Art In Public Places – August 2022

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Art In Public Places – August 2022

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There’s there’s a feature called a low call. So you just go around the movie desk and say your name.

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She’s bad sir

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Laurel Alterman to the table. She didn’t

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always pebble but actually, Jennifer Miller

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may have been set before us. I was

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the only person missing who’s excused is Melanie, this.

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way we efficient efficiency 60 minutes, because there’s less than one finish. So we’ll push them to the next meeting.

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But does anybody have any questions about last meeting

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that need clarification before?

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All right beside the ABCs of parliamentary procedure, and we use relaxed Robert’s Rules. And Joe’s gonna give us a quick discussion to return to me thanks. ourselves, throughout conversations. But I also want to talk about some of the things we’re all volunteers, we all volunteer our time, some of us have a lot of volunteer dogs that they do. So we need to respect the window of meaning. And try as most of you possibly can say, in six days, I would like to not go white until 8am, my mentor used to be the chair of this commission. Pretty pretty much kept back, so not so great. So if I cut you off, I don’t need to go off. But I do want you to recognize that we all know. So discussions get carried away.

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So I was supposed to the city clerk’s office and make one of these little ditty stuff for everyone. And I didn’t make it over there today. I have to. So I have one that sitting here will pass it around. And while they illustrate it to be nice and cute, this is like a super scary looking at document because it goes through parliamentary procedure, as debate happens, related to agenda items, right. So there is a procedure for every agenda item and the way that emotion comes to the table, the way that discussion happens, then if there is an action, a setting happens, and then there is a discussion typically within Robert’s Rules, which parliamentary procedures and protocol is that everybody gets a turn to talk about the discussion item. And then it’s somebody else’s turn, before we move on, insulin gets up to like two we use in this room, but they’ve all kind of relaxed Robert’s Rules. were terribly informal, which is a good thing. But sometimes that means that we get off task, and we don’t sit to agenda items. So while we’re a very social group, and I think that that is a wonderful thing. When we are in meeting, we need to stick to the agenda items. So you’re gonna get one of these scary little things for anyone, everybody. I’ve also asked the city clerk’s office about the orientation, that, of course has changed quite a bit since COVID. Right? So they’ll probably be going through that again, tonight, invite you even if you have attended, it’s an opportunity to talk to the city attorney’s office, understand the way that the clerk’s office works to understand how I am a liaison through the city to other departments in the city. And that gives you an opportunity to ask me bigger questions that might be in your mouth. So I passed this little thing around. Again, obtaining the float with this is very, very formal. But the essence of this is the way the board and commission meetings should be disseminated. Okay, great. Yes, thank you. Good, so we need to, in an ideal world, we need to get through our agenda packet within that six to eight minute or 66 day to our timeframe. If discussion gets to a point where we are on the fence about something or we don’t have definitive action, then items shouldn’t take and then it ends up becoming another item. And typically, unlike a lot of other Commission’s, you know, they may have an action and then it happens and then it moves on to the next one. And then there’s a lot of action that happens each month. Our projects span Time. So everything’s on the agenda, you know, over and over, and that sometimes there’s just no update, no update, and then this one has a lot of update to no update, no update and lots of things, right. So yes, there’s no action that has to be taken. And there could be a moment or pause moment for staff to do our directive, you give us a directive, like, for example, last month was about union silos, you’re going this direction, and we need some more directive and understanding about possibilities, that that’s the action that is given to me as staff. And then I go back to the continue network. Make sense?

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So we can we have more questions or can come to an answer, Angeles, that’s what your roles, administrators, university counselors, do, you know, which talks I want to get to. So there’s no need to constantly no handle

Unknown Speaker 6:01
or anything. And there’s a lot it kind of situations, I think that that’s for you, people that tends to be the case is we have this project that we’re working on. And there’s all these other potential items and actions that have happened to it, we could sit here until we’re blue in the face talking about what is right. But instead, if we can try to narrow those down to the directive of what we would like to see, or even just to go home, and spend some time with it, come up with your own questions, and then send them to me, then hopefully, as if he could either direct you and answer you directly, or say that this is something that needs to be addressed in public meeting. So everybody gets the answer. So everybody gets to here. Does that make sense? Okay, all right. So don’t be too scary with policy and procedure. But laissez faire isn’t necessarily the way that we want to be going. So I’m kind of related.

Unknown Speaker 6:56
Reduce that class. But when you were first brought on board, you went to class, learn about all this? I don’t think that’s defense.

Unknown Speaker 7:09
So there is no point there is a there is a video version for COVID. And then it actually included and then another component, which is the equity piece 10 more diversification that the City Clerk’s Office is working on, I’m happy to pass that along to you. In case you’re having trouble sleeping or something. Those are taken in chunks that will be put at the very least, it gives you a semblance of structure. I will reset that link. Thank you.

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Yes, well, yes. The reason invites my opinion experienced the reason why Robert’s Rules and problems procedure was invented is so that everyone can be fairly heard. And that people can communicate in a nice way. Right? There’s a structure for it. So that’s, that’s the reason behind this is not to control anyone. It’s not to make it even more difficult. It’s not to keep us from being friendly with it. No, it’s none of that. It’s really for fairness,

Unknown Speaker 8:25
and for civility.

Unknown Speaker 8:27
And it’s actually believe it or not, and I’m very proud of it, okay, as the guy with the wig and it says complimentary cedar who started feet deep again, so, but that’s exactly so

Unknown Speaker 8:37
we almost worked our ways. Our writers so far, six cities across project copy, which is a new thing. And Susan, give us an update

Unknown Speaker 9:00
today. So we met last night with Sister City in the selection team, and Cindy and I are the task force people coming

Unknown Speaker 9:14
on. And we have

Unknown Speaker 9:20
present Agilent and presented risk management, our Sophie several of our of as our group that came out on top show the first and second choices, and they came back with a string of modifications that need to happen for it to be approved and signed off on for the city. So it’s daunting, it’s all this it’s been it was the only thing we had to do is pay the vendor guys. Thank you Moving forward and talk about it. As soon as I said, we met last night selection panel as the sister cities, and everybody after we went through all of the discussion was agreement of what we our decision worked for word. So there is no discourse in a Nelson Fairless. So we will be breaking after we give this information to the artists, among occasions modifications, how that will impact your costs, our costs are not changing, so, they can say they may or whatever. And we will bring information to you at the September 15,

Unknown Speaker 10:51
with a recommendation

Unknown Speaker 10:52
recommendation of what we’re trying to do, because we put deadlines on all of the stuff we were doing to the artists, so they have to have everything submitted. When

