Transportation Advisory Board – Jan 8th 2024

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Transportation Advisory Board – Jan 8th 2024

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Speaker 1 4:03
So we’re starting called order the transportation advisory board January eighth meeting. Let’s do a roll call. Chair laner. Board Member Bennett, your board member Wicklund, board member McInerney, board member Mickey burls. Council member Yarbro.

Speaker 1 4:32
Okay, the next item is we need to course appoint and have an election for the Vice Chair. I guess we’ll open up the floor for any nominations.

Speaker 2 5:09
ere we go, I’d like to nominate board member Wicklund?

Speaker 1 5:27
Just checking to see if there’s any other nominations otherwise will last for a second I’d like to nominate somebody board member Mickey BURROWS

Unknown Speaker 6:09
Well I’ll gladly second myself

Unknown Speaker 6:30
second board member McKee burrows.

Speaker 1 6:40
So I guess what we can do is we can have both give us a little synopsis and or a little campaign speech that acceptable. Okay, I will start with Taylor, or board member Wicklund. Sorry.

Speaker 3 6:59
Well, this is awkward. Well, you know, I’m happy to fill the position as the previous Interim Vice Chair views nominations ago again, and June of this year. I’ve already been part of tab for a year and a half now. And I’m also a part of the bike Issues Committee, chair of that committee, and then also very involved in the community. So and I will always stay involved, whether I’m vice chair or not. So thank you.

Speaker 4 7:39
So I’ve been on tab since I guess, July, I think. So. So the last time I’m also part of the bicycle Issues Committee. I am the secretary for the bicycle Issues Committee. I’m also gonna say you’re really involved and I’d be happy to accept it and I feel so happy to have bullpen but we can also take the position so I’m happy to take it

Speaker 1 8:26
so, we’ll go ahead and go. I guess around the starting with board member Bennett and have your vote.

Unknown Speaker 8:40
Vote board member Wicklund.

Unknown Speaker 8:46
I will vote for myself

Unknown Speaker 8:51
and I will vote for board member Mickey burrows

Unknown Speaker 8:57
for board member McKee Burroughs.

Unknown Speaker 9:13
Am the deciding right I will vote for myself I guess

Speaker 1 9:32
Okay, looks like we have a vote. Council member Yarbrough does not vote I don’t think so. Do we need to do anything in terms of a second is since we’ve done the vote, we’re good. Okay,

Speaker 1 10:00
Yeah, next time we’ll get there. We’ll get that going. So the next we go to approving the minutes of the preceding minutes. Any corrections or comments to the minutes?

Speaker 5 10:18
I have a couple. The first would be to correct the date in the header of minutes, pages two through nine. And the second would be it’s more of a clarification really minutes, page five, line 21 reads micro transit, which will be a formalized Uber Lyft system for Longmont and quote, so I’m guessing that Lyft would not be li f t, but rather LYF T. But I’m also wondering whether that’s a an accurate representation of the statement that was made. And if it is accurate. My question is, is it likely that Uber and Lyft are going to be the city’s contractors or microtransit?

Speaker 6 11:16
Well, they very well could be, I mean, they could, they could certainly bid on this if they want to, but we’re going to make it a third party contractor, it won’t be the same type of system as Uber and Lyft. Today as as far as drivers being able to just sign up as they want to and dictating the route the rates. by however many drivers you have will have a company the plan is to have a company that will have a set amount of drivers and vehicles and the vehicles will be owned by the company. And the drivers will be paid by the company. So it won’t be uber and lyft was really meant to describe the type of system and the on demand system. So I think you’re correct in that we don’t want to say the the words formalized but it’d be like it would be microtensile which is a form of have Uber Lyft type system if that makes sense to you.

Unknown Speaker 12:13
Thanks for the clarification

Unknown Speaker 12:20
anything else

Speaker 2 12:26
I would just inquire if it would be better to instead say rideshare system or if it’s clear to say Uber or Lyft

Unknown Speaker 12:39
I’m good either way, I mean however you feel what’s best.

Speaker 1 12:47
So we should just change it then to if we’re all in agreement. micromanager which will be a form of rideshare for long line does that sound correct?

Unknown Speaker 12:58
And not mention company names? Perfect.

Speaker 1 13:00
Okay. Great. With nothing else I guess we’ll need a motion to approve I motion that we approve the minutes

Unknown Speaker 13:22

Unknown Speaker 13:27
all those in favor

Unknown Speaker 13:44
Okay, Phil, you’re up.

