Senior Citizen Advisory Board – September 1, 2021

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Senior Citizen Advisory Board – September 1, 2021

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Very good. Definitely depends on the year but there can absolutely yes. December Yeah. Mess up our difficulty we’re having to have your hearing aids. You know what? I’ve got one of these hearing aids, some and something and if you wear glasses permanently process to work is on

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what you know, is an offer of a half a million dollars if someone could intend to mass from divided administration half a million dollars you can invent math that will not reduction theory and your glasses. Oh yeah, yeah.

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So someone well that’s a little bit of an enticement. And that is an enticement because then birthday would own a pair of glasses to me probably one of those with the strap up here in the strap back there. Because he’s

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you know that I’m on friends a Walmart library and it is a one of the guys there with a mask, which doesn’t fall about his glasses, because up here is like an extra piece that goes to like here so of course I asked him where he got it. And if you tell people by their age, when they say well, my wife’s got it for me. What are your why scattered for you? like

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really? robbing the Bible. In the Bible, it says Adam was here alone, he said, and God said men should not be alone.

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Suppose my wife works in the hospital on a mask. So this is where it came from. She’s materials management, the hospital. Okay, we just as part of our supply chain, here we come. Yeah. Morning.

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We have two cousins from Las Vegas. My cousin and her husband. She had to have an idiot birthday party. And thank God, my wife and I are gonna go stay with him. We didn’t go radio to birthday party. But a replay start feeling bad. What three or four days that I’ve been hospital. She had not been vaccinated. He had. Oh, gosh, what they both passed away? Well, yeah. And they’re in that age group. Yeah, yeah. 80 and 85. Yeah, there we go. But he had been vaccinated. He lasted about 10 days longer than she

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would you may not know what he had done. He died of did he have diabetes?

Unknown Speaker 3:35
No. Was he obese? No. Just a broken heart. If they’ve been married a while I,

Unknown Speaker 3:42
you he was he cried with me when she said I just want to die. I’m suffering too much. And then his last words to his daughters ended with him. Because he was suffering so much. Yeah, I guess that the thing that interests me part of it sort of, can you realize how hard it must be? And, you know, just at the last one, I just can’t imagine that. Oh, God, the good Lord was watching over us on that one. Yeah. Because we were gonna be right in the middle of all that. Six people got it at that. But I never heard about the other people. I didn’t want to be the people so I don’t know.

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Would you be more comfortable? It’s up to you. Well, I’m fine. Either way. I’m fine. Either way. I play around and pick it off. Yes. Let’s call the meeting to order. Yep. All I have to cook right now. Okay. Our gifts Martian. And shell and Tyler. Welcome. We’ve got some special things to attend to. But first, just let’s go over the minutes of the last meeting. Is everybody read them? Are there any corrections? For us? I think you captured it quite well. I like the bold stuff. I’m very sorry, I missed that. Your notes are

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Oh, business, you’re up for crosswalk. So why don’t you tell folks who you are, if you have if I missed your ID?

Unknown Speaker 5:49
Yeah. So I always say new public works, transportation engineering administrator for the city. I heard some questions or some discussion earlier on. And if there’s questions, and we have time, I can get linked up to some of those that we talked about earlier. The main reason I’m here today is talk a little bit about pedestrian crosswalks. I understand there was a question about things. I don’t know the full question, but in terms of time displayed on the countdown display might seem too short. So if there’s any specific questions I can, I can definitely answer questions. But to give kind of a brief overview of how those work and how we come up with what what is the time on displayed on those countdown? Really, when we start with those, it’s it’s relatively basic and rudimentary, it’s a measurement, how far is it from one room to the other. This is where that’s my highlight kind of live by this book here, the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. And it says the city has adopted this book as a code or standard. It says that we use a walking speed of three and a half feet per second. So 10 years ago, 15 years ago, the walk speed used to be four feet per second, current current version will slow there’s a third and a half feet per second is the time that we use for assume use for the calculations and distance over time, you have to go this far, three and a half feet per second, that’s always come up with a number for the clearance interval. And also exactly the number that you would see on the countdown. So if you take a measurement divided by three and a half, that’s not exactly the number you see displayed on the countdown. And the reason for that is we’re also using the time there’s a yellow and red clearance interval, that happens and so the countdown to zero on the walk, there’s still a yellow and red clearance interval as part of the long time the clearance interval. So anytime you’re crossing the minimum, you’re going to have as an additional three seconds after that countdown gets to zero. So some of the symbols still yellow, red, you still have, you’re still within your walking goal. There are no conflicting movements. And the other thing that that definitely we look forward and then expect from drivers is that obviously if you’re on a side street waiting and a visitor and as walks in front of you, even though you’re late screen, it’s not appropriate to run them over the screen so much.

Unknown Speaker 8:22
Ask your questions in need. My question it has to do with this book. And is there different distance over time for different kinds of streets.

Unknown Speaker 8:36
So not really that. So the difference would be there, there is still an allowance if you have an intersection that’s at capacity, say like in Breton, Maine where it’s really busy and backed up and it’s kind of terrible for about everyone, you do have an option to use a 40 per second walk speed to shorten the walk time and that can help give people have to go quicker. It’s an option, okay. And so the other thing is, so I’m just talking so far about the clearance interval the other party didn’t talk about was the walk interval, or the display when you see the walking person displayed. Generally that’s about four seconds. Sport six seconds, that one is more variable, you have some time to add to that. And the intent of that is really to get your attention and to get you started crossing it’s not intended to be you have to walk before the countdown starts. But that’s really the opportunity of a walk lights on please enter the crosswalk now is what that’s intended to do. All of our crosswalks I’m not aware of any that we haven’t changed up to the countdown. So everyone in town you see the signal should be the count now, if you know of any of that are let me know but I think they’re replacing them all. We have a couple of places where there’s some different operations and how those work. Primarily kind of the downtown main area where it’s parallel main. You’ll see that the waffle Come on grill main without pushing a button, we do that where we can say that again, because that would so so if you’re crossing the avenues parallel main, third two Long’s peak Avenue, and you just want to cross, the walk will come on with the green for Main Street. So you don’t necessarily have to push a button. If you want to cross the main cross Main Street, you do have to push a button for that. And then we can talk about whether that’s the best operation or not. But really, what that does is it just defaults back to mainstream green, right. And majority, we’ve got 30,000 cars a day on Main Street, we have the several 100 on the avenues. So there’s that balance of meeting the demand. If you have a pet recall, across Main Street, it’s going to cycle and keep cycling, whether there’s a bed there. So that’s really why we do that. There are some locations where we are able to do what we call a pedestrian of head protect feature. And that’s primarily with lecture. And so I think the first one we tried was airport and pipe flow in the southwest part of town for the left turn. So we have a typical regular Green Arrow for the left turn or a bus yellow arrow as well. If the red button is pushed, that left turn, will be protected only. So get a green arrow and a red arrow, there’s no yellow arrow over yellow flashing arrow. And that’s one place where you can see some conflicts, sometimes you have the left turn the permissive left with pedestrians coming in and gets you so where we have left turns that may be an option. But as some of the things that we’ve done a couple of different intersections. I’ll be quiet now. And if there’s feedback questions, happy to answer a quick question for the group Can we open the windows in the same respect, a lot of work is going to these calculations. However,

Unknown Speaker 12:06
especially on Main Street in downtown, we have multiple senior housing facilities, and we have many seniors that are using those crosswalks. And including myself. And I don’t have major disability, but I cannot get across the crosswalk. And the amount of time that is designated to me that four seconds or whatever it is. And inevitably I have cars passing the forum across the road. Now, I understand that cars have priority. But I think that at certain processes, especially those that are very close to or used a lot by senior citizens that I like to see the city consider some change in that crossing time was the average my kids could get across there, no problem. But I do have trouble doing that. I’ve also seen mothers with kids on both sides have difficulty with crossing the crosswalk. And I’d love to assume that all of these drivers in the city would just be watching for us that I need to share with you. Not my experience.

Unknown Speaker 13:48
So if I could couple of questions, one which any intersections in particular that that you see the most?

Unknown Speaker 13:56
The one on third main crossing third main, the one on fourth and main. And the senior housing, is it six, right? And the one it’s almost like between six and third. You know, that’s a major issue. It’s also the busiest part of downtown. And you know, not may have absurd down on Ken Pratt and over trying to get across the street, but in the main part of town, that’s a different story. So I just like to think that somebody might kind of take a look at that and I’ll volunteer to go walk in across what he was. Like I said, I don’t particularly have a desk because it’s bility but I struggle I see people struggle. I see mothers little moms with just barely making it across.