Unknown Speaker 11:10
do you want me to talk about modifications quickly? Yeah, we’re asking for this good Gs 14. Yeah, I love it. So from one side, if you will, and from the other side. So basically, it is three dimensional. This kind of outline, if you will, is this aluminum, and it’s clad in hand, created a ceramic tile that is a different color. And then the wings, which again, it’s three dimensional. So while this looks very flat, obviously it has depth this way. So originally, this is like 14 feet, I understand now that I think this is about 10. And then I’m sure the bifurcation so on one side, it’s like our cooking. And on the other side, it’s very compelling Mikado, if you want to say, Mexican cut paper, low cut. So with each of the tiles as I understand that would be a block of either Guzman, Mexico culture, or llama culture. The modifications are that because this is attractive for climbing, as it sits now, the original location is insufficient. So it wouldn’t have to move back. I think it’s about 10 feet, I was just out there before we got here. That’s why you don’t have the, into that pollinator bed. The pollinator bed is about 56 wide by 20. At its at its greatest distance across, but the sculpture will have to be at the very least seven and a half feet up. And then without anything for entrapment. So no way for somebody to get stuck or come up by anyway. And it can’t extend you can’t have any flange that extends below that seven and a half snaps in quite quite a ways up in the air. And then the dimension of the piece itself at 14 feet will not be permitted it will be smaller. So about four and five, the piece itself will be quite a bit smaller. Although the artists is permitted to adorn low the column plan or piece on however, artists decides to come up with a solution to that problem, all with a structure material, all dimensionality, weight, all of those kinds of specs, not a standard structural drawing, but pretty much all the elements that will be needed for a stance for little drawing will be required by the deadline for this project to says that you may have any questions about what we’re asking an artist and he has received information today. He asked for support dimensions and that’s where it was right before Okay, and then if for some reason, the that doesn’t go forward. That can before then we will move to our alternatives. And of course you Chapter. So then our alternate also has some augmenting to do, albeit far, far less, structurally, etc, etc, than the original. So this is our 5 million that God bless had presented its plasma cut aluminum, and it’s a physical type piece, do we look at this, we did not because this meeting and have a greater percentage in this. Okay, so it’s approximately 10 feet why it is enclosed, although the selection panel has asked, in fact, we open on both sides. That’s about the amount of seating that I played with tape loops loops, that’s from above, there’s a gazing wall, and then there’s can force block butterflies in the pieces that drop out on the class on aluminum.

Unknown Speaker 16:13
That means the same, so it’s that negative and positive butterflies that will be added. And then it’s power coded for this blue color. And then each of these little pedal pieces will be negative space, I guess, if you will. And then there’s an image of the gazing ball that would be along the top. So this is the alternative if the first design does not go through the this will be the second sign of God has not good. But I will be calling out the change that needs to be made. Or rather than design elements, structural elements that need to be clarified, is that from grounds to ability to grab also needs to be that seven and a half feet tall, so as to prevent somebody from basically doing a monkey bar kind of situation. And if there were buttresses, like where the diagonal elements are, those have to be adhered up. So basically, somebody couldn’t get their fingers in and travel around. So in essence, making sure that whichever way we go, we’re not creating an attractive climbing situation. It’s actually sculpture or site specific.

Unknown Speaker 17:43
People understand this one would say your original position of funders apart, we’re gonna we had one of them. So it’s just that the first one would have to be moved because of that we needed to have for this, right, but that one will be right here as you can see. So

Unknown Speaker 18:13
and we are listed, as I’ve already discussed and voted on and approve the concrete from both sides, because of course, this is if you will have around situation so we’ll have more concrete to come to the base platform if you will have a Zeebo, so it’s a compliance

Unknown Speaker 18:36
issue is your old injuries.

Unknown Speaker 18:40
So that’s where we are the goal is like Susan said, to have all of the information in and in early September, it goes back through the internal review committee as per our own places guidelines. And then once all of those folks sign off, which is basically procurement, risk management, city attorney’s office and parks department, as soon as they say we have to get all of the details that will move forward. So by so hopefully, by this meeting, next month, we have a fleshed out project for you that’s been blessed by all that be and then the recommendation will come forward for you too. It’s such a similar to last month’s

Unknown Speaker 19:33
Yeah, so we need to push

Unknown Speaker 19:34
up today. We get some good questions love.

Unknown Speaker 19:47
Scope project, this is totally

Unknown Speaker 19:52
our standard or is going under contract to be signed their contracts. So it is on Actually, America.

Unknown Speaker 20:02
Did you talk about in the last week? That was us? Oh, yeah, we’ve looked at that I won’t

Unknown Speaker 20:08
know. But just Agilent did get the composition change. So the birds are kind of facing each other, which I thought was a

Unknown Speaker 20:16
really good idea. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:19
Yeah. So I think it would be more more eye catching if you know,

Unknown Speaker 20:25
birds or all this stuff. He didn’t he didn’t even recognize they were all myself. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:33
It was a great idea. So

Unknown Speaker 20:34
and he’s adding more hummingbirds, yay.

Unknown Speaker 20:47
Okay, shofar.

Unknown Speaker 20:49
All right, I’ll be there for that your,

Unknown Speaker 20:53
your work out? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 20:57
Okay, so that’s 7807 7867. Wow, that’s really neat. These reports that preceded the split from in person to Ottawa

Unknown Speaker 21:22
said it wasn’t 7000 Because I just had to lose 708

Unknown Speaker 21:28
in person votes. And maybe I? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. Individual unique. So every voter had an option. So, take, so how many voters we had versus how many votes were received? So Well, I think so what you see is 77,000 seat. Pass? Yeah, sorry. No, that’s okay. Because 7007 7000 I’ll let you know, I quantify it all up. But they did. Luckily, because of our friends and communications, they have a way for Sydney, thank you very much for putting in all of the individual emails. And if it was a kid who wrote this was a kid go and then cross reference to people who voted online, I can tell you there are shameless people in this world that just must have a friend or something and they put in totally fake email addresses, and both the same one over and over and over again. So we throw those out. And we have a very fun way of doing it and cross referencing so it’s not just emails, it’s your IP address. And anyway, so after all of that filtering the ones that were chosen and we chose the top seven and there’s reasoning for this receive in the range of three numbered individually unique photos. So this one is dopamine by roll right so those are the two

Unknown Speaker 23:30
vocations this kind of give you

Unknown Speaker 23:34
that did not populate a map for you guys to put them on there but I will

Unknown Speaker 23:43
cover okay

Unknown Speaker 23:48
we got this one yes views from the top of the mountain region because it’s harder

Unknown Speaker 23:58
than it is blue skies Park.

Unknown Speaker 24:15
received the most votes across the board and that’s the other funny thing is that online books and in person notes it’s almost it’s close. It’s close but it’s almost you know exact 1234 questions very it’s very close this

Unknown Speaker 24:35
one’s going to go with five polls. Okay, okay.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
So this one Yeah. So we would we did the call for entry we asked for homage to for you to consider not required to consider in a large to long run power and matrices one yes, one 35 that in consideration, so here it is

Unknown Speaker 25:05
that it’s going to also go a step further west of coals compared that to say, brain building, and what’s really cool. So there’s a power thing, transit will change over transformer of your favorite manager.

Unknown Speaker 25:23
And the artist did say that she will change it. So the wind beatings are three now that or because that’s incorrect, but how

Unknown Speaker 25:32
did you get our

Unknown Speaker 25:33
locations to power? Okay, because this one we

Unknown Speaker 25:38
wanted in the

Unknown Speaker 25:40
right box that they hadn’t repainted yet. Right? We wanted a little bit farther. And I didn’t

Unknown Speaker 25:48
condition to find a ready.

Unknown Speaker 25:51
It’s like next year, we can put one there. But it’s yeah, it’s sort of shaded by trees. And you really only see one side is dry by Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:59
So to get the institute specific design for that, because really, it’s it’s not for us. We actually as a shopper, we want to get back together because this is we voted on so I need to refresh. But I think yeah, so there’s a power box. So

Unknown Speaker 26:25
this one’s a little special. No. So we have a person who works for the city of Hong Kong, who does a lot of training and whatnot. So

Unknown Speaker 26:39
and she used to be on this committee. Yeah, she was on on

Unknown Speaker 26:42
mission. Which is great. Patricia, she’s going to use this box as an SOP, for sharp and SOP. It is basically a how to, you know all the processes and procedures, but she writes, that’s what she does. Going through chakra, so this box will be painted according to the processes and procedures such as

Unknown Speaker 27:11
video, well, yep. So the only way because of the city charter is actually against city law for a staff person to be a vendor for the city as well. And so I spoke with the city attorney’s office and say, How is it that we can push this through just well, he said, we’ll have to fit within their scope of work. And so I was like, Well, I got more phone calls. Do you provide a box? How do I painted? What is the size? Oh, my gracious. So Julie’s gonna write that Sophie, she’ll get the piece in the collection. We’ll use our help and hopefully a foot contract that the city has to basically make a training video and then we’ll upload it to our website. And when people say I want to make a box it’s Here you go. Here’s Julie teaching you how to make a scale box. Here’s Julie teaching you how to do a scale drawing how to skate you know, all of these things. So win win win.

