Longmont Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for Monday, June 8, 2020


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All right, sure you may begin. Thank you. Good evening, everyone. This meeting of the parks and recreation advisory board will please come to order. Secretary, could you please take the roll?

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Sue Oberg. Jeff Ellen Bogan, Manoj ganghwa. Paige Lewis,

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Dan Olsen.

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Robert Putnam

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catches Stokely

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and council liaison Aaron Rodriguez.

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Thank you. Thank you.

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This is a reminder to the public. Anyone wishing to speak during first call public invited to be heard which is item five on our agenda, or during final call public invited to be heard item eight will need to watch the livestream.

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of the meeting and watch for instructions on how to call in to provide comment at the appropriate times. Instructions are given during the meeting and displayed on the screen when it is time to call in to provide comments. Comments will be limited to three minutes per person, and each speaker will be asked to state their name and address for the record prior to proceeding with their comments. Please remember to mute the live stream when you are called upon to speak. Thank you.

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Before Item Number three, I just want to welcome Nikki Davidson, who is our secretary this evening. She is a new administrator in the parks and rec in recreation, and she’ll be working with Veronica and Aurora. And so welcome Nikki and thank you very much.

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Item number three approval of the agenda. Is there any discussion? Raise your hand if you have a discussion point.

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Seeing no discussion, I’ll ask for a vote. All those in favor of approving the agenda. Please indicate by raising your hand and saying aye.

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The agenda is approved unanimously. Item number four, approval of the previous month’s minutes. I’ll give you a couple of minutes to look over those minutes and indicate by raising your hand if you have any questions, concerns or corrections.

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Okay, if everybody is happy with the minutes, I know it was a long time ago.

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I’d like to ask you to vote to approve the minutes from March 9. If you approve, please indicate by saying aye and raising your hand.

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Hi. Hi.

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I wasn’t there, so I assume I shouldn’t vote. Okay.

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Emily, Dan abstains. Okay, Secretary Are you good with this vote?

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Yes. Thank you very, very good. So, the previous month’s minutes or the previous meetings minutes are approved with two abstentions due to absence.

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Item number five public invited to be hurt.

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We will now take a four minute break to display the

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in the instructions and wait to see if any members of the public wish to join the meeting. You’re free to mute and turn off your cameras during this period.

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Secretary Do we have any members of the public waiting to speak?

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Jaron out at this time.

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Thank you a reminder that there will be a final call for public invited to be heard as Agenda Item Number eight.

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We move on now to agenda item number six new business modification to the open space disposition ordinance. Dan.

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Thank you. And I greatly appreciate this opportunity and bringing you all together.

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this particular item will be going to council at their study session on July 7. And in your packet, you should have a draft council communication that we’ve prepared for that meeting, as well as the disposition of open space ordinance that was passed in 2011, as well as the modifications in your packet, just a bit of brief history back in 2010, and 11. This board, in particular with the assistance from our city turns spent numerous meetings discussing how and when we would dispose of open space for whatever purposes, that would be.

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There are quite a few meetings with this board as well as city council to decipher and determine how and when we would dispose of open space.

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For a variety of reasons. So as we were going through back in October, looking to sell the fee title of the double six ranch to the Dochev dairy, we were intending to retain the conservation easement.

Unknown Speaker 9:22
Our city attorney’s office, looking at this disposition indicated that there was no way that we could separate the fee and the conservation easement based on the existing ordinance, because I believe

Unknown Speaker 9:40
on your page

Unknown Speaker 9:44
looks like page 10 of 21. It indicates that in no event shall the sales price or transfer costs be less than the original purchase price.

Unknown Speaker 9:57
That create a problem for us. Especially when

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Again, there’s elements associated with an open space property that we would like to dispose of. In the draft council communication, I think there’s a couple of examples. For instance, currently, we own three water taps that are underutilized or actually, you’re not being utilized on any of our properties, those water taps value at $75,000 apiece. And because the way this ordinance currently is written, we couldn’t dispose of those for anything less than the original purchase price.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
We’re currently working on the newbie property which has a total of four houses on it to those we would like to carve off, sell those, take those, take those dollars and put those back into the open space program for future development or acquisition. Because of the way according to the city attorney’s because of the way the original

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ordinance was drafted, we couldn’t separate those out.

Unknown Speaker 11:04
So what we’re doing it and I tried to highlight the elements associated in the original ordinance.

Unknown Speaker 11:13
And then you’ll see on the draft where we made the modifications

Unknown Speaker 11:21
that have been included, to include, let’s say, for instance, the sale on page 12 of 21 to include the fair market value of the property interest conveyed.

Unknown Speaker 11:37
And then additionally, on page 13,

Unknown Speaker 11:40
the highlighted looks like line three, where two and three actually where we’re going to promote the health and wellness and safety in the general air for for the residents of Longmont and we result in net benefit.

Unknown Speaker 11:58
So ultimately, what I would love

Unknown Speaker 12:00
From the board tonight is a recommendation that we could take the council that you

Unknown Speaker 12:07
reviewed this, you understand what’s going on. And what will actually happen by the modifications will allow us to pull out some of the rights as we acquired it that are not beneficial to the open space program so that we could either sell those or transfer those. Whatever is been deemed appropriate in order to do that. That’s the only thing that we’re changing in the ordinance. The disposition of open space

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goes to city council. City Council decides whether it’s appropriate or not that point in time, refers it back to the parks and recreation advisory board for a public meeting that must take place within 90 days. After that recommendation, we go back to City Council for the formal action by ordinance that has to be by a majority vote of council

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To move forward with that disposition.

Unknown Speaker 13:06
This recommendation and modification allows us to separate some of those property rights, whether it would be you know, residential units or water, right, a mineral rights

Unknown Speaker 13:20
you know, the transfer fee, while we’re retaining some of this, to break that apart without

Unknown Speaker 13:28
having to pay or receive payment for what you originally paid for the entire property.

Unknown Speaker 13:37
Without that, I’ll certainly open it up to questions and address anything that might come up. Recognize Dan Olson.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
Thanks, Dan. I have a question it in your later updates. So page 19 of 21 under open space, your update for the for this ties together.

Unknown Speaker 14:00
So, in under two land acquisition, that’s the 1234 or 567, eighth line of page 19. It’s open space has been completed, we will look at selling the fee to the double six ranch. I don’t understand your use of the word fee a lot of the time, both in the ordinance and in this paragraph. How do you sell a fee, somebody else is going to pay it for you. I don’t get that page maybe fee a couple of times and paid you maybe you’re gonna help me I’m assuming because I know that you understand. A fee is basically all of the development rights, all the rights that are associated with a particular property.

Unknown Speaker 14:45
That’s the entire bundle of rights

Unknown Speaker 14:49
that are incorporated into that property. It comes with a fee. So what it’s got nothing to do with the way I use the word fee.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
You know, and it really does see your head.

Unknown Speaker 15:04
And it really doesn’t, you know, when we think of a fee, it’s a, it’s a price for, let’s say, a recreation class or something like that, right? It’s, it’s the, it’s the right you’re, it’s the property right

Unknown Speaker 15:17
for you to develop the Modify to use that land for whatever purpose you’d like to be.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
So in in this, in this particular situation, we will sell that fee to the donor reference for the double six ranch.

Unknown Speaker 15:41
What we will retain is the conservation easement, which basically purchases or acquires and maintains the development rights so that they don’t shift dairy.

Unknown Speaker 15:53
The only thing they can do on that property is to

Unknown Speaker 15:57
is for purposes of agricultural production.

Unknown Speaker 16:00
have likely raised hay in graze cattle on it, but we have retained the right in the conservation easement for any of the development. So so they cannot separate it subdivided, build apartments do those kind of things. They are only intention is for agricultural purposes. So that’s a component of what the whole package is.

Unknown Speaker 16:28
If you look again, I think it

Unknown Speaker 16:31
in on the on the backside of the of the draft communication on page six, it talks about these original acquisitions, we typically have a bundle of sticks, all of which have a purpose.

