Callahan House Advisory Board Meeting – June 8, 2022

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Callahan House Advisory Board Meeting – June 8, 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
You just need to hear what she plans to go through. Because there’ll be so many corrections.

Unknown Speaker 0:07
Thank you for that. I

Unknown Speaker 0:08
just couldn’t see. Everybody having their scribbled nice correction on it. Yeah. And

Unknown Speaker 0:16
then I’d be like, what? Well, and I

Unknown Speaker 0:18
simplify this, I just just see the attached agenda for the complete list of flatlock. Because it works. I started to lift them and I went, This is ridiculous. I’m just gonna attach it. Well, and if anybody has really been interested since you get all your family stuff done,

Unknown Speaker 0:39
it’s family stuff ever really?

Unknown Speaker 0:44
Well, hopefully everybody’s Well, everyone’s Well, delish. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 0:52
Every time I sit, I go check this

Unknown Speaker 0:56
out people forgot to leave at 830

Unknown Speaker 0:59
I’m wondering, I’m hoping Karen contact me and she had an issue come up. So she’s not gonna be here.

Unknown Speaker 1:07
Okay. I talked to an why we trade messages. And Karen was going to PEO convention that I thought it was just over the weekend.

Unknown Speaker 1:24
So we just carry on we talked about carrying read. Okay. Okay, I figured which Karen? Yeah, how would you think you mentioned certain people each picture their face and then you’re like, Okay well, well Charles,

Unknown Speaker 1:55
Monday work cutter. Yes, she’s spending her dad’s car on she says she’s more than just a coffee

Unknown Speaker 2:16
I saw a picture of her on Facebook with her husband. So nice. Got to do. Yeah, I squeezed in a trip to California in the last month. And that was fun. But I I gotta tell you Disneyland and universal and all that. Really, for five out of six days. I came home so tired. i Every chance I got for like 10 days. I just went to bed. I mean, daytime, nighttime didn’t matter. We did. We did like eight miles a day. And that doesn’t count all the time. We stood standing in line.

Unknown Speaker 2:54
And you went to California. So if you if you went to the Florida one because there’s so much more spread of hurt. Yep. Well, honestly, I did say you could have your walking

Unknown Speaker 3:06
shoes, or whatever, rather than in Florida. Because in Florida, you can take the same number of people and spread it over more space and you don’t feel like you’re in the middle of mayhem all the time. And honestly, don’t ever go to the park after the 15th between the 15th of May and the first of June. Because kids are getting out. They have their senior nights.

Unknown Speaker 3:29
That’s what we did two years. Yeah. I know, we were like a minute we’re missing our Star Wars window. Yes, that line?

Unknown Speaker 3:40
Yeah, well, we paid we paid for the Fast Pass or whatever it is to Genie. I don’t know what it was, which helped a little it didn’t help a ton but it helped a little bit you still have to walk the line for Star Wars is even if you even if you’re going straight to the fun. It’s it’s like half a mile. You know, it’s like you just walk and walk and walk and walk and walk. Yeah, but we did it was it was lovely. Like my grandkids had a great time. It was you know, my daughter’s and her family and my sister and her daughter and my husband and I and it was we went house to the pool which we didn’t use lunch because we were never there. I have to tell you about universal to me. This was like a premium experience. They have staff everywhere. You don’t wait in line for hardly anything. If you want to ask somebody a question you all you have to do is look up and you can find six people to ask the question or you know, they they’re just they’re just a step above Disney. And supposedly they were they were limiting the number of people into Disney. But if they were limited people you couldn’t tell it is insane.

Unknown Speaker 4:54
I just don’t like the California purpose. I just don’t think experiences That’s good, but well and it’s all about the shared experience.

Unknown Speaker 5:04
Yeah, they did not want to spend a day getting taken aback this was literally, we’re gonna go and come the whole time. It’s gonna be a vacation. So, hello. Hi, Rob belly. Oh, I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 5:21
We were gonna go play basketball with

Unknown Speaker 5:24
the basketball game game are we supposed to be here? No. Not here. They left

Unknown Speaker 5:40
that was you right?

Unknown Speaker 5:42
Is that valuable? No. It’s just the whole mature. Oh, I tell us your equipment. I was gonna make you all put your on hold to get down there you to how are your trips? Love this

Unknown Speaker 6:36
morning. Well, now that you’ve had the you’re out and about jaunt to the wrong

Unknown Speaker 6:43
do that. Right? There’s just no need it was just

Unknown Speaker 6:49
right. Okay. Well, let’s go ahead and call the meeting to order then.

Unknown Speaker 7:02
Surely Connie will be all along. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 7:10
Has everybody had a chance to read the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 7:13
Meeting? Very interesting.

Unknown Speaker 7:16
Okay, are there any

Unknown Speaker 7:18
corrections to the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 7:26
See, but I was reading it

Unknown Speaker 7:29
in the bathroom, with Kleenex on the partner table. And there’s paper towels.

Unknown Speaker 7:36
Karen, though parents aren’t going to be here.

Unknown Speaker 7:43
See, try to do it again.

Unknown Speaker 7:53
So if everybody has read the minutes and not find any problems or faults with them, and I certainly am it.

Unknown Speaker 8:07
Can I get motion to

Unknown Speaker 8:11
accept the minutes? So moved.

Unknown Speaker 8:14
And I get a second please. I second. All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 8:19
Hi. All right. Beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 8:21
may get the sign before you leave right now. So that we got you signed both already. This is the one that one already. Right. So Karen, you need to sign this, please. Just mean the one underneath it.

Unknown Speaker 8:40
Okay, great.

Unknown Speaker 8:42
And just as a note, I tried to put page numbers on everything. But when you do that, and Adobe gets it takes off all the other headings. Yeah. So I’ve got Yeah, you know what? I absolutely did it. I did exactly the way it should have been. But it deleted all the things off my spreadsheet. Oh, yeah. It says Are you okay with that? And I said, Sure. And that’s your copy. I will I give you copies of those minutes that were so very different. Yes. We made so many different changes. Yeah, that I did not want to. Okay. In fact, the week goes.

Unknown Speaker 9:28
Right, moving along to the house manager’s report because everybody got a chance to read Kathy’s house manager reports. Yes. Do you have any questions or concerns?

Unknown Speaker 9:42
Okay, can I get a motion to approve the house? So move. Okay, all in favor?

Unknown Speaker 9:51
Aye. All right, we’re

Unknown Speaker 9:52
moving along here. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 9:57
On to old business, the status of Friends,

Unknown Speaker 10:02
I have anything you give you 10 seconds. I’m trying to write down the motions. No, I’m sorry. So who made the motion to accept the minutes? Was it in a second? Okay. I’m just trying to keep notes. put our heads together for the minutes that were not great that we’re on the same page,

Unknown Speaker 10:20
same page. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be moving along. But

Unknown Speaker 10:26
can I just add something to the manager’s record? Certainly. We have between five and seven more events in the process of booking. So it’s, it’s been? Absolutely we’ve seen between inquiries, tours, and people wanting to book I’ve got a July event. I’ve got to get to July events. I’ve got a October event. I’ve got a wedding for next year. And then there’s at least two more. So we’re booking like crazy things are coming in so fast. That’s wonderful. Good news, bad words. Were mostly good news, correct? Yeah, all of our walkthroughs for June are complete. Now you to write them up and make the appropriate changes. But it’s a Jacqueline’s on vacation for two weeks, it’s been absolutely nuts. So if there’s anything you’re trying to reach him for, just please have a little patience, because between all of that, and trying to do some doctor’s appointments and stuff. You know, my response times are not normal. So I just want to make sure you understood that.