Unknown Speaker 15:01
Do the other the other places Tyler, just to build on Jenny’s point about senior housing, I think around 17th and 18th and hoever. folks come in and go into the Safeway and the Walgreens and whatnot, if you’re looking at where older adult communities are, and major streets, so I consider over pretty significant. And then on North Main, near Taco Bell, what’s the is that 20 seconds, maybe 21st, or 22nd, if you’re looking at it from where are there, senior housing, and people are crossing four or five, lane, sometimes six, depending on if there’s a right or left turn. So those could be similar. They don’t have the volume of pedestrians that downtown does, by any means. But I certainly I drive north on Maine quite a bit. And there are a lot of people and we’ve talked about this relative to the bus piece people crossed mid block up there. Yeah. Which is very scary. But those would be the other two, where there’s a lot of senior housing and major Street. Tyler, uh,

Unknown Speaker 16:15
I guess, a related question about what the code in the book actually means here. So you know, for example, if I’m going to build an apartment building, the code says, I have to have at least this many parking places per unit. Okay, so a code can be a minimum or a code can be a maximum, it almost never is an absolute. This code isn’t an absolute either, right? It’s a minimum, the minimum? Yes. So in other words, there’s nothing actually preventing us except the consequences to traffic flow from making longer. Okay, Julie,

Unknown Speaker 17:03
back to questions. Do you know if it’s still illegal for cars to crossover crosswalk when a pedestrian is on?

Unknown Speaker 17:13
So I believe the state law says when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk within the portion of the roadway that the vehicle is in it. So if your northbound Main Street and a pedestrian is cross the two northbound lanes and as rib seven block section, you’re free to continue through. It’s it’s not legal, obviously, to run someone over you got to deal if they’re in front of you is what the state law says. But you can drive after that is a passive perception. And you don’t have to deal with one of the things that here was even like standing on the side waiting across, there may be an expectation that vehicles shall yield. They’re not obligated to for current state law.

Unknown Speaker 17:58
Okay. That’s interesting. Did you? Yeah. The other question I have is it I know, probably maybe two or three years ago, I went to a city meeting where they invited the public to talk about, you know, different traffic for walking, right, riding the bike through Main Street. And we have down in in tension of Main Street, he had those crosswalks where, you know, in Boulder, they have the flashing yellow lights with the traffic alert and traffic. And they talked about putting those in, is there any advancement on that, you know, in terms of just having the sign there or putting in flashing lights?

Unknown Speaker 18:48
So, couple things one customer Martin price or some of this last night with Main Street corridor planning Mainstreet corridor was a funding effort that took place coming into 2019. Are we identified a lot of those needs are how do we address those comments on Main Street? I think the first phase that’s the budget request for designers from the kind of North Park, which you’d mentioned earlier, talking about some inbox on the report and then working on myself. Interesting, interestingly enough, when we look at our grid layout on Main Street, and we follow builders, policy builder, builders rules on the blocks and direct pedestrians to the nearest signalized crossing because they are relatively short blocks. But that’s something we’ll be taking another look at as we do the main street core.

Unknown Speaker 19:39
What’s the timeline about that? I didn’t hear about it at the Council last night. So I chose to quit to have timewise. The budget is magic.

Unknown Speaker 19:52
So the purpose of the first phase in the budget request was for the North Main part, primarily 17 to 66. And then Working South corridor and subsequent years. I think the downtown area has some additional focus work on it. And I don’t remember what year that showed up in my head. But there’s bigger plans coming for that. On the crosswalk that we’re talking about. Is that a city or a state through Main Street? Yes, that crosswalk on nurseries. So Main Street is state facilities owned by SEMA. We do maintain and do a lot of work on that facility. Adding something like a flasher does need to have approval before we can do it. But we tend to have a reasonably good working relationship with the guys. So they would they would prove it, but the city would pay for it.

Unknown Speaker 20:53
Is that what I’m Yes? know, I, I just want to say there was several comments which cause a given priority. So I want to comment on that. And I had another quote I, of course, I had a question. You know, we talked about sustainability. And it’s really kind of strange to me that the call is a given the priority, when we’re saying, we want to have a sustainable place to live. So I just want to make that comment. But I, I don’t know whether you know this, but I’m on yesterday, I was I was riding my bicycle to the library. So what is that is that for? So my understanding of in every city that I’ve ridden my bike, the big circle in the middle there once a bypass is that the light should change for me as the biker. But of course, I’ve written I did it a couple of times just to see and it doesn’t change. So I’m wondering if those bike activated circles are working, or whether they worked at one time don’t work anymore?

Unknown Speaker 22:08
So great question on Main Street, everything on Main Street is burning off of a thermal camera. So loops in the pavement, if there’s any on the main street or the intersections your main they’re, they’re not doing anything. It’s a it’s a camera that you’ll see up on the mast arm, right? You definitely need signature for the video image, but it detects each signature. So the loops can be misleading if they’re on a on the street. But when you have the byte sounds programmed, and and generally they’re pretty good at picking up. Yeah, it’s a temperature at the thermal camera. So they’re really good at detecting people, compliments a little worse shape that’s really old signals on there, right there is some are some are older signals in town. And a lot of those are using loops. And yes, I’d love to upgrade those. It’s about $25,000 an interception to add the detection. We’re also working on a project on competency. So we got seven and a half million dollars from Dr. Cox to rebuild Caitlyn Street. So that’s part of what we’re looking at, like that project is updating that detection. So rather than doing it now we’re going to try and use some of the grant dollars to help us offset the cost of

Unknown Speaker 23:19
getting, did you have something before I just with the lights, flashing your lights as a driver? I have missed seeing people in the crosswalk before. But when the lights come on, that really makes a difference for me, because I noticed, you know, somebody is there, whether whether I’m seeing them or not. So I think it’s a wonderful safety.

Unknown Speaker 23:46
And until that last year, we didn’t have any any Intel. And then last year we put them at Apple locations, we’ve got one. Not really at Harvard, I think it was a night, just west of actually that trail crossing that night, the button on the side, or whether it’s school or the first handful that we’ve done. It really helps me as a driver. And that’s really that’s what they do. They don’t change. They don’t change any of the physics or the laws, right, but helps draw some attention that sort of might be their motion issue. Tyler, this

Unknown Speaker 24:23
is strictly a person’s observation. But I do sit on the DDA board and hear what all the merchants are saying, which means where all their customers are saying. And my conclusion from those hearings is that that making the walk delights longer in the downtown area would actually have would improve the sustainability and how the traffic calming effect In lower congestion because people hate to cross means so much that they will circle around until they can park on the side of the street they care about right now. And so if people were not afraid to cross the street, there would end up being less true. I think zero

Unknown Speaker 25:35
I’ve already been in Longmont for three years when I was in Boulder for 20 years. And we had the flashing lights for maybe 10. It’s not the people that cause the problem. Although people from out of town have no idea what these lights up. It’s the people crossing the street. And I’m afraid to say a lot of them involve a bicyclist, right? We think I can go down. And there are being more people almost kill them in a regular cross. I can tell I hate them. I wish there was something something easier. I take Justine’s point that she is careful that she’s a responsible and aware driver. It’s more of a pedestrians and drivers from out of town I when I gave directions to people visiting, I’d say if you see these flashing lights, slow down and stop. So

Unknown Speaker 26:48
that’s great. That’s great feedback. And it’s definitely not for senator. And that’s why a lot of the reason why we don’t use drum equipment everywhere. Because there’s a they definitely don’t solve all the problems. They can be a useful tool, but they definitely are not a the whole physics. You push the button and expect the car stops and strapping are faster. If you don’t give the driver a chance. I think the average person is reasonable driver, we try to follow the rules. But I don’t think anyone sets out intending to get into crashes.

Unknown Speaker 27:22
Do you know last passenger in a car and you say to somebody driving? Do you not understand what that is here? Nine times out of 10 they will be either wrong or won’t know. Because there’s so much signage if you have signs that say pedestrian crossing your head, be careful.

Unknown Speaker 27:46
It just goes straight. But yellow flashing doesn’t make you stop reading slowing down stop ever correct.

Unknown Speaker 27:54
I never make a left in yellow flashing. It has to be totally clear for me. Yeah, but I usually turn it’s across crosswalks. Of course,

Unknown Speaker 28:04
it alerts you that somebody is triggered. Somebody has walked into that Thrall sidewalk. So they’re either through or decided not to go. But it makes you look. And and that’s the difference. The problem is, is

Unknown Speaker 28:22
that Kimbo there because and I’m guilty of this is that when I used to live there, you know, every almost anyone who’s like either riding their bike, you pop the button and you go out, right, because they assume that the cars are going to stop printing. And that’s not the truth. You know, I mean, it’s just simply it’s not. And I think that, you know, like she was said there is that it’s almost like is, you know, how do we solve that problem? You know, in my mind, all of a sudden it was like, Okay, well what if we have like gates that open so people

Unknown Speaker 28:53
can actually cross? You know, that’s a little bit I mean, I think that that’s a little extreme, and people will probably be very upset, no, go walk around.

