Golf Course Advisory Board – January 2024

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Golf Course Advisory Board – January 2024

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Speaker 1 0:00
get six o’clock, everyone. It’s time for the new year. Happy 2020 For me, and I’ll start off by making a bold call. Phil Spector beer president. Paul? Paul bear, they’re interesting here. Marshall, Allen, President, and Rick accountants, I’m here. And I got one person who L. Lord, and He resigned.

Speaker 2 0:36
Yeah, I’ll resign. So we’re going to be on short for at least two to admit here. So,

Speaker 1 0:44
first thing on the agenda, excuse me on the agenda is to have a, an election for our new chair for 2024 nominations. And I’d like to start off by nominating into the rich had an opportunity to work with her a couple of times over the years. I think she’d make a great chair. So that’s one nomination on the second. In the other nominations,

Unknown Speaker 1:16
the nominations be closed.

Unknown Speaker 1:20
Second, the nomination

Speaker 1 1:25
have been approved and closed. All in favor of envy in our next chairperson say aye. Aye. All opposed say no. This one in three resolutions. The next thing I’ll do the last thing is to elect a vice president. And if there are no nominations, I will volunteer.

Speaker 1 1:59
All in favor? One word nominations? were closed nominations. All in favor? Me. say Aye. All opposed. Okay. That’s gonna be it’s gonna be able to be here in February. But yes, what?

Speaker 3 2:20
No cheese. Great. So let’s see how well this goes. Now that I know. Nothing like starting.

Unknown Speaker 2:34
All right. So next.

Speaker 3 2:40
Right. Next business is approval of the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 2:43

Unknown Speaker 2:47
all in favor say aye. Aye.

Speaker 4 2:51
approval of the agenda is approved or agenda is approved.

Speaker 4 3:05
Next is the approval of the previous month’s minutes, which were from October 23 2023.

Speaker 1 3:14
Motion we approve the agenda for the lead. Excuse me the minutes from October 26. Last year, second.

Unknown Speaker 3:26
Those in favor of

Speaker 4 3:28
the approval of the agenda. Card. Sorry. The past minutes. Yeah, it’s gonna go this way. It’s gonna go rocky for a while. Um, say aye. Aye. Aye. All right. So motion carries. The motion carries the approval of previous month’s minutes.

Speaker 3 3:53
Any public to be here? All right, skipping that. Communication.

Speaker 5 4:06
Do you want me to just read the year end? Yeah. Okay. So I’m going to do all three since we’ve rose actually did not become was here to here today. So we’ll start with sunset this year for 2023. projected total we had was just under half a million. actual revenue came in at just under 675,000. Projected rounds was 31 509. We came in at 33,428 rounds. Over Yeah, it was actually pretty good. To be honest, for sunset for us to be in that category that heifer OS was grazed out. Even going into December when it was nice. It was busy. Being limited hours, you’re open from nine that last time was like 222 30. And it was turning people away still. I’m sure I’m sure Sam Keith had the same situation when it was busy, but pretty good. I can’t argue with that. Twin Peaks, let’s go on to them. Projected 2023 for the year was 1,014,002 58. actual revenue came in at 1,577,005 74. Projected rounds were at 36,004 28. And actual rounds came in at 41,000 203. Very good. Ukri. projected point three was 1.38 to 600. Came in actual revenue at 2.27. Or to get 2.2 million roughly rounds projected or 41,963. Actual rounds came in at 43,000 or 977. That’s pretty stellar. If you want the overall total as well for so the overall for all three combined 23 projected was 2.8. Just under 2.9 million. Revenue came in at 4,459,006 73 rounds. So your projected total was 109 90 109,900. And actual rounds came in 118,608 rounds, a lot of rounds. A lot of traffic overall up 16% For the revenue and up 2% Roughly for rounds. questions I will try to answer as best to my ability for these facilities.

Speaker 6 7:35
I have a question, Rick. I’m curious to know, maybe I just don’t understand the graph here or the chart. But the actual versus the are starting to projected versus the actual in revenue. Looks to me more like about 1,000,006 as opposed to 690,000 Compared to the previous year. Is that?