Unknown Speaker 11:35
And I have a question are we always discipline to skip the house managers report?

Unknown Speaker 11:42
I think bottom line is, if we read it in advance, we’re not wasting as much time as the meeting. And we want to keep the minutes, the meetings down to 45 minutes as much as possible. And in the past 45 minutes, 45 minutes to an hour, if we can, I’d like to keep them down to an hour. If we go a little longer than, you know, sometimes up to two guys. Sometimes it’s busier. But But I think the bottom line is if we can keep it down. If we read them in advance, it allows us and in the past reports were not cited in as documentation. And that’s what we’re doing. Was

Unknown Speaker 12:22
this her going through some stuff, it’ll also add living some of the things Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:29
I still think that we are giving time that she can add any comments that she would like to get to at that point. And I, again, if we have any questions, we are here from time to time, so Okay.

Unknown Speaker 12:43
Mike, it was common. I don’t have all the all the financials, maybe. But I do enjoy when you go over the new business, or the

Unknown Speaker 12:49
new bookings and things like

Unknown Speaker 12:51
this kind of kind of makes you aware of what’s going on. In here.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
It adds color to it. Yeah, I can read the black and white. But when you tell us about it is always Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 13:02
I prefer at least the first part here. Financials.

Unknown Speaker 13:06
Yeah. Maybe just the manager. piece of it. Not financial, at least.

Unknown Speaker 13:12
But it is important that we’re all reading the financials to guys just make sure that

Unknown Speaker 13:16
of course, they just don’t want to carry. Yeah, that makes sense. I do have one point though. Okay, I forgot that. They did finalize the 2021. Financials. The number that I predicted for the cabinet house fund was pretty dead on the new number as of December 21. December 31 2021, is $40,272.64. setup. I just wanted to highlight that, because that’s been an ongoing question.

Unknown Speaker 13:45
Okay. So at this point, so we kind of are ahead of ourselves. So we proved them. And now we’re going back.

Unknown Speaker 13:58
Well, we’ll go back to talk about

Unknown Speaker 14:00
Yeah. So so when you’re talking about all the events and venues that are coming up, so mostly, what are we booking weddings or what other events are we coming in?

Unknown Speaker 14:11
Without a rehearsal dinner, we’ve got a wedding for 2023, we’ve got a birthday party, we’ve got a post wedding reception, which I’m booking as a special event because they’ve been married quite a while and, and that and that actually, the interesting thing about that it was they came in 2019 and wanted to do their wedding. And because of COVID they didn’t do their wedding, but now they’re back in 2022 to do a little party. So that one took us three years to book well.

Unknown Speaker 14:45
That’s exactly right. Particularly after being here zone is an array, all that kind of stuff. Those are

Unknown Speaker 14:51
and so and then we’ve got an inquiry for Memorial and there’s a couple other things so it’s it’s pretty nuts right now.

Unknown Speaker 14:59
Well All right. Okay, moving ahead onto the status of the grants.

Unknown Speaker 15:07
We are in the process of finishing up the RFP, the next step is to get the requisition in the system and we got it, we had it created, but I had some troubles with finding the money. So I got I got dialed in to finance and make sure I’m looking at the right fund for the $60,000. It’s already there, I see. And then the balance of the money that $180,000 from the State Historical Fund will be appropriated in June in council. And once that’s appropriated, then we can adjust the rack to indicate the whole $240,000. So the RFP is almost ready, we’re, we still have to cross the bridge into purchasing, and have them add their finishing touches to it. And in the meantime, Carrie and I are working on getting the paint analysis set up and scheduled. And so that will be happening first. And as soon as we can get the paperwork done, and get the vendor books set up, can you

Unknown Speaker 16:10
kind of give us a little al land, you’ve got to in your mind have a calendar point of where you think that’s going to be where you’re going to work that?

Unknown Speaker 16:21
Well, they want analysis done before they issue the RFP. So that’s what they have decided. So it’s going to depend on when two things on when we can get the paint, do books. And I’m assuming it’s going to be Philip Marlowe, but that’s a little up in the air yet. There is one outstanding issue with that. And that is none of these people want to rent the lifts to do the work, they want the city to rent the lift to do the work. And Carrie says that’s not the way it works. So we need to circle back with that and say you have to rent the lift included in your bid. So we’ve got a little bit of work to do. So hopefully in the next 10 days, we’ll get that work pretty well lined out. So we can actually schedule the paint analysis. And then once we have the paint analysis back, then we’ll issue the RFP assuming that purchasing is ready. And that could be an issue, but carry some carry. And I have done most carrying Ozzy and I have done most of the work to write the RFP now we just need to put the purchasing gobbly gook in it, okay. And we didn’t want we didn’t want to step on any toes. Even though Carrie knows all that stuff. She wanted to leave that piece of it to purchasing. So they didn’t feel like we were trying to do their job. And then they’ll issue the RFP and then I believe that the responses are going to be due in two to three weeks. And then we’ll have an evaluation period. And once the evaluation periods done, and we can pick the vendors and go through the process of getting them under contract. Okay, so my guess is it’s going to take us most of the summer to do the pain analysis, get the RFP issued, do the evaluation, issue the contracts and then at that point, we’ll have pre construction meetings with the vendor or vendors that have been selected. And we’ll be able to set out a timeline for the work. Okay, great. So that’s my assumption. And that has a little bit of worst case built into it, but not a lot. My My assumption is that most of the work is going to take place next year that unless we can get them scheduled for the fall. Okay. All right. So that’s what I’m seeing at the moment. That’s

Unknown Speaker 18:31
a good guesstimate. And we’ll take it, it’s better than kind of, but you got to have an idea, even if it’s fuzzy.

Unknown Speaker 18:41
And the other thing I would add is and this is something while my managers wait at wins, everything takes longer than it takes. Oh, so just patience. We’re working our way through it. I did meet with the grant people and get my initial indoctrination into their expectations for documentation checkpoints, so at some scheduled checkpoints with them whether anything’s happened or not. They just want an email on some of the things we need to document with hardcopy pictures. Some of the things we just need to document with electronic pictures. It’s it’s pretty straightforward.

Unknown Speaker 19:18
So who did you meet with I met with

Unknown Speaker 19:20
and McLean and Katie Bates, Katie Bates is the contract specialist. And and McLean is our direct contact with the State Historical Fund. She’s one of their, I forget what they call them. She’s one of their grants. Advisors. She’s one of the ladies that came out and met with us and talked about you know, what we could and couldn’t do and how we should proceed.

Unknown Speaker 19:43
She’s the name brand person.

Unknown Speaker 19:46
She’s the main ground contact person. And the really good news about what they did is they didn’t break the project into pieces and establish budgets for each one. They basically lump them all together in one big buck. it and establish the budget for the whole thing. Which means that if one project is under and another project is over, but we’re still inside the dollars that we have allocated, that there’s not going to be any push and pull on it. Yeah. And that they made it very native very simple for us to administer, in the context of how difficult it could have been. Oh, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 20:26
nitpicking every Yep. And

Unknown Speaker 20:31
they’re very, very easy to work with. They’re very, you know, we have all the signed paperwork. And then the other outstanding question, which I don’t think is an issue that I need to check on, is I think the way the payments are going to work is the city’s going to go ahead and appropriate the whole amount, and then all work out with finance, when we’re actually going to apply it to the State Historical funds, you get the dollars from them.