Unknown Speaker 29:02
Walk around. But But I think that it’s it is sort of one of those deals where it’s like, you want to have as a as a motorist, you want to have the, the, the signal that says, hey, caution, watch out, right. And then you want to know, as a pedestrian that you’re safe, but yet as a pedestrian, you have to also practice same walking, right, you know, and so it’s a hard, I mean, either either way, if you have them or you don’t you know, like I know that because I’m on Main Street all the time. I get my my offices there. I’m three blocks away from there. I’m constantly going back and forth across the street, and I’ll go to that I won’t go to the light. I’ll actually go to the yield. And I’ll wait and I’ll step and I’ll wait and see how many cars will stop for me. One car will stop the second lane may not. Right. So I’m waiting Till that car stops and then I go, and then I wait in the middle until you know, the next lane decides that they’re going to stop for me. And but that’s just because that’s, you know, when a user I guess I’m user friendly so he said, whereas most people might want to just jump across right and expect everybody to stop so I think Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 30:25
So I’m wondering you know, I agree with you, especially in Boulder they hit the lights on and they go but I’m wondering whether it could be time for just at night because I think at night so quick the flashing lights go on because that’ll get someone driving at night that always gets their attention if there is a flashing sidewalk because during the day I think you have the you know, most people have the sight or the visibility to say oh, there’s like 15 cars coming but at night the car may not see the pedestrian and so that that would be interesting to just to trial it at night rather than during the day

Unknown Speaker 31:11
as a pedestrian if a car is coming at you like I have to admit I have the worst like vision at night Even with my glasses on and I can tell the distance of how right

Unknown Speaker 31:21
the car is to the crosswalk. I’m also wondering whether that is I don’t know whether they can do this on 287 are not really sure

Unknown Speaker 31:30
and I’m not a fan of these only because I had to learn how to use them of roundabout to slow traffic awesome yeah, so yeah, first time I came to Volvo I was stopped by a police officer. The moment I was driving because I didn’t understand I was being told to make the left so I just made a left but there was a roundabout and all the way over it’s it but it was Sunday morning people were at church I guess and said to me, do you have to go through rap? I said no, it goes beyond honest and you know from from the middle of my life until they explained it to me but rabid bats can’t slow traffic. So I don’t know whether that’s something the city has considered at all whether the I can’t see where it’s expensive procedures have been just still stuck on $25,000 SOPs so

Unknown Speaker 32:48
I will I’ll sing praises for roundabouts I think they’re great tools they don’t have to worry about signal timing, power backup power they can take up a large footprint so right away can can generally be your biggest cost is how you want to go they need a relatively big footprint in terms of safety absolutely I’ll sing praises and safety around about four signals every day of the week there’s opportunity for head on crashes unless you turn let’s turn the wrong way is pretty much eliminated. You don’t get any right angled grasses your primary crash would be like a Sideswipe which are generally the West’s What about

Unknown Speaker 33:29
some pedestrians? What around about the safety for pedestrians like curious

Unknown Speaker 33:35
and that was a great counterpoint to roundabout challenging signals generally you have to read a stop there’s some sort of vehicle stopping turn on read or maybe maybe don’t stop that’s that’s for debate. But that’s so roundabouts, one of the drawbacks or comments on cars don’t stop the the differences you’re usually crossing the one lane or if it’s a big roundabout with a two lane approach you’re generally crossing the two lanes at a time for one direction so you’re not it’d be like crossing the the mid block on Main Street. You know, the multi thread is your biggest worry that second quarter second thing doesn’t seem doesn’t stop. And you get to do that as you cross around and all but it’s not crossing four lanes at once. It’s kind of a two part crossing, crossing one direction, direction so that would be the kind of the CounterPoint of peds aka roundabouts I have seen where you can add a flasher at some of those crossings around roundabouts and bingo Scott several we’ve set up that way. With our V the rapid rectangular flash we can probably have some roundabouts to

Unknown Speaker 34:45
any intersection being looked at potential roundabout.

Unknown Speaker 34:52
scalper marketing isn’t about this when I hear this on the agenda last night but 17th and guideline is one where because of pattern of traffic where not a lot of traffic on 17th is making left turns to go north, really the heavy pattern is east to south and north to West, it’ll probably never read the traffic’s anymore. So roundabout there would actually work really well with the patterns that we see there both for safety, hidden potential speed mitigation. And because I don’t think we’ll ever need to signal more, that would be a great solution for that

Unknown Speaker 35:24
17th. an

Unknown Speaker 35:25
airport on the other side is another one where I think that would be a good fit as well. Again, right away concerns are a little tighter than intersection. But absolutely, it’s something that’s in our toolkit that we definitely evaluate. When we look at interception and drill, we don’t have a lot of stream tracks, right, this 17th Airport, there is quite a bit more, there’s a school right there. And there actually is quite a bit of use of the lake up to Mackintosh. So there’s quite a bit of activity here that are cyclists, directly to

Unknown Speaker 36:01
the roundabout I go through the most is the 1/21 and Canadian crossing or wherever. And on my way to Spring Creek and Fall River housing. And the part that the reason I brought up the pink drain is because there’s that park right there on the south side. And there’s always people with dogs and walkers and bicyclists. And that’s that right now there’s no Street to the south, that roundabouts just a free three way that I worry about if they add that another arm off of it when that happens. But that’s that’s been a little nerve racking for me from time to time. It’s

Unknown Speaker 36:42
challenging also for for both the driver and the dentist area. Because, again, especially with kids, it’s hard to know where people are going in that park in that roundabout. You don’t know if they’re turning, you don’t know if they’re quite the right. And people don’t always use their signals and roundabouts. So you’re kind of stuck on the side of the road trying to dodge the roundabout. And you don’t know when people are going to come in? And when they’re not because they don’t know what to shield. So yeah, it’s it’s general energy.

Unknown Speaker 37:23
Yeah, I would just say for people who maybe know don’t get out this direction. Here’s a good example of roundabout use in the extension of Martin street from 119 all the way down to Quebec. There’s a whole string of beads around there. And I live very close to there. So I in the in the past two or three years, how long has that been there? People have gotten really much better at using those roundabouts. So now you know they do what they’re supposed to do and people slow down a little bit but nobody’s nobody’s ever backed up there. I would also observe that maybe the crossings, the natural crossings are not at the roundabout in that design. Because there is a there’s a real light at 119 even though there’s also around about on both ends of that and so you rarely encounter a pedestrian when you’re in the round about that it’s it really has helped a lot they’re

Unknown Speaker 38:40
kind of the intersection of Nelson a stratification effect past four months to go from the west side of the airport to the east side on a track traffic on Nelson Nelson an airport. That turns out they seem to think that on the red light, they have priority to turn right no matter that there’s pedestrians that have the signal that now you can cross the airport. It’s not safe. You have to walk defensively. Because I’ve almost gotten run over there.

Unknown Speaker 39:20
Don’t project your bike there. Yeah, point A Nelson, you’re getting killed. Now most bikers tend to stop and wait but no, but the biker will be killed by the call is what do you think your voice in their hands? Take a look at that in terms of see if there’s a national sign.

Unknown Speaker 39:41
And I live right across the street near the fire department’s always responding to clean accidents up there. But as troodon says, probably not enough people have gotten killed or we did get

Unknown Speaker 40:00
To highway safety, something’s often program additive on top my head, but it was the federal crash reduction program, we did get some funding for changing the signals at that intersection. So the overall amount of the grant was about $100,000. That is one of the intersection we will be replacing the Super Bowl cheated on some of those dollars somehow,

Unknown Speaker 40:23
it says to let drivers know pedestrians have the right of way can’t make right on breakfast. You know what lady goes on like, and then coming down airport, because to go and 5060 miles an hour, they get to the light And it’s like, oh, it’s been yellow. I better stop. And so they’re in the crosswalk. I felt like walking over their goods.

Unknown Speaker 40:48
And so I mentioned kind of circling background I mentioned earlier, a little further south Morton Pike, we have the ledger that Yeah, yeah, gives you a red arrow way off if the lock buttons pushed. Got a test cabinet set up on doing that person right turns at some intersection. So one that comes up frequently is Ken Pratt and Nelson for about less boundary tournament. Probably about the first place, you’ll see that once we get to working, how we wanted to work. Right? A car. Where do you

Unknown Speaker 41:26
hear this kind of feedback? So I mean, I really appreciate you coming. Thank you. And I didn’t give Tozer a whole lot i because I honestly I knew it was downtown. But I couldn’t remember the intersection. Janine had spoken to. So it was coming in a little bit blind. So thank you for for doing that. I just said it’s downtown. But when you have an opportunity to get feedback like this, so what what’s your next step? Where do you go with this?

