Golf Course Advisory Board Meeting October 26, 2020

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Moved get the meeting underway here. Everybody’s good to go with that. I I am. Okay. First item of the agenda. Hope you’ve all had a chance to take a look at that as the approval of the agenda itself. So is there anything that anybody wants to change? add to it.

Aaron, no, I’m over being approved.

A second. Very good. Agenda approved. on Item Number two, approval of the previous month’s minutes. I did look through that as well. I didn’t see any adjustments or changes that were required. Do we have a motion?

I’m only moving approved.

A second. Very good. Any of those against previous minutes? communications into genda item number three. And we’ll go through the monthly reports at this point in time. So who do we have up first from the golf pros?

Sam, do you want to go first?

Can you hear me okay?

Yep. Are you Sam? Yep,

sure. Can everybody welcome back out? Then Jackson’s January’s is since we’ve got to see each other good to see ya.

You too. Yeah. Wait for it to be in person. So yeah, the season was off to a great start.

After February we were $37,000. Ahead of the prior year. Course got shut down March 16. middle of April, we reopened April 23. At 50%. Do we finally got to 100%. On June 1. Well, the end of the May we went from being ahead to 37,000 to being behind almost 110,000. But one of the bright spots of the 2020 is golf. Golf is experiencing an amazing boom. Not just in Longmont or Colorado, but across the entire country. I’m sure you guys have probably heard that. But golf is doing great. Through year to date, we’re now at 187,000 in revenue rounds, we’re down at the end of May Bye 3370. We got up to 128 ahead or prior year at the end of this last month. And it’s still going strong year or month to date. We are still on a great track where 909 rounds ahead, month to date for October.

And we are not 51,000 in revenue ahead. So it’s going great. 2020 is turning out to be a great year for us. Thank you any questions?

No, no questions here? Anybody? So? Oh, fantastic. Sam. Glad to be here. Thank you.

If you want to go next.

Hello, everybody.


Kate got

gone first. So he could tell everybody all the good news mingled in with all the bad news of the tough year that everyone’s had. So to his point, he’s exactly right. It was a I’ve never seen anything like it in terms of how busy the course was. And and the regulars were complaining about having to make tea times and they couldn’t just walk on. So it was it was amazing. And the numbers kind of speak for themselves. Were over 30,000 rounds starting in October, we’re well over 33,000 rounds. Now we were up 1.8% just on the rounds. But we’re going to be even up more than that by the end of this month. The revenues up 13.2% hundred and $10,772 through September. And at last check I think we’re at 1,000,001 million $30,000 through A couple days ago, and I think only one other time of his twin peaks ever actually gone over a million, I think Sam went over a million in 2003 at Twin Peaks, something like that. So it’s amazing how and to go. I mean, the statistics are kind of staggering. I mean, we were at one point, we were down 32% in revenue through May. And now we’re up 13.2%. And, you know, to make those kind of numbers up in the summer just tells you how awful we were, we were full from open to close every single day. And it was great. It was really, it was really fun to work in a golf course, where we were just packed all the time. And we didn’t have to discount the prices at all. We just charge our normal rates and everybody was happy to pay them. And, you know, we we move to some online payment schedule where people can book their tee times online, and they use what’s called prepaid tee times. And that really helped with the traffic in the building. So we had less people in the building made it safer for the employee safer for the golfers, then I don’t know what the percentages on that, but that contributed to a lot of our revenue, obviously, that we didn’t have to collect at the front counter. So that went great that took some doing to get that that going, you know, props to Jeff on that. And city attorney helped us through that and navigate some of those waters that were kind of difficult to, to get all that squared away to begin with. But it went really well. And you know, I can’t say enough about the staffs at all three golf courses, both the maintenance staff and and our staff that work inside the building. The death card staff, you know, nobody knew what to expect, everybody was a little nervous, everybody was a little scared. But we just made it through week after week, we just kept getting it through and the disinfecting of the carts and all the things that we had to do to keep everybody safe was great. And I can’t say enough about Jeff prisoner and his leadership through this because it was a weird time. And we had to communicate a lot more than we would normally have to communicate and, and he had a lot of other stuff going on and a lot of balls in the air and, and it was tough. So we managed to work through it all. And I think we’re all kind of ready for a little downtime after the crazy last five months, six months. If you look at the the numbers that I said they’re just staggering. You know, I hope I hope that we all can get out and not have to be masked up and that vaccine comes in. And in, you know, 21 will look a lot different than next year, because we didn’t really host a lot of tournaments. The tournaments that were hosted were hosted by outside events, we didn’t do our normal shotgun starts and fundraisers and, and the normal things that we would do, we didn’t do this year. So we hope that next year with all this, you know that we’ll have that pent up demand, then we have all these new golfers because we created a lot of new golfers this year. I’ve never seen so many golf bags that were you know, walking up to the building from the 1970s. I mean, I think people were buying golf clubs in a garage sales and then bringing them out to the golf course and they have no idea how to play golf. And, and yet it still worked really good. I mean, we didn’t have a whole lot of issues. We, we we as a group went to 10 minute intervals on our tee times, which was something that I think we had needed to do for a long time and, and I think I can speak for all three golf pros and the staff that we have that worked really well. We were always on time on the tee sheet whenever we had any. You know, technology mishaps where somebody thought they booked a tee time and they didn’t. Because of the 10 minute intervals, we were able to get people on that that showed up thinking they had a time never had to turn people away. So that went really good. So we’re looking forward to how that plays out in 21 as well. I think that’s about it. There’s Any questions? I take him at this time.