Unknown Speaker 28:15
Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 28:18
so the team can call here Yeah. Oh, wow. wouldn’t have any of the same. The mushrooms is actually going to be on Clover across from precinct Pretoria. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 28:34
all the time.

Unknown Speaker 28:37
The 17th and Collier I thought aren’t sure

Unknown Speaker 28:41
that’s what it says here. Especially downtown chicken self.

Unknown Speaker 28:47
Right. Wandering around? So, yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 28:52
yeah. Because sometimes you could call your we thought was not appropriate size of a boxer and and we have to choose.

Unknown Speaker 29:01
Right. Sorry. You’re right.

Unknown Speaker 29:07
Okay, this is the initial nutrition. This is going by Matthew Lashley. Oh, yes, but I think it’s

Unknown Speaker 29:22
very near but

Unknown Speaker 29:23
I see. Yeah, yes. Down the street from the high school in front of the ministry Middle School. That’s on centennial. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 29:35
She says she thinks she’s even conquered. So this is a tribute to the screen and this is going on readiness rod. Which is by silvercreek antologia. Okay, that’s it. RV park this follows the RV last few

Unknown Speaker 30:17
to arrive

Unknown Speaker 30:23

Unknown Speaker 30:27
between friends that’s one that has no room in that.

Unknown Speaker 30:32
Right there’s which is fine. Maybe not maybe not that we need to talk we do we’ll bring that back up, isn’t it?

Unknown Speaker 30:49
Right to florals and florals is the one that’s one of my poles.

Unknown Speaker 30:56
Okay, yeah, today’s

Unknown Speaker 31:03
Yeah, so the question is, should we vote first or should we talk about this one first?

Unknown Speaker 31:09
Let’s vote first. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:11
So those are the seven. Tom while he with the chickens, and so so you all get to your commissioners choice, which is which we arrow to the next spot. She said that. Oh, yeah, those are

Unknown Speaker 31:41
seven that we just saw were community. So

Unknown Speaker 31:49
I hope that we’ve set these boxes for the twin planning to shatter at the locations that we that made dirt

Unknown Speaker 32:02
on Huggie bear Awesome. Okay, motion passes. Thank you to approve this

Unknown Speaker 32:12
is a question. Yes, it was. So what would happen if something was simply accepted that took place to listen to what would happen if that doesn’t work, or they have to be switched around wouldn’t have to make another motion or something? Or can we

Unknown Speaker 32:30
just say, Oh, I mean, it’s LPC. So LPC has already given us this list. So they’ve already made the boxes. I would say it probably is in the motion, we probably shouldn’t say exactly, exact locations, but at least it was recommended, because that’s a very

Unknown Speaker 32:58
suggestible image.

Unknown Speaker 33:01
So, to go under contract with these artists, that’s the motion to spend those funds for this purpose. Like that’s the piece of emotional needs to capture.

Unknown Speaker 33:17
So let’s now talk about the sensor bots. Yeah. And we saw not only controversy, but the fact that artists are very familiar with this program. And several of them like to submit year after year after year.

Unknown Speaker 33:36
And this one in particular, as submitted year after year, a year and three years in a row has been awarded a contract, which the development of this program really was to be a stepping stone for artists with particularly within our community, who are looking to get into public art and to exercise. Truly exercise and ability are moving from small scale to large scale. So I just put it out there to the shopper Task Force, but I think a discussion of revising or considering the parameters in which the participants, like for example, you guys, as commissioners have a three year term until you’re drafted and even apply for another term of three years and then you have to take a year off. It may be time to consider something similar. So we have the availability for other artists to participate and have a better chance of being awarded. Another example is this box. This is the third year in a row this box has been the submitted exactly the same. And this is the first year that it received enough votes to come through

Unknown Speaker 35:00
And then I think that’s a little bit different than switching.

Unknown Speaker 35:04
I think there’s a different, try and try again.

Unknown Speaker 35:11
So I liked the SAS work,

Unknown Speaker 35:15
he wins. But you can get some books that are fine, but they’re all the same. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 35:21
they are. They’re all

Unknown Speaker 35:23
that we have one downtown, one out on County County line now. And this one’s going to be on 70. West. So

Unknown Speaker 35:35
it’s kind of get the word out.

Unknown Speaker 35:37
But it’s an attractive formula, blue sky, clouds, pretty fairies.

Unknown Speaker 35:48
And our mission states as our public places that our goals are to diversify the collection.

Unknown Speaker 35:56
And one thing we did talk about in meeting was you brought the thought that theme again, so you could get rid of this kind of thing, but we didn’t want it to be you know, footing first of all to bring ourselves. So that was

Unknown Speaker 36:14
the thing that’s like rainbows, and suddenly one year from now, well, grateful boxes all the time. You know, so and, you know, I wonder if I would be as interested in in, in limiting, like giving people up to your window, if this fans weren’t all the same? You I mean, if you did something like really different if an artist does three different boxes every year, and guests, having three consecutive years and get selected every time that they’re really different, but we still be having the same conversation.

Unknown Speaker 36:59
We are cool.

Unknown Speaker 37:01
I feel like with that being says, I still feel inclusiveness, though obviously the town loves it, people really enjoy it. So I feel like it I don’t think that would be quite fair on that regards. But I think that you I think that going through and it being like, it’ll be you, you only can win three times every five, six or 10 years or something like that there can be there’s at least people can get their art out, you can recognize it. It’s kind of fun to be like, Hey, I got to know that that person’s got another box on this street. I don’t know I’ve kind of eyes on anyways. But at the same time, it can be really overwhelming to at the same time and not be fair to the others. So as

Unknown Speaker 37:41
to how many total points as we looked at Republic are

Unknown Speaker 37:46
all about 535 are submitted and the collection is Big D No. It’s more than 60. We’re almost to 70. Because we had some previous orders on mission. Is there yet it’s in the mid 60s now. So is there any way to maybe talk to Rs?

Unknown Speaker 38:10
Three that are adverse

Unknown Speaker 38:16
to something I think we need to be equitable, right? So whatever we do needs to be the same for everyone. And art is so subjective. Like how do we do that? All we could do that could be equitable is winners this year, have to take a year off, and then they come back, you get another opportunity that’s gonna be Europe.

Unknown Speaker 38:39
There is going to be policy for the next year because we wanted to do $1,000 per box, which is far more than anyone doing this program anywhere else. And it’s not like we can’t go to other towns and do it right. What is as we’ve seen these programs, obviously, around year to year, and there’s way more people and especially as more kids and whatnot also figure out that they do this too. And it’s just to be fair across the board, I think there’s a best solution is to be one on one even if you can elmen

Unknown Speaker 39:13
You’re on your own. Here’s one more point that is really important for this conversation. In November. City Council is putting on the ballot, what’s called the house housekeeping bill and I’m gonna watch this so if you just look into it for yourself, but in Angela way of thinking about things, there are a number of pieces of Legend of the city charter, which have already been done and one of them we have talked about, which is the IGA. Every time we want to work with the school we have to get an intergovernmental agreement which has to be signed by the mayor and approved by city council. So we have so many schools that come to us wanting to This chain because it takes forever to get through that process. They’re about to slash it. So that wrote that again, I’m gonna botch it but like Wait you’re working with an inter governmental agreement and it’s under certain amount of dollars and liability is just Harold is going to put a designee on it so like him and he’s going to say any shop are going forward that you want to work with a school all that has to happen is your board approves and can those roots in Ireland say five thumbs up and so that means that this program come next year opens up so that so this will be so my point is it’s a good time to make Cognizant changes. So however you want to move forward but to change this program, as its example for next year does need a vote. And also if you did want to implement any sort of theme you have to do that out of that make sense? So I’m in motion that we

Unknown Speaker 41:12
exclude any winners this year, the following year going forward. Okay, so they wanted to win awards abroad meant to say if you win each particular year we must take a year off about a weekend a box check more general will first start

Unknown Speaker 41:35
so you’re on you’re off go forward start second

Unknown Speaker 41:42
All in favor and you would propose she was looking for right now more measures choice

Unknown Speaker 42:00
ready for your options there are option number one who’s Cray and of course they’ve already picked up the boxes so sorry.

