Callahan House Advisory Board – December 2023

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Callahan House Advisory Board – December 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Okay. Has everybody had a chance to look over the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 0:05
And do we have any changes or additions?

Unknown Speaker 0:12
Okay, can we get a motion to approve? I move we approve the consent.

Unknown Speaker 0:19
agenda or minutes?

Unknown Speaker 0:23
Oh, I’m sorry. I’m jumping ahead of myself. Yeah. Okay. Let’s look at the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 0:28
Do we usually usually approve it? I mean, we we

Unknown Speaker 0:35
changed up

Unknown Speaker 0:40
something or something? Yeah, that’s okay. Hi, man. I’m making a Christmas here or something.

Unknown Speaker 0:49
Anybody have any changes to the agenda?

Unknown Speaker 1:01
I move we approve the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:03

Unknown Speaker 1:06
Okay. Now in favor? Aye. Okay, it has passed. And let’s move right on to the minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:14
Do you want to take a minute look at my device changes.

Unknown Speaker 1:18
Okay. I have a motion to approve the minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:22
I move we approve the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 1:30
No, I’m fine. Thank you. All right. Is there any public here to be here?

Unknown Speaker 1:38
And let’s talk about the packet updates. And we do discuss their

Unknown Speaker 1:44
their annual report, which is on the agenda. So I guess discuss that in order. Yeah, it’s on agenda. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:54
Okay. Moving right along here. Let’s start with business. And we have that sh M. Great project.

Unknown Speaker 2:05

Unknown Speaker 2:07
Yeah, the window is in. So yeah, as a not yesterday, but are started out this week was the biggest Monday. So yeah. And they.

Unknown Speaker 2:16
Yeah, so all that is complete. The news release is out. And it’s been picked up by the leader and the times call on good.

Unknown Speaker 2:26
So they start in the folder, or the camera. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:31
We’re having a little two hour open house tonight. And next Wednesday, just to kind of because news release, the full release didn’t come out until after the holiday but perhaps it just by people who are trying to see if they weren’t aware before. So you haven’t everything is finalized with that in terms of the work being done.

Unknown Speaker 2:53
So we have no any other updates, like from carrier or anything then.

Unknown Speaker 2:59
So then in the future, we can take this off? I think so. Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 3:05
Report or be patient.

Unknown Speaker 3:09
Care has been taking care of all that. So I’ll just sold secretary. Sure. Everything’s completely wrapped. But now she said in touch. So

Unknown Speaker 3:19
Karen, what was your question? Is there any last communication or report that needs to go into history

Unknown Speaker 3:26

Unknown Speaker 3:29
the grant the completion

Unknown Speaker 3:35
launch of donations and contributions, any updates? I know that had to go through legal it’s with legal so still there could be several weeks or so.

Unknown Speaker 3:46
So we will keep this protected. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 3:50
Okay, the digitized scrapbook, any news on that?

Unknown Speaker 3:55
They Museum has a new director history. So we’re gonna be working directly with that person, instead of with Eric Mason. So I’ve been connected with them. But since they just started we’re going to get a little time to kind of get their feet wet

Unknown Speaker 4:10
in New Year.

Unknown Speaker 4:13
Basically the board to go over there and start scanning. But I think the plan is still as we’ve talked about is just the first one and kind of figure out how much of an undertaking it really is and then decide if we want to keep moving forward in

Unknown Speaker 4:29
history. Elizabeth

Unknown Speaker 4:37
you didn’t get the first name. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 4:41
Okay, so yeah, so we’ll connect with

Unknown Speaker 4:45
New York.

Unknown Speaker 4:49
PTO founders they’ve broken

Unknown Speaker 4:56

Unknown Speaker 4:58
yeah, we’re we’re working on it.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
We’ll be working here pretty soon. But basically we already discuss what

Unknown Speaker 5:07
what we have maybe we will have a meeting before that. Yeah, because it’s the 20th

Unknown Speaker 5:13
we will present the program to you guys before for basically, again, we’re just going over the history of it and

Unknown Speaker 5:23

Unknown Speaker 5:26
the computer and show some of the film do basically

Unknown Speaker 5:32
a PowerPoint tour

Unknown Speaker 5:36
I don’t think we’re doing anything out there

Unknown Speaker 5:39
should be concerned about and you’re familiar with the layout of the facility. We’ve already seen the facility and exactly how we’re doing

Unknown Speaker 5:48
discuss that.

Unknown Speaker 5:50
Basically, you just have to put the presentation finalize everything

Unknown Speaker 5:59
I even consider crossing just

Unknown Speaker 6:03
I want to see

Unknown Speaker 6:07
that would be great. Like historic. Yeah, and the whole shebang is just

Unknown Speaker 6:13

Unknown Speaker 6:23
I just got to get through the holidays first that’s why I’m running late

Unknown Speaker 6:31
tomorrow the holidays and I know we did really good yes. Yes. That the the numbers here. Yeah, it was great turnout for this position. Open House was 225 people total kids, parents, etc. And we got hired $67 in donations.

Unknown Speaker 6:52
And then the holiday open house we have 408 people over half of them came in the first hour

Unknown Speaker 7:02
but it was great to see everybody plays by themselves. And then we got $229 in donations and $120 in merch sales

Unknown Speaker 7:14
Yep, so $560 Total brought in from those events and 633 people visiting the house

Unknown Speaker 7:22
38 And email signups?

Unknown Speaker 7:32
Call him specific success and contrast.

Unknown Speaker 7:37
So yeah, great, great numbers from that. And

Unknown Speaker 7:41
then like I mentioned smaller than house tonight and next Wednesday as well. So

Unknown Speaker 7:47
now do you want anybody? Is it voluntary? If you want people to show up? Are you just going to handle it if anybody wants to feel free Jacqueline and I will be here and I mean as much as we’d like another 400 people in the house I hope not that many

Unknown Speaker 8:05
I know it did go out and papers local papers so

Unknown Speaker 8:10
it’s reported six tonight and also next Wednesday so if anybody wants to feel free but but also you’re having additional open houses Yeah. And the idea was that because the news releases the full releases weren’t out in temperate holiday open house they thought that along with telling people what was going on there should be an opportunity to come see the space that didn’t make it to now so offering those couple little extra segments of time

Unknown Speaker 8:35
so yeah, no obligations it’ll

Unknown Speaker 8:39
be more generally

Unknown Speaker 8:43
when we left at seven and whatever, on last week yeah Cindy and I walked out the door together and a car pulled up and gals got out and yeah, they had a thing that said it was opened from 48 Yeah just a murder the

Unknown Speaker 9:01

Unknown Speaker 9:05
visit Yeah, it made us feel super I’m so excited. Yeah. So when

Unknown Speaker 9:14
are they getting their information? I am not sure but actually I have a

Unknown Speaker 9:21
couple days

Unknown Speaker 9:23
from there to kind of connect to see how we can be more directly connected with yes if they’re publishing stuff that we didn’t get Yeah, I don’t know what to have it shouldn’t

Unknown Speaker 9:32
repeat something they’ve had before. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 9:37
Just the hours from last year

Unknown Speaker 9:40
are something

Unknown Speaker 9:45
new hours Yeah, or something like that. We’re gonna ask us before

Unknown Speaker 9:52

Unknown Speaker 9:54
will be more directly connected with online initiative chamber moving forward.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
I got it. But yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 10:03
yeah, we should know anybody who’s going to advertise this we should know about. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:09
Yeah. So quick question. So you’ve got just to repeat you got the opera house tonight. And once the next one. Yes. So just tonight and the following Wednesday, from four to six, just to give another opportunity for a holiday open house. I can’t just a quick little night that I could help. Okay. Sure. Thank you. Yeah. And it’s like said no obligations, we didn’t expect to have a full open house.

