St. Vrain Valley School District Board of Education Regular Meeting – March 11, 2020

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Good evening and welcome to the Sabin Valley School District Board of Education. Could you please stand and join us saying the Pledge of Allegiance

United States of America

bar Can you please call the roll? Mr. Arens?

Yeah. Mr. Rico president Miss Garcia.

Mr. Sen. Miss Pierce here, Mrs. Raglan here. MSE group here. Thank you. But agenda item do is a denims and changes to the agenda. Pauline had a suggestion for an agenda change this evening. I did. Thank you. I thought that it would be prudent tonight to move. Dr. hidin. Superintendent report up to our next item because I know part that is an update on where we stand with preparations for the Coronavirus. And I just think that is number one priority for a lot of us and the school district. So I thought we’d ask you to do that for sure.

Absolutely. That’d be great. Thank you.

Yeah, no, I think first of all, just want to say thank you to everybody who participated in public education day. Capitol got an opportunity here, Governor polis and a whole host of legislators and educators to celebrate public education day and it was a wonderful experience. We had a number of kids, dozens of students down there that had displayed and demonstrated the great work they’re doing so I appreciated that a lot in regards to the Coronavirus, a start monitoring this early January, started reading reports and contact our detect nurse and our exec Director of Student Services. And our assistant superintendents are Brian layer. And we’ve been monitoring the progression of this for quite some time. We started doing additional cleanings inside of our buildings for for many, many weeks now with disinfectant that would help slow the spread, if any spread whatsoever. We’re also doing the same thing with our transportation with our buses, making sure that we’re giving them additional cleanings throughout. And the other thing that we have done along the way is now have quite a bit of technology capacity in this district because we have one to one. And then we also have virtual reading programs and for teachers have worked hard along with Learning Services, that we have opportunity to continue learning online if become necessary, it becomes necessary. We also have regular meetings with the counterparts of health both county depart of health, and well, county department health and all of the C municipalities and the towns in the area along with hospitals and law enforcement. And our most recent meeting was yesterday, we meet regularly and we go over all of the information that’s as current as we possibly have it and continue to keep everybody informed along the lines also, obviously monitor new stations. We have restricted travel out of state and out of country, for our students and for our staff. There’s a couple things. There are a number of states that have declared emergencies and those are for a variety of reasons. But there’s also when you have advantages To say, even if it’s not a place where they declared an emergency, if it’s an event that will bring people from across the country and sometimes outside of country to that place, we have to be mindful of, you know, travel through an international airport. And we also have to be mindful of travel on airplanes where the spread of traditional flu and other things become much more intense. So that’s reason why we have looked at limiting some of the travel. Currently, we have large vents, for example, meet a school boys basketball team, we playing the Final Four and we’ve been in contact with the Colorado, Chester County High School athletics activity Association. I’m not sure what they’re going to do with that particular venue, but some reason communication today, there’s some discussion around that particular event. So there’s a lot of moving parts with that as well. We also have no capacity to have our finances to continue from home so that payroll will not be impacted. And we also have policies in place for any absenteeism will There’d be a student absenteeism, or it’d be a staff who’s absent. So all those policies are played. And we continue to work closely with our principals. And we have regular meetings and updates. We have a website that had been put together carrying Dermot that people can access. And we’ve sent out a letter to all of our parents and all of our staff, giving them the information of how to access that website, and then also how to access any hotline numbers for the state of Colorado, they could call and ask any questions that they want. The thing that I will share with you is, you know, we went through the h1 and one back in 1009, and we develop very comprehensive hand deck plan. And that plan is reviewed periodically. So it’s not something that we just pull off the shelf now and start looking at, it’s something that we have to be mindful of all the time. Because sometimes it can be a pandemic, and it was with the H one one and the SARS and we also had a massive turkey loss outbreak at Lamont High School, the largest in the country. Several years back, I’m sure Israel’s, you remember that? And so we work closely with health departments and then we also had Florida 2013 Where our schools ended up closing some five days in summer, seven days. So all of these procedures are in place, we review them regularly. And we continue to work collectively and collaboratively with all of our agencies. If the Colorado Department of Education or Boulder County Health, were to determine that the schools would close, we will follow that directive. And currently they have in place is a series of If this happens, this would be your response if this happens, and it has to do with out of the country cases in the country cases in the county cases in school different cases, and it just continually goes down. And so there’s clear direction, I have to respond to everybody who has contacted me and I wouldn’t send it there’s a lot, you know, maybe a couple dozen, just to assure them that we are working through this continue to contact this hotline and also our website. I guess what I want to leave people with is we’re in that space where we ever take these things and dismiss them and we never ignore them and we’re always prepared for them. And at the same time, we have to maintain a sense of pose right And reasonableness as we work through some of the people who have the very best information at their disposal, which is the health department’s and things along those lines. I know that day, the University of Colorado announced they were going to be continuing all their classes online for the remainder. And so we got a few more phone calls around that. So we will keep people posted as things change. And I also shared with a few parents who asked the question, what are the policies if my child decides to stay home, and we said the policies will be saying there won’t be any consequences? Or any response if a parent chooses to excuse their child for any reason, whether it’s this or anything, the parents always have

the absolute say on what they do in terms of their child’s attendance in school. So that’s kind of where we are. And you know, as I give these reports on these dates, I just always preface it by saying, you know, he changed tomorrow. Because you know, as you follow the different states that will happen. It is a process, it’s not an event and it process that’s unfolding relatively quickly. There are some who say things like it’s just a flu, what’s everybody react to? And then there are others who say why don’t you vote Your schools, what’s wrong with you, and you live in that world of voices on both ends of the continuum. And so that’s why it’s really important not to be influenced or pressured or any of those things, because that’s when your judgment becomes distorted and off kilter, you have to stay focused on the facts. And you have to stay focused on the information that the health experts are giving. Because if you try to accommodate everybody’s individual threshold, you know, you will be all over the place. And that’s that kind of chaos. It’s not good for anybody. So it’s an issue that we take very seriously. We’re very well planned. And it’s an issue that we’re going to try to avoid at all costs of people becoming, having our worst fears come to the surface. I am very appreciative of the main support we’ve received from our community. Lots phone calls safe, anything I do to help all that stuff. So similar to what we experienced with the h1 Juan de SARS, the dark yellow says in the flood, once again, our community has stepped up and and what they’ve always done, be very supportive of our children in our schools. So that’s it. They’re probably more.

But that’s where we are today.

Next time you bet Michigan

thank you for the report. And I just want to just kind of reiterate my thanks for the the leadership in this in this time because there’s just gonna be a little bit different from prior episodes like this is the access to media. A lot of people I just I’ve seen over the last week and more the leadership, the school district, just stay calm the boys make smart information based decisions and keep everybody on task like an education task. But we know there’s a whole lot of work happening behind the scenes to to be prepared, but we still are focusing on students in the classrooms and day out. And I think it would also be a good point to thank our community because we’re also a little bit different today than what might have happened in 2009. So I was technology capability. We would not even be considering the capability of maintaining learning remotely online without passing our local melodies but As in 2012, those who That’s just a fact. So we can’t thank our community for giving us this resources to have them available, always, but particularly now when they become more than mission critical. So

thank you. And

I’m just going to toss one other thing out there. I attended on behalf of the Board The Longmont economic development for last week. And it was really a fantastic event. They did a terrific job of consolidating all of the agencies in around Longmont and talking about the economy within Colorado within them and surrounding communities. But in particular, I wanted to give Don and his office shout out because I’m Korean waldau from the boulder Chamber of Commerce, had exceptionally nice remarks for the st. Valley School District and how our program is so well aligned to the workers pipeline within our communities. Everything from our advanced manufacturing Academy to our programming requirements down to the low grades, artificial intelligence, the mentoring programs, we have an innovation center. It was Remarkable to hear her unscripted, unprompted comments with non education audience, and I just wanted to make the point about how our regional work is and how we appreciated that. Thanks. Thanks, Paula. Don, Thank you. Appreciate your cue. With the words agreement, I would like to propose that we change up the agenda a little bit, assuming we have several people that want to participate in the audience participation. And as you can see, we have several students here from the sideline feeder system, and keeping in alignment really with our our belief, I think I can safely say that we attempt to prioritize prioritize putting students first. So I’d like to propose that we go ahead and do skyline high school if you’re a student advisory feed report next to the board in agreement with that, and then we’ll get audience participation afterwards. Right. So I’m Sarah Davis. How are you? I’m good. How are you? Good. I like an opportunity to introduce you. Yes, hi. Thank you for being here tonight. For people in the audience. Sarah is a member of the district’s advisory group. And that group, Sarah, I often say is similar to our role as the Board of Education with the community. So you’re serving as a liaison and you’re represented, resonate your community, your school, and providing input to Dr. Haddad, his team and the Board of Education. That’s actually how financial literacy guidelines in our graduation requirements came, came to exist. So I want to tell you, thank you for participating in that committee. And if you take a minute that evening or a few seconds to introduce yourself, that would be fantastic. Yes, so I’m a junior at Skyline high school. I would also like to thank the doctor head and his team. A lot of us were invited to go to public education day today at the Capitol. And so that is really, really a fantastic opportunity because we get to see like, Hey, here’s what this larger system that we are a part of as a whole. Here’s all the cool stuff that we can do. And so it was really, really fascinating. We got an acknowledge and applaud on the House floor this morning for the work that the Innovation Center has done. So it’s really a fantastic opportunity to be a system that here’s Students voices, and it’s really happy to provide as many opportunities for students who may not get those opportunities in their districts. Thank you. I’m so sad and you’re right cool stuff, isn’t it? Yes, it absolutely is. Yeah, I did not er thing today. That was really cool. Yeah. It’s awesome. It’s amazing. Yeah, you guys, honestly, all the students get blown out of the water every time that you’re in a meeting. So yeah. All right, as we know that you’d be joining the feeder report now, but you’ll be joining us here at the board meeting afterwards. If you want to make any contributions or comments and talk about anything, please don’t hesitate. Do you want to talk a little bit more about your role at Skyline? Do you want to save that for the feeder report? Oh, I can say that for sure. That’s fine. Yeah, fantastic. So all introduce a nice advisory council members as well. So we have a list of activities and for a sophomore. Do you go out as a senior Ashley Shrestha Junior, Sarah Shattuck, a senior and a JC Fisher a sophomore. So the way we put together our presentation is held for mystery and listeners as well. Principal and our flooding director we can’t they are really, really good about kind of letting us have creative freedom over our feeder report. And while we won’t do it, so we put together this logo. So each school had a section of the wings and our satellite shield logos in the middle. So it all goes up. So if I could have a person from Columbine, elementary come over and stand by me, that would be

Oh, yes, what’s up?

Okay, so before we have the student while they’re getting started here, thank you, Sarah. I want to say that one of the things that I really value is people taking care of each other and having high expectations for each other. And I think if we take care of each other and have high expectations for each other, we’re better people. We turn around and we act in that way towards others in our community. And I think that talking about public education today really has me thinking about that quite a bit and the role of students in our schools and the community, our teachers, our classified staff. enroll today has made sure that our students and our parents feel cared for. And we have high expectations for them and we help them achieve those things. And so I want to recognize all of the educators and classified staff as skyland feeder for the work that they do, faithfully, Dan day out. And they look to their school principals for that same support and recognition and fierce tenacity about Europe also recognition and support for the human side of it. And so we have an outstanding group of principals in our skyline feeder and so I do want to introduce and recognize them as well. Tonight we have Audrey siebold is the principal at Columbine Elementary. James Garcia was the principal at Rocky Mountain elementary when a key was that Fall River elementary school, very borsky at Timberline p k eight. Amber Marsala is behind me, and she’s at Alpine and then we have Eddie cook in the back from timber trail Ridge Middle School. I didn’t send you one yet right and hi ringer, skyline high school so I just want to recognize and thank them for just our faithful work every day supporting a whole lot of people in our community and It always ends up paid forward. So I’m gonna turn it over to MIT his ringer that and we can get started with our students. Thank you for allowing our scam theater to be here tonight. And I’m really impressed by not only our skyline students, everybody here, it’s kind of become tradition of how our Highlander shares with you what they have done. And it really is truly about the students and what they want to share with you. So I think it’s become kind of thing to be chosen to do this. So we’re really proud of it. I’d like to also acknowledge Mr. Green, who is one of my sister principals, athletic director, and he does so so much more. And one of his charges is to work with our Student Advisory Group. And as I mentioned, he really allows them to be creative and really represent what scaling and a feeder has. So thank you to Mr. Green, and I will turn it over to our four students. That’s gonna go next. My name is Amy and I am a fifth grader at Columbine Elementary. The pictures are

awesome. The teachers are really nice. Our teachers want us to do our best to be successful. They encourage us to work hard and never give up. We have an opportunity to become to be creative problem solvers in every class. In math, we are working together to solve problems in different different ways. In explaining our thinking, there are lots of really fun to get involved in at school so my favorites are string cancelled with BMX robotics. Combine has a team of state rec robotics trim and last weekend we were so proud of their hard work effort, our genuine focus a sense of our customer so many different strategies to this lesson activities we built for others talk about include multiple choices and we know what’s in your best self. Everyone that makes it a great place to go to school because they get to learn and grow Amazon by any time you won’t regret it.

