physical app aptitude. But he kept coming to my program. And eventually I discovered that artistic way. And the organization that he had actually helped create new programs for middle school students. And he was so plugged in that at the end of my time at that after school program when I left to take another job working with our unhoused said, You know what, Jonathan, you showed me that nerds can be cool too,

Unknown Speaker 48:28
wasn’t just a success story for me. But for those middle school students as well.

Unknown Speaker 48:33
The next student was a middle school student going to a before school program. For those of you know why we have before school programs, the economics of today force, typically both parents to work,

Unknown Speaker 48:45
both of them oftentimes leaving before school starts. And so students are excited to attend these programs, in part because their peers go, in part because the programs are exciting, but also in part because their parents want them to be on school on time, and in a safe place. So the sixth grade students showed up in my program, more interested in manga comic books than hanging out with her friends and her peers. And pretty focused on that, but she kept coming back.

Unknown Speaker 49:14
And eventually she actually came out of her shell. And the way she did was actually her peers inviting her to come as they said, Hey, you look a yacht and we see you we want you to come show up with us be here with us.

Unknown Speaker 49:28
And this brings me to success story number three. This was a young kid who moved across the country right before high school. And from sea level to Colorado’s mile high he decided you know what? I’m going to participate in sports and long distance running sounds good if we’re going to be a mile high. So in the middle of his freshman year, he joined an organized sport. Never really made it to varsity sports but his mentors his coaches never really gave up on him. They showed the same attention to him as they would have any of

Unknown Speaker 50:00
varsity runner.

Unknown Speaker 50:02
And now that student grew into somebody that started to invest in other people and to spend his time serving others.

Unknown Speaker 50:11
I don’t know who that is. Oh, wait, no, I do. You’re standing, sitting in front of him right now.

Unknown Speaker 50:18
So what did we learn? That first kid taught us that mentors can learn from kids just as kids can learn from mentors, that young girl taught us how to trust in a program can actually build that internal growth, to strive.

Unknown Speaker 50:35
And that third kid,

Unknown Speaker 50:37
learned about success in sports, humility and success, acceptance of loss, and perseverance.

Unknown Speaker 50:48
But most things worth having take time.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
So this is why llv is asking for the $100,000. Because there are so many other success stories waiting to be told. And we want to create those success stories for as many underprivileged kids as possible. long months story has been one of struggle,

Unknown Speaker 51:14

Unknown Speaker 51:16
violence, community,

Unknown Speaker 51:20
unity, and perseverance.

Unknown Speaker 51:24
When people asked me when I was getting my degree in social work, why I wanted to do it. I told them, I was returning a favor, returning a favor to coaches who invested in me, and I was going to do it in the way I best could.

Unknown Speaker 51:39
There’s so many other youth waiting to have that favor bestowed upon them. The primary applications that you’re going to see tonight, focus on bricks and mortar, and that is smart with one time money. But this group here today that I volunteer with, is asking for a small portion of that, not for bricks and mortar, but for hearts and minds. Because we know that youth grow up and time is of the essence, the tragedy that happened just last summer at the fairgrounds doesn’t need to be repeated. teams that work together people participate in after school activities. You saw the research, it is incontrovertible that students who participate in before and after school programs, sports or otherwise, academic performance goes up GPA goes up, the likelihood of getting involved in the criminal justice system goes down. The likelihood of seeing further successes, like we saw with those three youth also goes way up. So help us return that favor to this gin today. As you consider these other applications. Consider this one, less than a 10th of the dollars. And we look forward to seeing the conversation tonight. Thank you for your attention.

Unknown Speaker 52:58
Thank you, Vic carry Anthony and Jonathan. So stick around in the front because we’re gonna go through these three presentations and then Council is going to have questions for you. So the next one up is going to be our own counselors. It’s counselor Yarbro and counselor, Hidalgo fairing have come up with their presentation counselor, Hidalgo. fairing will be the one presenting.

Unknown Speaker 53:29
Oh, great. So counselor Yarbro is on screen

Unknown Speaker 53:45
Okay, hello, can we get the presentation

Unknown Speaker 53:54
that was can you move the camera down a little bit so I can see Susie?

Unknown Speaker 53:59
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 54:04
Councillor Yarborough? Is there any way that you can?

Unknown Speaker 54:08
You’re kind of muted a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 54:13
I’m muted. You can’t hear me. We can hear you but it’s a soft or can you raise your volume?

Unknown Speaker 54:21
Okay, is there any better?

Unknown Speaker 54:23
Can you on 100%? So I don’t know. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 54:30
So I guess you’re gonna have to listen carefully in the counselor, council chambers. The sound is it’s coming through our speakers up here. Okay. So it’s all the same. Okay. I was wondering if it’s coming. If there’s if it’s coming from here. I can move the mic. No. You can hear us. Okay. Right, Chiquita? Yes, I can hear you. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 54:52
So, well, I can repeat what she said.

Unknown Speaker 54:58

Unknown Speaker 54:59
that’s it.

Unknown Speaker 55:00
If I didn’t, I didn’t know if you want me to start.

Unknown Speaker 55:04
Yes, you can go ahead and start i. So councilmember Yarborough and I collaborated on this.

Unknown Speaker 55:12
Her portion, she will speak during her portion and her research, which she researched. I did community involvement and our community input. And so I will be presenting the data that came up through through that avenue. So you can go ahead and get started.

Unknown Speaker 55:32
All right, thank you, everyone. For this allowing us to have this presentation. Can you hear me okay? No, yeah. Okay. Awesome. So, um, counselor, he delgo theory and and myself, were we had a conversation about after the incident at the fairgrounds in Kensington Park. And we just sat down and had a conversation about our youth and the future of our youth in the city along mine. And so we talked about what could we do to assist our youth in our community, and not just the youth, but the families of the youth? So we thought about how can we have activity kind of pretty much what llv was talking about? I know, they talked about not, you know, the brick and mortar, but the brick and mortar is important. You know, we can store

Unknown Speaker 56:30
that equipment that they’re talking about for those kids. So we came up with the idea of providing a multi purpose dome or facility in the city. And I’m in the area where the city owns this property. And we kind of will, we’ll get into more about more about that. But um, so, you know, a dome is an architecture element, it is not really a brick and mortar, but it is a structure that is in a curved shape and forms and we can pretty much do whatever we want to do with it. So in this dorm, we were just looking at what we can provide a supportive environment.

Unknown Speaker 57:14
I think safe is, you know, we can say safe, but nowadays, it’s kind of hard to say safe, right? But we can say we can provide a newborn environment that is very supportive, and that will help improve social skills for you. And maybe even supporting working families we know that that that’s a great opportunity for our families, providing inclusivity real interest and skills where we can improve self self esteem community involvement

Unknown Speaker 57:48
within our youth, and we know that since the pandemic, the youth have lost lost some of those skills, like our social skills and their social interaction with their peers. So with this, our hopes is that this project or this facility will lessen exclusivity and and marginalization which often magnified in equities in hinders

Unknown Speaker 58:11
positive in hopefully create positive developmental outcomes for you.

Unknown Speaker 58:19
So, because of that, why should we have this done? Well, according to our vision Loma comprehensive plan, we want to ensure that all Longmont residents have access to arts, culture, and learning opportunities that need to thrive and prosper, have youth initiatives to promote local initiatives, activities, and opportunities to retain and attract Are you pretty much like what LV is doing and what they want to do? So we’re all aligned with that protect civil liberties and ensure that all residents have equitable access to resources and opportunities to participate in the community and enjoy life as we all would love to do. access to facilities this will be a great facility, like I said, to support cultural opportunities, where hopefully we can have meeting rooms is that if that is what the community wants, performed, it could be a performance location for kids,

Unknown Speaker 59:21
collection resources, educational programs and activities of all city facilities. Now this is in our Envision Longmont comprehensive plan.

Unknown Speaker 59:32
Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 59:36
And also support healthy and active lifestyles among residents of all ages, programs and activities develop, encourage and support support activities that enhance the physical not only the physical but emotional well being and quality of life of our Longmont, residents, residents and promote healthy youth develop

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
elopement by offering a wide variety of appealing and purposeful and fun activities for all ages, backgrounds and interests. Now that is in our Envision, long ma plan. So with that, we decided, well, I think that this is pretty good, what we’re what we’re talking about here. So we decided to go ahead and do this survey, to see what just a sample survey to see what our community is actually thinking and what they will want and what they what they think of the idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
So, I will take over from this section. So for those of you who do not know in the public, I am councilmember Susie, they’ll go fairing.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:46
Outside of Council, I am a full time elementary school teacher. And I’ve taught third grade for the elementary age for proximately, 20 years, 30 years entirely in the profession.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:02
I have always taught in Title One bilingual school settings. I’ve come from a family, my mom was an immigrant. And my dad, we spoke predominantly Spanish in my home, growing up, and I think this is kind of leading into why I decided to collaborate with councilmember Yarborough on this project.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:29
There wasn’t a lot of opportunities, we did not have money we did not have means

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
I go to school come home. That was it. In the community that I teach in, I see a lot of the same, I see a lot of parents who really want what’s best for their kids, they want their kids to be engaged. But it’s not not knowing how and not knowing where those safe spaces are.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
So you know, in looking at this opportunity to with this money coming up to have essentially a hub where our that is geared towards our youth. So you know, if we plan this

Unknown Speaker 1:02:11
adequately, if we’re really looking at what the families, what our families and community, our youth desire, this could be something that’s very beneficial for a lot of our kids who fall between the cracks who just kind of

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
become disengaged. So it’s really kind of bringing them back in. So what I did, and I sent this out predominantly to educators, parents, students, former students, for families, I sent it out to our teachers association, and they forwarded out to, to their, their networks as well, as well as it was in the Times call. And so we did get some, some feedback from people outside, so in the other category, but really, I wanted it to be student and parent driven. So we really targeted those areas. So if you could see on the community input portion of the 133 response that we got back, it is predominantly student and parent participants. So next slide. Let’s see, I got it. So one of the questions that was was asked

Unknown Speaker 1:03:23
was, would they support or utilize a multipurpose, multipurpose athletic dome? The multi use doesn’t necessarily have to it’s not limited to sports and athletics. But

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
you know, I had a section where it was open up for comment, what would you like to see in those areas, it could be arcade, it could be just a meeting room where they could the groups and their

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
connections networks can come together and have have have a meeting space. So it showed that people were very interested in seeing a facility like this in our in our community.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
And then we did a little Priority Ranking.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
And I didn’t show up to the entire thing but one of the and I had it I had it both in Spanish and English. So responses that I got were in both in both languages.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:24
And I when I printed out the the chart, I put I put in the survey monkey to give me the priorities to put them in order. So based on the responses that we got back athletic fitness and not necessarily organized sports, it was fitness just opportunity to exercise play ball. It doesn’t have to be an organized or competitive sport.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:54
The first and second ranking was really was really high

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
The next. The next one we’re

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03
well, community ranked is higher priority entertainment, which included arcades mini golf. What were some of the other things? I had just various examples of what entertainment could it could include.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:19
And so that that fell in that second category with opportunity at the end of the survey for them to identify what would those entertainment categories be.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
The third one was stem technology Makerspace

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35
following by Arts, which would include dance, drama, theater, and then parks, outdoor activities, some of those included, that I saw in the comments were like mini, miniature golf

Unknown Speaker 1:05:48
waterslide. So it’s kind of out of the out of the realm, but I accepted all all responses.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
So in some of the comments, some of the feedback and I took a snapshot of the several statements, comments that I received, just ones that were reoccurring, over and over again, I included on here and some were just cut and paste comments that that people shared. But you know, you’re looking at having that opportunity for volleyball courts, hockey, boxing, soccer, gymnastics, and something that I heard over and over again, was looking at that opportunities for low income and at risk youth.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:34
And so I was able to pull back. So when somebody shared a comment, I was able to look and see what were their other responses. And so the ones that were really showing concern for at risk youth, we’re educators because we see them in the classroom every day. So that’s, that’s part of our norm, just having an outlet for for our students.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:59
A lot of the kids, the students, the go karts, pool, VR, VR, virtual reality, to share that and cooking and crafts.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:11
Were some responses that students had shared community gathering areas. And that was that comment I heard when I looked at individual responses, that that came from all areas student, parents, educators, as well as the general community as a whole. And you know, some of us asked to get more creative include those showers, lockers, restrooms.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
You know, there’s a lot of opportunity, I think, with utilizing a domed

Unknown Speaker 1:07:44
this magnitude to perhaps even having you serve as as a shelter during a tornado, you know, perhaps, you know, talking with our city manager, you know, perhaps there’s FEMA money that we can tap into kind of help expand. So that will be something that we can direct staff to look at it look at if approved. And