Speaker 6 13:45
Thank you. Um, some communications from staff. We have a few this week or this month. First, just wanted to start we do have that legislative breakfast tomorrow morning. So bright and early in Boulder at the Glenn Miller ballroom. If you’ve already RSVP and have a ticket, please attend. That would be wonderful. Otherwise, let us know if you are wanting to go and we can still get you in probably so if you’re interested but did not sign up originally. It’s it’s a little I don’t know if they’re sold out yet or what but let me know and we’ll try to figure something out. It’s gonna be tough at this time of night to figure that out, but I think we could still get you in. So let me know. Also, just to give you a heads up, we are planning to do a Kaufmann street outreach for the current project from First Avenue north the ninth. We’re planning an outreach event at the library on Wednesday, January 31, from 530 to seven. And then if you’re really excited about things, all things transportation the next day He doing a transportation mobility plan open house at the library, February 1, from 530 to seven at the library. So, come join us for both events if you can, especially the TMP, I think the Kauffman Street is really more of an outreach to the local businesses and, and more of that information more related to construction. But we certainly like to see both. But I understand our schedules are pretty tight. So just want to let you know that. And then finally, our winter Bike to Work Day will be held on February 9, which is a Friday, that’s a 7am to nine 9am events, we’ll have a breakfast station at the development services center somewhere either along Fourth Avenue or along Kimbark Street. Either, it’ll be at the Development Services Center, which is the older courthouse building on the corner there where we all work. So we’re thinking about doing it at the Creation Station, which is that Fourth Avenue entrance, just as a like a warming area for people as they write up. And so we’re not sure about the weather, of course. But if anything like today, will certainly want to bring you inside and warm you up. That’s all we had for communications from staff at this time. Unless you had any questions about any other activities you’ve heard about, and want to know more about. Great.

Speaker 6 16:32
Same time 530 to 7pm at the library. And that’s the transportation mobility plan first open house, we’re really hoping to kind of kick off the event to the public at that at that open house event.

Speaker 1 16:59
Okay, we don’t look as if we have any public invited here. So we can move on to the information items, or the I should say the action items, right. So the proposed work plan,