All right, next up, we have students from Rocky Mountain Elementary.

mean Hello, my name is Mira water say no, I’m 10 years old in fifth grade at Rocky Mountain. I’ve learned so many skills that will help me be successful in middle and high school. Before I started Rocky Mountain I thought about it and only spoke Spanish. By the end Kendra I understood it spoke Spanish as a remarrying since the start of school at the beginning of fifth grade magic treehouse books. Now read Harry Potter books. Reading is really important and connected to my needs such as school. I’ve also learned in math and other subjects that working hard and never giving up will only be successful. I’m not afraid to make mistakes because I know I can learn from them. I know be unique is okay and valued. I can use my voice to defend myself and others. I feel really lucky that my teacher teaches at Rocky Mountain elementary,

middle and high school. Okay

so our next student is from Alpine elementary school.

Hi, I’m Max Rahman I’m a Foursquare I’ll put on my feet and upon return to the unit of inquiry, I for every unit unit was sharing the plant. We’ve learned about classification or living things. I really love learning about nature I still do in class we we do we do kind of Jeopardy game work to try to guess what classification the mo was, like snakes are reptiles. I wish the Alpine went all the way to university. Some things that the Golden State Warriors

are playing pitch was really nice. It was kind enough to make learning really fun one time or dropped you unit. Almost

all of the parents came to our school to share about drugs. We also have X robotics, hundred mile club, fun run a full drive out of here. Enjoy much more

Brian is a learner profiles AR and support, risk taker require carrying finger open mind data bench communicator, knowledgeable and reflective, that’s 10.

Last month, I was chosen to represent my class from a file bunch because I take care of my body and and bring my body. My body by running, walking and jumping is more important than video games because it helps your brain in your mind women body.

Thank you very much. All right, next up, we have our

meeting. So board. My name is Chris alquist. And I’ve been going forward ever since preschool and now I’m a fifth grader. There are many things by folder that I think it gets special offer or not just another student, you are part of family part of a community. Every day you interact with teachers and students that you feel connected with. You never feel uncomfortable when you’re talking to a teacher. They listen and care about what’s best for you. I also like fogger teaches us how to treat each other. I have never encountered a Drupal II and we work on a lot of projects to build friendships. At ball River. Our motto is we had a courage to be outstanding. And that’s the truth. We don’t just learn, we experience we explore and we discover even though except to move on to middle school, I will just Fall River very much. I don’t think of a river as just school. I think of it as a sent home home a family who cares about me.

All right, next up, we have our students from Timberline. So this is your the elementary school students. Yes. All right. Let them go.


Hi, my name is Talia. I’m Michael. I’m Timberline.

I came from SolidWorks two years ago with a little bit of English

I’m a new coach. I work with Coach child. Sometimes I get to talk to you sadly

there’s talent Oh come on.

Hi, my name is violet and

I am a student and my everything about my schools that in the mornings we have connected circles with our classmates and our teachers. And it helps me learn things about the teachers and the students that didn’t know for it helped me understand like their life and things that they do and what they like to do. We have a bowl system called pod. The P stands for positive attitude the agents for acting responsibly the W stands for work hard and the S stands for show respect. I think that really helps our school keep in line with everything that like behaviors and everything. Another thing that is important to me about my school is that during our assemblies, we get these awards that are like our teachers will pick certain students that are like being really good students in class and are falling rule and doing the work all the time. And I have gotten throughout all my years since I’ve been at my school since kindergarten, I’ve had at least more than Hannah words throughout all my years, and I’m laughing about my school that is really important to me, that everybody that works at my school is always there to care about me, and to just be there for me and just make me feel wanted in a school.

Hi, my name is Leah, I’m an eighth grader that goes to Emily. One of the best parts about Timberline is a mariachi program actually is very fun. We could play music we get go around and play a bunch of places. We seem to be played arbok and we had just play, girls.

Hi, my name is Cara Frodo. I’m an eighth grader at Timberline. And another thing that makes Timberline, such a great place to go to school is the advanced courses. Aaron and I are both in all four advanced classes. And even it’s because challenging those students in the classroom and the teachers who are healthy like Lauren

and show you how to understand if you don’t understand by the way.

us both of us UBC got accepted into programs and guidelines next year, I got accepted into EPA, which is not a visual performing arts for music,

and I got accepted into the PT program.

And last certainly not least, for original school

Hello, my name is James medium

with volunteers partner tour athletes in our unified sports program. I tried it we’re proud to have been first medical to provide any fights but program and it’s just eager to have schools excited because they provide fun opportunities for

all students.

I learned a lot of helping others during my time volunteering looking forward to the changes in the future. As I get ready to head to high school. Apparently we support all of our students.

Alright, so now I get the opportunity to brag about my own High School a little bit. So the wonderful student all make up our schooling system that we’re really proud to have all of that I know we all mostly through that we can vouch for its success. I am a junior at Skyline high school the program I’m part of this evening Capstone. So you take a seminar and AP research along in cohesion with four other AP classes, and you get a little diploma at the end of your high school career where it looks. And so you can attach college applications to different things, which basically designate you as a student who’s prepared to go to college. And this is a very nice program because it can be done in conjunction with a lot of other things. And accounts that are really great about being flexible so that the students can do work AP really into their lives and into the schedule. So students who might have had that opportunity before can do though, so I’m gonna introduce Ashwini so she’s going to talk about our STEM program.

Hi, I’m a junior in high school, and I went through the feeder program as well as arrow and I’m going to talk a little bit about our STEM program which allows you to receive a stem certificate at the end of your four years of high school graduation, and three or four years you participate in a variety of engineering STEM related classes are really geared towards what you’re interested in which I think very unique to us. So like if you’re interested in graphic design or environmental studies, you get a class that along with that and do extra activities that also towards that certificate because of STEM program. I’ve received many many opportunities up Innovation Center, which allowed me to become a part of logic games that as the human robot interaction team uses curriculum development, robotics, media marketing, and part an internship at Innovation Center in partnership with the nr corporation that has brought a lot of opportunities for me, and I’m also a part of many extracurricular such a student ensemble un Sara’s as well in most part of the countdown. So I’d like to introduce Diego Chavez.

Hello, my name is Diego Torres. I’m Senior scholar at high school. I get to talk to you about athletics and our football as athletes I’m involved in the US involvement soccer for three years playing varsity and being Captain are one of those also involved in Lenz law and I gotta say, That is great. Sport, some of you might not disco but let me tell you, I’ve been playing ever. I had that for the past year. And although it’s not a charter sanctioned sport it next year, unfortunately, since I’m a senior, I won’t even play again next year, but I’ll be able to come back and watch all guys play next year. I won’t be playing it this year. In London, some other stuff as well as stuco. I’m in northern Minnesota green Leadership Academy. It’s a school where the thing is a good opportunity for not only our athletics we have a common, you know, get good speed by it. And for Mr. Green about, you know, what leadership really should be looking like, I don’t have one, you know, how you said already looking like because that is definitely outside of high school. I’m also involved in or it wasn’t talking to a student, I’m proud to be on Student Advisory Council and represent our school especially because, you know, a lot of people don’t get to, you know, that I say that we do in the house firsthand, saying some of the problems in the district. So now I’d like to introduce to


Thank you. My name is him Stanford and today I get to talk to you about the D tech program at silent high. So P tech is our partnership between front page Community College and IBM, which allows our students at scale to get an associate’s degree, within 456 years, whatever they choose alongside high school diploma. And we also have business partnership with IBM alongside the one Front Range. From our academic side, you accumulate a massive amount of college courses, college credits, I bet. And this is also really exciting. Our first graduating class of tech seniors is going to be this semester. So it’s a real exciting for that. And also our juniors are getting opportunity to partner and internships with IBM this summer, which is a really cool part of the program.

Okay, Hi, I’m Sarah shadek. I’m a senior at Skyline high school, and I am sure I’m a sophomore at Skyline High School and we’re presenting VPA DC as part of BPA which is amazing our visual Performing Arts.


So our format art program consists of choir orchestra, mariachi band and our musicals and plays. We are all fantastic and an amazing community that we can be a part of.

I was a part of this year’s and last year’s musical and a part of the course has gone High School and this year we’ll be able to get part of the gist bar

and we have our play the somewhat very true tale of Robin Hood coming up in April, April 15 16th and 17th and he was like come and serve as a lead. Um, yeah, so our dramas amazing. Everything in the forming tide is fantastic. I love going to work on six I’m required well, band concerts really successful. Our visual arts also are really well and successful. I’m so grateful to be part of it. We have our fine arts festival coming up on Friday, we’ll be celebrating all aspects of VBA so that’ll be a lot of fun. I just have the opportunity to scan gifts for artists like us. I’m not a law school either. For that, and it’s just amazing opportunity for us to be part of that and be able to accomplish what we want to do in future. I want to be an art therapist in the future as well as a nonprofit leader. So thankfully, my teacher made it possible for me to make the dreams come true. So that’s what’s happening.

So if you will, I don’t know if you were able to see it. But we included sort of all of these things summarized in more on our session of our poster, we in a lot of the schools had visual interpretation. So we basically did everything in words of the way our she looks, and our logo right over that. So Chris summarizes everything out our feeder system, any opportunities that provide conversions. Thank you.

comments and questions for us, and we’ll take a check. A great board members have any comments or questions this evening about a presentation. Paula. Thank you all so much for having me. can’t tell you enough as board members, we try very hard to get out into schools and just a field in the community. But it’s so so valuable to engage with you guys. And have you guys home and hear right from the horse’s mouth, can you hear what’s going on. And a couple of things like, as a board member, I kind of approach approaches work from a business angle, because he can’t not do that. I mean, there’s finances to consider we’re on a fixed budget, we always have to consider resources. But then the flip side of this is we’re in the business of education. And that’s, that is the human intellect that is humanity. And that is a really, really hard thing to measure with a metric. And one of the best metrics I can think of is you guys like just seeing you’re hearing your feeling, seeing your smiling face, hearing your experiences one at a time, really the only way we can assess what we’re doing and it’s working and and you guys think so alone with your families and have choices and programming and all the all the pieces are in place to allow you guys to thrive. And we’ll have a conversation lately on the community about the purpose of public education. And one of my big takeaways from those conversations. One of the primary purposes of public education is to find your purpose, and to find how you can apply that in larger roles and in the community. So I’m just I’m so happy when I want to hear from you guys. And I hear that and, and Heidi and Carolyn Gwynn, and Sorry, I’m not going to get to you guys. But all the leadership and the strict guys are just the poster children for continuous improvement. I mean, every time I turn around, there’s something new going on a skyline it started 12 years ago at the STEM program VP program, which trickle down through middle schools into elementary schools, p tech roles in leadership work is rolling in. It’s the hits just keep coming from you guys. And I just have to say it out loud. And like, thank you so much. The work is so appreciated, and I can’t think of a better way of assessing our success than by looking at it. So thank you. Thanks, Paula. Do you want to take and then I’m actually going to ask you for another recognition. Public Education is most certainly a partnership between this little our communities and parents and family members and loved ones. So if you happen to be this evening Have the be a parent, a family member, a friend or a loved one of one of his amazing students, would you please mind standing and or raising your hand whatever you’re most comfortable with so we can thank you.

