Longmont Planning and Zoning Board, January 15, 2020

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Okay I’m gonna call to order the January 15 2020. planning and zoning commission meeting first on a mon or Roll Call. Mr.

Mr. Teta,

Mr. Polan, Mr. Shernick. Here. Commissioner Flaig, Commissioner Glover, Councilmember Rodriguez.

All right. Next is communications from Don Burchett our planning manager, please.

We have none.

Thank you. Okay. Next is public invited to be heard if there is somebody in the public who would like to come forward and speak about something that’s not on tonight’s agenda. We’d love to hear from you. way it works is you get five minutes on. And the last minute is a yellow light at the Dyess and then I cut you off at the red light. But I’ll do it nicely. Anybody want to come forward at this time? And please state your name and address for the record. And we’ll wait until Jane gets back so that she can take notes. Great. Thank you and you must be Miss halsy All right.

Okay, we start.

Um, Don, can you help her with the microphone, please?

Okay, thank you.

Is this better? Yes.

I’m here to comment about the application at 15th and also also known as a 33 15th Avenue. My comments are, the proposal is to dance for our neighborhood.

The clustering and

have affordable housing in our neighborhood is kind of unfair. Right now we have a nice balance between affordable and more dense in, in market rate, not so dense homes. But I see in the future with this development, the proposed Terry street townhomes in the stone yard. The balance is going to be off.

And that’s all I have for tonight. Thank you.

Thank you, Miss halsy. Is there anybody else who’d like to come forward?

All right, we’ll close the public invited to be heard. We need to do some housekeeping items here. The first meeting of the year, so we need to elect a chairperson and a VICE CHAIRPERSON approve our meeting. Schedule our bylaws and our posting locations and and also approve our minutes from our last meeting. So first thing is to go through the election of a chairperson than will elect the VICE CHAIRPERSON. I’ve been informed that for those of you who’ve been on the commission for a while, we’ve done these elections in the past by Writing down our votes on we will now do those as open votes. So it will probably work best if we do it by voice and by raise of hands simultaneously so that Jane can get an accurate count. And but first we need to start with any nominations. Let’s start with chairperson anybody want to nominate somebody to be chair? commissioners like

I would like to nominate our president chairman.

Okay, we have a nomination of myself Michael Shrek for chair any other nominations for chair? Oh, by the way, do we need to treat it like a motion like with seconds or anything? Or is the nomination just good enough?

Let me have a look at the bylaws. Okay.

Yes Commissioner teta. I always

felt like it would be appropriate to find out if anybody wanted to throw their hat in the ring.

Is that appropriate? What do you think of that?

Sure. I think we

self nomination is permitted.

Okay. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. Would anybody like to nominate themselves

we’ll find out details of our process here.

Seeing the bylaws that each formal action required by law

shall be embodied in a formal motion

in which case I would recommend that there be a motion in a second.

Okay, so Commissioner flag you’re you’re moving to nominate me for or chair. Do we have a second to that Commissioner teta and

seeing no one else interested in? I would second that. Okay.

All right, we have a second so let’s take a vote on that. All those in favor of me retaining the position as chair, say aye and raise your hand eye on all those against any abstaining. Alright, so that seems to be Oh, six to zero. Okay. So let’s go on and nominate a for a vice chair. Do we have any nominations, any self nominations? I will go ahead and make a motion to nominate Michael Pollan as Vice Chair.

We have any second discussions.

Commissioner teta, our second. Seconded by Commissioner teta. Let’s take a vote. All those in favor say aye. Raise your hand. I Any opposed? Any abstentions? All right. So we have elected Michael Pollan to be vice chair. Next is approval of the 2020 meeting schedule which we received on our packets. Any discussion about that?

Commissioner Paul, and

I move that we approve the 2020 meeting.


Okay, we have a motion to approve the meeting. The meeting scheduled for 2020 second the motion, Commissioner. Okay. All right. On any further discussion, let’s take a vote just like we did before. Just a voice vote. All those in favor say aye. Aye. Any opposed? Any abstain? Okay, that passes unanimously. Approval of our 2020 bylaws. Any discussion about those commissure pollen. Okay. Sorry. Okay. Um, any motions or or discussion about the bylaws.

Commissioner Glover

Okay, sorry about that.

Are there any changes proposed from?

Note no changes have been offered up by staff. No, I’ve not been made. aware of any, Would anybody like to make any changes or propose any changes to the bylaws at this time? Seeing none, I’ll go ahead and make a motion to approve the 2020 bylaws as they stand. Do we have a second? Commissioner Lou conch seconded by Don’t forget depressors thing. Okay, so we have a second by Commissioner Lou conch. All those in favor, say aye. Aye. Any opposed? Any abstained no passes unanimously. We’ll move on to the 2020 posting locations. I do actually have a question for Jane. I noticed that it says that the official posting locations are on the bulletin board outside the city council chambers and the bulletin board at the West entrance of the Civic Center complex given the construction and the scheduling of the construction, and apparently these chambers are going to be reconstructed. Is there the possibility that both of those locations would be inaccessible at the same time and should know, okay, so the West entrance is always accessible.