Speaker 6 17:11
right, we do have one action item for you tonight for you to vote on. And we would like to make sure we get an approval either with or without recommendations from the TA B. So let us know what you think. But we did hand this out in December. I know a few folks were not available at that December meeting. But we did want to make sure we got that work plan out for 2024. So you would be able to look it over and just check it out to see if you had any corrections. At the time of our December meeting, you did have some ortho TV did have some comments. So we wanted to incorporate some of those and one of them was we’ve tried to highlight all the changes that we made from last year. So all the yellow highlights are kind of things that we know about. Now, one of them’s the February meeting, we will have RTD peak service study, presentation to this group. So we’re looking forward to that that’s going to be above and beyond the typical, you know, RTD download of all the information all the data ridership, where they are with other elements of the of the planning process. So this will be a little different and very much specific to the peak service study. And so they can explain to you where they are, where they are with that, and how we’re working as as partners to get that thing going and off the ground or on the ground, I guess so it’s rolling along the ground. Also, we want to have a Front Range passenger rail, so that’s separate. So the peak service study is something very much related to commuter rail, something very much like the A line or the end line that’s already existing in Denver, and bringing that as maybe three trains in in the morning, three trains out in the afternoon RTDs kind of replacement of the Northwest Rail, which was promised to be more of 55 trains a day kind of thing. So far range passenger rail is more of a an Amtrak type service. So that’s one of those ones where it’s more intercity or interest city. So it’s really trying to move people between the different cities from Fort Collins all the way down to Colorado Springs, and probably basing our hubbing in Denver. So you might have to switch trains if you’re going all the way to Colorado Springs. But there’s still a lot to be there’s a lot of unknowns with that. So we do want to have them come in, maybe maybe in the April May timeframe. And talk to us a little bit more about that and nuance the difference between the two systems. And there’s lots going on there. And they may have to go to a vote of the district. There’s a district that’s already been formed along the whole front range. And so they may have to go they may be pressed to go to a vote in 2024 to start taxing that district. And we want to certainly say things like, Hey, we’re paying FasTracks tax already. So how are we going to work that into a out what you want from a front page, Front Range passenger rail district, I don’t want to give away the punch lines, of course. But anyway, I also changed the mobility of the transportation mobility plan to ongoing because we’re in the midst of it mix of it now. So we’ll keep that going and then enhance multimodal plan. That’s kind of moving into the transportation mobility plan realm. So there’s a lot of things that are going to be taken up by the TMP process. Enhanced multimodal plan is part of that, you’ll see that E mux. Enhanced, multimodal, multi use plan, or multi use corridors are going to move into that as well. So there’s a number of things that transportation mobility plan is going to take over there, they kind of have these these smaller sub plans before, then we’re going to move 2020 For CIP project updates as a quarterly item rather than just be once a year, because there are so many things as we discovered last month. With Jim’s update, there’s so many moving parts of these things that we want to keep you updated, so that you know, the latest and greatest with what’s going on. And so we come to you kind of more in the middle of the year asking you about 2025 CIP projects, you kind of have a sense of already what’s been going on. And we don’t have to kind of do them as to to pieces as much. Obviously, we’re doing the work plan today. So January, is obviously always going to be that one. So we’ll just keep that as January. Vision Zero is now ongoing, we’re hiring a new coordinator. She technically actually starts January 22. So we’re very excited to have I can’t say her name yet. But she hasn’t formally announced to her current employer yet. So I’ll let you know as soon as we can tell you probably at the next meeting, we’ll introduce her to the to everybody and have her be here. So we’re very excited for that it’s, I think you’ll be very excited to see how this process moves forward. After that, then micro trends that we brought that up a little bit. q1 is really to start talking about the we really want to have a proposal out there, or request for proposal, excuse me. And so we want to make sure that you’re aware of that and how that’s moving forward. So that’ll be quarter number one, you’ve asked for at the last meeting of snow and ice control, update. There were some issues with trails, and maybe not as much streets but trails so we wanted to give you an update on where we are with snow and ice removal. This year 2024. So that’ll be quarter one, that’ll probably be March as well. March, April, March, it’s gonna be March if it’s quarter one. Or February, I suppose. But we’ve got a busy February already. And then q2, we want to talk about start talking start the discussion on what the right free Longmont peace feels like, as far as there’s a new fare structure that you’ve probably heard about in the newspapers RTDs Scott, this brand new fare structure, we heard about it there last update as well. But some of you weren’t available for that, so are not here at the time. But we think that that new fare structure makes a lot more sense for Longmont. And so we’ve got a lot of requests from especially the drivers on the routes, to please put back a fair system, just because they’re feeling overrun by people, kind of maybe abusing the routes a little bit as far as on and off for jumping on and off without really have a destination in mind. And, and so there’s a little sense from the drivers anyway, that there’s been some abuse on the system. So we want to bring that up to the TV first and then take it to city council. We’re certainly, you know, as staff, we’ll do whatever the policy dictates to move that forward. But we wanted to give you some pros and cons just to let you know where things are. We’ve been doing this program for about 10 years now. So it’s it’s exciting. It was great when it started, it really showed that there was impediment to transit, and that was the fares. And so I think we’ve proven that out. And now that the fares have come down, first time in history that RTD has lowered their their fares. So we might want to take advantage of that and put that into a system especially as we roll micro transit out into the city. So this might be one of those things where microtransit is that first and last mile piece that really connects all but now said about all that we hope that this is something that you feel comfortable with moving forward into the new year. And let us know if you have any questions or comments or additions or subtractions. So thank you

Speaker 1 24:52
excuse me, I know a lot of effort was was put into this. And you’ve made I think some of the changes from some of the input from the board prior to this So we’ll just start with councilmember Bennett and see if our board member sorry, and see if there’s any comments, questions or issues?

Speaker 2 25:18
Yes, Overall, I’d say that this is a great document. And the only thing that sticks out for me is I want clarification on the sugar mill and steam project. Given the voters rejecting the proposal for the entertainment center, I would like to see how that impacts the transit and if it is still necessary for it to be a ongoing update.

Speaker 6 26:09
But, yeah, if there, I wasn’t sure if that was just a comment or a question. But we’ll certainly, if we need to, we could just change that to as needed. Rather than ongoing, does that help with the direction? Okay, well, we can do that then in the next iteration.

Speaker 7 26:31
So just a little more information on the sugar mill in the steam those projects, while the city has put together a kind of a planning document on it. They are it is developer driven. And the city there, particularly with the sugar, the sugar factory area, there are a significant number of hurdles to get passed, there’s wetlands, there’s environmental issues, there’s floodplain, so is not going to be a a, a quick process to begin developing that and that property on the sugar factory isn’t even annexed into the city yet. So there has been a number of proposals as to what how that’s going to be developed with the arts and entertainment center is only one component of it. But that will be a planning thing. And as we note as needed, if we get more information, we’d certainly bring it back as those plans develop.

