Callahan House Advisory Board – November 2023

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Callahan House Advisory Board – November 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Has everybody had a chance to read the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 0:04
Do we have any corrections or changes?

Unknown Speaker 0:11
Okay, can I have a motion to approve? I approve that we set the minutes and submit it.

Unknown Speaker 0:20

Unknown Speaker 0:23
all in favor?

Unknown Speaker 0:25
All right, they’re approved.

Unknown Speaker 0:30
And I don’t see anybody from the public here

Unknown Speaker 0:39

Unknown Speaker 0:46
do we have a packet of anything?

Unknown Speaker 0:50
I think we are since the donations and

Unknown Speaker 0:55
the preservation. So those are both things that are listed on the agenda if we wanted to throw them in that order, or that

Unknown Speaker 1:02
I’m trying to description. Yeah. Okay. Let’s start with old business. Anything on grant project? Well, we were hoping that you all would be able to view the completed library window. It was supposed to be done.

Unknown Speaker 1:18
end of last week, or I think actually, it would be prior. But they got back from the restoration, and the frame doesn’t fit. So they’re having to do some tweaking, but hopefully another two weeks, so maybe maybe the end of next week

Unknown Speaker 1:36
for the Christmas holiday.

Unknown Speaker 1:40

Unknown Speaker 1:42
know, yeah, so that’s, that’s a minor, just a minor. I’m not sure. Hopefully. But yeah, so So waiting out the window.

Unknown Speaker 1:53
And yeah, that’s better. That be done. Right. Correct. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:59
Yeah, definitely. So you shims.

Unknown Speaker 2:02
Yeah. And now part of the grant project. Just seems like yesterday now, though, it is up.

Unknown Speaker 2:10
Like crazy. But anyhow, we also got the quote back for for this and a few other interior things. So we’ll be moving forward with that not part of the grant project, but just in general sharing, as well.

Unknown Speaker 2:26
I don’t remember off the top of my head, but And it includes that and several other items. Interior, Riveros and a lot. No, it wasn’t it wasn’t. It was under literally. Yeah, it’s under was under five for this. A few other things.

Unknown Speaker 2:46

Unknown Speaker 2:49
let’s move on to donations and contributions. Any news there? Yes. So the what we thought was going to be the final donations policy is included in the packet.

Unknown Speaker 3:01
So it went through some other entities in the city. And this is what we got back. But then after that we’ve got it wasn’t going through legal, but now it is going through. So this we thought was the final version, but it actually may not be after going through legal. So if they make if they don’t make any changes to it, or they make very minor changes, then I think it’ll be finally done. It probably won’t be on the agenda next month. We’ll just move forward with it. But if they make major changes to it, then we’ll show you the seven mile version.

Unknown Speaker 3:34

Unknown Speaker 3:37
yeah, so I don’t have time to read through if anybody has questions or

Unknown Speaker 3:43
anything about it. But this is this version. It’s going to be going through legal. There’s kind of about that, but it’s

Unknown Speaker 3:51

Unknown Speaker 3:54
All right. P O Founders Day program, I seek to scrapbook

Unknown Speaker 3:59

Unknown Speaker 4:01
So I met with Ian Beltre, yesterday who is

Unknown Speaker 4:07
I met with him specifically for to get ideas about what we would need to make digitized scrap is ADA accessible online. And we’ve kind of talked about the maybes of that, but

Unknown Speaker 4:21
are basically the long and short of it is that everything’s going to need alternate text, alternative text to be accessible, which means a lot more work.

Unknown Speaker 4:32
Articles are fully typed out, not summarized. Every image needs captions, you need to put together table of contents and link those to the pages and so yes, more work.

Unknown Speaker 4:42
There is a program that ideally can pull information from typed text and put it like into a Word document to be used towards this but things that are handwritten, it can always pick up so a lot of typing to create the the

Unknown Speaker 5:00
alternative texts will be involved in a project. However, the museum did confirm that they that we can use their scanners and they can assist us to some extent, I don’t know, to what extent is it’s gonna be a lot of man hours, but they can get I think at least get us like set up for the project. I’m just so that’s great. I mean, what did you work with at the museum? I’m just curious, Eric, but I think he’s going to be, I don’t know if he’s going to be directly involved or if he’s going to have staff, but

Unknown Speaker 5:27
he also did say that they’re very busy and understaffed right now. So I think we’re gonna reconnect after Thanksgiving and look at some timelines.

Unknown Speaker 5:36
But yeah, so that’ll be 11 by 17. format. So it’s not going to be exact as the pages are 12 by 12. But I think a lot of I think it works, and it’s gonna save us 1000s of dollars

Unknown Speaker 5:47
to get that content so that people can view it, because it’s really cool information. So yeah, so you do it through the museum. But it’s gonna take a lot of tedious work. So I think the question is, then it’s up to you all, if you still want to take on his project, because it’s mostly going to be you all doing it. I don’t have the time to be super involved with it with the board. Like if somebody wanted to go in for an afternoon type text or something like that. That’s kind of thing. Yeah. So it’d be you know, you all doing the scanning, doing the typing, you know, obviously, I can help make sure it’s ready for the website and those kind of things. But now when it’s digitized can be added or subtracted from to me, it’s like you want it to go through and digitize the whole book first, as is. And then add the typing stuff. Yes. Yeah. Even recommended that we would scan it in and then work on like, okay, so they’re available without the ADA. But that’s a work in progress. Yes. But we can’t be on the website without being accessible. So a little digitize all, still digitize them? Yeah, record keeping? Yeah, definitely. That’s true. The other recommendation, which we’ve kind of talked about in the beginning of the radiation of this project, was to maybe do one and see like, how much of an undertaking that is, like, see how much time to take see how

Unknown Speaker 7:10
to do that? Because how many, there’s 10 ish, and they’re, like 50 pages each that are, the very first one is probably this might be good to start with, just to see what it’s like. But yeah, it’s not going to be a small project.