No, don’t don’t see what you keep. All right, fantastic. Thanks. Good.

Thank you very much.

All right, so that would be Brian.

All right, well, uh, not much to really go after after they after the two of those guys. They kind of took everything that I pretty much had on my plate here to stay other than you know, I have to stay rounds and revenue. I can’t agree more that I’ve never seen the numbers the way they are. The way everything’s rolling. The way the stabs have maintained the facilities and just it’s so smooth right now in my opinion. I’m mean, yet the deficit for revenue in rounds mean 35 38% From when we got shut down, and coming back to where we’re at now at sunset, about 13% ahead for revenue and roughly two 3%. ahead and rounds. But again, like Keith said, we haven’t had any dynamic priced tee times, we’ve all been rack rate all the way around. And it’s it’s quite amazing to be honest. So I don’t know much more much more I can say to be honest. But any questions for me at sunset?

My only question Ryan would be I know, you know, we’re coming to the kind of the end of a season here. But is there any chance of opening to 18 hole rounds at sunset Are we going to stick to nines. At this point in time,

we’ve been kind of starting to do more 18 hole rounds, but on still on a limited basis. And it’s based on when you book your time, if you call us if you book it online, and you book the nine hole rate, if you call me in the shop, we’ll put if we have availability, that’s the key to the whole situation right now. If there’s an availability, we’ll put a block in the sheet for a turn time. And then we can charge you the difference between the nine and 18 hole rate to make it that correct rate when you come in. Um, however, online tee times for sunset will always be nine holes, because there’s no way for the automated system to actually duplicate a secondary tee time to accommodate for that turn time being that we’re only a nine hole facility. So you’ll never see an 18 hole rate online. Unless we build another nine holes.

Right now understood,

there’s a lack of space. But I mean, realistically, if you call me or call anyone in the staff in the shop, I’m absolutely we can get you around for an 18 hole time, just per the availability right now, I have had to turn away a few people for that instance, because of the amount of players that we have. And then occasionally, I think I see it more at sunset than that than the other guys maybe a 20 Minute. But a lot of players will show up. Maybe a minute to two minutes before their tee time. So the 10 minute intervals help us keep it spaced out. But occasionally there’s a you know, that instance where we might need that extra couple of minutes there to to get caught up. But we usually are pretty much right on schedule now.

Okay, good. Thank

you. Absolutely. Thank you.

Yeah, Jeff.

Yeah, I, Keith stole my thunder. Also, though, they all made it seem easier than it really was, there was a lot of struggle about can or closing the golf courses in March. There’s a lot of struggle about trying to reopen in April. And I can’t say enough about the pros, their staff, and all the maintenance staff and how they made it safe for everybody to be out on the golf course. And and to see a year where was as busy as it was, is just amazing the work that they did this year. So my thanks really goes out to them.

Yeah, absolutely agree with you. All right. We can move on to the next agenda item if everybody’s okay there. I think actually, we have public invited to be heard twice on here. So I think I want to put that towards the end. Well,

let’s just talk. Susan and Steph, are there. There anybody that called in?