Unknown Speaker 42:20
Number two later number three, the beatbox number four, they’re here and number five, I think you just call it eyes and he did say this is the front is apparently that I studied is like super famous in our industry. So technically, this is different so can we make some comments? Yeah. To start at the beginning. Okay. Great.

Unknown Speaker 43:13
And the Balkans for example. Yeah, I like this one. We have new slim as our mandate statement piece. I don’t know. I think we should honor us because they are such a part of

Unknown Speaker 43:32
our landscape. And as you can see

Unknown Speaker 43:36
all that so I look like they’re all wearing different hats as to why Okay, so we beat boxing. The same reason is a quote representative of ongoing sewerby party.

Unknown Speaker 44:04
This is This is cute sayings, but I can’t read them on this week. Would you agree?

Unknown Speaker 44:11
Let me draw. It seems to count. Shouldn’t be

Unknown Speaker 44:18
you know, there’s so many sugary things here. I like that that represents all the art you could use.

Unknown Speaker 44:26
You know, where’s the floss or the building? Commissioner? Sure. Yes. South Simpson merchants and

Unknown Speaker 44:42
trained by ASHA blues. So we talked about ECMP. So maybe we’ll go back to number two layers. We like this unsure if she can she can represent the shadow office layers How about working in an airbrush airbrush to anybody who doesn’t know how to program to do to aerosol Yeah, I was trying to Yeah, okay so they’re here so cute

Unknown Speaker 46:07
that’s really cute but it’s

Unknown Speaker 46:13
brand. Yeah, that’s brand new

Unknown Speaker 46:15
that killed me. Yeah

Unknown Speaker 46:22
I think this is really fun

Unknown Speaker 46:26
and then oh sorry actually this one right

Unknown Speaker 46:31
now good buddy. Okay, thank you yeah, so, one vote. Angelo shitbox raise your hand if you like no, you’re going to. Alright. Can we wait?

Unknown Speaker 46:55
One more time? Yes. Really good. All right, number one excuse goose’s pieces layers number two three B ops. And I shouldn’t say if it was a deal breaker for you. I can’t read that. I love it. That is absolutely a design modification that is very fair to say. Number four is they’re here and number five is ice reading right right, layers zero beats your theory lands

Unknown Speaker 48:17
moral on the landscape are your lease

Unknown Speaker 48:28
for the keys. Okay. Okay. So two,

Unknown Speaker 48:30
two on there. And then that should mean nobody’s going throughout all right.

Unknown Speaker 48:34
All right. Anyways, so in effect, you could ask for a modification of lettering. It was more binary

Unknown Speaker 48:45
or visible or visible. And in fact, even if you wanted to say hey, do you think you could do it in the white so contrast is more I think it’s imagine and I try it again. This is where Julie is going to totally help us right. Most of the time people are driving by Yeah, so you know person order and contrast here not know when all right so yes,

Unknown Speaker 49:13
the wire mesh repeat.

Unknown Speaker 49:16
Right? Yeah. So if you have modifications that you’d like to ask for if I were you I wouldn’t require it but I would ask for it.

Unknown Speaker 49:24
What’s funny is awesome. You should have these Yeah, yeah. Okay. We need to have a motion to accept our choice.

Unknown Speaker 49:36
All right. I motion that we accept the box as the choices for our shot boxes here.

Unknown Speaker 49:46
With just a modification with possible

Unknown Speaker 49:48
suggested, which are that the writer, the writer, and maybe

Unknown Speaker 49:55
my person that All in favor those voting for it mentioned your nine year olds what is NFP Neighborhood Improvement Thank you Teresa panel

Unknown Speaker 50:55
this is the current date okay ProLogic we met the facebook ads account shows last

Unknown Speaker 51:23
oh no I don’t even know where

Unknown Speaker 51:27

Unknown Speaker 51:31
put shoe route super organized

Unknown Speaker 51:36
search traffic this is what they do Thursday you could leave up on Friday okay

Unknown Speaker 52:14
is quite a bit different, because this dimension in actuality is like there’s like hardly any circle at all in the middle because there’s only a half word. So these two heads are going to be a lot close together. Yes, but so talent is a done deal. And she’s doing the redesign to send but shifts going to be similar based on the selection panels common so you got to be asked for less business so certainly be more more colorblocked a little bit easier for the community pain so that actually works as well. And then we have the availability to be able to do the sidewalk as well. So different images chosen from this year on the sidewalks. And so the artists and I met today to site visit if you’ve ever go there, there’s eight or eight, five little like alcove kind of halfmoon things so she’s going to do a design for each five of those based upon images from this and then also the little amphitheater that’s on the south west corner will be addressed and sidewalks and she’s going to do all the way around and also address like individual four by four squares. So like a family or a kid or two friends each do like a Hong Kong sidewalk and I’m really excited to get started as a second before that

Unknown Speaker 54:07
she was good at numbering

Unknown Speaker 54:09
and design so we’ll be able to hand someone out to paint and paint brush as yellow to yellow is number one all of all so easier to work with the community and the brewery somewhere over there right

Unknown Speaker 54:46
so here’s where you should restart is using.

Unknown Speaker 54:51
Try or have a try, it’s upstairs. It takes us a while to get it go I think we’re good, good. And I thought enough. So if we have to touch it up like some kid to saturate it enough yeah,

Unknown Speaker 55:16
special thing for wearing outdoors, sports really good work.

Unknown Speaker 55:22
And it’s got great to it. So some people in our community have added marijuana as well, because it just, I’ve seen what they’ve done and it’s not holding up, they added sand, or they added on shelves, because it’s a solid urban myth that often sells to acrylic paint. So movie does the same thing. It does. So this is great, because if we can figure out this process, we’ll be able to share it with our community globally, as no one, no public art program has been able to figure out how to successfully to grab merasa hold it up, and snow, but also, then we’ll test it on basketball for our backyard and still see, it scratches that comes up in my golf game. And of course, for the top, whichever one stipulated is that she had even talked about something we asked about subtracting some of these images, then putting them around, and then we’ll do legacy defined. So you click the QR code, and it’s there’s nine kinds go find the nine there’s 12

Unknown Speaker 56:45

Unknown Speaker 56:48
But also such a family called basketball plus. So hopefully, hopscotch is something that we had talked about Foursquare, and hopefully with these aulos.

Unknown Speaker 57:02
So I hope you guys are free

Unknown Speaker 57:05
labor day weekend together, at close and ready. Yeah, yeah. So if you can just kind of, well, so the artists concern right now is getting all of the output lines done with people who will actually be cognizant of not spilling paint everywhere. And I assure her, we will have always on. So anybody who’s available at this quantity, like me, will not steal name and do some outlining, that will be helpful that will likely be on that frac Thursday or Friday at a time with a first in second, September 1 and second. And then community B will be three through five. So Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and the artists job is to break it down schedule for me. How many people? Does she mean? What does it look like? What you know, what are the shifts, because she’s done this before. So she knows, you know, people get tired after 30 minutes, one hour, you know, she’s gonna tell me exactly how to break down the days. And then when she wants to have like a break in between herself. So that will be helpful are in public places. And this is all in the Neighborhood Improvement Project Grant. We matched the funds. So the Neighborhood Improvement Grant funds, the RSP. And then our local places is taking care of portlets we have to break sinks, I have to talk to waste management, about disposal of brush stuff, kinds of things. And of

Unknown Speaker 58:50
course, administrative assistants

Unknown Speaker 58:53
and volunteer information calls to us and also to people. So we’ll do a postcard that has a QR code for people to sign up it will be bilingual and it will be mailed out to the community. We’ll do social media next door and then I have the communications department helping me with that. We’re working on what the messaging looks like. But designed ticket for the most part is is in queue. So it’s gonna be fast. People are only going to hear about it pretty quickly but most people know if they’re booked on Labor Day or not right.