Unknown Speaker 7:26
I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 7:28
I think, from where I’m coming from, I think we already we already knew that it was going to be a long term issue and project, you know, with the program that you’re talking about, is that something that we could then

Unknown Speaker 7:47
I’m trying, first of all, not to be in your way. And,

Unknown Speaker 7:52
you know, it sounds like an expensive program is something that we could take and download into a Word format, and then work on it and update any writing that we do, or, or take the handwritten documents and put it in a Word document and then transfer it over? Is it I think that had any idea? Yeah, and I am not super tech savvy in terms of that kind of stuff. So the other, and I don’t know how many resources, human resources we would have within the city that can help with that aspect of things. So I’ll, you know, do my best to try to figure a lot of it out. The other recommendation was, we may have to, I don’t know, if we would have to hire like a, an archivist tech support type person to maybe just on the back end of things once it’s all you know, to help compile it and get it in there. So that could be an expense, certainly still cheaper than having someone digitize the whole thing. But I mean, we might need some help. And I don’t know, where people within the city that have the time to dedicate as much time as they need from someone on the tech end of it. I think, at this point, we’re, we’re hoping to do this a lot of the work Yes.

Unknown Speaker 9:10
As on a volunteer basis, and being able to put it back in, but

Unknown Speaker 9:15
instead of putting a tremendous amount of hours in typing all the hand documents and stuff. I think we need to get in front of that and make sure that the

Unknown Speaker 9:26
program that we’re using, and what what on our site do need to that’s compatible. Yeah. Yeah. The actual functionality? Yes. Yeah. Because I can see putting up tremendous man hours putting in hand in or typing all the stuff out into a Word doc, and do all that. And then Oh, guess what?

Unknown Speaker 9:47
We can

Unknown Speaker 9:49
all that time. So there’s a possibility we have to go there and type it in zero like the typewriter attached to it. So it doesn’t take a Word doc the library? Yeah, I mean is there so

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Place a typewriter.

Unknown Speaker 10:09
Get the White House

Unknown Speaker 10:16
for Fall I’m following. Yeah, I think well, we have a second workstation here. I’m not sure about, you know, when the library has available in that debate. I mean, there’s open public workstations there. So maybe something like that. So at least then you’re still on site. So I’m not sure about those details. But you know, we can, that’s something we can learn. Yeah, I think what I’m hoping is that either someone at the library that knows the scanners, and maybe kind of this process, or en, or somebody can help, make sure that we’re all in line to get started. You know, that we are doing the right stuff moving forward. And then we’re taking on most of that.

Unknown Speaker 10:54
Actual doing

Unknown Speaker 10:56
the work aspect of it. Yeah, I know that Karen, Karen cruise, and I were we’re working on that, and we take any other volunteers that want to help pitch in to type in you as well. And I apologize. And it’s one of those days, but we had we were looking at doing the scanning and stuff. And if we if we can have a start point. And I think, at least from speaking,

Unknown Speaker 11:27
I guess, to speak for myself, I knew this wasn’t going to be just an overnight project. This is

Unknown Speaker 11:33
long term.

Unknown Speaker 11:37
But I think in the broad scheme of things, it’s going to be

Unknown Speaker 11:41
Oh, yeah, I’m all supportive. And we all understand the value of it. But I have it on the news articles that are in there. No, they kept the typing from the newsprint is that will that be automatically or is that have to be read typed to? It depends on if this program can read that stuff, I theoretically it can read anything that’s type text. So that’s the majority. But even at that you would have to go after

Unknown Speaker 12:05
somebody. Those articles were some maintenance.

Unknown Speaker 12:11
Even a

Unknown Speaker 12:12
photocopy of it, like wondering if we would have to,

Unknown Speaker 12:16
well, we could probably go back through the

Unknown Speaker 12:20
the film and see if we could get it re done or possibly go and reach out to the times calm and see if they couldn’t go through their archives and see if they would have

Unknown Speaker 12:34
a lot of work it is but they did that for pictures and did some other things.

Unknown Speaker 12:39
I’m concerned about the longevity of this project and what might happen to it, should it fall through the cracks? And seems to me that there were some things from Kellyanne hills that were already given to the archives. It might have been museum, you know, I mean, that Oh, no, they do have I don’t know what’s in it. But they do have Callahan section of archives la just came back on sorry. Okay. What I think I’d like to see in place is an alternate

Unknown Speaker 13:13
follow through or fallback, so that if this project becomes too much, or it lives beyond us, that arrangements be made that these things be given to the archives? Sure, yeah, the digital, whatever, whatever, or the physical scrapbooks? Well, I think so. Yeah, I think that was sort of thing or not lost, because that’s the purpose of doing this. Right. And and we could archive them right now. But then we don’t have access to them. Right. So for our purposes, but I think just thinking in terms of longevity that should just fall through this, what we’d like to see the backup be definitely a good idea. And I think the idea was that once the scrapbooks are digitized, that they would then go to ABC. Yeah. And I think I think that was taken, I assume that they

Unknown Speaker 14:09
would submit them to be archived and see, hopefully, we would take them, but we would just keep on hand the current one that we’re working.

Unknown Speaker 14:17
That makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 14:22
So that’s, yeah, that’s where we’re at. But I think I do it within the same, which is great news. That was kind of a question from the last meeting. But that’s what it’s going to take. So that’s up to all of you still want to before but I’d like to try to move forward at least with the first one and yeah, I absolutely agree with your stage. But we have a backup probably okay. Can I get a motion?

Unknown Speaker 14:47
I move that we move move forward with with the scrap book, productive digitization project process, and and that we

Unknown Speaker 14:59

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Have a backup plan as stated

Unknown Speaker 15:02
in case, but I think we do start with the first one and go from there. So, okay, last

Unknown Speaker 15:10
kind of one motion.

Unknown Speaker 15:13
Okay, I’ll close on favor.

Unknown Speaker 15:18
Okay, I think it’s good.

Unknown Speaker 15:22
We’re all having problems this morning.