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
and then I’m gonna go ahead and pass it back to council member governing.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:14
Thanks, Susie.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:17
So, I know many of you think okay, well, how much would this cost? That’s a really good question. I just want you to see the value of having a facility like this for our you have the value of having possibly anything in this facility for our youth that will be free for Longmont resident residential youth up until the age of 18. And so, they can we can have STEM program we can have we will love to have a kitchen and have summer camps in this will we have our Arapaho kids that come from Wyoming, they have a place to come and, and have programming in there. So it’s endless, we can have a game you’ll see more when I tell show you more but I just want you all to think outside the box of all the things that we can do. We love our parks and in the wonderful thing about this dome is in the park, the kids can go is can be interactive, interchangeable, they can go out in the park and have these programs and go back into the facility.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:25
And so it’s it’s, it’s just a great idea and a great opportunity and so

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
multiple ways for kids to participate and also our families. And so we are asking for 700,000 in order to have at least the minimum of the first year of operational costs.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:49
And it will also depend on how large the dome will be. And that means what all are we going to have in that dome or will it be interchangeable with

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
force, will it be a football or basketball court or both? Tennis pickleball. Right. So it’s the possibilities are endless, we can have whatever we want in that dome. So of course, it all depends on how large the dome would be, and also to make sure that it meets the building code. And during my research, an average of $1 most dorms are starting off around 30,002 They can go up to 4 million. So all of that could depend on if we decided to have a stadium in that dome.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
So there is like I said, some dorms have is just for adults, and they have bars in the dome. So but we want this to be family oriented and targeted towards our youth. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:51
So what would these operating expenses what would that what would that be? So the estimated annual operation costs is between around 500 to $750,000. There will be opportunities to leverage ongoing operational costs such as we can rent out the dome, have conferences in the dome expos, tournaments, graduations, we all know how many of us have been to graduations where it’s pouring down raining, you know, so during inclement weather, we will have an opportunity to go into a dome. And so that could be rented out as well as

Unknown Speaker 1:11:34
Councillor Hidalgo Ferring have mentioned, you know, shelter in case of a disaster. We can there are FEMA dollars that are out there, I looked it up and they provide a public assistance program that provides supplemental grants to not only to state but also local governments so that communities can quickly respond to and recover from major disasters or emergency. That means we are we have a preventative measures in place. If something like that happens, of course we don’t want that to happen. But even if our sister cities, we can’t have someone one of you know, Lewisville or anyone else, we have places for people to stay if we need to turn it into a shelf and put cots and beds in there for them.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:21
We can charge for those who are not residents of the city of Longmont, it will be free for like I said for our youth up to 18 years old. And then after that a nominal fee for the rest of the residents in Longmont fee to anyone who resides outside of the city, Boulder County funds. I know, you know, we can look into that. I know they have recreational funds for things like this sponsorships grants, I mean, we can look into these other opportunities to leverage our ongoing operational costs.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:56

Unknown Speaker 1:13:00
So they use this to be the youth center will be the one that we talk to the youth center and ask their opinion to see if this facility will be a great opportunity for them. As we know that our city is growing our population is gone. And our youth are grunt as well. So we wish they will have more space for their programming to grow.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:26
And so they can have indoor practices we can have expert excellent exhibitions.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:32
Graduations like I said fitness theater sport competition, cultural events,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:38
you know, mentorship programs, that will be awesome. We can have the internship programs from CU font range, where these were these coaches or people who are in the in Kinesiology? I can’t say it right. But you all know what I’m talking about these programs where they could come in and help kids to learn about how the body is doing with sports and, and things like that we can have fairs in there.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:06
The possibilities are endless, endless opportunities and for our students and parents.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:13
will be this is great. Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:19
I don’t know how many of you know about eSports. But oh my goodness, in 2022, the global eSports market was valued at just over one point 38 billion US dollars. And this is an up and coming

Unknown Speaker 1:14:37
sport. And I would love to see myself our young girls to learn about eSports young kids are actually making money during this eSports and so I know many parents are like, hey, you know my kids are sitting there in front of a game all day. Well, let’s talk about it. How can we assist them in a more of a structure environment for them more

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
Have a safe environment where they’re monitored by adults.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:04
This is not a thing and Colorado Loma could be one of the first one to present the eSports. Here, in the city of Longmont. Gamers gained useful skills from participating in Esports to help them on a broader learning journey, analytical problems solving, time management, collaboration, and also teamwork. So I would love to see an all girl team, that’s just me, I guess I’m a little biased, but

Unknown Speaker 1:15:33
it’s great. So that’s just another idea. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:41
So, there you go. Here’s some more opportunities like batting cages, weight rooms, and all of this can be sectioned off, there is a mute music venue, little kids can do performances there, I know we have other, we have a theater and all those things. But we can rock out with the concert in the dome with little kids, you know, it’s just so many opportunities that we can have. And like I mentioned previously, we can also, you know, store those equipments for other groups that may not have a brick and mortar, that will be a great opportunity to come in and use the lockers and use the showers. And hopefully we will be if this if the youth center would love to have a kitchen, then that’s what we would do. So as you can see, there’s just so many great opportunities that this facility or dawn can occupy, not only would it cater to the needs of the youth in our community, but it can also assist our adults who may want to play pickleball year round be mentors to our youth. And with the mini programs, the Youth Center offers the possibilities, again, aren’t endless.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:54
Next slide. So before you switch over to the next slide, the other thing is, at one time, we did have an expo space where we held our unity in the community

Unknown Speaker 1:17:05
we held I want to think what else did we have we had our teacher awards, there were but that space is no longer available. So having a space in indoor space that we can network with Ltda with the Chamber of Commerce Latino Chamber to to have that that would be another way that renting out that space to help with ongoing costs, as well as getting creative with that the space that we have,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:35
I think looking at the indoor, you know, for a lot of us, especially those of us who knew the family of the

Unknown Speaker 1:17:44
child that was shot and killed at Kensington Park.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:49
It shook shook us to the core and you know, to have a safe indoor space, that’s I’m hearing over and over again from parents, they want their kids to be active, but they’re afraid to let them out.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:04
So, you know, looking at how that would meet the needs of what our community is asking for.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:11
This is I think this would This is in line with what would meet those those needs. And I’m going to move us to the next slide. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:22
Yes, so

Unknown Speaker 1:18:26
I just want to also mention that I myself work with you, in my everyday work from nine to five. So I work with young girls and I work with girls of color. And I work with kids in elementary school. So I understand the importance of making sure that we have in youth engagement within our community, and especially a growing community is very important. So you may ask what is it worth there? Right people? I think Susie and I have gotten responses. Oh put that money into our parks. Well we’ve already we are working the city, the city is working on that we are working on making sure our parks are where they need to be. So this is something will be additional. So that is you know that is wonderful. So

Unknown Speaker 1:19:17
we have the reason why we feel that is worth it is year round use. You could have extended planned season.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:25
You know family programs is a revenue generator. We can control the weather conditions within the facility.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:35
Like I said, that is a revenue generator 50 to 75% cheaper to build a brick and mortar and safe for provides safe shelter for natural disaster durability, and creative protective factors for you. So I just want to end on this quote that Sergeant Garcia from the law

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
Omar Police Department has said to me, he emailed me and said that we need to have more protective factors put in place so that the youth will have a better chance of success. And we believe that this stone will accomplish this. So thank you for your attention. And thank you for your time in consideration. Okay, thank you. Thank you, counselors.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:24
So our next applicant is counselor waters, and he is going to speak about our museum

Unknown Speaker 1:20:38
this look great. Yep. Great.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:53
What am I clicking right here?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:59
Ready to go.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:01
Thanks, Mayor pack and council members. Anybody else feel like this little bit like Shark Tank.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:08
So I’ll make my pitch right? To the sharks up here.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:14
Just for any who whoever is cares about this?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:19
I think I got this ball rolling. One night when we accepted a donation

Unknown Speaker 1:21:25
from the Stewart family foundation for a million dollars to Museum.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:30
As I studied that agenda,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:34
and was looking forward to accepting or approving that donation, I went back to look in our capital improvement budget at what we what we did for our museum and existing asset

Unknown Speaker 1:21:48
in the 2023, capital improvement budget of $64 million.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:54
And realize we didn’t put $1 in the capital improvement budget in 2023. For the museum. The expansion of the museum is in the capital improvement budget, but but it falls into the unfunded category. So on the evening, we accepted that donation, it occurred to me, since we hadn’t talked about the use of the Bronco money or what to do with royalties that we will accrue that we do not have to return to oil and gas operators because of the renegotiation of our agreement with oil and gas operators. That would be the donation would be a good time to respond to the generosity of the Stewart Family Foundation and all they put in to the museum for us to use some of that money to advance work that’s already been done. So to the degree that I created

Unknown Speaker 1:22:49
an interesting situation.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:52
The intent was to really make a statement both to the vet to the to the foundation, and to the museum. And

Unknown Speaker 1:23:03
our priorities as a council best was. So that being said, Here’s my presentation. I do I do think I love the ideas that we’ve heard and the people who are presenting them, I just want to say.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:15
But I do think we need to make a real clear eyed decision about what’s the best and highest use of one time money. Right, this is, this is money that we get one opportunity to allocate. And I think we ought to be clear what the best and highest use of that money is oops.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:31
We have a we have a terrific we have one of the great assets in northern Colorado in our museum,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:38
we have a real clear mission for that property for that asset in a vision both for the current status of the museum and moving forward. And I think we want to be clear on what that is. And I won’t read this to you if there are some things I’m going to read to you. I won’t read you the the vision and the mission statements, but just understand

Unknown Speaker 1:23:59
what I’m going to what I’m proposing is absolutely aligned with his vision and mission statement and everything else, all the other investments that we’ve made in the museum. And we’ve heard about brick and mortar brick and brick and mortar vestments. That’s what I’m recommending. Because I do think that’s the the appropriate use of one time money. Just a bit of context. The museum

Unknown Speaker 1:24:23
with the advisory board and with friends of the museum, under the leadership of the museum staff put together a strategic plan several years ago. And in this strategic plan, there are these goal areas, right? So I won’t I’m not going to go through all of them. But three of these goal areas that we ought to just focus on one is leveraging and growing infrastructure in order to bolster a strong base for the foundation.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:49
Part of that infrastructure is is master planning and you’ll see how that plays out in just a minute. Second is understand the demographics of our community so we can best serve current and potential

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
All visitors. The third goal area is to reinvent. So the formatting we’ve lost, we intend to expand our programs to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and cultural literacy, three goals that are part of the strategic plan strategies in that strategic plan to advance those goals. So I’ll just feature or pull out a couple of the strategies. One is contract for a master development plan. Indeed, with the generosity through the generosity of the Stewart family foundation, the foundation was able to engage with an architect and a planner, in in the, the museum master plan was updated, consistent with this, this goal and the strategy number to create a museum Cultural Council expand equitable access to programs. And under the Wonder goal, expand bilingual strategies, all strategies that go along with the goals of wonder, a strong infrastructure in discovery. So what what you’re going to see here

Unknown Speaker 1:26:07
is part of the master development plan. This is what came out of the planning process. This is the this is not even architectural rendering enduring. But the overview of what the museum would look like if it was if, if not, if, when it’s fully developed. And if you just look at that, you see what the entrance is, you can see what’s in yellow, is that extended classroom area in and in children’s gallery. But listed on the left side of that screen are all the things that were embedded as possibilities in the master plan. And I just want to just stay there just for a minute, I did ask, What Would anybody expect to see in an expanded children’s Gallery, and here is some of what was embedded in the work

Unknown Speaker 1:26:54
that rolled up into this plan. A space designed and built for children to explore, experiment, socialize, test, theories, wander, practice and grow, to inspire the process of informal learning and growth. And for all community members to see themselves reflected in the museum. So the expansion of the children’s gallery, all that the intent is would be reflected in, in this kind of an investment.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:23
In your in your materials. Tonight, there’s a resolution that I drafted several months ago, when we talked about this in November, as I recall, I brought back a resolution thinking it would I would make it easy for us to make a decision and for Kinect case, maybe the city attorney’s office who prepares these resolutions. And I’m going to read to you some of those elements in the resolution because you’re the only ones that have seen that the whereas is in there in the now therefore, and I think it’s worth other people seeing it as well. So this is a bit of an edited version of the resolution that’s in your materials tonight, but I’m going to read it to you. Whereas the Stewart Family Foundation has generously supported along much museum for many years and the Seward Family Foundation paid for costs required to update the museum’s comp a comprehensive plan to be fully aligned with Envision Longmont so what’s in the master plan for the for the museum is fully aligned with Envision Longmont and by the way, the Stewart family debt foundation paid for that master planning. The museum Advisory Board has renewed in supports the museum’s Master Plan, which is aligned with Envision Longmont and I do think whatever we do with these dollars,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:41
we ought to make certain that our advisory boards or groups who give particular attention to how we spend our money in the in the product as a result of that have been consulted or have we heard from them. And in this case, that’s already happened.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:57
The story family Family Foundation funded the design to expand the Longmont Museum, when when funding becomes available. So the designs there, they’ve put up $5 million, as I recall, towards the expansion of the museum. We’ve yet to match any of that $5 million is probably a $23 million project if we started today. But this would reduce some of that cost if we could direct these dollars to get a head start on that expansion by the use of these one time funds.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:29
To keep going the Stuart Family Foundation provided $12,000 to support preparation of a grant application to the National Endowment for the Humanities. We have a proposal in that they help fund the cost of developing and they put $4 million dollars on the table