Speaker 3 27:30
Well, because I miss last meeting, I think one thing I would like to add, and I do kind of think I am for adding this in the email, the 2022 Dr. cog report is kind of a little bit of maybe discussion in Longmont. It’s Micromobility Micromobility. Outlook. And if we come up with a number of, you know, population and how how much that’s coming through, just so that we can also plan a transit system around that, because what was interesting from the Dr. cog report was that that tripled since 2019, where driving VMT Miles has actually decreased still hasn’t gone above 2019 levels. So I just think it’s maybe we’re looking at the future of mobility. So I think we should try to be aware of that.

Speaker 6 28:22
Do you want to keep that as an ongoing? Yeah. And we’ll just slide it under Dr. cog as a congestion Yeah.

Speaker 3 28:29
You know, I know we talked about the cycle is one avenue but also there’s there’s a lot of other options out there as well. And whether people privately own their mobility options, so that that’s all I have.

Speaker 6 28:53
And under Dr. Garg, I think is, and Micromobility will throw that in as well.

Speaker 5 29:05
The proposed 2024 work plan looks good to me. thank staff for all their attention to detail in it.

Speaker 4 29:19
So I wasn’t here in December either as everyone needed to. So I did watch the recording. So I do have an idea of what you discussed last time. She was halfway just watched it this afternoon. So I’m very up to date. There was one we had a discussion by squishies committee this last month about maybe presenting here tab about some issues with signage for the detail. And so I was wondering if maybe we could invite the bicycle Issues Committee to come and attend and give a presentation to tab about current bicycle issues like with the toll science and any other things coming up. Yeah, because it felt like we were just kind of going in circles without having a good solution for the sign problems.

Speaker 6 30:13
And I think the bicycle Issues Committee also said that they wanted to talk with staff first. So we’ve changed a little bit of the direction to meet with staff first, but then we can mix that into this group whenever we need to.

Speaker 1 30:29
And I think I think you could put it under the bike and ped as needed, and maybe add either signage and or issues that come up from the bicycle committee.

Speaker 4 30:46
Oh, if maybe we can have an update. I know. I think it’s part of the TMP already, but about the bike and ped plan moving forward, because I think that’s being updated as part of the TMP bit. That’s

Speaker 6 30:59
correct. Yes. Okay. Well, you’re a lot about that on February 1. Okay, great. And even later,

Unknown Speaker 31:07
and the bicycle carriages, I think you’re updating.

Speaker 1 31:14
So the action item is with with the changes that we’re going to make from tonight, and from what’s been made that we need to of course approve it. So I need a motion to approve.

Speaker 5 31:32
I move that the Board approve the proposed 2024 Work Plan.

Unknown Speaker 31:40
With the changes you discussed.

Unknown Speaker 31:42
Right. Okay. As amended.

Unknown Speaker 31:50
I’ll second.

Speaker 1 31:54
Okay. All those in favor say aye. Aye. Any opposed?

Speaker 1 32:11
Okay, so, Phil, there’s no other action items.

Unknown Speaker 32:15
That’s it for today. Thank you very much.

Speaker 1 32:17
Yeah. Thank you. So I guess we’ll switch it around. We’ll start with actually councilmember Yarborough. Give his comments for tonight.

Speaker 8 32:30
Thank you, Chair. Um, I don’t have any actually, like I said, Happy New Year to everyone. And let’s make 2020 for a better a better pedestrian friendly year in the city long line.

Speaker 4 32:54
Well, I want to thank staff for their continued hard work. I look forward to seeing what you’re doing in 2024. Thank you for the nomination and election as vice chair of tab. I look forward to taking it on. Hopefully I never have to actually do anything. And you’ll be here every meeting. I’m sure I’ll be fine. And since I was traveling again, over the winter, I was gone for an entire month. This time I was traveling in France and England. It just kind of always draws my attention to the differences and transportation between the different places. It’s so it feels so much more ahead in European cities, and it has here and I would love to see almost be like the forefront of making American cities much more similar in terms of transportation like making light rail, very easy, and having buses going every five minutes and it’d be great to see them on one once I say that’s my long term dream.

Speaker 5 34:08
I’m looking forward to working with my fellow board members and staff. Councilmember Yarborough and 2024. I do have one question has a TMP steering committee meeting been scheduled yet?