No, we don’t have anybody that would like to join the meeting. So there will be nobody for public invited to be here tonight.

Okay. All right. Thank you.

Okay. Very good. any old business that we need to address at this point in time, the old business on the previous minutes? Really kind of spoke to the facility upgrade and maintenance for all the courses, which really kind of gets into item number six. For new business?

Yep. Just so during the year because of where we were financially, all of our projects were put on hold. And then in late August, we were given permission to move forward. The only capital project that we have working right now is that we are doing some pond improvements on bank’s stabilization audit you Creek. Last week, they worked on number eight. And in the next two weeks, they’ll work on a team. Otherwise everything will wait until 2021. Again, so as far as new business staff, could you put PowerPoint up place. So I wanted to talk a little bit tonight about the maintenance facility that the bond project approved in 2018 is paying for we have some challenges that are going on with that project. In particular, with the relocating of the maintenance building from highway 66, to the clubhouse site is has some neighbors that are are upset about the city’s decision to do that, I’m going to do a quick overview of where we’re at. And then we’d like your feedback on on your thoughts about highway 66 site or the clubhouse site. So Steph, if you could go to the next slide. So again, just going through some some background, the golf course, at a conditional use plan approved in 95. a golf course opened in 97. Without a an official maintenance facility. At the time, they ran out of money. And so the decision was made to use the old farmhouse and property to use as the maintenance facility in 2002. Larry and the staff went through a site plan amendment to move the maintenance building to the clubhouse site that was approved by the planning department. But golf did not have any funds to be able to do that. So that plan amendment has since come to an end. And so we’re going through that same process right now, based on the voters approval of low, almost $1.5 million for the new maintenance facility. Next slide, please. So this kind of gives you a picture of where we were the current location on your top left is where the existing maintenance takes place at the golf course. And in the bottom left is where we are proposing to build the new course. And then on the picture on the right just shows you where those two locations fall on the entire golf property. Next slide. You can kit. Next slide. So this gives you kind of a proposed site plan of what we’re looking at. Again, this is at the clubhouse location. The office and maintenance building is where the majority of the maintenance work, there’ll be three bays in there where our mechanic and staff can work on all of our equipment. There are two offices in there. And then also a staff break room and meeting room. Building just below that the equipment building is where we store all of the equipment. Currently, most of the equipment is in a lean to or just setting out in the open. And then at the bottom is material bins so that we can have sand and dirt and that sort of thing stored in a contained area without a roof so that those materials are better accessible than what we have right now. Next site slide please. This is just kind of a layout of what that maintenance building could look like. Next slide.

These show a representation of what the maintenance facility could or would look like. One of the things I’ll point out in this picture is originally we had proposed that the buildings be 20 feet tall. They’ve been dropped down to 18. And we continue to work on the possibility of lowering them down even further based on some Some of the feedback from the neighbors. Next slide. This is the what the look of the storage building, what would be. Next slide. This kind of gives you a project timeline. And at the end of the at tomorrow, we will send PowerPoint out so that you have this to refer back to. In November of 2019, we went to the development review committee. And at that time, there was a number of conditions brought to our attention about the highway 66 site. Some of those things included that our access to highway 66 was going to be taken away that with the widening of the highway, we would lose a large portion of access. So where we could not build on that property, we have to construct a 10 foot wide bike and pedestrian path that currently ends on the west end up by the golf course. And we need to build that path so that it would go completely across the golf property, we would have to work on an easement with the property directly to the east of the current maintenance building, that our access would be back to Sundance drive, instead of being to the highway. And then we would need to do a buyout of our current utility provider, which is pooter Valley, which would be paying them for one year’s worth of power to end our agreement with them and then move to the into with Longmont power and communication. So after that we made the decision to go back to the clubhouse site, as was described in the 2002 process. We went through the development review committee for that site and gay got received feedback on what would need to be done. In March. As you can imagine, everything was pretty much put on hold as we were starting to figure out what the pandemic meant to golf. In May, we started the process again, city also hired a special projects supervisor who is now helping us supervise the project. And Sharif Montgomery is that individual and has done an outstanding job of keeping us moving in and really has more background in construction than what I do as a recreation and golf person. In June, we conducted the city’s first virtual public meeting as was required with the as a part of the process. That meeting was attended by believers 11 or 12 of the neighbors representing 11 houses. And that the neighbor or the meeting, as you can imagine, with the way this meeting is it’s really difficult to develop any rapport during the meeting. Because in that meeting, people that were listening in could see us but we really couldn’t see them. And so there was some real frustration on their part that this staff was really just going through the motions and trying to check a box and really didn’t feel like there was a connection and that we were really listening to their feedback. Excuse me. In June, we mailed out around 300 notices to homeowners around the golf course that was everyone that was within 1000 feet of the clubhouse site. In July, we began receiving comments from further comment from the jacent residents about their concerns.