So on this

Okay, so do we need to change the language in this in order to indicate

a new location

I would recommend that you do designate the north entrance until construction is complete, and then reverting back to the Western trends.

I would also recommend that that you do the same sort of thing with the library bulletin board make that an official posting location during construction to cease when construction is complete.

Okay, thank you. Attorney tape. Um, so, Mr. Lucas,

I had a question on the posting locations for the social media. So in here it says the agenda needs to be posted, but it doesn’t happen on the social media accounts. It’s just a link to the general commission page. And then from there, people have to scroll and find where the agendas are, and then click on the agenda. So I don’t think it’s the same as posting it like we have here at the front door, or the library. So it’s not the same thing. So I don’t know if we need to rectify how we post on on social media

and going forward.

Sounds like it might be a misunderstanding as to what the requirement was. Jane in terms of post, I mean, actually posting the agenda.

Yeah, so

I’ve never actually gone to these sites I do. So so the so the link that’s getting posted is is not going directly to

go directly to the agenda. It’s supposed to be a picture, a stock photo with with the planning and zoning title and then the blurb has the the link to the commission page but not directly to the edge. So the link wouldn’t go directly to the agenda because those agenda pages are taken down after a certain amount of time, which will break a link, we always link to the commission landing page, okay, where all of the meetings are listed in order but I don’t want to put a link out there that might break in the future, right? If someone were to try to bookmark something and then the page goes away that that

writes it, is it possible to put just a little like some breadcrumbs indications of what the breadcrumbs would be to find the the agenda once they get to our main page.

There’s the table out there with the link right there with the meeting date and the link to the agenda right there on the page that I post, especially to social media.

Okay, so

I’m hearing

you say that’s the own link to the actual planning and zoning commission page, right. That’s the link to the agenda.

So it’s about as close of a hit as you can get,

that’s as close as I can get without creating issues down the line with a link getting broken. by deleting those pages. I typically keep six months worth of meetings out there on social media, right? due to constraints and keeping all those documents available in our content management system. So if someone were to bookmark something or keep it for future use and their feed, they may try to use that link again, if I were to bookmarked or directly to the agenda and it wouldn’t work, making pictures of the agenda, like

breaking it down, because I’m sure it

won’t fit in one page. So Right, right, just having it straight out there for people to see. And notice, I assume that’s what the reason is for posting for people to notice when something in their area

is being discussed.

So I think they won’t see it. I think that’s probably a bigger conversation for my web administrator that I should have. And so what, what my options are,

you know, since we’re talking about this, another possible option would be to link to an interactive PDF, because if you link to a JPEG of our agenda, then the links in our agenda don’t work. So right, so Jane, would you be willing to take that back to your web administrator and just indicate that you know, getting as commissioner of the catches is pointing out getting a closer direct hit to our Actual agenda, sir. Some way. Absolutely. Okay, awesome. Great. Any more discussion about the posting locations commissure Poland,

I guess we probably need to make a formal declaration that I propose that we make two changes. The first being the second bullet item the Bolton board located at the West entrance of the Civic Center complex will temporarily be moved to the north entrance of the Civic Center complex until construction is done. And then the fourth bullet item the library and Bolton board will temporarily be an official posting location until the construction is done.

Okay. All right. Permission into

an item for clarification the

maybe for Jane maybe for dawn, the front desk reception area of development services center upon request is that Does that ever get done is any who would request that and, and where where does that happen is that

so anyone can come into the development service center, we don’t have a bulletin board hanging in anywhere in there, but they can come in and the front counter can print them a copy of the agenda if they’d like to see one. So there’s always someone at the front counter who could provide that to them. We just don’t have a bulletin board to hang stuff on the Development Services Center, an official bulletin board so

so we

can be sure if like,

if in fact, you’re it’s not a posting per se location, then perhaps we have to do is remove that front desk reception area of the Development Services Center upon request to an additional statement down below saying upon request. These items may be obtained at the front desk reception area of Development Services Center. I think that makes it more clear because people will walk in there and expect to see a bolton board. It’s not there. So if we can move that line in addition, it’s because you have additional posting locations and then say In addition, these items are available.

Okay, commercial own,

or would it be better instead of saying we need to make change to the Facebook Twitter accounts are we’re looking into that would be better than to take because that’s really as we’ve discussed, not opposing location either. Would it be better to say additional additional locations where this information can also be found?

obtained can be obtained

You’re on.