Unknown Speaker 20:53
So they pay the vendor directly than or does the city paid, the city’s gonna

Unknown Speaker 20:57
pay the vendor, because they’re gonna have contract because so the city, the city will make the payments, and then at some point, we will request the money from the State Historical Fund. Oh, we don’t get the money first. We can get we get a pre construction amount, which is about $50,000. And then are scheduled payments based on checkpoints for the rest of it.

Unknown Speaker 21:20
I suppose from it,

Unknown Speaker 21:22
no, no, it’s you apply to where it’s like.

Unknown Speaker 21:25
So the money especially in quarters?

Unknown Speaker 21:27
Yeah. So there’s still checks and balances. So they’re keeping it in their

Unknown Speaker 21:31
savings account? Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:37
Yeah, in the total context of what we’re doing $250,000. So the city is a little ADB project, you know, in the context, it’s big to us. But in the context of what we’re doing in the capital fund, and all that stuff, I just need to double check to make sure that it city, the city did not have any trouble appropriating the funds without having the funds in their hands. Or they would have already told me that so I don’t think it’s an issue but I do need to circle back with Sandra or Teresa and just make sure that my assumption is appropriate when

Unknown Speaker 22:08
we get like quarterly review your accounting from the historical society saying how much money they give us how much is left in our account with them. We have to keep track that

Unknown Speaker 22:19
it’s way to go caffeine.

Unknown Speaker 22:24
That way, I was really thinking they gave us a lump sum.

Unknown Speaker 22:27
Yeah. Well, thank you for that information. That sort of is very good to know. So moving on to the brochure updates unfortunately. Bruce isn’t able to be with us today. So I don’t have a whole lot to say on the room by room self guided tour updates because I was an LM the meet at the meeting on the shelf. I have

Unknown Speaker 22:51
a little bit the the Choose whatever the first meeting, we had very good attendance. We had a lot of board members. We also had two members from the State Historical Commission come Suzanne Sibley and Rick Miko

Unknown Speaker 23:08
city, not the state but the city, the city to city Historical

Unknown Speaker 23:11
Preservation Commission. You said state I’m sorry. It’s and we also had Connie Boswell from the lawn Pete Questers comm so we had most of our board plus three outside observers and come commentators. And that and that went for about two hours and it was actually very informative. Suzanne gave us a little lesson on fumed oak. And she said that the OIC in this room is actually not stained. It’s fumed. So they put it in a room with poisonous fumes, and I think it was ammonia is really it was ammonia. And the longer they leave it in the room with the ammonia, the darker the word gets. The funerals. Yeah. From the ammonia. me say

Unknown Speaker 24:00
it raises the green and brings out certain aspects of it. So yeah, we had a really good it’s very productive. It was really nice to have the city. Have it be in partnership, like we talked about with with the historic commission, because they have certain expertise, expertise that were just great. They’re talking about all the crown molding and what’s what,

Unknown Speaker 24:23
what the pattern is in plaster, and you’re absolutely they

Unknown Speaker 24:27
had a lot of insight they will so it was a big

Unknown Speaker 24:31
well, and I didn’t I didn’t do the meeting on Thursday with Eric. But I did hear some things because of course they were walking past my office. And it’s like it’s almost like a megaphone into my office from the foyer. And the the two things I heard that I thought were very interesting from Eric’s perspective were, he thought it was too long. So that was a very interesting commentary on Assad. And he also thought that focusing on the people as opposed to the things would be over reader interest to the public. So he suggested putting in some more information about Callaghan’s, the chauffeur, you know, the, as opposed to putting in more details about the trim or the plaster or the, you know. So those are the two things I heard, and they were here, they were here quite a while to.

Unknown Speaker 25:21
Okay. So that’s an interesting point. And I’m after just going through it, and I think this is one of those things that I don’t disagree that maybe we shouldn’t have a

Unknown Speaker 25:36
short version and a longer version. And we have it set up for the those that are just detail, detail oriented and want all that architectural features and whatnot. And then we have a more self guided tour and more personal about the family. I’m not so sure that we don’t want to have two points. And, again, this is one of those things that we can look at doing digitally and by phone compared to necessarily help printed. I don’t know, that’s really up to to the board on what their views are. But I would make that suggestion. I just think there are some people that, yes, I want to learn more than still the attention span is limited. And there’s so much of being overwhelmed that, okay, maybe I don’t want that much. So I, that’s just a thought. And in, there’s also the thought of, if you have a brochure that you’re looking through, and you’re trying to look and read and do at the same time, that’s a lot to read and take in as you’re walking through. So

Unknown Speaker 27:02
for your average tour person, yeah, that’s way more information that they’re watching.

Unknown Speaker 27:09
And maybe we print the short version. And if people are really interested, we point them to the long version, I have

Unknown Speaker 27:18
a QR code. That’s exactly what I’m saying. That’s part of the one of the reasons why we wanted to have the QR code so so I think we

Unknown Speaker 27:24
need a different QR code, though, if we’re going to try it. I have a real problem with people who say go find this information on this page. And I get to that page and then I have to figure out which page on the 60 pages that are that informations on. So I think if people wanted more detailed tests second QR code specifically, that takes them directly to what we’re referring to because like

Unknown Speaker 27:51
a menu at a restaurant

Unknown Speaker 27:55
I think that’s part of the the coolness of having a QR code up there as we have one for donations and, and I just like you, I want to click on I want to get there. I don’t want to have to try to dig for it. And nor do nor with that. I think my my daughter’s generation. But I want the instant gratification right then and there. And middlemen are

Unknown Speaker 28:22
coming in the door for those tours don’t want to dig around, they want to just click on it if either hand them something or open it up. You know, everybody has their phone in their hands. So that’s exactly right. Yeah. So but I think they want to just click on a QR code. I say like a menu at a restaurant where you click on it, your menu comes right up. I think that’s kind of

Unknown Speaker 28:39
some people still like paper,

Unknown Speaker 28:40
though. There are those that like the paper. Yeah, they can take home with them. And it’s a generational thing. I think it seems to be a generation. Yeah, I agree. I like to convert, being able to still be able to make sure that we’re keeping a tune breaking outdated,

Unknown Speaker 29:02
and yet we’re still doing it will save a lot of money. They don’t have to print 100 zone, hey, I

Unknown Speaker 29:06
personally don’t want to kill them any troops.

Unknown Speaker 29:10
And I noticed from the times that I’ve worked with the open houses and stuff, most of those come back rolled up twisted right handed to you and you have to kind of straighten it out. I also so they’re not looking at it closely.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
I also did the optimist is if you use a kindly remember we can recycle. And that’s I’ve been with places where if, if I’m not that interested, I will resign. Yeah, a lot of

Unknown Speaker 29:35
people come here to

Unknown Speaker 29:37
come back. I’m saying that you can tell they’ve had it twisted up and

Unknown Speaker 29:40
come back unusable.

Unknown Speaker 29:43
So yeah, I liked the QR code because everybody I shouldn’t say everybody but 99% of people have a phone in their hand. Anyways,

Unknown Speaker 29:49
this is true, the spiritual, so All right. So we’ve said our minutes about that, I guess We’re still in the process of getting it in, in, in, going through now on to the house managers, pitchers, we were supposed to be meeting on the 23rd. And that didn’t happen. I didn’t get it correctly. So we didn’t meet and, and work on the house managers projects, I can say, with the house managers projects, one of the things that we’re working on as well as pain system that we’ve done, the intrusive to the plaster work, something that I’ve worked with in in the galleries and whatnot best that we can. It’s not an inexpensive option, but the big thing about it is it would be hidden up and then we have a hanging system that would hang down. So if we added for exchange photos, we can do that clips in place. They use it in hospitals, they use in America galleries, and do all sorts of stuff. But it would not damage the walls and it would enable us to add or or detract going on

Unknown Speaker 31:23
is that to be done at a special meeting?