You have wonderful children. Thank you for sharing them with us this evening. Final recognition and acknowledgement. Anybody participates on education side of that if you could raise your hand to leadership, anybody else teachers, we appreciate everything that you do is

so that’s beautiful. I don’t know if the audience can actually see what they’ve made. It’s absolutely beautiful. That would be great. And Mom, did you want to pick a photo?

You guys all Yay. Okay,

Alright, that brings us in to audience participation. Sara, welcome is participation. Thank you everyone who’s signed up this evening to share their thoughts with the Board of Education. We also appreciate you allowing or being cooperative I did say in allowing the students to complete their their presentation first. So I am going to go in order of signups before we get started doing it as each speaker, as you come to the podium to please state your name and your address. Each speaker gets three minutes to talk and we do limit it to 30 minutes per topic. As far as grammar rules are that goes a bar have I forgotten anything? I haven’t gotten anything but I do want everybody to have an understanding, though, that it is a board education’s practice, not comment on the audience participation in public comments, but we certainly do with an addict takeouts and then we’ll talk about After head ad after the meeting on those things, so apologies if I see your name incorrectly. Alyssa. You can pronounce the last name for me. Please Elsa mafra Paris. All right, thank you Welcome and if you could see your address and you have three minutes Thank you. My address is 996 gateway Park Boulevard inverted Colorado. I see members of the board doctor Hey dad, my name is Wilson Ferris I’m in my second year in high school. I was informed the morning February 28 seven minutes before my first class of the day that I was being on ready for next year. I thought I would come in and introduce myself You could put my face with the name you will see later. It was hired at MHS because I had a Bachelors of Science in applied mathematics with secondary education concentration. A Masters of Science in applied mathematics with computer logic and abt and a PhD in mathematics education with a minor in statistics on highly qualified for the state of Colorado. I was also hired because I teach in Corona all my college algebra classes current through see you succeed and have been teaching at college level and run our own classes since 2009. And goodbye University of Northern Colorado, Ames Front Range Community College of Denver and University of Colorado Denver. I currently teach college algebra as an adjunct at community college, Denver on Saturdays. I continue to do this so I know that my high school court expectations are aligned to the college course inspections. So because a cheerleading coach last year or weekend of the school year, the MHS squad had been through nine crutches in 10 years and wanted to provide stability to the program. I have a background in cheer, so I offered to help. The squad has rounded 28 members and supports entire student body. We had cheerleaders at cross country meets every single volleyball game, home JV and varsity football as well as girls and boys basketball and all home roughly matches. All that shows in attendance at bandmates in our band members

are about the ability to squat and overcame a 40 $800 deficit that was lingering from previous slides. I am good at what I do. I’ve students excited about taking 80 steps with next year who have expressed great disappointment that I will not be in school. As students who tell me I made math more accessible for them and they develop greater confidence in themselves academically. At our most recent very teacher conferences, I was humbled by a number of parents who shared how pleased were how well their students were doing my classes and how grateful they were for their child’s renewed math confidence. Trust me having class eration relationships we have built encourages my students to be willing to try new things without fear. My God in Princeton students are frustrated that they need to find new coach and being again, the reason for my nominals the MHS wants to go in a different direction. I understand that SCV EA submit an appeal to reconsideration on my behalf and was denied. I understand that I will not be employed by St. Rain next year. I’m here in the hopes that the math teacher who replaces me has the opportunity to be successful and will not be targeted for dismissal for reasons that seemed much more personal and professional. Thank you. Thank you.

Bart. Lilly

hi Bartley, seven five Jarvis drive here in Colorado. Bart, parent of in your high school freshman swimmer. I’ve raised my family here and I’ve watched and swim for years. However, I was not prepared to the amazing chemistry, the teamwork and the momentum that her coaches created from that very first meeting really all the way to the state finals. It was a bit today, weeks later, I’m sad, confused and angry. I’ve met with Coach Shipley, and I’ve read her resignation letter and met with many other parents, athlete and coaches and have her several stories of similar sadness, anger and confusion from them. Along with other parents I summarized some of the team’s concerns in email. Last Friday, Jen Don and I met with her died on errands and chase McBride, where we were told that length of several of the concerns that were listed in our email were patently false. I did receive the chance to meet in the end regarding the concerns that the girls and coaches were not sorted equally fairly. I did not feel that what we had say was considered actual or relevant. I’d like to see an investigation from an perspective. But Yasmin di team Jen, I also shared several quotes from other teachers, teacher and coaches that as most of them are unwilling to speak out of fear of retribution or loss of jobs. In addition to sadness, confusion, anger I’m experiencing, we heard the words toxic, sexist and ageist as descriptive of the school’s culture Erie High School. So my default ship is letter of resignation. And these are the comments I asked last Friday. What is happening in this school that would cause one of our best teachers to resign and so many other teachers remain silent. Dr. Dad expressed agreement that an independent investigation into the culture of EHS was needed and I’m very interested to hear when how this happened. I hope that the staff who could speak will feel their hurt honestly and without fear condemnation. Finally, I’m appalled by the Facebook video showing very athletic director Justin Carpenter speaking to the football team after a win on November 3 2018. I quote, it’s kind of like my first Middle School girlfriend. She wasn’t pretty but it worked for me. is kind intolerable in many setting but after high school game, in a locker room to student athletes look to his elite, I’m deeply angered. And furthermore, I believe that video evidence of this toxic sexist and ages culture that we’re hearing about his comment supports an exploitation of women’s objects, which can lead to rape and a danger of our girls. Sad, confused, angry, to hear more stories tonight, led by coach Lee’s girls and parents, but after there are facts that need to be investigated in a culture that needs to be addressed that our kids can focus on what they’re passionate about getting our students and athletes, their undivided attention, their protective leadership and their enthusiastic support as students prepare for teacher Dr. Kennedy. Thank you. Thank you.

Thomas Paine,

Thomas Paine, Firestone, Colorado. I’m also a parent of a freshman team, and much like Bart, I just wanted to come and address the board and that’s For a fair independent investigation into there’s, there’s all kinds of stories out there and I just want you guys to please look into it fairly. Get interviews from people that are not afraid to talk and can tell the true story. My reaction to the video of Mr. Carpenter was a little more vitriol than parts, but I, it is unconceivable for me to have a person in leadership and trust position sequins teenage boys, about young women, like people in those positions would be able to lead by example. Everybody should be able to respect and trust them. And I I don’t know what a good answer to that could be. Why that was set. I am a parent of three kids very competitive kids can read as me youngest. As a freshman. I have a special in the CSU runningback that participated on varsity football in need and have a middle daughter that is also a volleyball player. I mean, all of them that like competitive sports since they were little and and I don’t say this lightly, but Coach Lee is above any cups they have ever had. And there’s some great coaches on that list. The way that she bought 109 girls together from day one the last beat, to never even be in a pool. And it can each girl respected and bought and coached how to swim and to risk the clock and feel comfortable in their swimsuits or be comfortable as team. There was no nine teenage girls, there were no problems, right? Every girl swam every other girl on the team supported them fully. Not that they broke the state record. They broke their record. It wasn’t easy, and there’s a huge hole every high school and I want to know why such a great teacher and when the best coaches I’ve ever known would feel she needed to leave to make a change. So if you guys would please let me know that

it would be much appreciated.

Hello board and Dr. Dad. My name is Liliana Thorpe and I’m a software software At the honoree girls swim team. I hadn’t swam competitively for all nine I reckon when I heard our team our school had I think your swim I decided to join. I was excited to be part of my high school sport. When I met my coach Shirley, I was even more sick. Shipley and Miss Apple were amazing coaches rather than Mel at you, when you need to have hearts that would encourage us and one introduce the push ourselves rather than them push us when I’m at Apple favorite sayings was how bad do you want this is push harder to become successful for ourselves. But also for the two of them. Miss Sheila was an amazing coach, also one of the most amazing women you’ll ever meet. She cared about every single one of us from girls who never seen before to the girls who it’s all about life and everyone in between. I have lost someone who we could talk to about anything about Emily into school or just roll talk. I think it will miss her main dancing most. I have had so much success on this team with lots of guidance, though in the last year and to continue to succeed. I noticed how much I felt that was barely acknowledge. I remember specifically one time where we had one of the When we typed before anything due and sat in class when announcements came on, and by the time and it soon was not mentioned once, I was so disappointed to know that our wins not acknowledged by the school, although usually we are supported financially, which I agree with, but why aren’t we getting the meat? Why are they adding not to cheer us on? Mr. Carpenter was only it only it’s running equipment. I never saw Mr. Butler at a single for me. Well, there are witnesses that have said Mr. Butler, his home to all of the boys varsity basketball games. So I I was not able to come to a swim meet. This is just two of the things of a long list of shoes that are not sorted on. And the interest of time, I’m only informing you these two items. So now I stand before you asking you to help us the hundred plus girls swim team, the support and knowledge we should have gotten. I’m so sad to have to fight for support from our own school. But people who’ve left administration bots whose job is to help us students succeed is failing. Thank you Mike done

Hi, my name is Mike Dunn, I’m from 113, Alpine drive in Erie, Colorado 805 and six. I’ll try to be brief, you’ve heard most of what the notes that I began to read you. So I’ll try to go through the fairly quickly and won’t tell you three minutes for your time tonight. So the group of parents that are in the room and the others got together initially to address our concerns about the coach’s resignation, and about frustrations of the perceptions of equities in the area demanded program. Once we engaged in the process of discovery and listening to all the voices that come forward, we were we were frank, I guess that the word I can come up with a shot by the comments and issues that were shared by the girls, parents, teachers, coaches. We provide you with a list of all this stuff. It’d be better for you from these people individually. Regardless, it all leads to a couple things. Number one, there’s a sense of a misogynistic attitude, atmosphere At school, I don’t use that word lightly. My father, three daughters, all three I hope are helped would go through your high school and graduate. Now I’ve got some doubts about that. The video that we referenced earlier, angers me so much that I would recommend not seek tonight because it’s hard to keep in mind a little bit as any other few dollars would be our focus meaning parents and and the students here and then swim team is still largely targeted on the swimming program. But it was mentioned previously I think, but Thomas, I think you really had yourselves go on the ask ourselves. Why a teacher and coach with 11 years experience is it I don’t know how many outside this district but someone who was our only brain Valley School District Teacher of the Year a year ago. Why would somebody like that that kind of hurt her career like she had stepped away? There should have been college professor for 26 years. And I was in Rico for seven years before that. Not the smartest man plan. But when some like that happens, you got to look into it and they were asked you to do is finding best age investigator. I don’t know how the district can use these things, but it needs to be looked into the topic. The toxic nature of leaving toxic is the word of somebody who’s early might have been homeless, or it might impart, but they’re in a toxic atmosphere in the school. There’s a sense be a professor going through tenure buses. I know those years. Were a little tenuous for me partly because I didn’t always feel like I could speak my mind certain matters because it’d be held against me as I tried to get in his career step for any public school teacher or college educator for that matter, to feel like they can’t be open honest is it should not be ashamed that exists. So I really appreciate your time. I appreciate your service on this board, because having served on many boards myself, I know the amount of effort it takes, and I know commitment takes so thank you for your service. And I hope you’ll do the right thing by all these rules.