Right? So, so what I’m hearing is is that commissure Poland has stated how the language would be changed for the official posting locations. And then Commissioner flag and Commissioner Poland are talking about breaking this into basically three sections, the official locations, additional posting locations, and an indication of other ways in which the information can be obtained. So, given all those changes, I’m going to make a motion to approve those changes. Do we have a second on that? Commissioner pollen? I will second. Seconded by Commissioner pollen. Let’s take a vote. All those in favor, say aye. Aye. Any opposed? Any abstained? passes unanimously didn’t realize that would be a big discussion, but thank you. Okay, so on to approval of our December 18 2019. regular meeting minutes on. Do we have any discussion on that

commissure teta, a move that we approve those notes.

a motion to approve the minutes. Do we have a second? I’ll go ahead. Commissioner flight. Seconded by Commissioner flaig. Any further discussion? Seeing none let’s take a vote by voice. All those in favor say aye. If you were not at the meeting please do abstain. All those in favor say aye. Aye. All those opposed? Any abstentions? To abstentions? Commissioner Glover and Commissioner Lucas. All right. Thank you. Next is item 10 are on our agenda. The river set annexation was senior planner Karen Brian or Don bricen or planning manager

condition. First, we want to just apologize that this item we had to, we were unable to complete the information to make sure it was in your pocket. So we had to work with the applicant to push this to the next meeting. So it will be on your next meeting in February. And so that was something that we could not have any control over that happened that had delayed this project. So again, our apologies. But we were at least able to identify that before the notices to the public had gone out other than in your agenda. So that that’s why we included that in your packet. So thank you.

So given that do we need to make a formal continuance to to next month?

Chairman sherek. I don’t believe you do since we did not do any of the public noticing through the mailings or posting the properties we didn’t start that process. If we had had that all gone to that point and then had this occur. Then we will would have needed to continue it but none of the adjacent property owners within the notification area were notified of the of the hearing tonight.

Okay. All right. Great. All right, thank you. So we’ll move on to item 11, which is Boulder County temporary stockpile, conditional use site plan PCR 2020 dash one with planner Ashley green.

Thank you, Chairman chernykh and commissioners. I’m Ashley green with the Planning and Development Services. Tonight for your consideration will be looking at the Boulder County temporary stockpile conditional use site plan. The proposals to temporarily stockpile approximately 20,000 cubic yards of flood deposited aggregate for use in a future flood mitigation project.

So this projects located south of st rain road between Airport Road and 75th Street at 5201 same vein road. The property encompasses a little under 40 acres. It currently houses administrative offices and maintenance facilities for the Boulder County Parks and transportation departments. envision LogMeIn designates this property as primary employment. The site takes primary access from st rain road, which is designated as a collector street on the Envision LogMeIn long mom plan. The property is zoned non residential primary employment. This project falls into the US category of transportation depot, trucking terminal or distribution center. This use is permitted as a conditional use in the zoning district. The properties properties surrounding the parcel to the north east and west are zoned Boulder County agricultural zoning and the parcel to the South Zone public and As Vance brand airport the current conditions on the site conform to the originally approved site plan. The original STC site plan approved material stockpiles though this proposal would allow stockpiling and in a location that was not originally proposed for this purpose. The proposed sock by location is currently on irrigated mode native prairie grass, as is the access route, which you can see there.

So the scope of this project entails hauling in and stockpiling material from a Boulder County manage project from 2013 that was located out west of the town of hygiene on 61st Street in unincorporated Boulder County. The County’s contractor will haul material from flood damage legs to the STC to temporary stock pilot until it’s used in another location for another county log restoration project. The stockpile will be located in area approximately 200 feet by 375 feet and will be about eight feet tall. erosion control measures will be in place per the storm under construction activity permit, and dust and weed control measures will be in place for the fugitive dust plan and weed management plan. The material hauling would occur Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm. It would take approximately three weeks between February 1 2020 and may 15 2020. The stockpile would then be removed over a three week period during the time period of October 1 2020 and April 15 2021. At the completion of the project, the site will be reclaimed to its original state of mowed prairie grass within 14 days of the removal of the stock The state site will be receipted it and monitored for revegetation.

We sent

referral request to Colorado Parks and Wildlife into US Fish and Wildlife Service. We received response from US Fish and Wildlife Service stating that they have no concerns regarding the proposal. At the neighborhood meeting one member of the public attended in he asked questions regarding the application. Subsequent to mailing out notices of the development application to property owners within 1000 feet of the subject property and posting the property staff did not receive any correspondence in regards to the application. Subsequent to mailing out pub notices a public hearing to property owners within 1000 feet of the subject property and posting the property staff did not receive any correspondence in regards to the application. Given the temporary temporary nature of the application, staff is recommending one condition that solidifies the date by which the stockpile must be removed as April 15 2021. This recommended condition is reflected in PCR 2021 be. staff would like to take the opportunity to know that in the report that was provided to you in your packet, we outlined the review criteria that must be met for this application. However, one criterion was not mentioned in the report and that’s criterion number five, which states that the application were required complies with the sustainability evaluation system requirements to mitigate impacts of development within the city’s riparian areas. staff would like to clarify that this criteria is not applicable in this application. The planning and zoning Commission is the decision making body for this application. The choices for the commission are as follows. One is to approve the conditional use Plan without conditions finding that that applicable review criteria have been met as reflected in PCR 2021 a. The second is to approve the conditional use site plan with conditions finding that the applicable review criteria have been met but require conditions of approval to fully comply with the criteria is reflected in 2021. Be in the third is to deny the conditional use site plan we’re finding that the political review criteria have not been met as reflected in pcrf 2021 c. staff is recommending that the planning and zoning Commission approved the Boulder County temporary stockpile conditional use site plan with the condition reflected in PCR 2021. So with that, I’d like to invite the applicant up to for his presentation and staff will be available to answer any questions on that

Thanks, thanks, you did it all. So I’m ready. Good to go. I appreciate you guys having me. Thank you. My name’s broaden. And I’ll be representing Boulder County Parks open space department on this proposal and project. Sure.