Unknown Speaker 31:28
I think that’s something that we’re discussing. With the Houseman pictures. It’s open for

Unknown Speaker 31:36
discussion did was it discussed? If we have we talked before about a collage type thing is that still on the books?

Unknown Speaker 31:44
I think that we kind of wanted to get away from doing implies personal. First of all, we’ve got to we’ve got to state where we got certain photos and acknowledge to the length of time small another thing so one of the things that was discussed that each manager should have their own picture.

Unknown Speaker 32:08
wall that very tasteful.

Unknown Speaker 32:13
I think it could be tasteful if we do it within with, with classic type frames, nothing overly gaudy. And And again, if we if we do a hanging system, where we can then change or move,

Unknown Speaker 32:33
can I ask when that was decided, because really the last meeting I could have even had ever settled on a collage, individual pictures.

Unknown Speaker 32:41
But this is the last three meetings that I’ve been at, we’ve decided that the clash wasn’t really kind of where we wanted to go. But if that’s still open for discussion, that’s right.

Unknown Speaker 32:53
I’ve never ever seen you’re going to do it.

Unknown Speaker 32:55
I don’t remember making any decisions about you sit Jess in several different ways. Yeah, concern was doing any damage to the wall. But we hadn’t really

Unknown Speaker 33:05
been said I was just pricing in an option to doing system. That’s all I was doing. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:13
So you’re talking more about like a picture rail system? Someone kind of

Unknown Speaker 33:17
Yeah, you see the gallery with it? Yeah, with the rails, and they’re not they’re not expensive option. But on the other hand, it wouldn’t do damage by moving pictures along the wall.

Unknown Speaker 33:30
Yeah, oh, we’re gonna just put something at the top. That’s the only thing that’ll actually physically attached to the wall. That’s correct, that the thing about that is that the the frames probably have to be custom frames and need to be heavy enough that they’ll hang straight.

Unknown Speaker 33:47
It depends on the system.

Unknown Speaker 33:48
Okay. And,

Unknown Speaker 33:51
and the bottom line is, it isn’t if we get a good, good system. It’s not something that’s going to be shifting and moving around a lot. It also enables us to move stuff, even if we choose to put a collage piece on there about how it’s hung. And then it was also discussed. Jumping ahead a little bit about the past. President board members wall acknowledgement. We’ve discussed not doing plaques at the last meeting, because it got too busy. So what if we did, like we had discussed where we did more of a paper format and framed it and whatnot. And then that piece can be taken out of the frame and relatively easy. That again, depends on how you want to hang it on that wall. A hanging system would enable us to do a series of different things. And it’s just a pricing option. That’s the only the only thing that I know that I’ve been assigned to do is just to figure out the pricing, figure out pricing, figure out what we can do what that isn’t that break the bank and yet we’ll do what we need to do without putting holes in the walls. So whether whether that the frame be in a collage system or not. That’s the last night now. So.

Unknown Speaker 35:11
So onto the next meeting. That makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 35:14
Yeah, until the next event decided I would say,

Unknown Speaker 35:17
nothing’s in concrete now.

Unknown Speaker 35:19
So do you want to set another meeting? Or do I want to do I

Unknown Speaker 35:22
do want to set another meeting? get anything accomplished? I would like to, but I know July is a very busy month, this is something that we want to postpone. And

Unknown Speaker 35:35
yes, it’s really no big Russia cabbage. No, well, I think

Unknown Speaker 35:41
we, we have this meeting. What do you need in a special meeting? I mean, that we couldn’t, could we just do it here, if everything if you did your homework and grab the data in? I think that’s

Unknown Speaker 35:53
the whole thing is Arabic is if everybody gets everything done, and then put it down. I think if we work on it in projects, I’m really trying to streamline these meetings. So they’re bound to a limited time. And if we’re constantly working on a separate project, it’s going to bloom up bigger, and then these meetings are going to be longer.

Unknown Speaker 36:16
For me, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 36:18
I would just assume I have this on my calendar for the next two years, you know, Wednesdays? Oh, hi.

Unknown Speaker 36:25
Yeah. Alright.

Unknown Speaker 36:26
And also, if you’re heading up that project, whoever ends up heading it up, does their homework and comes to a regular meeting with the data right there. We don’t have to have a special meeting, we can just listen to, you know, to what they have to say.

Unknown Speaker 36:41
And make a board decision. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:42

Unknown Speaker 36:43
Okay, well, that’s a thought I just alone. I’m not, I’m not taking full ownership of being in charge of the house.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
Ends up you need to have a special meeting one person is going to be pretty much run in it. So why not? Like if they do their homework and bring it to our meeting?

Unknown Speaker 37:08
Just like in the past, yeah. That’s kind of our walk,

Unknown Speaker 37:10
our walk and even with a sign, that’s where we get this time. Right? Did it all here at this meeting? Okay, well, um, I, we have these meetings.

Unknown Speaker 37:24
Okay. Pardon me? There’s a specific reason why we want the meetings, these meetings to be streamlined. Are you I was told that

Unknown Speaker 37:33
they were going too long, and that it was my understanding that they’re writing too long, and that we needed to keep them under the two hour period. Okay. And that, that they did that enjoy too long,

Unknown Speaker 37:46
polishing off, but you know, there’s

Unknown Speaker 37:48
a big difference between 45 minutes to two hours, though.

Unknown Speaker 37:50
Yeah. Okay. I so sorry. So if we can keep it down to an hour, for five minutes to an hour? That’s what I thought you’re referring to. Okay. And if that’s a misunderstanding on my part, I need a clarification, right. But we’ve been running, and we’d like to keep it under two. And you’ve had where it’s run over even two hours. And that’s been part of it. And that is part of the problem as all the projects are getting combined. And then we try to do the projects during the meeting. And that will run us over.

Unknown Speaker 38:25
Well, if we know in advance what we’re going to do. Now. Right now, we’ve spent 20 minutes talking about managers pictures, but we haven’t said anything. Right? We’ve just wasted 20 minutes. Yeah. So basically, we, you know,

Unknown Speaker 38:38
I know, I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to spend 20 minutes on this on this subject I, I am trying my best to do what the board is wanting to and yet still having everybody’s voice be heard. So

Unknown Speaker 38:56
we should move this forward, then. And I think we should have a person who decides they want to hand to lead that project. And then

Unknown Speaker 39:04
I think Karen is running. And she is she’s not here. So I can’t speak on her behalf. And the bottom line is, so at this point, I think we just move forward at this subject because nothing’s let’s just table it to the next.

