“Who Do You Know ?? ” – Randi Johnson, Randi Michelle Events, with Ginny Schuster

Video Description:
“Who Do You Know ??” –
Ginny Schuster, GinnyPreneur with
Randi Johnson, Business Owner at Randi Michelle Events
Randi has over 21 years of customer service experience. She hase an extensive background covering many skills and talents. She is motivated, disciplined, a self-starter with an amazing work ethic.
Randi is just what you are looking for, if you like new and fresh ideas, dedication and loyalty. She loves to learn new skills and grow her potential. She is a big believer in team building and cooperation.
Randi’s quote: “Even in failure there is success, because you always learn a valuable lesson.”
Randi Michelle Johnson
Owner/Event Planner
Cell: 214-208-8013
email: randimichellellc@gmail.com