Art in Public Places – November 2023

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Art in Public Places – November 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
On the acting chair stunt double

Unknown Speaker 0:04
the power is already in her head. Yeah. So welcome to the Longmont museum Advisory Board meeting Wednesday, November 15. Call this meeting to order at 430. Welcome all,

Unknown Speaker 0:20
or won’t call.

Unknown Speaker 0:22
Got it. Right.

Unknown Speaker 0:26
Public invited to be heard, sir. Thank you for having me.

Unknown Speaker 0:31
I was aware of this meeting because of a lady that I saw, I went, I went to the art and sip classes.

Unknown Speaker 0:38
And one of the ladies, we started talking to, he told me that she was going to be here today. So I don’t see your right now, if we want to personally go. And she told me about this. And she told me, how can I come here and talk to you guys. So here I am.

Unknown Speaker 0:54
So first, I’m David. And I’m a member of an St. Louis. My family’s. And

Unknown Speaker 1:03
I’m also part of the Northern northern Colorado, Caledonia pipe band. You guys probably that’s a mouthful, by the way, that’s pretty much short for part of a pipeline that we practice here in about a month.

Unknown Speaker 1:18
Every Sundays, we use free lessons for piping, you know, bite bite by basis, the highland bagpipes, you guys

Unknown Speaker 1:30
just cut these in Irish heritage. And we also give dropping lessons.

Unknown Speaker 1:37
And right now there’s a church by over and 14 around that area that we they host our rehearsals and lessons every Sunday is at four o’clock. So my vision, I became part of the pipeline about a year ago. And I, I always thought that this place, the museum would be so awesome if we can do those activities here. And you know, teaching classes for free to the community.

Unknown Speaker 2:09
And doing rehearsals, and part of that would be you know, we could give also like a big show once a year, you guys are aware of what birds night these birds night, you know, and it is okay. So we could host like a burst night dinner, it could be a big thing that we can promote. I can also see that maybe once in a while you guys have exhibitions, you know, now every six months or so, we could have an exhibition that is about Scottish and Irish heritage. And you know, as this park every year, they host like big Highland Games. And we can get them well as well here. So me being part of the pipeline, I can see the pipe with Ben growing with this kind of setting.

Unknown Speaker 2:56
Because it gives us exposure, it will give us you know, more reach to the community. And we volunteered for teaching, you know, we want to promote the arts. So

Unknown Speaker 3:08
I am here today just to tell you guys about this. But if you guys would entertain us to make a proposal so I have not one of the leaders of the other band there. I wouldn’t have to get them involved in making a proposal. If you guys were interested in hearing about this. Because I did not know at first glance I didn’t know if this was a feasible thing to do you know, how open was this isn’t even possible?

Unknown Speaker 3:37
Or entertain that idea. If you guys are very less I would like to make

Unknown Speaker 3:44
a nice proposal with the leaders of the band

Unknown Speaker 3:47
and present to you guys like what do we need? You know what, how can we use

Unknown Speaker 3:54
and how can we make this happen? Pretty much that’s

Unknown Speaker 4:00
over 20 Something I don’t know like not shy of 25

Unknown Speaker 4:07
you all play together? Yes. We were gonna do that last month during the Halloween parade but it got so cold that morning that our our eastern as well.

Unknown Speaker 4:19
With the with the cold our reads, you know, we have a reading instrument. They just get shut down so we cannot blow into the room when it’s that cold.

Unknown Speaker 4:28
So we have to cancel the last minute but

Unknown Speaker 4:32
if he goes to the Highland Games, you can catch us there, you know, at this point. But anyways, I didn’t

Unknown Speaker 4:41
hear Yeah, right.

Unknown Speaker 4:44
requested this, but all I want to do is like if there’s a follow up, first of all, if there could be a follow up to this conversation, who would that person be with and then if we can set up like a meeting, you know, that’s the case. Then

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Who do we set? How do we set the meeting?

Unknown Speaker 5:03
It could be something next year or something. But the thing is, I want to get something going if there’s a possibility. If there’s not, then we can just set it.

Unknown Speaker 5:11
Very good. David, did we get your contact information, phone number email? Could you provide us scribble that down? For me? That’d be great. Yes, I like to write.

Unknown Speaker 5:28
Our, our spaces are, you know, they are available for rent. So we don’t typically do free use by the community, because we have to be equitable in the community. So so if

Unknown Speaker 5:45
I’m watching, to read out, let’s say, you know, it’s not free, then how much is and then

Unknown Speaker 5:55
if we can do some kind of hobby, he’s offering classes,

Unknown Speaker 6:00
there’s a few things to consider to write like this. So if it’s rent, if it’s gonna be like, maybe half rent or a fortnight or something, and then we can maybe do some kind of

Unknown Speaker 6:14
fundraising to pay for this.