Have a deep level.

Anyways, a quick little agenda for you guys. I go for a quick project overview, touch base on the review criteria that actually touched base on your anticipated schedule. Then open up for any questions if you have, excuse me, if you have any quick projects over you actually touched on it again, but basically it’s a temporary stockpile of the 20 thousand cubic yards of flood deposited stream cobble. that’s currently in Lake four, which is on Boulder County Parks on space property, west of hygiene west of North 61st Street. We are currently in the process of doing a flood recovery restoration project there. There was about 220 odd thousand cubic yards of flood of debris that came down from the canyons and through the floodplain, they’re deposited in the lake for area. So we’re currently doing a restoration project on that. And the materials part of that material about 20,000 up to 20,000 to the guards most likely be around 10,000 looking like will be brought to our OSP site in Longmont there on Airport Road and stockpile to be used and an upcoming county partner project called the nightwatch gets diversion reconstruction project. St. Frank Creek last a little bit where that is. Just for reference. Here’s our projects. I would like for Westlake, a frame dam project that we’re currently doing restoration work on

the Boulder County

open space transportation complex is right down here in Airport Road. And the nylon gets diversion where the semi we moved to is just literally across the street from the proposed stockpile on the same rain Creek. Briefly The purpose of this stockpiles and a two fold for both projects that is related to want to be part of our restoring why we’re restoring late for is it’s a water storage reservoir. It’s jointly owned by Boulder County and the same vein lefthand Water Conservation District So it’s a jurisdictional reservoir and has a jurisdictional dam on it or will be when we’re done with this project. So we need to restore the water storage in there and delivery function I removing the suppose sediment that’s in there so there’s 200 some odd thousand cubic yards of soil in that lake currently. And the work that we’re doing on these lakes will make these legs more this lake and Jason lakes more resilient future high flow events and flood events. to Lake Forest gonna have a spillway and the downstream lakes will have spillways installed in them as well. And then, the reason we’re bringing some of the material to the county site is to work on this. I guess it’s a failing water diversion structure for the nightwatch ditch company. started a version on the same brain Creek. I guess it’s I saw some damage during the floods it’s it’s a need of repair the county’s working with now a good company which I believe majority shareholders of the city Longmont as well some of the local other ditches I’m not too familiar with that project, honestly, that we’re at to help reduce flood risk, repair that diversion allow fish passage and hopefully promote National Student processes. And some of the benefits of us using the stockpile for material when we can use it for the projects. That’s a huge cost savings for the nylon ditch project. They don’t have to go out and acquire 20,000 cubic yards of sediment more than just having a contractor bringing across the street. It’s a local location the dispose of the sediment, sort of hauling it way off site or out of the out of the county, potentially. And again, I think it doesn’t have makes the problem more affordable for the nylon ditch company and boulder County. And a little quick overview of our project side. Here’s Lake for about half full of sediment right now. This was like three we’re working on repairing the embankment between these two majority of this sediment, it’s gonna be moved on site and we’ll use it to repair a venkman. Here, a breach embankment here. This was Westlake repair this embankment. Here’s a frame, actually in repair this whole car here and this is North 61st street for actively work on this project currently, and a little closer view of the stockpile on just south of St. Rain road here, same green Creek and nylon ditch project. Again, it’s up to 20,000 cubic yards of material, the material basically one of the questions I got last time, it’s stream cobble. So it’s like saying Hands and gravels up to rocks about six inches in size. Probably approximately if you do the full 20,000 cubic yards about 200 feet by 375 feet and about eight feet tall. And to comply famous for stormwater permit a cruise control matters measures such as silt fence will be implemented around it. We also plan to mitigate any dust impacts from stockpile covering the stockpile and stabilizing with a hydro mulch tackle fire

will do that as soon as we get it all delivered

some of the dates little broad here for two to three week time period. Since this all depends how our current construction project is moving along. So we hope to haul between March 1 more or less than in June some some point of 2020 takes about Two to three weeks for assuming to get all the material their contractor thinks no more than 95 truck trips a day, I think is high, it’ll probably be less than that, just in the reality of it. And then again, hollywood between 8:30am and 4:30pm is also a Boulder County Transportation Department requirements. So we’re currently hauling to the site materials right now to the lake for project, we follow those Hall hours. And then again to finally duration and timing to get material off the site. It’s kind of dependent on the nighlok project. But we anticipate it will be in the fall or spring of next year to 2020 2021. And we will definitely get everything out of there by April 15 20 25th. For this project, that’s the daily turn on the ditch. So I have to be done by then. I’m a little bit just to kind of get a close up of the site. That’s about the perimeter of it. And our It’s apparently a actually not even non native or not native. It’s just a pasture grass field right now that the county Mo’s periodically potential Hall route from the 61st Street road to hygiene road down 75th on the same rain road and into the to the county stockpile area.

