Golf Board – August 2022

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Golf Board – August 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:01
All right. I’d like now I would now like to call the August 22 2018 golf course advisory board meeting to order roll call Rick

Unknown Speaker 0:18
Jaffe here

Unknown Speaker 0:19
Paul Mayor shuffle here and Councilmember to waters

Unknown Speaker 0:33
you might be late because he indicated that he was president

Unknown Speaker 0:53
of the watershed council member to waters Can I get an approval of the agenda I have it change do you want to change that like seems off oh sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:10
So I would like to change the order that after we do public invited to heard that we can do business a first that way our visitors don’t have to stay here all night just as much fun as we need it so after public invited to be heard if we could do jump down to seven a

Unknown Speaker 1:38
gap gender dividing everybody motion that we approve the agenda if modified

Unknown Speaker 1:49
second. I do have a couple first Okay, so it seems that Ryan was was so we’re on

Unknown Speaker 1:56
the agenda minutes yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:59
Oh, yeah. Sorry. So approval of tonight’s agenda perfect. Approval of previous month’s minutes.

Unknown Speaker 2:22
So I have one, two columns that says that language was present and absent. I’m not sure if he was good but if he was not, he was not good. And then the other thing is, again, in revenue we keep putting a decimal point is really 143% Not 1.43% etc, etc all the way through on both revenue and rounds. Otherwise we opened up a couple of points where we really asked

Unknown Speaker 3:04
Pribyl asthma so Alright. Number seven I thought we just did to exit date here. First of all for the approval of the previous ones next. Class Gigi is not so public invited to see her reallocated members here all right. So let’s get to as our agenda has been modified to seven eight new business information on the anticipated 2022 election ballot questions.

Unknown Speaker 4:21
Hi. Oil director strategic integration. We’re here to share some information about valid or if ever are yours best place to talk probably. The first thing is like to share some video Got it.

Unknown Speaker 5:20
In 2013 What am I experiencing 100 year floods that resulted in over $53 million in damage one month infrastructure. Area homes and businesses were damaged and bridges were flooded or washed away. Their spots the city of Longmont initiated the resilience

Unknown Speaker 5:36
a Brain Project, which not only focuses on repairing what was lost during the flood, but also aims to ensure that future floods are not as destructive to our community.

Unknown Speaker 5:48
Beginning in 2014, conceptual plans for improvements for the safe brain creek channel and the necessary funding was established. Half of the required funding was approved by voters then in this year, voter approval is needed for the second half. So far, these funds combined with federal grant funds have been used to expand channel capacity for Sansa ranch to sunset history. We also replace greenways, creating space for people water and wildlife.

Unknown Speaker 6:16
Several bridges that span St. Gregory within the city replace allow increased flow levels and pass on

Unknown Speaker 6:24
these improvements that help to significantly reduce the extent of the floodplain

Unknown Speaker 6:28
so fewer properties are at risk of flooding.

Unknown Speaker 6:32
As we approach the final phase of the project, the city is ready to seek voter approval for the second half of the funding. On going up ever ballot, voters will be asked to approve the issuance of $20 million in storm drainage bonds to increase channel capacity from sunset Street to helper Street, protecting people property and infrastructure on future flooding risks. Well, the city continues

Unknown Speaker 6:57
to pursue grant funding for this next phase of improvements of the resilient st great work cannot continue without additional funding in place.

Unknown Speaker 7:05
You can think of bottom funding by taking out a mortgage on a house. Using bonds helps pay for needed improvements. Now, while spreading out the cost of those improvements over time. That means that both current and future users share in the cost more equitably. These are all considerations to keep in mind when voting.

Unknown Speaker 7:27
Here’s some reasons why voter might be in favor is valid issue. And here are some reasons why auditor might be against this allegation.

Unknown Speaker 8:04
Yes, no coolabah city as long as issue $20 million. The storm drain funds along with existing fund balances and adopted rate increases to complete resiliency training improvements to Overstreet a no vote when the bonds the nominee issue. Adopted rate increases would still take place. Those rate increases. Plus existing cash balances could be used for identified projects, but other funding sources would need to be found. The safety and resilience of our community basically, voters are essential.

Unknown Speaker 8:37
We ask you to spend some time researching issues, ask questions if you have them. And most importantly,

Unknown Speaker 8:44
folks learn more about the storm brain fog issue at Longmont., today is Tuesday, November 8.

Unknown Speaker 8:59
All right. So from there. What is the intuition to the question regarding storm drainage bonds is going to make us much better? Maybe. Definitely understand that. Hey, all right, cool. In addition to the developer tester writing for a response, we also have some additional valid IDs regarding the charter and some sort of business charter, so we’re going to talk through both of those issues in the video probably. So fully a lot about this. Okay, so here’s the gist of Money. theory provides factual information about sound issues. So why is this valid item coming before you? In other communities you might not see this type of ballot issue because everybody’s reading revenue bonds can be issued out to the public. Undertaker, so Tabor has requirements about like tours, approving new taxes and debt issuances of those tax finance funding streams. Hey, better. In this case, the storm drainage utility is an enterprise under Tabor, in other communities, we can see this kind of questions. But there is a charter requirement in Longmont that says that voters approve all issuance of debt. Free data is great because we can share information with patient communities where of the city. So just to reiterate, not a tax, that we talked about being attacked scientists bond. So these are a few few photographs of some of the areas that were flooded in 2013. How many of you reviewed it? Most? Okay, so you remember to so the video really went over what what the project is essentially it’s taking presenting a Green Project improvements from site to site, not necessarily analysts have specific questions. And then again, same information on video, that the outcome of the vote doesn’t necessarily impact adopted rate increases, which are already but you know, does does that mean for four? Okay, again, slightly longer, same information from the video about some reasons why folks might be in support of this ballot question.

Unknown Speaker 12:31
And similarly,

Unknown Speaker 12:34
why those who might oppose it? Talk about charter and then do questions on both. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 12:51
Great, good. Hello, Sam, cedar assistant city manager, we shared services that’s in here and distracts me as much as abstract and further and further. Right about that. I’m here to talk about the charter amendments and City Council’s interested in running this ballot. There are two ballot issues that the council has approved for your consideration. The first one really is in cleanup and streamlining of the current charter. It includes things like what you see here includes the city to vote to allow the city to use electronic signatures for documents. A lot of employees you know, to split them off on to participate on returning orders right now you have to be registered elector of the city wants to participate in our own determination voters initiate approval for low or no customers with other governmental entities. So these are things we call them IPAs and our governmental agreements. Were really those become administrative rules when they’re low res and that cost? A lot of election rules with the state rules. So right now the election calendar for the state actually has different dates in our election calendar. Integrated state really means up to the charter, allowing city council members an option to enter terms of under a different condition for housing. So the ones that you see the first four, those are really a chart we have elections issued issue. And the second one is a separate issue, which allows council members to be able to design their seats prospectively if you’d like to give a little example that sounds confusing, but if for example, a council member would like to ask the mayor and that council member which the mayor now there’s a vacancy that now has to go through yet a second election and subsequent special election and the for the cost of both elections. As opposed to if that council member were able to get up their seat at the time of running for mayor. We could actually run both seats at the same time. This is voluntary option for candidates if they would like to get their current city council and that fills that council spot All right away. You may know this year we had a little setback where that did have something else that I ran for mayor. They didn’t get that role. And then at the end of the council spot, we had a real hard time running special election. It’s a redistricting year.