Unknown Speaker 6:17
Because, you know, we’re a non profit organization, you know, just like you guys are.

Unknown Speaker 6:24
So and he’s more to promote the arts, you know, the arts, music and heritage. So

Unknown Speaker 6:33
certainly glad to get your contact info and get you in touch with folks that schedule or spaces and give you the information.

Unknown Speaker 6:44

Unknown Speaker 6:47
I can tell you, because we have free space right now, which is a church.

Unknown Speaker 6:54
If there’s rent,

Unknown Speaker 6:56
the leaders are gonna be like, Why pay rent? I, I can see the potential, you know, I will pay the rent if I if there’s means to collect funds, right? I know right now, you guys are shooting to raise like, a lot of money. And you’re getting closer.

Unknown Speaker 7:15
But I believe so some of the leaders in the band are just like,

Unknown Speaker 7:19
Well, why won’t you get this? You know, like, we’re at a point where we add, I don’t see it that way I see that we want I want to grow it. Right now there’s a generation of Pipers that are above 60

Unknown Speaker 7:34
You know, we need to feeling the next generation of vipers coming in. And that’s where the classes come in. You know, we want to bring that division of pipers and drummers you know.

Unknown Speaker 7:48
I appreciate you guys having me. So is it okay, July stick around.

Unknown Speaker 7:55
So I would just like to say if he’s offering classes and offering classes free

Unknown Speaker 8:03
my wife conservativism an equitable bargain for the space in exchange for free classes. Seems like seems like a good bargain.

Unknown Speaker 8:16
Stick around, you might actually end up on this for

Unknown Speaker 8:21
a Scottish name from Ireland.

Unknown Speaker 8:26
So thank you for viewing. I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys again. And

Unknown Speaker 8:33
yeah, maybe.

Unknown Speaker 8:35
I don’t know how

Unknown Speaker 8:37
to do

Unknown Speaker 8:39
right now. Right there. I live like five minutes away.

Unknown Speaker 8:44
Segue right then.

Unknown Speaker 8:48
Maybe, maybe, maybe I see what this is all about.

Unknown Speaker 8:55
So thank you. I’m gonna ask for approval of the September minutes, September 20.

Unknown Speaker 9:05
Do I have a motion to approve?

Unknown Speaker 9:10
Any changes to the minutes? As reported? Did you get a chance to look those over? I have none.

Unknown Speaker 9:21

Unknown Speaker 9:23
we did.

Unknown Speaker 9:27
All right. And then I will ask for a motion to approve the October meeting which was not about

Unknown Speaker 9:37
if we have to move to meet do we have to

Unknown Speaker 9:43

Unknown Speaker 9:45
I will second

Unknown Speaker 9:47

Unknown Speaker 9:49
and there’s no changes to it. So thank you. Technically vote on each one. Oh, yes, we can do that. When you did you want to vote on these September.

Unknown Speaker 10:00

Unknown Speaker 10:01

Unknown Speaker 10:05
and the October non report

Unknown Speaker 10:14

Unknown Speaker 10:19
these are the four donations that we are considering later this month.

Unknown Speaker 10:28
This collection of papers were found in walls 1136

Unknown Speaker 10:38
most interesting, I think, is a booklet called the Rocky Mountain lysines. That was published in 1885. And it is an interesting advertisement of sorts of speakers and we’ve editions and

Unknown Speaker 10:59
performers that came through long months and the coverage area in 1885. Databases was pretty, pretty funny.

Unknown Speaker 11:11
There’s also a milk bottle cardboard kept the cardboard, not just ring, which is actually kind of a fine for a Shelley’s

Unknown Speaker 11:22
theory. And

Unknown Speaker 11:25
there are a few more vaguely indecipherable letters that will ask them always

Unknown Speaker 11:33
an excellent question.

Unknown Speaker 11:36
They are many of them have to and from, but I was not able to read them through. We will work on that

Unknown Speaker 11:48
don’t have a red square script,

Unknown Speaker 11:51
slowly. And you’re taught how to write a script I was taught

Unknown Speaker 11:58
to read that particular script. And it was one of those fun letters where you ran out of paper. So she turned the paper in the

Unknown Speaker 12:10
beginning of the middle of the end was a little challenge.

