Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – January 2023

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Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – January 2023

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Calm. It’s January 9 2023. Evening. America advisory board to order. We please start there. We’ll call

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Erin Angel here. Scott Conlon

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Thomas Davis. Page Lewis Sam Libby Nicholas Novello yer Dan Olsen here. And Council liaison Tim waters. Awesome. Well, our first order of business is to welcome our new members. So Tom and Sam, it’d be great if you could just briefly introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about your interest in scoring.

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Yeah, absolutely. I’ll be honest, joining the board. I’m much more interested in just getting behind something that’s already actively working before showing up with any sort of demo ideas of mine. Yeah, so I’ve been in Longmont now for about three and a half years coming up on four. I’ve got three little kids. Parks and Rec is intertwined with my life indefinitely. And so yeah, I’m just really excited to be here. Thank you for all for including

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me, you guys. Sam Libby. I’ve been here for a couple years and one month and a half years and seven and Boulder. We’re just up the hill of old town. And we’re excited to be able to contribute and hear about things you guys are sharing here. I’m interested for a couple reasons like Tom, I have little kids so that my legs intertwined. Definitely with Carson like that. That’s crazy. I also serve on the board County Planning Commission. And so I’m used to kind of their way of doing business. This is much more local to me since the county has no sway over. You know, this is a little more close to home for me. And I’m really interested in what we can do to provide feedback.

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Unfortunately, though, what Boulder County Commission,

Unknown Speaker 1:51
the Boulder County Planning Commission planning.

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So I think it’d be good if we could each just maybe quickly introduce yourselves. If you want to start where you are and how long you go on board.

Unknown Speaker 2:05
And why I’m Nick board, this will be your three right? flew by Holy cow. I am on this board because I like many of you love Longmont and I love our parks repurchasing amongst other services that are thirsting for rides. And I want to do my part to contribute towards it. And I want to build a future of our community. So that’s me.

Unknown Speaker 2:35
I’m Erin Angel, and I am pretty new to the board. I just joined this year. And I joined the board to kind of represent a lot of the people I’ve worked with, which are people of color and some marginalized people and also to represent some of the things that don’t have a voice like the animals and the plants and things like

Unknown Speaker 2:57
that. Scott Conlon as an American as well. Been on one forever,

Unknown Speaker 3:04
I guess I’m on board by school

Unknown Speaker 3:08
online do a bunch of events in Longmont. So that’s kind of what draws me to the board. Because I’ve been here the same times. So this is year three. Just crazy. That’s crazy. I guess one year What’s your name Dan Olson.

Unknown Speaker 3:25
I’ve been on this board. This is my last year, which means you’re six because you only get to three year terms. You’re this is my last year. And I joined because I’m like you I had little kids now they’re growing gone. But we’re heavy Park and Rec and pool and everything users you look around and you’ll see me. And so like you guys I wanted to give back. I tried to get on this board 25 years ago, and they said no thanks. So I showed up again. So it’s been great.

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And I’m Paige Lewis. This is my starting my second year of my second term. And I said I was terrible last year and this year, so tears I’ve lived in my mind since 2011. So it’s been a while now. And just everything about this board really resonates with both my personal and professional interests. I work in the conservation field and also really committed to the importance of recreation and open spaces for people and for wildlife in nature. So it’s really great to be part of this board and I really enjoy being able to be part of this aspect of our community. Great Welcome

Unknown Speaker 4:54
to Words on the lead. Each border division has a council member A liaison is to that border commission. This is my second term for up to the utilities under

Unknown Speaker 5:07
this. This is this is maybe the best board to serve on as a liaison. This is cherry job the worst one is exactly what needs on Tuesday

Unknown Speaker 5:36
I’m Danielle Cassidy, natural resource project manager

Unknown Speaker 5:43
and David Bell bird for parks natural resources

Unknown Speaker 5:46
in our freezer, I’m director of recreation libraries and using

Unknown Speaker 5:51
their official now. Congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 5:57
It it’s a shortened domain. We wanted to get done tonight recreation programs.

Unknown Speaker 6:13
I’m Steve runs whether you’re a budget manager.

Unknown Speaker 6:17
Awesome. Thanks, everyone. Great to have everyone and Happy New Year at the beginning. So next, we have the opportunity to elect a chair and I will say I’m happy to continue serving I’m also happy to pass the gavel on to somebody else. So if there is someone who is really interested excited in serving as chair, please let us know we can do the nominations process we’ll also need the vice chair

Unknown Speaker 6:50
just interested I’m interested in having you sir.

Unknown Speaker 7:04
You do such a great job that no one

Unknown Speaker 7:11
I was gonna say I was gonna nominate you.

Unknown Speaker 7:16
I think you have H Lewis as our is that something to do with the nomination page Lewis as Archer. All those in favor? Hey. Thank you. I really appreciate the vote of confidence. I do enjoy this. And I’m happy to say we do also need a vice chair. Nick is our current vice chair. I don’t know if you’re interested in continuing or anyone else who is interested in serving.

Unknown Speaker 7:53
I would love to continue but also just curious if there’s others.

Unknown Speaker 7:59
Me Yeah. I’ll second. All nominate me to serve as Vice Chair. And second. I’ll second.

Unknown Speaker 8:12
All those in favor. All right. Great. Thank you. Confidence. And may Can I continue? So we will move on to approval of the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 8:31
Do you have a change? Yeah, I’d like to know. But it is about priorities. Just a meeting may have the potential to go along tonight. So I’d like to propose that we do business a then new business A and B to make sure we cover those three items.

Unknown Speaker 8:55
Thank get that done, but you’ll remember. Yeah. Okay. Any other proposed changes to

Unknown Speaker 9:05
Don’t we need to do new business C, D, E and F. early on?

Unknown Speaker 9:11
It not as much as these bigger items before we can go. Well, we should fly through those.

Unknown Speaker 9:19
I agree. I thought we used to do those like right off the bat. Nope. Usually they’re under new business. Okay, fine. Great.

Unknown Speaker 9:30
Changes to the agenda. Can I get a motion to approve the agenda as amended.

Unknown Speaker 9:37
I’ll make a motion to old business a new business A and B first. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 9:46
I got a second. I’ll second that. All right. Great. Okay, now we will move to approval of the previous month’s minutes which is time Got a chance to read through? Yes. Does anyone have any edits or changes to the minutes? Past?

Unknown Speaker 10:14
I was impressed that you got all that in there. So what night figured out who got which points in which names? That was impressive. And I couldn’t tell you that got anything wrong. So

Unknown Speaker 10:28
there are no changes. Motion to approve the minutes.

Unknown Speaker 10:34
Sure, I’ll move that we approve the minutes as written from last month.

Unknown Speaker 10:41
There is an element to be heard. So it seems to be just me. My name is Ben Kinney. I live here in town. I was lurking in the back two months ago, just observing and listening. I’m here because I have an interest in possibly being on the board at some point in the future. I think I just had sort of two questions. At the November meeting, there was talk about a two new people and then possibly doing or there’s still an open seat. I was just curious if if you had a vision for the seats, just so I can mentally think through what the commission or the board is doing. If you’re able to share any that,

Unknown Speaker 11:33
that both seats are filled, so there’s there won’t be an open seat until the next cycle.

Unknown Speaker 11:38
Okay, so they are awful. Yeah. Okay. In that means,

Unknown Speaker 11:44
so until next January, next year,

Unknown Speaker 11:47
process will occur and in the late part of the year with appointment is starting in

Unknown Speaker 11:52
January. Got okay. The notice comes out

Unknown Speaker 11:55
when I’m October

Unknown Speaker 11:55
ish. Yeah. Tober, maybe even late September.

Unknown Speaker 12:00
God. Okay. Thank you. And then for the What is this Commission’s role with regard to the city manager, you know, the potential tax or mill levy increase? You know, for 2023? How does this commission to have an active role or a passive role?

Unknown Speaker 12:21
That’s to be determined? I think we’re waiting from for direction from the city manager and leadership and be determined about what the board’s role will be after that. Which I’m hoping it comes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 12:44
Okay, thank you. Anything else? Thanks for joining us. So now we will move to quote business. Hey, yep. And I’ll just just a quick reminder, and especially for folks that are new, if you could please, if you have a question or make a comment just helps me to kind of manage to make sure everyone has a chance.

Unknown Speaker 13:10
Because I’m doing a staff presentation first, and then questions you want us to just like talk

Unknown Speaker 13:14
about that’s pretty we generally, so old business, this is kind of the format of our agenda, and we go through old business, which is follow up from things that we’ve discussed previously. And usually it’s, the staff will present an update for discussion item and then reopen kind of q&a. Yeah, I know you got a new business, which is things that are new that we haven’t discussed

Unknown Speaker 13:44
before, again, and then the staff presentation,

Unknown Speaker 13:47
again, usually a staff presentation. And then number eight items from the packet updates is where it’s just kind of an open, if you have questions about written briefings in the packet, and then items from staff are things that were not included in the packet that staff wanted to share, and then I assume the board is just open questions. Sorry, I should have. Okay, item eight, open space and trails grants that you’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 14:19
Yeah. It’s gonna say Danielle’s gonna give her role to help me ever since Dan Walker retired. Well, a couple of things is Dan. Dan retired and Kathy has moved on. Stephen. Stephen did a lot of extra work and Daniel’s been really helping me out with the open space portion of Dan what we were been working on the past so Daniel’s do this piece here as far as our work before County and how we talk with him on properties in the mapping book, but I think it’s a good opportunity to come later in the meeting but on the 29th of December, this parcel right here is Adam dairy. We finally closed that so we use our seeds Daniel talks about this house dogs are fitting together conversation so that alternative Dad Don’t talk about what we would do for the county.