Unknown Speaker 1:29:49
in order to submit that grant proposal which required a four to one match if we’re funded, right if the if the grants funded it’s a $5 million. Oh

Unknown Speaker 1:29:59
it’d be a five

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
Mandela project or budget. 4 million from the foundation 1 million from the endowment for the humanities just didn’t exist. Another example of the kind of generosity we’ve enjoyed from the Stewart Family Foundation. The foundation has committed a million dollars to cover the cost of construction documents when funding is available to expand the library, so there’s money in the bank. If we were to prove expansion in the children’s gallery, there’s already money to cover the cost of construction documents to do the expansion.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:33
The resolution goes on to say For reasons understood and supported by the council. The city’s $64 million 2023 Capital Improvement budget includes no capital improvement for the museum and we understand why based on all the competing priorities or needs in the budget.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:50
The museum is the city’s premier venue for enlightened civil discourse. And the museum encourages sponsors hosts facilitates and creates multi generation and multicultural learning opportunities. And

Unknown Speaker 1:31:09
the launch museum discovery days you’re all familiar with Discovery days

Unknown Speaker 1:31:14
is probably the premier and most accessible, high quality and affordable early learning opportunity in northern Colorado.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:23
In in a time when we’re looking for expanded opportunities for childcare and early learning. This is an opportunity that we can advance through expansion of the the children’s program at the museum, the museum epitomizes diversity, equity and inclusion in virtually every aspect of the programming their programming and operations.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:43
The museum and his existing city of Longmont asset worthy of additional capital investment that will serve generations of children to come.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:54
So now we get to the where that therefore,

Unknown Speaker 1:31:58
as an excellent use a one time funding and as an investment in the existing city in an existing city of Longmont asset. And as an investment in the city of long runs future to allocate half of that Bronco money along with proceeds from or the accruing royalties from oil and gas operators to put together a $2 million pot,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:24
we anticipate $3 million in royalties, half of that half of the Bronco money for a $2 million pot to be committed to expansion in the library. Because as the library is inviting people to find themselves have the museum, find it sorry. I know how many times I said library, I’m talking about the museum the whole time up here. Find yourself as the as the museum invites people to find themselves

Unknown Speaker 1:32:51
in the museum. It’s a fun to do because it is one of our greatest assets. And it’s worthy of this kind of an investment. So it’s brick and mortar. But it’s brick and mortar that serves a whole bunch of children in this community and will do so do so for ever. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:09
Thank you, Councillor waters. So now we can have an open discussion. Let’s keep this to 15 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:18
Because it’s been a long discussion. And I don’t think we’re going to vote on this tonight because we need to think about it. And we just got all the information that we needed. So I’m opening it up for questions on all three applications. And I see that Councillor McCoy is up first. Thank you, Mayor Peck. I just had a couple of quick questions about the dome.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:46
I would like to know a little bit about

Unknown Speaker 1:33:50
you know, the general idea about what we think might be maintenance per year.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:56
And also, I’m concerned about

Unknown Speaker 1:34:01
you know, we get these

Unknown Speaker 1:34:03
time periods where we get these massive winds and how that might have a impact on a structure like that. Just I’m not against it. I’m just trying to figure out what that what that looks like.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:21
And then just general boy getting a lot of feedback here.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:27
Oops, there we go.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:30

Unknown Speaker 1:34:32
oversight, you know, Management Facility oversight and what that might look like little bit so just trying to try to feel the those issues out a little bit in regards to

Unknown Speaker 1:34:45
how expensive something like that might be after it’s been put into place.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:57
Counselor Yarbro are you when

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
To answer that,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:02
I can’t I didn’t do a

Unknown Speaker 1:35:04
counselor Hidaka. Either one counselor, Hidaka hearing. Okay, thank you, I’ll get started. And then you can add on anything that I may have missed. So in our research, we were looking at the materials. So the materials are pretty fortified. So

Unknown Speaker 1:35:24
the and there are domes, I was looking at some that are built throughout the nation that are used as disaster shelters. So they are equipped to handle wind or tornado, most tornadoes, pretty strong winds.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:41
So it’ll get it.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:44
So you know, we would have that,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:48
that reinforcement. So so as far as durability, as far as cost, it really it depends, one of the areas that we were looking at, was at Centennial.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:00
Next to the youth center, so that field, which and the city manager can correct me if I’m wrong, it was 100, that whole area, which we probably wouldn’t fill the entire space 175,000 square feet, the right.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:22
Brain has not failed me.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:25
So yeah, so in that looking at something that would fit within that, that space,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:32
there are other things we were researching, or, you know, things that I was looking at is if we did to smaller domes, and this was something that our city manager had had recommended. And then I kind of looked at different cost items, I couldn’t get a pinpoint to an exact, because then we’d have to commit with really it’s the city staff getting in touch with these individuals to give us exact costs. But it would be less expensive to do to smaller and then have a connecting hallway in between. So really looking at what would be the most feasible. If approved, then we can direct staff to

Unknown Speaker 1:37:11
to invest further investigate and find what, what we could get for the best amount for our dollars. And if you want to chime in for anything.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:24
Okay, so we have Councillor Martin.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:27
Thank you, Mr. Peck. Um, first of all, I would like to say that I don’t think anyone would ever argue the point that we need more structured programs for our young people, and especially our less advantaged young people than we have today. All of these presentations except Dr. Waters,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:51
have made only that part of the case. And I don’t think we can award money based on the need case, we have to award money based on an economic case, such as the cases we expect from our independent nonprofits, like hope and the our center and other organizations

Unknown Speaker 1:38:18
that that we fund on a one time basis, all the time.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:25

Unknown Speaker 1:38:27
I’d like to

Unknown Speaker 1:38:30
just talk about the the necessity of going through a process to make these decisions. There, there has to be a plan.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:45
That details the expenditures that are going to be made much more than there already are. In the case of the museum. There is already a plan. There’s already a going concern. There’s already operational payments. And

Unknown Speaker 1:39:06
the money that Dr. Walters proposes to allocate from this with these windfalls will in fact be on with any luck at all.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:18
A ballot question

Unknown Speaker 1:39:21
this coming fall, if it’s not here, so a benefit that nobody imagine nobody mentioned, of, of using windfall money in that is that it draws down the amount of money we have to ask voters for and and allows the existing plan that’s all fleshed out to proceed.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:46
And so that’s kind of a double bonus. And I would I would like to see us make that decision quickly because it’s inherently different than the others.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:57
Councillor Martin, can I just interject something if you don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
Mind, we are only discussing the Bronco dollars tonight we’re not discussing

Unknown Speaker 1:40:06

Unknown Speaker 1:40:07
oil and gas dollars, we’re just just the Bronco dollars who decided that? That is what this presentation is all about? And that’s what is on the agenda? Well, it doesn’t make any difference as to my as to my reasoning whatsoever. But there were a lot of things that were not made clear about this presentation, including who got to present? Because I,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:31
you know, I but But anyway, let’s let’s let’s leave that aside. My point is none of these proposals are fundable we should take, we should have the staff put together the process. And what I suggest that it should be as a simplified version of the application that our nonprofits use. And that

Unknown Speaker 1:40:57
the proposers should need to get the buy in of one or more city advisory boards, such as prab, or human services, or both,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:10
to bring a finished proposal forward for the council, and then we should approve funding that but I can’t vote for $100,000. For something that just says, Well, we’re going to buy sports equipment, or we’re going to build a dome, the dome, I have the there’s not really much about ongoing costs. And it seems to presume the use of city resources for which there is absolutely no funding. So

Unknown Speaker 1:41:42
you know, if we try to move any money other than the than some museum money

Unknown Speaker 1:41:48

Unknown Speaker 1:41:50
I have to vote no, but I really want all these programs, or at least, I really want a lot of structured youth programs to come out of this discussion and to be paid for by this window. Will windfall. I think the llv is the best, because it’s realistic. It says I want seed money, we intend to become self supporting. And we are really estate we are really paying for the use of facilities that we already have. So it’s perfect. I love that one. I think that the that all of the activities within the dome are great ideas. But until we sell, we assess our need and the utilization for our existing spaces. I don’t know where the dome comes from. I mean, domes are cool. But we need to understand whether we need one or not in order to have these very essential youth programs. So that’s where I say we go. And I would move that we direct the staff to set up a process by which not only these Council sponsored,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:02
undefined programs be evaluated. But also that, you know, the original idea I believed was that we would have resident sponsored programs, which is you know, that’s how I think the llv program got started. There are some programs that weren’t included in this for reasons I don’t fully understand because I didn’t take it out of the

Unknown Speaker 1:43:25
out of the

Unknown Speaker 1:43:28
council meeting where we where we discussed what presentations would be heard. But at any rate, I don’t think we can fund we can vote on funding these. I do move on that we will award the money to the museum.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:45
Whatever is asked for out of if it’s only the

Unknown Speaker 1:43:50
stadium windfall, then half of the stadium windfall money.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:55
Thank you, Mayor Pro Tem Roderick. Yes, it was that was a motion for me to motions. Aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:02
Motion, motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:04
That was a suggestion about the process. You typically did i All right. Well, then let’s take the first motion. First. I moved to direct the staff to devise a process. And I suggest that that process be like our award process for nonprofits and that an advisory board be

Unknown Speaker 1:44:29
recruited to bring a finish decide when the proposal is ready to be brought back to council for funding.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:42
Very second for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:44
So that fails for lack of a second. All right, then I still move to award half of the stadium money to

Unknown Speaker 1:44:54
to the

Unknown Speaker 1:44:56

Unknown Speaker 1:44:59
I would second that

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00
Except if it fails, we’re done talking about the museum and if there’s a process to put to get put together, I don’t want that experience. Well, I don’t think that the that the the,

Unknown Speaker 1:45:11
the museum proposal needs to go through that process because it has a plan. It has a budget. It has all the other things that this doesn’t, that the other proposals lack. In particular, it does not have associated ongoing capital costs that aren’t funded by the windfall. Oh, second, your motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:32
So that has been moved and seconded by Councillor waters. Do we have any discussion?

Unknown Speaker 1:45:40
Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez?

Unknown Speaker 1:45:43

Unknown Speaker 1:45:45
Yeah, I was really hoping that wouldn’t get a second because I don’t feel comfortable voting on any of them tonight to be honest with you.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:52
I agree. I hadn’t planned on voting on anything.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:58

Unknown Speaker 1:46:00
Mayor Petka. Thank you. I wasn’t I’m in the same boat as as Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez, I kind of wanted, I was understanding that we were spending 15 minutes on this and kind of talk a little bit about it. And then come back. I’m not totally against an idea of having some sort of vetting process and making sure things are are clear. But again, to Councillor waters point, we want to make sure that it doesn’t mess up anything else. So I won’t be supporting that. Well, in that case, I will withdraw the motion. Okay. The motion has been withdrawn by Councillor Martin. Councillor Mipro Tim Rodriguez. Thank you. This question is about the restrictions involving the Broncos dollars. And no, it was fairly vague.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:49
Is it?

Unknown Speaker 1:46:52
will it cover, say administrative costs? Or or for instance, one of the asks, was essentially seed money for the llv organization to create investment keep their their organization more sustainable? Would that be not allowed under the rules stipulating this money? Or is it because it’s vaguely youth oriented? Would it be allowable?