Unknown Speaker 10:35
But I missed this. This last one. Just was not everything went great.

Unknown Speaker 10:44

Unknown Speaker 10:46
the next on the list is the updated video. And the information on the video did not have any updates. Hopefully in the year will get underway. Did we figure out how we’re going to do?

Unknown Speaker 11:02
I can’t even think of the process. Yeah, the process is what we’ve discussed, we need to get some bids, and then

Unknown Speaker 11:11
those will be reviewed. And then we’ll go from there. Are you Are we going to see what are we’re bidding for first before you put it out? Are you guys gonna put that together to review it before it goes out? Yeah, we should be able to do that. Yeah. And then but but we’re looking for next year for sure. type of thing.

Unknown Speaker 11:40
going really quickly.

Unknown Speaker 11:43
Pretty. It’s a little more coffee or something.

Unknown Speaker 11:47
Club affair.

Unknown Speaker 11:51
I know we’ve got another scheduled for what, September next year.

Unknown Speaker 11:58
I don’t really have any updates about that I after the last meeting we talked about but I would look through old files and see if I can find any information which I found an empty file.

Unknown Speaker 12:11
So yeah, so I have to be honest, I have basically nothing for that. So I think can be probably the rest of you have a lot more information in terms of getting that started. So

Unknown Speaker 12:22
Connie Newman. Okay. Connie has got files on her composure. She said she’s great.

Unknown Speaker 12:28
Yeah. And those letters, you have a real good. Yeah. So yeah, we’re in a place to start. Okay. So I guess what we should be working on now is just names of clubs. And if you can get a contact person for those clubs, that’d be great. So things you go on tour, you know, people want to

Unknown Speaker 12:47
reach out to them, and then you can send those to me, you’re ready. Do you have a list of past clubs that we’ve gotten? Could you share that?

Unknown Speaker 12:58
It was

Unknown Speaker 13:00
good. I think

Unknown Speaker 13:03
you gave it to me gave me a hard copy. And then I think I gave it

Unknown Speaker 13:12
this was yeah, just

Unknown Speaker 13:19
I didn’t get everybody didn’t get a

Unknown Speaker 13:24
lot of clubs.

Unknown Speaker 13:27
Honestly, I’m running through my mind as as befuddled as I am. And I

Unknown Speaker 13:33
just passed around.

Unknown Speaker 13:35

Unknown Speaker 13:37
So to make it a point for everybody to look at, we get

Unknown Speaker 13:45
maybe, I don’t know how to get one up to date. But yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:49
So by the next meeting, you might have a few to add to it. Like, you know, just kind of cross off crossover may not even be yes. That would be

Unknown Speaker 14:00
absolutely one form a committee or I thought we were

Unknown Speaker 14:05
co chair. Okay. Yeah, it was Yeah, sure. closure. I think we decided everybody was coaching

Unknown Speaker 14:13
really needs to fit counts to have

Unknown Speaker 14:17
time outside of the regular meetings to work on it. I guess.

Unknown Speaker 14:22
We did.

Unknown Speaker 14:25
And that’s my kind of run into the problem where there’s only three of us. Can we is that the case? Well, it’s I mean, we’re doing more business. Yeah. As long as we

Unknown Speaker 14:39
stick with the guidelines that we’ve talked about, which is why we’re meeting like that, that we’re working on that specific task and not discussing other items that may be coming up and we just have to be cautious of that. Okay. And or human of course, but okay. It’s a clarification.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
You’re okay, great. And then if we can meet at the house, that’s great that if we can, we can always meet at the library or someplace. Library history, you have to get anywhere, but you reach out and you know, the house open and available.

Unknown Speaker 15:14
Okay, great. So that’ll be scheduled as needed.

Unknown Speaker 15:19
All right, that’s gonna go along well.

Unknown Speaker 15:23
And the last thing in old business is our annual report that I did hand out a copy of rough draft budget.

Unknown Speaker 15:31
And last month, it was, we looked at it, I think, Karen, you were here, right? So we waited. But if there’s no additions or changes,

Unknown Speaker 15:42
I just want a while I

Unknown Speaker 15:47
think that that was really helpful. And for purposes of recording, and looking back over several years, having that consistency is important.

Unknown Speaker 15:59
It’s so much of your work together to use Yes. Use the same kind of just

Unknown Speaker 16:06
put in, like dinner years. Exactly. Now, this pretty much follows the first one from last year.

Unknown Speaker 16:15
Because of

Unknown Speaker 16:17
differences, the graph is in there with you had a graph if you didn’t have lines last year.

Unknown Speaker 16:27
Do you have?

Unknown Speaker 16:29

Unknown Speaker 16:32
All right.

Unknown Speaker 16:33
So you were showing and knowing part, the reason we did this last year was did you have three years or three years, but even prior years when Kansas last report was filed, didn’t show prior years. So we were trying to be consistent

Unknown Speaker 16:53
in last year’s report with prior years, which is actually quite helpful for reporting purposes, having those

Unknown Speaker 17:00
just quick numbers of two years prior and then current year. So I think we need to incorporate that again.

Unknown Speaker 17:08
Okay, well, we have that information. Because Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:11
That’d be healthy to do. We want to go just reporting, essentially, yeah, essentially, we have the current year in the two years plan.

Unknown Speaker 17:21
You’re just wanting to incorporate to you to pass chairs along the graph. On the ground. Yeah, yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 17:30
Just change the tables. It makes it more meaningful. It does. It does. You see change from your size, it’s national.

Unknown Speaker 17:41
Again, because we don’t have a city council liaison. This is it’s important that they get to see those numbers. They read so many reports and stuff like that. I can’t remember I can’t remember what happened last year, no problem that will lead to years previous years to this, which isn’t a problem.

Unknown Speaker 18:01
And that’s just a graph. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:07
That’s pretty simple.

Unknown Speaker 18:20
Again, another thing that happened in years prior to skimming is important to

Unknown Speaker 18:27
separate from the grunt work. It is. Yeah. And with reason, so what would fall under

Unknown Speaker 18:37
repair repairs. I like to see why maybe any other anything did happen this year that was

Unknown Speaker 18:47
in part it so that we can keep it on the radar to ensure that maintenance happens.

Unknown Speaker 18:56
And also, if it’s something that is stored, particularly we need to

Unknown Speaker 19:04
if this is not going to provide funds for that, then we need to be doing some grant the documents. Yeah. So that documents that we’ve had

Unknown Speaker 19:17
on founder, this is something that’s outstanding, it does need to be taken care of. So the future mates so well.