Unknown Speaker 16:47
conservation easement is one of those mineral rights, maybe another stick a water right is another stick. So what basically what we’re doing here is we are retaining the development rights and the water rights.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
We’re giving, not giving

Unknown Speaker 17:04
the the don’t CEF dairy is buying the agricultural purposes in the land, and we’re retaining

Unknown Speaker 17:12
the development rights. So therefore, the entire whole package, now we’re taking the stick out, which reduces that value. And this depends on indeed passing this new ordinance. Correct. Got it. So this is a concrete example of why we want to or why city council and we may like to do this then right? Absolutely. Okay. Got it. Thank you, sorry, nitpicky. And the other examples that I had were those three water taps that are not being utilized on any of these properties. We’ve got I know by working with the water district, they have buyers that want to would love to buy these $75,000 for Watertown

Unknown Speaker 17:57
if I had the ability by changing this order

Unknown Speaker 18:00
I could sell those generate the 250 $275,000.

Unknown Speaker 18:07
roll that back into the open space fun and buy more land or further land development of our nature areas or open space properties.

Unknown Speaker 18:23
Recognize Rob Putnam

Unknown Speaker 18:29
wheatridge in which a developer wanted to park a city park, to put in a development, you know, some kind of commercial thing. think in terms of Spangler or Lou Miller Park or something like that. They offered land outside the city worth far more than the park. So, you know, in some sense, it was a good deal. It was a bad deal because the people

Unknown Speaker 19:00
They’re lost the park. And they got land somewhere else, which is so far from where they were, that essentially that park was gone.

Unknown Speaker 19:09
In general, I’m opposed to giving away or selling open space. They don’t make anymore.

Unknown Speaker 19:17
And I’m very reluctant to let it go. On the other hand, I think reading ordinance 20 1110.

Unknown Speaker 19:28
It seems that the council has control ultimately, which is good. It’s not the not the staff that has the control. It’s ultimately the council. So in general, I, although theoretically opposed to giving away open space, I think this is a good alternative to giving the staff some leeway, or some flexibility. That’s all I have to say.

Unknown Speaker 19:57
Thank you, Rob.

Unknown Speaker 20:01
Hey catches Stewie Rams weather here.

Unknown Speaker 20:04
Rob, just to clarify,

Unknown Speaker 20:07
Parkland and open space have different.

Unknown Speaker 20:12
Okay, sorry, have different criteria for a Parkland within the city. To sell Parkland has to go before a vote of the people vote of the Longmont community. So we can’t just we can’t sell land to a developer for Parkland to make it outside of the city without a vote of the entire population. So your llama

Unknown Speaker 20:35
disposition of open space is different than disposition of parkland. So, just wanna make sure you understood that.

Unknown Speaker 20:43
Thank you recognize Dan Wolford. So I’ll get to you. And Robert, I want to just assure you that we are not giving this land away is you look at the ordinance on pages seven and eight. It talks about the

Unknown Speaker 21:00
The intent of the program, and we certainly would have

Unknown Speaker 21:07
the net value of everything we certainly would look at if, if a developer war were to give us and in exchange, we would exchange that iterates it would be

Unknown Speaker 21:21
to what we would be giving them as open space or greater only.

Unknown Speaker 21:26
So, and then anything of that value would then be put back into the open space program. So the intent of the disposition of open space is not to ever have a net loss of open space. It would always be for icon.

Unknown Speaker 21:48
I want to thank Steve for clarifying the thing on the parks I just use as an example of trade you know, how thinks something worth more good deal, that’s all but I’m

Unknown Speaker 22:00
I’m convinced it’s a good idea that the ordinance is one that’s needed.

Unknown Speaker 22:06
Thank you, Rob. Recognize Sue Alberg. I’m sure this has been well thought out. But my one concern is so you sell the rights to something to one person. What happens when they choose to sell it to another and another? there any kind of safeguards in there that the city still has some kind of

Unknown Speaker 22:28
ability to review or something? I’m just curious.

Unknown Speaker 22:36
Go ahead and Sue typically, a good example of this would be the conservation easement that we would keep, as we would sell double six ranch to the DOE Jeff dairy, that conservation easement is in perpetuity. So no matter who owns that, we will retain the conservation values of that property. Certainly at any point in time in the conservation easements

Unknown Speaker 23:00
There’s a section about notifications, so that we know as they might be selling that property to yet a third person, that they are being notified, we’re being notified, and we can reach out to that new buyer and assure them that we still have an interest in this land and property, and which has made it a priority over what potential right they were thinking they were acquiring. So the conservation easement that we would be retaining there in perpetuity.

Unknown Speaker 23:30
So if you sell off properties that you don’t need, is there also some kind of safeguards so that that can’t be developed inappropriately or fracking or just I’m just trying to think of the future like years down the road deserve is an example that we would do on the newbie property. We’re looking to sell to the residential lots would sell those residential lots. We would assure that we were

Unknown Speaker 24:00
retain a conservation easement on those locks, limit limiting the size of those houses or development to either residential single residential use or an agricultural use, potentially limiting the size of that footprint. And, you know, assurance that in that conservation easement that lot, then again, couldn’t be subdivided and then redeveloped some other way. So, again, we’re looking at it from that perspective and trying to make certain that we have some level of control and understanding of how that’s going to be developed.

Unknown Speaker 24:38
any situation is not developed.

Unknown Speaker 24:41
Okay, nice page Lewis.

Unknown Speaker 24:48
Go Go ahead page. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 24:52
I support the adjustments that you’re making. But in reviewing the original ordinance, I had a few questions and

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Just saw a couple areas where it could potentially be strengthen. And so I wondered in what context, would we have an opportunity to potentially review that ordinance and make recommendations to strengthen it further?

Unknown Speaker 25:16
Um, um,

Unknown Speaker 25:18
you see the draft of the ordinance here. That will we’re intending to take to Council on the seventh if you have recommendations for talking about the original one. Sorry, the 2011. Yeah, so we’re, my suggestion might be if you have suggestions, that would strengthen the original one. We’re already making this modification. That I would think that, you know, certainly the board could make further recommendations, and then we could run those. If they pass the board. Then we could make those recommendations to our city attorney and let them weigh in on

Unknown Speaker 25:59
whatever lens

Unknown Speaker 26:04
But you’re hoping to do this at an upcoming meeting, right?

Unknown Speaker 26:09
I don’t necessarily want to complicate your ability to get this test.

Unknown Speaker 26:15
I guess from from my perspective, we were modifying it once maybe down the road, we’ll make a second amendment or a second modification,

Unknown Speaker 26:25
depending on

Unknown Speaker 26:28
the level of complexity of what your language change might include.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
So Paige, would you like that to be added as an agenda item in a future prep meeting?

Unknown Speaker 26:45
Yeah, that would be great. I don’t know that it would be

Unknown Speaker 26:49
anything super complex, but I think it’s worth revisiting. Just to make sure because it’s pretty important that I really don’t, I don’t know that we have the time or if this is the best setting.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
For us to talk about that. And I don’t want to complicate what they’re trying to do, because I support that, but I would be interested in discussing it at a future meeting. Okay. So Nikki, if you would please take a note to add that as an agenda item for a future meeting, possibly coordinating with Paige on the best time to do that the best month.

Unknown Speaker 27:22
We’ll do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Any other questions for Dan on on this?

Unknown Speaker 27:34
Dan, I just want to ask sort of the the straw man question which is, what was the advantage of the original language and what would be the argument against making this change?

Unknown Speaker 27:49
I truly believe that this was

Unknown Speaker 27:54
the difference in language between two separate attorneys back in 2010 and 11.

Unknown Speaker 28:00
A review of the current city attorney and the difference of interpretation.

Unknown Speaker 28:08
I think all along

Unknown Speaker 28:11
even when we acquired the double six Ranch, it was included in the council’s original communication that we had intended on retaining the conservation easement and selling the fee to the dope Jeff dairy.