Unknown Speaker 12:15
You know why it was hidden in the walls? Lots of times papers, especially like MICR like this, were added to walls with a key for

Unknown Speaker 12:28
scrap paper around drafty walls. Well, you didn’t rip along.

Unknown Speaker 12:36
In particular, is pretty water damaged and torn up.

Unknown Speaker 12:41
But the so it could have been either.

Unknown Speaker 12:46
But it does.

Unknown Speaker 12:48
There’s nothing somebody says particularly in the letters.

Unknown Speaker 12:53
So I

Unknown Speaker 12:55
love letters or something, but something’s happening. So

Unknown Speaker 13:00
go watch the I’m happening. Pages is a decent sized booklet, I would say probably about 20 pages or so. And most of them have photographs like the cover. This is the cover of the speaker, where they were traveling from.

Unknown Speaker 13:17
It seemed like a publication that was put on by like an insurance who was representing

Unknown Speaker 13:23
the group or the letters dated.

Unknown Speaker 13:26
They are I don’t

Unknown Speaker 13:30
like century or early 20th century probably Yeah. Early 20th century for sure.

Unknown Speaker 13:36

Unknown Speaker 13:38
have to look back

Unknown Speaker 13:45
to Yes, somebody was renovated

Unknown Speaker 13:51
Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 13:54
During expenses.

Unknown Speaker 14:04
And Dineen is a frequent donor.

Unknown Speaker 14:08
She did a

Unknown Speaker 14:12
oral history interview of sorts, with Dorothy Doherty and percent

Unknown Speaker 14:19

Unknown Speaker 14:22

Unknown Speaker 14:24
and operate the door newseum until the seventh and

Unknown Speaker 14:31
the audio cassette is a recording of the interview and also it’s kind of like a written

Unknown Speaker 14:39
she carried a tape recorder around the summer Open House events that they had in 1985 at the museum,

Unknown Speaker 14:50
which has a number of our farm equipment and tractors and large machining in the building

Unknown Speaker 14:59
at Mr. Doherty

Unknown Speaker 15:01
Watch cars, guns, arrows. It’s pretty interesting.

Unknown Speaker 15:07
So it’s an interesting snapshot of the dirty family and

Unknown Speaker 15:16
this is the playbooks that is on display downstairs.

Unknown Speaker 15:21
This quilt was

Unknown Speaker 15:24
made in

Unknown Speaker 15:26

Unknown Speaker 15:29
A year after the 2013 flood by Boulder County residents memory

Unknown Speaker 15:37
and commemorating the restoration projects

Unknown Speaker 15:41
it’s hung in

Unknown Speaker 15:44
Boulder County Building atrium for since 2014.

Unknown Speaker 15:50

Unknown Speaker 15:53
we were interested in having a having in the display downstairs in Kaiser see and

Unknown Speaker 16:01
after the display

Unknown Speaker 16:05
Oh, and it came sorry. The photograph on the left is

Unknown Speaker 16:10
a book that was produced that explains each square to each box where it was made by a different culture and has a corresponding page in the book that talks about why that design was picked

Unknown Speaker 16:25
up the culture for postcards

Unknown Speaker 16:30
so it’s very colorful

Unknown Speaker 16:35
it has

Unknown Speaker 16:37

Unknown Speaker 16:40
Yeah, it’s very local and very

Unknown Speaker 16:43
yeah certain it’ll be interesting. Squares squares a different story.

Unknown Speaker 16:49

Unknown Speaker 16:51
That’s a

Unknown Speaker 16:53

Unknown Speaker 16:55
These are two photographs of Daikon ancestors were taken and just be dancin Deacon.

Unknown Speaker 17:06
We are asking to accession digital scans of these photographs are not this not the image that I took.

Unknown Speaker 17:17
The Originals will be returned to the donor

Unknown Speaker 17:22
the deacon family was the Albert and Jesse lived in

Unknown Speaker 17:30
the 1920s and 30s

Unknown Speaker 17:33
were veterans there were a

Unknown Speaker 17:38
lot of questions he had an archivist Jesse was the librarian

Unknown Speaker 17:46
one month

Unknown Speaker 17:48
Albert was a lawyer who actually worked in Lyons a good bit

Unknown Speaker 18:05
and Jesse was a student and

Unknown Speaker 18:12
they their family went on to

Unknown Speaker 18:15
have a photography business in Greeley

Unknown Speaker 18:25
addition to the collection

Unknown Speaker 18:34
that’s all for

Unknown Speaker 18:36
anybody have any questions

Unknown Speaker 18:38
instead of

Unknown Speaker 18:39
rights to the to the images.