Unknown Speaker 15:14
It’s a census year, there’s

Unknown Speaker 15:15
all sorts of problems. So we’re waiting till November, that’s a long time to wait for the Senate, the counter arguments. So this is about language that you’ll see for the first one, about all the changes for streamlining and modernization of the conduct of city business. Those in favor and believe that they make certain sections of the city charter one system up here, with modernizing streamlines the operations, that those posts say, the residents should not change the Charter, which the master document received. When it comes to the election, ones that I just talked about, here’s the actual ballot wording that you’ll see. charter to allow for prospective vacation of current office. Those in favor believe that making this change could save money and time by not needing to conduct a special election, making this change could help ensure that the mayor and six council members are serving the city without unnecessary vacancies. But those who are opposed believe the residents should not change the Charter, which is master document for city governance. And it’s not clear that the candidates will even use this option if it were available. It’s a lottery option. Okay, so like I said in the video, it’s important to make sure that you’re educated and all the different issues. And it’s important that you vote now to be in your in your mailbox by mid October. Because they’re both here to answer any questions that you have about any of these three election issues.

Unknown Speaker 16:54
Going back to the bond issue, just for a second, what determines the interest rate? In the market? So When? When?

Unknown Speaker 17:04
After? So if if the ballot question has a yes vote, then at that point, we could start the process of going to market for the for the bonds. So it’s the point it would be nine days after the election. So it’s when the bond sale occurs. There’s a competitive there’s an auction process. And so it’s it’s the the interest rate is prevailing in the market at the time that bonds are sold.

Unknown Speaker 17:33
Is there any issue about timing? Yes, absolutely. Because right now, your article doesn’t do this.

Unknown Speaker 17:41
Correct. Yeah. So. So that’s that’s certainly something to keep in mind. But having the authorization doesn’t necessarily mean that the sale would happen immediately. So the soonest it could happen is about 90 days after the election. But the project isn’t scheduled until two to occur until 2024. And so anytime between sort of January of 23, and the construction needs to occur in our municipal advisor to kind of market to make sure that the best interest rate is what happens, you

Unknown Speaker 18:21
know, but clears about whatever they send out, because I know there’ll be a lot of people that will be a

Unknown Speaker 18:29
certain group anyway. And worried about if you’re gonna do it right now, the interest rates, we have, we could do maybe six months to a year from now,

Unknown Speaker 18:41
right. Jim Collins, who is probably as good as it gets, in terms of the Chief Financial Officer, general would would not be wading into a market without being real clear on on what’s the right time. And when will be the

Unknown Speaker 19:02
refinance opportunities, because that’s the other part as interest rates come

Unknown Speaker 19:06
down with just that he plans using that. So you’re not locked into that for 20 years or 30 years without

Unknown Speaker 19:14
teammates greet you know this. But suddenly, I got

Unknown Speaker 19:19
a part of reason for doing high school friends and networks, you can do that as well.

Unknown Speaker 19:25
It’s really important information right now. For whatever it’s worth. Yeah. Well, how do we,

Unknown Speaker 19:33
how should this be?

Unknown Speaker 19:36
Yeah, I don’t know. It’s other than if somebody could explain that the time that the time limit, isn’t doesn’t mean it’s gonna be done right away. Somehow, I wish there was something in there that would explain because somebody were to read versus the other other issue. But if somebody were to read a little bit about that they make it clearly doesn’t mean it’s going to be as soon as this thing passes. Many nation now we’re going to go out to out for somebody’s sell some bonds. Thank you all because of what’s going on right now, as more people are more in tune to because of the interest rates and all the stuff that’s going on with inflation, etc. That would, I think that would be one thing that would tend to have people not vote for it, to be honest. Let’s see understood, hey, it’s gonna do this. Time.

Unknown Speaker 20:37
Whatever. That’s right. That’s, that’s great. And I was curious about interest rates as well, because most people like myself with the total cost of the bond. And maybe it’s a little bit it would be helpful if we knew what that interest rate was based upon the crime or whatever. The other question I had, as we mentioned, sunset over was being taken out of the floodplain one beverage.

Unknown Speaker 21:01
So there are some maps that are that are part of that that ballot. But he did the take a look at it. to certain extent, you know, the improvements from sunset over are going to complete the changes to the floodplain that actually occurred downstream of that. So some examples here, there are some commercial residential areas on the south side of the creek. Heading heading east, from sunset, and that’s primarily what is taken out of the flow. So

Unknown Speaker 21:40
just as a supplement what has already been done to those Eastern reaches, or is this some sort of mitigation for that reach?

Unknown Speaker 21:49
The whole thing is education.

Unknown Speaker 21:50
True, true. True, true. True. But I mean, if we’ve already done the work on this Easter reaches, why do I care about this stretch on Sunset over, and I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

Unknown Speaker 22:01
So this is really the last piece of those improvements. So that the whole thing, we have conceptual design, the whole thing of concrete within the city. Awesome. And, yeah, there you go.

Unknown Speaker 22:20
It’s kind of hard to see. But

Unknown Speaker 22:24
it takes the rest of that. It takes everything it takes the 100 acres that’s currently in the floodplain enables a smooth flow. It’s going to be Western over the whole plan to do that. It’s predicated on a strip club design, that moves water back into the channel, which is only going to get done with this. We had $20 million made this investment, it takes 100 more acres out of the plane is stolen.

Unknown Speaker 22:49
Okay. And that’s all of the developed areas of you know, the annexed portions of the city, except that there’s one commercial property.

Unknown Speaker 22:58
Okay. And again, just playing devil’s advocate further, a lot of people are going to view this as, okay, you’re making this thing on this face out footplate for the Riverside development. So I’m just heads up there, and you might lead some resistance with that. Second thing is, there’s been a lot of news in the paper about the Bank Swallows, you guys intend to come back? Oh, yeah. So sorry, sorry. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 23:30
So in the technical Oh, that was released in 2018, really talking about conceptual design for this area, did talk about that they saw those. So obviously, there’s been a lot of conversation in council about that, that we’re aware of the night follows. And we’ve committed to preserving the nesting opportunity in this area specific myths that exist today. But there will be that appropriate habitat to you know, welcome the back soldiers back when they when they migrate this way, you know, after the completion,

Unknown Speaker 24:02
I think the terminology is is restored, preserved, correct? Yeah, because one was the preservation, which was which would have prohibited the slip of design, right? It would have cost millions and millions more. The US restoration of the habitat is a different kind of approach. And there’s some evidence that it works depicts walls, that persnickety about their nest, as you can buttered and what depresses I hope you’ll appreciate this in this decision where people and their property, not even care backflows we’re going to first put people first and their property and then attend to baseball, habitat restoration that spec. Like I said, I’m being devil’s advocate a bit. If you want

Unknown Speaker 24:56
to do more questions, this is in any way affected piece. software’s, is this going to take us out of the floodplain for anyone that I can read your maps? To answer the second question and take notes that further you’re asking for mitigation between sunset and over. Are you going to come back five years from now and say, I need to fix them over probably LIG?

Unknown Speaker 25:20
Two great question. There, there’s not currently a plan for that. Certainly, I think there would be a policy decision whether to continue the improvements. And, you know, our recommendation at that point would be to take a look at the costume costume elements.

Unknown Speaker 25:42
Okay, but do you feel like this stretch is going to have a significant benefit for all the work that’s been done thus far, and protect long

Unknown Speaker 25:52
waited, we know that incident sent through? FEMA has a cost benefit analysis calculator and shows that it has

Unknown Speaker 26:01
just kind of segwayed into another question for me. So FEMA has kept in mind. So we’re done from FEMA,

Unknown Speaker 26:07
we may still get additional FEMA funding. And so if we are successful in receiving additional flood mitigation, mitigation grants, that would offset the amount of money that would be needed from issues, and could certainly save a lot of money in the future.