Unknown Speaker 19:26
What happened during the year? Yeah, good maintenance. Well, she mentioned that

Unknown Speaker 19:33

Unknown Speaker 19:35
List of future maintenance items was maintained this year.

Unknown Speaker 19:40
But yeah, what year is that one that you’re referring to? Like when was the last one this year last year’s report? And it covered 2020 through 2022. But it does, yes, an overview of recent years. Just a quick paragraph there, the 2022 activities and the 2022 events.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
kind of a breakdown of those events, that’s helpful to

Unknown Speaker 20:05
the twin trying to maintenance things that

Unknown Speaker 20:09
have been done or just be

Unknown Speaker 20:12
a combination.

Unknown Speaker 20:14
Yeah. Next year Stokes.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
So future maintenance with water future goals.

Unknown Speaker 20:24
And I would recommend sticking system

Unknown Speaker 20:28
goals in the current

Unknown Speaker 20:33
system, not just their, their, their future goals like, what are we going to do within the next year, and then there’s long term future goals. That’s what’s going to need to happen in the garden over the next two to three years.

Unknown Speaker 20:50

Unknown Speaker 20:52
So what are our goals for next year? Well, that’s.

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Okay, so are you saying that this is incomplete at the moment?

Unknown Speaker 21:08
So then you want what added?

Unknown Speaker 21:20
We’re adding going to.

Unknown Speaker 21:23
Okay, so we’re going to add the things to the to

Unknown Speaker 21:27
the table right to the ground?

Unknown Speaker 21:31
Is is you are more clarification in more consistency?

Unknown Speaker 21:38
If I’m understanding you, right, is that?

Unknown Speaker 21:42
Yes. So so we need to add in events? I mean, if you’re asking me specifically was suggesting

Unknown Speaker 21:53
we needed

Unknown Speaker 21:56
to have 20 Artwalk.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
That’s a full

Unknown Speaker 22:02
specify or list

Unknown Speaker 22:05
like we did in last year? I don’t think we need to economy last year. Exactly. No, it’s not.

Unknown Speaker 22:15
Some of the things because it still covers everything. But I’ve, you know, when I was going through it, I just thought future goals, you know, well, it’s this report, or is it the police report? Guess it’s the challenge of

Unknown Speaker 22:31
the presidency? It is.

Unknown Speaker 22:34
So so if you’re just saying this is the way you would write it, because?

Unknown Speaker 22:40
Well, I mean, I don’t want to miss anything. But I am not saying we have to match exactly last year. I mean, I don’t I just what I’m asking for is, is there anything missing from this? I agree with you, I think you definitely should add the columns for the years on the tables here.

Unknown Speaker 22:59
But is there anything else missing?

Unknown Speaker 23:02
You know, a goal is something you may not have done before.

Unknown Speaker 23:08
We have done the open houses and all these other things before. So in my mind, it’s a given that that’s something we’re gonna continue or a decision that the board will make in the future. I don’t know that you need to reiterate that.

Unknown Speaker 23:22
Under your what’s been done, or what’s going to happen to what you mean, the activities that have been done or what’s going to happen. I’m just saying.

Unknown Speaker 23:33
I don’t know that you need to list

Unknown Speaker 23:37
delegates, which polls

Unknown Speaker 23:40
that are going to carry on. I’m saying there’s I think Karen’s point is that when she’s putting together information for grants or if she’s correlating historical information, it’s much easier to do it’s in basically the same format from year to year.

Unknown Speaker 23:58
That’s so easy. And I just know having done this.

Unknown Speaker 24:02
Okay. Yeah. It basically format because doing it last year, putting all three years together and going back and tearing my hair out trying to figure out, I mean, well,

Unknown Speaker 24:14
it was just the President’s Report, because it this is our president. This is yes, the chairperson is presenting it, but this it really is a board report to the city council. It’s not officially in our charter, it is important.

Unknown Speaker 24:33
It’s a board report that the chairperson is supposed to do, but it it is a communication from the board.

Unknown Speaker 24:42
So that’s why Karen both parents were involved in I was involved in writing. I just didn’t write it myself. Right. It was a combination factor of how we did this. If I if I also think under future goals should we should out

Unknown Speaker 25:01
We’re working on it. And that is our future goal is to achieve the club affair. We’re hoping that it’s going to happen. But I don’t see club affair on here either, but is that the actual goal is a short term goal, it is a short term goal

Unknown Speaker 25:18
of what we would like to achieve in in

Unknown Speaker 25:23
2024. I mean, to me, that’s, that would be quite an achievement if we can get that together and do that not as a short term goal. And so I understand

Unknown Speaker 25:36
does not happen every year, though. I know the long term, I’m just saying, grandiose goals, the goal is to get more close follows, right. So instead of saying it’s a love affair, yes, make our overall goal is is is solicit more clothes, more clothes, their

Unknown Speaker 25:59
fear is more to help them get more

Unknown Speaker 26:03
we charge

Unknown Speaker 26:05
us for it. So that kind of isn’t the same as our goal of getting more clubs to come here and use our inner towards a cheaper than than just for other for those clubs to get members. It’s it’s it’s community support. And by the county public fair itself is mainly for those clubs to rent a table from us and advertise their club to get more it is it serves many facts is it does that but it also highlights what we do. And it does our community outreach, which we need for grants. That’s another reason why it needs to be stated because we’re doing grant purposes to say, look, we showed this to city council they’re aware of this is what we’re going on, and we’re still short on. We’re going to write a grant, could you please help us? This helps, that we have a documentation of a report that was sent and presented.

Unknown Speaker 27:02
And the city is aware, but they do not have the funds for this. And we have asked us nicely for several years, but they said no. And that’s what normally when you’re doing a grant, you need to prove that you ask

Unknown Speaker 27:19
God to have the documentation, which are also proving your organization is supporting the love

Unknown Speaker 27:29

Unknown Speaker 27:32
no cockpit. And the best way I can explain this, this, it would take really sitting down and reading through the

Unknown Speaker 27:42
application requirements.

Unknown Speaker 27:46

Unknown Speaker 27:48
if you did that, then you would remember maybe that this is part of that a component of that. So really, for so many reasons. This would work well we do have on here continuing to preserve funding for preservation and restoration programs. So we’re continuing to prove so that is touched on here on future goals. But how have you shown that you have supported the one reached out well is that necessary

Unknown Speaker 28:15
is absolutely necessary.

Unknown Speaker 28:20
knows that we we use zero writing grants, but we have these document

Unknown Speaker 28:28
documentation supports it was really

Unknown Speaker 28:34
for the good of everybody particularly grant write

Unknown Speaker 28:38
this information with your help with that to write this session.

Unknown Speaker 28:44
Because you know the wording you want to use there and you’re better at it and I

Unknown Speaker 28:51
specifically are wanting to

Unknown Speaker 28:55
add a future goal

Unknown Speaker 28:58
that covered what we’ve discussed. Mostly

Unknown Speaker 29:04
I think it’s okay. We’ll go ahead and meet put together what I’m suggesting and then we can present it back to the board in January well actually we need to get this pretty much done this year. So we’ll have to be in December.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
We actually didn’t put give the board the report in children right. So we could do one more time and have a final look at it in at the January meeting and it should not be

Unknown Speaker 29:36

Unknown Speaker 29:41
we don’t really have information.

