Library Board Meeting – January 24, 2022

Video Description: Library Board Meeting – January 24, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Okay, got it. So I ordered more,

Unknown Speaker 0:04
what kind of masks are there?

Unknown Speaker 0:06
They are can 95. So you’re the ones that do that whole kind of fake program that started out as a bit of a fiasco. So what they did is they sent an email to most directors, but not all in Colorado, they actually sent one to me, but it’s an email address that I’ve never had. So I don’t know how they got that. And then they made a list of all the libraries in Colorado that supposedly had masks to hand out, even though half of them had never heard of it before. And then they published the list, both in a press release, and they, you know, talked about it on Colorado Public Radio, and etc. And most of us were like, Oh, nice, we’re supposed to have these masks that we don’t have. So we were actually lucky, we weren’t on the initial list, because libraries that who were on the list really had people who were angry at them. Although most of them, if they didn’t have masks, it’s because they found out about it at the same time as the public. So luckily, I will say that the state regrouped really quickly, because within two days, we had lots of masks. So this is the original form, it looked like someone had just thrown this together, because the original form really had no information on it. We filled out one of those form data, things and it it even had like three lines for addresses. And if you didn’t have it, if you didn’t need all three lines, it didn’t matter, you had to fill other stuff in. So I filled out the whole library address and then put like, Have a nice day and then something else. So we did get a whole bunch of masks. They are very small. They are an adult standard size. They’re coming in, they come in at three ama package, but they’re made in China. And they are similar to other kn 95, except that the straps are super short, like the ear straps, and not particularly stretchy. So larger adults are not finding them to be really useful. They fit tweens and teens. Great. So if we end up with extras, if it goes on for a while and we’re ending up with extras, I will probably contact this some schools and see if they are interested in them. Because we’ve we’ve found that older tweens and teens, they fit really well. So

Unknown Speaker 2:25
And currently, because I teach it Indian Peaks, what we have are, you know the disposable ones.

Unknown Speaker 2:32
Yeah. Those two, but these are the can.

Unknown Speaker 2:34
Those are the good ones. I think that that if we do if

Unknown Speaker 2:39
we do have extras, I will make sure that I let schools No. Because they do run small. And we had a couple of staff members that tried them on their, their upper elementary kids and the IRS that your pieces fit at the mass for today. So okay, so small adults and teens, they’re really good for your basic average adult can wear them but your ears hurt.

Unknown Speaker 3:05
Because we use them at school. And so they’re just

Unknown Speaker 3:07
really short. So yes, we we’ve seen people sitting there stretching them yet, but it’s still nice to have them and they did send us also some disposal disposable masks that are much nicer than the ones we have now. They sent them they actually are a they’re not a surgical mask, but they’re called a medical procedure mask. Okay, they’re there. They’re white. They’re thicker and softer than those disposable blue ones. Okay, so we do have some of those if people need those as well. So good. It’s been good. We have met all of our public services desk we also have in our computer lab, for folks that often come in who often are not connected to the internet. No. Yeah. Come in. So we started out hitting a couple at a time except that people need more we give them more people have larger families are some of our folks who are experiencing homelessness, etc. Who who asked for we just give them more so

Unknown Speaker 4:01
yeah, no, I went in. I believe it was Friday. That was the day that the

Unknown Speaker 4:07
Yeah, we got him like really late Thursday. I think we put him out Friday.

Unknown Speaker 4:11
Okay, yeah. So I actually there was a couple there homebound. And these. I just took some over because they had Yeah, the person that they have working had come over before but they were out. And then he had to. Yeah, yeah, the good leave. And so he couldn’t be there. And so I’m like, you know, I’ll just take them to you.

Unknown Speaker 4:31
That’s a good idea, though. We should send some out with our home with our volunteers that delivered to the hometown. Yes. And some like them. That’s a good idea. Yeah. It was nice. We have been able to pick that practice back up, even though we didn’t do it at the beginning of COVID. But

Unknown Speaker 4:49
yeah, I drop it in my ziplock bag and yeah, gloves on.

Unknown Speaker 4:54
Yeah, we have a we have quite a few patrons that deliver to that. Expect homebound deliveries and value them. And then we have some volunteers that who really miss delivering, so they can’t quite sit down and chat like they used to. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 5:08
yeah, but it’s still.

Unknown Speaker 5:10
Do we have a vice president?

Unknown Speaker 5:14
I think we should get the meeting started. I agree.

Unknown Speaker 5:18
Okay, we’re given up.

Unknown Speaker 5:20
Well, Mark can get it or not yet.

Unknown Speaker 5:22
So just I want to just confirm we’re all good with that.

Unknown Speaker 5:25
Yeah, go ahead and kick it off.

Unknown Speaker 5:27
I figure it’s worth waiting. 15 minutes for somebody, but I was

Unknown Speaker 5:31
gonna say, Yeah, we gave him let’s get let’s get moving. All right. Well, I’m calling the meeting to order then it’s 7:14pm. That everyone have that same time? Yep. Okay. And, Cynthia, are you taking notes or who? You are? All right. Hold on. I had the agenda pulled up. Have we? Did anybody have any changes to last month’s agenda?

Unknown Speaker 5:59
Oh, that we’re, we’re not there yet. Oh, shoot. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 6:03
I’m pulling up as we speak then. Oh, hold up. Yeah, me windows.

Unknown Speaker 6:09
Welcome, Susie. Here we go. That’s

Unknown Speaker 6:11
the kickoff. I apologize. sake. I was not on my game here. I wasn’t quite ready to take to step in. Sorry. So welcome, Susie. We’re very excited to have you. I I think that last time we were in person you were going to attend but then something happened or got like your meeting?

Unknown Speaker 6:35
Let me tell you. So it was a one of our we had to have a special meeting. Did not have we canceled the meeting on Tuesday. So there were just some things that we had to get through. So we had a council meeting. Okay, tonight is actually our legislative meeting with the state representatives. So I’m going to have to get I’m like, No, I’m not missing the library board. And then we’re like, I have to log out at 830. So I can get on to that one. So

Unknown Speaker 7:02
extra get started.

Unknown Speaker 7:05
Yes, but No, I need to be here. I don’t have anything scripted, or. But I’m Susie, the algo. Fairy representative for ward three and are your new liaison.

Unknown Speaker 7:17
We are really excited that you’re an educator. That’s awesome.

Unknown Speaker 7:21
Yeah, I also had a question for you, you you chose this is your the this is the one you wanted more than any other.

Unknown Speaker 7:28
He was a high priority. For me. I think the first one the second one. Just because, you know, I teach at a title one school I’ve been in the profession for 28 years. The work that we’ve done, you know, in our classrooms and the you know, just my dependence on the library, our students dependence on the library has been essential throughout my entire career. So so I just I felt like I had some expertise to help bring to the table as well as you know, hopefully to be a strong advocate for for the library and great I’m excited to be a part of it.

Unknown Speaker 8:07
We’re happy to have you here and I apologize for not seeing that that was our first item on the agenda but I’m excited to meet you Okay, so um public comments did we end up that person ended up being mark right so we have no mark we have no idea I

Unknown Speaker 8:21
have no public we have no mark. I can’t tell them I told them to choose another he I know he has more than one email. I told him to choose another login. So he should be able to get into the other if the other one is stuck in cyberspace somewhere he should.