Unknown Speaker 7:57
Okay, yeah. Understood,

Speaker 2 7:59
thank you. And you will see the anticipated number for 2024 Going up quite bad. Just because we’ve had four years of really high numbers and we’re going to start being a little bit more aggressive with

Speaker 5 8:21
increasing of rates, we increased rates last year. And then we did another increase this year, dollar per round. But we have not touched those three, the handle passes and membership fees. sense what we say was 2017 or 18, since we’ve touched those, and so those are now they’ve gone up on the systems. So for the first time in a while, those are up So potentially, if people buy them that have bought them in the past and still see it as a value, which still isn’t very good value. That will also help. That’s why it will probably be a lot more aggressive with the next year’s point fourth revenue and rounds 12 and so

Speaker 4 9:13
on sight Yeah, that is old business. And there’s no old business at this time. So on to new business.

Speaker 2 9:26
Yep. So one of the some of the things we have to do at our first meeting is Oregon organizational and we would need to make a determination about whether the fourth Monday at six o’clock still will be your meeting time. And again normally at Twin Peaks. Due to that he’s been able to get up here tonight, but we need a motion saying that we continue to meet the fourth Monday at six and at Twin Peaks. Eat, if that’s what you all want.

Speaker 2 10:12
Motion carries. And then the final thing is where we post our agendas. The official location would be the city website. And we’ll need a motion on that as, like people know where to go to see what your agenda is

Speaker 1 10:32
that motion, make a motion to put the agenda on a website

Unknown Speaker 10:40
called favors.

Speaker 4 10:44
Motion, so carry for posting the agenda on the city website. Do we want to discuss the agenda?

Speaker 2 10:54
Yes. Yes. So, each year, during our January meeting, we talked about the agenda schedule. And the last couple of years, the board has chosen to meet that both in January and February, and then they’re on going every other month. So that would be an item I’d like to hear from the board. If you want to continue to do that. Or if you’d like to meet more often, as well as agenda topics that you would like to cover. We, we talked a little bit at our meeting in October about some of the things that you all would like to hear. And you asked to delay that until this meeting. So I done kind of a draft agenda of what could be on there. Again, this is this is all flexible, and we can make changes or additions at any time. But I would really like to hear from you all some of the things that you’d like to have presented to you throughout the year. And then just as you’re thinking about that, give you some possible areas that you might consider, and then pinpoint from their budget, and CIP, which we normally do in February, any questions or anything you would like staff to review with you in regard to the maintenance or operation of the golf courses, anything that you would like to have possibly talked about with the fourth the clubhouse and the pro operation for how they serve our our golfers, any future needs that you would identify that you’d like to have done either on the golf courses, or in any of the golf properties, anything that you would want to talk about, that would include an improvement or enhancement on the experience of coming to the golf courses, any review of policies that we might have. And then of course, we would continue to do fine project updates as we move throughout 24 Since we’ve actually got some things going. So anybody, anybody have any suggestions or thoughts about what you’d like us to review and really with a purpose of giving you all more purpose, and, you know, we’re we’re already at the end of our agenda, and we’ve only been here 15 minutes. And, you know, I would really like to see our meetings, lasting an hour or hour and a half. But we’d really like to hear your feedback on what you’d like to talk about.

Speaker 7 14:09
Well, I’d like to meet every month. What I wouldn’t, that may not be good for everybody else. Actually, I prefer every other month, mainly because we have a lot to say. We went through it all last year. And

Speaker 1 14:38
I personally tried to come up with ideas. And every time went out to play, you know, I’ve always played with people I don’t know so I’m always asking questions, explaining I was on the board etc. and honest to god, I couldn’t get anything out of anybody really it was. It didn’t matter what I play here. Now at sunset, all I did was rave about the course love the love the love the prices, drain fees, and I couldn’t get really get anybody to say something really negative.

Speaker 2 15:15
That’s because we let everybody golf for free that was with you.