This map

and so it was a kind of project details.

I’m not totally up for review criteria but from from what I understand the project needs all the applicable view criteria. The conditional site plans talk to those generally consistent with the language designation.

The projects can be temporary


Through the county currently stockpiles materials on the other sites of this project.

Again feel me sell review criteria.

Product project complies with ethical city standards. We don’t plan on doing any utility changes or street you changes already an established access. If you need any water to stabilize the stockpile we plan on trucking it in was likely right there from the county’s maintenance facility. And we will use temporary traffic controls for bringing the material in and then off the site. Approved traffic control plan with city of Longmont staff and as well as our Boulder County Transportation Department for the larger county roads around the project. Soon access is not really required and we do have parking on site. We have our own parking lot there then the contractor will will park inside this steel fenced area once they establish the perimeters of the project. Next, I also feel that the proposed project is compatible with the surrounding properties in terms of land use site layout design. Currently there’s county office buildings and a maintenance facility the airport. Jason to the project side of the property is residential agricultural properties. And previously, this location was used to stop home mature and they built the county facility and it was purchased previously restored and we plan to restore it in a similar fashion when we’re done. And again, we do have a traffic control plan. I think I mentioned that already. And we plan to restore and receive the area within two weeks of projects stockpile being removed, and either late 2020, early 2021

This criteria stockpile and not be accessible the public has has established access. There will be a rate restriction of 30,000 pounds per axle for the haul trucks, which is typical for the roads around there. And then we do have a traffic control plan. Our schedule Currently, we had an open house back in August 2019. Tonight we’re here with you folks. This gets approved we hope to prepare the stockpile site late winter in the next month or so or two. All materials the site either later this winter spring, potentially in the early summer, we would stabilize it in a spring summer of 20 and then remove it again in the fall winter of 2020 2021. One of the The reasons for some of these dates here at the end being a little not finalized is the design and permitting and circumstances or processes with an island diversion project haven’t been finalized yet. And so it’s a little bit on hold now Exactly. Originally, when we first submit this application, we’d hope to do it this winter. Spring. But with the work that that project has done during kind of non when the ditch is basically being used, and nylon uses their ditch and all the farmers around there from April 15, October 15. So we could they couldn’t get their project finalized and time to do it this year. There’s water year, so they’ll be doing it next year. This is the hope. And I’m the contact for this, this project. Any questions about the greater nyla diversion project which is not to up on Other county planners Sarah, your hearts can be reached to ask questions about that project. And then also a contact on the larger Lake for restoration project.

Three questions.

Okay. Thank you, Mr. Broughton. Thanks for the presentation any clarifying questions at this time. We This is a public hearing item so we will go to the public can commissure teta

while you’re up Mr. Ratan. I just wanted to ask you the

the route for the trucking of the materials is and I realize a lot of this is probably not within the city. It’s county but it’s east on hygiene Road to 75th and then south on 75th. The same brain for an se on San Fran road, right? Correct. And okay,

avoiding the town of hygiene proper

Barely right?

Yeah, barely forgot Southern and but

all of our hauling we’ve done a number of projects in this location last few years but recovery and we’ve done our best to alert the public and then avoid the town going through by the school hygiene.

And just real quick for the the transportation.

You mentioned that there might be some some

something done to facilitate that transportation traffic wise. Do you have an idea what that would wind up in?

Yes, we will have signage out there on the on the same rain road currently will have signage on hygiene road as well. And 75th and trucks are turning Well, we’ll do a little public notice on the county’s transportation website. that will that will haul in traffic will increase income in that area. It’s kind of actually part of our county permit. We have to do that. Level sort of sync that with this project getting material here, if needed with our contractor, you know, these transportation plans are they’re living documents and they evolve as we go. So if we see we need with flaggers or some of that effect, say in front of the temporaries top Hall location on San Fran road, we wouldn’t have them employ flaggers for for the heavy truck traffic. Okay, thank you.

Mr. Glover.

Yet you said they’d be 95 trips

one way or is that round trips? I believe that would be round trips.

Okay. So basically from a transportation planning standpoint, that’s 190 trips. If you were standing out there by the road,

trucks you go by you. way around,

I don’t think they can get that many trucks in a day. That’s Do the math. So I’d probably maybe like 50 trips. So we’re talking maybe seven hours of hawlings at 830 to 430. load time.

Okay, I just,

I just wanted to ask Yeah, that’s

what we’re really talking about their okay.

Commissioner in Poland,

Mr. Brown, I just want to make sure that I understand that come April 15 of every year, the night SWAT ditch is opened up, which is why there’s a hard date of April 15. That’s how that day came to be because of

I believe so. That’s what I’ve been told.

Yes. So there’s really no so because I was wondering if we if how much wiggle room there was, but really,

yeah, to do that nylons, a hard stop. It’s a pretty darn hard stop, ma’am. Okay, working with these tech companies.

Right, um, this is a public hearing on him. So I want to open the public hearing. Well, I’m sure we’ll have a few more questions.