Unknown Speaker 1:47:20

Unknown Speaker 1:47:30
Mayor, pack members Council Jim golden Chief Financial Officer, I think you have all of the information that we received within the packet but essentially is it was asking that it be directed towards youth activity programs. So I’m thinking general, if you’re putting seed money towards something that’s going to result in youth activity programs, you’re probably good.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:52
All right, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:54
As such,

Unknown Speaker 1:47:56
I know that it was not, it’s not my preference to vote on allocation tonight. But for me, I’m really looking forward, the expansion and access of our youth programs in the city with this money and whether that be in use for some sort of capital improvement, or directly into the expansion of youth programming or access to youth programming is not going to make a big difference to me. It’ll be more about the sustainability and viability once the numbers are, I think, a little bit more refined. And you know, not quite as large of a

Unknown Speaker 1:48:37
range in some cases. And so I’ll be looking forward to a little bit more of a deep dive in that

Unknown Speaker 1:48:45
as we go forward.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:47
Thank you seeing no other questions from counsel, I do have a couple and one of them is for either Andrew or Vic

Unknown Speaker 1:49:04
So Anthony, I called you Andrew.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:08
Both a words, a manager.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:12
So my question is when you’re purchasing these sports equipment, are these is this equipment for checking out to residents? Or is it for purchase of residents? Who would make more sense do a check in check out process but there’ll be checks and balances within that? Because we’d need tiered age groups. You know, a 14 year old can’t keep his nine year old that exactly. Okay. And for storage of this equipment. I heard a little bit about if the dome was

Unknown Speaker 1:49:53
allocated, you would store that equipment in the dome.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:58
You would work out of the dome

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
We’ve had that conversation with Chiquita, we would work more with her to finalize that process. However, we feel like that’d be a viable option. So when we because we are just asking these questions so that we can finalize this, it when you come back to us, we would like to have that finalized. Absolutely. As well as.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:26
So that’s all I have for you. Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:39
We have the opportunity also use Loma youth football space. Okay. All right. So you’ve got that covered? Yes. Thank you. And then my next question is for the dome, either Hidalgo fairing or Yarbro.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:56
I heard

Unknown Speaker 1:50:58
something about

Unknown Speaker 1:51:01
a site location for your dome.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:05
Have you finalized that?

Unknown Speaker 1:51:09
It had

Unknown Speaker 1:51:12
it was a suggestion. It’s not finalized yet. But it is city because it’s city land. Okay. It would be a strong possibility. My other question for you then is are you planning on on forming a nonprofit to operate this? Or do you have the youth center that has agreed totally, to finance I mean, to to operate it?

Unknown Speaker 1:51:38
So you’re shaking your head? Counselor Yarborough? Is that? Yes. That the Youth Center has said they would operate this as well as looking for funding.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:49
We will talk with you Senator, we had our meeting prior to updating our presentation. And we wanted to make sure that because we don’t want the city to have to do you know, recreate what’s already out there, we just want to expand on the programming that they already have, and how we can help them and to make them more beneficial. So yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:12
that property desk is right next to them. And so that will be the most the ideal to have it there. And then also they will be the one to run that facility. So before you come back, because this is nothing more than a discussion for your ideas before you come back, and you have those finalized,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:34
totally finalized the site, as well as the operator.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:41
But I think from my understanding that

Unknown Speaker 1:52:45
I guess it will be contingent upon if Council

Unknown Speaker 1:52:51
approve it in order for the city to move forward. Okay. So you mean just get it with the contingency of approval if the city if the US center will be the one to operate. So what we would have to do first of all, is if staff has okayed a site location, council has to approve that. So that would be your first step. So mayor, Mayor Council, part of part of this issue is based on where on on the development of these proposals and these ideas.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:23
We have answered questions that have been brought to us but we have not spent staff time. Okay on these items because we don’t have Council direction to spend half staff time on these items. So if council wanted us to we would need Council direction to spend time and dig deeper on this, for example, they councilmember Hidalgo fair and and Councilmember Yarborough requested a meeting. And they said, What do you think the operating cost is going to be? And we said, Well, based on what we have here is what we think. But we don’t know because we haven’t dug into these items.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:03
In detail if council wants us to councils can direct us a staff to work with the parties involved to dig into them. But at this point, they’re just proposals in front of you. Okay, so then my question. Okay, Councillor waters. Thanks for your pick. Just I just I just want to make certain I was clear on what I just heard. I thought I heard that this the the Division of Youth and Family division had agreed to staff and and operate. Then I thought maybe I heard something else. I just wanted to be clear on what what the assumption is. They,

Unknown Speaker 1:54:41
counselor Yarbro has spoken to I’m assuming because Christina, no. The question was, if this were a city facility, how would it be operated? And our answer was without digging into it, we would assume that it would be some combination of youth

Unknown Speaker 1:55:00
and Family Services and recreation. Okay, again, we haven’t dug into it. And we don’t know that and we would need direction to do that. Okay. Thank you. So my question to the floor? Oh, you do? Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:15
I just

Unknown Speaker 1:55:16
got my attention, given what I know about staffing and can the recreation department in Youth and Family Services, I just want to make certain that I have one other question. Sure. And, and it’s just strictly Eugene, an illegal question. Are there? should we or should the LBV group have any concerns about any liabilities associated with buying and checking out equipment if somebody’s injured?

Unknown Speaker 1:55:45
Mayor and council Eugene, a city attorney? I don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:55:49
I haven’t looked into it. I don’t think it’s a service that the city offers. I know there are organizations that do.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:59
For example, Rei, checks out

Unknown Speaker 1:56:03
camping equipment, we would certainly look at their forms. You know, my friend runs Boulder Valley lacrosse that has a checkout program. So I think organization so there are waivers that people could sign to? I would think so. All right. All right. I just was I just wanted to make certain that there wasn’t some unintended

Unknown Speaker 1:56:23
scenario. So it is my understanding that LBV is a nonprofit, and it wouldn’t be a city run operation. But I think Andrew has an answer for that risk.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:38
We’re taking insurance quotes right now for liability, not just on what we’re asking for tonight, before also our tournaments that we’re hosting. Thank you for that. Councillor Martin.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:55
Thank you, Mayor Peck.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:57
I was asking some for some clarification on what the city manager said about the youth

Unknown Speaker 1:57:07
center center,

Unknown Speaker 1:57:10
staffing the dome,

Unknown Speaker 1:57:13
that obviously could not be part of the windfall coverage. So that would mean that at some future point, we would have to budget additional staff, to staff the dome, correct that if the it would be an operating cost, along with, you know, any maintenance of of the of the facility itself. Yeah. So again, with without digging into either one of them, both the museum and this would carry an ongoing operating costs that exist. And so we again, we haven’t dug into those. But that’s something that we would have to evaluate. Now, I was surprised to hear you say that about the museum, because there is an operating costs associated with the museum expansion

Unknown Speaker 1:58:00
in terms of the definition of the ballot, measures correct. And so that’s looked on the full cost of that. But if you if you build a portion out of it, but ahead of it, then you would have to figure out what that ongoing cost is in it ahead of it. So again, haven’t dug into these and really dealt with it. But anytime you you have that capital investment, you’re going to have additional costs and utilities and ons and things like that, that have to be incorporated in it.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:31
Again, because we haven’t dug into this, I don’t know if there will be additional staffing that will be needed in that piece. And when you’re when you’re budgeting these we can’t assume if something is coming for a vote that it will pass because if a vote doesn’t pass, then we still have to absorb the ongoing operational cost. Yes, although it seems like that that analysis could go either way. Because you you don’t necessarily assume I actually when I read the museum plan, I said Oh, well. So even though for it to be the

Unknown Speaker 1:59:08
meet the bar for its for children, it did have to fund phase three, and I assumed that there were dependencies. And so actually that money would be in a fund waiting for it to be time to do that piece of the museum plan. So that means that it would reduce the operating costs that had to be funded by the ballot measure. And again, we haven’t done yet. I don’t think I mean, I don’t think it would reduce the operating cost is what it is. And so if you built the museum out fully.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:40
I believe you have a pull it up, pull and go to look at I believe you have a 4.9

Unknown Speaker 1:59:49
in aggregate on that Kim helped me out is it 4.9 million operating cost

Unknown Speaker 2:00:03
So I’ve got it here. So when we, when we look at the museum, when you have the full expansion, the ongoing staff costs is 1.8 million. And then the other ongoing cost is a half a million.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:18
And then the capital replacement is 800,000. And we only have this because we worked on it before the

Unknown Speaker 2:00:27
ballot question, ballot question. So the overall ongoing increase is

Unknown Speaker 2:00:32
2.3 million, sorry, $2.3 million.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:37
Total ongoing, I got my numbers from the Capitol versus this interchange. So the total ongoing cost is 2.3 million, this would reduce some of the debt service that you were required to do. But it wouldn’t reduce this 2.3 million number that we’re talking about four operating costs.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:58
Okay, so yeah, I don’t understand exactly why it doesn’t just reduce the capital, it couldn’t just be structured in order to reduce the capital expenditures that need to be funded, and therefore reduce the debt service and good enough, everyone else. But you still haven’t you still in like in both of these, you still have an ongoing operating costs to actually operate the facility with staffing, utilities in that and so but why would that be funded by the windfall is what I don’t understand that the general fund would have to pick that up. And so that’s what I was saying is, when we looked at it, when we looked at it, in this case, the total annualized cost is $4.9 million. For the museum expansion. There’s two components in the museum expansion, there’s the cost of the debt service, and then there’s the cost of the ongoing operations, it will reduce the annualized cost of the debt service, proportionately based on the amount of money that’s invested in it, it will not reduce the ongoing operating costs, that has to be filled, either via a tax increase or the general fund.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:12
So I’m going to break in here and close this discussion. Because this these Broncos money, this amount of Bronco money, the full amount of Bronco money will not cover the operating costs for the museum for the in any way.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:30
This is one time one time funding for youth activities. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:38
I wasn’t proposing?

Unknown Speaker 2:02:43
No. This is to counsel or Martin’s question about ongoing operating costs.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:51
I understand that the mute that we’re talking about a bundle of money for the museum. And I’m trying to separate it this. But this discussion is only about the Bronco dollars, not to be clear, if you if council said we want to allocate X amount of dollars. And let’s say that is for one component of

Unknown Speaker 2:03:14
the total expansion. When you combine it with what they’re paying, there is an ongoing operational cost associated with whatever that is, then if something is put before the voters and the voters vote on all of it, then it is in that tax increase where it would have to cover the ongoing operating. And so I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you put this money there, and if it was going to fake cover phase one, we would need to build the pro forma out to look at what are the operating costs associated with phase one.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:54
If you phased the total completion of the museum into phase one and phase two, or phase one and phase two and phase three, however it’s built, we would then build it to say what’s the operating cost associated with that phase. And then if we move forward with it, we would have to ensure that we have that factored into the budget. Because we don’t know what’s going to happen. If something’s before the voters. And again, I would say we haven’t dug into this, right? And so if Council’s direction is for staff to dig into these opera, opera, all of these programs and really start pulling that information out. We will need that direction from you all so that we can engage in more direct conversations. But at this point, we’ve really just been answering questions correct. And that is why I want to end this discussion so that we can decide whether we’re going to give direction to staff to

Unknown Speaker 2:04:56
decide the operation the whole thing

Unknown Speaker 2:05:00
investigate all these programs and see see what their cause if they’re viable, and help the people who are presenting them

Unknown Speaker 2:05:12
to make a presentation that’s viable and covers everything we need to know. Does that make sense?

Unknown Speaker 2:05:20
All right. So

Unknown Speaker 2:05:22
I don’t want to make a motion. Let’s just do a yay or nay, should we give direction? Those of you who want to give direction to council?

Unknown Speaker 2:05:31
Should we? Well, I guess we should make a motion. Do you want to make that motion?

Unknown Speaker 2:05:37
Well, I thought you just said we’re not I know. But

Unknown Speaker 2:05:42
I would not have relinquished the floor. If I thought we were going to continue discussing this. I think I should have the floor back. We’re just going to

Unknown Speaker 2:05:56
what I want to know is,

Unknown Speaker 2:05:59
counsel, I mean, I’m sorry, staff needs direction on these proposals to either work with the applicants,

Unknown Speaker 2:06:07
or we need to end the discussion tonight. And bring it back after Council has looked at all these proposals, these three and come to some conclusion as to whether we want to direct staff, which we could do on a motion at the next council meeting.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:29
So Councillor Martin, you can continue.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:34
But can you just wrap it up? Because we are way over our time?