Unknown Speaker 8:36
So I’ve never had that happen. Okay. All right. Well, now on to approval of the minutes from December 20. Did anyone have any changes they wanted to see made? once going twice, I move that way. Yeah, these are very extensive meeting minutes. Nicely done if we have no changes. That’s impressive work. Okay, can I so you move to approve the minutes Scott.

Unknown Speaker 9:05
I did. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 9:06
is there a second?

Unknown Speaker 9:09
Here you’re gonna have to second okay.

Unknown Speaker 9:11
Hi, second what is there a rule Oh, cuz like I was

Unknown Speaker 9:16
I wasn’t there you I

Unknown Speaker 9:19
wrote um, and Susie wasn’t there okay, that’s me. There we go. i You did that math really fast, Katie. Good job. All right. With it, excellent. Okay, the minutes are approved. And now I’m only gonna go back between pictures. Okay. reports and information items. Library Director reports me Okay, got us. Um,

Unknown Speaker 9:40
several things and some some things fall into other categories. And I’ll follow the minutes follow the attendance status disorder purchase. We are purchasing a huge machine that large, automated materials handler we have made a decision on which vendor I’m not supposed to say it out loud because the contract is not finalized through purchasing yet. But we are very happy with our decision we did call other we really had a tight race between two vendors for this multi 100, you know, hundreds of 1000s of dollars products. So we did contact quite a few libraries for references just to see. They looked they looked equal on paper by talking to folks who have actually used them makes makes a big difference. And, and they didn’t, they did have some different things to say about them in terms of customer service, etc. So becoming shortly actually, it’ll take about 12 weeks probably because of supply chain delays. But when that happens, we’ll have a lot of growing efficiencies in the way that we process our materials. So I’m happy to say that we have newly hired a couple of staff members we do finally have a new PR and marketing person who’s actually not new to the city it but how you write Meyer is going to come from from the city’s PR department and be part of our library’s PR and marketing efforts, which is awesome. And she’ll be starting very shortly to replace Teresa Meyers that’s been gone since last April. So we have really missed having a dedicated PR and marketing person.

Unknown Speaker 11:11
So his question is she going to be full time.

Unknown Speaker 11:15
It’s quarter time, just the same way Teresa was She’s three quarters time with the library and a quarter of her time is with the city manager’s office. So she’s still the one that’ll be doing city line City Talk. Some of those things, but 75% of her time will be in the library.

Unknown Speaker 11:29
Hmm. You know if if it comes down to you are hurled who’s gonna win that one right.

Unknown Speaker 11:36
Now, I think I feel confident that that will be fine. So alright, um,

Unknown Speaker 11:42
can I go back to a quick question about the young getting fast enough, I was unmuting to actually shut down for some period of time when now happens? Nope. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 11:52
continue to because this is going to just automate the processes that we are now doing by hand, we will just do them by hand until it’s up. So no, we’ll have it we’ll have a little bit of inconvenience. And there’s a little construction that has to be done in the circulation area, we have to you know, cut a few holes in the wall because they have these injection points that look kind of like a bank teller, etc. But we’re so used to construction now that we we don’t plan to blink when that happens. So it’ll be fine. It just takes a little while because of like I said supply chain things like everything else now. So hopefully, hopefully that’ll get in sooner rather than later. So we have another newly hired staff member, we have a computer lab coordinator that we had kind of created out of two other positions that were no longer being used. So tenocytes si te ES is her name. She’s been working as a temp employee, she is finishing up her library degree, she has mad technical skills and has a great deal of compassion for the folks who are struggling who to use computers in our computer lab. So we’re looking forward to have her coordinate things our computer lab is definitely moving, we are making progress in that area. If you go up on our second floor, you’ll see an area as you go up to the top of the steps toward the reference desk and make a right toward the south end of the building, you’ll see an area that looks like it’s held torn up because it is and we took we took some old so called compact shelving out there compact shelving is actually that enormous shelving that moves on rails, and all that we finally got all of it down except the rails which apparently are embedded in the concrete. So so the bad part about that is they have to be kind of sawn out of the concrete. So we can carpet that area of the floor and use that as a lab. The good part is if you can call it that is that we just found out at well, probably two weeks ago that our carpet project and repair project for our second floor is going to start happening pretty soon. So we didn’t think we you know, according to the plan, we knew it could be anywhere between 2022 and 2026. We’re happy to have it sooner rather than later. I feel that we’re we’re pretty like I said we’re we’re pretty used to two construction projects, we do not expect the same level of infrastructure issues on the second floor that we experienced on the first floor. And for those of you who are here, it was a six month long project that should have been a short relatively short carpeting project. We don’t expect it to be that bad. And once again with supply chain issues, the carpet that we ordered is a little bit late coming in we look at this project probably happening mostly in the month of March and it’ll affect the upstairs of the library. So at different points there will be different parts of the upstairs of the library blocked off some top some folks are going to put some things on hold it won’t affect anything downstairs, nothing in children’s lobby, etc. But we will have some more grinding and crack repairs and things. We don’t know the extent of the cracking upstairs until the carpet squares come off. We looked at a lot of them. Several of us on staff who have too much curiosity pried up a lot of carpet squares with butter knives to see what was underneath to see if we had the same cracking. And there are quite a few cracks, but they don’t appear to be or they didn’t appear to be at the time, as severe as the one that’s downstairs. So I asked one of the construction guys that stopped in today I said, you know, are we still winning? Do we still have the worst cracks? Or is Safety and Justice building worse than ours? They’re in there now. And they said no, we still win. Safety and Justice building has quite a few cracks on the first floor, but they did not extend to the second floor. So then construction crews, same carpet folks say movers. And so we will the staff will be using carts from the professional movers. But doing a lot of the moving of the materials ourselves, we found that it’s just easier in the long run because we know how to keep them in order when we move them and not try and put it back together like a puzzle whose pieces have spilled on the floor. So it will be some work for staff. But you know, we still we are we are we have a lot of increased traffic over what we had for quite a while. But we still aren’t up to our full amount of traffic in the building. So it probably is a better time to do it. Then post COVID, where we hope we’ll have our full complement of books back. So I feel that we’ve been able to take advantage of these construction projects to be able to move some things that that are much nicer moved by professional movers, including a bunch of shelving, etc. So it’s allowed us to do some rearranging, it’s allowed us to create the team space downstairs. And now it’ll allow us to create a computer lab, a very spacious computer lab area upstairs, which we are still planning to surround with those glass panels. So it will not be bricks and mortar walls, but it will have a surround to it. And we’re

Unknown Speaker 16:53
looking at some creative ways to handle the power and data for that area. And one of the products we’re looking into that I wanted to use for like five years is, it looks like a roll of tape. But it’s super, super wafer thin power that you can put right under your carpet squares. So it’s really cool. So I’m looking at that. Mark says, not having any luck starting meeting without me. I’ll see it later on YouTube. Okay. One second. He has a different computer, he doesn’t need a different computer, he needs a different login. Let’s see. Other than that, so later on, but you’re still experiencing some issues with kind of goes up and down with folks who don’t want to wear masks in the building. So that’s still been something that’s been plaguing staff a bit. We spend a lot of time calling people around telling them to put their masks on. One person asked to speak with the director last week. And he said there’s some women that’s following me around and she’s she’s just looking for people that don’t have masks on us. That’s her job. That’s sort of our security attendants. So still still battling that a little bit. So other than that, I think things are going as well as could be expected. We’ve had a lot of staff out this week, not as bad. The previous two weeks, we had a lot of staff out who either had COVID or had been exposed. So at one point, I don’t know about a week and a half ago, I think we had 12 people out. So