Unknown Speaker 26:27
But the initial flood funding from FEMA, we’re wrapping up with other with the rest of the session. So because we’ve taken it literally as far as we can down the river. And other federal funding GCR, we’ve had lots of funding sources, because that may be a relief. At first, when we asked for the first $20 million and borrow money. We said, Okay, we know you get started with flexible funding. And so we were able to fit lots of different grant opportunities to get as much farther down the river than the original $20 million investment because he could then turn it where those funds went to make sure that it was used in kind of tough spots to be able to apply for a project and I was able to find that over reach. There’s more information about what it takes. Totally Sure, actually.

Unknown Speaker 27:25
Actually application takes care of the issues that are backed up on the golf course. Right, because of what was used.

Unknown Speaker 27:34
It was that it was

Unknown Speaker 27:36
this this golf course was the one

Unknown Speaker 27:40
that answered that question. You’re both on the effects east and west left in terms of going into additional regions are cost efficient.

Unknown Speaker 27:56
Yeah, the tax while we found some videos and photos when we did damage assessment in the first place from us, and they already had kind of reached out their homes, everything flooded and came back without any help at all. So with some help, we can probably do the same thanks. I was going to fly away to have to run. There’s a lot of slows under bridges. Pretty thanks. No questions on the charter amendments? Come on.

Unknown Speaker 28:39
I assume we aren’t the only people that are given this presentation to correct. Are you planning to do it the GLA?

Unknown Speaker 28:46
Yes, we have settled. And if you know if anybody else is interested, feel free to let us know. And we’re happy to speak with other folks who just spoke at museum board. And so there’s somebody here from the senior citizen advisory board so the

Unknown Speaker 29:00
chamber have immunity to communities. They are

Unknown Speaker 29:03
this Friday. I will be there at the Council for over a couch talk at 430.

Unknown Speaker 29:19
It’s an outdoor living room set up where the elected officials come and discuss the issues and City Council’s on the dirty little TED talk. Okay. Let me moderate them. So

Unknown Speaker 29:32
gonna say going back to charity issue, the very first thing to have Yeah, I just went through a process of 200 documents that I had to find. And I had an I had I had the I did it once by hand, which took about an hour and a half. And the other was electronic. Did that in about 10 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 29:54
Yes. It was it was incredible. It’s just wonderful to be able to do that.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
writers yes it makes it a lot faster you know five seven questions if you have any other follow up questions feel free to find me or by all of us

Unknown Speaker 30:39
are scheduled to come to parks and rec for

Unknown Speaker 30:42
those we are scheduled for I don’t think we are

Unknown Speaker 30:53
sorted really? When does the bike path open? Got it left hands has been closed because of the work should be

Unknown Speaker 31:05
getting to the question as a follow up

Unknown Speaker 31:09
to that Josh had said golf ball Oh, it’s all brand new. Yeah, it’d be strange to say yes, yes. And he was really looking forward

Unknown Speaker 31:36
but then there’s workbooks around the next three churches with the Army Corps of Engineers working on the case. That’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 31:48
So will that be closed? While they’re doing that? The building Yeah. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 31:57
Okay, current status for construction that is this one right here right yes, so quarter three of 22 is construction and I think that’ll be open a little bit well awesome. So I think it’s it’s actually like the red part of it is so close behind what can

Unknown Speaker 32:23
I can’t see I just felt like these offenses are up you can’t ride a bike through them so yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:36
The bridge being replaced to Boston Yes, yes. Actually was one of the that’s the one that’s coming now and should probably close through that we should have the courage

Unknown Speaker 32:59
to ask you one more question. If that bond issue goes down, can you at a later date bring it back up again?

Unknown Speaker 33:06
Yes, that’s part of the reason you’re going this year after year

Unknown Speaker 33:12
but so you can you can still bring it up again because you know, right now everybody’s scared to death nobody wants to spend any money at all. And you know, when the business run the business channel all the time so I just feel what’s going on. And it’s just a horrible time that we come out quote

Unknown Speaker 33:38
you know, having the flexibility to issue bonds at some point in the next you know, 18 to 24 months spent all this time

Unknown Speaker 33:45
good horrible time to do this

Unknown Speaker 33:55
you can turn it around with a bypass that will make sure your nutrition back tomorrow will provide the right answer your doctor

Unknown Speaker 34:15
thank you, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 34:17
Really appreciate it. Thanks for everything you do for institutions. We really appreciate your advice and your involvement in our

Unknown Speaker 34:31
back to communication All right. So we

Unknown Speaker 34:45
absolutely had a chance to look at this a packet

Unknown Speaker 34:57
through July revenue Is 90,000

Unknown Speaker 35:04
Round are down about 364. So the revenue would vary around the same direction. That’s really good apart really from the increases that we did this past this past year membership sales and increase tremendously to Vietnam itself. Right now people are spending money. But your last comments, were kind of I got an email today from the National Golf Course. Or does Association. The three question how we think is what are we going to do whenever we start seeing a downturn? I didn’t answer it but I’m always looking for more thought into it and look forward to seeing what they’re what the general sense assumed to be on

Unknown Speaker 35:57
what we’re going to do as an industry so far

Unknown Speaker 35:59

Unknown Speaker 36:02
the past few years since government it’s been it’s been undergoing Yeah, you gotta try to make tea time you’ve probably seen the horses evolve. It’s very good. So golf is still strong. I don’t see it going out yet. But I think it’s something that we really need to keep our focus on keep an eye on it and

Unknown Speaker 36:27
I also wanted to mention last last month I mentioned to you guys that I lost all of my partner reached out Danny put out an email

Unknown Speaker 36:37
I got 16 Tiger I was wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 36:43
So I don’t forget to put the word out at all. I appreciate that we have this with our jobs being seasonal, we get a

Unknown Speaker 36:49
lot of a lot of high school and college kids and above the middle of August

Unknown Speaker 36:55
we’re scrambling to get that staff and this year to do our job right back up so if you guys have any

Unknown Speaker 37:06
questions for you

Unknown Speaker 37:09
keep up the good work

Unknown Speaker 37:15
I’ll go ahead and do some set Ryan’s not here and that’s that continues to be a good good good course of talk about it Goodness gracious national revenue year to date 377611 for the year out 15.4%. So on pace to have this tremendous year at sunset probably easily record breaking here. So they are doing great over there. And for everybody that went to the celebration that was pretty cool. Pretty cool. And see everybody out there. And to celebrate 100 years I think a lot of good a lot of folks had a good time. So a lot of smiles. So that was really very exciting. For our Twin Peaks goes we were continuing to just hang right in there your date were up 6.9% We had a great month in in July making what we’re projecting and how far we’re coming in over those projections and still 16,000 over overall we did last year which was good, which was a good year so and this this month is looking really good as well. So I agree with Sam things are going to change, you know, but hopefully not too much. And hopefully what we have is a lot of new golfers that have come out of this. And the hope is that they keep playing and that just continues. We’ve been very fortunate because I think we’ve really grown the game during this time and a lot of people that wouldn’t have played off have clicked off hope is that they just continue that’s about all for Twin Peaks. I’d say that Bob gets involved I’m going to talk a little bit about soft sand arguments

Unknown Speaker 39:03
so this is the Gulf Coast advisors

Unknown Speaker 39:11
believe Danny include that in your packet. The three areas that Paul had

Unknown Speaker 39:19
brought up have been

Unknown Speaker 39:21
those changes have been made and whilst there are other changes that someone would recommend that think we’re ready for motion to approve the bottles

Unknown Speaker 39:34
approve the bylaws as amended. I’ll second

Unknown Speaker 39:39
All in favor, aye.