Okay. legacy.

Yes, please. If there’s

anybody, nobody signed up to speak on this item, but if somebody in the audience would like to come forward and speak about it, we’d love to hear from you. Please state your name and address for the for the record and we’ll have five minutes to hear from you.

My name is David shank peel bucks for six for long month. I think this is a really bad waste of taxpayer money. That material has been there for a little over six years now. All of a sudden, it’s important to move it to cost 10s of thousands of taxpayer dollars and plunk it down and then come back a few months later, pick it up again at an additional cost to the taxpayers and move it a second time across the roads with more Traffic, obviously 95 trucks, making one round trip is to a day. It’s just a very, very poor use of taxpayer money. They’re going to take a perfectly good site that has vegetation works is some as rainfall mitigation. You’re going to fill that up for a period of time. We don’t know how long, maybe three months, maybe a year.

And then I’m going to spend money to reestablish that.

It’s just a terrible waste of money. I mean, that stuff has been there. It’s less than 10% of the total material there. been there for six years. And all of a sudden, it’s important to find a temporary place. Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. shank. Sir. Anybody else who would like to come forward and speak Seeing no one will close the Carrying on and go back to our questions and discussion amongst the commission. Mr. Brian Knight, I do have some questions, but we might have to pull up some of Ashley’s pictures. Actually, could you get back to your presentation where where you have the the aerial image of the Transportation Center? I’m showing the streets and where the or the access to the site? Well, yeah, that one. Yes, please. Yeah, that’s great. Thank you. That’s your broad and I’m, I’m wondering if you could clarify why. Why would the trucks not come down the paved road? Why do they have to go across the culvert

right here? Yeah. Why is it here? Yes, exactly. We looked at this option number of reasons. One it’s a pretty heavy heavily used during work hours by county open space staff and kind of transportation staff was already truck traffic, employees parking things of that people folks come into the open space office. There’s also a curb and gutter here. So that would most likely involve cutting that infrastructure to get these trucks over it. And we also didn’t really know how they would turn around. Make it turn out here it’s pretty darn tight. potentially could could work something out. Up here. We’ve already felt that this is already it was used as an access before. It has any brain for getting trucks in and out off of it. It does have that Culver graduate but I believe that colvard was in place when they did the original original work sustained at least there was a stockpile about half a size. one point during the construction.

Okay. And we can even see this in the satellite image here that there seemed to be some trees along that that original access point that have grown up. And then one of the point of view shots in our packet appears that either the trucks are going to be dodging those trees or do you have plans

to cut those most likely?

Probably just one little tree right here. There’s one tree would need to be cut down. Other tracks to avoid it’s a landscape tree currently.

Okay. Now this is a county property, right? Correct. So does the county have something and it’s a requirements if you do cut down a tree that you have to restore it

We didn’t have to deal with that for this problem not sure. All right,

we do plan to do all sorts of restoration on the on that on this pasture grass site.

Okay. Um, and you mentioned in one of the review criteria that the site would be inaccessible to the public. One of my concerns is safety.

I mean, I don’t know if

people ever go out there and on the weekends when staff is gone, but how? How would you keep people from a climbing on this and how safe is an eight foot tall pile of cobble and sand from collapsing on somebody?

Yeah. Was during the construction or the unhauling will have orange construction fence delineating the hall route all the way out. Those sides of this heart right there, coming out. Approximately this location will be silt fences. installed around the whole project. So the three foot high black substance and that’ll tie into the trucks will have traffic here. On the weekends, we could close off the construction access probably right about here, typically how we do it on these projects. And then when the project’s final the three weeks of getting the material there, we button up that project with so fence all the way around it. So it’d be a self contained spot and someone have to stop some from gentlemen, three foot fence, I guess, but that’s what they have to do. They have to come walk up across the field on the county property and jump over a steel fence. Okay.

I know that that every type of material has its own angle of repose. It’s basically an angle beyond which you can’t stack it without it collapsing on itself. I can’t quite make out in the lower right arm, but it looks like it’s about 45 degrees or so. In your experience, because it sounds like like you’ve worked with some stockpiling of material before, have you had any issues with any sort of collapses of piles like this?

I personally have not.

Okay. All right. And and Is this something that you’ve discussed with the with the hauling company that they that they do stack it right?

Yes, for sure. It’s in the in the specifications of the project. An eight foot so pretty standard height for these types of stockpiles like temporary stockpiles on the project site, typically kept around there on that angle of repose as well. So they’re, they’re pretty accustomed to doing that all these contractor. So that’s the plan that they’re actually talking potentially. At the top you can kind of settle it a little bit. So it’s a little concave at the top. So water will help you while it lands on top snow melt will filter down into it. Okay, help solidify that stockpile. Got it

back to Commissioner Ted’s question about notifying residents along the haul route the proposed haul route on. So how do you notify them? Other than putting it on the county website? I mean, do you actually push out a notification to them?