Unknown Speaker 18:31
that was my question, because my school has just been on skeleton crew, as you’ve had, I’m sure you’ve heard and I was just wondering how you manage like what you know, is and

Unknown Speaker 18:42
we’ve been, we’ve been so careful that you know, we’ve had only we’ve had a lot of folks that have contracted COVID over this almost two year span, we’ve had only two that weren’t sure where they got it, everyone else got it somewhere else other than the library. So we have been really rigid since the beginning on the sanitizing the hand washing, the distancing the masks, etc. And I think, you know, we take so many precautions, I think it’s for the most part it’s paid off. So we’ve still had to have some people isolate who’ve been next to people. But we’ve really tried to take a lot of take as many precautions as we can you know with with Omicron it’s kind of Who knows why just keep we keep encouraging people if you so much as simple please stay home.

Unknown Speaker 19:26
Yeah. What is your contingency plan if you get down to just too few staff like what’s you know,

Unknown Speaker 19:32
we’ve we’ve had that we had that brief, we had that briefly and children’s about a week and a half ago and we did some juggling with with who’s at the desk, we went down to one person in the back one person only at the desk. You know, we have contingent we had backups from other departments if it really got to that and there were a few days we when we were down by two hours a day in the children’s department. So we just we’re just doing the best we can Luckily, we’ve not, you know, knock on wood, we’ve not been out so many people that we can’t cover. So we’re just a little thinly covered sometimes. So, yeah, I’m glad for you, though, that we did have to have, we had to have some custodial help, because one of our custodians was out for a few weeks. And so we’ve had, we’ve had some issues like everybody else, but luckily, our frontline staff has done knock on wood, once again, has done extremely well. So and I know that that you know, they have new studies saying plexiglass doesn’t help. I think it helps. I think it helps actually both probably the common cold blue stuff, if not COVID. So doing the best we can and we’re all I feel like you know, one of our employees held up her hands and she said she feels like she’s, you know, every pore she has is full of Lysol and sanitizer. So I think that’s probably true.

Unknown Speaker 20:48
It’s a great team effort.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
If you have a question going back up the one security issues. I also want to give a caveat, I have a sick baby crying in the background, little now. So if I’m making faces, it’s not what anyone’s saying. Let’s see. So there’s still some issues with masking. Last meeting, we talked more about other security incidences, just an uptick overall, Are you still seeing that overall,

Unknown Speaker 21:15
we have as far as probably the amount of incidents, although I will say since last month, the incidents have been a lot more minor on their in their scale. So it’s just you know, a lot of it this month has just been that we do have still continued winter influx of folks experiencing homelessness and mental illness. And I guess the difference between now and between a couple years ago is that we used to have more kind of a bevy of regulars that we would get to know and that would, that would make things go more smoothly as we got to know them, and they got to know us and what the rules were, etc. And now it seems like we just have new folks every day. So I would say that this month, we’ve had far fewer incidents that are really combative. We’ve had more just this past week, it’s been more folks that are carrying a lot of stuff, as in multiple suitcases, bags, etc. And having to find places to stash them. So I’m still lots of incidents, but I would say this month, it’s been more normal incidents, that sometimes just usually just require a conversation. Is that the better than last month?

Unknown Speaker 22:28
And is the Hope Center right hope? Am I getting that? Right?

Unknown Speaker 22:32
The approach shelters open?

Unknown Speaker 22:33
Is it open? Like overlapping hours? Are they staggered? Like are people kind of not? You

Unknown Speaker 22:40
know, it’s there? Well, I mean, there are there are folks who who will go use the shelter, I will say that, you know, we have a lot of contact with the good folks at the home shelter. And the folks that we see currently are not the same crowd that they’re getting at the shelter, and that the shelters crowd has been more predictable and stable, then has ours. So they’ve had they’ve had more of the regulars and more of the regulars that we used to see, okay, you just we just have a lot of new people. But that’s not at all unusual in January for public libraries where it’s cold either. So Right. And luckily, we you know, we do have this is something we do have a full time. Passive advisor, we did not have that when I got here, we just had one, part time one. So we are covered not every hour, that library is open, but we are covering more hours. So it is really helpful. It’s not that the staff don’t handle incidents on their own they do. But it is really helpful to have someone who really maintains our database of our incidents and is Jake is fabulous. He’s really amazing. And, you know, he can recognize people, it’s easy, it’s hard with masks, he can recognize people just by the way they walk. So he’s a he’s just someone walk up with like a mask. And it had pulled down, you know, in a black hoodie, and sweatpants. And he’s like, Oh, I know who that is from their walk. So. So just just keeping an eye on things and developing in, he’s developed some really good relationships with both of our patrons. So that’s helpful.

Unknown Speaker 24:12
I remember reading about some libraries actually having like social workers on site, I would love

Unknown Speaker 24:17
it. If we had the space. I’ve actually offered to sacrifice one of our study rooms, I would love to but most of them, but most libraries do have this. They don’t necessarily hire a social worker using library funds, but they offer to how as a social worker from an area agency or social workers. So it is a wonderful thing. Many libraries do it large and small now, and it’s it’s a wonderful resource for folks who come in who may not be comfortable necessarily, you know, being sent from place to place to receive information on social services. So it really is something that you know, if we are able to use it expansion in the future, I would love to include that.

Unknown Speaker 24:57
Is it something that would be like We just need to put the word out. And then people could like, just apply to use that space or,

Unknown Speaker 25:05
yeah, we don’t really, we just don’t have a space at the moment. You know, I said I would almost I would try to do it. But you know, all we have, we have almost, we have to study rooms that are, you know, glass, you know, glass all the way around, which gives people No, no privacy whatsoever, etc. And you really need an office area. And it would be the type of thing that we’d have to, you know, basically give up our, like our conference room to be able to set somebody up in an area where at least someone could have, you know, a dignified and private conversation with them, right? Instead of being in a fishbowl. So definitely something we’ve looked at those libraries large and small, really, really do use these I had, I was able to attract some folks when I was in Kern County, because we had a huge main library building. And we had space and social services needed space, we were able to physically trade some space for services. And that was, that was a nice thing.

Unknown Speaker 26:04
Okay, well, we’ll book market on the wish list. Okay. Anything else? Nancy, are

Unknown Speaker 26:09
you good? Or not yet? Nope.

Unknown Speaker 26:11
Okay. Friends in the library? Who went? Did we have a meeting? Did they meet between last time? I can’t.

Unknown Speaker 26:21
Anyways, I guess it was that, you? Know,

Unknown Speaker 26:26
she we have it as January 26.

Unknown Speaker 26:30
Yeah, we don’t have one. Yeah, I guess we didn’t have one since last time.