Unknown Speaker 59:33
Just needed to monitor raise your hand if you think you’re gonna be able to make it

Unknown Speaker 59:41

Unknown Speaker 59:45
you’ll consider signing up Yes, let’s do it the other way is there anyone who knows they can’t be their own species in this volunteer height and and don’t wear your somebody’s minus

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
So we are going to need a motion to accept that we accept the design as presented here.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:14
And that’s what the model came with modification. Support.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:22
For this, like, for the most part, is there any way to include like for the community like some kind of, if you need anything to help provide us like I’m imagining a childhood wheelchair or something like that where

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
they might be? Feeling? Yes. Can you help me with what? That language? How to say that? So it is received sensitively. Let’s talk offline. That includes

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
a second meeting to vote, because there are no rules with regard to we should ask how much? How much of our money is this?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
Well, materials wise, I think we’re living less than 3000. And then, of course, we have, you know, college portal that’s going to cost seats I think we’re good on. So the matching funds was 4000 that the artist is receiving for design and time. So we have to match that. And we’ll see if we’ll ever I mean, considering you know, what, square, square footages alone is one thing but then you’ve got the community added value. This is this isn’t great. But they’re going to be awesome, but I’m not going to lie. Like we’re going to run into something and it’s going to be matched against old running to the hardware store figuring out that sponges work better than rollers or you know something’s going to happen because of

Unknown Speaker 1:02:29

Unknown Speaker 1:02:39
right you know, and I don’t know what you know what you do, like I don’t know we don’t have a secret here so yeah, you get the specs to me that we’re ordering from corrupted but so I haven’t purchased the rooms in it

Unknown Speaker 1:03:21
Okay, so far, I will talk to you that was unanimous. Grace, the interview very much

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
like an outline.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
So has anyone Jennifer Miller, then down there recently? Have you seen that it’s been blue wash?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49
Yes, I’ve been there Excellent.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
So here is of course the design that has been previously approved. As you’ll recall from when this was previously approved, when about the rest of the entire underpass got worse. And so now of course it’s the full length because

Unknown Speaker 1:04:21
we voted on together being in Spanish

Unknown Speaker 1:04:33
artist does not speak Spanish. And you’re under contracts with artists. Yeah, I do think that the there could be an added element elements. When I talked to them again, I can ask again.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:55
I’ve heard you are told that there are English dictionary So

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03
so we so we went to

Unknown Speaker 1:05:08
try and recall exactly how

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
I went to the contact person with community neighborhood search services, who speaks Spanish fluently, and also is very aware of our local dialect. It’s really important, just like translating. And so we perceive what that would look like in South, the artists concern and I don’t want to misspeak. But is that because this is under his name, if he were partnering or collaborating with another artist, and that was the messaging that is different than this. And we’re already under contract with this person. So I asked him if he could subcontract him. And I think that there was someone he was going to reach out to. To be fair, that was quite a bit long time ago, I can actually re ask,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:11
I can’t promise.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
This group is looking at

Unknown Speaker 1:06:21
a lot of books.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:23
If you want to kibosh this

Unknown Speaker 1:06:27
great design of Windows This is voted on. I’m just curious for. Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:43
Because while we’ve been for know what

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
we can do with before 20.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:50
Right, right before, Speedy, like, you already have quite a practical background. But it was it was supposed to be painted. And we weren’t meeting in person, nothing was happening. And getting a community paid together in an underpass was absolutely never gonna happen. Yeah, it’s this has been it’s fair. And then of course, since then, it continued to get tagged. And then also, at the same time, the city’s graffiti specialist had to leave the city. And there was a very significant amount of time where there was no more. So it got really bad, which is why we’re here kind of today is now it’s the entire length. Whereas once upon a time, it was just a portion. So on

Unknown Speaker 1:07:53
this contract, he was just agreed that this portion of it, I said, is just going to be left.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
Worse, he’s going to continue this agreeable to working in situ with the communities with a contract probably at this, like Keith foreman, something organic, because if you’ve seen so this is a bit of what went on down here. Right. It was, like rolling hills, and these little mountain things. And so I imagine, you know, as he walks in, because it’s community paint, where is he saving his money? Some of labor? Right. So his funding goes for his time, and the walking and the facilitating. Right. This is a blended with aerosol, as is the milk that’s on the other side, to show you that. I can take and find it. There won’t be any of that. Because that’s easy.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
Ross this whole project is,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:18
you know, it’s a real trick because it was initially painted in 2018 and wasn’t covered in graffiti. And so, as so let’s see my predecessor When did she leave? Early 2019 That’s right. She left early 2019 I came on board. All of 2019 met all of you all. We had grand plans and imploded. So So, since that time, it’s just kind of been this, it never really got tired.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:10
Right? There There he is, yeah. So he has what’s called mural shield on top of it, your shield is likely not the prod the product that we’re going to use, it’s a subtractive product. So without getting too deep into this imaginary surface, then imagine a primer. And imagine your mural. voted up I’m sorry. So surface surface, first layer or shield, primer mural ceilings, then when something bad happens, you remove the sealant, you fix the barrel, you put the sealant back on, you can do that as many times as you want to remove the seal and go back up trouble with it. The layers are similar to like what would you see before but it’s like a wax. And so you get more sodium. And you just like hose that sticker down? Does it function as? Well Denver, and most of the Urban Graffiti folks use is something that is not subtractive. It is it’s it’s permanent. And so you have surface and you clean that surface up really well. You have priority apparel, you have sealant, you get scraping on, you go in a power washer, blast it and nothing bad, nothing is relative, bad happens to your bureau, you want to get the mirror off, you had the same glass is on. So it’s two ways of going when this project originally happened and started to do like we need to take care of you’re also a former. We spoke with the people at Urban Arts Fund down in Denver, and they said, hands down to

Unknown Speaker 1:12:28
vaccinate and for those who does not have

Unknown Speaker 1:12:33
as well. So those

Unknown Speaker 1:12:35
and so whoever’s on the mural mural committee, that was one of the things that came up in the three finals that we talked about, two of them are using the permanent solution. It’s a better way to do it, as well as completing and one was using some autographed varnish that I’m actually not very good. And we are going with the current solution. So I think that’s the way you should go once this is done. And that is a part of his budget. Yeah, isn’t that gone? This is covered in the subtractive. So once we’re done with this mural, we’ll remove the layers and then we’ll put a permanent on top. Selling sacks Yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:24
Yeah. So if you go down there this morning. As far as a pretty good shape, the elk is in pretty good shape. And that is in pretty good shape and that part right there. But this is an underpass that goes under on Ninth Street. At approximately outline, you goes from the the pitch you know all of our pitch on your on one side of the open darkened ditch and then you come out so you’re on the other side and on the other side, back out approximately you know, so it is nice it’s a great thing for the kids frost Good luck kids to walk that way through the schools this year, Centennial and all that. And people do walk on

Unknown Speaker 1:14:14
like me with dogs around the corner and ditch

Unknown Speaker 1:14:18
and it has been this it has been a mess for a really long time. I saw the arts