Unknown Speaker 39:20
Here’s my suggestion. And here’s what I’m noticing. And you can take it with a grain of salt. I think the problem isn’t the special projects. I think the problem is how many special projects are trying to do at the same time. So I think if we worked on one or two things at a time, and tabled new projects until the old projects are done that would help them inside with this issue. And we could to the special projects that we’re working on but one or two during the board meeting. So my suggestion is that we start trying to narrow the scope of how many projects we work on at once, and anything that isn’t in there. that scope that we pushed out until the projects we’re working on, they’re done. Because I don’t think the problem is the projects themselves. I think it’s just, you know, we’re doing to brochures, house manager pictures board plaque, you know, plus we’ve got all our regular stuff, right. So I just think if we just try not to take on everything at once just sent me a serial approach to it, that that will fix both problems. That’s why

Unknown Speaker 40:28
we want to work on it. Or in the parking lot until we get one or two Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:40
I, I hear what you’re saying. But I also think there’s certain things that we just need to get accomplished. And the board plaque one’s an easy one, we’ve got that we’ve already got that. And that can be done be done. And

Unknown Speaker 40:53
I have a problem with the board. Plaque is actually figuring out the dates, the service is going to be complicated. When you put it in the parking lot.

Unknown Speaker 41:04
She got it done and had it done for the grant. So we’re only literally taking the list that’s already in existence and utilizing it. Okay. So I don’t see that as a huge complication. Because the list already exists. And we’re not we didn’t talk about doing plaques at the last meeting and discuss that it was

Unknown Speaker 41:24
whatever it is, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 41:26
yeah. So whatever, whatever it is. So, again, I think everybody has to be heard, and then we vote on whether we’re going to take on new projects or not. And I think that’s it. We got what we got on like, currently, we would choose to table it and take a vote on what we’re going to table. That’s a decision of the board feel the whole board has done.

Unknown Speaker 41:52
Well, with a quorum, you don’t have the full

Unknown Speaker 41:54
board. Okay, with more? Yeah. Okay. But that’s okay. So I think at this point, I think we should move on forward with what we have on the agenda currently. And then we’ll we can come back and discuss where we’re at, because all I know is that we’ve been ticking off pretty pretty rarely what we’ve got. And I also think that it’s important that this is one of the things that we discussed that the beginning that should be discussed in the January meeting, what should you should projects which take

Unknown Speaker 42:33
off but will decide which is more important at the time, so you don’t have to read all of it.

Unknown Speaker 42:40
I think we should finish up a few. So if we just said let’s table the house manager to the next

Unknown Speaker 42:46
table, the pictures

Unknown Speaker 42:48
yeah, there’s really no more we can say. Right? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:52
I move that we table the discussion on the house pictures to the next week.

Unknown Speaker 42:57
Can I get a motion please? She sounds like she does.

Unknown Speaker 43:01
Say All in favor flight. Alright, moving on. A second. Sorry. I put colonies a second.

Unknown Speaker 43:10
I almost support.

Unknown Speaker 43:14
Okay, scrapbooks. Any comments

Unknown Speaker 43:18
on what just pulleys and stuff that I added home after that? So but I am interested in going in looking to see what standards there are for scrapbooking now, this for the additional pages while your pages and things like that if anybody you know, sent anything, even in the city brochures and things like that. I’ve just been highlighting those and pulling those things out. Thank you. Appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 43:57
So if you see an article in the newspaper, right, bring it Yeah, right. Yeah. All these guys are better than

Unknown Speaker 44:06
my husband.

Unknown Speaker 44:09
But he’s hold indexes. Okay, so thank you. All right, moving forward. The sign on the flowerbed.

Unknown Speaker 44:22
Did it skip this retreat?

Unknown Speaker 44:24
Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t apologize. Retreat. We do need to set up a special meeting for sort of complete the agenda on the retreat, which I personally think will take care of some of the issues that we’re talking about. Right. If we can get certain things just set in decided that retreat level that we won’t be discussing.

Unknown Speaker 44:47
Again, I disagree. For one thing, what do you want to talk about at this retreat? Number two, why can’t we do it at these meetings? That’s why we’re here.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
i Okay. Well, I think that was the whole point was just to finish the agenda on the retreat, which whenever completed, you say

Unknown Speaker 45:07
agenda of the retreat, define what you mean.

Unknown Speaker 45:11
Literally, agenda we

Unknown Speaker 45:12
ended with do you want to have? When do you want to do that?

Unknown Speaker 45:15
I would like to set it up, preferably some time just to finish what was on the overall agenda that we never completed. We stated at the Apple retreat itself that we didn’t complete everything. And that we would set up an additional I

Unknown Speaker 45:31
think it was discussed both ways, or we would try to do an enemy

Unknown Speaker 45:34
at the meeting. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 45:35
remember that great match that we said, because there was so little left, we basically got through the bylaws, I think there was one or two things left that didn’t leave many changes. They were pretty much as

Unknown Speaker 45:47
they were just like, what was rolls and

Unknown Speaker 45:50
rolls you want to Okay, I think that is something we also said to be done. I’m not sure how did how distinctly we want to define what our roles responsibilities are, because they’re not that well defined. Because they’re ad hoc we go with the flow.

Unknown Speaker 46:14
I think that’s one of the things that’s confusing for a new board member that comes on is confusing on what our roles are. When you come on to the kid. Everybody’s got a set role, and that’s where they’re at. And there’s no discussion on things.

Unknown Speaker 46:29
We’ve all been new

Unknown Speaker 46:31
disagree, I think that it would be clear if we had a set set just gone over the current roles as they’re listed now. And I didn’t get in my binder, I didn’t get a list of what what our roles specifically were, it was very, very vague

Unknown Speaker 46:52
vagueness that so each person can go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 46:55
Do you have an outline of what the agenda

Unknown Speaker 46:59
from it was just

Unknown Speaker 47:01
finished the agenda for

Unknown Speaker 47:02
just it was training, it was

Unknown Speaker 47:05
responsibilities, how to put things on the agenda. There was a couple other things, future projects, or it’s like just the very bottom of that agenda, which should be in your books.

Unknown Speaker 47:23
So it just does that sound like it’s something that we could do?

Unknown Speaker 47:29
We could take one each one of those at a meeting and answer it.

Unknown Speaker 47:32
Okay, if that’s how the board feels that we should do the chip, look at this, or, or I thought we could just get it done in a quick meeting. Or we could go to lunch and order Martini. Just saying? Well,

Unknown Speaker 47:53
there’s no you know, any agenda or schedule, we have to get this done by or we’re in trouble. I

Unknown Speaker 48:01
know, we don’t, we don’t. But I think it would be prudent if we can get it done this year before the first of the year. So when we go into my agree New Year, we are we’re going in with this accomplished in a clearer understanding and in these hadn’t been looked at for years. And so the point was just to review them and go over and have a clarification. And so they’re in the books, and they’re listed this way. I mean, it’s not. I don’t know. Right? Yeah, that that was the whole point. I don’t think it was like a the point of the retreat is to get on the same page and have the whole word in in an understanding in the work the whole thing. That’s the whole point of a retreat in the first place. And it just, I would like to at least be able to finish the agenda. Now if we want to go ahead and do that during our meeting, we can set that as our main focus for our July meeting.

Unknown Speaker 49:07
Right. I like that better. Okay. Looks at my calendars that Wednesday’s booked out.

Unknown Speaker 49:12
Okay, but a trial run. If it doesn’t go well, and it takes for burn that tells us something? And I think

Unknown Speaker 49:20
it definitely is. Let’s try to keep our comments brief.