Unknown Speaker 28:27
So I think it’s a lot of this is just interpretation of

Unknown Speaker 28:32
how the ordinance was written.

Unknown Speaker 28:36
Again, with this modification with this current group of attorneys, it gives us the flexibility to dispose of elements of the open space program that are not being utilized or underutilized.

Unknown Speaker 28:52
Thank you, Dan. Any other questions from the board or comments from staff before I request emotion

Unknown Speaker 29:03
Okay, I’m prepared to entertain a motion at this time, please raise your hand if you would like to make that motion.

Unknown Speaker 29:14
Thank You page. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
I noticed that we support the proposed amendments to the ordinance on disposal of space. Do I hear a second? You can indicate by raising your hand. Thank you, Sue. All Burke has seconded.

Unknown Speaker 29:32
Okay, all those in favor of the motion. I’m sorry. Just a moment. Nikki, did you get the motion?

Unknown Speaker 29:39
I did. Yes. Thank you. All those in favor of the motion. Please indicate by raising your hand and saying aye. Aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 29:48
The motion passes unanimously. Thank you. Thank you for your support.

Unknown Speaker 29:56
We now move on to agenda item

Unknown Speaker 30:02
Seven, six. The second agenda item six items from staff.

Unknown Speaker 30:10
Let’s start with Jeff. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 30:16
did we did we

Unknown Speaker 30:21
going tonight for the sake of time? Okay. Thank you. In that case items from staff Jeff reasoner, would you like to start? Sure. So one of the things that I’m sure everybody is wondering about is when will we ever start opening some of our facilities? So I wanted to do just a quick update on where we’re at.

Unknown Speaker 30:48
I would just remind everybody that opening

Unknown Speaker 30:53
reopening our facilities and activities has been somewhat of a moving target.

Unknown Speaker 31:00
Changes continue to happen on a regular basis. And anything that I would say tonight is all in proposal that is going to the Herald’s leadership team tomorrow and they could send us back to the drawing board or give us direction to move forward. A couple of things that for sure won’t happen is we will be canceling all special events through the end of July. Except the fireworks. The fireworks has done by group other than the city of Longmont and they are still very interested in doing that but rhythm on the river and the concert in Thompson Park will be canceled that that notice will go out to the public sometime this week. athletic fields we

Unknown Speaker 32:00
been given direction that the fields can open both for practice and for games. Again, this is part of what the proposal that is going to the leadership team tomorrow. There are some requirements that each user group and I’m talking about baseball groups, softball groups, soccer, basketball, any any anyone that uses city facilities to offer their programs, including those programs done by recreation will have to follow guidelines that require only 25 players on the field at any one time. That number does not include the umpires or any coaches with the youth sports programs. It has to take into account social distancing, the ability to be able to

Unknown Speaker 33:00
to disinfect

Unknown Speaker 33:02
equipment that may be shared dugouts,

Unknown Speaker 33:07
that sort of thing. With adult sports, the recommendation in the guidelines is that there are no spectators that only the players would be at the complexes and with use sports only fit direct household people living in this house, same household can sit next to each other. But everybody else needs to be able to do the six foot social distancing. And and in case in those cases in with spectators, they would need to also wear masks. The order was changed originally we we thought that mask were going to be required at all times. And generally with the the order that came out late on Thursday and had an update that

Unknown Speaker 34:00
masks are required or should be worn where feasible.

Unknown Speaker 34:05
So we are starting to our we have proposed that recreation center would open up. We’re proposing next Monday the 15th. With that opening, we would require everyone to do a pre reservation for their spot to come into the facility. And they would have a time limit that they could be in there. We’d have exits Mark marked out where people can go in the front door, everybody will be guided out in other doors to try to limit the number of folks that are in in the libraries specifically, mask would be required coming into the building, waiting at the front counter, people would be able to go in work out without their mask and then as they’re leaving, they would have to

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Put the mask back on. Social distance markers will be put on the floor. We’ll have staff roving the building to help monitor the social distancing. And what we would do is we would have

Unknown Speaker 35:17
the gym track and weight room would all be

Unknown Speaker 35:21
outlined as one room up. You can have up to 50 people in that room at a time. We would we would have fitness classes in the studio or the fitness room. That number in there will probably be somewhere between 15 and 20. Because of the size of the room, the pool will start doing reservations for lap swimming. People will have one lap to themselves again with a timed amount of time that they could be there. After that time they would have to leave. We would not open the climbing wall

Unknown Speaker 36:00
Baby setting the hot tub steam room or sauna at during this first phase of, of opening

Unknown Speaker 36:08
Centennial pool or let me back up locker rooms. And when I say locker rooms I say that because it’s all in the same room lockers cannot be used during with the current guidance. Only those that are using the swimming pool would be able to use the showers. Everyone else would be asked to come ready to work out and go home and change as needed. And, and we don’t think that’s going to be a big issue because we believe the swimmers are often the bigger user of the locker rooms, except in those cases where people are coming to work out in the morning and going directly to work. or working out at lunchtime and going back to work.

Unknown Speaker 36:58
Centennial pool would be awesome.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
And for lap swimming only to start with, once we had worked through the issues that that might bring, again, locker rooms and changing areas would be available, but we would block off the lockers that they could not be used. Once we get past the initial, I’m going to say three or four days, depending on how things have gone, we would then start opening up additional things such as open swims, some modified swim lesson programs, and and then also we would certainly do fitness classes in the water,

Unknown Speaker 37:45
then this that the next item would be that we would look at or we’ve proposed that sunset pool would open. Two weeks from today on June 22.

Unknown Speaker 37:57
It would open up with reservation

Unknown Speaker 38:01
reserved times also one lap swimmer to Elaine. But in that case we would start doing open swim right away. And, and we would do it with a modified number where again, by the guidance we can have 50 people in the pool, we would probably do it with a modified number of maybe 20 to 30 to work out our guarding

Unknown Speaker 38:28
what we need to learn to keep people six foot away from each other in the water. And, and so we believe that is doable, but it’s going to be a challenge because when you have young folks swimming, they don’t always remember that they need to stay away from each other. The memorial building has been open to childcare since late March. We started off with childcare for city employees, children only

Unknown Speaker 39:00
On May 26, we we move to more of our summer day camp model. A course that still is, is modified format where we have four groups of 10 kids that are all in separate rooms. The requirement for our license is that those kids cannot commingle across rooms so that the 10 kids have to stay separate from the other 30 kids at all times. And of course, there’s modifications where it’s not really a true day camp like we’ve done in the past because we really can’t go on field trips we haven’t been able to go swimming, we probably won’t allow the day camp to go swimming until our numbers can can go up to a larger number.

Unknown Speaker 39:51
General programming things will will start taking place. As soon as our facilities are open. We can have

Unknown Speaker 40:00
I’m people in a class at a time with an instructor. So, kind of a quick summary. Anybody have any questions or comments, please raise your hand. And I’ll recognize you. So Alberg.

Unknown Speaker 40:15
My major question and I know it’s been a stressful time in the, for the city. But how will you, how will you? How will a reservation system work that will be fair to people? Because you’ll have you’ll have more people who want it, then you’ll be able to, you know, provide and how will you know, you kind of spread it out, I guess. So, what what people will do is go online to our rec track system. We are currently this week doing all the different reservation setup that we need to do. People will also be limited to only two times per week, so that somebody is not coming in, you know, five, seven times a week. We’re trying to

Unknown Speaker 41:00
limited just to two at a maximum so that it provides as much opportunity for everyone as possible.

Unknown Speaker 41:10
So what about families? I mean, like when they’re coming to the pool this like to, to in the family or how will you? Well, families will be different right now when the Rec Center opens, it’s only going to be for 16. And older based on the things that we can do. sunset is going to be a different thing, where where families will be able to register. So moms or dads could register for their two kids if they have them and, and mom and they could take the place of four people. But again, they could only do that two times per week until our numbers get larger. Well, how far in advance will they get to register was like, you know, that’s an excellent question. We haven’t we didn’t talk about that. I would say it’s probably gonna

Unknown Speaker 42:00
be about two weeks. Okay? Because otherwise someone like me, I go in and pick all my dates right? You know one time something. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Yep. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 42:12
Jeff Ellen Bogan.