Unknown Speaker 1:14:24
put it up. I’ve seen it mature.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:28
I feel like

Unknown Speaker 1:14:31
my nose has been dragging on it breaks my heart to say it’s in a way but I don’t think we should do about it in Spanish. I don’t think I think we will run into a lot of criticism that I do not want for public art.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:54
Putting it ready to get

Unknown Speaker 1:14:57
your new call of God

Unknown Speaker 1:15:05
I agree. We made such an effort with the policemen Sister Cities project. And it was so well thought out in that it really marries two cultures. And so a lot of Spanish that will be rooted inside of that, in that particular neighborhood, the Alpine, actually so openly Spanish, it is so exciting and voice by heart to because this kids in schools, there are the translators, and Bill payers and everything for their families whose moms and dads push you to be so admire. And I think it’s kind of a slap, not knowing exactly what you’re saying really is, and with all that added space, and then to genuinely have seen it, like bombed together, and it’s been working on this project for so long, that I feel like it again, it’s just like completely contradicting to what that actually is messaging, and especially since we have all that in space, and it was it was really rough. It does, it’s running on and I was just thinking about this a long time coming, like eight years ago.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:36
But so Okay, so formally to go forward, then knowing that October five through 12, we could actually get this done. You’re gonna have to make a move, you will have to make decisions today that give me opportunities. Just one second. What I would suggest then thinking about this way that it is is because have you read left to right, you know, choosing Longmont together going down one side, and then I will look up exactly what symptoms She just left. She’s so part of the Chamber of Commerce. noticed she doesn’t say anything on top, find her contact information anyway. And then having Spanish translation requests for the piano goes off the other side. But you tell me, which one goes on which side? Or does it do this mere business where it’s long Together? Together?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:57
Long lines are walking one way and then long lines are

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01
the month or so to close on ketosis.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:07
So this is where it’s really tricky for Ava and that’s not what she suggested at all. And this was this was a pretty large conversation to the point where the artist felt comfortable. Yeah. Because he’s the one he’s been able to partner. But we can’t there’s no way we have enough time to get under contract for somebody else. Does that make sense? Give me a second. Why don’t we talk about gathering other people and tables for just a minute and see if the FBI wants to set a record as briefly

Unknown Speaker 1:18:50
as ours or Sydney.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:54
So we met

Unknown Speaker 1:18:56
Wednesday morning with the Parks Department, the city engineer and contractor. The Selection Committee. Well, the selection committee, the task force, and Angela. And we all went out there to eyes. And look at the artwork we discuss what the artwork entails the relatively we get a result. Yeah, it’s got the platform to stand out and the mobile versions. And

Unknown Speaker 1:19:31
we’re working entails

Unknown Speaker 1:19:32
why it has to be because the Army Corps of Engineers has walked out to the location on the missile where we want to put it everybody was in agreement that was a good spot that it can be done. The engineers talked and the contractor talked about putting power out there because it means power and of outcome and how big the vault was that needs to be rebuilt and what could be salvaged. If anything from the existing law, much discussion, they gave us a completely ballpark, very open just an estimate maybe price their revenue to support yet, I don’t think of 60 to $75,000 to us, which is not surprising, when you see everything that they have to put in the cement ball to hydraulic thing, they have to put a new decade, they have to put a railing around it, they have to move the giant model and wire it up to the hydraulic and pull electricity from the clubhouse. And it’s a big huge thing, it’s gonna be a big huge thing. We are waiting for real close. If this is a

Unknown Speaker 1:20:53
did you say city wide contractor? Yes, they want me to city wide board.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:57
So if if he comes in with a reasonable bid, which kind of falls in this price range, we can accept it there without asking for other bids from both contractors because this guy saw me. So that’s where we’re sitting. We’re waiting for folks to see what and they thought it was totally doable. Yeah. And we discussed when we were printing the artists to talk about, you know, just like positioning and the new vault and everything, it sounded very encouraging to me. And this was the price that I was kind of expecting to move this over, I thought it was gonna be one.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:43
It’s as long

Unknown Speaker 1:21:46
there’s gonna be we’re gonna move out to be on insulin there. So that you can see it from your bike path. But it won’t be on like, we’re going to be able to visualize

Unknown Speaker 1:21:55
a lot better is

Unknown Speaker 1:21:59
if we don’t know, when the C chord engineers going to do this, but they can call up and say, Okay, we’re going to be there on Tuesday, you know, so we have no idea

Unknown Speaker 1:22:09
whether we do know that because it’s engineer, person, stuff like that, it now is more of a dam than it is a levee. And that actually means something in the world of flood mitigation. So they’re going through the steps and they said, January, they’re starting their process. That doesn’t mean construction, destruction. Demolition starts, but action happens, which includes taking out anything that’s in their way.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:47
And the good news is that if we build them involved in it that they don’t move, or curve insurance will take over we also talked about the sidewalk from the sidewalk out to the bank, the ABA and everything. So they sounded like there could be done without. I mean, I don’t want to say too much hassle, because it’s hassle to pull the electricity and everything. But they didn’t say Oh, no. Wow, really?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:30
This is actually underwater, or is it? No, maybe it’s on a hedge

Unknown Speaker 1:23:38
right here.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:41
And we actually looked inside

Unknown Speaker 1:23:42
the box. And

Unknown Speaker 1:23:44
there it’s not just completely filled up with money. Yeah, it was there. I mean, stuff was there. Just there was there was.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:01
So and then did it’s truly awkward to be involved in a meeting we have to get you guys have to talk to you again about the process. That’s what happens here.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:13
Yeah. So that’s a really good question. So before we met with the city wide contractor, I met with the city attorney’s office and the procurement department to review and his contract says And so his contract says for for moving for city purposes, we move anything at anytime. But of course related to design changes and things like that it’s preferable that we talk to them first. So we’re going to bring the reality of the situation to the artist, which is it has to move in can’t be honest half anymore, even say I’m really upset that it’s not this portion of the path. And the truth is it can’t be so we’re going to come up with the best possible solution that’s often the causeway on the screen to the Lord. The North kind of west east side. And once we have all of the projects and requirements, everything that absolutely has to happen, and knowing what we can salvage, which probably will not be, we thought about railing about some of the things to salvage it, and what the engineering department in Parks Department says, since we’re leaving the

Unknown Speaker 1:25:22
oil base, it still has to be saved.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:25
So the contractor is going to see about recreating the railing and stuff. But at that point, it’s not a necessity to move forward. That’s what we’ll bring in artists and saying, These are the things that are required. These are the things that we’re outsourcing to recreate this artwork, here are the options as you can participate, add to the project, etc, etc. But we want to have the scope of work for the construction aspect of it pretty well locked down. And then if you will, kind of like an ala carte menu of some of the other things that they could do, if Tony wants to be involved in doing that, by all means that we’ll have subcontract him or even if he winds up contracting, or if the construction company in South Africa probably has to do this amount of work, but we just need to know like what those two weeks goes

Unknown Speaker 1:26:20
out. So what are the next steps

Unknown Speaker 1:26:25
we were waiting for?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:28
And if I if you do you want me to get comparable, if you need me to get somebody comparable, I can’t from other city buy. But the goal is to not have to pull an RFQ and basically go to bid with this.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:43
It’s also fairly specific where the speed because there are the power lines of gopher, so can’t be too close to the if anybody’s familiar with Isaac Walton can’t be too close to the circle part of the end, it has to be like halfway down. There’s a bench right there. So that would be nice. bench right there. But

Unknown Speaker 1:27:06
it’s limited. It’s limited.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:09
How can you work on I will find out how much? How much