Unknown Speaker 39:44
All right. required that alright.

Unknown Speaker 39:53
Alright, so back to your business that the Twin Peaks presentation Ryan’s Yes,

Unknown Speaker 40:03
sir. All right, Ryan, while you’re doing that, you know, you just rolled while you set up models. Alright, so Ryan are going to kind of double team, this user information side of things. I’m just gonna do kind of the operations side of things and just kind of how things have gone this year. And maybe kind of take everyone through a little different snapshot of how it all works. We had See, we had several outside events, their corporate events, company called CD, which is an electrical supply company out of Boulder. Our su SV had their big tournament here. We’re used to Twin Peaks primarily for fundraisers. So a lot of our high school alumni had a fundraiser, the American Legion held a fundraiser dance conventions, fundraiser, Silver Creek, if you guys saw me run out there and grab their designs a few minutes ago, they have a fundraiser Skyline footfall raised $12,000. In their fundraiser, the Fraternal Order of Police is having a fundraiser on 910. And on that same day, we have built a shotgun University Colorado hockey team.

Unknown Speaker 41:06
So a fundraiser here so

Unknown Speaker 41:09
that gives you an idea of all the different tournament type events that we run. We were going to end up posting five high school tournaments between the girls and three boys events this fall 17 men’s club events starting in March, actually, April we have every Thursday, we have two groups of women play the 18 holes that 20 to 24 players and I’m bullish up 30 to 36 players, that’s every Thursday all summer. Then we’re competitive events around the the spring Invitational at your Twin Peaks, we might do a five, I think and maybe not still chance. And then the Bulldog city championship, which is running all three golf courses, which have 106 players this year, everything remarkably smoothly

Unknown Speaker 42:02
with a great roadmap.

Unknown Speaker 42:03
So it really did really well. Say half the players now are coming in from out of Longmont, which is kind of neat, because we’re bringing people to our golf courses from out of town and you’re supporting events. So that’s really cool. To that end in the car Golf Association, we’re announcing the Minang qualifier here in a couple of weeks on Monday, in September here. And then in the evenings, on Monday nights we have we have what we call a Bob Lee and the Suez leaf. On Tuesday nights, we have the array League and the nurses face production week. On Thursday nights, we have the sweetspot League, which is about 3040 women, and that League and the DD League and the Suez League, so we have three leagues on Wednesday nights. And so we send them off both nights. Thursday nights, we have what’s called the cat League, which is our longest running. And they have 40 people that play. So this is these things happen every single week, all summer long. Then Junior Golf, we ended up doing I strike Junior Golf earlier in the year, we have first step and next step, and I’m doing 12 Next step sessions. And we did 10 First step sessions. So the next step of the older kids playing component to that, that playing component generated 232 rounds for the little little ones after they finished. So they went out and played 232 amount of the course in some way on playing nine holes. So that was really awesome. So and the first step events, and that just, you know, gives you a real quick summary of what it is like in kind of just a week at Twin Peaks. And you got to talk about some of the bigger

Unknown Speaker 43:37
events but

Unknown Speaker 43:39
very different in all three golf courses. We have such diversity in all three golf courses. Sam has a whole bunch more corporate events, Ball Aerospace was there last week, right? There’s a lot more corporate stuff there. And then a lot more fundraisers here because our price is cheaper. Which means if you’re running a fundraiser, you can raise more money. So it just made sense. So do I just kind of gives you an idea of how things are competing. And I want to say to that, I can’t say enough about Ryan and his crew. Oh, my goodness. But I mean the golf course we’re having gone 50 year old irrigation system and a they they chase leaks all summer and they put the water where it needs to be and thank goodness Mother Nature help us out the last couple hours. When we record the courses off the course is in the best condition. It’s been an all year. It’s the greenest it’s been and then Ryan and his crew which is just the city tournament. I can’t tell you. The feedback we got was so nice that we don’t have guys play key holes and one complaint. Everyone could not stop writing about how good the greens are and how great the golf course played. Just a human I got to go out and practice course and kind of mark the course for how we wanted it set up so we actually put a lot of thought into, you know, making the golf course present really well for the players. gave him a chance to really shoot a good score. So it was really, so I can’t thank him enough and his crew. And I can’t thank Jeff enough for kind of trusting us in empowering us and given us given us the ability to go and do what we needed to do to get things done. And that’s that for us has really been great. Ryan, thank you so much Mark.

Unknown Speaker 45:25
mentioned to kind of talk about some of the maintenance stuff are coming over the projects we have, and we’re moving to the future, similar information for the rest of the year. And are we ready for any questions that they wouldn’t have. So we’ll get started here with the Twin Peaks project update. One of our largest projects we’ve had so far this year was the current path renovation on five key box. This was a current path that we’ve had in the works for the past year and a half and COVID has a disrupt the scheduling of it, the company we had scheduled for it had too much work going on buff workers last year, and we kind of got pushed off for this year, we finally got it done. And it was finished up June 17 this year. So this kind of presents a

Unknown Speaker 46:16
before and after

Unknown Speaker 46:18
both of areas here. So now we have a little bit of a cart path that goes from the restrooms, the five box area with a turnaround area by the champion five. And also you notice here on the lower right hand one, we also laid some sod and put in sprinklers so if anyone who’s been familiar with the area knows that this for the longest time has been a big dirt bank now has had grass stored and growing on it all summer long due to the new sprinklers in the southernmost part of that area. So we’re really happy that it finally happened. And I think it’s a great improvement in that area. And we had a good visual improvement for a golfer Steven and also some big news area. So, so one of the other projects that I had done this year, not as exciting was replacing this enclosure here the department is important, it is important. So the old enclosure of the four supporters had Waldman that was still saving all the others VFO were broken off in the ground. So had a company come in, redo the whole enclosure. So now the two support beams in the front are now metal IBC. So they won’t crack underneath the pressure of the gates when they’re opening close. I’m sure the sanitation department really appreciates not having to fight with the gates every time they come to get the trash at the golf course. So not as exciting as our path. But equally as important. We’re one of those things that needed to get done. It’s added a little bit of visual improvement out there in the parking lot for everybody.

Unknown Speaker 48:10
I can tell you somebody who takes the trash out because you just didn’t know what you’re gonna get when you open that thing before. And now you just you just kind of pull that little black handle down and it opens up your own mind. So

Unknown Speaker 48:25
you can see kind of failure here the marks the old laptop to make a roll on this one. No problems.

Unknown Speaker 48:35
I’m not kidding. It’s on my job to give him a little bill before he leaves.

Unknown Speaker 48:40
So we had that done. And also on the agenda for this year. One want to get that is renovation of the women’s restroom on the golf course this was something that we did the men’s side leader was last year already because the whole wall that separates the two restrooms was really unstable. So if you ever been in there seeing swaddled that says that wall didn’t have the support needed for the sixth. So the construction crew that came in went bad and from the men’s restroom side. That’s where all the piping and access was. So this year as somebody to call and get some pricing I want to get the women’s restroom updated like the men’s room so it will have stalls painted to match. So this is the men’s room on the right just to give a visual example of the colors. So the screen stalls will be painted the kind of an beige color and then the white walls will get repainted and the RFP board that separates here are the years are for we we’ve done so be nice shining away. So this is something I still have on the docket for this year. are just wanting to do it. Once the golf course play kind of slows down because they will make the golf course restroom unusable for about a week or two. And after earlier this year after we had some issues and not being able to get a temporary restrooms, I figured it’s better to be done into the slower season of the year. So once you start getting near towards the fall, start again surprising that this project will be

Unknown Speaker 50:33
the biggest project we have going on here, just a little brief update on the Twin Peaks irrigation system. So earlier this year, we went out, put a bid out for the entire irrigation system with pump stations, new sprinkler heads and new controllers, new pipe in the ground, it came in over budget.