Speaker 6 34:23
There has not been one scheduled yet formally. We’re very close though. You’ll hear you’ll be hearing about this very, very soon within the next two weeks, I believe. So thank you

Speaker 3 34:42
well, I guess I will also say Happy 2024 Happy New Year. And you know, I had a little bit of different travel in December, I went through a lot of American Canada. And I’ll say that there is some actually interesting things going on, as well. Actually when we talk about bike and ped safety, so I’m really looking forward to a little bit of that discussion of what, what can be done easily and simply and cheaply. So just to get us started, so instead of waiting 20 years, so, but yeah, I do look forward to a very productive year. Thank you.

Speaker 2 35:27
Yes, so happy 2024 as well. And with that, I am excited to see our TDs new fare structure, it’ll be exciting to see how that may encourage riders across the front range to implement a go and try out the bus system. Likewise, on a separate issue for RTD, I have concerned about is, I recently boarded a ride free Longmont bus and asked for a transfer and was told that they no longer are accepting transfers. And this was a surprise to me. And so I went to the RTDS website, as the Stryver said that his manager told him that they are no longer accepting it. And if you look on our TDs website, a updated are an updated ride free Longmont web page says as of January 4 2023, so they updated it, still saying that they will accept doing transfers upon request. And so at likewise, it says the same on the boulder County’s website. And so I am confused and also concerned for the drivers as this will cause unnecessary frustration due to the lack of communication on what’s happening here.

Speaker 6 36:56
Yeah, just as a follow up to that comment, staff was not made aware of that issue, but I can with the elimination of regional routes, so it’s all it’s all, there’s no such thing as a local route anymore. There’s no such thing as a regional route. It’s just one fare for everything. So I could see that they’re now saying, Hey, you can ask for a transfer on a ride free local bus, because that’ll get you anywhere in the system for nothing. So you could you could really play the game, I guess, as far as the system goes. And so I’m wondering if that’s not part of it. And might be another reason why we need to start talking about bringing back the fare structure. So there is some part of that.

Speaker 2 37:48
Yeah, I can see that as well. And ultimately, I just Transparency is key, because it’s saying conflicting things on the website, as well as on this update, so called updated webpage. It also says that you can transfer to the LD, LXJ and bold, and of that the LX and J had been discontinued for years. This is like over three years. And so yeah, so I’m just at the very least requesting that RTD update their page.

Unknown Speaker 38:21
It says very helpful for us, and we’ll pass that along tomorrow. Thank you. Thanks.

Speaker 1 38:28
Well, um, yeah, Happy New Year. Right, I guess we’ve all said that. And I appreciate all the work again, that staff does. And, of course, the work by the board, because when we look at the work plan, and some of the things, even in the short time that I’ve been here, it’s grown. I mean, we’re adding you know, more modes, and we’re talking about passenger rail and the light rail, it’s, it’s actually very exciting that we are at least talking that means that we’re trying to move forward with some of these these things. I do have one thing that I want to mention, and this is just a little pet peeve on a drive on the west side of town is Clover basin at the curve where the safe rain schools Offices are. And it almost as if you’ve done a little bit of a road diet there. I’m not there’s a lot of folks that are walking on the shoulder, which is perfectly fine are pedestrians, but folks are going very fast to that corridor. And because of the bend, they’re crossing over into this bike lane and I’ve actually seen them go up onto the shoulder. So I’m wondering if there’s a chance you could do a driver feedback unit or something there or maybe even a temporary one to tell folks what their speed is. Maybe that would get them to slow down? Because it’s 35 and I honestly I’ve seen people go 50 through there, believe it or not over basin in between. What would that be Fordham and airport. And the other challenges is because of the whoops because of the geometric or the turn what happens is is that some Folks are turning left into that neighborhood pass the school offices. And I’ve seen some folks really slam on their brakes as well. Just something I’ve noticed, because I drive that, sorry.

Speaker 6 40:13
Thanks. We’ll take that into consideration. move that along to Kyle, and see if we can’t get a speed trailer out there in the short term and just maybe monitor it with some other patrols.

Speaker 1 40:23
If people are aware, maybe they’ll help. So great. I guess we’ve gone through our comments, items for the upcoming agenda.

Speaker 6 40:33
Well, good thing we went through our workflow plan, I think we talked a little bit about that. So you’ll see in February, the peak service study piece, we also have the snow and ice control, we’ll try to figure out if that’s February or March, and then the micro transit piece to just to get you an idea of the scope of work for that. And then the introduction of our New Vision Zero coordinator. Yep. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 41:01
Okay. I need a motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 41:10
I will motion to adjourn.

Speaker 1 41:15
I’ll second. All those in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed. Great. That adjourns the meeting for tonight. Thank you.

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