Speaker 1 15:23
And, you know, the the only comments I got here and here at Twin sunset was women’s God women’s toilets, you know saying when you wish they wish they had a bathroom. And and it just couldn’t get anything for somebody to make a suggestion about what they didn’t like, or what they wished we would change or you know, something? And so part of it, I thought to myself, tea, should we have a board? There were times when I was thinking, why do we have a board? Because that being said, I talked to Keith, you know, we used to, I guess he just spent a lot of time worrying about pricing. And that’s that’s all changed. And but the other side of it is we we knew somebody is done a damn good job, of course. I mean, think about it for a second. I mean, every right? I mean, you know, we’ve got three great golf pros, they must do to help good job of managing what’s going on there. Because we can’t keep getting complaints. And so I’m not sure what else we can talk about maybe more than one thing that I missed was I kept wanting to play in the over at golf. And in Dec in the year I turned at it quit. So you know so far? Yeah. So I mean, five now. So I still wish we had over at golf tournament. Yeah, right. Yeah. 2019 and my, my roof plate plate. And so for years, actually. So, so, you know, we even had a meeting about what kinds of things we could discuss. Well, if we had some, if we had quotes, problems, maybe that would be a good thing to be able to discuss. But I mean, certainly we’ve been here for years for God’s sakes. Yeah.

Speaker 6 17:58
Board Member? I’m just curious to along your lines there. John, can we do a city survey? Can we stick out a survey for golfers to go to because I mean, the pros, they get a date. Right? You guys. I mean, I’m sure you can sense a trend when somebody’s happy or unhappy. But from a global golf community population. You know, if we can gather information from all the forces tabulated and get a real sense of how we’re doing, as providing the service to our community.

Speaker 8 18:35
My recommendation is to make sure that it’s like QR code, something that they can do right here while they’re thinking. That way, they don’t say, Oh, I’ll do that later that night. And we don’t want people that aren’t really utilizing the course, you know, Jamie did on it just because they’re like, We don’t need a golf course here. That sort of thing. It’s not what you want. You want to hear about is the facilities adequate enough? Is that is the lawns being kept up?

Speaker 3 19:11
So I’d like to talk about the enhancements because, you know, on a couple of different topics. We’ve talked before about trying to get children and women more involved in golf, I mean, primarily are still a male dominated sport as we sit here. But I growing up around and on golf courses, I’ve always thought of it as more than just golf. Because, you know, the family time that it frames are the things that you can do when you’re not playing golf for, you know, the hot dog cookout type thing. So, I’d like to hear more on what we can Do because to get the community more on board, then it’s just a place where you don’t play golf. And that’s it, I think it can add more to the community instead of.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
Yeah, some, and I know some golfers just want it to be. But that’s not going to keep it to where it can survive.

Speaker 5 20:25
So you want attractions for women and children, women,

Speaker 3 20:28
children, families, like I live in the neighborhood of Twin Peaks. And I, I mean, there’s a few of us who’ve taught to be great to like, walk down there on a Friday FJC and not playing, you know, not going to the driving range or not playing golf with being able to sit on the patio and they have like some attraction, whether it was going to be burger night?

Unknown Speaker 20:58
Or do you go from time to time does have

Speaker 3 21:02
that. I think he’s done like one a year. But we’ll

Speaker 9 21:05
have the party party. He also has had another cover band that this plays on that. They were there a couple of times last year.

Speaker 3 21:18
So if that’s the case, I’d like to see it advertised. A little bit more presence, because I didn’t even know about it. And I live in I’m on the board and I live in the neighborhood. So I mean, that’s my two cents is we want people supporting non golfers? Not Miss yes and no, I mean, potential potential golfers

Speaker 8 21:53
trying to bring in more women, not that this will automatically do anything. But my daughter is like a member of a sorority, and she’s got an alumni, alumni associations and all these sororities are probably the folly where if they were approached, you might get a few women from the long run the 70 to come and golf specifically for that kind of you create by asking them if they would be interested in having a tournament type of thing for their alumni might bring in the women and people going, I love that whole course over there at sunset or I love that and that sort of thing. Bring in more women. And you’re not going to get somebody from Kansas to come in here. You’re getting somebody who’s who’s like maybe in the Denver Metro Loma area, and then they’re going to talk more about how wonderful our facilities are. And in the the views and all the other things that we have here, going into there, of course, but it is focused on women this point is something that with CU B right there, they’ve got sororities that many of these women have alumni to, and they have families, that’s how you start to pull them in. That sort of thing.