Unknown Speaker 18:44
So someone wanted to copy it, they would have the right to do that without

Unknown Speaker 18:50
getting a

Unknown Speaker 18:53
language for living photographers where they can share

Unknown Speaker 19:00
they retain rights but we also

Unknown Speaker 19:03

Unknown Speaker 19:08
that’s a good point. So the donor is great

Unknown Speaker 19:18
and he is an active photographer up in Estes Park

Unknown Speaker 19:26
there’s the magnetic media the cassette tape, is that transcribed to any other media was interested in this format

Unknown Speaker 19:35
and included a transcription of that.

Unknown Speaker 19:41
But I agree that we should get the audio off.

Unknown Speaker 19:49

Unknown Speaker 19:52
we move to defensive

Unknown Speaker 19:55
we do have a small digital collection

Unknown Speaker 19:59
which is where

Unknown Speaker 20:00
As long

Unknown Speaker 20:01
as the photographs

Unknown Speaker 20:04
that are

Unknown Speaker 20:06
on the cloud

Unknown Speaker 20:11
person always

Unknown Speaker 20:14
donated media, is it accessible to the public, we have

Unknown Speaker 20:21
a large collection, and

Unknown Speaker 20:24
a lot of it is available on our website, it’s through

Unknown Speaker 20:34
a database portal. So you can do research specifically for most successfully, I think, with the disorder photographs. So the daikon scans would be

Unknown Speaker 20:48
quick and

Unknown Speaker 20:50
people can visit the

Unknown Speaker 20:55
software developer, that’s my profession. I do the piping as how we.

Unknown Speaker 21:03
But I would like to see this program because I love history. And I think I will do another proposal in the future of this program.

Unknown Speaker 21:18
We are always looking for volunteers. If you’d like to get started, we can start cataloging.

Unknown Speaker 21:29
Yeah, well, definitely wants to take a look at it.

Unknown Speaker 21:31
Do we vote on the sessions as a group or individually as a

Unknown Speaker 21:37
as a group? Do I have any further discussion? Regarding them? Well, on the transcript again, you have the rights to those so people can quote

Unknown Speaker 21:50
aren’t the same? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 21:54
There’s about the same.

Unknown Speaker 22:03
Release form on

Unknown Speaker 22:06
so the audio would be fishy. So a lot of kids just get

Unknown Speaker 22:13
it just get a simple

Unknown Speaker 22:16
statement. Or if you don’t have a if you don’t have a formal release document, something

Unknown Speaker 22:23
we do we do currently.

Unknown Speaker 22:30
Center in formal email. So do you mind?

Unknown Speaker 22:35
Do you mind that the museum can make this

Unknown Speaker 22:39
publicly accessible? I’m sure that was.

Unknown Speaker 22:43
Yeah, exactly. They just have you so you just have

Unknown Speaker 22:53
other comments?

Unknown Speaker 22:57
To someone push to make a motion to acquire these sessions. Bruce? Second wonder.

Unknown Speaker 23:08
All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 23:11
nervously. Very good. We’ll move on to reports report of the director and you have a full written report. I will hit you highlights. Under administration. If you want after our meeting is done, you can check out our new office area, which is just about done in what was our old textile storage area. Any of you saw that room you won’t recognize it now.

Unknown Speaker 23:47
And that will allow us to move seven staff members over into that area.

Unknown Speaker 23:54
Make it so that we’re not all doubled up on cubicles in here

Unknown Speaker 24:05
there is no room that’s like yeah, that’s perfect for

Unknown Speaker 24:12
under exhibits,

Unknown Speaker 24:14
I will just mention our two upcoming exhibits, picturing the West will open up January 26 2.1. For black and white 19th century photography.

Unknown Speaker 24:31
And one thing that makes it unusual. So it’s a traveling exhibit normally, of traveling exhibits, we bring them in and put them up on the wall and really do much but

Unknown Speaker 24:45
when we were first looking at this exhibit, was pointed out that all of the photographers in the exhibit are white males. And we started thinking about well, I’m guessing there were others

Unknown Speaker 25:00
photographers operating in the 19th century. And so

Unknown Speaker 25:06
one of our museum systems as well as I mean, and have worked to find examples of photography by women, people of color. And so we are adding that sort of interior section of the gallery or calling reframing the West. So you will see the full exhibit as the traveling exhibit with very well known names. And then these lesser known but still really powerful images from

Unknown Speaker 25:40
other nations in Korea 20th century. And

Unknown Speaker 25:46
then coming up in the summer, we are bringing back one of our most popular exhibits ever, our Lego exhibit number 10, two years ago. So this year, we’re calling it build, design and create with Lego that’ll open up June 1. And

Unknown Speaker 26:06
we’ll have both LEGO creations created by local Lego builders who are real artists in their own right, as well as a lot of hands on activities, geared kind of around engineering on this one. So dealing with bridges, building the tallest tower and seeing how it can survive an earthquake and things like that. So we’re hoping this will be a great sort of introduction to hands on kids exhibits again at the museum, as we prepare to open up our children’s gallery.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
Excited about that.