Unknown Speaker 15:28
Okay, we can move on into a PEO Founder’s Day Program. Yes, I’m working on that as well. So I’m hearing they’re getting together to do the PTO Founders Day program, we’re going to be doing a PowerPoint presentation. And we’d like to present that to the board. The idea is that this probably will not be done until November, that’s or even possibly the January 1 meeting, because the presentation is not until the 20th of January if I’m correct on my dates,

Unknown Speaker 16:04
but we’d like to put it forward to the board to see so you guys are aware of what we’re doing and if anybody has any additional input. So can I ask the PowerPoint program is focused on the house.

Unknown Speaker 16:21
So we’re taking everything about the house and presenting it as in for somebody that doesn’t know anything about the house and we’re going to take pictures and other things to people in as we’re speaking about the home. So basically, we’re taking the tour that we do, and just working directly on the bat. Okay. And the goal I know the goal is for PEO to find out more about counting a house and our goal is to do community outreach and get more clubs to participate here. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
It seems that they were one of the founding clubs

Unknown Speaker 17:04
that’s another reason why

Unknown Speaker 17:08
we were asked to speak Yeah, they they reached out to us this year.

Unknown Speaker 17:14
In fact, when I was in the dairies the other day a lady from video was seeing pictures on top of it. Great. Okay, can we love

Unknown Speaker 17:24
2024 Flower order in grounds plan and 39 met with parks

Unknown Speaker 17:31
do you want to summarize dyed shirt or you can I think

Unknown Speaker 17:37
there’s less want me to start okay. So we went over the current status of the

Unknown Speaker 17:43
focused on the problem and then not been waiting they will say the rotten he explained that right now they are also a TT O N He said Park supervisory progress and

Unknown Speaker 17:58
he mentioned that the leak is something they’re focusing on so there’s gonna be some money put into that to fix it but they’re also agreeable to working now Did they agree to take off a layer of bricks or they’re looking into I think that’s part of it. I think it is a breach because we I think they thought we’ve kind of as we showed them that I don’t have one for everybody but I can pass it around.

Unknown Speaker 18:19
I hate stopping but I want to rewind for because for film purposes what League and what are what are you talking about? Okay, they’re in the plumbing of the fountain there’s a leak so when it fills up when Brittany has it filled up you know it just slowly goes away we’re not sure where it’s going well yeah it to expand there was a very badly this summer I mean it was draining within like 48 hours. So they’ve fixed it mostly but the long short isn’t the entire thing system cement itself needs a kind of a big restoration. So they’re working on getting a quote for that that is and that will open the opportunity to

Unknown Speaker 18:57
landscape it around it because they may have to do some digging and stuff so that might be a good opportunity to now revise the look of it to not so much revise it as to make it back to what it was was just more of a standalone ornaments with maybe some minor flowers but not not the all the groundwork and stuff that’s around it now flower local would be no or yeah my level of it won’t take over

Unknown Speaker 19:24
because right now

Unknown Speaker 19:26

Unknown Speaker 19:28
And then we talked about the grass the turf footing with a top layer of dirt on it yeah, they’re gonna be leveling this maybe south lawn here well hopefully it depends on weather and things like that and schedules but hopefully April May of next year to get the the main south lawn level very, very to be suitable for events and then they received over that and it would come out looking very nice. And it was the purpose of you know, the golf course a call is that we help them with that. Because they’re good at that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:00

Unknown Speaker 20:02
so and then we did mention that you know, we’re focusing on the fountain for this year, but there’s more that needs to be again kind of reverted back to the elegant garden so they were kind of overgrown now. So they you know, they’re aware of that and obviously that would take a ton of money so it’s gonna be done gradually and we’ll just have to keep that on the on the agenda you know, keep coming I think I would think the next project would be the driveway that’s pretty overgrown too so but that would be for in the future and then eventually the park

Unknown Speaker 20:33
but and they got the flower order for next year which is we put on patients everywhere.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
Hostess Yes. I was going to pass this around this time what we showed them

Unknown Speaker 20:45
regression of the guy with

Unknown Speaker 20:49
the son patients is it’s like

Unknown Speaker 20:53
yeah, and that it’s very showy and very big I think together

Unknown Speaker 20:59
around the sound that around the that we talked about land Tina around the FUCKLOAD statues because that’s this a little taller, but I think the statues can handle the extra height. So high, so

Unknown Speaker 21:13
li te la Mt. de ma

Unknown Speaker 21:18
so I’ve got a question for you

Unknown Speaker 21:23
with with the

Unknown Speaker 21:29
dates of the with the fountains and everything is that are we going to have to have historic concrete mix

Unknown Speaker 21:40
historic restoration of about I think with the fountain they do a very hard concrete so water will circulate through it. Is that something that oh yeah, the difference? Well, this is my favorite right here, that’s where it was just a small bit of flowers around it not the difference between that picture and then this picture still there.

Unknown Speaker 22:06
And these are just some samples of you know,

Unknown Speaker 22:10
with the mold concrete, this is what it was like when I was tearing a garden like this

Unknown Speaker 22:18
very simple.

Unknown Speaker 22:21
You guys want to pass

Unknown Speaker 22:25
through Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 22:27
Is this something that

Unknown Speaker 22:30
we should be writing or grant or working on?

Unknown Speaker 22:34
I think we talked about it as a part of the CIP

Unknown Speaker 22:39
or the restoration but if we were waiting to get an idea of how much it was going to cost based on

Unknown Speaker 22:48
the damage assessment, probably a little pricey with the repair

Unknown Speaker 22:53
potentially capital improvement or PB 145 One thing buildings to look at the 1977 one

Unknown Speaker 23:03
driveway was just

Unknown Speaker 23:05
a narrow strip a

Unknown Speaker 23:08
huge five feet wide

Unknown Speaker 23:13

Unknown Speaker 23:15

Unknown Speaker 23:17

Unknown Speaker 23:19
find a tall

Unknown Speaker 23:21
standing on the other side.

Unknown Speaker 23:25
So, yeah, so you look at the ones from 7772 and you can see the draft where you can see that just a very narrow border of flowers which again was a little more elegant.