speak on behalf of Miss Marvel Harrison nonrenewal. I was gonna read that but First one, I said, Well, I’m sitting here and looking over here at outstanding teachers of staff and one of your base pillars for your students says that to me strange with our therapists. I also think of myself my parents taught me to speak that what I believe is right and with what I believe is wrong. And I believe that mismatch there is not being renewed is extremely detrimental. And I hope my daughter see that when they want to pay for something that they had the ability to snap pictures as I did at night when I first heard them get to know. So when I first read the memo versus contract was knowing Enron non nude, I felt it was important to reach out and let you know how detrimental I feel the decision is, I have had the chance to work with men where there is not only as a teacher to my daughter, but also her to coach with my experience her teacher, my daughter’s engineer, and a pre pre trig with pre calc with great class. My daughter’s always succeeded in math, but our first couple years in high school you really struggle there were tears or at the things out of the norm. She didn’t understand how being taught did better off googling and trying to figure out her answer until she gave me the mathematical this year. She has arrived in our math class. It’s been so nice to see you look over here doing homework the smile and say, well I give them Do I understand what you understand that because of the She teaches it really connected some of the students that just struggle with other math teachers. My daughter is going and AP SATs next year and was thrilled to find out the teacher was going to be there as then a couple weeks later, even though she was not renewed. That’s been real crushing. And we’re really a little worried about AP stats nectar because she was looking forward to knowing to understand what was being taught and what was being asked of her name is Mazda coach. My daughter is a junior, as I’ve stated, and misma was her fifth year coming in. So beginning her third year of cheer. She was on her fifth Ouch. We had some growing pains, and I would rather protect it. This is the first fifth time we’re learning something new, a new program and the fit everything. And Butch Matt took all of that and grew that she took my concerns and my fears and my Magnox ability that I have over the years and through mainly with it and you can ask for a better coach. I now I will sing her praises on the top of mountain she took our cheer program from in debt the having a debt all on her own. The squad when my daughter started a new year had eight people on and wasn’t very little just kind of made fun of them for lack of better words. Now they grow into a squad of 28 they are a fleet so to speak You want to hear great, let’s take you it doesn’t matter if you’ve been competitive or you just want to learn what it is that the student body supports fully this spot, and I think it would be a huge, huge judgment to lose her. We have had such growth that I can’t wait to see what that holds and don’t miss out there. That growth is going to have to start over break my heart to think that my daughter going into a senior year, we’ll have to learn a six out of six program and start all over again.

Thank you very much.

Meredith Olson.

Hi, my name is Meredith Olson. And I’m a senior at your high school and I’ve been pushed by Dibley for all four years to Longmont to it. But I’m about to read his letter I wrote to her a few years ago right before the conference meet when I qualified to state. She impacted my life in so many ways, and I know hundreds of others succeed today. This is just an example of how she’s changed mine. Kelly, I’d spend all night reading but I need to go to bed. But all I wanted Thank you. Thank you for your knowledge of swimming in coaching. Thank you for being crazy stood out and complained to me about some of your favorite students. Thank you for the finished swim practice with Arby’s and tank tops. Also, thank you for pushing me and pulling me in and I would have never even more to try. But most of all, thank you for never giving up on me and believing in there have been plenty times especially this season when I was about to give up. Because I did see there’s also but you’re pushing literally in the because you knew I do it. And now I know I can because of you what you’ve taught me because of you I smile more for swimming more and I laugh a lot more. You touched my heart Kelly. I don’t know who I could repeat are so understanding in mind and rambunctious and your energy smile lights up a whole room. I have no idea yet if this might last your swing here because next year come a lot of decisions. And I want you to know that day. I’m not assuming for myself but I’m something for you can make you out. I love you like my own mother and thank you for being here. We’ll see you swim. Thank you

Count reaping Did I pronounce that correctly

My name is campaign and I’m a freshman at meet high school. I decided to summer Erie after some competitively for nine years. I had an injury right before the season started and I was told I’ll be able to swim My favorite. I saw I was on my favorite thing ever having worked to be in this team for five years after Friday become your freshman and me too. I would have basically helped me in more ways to coach I’ve ever had she not only recommended into grace declare pissed

and she personally knew it’s what I’m what she’s bringing me but every struggle. I fought so hard for months and was funny clear though he poured his drinks on my I had a panic attack. But before that, I was terrified of injuring my shoulder and beat up first he was within a month, Julian Apple were able to calm me down and convinced me that I had worked all of us in for a moment. This is a time show and I was healed. I remember that he had districts.

I remember the water it should be running up to me and crying her eyes out. She picked me up and hooked me so hard. Not only was she crying but she was everyone had been so sorted and they had watched you through the whole season work towards that. I’ll never forget that moment when everyone was smiling and I felt so proud to be part of the team. I could learn so much and love me through my worst and still be there when I was finally able to keep my

Thank you. Angie

Angie Maurizio. 32. I bought her base Lamont you have a freshman in high school and while she has not been a student of Alice says she’s had the great fortune of having her as her coach her first year in high school. So I just wanted to take a few minutes to just explain our experience this year with her as her coach. She’s committed, committed and hardworking. I’ve seen her putting on those orders after we train the team to be in about To be a button to beyond the best they could be, but she is done with the team has more than exceeded our expectations. She has never turned away anyone who wanted to cheer took on any freshmen and kids who have no experience hearing and somehow create a unit unified cheer team. But that will is immensely proud of how far they’ve come as a cohesive unit is nothing short of a miracle. From my experience, Alyssa has organized hardworking punchable and respected among the team and a leader who inspires and influences through communication and action. I have seen a strong work ethic and excellent leadership qualities for her as a coach and can only assume the same can be said around her teaching abilities. I am confident in saying that I 100% believe that need Heikal suffered a loss by her non Noel if someone wanted to mention that through her leadership alone the $4,000 plus shoe deficit that was given from the BBs which was completely wiped out in the three years that the current team might be responsible or elated by it. Thank you for your time.

Brian Hamblin

Hi, Ryan Hanlon 2217 trestle road Fort Collins, Colorado fuck two five. I’m a member of the local community. I’ve heard about situations in Erie high school that are concerning enough me that I felt that I needed to come to this meeting this evening. I understand that a well respected teacher and swim coach, as we’ve heard has recently resigned in middle of school year. I’ve also heard a lot of situations involving principal Mathur, where there have been counts complaints, and not only have they been ignored, they’ve caused faculty members to be afraid to speak beyond that. These situations involve faculty members being discriminated against based on their gender and their age, which is completely unacceptable that should go without saying. It’s also my understanding that Mr. buckler got a very short temper, and has been known to begin streaming and barring staff members at the drop of the hat. This is not particularly becoming behavior for the principal In my opinion, not only of the complaints been ignored, it also appears that they’ve been buried or stifled somewhere between the staff members and the school board here. to some of you this could be brand new information. In doing this, the actions of Matt brother have been allowed to continue without recourse. That’s why I feel like might need to bring it directly to school board because no one else has and the Erie SAF likely fear repercussions if they do speak out against Mr. buckler. I absolutely believe that there needs to be a human resources investigation into what’s going on at your high school. Based on lack of concern shown by representatives that the faculty have in place already, I would recommend an independent Human Resources adviser be the one to ask the questions. I hope that the school board will take the situation seriously. Because a toxic work environment is also an acceptable especially when your work environment involves bullying and motivating are you? Thank you

my address is 869 Mirko Street.

I share the concerns of their swim parents here tonight and wonder what caused the highest regard teacher here funless to feel so vilified that you needed to leave. But I’m using my time share with huge loss resignation of coach Shipley happily to our community as a whole, where it’s going to express the impact these women have had on my daughter. So yes life. Eighth grade was struggle with mineral drama that took significant toll on her self esteem, confidence and deposition. She was less motivated, afraid to try new things and were isolated. A friend suggested some team based on her daughter’s experience last year, so he was not a swimmer and was as it didn’t join for fear that she would have made five or out of place, but he reluctantly reluctantly decided to try from the first meeting it was fear humped passion coach has her team and how dedicated she is to ensuring a positive experience for each girl regardless of her initial abilities. I was awestruck by the time and energy, which is funnily enough poured into the girls with preseason swim. Finally under tree swim dinners and swim sitters pairing up classroom with young girls, but each girl had just one special friend on the team. coachable uses the phrase swim family frequently, and that attitude really transferred to the girls. My daughter went from being the kid I needed to drag out of bed to independently Willie getting yourself up two hours early to attend optional workouts, their positivity and kendu attitudes infectious. You believe in her and valued her throws to experience so she in turn believed and value herself as a member of the team. This one family, she was so motivated that she dedicated herself to attending every practice need an optional end, non-swimmer walked into her first practice not noticing swim stroke and walked out determined and competence winner. As the season progressed, their profound impact became more apparent. So it was heavy and competent. And she had gripped which she blogged about cuttable and taking risks to trying things. Their coaching helped her to become a cable swimmer consistently drying time races. their unique passion helped her to blossom into a capable and competent young woman outside pool. Her genuine love and pride the genuine love and pride meeting women showed a girl on her teams a budding that is irreplaceable. Their resignation is profound loss not only to the athletic department, but to the area community as a whole. These coaches create something that was pure magic, the team of success, successful athletically. More importantly, it was successful in creating a sense of community. And is that the ultimate goal of public education to nurture children to become good citizens? Who are you fairness, personal responsibility and shared concern for the community? My dog learns nothing else at Erie I know these lessons learned from her sing season, Chili’s family will have given her the tools that she needs to be successful adult. Thank you.


Allison. Yes, spiller is Thank you. Hi, my name is Alison similary. My address is 743 East 130 Seventh Avenue Thornton. I recently moved from Erie but I had a daughter who is senior this year and we have been lucky enough and blessed to have had Coach Lee in our life. For two years, is I was in class last year in her AP research class, and then was also on the SWAT team. And then this year she is in Shipley’s anatomy and physiology class. And she is also she was also on a swim team this year. co Shipley, has been absolutely pivotal in my daughter’s life. daughter is actually a very shy introvert. And her chip was actually able to really bring her out of hotel last year. My daughter is actually what I’d love to was fit in her class out of 100 students and a senior but as coaches that actually helped guide her with her college applications. It was only one of two teachers that my dad felt comfortable enough in having that kind of relationship with to actually reach up to an African recommendations. And Coach Shipley said she was honored and thrilled and I have no idea what she wrote. But it has gotten into some of the most amazing schools and nearly a full meta Regis University. I’m here to plead that you guys pay attention to every one of us, whether adult or student that’s coming here to ask you to please open an investigation. An independent investigation. I too am sad Kunduz. And angry, I have nothing to gain or lose. I lost my last child graduating from the Erie school system here. Every other child that grows up and doesn’t have the opportunity to either die or pop back, Shipley is going to lose out, they’re going to lose out. She brings so much to both a classroom and to the edge of the pool. It’s unbelievable. She’s talented, she’s gifted, she is kind she treat everybody like family. So I’m just here to help support and also bet for that investigation. Please don’t let one of the best teachers that has ever come through our school district leaf, teacher coach.

Pardon the animation.

Hi, my name is Anton. I’m a freshman at URI in Middle East High School. And I think I speak on behalf of all the students that are a part of male athletic programs at URI that I’m not necessarily proud to be part of this school system right now.

kosha Lee has seriously inspired another of us on this team to be both influential and powerful person we can be. She has advocated for us to school administration and all she got back being called high maintenance. And I want I really desperately want to know what made such an amusing and influential woman and all of our lives think that she had to take such a dramatic measure. To make a point to our administration. This is seriously a widespread problem. This might not just be our school, it really needs to be further investigated. We tried advocating for ourselves. shift is trying to advocate for us our parents have died advocating for us. This is a last resort pretty much. And honestly, I’m in shock that we even have to be here right now. The Texas environment that my brother and Justin Carpenter have created in our school athletic department is astounding to me. It disappoints me so much and it frustrates me And this really needs to be taken into consideration.

Doctor had said at the beginning of this meeting, things could change tomorrow. And this is one of the things we need to change. As swimmers and divers, all hundred knives. We’re losing our voices more and more every day. This change needs to happen now.

You can make this change for us. As coachable says, Do you want it? We want it really, really bad. And you can be a part of that for us. Thank you.

Madam President. We’re at 25 minutes.

And that was our that was our last name.

Thank you very much.

Yeah. Appreciate that. All right. Thank you, everyone. team came to speak this evening. That brings us to back to our agenda. I wonder if now would be acceptable time to introduce the new hires.