We do a number of different ways. We push out, I believe, through our county open space communications department, as well as in conjunction with transportations and a road closure. roadwork folks, for on the county’s website will push out a link. They have a listserv email list. That’s kind of based on geographic location. They do do Twitter feeds. Put on the county’s Twitter feed, push Two different lists or Twitter feeds. We can do mailers as well. Just currently sent out letters did this very similar thing for upcoming closer of 61st Street actually, for this other project. So we do have multiple ways and we do utilize them.

Okay, all right. Um, and then finally, to Mr. Shanks point on

why can’t this be done with just one single haul from from like four to the nightwatch? ditch diversion?

Yeah, the short answers really hard to time these projects to where they were, I mean, that would be the ideal for the county for the partners on the nighlok project and everyone would love to be able to haul the material from

from the flakes for project

to Niall project and utilize it right away. Unfortunately, timing due to design and engineering restraints, permitting constraints, funding constraints for for both projects. The link for projects are sponsored by FEMA as a disaster recovery project. So unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out to tie that in. I mean, that was our ultimate goal originally is to try to do that. And the stockpile is kind of a secondary.

Still, as I’d say, kind of a secondary,

come the right word. It’s not our ideal situation, right. But unfortunately, that’s kind of where hast how it looks like it’s playing out. And then for getting that material it as it’s a jurisdictional Damn, we’re moving at 20,000 cubic yards currently has to be moved to fix us to do that damn restoration project. So

Is there still the possibility in this project where if the stars aligned right that you could do it in one hall?

Um, it’s not looking that way. I was hoping you know, it’s just kind of gone up and down over the last year or so of talking about this and apparently that that stars could align, but it’s not looking that way. Right now. They’re still having some circumstances over the design and also permitting of that of the other project. We’re ready to rock and roll and now we could bring the material tomorrow if we have this permit, and they were ready for it. For Taylor projects not ready, right.

Okay, so so the holdup is like for project

and I’m sorry, the holdup is the nylon. It’s diversion reconstruction.

The other way around, yeah, okay.


okay, I won’t try to redesign your project plan. Free on. I think that’s it on my questions. Any further questions for Mr. Rotten or for our green?

Any discussion?


thoughts commissure. Poland.

Thank you. Seeing that there’s no further discussion. I do believe that the reasons that they have given for why this can’t be a one move project are valid, that there does need to be a temporary storage area. This area has been used in the past as a temporary storage area. I don’t see any major conflicts with anything around it. I do find that this does meet right review criteria Code Section 15 oh 2055 items one through five And because of that I move that we approve PCR 2021 be with the provision that the stockpile shall be removed from the site by April 15 2021.

Okay, we have a motion to approve PCR 2020 dash one B Do we have further discussion our second Commissioner flag

from Boulder County

I’ve been thinking in terms of wind and that’s trucks that you’re going to be running up and down the roads and that pile of dirt. Okay, what its provision against wind

will all of those will be covered.

When they leave the lake for project will be covered all the way to the project site and for the disposal. So that hopes to mitigate any is blowing gravel sand off the trucks. Those are those are driving standard practice in the industry. And then at the site to address any kind of wind concerns we’re planning on to almost immediately as a backup, as we’re, as we’re building the stockpile, and take a couple of weeks for that to happen. In our contract with a contractor we have and requirements that they use water to water this pile down. And then once the project the pile is established, they will be spraying with a hydro mulch. taxify hydro mulch is a standard practice and industry to stabilize slopes, saying construction sites will sit on the greens, the green spray on mulch, and we looked at potentially wood chips or covering it and fabric like erosion control fabric. That’s the input we got from our project engineers and some of our actual restoration ecologists with the county felt that hydro malts would be the best to stabilize it. And so levels spread out on it, it hardens very quickly. And we’ll, we’ll monitor it over the next period of time until the piles removed. Part of our of our permit is that erosion control and dust control mitigations we will be monitoring doing monthly inspections at the least.

So for say a resident located in that area, will notice that a truck goes down the road it’s not covered, or that whatever is mitigating the wind on site is not working so well and suddenly you’re noticing that dirt is getting blown. How would they know who to contact in that event?

I don’t know. We could put a sign out in front. Can

you post that?

We do that on other projects. We could put a sign out front of that insurance and you know what? This is? My contact information on it or somebody else at the county open space department. We currently do that at our what our main lake for project right now with big projects on our two instances. So people have concerns I know who to get ahold of. So yeah, we could definitely do that. Thank you.

I just have one more clarifying question. Um,

can you

list for me who the

who’s involved in in the project? Okay. I mean, you’ve got two projects. You’ve mentioned FEMA, you’ve mentioned the the ditch company on there’s of course, the county, and then also, give me an idea as to what the ratio of the funding of the project is by each of these entities approximately.