Unknown Speaker 15:07
Yeah. Okay. So what we’re talking about is annual acquisition planning, open space acquisition planning for the city of long runs. And every year around February, with the exception of last year, because pandemic related so we haven’t, we haven’t submitted anything to Boulder County since 2020. GAAP, but typically every year, if we have anything that we would like to partner with them on, they put out an application and all the municipalities around Longmont, Lewisville, superior Erie. put in an application and say, These are the items that we’re thinking about. And, and these are the ones that, you know, we’re asking for a partnership. And so we did that we in 2020. What we did in 2020, we asked for Adam dairy, and we got a significant contribution from contribution from Boulder County to make that happen. And they’re going to hold a CD over the personal

Unknown Speaker 16:16
that was $2 million.

Unknown Speaker 16:22
And so, so we make, so we asked for open space, requests for partnerships and ask for trail requests for partnership with holder code. So we asked for the personal use Oh, so that’s Adam, we asked for the personal use of clover base in the reservoir that is go down there it’s it’s in this area in this area,

Unknown Speaker 16:59
and that is that purple color is but to the to the west there that is open space acquisition. So So you’re seeing that that purple is open space.

Unknown Speaker 17:16
And so and then the

Unknown Speaker 17:17
green is cooler. So we had asked for that. And in 2020, Boulder County said they’d be willing to partner if an opportunity becomes feasible and funding is available. We asked for Highland ditch water rights. So that has to do with it. The only other property which is on the corner of 66 and five so so right, we have double six ranch and hartsel here. So this would be the Oleander property. And so this is for sale from a private developer. But he still got the water rights to hold it held today hold the Highland ditch water rights now. So this is a dryland property that is got potential for water. I don’t know they build it out. Hello, this is for sale by private developer. So that was on our priority list to last time we submitted Dry Creek Greenway the longer one that’s down in here.

Unknown Speaker 18:35
Yeah, that’s it’s like going through here.

Unknown Speaker 18:38
As Steve maybe is part of frustration with Rob is he’s working on some projects over in this area and the dry creek area was developed. Dry Creek Trail come up in here basically will dead end over at 75th. We have your grant between you to have some sort of underpass were to get over on to the h i property, new sky property, this kind of open space, if we were able to especially acquire something here, again, we’ll come here and have an opportunity for more of a passive recreation wildlife viewing is really kind of a low impact area that can tie all this together. So moving out to the to the west with our trail system, give me an opportunity to do the blue sky for a long time to that to the Cobra basin as

Unknown Speaker 19:21
well. And then we asked for water in the colder basin reservoir,

Unknown Speaker 19:25
which would be against the came through here. You can do this or you just come in and do pure.

Unknown Speaker 19:31
Until then all of these older counties answer was similar. Yes, we partner if funding is available, and you know it’s feasible at the time. And so when we looked at all of these Oh Rocky Mountain Greenway trail master planning, so regional trail planning. We are asking Boulder County to pick up and lead an effort that got set down before the After the flood, it was something that Boulder County had started leading regional trails. So it would be the piece coming from Lyons to Rocky Mountain, from Longmont two lives and then the next piece of Reliance to Rocky Mountain National Park. And so Boulder County when the flood hit had started listening sessions, and was working with other partners in the area to work on this regional trail, rocking out really trail master planning, but then that got set aside and hasn’t been picked up since the flood. So I request one of our requests at that time is could you pick this up? Could you lead this? And can we partner with you finding grand dollars and big because of our because it’ll go past our button knock

Unknown Speaker 20:47
preserve property?

Unknown Speaker 20:51
Not through it, but it will use the same access real likely. So you know, we would want to be part of that. So those were requests at the time. And so when we sat down and started thinking about what would we want to request for this year? Well, all lander which we looked at. We considered Oh, lander. And as I explained, it has no water rights holder how we owe them. So they asked him what it would be to give us the water rights as opposed to contributing financially. And then we were thinking that we would maybe do a three way partnership with water resources, because this could be an expensive property, and it could be helpful to them. But what because of union reservoir expansion in the future, because then they can secure more land. But when we reached out to them, they said, you know, it’s upside the footprint. And because of there, they’re not interested in it in our interest in it being sort of low in terms of open space, because the water rights have been severed, we’re kind of thinking that we don’t want to ask Boulder County to partner on this at this time. But this is not going to be this doesn’t rank as a high priority right now. And going through all the rest of these, these do seem like longer term and five year planning skill priorities. But in terms of what we want to partner with them on this year, considering that we just finished Adams, considering that they did just gave us a $2 million contribution. The way we’re thinking about it now is kind of, instead of asking for anything this year, just telling them that we have things on the longer term horizon and that our program needs to be focused on management planning, which is something that we are naturally suited to natural resources have been wanting to do for quite some years, but really haven’t had the staff. So the open spaces that we have, get management plans going for them and get that planning and programming in place. And then next year or the year beyond when when something big and important comes along, then we can ask Boulder County at that time, and we will, you know kind of exhaust our favors by asking for something every year. But also, we wanted this to be a discussion. So I flew all over the place. So why don’t we go around and go back to some of these things and have a conversation about ask questions about anything that I presented? Or their questions.

Unknown Speaker 23:53
So you I understand that we’re going to ask for nothing or ask for the same things that we asked for before.

Unknown Speaker 23:59
We are thinking of asking for nothing because nothing is nothing on this list. Nothing on this list is going away. But nothing on this list is rising to the top of a big ask we really need a partnership right now. And because we just got done with Adam Derry kind of just

Unknown Speaker 24:22
waiting, and does land or water rights, is that a different program or overseer than trails? So you mentioned that under Nelson road or the under 75th. But there’s also the under the airport to go by the railroad tracks to go up toward West Middle School. That’s also with you haven’t brought that up. That’s part of the trails ask or whatever. So I’m just wondering if these are, are we still continuing with the trails?

Unknown Speaker 24:57
You can have a little bit too as far as

Unknown Speaker 24:59
that But I didn’t talk about phase 12.

Unknown Speaker 25:04
We haven’t been asking for their financial support, because we already have that project funded, we would like to have a conversation with them is that we want to time that budget for when they’re building their projects from hell pricing to erode, and we’re all sort of in a holding pattern until they acquire the right property between five, five or six. Anyway, so that both of those products are somewhat on hold.

Unknown Speaker 25:33
So do we need to submit something or That’s a done deal? I mean, I’m just asking for you guys, you know, how do you make sure i’s are dotted T’s crossed as well?

Unknown Speaker 25:42
Yeah, that does not need to submit for this.

Unknown Speaker 25:48
And I mean, I guess I’m, I’m talking about two things, because I want to talk about what our priorities are for city of Longmont in terms of acquisitions coming up. But specifically, what I was focusing on is what we would be asking Boulder County for on their application that’s due, and that partnerships. So it’s almost it’s almost two conversations. So that piece would fit outside of, you know, what we may put in an application. So not asking for anything for partnership with Boulder County is not to say that we’re not going to continue to work on acquisitions, David’s working on Longfellow this year. And we do have longer term things going on as well.

Unknown Speaker 26:27
I think maybe for your reports, as far as the open space, and trails and water, it really is bullhead. parks and open space really administers those dollars, those really come in from a lot of the lottery dollars, places that gets divided up by communities, they used to get a little piece Boulder County really brings that in, and then they administer that those dollars, and they work with the community to see where they can best leverage that. So if it’s a greenway, that falls under our ballot language for our open space dollars, you can leverage that because the open space property offers water that can support those open space properties, we can we can use our dollars in partnership with Boulder County on that. So I think those longer Greenway expansions and things we’re really hoping to work with them on. And then some of these pieces that kind of tie those together protecting water and its most high value areas. Again, I think at one point, it was remember waters kind of asked, you know, how we kind of decide what these pieces look like if you have that that bond language. And it really talks about the idea of, you know, shaping the urban buffer, creating those buffers and boundaries, preserving agricultural lands, preserving wildlife, preserving those special places, you really start seeing how our waterways start up well protected. These agricultural lands, we have buffered to the east out there. So I think they really start forming what I think agree that read that original bout language on what what was openspace dollars to do, we really are achieving a lot of that. And then as far as the not as to share those those placeholders are still there. So I still think we have the same answers from Boulder County. If we get a willing seller and everything lines up, I think we have their answer on those properties. And those are still really our top priorities at this point.

Unknown Speaker 28:07
I’ll have to re ask your so

Unknown Speaker 28:08
I was gonna say we have a contact that we we work with Tina Nielsen at Boulder County for these applications. So I’m going to check with her before the deadline and make sure she doesn’t want just does she want placeholders

Unknown Speaker 28:22
or be my zactly what my thought was? You don’t want it to just evaporate. Oh, we’d know. Yeah, didn’t mention. Yeah, that kind of thing. Right? Yes, exactly. Yeah, both of

Unknown Speaker 28:31
those parties come to the bargain sale price. And we need to make this happen. We will definitely be saying that. We want to reach out make sure that that’s what KY saw were about.

Unknown Speaker 28:40
Are there certain kinds of projects that you think are best suited for partnership with Boulder County.

Unknown Speaker 28:47
I would say having moved to Boulder County over the years I think they even though as Jerry was a big, big partnership for them. They really like working with us over on that kind of western side to help create those buffers working in Longmont to find areas that was not the county stepping in and saying we want to describe how your your community looks but if there’s something that shaping on to the western side protecting any of those major waterways St. Fern Creek is a great place to ask for them for help because if you start looking at from the purple bear all the way up between the State Park Longmont Boulder County in Lyons we’ve done a great job protecting law the same brand Creek so I think if you think look at posers that can agree it’s a good good ask. And again, that western side is I always wanted to compete very well.

Unknown Speaker 29:40
That brings me to my next point which was Are we all set for union rents? I see blank spaces around University of Oregon is going to expand I understand it some day is I mean I see gray or whatever color that is it’s not you know, either in Boulder county or city of Longmont. Is that an So we should be thinking about or you have or I would say,

Unknown Speaker 30:04
We’re set for now, and that no water resources agrees with that. But the caveat to that would be that we haven’t done the trail alignment planning piece of it, since it was initially approved in the plan. So it could if it changes, chips, there may be something that comes up in that process. But for now, nothing is rising to the top is really important. That we need to do right now.