Unknown Speaker 42:14
Will there be a way for people to do this if they don’t have computers? If they do not have computers, they will be able to call into each one of the buildings and do the reservation over the phone.

Unknown Speaker 42:29
Now, should you have a question? Go ahead. The athletic program which I am seeing, being allowed as 10 to 25 people, how the city was going to monitor it is a self that self guidance or city is going to monitor rate. It The city is not going to monitor it unless we get complaints. Each group is going to be asked to provide guidelines to our staff that outline how you will monitor your program.

Unknown Speaker 43:00
follow the guidelines that have been outlined. If there becomes reading repeated offenses of, of your group or some other group, then the city would consider removing your opportunity or their opportunity to use the fields. It’s the only way we can truly monitor this because we just don’t have the resources to have somebody at all the parks and all the different complexes. Make sense? Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 43:35
Any other questions for Jeff? Dan Olson Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 43:42
Hi, Jeff. You know, what I’m going to ask about and that would be masters swimming in particular, is that part of lap swimming or is that part of a recreational class? We believe it is a part of lap swimming and are working on a modified

Unknown Speaker 44:01
That would allow up to three swimmers in the water at a time. But that’s going to be a challenge because not everybody can stop at the same end. So if you have three in each in somebody’s still swimming and if you need to rest people have to rest on the opposite ends. We have three per lane is that yes? Sorry, three, three per lane. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 44:24
Okay. And we’re working that with the different swim clubs also.

Unknown Speaker 44:32
So that means starting next week, and you have to make a reservation, etc. Okay, yep.

Unknown Speaker 44:41
What about us folks sent out an email. Gosh, it’s got to be three, two months ago now about extending passes. Does that mean the time starts counting again? Or do folks say when they want us, you know, start again, or any thought about how you’ve done that yet? Yeah, that’s probably

Unknown Speaker 45:00
They’re going to be the biggest challenges of opening back up and trying to find a way to do it where it’s fair. And our proposal would be that passes would not be used to start with as we get open back up. We’d ask people to pay the the daily admission, we will continue to extend the passes, however many days it would be until we can fully open the rec center. And the challenges is because you have limits because not all the direct center going to be open. We’re trying to find a way that’s the fairest to everybody because it with our system. It’s either all the passes are on or all of them are stopped and I think this is going to be the biggest challenge that we have with with Rio starting to reopen is how we

Unknown Speaker 46:00
Cuz some people I get it we’ve been sitting on on their passes and their money, and they’re, they’re not want to get going to pay anything more. But if you look at the bigger picture, it really is the fairest to all pass holders.

Unknown Speaker 46:17
I agree that the 20 punch thing is like paying I get it but if you have a quarterly or an annual pass, but you only get to use the facility once this week or twice, that’s not what you paid for. Right? No, you’re right. It’s a it’s a can of worms. Yes, it is.

Unknown Speaker 46:36
Other questions for Jeff?

Unknown Speaker 46:40
One more

Unknown Speaker 46:42
tennis leagues. You mentioned sports teams and competition and stuff. The tennis is a special case because it’s organized by either the USTA or the Colorado tenants Association and they do the scheduling and want to reserve court space and various

Unknown Speaker 47:00
places in town. So far they’re all sitting on their hands because all jurisdictions have differing rules. Have you folks been approached yet? Or is there any plan in the future you can share? So yes, we’ve been approached by everybody for multiple weeks with different questions all related to team sports. I believe that if we are given permission tomorrow, to do the athletic fields, like I described, I think that will include tennis courts that you will be able to reserve them and do leaks. The guidance is very clear in that LTA in this this instance, damaja Tennis Association, they’re going to have to come up with a way of how they’re going to be doing disinfecting, how they’re going to monitor the social distancing, because it’s

Unknown Speaker 48:00
Last thing that we can have happen is a group of 15 people show up at the coil tennis courts ready for their turn to play tennis. So anything that LTA can do to stagger starts

Unknown Speaker 48:16
to help monitor those those things will will be good, it but no tournaments whatsoever that the guidance is very clear that tournaments in any sense are not allowed at at this point in time.

Unknown Speaker 48:33
So I think after tomorrow if we get guidance LTA or any tennis group will be able to start making plans for their leagues to start

Unknown Speaker 48:48
to offer. So just to clarify, so everyone who makes a reservation is also going to be pain at the same time. That’s part of the reservation system. Yes, yep.

Unknown Speaker 49:00
preferences that we limit the amount of time people have to stand in line. All they’ll do is we’ll have a roster. You’re You’re scheduled to come in at 10. Yep. So you’re good to go. You will be your class will be in the studio or your, you’re good to go into the swimming pool. Again, trying to not have a great deal of exchange of money or running cards, at least to start with, like your Silver Sneakers, clients, everyone is in the same boat. everyone pays correct.

Unknown Speaker 49:36
Silver Sneakers is is a bit of a unique animal and we need to get guidance from the leadership team of how we’re going to address programming for those that are 65 and older. The guidance that was given makes it very clear that it’s recommended that those 65

Unknown Speaker 50:00
and older,

Unknown Speaker 50:02
don’t participate. If I use the opening of the golf courses as an example of that 65 and older people are golfing and golfing on a regular basis on the golf courses. I don’t see that there would be any way that staff or the city of Longmont could exclude somebody because of their age. I think we need to make sure we’re doing a good job of education, to let them know that we’re disinfecting to the best of our ability, but there’s really no guarantees that you know, it only takes one person that could be infected with the virus that could could spread it so people will be asked to sign waivers I believe that will also acknowledge that they understand the risks of going to a public facility in a time of COVID

Unknown Speaker 51:02
When you

Unknown Speaker 51:04
have people coming into the rec centers and whatnot, of course, you’ll have a track of who all has been there. But for the other organizations, are they being required to keep logs for future contact tracing? Yes, that is specifically that the sports teams have to have a roster so that if there is an outbreak, they can tie it to the league, the game and who else was playing that evening?

Unknown Speaker 51:32
Dan Olson

Unknown Speaker 51:35
following on Sue’s question about Silver Sneakers that also Are you implying that those folks would have to pay an individual because normally the Silver Sneakers folks have basically an unlimited pass forever. Right?

Unknown Speaker 51:52
We would we still are working with silversneakers on how that will work. My belief would be is that because

Unknown Speaker 52:00
It’s a you unique thing where Silver Sneakers do not pay, that we would be reimbursed by tivity, that we would probably not charge them that because we’re getting money in a different venue. And so they, they would be allowed to do that. And we have the system already set up to track and Bill, that organization for their use.

Unknown Speaker 52:31
Okay, thank you so much, Jeff. Continuing with items from staff, David Bell.

Unknown Speaker 52:42
Yes, it’s good seeing everybody.

Unknown Speaker 52:45
And I just want to thank everyone for the support on the open space disposition, again, did a very good job and something that I think he was correct on. This was always the intent of this language, if you really think about what counsel has directed us to do, which was really to give or

Unknown Speaker 53:00
Have someone acquire a conservation easement on our open space properties, the wet that interpretation will not allow to happen. So, again, I do really think this was just clarifying language to do something that was always the intent of our ability to do that sort of disposition for the purpose, especially of conservation easements. So thank you, Dan. And thank you everyone else for working through that.