Good evening president serious members of the Board of Education. After that, I would like to bring to you the den introduced three recommendations to hire for First of all, Dr. Murray and gentlemen, please come join us be recommend to hire as principal of Loma High School, and Jeff is joined by his wife Carol and his daughter, Sophia and Olivia. Okay, they slipped out for a sec, we’ll make sure to acknowledge them. Mr. Murray has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and accounting. Additionally, he has his master’s degree in educational administration. Mr. Murray has been an assistant principal in my school to pass up in years prior to that he was a teacher in Livingston High School, and Bellevue High School in New Jersey. Mary has also served as account Don’t make it back. That’s always disasters. Grace will let you speak a little bit later. Make sure it introduced very much. Good evening. Thank you. So again, my name is Jeff Murray. I am just completely honored for this opportunity to lead on my high school and lead long side so our full staff and community. I want to thank Dr. Hunt and Mark mills and Rick Olson for their guidance and leadership in my seven years here in St. Ryan has been an amazing journey for myself and my family. In addition to that, I am just honored with this opportunity to stand aside a community that is so committed to education and that is parents that is an incredible staff. And that is amazing student body that I am just so privileged to be a part of. I look forward to continuing the tradition pride in excellent that represents Lamont High School. My focus is to continue to offer every opportunity for our students to thrive and have a great experience while they’re there with us for four years but also just prepare them for an ever changing and ever and ever changing global society and just give them the edge that I know that we are providing now and you look forward to continuing to grow at when I say tradition, pride and excellence, we talk about a school from 1901. That in my eyes is the heartbeat of this community and we coincide with a community. It’s again just said privilege and honor for this opportunity. So thank you.


Do you have family here this

little Sophie, Sophie Say hi.

Sophie is a fifth grader at Blue Mountain elementary mother daughter Olivia, who got a little squirrely as a fourth grader at Blue Mountain Elementary, and my wife Carol in a health clinic I found in middle school. So our moved from the East Coast seven years ago could not have gone any better. And we have been so embraced by this community. And I could see we are fully invested likewise. So it’s been amazing.

Well, we’re glad you chose to move here in the sight of your future at Loma high school principal much. Yes. Congratulations. Thank you.

Next, I’d like to recommend for hire for the principal at Timberline pa Karen klore. And Karen has joined Iowa and come up well read. The smoker has a BA degree in English. Additionally, she has her master’s degree in education with a specialization of reading and literacy has been a principal at Burlington elementary for the past four years. Prior to that she was an instructional coordinator of language arts with the st. Brandon Bell schools and a teacher.

Thank you. It’s good to see all of you again. I’m especially excited to be here tonight with my friend and colleague Jeff MacMurray. Great night. I don’t want to admit to how many times have sat in the stands at Lamont High School for graduation. But you know what’s a Trojan always Trojan so can be a better pick to leave or school. I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve at Arlington for the past four years. You got to hear a little bit about what we’re doing at the last theater presentation and I’m sure you’ll get an invitation to the ribbon reading at our outdoor classroom in the fall. an honor to be selected to lead Tim Ryan. I’m one of those rare breed love Middle School. So now I had a chance to have both elementary and know at the same time. It’s something that has been a goal of mine for quite a long time to work in Piquet and the administration and the staff to mine has been really warm and welcoming already. So I just look forward to joining them into putting our students in their achieve achievement and working for excellence. And I’m just so pleased and happy to be part of our school district. Thank you. Congratulations, Karen. Yes, yes. will no doubt be able to fulfill for Timberline, I couldn’t help but think when you’re making the comments about long ones that you have on your blue, also, Timberline was blue to blue and green. Okay, then I stand corrected. And yes, you’re Timberline blue. Congratulations and your new position? Yes.

Jonathan sweet recommend for the Harvard Dean of Students at for high school. Miss Santos has a BA degree in Kinesiology and physical education. Additionally, she has her master’s degree in education, equity and education for a culturally diverse and is currently working towards her doctorate of education. Miss Santos has been a teacher at fair Krystal for the past three years prior to that she was a teacher birthday high school and at Fort Clifton High School. So

I’ve evening, thank you so much for having me. When I think about what I want to say right now, all I can think about is hope and excitement. I don’t think this opportunity was going to come as soon as it did. But I’m ready. I’ve been teaching for 17 years. And I think the hardest part of this transition is saying goodbye to a teaching career and hello to leadership role. But I’ve been here the whole time. Find roles that are in the school where there’s need. I love my students with all my heart. That’s why the position at Frederick is so meaningful to me because I get to have leadership position but I don’t have to say goodbye to my students been very positive Frederick up to this point and I just hope to add to that. So Long with the word hope is hope to make Frederick a better school, I hope to lead the kids in the right direction. I’m looking forward to meeting and also learn. I know that Brian young and Dr. Fox and Mr. Jensen are super excited and will teach me. And I’m great and know that but being willing to learn and having hope, I think is key to being successful. So I just think for this opportunity, and I will be seeing you in a future. So thank you so much.

Jennifer, congratulations.

No, you don’t have to stop here.

Congratulations. Thank you. Yeah. Todd, Thank you. Appreciate that. All right. So we had a superintendent report, we did the skyline High School feeder advisory report. So Assad Next we have 62, which is the district did I forget something? Oh, gosh, Rick Olson and HR. I knew I knew I’m so sorry. This is what happened. And everybody else on the board so he helped me keep track so visitors 4.1 tie, human resources depart recognition and this is a reschedule it is. I’m so glad that it worked to have you here this evening. I am also

thank you present secrets and most of board education. Today, I’d like to introduce to you but Gina blobby. virginity come up who is the youth marketing director for the American Heart Association. Virginia’s department has been working closely with FEMA and Carl Weaver from our benefits and our wellness departments here at St. Green, and Virginia would like to present a frame with them towards Virginia Tech. And he and Carl Thank you very much,

Gina. Welcome. And thank you guys so much for your flexibility. A little shoots month. I appreciate you being happening tonight. So I’m Regina bladdy. I’m here from the American Heart Association to present you guys with a new word for Workplace Health achievement. Our goal at the American Heart Association he our witness force for world of longer, healthier lives are dedicated to ensuring equitable health in all communities through collaboration with organizations and Powered by millions of volunteers from innovative research. advocate for public health charity light saving resources. Today, same thing the school district is being recognized for bronze level Worksite Health achievement by the American Heart Association. This achievement recognizes your district are implementing Workplace Health best practices that allow a culture of health for your employees. Thank you so much for your partnership. I really appreciate you. Personally, I have the opportunity to spend many of my days in and out of elementary schools within st for district and I truly can’t tell you how amazing PE teachers or principals, the staff are welcomed me every day I moved from Chicago less than six months ago. And it’s been really wonderful, being greeted and welcomed by the deep brain community and really helping us and like it’s our challenge and our heart pulling messages into the community. So thanks very much. I would like to present this award. If you don’t mind. I’d love to get a photo with everyone as well. Sure.

Sure, bro.

Got to get ready.

Okay, we’ll take it.

Regina, thank you again and congratulations, Vicki. You know, Regina, I couldn’t agree with you more that we really do have a wonderful Citrine community. Thank you. Yes, absolutely. So, Don, I believe that next we’re going to recognize Rick Olson this evening

Hi, Rick, how are you?

I’m good. Please know that I didn’t skip over you on purpose. I just can’t always keep checking myself

this morning, tonight.

Well, I’m gonna start by reading a letter that was written by Senator Mike foot, who was a Colorado State Senator. And it was Mr. Olson, their school administrator and ACD faculty member, Esteban Juan’s row being a good leader isn’t about having power over others. It is about instilling power in others. Over the course of your career, you have had that standard time and time again. And that’s why my David I wanted to read out gratulate you on a remarkable career, leading online high school through a decade and a half of both disability success. And you have represented students, parents, boosters and faculty along on high school exceptionally well. With this mind. I’m happy to join the chorus of voices honoring you upon your retirement and close to five formal baby signed by Senator Roy Garcia, president of Colorado senate Recognizing a remarkable contributions to the Lamont high school community and city along as a whole. The trivia is a small token of the sense of appreciation for your remarkable career leading online high school and still metres away. And everything that the school does. Thank you for your great work over the last 15 years of years to a well earned retirement.

I just might share a couple of thoughts as well. I had the great privilege of meeting Rick, let’s say about 1985. Right. 1985. And we were 23 years old. Yeah. I was at Westminster High School. And we started coaching together. And one of the things that I remember is just you know, he was such a inspiration to the students and student athletes and we had a large number of students. at that first year we have about three kids out for our wrestling team. The next year, we ended up about 8085 kids and Rick’s leadership was instrumental in a team really going on to do some pretty incredible things. And, you know, I would watch him interact with kids not only would work out with them and compete with them, but he would also serve as a role model for them. And he would talk to that after practice, he would help them advance with homework, and he would just share with that life’s experiences with you today, we had a number of those students that are now parents have children in the same family schools. And so oftentimes, they’ll, you know, connect with Rick, talk about, you know, the good old days and those kinds of things. And Rick and I oftentimes share the stuff getting up at five in the morning and taking a whole bunch of kids to the wrestling tournaments, things like that. And then when he moved on from that coaching and we parted ways, I followed his career as he went to weld Central and started thinking, you know, it’s made, he’s doing great work there too, as an administrator, and that he was hired on my high school. And I remember I had the opportunity after his tenure as an assistant principal at Online High School, to go in and visit with Almost the entire staff individually, because we were gonna make an important decision as to who would become the principal at Loma high school. It was one of those really exciting times for me because I hear person after person after person come in and really talk about one amazing friend, colleague, mentor, and just person he was. So it was probably as Bagby, probably one of the greatest honors who have been able to have become principal long High School. And since that time, I’ve watched so many things, whether it’s the academic program, or the CO curricular programs, or the school spirit, everything just has blossomed into a space that you really have to understand they’ve got one of the best high schools in the United States. You know, you think about the medical and bio Science Academy, you think about a business program, think about all of AP, you kinda are the start of the AP onslaught in st brain with over 20 advanced placement courses, and the music programs and the athletic programs and it goes on and on and on. And, you know, I could I could tell you so many incredible stories about You know, the time we spent together and ever was at Oklahoma, we went to the NC double A’s one year and just, you know, run out coaching and all those things. So it’s a, it’s a bittersweet thing for that one. And I’m extremely happy for Rick and his wife, very sick back there, and another great band and if you want to come on up, you can too as well. But he and his two wonderful boys are now young man, and outstanding young men. And so, and I’ve gone to your brother and we it’s just, it’s one of the lifelong friendships that I will always cherish and treasure and you know, always stay in touch. But he said to me the other day, even though I’m retired, I don’t mind helping with this finishing up construction project that’s going on the may run a bit renovation, because I have some information and still want to make sure that everything is done. Absolutely amazing because that’s who he is. He wants to leave it in that kind of a base. And he said by Brian lamer, we’ll make sure that happens but I want to be part of that to the other thing that I think is a is a tribute to a pretty incredible person, when they, they want to make sure that the school and the organization is poised to go to the next level, because it’s never about them as an individual until, for past seven years, he worked with Jeff worried to provide opportunities for him, coached and mentored him and cared for him all of those things. And, and I, you see the fruits of that labor were deaf is now going to become the principal, which would not have happened, except for the fact that Jeff is an outstanding person, outstanding administrator, and he has had an outstanding mentor in also. So we’ll uh, we’ll leave it at that. And just tell you, thank you for everything. very dear friend, and I respect you and care deeply for you. And I just think a worldview. Well, thank you. I’m gonna be this. I appreciate it. Don’t Can I say a few words. Thank you.