Unknown Speaker 30:35
I mean, you’re older. Yeah, no, I would say diagonally. left below looks more interesting. Yes, exactly. You know, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 30:45
that’s, that’s an area and again, thinking that you’re looking at these it probably up in this kind of shaded area here, these open space properties is natural areas. That’s the, that’s the reservoir cognate. between that, and these blue pieces here, there’s there is some in this area on the north. And those those are coming down to a couple lots in us again, we don’t we don’t like to throw those out there because it’s going to be a willing buyer willing seller, kind of overtime, but I think can use in water resources feels like we’re pretty close. If we had to expand right now. To those levels of rise, we need to

Unknown Speaker 31:27
any other questions? New vegan throw on a you know, you ask what Boulder County really is just looking as you start looking at this map and kind of what the open space program has been able to accomplish over the years are the things that this group would say should be our priorities. So what else I also like to do is say, where are those pieces because some So of all those regional trails, you know, if you look at this going from one Longmont to Lyons, a lot, a lot of property want to file their department for the county to make that happen is probably a great benefit for our community.

Unknown Speaker 32:01
I would like to see us protecting as well. I mean, that’s the end of it looks sad, and lonely.

Unknown Speaker 32:17
So yeah, the left hand gets a little harder, see people come up here for a while, it’s live really a lot more hemmed in with current development stuff. So I think two things The sea has done a great, I suppose tools in the toolbox we’ve talked about our parks are open space, and our greenways. And that dedication piece and trying to preserve as much of that riparian habitat or at least create those corridors has been something that has been done a great job on and I think this last council find even greater setbacks on some of those bps, there’s not a whole lot of large property supply along the path at

Unknown Speaker 32:50
this point. Because that, I mean, if you pull just a little bit this way, because, you know, sophomore parks been in and since the 60s, and not much you can do can’t tear down my house. But as you as you go, we’re like, we’re, like orders of magnitude right now just get developing that, like, it’s huge, like two summers ago, the news was that the bears kept walking back and forth in there. And you’re not gonna see that because now they’re large scale housing. There’s, there’s warehousing there, and there’s all that and that’s just happening now. And right across where Olin is, like, that’s all being developed and you keep going down and that all is important. It’s also indigenously important,

Unknown Speaker 33:42
it’s all protected. It’s all

Unknown Speaker 33:45
okay, does it all like as you get further

Unknown Speaker 33:49
to control over a lot of it is going to count another piece of this is a throwback that ballot language to some of the work we’re doing city one pieces, is it the open space program, doesn’t it? If you look at those kind of shaping of the community around those appropriation, I really try not to get into buying properties within the community where our master plans and vision logline is it these are areas that were designed that we’re gonna have growth in our community, we want growth to happen, those areas where there are utilities, where there’s opportunities to do that. We don’t want to expand beyond that. So we typically don’t step into buying lots of pieces within the developer community.

Unknown Speaker 34:28
I just I mean, just because it’s there’s utilities there doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be protected

Unknown Speaker 34:37
in creeks and well protected, I think upstream of Daguan. Pleasant, I know thanks. There. Farms downstream of Main Street we’ve had we had a project and land acquisitions before that area developments and we were able to better protect the creek Before the loads and all those houses and things, or roads, and your rights out for parking to builds, and a lot of the property testing happened between pike Road and 95th in the early 90s, late 80s. And so we sort of lost the opportunity to hard to have a wider Greenway than typical for their lessons learned, you know, they were redeveloped to suddenly be asking for more greater protections, but as they were believed to, it’s hard to go in and buy a whole bunch of houses to keep down the support, person presentation that uses concrete that most people would say, is functioning pretty well. And the other day, one thing I can say is that gray areas just downstream, as one does not see property, cyber properties as a drainage easement, which is wild, that development to the north of the parks, and the for assisted living homes and things that is all set back in the creek, probably because of the setbacks that we had instituted, since we’ve learned our lesson. And so that’s the reason why those are much further away from the than the former old developer on the treatment for

Unknown Speaker 36:20
asthma say, I’m really interested in that. The little lake area that’s north of modern agricultural, I can’t remember the name of it. Yeah. And I would like to see, I mean, because like, there’s huge wildlife, here, yes, benefits in that area. And I think there could be some, you know, low impact recreation. And so I definitely continuing to, I think

Unknown Speaker 36:49
this is this could be of interest, this doesn’t really show up. But this piece here, this kind of kind of falls into this, you know, private property, this is actually owned by the COVID baser reservoir company, which I’m not quite sure. So this is owned by the clover laserable company, which the city has voted 99.9% or so we have the ability to utilize that property. In an agile way that kind of meets most or most of the city’s needs, the police would be looking at the place up in this area that it can really tie into that it’s a private lot again, are you talking about? No, it’s not in their Longmont planning area, but it really is buying a pretty easy sized lot, that would really preserve that area, if you do want people to come into it, they won’t be parking right up at that. And I think his staff has talked about it and you bring back these groups, it would be up to him for maybe some picnicking and wildlife viewing and some maybe partial hiking around it. But that Western has some great wildlife habitat and stuff. And I think one of the things that we always have to work with different members of public and why would you buy open space, not just open it all up, it’s closed, open space, but there’s opportunities to, I think, find some nice balances where people can get in there they can utilize it, and also have places for the wildlife is not always doesn’t always be active agriculture doesn’t always have to be an active trail, I will just clarify that. Just because it’s outside of the loan monitoring planning area doesn’t make it free range, because over time planning has some level of expectations to as far as which lands to be acquired, which means we don’t so just want to make sure you understood that we don’t want to just go into board game coach where we can Yeah, they’re very supportive that. But just that there is a process within the county that does what the city does as far as what developed, what didn’t you?

Unknown Speaker 38:40
So I don’t know if we’re ready to close out this discussion. But the way this goes, and this is an annual thing when we talk about partnering with Boulder County, and what would we want to put in our application? Whatever we say whether it’s we’re not asking for anything, or we’re just summarizing where we’re at. It’s, it’s an approval by you. So just want to make sure that everybody has gotten everything, no more questions about this.

Unknown Speaker 39:08
Have you ever not asked for anything before? We’ve always asked for something?

Unknown Speaker 39:11
You know, I don’t really know. But I’m sure that that’s,

Unknown Speaker 39:17
it makes sense to you never for a moment kind of stuff. So we’re having a bit of a change.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
I don’t think it’s that out of the ordinary to do what we’re doing. But just step back and take a year or two and say, you know, our program is maturing and and working on managing the lands that we have, and looking for the big opportunities to partner at the same time. Makes a lot of sense. It’s actually happening to lots of the programs in the area. So yeah, I don’t I don’t know the answer, but I don’t think it’s it’s a weird

Unknown Speaker 39:54
thing. This hasn’t been super long. It hasn’t been more than 10 years, been doing this

Unknown Speaker 39:58
the longest while ago that I could find in damn Smiles is 2015 Maybe longer than Yeah. Or unofficially, this, this process with the application will not take back further than that. But

Unknown Speaker 40:13
I think the logic before about three lakh management planning for volume six properties where we might be asking the county for funds in order to do recreational trails and things there, it makes sense for us to figure out all we want to put them on most appropriate for those lands. Before we ask the kinds of mind to go for something that sounds like, maybe that’s what we put together, maybe when we want them to participate with our metro management planning process.

Unknown Speaker 40:37
We have our heads together about like, what’s out there in terms of funding grant opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 40:43
planning, planning grants to support that. We did yeah, we could we have,

Unknown Speaker 40:50
but the lack of people to do that. County do that for us. We can support them.

Unknown Speaker 40:57
I think that’s yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:02
Well, I get I appreciate that. This was long private, longer conversation, what, touch a lot of different pieces here. But I think it’s good piece was scripted understanding this is a piece internally with staff at the extraordinary community, there’s that piece of why we buy and more when we can’t take care of what we have. There’s also a piece of, if we lose an opportunity, we never get it back. So there’s always kind of that that tension between how you are living your position reserves?

Unknown Speaker 41:27
Are we are we going to lose out on anything? Are we going to lose out on half a million dollars or whatever? Are we gonna lose anything by skipping a year?

Unknown Speaker 41:39
I don’t think so. We know, we’re not what we’re at No. And in that time, we’re not going to lose sight of entities we’re going to keep an eye on prices are going to keep looking, looking at negotiations, talking to neighbors, things like that. So we were always doing that we’re always trying to maintain relationships and

Unknown Speaker 41:59
case others that when we do see those pieces pulled are constantly created with us in the past to we’re right now closing the edenderry work our piggy bank, I was shaking it at the very end to get to closing make sure we can do that. So we may not even have the funds to do this with the partner but we kind has worked in the past allows to pay them back over time, too. So

Unknown Speaker 42:21
I’m really surprised at the idea that we’re kind of talking about about, you know, communicating where we’re at with Boulder County and letting them know that these areas are so having just drops and really are I mean, just something that’s a placeholder that keeps those priorities fresh in their minds.

Unknown Speaker 42:40
So maybe I’ll send a summary for your approval after touching base with them and make sure we just get that into February. And then I’ll say no.

Unknown Speaker 42:52
approved as of the date. I think our meetings copy after.

Unknown Speaker 42:58
I guess I just do something to organise. I think it’s a request.

Unknown Speaker 43:07
So yeah, does anyone have

Unknown Speaker 43:10
a you shared dance, which is a great place for us to carry forward?