Unknown Speaker 26:33
It’s Wednesday, then. Right? Would that be? Fair? Yeah. Is there meeting virtual?

Unknown Speaker 26:39
Yes, it is.

Unknown Speaker 26:41
I don’t have that information.

Unknown Speaker 26:43
I don’t know. I don’t know who was going this month. Did to supposed to be me. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:50
So see. I should be able to make it as virtual.

Unknown Speaker 26:56
Let me send let me send you all the all of the stuff for the virtual meeting. And then you can let me know if there’s some reason if for some reason, you can’t do it. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 27:05
also talk about the future meetings right now. Because we do have a virtual signup sheet. And I’m really seeing there’s no chat function in this zoom. So I can’t like threaded. Um,

Unknown Speaker 27:19
you guys know.

Unknown Speaker 27:21
But you sent it recently?

Unknown Speaker 27:25
Before? Um, so everyone has access? I guess. I can email it out. Right. Just none of y’all can respond. Yeah, you can even email it right now to the minute continue on. And just just

Unknown Speaker 27:37
so you know, scheduling is not something that’s usually considered an issue for Open Meetings, act. It, you’re not talking about anything else. But when to have a meeting or when to put something on your schedule. That’s usually okay.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
Great. I just, um, make sure I got the right link. Sorry, one second.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
Are they gonna have their meetings on zoom in? Definitely. Do we? No,

Unknown Speaker 28:06
no, they really love to meet in person that we were we’ve been encouraging everyone, you know, during this period of rampant COVID omachron to meet virtually when possible. Yeah. So it will not be forever.

Unknown Speaker 28:22
Well, I was wondering, just because I’m more able to do it if it’s zoom. So if there was one, I’m kind of like the sub or whatever. But if there were on Zoom, I could tap in for a month if that was helpful. Okay. I mean, just because it’s, I’m assuming

Unknown Speaker 28:38
I’m assuming that at least their February meeting will be on Zoom. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 28:42
but I don’t want to if it’s also easier for other people, I don’t want to like, step on any toes. I’m just trying to pitch in a little extra if I can.

Unknown Speaker 28:49
I’m signed up right now. And I just emailed everyone in the league. Okay, so hopefully everyone has it. I’m sending for February. I’m fairly flexible.

Unknown Speaker 28:58
Can she email everyone?

Unknown Speaker 29:01
She can email everywhere. They just can’t, I’ll reply all. Gotcha. It’s just informational. Normally, that normally, information concerning things like schedules are not an issue. Good. No. I think you can even reply all if it’s scheduling a meeting. There’s some kind of loophole, but most the time, just info if you just send info out and just remind people don’t reply all you’re fine. Especially concerning scheduling. So, basically, I mean, I always receive because I always attend all the meetings, I always receive all of the friends info. So I just need to make sure I have access to the schedule in advance of who’s who’s signed up, so I know who to send the info to.

Unknown Speaker 29:45
Okay, I think you’re on here, Nancy. Oh, you do? Yeah. You have access? Yep. Cool. Um, I’m signed up for February. Katherine. I’m happy to we can just play that one right here too. I can keep it out in my calendar for right now. And if I need to, I’ll let you know.

Unknown Speaker 29:59
Okay. Yeah, you want to I’ll just put myself on. Yeah. If on Zoom question mark, is that cool?

Unknown Speaker 30:08
Yeah. I’m great. And then Nancy, you just email whoever’s on it. Or menials continue to get on who’s ever on it for all right. Hey, it looks like we’re still I can sign up. I can do me. I think we’re still missing march in June. It’s not urgent, obviously. But it’s the spots are open right now. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 30:31
when time comes? Can you hear me? Yep. Um, because I skipped last month. So I am. Whenever you need me, I’m available. About March

Unknown Speaker 30:41

Unknown Speaker 30:42
That’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 30:44
Okay, that much. Are you? Okay? I would keep the pattern alive as well. All right. I will let the friends know then. Cool. Right. Thank you. Okay, anything else on that front? Are we good? Yep. Reach, get back to the agenda. I think I just closed it. They opened the other thing, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 31:15
So Suzy, I’m not sure where you’re at. I think you’re, you’re listed as next. But I don’t know, if you have any updates for us at this point. I mean, that, you know, I

Unknown Speaker 31:24
guess what, so I do have some some things that are, you know, the council is working on that, you know, if you all would like to hear, you know, we do have the Costco project we had, we had to approve some allocation change just because of cost of materials for the housing component of the the development. The other one, and I’ve recently, so I’ve been working with a subcommittee, and I don’t know if there was somebody from the library who attended. But for the sugar beet mill, redevelopment, there’s a group that we’re working with a growing up Boulder, I don’t know if you’re familiar with them, but they do connect, collaborate with students schools, for redesign projects, design, design thinking. And so one of the things that we’re going to work on is with my school, or, you know, same brain and, you know, I’ve had in my school, but um, and the, the project is actually having students work on contributing to, you know, something that they envision that they would see that they would hold as value that value to have in that, whether it be a community space. Sometime, you know, gardening or playground, I mean, really, it’ll be up to what, what the group decides. So there, you know, so we have kind of that going on, on the side? I don’t think I haven’t seen any, actually, I think there was an email that came out, today or yesterday, I’ll have to look through. So I’ll have more information the next time around. But I think, you know, things are starting to take shape in that, in that project. Something that, you

Unknown Speaker 33:19
know, Susie or Claire stay at home, or have children and teens didn’t attend that meeting? Who did? Claire, our children attended the meeting?

Unknown Speaker 33:28
Yes, that’s right. I knew there was somebody with connections, a library that was that was there. Um, a couple of other things, something that is going to be coming down the pike in a couple of weeks is that we’ll be discussing it for anyone who’s passionate about this, or has some, some opinions or concerns about this, or the smart meters, the AMI, you know, folks that I’ve heard that are very favorable to it, are very, very favorable, and then some that, you know, are really, you know, the who’ve had mental are had health impacts, because of the, the exposure. So, you know, we’re hearing both sides of, of the whole AMI, discussion and, and debate, but that will be coming down. So for any folks who have, you know, who want to share some concerns or support, you know, definitely expressed your, your ideas during our public invited to be heard, you know, either tomorrow, or we’ll be discussing it on the, in the calendar, and in two weeks or not this week, next week. Other things, you know, we had the river town annexation that we recently approved. And, you know, and looking we’re working with the developer, we shared ideas of really kind of creating that buffer between natural space and the actual development. And so I you know, I guess, you know, really if anybody has any questions on any of those projects, or that have come forward. You know, I’d be happy to answer anything.

Unknown Speaker 35:05
Does the metering the new metering system apply only to private homes? Or is it also to public buildings? Like would the library be impacted in any way?