Unknown Speaker 53:21
The next piece I just like to kind of touch base on and Jeff is going through right now kind of slowly easing into how you start opening things back up, which is definitely a challenge. But from the beginning, the whole COVID stay at home one things that I just want to save this whole group what a important piece of the city’s assets we managed to take care of because when people were told to stay home, the one thing that Governor said was we have a great outdoor activities. We have great trail systems. And believe me, people took that to heart and we saw increased use as every one of our trail heads and all of our parks and our open spaces. People don’t think every guy knows

Unknown Speaker 54:01
into a back country trail where at button rock direct union, people that typically have been noticed sporting events or taking family to brunch were in place they had was art trails and open spaces. So I think it was just a critical piece to people’s physical health and mental health have them getting out and using all these properties. So a lot of my kids, it’s a great job with over 100 miles of trail 41 parks people really use them to the full extent I believe. With that said they are still using them. They are still loving them. And we are now getting the push like Jeff did to start increasing the use of the facilities within the park. So as Jeff’s going through this right now, he helped me quite a bit as we move through. How do we then the first thing he opened up was were the tennis courts. So tennis courts were opened up first line for tennis and pickleball. We were then able to open up basketball courts, volleyball courts and and skate parks. And Ellis came with some challenges, you know, literally was pushing some of that burden back on the public to say, if you’re going to use them, we’re not going to be the people that you

Unknown Speaker 55:00
receive from the same household if there’s more than 10. So we’re gonna put a lot of burden back on you. And the only thing we can really do to leverage that is take something away, that you saw that at Union reservoir, we cannot maintain social distancing at Union. And we, we took away the ability to have this one beach open, because we just cannot manage that. So I think starting out strong and saying we mean this was important because we did the same thing at the skate parks and said, we will take this away and I think we see a much better compliance now that we’ve done that.

Unknown Speaker 55:27
The next piece of this happened today was the were the playgrounds. So playgrounds, again, are under the governor’s orders. We’ve opened playgrounds and our shelters and we have really just told the public through signage, social media, that the city doesn’t have the budget of the staff to continue to clean that equipment. So the response was back on them if they want to use it and they feel that needs to be cleaned. They have the responsibility to have the Clorox wipes in their hand sanitizers with them. So we’ve been constantly going through this process and we’re just kind of coming out the other side of that Gail, the outdoor facilities

Unknown Speaker 56:00
Is Jeff’s kind of moving into this phase. But with that said even with those, all those opportunities out there now, Union reservoir we have, again try and say compliance with reducing number of people in a certain area, trying to reduce staff contact with people in the public’s contact. We’re limiting the number of cars to about 135 cars coming in and is still just a very busy place with a space when beach being closed, people are still running paddleboards the boat rentals are up the

Unknown Speaker 56:32
fishing is up. Everyone’s having a great time out there but we’re still backing people up to kind of line road as people wait. Have one car leave one cargo in. So I think this is becoming a common feeling for people you wait for a reservation in a restaurant or wait to get into union they are they’re just showing up and using it. Again as we scaled it up. Trying to keep the the pressure down. We really just did a single day pass only we now have increased technology which I was told we couldn’t do for

Unknown Speaker 57:00
years now we have the ability to do online season passes. We’ve only done that for Longmont residents again because we want to dampen the use that we know we’re seeing from other places being close. So I think that is going well for people. Button rock again, I saw it with we just saw a whole different clientele out there. As people got up into that area and really started experiencing enjoying it. We were seeing 100 200 plus vehicles illegally parked along the road that we’re now allowing emergency vehicles in. We’re at Boulder County to get some additional parking signs up there. Work with our Public Safety Department. We now have two police officers up there with timber stasis group to get some park staff up there to help with parking. I think it’s been going really well but I don’t know if you saw that thing is last weekend prior we had a we had an emergency rescue up to button rock where we had to get emergency vehicles in through that access road on county road at and back to the back of the park where a woman had slipped and fell into the creek wash to the side and we had to get everyone up there. Again. I think just kind of working with our public safety.

Unknown Speaker 58:00
Officers, our staff were able to do that. Got it rather safely. And then the other places really seeing a big pickup is McIntosh lake. I think as people were looking for someplace to go,

Unknown Speaker 58:11
kind of our little hidden gem in that community is no longer a hidden gem. And I think if people are looking at well I can pay to go to union or can go free at Macintosh, I just think there’s gonna be something’s gonna be a continual challenge on how we start managing the number of users out there. And then finally, Steve’s on here as well the last place we were just seeing that uptick that they saw in Boulder was the same sort of traction is moving water in a creek through a town area. So boulder sat down Boulder Creek up by mg fine.

Unknown Speaker 58:42
I will tomorrow morning be closing one of the bridges at Dickens because it is a jumping spot for young adults and adults. We’ll be closing it off tomorrow. We’ve tried signing it Steve has been held there.

Unknown Speaker 58:55
He’s what brought this our attention so he made it my problem and Harold’s problem, so became Steve’s problem.

Unknown Speaker 59:00
After that, so he has been out

Unknown Speaker 59:02
signing that bridge, and it kind of sort of those bridges in Paris with little locks all over him. But it’s zip ties for Steve keeps hanging signs and they keep coming down. So we just cannot manage it by working with people. What was the last straw was Dale riding makers out there tonight with his daughter. And he tried some people telling some people why they should not be jumping off this. And he has basically told what to do several times in several different ways. And he called me and said, what do we do about this? So it really is closing down that one bridge I did talk to Steve, I think we can still keep good pedestrian use, the park is accessible. We don’t have to take the string measure closing down the park like they did mg bind. But

Unknown Speaker 59:41
I think were the biggest challenges there is that water level fluctuate so much and these kids are not gonna recognize when there’s eight feet of water or there’s four feet of water or two feet of water. So they just know they did it yesterday and that water can change in 24 hours when we change water levels of button rock. So

Unknown Speaker 59:58
that’s kind of where we’re at

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
The big local parks are staying really busy our trails will say busy but again I’m doing as much as I can to keep as much open as possible one because I think our community just needs and depends on this and to the thing I’m working with other agencies is the minute one agency scale something back it pushes that problem someplace else. So I think it’s just you know, for being a good neighbor in our community is a how do we all work together to solve this problem this need from the community so that’s really my my update at this point. I do see some questions. Jeff.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:31
I was planning on bringing the bridge to the intention so I’m glad that you already mentioned it I’m curious when you say close the bridge I have done quite a bit of tubing tubing up there I’m curious how is it going to work are you actually saying no bikes no pedestrians or correct me I was moving and get back up to the top of that bridge is closed. So there might be a little bit of inconvenience there but the way we did it, we had it again force we we’ve learned through experience and done at sandstone ranch when the trail was washed out. We had a

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
Figure out how to close that bridge job down there. And we learned a lot of ways you can’t close a bridge off and people can get around it. But we finally figured out just by fencing it and using I think three padlocks per size, we can actually lock off that bridge that makes it really a challenge. And I think it’s going to be a piece that if someone has seen on it, everyone’s going to know they shouldn’t be there because we did start seeing some Facebook posts that were telling people the city encouraged that supported that we made it safe. We dug that area out to make it safe. So this is going to make sure people know this is not safe. There’s the other bridge to the further to the west. That will be the access point there. So if you’re going on, walk farther off and then cross there was a sec you want to jump in here and that’s his Park. So I’ll let him talk about a little bit, Steve. Oh, yeah, no, it’s Yeah, Jeff. Yes, it would be a longer walk. And I really do think that people will come up to the location of this bridge, and swim or walk across the river to get back to where they were coming from. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
hearing from Ken Houston, our water resources manager today I think the runoff is going to decrease somewhat significantly in the next two or three weeks. So I think this is a problem that will go away but we add parks and water resources and fire and everybody else needs to plan accordingly for next year. So I think

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
this is the first I’ve heard about the bridge closing. Is there a way to show that flow rate somehow because that was something I was looking for online like it would be great to know how fast that’s flowing from a science perspective but also a safety perspective. know is it safe to kayak and also Is it safe to cross there are links on the city website as far as the different

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
David ticket Premier, different with different gauging stations from basically button rock down to lions and hygiene and in Longmont, that, that give some pretty good ideas with the flow art. But as Steve for