Unknown Speaker 43:15
Yeah. I mean, so I think just to reiterate, I think the concept we were talking about is for you, Danielle, just communicate in a memo or something summarize where you feel like we are with the program like we would not be asking for something this year. I think it’s important that message about having management plans for the places that we’re prioritizing, but then reiterating that we’re sort of, you know, paying attention to these priorities that we’ve discussed. And, you know, we’ll want to follow up with those priorities and

Unknown Speaker 43:50
expect a proposal in a year or two, you know,

Unknown Speaker 43:54
that keeps our software No,

Unknown Speaker 43:57
it’s not that we couldn’t do anything. It was more that we’re making a smart choice to use our resources wisely. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 44:06
Great, thank you. Thanks. Okay, so we want to move to New Business AMD. And I go I mentioned this to Jeff but I’m so

Unknown Speaker 44:30
sorry. So swelling is here. Song Dabney is here to talk about the proposed new fees for union reservoir. After we get your direction, it’s our goal to go to city council on January 24. To get their approval based on share with us.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
Do we as a board And then need to have a vote at the end? Yes, we like it. No, we don’t is the City Council going to expect something? Just I wanted everybody to be thinking that way as we hear this.

Unknown Speaker 45:13
Alright, the fees for union reservoir, they haven’t been changed since 2018. So some time has passed since the last time we had a rate increase. And since then the use and demand at Union reservoir has increased quite a bit. It reaches capacity during the summer months, on many weekends for parking, and it’s a one in one out situation. If we look at our our information, most people enjoy Union by coming in via the daily fees. So this is a low price for environmentally sustainable modes of entry people are walking in, we’ve got a trail system that’s nearby now and actually goes right past it. We’ve got bicycle traffic, and we’ve got a lot of people who carpool in our rate changes for our admission fees. It’s the same for residents or nonresidents, it’s just a single pricing for people coming in. And we are proposing that there, there actually is no change for bicycle or walk in that it stays at $2 a person, the daily vehicle. So a car coming in, we’d like to propose it stays at $10. With no change on that, the changes that we are asking to make is to make that weekend vehicle and holidays between Memorial Day and Labor Day. To have that go from $12 to $50. We’ll make this shift some traffic perhaps into the weekday use and hopefully make that recoup some more of these during the weekends when we’re asking people to wait before they enter our facility. We’d like to make no no change to daily watercraft, like paddle boards every day to $5. But we would increase trailer boats from $8 to $10. And then the open water swims are contracted meant to go from $8 a person to $10 a person. So there’s some very nominal changes that we’d like to make that would make about our operations. The other increase that we’d like to make are basically with the passes the passholders account for a high volume of traffic, many of our passholders visit over 50 times a year. These are folks that come every day to fish every day to the dog park. And so we like to have them take a little bit more of contributing towards the the immediate reservoir by doing cost pricing that’s based on seven attended it’s, you know, if you do come more than 710 times, you know you get a bit bypass, you’re not going to come at many just do the daily things, these changes are based there a little bit more is bigger change. And these are split by resident or non resident. So if you live in city limits, you have different pricing that folks are coming from around the county or something like that. We’re like to change the first car vehicle fees from $65 per resident to become $100 per resident. And for the second car in a household, it would go from $45 to $7. If a 30% discount if you have two vehicles in your household, non resident fees would go from 150 to 185. The second card the 3% discount on that would be making a change to the senior disabled pass rate. First card go from $35 of residents to $65. With that second car going from $25 A resident to propose $45 in 2023. A non resident fee will go up they also as far as the passes for the watersports, watercraft, like the paddle boards would go from five or $20 that season to $35. For residents, traded boats go from $50 to $70 nondistrict price will be slightly higher. And the last change we’d like to make we’re going to work we’d like to move into a more organized book storage where people take for the price of the this slot that they have. Prior to now we’ve had one standard size, one price fits all and we had a resident rate of 375 for residents and 812 for non residents. We’d like to get rid of the resident or non resident pricing the future every boat storage person has to buy a car pass Metairie both pass, which would capture that resident non resident difference. And then both storage would be based on the size. So, a standard side would go from 375 a year to $720 a year. And that would be for everybody. If you wanted a 12 foot standard size, we’d have a premium site site, that’d be for 16 foot, the larger boats, which would be $900 a year, and then the micro site would be for folks that have a very small craft that doesn’t have a trailer, just a common area, that would be more affordable for them. Questions?

Unknown Speaker 50:42
Two questions. So one is ever done any calculations about how this would impact our company the revenue overall, like what would be the number, how much we would increase? And then the second question would be with the extra money, what would we do with it, we’ve all been to maintenance funds, how he actually properly Okay, we have extra revenue.

Unknown Speaker 51:06
We don’t have a headache come up with a direct number, but it would anticipate it to go up. And the revenues that we receive

Unknown Speaker 51:17
that revenues go back to the general fund, we but we do have the opportunity. And now that recreation has two years of working with David and his staff, and in doing the gate and that sort of thing. We have been over $250,000 ahead of revenue each year. So when we go to the 24 budget process, it will be our proposal to help reinvest back into the reservoir, whether that’s in amenities, or being able to hire more staff. And that that extra revenue could help pay for those improvements or for new staff. With that history, that historically is how we’ve done things in recreation that once we have generated enough revenue over what was budgeted, we’ve been allowed to try to re established or to reinvest back into recreation. And I’m going to propose the same type of thing that you

Unknown Speaker 52:29
that I just said to kind of read it. That’s one of the reasons what potential resources and range of ran that front gate and stuff, it was kind of using their skill set works best. And using group like this, it really understands how to drive revenue, how to use those dollars to recruit staff to really reinvest in that because ours was just really going right into general planning. And there was all that was just background and experience and staff being able to generate more dollars, our expectation will be that the season that goes back into university, the conversation that we have with our finance group and counsel to how

Unknown Speaker 53:04
we can make this pill something that people are going to swallow to pretty pretty hefty raves and things. And so if we’re saying, Oh, just goes into the general fund,

Unknown Speaker 53:19
like I would want to

Unknown Speaker 53:21
know when I go in, like, oh, we need more lifeguards. And so general fund doesn’t tell me that doesn’t satisfy my that doesn’t satisfy my thing. I don’t want my general fund that I’m paying extra to go to the police department or that you sent her that whatever, you know, if I’m a union reservoir, like hypothetical agent, but I want it to go directly to making sure that we have lifeguards or whatever this is, I mean, it’s it’s pretty good chunk. And so just it kind of seems like if we’re just raising it, and we don’t have specifics, and it’s not going directly to it, we’re just raising it. And, and that doesn’t.

Unknown Speaker 54:10
Remember, there are two things we’re trying to do it. Number one is try to drive more people from being there on the weekend to during the weekdays that the number of cars and people that are setting out on County Road 26 is just a nightmare for everybody. People sit there and the car as long as an hour more and to the point where we’ve had to call police and have have them intervene when people are cutting line and coming from the other direction. So we have to do something that helped with that part. The other piece is not only as thing are things going back into general fund, but the cost of doing business as everybody’s aware of Two years ago, we’re paying $12 an hour for staff. That’s all over $16 an hour now. So before we can worry about putting any money in the general fund, we have to pay the cost of doing business right now, the budget process does not allow us to say we’re raising it to do X, because the only people that can make them approved for approval is the city council. So we’re trying to position ourselves in a way where it does allow us some possible flexibility to do more the rest. The other part of it is that as we compare the costs of going to other locations, many of them have stopped going with get as many people in the car, it’s possible to there, they’re starting to look at charging per person. And by charging 10, or $15, is still a very good bargain for people to come in as compared to paying five bucks a person or whatever. And then the bigger costs for the passes, is really trying to make it more equitable, where the individuals that have the opportunity to go there often need to be paying for more of their fair share there, they’re really getting a rock bottom deal right now. And that really isn’t fair to the daily pass holders, or some of the other users. So we’re trying to balance that that out so that they’re paying more more for their share of the use. Phone answer’s

Unknown Speaker 56:53
no, I still don’t think we’re that’s a long answer. How, how is this going to the public? Because I can see that I’ll be hearing people say, ah, uni reservoir students that’s now like it is for some people. And also on there. Do we have a way for people of low income to get in to uni reservoir? Sometimes?

Unknown Speaker 57:18
Yes, I think with a piece of recreation,

Unknown Speaker 57:20
sorry. Recreation does have a scholarship program that we’re we have not had in place for three years, because of coding, and recreation was doing so poorly in the amount of revenue that we’re generating. We feel like things are starting to turn, and that it’s time to reinstate that scholarship. So yes, it will be.

Unknown Speaker 57:52
Jeff, real quick, user, Jeff, I try to measure answers and alignment here by Portland things that as we see Jeff generate more revenue when he’s asking to bring more back dollars back to Union reservoir. I would hope that goes in some sort of format. We’re asking this because we want the restrooms redone. We’ve been asking this because we want more staff. So at least you should be I mean, we’re asking the ask and hoping there’s some sort of

Unknown Speaker 58:14
yes, we that is a different way of saying it. But yes.

Unknown Speaker 58:21
So hopefully the agenda for the pieces want to kind of back to that equity and sustainability that we’re not raising the prices on the walking and biking. So if you’re able to biking or walk in, we’re trying to encourage that, that you build that you don’t get in the car, you don’t have to do that. And if you do, like Jeff said, probably again, the most four ways you have a bunch of people in power, reduce carbon footprint and get in there as cheap as possible. So those of us have these, I always say can help offset that. The last piece was on the boat storage of these kind of high. People just recognize that’s the cheapest price you can pay to store a boat, we have boats have their own water, because it’s just the cheapest spot and you can park anything. So I think people in that situation, it just kind of brings it up to parity with kind of a close up disposal, which

Unknown Speaker 59:09
I think is similar just that when it’s presented to council and especially as covered in the title is called to be clear about the why not just that it’s an ingredient story. And the order just switching the order guys talked about his holidays. I want to ask what the bookstores that I just got sold out every year. What does it it is? Okay, so that makes sense. I think we need to look at whatever it is especially a lot of things are similarly quite far more expensive elsewhere and ask if there’s any cap on annual pass sales, or there’s no cap on that.