Unknown Speaker 50:57
And we kind of

Unknown Speaker 50:59
had to regroup and figure out what path we wanted to take. So we decided, since we had enough money to do at home stations, we actually can listen to the purchasing two weeks ago. And purchasing is currently working on getting the official bid together. And this will go out to Ben here in the first part of September for we’re going to get the two new conversations tied into the old irrigation system. So that way, the heart of the irrigation system will be updated. And then from there, in November, we’ll be going out to base for the rest of the system on the sunset. So it’s kind of going to make it a two part project now. So this right here kind of gives a little example here on the left, have a schematic of what are the workstations look like this year on the right is kind of a brief overview of where the new pump stations will be tied into the existing irrigation system, or the existing irrigation system is the red and the new stuff is blue. So once this portion is done, and we move on to the new stuff, whatever company comes in, we’ll be able to tie in with Lewis without disrupting around the pump stations and then move out from there. So new piping, whatever that phase get started,

Unknown Speaker 52:28
we’ll send the presentation both for Twin Peaks and new Creek up to you tomorrow. So that

Unknown Speaker 52:35
it’s really hard to read

Unknown Speaker 52:36
that but that was we can help us out a PDF like this, I tried to clear it up, put it

Unknown Speaker 52:41
through it just small from where we’re standing.

Unknown Speaker 52:47
If so, that as part of this portion of the exam here, we’ll also be happy in the new central computer, which will be a great asset to the new pulsations, because the central and the pump station will be able to talk to each other. And that way they’ll know the computer will know what the pressures are on the system. And the pulsation will know what computer wants to do. So they can work hand in hand to optimize how the system runs. So be more efficient, say power, less water. Unlike system we have now where we plan for how it runs but might not run that way because everything’s mechanical. And some things don’t always run the same way in place to set it up

Unknown Speaker 53:33
for ranking them as an urban versus central computer located in

Unknown Speaker 53:36
central computers that are maintenance shop. So it’d be on site. Again, there’ll be outside, there’ll be a physical computer on site. But part of the software is it can be remotely access through an app of sleep. Okay, so like currently, now I have access to pieces and sunsets through the different apps. So if something ever happened, it can be adjusted on the fly from afar. Or if or if I’m in the field working on something, you could send out a signal for the system to test something from in the system instead of having to run back to the shop tested and run back out and see what you’re doing

Unknown Speaker 54:15
very cool.

Unknown Speaker 54:19
And as soon as you stop the system is running. Yep, all the good stuff.

Unknown Speaker 54:25
I don’t know if you’ll be part of this phase or a second but there will be a weather station at some point. So in this part I’ll be right now where we communicate with the clubhouse staff. Is it really worth Hey, it’s raining here you guys should come take a look and then we’ll set it down. We’ve which this year we’ve actually had to do an awful lot with these random rainstorms we have gotten in the area but Mother Nature always has the best sprinkler system where you can get it Any other questions on

Unknown Speaker 55:02
this? I assume that you know how much water you’re using now? Yes, we have a lot. Because what’s going to be really important is when you get that job is to be able to say, Okay, we weren’t doing this amount of water. And now we’re going to use this amount of water and bring it up. Because I was in charge of our system. And our YouTube, we have, we have 1000 heads. And it was put in 1986 is still there, right? I had somebody sit on all seven problems you run into, Oh, my God. So anyway, just we had, you know, people coming in and inspected or water, were we doing the right kind of stuff. And one of the things that we did do is we changed the heads or 1000 heads. And they were pressure sensitive. What we have, we have really a relatively small area. But you could go two blocks that way in pressure would be one way you go to block this way the pressure to do something else. And you’re trying to say, Okay, I want to put on a, you know, an inch of water for three days, or whatever the case may be. But it’s over a year, and he was reared entirely different. And so by putting an imprint of these heads that were sensitive to pressure, we actually reduced our water by 25%. And the green and the grass was as green as it ever was. And so and the nice thing about it for us a different part of the GLA, we went in for for grants, got the grant paid for it, etc. So, but if people are going to criticize you, or criticize us any point in time, different different ones, these are the statistics and figures who were doing the right thing. Well, this

Unknown Speaker 56:59
map here doesn’t illustrate it with this is this a small portion of it. But unlike a residential system of Canada, Haribo, you have your water and that goes out, this new system will be completely moved. So one area will be getting water from numerous directions to help even the flow and the golf course. And right now this system that we currently have, the heads will throw about 90 gallons a minute at 110 feet at 100 psi. The new system is designed to do 65 to 70 feet throw at 60 psi, and the handful throw about 60 gallons. So already on paper, we’re already ahead of savings and we’ll be we’ll be moving from currently we have around we’ve it’s 800 sprinkler heads and we’ll be going up to 1400 sprinkler heads just because of that spacing that shrinks down which will make it a lot less room for error if it’s ever windy, any dips in pressure so you don’t have as much throw for have those bad spots to come in between the head so be a lot more uniform and tight in this current system. We have

Unknown Speaker 58:18
the points good with a

Unknown Speaker 58:20
very kind of whether it’s the recent

Unknown Speaker 58:22
development or

Unknown Speaker 58:24
any other project first question is do you have enough water in we’re not far away from people who aren’t going to golf courses are unnecessary luxury. Yeah, we don’t have water which is not true. But I have the

Unknown Speaker 58:37
news data would be really powerful. So only the past couple week or so the national news is in Colorado

Unknown Speaker 58:51
and ran out the summer gold crushers and in general I mean, we spent a fair amount of money putting the middle three golf courses into summer book book I kind of maintained that I know that you know from the tee box and nine to the clubhouse at sunset with both the rain kind of building gullies and you see you know the turn around I am getting worn out. Same thing here on the back of five, a little bit between 10 and 11. And then how do you how do you maintain that the dragon like a baseball field or what do you do

Unknown Speaker 59:22
so the gold crushers with us or the red crushers, we use that sunset and I believe the creek as you some of the same product. So it’s a crushing material that has a binder it’s so called scale off. So when it gets the moisture in it you pack it down and and eventually over time it will harden as concrete. But it does almost like concrete. But it does what it does get wet get a little soft. So maybe in high rainstorms, it does tend to flow a little bit, but the way we would maintain it is you’d either Get a device like a box blade or we have a scarifier on the back of one of the sand pros, you rip it up a little bit, put that new material leave this compacted. And then this compacted in the middle.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
And I think molars rain is having an effect. Right? It’s a few places where

Unknown Speaker 1:00:19
you have shows where they’d be out at sunset on number nine. And we are learning that it is not probably the greatest, great read, it’s a lot steeper than we thought, yeah, but the guys over there have been filling in the goings as they can and trying to patch it as much as they can resist the ongoing. You see it, put it down in your packet and we have some extra stuff around the maintenance shops to fixing fixing the pop over delays that come up as we go through here. Thanks. Then, the next slide is another upcoming one here for this visit slide 4043 projects. So there we have the irrigation system replacement that we hope to get going. Any addressing the items on the fixed asset inventory we have so everything we have on the golf course. The light, fridges or heating tables up here to the air compressors at the shop, toolboxes all we put a life on them. So every year we address what things need to be replaced. So each year we put a fixed set of money to go through that list and then replace any items we may need to each year. Which also kind of goes into the next one where we’ll be replacing the driving range sticker so the thicker part on the front of the tractor out there will be replaced. It’s definitely see this wear and tear over the past. How would you say I think is