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
With all the ditches, it can pull water off, it changes really quickly between head gates and stuff. So we can give a pretty good idea. And we’ll work to see if we can get those links in a places more convenient for this group here, but it’s a good idea. But again,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
we’re getting pretty close to filling button rock. So we’ve scaled back how much water’s coming on fill that up pretty quickly here. So I’ll take a turn a knob a button rock, and that all changes pretty quickly too. So but yes, we can we can try get as soon as that gauge information from the state some places, but I mean, even under the bridge, it would be good. I know you don’t want people to jump. I saw lots of people jump but it’d be cool if there was a way to see, hey, it’s two feet deeper. It’s five feet deep with Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:39
I know staff gauge sort of approach to what the level is. We could probably work on something No, no, actually, I would disagree because you’re right where that pool is ages. I I’ve talked to a lot of kids out there. I’ve been I’ve been out there almost every day for a month. And I told them I want to reopen sunset pool. So we have lifeguards to make sure there’s nothing in there a high dive

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
But things can move by the minute, by the hour by the day. And we do not have we’re not. There’s no lifeguards out there. There’s nobody out there saying that it’s safe to jump off the bridge. So we have taken the stance that it’s not safe to jump off the bridge. And if you do so,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:18
yeah, you know, and David and I actually talked about how, if you were on swim team, as a kid, you could dive off the starting block and only get, you know, that deep sort of thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
It’s just not safe to allow that to happen. So we’re not allowed to. I was asking about the flow from a safety of watercraft more than jumping just to clear Okay, yeah, thank you. Yeah, yeah, that’s where I think flow and depth can change too. So I think we, it’s something that we have a lot of questions about, but it’s something we might be able to, I think fire and others have that same interest as far as you know, buying velocity versus depth, because Steve said depth can change but velocities could pick up so there’s lots of pieces

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
To that, but I just have one other follow up. The first of all, I wanted to say I’ve done the biking back and forth all the way on the Greenway all the way up to sandstone. It’s amazing. I love it. I’ve now floated all the way down to that next takeout and I’m curious, there’s nothing that says, Don’t keep going. And I’m wondering, should there be advice that says stop or Where can I go all the way to Mexico? Where does it go? It will actually get to the State Park. And I just talked to him that just didn’t recently. But once you cross under 190, or 119th Street, Boulder County has always said that’s a natural area they have they don’t have a whole lot of interest in doing maintenance or making it more recreational. I will just tell you that the the new director told me he does have an interest if we could find some time to start to think about that because that really can get you out to the State Park and Dan wolfer might talk to you about more. You got to hit this right when the waters right if it’s too high can be a little bit scary. If it’s too low. You’re pulling your craft through mud out in the sandstone ranch area. So

Unknown Speaker 1:05:59
that’s where it

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
Get you two adventures up to up to the State Park. It’s very nice. Thank you. I could tell you, Jeff, that I’m actually meeting this sign designer on site tomorrow to come up with a series of signs that will make the boating in tubing portion of this safer. Great, including that one.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:21
Great. Thank you. It’s awesome. We love it.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:25
Any other questions for David?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
Yes, Paige.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
Mostly, I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been thinking about all of you guys a lot during all of this, just knowing how much I have valued my neighborhood park and just access to parks and open space trails. And you know how important they are, as you said early on, David and recognizing that those are getting a lot of pressure, I’ve been thinking about you guys and put in the pressure of not being able to open the Rec Center and all of that. So I just appreciate all you do and hope you’re hanging in there.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
Well, again, I thank you and that’s where I think this board I just it’s a great chance to see what a great asset you manage. As we’re saying thank you it could have been done without like say Jeff Jeff has provided some of his staff to help out with the social distancing message in the parks that PD has been involved tempers, recruits been involved, Boulder County and state for I mean, we have all been working together to try to make sure we can find people a place where they can get to enjoy areas without causing damage to our resource and also keeping people safe. So it’s been it’s been a big challenge, but it’s been great to see people use it, enjoy it.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
Dan Olson

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39
Hi, I’m David. I have a lot of questions or wonderment about Macintosh. It’s a park in my close to my house. We go there, you know all year and own the place in a winter in the summer. Now it turns out lots of people as you said it’s changed forever. I think lots of people are coming from

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
out of town, etc, etc. are you getting neighbor complaints? Lots of them. And

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
I’m just going to tell you trying to balance that with what you know I hate saying when you’re the neighbor there and so first time you’ve seen this kind of increase it’s it’s kind of new piece but as someone that manages properties with lots of neighbors, lots of areas whenever you start seeing a park pick up, the neighbors are always feeling you know, this is a change it’s it’s a big change for them and we recognize that we appreciate how we can try to minimize that but

Unknown Speaker 1:08:30
we did start time with the staff I said we have to start thinking about as we especially move into next year, we don’t see people going back to doing the sports fields and the pools and the Rec Center. how we manage this because union has a controlled entrance button rock has a controlled entrance hall ranch has controlled enters this has such a horse entry system.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
I can’t get my head around how you how you start managing that. Part of it, as Dan said is something that I think the city with all these friends

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
assets is going to continue to keep thinking about us. It’s our Ranger program and how we start trying to talk to people enforce existing rules and regs. But again for me right now, Dan, it really is I go out and look at busy and I would say that I have staff members, too and they say it’s just horrible. However, I go out there and I see Longmont community residents using facility that’s paid for by their tax dollars. They’re doing it in a way that they’re maintaining also distancing majority of the time and is busy. I haven’t seen anything where it’s been like the union swim beach where I said this is just uncontrollable and we’re gonna be the next outbreak of the Coronavirus because we cannot manage this. I think once they get out on the water I think once they get other areas that congregate people that they’re they’re doing a fairly good job that does that answer the questions the neighbors and the trash. Everything else we’re dealing with out there but we’re working on a long term plan this is well this is really done for us. If is button rock if it is Macintosh if it’s union is given us a glimpse of

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
into what it will look like 10 years from now without this is things that as we see what population is doing along the Front Range. We’re having to figure that out now and I think some of the things we’ve done as far as online reservations people just expect you may have you may not be able to swim beach without getting a reservation.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
how that’s going to work. So Dan, if you have any thoughts or ideas I’m all ears but we are probably have some. So are lots of swimmers and I know specifically that’s supposed to not be allowed right right now, and that’s the enforcement piece. How do we enforce that?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:35
No, I understand you make good points and I don’t it’s too late to put that genie back in the bottle. You know, I’m not complaining. I don’t live right on the street. You know, I’m sure people who do live on the south side there are up disappointed that you can no longer park on the street. If you’re not there early enough in the morning. I mean, literally it’s parked them on a Saturday or Sunday. There are no parking spaces and people are just people are just cruising looking for a spot. So not only

Unknown Speaker 1:11:00
Looking at the traffic of people looping looking for spot, right? But I worry about swimmers and the first time somebody drowns are we as a city or any way liable? So I think there’s there’s a difference between I think liable we have we have governmental immunity. We have signage we have things are put in place. We have rules and regs. I do think that one of the questions I’ve raised because we don’t allow body contact, but we’ve all had a body and we just know that is paddleboards people gonna end up in the water. So we’ve been talking about this. And again, I think, as we go forward, how Macintosh gets managed to something that we as an organization are gonna have to figure out because I do think we have above and beyond just our legal liabilities and obligations to our community and how we manage something that once we invite people onto that water, if we have people swimming there and there is no body contact, no. watercraft contact, I push it back more on this is just irresponsible people but when we are

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
out onto a body water knowing that by choice or not choice go up to the swim author paddleboards we know that too,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:09
that they’re going to end up to the water. We have obligation this last weekend john brim had pulled they had 20 rescues out at Union. I know how it is in Longmont right now the winds just picked up here. And when that happens, you’d have serious issues with with novices on watercraft, if that’s a paddleboard or kayak or canoe. So we’re definitely seeing that those are things I’m going to think about how we start managing and budgeting for the future. That was my next point was the wind just came up, and I’m sure there were paddle boarders on on Macintosh going, what the heck anyway, you’re right. Whether that’s patrols or Rangers, or I don’t know what down the road. That’s it. I’m glad you’re thinking because that was me. That’s basically the point I wanted to make. In the paper. I guess it was just a few days ago, they talked about the wildlife buoys. And I’ve heard lots of people when I’m out on the lake, you know, wanting to

