Transportation Advisory Board Meeting October 12, 2020 0:00What started here and we’ll just plan on going for a roll call if you’re able to get up and rolling. 0:09Neil, Larry, 0:10President, 0:11David Rose. Here, 0:19jack Livingston. 0:22Here. Courtney Michelle. 0:26Sandra Stewart 0:28present. Liz. 0:36Remember Patrick? Julie, she messaged me and said she wouldn’t be here. Who? 0:43listed message? 0:46Okay, send a […]

Housing and Human Services Board Meeting October 8, 2020 0:04Seven o’clock and I will call the meeting to order. Good evening, everybody. I hope that you’re all doing well. 0:13evening. 0:16Thank you for making the time to be here tonight. 0:21All right, I’m going to pull up my agenda. 0:29All right. Is there any public to be heard? Erica, you might be the […]

Longmont City Council Regular Session October 13, 2020 0:00pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America 0:06stands one 0:07nation under God, 0:09indivisible, with liberty, liberty and justice 0:11for all. 0:13All right. Okay, let’s go ahead and remind the public anyone wishing, wishing to join public invited to be heard, you’re going to need to watch the live stream and […]