Unknown Speaker 29:44
So really,

Unknown Speaker 29:46
I think the wording you can you can look and say okay, got in January.

Unknown Speaker 29:53
We try to have those numbers right after

Unknown Speaker 29:58
we can that’s why we

Unknown Speaker 30:00
We waited to do.

Unknown Speaker 30:05
So, so I know you, you’re hopefully not planning a huge trip or anything. But if you could, possibly

Unknown Speaker 30:15

Unknown Speaker 30:17
places that are warm and

Unknown Speaker 30:21
water some place

Unknown Speaker 30:24
to take us.

Unknown Speaker 30:28
Let’s try to get it balanced enough that we can maybe complete it, it’s not a big deal. So if you

Unknown Speaker 30:36
want to add the video to those.

Unknown Speaker 30:41
And that’s part of the, you know,

Unknown Speaker 30:44
this is back two months ahead, or

Unknown Speaker 30:49
do you? Would it be helpful if I put together like a more robust list of events at that section?

Unknown Speaker 31:11
of the report

Unknown Speaker 31:15
for yourself,

Unknown Speaker 31:17

Unknown Speaker 31:19
All right, but outside of the packet, use the word document.

Unknown Speaker 31:25
That’s a working document.

Unknown Speaker 31:27
Yeah, we probably should kind of turn up the schema.

Unknown Speaker 31:33
All righty. So that’s still work that needs

Unknown Speaker 31:41
new business. Looks like we have a few things here. House inventory. Now Murray, he kind of started progressing, we made some good points first.

Unknown Speaker 31:51
We don’t know where we go. In the past, the board’s always been responsible to help doing the inventory. And I think it’s important that we continue to do so.

Unknown Speaker 32:07
I know it’s been kind of taken over by the staff. But I, I believe there are lists and I think we as a board should know what’s in the house and what we’re doing. Because we’ve stopped doing them inventory.

Unknown Speaker 32:23
We don’t know where everything is. And we have art pieces and other things that are missing and

Unknown Speaker 32:30
have been inquired about. And I think it’s, at least from this starting point, the board should be aware of the inventory. And we should have the inventory list and look at every year.

Unknown Speaker 32:41
Science is fun. You just done things.

Unknown Speaker 32:47
That’s a really important part.

Unknown Speaker 32:49
So I found a list from last year.

Unknown Speaker 32:52
Yeah, I would love

Unknown Speaker 32:55
to do that. So let’s, let’s talk about that in January.

Unknown Speaker 33:04

Unknown Speaker 33:06
If it’s everybody, it’s everybody. It was in the past years prior to two other things. It’s always been the full board that came together and did that. And personally, I know some people think it is a chore. I think of it as a gift to recognize truly recognize what all we have in this house. And in then we can speak to it. Personally, that’s just fine. So January, sounds like and that will be obviously computerized so it’s easy to maintain. Yeah, it is now so I’ll just

Unknown Speaker 33:42
check it off if it’s still related.

Unknown Speaker 33:45

Unknown Speaker 33:47
to the watch before what’s there

Unknown Speaker 33:52
now entering the ship and ship the carrier chose to

Unknown Speaker 33:58
there’s a shutdown.

Unknown Speaker 34:00
You gotta be careful.

Unknown Speaker 34:02
There’s one of them.

Unknown Speaker 34:05
We know

Unknown Speaker 34:12
what we did before was we took the listener divided up one word today, let’s say a set of rules I wrote

Unknown Speaker 34:21
well before one question

Unknown Speaker 34:25
kept with another rumor and I chickened out one question I haven’t bought the inventory is

Unknown Speaker 34:32
if it’s something that was donated, is that indicated there or is it that’s good? Not necessary? Does it go on a different spot where we have our you know, donations? Let’s see if it’s in the house it should be on the inventory we can just if it’s a donation, but I definitely think it’s in the house and it’s gonna stay in you know belongs to you know,

Unknown Speaker 34:55
things coming and going being associated with the inventory list.

Unknown Speaker 34:59

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Big forward. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s the right place for it.

Unknown Speaker 35:07
Yeah, because that’s otherwise, like the picture that is missing was Yeah, automation, but it still should be inventory.

Unknown Speaker 35:14
So we’re gonna set the date in January. Not necessarily do

Unknown Speaker 35:19
we might

Unknown Speaker 35:22

Unknown Speaker 35:30
items from staff, staff related

Unknown Speaker 35:35
things unless you’re off

Unknown Speaker 35:39
some success. Well, let’s Yeah, I fail, it’s still in there. But well, we’ll see. It’s still in there. We did have a movie company come out that did. I don’t know, a diagnostics will say on it. And,

Unknown Speaker 35:54
and, and kind of did a little test run to see if they could remove a part that is causing it to not fit. And they had part of the oven. Yeah. And they had, they feel a success. And so I’m waiting for them to reach back out to set a time to try and move it a try and move it, but they feel like they should be able to. They’ll take the old one. I don’t take the old one. Yeah, yes. What are they gonna do? I

Unknown Speaker 36:25
don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 36:30
If they’re gonna sell it or something, I don’t know what they do with no one but

Unknown Speaker 36:41
the meeting, there’s the question of will it connect?

Unknown Speaker 36:48
Is there any concern about

Unknown Speaker 36:52
not that I knew,

Unknown Speaker 36:54
I think we talked about who was going to like, oh

Unknown Speaker 37:03
we’re gonna make it work. Well, someone else will disconnect it and reconnect it not been moving. Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker 37:10
I just rebound and I had to move my big Viking ship it and that was, yeah, they called it the beast. So I was a beast. So the company that’s gonna take the diagnostics and take apart

Unknown Speaker 37:27
is that an oven company or draw from it? Yeah. And they’re going above and beyond for us to try to

Unknown Speaker 37:36
make several trips to

Unknown Speaker 37:40
the hardware store and go to school. So yeah, I appreciate their efforts. And hopefully, it’ll

Unknown Speaker 37:53
be part of a larger project and getting

Unknown Speaker 37:56
in order. You know, it’s like, an inch piece of trim off the door, because we know that

Unknown Speaker 38:05
it goes beyond the airplane brother. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:13
That’s yeah, they are experts, they would know how to do all of that. Wonderful that they’re on it. So

Unknown Speaker 38:22
like down the road, we can maybe think about different ways to store the tables and whatnot that are in there to just kind of get that space cleaned up. And we’re working on cleaning up the upper floor and the basement of our house as well, just to create more viable storage and how things organized a little more. And so yeah, it would be a good long term project, but

Unknown Speaker 38:44
its future goals.

Unknown Speaker 38:50
So yeah, um, that also, just, I just figured I would put this out there, does anyone know where to get more of the books or to the Callahan book,

Unknown Speaker 39:02
we only have one copy left of the large outbreaks who

Unknown Speaker 39:08
have not done any digging on it. So there may be some information but I just figured I’d ask if anybody knew where those came from. Know what that is to get brown shirts from

Unknown Speaker 39:20
rugs. But yeah, they used to do a city where there’s just copyright, since I’ve even said it would take

Unknown Speaker 39:34
and printing company to get permissions to print. So the folks that wrote it had it printed and we purchased from them.