Unknown Speaker 59:40
It’s not a cap on a look at sales. And there was a slight misprint or out there’s a missed representation in your handout for the annual daily vehicle. I gave you the attendance number, not the number of vehicles. So in 2001 2021 we had 27,000 cars 120 I would believe it 20 29,000 cars.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
So Jeff, let me pull up a quick locate. So there’s huge reservoir, kind of like 26 right here. And then this is the most origins I went for the most reach.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:20
Yeah. So as you can see, it’s kind of spread out and all over the place. We are working with David staff to, number one, identify the boats that have been there forever. They never no longer get paid for, and how can we dispose of those abandoned boats, and then trying to be more efficient on if David has a boat, this is his spot, have an outline so that his boat has a spot, but then we can maximize the number of other spaces that we can kind of make available. Right now. It’s kind of a hot hodgepodge of, we’ll put about wherever we can find a space for it. And we feel like we can do a better job with that.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14
With increased pricing, I think my first concern is creating more pressure Macintosh, is that people already turned around here $10. Which is ridiculous. Absolutely. But that’s how it goes. I don’t know if we either assign the job beforehand, or whatever. Or if there’s some other just throws too narrow to do passholders versus not or whatever. But so these are kind of communications plan of saying, hey, residents get on your bike. This is an awesome way to get to the Union reds, you know, sitting in sitting in line, but it Yeah, it’s a nightmare of cars every single weekend. And the people turning around and then running to Macintoshes. Kind of a crazy. Other piece. It’s more common. But the other one is, I really don’t like not having non non resident rates. I think standard you should have non resident rates, they don’t pay for it. You should have a preferential treatment of residents across the entire thing, because especially that $10 entry. Why don’t we charge people who are out of town more bolder, bolder res does it? Everybody else’s. So I think it’s so many equitable, if they’re doing it to our residents. We’re doing it to them. So I think it’s a 2x difference in pricing helps make it a little bit easier.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:50
Along those lines, I noticed that if you have a small boat, your non-resident storage fee goes down, and you’re new. And so that’s like, whoa, wait a minute. I mean, that’s that’s not what and then you didn’t mention what last year’s daily fee was for non residents, only that they’re now going to be the same. Have they always been the same? I agree with Scott that. I mean, based on the usage and Macintosh and people come in from Boulder. And you also mentioned that we compared to Larimer County. What about boulder res here per person? entry that might be mentioned in your when you present to city council. I don’t know what the numbers are. But otherwise, that wouldn’t be my question on city council. That’s the closest reservoir and the one that’s the most similar, you know, Carter lake or Horsetooth are huge. And we don’t really compete in the same sense of park all around and a big reservoir you can ski on and all that kind of thing. We don’t compete with that we’re more of a boulder Rez type competition thing, if you want to look at it that way.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
Especially with only one access point to use it, you can’t walk around very far, right? You only have so many people. So needs to be prioritized to maximize usage for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
Anyway, to finish my point, I agree. Oh, the parking. So I did notice that. Like if you’re a non resident, your small boat parking down from whatever. Yeah. Which sounds a little like, Oh, that’s cool. If you’re a non resident, you know, I mean, and I don’t know if we’re encouraging that you said it’s been sold out. But there’s no reason to that how do we compare to the sailing club? Across the reservoir on the east side? Yes, for storage. I don’t know what well we should find that out because are we driving people toward them or away from them? You know, by these new fees we should have? And maybe we should be thinking about what do we want? You know, do we want to be the same we they provide a launching service. I mean Maybe they should be able to charge a little more.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:02
So those larger boats can go over there and just sell the rights.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
Correct. I understand that. But you have a lot of sailboats in storage that have been there forever you know that you’re I don’t I’m just thinking we should know what that is. In order to have a comparison

Unknown Speaker 1:05:19
the microsite is actually board of parents who contacted us I think he was gifted with a two person paddle board, you know, pedal pedal pedal pedal craft or whatever,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:33
paddle boat in here, it’s either paddle board or pedal boat.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
And you need a place for it to be and I think what you can do a boat storage because like, Okay, so the microsite is for those type of situations for for new, something very small that you can’t keep it an apartment. You can’t keep at your site because of an HOA, but there might be an opportunity. So it’s not intended to be for non residents, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
Well, then jack it up for non residents. That would be my thought is if you’re, if this is supposed to be local folks with little boats, then charge more Fernando. I mean, it helps the pill be swallowed better to Aaron’s point, that I think it looks a little nicer for a long month, folks, if that’s what if that’s what we’re aiming for. And whether you can lower the long month price if that’s you guys can figure out better numbers wise, but it seems silly to to make it more attractive for out of towners, if we’re busy.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:40
I think we have to find a good judicious writer for city line. Don’t know where you guys are at in terms of I’m hearing some concerns for the board. So I don’t know in terms of timing. But you know, I would also echo the concern about some of the resident non resident balance. I do think that’s important. And I also think I mean, I also I never use it again. But my first question was, oh, there must have done some analysis of why they need more funding. And, you know, this is why so I do think that that why even if it is about, you know, changing use patterns and you know, increasing opportunities to local residents versus non residents, what whatever the Y is, I think that needs to be clear, as part of this in order to make it more palatable for community. And I know, maybe for another time, we could tie it up totally understand that the city doesn’t have any kind of program where the revenues that you raise can be dedicated to that facility automatically, because you’d have to,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
because we don’t want to ever point in discussion about having higher fees for walking for non residents. My thinking here is that okay, how do you actually check for that? Now you have to have the front guard person check. How would that work? You do the same

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06
way with the Martin streets, trash recycle? Surely your utility

Unknown Speaker 1:08:11
bill, utility bill or ID so now you have a backlog of people that have to have their ID or utility bill at front guard and there have to be negligible check within that make the line longer and slower.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:30
Before you get there, counterpoint, Jeff, just putting it out there because it might slow things down and might actually have unintended consequences.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
Yeah, just something pretty straightforward, a little bit less than answering all these questions. Does do do these raises serve enough to put you guys in a strong position to start asking for more help from this general funding? Or does this turn into a more yearly situation where we need to continue to raise funds just seeing as we haven’t done that since 2018.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:07
So it does position us better. Whether the timing of that this is the right one I am a little concerned about David and I talked a little bit about that. But at some point in time we will have to raise fees because our costs of doing business are

Unknown Speaker 1:09:30
that’s a good point. You expect to do this again next year. Yeah, so yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
just enough Is it enough to at least kind of hold off for another four years, or something like that? And always if it wasn’t for some reason whether or not we needed to reevaluate after reviewing the numbers to see what where those sweet spots were to put you guys in the best position to then give you the best chance for this upgrade and make everything go as smooth as possible.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:01
So just in terms of, do you want to revamp this? Oh, and then bring it back to the floor based on his questions, or what do you think?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:11
That would be a good idea?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:15
Are there any other final comments or cards, Stephen

Unknown Speaker 1:10:19
is wondering London board. There is future improvements to the union, this is somewhat of a temporary thing, we would like to initiate these master planning agreements, which will change everything about what you’re seeing here now. And we have to put about 16 $17 million in order to do that. And so the fee structure will likely look a lot different, after good or bad, I’m not sure what that look like, we’ll have to have a consultant help with that. But the fee structure will likely look a lot different equity Institute and projects and this is somewhat short term. That is one of the budgets that’s been mentioned in the cultural, great library, recreation out. So

Unknown Speaker 1:11:02
my mother asked me just bring it back to us, I guess, is to try to have an estimate of what’s actually would raise I can’t tell from members that it’s $50,000 or $500,000. And we just use last year’s usage numbers and give a rough calculation of what they increase amounts to that would help. Magnitude.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:21
So union sailings number for some, some fish selfish lasers are 325. So that’s more comparable to existing price structure, and 720 price or something like that. So that’s a big difference. So a lot of those smaller boats, you do just be locked out there until the dock was built. A lot of those bigger boats, there’s like three or four McGregor 26 is out there couldn’t actually watch because it was just dry. And you just you ran out of watch space, so those guys can get into the water. So that’s part of why some of those books sit there is that without it without a Bible doc or the water being high enough, they couldn’t actually get into the water. So late summer, it still happened this year that you just wrote rip space to get the votes in.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:29
One last one detail location? Is is that factor into prime versus standard? It’s a long skinny. You know, is it a 200? Yard drag of your boat or 20? Yard drag?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:47
easy on me people want to do down here. Yeah, this is this is kind of just curious

Unknown Speaker 1:12:51
if that’s something to think about, or put the big spots in one end or the little spots in one. You know, usage your I don’t know how you do that. But just looking at that. It’s like I want to be there. I would pay to be over there kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:11
Okay. Fellow potential. Yep, I will take this one. This was a little bit of a sequence, Daniel, back that, you know, we typically come to this group say, hey, we have a property talk on the past you’ve heard about it. Now we’d like a report to council to see if there was support that this is a property that that came up. And I do have to pull this up. It’s very unique. We had closed down the county’s property down by by sandstone ranch and Collins and Fisher opened up debate here but the resume pulled off his back that there’s a half acre parcel that was identified actually by oil and gas company that wanted to lease that and they want to the owner of that the owner of that property is union reservoir company. So union Roseburg company was approached to lease minerals on this little strip here. This is sandstone ranch. This is the Collins open space. This is a surreal space. This is a show open space and see this as a significant open space compilation properties into the half acre in here that was actually owned by the university for companies. So Council gave us direction to go ahead and make an offer on that to purchase it from the record company. University. Your company had no nuclear anymore at one point back in the 1800s. When they purchased this property, spring Gulch comes down through here and there is a potential to do diversion down there. Along with there were some flooding as an agricultural fields and they were trying to divert water on the farmer’s field back in the late 1800s. So universal record company has had this they haven’t paid taxes on it. It’s just kind of sat there so when they found out or we found out that was sitting there we went ahead and made an offer to Have you know your company? And they did except that so? So did I sequence I’m kind of just updating this group that is a offer that we made. And universe broke company has accepted that and we’re gonna go forward with usable space dollars to acquire that piece of property,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:16
essentially, building in an open space, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:22
What’s the going rate for a half acre?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:33
We paid three, five for the columns properties. We basically did that plus a little bit of inflator. So we did the half a three fives, we took it like 18, I think we were finally offered on that half acre down