Unknown Speaker 23:37

Unknown Speaker 23:39
So basically into we know what the cost comes back this long how long term and if it’s not CRP or maybe 145 thing that maybe a grant

Unknown Speaker 23:50

Unknown Speaker 23:52
So long term with possibility of a brand Yeah, look into

Unknown Speaker 23:58
Okay, let’s move on. How do they open houses and holiday decorating? Yeah, I’m gonna go a little reverse order here but some decorating we’ve got set for 10am on the 29th. So hopefully everybody can make it and we’ll Jacqueline and Betsy and I are gonna get together before that to get everything set out. So it’s, you know, easy for y’all to get access and just have fun decorating and I think the idea was that

Unknown Speaker 24:26
see what we have for this year and if anything really needs to be replaced this year, we can do that. But otherwise kind of maintenance for next year what to do, they’re needed. Okay, so I am going to bring something out. So I know the tree upstairs last year was pretty much we did a storybook tree but that Connie Newman pretty much brought all the decorations and stuff without what’s the plan for this year? Because

Unknown Speaker 24:54
I think here are decorations for that just weren’t there. This didn’t get us there’s a lot of gelato

Unknown Speaker 25:00
To the addict. So I imagined we can make it work. I don’t know what’s in there. I haven’t seen any of the holiday decorations, but I’m sure we can make it work. But if we need to get a few new things for this year, we can do that. Or make a list for next year. Going. Yeah, but there’s a lot of stuff up there. So I imagine we can Yeah, I think there was just box people in you brought stuff when you’re free. Yeah, there’s stuff in this tree that are in the study. Yeah. All the music instruments. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:26
So yeah. And then I guess we’ll go out to break and go out to lunch at some point during that day. Usually when we’re done decorating, oh, cheap lunch.

Unknown Speaker 25:37
So yeah, usually when we’re done that sounds good. And then open houses that he’d be wanting to set.

Unknown Speaker 25:44
chips for that. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:50

Unknown Speaker 25:53
yeah, so Sam to open houses December 1, and the it’s from 330 to 730. So it’s a little bit longer and a half hour longer than last year.

Unknown Speaker 26:03
I’d like to take first.

Unknown Speaker 26:06
What is the first Yeah, what are the Jeff So starts at 330. So it actually doors open at 330? Yeah, like the first. Okay. Reservation time is three very, so 314 or three o’clock? What time do you need to raise? You have to drive? 15? I’d like the question to us. Okay. 315 to an ends it. 730. So, I’m sorry. 530. Final 335 30. They will be the first Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:40
515. The second shift comes with 745.

Unknown Speaker 26:49
Okay, so city and morning.

Unknown Speaker 26:53
First ships, it’d be also a first shift. I’ll do first

Unknown Speaker 27:01
and then I guess, and are you okay, with second shift with Karen. Karen.

Unknown Speaker 27:07
gets confusing. Anybody has a table.

Unknown Speaker 27:11
Okay, and then you’ll be here for the duration. Yeah. Well, Jackie. I’m not sure yet to check with Jacqueline and Betsy. Is there available? Is there any particular room you ladies want?

Unknown Speaker 27:25
Soon, Cindy. I don’t think it matters to me wherever I’m needed. I like the study. I love being upstairs with the kids see how excited they get to see Santa. And we have Santa our Santa. Yep, Santa Pete. He’s awesome. came the other day. I met him and we’ve kind of went over it’s the same standard from last year. We kind of went over what works last year and what to change out the same basic format, who’s going to be upstairs? I think his main thing that he thought would be a little better is if a few more kids can be waiting in the meeting room. Instead of having them all outside to have like three to five, the line coming into the meeting room so that they can kind of like see him wait, instead of like an awkward procession of like, just like walking all the way and he’s in the back of the room. That’s probably good. It’s not a long ways with the reservation. Yeah, there every 15 minutes. It counts for a couple. I think some of them get really excited when they see them. And they rushed towards them. So it Yeah, I think that’s something move the tables and chairs and because we do a line for Sansa at light. So see. And they all all the kids are in the gym. So they all see Santa for 30 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 28:45
I mean, some kids are excited, but their parents are with them. Yeah. And I haven’t seen it here. But I’ve seen it over there where there’s, I mean, the whole gym is full of parents and kids and stances all the way up at the front. And it’s just a zigzag line. Yeah, the elves help bring one kid up and sign up to the thing is, is great because then I can get the name. And then so then I hand off and I said so and so snicks Santa, and he’ll say Hi, Joe or Amy it’s so great to see you and it’s perfect. And I love the fact that we put the carpet thing underneath the chair in case anybody has accidents or throws up because they get excited.

Unknown Speaker 29:26
And in all those all those things, you know, and then we have the chair there on top of it. So if there is an accident or kids or kids yeah. And then yeah, I mentioned being able to end up time last year like it was that part of that he didn’t mentioned that it was problematic so well because debt reservations.

Unknown Speaker 29:49
Alive one that is routine.

Unknown Speaker 29:53
It allows him to have a break and go to the bathroom or do it later is very different. How are we doing?

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Why do they get fidgety? Or why? Just wondering if there’s a way to entertain them while they’re waiting. Because of the reservations, there’s not much of a wait, which really helps. I love the reservation.

Unknown Speaker 30:12
One of the things that I do think is we have on display some of our things for sale and stuff upstairs next to Santa. And that was uncomfortable. I would like to be able to put put items for for display maybe parlor in the park.

Unknown Speaker 30:30
And so people have those things to look at before prior going up there. And if they would choose to purchase they can do that here. Instead of because we didn’t sell anything because Santa was yeah, it’s too much and the families were more intent on getting the address taken. Okay. And also the city we doing the reservations will that we have

Unknown Speaker 30:55
to go and I’m going to take check in at the front door. And then we’ll have your Jacqueline her bed see if they’re here. Do

Unknown Speaker 31:04
I just want to be downstairs and upstairs only because it gets

Unknown Speaker 31:09
so I just want to be downstairs. Yeah, I will go downstairs doesn’t matter where

Unknown Speaker 31:14
each of us can cover two or three rooms. Welcome. I’ll just get

Unknown Speaker 31:22
your apologies.

