Peace is Possible, One Community at a Time

Video Description: Purpose: At this collaborative gathering of Area-11, Rotary clubs will learn about Rotary’s “Area of Focus: Peace and Peace-making”. With invited guest, District 5450 Governor Buchi Antikpezie, attendees will also hear from a team of panelists who will share peace-making strategies from local, international and Rotary perspectives. Panelists: Jim Halderman, Chair, Peace Committee […]

The Backstory on Journalism, News, and Accountability – Part 2

Featuring Macie May, Executive Editor and General Manager of the Longmont Leader; Sergio Angeles, Executive Director of Longmont Public Media; Biff Warren, Founding partner, publisher, and managing editor of the Lefthand Valley Courier; John Vahlenkamp, Times-Call managing editor; and Sonia Koetting, of the League of Women Voters accountability for public institutions initiative. This is the […]