So what Theresa and I decided was that we would conduct a second meeting and we actually held it out at the golf course following social distancing requirements and everybody wearing a mask. It was a much better meeting where we could really have some real interaction without some of the hesitation That may come through a virtual meeting, they voiced their opinions about their concerns with the clubhouse or the maintenance building moving to this site, we explained the concerns with the highway 66 site and ask that everybody could compromise that the city would try to do the things we could do to make things better and what asked them to do the same thing. Next slide, please. Yes.

This is Marsha. I just had two questions. How many people then came to the outside meeting?

I believe there are 11 people.

Oh, that’s all. Yeah. And then, on one of the earlier slides, there was a sign that’s posted that says, future site of the ute Creek maintenance building. Where is that sign located? And how long was that there?

That sign is located about in the middle of the proposed maintenance building site. And it has been there since 2002.


so it’s been there a while? Yeah,

thank you. Yep.

Next slide, please. So we explained to the neighbors, they one of the things that they required or requested was that we develop a delta between the cost of building at the clubhouse site and costs for the highway 66 site. That number was about 214,000, based on where we were, there’s another slide that’s coming up that I’ll talk a little bit more about. In August 21, we submitted our first response to for the application, that application was delivered. And in early September was deemed insufficient. There were five things on that in our submittal, that needed further detail. And we have since resubmitted and that was accepted. On September 24, we did have a third meeting with the neighbors on September 21, at the highway 66 site, they had requested to be able to walk around that site, see the condition of the existing facilities. And and then further talk about the pros and cons of the moving to the clubhouse site. We have been designated had a planner designated Her name is Jesse stone Berg, who will represent the planning department. Everybody had until October 16, that being residents and other city departments to give comment on our plan. Those plans are currently being our comments are currently being summarized. And we will should receive those sometime this week. As far as what shortcomings our submittals might have or for the work that we may have to do. We did as a part of the submittal we sent a second notification to those same 300 residents. So they were aware that they could go online look at the proposal and submit comments to planning also. Next slide please. So this slide really kind of shows you that delta between what it would cost to build that the highway 66 site and the clubhouse site. That number of 400,000 was as far as we got because that number, you know it was going to cost $400,000 to build at that location and it was we’re going to spend $400,000 before we started building anything out of the ground and really the budget doesn’t allow for that with only being $1,478,000. So we chose at that time to stop that work and move to the other site. Included in in what else would we would need to do is a transportation plan. there needed to be working on a visual corridor so that when the highway 66 is widen, widen, make sure that there isn’t anything that would impact that The view of cars on on the highway. Next slide, please.

So that kind of leads us to where our question is, I kind of explained some of the issues with the highway 66 site, the city manager gave clear direction, it was best for us to move to this location, he felt that it was not appropriate to take money from other areas, other projects that were already funded, mainly because he didn’t believe that it was appropriate to take money from other projects that really had a broader impact to our community than what a maintenance building would have to really only the golfers that would really benefit from that improvement. And that the neighbors, their main issues with us building at this site, is a view corridor. So the people the houses located on the east side of hole number six, there, they’re really concerned that the building will be so tall and so large, that it truly impacts their view back to the mountains. They the neighbors on lock more drive, which is just to the south of the site, there, they’re bigger concerns are having to look directly into the maintenance building, the noise, the potential of security lighting in the evening. And really, again, looking at a maintenance operation, which they believe would decrease their home values. So what we’re asking you this evening is to for your input on what your thoughts are on, on going to this site, and the potential impact that that might have to the neighbors? Or do you think is better to try to come up with more money and go back to the highway 66 site? So I’m open to questions and feedback at this time?