Unknown Speaker 49:24
Okay, but I can’t I can’t guaranteed what people say that’s not distressing. Everybody should be able to state what they meant to say. And and for saying that. Oh, I’m sorry. You’ve got two minutes to draw. I don’t agree with that statement. I’m part of this is that we should be able to discuss and have an open conversation. Oh, you

Unknown Speaker 49:45
can’t but I’m just saying we should not run on

Unknown Speaker 49:47
what you might do set 30 minutes. This let’s see what we get done. Like Karen says if we’re really not getting anywhere, maybe something like that. So you have that defined time. I’m,

Unknown Speaker 50:00
I think that’s good. And then the retreat that we did try to give it, we have paper that was posted it then say, okay, we need to move on because the conversation

Unknown Speaker 50:12
said further, whatever time it is a certain time, and I’m sure that’s exactly.

Unknown Speaker 50:17
So if we could try to get through our normal agenda in 30 minutes and leave an hour to finish the,

Unknown Speaker 50:23
that would be perfect. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:24
Do you want to do that,

Unknown Speaker 50:26
that’s what I’d like to do. If that’s okay, with the rest

Unknown Speaker 50:29
of us have to exercise a little more. So all of us, you know, shot less during the old business and just kind of

Unknown Speaker 50:36
Alright, so that’s what I’ll put on the agenda for next month is we’ll try to power through and we can, we can probably limit the number of things we talk about next month, it just in general. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:46
I think because we can we can move forward. The big thing is the other thing is we have to make sure that all board members can be an agenda. That’s it’s really hard, or at least really attempt to do it. If we’re going to be looking at at doing finishing the agenda can retreat.

Unknown Speaker 51:06
And technically we only need a quorum. I mean, if we make decisions and somebody’s not present, then they just have to abide by I like that decisions.

Unknown Speaker 51:14
Okay. Without realistic under other business then.

Unknown Speaker 51:23
Alright, I’ll put it under other business. Actually, it could just be it’s actually old business you finishing several events. So I’ll put it under old business at the bottom. Okay. And I will probably add the agenda items from the retreat agenda. So it’s details and thank you. Appreciate,

Unknown Speaker 51:49
ya. Know what we’re focusing on. Exactly. Perfect. All right.

Unknown Speaker 51:58
Okay, moving on to the flowerbed. I know that we discussed it looks like it’s already planted. Did they say something? We certainly this is what

Unknown Speaker 52:06
my favorite diner in my hometown of Kenosha is motto is order what you want you to get. Okay. And there’s some budget concerns. I guess they don’t want to.

Unknown Speaker 52:22
Well, what happened? A couple of things happened. COVID happened the other night. Right? Right, right. So we ordered flowers. Parkes decided that they weren’t going to order any more flowers. So they pipe washed all of the farmers for the sign and in general. That was the first one averages the sign of the city just for the district. We’re not spending any more money on flowers. No, no more new beds. So that was the first step. Okay. And then the second step was the greenhouse without input from anybody did major substitutions on our orders because they didn’t have what we ordered. So we ended up like for instance, we ended up with dialysis instead of inpatients, we ended up with two we ended up with petunias at the flippin wazoo. And that is a technical term. petunias are hard we I mean, we love them don’t get me wrong, and we they did send waves, but they have to be deadheaded mid season, they have to be cut back, or by the time you get to some December they look like sticks with one flower on top. So we ended up with Diantha switch also has to be deadheaded aggressively, or it won’t re bloom because once I emphasize blooms, it turns brown and dies and goes to seed. So diathesis isn’t a pain. petunias are a pain. So we ended up with mega substitutions. We also ended up with different size plants in the orders. So in other words, we usually start with a begonia that’s about that big. Our big thing is that big our diaper but listen, is that big. We didn’t get any perennials, not a single cranial Oh, so So what happened is so Sandro grow just planted what they had, literally, I mean, and they do the best they could with what they have now, and I haven’t had time to circle back which is still in my list of to do’s to circle back. They did try. Elisa did try to call wholesale growers and find the many Hostas she didn’t have any luck. So the next step is for me to go to flower bin and see what I can find and pull out some of the annuals put in the hostas. I also buy some more keen Coleus because instead of sending us whatever number we ordered individual reasonably sized plants they sent us a third as many enormous plants so we’re we’ve got A colles. So I’m going to go by impatience, I’m going to go by King coleus. Probably not this week, but next week or the week after, we’ll all go look for the many houses. I’ve already been there. And yeah, so but, but it still takes time to get them to purchase live and, and the gardener disagrees with our plan to put them around the outside. She thinks they should be around the inside. I’m just saying. So I’ve got some I’ve got work to do. Yeah, I’ve got I’ve got some work to do. It’s still in process. There. But we’re going to bacon burger which you want to eat, which again, we’re doing the best we can. So then certainly, no annual planting is going to survive past first of October. So it’s, yeah, we’ll get her done.

Unknown Speaker 55:57
Okay, with all that information in the definite pain in the petition

Unknown Speaker 56:07
to get what you’re saying, So, but how is it that that is a new bed when it’s it’s not?

Unknown Speaker 56:19
It’s a new bed from two parts perspective. Yeah, they haven’t. They haven’t ever planted it before. So it went for two years with with an attempt on the part of the board and Kathy, to plant perennials and because of COVID, and all that stuff, we literally said we’ll do it in the spring. And so now what we’ll do in the fall, right, and we said we’ll do the spring, so we’ll do it in the fall. Right. So so this was the first year that we asked them to, to buy flowers for that bed. Okay, so from their perspective, it’s a new bed.

Unknown Speaker 56:53
Because just screened for my perspective, two years that beds

Unknown Speaker 57:00
well, and last year pro brought leftover flowers from their resources and planted it for free. Okay, so last year, Rose said, oh, you know that that should have flowers in it. We have some leftovers. How about if we just bring whatever we haven’t planted? Okay. And I said, and she said, They’re free, and then I gotta build from grow. And they and I said, Excuse me, Amanda. How do you know Anna told me these were leftovers and she just wanted to plan it and they were free. So they just scratched the bill. So honestly, it’s it’s just work in progress.

Unknown Speaker 57:33
Okay, okay. I saw five minutes was gonna get through.

Unknown Speaker 57:39
We met for 75 plus years with no sign and I have a beautiful sign. Right? Yeah. So we saw lots of progress. Yeah. I haven’t either. I finally cut my roses back. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:11
Okay, okay. She wants to do the can of worms. I was

Unknown Speaker 58:17
I thought was blessed in order to

Unknown Speaker 58:25
work in my kitchen. All right. So moving on to the open houses, and I only put the open houses that are really coming up that we got to do I can run on the agenda for a while. And is everybody planning on being at the delight? Open? sighs

Unknown Speaker 58:48
I don’t think we need a full staff. You don’t sit down? It’s the 27th from 530 to 730. I did put it on everybody’s calendars last night. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t expect the volume to be that high. I think three people would be plenty. Okay. Well, I’m going to be here. So I guess I’m one

Unknown Speaker 59:16
here for it. Here’s the deal. Could this be one of those things that if we all show up and it’s we want to some of us can go home? And

Unknown Speaker 59:27
we can just mosey around and talk to people.

Unknown Speaker 59:29
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, just at work. So everyone.

Unknown Speaker 59:33
Yeah. And everyone who can everyone who came? This is right. On. Yep. Yeah, we’re having an open house.