Unknown Speaker 35:13
I don’t? I don’t know. I don’t think so. Is that Nancy? Is that? I don’t think so. Yeah, so she’s nodding as well. So yeah, I thought it was just private, we were just looking at housing. So we were we’re going to be discussing an opt out program as well for folks who don’t want to have the the smart meter on their on their property. So discussing housing, right, that was that

Unknown Speaker 35:42
I read, I’m on the cannibal resilient Longmont committee, too. And we were talking about it. And I think what I read was there is right now there at least, as proposed, there’s a fee there is that you choose to opt out, right? Yeah, yes. Yeah, that’s just for people to consider. Okay. Yeah, as long as it doesn’t impact the library, I guess. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:03
So I mean, I think, you know, these projects is how, you know, impact to the library in the future, you know, we would have more with Costco, we’d have more, you know, just people kind of coming through the housing, we’re expanding the housing. So we’ll be seeing a surge of population after some of these projects

Unknown Speaker 36:27
are completed. So the stated number of like, increased, folks that would literally like come to the community a new as opposed to just move within the community is in terms of our

Unknown Speaker 36:41
Yeah, so I know that the for the river town, I saw I heard enough 315 units that would be expanded to I don’t know the exact number for the Costco, there is a whole affordable housing component that goes with it so so we would see increase because as people are moving from one area to another, there’ll be other people coming in and taking those homes as well. So

Unknown Speaker 37:12
Susie’s, the river town, the one next to Rogers Grove, project a

Unknown Speaker 37:17
ditch. Yeah, it’s right behind airborne, like over I think there’s a there’s another business, just to the west of there. And so it’s, it’s, it’s, it’ll sit behind there, airborne and that other calibration, I think I can’t remember what the name of the business was. Yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s all I have for now. And then I think, you know, if there’s something that you want me to, to make sure i i have background on, or, you know, what, just, you know, let me know, shoot me an email, you know, hey, can you find out more about such and such, and then I could be happy to bring it forward.

Unknown Speaker 37:59
Nancy, I just wonder if any of those things would be something to bring to the attention of the I forget her name, the woman who’s doing the feasibility study, just in terms of planning? Yeah. Yeah. It might be already factored it in or if

Unknown Speaker 38:11
she’s got it. She’s factoring in so many things right now.

Unknown Speaker 38:14
Right. Well, that. And I was also thinking with the social worker, just if that’s kind of on her radar, too, wanting some space for that. So

Unknown Speaker 38:23
we’ve talked about space? Well, I’ll do that in a second. That’s feasibility study.

Unknown Speaker 38:28
Just came to mind. Okay. Well, let’s see, we’re transitioning, or segwaying into update on feasibility study, as long as you feel,

Unknown Speaker 38:36
I feel like we’re making a lot of progress. Now on the feasibility study, it may not seem like it to, to you guys out there. But it is behind the scenes anyway. So. So basically, she had started, Annie, who’s our consultant head, started with the previous consultants, work and had analyzed all of that, but some of it, we had to basically toss out and start over. And there were some things that, that we just didn’t feel, kind of accurately portrayed. The situation here and part of it is that library stats like nationwide, there are their online portals for nationwide library stats. But the previous consultant was not using those they were using, you know, different individual stats, which is kind of apples to oranges, because they were comparing some, you know, 2017, numbers, 2018, numbers to 2019, numbers, etc. So, I guess the good part about about having to use 2019 numbers, which is what we’re doing now, because those are the last

Unknown Speaker 39:38
probably the most accurate numbers we have because 2020 and 2021 stats do not resemble anything before the pandemic. So, luckily, it’s been long enough so that the National portal of the Institute for Museum and Library Services has everybody’s 2019 stats up in the same format in the same place. So so that was really helpful. Point to those. So I’m, the previous study kind of started to come up with some what we call lol standards, which are level of sort of standards and what those mean are, you know, what are the what is a library standard, what is a good standard for square footage per person for circulation per person for a collection per person for the amount of dollars spent in a library, budget per person, et cetera? I guess the thing that’s hard to sometimes make people understand is that there is no national standard for these things at all. There are some states that have their own standards, Wisconsin, I know was one for a long time that had its own standards standards established, especially for things like you know, square footage you should have per person, etc. Most states have nothing. So what you end up doing is looking at an awful lot of peer libraries first determining what makes them appear library, that looking you know, for example, we wouldn’t necessarily compare ourselves to another library that has a similar budget, or a similar demographic, but is a County Library System with 15 branches. So you’re trying to get get true pure libraries that have several parameters in common, if not all. So we ended up totally redoing the chart of Hera libraries and looking at libraries to establish level of service standards. First, in the category of population, just looking at you know, who has approximately 95,000 to 110,000 people in their area is a District Library or a city or municipal library, and what do their stats look like? Consequently, then looking at libraries that have between 110 and 130,000 people, which is supposedly what long ones build out looks like so what does it look like at least in 20 $19, to to finance a library that is for a larger that is intended for a larger population, and then taking a look at kind of, you know, our bang for the buck, which is looking at other libraries with the same budget. And looking at we are what we are doing with that amount of money as compared to what they are doing. So you’ve got all three of those things going. So instead, instead of looking at, like, like many libraries do at these level of service standards, and then figuring out, you establish these level of service standards, and then you figure out what governance and service delivery model might match those, we’re going the opposite direction. And what that means is, instead of any seeker, that consultant she’s, she’s evaluating each governance, governance and service delivery model, on its options, and understanding what the funding capacity is of each of these, for example, a district or regional for municipal library, and then looking at that range, and then looking at those options based on that level of service that’s attainable with each one. So in other words, if you’re asking voters for a library district, or a cultural district, or a levy, they know what they’re buying with these new dollars. So that’s kind of confusing, but I don’t think it’ll be when the report is out. So that’s what we’re looking at doing. We have some some big charts, I can’t share it all with you yet without agendized a meeting. But we’re looking to have the financial modeling finished up. As soon as this week, we will have several meetings with our core committee coming up in the next month, we do expect to be putting something on a city council agenda in the month of March for the consultant to present findings at that point. So it’s taking a while to do this, it is very complex. I know. It doesn’t seem like it is but you know, for example, you know, usage, like circulation of a library isn’t just driven by spending. So you look at circulation dollars, but you see you say okay, but you know, that also depends not just on dollars, but on your collection size, by how many hours are open by how many facilities you have, etc. So also when you’re doing kind of benchmarking analysis, and you’re looking at other libraries that are your libraries and other states, you have to look at people’s spending power for per dollar. So you look at expenses, you know, what, what $100,000 buys in Boulder is different than what 100,000 buys in Kentucky. So you have to definitely make those extrapolations too. So the financial analysis like I said, it’s taking a while but I think we’ve been going back and forth very frequently. And I think we’re we’re getting there. So takes a while to come up with a you know, it’s taken a long time. COVID has presented some delays as well. But I think it’s really important to get it right and really get get it right as in, you know, present an honest picture of of what it is that we need and how much it costs and how much it will cost to not just finance a library that we need right now but a library moving forward. The last thing you want to do is is present something that says okay, you know what? order to be up there with our peers, we need to have the same amount that we have that they have right now. And then not looking at what happens five years down the road. So we should have more shortly. Like I said, we’ve had a couple of committee meetings coming up in this next month, and then I expect something to be on the council agenda.

Unknown Speaker 45:20
And see, two questions. Your financial modeling this week, the meaning or committee reasoning to the city council in March? When will this group? Do you have a date for when this group will see the report? And do you have? Well, I mean, we can’t,

Unknown Speaker 45:37
we can’t just give you a report and discuss it without having an agendized board meeting. So we have to, you have to get that sandwiched in between between or some, you know, sometimes before the city council, but after the meetings after the other meetings that finalize, as much as possible that report,

Unknown Speaker 45:54
but if we’re if we’re able to do that, the report is ready to go for us.