Well, I have a couple questions. Um, is there any possibility because I find recall, the maintenance site kind of is a little bit built up, there’s like a mound or something, can it? Can it be like lowered in the in the ground at all.

So we would level the site to the parking lot, you will not go below grade, all the mounds that you see there right now would have to be removed. And then in turn, we would, once the buildings were built, we would add mounds back in there, but they certainly would not be as tall or as high as they are right now. We also are proposing in our submittal that there would be trees and bushes planted on top of those mounds help try to block some of that view.

Okay. I mean, this kind of an issue is is, you know, happens all the time, right in municipalities where we have it kind of in our neighborhood where there’s up block of land that people that build a house next to it didn’t think it would ever be developed, even though it’s incorporated in the city of Longmont. There’s a big for sale sign there. And the reason I asked that about that sign earlier, if that sign has been there for a long time, I mean, those residents kind of haven’t been anticipating a build there for a while, right.

Maybe the sign has been there. But there is a possibility there were multiple homeowners since 2002. Most of those homes were not built at at that time they were mainly in in the start of the grounds was was being leveled foundations were being put in. So I can’t guarantee that that sign was seen by everyone. But it was there. One of the comments from the neighbors was that it really isn’t fair to say you should have known and and I would agree with that.

Well, my only last comment is that, you know, it’s a huge price differential between the facility on 66 versus where you have planned it and going back to the voters, especially the repercussions from COVID. I mean, I wouldn’t think that it would that citizens would cough up any more money for it.

Yeah, and we were would not go back to the voters, it would have to be taken from our capital improvement fund, and it would take money away from other projects that are currently funded.

Yeah, this is Marshall, I’ve only got one question. Okay, as anybody gone physically to these neighbors who have complained about the possibility of the building, impacting their view of the mountains, and done and kind of a line of sight to see how bad that really might be, what the impact might be, if the building we’re as designed built there.

We haven’t talked to them individually. What we have done is we did some site testing, where we put a 20 foot pole up along next to where that sign is, right and went to various locations on the east side to get a view of what that impact would be. And you know, that their view is going to be taken away by the building if it is built

there. Okay, answer my question. Thank you.

Yep. Fred, it was like you were gonna raise your hand.

Oh, that was about the question that I had was the view, whether the building as it came down, increase their view enough that it would be nice, not a non issue again,

it doesn’t lower it long enough, were lowered it enough to be able to see the mountains from from the Sundance area. How many

houses are affected?


  1. We’ve heard from 11 homeowners.

I don’t know why I’m asking. But let’s hypothetically set, let’s go ahead and say that the building is built on that site. Do those 11 homeowners have any legal recourse? What would the implications be if they decide it’s there, and I don’t like it, therefore.

Well, they so our next step in the process is we will go to the planning and zoning commission and present our proposal 11 homeowners and anyone else in the public have the right to come in and give comment, planning and zoning then we’ll make their recommendation if it is passed, that the homeowners have the right to appeal to City Council, and city council and then make a determination on whether they would agree with planning or send us back to design and with that site or going back to the other site. And I my guess is that anybody can always go to court and and try to stop it also.

Okay, thank you. Yep.

It there was a comment about a noise at the orientation of the building, is anything open to that neighborhood and turns the doors or is it all facing

the other way? It’s all inward facing. And really the noise concern is is about how early we start in the morning. We can start as early as 530 depending on the time of year, the city code ordinance allows golf to be able to be open that or to start work at early. Most sound ordinance impacts in in restricts people from making sound until 7am. But golf and parks operations can are not impacted by the seven o’clock requirement.

Now do you think the sound is such that it really is going to reach those neighbors?

It will I don’t believe it will reach the neighbors over on Sundance. There is a possibility that on lock more wood. One of the real advantages of a golf operation is that that’s that’s where the maintenance equipment is stored. But they’re starting out and immediately going out onto the golf course so it isn’t like they’re there for an extended period of time. And Jeff Andreasen, you might help me with this but you know we’re talking three to five minutes where they’re getting the equipment out and started. And again they go right out onto the golf course. So it’s not like they would be there for a significant period of time.