Unknown Speaker 31:25
Caught up in discussions about election.

Unknown Speaker 31:32
Okay, so have we covered everything? Well, shifts for the regular Open House did just want to basically leave the same or if you want to change it as time is a little different. So let’s go seven go over the time again, please. So seven, three hours. Yeah, you know, I would just say ever not ship. So I hear three hours that Saturday? I think that’s fun. What’s the date again? The seventh sixth or seventh? December 7 seventh? Yeah. That’s just the range. Just everybody there? Because it’s only three hours? Yeah, I guess cut it through. So 345 an hour? And as you’re leaving? Yeah, I think I think that makes sense. Yeah, to have us all there for December 7. Okay, sounds good. And that’s just a regular open house, but with the decorations. So.

Unknown Speaker 32:19
So first, I believe.

Unknown Speaker 32:25
First is up afraid.

Unknown Speaker 32:29
Let’s move on to rental prices for 2024. So that’s finalized.

Unknown Speaker 32:36
And we’ve been

Unknown Speaker 32:39
sending out information to increase and use rentals are getting booked for future with the prices. So basically,

Unknown Speaker 32:48
we raised we haven’t raised my prices since 2021. thing. So we raised the hourly rate by 50% pretty much across the board.

Unknown Speaker 33:00
But we’re simplifying the process and passing some of the

Unknown Speaker 33:05
additional rentals to and when I say additional rentals, I mean like tables, chairs, linens, dinnerware, things like that to our catering teams, which is actually pretty standard practice for event venues. So it streamlines the process not only for us, but also for our clients and our vendors to be more in line with market standards.

Unknown Speaker 33:28
So yeah, and part of the reason for the price increase was, you know, kind of time things are expensive. But also in passing off those things to catering to simplify the process, that’s a little bit of a loss. So to make up for that loss, and also to be in line with, with market crisis. So we’re still very affordable. But we’re not cheap, which I think is appropriate, because we have a really special space here and we want

Unknown Speaker 33:53
to get married at Callahan house. So just kind of valuing what we have, but still being affordable for the community. So

Unknown Speaker 34:03
that sounds good.

Unknown Speaker 34:05

Unknown Speaker 34:07
don’t really have an update on that.

Unknown Speaker 34:11
We need to put the quotes together.

Unknown Speaker 34:14
attacked for that yet, but that’s the plan.

Unknown Speaker 34:18
update that just so working, working, just working on what the folks are gonna be. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:25

Unknown Speaker 34:27
What about our collaboration with other historic organizations and us on it? Um, not really, I had I had connected over the phone with Elise from st grain. And she was That was when she was getting they were getting ready for pumpkin pie days. So they were super busy. We talked about reconnecting after that. So I did reach out again, I think just last week,

Unknown Speaker 34:50
just to see about putting a list of historic events together to then pass on to lava and our chamber. So seeing if she’s interested in that and if there are

Unknown Speaker 35:00
We can always I can see it just still connect with lava the chamber to see what information they have back out in the house. And if they need some updates.

Unknown Speaker 35:09
Is it possible that we could maybe because January’s a big meeting for us, we have new board members, hopefully. And other things going on, is there any way that maybe we can consider inviting them to the February meeting, or even march in going, just reaching out and asking if they would like to attend our meetings at grain or any historic groups that we’re looking at collaborating with an inviting them to a specific meeting, so then we can maybe get a little more?

Unknown Speaker 35:47
Sure, if they’re interested, the only thing I would say is to have kind of a set purpose, or idea about collaboration. And what that looks like, isn’t just kind of, it’s too big. And people don’t really know why they’re attending or what our intentions are.

Unknown Speaker 36:03
And that’s why I’m saying January, it, normally, we start with a clean slate, and we’re thinking about various different things. So maybe we could put it February’s almost even too soon, maybe we put it for a March meeting, to order. So we have a set idea of what we’re doing. But if we could put it out there for a thought process that we could reach out to these and invite them to a meeting so people can meet face to face and kind of

Unknown Speaker 36:31
get it. And then we’ll have a better idea. If you invite people and people absolutely shut the door on your face. And we know that there’s

Unknown Speaker 36:42
they don’t want to work with the thing. So or they just don’t have the bandwidth. But yeah, it’s possible. But I don’t know whatever. Everybody else thinks. I’m looking at this from a different standpoint, I think.

Unknown Speaker 36:56
First of all, we’ve got club a fair bit true, dangling, they have been dangling for for a long, long time. So that kind of relates to this directly. Because some of the historic organizations we’re talking about are clubs. Yeah, PEO for example, great searching club, you could go down the line with all these sensations among so that we can find the job. And we focus maybe on what is our goal is our goal to get more clubs in here to use this facility is our goal just to get our name out there. It’s our goal to create this list to give to lava, and then let it go from there. And whatever happens happens. What’s, what’s our purpose in collaborating with these? And gathering these lists of historical

Unknown Speaker 37:52
ties with a scanner? Thank you that’s important to define. So we’re not just like, hey, do you want to partner with us? Great, what do you want to do? And because I see that fitting the invitation to those groups fitting perfectly into our club affair, yeah, I like that idea. And the fact that you what you want focus,

Unknown Speaker 38:13
are first, when you first brought it up as just a way to get our name out there, and that they would have us on the list of places to see Yeah, and not not just I mean, definitely to get our name out there. But to be more of a unified

Unknown Speaker 38:27
resource for visitors, you know, so that when somebody’s coming to town, or it’s somebody who lives in the area, but wants to see some historic places, they see it all in one place. Whatever is happening within a month’s time or two months time, there’s one place to go to see what those events are. So you are leaning more towards new people coming in learning about is having an app

Unknown Speaker 38:56
or people who are here to know what’s going on. Yeah. And all of the historic instead of it being such a fragmented thing where you know you you’ll get something from the city, but it’s not going to tell you about some other organization or some other historic landmark minutes should just all I also think that it’s

Unknown Speaker 39:21
we face enough challenges. It would be nice if we could work together and in less than the workload and

Unknown Speaker 39:29
have a be able to to meet what our standards are kitted out in the community. Not I can’t tell you first time I’ve ever been to the house. So you we when people come in into our first time lived here my whole life never been to the house. So I would like to reach those and I’d like to reach the visitors as well. And I think personally if we go as a group

Unknown Speaker 39:55
of historic

Unknown Speaker 39:58

Unknown Speaker 40:00
To lava and whatnot and saying here’s all our information together will be taken with a little more oomph. If this said speaking to and again, you know a lot of stuff on your plate as it is Brittany, it would be nice if if the just the collaboration was there with with these other groups. Now I do, like candies Wait, let’s focus on exactly what our intentions are.