Unknown Speaker 1:27:18

Unknown Speaker 1:27:23
that you want to go backwards and prepare

Unknown Speaker 1:27:32
the birch?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:35
You will need no money? No. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:41
So I’m on Medicaid together for all of us together. In my mind.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:51
I had thought that we would make together smaller and put the needle underneath so that they were set. But I like her idea. Together and because then you’re standing right here and you don’t want to design one says you know, but if you’re walking down a sidewalk together, completely up

Unknown Speaker 1:28:19
to you. And I think because of where we are in this path. If you put forth a suggestion with the availability of we can create attachments right here now because I think it was no one that actually really just created a task force and give the task force or launch to make the decision including the artist says no. And then if that is the case, then you cancel the project and go and look at what it will take to go forward. Okay, we can either make an amendment

Unknown Speaker 1:29:07
and extend the project. I will bring it back at that time.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:14
But if we’re going to if it’s to move forward, Spanish needs to be included if this is how we wanted to look, the motion could say that giving the task force right to us.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:32
To think that we can vote on this vote on using Lombok we need we have to find a motion that we do love on together on the left hand side which would be going from West be struggling and on the other side we will be going the other direction. So a lot of us would be like that Right? Or wrong and together. We know we like that. But if I made that motion and we are on it, because we just asked that artists get what they want

Unknown Speaker 1:30:05
to do now, if you have first before putting for the motion decided on, wait a little task force, I’m sorry, Daddy, I’m just wondering if they’re the same length loans is what they are, which is going to be, that’s going to be the design challenge that the artists and the task force are going to be charged with. Yeah, it’s facing and just

Unknown Speaker 1:30:37
all that kind of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:41
The words will not go all the way through the trumpet is one thought. I mean, I mean, what is that night is like, four or five is

Unknown Speaker 1:30:51
200 is plenty of these not straight across. So maybe, Laura, and

Unknown Speaker 1:31:03
I just, I know the semantics, but I think it’s important for the words to be the same. Because

Unknown Speaker 1:31:09
I mean, law together

Unknown Speaker 1:31:11
is different than

Unknown Speaker 1:31:13
that. And I think if we’re putting something in

Unknown Speaker 1:31:16
Spanish and seventh in the English that can create

Unknown Speaker 1:31:20
an idea and sign that we’re different, or we don’t get the same language

Unknown Speaker 1:31:25
pattern. So this is exactly what the artist is very concerned about is that there needs to be a, an authoritative figure who is not just I speak Spanish, right? Or my to manage process, like, in fact, someone who is within our community, who is ingrained in our community who go for the recommendation, which is what this means. So I can go back and say, kind of like the essence of what the questions were to get to this. But artists, I think that that’s where we need to give the artists the ability to work with this person have what that translation, that they feel comfortable doing this, it’s completely possible to artists yet again, says no, like, I don’t speak Spanish, this isn’t my culture, I need to be working with somebody to put this this vertical forward that has my name, right? I would suggest we get him in, call gamma up and say, Hey, Deanna, either you already know someone and put that together, what we can do in this amount of time is called a contract. Does that make sense? But doesn’t really very, very

Unknown Speaker 1:32:49
valid point. I

Unknown Speaker 1:32:51
think the best time work or having trouble right. So are you saying that the current artist is under contract within the contract with him?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:01
But now the be a subcontractor to hit a few subcontractors?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:04
Yep. Yeah. That’s what I thought you were saying. So this motion, right,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:09
is going to have to leave some pretty serious openings

Unknown Speaker 1:33:15
on both sides. Who would be interested in the task force?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:20
two peoples? What if we had the school that’s closest five

Unknown Speaker 1:33:32
kids that are just

Unknown Speaker 1:33:35
over one of these? We don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:33:39
even need an idea. You know, we can’t we can’t

Unknown Speaker 1:33:41
evolve the school. But maybe they didn’t do anything online and just say, we took the checkbox, you go look at your school issues. No, no, no, this tool that just publicly, we don’t have time.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:59
So so so shofar is a very strategic, very calculated way of taking votes and actually applying them to make a decision. What we did for the mural art was asked for feedback. That is completely possible. But when people feel like their feedback is a vote, those are two very separate things. This is a design decision from an artist. That is it sticks, right? So we want to make sure that we’re empowering the artists that we already have under contracts with design that we’ve already voted on and approved, and also making some changes and also staying on timeline or not. Or saying if if we can’t make these design decisions within this timeline, we need to extend the time that we have a blue underpass until you The spring in the very earliest, let’s say May because occasion or has to have a certain amount of

Unknown Speaker 1:35:09
it can’t be freezing. Right temperatures are

Unknown Speaker 1:35:12
very important. Yes. So you know, however, this motion or the way that you decide to move forward needs to lend itself to have enough outs over the next month, or ends, I guess. So we either can find a path forward through the with the selection panel and get there. So we can publicize the community aid, or we come back in September, and say we have to wait until next year.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:45
This is not a little thing. No, this is no little thing to do something. Something that this length, my recommendation is to do with adequate and delete tools for thickness, you

Unknown Speaker 1:36:01
have to understand that a lot of artists might not be available in the spring. And if we didn’t we are fine to use

Unknown Speaker 1:36:07
available the artists who may cancel a contract. Yes. I mean, we have any updates

Unknown Speaker 1:36:15
for that. So

Unknown Speaker 1:36:17
that’s not good. And that’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:21
You should at least try. Taskforce gonna get a motion in there because you’re worried about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:33
For the most part, it looks like all the letters are there’s only when we use over the ends. So would it be possible what most of it is all behind? It nice said, You say this will be likened to this artist, and you have a task force that will determine what we say on the other side of the wall. And if you say no, just ask me this much space blank, you know, put the background there, we’ll do the words. No, he’s the I don’t know if

Unknown Speaker 1:37:12
somebody is in great shape. I know he’s got like she said he’s got Snape on it. And then we modify it

Unknown Speaker 1:37:25
may play how we go about this

Unknown Speaker 1:37:27
question. Can I make a motion? Can I make a motion to ask the artist to change the wording on the mural? With

Unknown Speaker 1:37:43
me to be inclusive, to

Unknown Speaker 1:37:50
to add

Unknown Speaker 1:37:53
in Spanish

Unknown Speaker 1:37:56
would be together and on Earth? Translation

Unknown Speaker 1:38:03
locally appropriate translation locally

Unknown Speaker 1:38:05
appropriate translation

Unknown Speaker 1:38:06
for the standard ass. This is a tough one too. I like first of all, I decided actually go for it. Local Task Force Yes, driven by local testing. The task force is

Unknown Speaker 1:38:24
determining the words such as approving, as approved by a IPP

Unknown Speaker 1:38:31
just under three options, you might say will be no more than x number of letters.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:43
I don’t I think that industry space will be able to I think they shouldn’t be at the top and especially trying to go there at some point

Unknown Speaker 1:38:51
because we started last month together on one side and warm up. It doesn’t matter if they match up in

Unknown Speaker 1:39:03
extra work. You’re doing your sentences. Yeah. And you’re reading a word paragraph. That’s extra work than doing two words. Yeah. Right. So that’s all I’m trying to say. Maybe she found it two or three words. Yeah. Because you might know paragraphs. theoriginal tend to

Unknown Speaker 1:39:25
get together

Unknown Speaker 1:39:28

Unknown Speaker 1:39:30
Yeah, and then we have to jump right along on a new task force and we may Whoa, I really started in October and may have to push back so she doesn’t make very much I think I can paraphrase the

Unknown Speaker 1:39:59
question Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:02
We’re asking the artists to be inclusive. And to

Unknown Speaker 1:40:09
ask the premise to have

Unknown Speaker 1:40:11
appropriate status to be at least

Unknown Speaker 1:40:15
together. Are we? It was mentioned of maybe having the task force assign the artist,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:26
or the champion that I don’t think we have to go themselves. Okay, so yeah, we can X, you can just skip that and allow the artist.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:40
Yes. So I think I have it, we’re going to, Daniel’s going to make a motion to suggest in an inclusive edition period to add a Spanish, locally appropriate translation that embodies the original intent of the message, as approved by the article places Taskforce. That is amazing. motion is

Unknown Speaker 1:41:17
second, that motion?