Unknown Speaker 26:50
We’ll skip down to education. I will just mention Day of the Day.

Unknown Speaker 26:57
We had another huge successful there, they have that

Unknown Speaker 27:01
exhibit and celebration of the event Day on October 14 5411 People in downtown Longmont that same day 500 visitors here at the museum,

Unknown Speaker 27:18
and almost 300 Riding the trolley back and forth. The exhibit of altars was up for a month in our atrium, don’t have final numbers on how many people visited that

Unknown Speaker 27:34

Unknown Speaker 27:36
Always great event, this was our 23rd year.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
Under collections, I’ll highlight that we have hired a new Curator of History Elizabeth boat one, she will start next Monday.

Unknown Speaker 27:50
So she’ll be replacing me as Curator of History. And

Unknown Speaker 27:59
to develop and diversify our collections. Remember things I want to make sure that we do is have our collection represent the full breadth, the long months diversity.

Unknown Speaker 28:16
And then the last thing I think I will highlight is under our capital campaign development.

Unknown Speaker 28:25
So as of 11, six, we had raised 6559. We raised about another 5000. Over the last

Unknown Speaker 28:37
week or so. So we are slowly but surely getting there and had some big news last night. The Stewart Family Foundation, which is already committed a $5 million plan has now set on top of that they will match all donations given to our capital campaign through the end of the year,

Unknown Speaker 29:01
up to a total of $100,000. So it’s a great opportunity. If you have given to the capital campaign. One of the things that as we’re talking to foundations, they ask has your entire board support the campaign

Unknown Speaker 29:20
meeting at the gates Family Foundation a few weeks ago and they asked that. So it’s really important that if at all possible, it doesn’t have to be a large contribution.

Unknown Speaker 29:33
And every board member can make a contribution. And now that will be matched our

Unknown Speaker 29:42
great news on that front

Unknown Speaker 29:46
is moving ahead

Unknown Speaker 29:49

Unknown Speaker 29:51
I will leave off on islands but if anyone has any questions about anything I talked about or any of the other things in the directory

Unknown Speaker 30:00
I have a question on your capital campaign show. So we raised 6,000,550 400.

Unknown Speaker 30:11
No, that is correct. That is correct that okay. I said another number I misspoke. So we’re now at 1.6 million 563,275. As of when I checked on the computer for this

Unknown Speaker 30:31

Unknown Speaker 30:36
there’s no report from the chair is there, something sent in. So

Unknown Speaker 30:43
move on to unfinished business.

Unknown Speaker 30:50
Unfinished business.

Unknown Speaker 30:53
All right, we’ll move on to new business.

Unknown Speaker 30:57
So the main item under new business is our 2429 strategic plan.

Unknown Speaker 31:07
This plan was developed by museum leadership team, working with the assistant city manager, Sandy cedar, we have basically a day long retreat, where Sandy who has done this quarter groups throughout the city took us through a whole process to develop a strategic plan.

Unknown Speaker 31:33
So we did a lot of

Unknown Speaker 31:36
putting things up on the board about basically what she posed to us was, it’s five years from now 2029, the plan is complete. What are you talking about at the end of Year party.

Unknown Speaker 31:52
And those are the kinds of things that then we turned into the goals that we have in this document. So you have six different sections within the document.

Unknown Speaker 32:05
And then, under each section, we have a series of kind of the long term, five year goals, adding in 2029. And then below that we have immediate action steps. So these were elements that then toward the end of the day, we looked at everything we come up with and we started talking, these are the things we want to address. First, these are the highest priorities.