Unknown Speaker 2:06:41
Thank you, Mayor Peck.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:43
I don’t know whether

Unknown Speaker 2:06:47
whether the city manager was on answering about doing a minimal amount of staff time to figure out the differences in operating costs for the ballot question, which is what amount of money or on what amount of staff time or whether we’re talking about directing the the staff to do all of the work for baking these proposals to the point where for example, they would meet the bar that would be have to be crossed in order to fund a nonprofit for some other proposed project.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:30
I do not think that any of these projects

Unknown Speaker 2:07:35
with the exception of the little bit of work that would have to be done to Reese wizzle. The museum effort because there is already a plan and a budget.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:50
I don’t think the step that these programs should have the staff do the work. I think the programs need to figure out how to get this works done. I made the suggestion of using an existing process and

Unknown Speaker 2:08:06
and an advisory board to help them get it done. But I think our staff is already so oversubscribed, that I don’t think that that we should we should spend tout set staff time

Unknown Speaker 2:08:22
on on something this extensive. I mean, all of these programs are a whole lot of work to get them up to the point where the Council could make a rational decision on funding them. So I will certainly not vote to move that the staff does that. So Councillor Martin, the direction that I am giving is that look at all these proposals. This was nothing more than a presentation.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:53
Decide what you want to happen. And then at the next council meeting, you can make a motion to direct either staff or the applicants to come back with specifics that we need to make a motion to vote on something.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:16
Because we’re not making motions. They were just presentations. So with that I’m going to close this discussion. Thank everyone who presented their proposals tonight. And do we need a break? So we’re going to take a five minute break

Unknown Speaker 2:14:38
To be on the west

Unknown Speaker 2:20:39

Unknown Speaker 2:20:43

Unknown Speaker 2:20:55

Unknown Speaker 2:21:04
won’t make that statement

Unknown Speaker 2:21:24
Oh, you’re asking them where did they read it?

Unknown Speaker 2:21:29
They did. So I want

Unknown Speaker 2:21:47
to make this statement for you see several people

Unknown Speaker 2:22:11
so we’re coming back and it’s good public invited to be heard but before I call on anyone, I see that on the signup sheet. Several people put that they want to talk on gun legislation. I just want to make it clear that we are not voting on gun legislation. We are voting on a resolution. It’s just a statement.

Unknown Speaker 2:22:35
So if you’re going to talk to us about voting on gun legislation, we are not voting on that tonight. So the first one is Ruby Bowman.

Unknown Speaker 2:22:45
And as a reminder, please state your name and address

Unknown Speaker 2:22:50
and three minutes

Unknown Speaker 2:22:56
Ruby, can you turn on the microphone?

Unknown Speaker 2:23:00
There you go. Hi, my name is Ruby Bowman 1512 left hand drive. I have comments about the use of the Bronco money. I don’t agree with I don’t agree that the Bronco money or oil and gas royalties should be used for the museum expansion. The money received from the Bronco sells should be used for sports recreation related activities. I recommend that a portion of the Bronco money be used to cover admission debt free admission days city recreation facilities and swimming pools for long my children during the summer. They usually have a lot of free time on their hands when school is out. Certain museums and botanic gardens have free admission days throughout the year as part of the scientific and cultural facilities district program. Why don’t we create something similar for long months children that sports slash recreation related as we’re using oil and gas royalties for the museum expansion. I don’t agree. The 3 million that the city received from renegotiating the cup Creek agreements should go back to the city funds that own that own properties from which the oil and gas royalties derive. That includes the 1.5 million that’s that has been proposed for the museum.

Unknown Speaker 2:24:22
Several months ago I stood at this podium pleading with you to fund the plant ecologist and Fire Ecologist positions for natural resources in the 2023 budget. The budget was tight and therefore no funds to cover these positions. The open space program needs all its royalty funds. If any of the 1.5 million comes from the OIC comes from open space royalties. It should not be diverted to the museum. City financial policy that covered oil and gas revenue says oil and gas royalties will be

Unknown Speaker 2:25:00
will be deposited into the funds that own the mineral rights. Last, any costs related to the monitoring of air and water quality or soil monitoring are plugged and abandoned. Well investigations. It didn’t mention museum expansions. I believe you’ve, you’re violate the oil and gas revenue financial policy. If you transfer oil and gas royalties for museum expansion use. Don’t do that. Thank you. Thank you, Ruby. Next up is Holly Norton.

Unknown Speaker 2:25:47
Good evening, city council Mayor Peck. It’s nice to see you all. I’m Dr. Holly Norton. I live at eight to eight Vivian Street here in Longmont. I know that you are not voting on any gun legislation tonight. I would like to commend you on your statement regarding the need for gun legislation. I would also like to ask you to take it further. While I do recognize that it’s important for our state legislature to enact laws across the state for gun safety and

Unknown Speaker 2:26:20
reducing the gun violence that is plaguing our communities. complex issues like this require a kaleidoscope of legislations at the federal state and the local levels. And so I’m asking you, as our elected officials here in Longmont to enact local policies and legislation that helps address gun violence that occurs within our communities. Thank you. Thank you, Holly.

Unknown Speaker 2:26:46
Tom Smith.

Unknown Speaker 2:27:03
Good evening, Mayor Peck City Council staff.

Unknown Speaker 2:27:10
I need some assistance. And I would like to follow up on a number of emails some of you have received. And as I learned today from city manager Dominguez, you are probably aware of some of my concerns with regard to information access from the city via the website, as well as access from city employees. My quest started 12 months ago after the marshal fire, I pursued some additional information and some follow up from issues with code enforcement regarding what I perceived, and I think photographic evidence would show some non compliance with public scrutiny city.

Unknown Speaker 2:27:57
Land inside the city that was very threatening. It was in the

Unknown Speaker 2:28:03
older county fire community fire plan in 2005 2015, I think as well as the modeling from em car. And that was pretty much of a farce with planning and excuse me with code enforcement. I made my wishes or issues known to Harold, after that really kind of fell apart. I started to learn more about zoning and coding.

Unknown Speaker 2:28:32
And some of the different issues and that has morphed into some zoning kinds of issues. Some of you are aware that part of my subdivision was being taxed by two different fire districts for approximately 10 years.

Unknown Speaker 2:28:49
I have found four different fires, fire districts, mapping our subdivision for coverage. Some of that has been straightened out in October. Some of you were present at coffee for the council. I made some requests and asked for some clarification from you about what we could rely on and trust. And I think it’s a little bit the follow up of that. And I urge you to Harold has told me you the teams in the various departments are digging into some of the problems with the data processing and issues there. But I’d like to bring to your attention with a citizen consumer who I think has been fairly active has had to dig into and what some of the problems are.

Unknown Speaker 2:29:39
Mayor, Councilman waters, city manager Dominguez have received some of these things. And I brought a couple of those with me just to follow up with them. I think you’re aware of the noncooperation issues with Boulder County. I brought the documents that I sent to them

Unknown Speaker 2:30:00
never got a response from them after former city council person here and help help facilitate a meeting.

Unknown Speaker 2:30:07

Unknown Speaker 2:30:10
zoning questions have come up.

Unknown Speaker 2:30:13
City employees have told me that these pawns also on city property threatened both the greens and our subdivision and amount of time. I’ve left these documents again for you. I’m going to be involved in

Unknown Speaker 2:30:29
information meeting about zoning and development on the property next to us. Okay, there are seven pages requested some help with including this. Mr. Smith, are you going to give us those documents to read? I’ve sent them to all of you. Thanks for and that was in October, if you could get these to me by Thursday at noon. So I’m ready at six o’clock Thursday night for the meeting that we were notified first, thank you that didn’t have the correct information on it. And also includes a map that Mr. Burchett told me was outdated or incorrect, Harold and I could not find it on any city mapping today Smith. I’m sorry, but your time is up and we can actually talk later. I would be glad to call you you all have my phone number my email. Okay, please fix these things. All right. We’ll look into it. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 2:31:29
Antoinette Kemper.

Unknown Speaker 2:31:39
Good evening, I mentioned that Kemper one zero to 2/5 Avenue. The proposed statement on gun legislation correctly concludes that long mons five proposed gun control measures would have little to no impact on the recent mass shootings in Colorado. According to a 2019 Boston University study, neither banning assault weapons nor high capacity magazines showed any statistical significance in reducing fire related homicide rates. The three most effective state laws in reducing homicide rates were universal background checks, prohibiting people who have committed a violent offense from owning a handgun, and may issue as opposed to shall issue concealed carry permits. Colorado is a shall issue issue state, but applicants must first meet a list of requirements, including completing firearm safety training. The study concludes the underlying goal of firearm policy should be defined the most effective ways of limiting access firearms among individuals who are shown to be potentially dangerous based on their criminal history without cast net so wide as to prevent law abiding citizens from purchasing or possessing guns. In the late 1990s, England initiated a complete ban on handguns and many long guns. Hundreds of 1000s of firearms were confiscated from law abiding citizens. By the year 2000. Violent crime in England had increased so much that it had one of the highest violent crime rates in Europe and even surpassed the US. A 2013 study and Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy found no empirical evidence that gun control reduces crime. countries and cities with stricter gun control laws are still among those with the highest murder and gun violence rates. Also, countries with high gun ownership rates such as Israel and Switzerland have very little homicide that youth a 2021 American University said study of tighten gun control measures in Massachusetts show they had little effect on the state’s violent crime rate. So shouldn’t we be focusing on the root causes of crime instead of just the symptoms? Many studies have been have been done, the data exists. Yet legislatures remain tied to more restrictive gun laws on law abiding citizens, while violent crime continues to increase. Why cling to a failed approach? Is it cognitive dissidence? Is it an attempt to to for a gun grab government derive their just powers from the consent of the people when that power is abused? It is the right and the duty of the people to throw off and unjust government. Alexander Hamilton wrote, If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self defense. Self Defense means the ability of the people to defend themselves from an unjust or oppressive government. This is accomplished through a well regulated militia by which the founders meant a militia that is organized, trained and equipped. Therefore, the people have the inalienable right to bear. Thank you, and there is way to uphold the Constitution. We are not voting on any ordinances tonight either. Thank you. The next one is Steve alt Schuler

Unknown Speaker 2:35:01
Even though you’re not voting, there are some things that are important to hear.

Unknown Speaker 2:35:07
Thank you, Steve ALTSCHULER 1555 Taylor drive Longmont.

Unknown Speaker 2:35:14
So everyone wants our schools and our kids to be safe. And there are many ways to do that. destroying our Constitution and aborting the rights of honest Americans is not an acceptable remedy. Look at Chicago and other cities. No matter what laws you pass, criminals will always get their guns. I’m gonna read you from an article there’s a term called defense defensive gun use, which is called D G, you.

Unknown Speaker 2:35:45
William English, a PhD from Georgetown University conducted the largest ever study on defensive gun use in the United States. In all he surveyed 54,000 individuals over the age of 18 17,000 were gun owners. The results of that, here are the results 1/3 32% of all US adults over the age of 18 own firearms, nearly 1/3 of those gun owners have used the firearm to defend themselves or their property and that figure excludes military service police work, or work as a security guard. what these numbers mean, what these numbers mean, is a defensive gun use happens about 1.6 7 million times a year. So why don’t we hear about these incidents? Mainly because the vast majority of cases 82%. According to the latest study, no one is shot, no one gets injured, and in fact, no shots are fired.

Unknown Speaker 2:36:52
And thus the police never even hear about it. In other words, all it takes is a mere display, or mention of a firearm to make assailants seek easier victims.

Unknown Speaker 2:37:06
I’m gonna skip down here.

Unknown Speaker 2:37:11
In a 1995 study cited by the Congressional Research Service, they estimated that 2.1 to 2.5 million defensive gun uses per year, a 9097 study commissioned by the National Institute of Justice put the number at 4.7 million defensive gun uses per year. Even a study ordered by the Obama administration concluded that almost all National Survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals an estimate of an annual of between 500,000 and more than 3 million times per year. And this is an Obama study. So you talk about guns, you talk about safety, but people deserve to keep themselves safe in their home, or when they’re driving around or when they’re at church. And we all want our kids to be safe. But this arming honest citizens is not the way to do it. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:38:12
Thank you, Steve.

Unknown Speaker 2:38:14
George Tristan.

Unknown Speaker 2:38:24
Good evening, Honorable Mayor Peck, and council members. My name is George Tristan and I live at 1703 Whitehall drive.