Unknown Speaker 1:41:21
Raise your hand, please. I’ll get those.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:29
Because then, the other thing to think about, I can’t remember who, who had said it here. But as you see this design here, might someone say clouds, like that’s not, that’s power washing off of your own home and that that’s nothing right. This is where some of you that that’s just powerwashing, when there was no graffiti specialist to kind of gently take it off of the mural, they just closed it down. And the mural was down by St. Right. So what it looks like now, of course, you know, is just blue. So even this design that was approved that has these little things, like all that green, the green Hilly’s, and all of that that’s not there anymore, it’s just blue. So the new design is going to even have to go further than this. Right? It’s going to need some more palm fronds and, you know, XYZ, XYZ, etc, etc. So to move forward, it’s going to be a common good job.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:42
All right. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:44
Well, you mean silos cable?

Unknown Speaker 1:42:48
Yeah. But I didn’t, we didn’t have somebody while I was on vacation to go take a look at that. So I just don’t have

Unknown Speaker 1:43:00

Unknown Speaker 1:43:01
communication. Oh, I asked the communications department to come and talk to us about the changes that they can look to make him website and maybe more social media and things along those lines.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:21
Okay. All right. I mean, you this is

Unknown Speaker 1:43:26
so big, based on some of the conversation that happened last month and just be cognizant of folks time, there was a number of people who wanted to share some of their personal stuff that would maybe fall outside of our scope is business. So I wanted to suggest I actually need to get it on the calendar. But believe it or not, this room and the museum. Come fall is super busy on Thursdays. I don’t know if anybody was there’s an emperor me anyway. So we’re likely going to start having to share this room a bit with the green room, people who go on and go on stage because this is the only access to the back house. But if we wanted to have a little social time for people to share things, I also have a screen with this one or another one from 536. But I don’t want to put it on the music calendar if we’re actually not going to do it. So just the thoughts don’t have to make a decision now but if I will.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:30
Okay, great. I love this idea because I’d like to come early anyway. It’s nice to be able to talk to people about stuff first, first sit down with their goals and being so I’m on board with this.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:44
As long as it’s not our goal is its business right? This is completely personal and social non business almost swell before this

Unknown Speaker 1:44:54
meeting. I talked to several people about your are some things we went to the shop or stuff and some of you presented at the meeting but wasn’t actually there at business or saying that’s not.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:09
So the stuff that you and I in the United for shop are with realist, you’re the task force. So technically I didn’t, I shouldn’t have done that I shouldn’t have arranged for us to have the time. But as a social as long as the decisions are being made, as long as you’re not thinking about the way that monies are going to be spent all the things that fall under Colorado sunshine and Open Meetings laws are really more just like, you know, I’m, if I want to show you guys pictures of the massive fish that I got. That’s when the kids were so sick. Oh, man, I want to show you that, like, that’s what this 30 minutes would be. Or some public art that I saw somewhere that I was like, All right, like that’s what this

Unknown Speaker 1:45:55
is. So

Unknown Speaker 1:46:01
you don’t need a motion. I’m just going to extend this meeting down for social

Unknown Speaker 1:46:05
public talk herself for half an hour.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:09
Okay. Yeah, the requirements are your article business starts at six meeting surfaces, but there will be open availability. And I’ll have my computers and you just want to share pictures of you want to see my vision won’t be there unless anything that I can have it so we can all you know, so Intel.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:33
Okay, great. Well crafted craft

Unknown Speaker 1:46:34
half apple. Yeah. Exactly needed in October,

Unknown Speaker 1:46:42
executive team meets in October, which means that in September, we will go through all of the projects for 2023 that are looking like things are going to happen, like swamp. So we bring the list of your task forces so we can look at it again. And then it’s going to of course, one of their charges is going to be looking at the budget and prioritizing projects. Pretty well done, but

Unknown Speaker 1:47:11
you are okay. You aren’t we have no secretary.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:15
And then he is Vice Chair. Okay. Okay. December 18. October, so we’ll find a time. I’ll send it to you, but just know that October, preferably before

Unknown Speaker 1:47:39
December the opposite, cancel that meeting and do all of the gathering so

Unknown Speaker 1:47:51
necessary? Correct.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:53
I mean, we have we have scheduled it for to be on the night meetings will already have it available on offer calendar. But anyway, so just a thought that she isn’t here here.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:15
Any comments? Any sort of one

Unknown Speaker 1:48:18
question? What about the scope project?

Unknown Speaker 1:48:21
Are we in some boxes? Our next meeting is middle of September, it all goes well with the artists? Are we going to set the volunteer list or whatever you need? Yeah. Honestly, on most of volunteering, they’ll have everything barricaded off, it would probably be the people at the bottom, just black and they can try to ask or answer questions. Okay, don’t bother him. He’s gonna be on a lift most of the time. But it is quite disruptive when people are standing at the bottom like googling stuff. So you have to just kind of be there and check it out.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:57
When it starts going, and yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:02
I was gone for this month, so totally.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:09
Yeah, I just wanted to make sure

Unknown Speaker 1:49:14
it’s nice to be signed up and then you can start Alright, so obviously the

Unknown Speaker 1:49:21
belt is through the store the other day, and up on the wall was a goose picture of all the geese originally so excited. So it’s got some reflection. Yeah, because of the fluorescent lights, but you can show everybody what they look like. I think we have

Unknown Speaker 1:49:41
on an art house. So you should

Unknown Speaker 1:49:44
although I’m pretty sure we do the original poster of this parade. And we had a we had a postcard vote too. Yeah, so I’ll bring all the primaries up on my desk at my desk, so I’m gonna freeze it Yeah, a lot of them existing right most the majority will say was that they were right now paper mache and they were sidewalks.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:13
I should say you sent to an email with a snapshot of what shows Google Calendars talked about last time we get a calendar. I don’t know what that would be populated with any of arguments. But my question was, how much communication? Have you done our events? You know, or calls whatever to show up? It’s appropriate moment.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:34
Yeah, I don’t know how about Google Calendar, but I sent them the note that we would like to be included in the museum calendar. And then generally speaking, we’re interested in bolstering our presence and

Unknown Speaker 1:50:48
like what we’re painting with.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:51
Yeah, we’re painting zero

Unknown Speaker 1:50:55
out and send me an example of what shows up and actually setting up the artwork. The one that comes up right and that gets the whole Denver Metro area. Search we’ll just use that to find out just a quick announcement before our next meeting on September chip, have our walk which will be of course calcium. It’s my annual good evaluate will be the judge of the fest. Smith are investors. Come down,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:30
I have to stand

Unknown Speaker 1:51:31
up. I know. They can reach out to us for this year next year.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:41
I had COVID last year so

Unknown Speaker 1:51:43
you guys all did? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:46
That’s all Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:51
Isn’t it this is the first episode of timber to branch out to Zoo. I’ll reach out to firehouse and ask if they because technically we can’t buy booze, but they’ve always been happy to have us

Unknown Speaker 1:52:12
present who wants to be on our watch basis to me?

Unknown Speaker 1:52:23
I go, we have this

Unknown Speaker 1:52:29
on camera. I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:52:29
drawing. Your Is there anybody spearheading on our walk and Laura? Do you know why we were late? Okay, that’s fine. We will work together and people figure that out. Glad you said something, Jennifer.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:56
I assume that’s up to

Unknown Speaker 1:53:01
you. Go through and see me church. That’s awesome. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:09
Cool. You’re at 750

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