Speaker 6 23:14
I want to I want to go back to the survey thing and tell them of course, a common theory, is it is it possible we can have questions with regard to what barriers prevents you from playing golf? You know, and I know, when I first started playing golf, I come out with golf courses of intimidate, you know, guy hit the ball 300 yards, and I’m trying to get it passed. You wonder, you know, it’s Well, yeah. But my point being is, I imagine that’s a big roadblock for women. I mean, they come out here and they see a guy hit a ball 300 yards. This is ridiculous. I’m not going to try to compete and it’s not a matter of competing, right? It’s a lot of social aspect to golf. So I

Unknown Speaker 23:56
think that’s why guys do it. In large part.

Unknown Speaker 24:01
Here in the men’s club, sometimes.

Speaker 3 24:05
I wasn’t intimidated. My dad put a club in my hand when I was five. So I didn’t know I

Speaker 6 24:11
live with Yeah, but somebody like my wife who doesn’t play golf and she’d like to but you know, she she comes out here and goes maybe I should go to the range a lot more before I come out here. So

Speaker 3 24:24
we’ve talked in past meetings about just the pace of play, like that is a huge factor and how all that first treat each other

Unknown Speaker 24:38
and golf etiquette.

Speaker 1 24:40
One One complaint that I got was called African, you know, but, but like sunset here is a place where this is obvious for people who are just trying to play golf. And so you shouldn’t count on have a big cup of tea and go, you know, run around the course. Because it’s beautiful people just starting to play golf course.

Speaker 1 25:16
Anyway, so we have talked about etiquette. And going back to the idea about asking comments. When we you know, we play golf. The you send an email out says thank you. What if you had attached to that? Some kind of, would you? Would you be willing to do a survey? Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know what kind of comments you’d get. Certainly probably the ones that are mad. Might be willing to fill it out. But at least you find people get some kind of comments anyway. But anyway, that’s one thought was attached to that. Thank

Unknown Speaker 26:01
you for playing golf. Like

Speaker 5 26:03
to know that on the online reservation site where you can pay online, or, or books are off now. They do have an email that goes back to you after sending things replying. I believe there is an Are you want to on that one. So we’d have to figure out a way to do it. So just someone that walked in the door since so, golf now, I’m pretty sure he already has that setup for the prepaid tee times versus book will also work. A little different. So

Speaker 10 26:38
totally different topic. Because, obviously, of course, maintenance is one of the most important things, one of the biggest expenses, etc. What what’s being done on the courses is obviously outstanding. But I’d be interested in how far down the road are we looking at? We’re looking at water issues, are we looking at, you know, what kind of new grasses are there that maybe we could be planning to take less water, etc? What are we doing to look way down the road to see how we can continue to keep the courses in the condition that they are, which is wonderful, without going crazy, in terms of cost.

Speaker 3 27:30
And I see that as one of the challenges of keeping up golf courses in the public eye is how much it takes to make them beautiful, which is why I see their beauty. I want more people to be able to share that.

Speaker 10 27:52
You know, that could be an area of some negative comments. Why are we spending all this money to keep these golf courses looking to green and great when there aren’t that many people using them relative to the to the old community. But if we could let the community know that we’re doing this to keep the costs down, where we’ve replaced the irrigation system, we’re looking at new crashes, etc, whatever that enable us to keep them looking like they are without the financial burden on the

Unknown Speaker 28:37
other any other? Did you want to go over your list one more time? Sure. Because you had a pretty extensive list.

Speaker 2 28:44
What the one I sent or just what I’ve been taking

Speaker 3 28:49
what you just read or read before that. Yes, the ideas.