Unknown Speaker 39:45
We didn’t purchase those.

Unknown Speaker 39:47
We gifted them to the house.

Unknown Speaker 39:51
Paid for all of the printing

Unknown Speaker 39:56
challenges rather than it’s not perfectly well.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Oh, no, she’s not and

Unknown Speaker 40:04
companies in business

Unknown Speaker 40:08
a little bit of a copyright

Unknown Speaker 40:11

Unknown Speaker 40:14

Unknown Speaker 40:19
Okay. And reach

Unknown Speaker 40:23
out to the Start with

Unknown Speaker 40:27
a copyright.

Unknown Speaker 40:30

Unknown Speaker 40:33

Unknown Speaker 40:34
Okay. Talk with Rozlyn.

Unknown Speaker 40:38
Two years

Unknown Speaker 40:41
she had asked her if she had any of her materials that she’d be willing to provide or share those with us. And she said she would apologize. But she lost all of them in the flood.

Unknown Speaker 41:00
asked her if she’d be willing to allow us to copy the books. And at the time, she said, I’m not comfortable with that. That was my gift that was my gift to the house

Unknown Speaker 41:15
at this time.

Unknown Speaker 41:19
Okay, so it was given to us and we can sell them a copy.

Unknown Speaker 41:25
So what would our other option be is to create our own book, I think we really should have something if we’re going to have a book that needs to be replenished, we should

Unknown Speaker 41:38
copy needs as well just just say, here’s what we’re looking at here. What we want to do, let’s let them look at the legal legal ramifications. So that we understand from our own kind of what we’re looking at, so you can go back to them, hopefully, depending on health, our circumstances, and

Unknown Speaker 41:58
at least we understand our footing. I mean, I’m sure.

Unknown Speaker 42:02
They don’t want us to not be successful with it, I’m sure but at the same time they did I get it. Yeah. So that’s

Unknown Speaker 42:12
I’ll be very quick. She’s in a nursing home, or Denver and her nephew’s handling.

Unknown Speaker 42:21
affairs. So

Unknown Speaker 42:24
I don’t know how cognitively older she was. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 42:30
Okay, well, if she has a

Unknown Speaker 42:34
patent attorney, that would be the person. Right.

Unknown Speaker 42:39
But, again, both those entering into the other areas. Start with our

Unknown Speaker 42:46
that’ll be interesting to

Unknown Speaker 42:48
make sure we’re doing the right thing. Okay. Definitely. I don’t know if this is relevant or not this used bookstores in town, get things like that. And I don’t know if surname is Anna Kahless. If you get this

Unknown Speaker 43:04
whether you sell them or not. I don’t know. But maybe give some comments. I think going forward, we should have something we can replenish as needed. Yeah. You know, somebody donated, we want to violate the copyright date it eventually. Yeah. So great. Question. I am, you know, has something to do with it. We’re producing another one. The futures. Was the content developed by Rosalyn or that she just printed it, printed it and paid for the printing all the research.

Unknown Speaker 43:40

Unknown Speaker 43:43
do the research.

Unknown Speaker 43:45
Yeah, they did all the work. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 43:49

Unknown Speaker 43:50
Yeah. They did all that work.

Unknown Speaker 43:56
So work.

Unknown Speaker 43:57
Thank you for that background information.

Unknown Speaker 44:01
Yeah. It’ll be interesting to see where that goes. Yeah, yeah, it’s myself.

Unknown Speaker 44:07
Last thing I had, we talked about this a little bit the last meeting. I did get the measurements from this.

Unknown Speaker 44:13
Carrying but

Unknown Speaker 44:16
as well. Measurements from so it does fit very nicely in that spot. I don’t know about the height. We’re Yeah, heights. It’s not going to do now there was a few inches over the frame. It just didn’t care.

Unknown Speaker 44:30
So I don’t know if we’re interested in it or not. It does fit. That was the kind of the question that we have lingering. The other question it.

Unknown Speaker 44:39
The person that’s willing to donate I guess. I’d said before it’s Jacqueline’s mother’s. They’re wondering because the other question that we had is if it can be tuned, and so they’re wondering if that’s something that we would pay to find out or they would pay to find out. I’m assuming that they would need to pay to find that out. But that was a question know if it’s there.

Unknown Speaker 45:00

Unknown Speaker 45:03
Because I definitely want to find out.

Unknown Speaker 45:08
Right, you know, yeah, I’ll pay for that service.

Unknown Speaker 45:13

Unknown Speaker 45:16

Unknown Speaker 45:19
watered dollars to find out which Yeah, Chris fingers in my walk was still open.

Unknown Speaker 45:26
Yeah, I would have gotten to, but 20 other costs, we might be willing like, hey, if it can be two, and

Unknown Speaker 45:36
it’s circa 1900. Okay, so it’s

Unknown Speaker 45:40
charging up, right? So certainly period appropriate. I don’t know about this is all I’ve seen. So I don’t know, like how I’m actually regarded, it’s in good condition. I don’t know if it’s a condition. You remember, maybe a team from here? Actually take a look at it. I think that would be to do that first, before we put any money into it. Yeah, make a trip? And how far away? Is it anywhere? Built? That’s too far. But wherever?

Unknown Speaker 46:09
I would say maybe we could call people volunteer to take a look at it.

Unknown Speaker 46:15
Okay, before making a decision like that.

Unknown Speaker 46:20
I would imagine there would be

Unknown Speaker 46:25
a tendency to want to help. I mean, to accept something from someone on our staff, because it would be nicer to do that. The only thing I’m wondering is, it would be less expensive and less

Unknown Speaker 46:43
uncertainty, if you look for a piano that they claim it has been to, and it’s, you know, it’s terrible. And they have

Unknown Speaker 46:54
termed it so then you don’t pay for it. You don’t have to question this. And it’s also free.

Unknown Speaker 47:04
Because, you know, if we did send some people to look at and see on, run a few chords on it and see what it sounds like.

Unknown Speaker 47:11
You kind of tell for it. Yeah. And I think like,

Unknown Speaker 47:14
if we like we had talked about the last meeting, we want to hold out for one that’s perfect. If that’s possible. I don’t know if that’s possible to find. But you know, I think so keeping looking while we’re debating this one is a good idea. And well, I’ve seen some

Unknown Speaker 47:32
possibilities. I just hadn’t brought it up. I figured we had so many other things going on. But I do see some that are in great shape. And they’ve been tuned.

Unknown Speaker 47:47
And they’re free. I think that’s, that’s great for you

Unknown Speaker 47:55
guys to accept something from the Chapman family.

Unknown Speaker 48:00
If you’re thinking, you know, how much do we still have to do? And is it still going to be? Is it going to be a good panel that you can play?

Unknown Speaker 48:10
It might be a great opportunity, but we shouldn’t feel pressured. Yeah, connection. Right. Right. But it doesn’t have to be concert quality. You know?