Unknown Speaker 32:31
And our thought is that this plan will certainly evolve, we will be regularly revisiting it as as a museum staff and probably will be bringing back manual updates to this for how it’s showing. I also want to note that you know, right now, it’s kind of just text form. Not that exciting. Our plan is, once it is adopted, then we’ll turn it over to Jared and Breck are designers and have it designed with some cool graphics and things like that. So it’s really something we can be handing out to funders, and showing our business

Unknown Speaker 33:11
plan. That’s that’s very much tied in with the broader city goals. And also very much thinking about our our next five years are strongly going to be focused on expanding and then you know, living into that expansion, as well. A lot of the things that we’re talking about

Unknown Speaker 33:32
is planning. So as a museum considering managing the talent, and

Unknown Speaker 33:39

Unknown Speaker 33:41
the sense of those are currently under recreation and recreation and the museum are both under the same division, which is

Unknown Speaker 33:52
Jeffrey is here and Jeff was at our

Unknown Speaker 33:57
strategic planning meeting. And he was the one that raised though he said, You know, it’s something we needed to discuss, we need to decide really, as a department, does it make sense for those to be under recreation or under the museum? stuff with that some discussion in

Unknown Speaker 34:13
terms of, you know, can the museum support those? Do we have the capacity? Is there funding that comes along with that?

Unknown Speaker 34:24
Right now Callahan house is largely self funded, it’s a rental space.

Unknown Speaker 34:31
And so it’s the one that probably makes the most sense because we are a rental space. They are rental space.

Unknown Speaker 34:39
It’s, you know, a historic house with a whole lot of history that we’ve worked very closely with as board errs one staff member is one person. Yeah, and there’s a board and then there’s also

Unknown Speaker 34:53
a raised body. Not so much money, but it’s that income from rentals.

Unknown Speaker 34:59

Unknown Speaker 35:00
So how did the wedding? How did they maintain the rental fees? They maintain the facility? Grants.

Unknown Speaker 35:10
I was one person likes grants, or

Unknown Speaker 35:15
wrote the last Yeah, I thought there was another person involved. But they’re the kind of grants that we’ve written in the past historical contracts. So, you know, it’s, it’s certainly a discussion we need to have with recreation.

Unknown Speaker 35:30
But it was one of the things that Jeff felt like, this was a discussion we need to have with

Unknown Speaker 35:38
one or two staff that can give you

Unknown Speaker 35:42
one person, one person is

Unknown Speaker 35:45
a little over burden. So

Unknown Speaker 35:50
take it with a couple of steps.

Unknown Speaker 35:54
Something like that. Yeah, yeah. So far, your bargain.

Unknown Speaker 36:05
Yeah, and that one, that one’s further away, a little bit harder to connect to, it’s it’s been a challenging facility, I think for the city trying to figure it out. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s

Unknown Speaker 36:20
on highway 190.

Unknown Speaker 36:24
And is adjacent to some of the ball fields, but actually kind of hard to get to the sandstone ramp.

Unknown Speaker 36:32
So it’s currently open very limited hours, mostly in the summer. So that one is

Unknown Speaker 36:41
a more of a challenge for us to take on to do anything more with it.

Unknown Speaker 36:49
whatsoever, let the land swap.

Unknown Speaker 36:52
So, of course, for at least 10 years. So right now, the city owns a narrow strip of land, going all the way to Main Street along Coyle. It’s about a 50 foot wide strip of land that came with the donation of

Unknown Speaker 37:14
the land that became the quail campus.

Unknown Speaker 37:18
And then a private developer owns the land next to it, that actually comes just about almost to

Unknown Speaker 37:27
the edge of our parking lot, it’s 50 feet or so from our parking lot.

Unknown Speaker 37:34
So for a long time, there’s been discussion about the developer would have a lot more use of that corner,

Unknown Speaker 37:43
pain, quail, and we would really like to have a little more breathing room

Unknown Speaker 37:50
to expand our parking lot.

Unknown Speaker 37:54
Developers have come with plans, and, and even probably about 10 years ago presented to this board and said, Oh, yes, going forward, won’t be long. Now you’ll see this. And the city basically requires as part of that development that that land swap happens. So the developer would get some of that plan at the corner of Main and quail, we would get the same looking at land adjacent to the existing park.

Unknown Speaker 38:29
It has not ever come to fruition. And so that’s that’s something we don’t really control. But it’s just one of those things. Hopefully in the next five years, it will have time, because very successful program.

Unknown Speaker 38:46
It’s really outside developers at bay.

Unknown Speaker 38:50
Well done. So it’s outside of our control to some extent, but it was in the you know, list of things we thought, you know, in five years, it would be great to have that done, be able to expand.