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
I’ve been here 17 years. And it has to now I can’t do that for

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
sure. What replaced? Well, when

Unknown Speaker 1:02:10
we went to the tracker, yeah, we went to the tracker retrofitted the tracker, we had to get a different Yeah, a different ticker at that time. So that’s probably seven, eight years.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:19
Yeah, so it’s definitely time to get a new one. Once it gets pushed around quite sure if we put a odometer on it, they’d get pushed around quite a few miles out there around that driving range. Then one of my other projects I have going on is replacing sections of the pile here around the clubhouse. We have on the left here, the far north and you can see my picture a little bit inside of a push towards the parking lot. We have this picture in the middle where one section was only rotting out and fell over. And then the second picture here on the right where it’s pushing towards the ditch. So next year we need to find a construction company and decide how much of this high wall we can tackle and that will be on the projects for 2023. Moving forward

Unknown Speaker 1:03:21
is your budget number two what are the sequences CIP budget? Yes, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27
So PR o 191. Yes, that’s the end this is what we’ve proposed. Here Harold, the city manager will be presenting the budget next week to council and council goes through September and October with budget meetings and sometime the end of October early November we’ll find out what possible approach

Unknown Speaker 1:03:57
we’ll see to see if we are winning

Unknown Speaker 1:04:04
so here are all one idea

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
right what am I so we have here is coming up

Unknown Speaker 1:04:14
on that retaining wall. Yeah, that’s the first thing somebody sees me so

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20
nicely. The last couple of years it’s really been our goal to improve the golfer experience out here as much as we can. But the visibility is very important. That one of the challenges we had with 2018 bond election which was a great thing because it brought in $6 million to the to the golf fun challenges. Golfers don’t get to use the maintenance building at you Creek and everything else is below ground. Still very important things but we’re really We’ll try and put an effort into replacing or making improvements that have a direct impact on the golfer. And in their experience. And not just say, those are important because your golf courses will look better, which is directly impact for golfers. So

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
right, excellent. Here it is. So coming up here in just under a month, it’s all aeration at Twin Peaks are scheduled September 15. So I have a little video here, when we did this last year, so we’re going out with the solid patties that are going to event the greens a little bit, it’s an air, it’s the nutrients to water down into the subsurface of the greens and open them up for the year. And then that way, they’ll help reduce the compaction that we put on the green. So this kind of a year, we definitely start seeing some of the wear and tear on the greens from all the lowing rolling and everything else that keep us up in good terms and conditions. So this is just to help get the Greens healthy going into the winter. And so this is our operations in the next slide I have here. So this isn’t we’re doing the same thing we did last fall at this line. So the left is a closer up picture of the times we’re going to use or either of x or plus depending on how you look at it. And that’s why it increases the amount of surface area that we’re putting the pipe into the ground. But it’s not making a bigger hole like a hollow time. So this way, it heals a lot quicker. So this picture here is the afternoon after we aired last year. So after this, we roll hotpress put our fertilizer, drag them smooth and water man. And then this picture here is about a week later, where everything’s growing through and already loading. And so you can see just in those seven days, it’s already made a huge difference on recovery back to where it was almost before aeration. And then I don’t have any other pictures past this. But then another week after that, it’s like it never happened. So that’s what we plan to do here at Twin Peaks coming up on the 13th of September. Next one year, I know Sanders, again, here’s a state picture of the could be seniors who are sure to say what’s left for us. So right after this, he did booze for college students to go back to school. So right now, this is what I have left here at Twin Peaks, including myself to do the daily operations on the maintenance staff. So seven, or seven of us taking care of all eight county meeting calendar and taking care of the golf course the daily operation mowing, setup, handicaps irrigation, planning, working on equipment. So the slide, Sam mentioned, it’s that time of the year where we lose seasonal help. And it’s kind of doing what we can to get through the shoulder months of the year. Anyone has any questions for me, other than was asked?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:25
I’ve got a stupid question that goes back to what we talked about before. It turns out already to a person that works with our system is the person that maintains a st grade school district system. And one of the things that the st. Green School District system has done is they’ve got they’ve got the product to put on all of their graphs, which allows the grass to go deeper into the ground, which means you use less water. So we decided to do that in our HOA and use the product. And it has helped dramatically. And I don’t know if anybody would ever question you about, you know, what’s your what’s your soil like, on your golf course? You know, people start really getting crappy. And and so I don’t know what it is, I don’t know we had we actually had people come out who were certified to look at our limit the clay, our soil. And again, after we did put the product on metric it it really made a difference. And it really helped us reduce the amount of water that we were using. And so, you know, a safe frame school district does it and they’ve made huge steps in that direction. And so I don’t know if it’s something that golf course is considered to be looking at or Not looking at or whatever. But at some point in time, and there’s there are companies now that they have products that you can use, just for that purpose based on the type of smile that you have. And I know that some year one was over and up.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:18
So just going off from how you explained it, I’m sure Dan will have the same stuff. But it sounds a lot like a wetting agent, a sort of some old surfactant that helps the water get down through whatever your stuff,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:31
what it what it really is, is to loosen the soil, I hate to say that, but sort of, but what it’s really about is the line, the grass roots need to go deeper into the ground. And our grass roots were about like that. And now they’re like that. And that makes a big difference in the amount of water you’d have to use to screen. So I don’t know if it’s the thing which consider looking at it or not. I came here looking at breakfast. But if you’re really interested, I’ll get you a whole lot of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:12
Tell me great job, thanks, man, my adult so do every year throughout the year being with agronomist in the area that come out and do soil samples. So we can, so we do know how much meat or what our ground grass soils missing and what we’ve done over an area. So we do take a look at all that different stuff. See what the course is doing to help make it a little better

Unknown Speaker 1:11:38
vice president of this organization, and they come up at some point in time.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:43
Before Dan gets going, I just want to say what Ryan was complaining relative to the verification of the greens. And those those pluses or axes, natural regeneration process, from an operation standpoint that the golfers don’t inherently know that we’re doing. And then the golf course is very playable. So when you when you do a spring aerification we pull cords out, I mean, it is destructive, and his takes forever for the grass to grow back. It’s a, it’s a full six weeks before you finally have a really good surface again. And this happens very quickly. And even while it’s happening, the ball still rolls good people can still play good, but you haven’t taken care of our character. So I really appreciate that they’re doing that. And that’s helped us revenue wise in the fall, doing it this way, as opposed to pulling the course to people will call Are you pulling course. And then they’ll make the