Unknown Speaker 41:51
So I think first thing I heard a few, I heard a few specific so I’ve taken some notes on the specifics, I’ll take a look and see if there’s adjustments or changes. with that. I think one of my goals is to write some more information and so that this person knows who to talk to, if there’s questions that come up with kind of an understanding of overall how we’re looking at things a little bit more specific questions.

Unknown Speaker 42:17
Time, right. Maybe it’s time for a new higher profile. outreach campaign. I don’t remember who it was. But I heard somebody in this room say cars have priority. They move overdue. I’ve heard that several times. Yes. They and they never do. And people may be forgetting that. You know, we’re I have my I must have said this 15 times, you know, I don’t know whether it’s harder in Longmont to kill a prairie dog or a parking place. But you’re going to have a struggle in either case. You know, I mean, people people are in a real mode of, of defending the roads, when, you know, urban policy says maybe we shouldn’t so much defend those roads, you know, they’re not good for the environment. And some, some education not to be in.

Unknown Speaker 43:14
I appreciate that. And I picked up on that, too. I heard a lot of cars have priority. And I don’t think that that’s necessarily the case. I

Unknown Speaker 43:23
can tell you Tyler’s been really great I Am. As I have been driving to the various like Jay properties, there are things I’ve noticed. And I’ve emailed him and said, we’ve checked out this intersection is a little wonky, or this one might need a stop sign or based on my own experience at that place. And I think Tyler has gone out i 21st by Aspen meadows, there was some real challenging seeing because people were parking right up to the street and so you to make a turn you had to itchy pinchy is what I call it out there to do that. And I think that is that’s where we as regular users of the streets of Longmont, I mean to expect Tyler to be familiar with every single thing and traffic patterns change over time. So I appreciate being able to sort of say, Hey, could you go check this out and see if there’s anything usually safety wise, right, you want to improve somebody’s safety? And I appreciate that. I wonder

Unknown Speaker 44:27
if there’s at some point, you know, how the city will have surveys that you can take online or that that something that would be useful useful for,

Unknown Speaker 44:36
you know, right, maybe the situation because traffic pedestrian and bikes, yeah, traffic, it all changes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:44
And when a very small group, right, so we’re all most of us are talking about, like, what are our normal patterns what we see right, well, we’re not a large representation of the memory of communities. So if we could do something with them, you know, throw that out there for the kids. Unity.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
And that’s exactly what’s happened for me in the last year, I’ve spent more time coming and going from here to the senior housing sites. And so my awareness is off because of repetition. And so I think I appreciate being able to just shoot me an email and say, hey, check this out.

Unknown Speaker 45:18
And I do appreciate all the feedback because as much as I’d like to I don’t get out to every street all the time. So the community, you guys are the ones that live there. So I appreciate anything that you guys are saying.

Unknown Speaker 45:31
Thank you while you’re here, for coil road, is we have a crosswalk at the Rec Center and we have the speed flash or it’s a visible difference in your baby. It wasn’t warranted. But Oh, it’s you know, the neighborhood around me is just feel so much better about the whole thing. And if you’re ever feeling down, just go to Boulder. Honestly, I go there every week, and I can think about it at home.

Unknown Speaker 46:10
Or you know, in Phoenix I used to have this is in Phoenix. And it was signs that say if you were the pedestrian huge size cars have right of way. I would try it I would. I would like stand there for what sounds like an enormous amount of time in the hot sun until I could get to the building I was supposed to be and it was like so weird. It is weird.

Unknown Speaker 46:38
I frequent in nearby town that has put up crosswalk. Like wet floor signs, you know, they’re just a sign in the middle of the road. This is crosswalk, but there are no crosswalks painted on the street. And I don’t quite gotten around to it. I don’t know. And so it’s very curious to me, I think why you would do that without actually painting that asphalt. Yeah, it could be a couple of taggers to do that come on. approach to watch pedestrians. I mean, you know, it’s just like a sign in the middle. And I’m wondering how many cars have hit the signs because they’re just, they’re seriously like, what we put out What floor I mean, they’re just kind of there. I don’t know if they’ve been successful or not. But it’s it was like, bizarre to have a crosswalk, stated but no crosswalk payment. There’s a chance that was not necessarily an approved installation. I have actually seen that before. I love the concrete planters that Crested Butte put in the middle of their some of their intersections that this you know, your God raised, it’s doubled the best of them today. But unfortunately, couldn’t be less safe. So

Unknown Speaker 48:10
Frisco is putting in a whole series of roundabouts to go prior to traffic from the highway going into brick and mortar. Oh, sure. Because it gets so bad at whatever. And so it’ll be really interesting to see they’re in. They just installed, I think, one or two I think they’ve installed there. They have they’re not completely done. But who were up there this last weekend. And so and we frequent, you know that area a lot. So it’ll be interesting to see how it actually functions. In the wintertime when it’s just, you know, traffic mayhem,

Unknown Speaker 48:43
gridlock is the worst and most things lock up to make sure we have capacity. And that’s also because attempt to use a near real crossing. If you get them close to a railroad 20 minute long train, you’re going to somebody you’re not gonna have any way to get out. And they’re slipping in the winter with smelt. So we know removed was

Unknown Speaker 49:06
I have said this, and I don’t quote it correctly. But I’ve I’ve used this phrase a couple times if you’ve ever watched Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean where he texts about the pirate code, and he’s like, its guidelines. And that’s what I kind of heard today is the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control type devices is a good guideline. There are plenty of shells. like yeah, we appreciate that. Thanks for what we were glad you’re paying attention. more liveable for cars and people. Yes. happy to help. All right. You’re all good. I’m going to Oh, yes, people didn’t think they would be Picture. Now photogenic so keep an eye so you don’t want me to do that No. Sorry. Moving on to the footcare update, I do not have an update. So just keep it on the agenda I will rise to the top of the pile soon. Position have tried before. But so position update. I’m very excited to say that we are doing interviews today and yesterday for the Longmont Housing Authority resource specialist. We’re very excited we have 68 applicants Wow. Which is huge. That’s David from the board was unable to be a part of the interviews as intended, as well as one of the residents was unable to attend the interview. So I’m sorry that that didn’t work out. We had another older adult retiree who didn’t sit in on the interview. So I was glad to have her her do that. The candidate candidates are great. So I’m very excited to get that person on board. And that person will be a part of just as a reminder, a part of the Senior Services resource team. And I will be managing that position. And they will be housed at the Longmont Housing Authority. The suites which is permanent supportive housing, they will be there Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And they will be at the Hearst Omen lodge senior HUD properties on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And so we’re very excited to to get that person on board and just kind of reconfigure. So right now, Brandy has been at this helping out at the suites. And Veronica and Mani Franek and Melissa have been at Hearthstone Lodge. So they will stop doing that work as they have been doing. And we are actually talking about what relationships we can build with Mountain View Plaza, long speak residents, St. Green Manor, the other senior residents that are not one one Housing Authority, that that perhaps we need to start having some stronger regular presence there. So we’re kind of rethinking that,

Unknown Speaker 52:41
so as to ask, because you had 60 applicants, what did you read it down to? So

Unknown Speaker 52:49
we had 12 that we were working at interviewing and a couple people didn’t return calls, couple people know, cancelled. So where we’re interviewing six, but six solid ones, I feel really, really good about this. So that’s great. A couple other position updates. Yeah. Is that just a sign of the times because of what happened with Megan’s assistant. Yeah, if what I am hearing is people are not getting the numbers of applicants they used to get before COVID. And that this cancellation, no show thing.

Unknown Speaker 53:27
People don’t show up on the first day, because they can get better offers up and remember the employees have have leverage now in terms of their salaries and benefits. So definitely whether or not they should be working in person or not. Right, exactly. So

Unknown Speaker 53:45
do you want me to give the rec coordinator so we did do the interviews for the senior recreation coordinator, the position Larry, I held, and we have offered the job and it’s been accepted and Christopher troxel will be starting on September 20.

Unknown Speaker 54:03
I got to tell you,

Unknown Speaker 54:06
he has been working in the gypsum Eagle area at a camp for seriously ill children. And they had to go remote virtual programming and the creativity in his programs for these kids and families. And how he was able to make connections kid to kid family to family, as well as engaging activities in a virtual remote kind of way was really very special. I think he will be a really great addition isn’t done a lot of work with older adults but skills seeing his people skills, his programming skills seem very, very transferable. So very excited to have him. Is he moving from there to here? Yes, yes. And actually he was living Looking for a position in this area because he wanted to move here. So to the Boulder County area, so we’re really excited to have him on board. And I’m excited to have to have him on our team. The new stock day, September 20. The and he’ll hit the ground running because he needs to be working on December, January, February programs pretty quick. The other position update is Griffin, guest still, our afternoon evening custodian who’s mostly been on loan out during COVID. He’s been in other city facilities, accepted position, daytime position at the memorial buildings. So we will be having that position open back up. And we’ll be hiring another afternoon evening custodian right now martines, covering all bases and glad we have them. And Griffins available to help if we need them. So that’s one. And then not of course, a done deal yet. But city council got the 2022 budget last night proposed and within the budget is a full time counselor position for senior services. So working in conjunction with brandy and supporting all of our work so that the timing is good. For the first time ever, we actually have a waitlist for counseling services right now. And so between the referrals that we’re getting from our co responder team in code, plus our work in the housing properties plus COVID, there has been a real increased need for support. And so I don’t know where counsels going, I don’t want to put march on the spot. But I was really thrilled that Harold have the position in the budget.