Unknown Speaker 40:29
I think they kind of overlap. I would like to see it be a two pronged approach where we are doing getting our name out there to lava and through Bulava reaching out to the visitors. Okay. And then

Unknown Speaker 40:47
creating this collaboration, and possibly also reaching out for other clubs. So I think three prong approach. I’m sorry, I have another comment to throw in here. My sister in law contacted me and she wanted your information to contact you about rental of the house. And she never told me why. So I asked her and she said it was in regards to the sunshine at

Unknown Speaker 41:13
the sunshine club just sat every year and the focus on a story Coleman llama most of the times, right. Well, they were interested in rapscallion the heroes, which I see is absolutely wonderful opportunity. Absolutely. They advertise

Unknown Speaker 41:32
my people in well, the Stickler is, number one, they have to have the information or have to have the go ahead by January, okay, which I didn’t realize, or two, they bring their own food for the people who come to the event.

Unknown Speaker 41:50
They also use these private homes for free. Because they want to collect as much money as possible for the dental work that they do for kids in synchrony. That’s why they collect them.

Unknown Speaker 42:04
Over 100 years, yeah. So at that point, I just said I would, I would, would you like me to bring it forward to the board, and we’ll talk about it. So that’s what I am doing. But that’s just one example of how we could be part of

Unknown Speaker 42:24
it, it’s already built in, it’s a win win for us. If we could do something like that, where we’re putting forth who we are, we’re helping this other thing. So it’s a we’re doing in tiny donations type of thing, and working across the board.

Unknown Speaker 42:42
And they were one of the original clubs. So personally, it meets everything that we want that we’re working with in the community for grant purposes and other things. Is there a way that we can do that? And I know,

Unknown Speaker 42:59
in the past, it said that we absolutely have to do the

Unknown Speaker 43:06
we have to work with caterers and whatnot. Is that still well, there’s, I have reached out to Boulder County Public Health and got some more clarity about that. So if a client is writing the space, it doesn’t pertain to our food license. So if the client wants to bring in food they can bring in is that a requirement? They have to be renting the space? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that they have to jump in there. We cannot leave just

Unknown Speaker 43:36
even though I agree with everything you said.

Unknown Speaker 43:40
And that it’s a win win, it’s coincides with us.

Unknown Speaker 43:45
We don’t, with the city doesn’t get to pick and choose which charities we donate to. We’re hard and fast on that, because it puts us in a very difficult position. That

Unknown Speaker 43:59
just Just what I said, we pick and choose which ones are more worthy than other ones to waive fees, so we don’t do it. But we did set up a club great for like nonprofit events that is very discounted, there are ways to look at it. Like we cannot give a free give a free rental

Unknown Speaker 44:22
to a group like that. So that and so on to say that and then say let’s, yeah, let’s look at what options we have with that we have to work within our regular system. But we we try to create flexibility within our regular system so that we can allow for things like this. So this was the purpose of like the sort of nonprofit club rate that’s outside of our regular clubs. There’s like the ala carte club meeting rate

Unknown Speaker 44:50
that I think might be appropriate for something Well, is there a way to possibly have I don’t know. Community Member pay for those rooms.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Oh, please, type of thing.

Unknown Speaker 45:07
Okay, but you understand what I’m,

Unknown Speaker 45:10
it’s a question I have to absolutely understand purpose if you open the door context all the time and recreation about all of our facilities for that, and

Unknown Speaker 45:23
I would love it. If I’m already a private business, I would love to pick and choose the ones that I think are really important.

Unknown Speaker 45:30
I can’t do that as a city official. So I totally understand that makes.

Unknown Speaker 45:42
So that’s, that’s a thought. So the question is, do I tell my sister in law, she should contact you? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 45:53
She’s okay. Yeah. So with the collaboration, I think honing in on a focus when we go to these organizations and say, Do you want to collaborate partner, accountant house? What does that look like? Because it’s too vague viewers. But again, that sounds great. And then that’s all that happens. So. So with that focus, please. Yeah. And part of the focus is getting our information to law that so that they’re passing that on to the community. But, you know, if we’re asking St. Brain or whoever to partner with us, what does that look like other than it consolidated? If it looks like anything other than a consolidated list of your events? And here are, you know, here’s our information to pass on to this account, you may want to go forward with this. What else? That’s what I’m asking, Okay, do we want to create a group? Or do we want to do it as the entire advisory board?

Unknown Speaker 46:44
I personally think it’s important enough that we need to do this.

Unknown Speaker 46:49
So we need to set up a time then, I mean, what are we approach this? Well?

Unknown Speaker 46:56
I mean, it could be a focus for the next meeting, depending on we want to make

Unknown Speaker 47:02
some time asides to really focus or are we gonna have some information and know who these other landmarks organizations are before you work on me we do get a committee. My suggestion is we

Unknown Speaker 47:19
yeah, we got we got a list from peers back to start with. And then we start updating individually, we start brainstorming, who we know about, and figure out who the contacts are, which then in turn gives us that list for our club affair. So that we’re not doing two different things that we’re using one so to talk about the other collaboration of other advisors.