Unknown Speaker 39:10
Questions? Okay. I have a question. Under the growing audience, I was struck by this. Historically, excluded groups have a sense of ownership in the museum, you want to speak to that.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
So there’s a lot of different terminology, what people might have what’s called minorities.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
And the sense now is that that term is kind of a derogatory term. In some ways. It’s sort of stuff. So we use historically excluded to kind of call out that groups like Latinos and blacks and so forth, have at times been excluded

Unknown Speaker 39:55
by our culture. So that is what that means. It’s kind of

Unknown Speaker 40:00
That’s a very broad umbrella term. Very good, very good.

Unknown Speaker 40:05
Doesn’t mean that the museum has ever been excluded unnecessarily.

Unknown Speaker 40:17
That includes a Scottish.

Unknown Speaker 40:21
The bag Mike, Mike. Yes. And this is Puerto Rican.

Unknown Speaker 40:30
Other questions revolve regarding the strategic plan?

Unknown Speaker 40:42
How sound stone as a five year plan? five year plans?

Unknown Speaker 40:48
That’s, you know, yes, I know. It’s aspiration. Right. Yeah, it is. I think we

Unknown Speaker 40:56
the last plan. By the time we actually got the thing adopted and threw everything, we were two years into it. And it seemed like we had a year to finish it. So we wanted to give ourselves a little more leeway on the

Unknown Speaker 41:11
sort of on the line of the ambition long month. Yes, we’re setting goals.

Unknown Speaker 41:20
So if the board is willing, I would ask to be

Unknown Speaker 41:26
moved to adopt it. So we can

Unknown Speaker 41:30
move ahead and then have it officially adopted.

Unknown Speaker 41:35
I’ll make the motion to adopt the strategic plan as as outlined.

Unknown Speaker 41:46
All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 41:52
Thank you,

Unknown Speaker 41:54
thank you, who’s who’s gonna be the next that

Unknown Speaker 41:58
drops off?

Unknown Speaker 42:13
Was our discussion about hybrid meetings. So this came up, I think, in some email exchanges. Over the last month, since we had to cancel the October meeting due to lack of quorum,

Unknown Speaker 42:27
whether there

Unknown Speaker 42:30
would be more attendance, if we had hybrid meetings, I will say having attended other

Unknown Speaker 42:38
boards that have had hybrid meetings, I personally don’t find them to be all that effective. From the standpoint of the person who is not in the room. It’s just difficult for them to contribute.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
We have this fancy you towel camera, which which helps. But it’s still hard for someone who is not in a room to really

Unknown Speaker 43:05
understand the flow.

Unknown Speaker 43:08
But it was raised

Unknown Speaker 43:11
to get a sense of whether the board feels like

Unknown Speaker 43:17
in favor of them. So not unless we have to go back to the COVID thing.

Unknown Speaker 43:26
I mean, if you can’t make the effort to

Unknown Speaker 43:28
show up.

Unknown Speaker 43:31
And I think so that was an exchange that we I had with you and Tom. And so, like our library Advisory Board does use the hybrid. I think the setup of room plays a role because I I’m a teacher, so I taught hybrid for a year and a half.

Unknown Speaker 43:53
I just survive. Yeah, half my class in front of me and the other half online.

Unknown Speaker 44:02
So anyways,

Unknown Speaker 44:04
I sat on both. So there’s been situations where I’d have to join virtually. And you’re right, it is is a little challenging. We have one member

Unknown Speaker 44:15
who for the time being cannot join us personally. So that’s we made that accommodation to include her online so that was the only reason why I brought that up. So in the event if we have somebody who does so you know, we recently lost somebody because of health concerns, but if it opens up that opportunity for people to participate, that they might be homebound.

Unknown Speaker 44:39
You know that it feels that you know that accessibility piece

Unknown Speaker 44:44
would be flexible. So you know that was the only reason why I mentioned that and then it allows us to keep corn

Unknown Speaker 44:54
but what wasn’t number four, the minimum required to never meetings

Unknown Speaker 45:00
What’s happening? Right now? We have seven board members. So on this board

Unknown Speaker 45:12
Do we need a vote on that? Or?

Unknown Speaker 45:15
I think I just I wanted to see what the board since was. And obviously we can certainly revisit members is

Unknown Speaker 45:24
able to attend.

Unknown Speaker 45:30
And that does make me think

Unknown Speaker 45:34
if after the meeting I will, I will grab a card. I think you all got the email from Yes, has resigned reasons. Folks are willing to sign up for

Unknown Speaker 45:50
a nice

Unknown Speaker 45:52
on the board quite a long time. Very.

Unknown Speaker 45:58
What are we going to do?

Unknown Speaker 46:04

Unknown Speaker 46:07
know, they’ll start recruiting. We’re in the new year. So I’ll get you all those gaps.