Unknown Speaker 48:19
What you? Honestly, I disagree? I think it should be at least playable, well playable, but I’m in no grant. So if we have somebody that wants to do

Unknown Speaker 48:32
recitals, how do we do that? And that’s why it can’t just be marginal. It’s one of those things we paid, or Questers paid to get the piano upstairs in good conditions to the concert pianos could play on it. It’s an instrument. And I just think that we we try to get the best type of interest from it. Here. Once you get me you

Unknown Speaker 49:02
should be like, I made you this is or maybe this isn’t that some things.

Unknown Speaker 49:08
That’s why I said we should look at other questions that she does not have the original bunch. There is a image but it’s not the original question.

Unknown Speaker 49:17
As it is, is it period or so?

Unknown Speaker 49:20
I’m not totally sure it’s slightly picture there. But you say Oh,

Unknown Speaker 49:26
okay. I think we we’ve talked about that in January, but we need before we make any moves. Yeah. Can we postpone this to January? I guess my head swimming at the moment. I can

Unknown Speaker 49:39
get a couple of people. Do you have a timeline? I felt like last time it was.

Unknown Speaker 49:45
Yeah, I mean, I think it’s as soon as possible. Because they’re looking to they’re needing to have it moved. But I’ll ask about a time for

Unknown Speaker 49:56
you. Let me ask you guys this in the interest of science

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Because it sounds like maybe you too, you’ve been seeing pianos

Unknown Speaker 50:08
played, maybe the two of you would go with Britney, and take a look. Is that any thoughts on last year?

Unknown Speaker 50:16
And we don’t even maybe wait for the meeting. But obviously post holidays. So maybe you can set something up with these guys just contact the two of them after the first of the year and just plan a field trip, and we can continue

Unknown Speaker 50:32
to do such Yeah, sounds good.

Unknown Speaker 50:35
Yeah, that sounds good to me. I love this. We’re in agreement that we’re not just going to put a piano here. We’re going to help. Quality. That’s our that’s our expectation. Yeah. Right, Preston.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
So we’ll do J because

Unknown Speaker 50:55
they look at it and say, No, I think, you know, they just want to know, she knew we were looking for one and

Unknown Speaker 51:01
they get to Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:04
Yeah, it’s certainly very appropriate. And so yeah, you know, it right. There might be an opportunity or you keep looking. You looking to the tunable. Possible, okay.

Unknown Speaker 51:16
Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 51:18
So first, we’ll send some people down there just a visual issue that we’re interested in if you’re getting

Unknown Speaker 51:27
one, I remember that. That was all I had for step items in this.

Unknown Speaker 51:35

Unknown Speaker 51:36
Any interesting

Unknown Speaker 51:38
information or tidbits to bring? I thought it was interesting. Did.

Unknown Speaker 51:46
Connie Newman sent us an email about in the congratulation about

Unknown Speaker 51:54
our article, and she just wanted to reach out to the full board. And she doesn’t have everybody’s addresses spoke

Unknown Speaker 52:02
certain once we got we got it. You saw that email? Karen, did you see that?

Unknown Speaker 52:09
She also brought us the snippet of the actual

Unknown Speaker 52:14
full article, but the one that was just advertising open house you read that say open house or extra books at your house, which is nice. I just wanted to state that was very fun. Yeah. Well, that she did not say

Unknown Speaker 52:27
passport numbers.

Unknown Speaker 52:30

Unknown Speaker 52:32
she also helps me in the music room when people were asking questions I didn’t know. Sure. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:42
She is a she’s a historic, great asset. It’s another opening for me.

Unknown Speaker 52:50
I think she’s maybe maybe in the future. She’s maybe she was her mother.

Unknown Speaker 52:59

Unknown Speaker 53:01
Speaking of the newspaper article, I looked around, it’s hard to get her copies of that unless you’re a subscriber and they did send us like a digital version of the full article, but anybody has a chance to get a hardcopy print scrapbooks.

Unknown Speaker 53:16
We can print it.

Unknown Speaker 53:19
Does anyone else get

Unknown Speaker 53:22
digital? Okay. So we have to do some

Unknown Speaker 53:26
hard copy

Unknown Speaker 53:33

Unknown Speaker 53:38
we’ve got one that

Unknown Speaker 53:42
I think

Unknown Speaker 53:46
is getting it to the recycling bin and draping news.

Unknown Speaker 53:56
Hopefully he hasn’t recycled it yet. But I will pass.

Unknown Speaker 54:01
One of the things in February I just talked about that newspaper article. We’re having a big Valentine’s. Yeah, that’s the city putting them right.

Unknown Speaker 54:14
Very, yeah. I have a constant contact about ready to go and probably going out today to the Callahan group. But it was in the brochure. And it’s been advertised. Yes. By the city, but we’ll have a contact

Unknown Speaker 54:29
volunteers for sure. Yeah, we would probably I would. I would take help if you’re interested. So So and it’s the first year so is our first Community Program or 2024. So bit of a trial run, but we hope it will be successful. And the idea that so I’ve been reached and reached out to a couple of bakeries. The idea is hopefully we get the food donated or heavily discounted so they are you know,

Unknown Speaker 54:57
profit margin on the

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Events is much better.

Unknown Speaker 55:04
And in exchange for like preferred vendor status and advertise a big event, Lizzie upstairs where there’s a big room or no so it’s it’s afternoon tea, which will be here and then upstairs will be the Victorian Cool, okay. Sometimes they’ll be like they’ll hear for rotation of their homework. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 55:25

Unknown Speaker 55:27
like to kick off 2024 to have some more opportunities, hopefully a handful of opportunities throughout the year for the, for the public to come in for ticket probably mostly ticketed events, but experienced counting a house in a different way that they haven’t in the past, you know,

Unknown Speaker 55:44
coming to a wedding or an open house, I can’t say amazing.

Unknown Speaker 55:49
Well, thank

Unknown Speaker 55:51
you, however, I was.

Unknown Speaker 55:54
sold a few tickets. So that’s a good question. Are you getting our spots? Yeah, we’ve sold a few tickets. I think it just got to advertise. So I think

Unknown Speaker 56:03
there’s only 36 seats. So it’s a small event. And hopefully it’ll

Unknown Speaker 56:08
be good people. Yeah. Yeah, we had some folks at the open house it were like your duties? And I was like, Well

Unknown Speaker 56:18
yeah. And then they signed up for the newsletter which then they’ll give you information and so it’s February I gonna advertise pretty heavily now and in January. Yeah, there’s so it’s been advertised. So I saw I saw the first one. Yeah, we’ll send out another one to our list to say because tickets are now available as Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:39
So So and then we’ll advertise that more. Of course, I’m getting closer to Valentine’s Day. I think the date is February 11. So it’s just before Valentine’s Day, have you read about a waffle breakfast? No. Are we picture shares

Unknown Speaker 56:54
to do waffle past? Okay, how can the gardens and we’ve done two I believe, okay, and then we’ve switched ice cream socials. Oh, yeah. Waffle breakfast out in the gardens was really cool. Okay. When did that when in the year does that usually take place?

Unknown Speaker 57:12

Unknown Speaker 57:15

Unknown Speaker 57:27
put a candle on the table in

Unknown Speaker 57:35
a hurry. Yeah, but anybody has ideas? You know, I think I’d like to do like a gardening seminar, spring garden.