Unknown Speaker 2:38:34
The intent of gun control advocates is well meaning and in their minds is in the best interests of community residents and our children. I will give anyone who advocates for gun control laws the benefit of the doubt that their intent is to increase public safety. The matter of public safety is something that everyone should agree on as being a critically important matter how we increase public safety is where many disagree. I have learned in my lifetime that having good intentions is rarely enough to support my decisions and actions. In the past. Some of my short sighted decisions and actions will almost always be in well intended have resulted negatively and sometimes have been considered an exercise in poor judgment. I’ve learned that by taking a more comprehensive approach on any given issue. And considering the many unintended consequences that may occur that the results will almost always end more positively. According to the 2021 statistics published by the Colorado Department of Public Health, when the number of deaths attributed to firearms are compared to those of drug overdose nearly seven times the number of Coloradans died from drug overdose. Many local officials are urgently sounding the call to enact gun control laws to increase public safety. However, they do not seem to have the same sense of urgency when addressing the problem of drug

Unknown Speaker 2:40:00
Action and the death toll attributed to overdose. Many people are quick to blame me perceive mental health crisis as the root cause of drug addiction and the increase in crime. I believe that there are many other significant contributing factors, including the legislators and judges who are responsible for lowering bail requirements, reducing felony convictions and issuing slap on the wrist sentencing, which undermines the courageous work done by law enforcement. Other compounding factors include the legalization of drugs, most recently magic mushrooms, because we didn’t learn from the disastrous 2014 decision to legalize marijuana that made Colorado a drug tourist location and can be attributed in large part part to the out of control homelessness plaguing our communities. Other additional factors include creating needle injection sites, and implementation of illegal migrant sanctuary laws that enable the drug cartels to traffic drugs like fentanyl, into our communities. In summary, please do not enact any gun control laws. These will not increase public safety. On the contrary, law abiding citizens will become less safe. Instead, please have the courage to do the hard work and look into the root causes of the so called Mental Health Crisis plaguing our communities. Thank you for your attention.

Unknown Speaker 2:41:26
Thank you George Polly Christensen.

Unknown Speaker 2:41:35
Good evening, mayor and city council. Polly Christensen for 10 Jetson Street. I’m here to speak about the city council statement on guns legislation. I exclude from my comments, councillors Sean McCoy because he had nothing to do with any of this.

Unknown Speaker 2:41:52
This is a cleverly written document, but I urge you to reject it because it is cowardly. It is inaccurate and it is useless. Since the June 23 2022. Supreme Court decision, New York State Rifle and Pistol Association versus ruin. This body has been asked again and again and again to pass meaningful gun violence prevention ordinances for Longmont. Every other large municipality in Boulder County did so immediately and unanimously, Mayor Pack quickly stepped up and came up with five proposed ordinances with consultation with the city’s legal department. Not one of you stood by any of these proposals. As a body you’ve done nothing but stole, saying we would have to change the culture first. Really, that’s not City Council’s job or within its possibilities, saying we have to see what the state does. First, the state legislature immediately did act by passing legislation saying that municipalities can make stricter laws. Now, eight months later, we have a statement that repeatedly states the City Council is powerless, and it makes the preposterous

Unknown Speaker 2:43:10
statement somehow linking general crime and car theft with mass shootings and suicide.

Unknown Speaker 2:43:18
Stating that expanding airpo which is exists with extreme risk,

Unknown Speaker 2:43:25
protection ordinances or red flag laws, and waiting periods, quote, would not have made a difference. Studies from Duke University Johns Hopkins and state data from California have shown that waiting periods do reduce suicide rates by 7.5 to 14%. And mass shootings have been greatly reduced by repose. People coming from out of prisons are not the ones who need mental health care, and they’re not committing suicide. Young people living in despair are committing suicide. Suicide by guns is 90% successful by any other method. It has a 10% success rate. Have the courage to do your jobs and increase long one’s waiting periods and expand the restrictions on open carry in long run please act. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:44:20
Thank you Polly Shaquille Della.

Unknown Speaker 2:44:35
Killed a while to 19 Francis Street in the bone Farm Neighborhood. I’m here to discuss the contrast between fear and hope. My neighbors are afraid they are afraid that they are often here at City Council letting you know that they do not want their neighborhood to change. They do not want more housing. They do not want more neighbors when they inevitably appeal the Planning and Zoning Board decision to allow construction to proceed

Unknown Speaker 2:45:00
They will want you to vote to prevent more people like me from living there, they will have their reasons. Parking height, prairie dogs, clay pipes run off mountain views. When hearing their concerns, I have a simple suggestion, do not attempt to to address their concerns. You cannot. Because no matter how many concessions the developer, or planning and zoning or you make, at the end of the day, they will still not want more housing to be built. They are asking you to prove a negative. They want you and the developer to prove that they will not be inconvenienced in any way no matter how minor by the addition of more housing to the neighborhood. I find this attitude on neighborly, unwelcoming and unworthy of the good people who I know to be my neighbors. It is because they are motivated by fear. They are afraid of change. So rather than accept that change is coming and choosing how to bend it to their benefit. They are trying to force the city to choose the same path as Boulder and San Francisco, and in doing so putting the city on a death spiral of unaffordability. So I’m here today to ask you members of council and my neighbors who disagree with me to spend more energy focusing on your hopes. What do you want for the future for your children’s future? What kind of city do we want to leave for the people who live here after we are all dead? Here’s what I want. I want a city made of a diverse group of people rich and the culture they bring and the circumstances by which they got here. I want a city ready to withstand the changing climate. I want the people in that city to have the highest quality of life while having the capacity to mend that damage. I want a city filled with walkable streets where people know their neighbors and where the ability to live in a great neighborhood isn’t determined by how much money they have. I want dense, affordable, attainable, people focused housing solutions and I want to start building them today. Build on bone farm. Thank you. Thank you, Shaquille me, Michael shoot out spiker.

Unknown Speaker 2:47:20
Thank you Mira Peck and counsel. I am Michael shots. Meyer 69. Overstreet, and I’m here to submit a proposal for Bronco funding, as directed by city staff. This September marks the 10 year anniversary of the 2013 flood event that devastated the Longmont community. In decades since the city has done a great job in pursuing execution of a $230 million investment in the RSVP flood mitigation project. Over this decade, there has also been increasing recognition of the triple threats of climate change, environmental breakdowns and related social equity challenges. As the city grows close to completion of the RSVP project, it is important that we begin to implement a vision for protecting the long term environmental preservation of the same frame corridor and our vast investment in it. In that regard, there may be no more meaningful way to invest in youth activities than to provide opportunities to learn about stewardship of the natural world and its vital ecosystems. That is the goal of yes Longmont the Youth Environmental Stewardship Program presented to you. Over the course of 40 years, the spray program of the Denver based Greenway Foundation has engaged with over 100,000 urban students in doing just that. Their award winning environmental education activities have had tremendous impact on Denver, and the foundation has generously offered to assist in creating a local nonprofit affiliate tailored to Longmont youth community, or location needs and resources. Yes, Longmont presents an opportunity for the city to capitalize on the value of the Greenway foundations, decades and a wealth of experience to ensure a successful outcome of this proposal. spree prioritizes environmental education through kids simply having fun. The Greenway foundation is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion and seeks to engage underserved youth populations, including those in the ADHD spectrum. Often careers in environmental fields have grown out of spree learning experiences, and internships. The yes Longmont proposal can play a vital role in ensuring a thriving and healthy St. Frane watershed. More importantly, it offers a proven approach to introducing our youth to the importance of stewardship of the environment and planetary ecosystems upon which they’re very

Unknown Speaker 2:50:00
future depends. Making this commitment to both our city’s youth and the st frame presents an exceptional way to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the 2013 flood event. And long months invest in investment in a flourishing future. I’d like to I’ve left you with proposal copies and links to the sprit website, which I was hoping to have on the screen here tonight for you

Unknown Speaker 2:50:26
for learning more about the Greenway Foundation, and welcome any questions you may have. Thank you, Michael.

Unknown Speaker 2:50:33
Me Dallas.

Unknown Speaker 2:50:46
Hello, hello. Thank you for having me. I’ll be really quick. It’s super late. Thank you Moms Demand Action. I’m really glad to see you here. But that’s not why I’m here. I’ve lived in Longmont for 23 years. I live at 1622 green place. I am very

Unknown Speaker 2:51:05
in love with this town. I’ve worked for many different event related jobs. Currently, I work for the Longmont Humane Society. I’m on the board at the firehouse Art Center. I’m very into this community and I’m very into bond farm. And I really believe that we should build and I have two adult children who would love to stay in Longmont and they work here and they’ve been born and raised here. And you know, when I hear some of my neighbors have been like hitting me with flyers and saying like, you know, we don’t want to ruin the character of this neighborhood. Or we you know, I don’t even know what that even means because Longmont is all kinds of characters. You know, that’s what I love about this place. But it kind of makes me feel like we’re here. So shut the door behind us and no one else is allowed. It’s very unwelcoming. But also there are people here like my children who would love to stay and live here. And they would love to live in long line by a home eventually, but with with this attitude that I keep hearing in our neighborhood about

Unknown Speaker 2:52:13
there. We don’t have room for all this growth. But I feel like we have a lot of room. My husband Alex and I actually live in a four Plex and the bottom of in green place where there are 12 townhouses on about an acre and a half. And we love our life there. I mean, we have Fourth of July, we had a Foursquare tournament in the middle of our cul de sac. You know, we have cookie bake offs. We love each other. It’s I mean, well, not necessarily, but it’s fun to know our neighbors, you know, and I would really love to see more of that in Longmont and especially in the old town neighborhood.

Unknown Speaker 2:52:51
I’m just very into let’s give people a chance to live in a very cool part of town. You know, I like walkability. I like density, I would really like to see this development include some mixed use opportunity. I mean, walking to a coffee shop would be super awesome. I’m a big proponent of Westside tavern, for instance, or left hand brewing or native roots. Those are things that I can just walk through, I’d love to see more of that. And I’m very, I don’t really have a very strong stance on it because I haven’t really seen as much as you know, everybody else maybe has I’m just here to say, I’m not immediately pushing back. I really would love to see what they have to offer and I’m very excited to see the growth that Longmont has offered. This is a super great town. You know, next slide. Are you kidding me? We have we have a ton of things to offer and we have only upward to go and I can’t wait to see what this community can give to us. So please build in bone farm. Thank you. Thank you, Amy Taylor Wicklund?

Unknown Speaker 2:54:05
Sorry, tired evening, Mayor Council. My name is Taylor Wicklund. I live at 1704 Short place. I was born and raised here in Longmont and live currently in the bond Farm Neighborhood. And I have a couple of critiques on the proposed development. Number one, development is too small.

Unknown Speaker 2:54:24
We could if we’re creative, we can fit over 100 units there and still have a park and commercial activity and you know and not be a tall condo building even though I’m not opposed to that either. Number two, it doesn’t promote that mixed use that and he was talking about like Westside Tavern is a gym in the neighborhood.

Unknown Speaker 2:54:44
The fact that we get to walk

Unknown Speaker 2:54:47
and that that’s what density is all about is promoting that walkability so it’s like why not have a small grocer Cafe eatery bakery you know whatever some entrepreneur wants to create, see what see what survives

Unknown Speaker 2:55:00
And then also, contrary to the neighbors opinion density reduces traffic congestion, congestion, and increases walkability. density also increases supply to then reduce the housing costs for people to live here. And most importantly, what some neighbors are proposing is a continuation of r1 single family homes, and that will destroy the climate. According to the Center for clean air policy, a single family home, even driving a hybrid produces twice the amount of carbon than an average townhome driving an average car.

Unknown Speaker 2:55:32
And I always ask myself, how did we get here? Why is housing so expensive? Why do we have to fight in indies all the time, for that encouraged the council to research our discriminatory history, research the formation of r1 zoning eliminate the majority of developments a single family residential has racist origins where the continuation of the classes implementation while destroying the climate,

Unknown Speaker 2:55:55
walk around Old Town and you will see a diversity of grandfathered housing multiplexes, small apartment blocks, condos and of course single family homes, most of which is illegal to build today, as much of even old town as some zoned single family. We must go back to pre 1940s mixed use development which the rest of the world says that’s how you build things.

Unknown Speaker 2:56:19
This development pattern has mixed use walkable neighborhoods to get basic necessities. This one has diverse housing stock to reduce housing costs and allow choice in the housing market. This style development produces more revenue for the city to afford transit parks protected bikeways staff safer streets. If we really want to take housing equity, transportation, climate action seriously. We must follow other cities and states across the country and eliminate r1 zoning and make middle housing legal again. This is what true responsible development looks like Improving life for future generations. Long after we are gone. And I encourage we build even more than 70 townhomes build density allowed mixed use reform zoning. Thank you. Thank you Taylor, Christie Dylan.

Unknown Speaker 2:57:20
Good evening, Mayor Peck, and in council.

Unknown Speaker 2:57:26
My name is Christy Dylan and I’m at 528 writer Ridge Drive. I’m here tonight to thank you for addressing the issue of local gun legislation with your statement. I’ve read it multiple times and asked that it is approved tonight and that the commitments within it are upheld. I especially appreciate that you haven’t let this very difficult topic just fade into the backdrop of a new year. And all the other many issues that you have to manage as being part of Longmont City Council. Over the last several months, I’ve met several parents that have chosen to either homeschool their kids or are planning to move out of the country when their children are of school age, because they don’t believe that they’ll be safe in schools. I meet people who are afraid to attend large public events like parades and concerts because they’re afraid of being the victim of a mass shooting. As individual citizens, we can connect with our local representatives at the state level and voice these concerns. But I also ask that as a group, you amplify our voices around gun violence to those in the position to make change. I fully understand the need to do this, within the parameters of the Constitution and respecting rights. We need our leaders to do the difficult strategic work that must be done because the status quo that we’re currently living isn’t good enough for us or for future generations.