Unknown Speaker 47:47
Club affairs somehow associated with all the historic landmarks in town it can be it very well can be so like all the PTO chapters, the Rotary Clubs, the

Unknown Speaker 48:00
the Masons the off there’s tons of different groups that are considering story, you don’t have to be but that would add to our list.

Unknown Speaker 48:13
So we I think you do and maybe setting a committee to focus in on exactly what needs to happen and looking within the larger border.

Unknown Speaker 48:22
I got some great ideas on the table here, we kind of define and focus them. I wish we had board members, other board members can’t say well, you could but that would be

Unknown Speaker 48:36
the way we’re gonna do that. So um

Unknown Speaker 48:41
so so basically, why don’t we move on to the next item club affair and get that and then kind of combine these before we vote on anything? Yeah. So without voting and collaboration, let’s move on to club affair because one thing I wanted to establish today was a date we’ve vaguely thrown out February that may be way too soon for all the work we have to do. But I think we should least put a stake in the ground and let’s set a date for club affair.

Unknown Speaker 49:10
And then we have we can focus on that date.

Unknown Speaker 49:13
So I have to again, I’m saying February is probably too soon and this will if especially if we’re collaborating because we have a lot of research already. I’d suggest that we take a look at the summer that we use the

Unknown Speaker 49:30
wait until the gardens are in bloom and that we make use of the outdoors and the new things that we’ve planted and make it a big event that the weather is not going to mess with which could Colorado weather come now.

Unknown Speaker 49:46
So we look at maybe June June is already pretty packed with wedding Okay.

Unknown Speaker 49:52
Depending on if you want us to be weakened There you go. I was gonna say what about a week?

Unknown Speaker 49:56
We evening?

Unknown Speaker 49:59

Unknown Speaker 50:00
What do you use for? Did we do it in the past? I think the credit to your it’s a Saturday. Yeah. But yeah, we hate to take away the

Unknown Speaker 50:08
weddings are encouraging. Yeah. Yeah. To us once Daylight Saving Time comes back.

Unknown Speaker 50:15
So I mean, we do it early evening

Unknown Speaker 50:20
are not necessarily all outdoors, and they say that we can showcase Oh, okay. That Yeah. And use, you know, use the good weather. Just give us some time. I think there is one weekend in June that’s open, I don’t know which one it is that it could, you know,

Unknown Speaker 50:41
I want to defend you a little bit there.

Unknown Speaker 50:46
And I know we’re working towards you not being as involved in long term on all these weekend events. But big weddings are one where you’ll definitely have to be involved and so on to be really conscious of your time.

Unknown Speaker 51:05
So think about that and make good decisions there. If you’re working six weekends straight.

Unknown Speaker 51:14
So, but if we get I mean, we get a wedding in June.

Unknown Speaker 51:19
Same thing, I wouldn’t turn it down

Unknown Speaker 51:22
for that reason, but

Unknown Speaker 51:25
we’ll leave that to your judgment.

Unknown Speaker 51:30

Unknown Speaker 51:31
clubs, work going on? When is the grounds close for all the work? Theoretically a full day

Unknown Speaker 51:39
we still have an in house, but they still might be tearing up the grounds. Right?

Unknown Speaker 51:44
It’s just it’s still using when you find more time, we’re not right February. It’s too soon. And quite frankly, we could push into August. So

Unknown Speaker 51:57
I mean, I think July spat December but he’s traveling during the week could push it August, a lot of clubs don’t even meet during this. So to actually could be an advantage. They I mean, they could have a special maybe are like August, September.

Unknown Speaker 52:15
Yeah, let’s keep it well, let’s say late next summer for now. Because Artwalk in the September suite, you know, that’s a big thing. It is a big thing. That’s why I said August might be a good thing. Because it’s it’s normally when people are starting back up in the thought process of the clubs, we could possibly do things that just kind of just

Unknown Speaker 52:38
I was just hoping we could pick a date today, you know, get some exit, which could be flexible, but at least it gives us I like the idea of June. But again, I understand we don’t want to

Unknown Speaker 52:49

Unknown Speaker 52:51
In May is completely off the table because of any work and quite frankly graduations and all sorts of

Unknown Speaker 52:59
good to see what my I’m just trying to pull a date out there I think in August

Unknown Speaker 53:06
to stick with a Saturday.

Unknown Speaker 53:10
There’s no rentals yet,

Unknown Speaker 53:12
this year.

Unknown Speaker 53:14
And then we could go for a Saturday

Unknown Speaker 53:22
the third the 17th 24th very first, best on the job with the calendar there.

Unknown Speaker 53:29
And our walk will be early September, so to early to mid August. So those aren’t too much back to back for people.

Unknown Speaker 53:38
If you get if you do the 17 school will have started which tends to make

Unknown Speaker 53:44
generally back into that flow even the first two weeks. The first few weekends, there’s so much stuff going on getting things done. Yeah, they’re finishing vacations. So

Unknown Speaker 53:57
in my opinion, seven people probably be pretty good. I’m personally 17 or the 24th is really

Unknown Speaker 54:08

Unknown Speaker 54:17

Unknown Speaker 54:19
what happened in August? I should try what’s, what’s happening? What’s happening stuff, just to see. So it’s fair committee then for club fair. How does our we haven’t started yet? We tried last month. I thought we could. Since we didn’t get a committee, we could do it as just as it was done before it was volunteer meeting outside of our regular meeting. And everybody was included. Yeah, I think we could leave it at that because they’re big enough event that they worry everybody. And this does us a lot of time. So just somebody wants to like cheer it out and start organizing times to start meeting

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Well, unfortunately, my term ends in December.

Unknown Speaker 55:04
And we did not we can leave any German, there’s going to be five.

Unknown Speaker 55:12
Yeah. So I think the idea is that they can’t open it mid year.

Unknown Speaker 55:17
But yeah, there’s so there’s quite a few all. So this is it for now.

Unknown Speaker 55:24
Until when? Middle

Unknown Speaker 55:31
so just something to keep in mind.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
Well, I don’t mind culture

Unknown Speaker 55:38
with what I’ve got going on. I don’t know for sure. Sorry. Do you want to bring it up at the next month?