Speaker 2 28:56
Sorry. So ongoing maintenance, which you just talked about fall clubhouse operations, anything you want to know about what what because it, it’s kind of a unique situation. And if you go outside the buildings, anything that’s green or growing, is those guys. Anything that’s inside the building or deals specifically with a golfer, or their behavior is the golf pros. And you know, there’s that fine line of the city contracts with the golf pros to do their job. So they are open to feedback, but but I can’t really as a city employee and them as contractor tell them how to do their their business. So there’s that difference between what Brian does what Brian so We can, we can certainly talk with the pros and see what they’d be willing to discuss. But beyond that, some of that’s their business and we can’t do anything future needs, I would really like to hear from the board, you are out there golfing, seeing things from the golfers point of view, here, your suggestions of what could be done on the golf course that would improve the experience. Somebody mentioned, restaurants, that’s something we could put on the list and evaluate. But are there other things that you’d like to have considered? Finishing over the years, people have said, finishing the parkpass Ukri. Doing better with the current pass here at Twin Peaks are those are those things you want to hear about? To talk about, or

Speaker 6 31:03
you have throw in, you can throw in like fall bedding along Third Avenue

Speaker 1 31:13
just an aside from that just for a second. Last year, January, I’m playing somebody who was hitting it off the blue, and on the on the third hole, he hit way up, it hit furthers tree on the top and went out into the street, and a hit a car windshield broken. And, of course, I brought that up one of our meetings. But what it really says is cost so much of the people across the street might not want to see the next senator and then they’re gonna have to do, but that actually happened while I was playing with somebody.

Speaker 2 31:57
If we were looking at putting up netting, especially around sunset, we would really, I think need to do some work with the neighbors because I think there there could be some really negative feedback. And part of the reason I did that as as an example is we have issues that you Creek Golf Course with, with balls, and some of our ways of dealing with things is trying to plant trees. So if I’m complaining to complaining to Dan about balls, getting my house, I say I want a tree, and I tell him where to put it. Paul lives next door to me, and he hates where I want it to be. So there is something that seems as simple as planting a tree can really cause issues. So putting up netting, which may be a good thing. I think that we’d have to do some real work.

Speaker 1 33:06
Communications wise, one of the things I thought about was, I want our golf courses in Longmont to be appreciated in time you get that news out? Well, every month with utility bill, we get that debt to retreat page thing. And I thought to myself, Gee, I wonder if we could, on a monthly basis have something there about the golf courses, I don’t know what it would what it would be or some tournament coming up or somebody did something or we’re making new arrangements to this to this particular golf course, Senator, but to get the word out about our courses, we might be one way to do that. The other thing, which I think is really important, is that the courses pay for themselves. And I think if you asked most of the people online, I think they would think taxes are paying for these courses. And to me that’s a that’s a big benefit for our for our courses. And I mean that should be shouting loud and clear umpteen times. But somehow we need to get out more information. That’s, you know, beneficial for the horses for that night. I thought about him right now though, it wouldn’t be nice something about, you know, Ukraine or something about Twin Peaks or sorry about sunset or something and make that sort of a thing that’s in that it’s in that brochure that comes out to everybody’s got a utility bill sitting. Let’s look at the publication. Probably somebody has to write it down After

Speaker 2 35:05
the just because nobody wants to read when I will. But we the city does have a college team and we can certainly work to get some some things might not be every month. Yeah. But on occasion

Speaker 3 35:22
like do we have? Do we have any events coming on this year? I mean, I know we had the 100 year anniversary, which doesn’t happen very often. But are

Speaker 2 35:33
there any events or things for the 200? Year? I think what we had committed was that there would be concert at your Creek this year. Is that now remembering that right?

Speaker 2 35:59
So, recreation helps organize those events. And we’ll do we’ll do one, but I think it’s a critical issue.

Speaker 3 36:09
And so recreation is in control of the golf course events too.