So another leg for project warrants intimately. The lake for project is Mr. Allen so it’s a Boulder County sponsor project border counties, the the main project proponent. Part of that project, there’s so it’s a project says it’s kind of like four sub projects based on how FEMA declared the disaster out there and decided to give funding to these projects. So we have the lake for Project, which is a partnership between Boulder County Parks open space and St. Rain lefthand water conservation conservation district for Conservancy district here based in Longmont, so we’re a project partners co project partners on that project. The West Lake dam rehabilitation, which is the next Lake downstream, that’s a Boulder County specific project, overcome sub sub project and then a frame Project which is the next one downstream it’s right on the edge of 61st Street. That’s a Boulder County specific project. And then the fourth project is there is it again a joint project with lefthand sand rain water conservation district and, and Boulder County and that’s there’s an outlet pipeline out of the lake for reservoir that goes under the West Lake Lake, a frame lake and under 61st Street is how the same rain Conservation District puts their water augments the creek further water users so they actually have an outlet pipe comes in will outlet into on the edge of the same green Creek. So we’re partnered with them on those two projects in the counties soul we combine them for construction is one project with the county managing that project on the open space department. of not sure about the outlet pipeline but definitely the lake for project Westlake project a frame project are funded by FEMA. I believe 75% of the project costs are FEMA. And then the county and the district split the other 25%. So 12 and a half percent each. Again, I’m not super sure of all the funding and I believe there’s also a loan for the district acquired alone from the Colorado Water Conservation Board for a portion of their funding for this project. And then that’s it. How those how those work, the lake for Project nightwatch did ciphers and project connect more in depth questions I definitely reached out to Sarah Sidharth, the planner I mentioned in the slideshow. For my understanding of that project. It’s a belief Trout Unlimited the partner in that cpW, Colorado parks and wildlife. US Fish and Wildlife Service. Pretty sure US Fish and Wildlife Service and cpW are throwing some funding in the county is throwing funding in. And then the nightwatch ditch company is also a project partner on that I’m not sure the whole how the funding all breaks down with those projects.

Okay, thank you that that gives me a much better idea as to the complexity that you’re up against in terms of the timing that you’re talking about with. I mean, you know, we said well, can all the stars align, but you’re talking five entities just on the nightwatch ditch project alone. So I appreciate you letting, letting us know just how complex, your organization of getting all of that together at the same time is because I think that what I’m trying to get out is back to Mr. Shanks comments of, you know, why couldn’t Why couldn’t this be one hall? And I’m starting to understand better why you’re saying we can’t do it in one Hall.

We’ve tried.

Okay. All right. Okay. Any other discussion or comments? We do have a motion on the floor to approve PCR 2020 dash one B. We have a second for that motion. Commissioner flag. Seconded by Commissioner flag. There’s no further discussion. Let’s take a vote on our boxes here. Okay, nevermind. I’m tired to read the graph that I get. Looks like that voted passed unanimously. For And so this item now enters a seven day appeal period. During this time any aggrieved party may appeal the Commission’s decision by submitting a written appeal letter stating why the planning and zoning Commission’s decision should be amended or reversed by city council. All appeals must be in writing and must be received in the City Clerk’s Office and the planning office within the seven day appeal period, which begins Thursday, January 16, at 8am and ends Wednesday, January 22. At 5pm. Mr. Brunton, thank you very much for stepping us through the project. Good luck to you as you proceed. Ashley, thank thank you for helping us through it as well. We’ll move on with our agenda once I get back


Next item is our final call for the public invited to be heard if anybody in the public wants to come forward and speak about an item that was not on the agenda tonight. Now’s the time to do so. See nobody coming for real close, the final call for republican voted to be heard any items from the commission.

Commissioner data. I thought maybe we could talk quickly about the 15th Street project that I forgot the number of the public’s name that she brought up that I just I know we looked at that project was it a site plan review

your recall actually Before we go further with this planning manager burchett I believe this projects not come in front of us yet and so any further discussion might actually prejudice Okay, we’re back it’s part

I apologize and I thought it was it was a site plan review is that when we look at

German sure neck crusher teta.

You have

Neighbors that came, I believe we had about five or six at one meeting that brought this up around summertime. And they were asking the commission to consider changing the comprehensive plan and zoning for that property so that the project cannot happen. And then, at that time, we had not had an application in the since then the application has recently been submitted to this city. It’s been reviewed. Comments are supposed to be sent to the project manager by the end of the month. And

at this time, I cannot guarantee that it will not be coming to you for review. So that’s all I can probably tell you at this time. And what’s the name of the project that’s just been submitted to do you know, because there’s because I think what Commissioner Ted is remembering as the Terry street pertinence that did there.

Yeah, that that was one. Yeah. And that’s next. Not really next door but marcil away. Yes. We’ve known this is the faith Baptist development. Let me just check real quick for the name holder. Okay.

So currently the name that we have is it’s known as the 15th Avenue multifamily, and then in parentheses, faith Baptist, okay. We’re creative unknown.

So that’s the one with not seen yet and we might not see how it goes.

It It is possible that You will not see it. But I could not guarantee that.

Right. Okay. Does that help Commissioner today?

Yeah, it does. I couldn’t. I couldn’t be sure if if a member of the public was ahead of or behind the curve on that, and I didn’t want to not address it.

Any other items from the condition?

No. Okay. I’m items from council representative Rodriguez. No, thank you very much for being here tonight. Appreciate it. And items from our planning manager, Don burchett.

I have not,

you have none. So unless anybody is objects, We’re adjourned.