So as far as the our maintenance operations come in, we will get there a little bit before five, like between 515 and 530, your biggest job assignment, they hop on the machine, they’ll pretty much we’ll be sitting inside that equipment storage, building the firearm up, the literally pull them out of the building, and head right down to like number one, number two, just like we do, we did some sound tests with Sharif and a decibel meter, and the ambient noise up at the site up there in the parking lot with like 56 decibels. And we had a couple more than running by the practice green and it raised it up to maybe 6065 decibels. We did some other readings from 200 feet out 100 feet out, back closer to death for a word that noticeable but until we got within, like I think 50 feet of the machinery, and then they raised it up to maybe 70 decibels. But the amount of time that they’re going to spend and get like to pull out his metal, the fire, the equipment being worked on, it’s all done inside. Because with the storm water protection act, we’re not allowed to work on machinery outside on hard surfaces, that all has to be done indoor where we can contain many fluids that might come out of a machine. I really thought our noise impact is going to be minimal. I mean, I’m not going to I will be there because I’m gonna have like on a Monday, you’ll have probably six, nine machines pulling out in the morning, within 510 minutes of each other. But they’re out there gone onto the golf course. I don’t think it’s gonna be as big of impact as they think it is. But I work with stuff every day. And so I’m kind of used to it.

I think the bigger impact but maybe might be the lighting and but even that isn’t as bright in the newer buildings and stuff because all the light has to point down.

Yeah, well, yeah, we’ll follow all of the code for lighting, there will be no yard lights, you know that tall, on tall poles it will be all more security to protect the building from anyone getting getting in. So there will be no light like you might see out at highway 66 site.

really sounds like the whole thing. It boils down more to the view. block it.

Exactly. Yes. Yeah.

They there were comments also about increased traffic on ucrete Drive. We believe the number of deliveries will be I think we estimated 1123 Is it a month Jeff, is that right? For sand in topsoil and that sort of things being delivered.

Um, I talked to the trees today I have 11 tickets, we probably got 15, maybe 16 loads of sand in, there will be days like in the Oh, I would say like when we’re doing aerification or projects, we might bring in two or three in dumps, which are semi trucks, essentially, of sand, and then we use them. But normally, once this summer gets gone, we might go through a truckload a month or depending on how much we’re dressing what kind of maintenance we’re doing. For the other deliveries go, I generally get from either drop, deliver twice a year, that’s pretty much what I want to store. We’ll get FedEx ups almost daily. Just because most of our way the world works now. Everything’s delivered or they don’t have stuff in the warehouses in Denver, so it has to get shipped from the factory overnight. That’s just how it is. So we get a lot of deliveries like that. We have fuel deliveries like every 14 days during the season. I don’t think it’s gonna be that big of impact. The other will be a little bit but if you notice in that one picture that he’s showing you the clubhouse site, the corner that parking lot with a pile of sand. Or you can see in the corner that parking lot in the upper it’ll be the southeast corner that we’ve been taking stand up there. Like for top wrestling, we’ve been dumping in the parking lot. Wrong. We’re doing the bunker renovations when we add it all sand to the green side bunkers. You’re staging a lot of our sands Because it just it’s more centrally located. To do it, so I don’t, it’s not gonna be a big increase. Yeah, there’ll be a few more trucks, maybe 15 more in dumps that they would normally not see, but I don’t think that’s gonna be that big of impact. The other thing about one things we talked about where we dumped sand in the parking lot, the more of a central location. For example, to get from our maintenance shop, get up to like 13 Green, that’s over two mile drive. GPS did. So efficient wise, this site makes more sense for maintenance as far as being more efficient with how we do our stuff that anything’s better than what we have now. But that would be the ideal site. So if you have any more questions, feel free to answer

there. Any other questions or comments? I go ahead,

Marsha. Let me just ask one real quick discussing the proposed site. What would you like the advisory board to do this evening and in response to the to the site issues? When do you want to vote? You want an opinion? What would you like for us to do?

I would like you to someone to make a motion on your preferred site and so that we can share that with the city manager and planning staff as as that’s needed.

Okay, so asking for motion. First of all motion on the current location.

So if we could just do one motion that,

okay, refer

x as our site, whichever you prefer. Okay,

I’ll make a motion that we do the new site next to the clubhouse.

I’ll second it.

Okay, all those in favor?


As john, did you vote?

You’re muted.

JOHN, you’re muted. No, I

didn’t vote because I feel totally incompetent to be able

to ask you to vote one way or the other. This is my first meeting with his first thing.