Unknown Speaker 56:57
I don’t think there’s going to be very much questioning of those, you know, very in social equity, data analysis, all those positions that are going to really help the city services be more coherent. I have my hand up because I wanted to ask you just a passing thought when you talked about having a waitlist for counseling services. Have you have you thought or are there resources for while people are on that waitlist, do they get checked on once in a while, even though they you know, just to make sure there’s still

Unknown Speaker 57:35
so brainy stays on top of that. And we also make referrals to our partner agencies. So Sr rejet, mental health partners, mental health partners directly, they have a geriatric well used to be a geriatric focus team, private therapists, so and then, of course, our volunteer peer counselors. So we have some other resources, and brandy is working with that. So it’s been some individuals appear. Support is not the right fit. And so then we look beyond that to to some other resources. So that’s, it’s exciting and daunting, trying to make all the pieces fit. I will tell you that one might, you know, the hospital has moved down. And so we do have some additional office space. So that’s probably a really good thing, you know, that we have some some home office home to focus. So that’s kind of where we are position wise. So things are changing, and building and that’s good things. I didn’t think custodian is that come before current is full time. Yes. We made that full time this last year. Yes. So we’re hopeful. That little easier to get some easier? Yeah. Yeah. It’s a hard pill. Thanks. And what what is the deadline? is September. The position closes September 10. And I will tell you, I think that there is going to be a custodial position opening for the Longmont Housing Authority. Also, it will be a similar online position. I think they’re working on that. So yeah, I’m encouraging people to look at that Longmont Housing Authority website as well as the city website.

Unknown Speaker 59:38
Trying to fill those positions. That’s my position update any other old business moving on to new business then.

Unknown Speaker 59:48
So I had mentioned this place Matt Marsh has seen this before, but I am just providing this as information to me. You know, some of those There was questions from the city council retreat around our relationship with the Area Agency on Aging. And this sort of gives a little bit of a history around that. talks about the Area Agency on Aging and talks about on the backside talks about some of the comparisons between Boulder County area agency on aging, and Dr. cog. And so Dr. cog is currently the Area Agency on Aging for six Metro counties. We used to be the seventh, we separated as an area agency on aging from Dr. cog over 20 years ago. And so, weld county is a standalone Area Agency on Aging. Larimer County is a standalone and we are called a county as a standalone. Most of the other counties in Colorado or multi County, there’s the Pikes Peak region or the Tri County I forget what Pueblo is pueblos gouter region. And so this sort of gives a perspective about where the Area Agency on Aging and the city of Longmont, senior services have intersected how we partner and your presence on that area agency on aging advisory committee is a help chair for one of you, I mean, currently fills that chair. And so I think this is something I’m gonna include in the manual for the board going forward, it kind of sets the stage, really appreciate council woman pack, asking me specifically about some of these things, making sure that one month is getting what’s appropriate and rights, for services. And you can see on that comparison side, kind of what’s happening. So I think it’s really important that the board, and I will say this, as I retire to my staff, that we stay on top of this relationship, we really represents the council, I think in the city’s interest in these federal and state dollars. And it’s important to understand that role is really important. It’s a funding role. It’s a service delivery role. And so it’s really important to have a good clear sort of picture about what this is. And, and going forward, I guess my concern is I kind of held this, because I’ve been a part of it from the beginning. And I want to make sure folks are comfortable, understand that there’s money involved, there’s service delivery involved. And there’s prioritization. So what were my needs might not be the same as what Ellen’s park or Jamestown or superior needs. And we we need to also have that voice around that. And partners in that. So as well. So we’re recipients, and we’re partners kind of both in an advocacy is important. And Janine. I don’t know if you want to say anything else, or Marcia about this

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
zoo, use their services, love. And I think of them in my volunteer capacity, not just being on the board, but also working here. That they’re just an extension that I have somebody with a knee, where do I go to get those services and the amount of services available that happen very quickly for anybody I refer is astounding. Really, really astounding. So it’s an incredible connection working to gather relationship that I perceive. Great. So

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
just looking at this cursor is very important. So so many things. I thought I knew, but then I realized I didn’t really understand both what particular agency do What’s your relationship to other other agencies? I think this is great, good. Good.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:35
Just Michelle, getting back to the budget on last night, Councilmember Peck mentioned that there’s a lot of money in the council discretionary funds. Now. The use that she proposed, which was more equity positions, doesn’t quite work in the long run because it’s never been a quarter of a million dollars before and even though that would fund two positions. Next year, it wouldn’t do anything after that. But nevertheless, it is there. And you know, once there is a footprint, we tend to find the money to continue something if it works. So a thing could be, you know, we have a trial, you know, consultant position. So if there are any gaps do look. Thank you, because,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:31
and we we’ve used the Friends of the senior center funds in that way, Marsha to do some trial positions and trial pilots to see what what games and what what really does serve a need. So it’s, it’s good to have those opportunities to sort of figure that out. One of the things I think is really important going forward with the Area Agency on Aging is funding from them for perhaps some of our work. And we have been more of a partner equal. I bring resources on behalf of the City, they bring resources on behalf of the State and the feds. And so there may be more opportunities of the future to look at funding. I would say right now my biggest concern for the Area Agency on Aging is they do have funds for homecare, personal home care, but the homecare agencies are not hiring, and they’re not finding employees. And that is really challenging when we’re talking about trying to keep people house is as long as possible in their housing of choice. And so I’m really interested in how we can help them find employees and drivers for via I’ve got this, this is kind of like, what can I do to help? So those two kind of transportation and home care find employees

Unknown Speaker 1:06:54
or you know, personal care, depending on your starting salary, if anybody thinks they’re gonna pay 1215 $18 an hour, kind of out of their minds? That but I’m not sure when people really understand the emotional and the physical toll on the person giving personal care starting at 25 $30 an hour minimally. Right, with benefits. Because I think that that’s part of the issue is that in the United States that thinking that personal care, people should be paid 1011 $12 an hour, not or even 15 too little. The personal toll on the person providing the care is great. And they would find people if they offered a salary that is, you know, reasonable starting earlier.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:55
And that was my question to have they adjusted their expectations about pay.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:02
The homecare agencies are looking at different models for sure. Oh, I think it was Wisconsin or Michigan, the state legislator legislature decided to limit the amount that caregivers could be paid

Unknown Speaker 1:08:18
me to some ridiculous fee, like the 30 $40 an hour all the agencies are closing because they have worked out where anybody