Unknown Speaker 1:13:00
Go over that section or yelling at people for going over that sec. Is that going to happen you think this summer or never, I will take the I’ll take the absolute heat for that one. If you look at the governor state homeowner, the safer homeowner they’re working it out and they workplace orders. It really is that the goal is to maintain that six foot distance unless it’s you’re unable to do that for some reason. And in the city we have

Unknown Speaker 1:13:25
work that requires people to violate that six feet if we have a water main break, and we have to get three guys down in the hole within three to find space. We have to get water to people. If we have a sewer line break we have to provide that.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:40
As I look at this in the way these boys are put out their heavy acres in large buoys, I need three guys in a boat, wrapping their arms around this basically face to face, breathing heavy on a warm day. And I’ve had Dan looking at the area over there. I can’t say this I have to at this point. I would like to get Dan and I’ve told them

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
And over and over convinced me I can do in a way that doesn’t jeopardize my staff safety as long as we’re not seeing true irreversible impacts. And while I’m sure there probably could be in some shorebirds are being scared away this year, but we’re still seeing the pelicans. We’re still seeing the blue herons, we’re still seeing some of those that wildlife that shows up there and we’re seeing good numbers. If I had an endangered species be threatened if I had something that was I felt like

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
irreversibly damaged that area. I would try to figure something else out. But this point, I have told Dan, I don’t want three people trying to spend a day on a hot day in mass violating social distancing if we don’t have to. Now that’s fine. I was just curious, you know, I, I bow to your expertise. That’s okay. Dan has done additional Dan’s been out there. He’s got additional signage.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:46
I’m hoping to do the best we can do. I would love to see him out there too. On a good year, what I have healthy staff, they’re hard to get out. And this year, I just have not been convinced I have to do it yet. So I appreciate that Dan. And the last tip is

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
could put in your online thing but it’s quicker this way. I was at car recently and I saw your update that it’s basically done. The bathroom is still locked. I don’t know if it’s within the playground fencing But anyway, you can’t get in the bathroom and the other night Wednesday. Last week, I guess the sprinkler ran in one place for two plus hours directly behind the tennis courts. So South so just FYI. Yep. I won’t mind I think that Steve maybe I think Steve probably calling Kathy right now. car I don’t have the answer for you. Cathy’s gave an update on that today. And we’re getting really close. I think she’s saying his punch list items. So it made us that close so I would expect those restrooms open soon. This Okay, irrigation sprinkler systems though. We’ve had challenges with dispatcher not pointing fingers. There’s new people, there’s turnover. When those things happen. We have an on call person and we should be able to address those. Those

Unknown Speaker 1:16:00
Issues pretty quickly with our on call person. However this point people are being told to call dispatch there is no weekend help there’s no after hours help. So it’s just a better job of internal communication making sure that dispatch knows who to call. And sometimes if it is two hours, it may not be worth we try to figure out what we had we had a sprinkler system stayed on for the whole weekend. And there’s no way that should have happened. Dispatch should have got ahold of our on call person to take care of this we do have some work to do is remind me Is there a way for folks me in particular to call or online email or something? Yeah, there’s there’s not emergent dispatch and I’m spacing it right now but Dan can look it up for me real quick but there’s there’s Dan and Dan Wolfers up there he’s he’s looking right now there’s there’s not emergent dispatch and they are they’ll put you right in the same call call as emergent bill. This is his emergency so don’t worry about calling him that’s what they’re there for. And then they have the number for our on call people. So okay, well

Unknown Speaker 1:17:00
get that to you here before the end of the meeting. Dan’s got it right now. Go ahead, Dan.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:07
You’re muted Dan.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:10
David, I need that number to go. Here it is ready. It’s three to 36518501. I used it numerous times this weekend.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:23
Yeah, don’t feel Don’t feel bad using it. That’s what those operators are there for. They don’t ask for emergency or say no, they’ll put you on hold for a minute and they’ll get you then they’ll get dispatched out appropriately.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:34
Is that for the weekend, too? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:38
And update now on carpet. Yeah. Dan, I talked to Kathy

Unknown Speaker 1:17:44
parks operations has been trying to figure out the restroom while she’s building the new playground. It’s not late to the playground. We’ll reach out to parks operations. Make sure that gets open here this next week.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:00
Thanks. Just it was more of a pointer. wine. I’m not No, no, it’s good. That’s, that’s why we need eyes on the community. We did, Cathy, appreciate that you want me to put her on the phone right here to

Unknown Speaker 1:18:12
talk to her. And she’s going to reach out to you the operations folks about the irrigation thing. One thing I did want to say about what you guys were talking about earlier, is that I think David and I both had an aha moment in the past 72 or 48 hours about J. Unit clothes, people are finding water at Macintosh and dekins in other areas. Are they going to go back to pay for it while it’s free? And so we need to, we need to figure that out, where we might have some reduced numbers at Union and we might have some increased uses at those two places, based on what people are, you know, figuring out as I go along. So that’s that’s a concern of ours but I hope at least union

Unknown Speaker 1:19:00
I’m sorry, dekins, that runoff is going to decrease soon. And the numbers will do well, except for people wanting to float in the water to stay cool. And we can get till next April or May to figure it out.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:17
Okay, I’m going to pause here for a minute to point out that it is 10 of eight. We do want to get through the rest of the staff items and then items for the board. So just, you know, don’t want to cut off any important discussion or questioning but just kind of a little. Let’s move along. Are there any other questions for David Bell? Raise your hand.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:44
Jeff, go ahead. I’ll be really quick. I’m just curious about the bridge one more time is the plan to permanently close the bridge or change the bridge because that’s a nice way to bike.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:52
It’d be temporary. And I’m hoping that what we would get is, again, just like you young people recognize that we’re serious.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
We would open it and so we did with the skate parks too. We gave the Rangers and staff Herald bump that down to staff decision if we’re seeing a problem we will close it off again and send that message but my goal would be to open that bridge back up.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:14
Once a water be like Steve said, once the water goes down and people recognize it, it’s no longer safe to jump there.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:20
hopefully get that opened up here soon. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:24
Okay, continuing items from staff, Steve transpiler.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:33
Oh, Do I have anything?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:36
Do you have anything?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:38
Sure. Um, I

Unknown Speaker 1:20:41
I have been graciously provided the opportunity to work with the neighbors in the Creekside neighborhood with the the BMX course, that has been created in the riparian area along left hand Creek at left hand Creek Park.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:00
I have personally well not personally but I have had contractors take these

Unknown Speaker 1:21:07
features down and pass projects. But with council direction, I will be looking to have some sort of a public meeting in the next 60 to 90 days that we’re going to go back to council first and get let them know that our plan, what our plan is, what am I really My plan is to just bring people out and say, Hey, you can’t build stuff and other people’s property.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:32
We may need some sort of a bike skills course. In this part of town.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:39
We have $220,000 in the capital improvement program for the sisters property, which is just across 287 Main Street to the east,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:52
south east of the Rec Center for some some sort of a bike skills course.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:00
If we want to repurpose some sort of property in the cannon Meadow park or the

Unknown Speaker 1:22:06
left hand Creek Park

Unknown Speaker 1:22:09
parcel, there’s going to be some sort of public process that goes beyond just the BMX users and landowners and that sort of thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:17
I look forward to trying to engage with those kids and the adults that support them, and we’ll see where that goes this summer.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:27
Paige, go ahead. Can you please let us know if there’s any kind of public meeting on that? Almost certainly, probably invite like to strongly support the value of healthy riparian areas. I mean, I also like the idea of a bike skills course somewhere that’s appropriate. But