Speaker 2 36:15
versus not saying control of them. They’re helping out to do the programming of those events. golf pros helping pick the dates

Speaker 5 36:27
of non tournament events. Yes, they do. Recreation does the conference period, any most of the golf tournaments are ran the pros, we set them up. And then we schedule them, we have them on our calendars. And then when city recreation wants to host an event like that, then they they go through our schedules, verify with us that it’s a date thing and do it all. And we plan accordingly. And each of our forces

Speaker 1 37:01
appears to be very expensive. But you talked about wanting to increase speed of play, putting GPS and all across golf carts. Because every time I’m going I’m always looking at my phone to see how far you know how far it goes. And

Speaker 2 37:21
that that’s John, why we haven’t done that is because everybody has a smartphone. And I know

Speaker 5 37:31
I don’t I I’d have to look it up. I don’t think GPS units and carts have actually been proven to space in a lot of players. A lot of those touch screens are ones that I’ve used in development hours. I can I click where I want to target. So I’m sitting there still fiddling with versus a laser and I shoot the numbers. Everyone’s different. There’s no wrong answer no right answer, somewhere in the brain.

Speaker 2 38:01
So I’ll take this information, plug it into the calendar, and then we have that on next month’s agenda for you all to approve. Right. Yeah.

Speaker 1 38:17
That sounds good. We’re already approved the meetings yet.

Unknown Speaker 38:27
So how do we want to approach this? Do

Speaker 4 38:29
we want to revisit it? Or do you want to

Unknown Speaker 38:33
approve it as well?

Speaker 2 38:35
No, we don’t need to prove it tonight. I do need to have feedback from Marshall had mentioned trying to meet more often. Is that what all of you want to do? Or how do I make sure

Unknown Speaker 38:54
I still think every other month given that our meetings are so short that we

Unknown Speaker 39:02
I second the every other month?

Speaker 7 39:06
Take no say I agree. I think if anything, maybe make our meetings longer with more content in each meeting versus more meetings to show up because then that gives us more time to be out playing golf getting some feedback and that to bring to these versus being here. An extra time or two for a couple more meetings which may mean you may not get out.

Speaker 10 39:32
I believe that we approve the proposal leading things a second

Unknown Speaker 39:38
All in favor

Unknown Speaker 39:44
dates or

Unknown Speaker 39:47
sorry, those.

Speaker 2 39:52
So did you get that Dan? Marshall was against sorry.

Speaker 2 40:04
All right, I’ll bring the the agenda schedule next month and you all can approve that. The other thing I want to do real quick is introduce councilmember Sean McCoy. He is our new liaison. And would you mind board members just introducing yourself real quick?

Speaker 10 40:29
Poll mayor. I live up on the north east side of Perry. Marshall Allen live on the southwest side. America countless.

Speaker 3 40:48
I’m Andrew Dembski. I live near Twin Peaks.

Unknown Speaker 40:53
I’m John Dewey. I live halfway between here and with

Unknown Speaker 40:58
social care and I live over by a creek

Unknown Speaker 41:01
that just finished out Ryan Ryan

Unknown Speaker 41:03
lands on that bro, here’s sunset.

Unknown Speaker 41:06
D’Andrea is the supervisor you Creek.

Speaker 9 41:09
Why not because supervisor to consistency.

Speaker 8 41:13
Danielle Shara cough that Well, I live just my parents live on Cornell just on the opposite side. And I live on Humboldt, just around the corner from from Twin Peaks. So in I’ve been on this board before I think coming out brand new way back in the day. 2012. Yeah. Pretty close to that guy. So it’s so happy to be back on this board. I wanted to be back to this board. I’m not much of a golfer, the depth and I’m an idea guy. And my ideas are always trying to think about how to make things you know, better and with the tools we have in the in the facility facilities we have. And so always be thinking there and trying to navigate on behalf of you best I can to counsel to make sure that you know we get if we needed to look at the irrigation system we need to look at the irrigation system I know that it’s always been a bit of a problem and Twin Peaks for sure. And, and those sorts of things. So I want to make sure that we have these for my grandchildren’s grandchildren. Because these are important I grew up on these and that was it all part down here after 30 days so sunset has a special place in my heart. So lifeguard over here at sunset pool for 10 years while while I was in middle school and high school and college so you know really have fond memories of since the golf community

Unknown Speaker 43:17
are there any more items we have bond projects, but it wasn’t

Speaker 2 43:23
just so Ryan and Dan are going to do just a quick update on the bond projects since we have some good news. So Right.