Unknown Speaker 1:08:29
it is it is a and I know the state has also has in home support. Is that right?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:39
That. So there is funds through the Friends of the senior center through the air Agency on Aging for choices at home and some other programs. You have to be able to hire them, you have to be people being able to be hired for those for those programs. So the I think, though, it’s not unlike where we were with daycare years ago when you know, people thought you could get daycare for $2 an hour. And and I think in some ways there’s this expectation around what what that services value is. The other thing is that unless you have homecare insurance, or the financial resources, Medicaid, Medicare, hospice does not include personal care. Right. And there is a real, I think gap in knowledge for people about understanding what that means. I think people end up being very surprised by what do you mean Medicare doesn’t pay for that? What do you mean Medicare? It’s proposed. You can get some homey community based services through Medicaid, but you have to qualify for that long. term care meaning. And so that’s really some of the work that our resource specialists are doing all the time is trying to help folks understand. And some people who bought home care insurance products years and years ago, have found out that they really aren’t getting what they thought they bought. I mean, they’re not getting with the so the products today are much better than they were initially. But it’s still a challenge. So we continue to work with our AAA around the personal care to address some of the issues Ruth is talking about and, and others it’s a it’s a, it’s a, we want folks to age in place. Well, we got to look at what those supports are there to help them do that. So anyways, looking over your questions, I’m happy to to answer them or Janine can. And then I would just say to the board as this goes forward, that place on the aging advisory committee is huge and important. And you help decide how those funds get the state and federal dollars get used. And when Ruth Walker was on that aging Advisory Council, as a member of our staff, she was really able to push forward some dollars for mental health that had not been for mental health before. So voices matter. So it’s an opportunity about you have a question. Oh, sorry. Partners along but not why did they choose not to like gray with questions? Yeah, too many things. So neither boulder Meals on Wheels nor Longmont Meals on Wheels gets any of the Federal nutrition dollars that come in to the county because it is so paperwork intensive. And it impacts really their flexibility to certain folks that is so Carla’s been able you know, throughout the entire pandemics are 500 meals a day. Longmont Meals on Wheels actually delivers more meals and bolder Meals on Wheels, which might be surprising to some of you was to me when you think about the population.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:20
So they choose not to do it because of the paperwork and restrictions on the federal nutrition program. Do they purchase any local farm products, student of summer waste,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:33
and they get a lot of donations from some of those surplus products. And interestingly enough, I don’t think Carla would mind me sharing you with this. They have recently purchased a garage while not Meals on Wheels, so they can actually store and buy in bulk and store things and and really great way to reduce some of their costs. So So donate, so donate to Meals on Wheels, and actually good partnership, the city of one month has agreed to with Meals on Wheels, helps them with those costs, because they are housed here at no charge. They do not pay water, they do not pay electric. And they have office and cooked space here. So I was not able to provide them the storage on site that would allow them for that bulk purchase stuff. So they have they have done this model and supporting another local along my business, which is great. And so they’ve been able to sustain and grow. Without those federal dollars. We were trying to get some of the one time money that’s coming in through the nutrition program to support our meal programs and a different way doesn’t require all the paperwork. So Carla and I are working with the air Agency on Aging and trying to get some of those dollars differently, creatively.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:01
So we’ll see what happens. And also just an employee, I don’t know, everyone knows, if you shop, I know for sure at King soopers. You can go on your account and have them give Meals on Wheels a dime for every dollar you spend or whatever the algorithm is. So they get a little money that way. Everybody needs to care about that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:28
Amazon smiles will do the same thing. So we have several folks who you know, doesn’t rent to

Unknown Speaker 1:14:34
you. And you know, every week they probably get a few dollars from King soopers. purchases.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:42
Organizations. Yeah, absolutely. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:45
Absolutely. So if you ever interested in knowing more about Meals on Wheels, and how they operate and some of their things, I’d be happy to ask Carla to come. I’ve asked her for a tour of the garage. So I’m so curious. So, where was the ground? So it’s somewhere in Longmont. There’s a new business. And I think they have sold all the garages, they haven’t been looking at it. I just bought the model. So for your wood shop or car, you know, it picks up old cars or whatever. It’s an option for

Unknown Speaker 1:15:22
wonder there’s a little like that, you know, right off the diagonal in Boulder read that. I forget what it’s called. But you got all the green. It’s like a,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:31
like a workshop area. Yeah, there’s different businesses that are in there that rent the space. Yeah, that would be

Unknown Speaker 1:15:43
so creative. And I i because I know folks who work in in New York City who rent garages, like, folks outside the city, and there’s different ways people. So I just love it. Find

Unknown Speaker 1:15:59
out my father in law says that his business. He lives in downtown, where the equity side and the apartment. So his business has is all run out of a garage that he read someplace in New Jersey or something? Yeah, not close to. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:21
You mentioned having current account. Yeah. And I would like that, because I’ve been delivering meals for a couple years now. But I only see one side of it. And I’d like to get to see where I fit in the whole picture. That’d be great. But I’m sure you can tell us about the garage. She can

Unknown Speaker 1:16:45
bring pictures. Any other new business? I’m sorry, I will be has that. Oh, sorry. I thought we were on to report. Let me jump again here. Okay, we’re going to record the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:06
So I think, an important question. And you know, we’re so appreciative of the partnership we’ve had with one of my united hospital for 20 plus years. And so going forward, our plan is to meet quarterly when you see how one might united any healthcare organization, and really start to plan in advance and really look at using a variety of healthcare partners, both in education but also in services. So it could be skin cancer screening, it could be a class on heart health, I mean, whatever that is. So we did have a really great meeting with several folks from UC health. Recently. We’re excited about that partnership, strengthening, we are also continuing to build the lunch and learn programs through the silversneakers program. UC health is very interested in reconnecting with us around their stepping on fall prevention program. So I think you’ll see things happening differently, but hopefully not less, as we as we move that forward. Really appreciate that Longmont united as they moved out. They offered us things that they were not in need of. And so it was a really great kind of change in our relationship. And I appreciate one minute united all they’ve done for all these years. So we’re looking forward to moving forward in a different way with our health programs. We are still planning on opening the lunch room on Tuesday. Um, we understand that Boulder County Public Health will be holding a meeting tomorrow there could be some changes coming. We’ll see what those look like and how we adapt or employ those here. In terms of the lunch room, we are looking at just two people per table. So we we for a while. We’re not going to go full blown. Many groups here are asking when can they start doing refreshments and coffee again. So right now our refreshments are sealed. So single serving sealed, no potluck kinds of sharing going on. But we are planning on bringing back coffee pots. So folks, you fill your glass and move on. So we’ll look at the coffee and tea piece

Unknown Speaker 1:19:48
having that can you use the outside? Also like you’re saying to people print table can isn’t there a door entrance or something right there.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
So folks can actually either eat in the dining room or grab and go. And they could go on the porch. They could come in here, they could go outside. There’s there’s definitely options for that. Yes. So I would say our fitness programs have gone gangbusters. And we have signs now that say we have a limit of 34, because we’ve been actually hitting and exceeding the silversneakers. Required threshold. So the fitness classes are going good. We did trip registration on Thursday, at about half the people we normally had, we usually get about 100 and 120. We have about 60, some show up. One trip did bill, I guess there is going to be a raptor piece at the Botanic Gardens. And that was very, very popular. So we’ll try and get more tickets and whatnot. So that, you know, a friend of mine didn’t match and she was on the way. So we’re hoping we can add things. But so when people are signing up what that means so after tomorrow,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:12
I’m going to IKEA, are you going to get your list? You got to trailer wouldn’t drive all the way there. And so I think this is our opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:26
So you know, it’s the slow, it’s kind of like fits and starts, right we open we pause and caution we move in caution. So many large people have been very kind and thoughtful and respectful and appreciative. Still folks are only too glad that again, there’s something happening. So now it was really that was really kind of a morale booster, I think for all of us, for the staff, and for our customers who were interested. So that’s that’s going well. Okay, okay. Okay. For me the national talking about Meals on Wheels, yes, yeah, the lunchroom here they serve a hot lunch from 1130 to 12. And many folks, of course, when we close started getting it home delivered. But there have been people asking to come back. So to prepare, you’re going to have What 2017? Yeah, how much? It’s a sliding scale. But the asking price is 3636. You might have to that was me it was all of us are experiencing food, food costs going out. But again, we’re trying to keep things manageable. So personally with question, have you heard anything about coach boosters? Yeah, great question. So I reached out to Boulder County Public Health on Monday, to see if we were going to do booster clinics at the Longmont housing sites, the way we did the COVID shots. And I’m waiting to hear back from Indira about that, my understanding is there is some interest to do them on site at those four properties that we did a shot at. But I also said if they’re they’ve indicated older adults as being a priority for boosters that if they wanted to use the senior center for a community wide booster clinic for older adults, I would be interested in being a part of that conversation as well. So we’re kind of looking at it from both both sides at the independent housing sites, and possibly here to if there’s interest in doing it. So for most of the independent senior housing sites, those boosters would be october november kind of timeframe, which is true, I think drew from that would be many of us

Unknown Speaker 1:24:16
and maybe have some signage in the senior center encouraging our community to get their boosters.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:28
So one of the things that I think the signage piece and I brought this up with Boulder County Public Health is when you got your COVID shots, you may remember that if you got them that they asked you had you had another vaccine. And so with the push with flus shots right now, and knowing that October, November, many people will be doing their COVID boosters, what is to get this lat relationship? And should folks be thinking about getting a flu shot soon. So I’ve asked for just some information comes in any two weeks between them? Well, that’s what they said before. And I’m curious what, what they’re going to say with this. So I’ve asked for something more official coming from Boyd county public health or cdphp. Around that relationship between flu shots and the booster, which is going to give beginner flu shots today you can that I got a message from Kaiser national Yeah. Yep. So we’ll, hopefully we’re, you know, that’s all coming. So booster clinics are definitely where we’ve got the inquiry out, we’re waiting to hear back. Okay. So that is on my Housing Authority. Janine has been a part of a group, we’ve been doing appreciative interviews with residents at all the properties, we came together last week and kind of put all of our notes together. And I think it’s very interesting and lots of themes. And so the next step will be going back out, and meeting with all the residents to talk about what we’ve heard and ask them to do some prioritization. So that work with the Housing Authority, properties is going forward. And Mo, I would say most everyone I interview came prepared with their paper ready. And I asked them to just hold their notes until we concluded that interview because it is an interview, it’s not a survey, it’s a conversation. And most people felt like all their things had gotten addressed to the end in an appreciative conversation. So that was good. And I would say, by and large, the feeling about the city being involved in the interview process was all positive, that people were just so glad to be asked to give, give input so that that’s going well. And we’ll continue to move that forward and Senior Services. City Council, or city council,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:01
all right, well, last night was a study session and our introduction to the budget. The budget looks pretty satisfactory. You know, at at first glance, I think we had a milestone or maybe not a milestone, but at least the turning of the corner, in terms of, of accountability on getting our affordable housing projects through the process, which has been a real concern for me, you know, that people are doing what we want in terms of what they’re asking to build, and then they can’t get a building permit. And, you know, so I, it doesn’t necessarily look like a big accomplishment from last night. But I do believe that there was a better view of the quarter. I already mentioned the good services and and the equity roster in terms of the new hires. So that’s an opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:19