Unknown Speaker 1:12:39
next Alright, so I’ll talk about some projects that we got going on this year at you Creek and then a few that we have going on for next year also. So 2022 Brother, so we started this was another approach. So we did this drain was pretty early in the spring. But if you play up there, this is this is back at the beginning of the ditches right here. So this area is kind of open grass, it’s just over time, it’s kind of turbid grass takes over the rye grass. So it gets really spongy in that area and you have a little pitch or a chip shot in there, it would get so sweaty, that would describe your club, and you wouldn’t be able to get a good life. So this has helped out a lot. And we’ve cut back on the irrigation too. As you can see, it’s got a little drier than we would like over here. But I think the scribing has helped out with this approach a lot. I think it’s a lot more playable this year than has been passing. And it’s worked out pretty well. Any questions about your bank, and most you guys have seen it. And then we had a lot of irrigation this year, mostly to the to the north side. And number 13. This is the path over here. But this is a picture kind of hard to see. But you can see in the picture here, there’s you can see where the irrigation was hitting and where it wasn’t. So with that we put pads all along this path here, kind of in between. So it’s really helped out I mean, that says luscious and saraband probably since you know the date and place it was built and you know it’s a give and take to you got to figure out how much water can handle because there was a couple spots that got a little wet out here. So it’s adjusting and all the time getting out there again and kind of see what’s wet. And then like right inside, you can pewter you can just percentages, like if you will start at 100. And I think we have it down to about 50%. So that means it runs half the time that it would if it was for the EEG that we put in there. So it’s probably it’s probably around about, you know, seven minutes there. So that’s about four minutes. And I love though that’s filled in. We did one in the late fall last year and 17 to that one has stressed it’s out there on time too. So

Unknown Speaker 1:14:51
the reason that’s significant everybody, if people hit the ball right on number 13 Pretty much all the time because you hit it left here and then you’re gonna have that hazard For the houses, so they hit it right? Well, before when there was no one, there was no irrigation there and not enough irrigated and that ball was rolling right over the hill right across the path into the hardpan. Maybe they find it, maybe they don’t, but they waste a lot of time. Look, this is going to hold a lot of balls up as they get off the right side of that fairway.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:18
So that’s great. Yeah, homeowners, you know, the balls don’t get all the way out there. It just gives a better look, you know, it’s just, it helped out a lot. So I’m, one guy pretty much did all the work too. So he was out there for, you know, two, three weeks just kind of picking away at it. You know, he likes to just go heights up there. And he did a great job. So this is the area that we’re going to use the Track mats on that I talked about last month. So yeah, this is this is well, the area where parts, not supposed to have a lot of blue flags out there these days. So they were that we put ropes here with this, we’ll just clean it up. And then we can open it up for those blue flags. This is on tan same type of deal. And you can see this area here, we put a type of material in before and it was more of a hard plastic, like honeycomb type stuff. And that works for maybe a couple of years. But as you can see, it’s it didn’t do it as well as students, it’s kind of works out back out. And then this is number two, to the west side of number two, where everybody likes to drive down there. So so this will help clean that up, we’ll get that it’ll go about four feet out in the length of that. And then we’ll kind of resolve the other area and hopefully that will help clean up that area. And then finally, a couple more do what I would like to do where everybody goes off number three, right in that area. And number six, I think is on our list. We have enough materials to do to do all those areas. Other projects that we’ve done this year is in the early spring, and everybody clapped about how bad it was coming on screen it was so we did a lot of repairing on where is out there we bought a lot of like portable sprinkler heads that we could put out in different areas of LFC San topsoil compost site out that gone and we got a good majority of them filled in, there’s still a few, you know, that’ll take some time. But it was it’s, it’s better than it was in the spring. So and then right before the city sermon a couple weeks before that we’ve typed up all the Greenside bunkers, you know, you forget about how many shots or get out of there and sand or the wind, you know, blows all that sand out of there. So there’s a couple. Number six is a battle number two is a battle and you get down to that you don’t realize it so you can hear about so we went check them off and topped off all the green side. We had plans this year of doing very bunkers. But I think people kind of like Jericho to be a little bit more firm and be able to kind of take it out of there, we’re on the green side, you want to get under it. So so that’s where we shifted our priority there to the green side instead of the fairway bunkers this year. And then there’s a couple of patches up on the deck up there, when whoever asked was hired kind of counters walk in any almost saying great through a whole spot. So some of the board said, brought it out of there. So we got a construction company up there. And we felt that it was a inch plywood, and they cut that out, read it and then repatched it. So those were three, because we’ve done so far, and I forgot to mention them. But we are going to redo the parking lot up there. September 19. So they’re going to come in and do that which is way overdue stuff. So come back on the 20th we should have should have a new new party hungry striped and, and repainted or laid over, so about a year for new daiquiri bad stuffs projected for 23. So this is the retaining wall number 11. You can see how it’s splitting and all this is gravel that’s fallen through there. And this has actually been put together a little bit by our city staff, the operations guys went out there and for the whole wall down and kind of rebuilt and it looks great right now. So we’re trying maybe to get them to do the other side and save us maybe ironed out the dollars. But it’s going to come down to what the engineers think if if it needs to be done by an actual firm or something like that. So but they did a great job and it’s holding up really well right now. So so that’s one of them for 2023 which will take a good part of our CIP budget vessel. And then we want to finish the path on number 13 with the with the crusher materials, and then there’s some some stuff that’s starting to wear up on the outside around the perimeters around the gutters. Up there may be some other few areas out there. There’s a ralien down there that’s getting a little loose modulating and some quotes on that. So this is someone that has a couple of products that we have planned for 2023 around the clubhouse

Unknown Speaker 1:20:04
and then these are these are guys mind guys right here. Minus a couple of the other full time guys that were on vacation last week but yeah, we can’t do it without our help and welcome more than Ryan does, but we have a few more acres too so So yeah, those are the ones that make enhance happen I think put on plant but can’t do it without them so so I appreciate those. That’s got it for you creaking without any questions for you Creek. What happened to

Unknown Speaker 1:20:42
that? No, I don’t have a problem for the last few months, I mean, did something happen? No, nothing? Well, you’re using

Unknown Speaker 1:20:52
certain days irrigation problem. And somebody some happened. So yeah, it was just it just burned. Yeah, somebody’s irrigation settled and went out. And they tricked every once in a while. And if you don’t catch it, it doesn’t turn itself back on or anything. So you got to go find the problem. And it happened late in June. We gotta back it was doing pretty good. Happened things alive. Again. Yeah, it drove me crazy. But we started the day. We started the front, the front right, the front left and we got a little bit we gotta do a little bit more in the back. So it’s, it’s a little rough right now. Take laptop dressings, some some Mo and we’re gonna go to a temporary green on number three for sale Friday morning. Friday morning. We’ll open it back up and it’ll be it’s not going to be 100% There’s gonna be graphs there. So we’ll get it back. Give us a couple of weeks and three Gradle to keep up with the rest of them.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:50
It’s important to remember 25 Bilger irrigation system you

Unknown Speaker 1:21:53
drink as well now again, yeah, I mean, I just complained the wrong places well, yeah, we got to work with that they’re there they’re doing a great job. Yeah, there’s a couple of sleepless nights because of that original surprise you know, I play it all the time. Yeah, I’ve never seen the

Unknown Speaker 1:22:22
greens were really good this year. But somebody told me hey horses, great greens and grants and yeah, but it was

Unknown Speaker 1:22:29
an increasing challenge. To maintain a wall to wall green because of all the hills and undulations and the roughs to keep those greens the fairway flood gets the fairways is right and he’s able to draw which I’m more of a fan of because of the drops a little good dried place got the skill we’re gonna have a little bit of a dry run for I think flushed by three but Daniel water and of course the play burden as

Unknown Speaker 1:23:01
well any items for more

Unknown Speaker 1:23:19
risk of people get the wrong impression gun but I had had this question asked me what does the city forces add on certain policy or procedure with regard to dealing with recyclable trash?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:35
If they do, but we don’t have the receptacles yet. We’re working with sanitation and we’ll have those in the clubhouse as athletes

Unknown Speaker 1:23:52
we collect our cans recycling yeah after the course here guys going on Friday Saturday Sunday and they separate the trash cans and bottles and all that and I play like