Unknown Speaker 2:58:47
Thank you again for addressing this with your statement. Thank you Christy.

Unknown Speaker 2:58:52
Seeing no one else on the signup list. I’m going to close public invited to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 2:58:58
And now we are at the consent agenda. So I’d like the clerk to please read the items on the consent agenda into the record. Thank you Mayor

Unknown Speaker 2:59:09
ordinance introduced on the consent at this meeting. We’ll have a second reading and public hearing on January 24 2023.

Unknown Speaker 2:59:19
Nine A is ordinance 2023 dash O to a bill for an ordinance amending chapter 2.20 of the Longmont municipal code related to city departments.

Unknown Speaker 2:59:31
Nine B is ordinance 2023 Dash 03. A bill for an ordinance amending chapter 4.12 of the Longmont municipal code on purchasing

Unknown Speaker 2:59:42
nine c one. ordinance 2023 dash O for a bill for an ordinance conditionally approving the Dry Creek business park rezoning from SMU our mixed use regional center to end up mixed use employment Jen

Unknown Speaker 3:00:00
Are we located at the northeast corner of dry creek drive and likens Gulch road?

Unknown Speaker 3:00:06
Nine C to ordinance 2023 Dash 05 a bill for an ordinance conditionally approving the Dry Creek business park concept plan amendment, generally located at the northeast corner of dry creek drive,

Unknown Speaker 3:00:20
and likens Gulch road.

Unknown Speaker 3:00:23
Nine C three is ordinance 2023 Dash 06. A bill for an ordinance approving the land use amendment to the Envision Longmont comprehensive plan for dry creek business park. generally located at the northeast corner Dry Creek and lichens Gulch

Unknown Speaker 3:00:39
nine D is resolution 2023 dash O one a resolution amending the financial policies of the city of Longmont for 2023

Unknown Speaker 3:00:49
Nine E is resolution 2023 dash O to A resolution resolution of the Longmont City Council authorizing agreements between the city of Longmont and union reservoir company for the purchase of the Longfellow property. Nine F is resolution 2023 dash O three a resolution of the Longmont City Council terminating the intergovernmental agreement between the city and Boulder County concerning use maintenance and repair of Quiksilver road.

Unknown Speaker 3:01:19
Nine G designate the city’s website as the official posting location for city council meeting notices for 2023 Nine H appoint Matt,

Unknown Speaker 3:01:31
bulk robots to the MO PC Pension Board.

Unknown Speaker 3:01:36
Thank you. Are there any council members that want to pull items off his agenda council woman Martin?

Unknown Speaker 3:01:49
Thank you, Mr. Pac.

Unknown Speaker 3:01:51
No, unless no one else has something they’d like to pull. I move the consent agenda.

Unknown Speaker 3:02:00
Thank you. Is there any discussion? Seeing none? The consent agenda has been Moved by Councillor Martin seconded by Councillor McCoy. Let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 3:02:21
So let’s take a voice vote. All those in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. All those opposed? That passes unanimously, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:02:34
We are now at ordinances on second reading and public hearings on any manner matter. I’m sorry. The first is a bill 020 23 Dash 01 a bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Longmont to lease the real property known as the Carnegie Library building, located at 450 7/4 Avenue in Longmont, Colorado, excuse me, Colorado to Longmont public media. Are there any questions from Council?

Unknown Speaker 3:03:03
Is there anybody in the public that would like to comment on this ordinance?

Unknown Speaker 3:03:07
Seeing none, I’ll close the public comment period. Can I have a motion?

Unknown Speaker 3:03:14
ordinance? 23.

Unknown Speaker 3:03:17
So it’s been Moved by Councillor

Unknown Speaker 3:03:20
waters and seconded by Councillor Martin. Let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 3:03:31
Great, thank you. So all those in favor say aye. All those opposed. So that passes unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 3:03:42
The next thing on our agenda is the general business. And the first one is we already did because we did it during presentation so we can mark that off the list. The second one is a proven City Council statement on gun legislation and I would like to invite assistant city manager Sandy cedar to the podium.

Unknown Speaker 3:04:22
Mayor Peck members of council, you may remember having discussions about this statement and this is the draft that hopefully encapsulates everything that you had discussed. So it’s up to you from this point forward. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Unknown Speaker 3:04:36
Do we have any questions from Council on this statement?

Unknown Speaker 3:04:41

Unknown Speaker 3:04:43
Martin is first here.

Unknown Speaker 3:04:45
Thank you, Mayor pack.

Unknown Speaker 3:04:48
This counts this this revised statement accurately I think expresses all of the other concerns we have about public safety matters and specifically

Unknown Speaker 3:05:00
Public Safety matters that result from recent actions of the legislature and the court. So I very much like that. I have a friendly amendment to propose, which I would like is that I would like to change the title to city council statement on legislation affecting public safety, because it’s not just about gun laws any more.

Unknown Speaker 3:05:23
And while I’m incorporating non, you know, small things into this motion, there is a typo in the paragraph that begins with the Longmont City Council. And I’d like to get it in the third line of that paragraph. It says Colorado State statutes and I’m pretty sure it statutes. So I’d like to include in my motion the correction of that typo, but the title changes what’s important. legislation on public safety. Yes. Statement on legislation legislation affecting public safety. So is that a motion? Yes, I move that we changed the title. Okay. I’ll second that motion. All right. It’s been moved by Councillor Martin seconded by Councillor waters to change the statement to

Unknown Speaker 3:06:09
legislation on public safety. City Council’s statement on Public Safety’s statement on legislation affecting public safety. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 3:06:22
I see Councillor McCoy.

Unknown Speaker 3:06:25
But you do that? After this? Oh, okay. Okay. So, any discussion on that? Seeing none, let’s vote. All those in favor? say aye. or raise your hand do both. Hi. All those opposed?

Unknown Speaker 3:06:42
Aye. Aye. didn’t vote.

Unknown Speaker 3:06:45
That passes unanimously. Thank you, Councillor Martin. Now, Councillor McCoy, you may Thank you, Mayor pick up, I’m in support of this sort of gun restrictions, you know, in support of gun restrictions and reasonable as quickly and reasonably as and as quickly as possible to come up with some sort of ideas that we can actually do that will actually address that.

Unknown Speaker 3:07:11
I will be supporting the statement. I did not see it as the end of the discussion. But the beginning of what I hope is a step in the right direction. So I’ll be supporting this. You know, I said before, when I was running, that, as a teacher, I was often tired of, of having to lock down drills, because folks that had there felt that their Second Amendment rights superseded everybody else’s rights. And I’m pretty tired of that. And also the fact that I don’t think you need to carry a gun to go shopping for eggs, milk and bread.

Unknown Speaker 3:07:48
Councillor waters?

Unknown Speaker 3:07:51
This, I have some information to share. That’s germane.

Unknown Speaker 3:07:56
Do we do we want to? Is there a motion that we should make on this to adopt it? Yeah, so I’ll make that motion. I then I’d like to come behind that with with some information to share. So make the motion first. And then you can Yeah, I have moved adoption of this as amended. Okay, so okay. So counselor waters, moved the adoption of our city council statement, as amended on public safety. And it’s been seconded by Councillor McCoy. Let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 3:08:27
All those in favor, say aye. And raise your hand. Hi, All those opposed. So that passes unanimously. And now Councillor waters, you have a statement?

Unknown Speaker 3:08:39

Unknown Speaker 3:08:40
thanks for your pick. What is the last statement that just some information?

Unknown Speaker 3:08:45
When we when we move the night we move the the date to take up the further discussion of ordinances. And I think it may have been the same night that Councilmember Martin moved that we bring this statement back. I made the comment about engaging with the public and in spite of what we’ve heard tonight, I do think we have leadership responsibilities to influence the culture if we can to see it more, more peaceful and safer community. So here’s just some information. Rotary clubs in the in the Longmont area. That’s Longmont Rotary Club, the nyuad Club and the Twin Peaks club have have reserved the museum on the night of February 15.

Unknown Speaker 3:09:28
For a program that to which the public’s invited the topic is peace and peacemaking.

Unknown Speaker 3:09:34
There’ll be a keynote speaker there’ll be a facilitated discussion.

Unknown Speaker 3:09:38
I’ve been asked to do the call to action at the end of that program. And I’ve said to my fellow Rotarians, be careful what you ask for because I’m going to call the community to inaction. And I think I hope you all had sitting at your desk when you came in this morning today or this morning this evening. Sounds like it feels like we’ve been here since yes this morning. The title

Unknown Speaker 3:10:00
is it’s a Call to Action Project peace and safety. Did y’all get that? So

Unknown Speaker 3:10:07
for what I’m not, I’m not going to go into that I what I am going to do that night is invite the community to embrace an opportunity to be involved in a discussion. We heard earlier tonight from Shaquille.

Unknown Speaker 3:10:20
And what we hear a lot of in this council chamber and I’ve said this for the five years I’ve been here, every Tuesday night, we hear a lot of worst fears. And we hear him about all kinds of things and we hear him about whether it’s firearms or bond farm or you know, you name that the topic.

Unknown Speaker 3:10:37
And I appreciate Shaquille encouraging, encouraging us to just take a moment to be less driven by fears and more driven by our hopes, best hopes for a future of greater peace and safety.

Unknown Speaker 3:10:51
So what I’ve laid out is a process and Mayor pack, you asked me to write it up. So I’ve written it up. This is this is not intended to be something for city council, or for the city of Longmont, but it’s maybe something that city council members or members of the staff would want to embrace.

Unknown Speaker 3:11:08
I am hoping that service clubs, congregations, professional organizations,

Unknown Speaker 3:11:15
schools, or you know, the education committee might take a look at it and say, you know, it’s worth spending two and a half hours for us to just envision what what kind of a community we’d like to have we’d like to live into that’s characterized by more peace and safety. If we can have that conversation just enough times, and I’ve laid out if people will do it, and share the results with me what I’ll do with those results, and bring back to the council bring to the unpublished for the community, not as it not as a burden for the council to carry. But if there are things that come out of this, that we ought to consider along with the legislation that we’ve already talked about, or other ideas

Unknown Speaker 3:11:56
that we might, we might start a conversation that what unfolded little differently when we get to June, depending on how that conversation unfolds, you know, between now and then. Anyway, it’s an invitation, it’s open to the public, there’ll be an opportunity for people to register for the event. I hope folks will come and I hope when the time comes that people will seriously consider an opportunity to be in conversation with the people they care about, about the future they’d like to live into. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 3:12:25
Thanks for that. Can I make a suggestion? Do you mind the organizations that you said you would like to attend perhaps if you had a flyer that you could actually send to them? Because they’re they’re probably not watching right now. So

Unknown Speaker 3:12:42
respond? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 3:12:47
Thank you for the suggestion. There is there will be as soon as I get it, there is a colleague is working on a flyer, and I will get it, I’ll send it. I want to say again, this is not there’s no assignment trying to put this council in a position to carry water for anybody on anything, right. But I’ll send you the invitation to the program and then decided that, you know, this is something that people would want to do. I do know, I’ve already talked to a number of, of leaders in town of faith communities and in professional associations, and service clubs. And I know that I’ve had an enthusiastic response from some that they would like to embrace this and, and I and I’ll share the invitation and encourage folks to show up. So saying thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:13:31
You’re welcome. I just want to make one statement about this statement.

Unknown Speaker 3:13:38
I think it’s worth passing and we passed it. But

Unknown Speaker 3:13:44
I am a person of action. And I think that having 10 day waiting periods does not affect the Second Amendment, as far as the Constitution goes, and signage on any establishment that sells guns, that does not take away anybody’s rights. So I was very unhappy that we couldn’t even say that as leaders in the community. So with that, I’ll let it go. The next thing on our general business is

Unknown Speaker 3:14:18
I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 3:14:20
Did you rooster artists, did you have chief artists? Did you have something that you wanted to say about this? gun legislation?

Unknown Speaker 3:14:28
just asked me to make sure I was here in case there was any questions? Okay. Well, just here for your accountability for you. Good. We can go home early.