Unknown Speaker 1:28:22
I also would would say that, that this budget shows you what the concrete commitment in terms of funding for climate change, and I know several lenders are

Unknown Speaker 1:28:39
really interested in that. So I’m really hard to satisfy on that score. So it’s cause Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:52
Well, I’m doing this for your grandchildren. I don’t have any. But yeah, so I know nothing really earth shattering but but I think the Normans often will ask questions about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:11
So if I could just butt in here on the equity piece, Marsha, and to the board. So Carmen rimantas. And several staff, Betty and francy have really been working on this city equity team and a lot of education and is that that’s something that would be of interest to you all is just to understand kind of where the city’s at with equity and the position Marsha just referenced and kind of what’s what’s happening right now and invite Carlos we love Yeah, I mean, I think it’s it’s a totally an idea that Carmen’s always been elite You’re around, and it’s nice to see again, a different kind of traction. So could be, I just, I’m just curious if it’s an interest, I’d be happy to ask Carmen or. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:14
That would be, I think, an important thing, there is a lot of, of tension on the equity side. And on the climate change side. You know, because a lot of technocrats, like me are saying must go faster must go faster. And the equity advisors don’t always think so. And they’re really consensus oriented. And it does take time, it does create a tension. Because I’m, for example, it’s, you know, as adamant as anybody that gets left behind. But my approach to not leaving anybody behind is to get more wagons. So, as opposed to Let’s wait. So, you know, that is, I think, going to be one of the biggest problems that we have to solve. The other thing that I would like to mention is that this is the third day for our new public safety, ci, Chief Zack, and I had a conversation with the City Council’s guard on my way out last night. And you know, just how you feel and all that stuff. And the guy was jumping up and down on me. And after, after three days, he’s just really excited. And, and I think maybe all all of us have felt like, there’s a lot of tension in our public safety organization, through the long transition that they’ve been through. And in the past, this is a crummy time to be a cloud. You know, I mean, no matter how you feel about what’s been going on, if you put yourself in the position that there is, it’s got to be crumbling. So I’m really up, that’s another thing I’m really optimistic about. It get a chance, pardon me, he’s a pretty young guy he is. And speaking of equity. You know, he was he was reticent. I mean, he was my top choice, you know, just on a checklist basis, where we have our Meet and Greet, that he didn’t really stand out. And I had my doubts to the end candidate who was real good, you know. And then I learned later that when Harold sent a team, to his own city, to find out the things about his record that he was making being reticent, because he didn’t want to out his own city. But he had done amazing outreach to groups of color in each one individually, to each different subculture individually, and, and created a lot of games in terms of mutual communications and stuff. So after that step, hiring step, which was after we all participated, you know, then they were much more certain about that higher than they were, you know, he was just not willing to talk about it to the general public unless he actually had the position. Was that process of going back to candidates home temperature, sat down with more than one candidate? You know, I don’t know. I think it was done with three. But I that was my assumption. If they did it was I think that’s a good idea. If it was Yes, it’s a great idea because because there is such an ethical constraint on people talking about themselves in that particular position. The other good thing about him is that I think he was the only one What do you really think about your

Unknown Speaker 1:34:27
thinking about the public safety hiring process? I think if the average individual understood the depths they go to in public safety, background, finding a job, they dig, dig, dig. And so when they go back to a community for certain positions, They’re digging, dig and dig and it’s very, very thorough. And the time and investment in the hiring process is so huge that you hope people stick you know, you hope that’s what I was smiling about their process. Unlike any other item, it’s just an amazing

Unknown Speaker 1:35:05
comforting to think about. So but but but for me, this is the Kappa, this cherry on the sundae was the Beat Cop was happy about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:21
So I thought, okay, Geneva, no, you meet this coming Friday? Could you report on August or?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:31
Yeah, this was it’s always two days after this meeting, I was start out by saying I’m in the process of assisting a print through a major medical event. And I need to take her for post up visit on Friday. And if part of it conflicts with the area on aging, zoom. And so I’m asking if there’s anyone here that would be interested in filling in for me, it might give somebody a great opportunity to get a sense about what that’s all about, given that my time is coming to an end and on the board. And if anyone could do that, it’s nine to 1030. And I can give them the access to the zoom, and they can just sign in and introduce themselves and say that they’re there for me. I will give you the agenda. And it has zoom information on it Sheila, if you want, I’ll also send you my email one. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that. So for the meeting that was held on August 6, they proposed priorities for the ace, I’m just gonna say area on aging a C for 2122. And the focus is going to be on to educate the community to advocate on policies, and the legislature to identify gaps and services, evaluate current programs and make recommendations for funding. They are advocating heavily for the homestead exemption change. The big issue is, you know, people can afford to downsize like they want to and carry their homestead exemption with them. So that’s the current legislative push that that can be altered, without having to take it to the people for vote. They’re focusing on the more affordable housing issue. And big focus on aging in place, and modifications. We talked about the cost of housing, and what a stress that is currently to our community. Transportation how limited that services is, but we’re having problems not so much finding the funding per se, but finding the people. Again, they’re looking at maybe, you know, encouraging more than volunteer work in terms of transportation and also focusing on how limited it is in the mountain communities, Boulder County. And focusing also on the reality that many seniors are moving here to be closer to family. And we really need to be preparing for that this group has discussed the increase in the population for a long time but they’re also looking at that and looking at their programs and preparing for extending their programs.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:53
There was a presentation given by capable and it’s capital ca Pa ble, it’s an aging in place organization that is offered through the visiting Nurses Association. And its focus is on as people’s health declines, and they have a decrease in their ADLs. They want to focus on how they can be supported. And the three areas that they look at our home maintenance, caregivers, big issue, and limited financial resources. So the days have tried disciplinary approach, which is an occupational therapist and Rn, and a handy person, that’s a volunteer for me that are Habitat for Humanity or brothers redevelopment. And it’s an individual focus, you know, a person has to not have any disabilities in terms of mental capability, they have to be an active part of this evaluation, the evaluation lasts about 45 minutes, assessments are made. And then, you know, they discuss, you know, what’s needed, what can be done, and how they’re going to go about doing it. Right now, it is funded with a grant. So encouraging people to make these appointments and getting these evaluations done and getting these services now, where funds are available. And there is a limit of like 40 $500 that can be put into any individual person’s needs. What is that obligation to me capable. So, you know, they can do incredible things like open up bathtubs, so that that people can have walk in showers at at not huge costs, widening hallways and doors, leveling their steps outside, so they don’t have big gaps in their, in their steps. So it goes a little bit beyond just caregiving in the traditional way that we take a look at it. And again, that’s through, it’s capable, through visiting nurse Association Medicare Services, they’re looking at their specific Medicare Services related to counseling and lead ship program shift is the state Assistance Program. They are looking at online classes. And there is an organization That helps people with Medicare appeals. And they’re again pushing they have many, many volunteer programs that I wasn’t available, or I wasn’t aware of it all. And of course, medical counseling available through boulder So that was the focus of that particular meeting. And

Unknown Speaker 1:43:59
can I just add on to the Medicare piece? Yes. So they hold the county was doing monthly Medicare basics classes here pre COVID, getting about 30 people. Since they’ve gone online, they’ve been getting a plus,

Unknown Speaker 1:44:13
yeah, cuz I’m a Medicare counselor. It’s like a Master’s. It’s like going gangbusters. I also have to say that it is the people are in June because people who are going on to Medicare now, recently now, they’re much more computer literate. So one of the things that’s changed is because I did it during the pandemic, when I got either on usually Microsoft Teams with the person on the phone, they are already in the websites to you know, they said, Look, I just have to ask you, you know, and I’d be on the screen with them. No, do I do this? I said yes. And I think the most confusing part of the whole issue besides watching Do his people don’t want to take their social security. So that’s the point where they get confused. Do I have to take my social security and when you go on the website, the government website, it’s actually excellent is a huge thing about this big on your screen that says Medicare only. And, and that’s where you’re directed and because they, they don’t want to take this a security that has really changed because what people are computer literate than ever before and I think the classes here really helped people. You know, navigate certain things