Unknown Speaker 1:24:05
sunset we know we segregate the trash to some degree but yeah, I don’t think we have official signs it through Sunday appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:24
Yeah, absolutely. I went to the year me are celebrating celebration at sunset in my wife was living by myself. So I decided to go around reduce myself to a lot of people there. And I saved your money, John, as you do on the board. And I want to thank you for coming to our meeting and to our celebration. We really appreciate it. And you know if you do have any comments or issues that you would like to bring up I’ve got a board meeting Monday night So you I would like to share with you when I got the feedback I got back. The only thing with the robot probably around 300 people and went through I think 220 530 Hot dogs ran out of ran out of the call center. I think there were about 300 people. The other thing I noticed the majority of the people were seniors that maybe because they got the time to be able to feel that they’re not, etcetera. So most of the people I talked to were seniors. One of the issues that came up by a couple of lanes was Why don’t you have a bathroom on the fifth? On the fifth Hall? It sunset? The said they really complained about since we got there. Now what is it the two toilets are they say that they are deep buttons is a disgrace of how they are made maintain. What I didn’t do was go and ask him why did you know what was wrong and Senator complained about that. They said t cages bring a wildlife from the street over and over do it with them close it like this, if you’ve got a partial building, just finish it off. Anyway, that was that was one of the issues that a couple of leaves have. Another issue that came up multiple times was calling for T times in reading answered at the at the golf course that went to the offensive to the you know, were to Chicago, whatever it is. And they said they just thought that was terrible the way of recognizing when like, if you don’t answer it at all, you have to do the same to be taken back to the golfer. So I did do that with a couple of people. But that was an issue that they had for

Unknown Speaker 1:26:54
for that score.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:57
And somebody else came up I Is anybody familiar with the ditch that used to have a sunset? So some people, somebody, some people out there said, I played with sports since I was seven years old. And he was about, you know, seven years old right now. And he said we need to put that ditch back besides that, and I had the CFO and I said I have no idea what you’re talking about, etc. And he said no, I’m only kidding. We didn’t bring that up. So for familiar with the agency theory, seeing if

Unknown Speaker 1:27:31
you want to talk about the water problem. Yeah, it was a sandstone ditch. So it was made out of sandstone pieces of sandstone and ran across started about halfway down number one and Dave Morrison’s yard went across number one went up the hill on number two at the top of the hill and number two, is that in right over there and then it dropped down and did the ditch itself still exist because you can hear it going down number three. So but they had gone in because it was just leaking everywhere. It was really cool. Don’t get me wrong. As a kid I thought it was the neatest thing ever, but it was not functional. Well that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:28:17
the oh, there was a couple there that said they just played at Loveland and one of the things that they had loved that they really liked was a senior’s couples League and we we ever considered having it here at sunset or one of the golf course etc I don’t know he said we I thought who I was talking to said I thought it was going to move down to to Long Island he wanted to know what was whether any plans for that or not or when you do they

Unknown Speaker 1:28:51
don’t do or

Unknown Speaker 1:28:53
somebody like that needs to step up and just for relief it’s like a band aid just for that because we can’t do that. I don’t know we can’t like start our own police go to us you know we might we might go to help not even process but somebody that has an interest like that David the perfect person is something like that as far as we can help them with marketing it

Unknown Speaker 1:29:18
okay, I’m okay. I’m still I couldn’t I said I just bring it up. Whatever could it Sam Do you got it? You got a group there just raved about your staff they said you were definitely wonderful they were down he started me out all worked at you

Unknown Speaker 1:29:57
know that thing in a product. Somebody wanted to know why don’t we ever put a screen up on getting what I associate on third or Third Avenue there. And just as an aside, I was playing there in January with three guys. And they were hitting it from the blue tees, and one of the really, really good and he hit the ball 300 yards trying. Anyway, he hits the ball from the first tee and the blue and hit the tree at the top of you know, the rise on the third year. And then there’s a big tree up there. On top of that tree, he went out into the third app and the Third Street and a car came by here windshield broken. And you know, the name of you know, he went out and took it, everything was fine, etc. But I said, Well, I say be concerned several times, but the cost was so so, so much. We just couldn’t afford to do it. So I had a good answer.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:58
That’s a perfect answer.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:00
Okay, well, I mean, that’s it. That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:31:03
why those trees are there. Now those trees do help a little bit right there on the right side. Yeah. See?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:13
You ever heard as well, that’s also true. True. So the other thing, though, that was common, all the way through, everybody raved about conditions, of course efficient ended up with peaks and sets. And this is raved about how wonderful course conditions were. So I mean, really, everybody couldn’t say enough nice things. About the free courses, they’re these things that right enough were sort of, you know, they weren’t really set them separately. So that was that was what I got back. I hit talk trolley, about 30 or 40 people. Most of them were with the, you know, the tables and demeanor like and stuff like so. Let everybody knows you’re doing fantastic. So that was really nice. And just wanted to pass that on to. I think what you did was great. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:17
So so the bathrooms over there. They’re not supposed to be public bathrooms at the maintenance, sunset Republic. So you know, there’s two real bathrooms,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:29
though, in a court, they’re talking about the fifth or at the fifth. There’s the network that’s inside. Solid Al’s

Unknown Speaker 1:32:37
talking about is literally 75 yards from where those porta potties are at. If they drive across southern fairway into the maintenance area, there are bathrooms right there. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, they have an option to go there. You know, there’s no way we’re going to spend $200,000 To put bathroom. We don’t have

Unknown Speaker 1:33:01
a bathroom bathrooms there.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:07
And there were a couple of the elders were me and recurse again but I did do so the

Unknown Speaker 1:33:19
free carts. Were a special we ran to bring people to the golf course, with the number of folks that are playing golf right now, there is not a need to run a special and then still things may change. And we would revisit that and and as it may never come back because what we will do first is go to dynamic pricing, which then sets the price for everyone, not just a specific segment of the golfing population.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:56
You are our answer. Because we can get a lot of the previous well would you give the senior special on Wednesday? As you know we haven’t seen a special Monday to Friday five days because he was special. We just don’t get a free person you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:14
would you ever consider and you know like to the pass at the parties to pay for the seven day a week pass? Right? I mean, how much that car to that. Okay, good for three quarters. I

Unknown Speaker 1:34:28
gotta get membership like a

Unknown Speaker 1:34:29
year a year there.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:31
We have the three boards now. Notice that Oh, you’re talking about just paying for the membership. We get this a lot.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:43
It’s just having the seven day password a life

Unknown Speaker 1:34:46
lesson here. 13 years life. Thank you. So what if you add a cart to that? I think that’s No,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:54
we can’t because people would rather just walk down

Unknown Speaker 1:34:59
the aisle. So I’ll try to answer your question in a different way, though, if you if you bought the elite membership, which I think we sell an elite membership for all three courses for $3,500, I don’t know $3,500 That includes cards, green fees and range balls, but all three courses. So that that was that could be argued by individually, just wanted to buy one for you. And in five minute you get your three cards out there and just take you pay when it comes to the other horses what you have is the annual pass. There used to be an index card fee. But there is an option now 3500 bucks, your operating system get

Unknown Speaker 1:35:37
all over the map and see which one thanks yes at all.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:43
Yeah, I had one other item

Unknown Speaker 1:35:47
probably four years ago.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:51
And I come to these meetings.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:54
Listen, I can’t see

Unknown Speaker 1:35:56
people etc. When anybody consider as having a picture of all of us together or something or that ever be something that you do, we can

Unknown Speaker 1:36:07
we can do that next month. Let’s make sure that Marshall is here as well so that

Unknown Speaker 1:36:13
I can sell you better. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:26
I’ll do my hair next time thanks

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