I’ve heard about it. And I have no way do I have any opinion one way or the other?

Okay, fair enough.

So is that five zero then? Is that what you saw?

At five zero? Yep. Kim.

Thanks. Um, I it’s been helpful to me to listen to the conversation. It’s not like I haven’t been in it with Jeff. You know, prior to tonight. So, you know, I will report it when the time comes to the Council on certain Jeff flow as well. The result of the deliberation, your deliberation and in your recommendation. I’d be happy to carry another message along with your with your emotion if you were wanting to entertain something that would also encourage the city council to seriously consider the 2022 budget use of public improvement funds to finish the clubhouse at ukri. If you’re ever going to make that recommendation, this would be a good time to do it.

In the ccip, I believe we have about $2.3 million as our estimated budget to expand the clubhouse just for reference.

Okay, tell me it’s on a list of projects unfunded. Yep. And since we’re dealing with that issue, now the clubhouse If I were you, I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to signal the city council. Even as you’re supporting this, this, this plan, what your interests are and aspirations are for finishing up that clubhouse. The 2021 budget is built or is done. So there won’t be any more consideration. We’re going to prove that actually we start the ordinances tomorrow night. But the building of the 2022 budget We’ll begin very soon. And it’s not unusual for capital improvement projects, regardless of the funding source. In this case, it would be likely public improvement funding. It’s not unusual for those to be take years to get funded to the point where you can actually contract for a project, it may take two or three years. But if you don’t get started, you never get there. And so far it hasn’t been started. So just for your information as members of the golf committee, if that’s something you would like to see, somebody has to make that an issue.

I will

be pleased to hear from the golf video as well.

Yep. Do we? Thank you, Tim. I appreciate that. That’s that’s good information. I didn’t realize we’re at that point. I think, you know, for myself, I’ve always looked for the improvements to be done on the clubhouse at ucrete. I know Sam has asked for that as well in previous years. Somebody want to make a motion for that recommendation for tend to take that forward.

And move to

go ahead, man. I’m sorry.

I was just gonna make a motion to to have Councilman waters bring that up.

I will second that motion, Marshal.

All in favor? Hi. Hi.

Here’s what I’ll do. Folks,

I keep a list of budget priorities that I hear that I learned about during the year. I present those to Harold, every year. Just to go the top of my list now.

Thank you.

So I appreciate you bringing that up. Hey, jack, anything else on the capital improvement? Nope.

That’s it.

All right. On to agenda items, seven any items from the staff? that we haven’t already addressed? Yeah,

I think we’ve talked about them all.

Great. Right. Any other additional items from the board? Agenda Item Number eight? Yes, Fred. Go ahead.

I just wanted to take the opportunity since I’ll be leaving the board this year. To thank Jeff and the city for the opportunity to serve on the board. It’s been a real pleasure.

Oh, thank you, Fred. shado. All your work.

Yep, definitely appreciate your help here. JOHN, you were raising your hand?

Yeah, I’ve had several people asked me at the golf course. Why would they allow us to drive the cars out into the parking lot?

He buddy every reasons. But that was all about?

Well, part of its twofold with the buisiness that we’ve had of at the golf course, it would take too long to be able to get the golf cards back, disinfected, allowed to dry, and be able to get them back out of there. So that is a one of the biggest reasons for that. Secondly, is a we were having a large issue with people bringing their own alcohol onto the course. Geez, that puts all three of the golf pros at risk. Because even though somebody may have their own alcohol drink it become intoxicated, it still comes back on to the golf pros. So that that’s really why we’re not doing that. And, and part of the issue was when we were closed, people continued to golf, and they were bringing their own alcohol out there. And we ended up having to start monitoring the golf courses and asking people to leave and but that that’s the reason why that’s not happening right now.

Thank you. Nearly writings from many of the board members. Well, alright, and as we indicated earlier, no publican is to be heard at this point in time unless somebody else has joined in.

And I don’t think if they were going to participate, they had to join at the

beginning. All right. Okay. Very good. Very good. If there’s no other items, can we get a motion for adjournment?

I’ll move we adjourn. Marshall.

Second, okay. Very good, folks. We are adjourned. Thank you, Jeff. Thank you. Everybody

thanks everybody’s Good seeing

you as well. Bye, everybody.

Thanks by

the way

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