Yes, no, I appreciate those those words done. And, you know, we’ve had many, many, many different conversations. And I can say, although we’re great friends, Don has been more than a great mentor to me in my career and my leadership from the day that we first met, and he was hired as the head wrestling coach at Westminster High School, and I was an assistant. You know, I tell that he had ash that a drive that just won’t find in too many people. And, and you know, and I watched that, and I learned from that and even those those early days you learn but it means to go to the next level, do push to the next drive and have goals and have a vision and to then instill the vision and that drive into others where he could do that in 1314 year old 15 year old kids. He also didn’t adults need does it today for all of us leaders in high school. And, you know, we wouldn’t be the district The school that we’re at without, without Dr. Dad leadership, and I truly thank him for that. We’ve done some incredible things at Loma High School, and it’s not about one person is about a community, we have what I believe is the best teaching staff hands down round. And that’s because they’re their commitment and Dr. martyr is a part of that staff and, and truly still lives in a sense that, you know, also having that drive and that desire that there’s never enough and what can we do more and what can we do better and that’s, you know, a staff that we have, the one thing that I you know, love about long High School is known, it’s it’s just that commitment and it’s in everything, it’s academics, it’s the CO curricular the music, the arts, and, and and obviously the athletics and been a part of something so powerful that just continues to produce awesome students is just it’s just a great feeling and you know, our score from our parents and Then the pride that students have in that school, and they carry on that tradition year after year, because they come in with that pride and desire that they want to be a Trojan. And they want to carry on and they want to exceed what class in front of them do. And so they push themselves and we got a lot of great mentors that help kids and these programs that we’re talking about and watching the students from from skyline talk about their pride and their school and their community. It’s it, that’s what education is all about, you know, and with a being that recognizing public education. What a better way than to just hear the testimonials from students as to what they’re doing. You know, my wife, I can’t thank her enough she, you have to have the support system to be principal, I can tell you that. The hour the time, the commitment, the time with everybody else’s kiss is it’s it’s huge, but it’s worth it. But you have to have that support system and my wife Terry has always been there. I can go home, I can complain and get it on my chest and then go back energized the next day for for another day. braveness So, and both my children just so you know, they both went through San Fran Valley School districts and or Spring Valley School District and are very well in their careers and just doing exceptional those graduated from college and, you know, get an education that set them up for the successes that we’re having today. And, you know, when is working in technology and and digital chain, blockchain link work that I don’t even understand and the other one is doing advisory work for Deloitte accounting, so you know, and that’s all part of the product of St. Bree Valley School District. So I’m blessed that at a family that we enjoyed that and then also the career in the district. Oh, thank you, everyone, for for all your support all yours. Thanks.

You’re too anxious now.

Thank you, Madam President. I just wanted to express my personal and professional admiration for the leadership that you have contributed to long on high during the many years that you’ve been there. An organization succeeds by virtue of all of the people that are working together the leader leadership, you have personified his very best at Lamont high, and you provided the continuity and encouragement and support so that every year, the organization, the school can do a little better than they did before. And you’ve had not, not the ups and downs that you would expect, but you’ve had a distinguished career progress that distinguishes the entire st from Belize. district and beyond. I want as a former employee of yours, to acknowledge the role that you’ve played in helping to helping to build an organization that is much about your league much rather than found, as you’re leaving it in positions so that it can continue to grow and improve. And it’s no hire to be the one to litter of them, having done what you’ve accomplished a lot. Hi. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you.

All right, Jeff, right now

Thank you. I’m done.

Thank you and Rec. Congratulations.

Alright, just to make sure I’m on right track 6.2 right everyone. Okay, thank you for having me. I appreciate it. Scott’s a district enrollment projections for 2020 to 2024. I teased you a little bit earlier. Like I said, you’re

ready to come sooner.

Ashley, you’re selling your laptop and in my mind when I read that it felt wrong. And in my mind, I looked at you and you were on your laptop. I thought, Wait a minute, and then that’s when I realized As I track,

I’m still working on the rejections back there.

So we know that

you have that on your screen. Yes,

we do. And Scott, if you don’t mind, I’m so sorry to interrupt you, Barb. I just want to double check what I’m doing devote text in the meeting site 30. At 830. we vote in 15 minute increments. Great. Thanks, guys. I just wanna make sure we stay on track. I’m not trying to rush you in anyway.

So we are in a five year period, but trying to evaluate and as planning department works on us, we consult with a variety of other people and institutions, see Leeds Business School, the different building departments in the district. We run models, statistical models of cohorts. And so there’s a lot of things that we’ve I wouldn’t look into. One of the first things that we delve into is being predicted by the communities in this first pie chart is being proposed by the building officials and been used in their budgeting process of either generally conservative numbers from there and so I total of 2336 new housing units proposed. And that’s a little bit up from this last year we had 2214 units built in our district, just a little bump of increase in housing. It kind of breaks out 40% the Longmont area and 6% the other towns. And if you look at the history since 2008, that’s kind of the same norm over the past period 4% of the housing in the district is in lamode. So 5931 units through that kind of 11 year period, and the rest the other 60% in the odd communities. So since 2008, kind of the recession, the downturn at that point, we’ve added 14,484 housing units. So that equated to a little over 6800 students, which is pretty close to our yield what we’ve been averaging It’s kind of common different waves. So you know, sometimes there’s lax for building permits, we’ve kind of seen one parently that we’re in. This is another piece that we look at. These are all referrals, thousand dollars have been proposed. And we kind of had an uptick in 2018 2019 developers getting projects ready. So we went from kind of 4000 housing units proposed in 2016 2017. That over 10,000, proposed in 2018 or 2019. Now, some of that is a response to a very tight housing market and getting variety of housing types available. Looking at you know, some of these are, ex Asians are willing to replant. So a little bit down the road. There’s 4000 this past year that are five plants. So those are the projects ready to go ready to be pulling building permits. So, you know, some of the larger projects proposed here recently we had Western theory for nine hundreds To three units, sweet grass in Kona 599 waterfront me for 1800 units marriage and neighbor thousand Clearview and predatory 450 stolen Frederick 850. So, there’s a lot of big projects long let’s add a few big annexations come along do so. Third OPERS preparing for the next wave of housing. This chart it might be hard to see the little dots but these are CEOs which are different than building permits. So these are houses that are completed the construction right for moving. So over the last few years end of this past year timber 4887 housing units are online. A lot of these going to happen towards the end of this year so they weren’t occupied in our October counter providing families or student housing, family housing. So we may see some increase in this come next year as some of the house have become occupied. I think scenes chart for this is where we are with housing 61,000 housing units in our district based on comprehensive planning 110,000 more housing units to go, which is roughly 50,000 students. growth areas in Colorado. These are projections from state demographer. I think I talked about this slide before to 832,000 more residents in Colorado in the next 10 years. And you can see they’re concentrated more in the front range and more heavily in the north from age. So 600,000 how to 2050 Northrend range from rain as a whole $2 million portion of the seat growth is going to be a Front Range over the next few years. This is a little data from Colorado Legislative Council does enrollment projections for the state and they can break it down by region. The past few years has been Flat kind of overall just society increases, we have thousands and statewide. They’re projecting around 500 in the next two years, but you can see the differences across the state. So there’s areas of loss, which is the Denver Metro area. We’ve seen

some losses in Denver, Adams and other districts. But the growth areas are the northern part of Ranch, which includes kind of hardcore drawer of wild extending up. So 2000 new students, that for just those who counties in the next two years, the other both areas in the state of Colorado Springs and the eastern plains. The others are here a little bit of loss like well below where the mountains are just very slight gate. As far as other things that the impact is, this is some of the track when we’ve done for the last 10 years of inflow and outflow of student previously here. And we saw this uptick in 2017 have a jump 350 so students that were here before, who left partly out of the country out of state, out of our area to more affordable housing, some of it connected to the availability and cost of housing, but some of it socio economic factors. That’s a trend that I’ve kind of tried to model into these future next few years to say, if this continues over the next few years, this is not something that’s going to warrants course, we might have another more head of modern year coming up. A kind of counter to this, we’ve had more students ever here that are new to the system, not counting in their garden. So from the grace that are already here, we’re kind of adding 100 150 more students than average for new students. So you know, the kind of a lot of different thing happening, there’s a lot of migration, but then there’s this habit creation as well. versus another another factor that we look at in strippers You can see in 2008 is what kind of around recession where it can adapt. And you know, we’re starting to see some of that impact. Some of the districts are seeing it more than us. Denver in particular seen lower cohorts coming up, because of this five years ago, low birth rate, but the state demographer is projecting that to increase as his 30 year olds out begin to have kids that originally would have been 20 year olds and later 30 year olds as well. So there’s, there’s more entering into the childbearing years now. So they’re predicting new growth. Ignoring the red line that’s not not really interested in knowing right that’s going up, but that’s because we’re all getting older in the state. So not us in this room. Exactly. Speak for yourself. Yeah, speak for myself. So this is San Fran estimated births. And this base on state mount prefer dia, kind of compositive bolder and well of what could happen within our district. So by 2048, you know, that’s it’s over 1000 more additional person currently have it kind of takes off in 2021. So that will be something that will, we’ll watch for there. So based on handle those in the coverts and some of that data, this chart kind of shows the mid which is what we use for staffing, the low and the high, kind of overlaid with building permit activity. So growth 244 students for next year, going up to around 500 lovely novel little bit out five years of slight drop. And of course, the high and low variations of that. Looking out modal numbers, how to point any 24 possibilities 34,000 students not counting preschool how that looks. By feeder. This is Comparison from 2011. You can see a lot of feeders were pretty similar as far as percentage. But we’re starting to see the growth in Erie going for 10%, another district to 16%. Frederick from 11 to 14%. And then so some of the loan modules based on some of that growth, they’re shrinking in the percentage. So you know, as growth continues to ease weld county along that corridor, Loxley between more high schools, or high school feeders, there’s all kind of evened out again. So we’re not done building. We may have to have our eyes on high school, other high school sooner than later. So that’s something for a later discussion, but overall have a moderate growth for next year 24. So just almost identical this year, just slightly up. This year was slightly up from the year before. So kind of a gradual increase from for the next few years. So that Pick loose word I have anyone has a question to be happy later.

Thanks, Scott. I’m curious. And are other districts enough? outmigration consistently we saw across the state are school districts across the state, our school districts continuing to see that across the state.

Yeah, I think our districts are seeing it. Some of the ladies from the spirit level, the Colorado legislative committee, they’ve kind of identified housing prices more as an issue, especially in Denver, having trouble finding housing there. So we know that district, maybe moving north into ours, but also moving on to the state. So there’s, there’s quite a bit of movement as well as in there is moving out. So it’s been seen in other districts, Joe in there in the conversation as well. So pretest there’s a pretty significant loss. You know, like several hundred students have heard him when you look at top 10 in terms of size School District, they’re all dropping, rolling, pretty heavily check ethic, when we talked a couple of fours like 600 drop, and it’s Another 600 drop next year and declining enrollment steps. Oh, I’m not sure about this. But I think we’re in top 10 school districts. You’re not the only ones growing certainly one a couple, because I know boulders, dropping students. I know Cherry Creek is I know, Denver is, you know, it’s just a pattern. And so I don’t know what you’re seeing that in that regard. Scott. There was a slide we had earlier for the growth areas right now, our northern when disaster, Weldon lamer areas, Colorado Springs, Metro, Denver is showing quite over the next few years, that’s over 3000 students that are expecting to lose, so it’s kind of a mix right now. And, but yet, there’s gonna be a large influx of people into Colorado next year. So some of this is related to lower three of 2008 some of the loss over that period. So there’s a lot of complex vector.

Thanks got two board members of critical

Thank God I always enjoy this report because I think you’re the right word. It is incredibly complex. It’s a, you know, or a combination of data hard. Doc’s looking at the history and then predicting behavior. And you pick up on our you mentioned the what has to be like sort of a generational behavior of millennials having kids later. On top of the recession, are we kind of we’re in addition to their session. Do we also take into account a lot of the housing growth is in smaller units is in multifamily units? And I think we do we have like a job in the production but the types of

dwellings are being built. Yeah, we have a different yield for based on housing unit. So multi families and unknown homes are the lower yielding of the types of dwelling units. And we had quite a few of those come online. Some of the CEOs were for larger Park apartment complexes that partly I felt so remains to be seen, how many students we get out of those quite a number of them. have multiple bedrooms. So that’s the window, you’ll see students then their time they’re designed more for one bedroom, and you’re not likely to see students out of those.