Unknown Speaker 1:22:44
there I found the exchanges in the paper annoying.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:48
Well, yeah, I get that I find all sorts of experience in the paper and doing so how about that?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:55
other questions, comments for Steve?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:00
Save that good.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:02
Sure, I would just say that the intent is not to replace the BMX area in the riparian corridor. We will be re improving this riparian corridor sometime from fall early spring 2021. And whether we’re building something else,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:21
Uber locally or somewhere in the area of Southern southeastern Longmont, it remains to be seen, but we’ll build something out there.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:32
Thank you, Steve, then well,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:34
yeah, is Jeff and David are working their tails off to get things open to the city and provide great recreation opportunities. I’m getting ready for the COVID cocktail, if you will. That is where you take COVID-19 and combine it with West Nile virus. So starting this Sunday, we’ll be putting the mosquito traps out and starting surveillance for West Nile virus. It’ll be very interesting to see you know what

Unknown Speaker 1:24:00
kind of impact we have, because I’ve talked to Boulder County Public Health, they initially indicated not a problem, you know, people are staying inside, so there won’t be that interaction. Well, we’re not seeing that in the slice. So I’m gearing up for that. And certainly, you know, the public aspect of it, getting it out to the public so that we could keep everyone safe from that perspective. To be aware of that strongly recommend, you know, you’ve probably heard me say it a bazillion times about the 40. You know, long sleeves and pants for your dress. Limit your activity in the evening hours dusk to dawn, reduced standing water in your yards, and certainly, I will, I won’t recommend the but strongly recommend repellent. So be safe as we start getting into mosquito control. Susan, thank you. Thank you so much, Dan. Any questions comments for Dan?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:58
Awesome. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
Did I miss any staff? I don’t think I did. Raise your hand if I missed you.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:07
Okay, items from board, council liaison, Rodriguez.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:18
Mostly, I want to say that you guys ask a lot of great questions and help me answer questions. The vast majority have actually been about softball and baseball, as far as how my email stream looks. And so hearing what the guidance is on that is really helpful in answering those questions as well as, you know, hearing some about the the sprinkler issue that I did receive some emails about that this weekend as well. And that the folks did properly notify the non Emergency dispatch and so that really is the best avenue for them. And again, thank you so much for joining us these virtual meetings.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:00
can be somewhat awkward in the motions and votes and things like that as city council is very well aware of at this point. So thank you guys for your patience with all that as well. And thank you so much to our staff as following the guidance that’s kind of put out very quickly is is hard to keep track of I’m sure. You know, watching the governor’s press conference, as he says something and then watching how the various

Unknown Speaker 1:26:28
health departments deal with it is, has been very enlightening, to say the least. So just thank you to everybody involved tonight.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:37
Thank you so much. My neighbor Rodriguez. I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:42
Whoever’s moderating Councilmember Rodriguez and Dan.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:48
The sprinkler that’s been going off. Do you have any is near the playground far from the playground. I’m trying to give Cathy some good information.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:59
I wasn’t provided with

Unknown Speaker 1:27:00
specifics outside of the name of the park, which I believe is blue sky.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:05
Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:07
That was this was this was one. That was a separate one. Yes. The car park. The game was playground. Car Park, one I saw would be straight south of the Western two tennis courts in the big open soccer ish field. They ran for at least two and a half hours. When we left the tennis court, only one of which has a net now. Though sidewalk was flooded and it was starting to seep on to the tennis court. So I’m sure it’s just one, you know, valve is stuck or the timer is so great south of the Western tennis courts. Correct. And there was probably I want to say five or six jets on that cycle, something like that. That makes sense. Yes. rotors Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:00
Yeah, Dan, just because you commented on the missing net now that we have 25 people in an outdoor space, we will be putting those other nets up. Oh, I meant to ask that. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:14
Okay, continuing with items from board minoes.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:20
No, I don’t have any anything as of now. Thank you,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:25

Unknown Speaker 1:28:34

Unknown Speaker 1:28:36
I wondered when we might hear about any budget impacts to parks recreation open space as a result of just the overall COVID financial downturn.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:51
That’s that’s probably, we’ll be glad to try to do that as soon as we can. But I was going to say it’s it’s an ongoing target because

Unknown Speaker 1:29:00
we’re being asked to cut due to

Unknown Speaker 1:29:04
the impacts to our revenue stream from local businesses at the same time, while we’re being asked to cut, we’re cleaning restrooms twice a day, which added $100,000 to our budget. I’m paying for weekend. patrols out at button rock and other areas to Union to try to keep up with the social distancing piece. We’re adding hand sanitizers and stuff to our restrooms. So we’re seeing an increase in my existing budget. It’s already been cut. So when I get my head around it, I’ll be glad to give you an update as we move forward because it is an important piece. The other pieces is that if we continue to get the support we seem to be getting from the state. Some of these costs may be reimbursable as well. Okay, good to have the same update from recreation to just to hear overall.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:53
Yep, we will do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:57
Get good for your page.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
Dan Olson.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:02
I’m good, thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:05
So Alberg

Unknown Speaker 1:30:09
just also want to thank Parks and Rec. I think you’ve done a great job and because I can swim sadly, I’ve been on my bike all over town and I really am seen people who I would say are, are people who haven’t gotten out before. It’s I’ve seen a lot of families. It’s been really beautiful to see. I hate to bring it up since I know there’s going to be budget cuts, but I imagine we can’t have a discussion this summer than about a possible recreational swimming pool facility.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:44
For the future in Longmont, we have to table such a discussion like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:48
I think that’s still on the agenda. Council has given us direction to do a public process. It’s still our intention to do that. We felt

Unknown Speaker 1:31:00
It’d be best when we can have people in the same room because we believe it’d be much easier than this zoom type of meetings.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:11
Okay, I’m glad to hear that. And I personally was also glad to see the school district

Unknown Speaker 1:31:19
say that they were going to also build a pool. So I thought that was pretty interesting.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:26
No comments there.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:30
That’s all. Thank you. Sue. Rob. I know his tongue is bleeding right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:41
Rob, do you have anything to share with us?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:48
You’re muted.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:01
Oh, I know I don’t think there you go. You did it. You did it.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:07
Okay, and then I guess I just will echo everybody else’s thanks to the extremely hard working staff said, at both Parks and Recreation and I also want to thank all of the administrative support for making these meetings work. This is, uh, this is totally fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:27
We are now at Agenda Item Number eight. This is Oh, sorry. Dan Olson. Go ahead. While we’re talking about meetings, is this the plan for next month? Or is there a plan?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:39
A meeting like this? We don’t have any idea. We have no idea. I would say that we would do it only if there was some action that the board needed to take. Like, like this evening with the open space. Okay. I’ll be traveling I brought it up because I’ll be traveling but I can

Unknown Speaker 1:33:00
I think I will have internet on this, that whatever that Monday is the 14th or 11th of July, whatever it was. Okay, I’ll watch email. So I

Unknown Speaker 1:33:12
should have said this before. So if that is the case, one thing that I really missed the past three months was that

Unknown Speaker 1:33:20
there wasn’t communication, just a little bit of sharing with the board about things that are happening. If that if so, if we aren’t going to have meetings, I would appreciate, you know, even just these, the reports you do on a regular basis just being included because I felt, you know, my information came from the newspaper, which I don’t think is, you know, a full source. And I just would appreciate just a little more, you know, interaction.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:48
As a board member, just a little more information, I should say, we will make a commitment.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:54
Yep. That we will make sure that if nothing else that we get up

Unknown Speaker 1:34:00
paid for from David and from recreation. Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:06
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:08
This is agenda item eight, final call public invited to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:15
Susan’s going to put the instructions on the screen.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:20
And we will take a four minute pause

Unknown Speaker 1:34:26
and reconvene in four while we’re not not convening four minutes

Unknown Speaker 1:38:07
Chair I’m not seeing anyone that has called in. Thank you very much. In that case, I am prepared to entertain a motion for adjournment. I motion to adjourn. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:20
All those in favor of a journey please indicate by raising your hand and saying aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:28

Unknown Speaker 1:38:29
Everybody, one, two. Okay. Motion passes unanimously. This meeting is adjourned. Thank you, everyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:38
Your support

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