Unknown Speaker 57:46
And then for October I think there’s a lot of we want to do like a murder mystery. Did

Unknown Speaker 57:54
somebody come in and do like terrorism harm or I mean, just kind of fun, fun opportunities for people to engage and feel free to like see, without us Callahan, we get the legendary ladies to come out. Oh, that would be amazing. Yeah, that was one of the circumcision. I had hoped to do that. We could have

Unknown Speaker 58:13
set the legendary ladies on a task and they like to do this to go and do all the research and then become the character. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:21
Yeah. Do you have any ideas?

Unknown Speaker 58:25
So have you and Elise that you want to talk to? Yes, actually shake it? Yes, we have. She came to the open house and we finally met face to face. And I’m going to she said excited to get from you, which is very nice to go to their open house tomorrow. So and then we’re going to connect with her and Llewellyn who is are Well, I think was the director of hoever home theater. We’ll go from there and see what we can put together for the chamber and he’s kind of wonderful. Nice.

Unknown Speaker 58:57

Unknown Speaker 59:01
Merging like two special things. Yes, exactly. She’s worked a lot and yeah, it’s just you know, you only did it to make her happy right.

Unknown Speaker 59:14
For holiday

Unknown Speaker 59:19
another item from the Ford

Unknown Speaker 59:22
the communication that goes out in the magazine. I don’t know if any of you saw this.

Unknown Speaker 59:30

Unknown Speaker 59:39
Yes, it gets mailed to you. I get a recreation, but I don’t I can get that.

Unknown Speaker 59:46
But anyway, it includes

Unknown Speaker 59:50
a calendar of things to do in November and December, local things. And while we are not on it, that is my point.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
But because

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
they, you know, obviously they’ve got

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
the gift of home tour that the proceeds benefit the Habitat for Humanity. They’ve got the holiday show alignment museums holiday shows. They’ve got so many things.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
They’ve got

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
the holiday open house at the Hoover Senior Living tall on the south. Where does that come from?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
This to you so you can hear and

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
I have not seen that many

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
times call

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
what we subscribe to.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
And that’s what they charge extra if you subscribe to the paper. Oh, I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
But I got one and it actually

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
didn’t just come.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
We came earlier.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
November and December, we

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
didn’t have a contact. So I don’t know. But the museum is in here. And they even have like a spotlight nonprofit spotlight. A glimpse into my mom’s past present and future. So we

Unknown Speaker 1:01:29
reached out

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
opportunities. point is this is one other opportunity that is missed and alumni museums in there

Unknown Speaker 1:01:43
and the holiday lives at Roosevelt Park time

Unknown Speaker 1:01:50
say that but I think there’s opportunity that we need to look into great jargon the occasional

Unknown Speaker 1:01:58

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
And so, so well, this is a huge opportunity for next year. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07

Unknown Speaker 1:02:11
do it. Oh, how frequently do they publish them? That’s a good question.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:19
At least quarterly

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
Okay. said something about a couple special ways that

Unknown Speaker 1:02:27
you didn’t see us at all.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
And I think again, it’s just more of a matter of list make sure make

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
lists november december so it must be

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
something we didn’t know about. It’s not seamless, we just didn’t know exactly do and that’s it’s a great, but what I’m saying is our communication with time to call needs to be more seamless. So that and that’s really I wish I had that connection.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
And then there’s a lot more It says more stories at Walmart magazine Well

Unknown Speaker 1:03:08
none of us do this with you says you have to do it. But then another separate note. Something that I like that the museum does, is they have the Friends of the museum

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
where they asked you to donate then you donate whatever your mouth is and you are considered a friend of the museum. I’m wondering if we can begin to do certain type of thing for friends of the Callahan house similar fundraiser that’s kind of an ongoing thing

Unknown Speaker 1:03:45
that around in the past yes years ago, the city property city property so we’re you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:54
we’re not outside the scope of what the city is allowed to do donate funds or donate to

Unknown Speaker 1:04:05
their stairs friends in the library, there’s friends

Unknown Speaker 1:04:08
that are friends Museum, they can operate different ways in different places.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
There they don’t operate like boards because they’re not they’re not they’re city affiliated but they’re not as the responsibilities are different.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27
That particular run operates as a foundation. They’re theirs. There’s a lot of dollars

Unknown Speaker 1:04:35
using Blackboard if it’s something this is interested in, getting involved with, we can look at that for sure. I wouldn’t stop us from looking at such a thing. So there’s

Unknown Speaker 1:04:49
division within the city that is friends and they have they’re not within the city.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:54
We’re in I don’t know why, because recreation doesn’t have friends.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00

Unknown Speaker 1:05:09
called members of the recreation

Unknown Speaker 1:05:16

Unknown Speaker 1:05:22

Unknown Speaker 1:05:25
it’s something that’s commonly done. So

Unknown Speaker 1:05:28
get you in touch.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:31
Probably, I think a better version of it might be senior services.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:38
A lot of

Unknown Speaker 1:05:40
museum Yeah, too. But But things didn’t start with a lot of money in the museum is different because of how I’ve got going in the folks involved in the Stewart’s

Unknown Speaker 1:05:54
large amounts of money off really operates as a foundation just

Unknown Speaker 1:05:59
becomes a different thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:03
And if you did something like that, how do you distinguish someone who just donates online from someone who has a friend? I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:13
it is that two different channels of donation? Yes, probably probably the difference between one time donation and being sort of a sleep.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:24
Right, I think you can use for friends.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
If you pay like an annual

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
you know, saying it’s like $35 or something very minimal, then you are considered a friend of the museum. So that’s the level of freaking about

Unknown Speaker 1:06:46
you but it is

Unknown Speaker 1:06:49
there a

Unknown Speaker 1:06:51
guarantee. Just go in.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:55

Unknown Speaker 1:06:56
delete your friend at the museum for that year. You don’t need the following.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:05
associated to which is not this right. So Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:11
That’s a force for friends. And then there’s the regular mom or do they get like discounted, museum entry?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19

Unknown Speaker 1:07:22

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39
Go straight to the county sheriff’s fun, that would be loud. Now again, remember, the Callahan house fund is intended to maintain historical

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
friends funds sit in different

Unknown Speaker 1:07:53
because they because that board is completely they have the power those dollars, I guess I’m looking at it different. To absorb? Yeah, I’m gonna say that I’m going to look at it differently is in the same.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:10
You could be a friend of the Callahan house and come to a special event. And if you’ve donated

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
we have a special event form, I don’t think we create a separate board that just handles that we just acknowledged. Right, but as special church tires, this is a board. This is a whole thing. Both ways are things we can do. It’s not neither one is out of the realm of being able to do it’s just I don’t know. Well, I, I think it’s the listing of it. Personally, I can think of it as a separate board. I would look at it as thank you and we have a special event time seat, you get this lovely thing in the mail, you get a hold it you get a feel and say, Oh, look at this and look at that, and they’re doing this. And they get I get this because I donate $20 or $25 or whatever nominal amount just for the upkeep of the house. And then they get that request every year. At a certain time. Is that what kind of what your yes, that’s an example that I’m making. We could incorporate it’s just our 5% discount.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
But are unmasking areas specifically part of you? So like I said they’re kind of two different sorts of angles that we’re looking at. Are you thinking what Marines talking about or are you thinking a friends group that would that would be a separate supporter outside of this board. That would be its own? Its own saying Allah what they have with