And that alone could also be a little unpredictable because this kind of new, we’ve had apartments here in Canada before, but really, it’s a new wave of it, many of them so trying to accurately put the yield in of itself couldn’t be

right. Because we didn’t have a lot of votes in the past, our sample size was solved to determine yield. We’re gonna have more here to measure for a while, but we only had so that was the only yield who will use that yield and try it and, and Yuri. But now getting into apartments there, it would be interesting to see if they had same kind of yield as the Lamont apartments. For instance, like going for a long time data. Frederick reasonably we looked at some census kind of early stuff They have 2.7 people per household, whereas loan minus 2.6 or so they are higher yield, powered in weld county based on housing. So

I just wanna thank you for the rolling projections tables that you give to us. Because all we go into that and check where our current policy, which actually looks pretty, pretty good, because thankfully, we had a bond in 2016. And we’ve been able to do the building along with a little bit of the leveling off of the growth. So we’re in pretty good position there. But I just appreciate seeing the five year projections because you can kind of see a little bit of when next triggered might happen. We’re starting to see this passage start heading above 100%. And for our own consideration, planning, like when we when we have to think about talking to her community, again about space and occasion environment and it was kind of neat. I appreciate seeing those, those tables, because visually, they’re always good thing for me. Thank you. It’s tremendous amount of work and I just appreciate so much the diligence and detail and the hard work you put into it. It’s appreciated.

Thank you.

I think that in a previous report, summit outmigration there was a high percentage of Hispanic, right. Since then there have been any more conversation about what leading to that trend, you know, was probably a four, is there anything new on that in the conversation? You know, it happened again this year. So I think the last time we talked, the previous year was the first time in May, there’s actually declined from previous year a number of Hispanics in our district. So that was an old kind of a surprise to see that average been going to three to 4%. Every year, we actually lost. So you know, some of it’s anecdotal. We don’t always get a good record on why families are leaving sometimes only a note in Infinite Campus that they shared with school. Back in Mexico, go back to family there.

But it’s kind of hard to dig it out and hiccuped.

All the reasons, but hit No, I think part of is the The culture that we’re in right now or kind of environment that’s been presented around immigration and all those kind of things. So it’ll be interesting to see how that changes over the next few years. But something will continue to watch. Thanks for thank you for the job you’ve had up here that kind of shocked me the most was Denver Metro area with that shift. You attribute that to population shift or demographics. So the Denver Area School District, yeah. The state level, economists and production, folks are citing housing cost availability, and also the low birth families moving out. You know, some of I think moving to Well, so, some of this loss is kind of a combination thing, but these housing availability cost and the low cost article hurt I mean, so true population shift or a little bit of moving out? Yeah, a shift geographically and that the folks that are in downtown Denver or some of those Metro histories, nature is changing. Yeah. I would think that the demographic changes to our younger crowd. Thank you. Thank you, Scott for the hard work and the the complex data sources that you’ve mined in order to provide us not only the past, but the production, I really appreciate the level of effort. First of all, I have a follow up question to Chico’s question. Okay, with regard to the migration being in a past disproportionately high for Spanx. Did you find that in slacker was also disproportionately high? What does that mean disproportionately. So, like for Caucasians are other races. The the map changer increase was like 10 to 12% for Hispanic was like 40%. So it was pretty significant difference in numbers and percentages of the population then leaving by race. So you’re fourfold? Yeah. disproportion. And and that’s been constant since since 2017. Yeah. And was that was he gonna share? Yeah. Well, I think that’s something significant for us to, you know, pay attention to and patreon right now, thank you for that clarification is very helpful. My other like, Paul, I’m also enchanted by the existing and projected enrollment numbers. When we’ve had this discussion each year that I’ve been on the board, when I look at the numbers from 2014, to present, what I see as the SETI within air Steady decrease in the growth rate during that period time. So it started essentially back in 2014. Do. Does that make sense? And it kind of correlates with the recession in 2008. And some of the changes in birth. We did have a slight increase in the rate of growth this year from last year. So it kind of reverse itself a little bit. But from 2014, to about 2018, it was a declining rate. And then this last year, it went up just slightly.

So went up by

Well, last year.

It went up by 23. The current rate increase by 23, from 71 to 94. Right so and so the rate was a fraction higher than the growth rate from last year. And so, I guess, as I said in the past, if we are, this one gives us more time to plan as we’re looking at and I think that as long as we’re just confirmed, we’re not budgeting based on projected enrollments or budgeting based on our past year budgets. So we’re not including growth in those figures. Is that is that correct? Finance works with HR and adjusting cursor. Oh, my God. Although some of them I’ve dragged my projections are used percentage of them, which as I’ve understood from different schools, the numbers are making it difficult because they’re lower. So stepping down, there might be requests, I’m sure as we get further into it for additional staffing based on some goals are potentially getting. So general overall trend to student enrollments, Colorado has been declining since 2014. The re growth rate has been declining since the time we’re seeing that less than other other fellow districts. Don alluded to One of our nearby neighbors that are actually seeing not just a decline in the growth rate, but decline an absolute number of students. And we see that in the Denver area as well. So we’re, we’re doing better than we better than our neighbors. Yeah, with regard to maintaining continually continuing moderating growth rate, right. And the northern area, based on the next few years is predicted to a 2.4%. So that sort of our area, which were part of that area, devise a little bit restless state. While the state has overall growth, very kind of the smaller, the red is declining, but some areas to raise increasing. And some of those are the wild in the armor, which were hard. Alright. So the good news for us is we might have a little more time for you to build our next tools, right. Thank you. Yep.

Thank you. I appreciate always attention to detail and your accuracy as well in your predictions, and I marvel at that, if I’m being truthful,

right now we can say they’re very accurate. Well, we’ll find out later. But

historically, you are accurate. But I do appreciate how your your numbers and all of your information is so informative to the other pieces of the district. And

it’s very critical. Thank you. Appreciate it. Thanks for being here this evening. Sure.

Thanks for having

Yeah, Bart. I think we might as well vote to extend the meeting at this point. Would you be i’d entertain a motion to adjourn the meeting for 15 minutes from 830 to 845. Please vote on a second. by Jim Burke. Can you please call the vote? Mr. Arens? brutal? Yes. Mr. Garcia?

Yes, Mark. Yes, piers, Aye.

Aye. Thank you. Appreciate it. brings that to our consent items. I think Dr. martyr has shared it. He likes to pull agenda items. 7.87 point 11 and seven point 18. Is that correct? Yes. Okay, did board members wish to hold any other agenda consent items this evening? All right, then go ahead and approve all those 7.1 approval staff terminations and leafs 7.2. approval step appointments. 7.3. Approval of minutes for the February 12 2020. regular meeting, February 19 2020. State session February 26 2020. regular meeting some point for approval of recommendation to hire principal for my school 7.5 approval of recommendation to hire principal Timberline pre k eight 7.6 approval of recommendation to hire deems students for further school 7.7 approval of contract award Sanborn elementary lighting upgrade 7.9 approval of contract award for purchase of kindergarten classroom furniture district wide seven point 10 approval of contract award for school security disbursement grant project seven point 12 approval of purchase of Chromebooks and Google management licenses seven point 13 approval of purchase of Epson projectors and wall mounts seven point 14 approval of sale a surplus technology products seven point 15 approval a statement of understanding to leasing and service agreements for wide area network in support. seven point 16 approval of purchase of Nova computer products and seven point 17 approval of purchase of Apple technology products would entertain a motion for approval. Please don’t miss Matina did miss 19. Thank you, Jim. And anyway, seven point 19 approval requests grant exception for board policy VBA staff ethics conflict of interest, Aaron Brogan. Now I would entertain a motion for approval

by john and a second second by Chico. Thank you Bob can please call for the vote. Mr. Arens Miss birth? Oh, yes. Mr. Garcia?

Yes. Dr. martyr?

Yes. Miss Pierce. Hi, missy. Chris. Hi, thank you. I was just going Marvel how I could read all those consent items, but not to my agenda straight and then throughout that too. All right. So Brian brings us to 78, which is the approval of purchase of buses.

Yeah, yeah, this is a purchase that we complete every year. And it is a replacement of existing buses, as well as some additional buses in your fleet. And so that’s what this particular issue is about. Yeah, I guess my, my questions are really, just to help remind me about the bus refresh plan that we have in place and kind of have this discussion within the context of our overall fleet. So

So what’s at what

proportion of the fleet are we do you plan to replace each or the so maybe apart from other special needs, but just a normal going forward? I mean, the simple answer for jet buses is fine to eight a year. And you’re right we do have a plan of replacement. We really start that plan. It’s when I first stepped into this role when we started putting a million dollars a year into a bus replacement. If we recall, we were pushing an average age of about 14 years. And now we’re at 9.5. So we have made a significant dent in that in that number. So our goal is to get it under 10. As I said, We’re at 9.5. We presently have approximately 120 out of press made exactly 120 buses.

five of those

we’ve set aside for replacement. And so the five of the general ed buzz here that we’re purchasing will replace those five that and subside and so those will be decommissioned appropriately. So we have under 20 buses 9.5 average age These additional five, but we get down to 9.4. It’s not a huge number. But as we slowly dip away that makes a difference. And for the average age of the budget 9.5, how many miles does that represent? approximate what the, you know, I looked at, I looked at our our set of buses that we need to replace, and when they get about 300,000 miles, we wind them up, basically free play. So we have 15 buses that are hitting that $300,000 or 300,000 mile mark. And so over the next two years, we’ll be we’ll be replacing those 15 buses there if I answered your question or not. Yes, I because my follow up question, are we purchase? Are we purchasing enough buses?

Always more but

Yes, we are. Our goal was to keep our average agent under 10. And we’re seeing that and it’s kept our fleet safer. There’s less mechanical input that’s required. All that. So we would expect next year in the year after to see requests for eight to 10 buses. Yes. That is correct. Thank you.

Are we gonna put these all together at once? Or do you want us to do them individually? The three that we hold? We do not together all together, that would be acceptable. Okay, great. Then Ryan. seven point 11. And I believe that Oh, Sara, thank you for getting my attention. Yeah, um, I wanted to add that I’m happy to see like I said, point nine of the kindergarten classroom furniture. I volunteer in a kindergarten classroom, I can

tell you how much the layout of the space makes a difference.

There’s moving the desks, completely dangerous how the students learn, and how corrals their focus and do a certain thing, like, like learn on a rug versus learning at a table versus learning at a desk. The amount of time it takes just get a sense attention is drastically different. Meet on a time that it takes for them to complete their work is drastically different. So I’m glad we’re having some flexibility in there so that teachers can build their vironment because I can testify firsthand that that’s super, super important. It makes a huge difference. Huge. Thank you, I appreciate your your enthusiasm and your passion around that. And for bringing it to attention, it does make a difference, right and even for a work environment as adults, so it makes sense that it absolutely went in learning environment for students, particularly at a young age when the particular classroom that I’m a part of has a lot of special needs students. So the ability or the ability to have their own space is sometimes very important so that they can learn how to set their own boundaries and those sorts of things is really really important for their learning. So that’s that’s fantastic. All right. Thank you sir. I appreciate that. Please. Piper, you know, chime in anytime you have something to say I do have a note to myself to ask if you have any empathy and consent items to thank you. Yeah. So Brian and Dennis are moving bag. Do that was everything merging together this evening. I’m sorry, tennis. This is how it came to be deck and tennis. In this question, it’s about 10. Aquarius.

Quick question. Yeah, I have no idea what post tensioned concrete is for the for the test course. And I thought it’d be good to know what that was before we proved it. Absolutely. So there are just a little bit of background there, whatever wish to build a tennis court. In Colorado, simple asphalt, we don’t do clay courts first. But we can do asphalt you can do concrete. Both of those fail rather quickly. Or you could go to in the industry, it’s called a PD slab of post tensioned slab. It’s eight inches of concrete, and then we lay cables in it. And after the concrete is placed and cured, it takes about five weeks roughly to cure it out. Then they come along they the tension, and honestly they put about four cups on it. So it’s pretty substantial on the cable. So they they ate nothing up. And it’s still crack, but it’ll it’ll it’ll never shift. And the intention is to create a tennis court that will outlive us all. And

it’ll probably work for me.