Unknown Speaker 59:41
It’s gonna be advertised at Facebook. It’s gonna be advertised in constant contact. It’ll be on our website. It’s not yet but it will be and it starts at 530 There’s no prep work. You can walk in the door at 530. And I guess nobody shows up or heavy in session.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
But we can’t talk about any business though. Okay, all right on to.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:19
Okay, um, I started to you know, review some of my notes from other artists. I did look at the website and when you gave me I was gonna ask you I noticed she lives in Chicago. Is she

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
planning on coming out? She actually lives here in LA. Oh, can that confuse me? She does. That’s she’s teacher. She’s works for bowling alleys.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
I don’t want to estimate the flyer.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
No, no, no, she is She actually lives in Longmont. They’re there. They’re new and she wants to be in Buckhead. And I said, I wanted to wait and ask you that. Yeah, I apologize. Because, yeah, yeah, it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
not a problem. I just wanted to clarify that. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Again, I like to keep it to four. I think over the years, we’ve had different numbers of artists here, but it’s too crowded with four is perfect. You get when you turn it on here, you’re not nuts, right? Perfect number. I’m open to suggestions. But I do have quite a few cards. So people I can call but anybody who has a friend or somebody you want to recommend, just let me know.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
Okay, and are you looking for specific mediums for for the for

Unknown Speaker 1:01:23
you like to try any as wildlife? Okay, so get one. This one looks like a watercolor maybe. Okay, so, photography. We have our I don’t know why this would cover again. He’s like, we’ve had him here twice. I tried. I also thought,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
well, I know a lot of work to get his stuff. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:41
So yeah. So please, do give me a holler.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
So what happened in the paper

Unknown Speaker 1:01:47
dresses? Oh, I know. She wants to come. I have a paper dress line.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:51
We do gorgeous. We do have a paper dress lineup. I

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
showed you the picture.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
We were gonna go there all set and everything’s good to go. Year. And I will talk to Ted Brunson about playing in the garden. Okay, I’ll take it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:14
The other thing if somebody did a cold site art that could be the fifth outside. If they had something that you’ve set up, I’m sorry. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
We still have the card for that person that came with all the metal stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:27
I started saying, Hey, do you check with

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
the garden? Was it like garden? It was like metal art. The big thing is, so do you get in contact with the artists now and so they have time?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43
Memorial weekend and then I’ll be they have done they’ll have plenty of time. I will find this picture eventually you can keep talking around.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
I’ll talk to Doug Brinson. She’s looking for that and working on artists. That is all hands on deck. For that

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
I will be at what time anyway,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:02
that’s fine. Oh, that’s so cool. This is your

Unknown Speaker 1:03:09
paper dress. I can pass this around if you guys can’t see. But it’s beautiful that I already she is interested in coming one caller hopefully nothing has changed. But we could put her in the lobby or we could

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
find I think we should put it in the bride’s room right across.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:31
Is the bride’s room would be afraid Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:33
Or where people can’t?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:35
Yeah. Well, and then also keeps people off the balcony.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
Well, you think people recognize that and that they’re not supposed to touch things? And don’t get it in the in the public museums. The bells going on? All right, so

Unknown Speaker 1:03:56
quarter four would be fine. And we’re not gonna open the door. So four o’clock. So

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
just like last time? Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:04
We’ll do the setup sheet. And I will figure out when the setup is but not yet in the domain on that. So we do it at noon, or do we have it right before? And I think before right before Yeah, cuz otherwise,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:14
you gotta come in and leave and then come back. Right? And I like to break before the artists like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
Was Ours. So the whole thing if Artwalk is four to eight, and the setup will probably 230 to 330. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30
that doesn’t I’ll go look at the tapes. We

Unknown Speaker 1:04:32
did. We did it. We did. Just three or four. Yeah, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
I think it was three or four I think restore. Yeah. They were right here.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
I’ll put it on the calendar. Artworks already on the calendar I put this, but we don’t need everybody for the setup. In fact, I would prefer to didn’t come to the sunrise. So I’m being I think probably 245 to 345 so that we’re

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
like, alright, we should come in 13425 a little bit early. So

Unknown Speaker 1:05:02
we’re here before the

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03
crowd. All right. Okay. Well, thank you. And we’ll keep in touch on which artists you choose. And I’m excited to hear. Okay. Okay, we kind of jumped ahead on a business. Sorry with the discussion. We had discussed at the last meeting, under new business about the board members wall acknowledgement. At the last meeting, we talked about having plaques or not having box it was discussed. And I am in agreement with Connie, that I think plaques are too cumbersome, that take up too much space. They’re expensive and too hard to update. And they’re really hard to update. I think that if we do a paper version, it still accomplishes the same thing that who’s worked on it, we can update it very quickly. Because we already have an existing list. It’s literally just putting it in a nice frame. So it’s nice. and whatnot. Yeah, so it looks in acknowledges the work and commitment put in my

Unknown Speaker 1:06:14
and this is saved as a file so that you can add new names to it just right.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:22
But I think we just don’t put dates on the current board members until we know how long they’re Yes, that’s right.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:30
But a starting date, or start with just a start date. And we just go with what we’ve got in the past. And then as we as the board members that I agree with coming. I think the clocks are too cumbersome, that too expensive. And

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
actually, I just that discussion, but yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:51
So so so that was an I agree with it. I agree. I just think it’s it’s a better idea in general. And thankfully keep

Unknown Speaker 1:06:59
it as a file. It’s so easy to update. Yeah. And I would like to be

Unknown Speaker 1:07:03
the person who keeps the file so that when we lose board members, we don’t we don’t lose continuity. Yeah. I don’t want to ever be the person to have to try and recreate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:12
No, oh, gosh,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:13
no. I don’t believe in recreating the wheel. So you don’t have to?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:18
Yeah. You can do beautiful things with word. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:25
we just put it in the same. Well, we’ve not been around that long that we have a huge frame with. But but you know, we can keep it to find class to see but you know, I think that’s a better idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:48
Okay, moving right

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
ahead. onto future agenda items. I think we’re still pushed back.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:58
I do have one other business. Okay. I actually have two. What’s up, we’ve been kind of highlighting houses and stuff that kind of look like ours. And I was brought to my attention that in Kalispell, Montana. There’s a house called the Conrad house and it’s owned by the city of Kalispell, so, I just wanted to highlight that so if anybody was interested they could go take a look at it with a field trip it was given to the Kalispell Montana by the Conrad family. Council. l i s p e l l Flathead Lake in Montana.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:45
Yes, it’s a beautiful place to go again. Cherries

Unknown Speaker 1:08:53
so I just thought I’d mentioned that and the other thing is we did receive a really lovely thank you note from candy Elmore coming up from the about the board’s tea

Unknown Speaker 1:09:08
at Yellowstone Yeah, we just kind of autographs well maybe we could ride a horse representative Dr. O. Jin fly right into those room deals, so yeah. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
This is from candy cane after our last board meeting. It’s beautiful. Yeah. Oh, and it’s Columbine. Beautiful. And it says, greetings to my dear Callahan house friends. Thank you for the fabulous tea last Sunday, the food was delicious. But more importantly, it was great to spend time with all of you and to see many old friends from the past that I had served on previous sports with. It was great to catch up. I miss you all and want to know if you need something. I am available to help. Take care. And thank you again. Candy. Nice. Oh, that’s cool. That’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:36
She read it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:38
Thank you. Nice. All right. So we have no other business on to the house restoration and preservation projects. Okay, I think we just keep that this as a future agenda item, we can discuss the size. Yeah, from walking around and doing the walkthrough, which I think was a good thing for the room by room tour guide. And though we won’t walk through everything, it’s good to have an eyes on type of thing. And then I think maybe we just scheduled that as a yearly thing that we just do a walk through and look at, at as a board. So we are just really seeing stuff. And it’s interesting, because one person might see something and the other person doesn’t and pointing that out. And I’m like, Oh, I didn’t notice that. So maybe we look at it, in the sense of doing a walkthrough once a year, scheduled on and keep a list that way. I think. I think that’s, that’s more