Unknown Speaker 46:16
Absolutely in trouble with

Unknown Speaker 46:19
what is the purpose of the board just review? What is the purpose of the main purpose of the board.

Unknown Speaker 46:25
So they are an advisory board to the museum and to city council council. So for the museum, they are the ones who are authorized, as you saw in this meeting to approve all donations to the museum collection. They also approve major policy documents like our strategic plan. What am I going to get what are the qualifications of a board member? See you need to be a registered voter and within the city of Longmont

Unknown Speaker 46:58
so you have to live within the city

Unknown Speaker 47:01
for 34 years worthy worthy power seven

Unknown Speaker 47:13
and I am very interested in resembles the ability for me to do whatever interesting to

Unknown Speaker 47:20
me that

Unknown Speaker 47:23

Unknown Speaker 47:25
and unleash.

Unknown Speaker 47:28
Well, I am very ambitious though. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 47:35

Unknown Speaker 47:42
I get contagion contagious with this stuff. Right. So I love this guy. I want to be a part of it. Yeah. We’re not a puppet. So Eric

Unknown Speaker 47:58
said something about one person I know Dale but in one pending? Or is that

Unknown Speaker 48:05
Katie McDonald has also she will not be able to attend the next three meetings. And her term is then up in June. So she has said, you know if it makes sense that she would be ashamed to chair? No.

Unknown Speaker 48:25
Callie quarter.

Unknown Speaker 48:28
So, I like to meet with Katie and just just talking to her a little bit more.

Unknown Speaker 48:34
We make

Unknown Speaker 48:36
sense for her.

Unknown Speaker 48:40
Unfortunately, he’s still very involved in other aspects of the capital campaign.

Unknown Speaker 48:48
I think at some point,

Unknown Speaker 48:51
the strategic plan is too late because we voted.

Unknown Speaker 48:57
I really think at some point in the future whenever

Unknown Speaker 49:03
needed digital archivists

Unknown Speaker 49:09
digital archivist, someone who can collect digital historical media of all sorts, whether it’s

Unknown Speaker 49:20

Unknown Speaker 49:22
floppy disks, you know,

Unknown Speaker 49:25
that needs to be preserved and transfer and everything else.

Unknown Speaker 49:31
A real interesting addition that you could put to use that position, put that position to use all kinds of digital curation, exhibits. All kinds of stuff. Yes, we have one very large digital collection. And we really haven’t kept at all times calls. photo archive

Unknown Speaker 49:56
2005 to 2010

Unknown Speaker 50:00

Unknown Speaker 50:02
the media of photographers now it’s all

Unknown Speaker 50:07
digital. Everything’s. So you need you need it digital. Anyway, I think I was saying that when I was on the board for for for a decade ago, but you know,

Unknown Speaker 50:21
lots of things with that meet with that then for the collections, probably Yeah. As soon as they’re really thinking about hiring. So

Unknown Speaker 50:32
that’s we have, we have a lot of challenges in the next few years as far as making sure that our expansion is staffed

Unknown Speaker 50:43
to hire more

Unknown Speaker 50:45

Unknown Speaker 50:48
Fast and a lot of things. So one thing that is on the PD Plan is prioritizing staff. That’s going to be a conversation

Unknown Speaker 51:00
in the coming months, is looking at all of our staff needs and starting to prioritize and then making the case for those both single Council and also

Unknown Speaker 51:14
ways to

Unknown Speaker 51:15
be able to generate more earned revenue

Unknown Speaker 51:26
December meetings. So traditionally, this board has canceled the December advisory board meetings since usually falls fairly close to Christmas time.

Unknown Speaker 51:39

Unknown Speaker 51:41
unless there’s folks that are really raring to have a meeting on December 20, I know we will usually pretty short handed on that meeting anyway. I will be out of town in January.

Unknown Speaker 51:58
I just wanted to put that out there. Glad to be here. December.

Unknown Speaker 52:05
Well, you can show up

Unknown Speaker 52:13
we need a vote on the December meeting. We will need to vote whether to cancel the meeting or continue to have it and all of that to the floor.

Unknown Speaker 52:24
Move that we canceled.

Unknown Speaker 52:28
You have a Second.

Unknown Speaker 52:31
Third. I’ll make it unanimous.

Unknown Speaker 52:36
All right.

Unknown Speaker 52:39
Comments from board members.

Unknown Speaker 52:48
Hearing none, I will make a motion to adjourn this meeting. Thank you. Welcome second. Groups. Yes second.

Unknown Speaker 53:00
Grab a card sign that we’re gonna go check out your new

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