Unknown Speaker 3:14:36
earlier. So the second thing on the agenda is our 2023 draft City Council retreat agenda. And Mayor pick I do want to mention one thing on the last item. So one of the things that you mentioned in your statement is that you are planning to meet with state legislators to discuss this that is the first topic tomorrow at the legislative dinner. And that is open to the public is open to the public. It starts at five

Unknown Speaker 3:15:00
I have 30 Senator Hawk as Louis is able to join us remotely for a small window of time right at 530. And Representative McCormick should be there for the entire evening. I think you’ve seen the agenda. It’s posted out on the city’s website as well. So we’ll start dinner at 515. In case people would like to get something before. Senator Hawkins Lewis, is there at 530. remotely in? Did you respond to the email that

Unknown Speaker 3:15:26
McCormick Senator McCormick sent a representative of Congress? Yes, I believe so. We’ve been conversing all weekend. Fantastic. Thank you. We’re all set for tomorrow night. But yes, it’s a public event starts at 530. And this topic is the first one on the agenda. The seniors at the Senior Center. Thank you. 910 Long’s peak Avenue.

Unknown Speaker 3:15:45
And the public can attend. Absolutely. But there will be no PII tbh. Public invited to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 3:15:52
Okay, so, on the council retreat agenda, what you have in front of you is, is kind of if we all put it all together, right. So so, yes. Oh, I’m sorry. Oh, I’m sorry. Okay. Counselor, Maureen.

Unknown Speaker 3:16:09
Thank you, Sandy.

Unknown Speaker 3:16:12
I did not get the idea that necessarily that Senator Hawkins Lewis was going to be allocating any time to listening to us.

Unknown Speaker 3:16:22
Could you then please, really put a rush on the title and typo change on this statement that we just passed and send it to her happy to do so already made the changes? So thank you. No problem. Perfect. Yep. Absolutely. And you are right, because there was some miscommunication. And she didn’t get some forwarded email. She didn’t receive the invitation until more recently. So she’ll be there for just a little while in between other meetings. But she did get the entire agenda packet with with all of the concerns listed as well. And we’ll continue to engage your throughout the season just started yesterday. Yeah. Okay. So on the council retreat agenda, what I went ahead and did was just kind of took everything that everybody had suggested, laid it out in a draft agenda for you to consider at the time, the location was TBD. But we do have confirmation that the museum is available, if that’s the place that you would like to have your retreat this year. So we’d be happy to set that tonight. So that’s one question. Second question is, is this flow generally what you’re looking for, we did combine some areas that we thought maybe could work together. And then And then do you want to try to keep it to one day, we could probably fit it into one day, or what I would recommend is that we just list it all without necessarily a ton of timing to it. And when it rolls over into Saturday that we’re able to take that time. So those would be my suggestions. But the draft agenda starts at 830. On March 10, goes through welcome and agenda, some team building and personality training, we actually have found some interesting personality training that discusses conflict styles. So that kind of mismatches a couple of things that you all had talked about some training about engagement in the digital world, bringing in some resources from Colorado Municipal League around social media, as requested, they’re also maybe taking a look at a an abbreviated courageous conversation piece to that as well. That’s kind of a tough trade. It’s a very long training. So we’re gonna try to see if we can bring in some aspects of that. And then some tips and tricks on how to brainstorm responses to residents and constituents. So that’s kind of the first section. Second section is grounding with Harold. So let’s talk a little bit about

Unknown Speaker 3:18:31
what the what the Cust customer satisfaction survey says. What does the employee surveys tell us right now to get you a little bit of information from Harold, presentation on current core work and projects as requested around? What is it that you need that the that Harold needs from the council, and then have a little lunch break and then jump right into those priorities 2023 and beyond, we can absolutely changes up to allocate some more time if you decide, yes, two days is what we’re going to do. That might be a good break from day one to day two, if that’s how, if that’s what you decided to do. Council priorities for 2023 and beyond that includes affirming division, updating the work plan, the 2020 work plan, and then discussing some of those roadmaps that you talked about around renewable energy, climate emergency work, beneficial electrification, envision Longmont prioritization of that work as the 2023 focus, creation of those goals and outcomes, a process for managing that so that you have a little better idea of what’s happening as it’s happening. And then finally, a lightning round brainstorm around what would you change? What laws would you change? So we have this up on the Engage Longmont site as one of the suggestions that people can give you around? What laws would you change if you could change them? We haven’t seen any suggestions lately, but if you decide that this is part of the retreat, we’d be happy to kind of reactivate and reinvigorate that, that site on Engage Longmont so and then there would be public invite to be heard on this particular agenda.

Unknown Speaker 3:20:00
Great. So Councillor Hidalgo ferry?

Unknown Speaker 3:20:04
Thank you, Mayor. That’s pretty ambitious for one day. Yes. So I would still recommend I would still like to see two days,

Unknown Speaker 3:20:13
especially as we’re looking at

Unknown Speaker 3:20:17
having, you know, asking us for input, you know, the list that are our agenda today was supposed to, you know, it didn’t seem very long, but it’s a it’s taken us a while. So

Unknown Speaker 3:20:31
I and I also believe that even the team building part the courageous conversation training, it just seems like that’s a really short amount of time to cover all those. So, you know, I, I would think that if we want to have a robust conversation and an in depth conversation and time for processing and reflection, I would like to go on for two days. And I’m apologize to the staff. I would love to have a motion on that, if that would be. So I would move to extend this, this schedule, rather than one day into two days.

Unknown Speaker 3:21:09
Do we have any discussion on that?

Unknown Speaker 3:21:14

Unknown Speaker 3:21:19
try it again. Please.

Unknown Speaker 3:21:22
Come help me, Martin.

Unknown Speaker 3:21:24
Thank you. Yeah, I think we were all really, really clear in the first discussion that we wanted a full two day session, and dig deep. So I definitely concur with

Unknown Speaker 3:21:37
councilmember it algo, faring, Senator, maybe one day, one day.

Unknown Speaker 3:21:44

Unknown Speaker 3:21:45
anyway, for that I was a little I don’t disagree with any of the stuff on this agenda. But I was a little bit blindsided to see it. So soon, since we’ve got all the way until March to finalize it. I didn’t prioritize my work on it. And I was going through the council work plan, as we discussed, seeing things that we have never heard to report on. That’s one that I was going to give you an itemized list. And I think there may be a couple of of goals on the work plan that are not addressed by the list just because nobody suggested them in, you know, explicitly. So I would like to have an idea have an opportunity to to flesh this out a little bit more as opposed to getting, you know, if I submit the work that I’ve done already. I say, Well, you know, the council already voted to finalize the agenda. I I need more time.

Unknown Speaker 3:22:49
Councilmember Martin, I completely understand that part of the reason that I’m trying to get it finalized early is because the staff needs some time to pull together that work plan and to be able to get our reporting out as well. So you’re right, this is not. I would, I would agree that when you’re talking about the roadmap portion, there may be some other roadmaps that we may want to add. I’m happy to bring that section back again, once we have that update from the staff on the current work plan that might actually help you to make some decisions on what you’d like to focus on in the retreat, happy to do something like Well, how about if I give you commit to give you my list of of things that I think we need report on by Monday. I think that’s more than enough time would be happy to extend that to the rest of the council as well. If there’s some things that you’d like to hear reports about beforehand. Councilmember Duggal fair. And can that be a friendly amendment to your motion? I will accept that. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:23:40
So we have a motion on the floor. It has been amended. So the motion was to move our agenda from one day to two day retreat. And the amendment is to have Councillor Martin submit to assistant city manager, Sandy cedar, some other things on the work plan that she like added to this agenda. And I would extend that to the whole council. Of course, yes, but we need first of all, to vote on the amendment. So

Unknown Speaker 3:24:14
did anybody second thing?

Unknown Speaker 3:24:17
Oh, wait, I’ll second the amendment.

Unknown Speaker 3:24:21
So we are pardon me. We’d be happy to bring that back. Then after counsel submits other suggestions. I’d be happy to bring back a second draft showing the two days and what everybody suggests. Thank you. So the amendment is to allow Councillor Martin or anyone else really on council to submit other things they want to see on this retreat agenda by Monday, which is I don’t know what date that is. 16 We’re actually our offices are closed on Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Day. So How about Tuesday? Well, they can send it on Monday Can you can send anytime, right? So so

Unknown Speaker 3:25:00
that motion has been made and seconded, less vote unless there’s discussion on that. Seeing none, let’s vote. All those in favor? Raise your hand. All those opposed.

Unknown Speaker 3:25:10
So that passes unanimously. Now we need to vote on the motion with the amendment ended in it. And

Unknown Speaker 3:25:19
let’s just vote on that. Because I don’t want to repeat it.

Unknown Speaker 3:25:25
Yes. With the amended motion, as amended. So all those in favor? Raise your hand? Aye. All those opposed? Seeing them That passes unanimously, thank you. So Mayor Peck, what I’ll do is I’ll wait for for folks to go ahead and send me anything else on Monday, slash Tuesday, Tuesday, 5pm, we’ll say okay, and then I’ll rework this agenda with a two day and to make sure that I’m including any additional, any additional items generally, does this seem appropriate based on what you’ve asked? And we’ll spread it out to make it a two day and give give some real time for the training and things. So thank you so much. Great. Thanks. So we are the final call public invited to be heard. Is there anybody in the public that would like to speak on any item? Seeing none, we’ll close the final public invited be heard. We are now at Marin Council comments. Do we have any comments from Council, Councillor Hidalgo, fairing? I’ll keep it brief. I just wanted to extend gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity for us to share.

Unknown Speaker 3:26:33
You know, what we had what we have in mind as far as the multipurpose dome and the use of that money, it was very confusing, I think, and I am thinking I just throwing this out there that I would like to make a motion next time to allow staff, you know, I’m asking for input, there’s so much they can do and I don’t want to push, you know, they cannot do any research or provide me anything, or provide us both with anything substantive without taking the time to just pull up books, and they can’t do that without council approval. So just, you know, to kind of have that they’re just some pieces that we were not able to

Unknown Speaker 3:27:16
provide information we were not able to provide without having that. That piece. So you know, that’s something I’m going to I’m not going to let it go. And to even determine is this something feasible? Do we need to, to rethink this so

Unknown Speaker 3:27:33
that I wanted to weigh in on that, and thank you for giving us that opportunity to share

Unknown Speaker 3:27:41
this Bronco money. You know, it can it can serve the our youth very, very well. So and with all of the ideas that was there all, they all mean well, so thanks for that. Thank you, Councillor waters. Thanks, Mr. Peck.

Unknown Speaker 3:27:57
I didn’t mention this, because I didn’t. This wasn’t germane when we were talking about our statement.

Unknown Speaker 3:28:03
But in anticipation of the meeting tomorrow evening.

Unknown Speaker 3:28:08
I’ve been wondering it would we see amended recommended amendment amended language to any of the statutes, we have concerns about the agenda lays out the areas in which we have concerned but no specific recommendations

Unknown Speaker 3:28:23
in in the absence of that. I’ve drafted one not not to represent the council. And I footnoted This is from Tim waters as a as a resident not as a member of city council. But I but I but I want you to know, and I’m happy to pass this out. I brought copies. I’m happy to pass it out if you’d like to see it.

Unknown Speaker 3:28:42
So that you’re not surprised by what I intend to hand at Karen McCormick tomorrow night. Okay. Yes, please pass it out.

Unknown Speaker 3:28:50
And then I will call on Councillor McCoy. Are you? I’m sorry, counselor waters is that and I’m happy to respond to a question. Just so anybody who cares? would know, I think that probably and correct me. If you think differently, that maybe at the dinner tomorrow night, you could answer your questions. Or the reason that we’re passing this out. Now. I’m going to be late tomorrow night I’ve I’ve committed to do a presentation on our early childhood proposal to a group and I’m going to run over to the meeting as soon as I finished that. So I’ll get there. Before we wrap up. I just didn’t know what the where you might be in the discussion. We’ll hold our questions for you. Well,

Unknown Speaker 3:29:29
I’m happy to answer questions if you have them, whatever time. Okay. Thank you. Councillor McCoy. Thank you, Mayor Peck. So my question is just kind of more of a housekeeping sort of issue around boards and commissions in my role on those and everything. So maybe we can talk at some point here about what that looks like. I know that many of you all of you have been assigned those and we can figure it out. You

Unknown Speaker 3:30:00
You know where I fit in with that. So I would love to talk to you about that. Let’s schedule some time. Yeah, sounds very good. That would be great. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:30:09
So now we’re at sitter, city manager remarks. Herald minutes. Mayor Council. Thank you city attorney Eugene. No comments, Mayor. Thank you. Thanks, everybody, for everything. You’ve done it for hanging in there with us tonight. So do we have a motion to adjourn?

Unknown Speaker 3:30:29
So that has been moved and seconded to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 3:30:33
Let’s vote. All those in favor.

Unknown Speaker 3:30:36
All those opposed?

Unknown Speaker 3:30:38
We are adjourned.

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