Speaker 9 43:35
So I’ll start off with sunset following project with the irrigation system. So right now we’re sitting our new pump station parts were delivered this morning after the Lord installed in the pump station. Hopefully the rest of it should be installed tomorrow all dependent on availability of parts, there’s a few extra parts they get sent that they need, the scholars need to pick up and hopefully they’re in stock. So hopefully by tomorrow the new pump station part should all be installed on the golf course all the sprinkler heads on the store side are turned into the reverse except for 90 left online for a week. And beyond that the construction company will be done here at sunset and all wrapped up and they’ll return on switch and water on and hopefully everything works or get the kinks ironed out at the peaks they’ve been making very good headway with nice weather we’ve been having as we sit right now all the piping and wire for the project or on along with all the other parts are on site. They now currently have mainline installed up to fairway on the west side. South side of three fairway down for from three P s sixth fairway, and then coming back down, sixth fairway, up to sixth grade right now. And then there’s one little part from two T to one feet. So they have most of the main line down on the west side of the golf course, as of right now, to play this to start on laterals. hopefully later this week or early next week, we’ll be out tomorrow stapling exactly the patient’s sprinkler head so they can be starting to install sprinkler heads and transgression? Yes.

Speaker 1 45:36
Will we be using less water as a way to do it? Yes, that would be a thing that I think could go into that utility thing, that’d be great when we’re doing, you know, the whole thing about why we’re going to use less water, which we didn’t think going into, that would be great. I think paragraph in that, in that utility thing. And explain, I’ve been we’ve talked about before I forgot some things we can do now that we couldn’t do before,

Speaker 9 46:04
boy, we’re gonna have full control of the system, you have a control, less energy usage.

Speaker 1 46:14
that I think should be really a big thing for, you know, logging, want to know what we’re doing off course, and how we’re saving money and also resources.

Speaker 2 46:23
And the latest estimate that we have on water savings at Twin Peaks is 37%.

Speaker 2 46:37
What they will also allow us to do is Ryan will be able to control every head on the golf course. So you can adjust them to water more needed, or water less by my head compared to right now it’s one head shooting water 100 feet. And so you get really wet areas and really dry areas. So that that’s really get

Speaker 9 47:03
to that point in the ground to know they make some but we don’t. It’s kind of one of those weird technologies, we can use them. But they have to be removed from your error rates. So on the grounds, but then you can’t erase them because the roots are where you want the aeration clean. So the air raid, I either have to go around them, right? Or you have to remove old unwanted air, right? So

Speaker 6 47:36
there’s going to be some sort of inspection scheduled and I assume where we’re going to walk the course and say, Oh, this looks dry. This looks well, every

Speaker 9 47:42
day we drive around, that’s part of my job. My assistants jobs, we check to make sure everything’s running and where it’s dry. We anticipate it’s going to take a little bit to get the kinks wired out of the course and figure out exactly where things need to be validated. Cooper right will have a lot better idea more tools to our

Unknown Speaker 48:07
37%. That’s huge.

Unknown Speaker 48:10
When was the decision made

Speaker 2 48:12
that you were going to change the prediction system? To three 2018 the voters approved to do so.

Speaker 1 48:22
So what a follow up, you know, we have something we have rushing into taking their time. We’ve done extensive research. I mean, this is all a lot of work has gone into coming up with what we’re what we’re actually getting ready to put in now. I’m just thinking about an article that would that would really shine.

Speaker 7 48:47
For our viewers, we have to be careful about that. It’s a double edged sword, because in 2018, they approved it, but now we’ve taken six years to get. So you have to be cautious. Yeah, what you’re going to say?

Unknown Speaker 49:02
Well, okay, well,

Speaker 2 49:03
the problem is it cost so much more money to do. What was approved in 2018. Is is less than half of what it’s cost costing to do both of our projects. The timing with with COVID Could have been worse. Things just skyrocketed in price

Speaker 1 49:27
or whatever. But I still think the topic is something that would be fantastic to write about in let people want to know what’s going on. Right.