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
Senior Services has replied,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
This board is perfectly capable of managing handling. Okay, so let’s let’s this would be for the purpose of that’s essentially a fundraising

Unknown Speaker 1:10:14

Unknown Speaker 1:10:20
column utilizing some of these, I guess we could call it but but it is an ongoing thing. And

Unknown Speaker 1:10:28
it’s something that can change from year to year and grow and develops into something much larger than you have done that can be addressed as far as managing that but

Unknown Speaker 1:10:42
it is just another opportunity for outreach to the community to remind them about what the Callahan house is, why it’s here and how supporting

Unknown Speaker 1:10:55
support our community and

Unknown Speaker 1:10:58
I think that that

Unknown Speaker 1:11:03
highlights so it’s personalized to your care. And we can do that to me it’s like

Unknown Speaker 1:11:12
I decided I’m gonna donate to this and PBS and whatever else now can add the cat and mouse career this is having this piece of paper

Unknown Speaker 1:11:26
is is a great thing and we can ask would you like to be a friend of mine friends?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
I wouldn’t use friends just because it’s a separate thing. Well

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
I would say let us go back I think the three of us need to check with

Unknown Speaker 1:11:47
museum on this which is easy peasy.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:52
Maybe we need to brainstorm a different language then. If you don’t Yeah, well, let’s

Unknown Speaker 1:11:59
find out.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:01
The long lat Community Foundation has partners and Seagate we are always a partner. Although partner sounds a little formal for gas house rehab, but we can but with between the

Unknown Speaker 1:12:17
foundation lease as well as they have some quarters for the sacred Historical Society. tokra Yeah. And she says a newsletter probably four times a year. So that would be your tangible

Unknown Speaker 1:12:30
person. But you have any ask her about how that goes. And they’ve got like families, single senior different categories. Do they mail a newsletter do is an electronic, they mail it? It would help to be electronic? Yeah, be cheaper.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:48
Yes, money Yes to do all that time, you can make it look just like a paper, you know, making color. And I have a question. Do we see these funds going into the Kalyan hills? Yeah, that would be the purpose. That’s what sounds as crazy would go would go into how fun fun. And that’s for the purpose of meeting, maybe the friends and if there is some kind of communication with them at the end of the year, something some offshoot of the annual report not all the specifics, but something that would tell them this is what we accomplished this year. You know, since you helped us Yeah. Now are we considered a nonprofit? We are

Unknown Speaker 1:13:31
okay, so they can’t use it as a text.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:34
Well, you have to be

Unknown Speaker 1:13:37

Unknown Speaker 1:13:40
the theater making donations cities, the city probably is not a nonprofit.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:47
But the city doesn’t deal with taxes at all. We don’t charge ourselves tax we don’t collect tax we don’t pay tax.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:55
There are times when we do grants or even the kind of changes now that when we I think just this year, but like the alcohol permits, because we didn’t have we weren’t a nonprofit, we couldn’t even go get our own alcohol per

Unknown Speaker 1:14:10
se llama llama visitors association to do that. So

Unknown Speaker 1:14:16
it’s not not a nonprofit,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:20
and sometimes with nonprofits, but we can certainly accept donation we do. It wasn’t accepted, but I’m wondering if the people will ask the question, can I deduct this on an income tax?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:41

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
time to talk to your tax advisor

Unknown Speaker 1:14:51
talk to your person.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:54
It’s hard to become a nonprofit. I mean you have to go to jump

Unknown Speaker 1:14:59

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00

Unknown Speaker 1:15:01

Unknown Speaker 1:15:07
do that and I started

Unknown Speaker 1:15:09
the recovery cafe. And so I don’t have to if we ever wanted to do do not say we have to do a fire Oh, yeah, identify locations

Unknown Speaker 1:15:21
where it’s kind of a draw for people to say, Oh, this is a tax deduction. And yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:27
we can, but we can tell them what they donate to the Callaghan house is the tax deductible, but they need to speak with their tax advisor. We have a little form that we kept them. Yes, yes, though goods or services where, you know, change for this monetary donation?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:49
I didn’t think unless it was a declared nonprofit, I didn’t think it would be tax deductible, but I don’t know taxes.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:04
will look into this. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:06
It’s an interesting idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:10
All right, very good.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:13
Let’s see, where are we that was from the board of future agenda items, we have a blast content.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:20
Yeah, that’s just remained here as an open invitation, if anybody wants to put together historical content or tidbits about the house to share on the accounting specific cost contract. And so that’s always open. We mentioned moving on here. I don’t know if we want to continue to do that on here, here, but I think it’s okay. Because it is like a reminder. I think a lot of times will be so

Unknown Speaker 1:16:46
in the middle of something, we’ll forget to be thinking and look in your head. It is helpful to have a minor. Think ahead. Is there something that we need to communicate to? Well, or is there something we’d like to get out that sort of special? Yeah. So we’re always going to be taking care of events and things like that. But if anybody wants to, you know, I think it’s content.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:15
Organization, whatever tidbits.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:18
Candice just brought up the waffle pin. That was something I have no idea. I don’t have a memory or association with that. That’s one of those little Did you know that we used to do this? Did you know, I mean, to me, that’s interesting. And it can happen long enough ago, maybe there was a photo that really looks kind of just vintagey.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:42

Unknown Speaker 1:17:44
my grandmother, great grandma. Oh, will that be a great thing?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:50
To me that so interesting tidbit. But you know, when I was when we do our inventory, I mentioned interesting stories are gonna go

Unknown Speaker 1:18:00
things in your mind

Unknown Speaker 1:18:02
that maybe that’ll mean, just trivial things that that bringing a smile to your face and saying I

Unknown Speaker 1:18:10
liked the eblasts because it tracks the shy history. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:15
You were famous in several places.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:22
wasn’t exaggerating?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:29
Well, there I think there was one or marry in there also.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:33
Kind of a family out there. Anyway, but as always, that’s open. We can just leave it on here. But that’s open, if anybody wants to put anything together. And if you ever need access to scrapbooks, just let me know they’re here. So speaking of this campus, that was a big hit. Oh, yeah. I was having those out at the open house. Yeah. They said it was a huge, yeah, that’s what she told me. It was huge. Wow, people love much.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:57
I was you know that I heard it first. I was like, Oh, I like it. But we’re respectful of him. And we, we didn’t have like we kept the very

Unknown Speaker 1:19:06
first one, our waste. Because there are things that actually are in there, along with the museum archives. Yeah. But that was the other portion of put out to the museum after the scrap of digitization is if

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
portions of those might live in archives, especially the first one meaning the very first, the very

Unknown Speaker 1:19:28
contains some content that I believe there needs to be. Yeah, that needs to be an outcomes.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:40

Unknown Speaker 1:19:41
any other comments or subjects to bring up? We’re early today. 1020 Okay. Should we adjourn? I have a motion. I make motion that we adjourn. I second. All in favor? Aye. We’re adjourned.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:59
Thank you

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00

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