Unknown Speaker 46:00
What’s that the report is not ready yet. Okay. But when the report is ready, yes, you can see it. Okay, which will

Unknown Speaker 46:07
be before March? Yes, it should be. Right. And then do you know when it will be more widely available? Yes. mics. Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:17
What’s the rollout process? Are we like we’re the first group and then how do you you have to present a city council? Or how does it get there?

Unknown Speaker 46:24
I said, there are several, there are several different things that have to happen. First, let me see my notes here. And there are several different meetings that have to that have to happen to discuss these. And some of you know, some of them, you know, I’m in there, Karen RONIS in there, Jim golden from the city, representing the the financial aspects. Mark, we have kind of a smaller group first, that’s going to review the whole situation assessment and how this the governance and service models that go along with these, these numbers. And then at that point, you know, I am not at all opposed to either dedicato if you’re up for it, either dedicating a regular board meeting or having a special board meeting. And the thing is, if we are going to discuss it as a group, we have to have an agenda. And it has to be published. So I don’t see any reason we can’t do that, after the initial committee goes through everything, I think it’d be a good idea, actually, to get some extra input. I can send out anytime, if you if any of you are interested in seeing kind of our spreadsheet of your libraries with some of the stats and how we compare ahead of time, I can certainly send that out if I find it interesting. Yeah, be curious. So once again, I can send it to you. We can discuss it at a future meeting, you just can’t reply when I sent it out. But if you’d like to see what some of what, at least what some of those stats look like that we’re using, in part two, to establish the levels of service standards on then I can forward them to you.

Unknown Speaker 47:56
Yes, please. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 47:59
Susie, have you been given a whole background on this process at all? Or is this the first year here? I

Unknown Speaker 48:04
think you and I need to have a conversation about this.

Unknown Speaker 48:07
So I did speak with Annie to offer him. I was one of her holders. And so she gave me a lot of background. Not, but from her from her perspective moving forward. You know, you have historical content that she didn’t have, you know, I’d love to sit down and chat about that. But and then I did have coffee with Mark. So he also kind of gave me some so no, this is not the first time I’m I’m hearing a bit so.

Unknown Speaker 48:38
No. Okay, good. I was thinking that was a lot if you had been brought up. No, no, no,

Unknown Speaker 48:42
I’ve got it. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 48:43
It is a lot. It’s just it’s hard to like I said, it’s hard. You want to make sure when you’re looking at at level of service standards, which are dependent on you choosing true peer libraries that that you get exactly that. And you know, I wish there were standards, I wish we could look something up and say, Look, current state of Colorado says, you know, one square foot per person, we should have 100,000 square feet of library, but it does not so. So that’s where we have to do all this background work and try to establish those, those numbers ourselves. So then obviously, just like any other statistical thing, you know, you look at you know, there are the libraries that have the Shangri La funding. And then there are the libraries that have far below average. So you really try to throw out the lowest and the highest and look for look for a median to the point really is a number that you can you can base some, some decisions upon. For example, the first library I worked at was an Illinois. It’s the town has about 42,000 people, the library’s a 90,000 square foot building and the budgets $8 million. So, you know, our budget is half that we have more than twice as many people. So but I would not include that as a pure library. And, you know, because it’s just not, not in the way I would like wanting to be pure. But it’s just, you know, we’re not, we’re not trying to compare libraries that are completely different. But libraries that are of communities that have some similarities, some similarities, at least in population or in demographics, or in both. You’ll often we’re choosing libraries as peers who are in a suburban metropolitan area, for example, instead of a rural library that may have have a very tiny budget and a very small circulation. So I will say our stats are really good. When you look at the bang for the buck is really good. But you I think we’re what what any is looking at and what we’ve been talking about for the last few years is that there is that tipping point that you reach, where you can do more with less for a long time, and then you just do less. And, and it looks like from the numbers that that in some areas, we’re starting to do less. So as, as our costs go up. As our costs for personnel and insurance and, and materials etc. Go up. If if all things were made equal, we will be doing less moving forward. That’s what the impetus for the study is. More soon, I will, I will be happy to send those stats out. Scott, you wanted them? Does everyone want them? I would. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 51:23
Good. I’d also like to as soon as possible, as soon as the timing works with the report. Dakota meeting, and this is I guess, if Scott and Catherine Katie agree and really hit Mark agrees. I’m sure Mark does. Yeah, if we can give a text if we can about the February meeting fees. That will be late February, if it’s going to council.

Unknown Speaker 51:45
Let me see what’s going on. And I will I will let you know as soon as I had the report in hand. So

Unknown Speaker 51:52
great. Anything else on that front? No, there’s plenty. Alright, I don’t know if this is Katie, are you but motion emson funds policy update.

Unknown Speaker 52:02
We don’t have an update because we don’t have anything back with city attorney yet.

Unknown Speaker 52:05
Okay. Moving on. Boulder library district updates.

Unknown Speaker 52:09
Same thing I was not there. And Mark would be the one giving the update.

Unknown Speaker 52:16
Do you have I do have a bit of their PowerPoint from this. From the December meeting. Is that the meeting? You’re talking about Scott? Library, the advisory committee meeting December 16.

Unknown Speaker 52:26
We had what we have on every other week. So no, this is no this is

Unknown Speaker 52:29
not that this is the boulder meeting. Meeting.

Unknown Speaker 52:32
This is boulder. Oh, sorry. I jumped ahead. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:35
So it looks like on December 16, they did have a meeting of the the boulders district committee. So they had a staff presentation on looking at transitioning, they are contracting in the city for contracting with the city for grounds and parking maintenance. But it says the city is interested to transition library specific support services as efficiently practically as quickly as possible when they’re trying to transition employees it and finance. So those are just the basics of what you would do trans if what you would transition to a district. So they presented a recommendation document to the city. They talked about some specifics about about transitioning IT services and talking about employees and employment contracts at the city’s library employees at the beginning of the second year, become library district employees. The first year after a successful election the city employees would consent would continue to receive support from city HR it payroll and finance. So some of those transitions for the employees wouldn’t take place in a district until the second year. So they talk about a lot of details about accrued vacations and things like that transferring to the district. They talk about loan servicing. So it looks like they’re they’re making some progress. area. No, um, at least

Unknown Speaker 54:02
we did get some information on that.

Unknown Speaker 54:04
Okay, so the, the the the info that I had, from this past weeding was mostly just about some of the technicalities of you know, transferring insurance, including cybersecurity and employee insurance, pay back by the library district for services and operations will be a phased approach to the library district may build reserves. Let’s see. It’s going to be April of 2024. By the time the library district collects property tax revenues for a full year or so just logistics like the funding logistics. They didn’t talk about area, or at least not in the notes that I had.

Unknown Speaker 54:41
So a couple of our members from the library district committee went and talked to your equivalent at David Barton, to David and his he said that they are not going to try to annex anything out in the county. That’s going to be the City alone.

Unknown Speaker 55:01
And I think that’s new. That’s new to me.