Unknown Speaker 1:45:35
and, and I would just say to Janine and and to you, prudence because of your role, what I am hearing from our staff that work with Spanish speaking seniors, that they want in person, they want in person one on one in person instruction. bilingually is delivered in Spanish. And so I’ve set it to the triple A director, I’ve set it to several folks, that that it’s got equity. You know, we

Unknown Speaker 1:46:07
just had a meeting the other day, and one of the things we talked about, because I was surprised that they didn’t use the language line. Because the translation lines I use one for work. Because there’s a lot of Spanish speaking population. I said you don’t use a language my like, what do you do? And they said, there’s one person can Herrera who speaks Spanish? And to me that’s not good enough. Is that that you need to get the language line because there’s also believe it or not, a growing population of people who speak Cantonese, Mandarin, usually the Mandarin speakers will speak English, but the Cantonese are from different regions and they’re poorer. And I had to deal with a guy in Lafayette, I said, Don’t worry, I’m from the Bay Area. I can understand what he’s saying. Even though he’s speaking English that we use. Which line here Yeah, I’m not sure why they did. They really don’t want to use the language line.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:13
I don’t know. It’s really easy to use. We were We were one of our staff was out. And a person was Russian speaking model legal Russia, and just have language line on their phone and was able to convey what needed to be conveyed. It’s really easy. It’s very easy, and they have rare languages like Tongans.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:37
I tried one last week member, I don’t think so I bet I’m going to still push revision I push a person is only is only one person who speaks I am ish. But it’s also the in person component which has that relationship, right. It’s a different culture. And that’s what they need. So we’re going to keep saying it.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:02
Okay, friends, there’s a board vacancy, if anybody knows of a person interested in Oh, they’re invited to check it out at the monthly meeting, which is the fourth Tuesday of every month at three, three o’clock, 430. But their names, no. Adult, probably until we get the they are working on the leaves in the lobby trying to update so that if somebody is relative where they donated money, and they appear that they can easily find it, and catalog it. So that’s been a whole project that they’ve been working on. And they have increased the limit for requesting money, meaning approval used to be 500 due to COVID. And all the needs, they’ve just doubled it $2,000 some of it is reimbursed. Some of it is may not. So those were the main things from the last friends maybe

Unknown Speaker 1:49:21
if I could just tag on. Some of you may have been at the eagle cover band downtown last Friday night. And we had Don Elwood, big bands here at Roosevelt park the friends paid for. We had about about 90 people who signed up ahead of time but we had many more people who kind of just wanted to throw it just right. So it was we don’t typically do outdoor concerts because it’s usually covered but Larry had planned this sort of as a COVID thing. We can’t do the concert inside. Let’s do it outside. So always It was a beautiful night shooting but they both Yeah, I didn’t know that that was gonna happen. But yeah, when you plan five months ahead, it’s not always easy to synchronize calendars. But the friends did pay for that, which was really

Unknown Speaker 1:50:13
great. And I had written that down but forgot to say this fall, we’ve done it with Tina Corporation. Yes. They had an help to help me with county commissioners, last name. Mark. looks at me. What is this? Don’t you mean? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:33
Hope are entrepreneurs. So yeah. But anyway, she actually spoke at our meeting. And a couple of things that she talked about was the vaccinations that they’re by 330,000, here in Boulder County, and that they’re at about 74.8%. And they want to get it up to 80. But it gets just like everywhere else there. continue to work on those. Marsha, I also need your help on. You know anything about the American rescue plan act? Yeah, yeah, that’s the that’s the big COVID. Central and to talk about that, and they’re getting several million dollars 6.2 million, I believe. And then the city’s got to get some of their own monies for them. And what all of it could be used for she just talked about COVID Health Department and I don’t know what else

Unknown Speaker 1:51:28
well, a big deal about is there’s a lot of money for people who have fallen behind on their rent and are facing eviction now. And so many people don’t realize that the money is there, but they’re having a hard time giving it away. And especially since I suspect everybody here knows that people who are on the outs with their landlord because of non payment and stuff are really reluctant to, to face up to this situation. But if they if they do, they’re going to get it all clear. And, and so just please, anywhere you can do outreach, but especially their art, tell them to seek housing assistance. So the Boulder County helpline is the place to start. See, and also the landlords can get money also.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:32
So part of that money the landlords can apply. Yeah, yeah, mortgage justice to as mortgage assistance. I mean, it’s very, very rich, I think only 11% of untold billions of dollars have been tapped either by the renters or the landlords, the property owner just prop the property owners because

Unknown Speaker 1:52:57
yeah, it’s really kind

Unknown Speaker 1:52:58
of amazing. And just led you to Mississippi cause as the lowest application of rental assistance in the United States. 00 point nine

Unknown Speaker 1:53:12
it’s important to know that our that we need to do some outreach around that. So I’ll talk to myself about that as well. That seems to be much lower. We don’t know how much we’re gonna get here and more than enough. Yeah, I mean, bowled over here a lot more. Right, you know, still still where the math

Unknown Speaker 1:53:36
and actually I think we do know how much I don’t have it on my head. But the people just start applying and have Yeah, it’s a it’s a scary situation. I also did some back of the envelope math based on the percentages in this county have people who are behind on their rent. And despite the fact that you know, the doomsayers are saying, there’s going to be this huge wave of evictions, it looks like in Longmont, maybe 150 people are vulnerable. And, you know, we can deal with 150 people not easily, but I mean, the money’s there. If they get evicted, it becomes much harder because it’s a court thing. Well, not only that, you know, if they if they bring the mediator with them, which is free in Longmont and they get that you know that money so that they don’t owe their landlord then it doesn’t go on their on their permanent record as an eviction. So they don’t have that horrible hurdle to climb getting there next place, that the best solution even if you’re annoyed with your landlord and your landlord is annoyed with you Stay where you are. And it’s possible. And so there’s that website. Oh, I it’s the Boulder County helpline, and it’s a one 800 number that is the first thing you see if you go to Boulder County COVID assistance,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:16
artists there any fear about being undocumented? That is getting in the way of them applying for this assistance? And if so, is there aren’t, there’s no fears, in terms of that being an issue. And I think a lot of time that that, that just gets in the way of so many Hispanic community people taking advantage of programs? That’s not a question that says,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:47
it’s not at all you need your address. And something else, if you pay the utility bills yourself a utility bill or not a copy of your nice. It’s the fear of discovery right now. Yeah. Have there been changes to the public? charge? Check that. Yeah, I think that was exempted by the first day, I think, has been

Unknown Speaker 1:56:18
accepted by executive order, because that was just an executive order. Long federal law for a long time, right. Certain things made up for public charge. Wic did not yet which did not Medicaid is not now. Also, this couple other things. I think. I think nutrition still stays. Yeah, but I know Medicaid doesn’t

Unknown Speaker 1:56:55
nothing I just wanted to talk a little bit about was that they said that they’re doing some research on their human you know, their employees with human resources. They’re looking at gender equity, people of color, bilingual, things like that. And probably some of this concerns also having bilingual people, Lawson’s etc like that. For the most well said that day, but I odle one other thing is that they are they are doing COVID-19 testing at 350 in 11th. Avenue. Yes, daily from 8am to 6pm. And, again, encouraging people, especially now with what’s going on, to go in there and get tested if they have any, you know, any concerns whatsoever. And from what I understand, they don’t ask you if you have any symptoms or whatever, I guess they just don’t just test you and get you results within four days. And then just another thing of Aldo Valdez called me this morning, and he told me that one Mendoza is retiring in this county, and they’re having an open house on September 24. From 12 to four at Thompson Park. So just want to report on that. She was one of our board members for a long time

Unknown Speaker 1:58:19
employee. She is currently a volunteer with our Bob Bayless. DJs. Yeah. Yeah. So our my understanding is the Boulder County Latino coalition asked if they could continue to meet here. And I believe it was conveyed to them that yes, they can is that there’s

Unknown Speaker 1:58:40
so they said there was but there was no guarantee we could have the room of that size. Oh, of that size. So that was the stumbling block. Well, I don’t know. They were still. I think at that point, it was not totally clear if we’re going to be able to continue to eat great if they would. So it’s available. Oh, yeah. Let me I’ll follow back up. I think they were talking to Veronica, but I was double checking get back with you. Yeah. Hey, Veronica did say that. Or my understanding was that we could continue to me, but we wouldn’t be able to be in the size of room. Oh, that because we give quite a few events, right. Yeah, several people. Thank you. Okay. And I’m sorry, but I have another commitment here pretty quick, which I want to have Janine sustainability. I know we’re very limited in time and there’s always lots to report with sustainability. So I’m going to try to skip over some stuff. Just they have now got a air quality contract with older air. For evaluation, ongoing evaluation.