Unknown Speaker 1:15:44
there. I was just curious if they cut the city since the city is you you reservoir company, right. So this is

Unknown Speaker 1:15:50
a piece that I will share with this is a pieces. We own majority of it. But that staff that sits there has a fiduciary responsibility to the company. And all the members on that board could go back to staff and say, Why would you vote in favor of somebody who’s not in the best interest of the company. So we’re sitting there, we actually have a legal obligation to vote in the best interest of the digital export company while still a private company because that’s exactly what it is. So that other farmer trying to get watered down the ditch if we’re not getting dollars brought in to help him improve the ditch or improve the reservoir improve the head gates, there could be a question of why city staff would not operate in the best interests of insurance so we’re always trying to buy this deal and we think we just with a straight face and city staff make an offer to the restaurant company that on their side table said yes, that’s a fair, fair offer that we think is comparable and begin looking at Collins it was 35 It’s been a few years since we did that up to buy $3,000 I think that we all felt comfortable on both sides of sure when we turned our hat we felt we’re doing in the best interest of

Unknown Speaker 1:16:59
the other groups side of that from the city people like us would be was good the way it was.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:06
So I think a piece of this is the fact that it was but I think as residency community I think we’ve made it pretty clear to our council and council members that we do not want oil and gas operations involved in our city

Unknown Speaker 1:17:21
prior to YC so the surprising work could have had could have oh I suppose I should indicate

Unknown Speaker 1:17:28
to the oil and gas companies this is I love to put it back into council to tell stick now. Now Council can direct their staff on how to manage that. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:39
thank you I didn’t see that last

Unknown Speaker 1:17:42
as a as a reservoir member we’re really heavily operated you know that our fiduciary capacity Council really doesn’t have the ability to direct that board how to do things but as its own is open space they have absolute right to tell staff how you budget

Unknown Speaker 1:17:57
so do we own the minerals underneath that?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:59
Yes, they are nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:04
Any questions or airspace about it?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:09
Yes, that those those readings are some conversations about drones having to help that thing and those all get changed a little bit yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:19
I was gonna ask Is this a fee ownership parcels of like an easement or

Unknown Speaker 1:18:23
sometime this is this will be a B ownership when we do it purchasing the minerals there is no water associated with this and will be to purchase a service and

Unknown Speaker 1:18:31
it’s our It is currently subdivided from larger columns this

Unknown Speaker 1:18:34
Yeah, we’re gonna go back to wall county it doesn’t show up and we have to go back once we didn’t do a whole lot of title work on this we were anxious to because another piece of throw their sense of urgency if the rest of our company has staffing it drugged our feet and said you know we’d like to kind of wait to see what happens they could force pool that so we would not have a say anatomy once it was forced for school so the big thing was to get this done get it under the control allow us some time to learn how to do that work as well county to do that, but we didn’t do title work because we’re surrounded by ourselves. So if we had another property on Iran, this and they maybe could have played that. Those winds are off. We probably wouldn’t but more work up front right now. We probably wouldn’t really work well county do some harder work to figure out where that sits and how we get that bit buggy. As you can see it’s sorted by Sandstorm ranch college property. Sherwood’s we’re really swamped by ourselves.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:36
Do you need action?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:39
You know, maybe against the story down the path. It might just be nice to have a record and see if there’s any, if there’s support for this continued acquisition of The Property Council at the end of sports going to ask what the role really is. This is an advisory group so Council can still do what they intended to do on that but it might be nice for this board to say if they would support The expenditure obviously salaries to purchases halfacre to

Unknown Speaker 1:20:05
I support the expenditure, not that very much money to purchase that and protect it, you want to make a motion, I move that you do what you did. And then we say, good. I don’t know how that goes, but I knew that we approve what the purchase of that person

Unknown Speaker 1:20:32
recommend that counter. So

Unknown Speaker 1:20:36
we recommend that council, I’ve moved that we recommend that council approve the parcel in the Longfellow deed area. In a second, I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:58
So can we go do Dan CD now? He’s excited to be here, I probably will be real fast. We are supposed to have our next meeting within the next two weeks. So at the February meeting, I should be able to report back.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:30
Okay, so the remaining items are all sort of business about how we, when we eat very. Do you want to propose a package that we can just approve of doing things the same way we’ve been doing? That you can stay just like that, that makes it fair to keep it the same? Yeah. I understand if no one else wants to do this, but Monday nights are not great. So I would love to do it. But it’s worth it. Because I’d love you guys. I would move it to Tuesday night. So if I had my druthers, there’s probably some sort of Oh, that’s right. I forgot. Yeah. Those guys. I can drop in. But, I mean, we only meet once you saying yeah, we always Tuesdays every Tuesday, every Tuesday. Oh my god. It was Christmas. Yeah, okay. Let’s don’t do too, just once. But I’m just saying it would be hard to change the face and the same day for lunch. I know. I understand. But since we wasted ink on it, I thought I would waste my I would propose that we continue the same meeting date and time, which is Monday at 630. And that we continue to meet at this location. And that we continue to post the agendas where they’re currently being posted. Does anyone have any concerns with that then I’ll say I move that we continue the meeting date and time seeing the patient and agenda seconds cause and favorite I was actually voted in favor anyone oppose parents oppose the motion passed. The remaining item under new business is the proud agenda calendar. So hopefully you got a chance to look through that in the packet. This is similar to topics and kind of the mix of topics we’ve had in the past, continuing to keep the if you recall, that sort of new rec center and therefore that potential ballot initiative that would create any Rec Center has been a priority issue for us. And so that continues to be on here as a regular recurring item. You’ll also see the master planning which is the Parks and Recreation Master Plan update process such as impending. So that would, obviously will be an important item for us as well. There’s kind of the regular review of potential capital improvement projects, as well as hopefully planning your trip, maybe we’ll revisit the idea of a retreat or recession this year. We didn’t end up doing that last year, but I still want to stick around. Yeah, so are there any other any topics you would not like to see on here or anything you feel

Unknown Speaker 1:25:31
I can spell just trying to figure out what sometimes what we do. And so I want to, there’s a couple things that I’m interested in us looking at. And I want to know if I can just put them on the agenda or if I need to put them on this and one of them and one of them is attracting and retaining bipoc people to the board. And if we can schedule discussion on that. And another one is how, how this community park, nature area, and neighborhood park, how that looks, how it got there, and what we can do to change it. If we can do. So when I asked about like, can we put a nature? You know, can we have a nature? They’re like, Nope, that’s a natural. That’s got to be a natural area. Can we have a play area in this nature? Nope, that’s got to be a neighborhood park. I am enthusiastic about us changing our definitions of our parks to reflect holders definitions have their quirks. Is that part of the master plan? Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:53
I was gonna say is that the March

Unknown Speaker 1:26:55
so the master one master plan is active right now is recreation. parks, trails and open space plans updated for several years. I’d encourage you to read the existing park recreation trails master plan in 2013, which is an update from one that was 2003 or

Unknown Speaker 1:27:16
four that identifies the

Unknown Speaker 1:27:22
different Park types that we have based our park system around. I would also say and we’d have to I guess, we haven’t talked about this a staff but I’m not sure. I don’t think the board is the decision maker and what our purchasing looks like, provides advice and staff in place of counseling and counseling to make real change.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:47
Yeah, yeah, I’m aware that we don’t have very much power, but we can.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:54
And then I would just also say I gave a presentation to a rotary at Dr. Walters request you to teach voluntold. By him just last week to rotary and we didn’t really talked about our part system. And I’d be happy to share that with the board. That’s an easy share. Because if you’re interested in and it just talks about what our park different Park types are for, it also helped the rotary and the public understand our consistent system and what that’s about. So again, it’s that part of the presentation. And I can even give that presentation here, if you want to do that when you have that long, if you want to do that. But however you’d like to do that I’d happy to have that conversation with just my initial thoughts on what you’re saying.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:43
And then how we can maybe stretch and expand those definitions. Because I look at help our board. Sometimes I’ll vote on things. I’m like, I think this is probably a good idea. Yeah. And then that gets recommended to counsel and counsel says, Oh, I thought that was a good idea. Yeah, sure. But then maybe somebody with some thought or some expertise comes along six years later, and says, You know what? Maybe this could be better. I’d like to figure out how I can help us be better. Because I’m the person with expertise is coming along six years later that thinks that we can do better than that we’re doing even though we’re doing great, we can do better. Right? Well, I will just say I mean, now’s a good time to talk about agenda topics, but also any members how agenda topics that come up throughout the year that you would like us to consider building into an agenda. Yeah, just let me or David and Jeff know, because we meet monthly in advance to kind of plan out the next agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:49
Point Yeah, they plan the agenda for each month. So you have something but Page No, and you know, it comes it shows up.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:56
So are there any other side note Karen’s, and I think we can work. We can work those in based on the other topics.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:05
Yeah, I assume you talk to Jeff, Ben, whatever. But I’m surprised that recreation program and aquatics isn’t until June. Isn’t that a summer kind of thing? I would have thought we talked about that earlier, but

Unknown Speaker 1:30:21
we removed it. It’s more of an information. It’s not really looking for any direction. But a lot of the conversations you will have are more on the park side, and I’m trying to put a little bit more recreation into what you’re

Unknown Speaker 1:30:39
covering. Okay. So I understand that. But if you were looking for guidance, that’s way late in the deal. summertimes Prime Time requires not over okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:50
Do you think that we should talk about how to integrate more sort of specifics of recreation programs, and