It’s my curiosity. You say we don’t do clay courts. Of course, I grew up on clay boards. Why are we limiting our Baker’s easy, impossible to do? I you know, it’s a sub maintenance thing, okay to make sure that mirror really looked at john, and they’re fun. But are they? Yeah, I’ll take your word for it. We’re at least Yeah. So we know if it was an easy thing and not acceptable at altitude. Ever since legwork in Colorado, you know, a lot of times for now. So no, I have not. I haven’t either. I want to assess equipment. Great parts. Yeah. All right. Cool.

All right. Thank you, man. I appreciate it. I’m 1718 Dec I understanding that you had questions surrounding i l, A, B, C, and potentially IVC r as it pertains to the redact. Okay. And And And just to clarify before we dig into this that this is actually these policies are on the consent agenda, according to board policy stating that when updates to policies are made that are simply to be in compliance with statute that on the first reading we can go into convince correct correct Thank you. Thank you presidency, Kristen, Farhad and members, the board, I’m happy to share some information about these new board policies. And yes, these are statutory changes. We have been in collaboration with pace and also our own attorneys taking a look at these be assured that they are in alignment with with our our best interests. I think one of the things that if to give you some background knowledge, there was a pretty much a major revision with regards to react as of last spring. There are a number of aspects to that change that that are going to be pretty dramatic for many districts across the state of Colorado. Unless So for us, one of the first things that you’ll see on LBC is that first red line where it put in the language regarding instructional programming interventions shall be evidence based and scientifically based and focused on the reading competency in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, reading fluency, including oral skills and read comprehension. In the beginning of the New Revised acts, it does talk about kind of the balance between some of the rulings in law with regards to local board and the ability to identify and choose the own textbooks and the balance of the School of the state being able to hold school districts accountable for having a uniform program. And so this is the language that we’re being held accountable for part of our process and an annual basis starting with next year’s reporting. We will be letting state know what our core supplemental programs are. It does not require us to to choose a certain program. If we there will be a list of different programs that will be highlighted by the seat. But that is only if we want to use the redact funds to purchase those if we’re using our own general funds, then we will be bound to do selecting scientifically and evidence based, which has always been our practice. We are extremely fortunate to have a very strong curriculum department led by Cale Charlson and coordinators and we always go through a rigorous process by which we look for high quality programming doesn’t have a very strong basis and join that evidence that it does prove results. And it has that rigorous measures that constitute that scientifically based so so that’s a piece of this. The other piece that you may see some red lines that has gone into effect is changing. Some of the times we can make terminations with regards to cancer. And whether or not they’ll be on a replan This is actually a really good shift. There’s been some new research coming to light that I’m getting kindergarten students on time to make that determination, you know that this is very important developmental age for students. And there are some researchers who believe that when the assessment is done too early, and make that determination that a student has a significant reading deficiency, it could actually be false information. So by allowing us to not make that termination for read plan until the end of the year, is actually we think a really good practice. There’s some other components. But again, these are all statutory. And we feel like these changes were already in alignment with these practices. And there’s others with regard to pair communication and things like this. So

it’s a little bit of a summary.

Thank you. So I’m just the I was interested in distinguish distinguishing between urban spaces and scientists. clippings could Did you just I know it’s a statute, but

I can read it out loud. I actually have my highlights I anticipated that I might. Okay. evidence base means that the instruction or I am described based on reliable, trustworthy and valid evidence, and has demonstrated record of success in adequately and increasing students reading competency in those five areas. So that’s evidence based. And then scientifically based means that the instruction or item described is based on research that applies rigorous, systematic and objective procedures to obtain valid knowledge that is relevant to reading development, reading instruction, and reading difficulties. So again, this language just pertains to the read act.

Those are the definitions of statute. So a couple quick questions is does our Orton Gillingham and foundations part of the list of curriculum that be on stage list? They are

ready jen fundation and Orton Gillingham are currently on the list. Yes. And they are going through a review process. We we believe very strongly that those three programs will continue to be on list. The other thing that I would like to say, you know, speaking about Mr. Charles incredible staff, uh, one of the things as we we thought about these changes, one of the things that we did was get ourselves on a number of statewide committees, sotto voce, so was our early literacy coordinator priority programs has been on the read act task force for over a year. She is part of the very few people selected the state level to be they were the ones who met through the new visions and then made collective recommendations to give to State Board of Education and the Colorado Department of Education.

So one of the things I was gonna share is foundations aren’t you’ll have these folks put together a notebook about this thick to incentivize the state to include that information. So it wasn’t as simple as Yes, it’s on a list. It was a were to lose Vidak funding, but costs of restructuring everything that we’ve done, because we’re so far ahead of the rest of the curve in terms of training our teachers with those programs that that and that right now would be much more costly, not only financially, but in terms of productivity. And it would be really turbulent to take entire system and say, we had a lengthy talk with the commissioner, and indicated to her how problematic this would be, how it was a tendency for the state to bait and switch and set up systems. And then when people start to complain, to waive it, or delay it, or restructure it, and said, by doing that to us, you will be restructuring and disrupting the entire so I think I just wanted to say that because I asked David as if it was just simple. Yes, it’s on the list. But that’s not the case at all. And I always want to thank all of our teachers and Learning Services Department for their tacit in this training. I’m starting to see some drops in the significant disruptive or deficient leaders. So I think that good Yeah. And just so this is a this policy And I’m not as concerned with wording, the policy as I am interested in understanding how the how, whether the changes are aligned with what we would, what we are, in fact doing and what we’re encouraging them say, to me, those are the two pieces just to merrily approve wording that is aligned with the statute course, is going to be aligned with statute. And we’re going to have to do that. But I wanted to understand, I’m very encouraged with the emphasis we have on early childhood literacy, and the project launch and the other initiatives that we’ve we have underway, we’re just beginning to see, I think in the first year or two of our results, and all of that looks encouraging. And I think that as we review policies or to have an influence on is important to have, understand how progress are going. One fun question last one in the last red line on the page four four on LR VCR. It says if the parent slash Guardian does not attend the meeting, the decision to remote or attend this due to the student’s significant reading deficiency shall be made in accordance with board policy.

So if they attend a meeting, how has that change?

If they do not attend the meeting, then the policy is the superintendent makes the decision. If they do make it, it is a collective decision. And there is policy that the superintendent can make the final decision.

So in both cases, the superintendent’s as the ability to make final decisions. Yes, it’s not a majority vote. Thanks.

Thanks dick.

Then I would entertain a motion for approval of 7.8 approval of purchases of buses seven point 11 approval of change order three to construction manager general contractor, contract for law school edition and renovation project at seven point 18 approval first reading adoption board policies I hv k preparation for post secondary and workforce access HBK our preparation for post secondary and work play success implementation plan for student individual career and academic lands. I OBC early literacy reading comprehension, call it a read and I LBC are early literacy reading comprehension procedures implement a call out a redirect. I would entertain a motion for approval. Please moved. Thank you dick in a second. Okay, Jim, can you please call for the vote? Mr. Arens? Mr. Murphy? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes, Martin. Yes, Pierce, I’m Seacrest. Thank you bar. were two action items left this evening in there, I won’t give you an opportunity to come in as well. Before we do that I would entertain a motion please extend meeting for another 15 minutes from 845 until 9pm. Chill mood gem and a skit by john BB. Mr. Arens Mr. Poe. Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. Martin? Yes. Here’s Miss Sears. Thank you. Sir. Did you have any other thoughts? or comments, you want to ship this to him. I’ll give you an opportunity to end a meeting as well. Yeah, no, I just made a comment to Dr. Capuchin that, thank goodness, we don’t use Apple test court anymore. So I have a scar about spectrum, one of where I fell when I was about eight, the tennis camp. So they now have a free sag and graphics to the side. But that was pretty much I noticed. The policy was really interesting here that like, as someone who wants to go into the education system itself, like seeing how it all interacts like the federal policy versus the state policy levels and fretboard education policies, I need to go so that a lot of what we were doing and learning about NASA is cool. Have a practical application to all of that. That’s great, sir. Thank you. And it is cool, isn’t it? Yeah. All right. So action item 8.1 is the recommendation for approval of teacher contracts in 2020 2021 non renewal notices. Hi, God. Good evening again.

Thank you. The subject is the approval of contracts for teachers and on renewal notices for the 2021 academic year is Oregon. condition the Board of Education approved teacher contracts for all probationary and on probationary teachers currently employed by the eighth grade all the schools with the exception of those listed on the board agenda item.

Right. Thank you hot would entertain a motion for approval of 8.1 approval of teacher contract and 2021 2020 21. Non real notice please. Moved by Paula and a second. by john bar. Can you call for the vote, please? Mr. Arens? Hi, Mr. Purple?

Yes, sir Garcia. Yes. Yes. I miss Cruz.

I thank you.

Thanks, Diane, you’re back. April two recommendation first reading, discussion board policy jlc D administering medications to students. Absolutely. And you will see that the changes in this policy are recommended by our legal counsel, because the federal definition change and also because the opportunity to introduce non FDA approved language and this via strong support for our system. Thanks again, board member questions. Comments this evening on this. Done. All right. I would entertain a motion then for approval of april two recommendation first reading discussion board policy jlc D administering medications to students. So she go in a second. Sure. by Jim bar, can you please call for the vote? Mr. Aaron? It’s your birthday.

Yeah. Miss Garcia. Yes. Yes, yes, Aye.

Aye. Thank you, Barb. We don’t have any discussion items this evening. But our next regular meeting is going to be Wednesday, March 18. from six till 8pm. Our session that night will be Coleridge Middle School. And then our next regular meeting isn’t actually until April, April 8 at 6pm here and boardroom Sarah, we appreciate you being here this evening. That is certainly an opportunity for you. You have the Board of Education and they’re headed here. Be happy to answer any questions or discuss anything you’d like to talk about. Oh, I just want to thank you again for having me because that was this this thing again as somebody who wants to be future educated Coming context where all this stuff busy how policy affects me or make me future like the growth rate stuff was in really interesting. It’s not something I considered, but yeah, maybe when I’m going into college like I should pick colleges based on, you know, not in areas where I never gonna get employed because the growth rates are dropping so much. So that is all a lot of interesting context for me by gonna go home and think about that. That’s really interesting. And I appreciate all of the just being a part of the policy, all of those things and because I do do money when through high school, and so seeing how I can apply those skills into a lot of the areas that I’m kind of looking at an image that is really, really useful for you to see. So, thank you. Okay, thank you. Sara, I just want to thank you for being here. I really appreciate your insight and your input to us. And I also want to say quickly, I think you made Diane’s day, if not even much because when you were commenting out the impact of the environment on student learning she did you see her she’s nodding her head, but it’s true. We do have educational standards in the district around the environment and what is going to induce engagement and learning. And it all matters, whatever we can do to have that part Canvas for learning to happen on. Well, that’s another thing I know we, we went cabbie, a bunch of us there was a whole booth with a furniture and educational furniture company. And so they are talking to us all about how all of those different things works. And the founder and CEO of the company was a former teacher. So she took each of us and was saying like, how she would structure how you have to individually structure classroom learning, like teach students to best sort of maximize all of this thing. And then she’s saying, okay, all of us together, okay. Now see, like, prepare for that adjustment works. So that was absolutely fascinating. Hearing that, again, was was really cool. We had those bring back these. And I also want to mention, too, that I thought it’s very pertinent to this discussion that we had with I had Miss Spears earlier today at public education with date with the industry medication. I thought that was a happy coincidence that I also get to see that again. Yeah. Cool. Thanks for being here. Thanks.

Stay away from the lovely chairs the one meal.

A roll chairperson myself so Sara, thank you for being here tonight. I certainly am encouraged by your your passion and excitement for education and give me a ton of hope for the future. Thank you. Thank you so that I would entertain a motion for adjournment placed by Chico a second. item on favor. I have an evening everyone.