Unknown Speaker 1:11:47
productive way to handle. Yeah. Because I would like to see a list of everything, you know, yeah, sure. That’s on it. That doesn’t mean you have to start doing it right now. No, I don’t think that caught the attention of people.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
I won’t put everything in my mental list on a list.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:04
Yeah, that’s, that would be helpful. So honestly, because we can’t be in your brain and we can’t be in there and say which file cabinets in? So I think that would be helpful. And I think the reality of it. And the whole purpose of that is not to say that we’re going to do it right away, or that we’re aware of it. We can right project to get funding

Unknown Speaker 1:12:34
that says we don’t waste time talking about something that’s already on the list. That’s right. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:41
Okay, and then

Unknown Speaker 1:12:44
Kathy, you put this on the agenda of the 2023 open houses or gentleman,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:50
the the thought process I had in my notes that we wanted to discuss at the first meeting of the year, the open houses for the year. So that’s we don’t really have the attention of these. It’s not really to discuss them in the meeting, but just to not lose sight of the fact that at some future point, if and if we know it, we’ll put it on there. And then we want to discuss these things.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:11
I think that’s I think that’s comes in with the retreat, one of the things that we talked about as we wanted to have a game plan in January, that the board decides that this is what we’re doing. And then we can move forward

Unknown Speaker 1:13:25
well, and just so you understand the the intention for the open houses was never to let them interfere with a potential revenue generating event. Because we rely on that revenue to just keep the house running altogether. So Artwalk although we’ve we’ve kind of violated that with our block in the December open house. The intention for the rest of the open houses was for them to be somewhat fluid, and move if we actually got an opportunity to do revenue on a given day. So

Unknown Speaker 1:13:55
I agree, but I think it’s a balance, I’d absolutely I don’t think that the house is pure attention was ever meant to be just to generate revenue, I understand that we have to generate in revenue. The realism is we have to generate revenue in order for us to exist, but it’s got to be balanced, that we’re still open to the public that we’re doing, what we what was the, the intent of the house, and to keep it balanced. That’s why I think we discussed at the beginning of the year, we set a game plan and we go with it, it can’t be trumped. But it’s uh, that’s about

Unknown Speaker 1:14:33
my only point is if we set it if we just put a date, schedule and say we’re going to do a July open house on this date, if there’s an opportunity for revenue that we need to be fluid enough to move it to a different date and to arrange.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:47
I don’t think anybody I don’t think anybody is is going to be I would hope no one’s not able Do you see pastor? Right? I think it’s about once. I agree,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:04
I agree. I think we need to decide on a number of open houses and the general time for them. I just don’t think in January that we have the oversight to pick a date and stick with it. It has to be when people call and they want an event on this date, it’s not always flexible. So we lose the event if we aren’t flexible enough to move our open

Unknown Speaker 1:15:27
house to a different rate, plus an open house, just an open house without Artwalk. Without Christmas, right. It doesn’t take a lot of planning.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:35
No. I agree that I also think we’re losing opportunities to run certain things on having certain events with with within the Longmont downtown development. I think it’s going to be a measure of okay. And I think we can set things on the calendar in in July in January, and, and work with those dates and try to have those things set up. I’m not talking about having an event every weekend, we are talking about just looking over at the overall calendar and picking certain dates and putting things on there. And then having them kind of set like what we did

Unknown Speaker 1:16:18
with the Senate or the House. I think that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:16:21
a good idea. And I think those are the type of things that we still have to meet the overall purpose of a house, it’s a balance isn’t this perhaps was not given, just

Unknown Speaker 1:16:33
bear in mind that the grounds are always open daylight. So you know, it’s just a matter of letting people wander through the house. But people can come to these grounds as long as they’re not pretty reserved for a wedding. There it’s a park, not a park, life Park,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
it’s not a park i

Unknown Speaker 1:16:58
I’m going to

Unknown Speaker 1:17:00
respectfully disagree on certain aspects that I still think we have to keep the overall intention or intent of what the gift was for. And it wasn’t given to the city just to be a wedding venue.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:14
It is a balance.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:16
I know we have to have

Unknown Speaker 1:17:18
the revenue flow rate

Unknown Speaker 1:17:21
and other events, but it is a balancing act. And I think if we get certain things on the calendar, then they’re in place and we can work with them. And yes, I believe with the flexibility that we absolutely have to change something fine. But that it if they’re not on the calendar. And I don’t I don’t think it’s too much to look at the overall your calendaring system and everything else.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:49
I agree. I just think we need to be flexible enough to we get a revenue opportunity and it’s not going to matter if it’s win this or that. Right and and the downtown answer mostly Fridays and Saturdays. And those are dates that are key dates for revenue events. Yes. And the intention the deed and intention of the house is to keep it open for the club’s we can’t do that if we don’t have revenue.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:14
I agree. Again, I’m not

Unknown Speaker 1:18:16
saying that we don’t do revenue that

Unknown Speaker 1:18:17
that isn’t one exam at all. That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:18:20
nowhere on on the table. Flexible Yes. It’s being able to put it on the calendar and look and plan and then if we only choose to do one during the summer and we pick a certain date and then that falls on a Friday and we stick to it. And that’s the only Friday of the whole summer that we do anything I don’t think that’s about

Unknown Speaker 1:18:45
that we can just set something in January

Unknown Speaker 1:18:48
well and the other thing I would say is not everybody else’s calendar to shut in January right so we I think we can put a stake in the ground but I don’t think we’re gonna have a viewpoint of everything that’s going on downtown in January

Unknown Speaker 1:19:03
and needs to be flexible I’ve said people we advertise on Facebook people see it and they don’t plant six months ahead boy I’m going to put an open house it’s like an old town there’s no one else that’s cool. Yeah, me too.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:18
I understand that but I also know we’re going to plan I know they have big events like with like with the city when they plan Vince like rhythm on the river they don’t just not plan that so so if we’re going to be able to do stuff like that or if we choose to do something like that we need to be able to plan if we get a big

Unknown Speaker 1:19:39
event Yeah, well well think advance you’re gonna get planned way in advance and they’re gonna stay off of Fridays and Saturdays they’re gonna probably be a sled a you know, like our ice cream social media. That is a Sunday.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:50
Well, but we haven’t done that. And I mean, do we want to stick with ice cream social I mean, that’s that’s one of those things is hydroset Is that some

Unknown Speaker 1:19:58
I just use that as anytime

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
Come on. Okay. That’s all we’ll be discussing January. Yeah. So we can stop this. Yeah. All right. Moving. Moving along. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:11
Yeah. Okay, that’s where I’m going. Okay, so we are, we’ve gone through it all guys and all right. So can I get a motion for adjournment? Please? I have just like one

Unknown Speaker 1:20:25
quick thought, well, so the July meeting, let’s plan it so that we do a quick through the agenda and work on the bullet points from the from the trouble that just make that a goal. Anybody talks to one we

Unknown Speaker 1:20:38
kind of will have a time just like what we get. Okay, so can I have a motion? Please?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:48
I move we adjourn in a second. Because, so

Unknown Speaker 1:21:04
we’re having a meeting here that

Unknown Speaker 1:21:08
pologize for not being I just saw that. And I don’t know why because I’ve read through the notes. Let’s

Unknown Speaker 1:21:16
it should be.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:18
Well, the three of us