Unknown Speaker 1:31:01
it didn’t even occur to me until I saw that. We don’t talk about

Unknown Speaker 1:31:07
it, I think it would complement depending on

Unknown Speaker 1:31:11
the tax initiative, means we all should be listening to folks who would like to make requests and that would be a way to filter in

Unknown Speaker 1:31:23
to see us maybe have some time to concentrate on how to get in solicit feedback from diverse audiences, and send it maybe a session on a brainstorming session on us with us on how we can get that because the suggestion box gets full of the same people. You had anyone say that is about engagement with diverse communities? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:59
Oh, Carmen is a part of that. But with the new structure of the comms teams that they can, communication teams can help us with that as well. Which that ties into your other suggestion of how to get a more diverse group of people on the board can tie together the conversation.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:26
And we get like, little business cards, like, contact me like, because I know if I if I’m functioning is I’m not part of the city, I don’t know. But what I want to say is when I hear someone talk about this, or you know, they’re using the trails I use, and I want to give them something that says here, this is where you go, you have a suggestion, you have an idea you have you have input your your valuable, you’re using this, I want to have an invitation to invite them and with direct so that they can do it, you can throw it away, but

Unknown Speaker 1:33:02
I can give you David’s my business card. The city website does have direct them there. It’s not perfect, everybody. But it does have a way to provide feedback which filters its way down to staff

Unknown Speaker 1:33:20
saying saying to a 12 year old who’s using the skatepark look it up on the website and contact where you can find and give your feedback on the janky thing over here on the skate park. No, I want them. I want to be able to handle this which while building. Contact me or just you know, that’s your challenge. Yeah, so I just would like to figure out and so that would be in that conversation is how we can directly say it’s there isn’t isn’t an invitation to people who have been other

Unknown Speaker 1:33:59
and maybe we could create business cards that direct people give give links and that way they walk away with something that I can’t remember what Aaron said, but oh, yeah, I have the card.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:13
actually thought about wearing a t shirt. Part of the park score. Yeah. I wanted to call John

Unknown Speaker 1:34:31
wanted to clarify. So for March there is a potential board retreat that is different than the field trip. Right. Okay. And that

Unknown Speaker 1:34:39
is just a topic for us to talk about whether we if you those of you who have been on the board before and I did call I’m still interested in a student’s some kind of like, work session, you know, where we might be able to come together and have some of these conversations in a less formal setting. Schedules are hard. I know So that may not happen. But that particular thing would just be for us to talk about, do we want to do this? Do we want to plant something that

Unknown Speaker 1:35:07
makes sense? I just want to call it really is, in the past, we’ve done the field trip, we’ve taken the place of this meeting, right? So if we do that, then one of these other July, August when we do it, would, those agenda items have to get moved over?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:22
And I will note that I do have on my calendar and a few months to ask about doing it ever last year, putting it out there.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:33
That was down the mighty same brain? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:36
Even better than mosquito. Soon because the photos are away from your neighbor, like June, I put in my interest. There’s some abandoned boats in New Mexico. I do actually have to leave early. So if we can gender, we can end the meeting early during early or I can hand it over to Nick to finish items, either stuff items.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:14
I have many more things to discuss.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:20
Oh, okay. So I’m happy to hand it over to Nick has anything to do? By loss? Yeah. All right. All right. Thanks, everyone. All right. So next agenda, there’s really,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:48
yeah, I can do that. When you’re going to open up anyway, it’s really just discussing the package. So it’s going to be opening the floor to the group. Does anybody have any items received?

Unknown Speaker 1:37:14
See wayfind, ominous. They’ve

Unknown Speaker 1:37:18
been sitting there for a while trying to get things back from the contractor. And so there would be an updated December. And,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:26
yeah, we met with our consultant right before the holidays. And she turned over what she feels is the final package, we’re still waiting for a couple of odds and ends. From her cost estimates, things like that, although I did get cost estimates. But what I want. What we’re going to have to do with this is take what she has completed and either hire someone else or work in house to turn that into a true sign package that we can utilize. Separate from because this was a gift that you understand, this was city wide, Wayfinding, city wide parks and trails and also lda, and a lot of money in that little town hall sign for downtown to update all their songs. So there was a much larger scale project that we were a part of what we got doesn’t quite finish the works, we need to flesh that out into something that our staff can be using, and other people who do projects with the Montreal system are using, when that will happen. Per Se for us still still working as far as implementing any sort of projects for wayfinding throughout the city and things will likely talk about that when we do CIP this year. We had some money before the pay for this work. But we don’t have a plan in place right now. There were some efforts to do a park inventory or Parkside inventory, which we got some work done by some financial health students as interns. And I don’t think they finished. They had some scheduling issues, and we had some issues outside as well. That they were to help with this. And I think Jim Couric was looking at reaching out to him during the spring semester coming from three to see if for some students at work, we want to do that for us. So that’s the first step is finding out what we have. We have made several attempts of doing that just hasn’t worked out staffing wise, for the past four years. Isn’t that crazy? As Steve mentioned, the whole plan is going to take a while to get that in place. But we’ve had a lot of signs out waiting in limbo while this is out there. So we’re just going to take what we have and make it work at this point. So so some of the signs of this fade into what you can read on where Steve is at a project waiting are engineers. We’re going to take that we have fabricated some of those sooner than later.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:04
Any other items in the packet? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:09
Yeah. Versus Daniel’s here, I noticed you had a button rock update next month, we get the real update. I’ve pulled since our last meeting seven different folks who all own dogs and say they will be up in arms if you ban dogs from button rock. So you need to make a careful presentation. Otherwise, I’m sure based on their of course, Tsipras reply to me, there’ll be at city council meeting, yelling at them when you pull out, you know, before they pass that, so you better get all the data or whatever they’re all complaining about aren’t their cows over there? I mean, there’s a lot of, you know, if poop is the issue that we all have to scoop and stuff. So I’m just letting you know that we talked for a month or two months ago, and they’re not the folks I talked to are not happy about that idea. They’re not happy about leash law and sleepy, sleepy lion trail, but they do it. So that’s going to come up I think, and I think you told me that several folks. Now anyway, that’s going to Yeah, that’s gonna come up. So just FYI. Should I keep going? Yeah. Okay. I noticed there were two things in this packet. I didn’t know what the heck, they were Animal Park and McLaughlin open space. I saw a block with open space when we went to it, but they’re not on the city website. Right. So it’s when in the minutes, there are things referenced that there’s no way for us to understand what they are. Properties. I mean, we have a nice webpage. So these are things that need to be updated.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:56
So we’ve had a pretty huge reorganization within the city, we’re at six months, and we are still trying to figure out things like what takes lips?

Unknown Speaker 1:42:06
No, I actually haven’t hired a new lesson. And they’re

Unknown Speaker 1:42:10
they’re looking, looking about working on improving our website, right, which I think is better than last one. So I don’t know what what needs improve. But there are some concerns with with the website. Updating Maps is a big thing. We revamped our entire GIS department in the past three, four months and hired a new two new leaders, that GIS department and so you’ll see some labels and some improvements coming in 2021.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:32
And this is just our minutes. It’s not like the public knows, but this is an FYI, visual. Once this is out there, you got to have that updated just so folks can find it. So we

Unknown Speaker 1:42:43
Danielle always had a meeting with our GIS folks on our process, we acquire a new property what how it gets put into our mapping system. The map I just brought up is an amazing system, but I don’t know that. That is public basis.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:00
It’s designed to be public facing but it’s not right now. But that’s part of what we want to be doing with it.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:09
So yeah, we are we see that?

Unknown Speaker 1:43:11
No, you know, we have a list of parks and open so I mean, it’s tough. I understand it’s hard to you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:16
call them each campus. Talked about the presentation, which is different, right. But I had gotten a hand drawn map over the holidays and things like that. Yeah, so yeah. Okay, thanks. Oh, absolutely. I wrote a little park is up a button rock Preserve is actually just a it’s Boulder County and so we’re working on a project project of Animal Park animal party, Leon Boyd parks and open space

Unknown Speaker 1:43:47
so it’s just like the antelope Trailhead. Yeah, that comes off of Yeah. Oh, Apple Valley Road and the easy way to go up walk.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:55
Yep. That gets you up to up to haul ranch boring up to button rock

Unknown Speaker 1:43:58
Preserve. Humans can actually ride up as opposed to superhuman, so different side of Yes. If any of you are mountain bikers, you’ll understand that reference. Um, okay, the next one is on Montgomery farm. We’re working on an extended release to Montgomery farm that’s under ecosystem management open space. Isn’t that one of the possibility places for a future rec center? It is. So we do a five year update? Is that a problem for our rec center? Should it pass should we decide to put it there?