Unknown Speaker 55:03
Yeah, that’s what I heard too. But I don’t know if I buy that if because I don’t know if that’s what the district and the city have said, I think that’s what the library library director is saying.

Unknown Speaker 55:14
And I go back to the district, and there are complete district notes now that are online from December. So I’m going to go back to the rest of the notes. And if that’s true, I will see David on Thursday. So yes, Kim, but,

Unknown Speaker 55:26
you know, I think the reason is that two things. One is that their counsel is unanimously approving, doing a library district so they, you know, it’s for them, it’s a shoo in. It is long as they don’t leave Boulder City Limits. And if they go outside of city limits, then they have to get the commissioners involved. And I think they made I think they did some math and figured out, you know, we’re not going to get a whole lot more money compared to this huge revenue, they’re gonna get from Boulder Real Estate, which is very, very high priced. And they’re fine. Just saying, you know, it’s not worth the extra money we get for nylon, it’s just not worth

Unknown Speaker 56:03
well, and you also have the responsibility, you know, when you are moving into those other areas and expectations of building a library, and staffing, building and staffing and staffing. Yep, my branches.

Unknown Speaker 56:14
So I think that’s probably what the calculation was, if it’s true. And if it is true, it does a couple things. One is it makes it much easier for us first second, it also takes the pressure off from a time perspective. So we may not have to try to get this on to the ballot this year, which was really sort of the push we had. And if it’s true, so that if you could find out whether or not they’re really going to do that, that would that would mean that we would have

Unknown Speaker 56:44
a well I do want I do want to find out and I want to find out, you know, I can have any find out too, because it definitely affects any of her calculations. If we look if we look at potentially serving a larger area than Longmont, though, because most of her projections are right now based on Longmont growth. So, you know, that would have some change. In the financials,

Unknown Speaker 57:08
Kony group growth is going to be pretty minimal. That’s it. Basically, unless you’re in nyuad, or hygiene, you are limited to a 35 acre plot of land.

Unknown Speaker 57:20
It does affect the amount it does obviously affect our level of service standards for staffing levels, technology collections and space, though. So though, if we were to think about about that,

Unknown Speaker 57:35
we might want to make the same calculation,

Unknown Speaker 57:38
it’s entirely possible. But that is something that should be included in her calculations, if they are not thinking of annexing those funds.

Unknown Speaker 57:45
I mean, if we can get the council behind this, Suzie. Because I know that right now, we don’t have all of you behind this you like, Joan, I know is reserving judgment. She equates us with Metro districts.

Unknown Speaker 57:59
We don’t have this yet either, though, I mean, that the feasibility study is not saying go forth and do a library district. It’s saying this is one of the one of the possibilities that when there’s

Unknown Speaker 58:10
a committee, but there’s a library district committee group that does that. So, you know, there is very much an effort to make that happen, whether the study believes it should happen or not, the study is going to give us information. But you know, we truly believe that a district is going to give us a much better library. And that’s been the case if the if the report doesn’t say that. I’ll have a lot of questions about the report because every other report I’ve seen, like this pretty much says that so but we’ll see. We’ll find out. Right. So anyway, that’s all for that.

Unknown Speaker 58:47
Okay, and Suzie, just, you are up to speed on this whole thing? You feel good? Any questions? No. Okay. Awesome. Well, thank you, Nancy, for all your work on that. We look forward to more info. I guess. Did we did we bridge into the long piece or do you want to say more Scott? Along that library? Just a committee? I’m done. Okay. Okay. I think okay. All right. That

Unknown Speaker 59:20
was maybe we’ll leave he until until Mark back with us because I think he had some ideas on that.

Unknown Speaker 59:26
Right. Yeah, that makes sense. Um, and he may want to just follow up with you or something after he watches the YouTube I guess so. Okay. Okay. All right. So then the next thing actually was on my plate the thank you to Tim waters. I you know, we talked about trying to get the book from a local library and I did put in an order in December, but Barbara books hasn’t gotten back to me yet. So I called him again today and I guess we it’s kind of up to you all if you want me to just get it from Amazon at this point. I can but I feel bad because you know I put in the order and I guess I can buy the book for myself if you know it comes in, I just don’t want to stiff them the money since I already ordered it through them. They told me they were having supply chain issues with the holidays. But this is obviously extended longer maybe than they anticipated.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:16
That is not a typical with publishers we’ve had we’ve had a lot of things that we ordered months ago coming in now. So

Unknown Speaker 1:00:22
okay, what do you think? Should I hang tight with with Barbara books? Just wait it out? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
I’d rather wait and do low. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:00:31
just feel bad. I feel bad being like, yeah, we’re moving on. So Suzy, just you know, this was we were going to get a book to think Tim. So. Okay, well, I’ll let you know if I hear back from them. And then I’ll come up with a card that we could circulate with the easiest thing be to do a virtual card, or would you rather I leave one at the library that everybody could swing by and sign actually by hand? What’s What’s the preference for folks?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
Wherever you like,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
Tim’s an old guy who want paper.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
Paper is nice. I think it’s more

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
I’ll deny saying that, by the way.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
I hope he’s not watching stuff. Last

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14
night that he said the legislative legislative meeting right now. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
You’ll laugh? He’ll laugh? Yes. Okay, well, I’ll pick some I’ll choose a card at Barbara. I think they have some two or whatever, somewhere downtown. And I’ll just fancy Is there a good spot? I can leave it in the library for folks to swing by. And,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
yeah, just in the administrative office, just on the top of the desk. There’s almost always a card for something there. So we’ll make sure that something’s right on top of the admin assistants desk, right when you walk in.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:43
Right. Okay. All right. Well, sounds good. Well, I’m hoping I’ll hear back from them soon. So. All right. And then next up, we have library board comments. Anyone have comments?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
Okay, Mark is texting me?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:03
Oh, maybe he has a comment. Good timing. Oh, he

Unknown Speaker 1:02:06
said he said he was calling it he just told me he was calling it a night. He can’t get in. He can get into other people’s meetings. But I can’t get into this. I want to know, I want to know who else was meetings. He’s getting it.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:15
He’s that guy. He’s that guy. Oh, dear. Okay, tell him to stop stop bombing or whatever it’s called. Okay. Um, let’s see, well, new wishlist items, then for the Moto emson fund,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
maybe we’ll wait till two marks here for that too. And this is something that we had just started about, I don’t have all the responses that come staff. So far, some things that we would have put on the wish list, we’ve been able to get in other you know, from other areas, other grants other pots of money, so, and disorder, you know, was voted through by council, I don’t know if the amount that they set aside for this order will cover all of it or not. So that may be something we need to come back for. For additional funds. We were able to find a fun that will pay for the glass panels running the computer lab, that was another thing that we had talked about. So we’re going to have to look for a new wish list. So we don’t have a concrete item yet right now that we’re just chomping at the bit for four motion emson. But we will be making a wish list and and having it you know, I’m glad that we’ve been able to through some through some savings and other areas being able to accomplish some of those things ourselves. But I do agree with what the board talked about earlier, which is trying to look for really large ticket things on which to spend those funds. And so we’ll see what those are.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49
Sounds like a good plan. Any other thoughts?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
Charlie, nice to be talking about these funds in wave a wish list or to be hearing about them in terms of a wish list rather than procedures?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
Yeah, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:04
Okay. All right. Let’s see. Next on the list is annual report to council. Oh, this