Speaker 7 49:37
So in continuing on with talking about that, we can say the bond was approved in 2018 COVID hit cost went up. We waited till because the courses self supporting or pays for a lot of these things. We went to we got additional money to help pay for that, that the Bond didn’t so you can spend it With the right press as to why there was a wait and how this is now going to help us with water savings and other economics behind it. So it’s, as I said, you have to be careful what you send out, because it can be construed either way. Why’d you wait? Or why didn’t you? You know, it goes both ways.

Speaker 10 50:22
You don’t even need to say that it was approved in 2018.

Unknown Speaker 50:27
A decision was made. Yeah. project

Speaker 3 50:29
owners. newly installed irrigation, saving this much percent. Yeah, right.

Speaker 7 50:39
I mean, there’s, there’s, there’s a couple of different ways, you know, but you have to be careful. Because, again, people may think, Well, why are we spending all this money putting irrigation even though we’re gonna save money? Well, how much did it cost us to save the money? So there’s, again, you can spend things a lot of different ways depending on how it’s presented.

Speaker 1 50:59
We also, the price of water has gone up dramatically over the last five years. And it’s going to keep going up. And it’s

Unknown Speaker 51:08
not just the money we’re saving. It’s we’re using less water.

Speaker 7 51:12
You’re preaching to the choir at this table. But that’s why I said we just have to be careful about how it’s presented rolled out.

Speaker 10 51:19
The next question is going to be well, if you have a sec right there, how come you haven’t done it yet? That’ll be the next.

Unknown Speaker 51:34
Start next December? I’ll take

Unknown Speaker 51:44
25 years to wait.

Unknown Speaker 51:48
All right, Dan, you want to talk about the maintenance bill.

Unknown Speaker 51:52
There’s where your money went.

Speaker 8 51:55
And I’m fine with that, too. So yeah, so if you’ve driven down Highway 66. Lately, you’ll see that it looks completely different than what it did two, three months ago. So they’ve, they’ve wiped the old farmhouse, they’ve wiped all the lien tears, all the trees are gone, trees on the east side are gone. And all the piles and everything out, they’re gone. So right now we’re in the process of digging, footers for our maintenance building, which will be the building on the west side, that’ll house our break room offices, the base, the wash bay, and all our storage areas. So they have the footers in the ground, they’re starting to form the walls over there. So it actually looks like a building, you can see the footprint of the building before the walls go up. So they’ve done that now they’re moved over to the east side, and they’re going to do our maintenance building, or sorry, our equipment building, which will house all the equipment where we can keep everything indoors now and extend the life of all of our equipment and get out of the sun when the rain, snow, all that and be able to start somewhere women in the winter, like just last week, we couldn’t get our tractors started, because it was you know, minus 11 degrees. So so that may or equipment building will have minimal heaters in there just to keep it you know, 40 degrees or something like that, keep it warm. So they’re done that starting to dig the floors for that. And then the utility guys are there also they’ve came in off of aerial court, which is not on the property, but a little bit east of there, there’s a right away through Well, you know, where the open lot is there, which is going to be a development here soon, too. We’ve started to bring in the sewer line off of there, and they’re probably halfway to the, to the maintenance yard. And they’ve only been there for like three days. So they move at a pretty good pace when they get going. So yeah, it’s pretty exciting to finally see some dirt being moved and concrete in the ground and, and you can see what’s going to be happening here in the next four or five months shooting for, you know, mid July, something like that ever to wrap up. And

Speaker 2 53:59
for the irrigation project at Twin Peaks. They’ll be working pretty hard through April. And then they will be for the most part leaving the site and going back to their project and mountains, which ends up working well for us because then we’re not dealing with construction during the busy time of the year. They’ll come back sometime sometime mid August, to early September, and then they should finish that work by the end of the year. So both or all three of the bond projects should be done by the end of this year, which is business

Speaker 3 54:44
that’s all Yeah. All right. So I’m on two items from the board.

Speaker 4 54:58
So no items No board so moved for Germany

Speaker 3 55:05
All right All in favor of a German We’re adjourned

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