Unknown Speaker 1:44:34
So there’s couple pieces that I don’t think one in five years is going to have a lot of work to do on that piece of Proctor’s ever know where that exact method substances kind of fly out.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:52
Know future parks can erode and fight and fifth is As it says right here, yeah, funny pattern.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:04
So this was actually County Open Space. And the city got a copy called the ties property somewhere up in this area, it was going to be a community park, the tenant that is farming, this also farms in that area, there’s a lot of agriculture upside up in up in this area and try and keep agriculture up here. And I’d have to have people go up to community crop park across 66. city county decided to swap those properties. So there’s not government property is now slated as keeping open space on the bottom portion of it as required to the county and they swapped it in this upper portion. I can’t remember how many of these for you, Ed, or whatever that split is, is it set aside to be a community park even if it will go into some bond issue or something that five years probably is not going to keep him from harvesting corn in the next five years of pumpkins? The tent that’s up there, as David says, very cool. It’s full circle farms. He’s the largest organic farmer in the Front Range. Great Versa, he farms a lot his area around here. He knows that’s what it is. And he’s willing to farm it until we get

Unknown Speaker 1:46:12
some guarantee that we’re going to make it just like wait a minute, I’ve heard this name.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:18
Yep. So he’s willing to if in three years, we have to say you have to go Dave recognizes that.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:24
And he Okay, cool. Gotcha. So you’ve thought about is the bottom line is that’s what I was getting released. Is

Unknown Speaker 1:46:28
that language for now? Yeah. So we have

Unknown Speaker 1:46:33
actual parcel. Yeah, there’s a road on that parcel. I wonder if that was open for you. So that’s a little dirt road that goes across it.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:41
So utility easement, and it goes out to a ditch gate out there. So it really is only accessible by city staff, utility companies.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:49
It is uncertain and looking for access. It’s interesting.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:04
Yeah, we heard that dry creek was one he’s basically specified. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:10
Yeah. So but again, this could be something that that comes up. But I mean, I think Steve and others writing is not the priority, Jeff, as far as we looked at this, but it could it could happen. And Dave as very the tenant out there is aware of that. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:47:23
great. I prefer dry creek also, but I just don’t think mines

Unknown Speaker 1:47:30
in the conversation. It’s my recollection that fell off the list. There’s kind of a consideration,

Unknown Speaker 1:47:35
or something in this gotcha coming potential gone. Okay, great. Well, that solves that problem. I just thought that I was

Unknown Speaker 1:47:44
all set and dry creek just didn’t work because of hydrology or something else. This could be the spot. So we kind of have it, there’s a little placeholder that we aren’t gonna forget about it. But we’ve had definitely had that conversation with David.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:57
One last one was how did the Rec Center Openhouse go? On Saturday went

Unknown Speaker 1:48:02
really well over 300 people showed up. Very positive feedback. And we’re hoping that we’ll see more of those folks come back again.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:13
So you think these are all potential new visitors? I wouldn’t say all

Unknown Speaker 1:48:17
of them, but I wouldn’t say a good percentage of them. And, you know, we hadn’t done an open house in years. And to see the excitement, and the number of people was really good. So we’ll probably do it at least once a year moving

Unknown Speaker 1:48:34
for about about six months from now, when we’re trying to sell this new binary issue. This would be a time to get info out. You know, we discussed how do we approach folks and this is another way to, you know, anyway, free or low cost as

Unknown Speaker 1:48:52
long as at some point in time, we can’t say you got to vote for all, but the

Unknown Speaker 1:48:57
bunch of us can show up there and do that. And it’s easy, easy hit. Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:05
All right, great. Any other items from the pocket and bring in

Unknown Speaker 1:49:11
that one, there was a note about the st. Ring Greenway phase 13 being 60% done with design drawings.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:27
We’re working towards 60% probably hoping to get that your grant sponsors teed up and end of March

Unknown Speaker 1:49:36
was wondering whether we might see anything around that on this current period as long as that was in here.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:41
Once we see that and have those conversations and that’s approved, that’s when we can share with

Unknown Speaker 1:49:49
you mind Danielle, do you want us to just to be just so you know, once a masterplans is accepted by the board, we take City Council. That’s the last interaction they have with the board on that project. The master planning for the Sanford Green was approved by the Board decades ago. And so it wasn’t it wasn’t something that we brought it back to the board. You didn’t miss anything. Yeah, that way. There. Danielle’s had some challenges and so she probably wants to do an update at some point as far as the challenges you’ve encountered and how you’re trying to solve those challenges. But um, but as far as I just wanted to let you know

Unknown Speaker 1:50:26
the Master Plan was basically should have something here and now I have about everything quite a lot more detail now and design so we will just be seeing that when it gets released on the website or something if you don’t if you don’t bring it back here what is it going to be public? I guess especially

Unknown Speaker 1:50:44
these will get I need it certainly.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:47
Because there’s such a gap in time might be

Unknown Speaker 1:50:51
a lot of New Orleans and myself are interested in things that will play maybe 15 years ago whenever that was, and there’s no information on what that looks like it was playing listen to go find a master plan to read about that. So

Unknown Speaker 1:51:04
there are a lot of master plans on our website. I’m not sure what it’s all there for. Yeah. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:14
Cool. All right. Any last call on packet updates?

Unknown Speaker 1:51:17
Yeah. So removal. Yeah, I’m saying that verticals are maintenance. And the park and forestry thing. I just want to say I really like to on Saturday when there wasn’t snow removal between Kanemoto Park and sandstone ranch that enabled people to recreate on the snow on the trail.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:44
Oh see you that well.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:49
Craig like I like few I like try to get out there for around before that because it just become slick for a while. And then also because I like to say this No I like this No, no no. And there’s no actual there’s no dirt trails accessible from you know inner city, right? So that way that snowy trails really kind of nice otherwise I talked to drive to person

Unknown Speaker 1:52:17
turns into soft surface I overheard and it’s softer

Unknown Speaker 1:52:21
to drive to get there because I have to I’d have to drive to do that part to get to Lobo trail to start my run and I just like running from my house and I like I enjoyed the notion that not plowed and that they could wait to plow it just a little bit later until after I get so because I didn’t need all I know because I track everybody who’s out there there’s nobody riding their bike from sandstone ranch into work on snowy days I know that there was one guy last year so I really like it was later Thank you whatever they want.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:57
So our policy does whoever knows that’s probably one of the things it really is our record we’re still our school roads are the primary thing that’s downtown, the downtown LBA nature the shops and stores or have access to the public image that’s clear and accessible it’s going to be our school routes and it’s going to be our commuter roads after that and then trying to more of those other areas we try to get to a when you have classes snowboards and pens wherever you can get those does have our priorities

Unknown Speaker 1:53:28
and that’s why I’m saying like is because sometimes I noticed that that the school areas and that but the route to sandstone ranch has done they might do and the route is all the way down and then you’re like, Okay, well the school needed to do first and then I do notice that park behind behind sunset Middle School, Lou Miller after that one, like they’re like that drainage and that road is bad. And there are four there are four schools that kids come that back way through through Holly. There’s there are hundreds of kids that don’t walk the safe route school because it’s not. It’s not the way you would go if you were a kid. And it’s really like those sidewalks could be plowed way wide because none of those kids have snow boots. None of them are because they’re middle schoolers and middle schoolers don’t have snow boots because their feet are going too fast. Even faster parents

Unknown Speaker 1:54:29
will tell you my the staff that goes on visit trails they’re always trying to eat you out there because then you make it much harder for them to clear snow right it’s tracked down and gets easy. Yeah, when they get there. They just made a request to come in and start even earlier so you get there ahead of that gets turned to

Unknown Speaker 1:54:47
them. Oh I know because I’m the same way I want to like get up at Florida several my block before.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:57
Well, thank you. Great to have the great wouldn’t be so well plowed this year, especially because sidewalks around the city are so bad for now going on a month from having the Greenway be totally open has been amazing.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:12
Find it. I just got two complaints today from Greenway, Sanford Greenway not being plowed well enough.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:18
They should walk on many shoes.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:23
She had some complaints, pass on

Unknown Speaker 1:55:26
service. We were up to last Fournette extended potentially the last few items just just gonna pack items from staff.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:40
I don’t have anything.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:43
All right. I’m sure I can hold off. No, did you get

Unknown Speaker 1:55:49
the things out there at the door, this group can’t think about that me for next meeting is the field trips. I feel like you know, openspace does dominate because it’s kind of schools properties. But I think now with a little bit more information on the clover basin, there’s opportunity to maybe have a meeting or luncheon or something to meet others kick something off. And also the Adam dairy has a really cool spots on it down along the creek. So there’s, I just want to make sure I put an offer out there to this group that somehow we incorporate some of these new spots we have out there from field trip,

Unknown Speaker 1:56:21
or nuclear medicine was effectively owned by the city. And then what 9% I thought it was some private corporation that

Unknown Speaker 1:56:26
or club but it still is a private until we until we get that last 1% gone. You still have that it’s there’s other strategies around that too. But yes, actually didn’t want the dad just for the two new members. Just so you know, I have been here for 25 years here next week. And I’m happy you guys have only been here for 234 years. And so if you have any questions, want to get a coffee or whatever and sit down and talk to here even. I’m happy to do that. So I don’t drink coffee.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:04
Drink beer. All right. Cheers. Okay, items from the board. From the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:11
Yeah, at one at Pratt park. There’s a porta potty, which is new to me. I’ve never seen one there before. Is that a park thing? Is that a construction thing? There is a porta Potti that wasn’t there a month ago. And it’s set up? I know there’s one for pickleball now there’s the courts there for courts there but they’re all covered snow. Yeah. I’m just curious, is there

Unknown Speaker 1:57:35
timber makes assessments and decides where to put porta Potti for the winter because the restroom shut down every year. Okay, they may have gotten complaints last year, right? Or it could be because the pickleball courts are now there he chose to put one

Unknown Speaker 1:57:49
pickleball there it’s just for him to get so right he has

Unknown Speaker 1:57:53
a system in his mind. He’s not doing that. Okay, great.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:57
Well, that’s one that will

Unknown Speaker 1:58:01
win a World War apart because of the HIPAA law gotcha

Unknown Speaker 1:58:03
and who’s going to the LTA has is funding to keep the one that coil right they used to quit after October November but now with the LTA for said, now we’re just going to do the whole time or something. So I was just curious. Thank you. That’s it.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:19
Any other items? I have one. At Union reservoir, there’s essentially a fence that 1520 feet that is down. If there’s requesting for that array, just kind of any update on it. It is a it’s a long cantilever 26 and Defense further now near that dog swim Park

Unknown Speaker 1:58:43
gets wiped out every every year. It happens all the time. I’m betting on renders now. But yeah, I’ll double check.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:56
Great. It’s a pretty, pretty big hole. Yeah, yeah. So but it happens all the time. Yeah. Okay, cool. Any any other last item board? Okay. Ready to adjourn?

Unknown Speaker 1:59:11
I move we adjourn. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:14
Second, okay. Favorite Yeah. Okay, great. Great. Well,

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