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
is something that was on our board bylaws that it used to be that pretty much every department did an annual report to council. And that that hasn’t always been the case in the last few years because the council agendas have become so large as to be unwieldy. But we are going to start again, doing at least a published and printed and disseminated short annual report from the library. So we’ll be compiling. We’ll be using some of the stats that we do every spring for the state report. And many libraries published I have done this and other libraries publish at least a year you can you handed out the library with like a front and back kind of a colorful, colorful, fun way to present you know, how many masks Did you hand out how many computers were used, how many you know, you know, different different interesting kind of fun facts and stats about the library. And then we will be publishing that, obviously online as well as paper. So it kind of in lieu of a formal, you know, stand stand up there and give a report, we’re trying to think of a little bit more interesting way to disseminate that information, just to just to make sure that we put that out at least once a year to let the community as a whole, or at least those who pay attention to things that come on to the library, and what we do. And how much of it

Unknown Speaker 1:05:31
in in the past 90, we’ve actually seen that before you did it, and so that we could say like, what about this? What about, you know, there were a few things on there that like we really wanted to remind the Council of or keep front of mind for them? So I don’t know, that’s a possibility. But

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51
it is I think that just been less and fewer folks doing just a general, you know, unless there’s a specific issue doing general presentations, just because of the time that it takes and the amount on the agendas. So

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05
yeah, I remember the one for most recently was, it was nice. It was colorful, it was like it was like a State of the Union kind of thing. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:14
that’s exactly it, Katie. So we’ll go back to doing those most of my time here has been COVID. We have not done a you know, state of the COVID library before. This year, we decided we don’t know how long it’s gonna last. So Darn it, we’re going to do a report anyway, and highlight some of the more interesting things. You know, how many online programs do we have? How many, you know, how many new? How many texts? Like gosh, are texting? Our text library and program has gone crazy, though? I mean, how many? How many people text the library on a daily basis? Ask questions. It’s a lot. No, my, my phones, my phone. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:54
That are loaded to the library. The things that are most important to the library that we want to keep around. Or, you know, like, nature Council knows that they they were implemented, and they’re great. And we don’t want them to go away.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:10
Things like that. I think also highlighting things like our new team space and our new computer lab and how we’re able to expand those clutter. So yeah. Yep. So we’ll come back to giving that COVID Or no COVID. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:25
All right. Feel good on that? Yep. All right. Future meeting status virtual or in person. I’m not sure if we want to have this discussion without mark. I feel like he may have some feelings now that he got blocked. But I don’t know how to handle that. Because we have to probably make a decision and we can’t have an online conversation.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:46
But you can have an online conversation about scheduling meetings. That is okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
about the nature of the meeting. Is that

Unknown Speaker 1:07:53
challenge? I’m not sure. But the actual scheduling, probably because scheduling meetings does. Well, the question is, why

Unknown Speaker 1:08:01
not that next? February 21. Was Presidents Day?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06
Oh, good catch.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
Yeah. So I don’t know when we want to have our February meeting. But it’s another holiday.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:16
That’s right. They felt they felt like right on that last time, too. I guess.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
So. So for me, that’s kind of an issue because I had to cut short Oh, Tinker melt board meeting tonight that I was on? Yeah, because this movie, this got moved on top of it. So and Susie is like cutting, you know, she’s supposed to be somewhere else too. So we need to plan that for a second of all virtual meetings right now, I think make more sense to do. Just because omachron Until that is passed. I don’t see any reason. Nothing against you guys, but I just don’t want to be in a room with other people will say absolutely. And

Unknown Speaker 1:08:54
I personally don’t do an in person meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:56
I can’t. You know, we this just to let you know, we have not been scheduled. We don’t even have staff meetings in person right now. I mean, we have those two little spaces, we have the boardroom and the conference room are the most airless rooms you’ve ever been in. So we just don’t and and also our board, our boardroom is full of boxes, uh masks right now. And the conference room is going to be shortly full of other stuff. From upstairs, we have to move, we have to just place a whole bunch of upstairs stuff for the carpet project. So it’s going to be in the conference room, the computer lab is going to be the meeting room. So I would say we’ll probably be virtual for at least the next few meetings. Just because I don’t really have a space unless I stick you in the middle of the room, though.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:39
Plus, you know, this is the first time I think I’ve ever actually seen Catherine’s face

Unknown Speaker 1:09:47
joined during during COVID time. Nice to see you. I really feel like I should have tried a little harder here.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
I wear a mask all the time at school so I don’t even think about the bottom half On my face anymore, you know, it doesn’t exist.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:03
It’s absolutely true. All of us feel that way. So I was I would say count on at least February and March as being virtual meetings, because we literally probably have no place to put you if we wanted to. And I don’t think it’s smart to stuff you in one of those tiny little stuffy rooms.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:18
Yeah. Should we just table this then? And let it Yes. It focus on a online conversation about the date, which seems more?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:27
Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So I think, well, the present day is the 21st. Right. So is that the third I have to look at the calendar as normal.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:38
Shoot, it is the third Monday? It is. The 28th would be the fourth. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:45
Which I know some folks do have a conflict of the 20 on the fourth, which is why we moved it to the third. So I mean, I personally have I personally don’t care if I have a meeting on President’s day when I’m off or not. But some people might.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:02
I’m in different outfits on a holiday or not.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:04
So I don’t care.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:07
Um, I can go either way. But I guess I wonder about the precedent. I feel like if it’s a federal holiday, we should probably meet just because the public, you know, part of that?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:17
I don’t know. Well, um, I’ll send is

Unknown Speaker 1:11:23
there another not a strong? We’ve in the past, we’ve done it on like us Thursday. Oh, a different day, like the 20. The 24th.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
When do you want me to send out like a Doodle poll? Do you guys do that? Yeah. I will send out a Doodle poll with some alternate dates.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:42
Yeah, cuz I know Tuesdays are bad. But we’ve we have done it on another day of the week.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:48
I think the doodle polls are the easiest way to go though, because then everybody can weigh in on what when they’re available. So I don’t have a problem. Do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:54
Good. Good call. Okay, um, are there is any other comments or anything anyone wants to add before we adjourn? Good. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:11
Happy to see you here. Susie. Thank you for joining us. Yes, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:17
Well, after bug Mark about coming in and his costume and then disappearing.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:22
Yeah, somebody give somebody give mark a zoom tutorial before next meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:27
To tell him please, please use something resembling a real name. So we don’t think you’re

Unknown Speaker 1:12:33
behind a story behind that nickname. We need to

Unknown Speaker 1:12:37
know that story.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
I feel like we had some weirdo coming in into jammies. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:45
All right. Well, if there are no objections, I will adjourn the meeting. And move to do that, right. Yes. I would like to move to adjourn the meeting at 8:21pm. I will second that. Okay. Excellent. Thank you so much. Luck knocked

Unknown Speaker 1:13:03
out in time for your meeting, Susie.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:05
Thanks, Casey. Nice to meet you. nine minute break.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:09
Whoo. Thanks, everybody. Thanks, Nancy. Great care, everybody. Oh, yeah, take care.

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