Unknown Speaker 55:45
Yeah, maybe we can go share with any of the next one. Yeah. With everybody participating, the actual chairman of the of the advisory, both of us having health issues. I don’t think putting both of us as

Unknown Speaker 56:01
a co chair is everybody’s culture

Unknown Speaker 56:04
to co chairs. But

Unknown Speaker 56:07
yeah, let’s just say that that for now. We’ll try to run it as a group. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 56:12
Okay, and then based on what goes on with club affair, looking back to collaboration with other

Unknown Speaker 56:19
that’s one thing and see, where’s all the

Unknown Speaker 56:23
about the groups? Is that printed out the spreadsheet? With all the group? Oh, yeah. I did give her confidence. Maybe

Unknown Speaker 56:32
somebody else should keep this then.

Unknown Speaker 56:36
I can send it it to you. And then you can send it to everybody if you want. Okay, good. Just keep in mind it’s, it’s really out of date. Yeah. It’s just kind of a starting point. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:51
But yeah, well look at it.

Unknown Speaker 56:54
Forget why they were highlighted. I guess those are the people that participated. So like that golf groups and

Unknown Speaker 57:03
groups, Geology group. Groups, this is amazing. So in the meantime, for collaboration, since I’ve already reached out to Lisa St. Brain, if she’s interested in a whist for lava, still kind of work on that. But the other part I can get wrapped into poker. So while we’re talking about club affair, everybody should have these copies of the letters that were sent out back in 2010. I believe they ran club affair twice. 2010 and 2014. So here’s the two letters that went out and then there’s a flyer.

Unknown Speaker 57:39
So that’s good to review kind of gives you you know, I really didn’t know what club fare was all about until I read this. Not that Oh, no, that makes sense. To me. It was a fundraiser. Yeah, that’s how it started. It was just a fundraiser. So we rented the tables and that was where our income came from. And of course then the side effect of course was that we would get clubs to meet here but it combined

Unknown Speaker 58:04
Yeah, this letter cleared all that up assessment What are they talking understand what

Unknown Speaker 58:10
could well be a better me yeah, you just have to state it’s gonna cute

Unknown Speaker 58:16
that’s cute

Unknown Speaker 58:22
credit no one else

Unknown Speaker 58:31
on the letter says so she continued.

Unknown Speaker 58:36
Connie did the flyer.

Unknown Speaker 58:43
And I don’t know if there’s any

Unknown Speaker 58:45
aging in records that Leslie would have had and then counting.

Unknown Speaker 58:51
So there’s probably far more than what I managed to save on.

Unknown Speaker 58:57
That you had that for 10 years. You’re competing

Unknown Speaker 59:04
it’s amazing that you could find your way

Unknown Speaker 59:08
Okay, so where’d this come from?

Unknown Speaker 59:14
So I’ll just so that you’ve got it to you, or is that what you want to do?

Unknown Speaker 59:21
For now, and then it can be passed out? Especially start assessing more? Okay, can I back up a minute to

Unknown Speaker 59:30
I did we go back and

Unknown Speaker 59:33
I try to like anything? Um, no, we haven’t. So I don’t know if we can really finalize anything today because we’re short handed anyway, I think that is I’ll see I’ll still keep connection or see right back from St. Brain if they want to have a list for lava. But other than that, kind of wait until the club club affair committee is formed and then

Unknown Speaker 59:55
focus in on what that means, right. And since we’ve got so much stuff coming up in

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
November, December, I have a feeling it might, I don’t think December meeting will be able to really finalize it. And I will try. But it may be January.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
already. Yes. Can I say though in the meantime, to hear of a group, and you know who’s in charge of it, write it down and keep track of it for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
Okay, so let’s move on to new business now.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:29
Review the future house restoration and preservation projects.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
That sounds so dull.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
So in fact, with the packet, I just kind of, you know, there was an old list floating around new things that come up some things that have been completed since then. So this is kind of a cleaned up summary of where we’re at.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
So, yeah, if anybody has things to add to it, or current ideas and docket and

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
the things that we’ve got for Kevin, to work on small things with including notice,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
progress. And then I think one of our ideas was maybe support trying to work on the fountain based on our meeting with parks,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:27
with some funds that we may have available parks does not for that, but depending on the cost, maybe that’s something we can get involved with. And then there may be some cost as far as working with golf on some of the

Unknown Speaker 1:01:43
lawn work out there, too, that we need to look at. So I think that’s probably good for the moment. As far as that stuff. So then the I think the focus or the idea that would be

Unknown Speaker 1:01:57
you know, what other things as far as getting them on the list at this point? I think we’ve got, we’ve got enough of January going. But what other you know, what other things should go on? As we move forward? You know, what we’re talking about the gardens and we focused on a fountain do we want to itemize like, but obviously years to come like these other things, just leave it? I wouldn’t do that. I would like to get them on there. This is a living list. Okay, so let’s get those ideas on here. And then we can

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
Well, we can check mark them off, we can adjust them we can, you know, as we as we start to move forward, I think I think that’s a great that is that we keep this as a working list. So we know what we’re doing. And then the bottom line is, if we don’t have a working list, it’s not gonna happen. I think, you know, we always have the thing. So

Unknown Speaker 1:02:51
the wishes and wishes, the wants and the needs and the needs. And I think and then we can see how we’re moving forward. I think it’s very helpful. How do you want that presented? The list? Just do you just get the ideas to

Unknown Speaker 1:03:10
keep going with this.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
One, maybe put together what you’ve already what we’ve already discussed, and then we can see if we need to add to that. Yeah, I mean, that’s here. This is updated from that the only thing that is missing that Ben mentioned is like the details for the plants for the garden. So the mountains here and lawn level is not on here.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:31
So yeah, I think the stuff from the grounds plan is not here, so I can add that. But if there’s anything else, well, the driveway, you know, put in order into the details of the grounds. Yeah, yeah. And then the backyard. Yeah. But anything outside of that, if you see something here that No, I think it’d be hands out you have those?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:50
Because then it’s a living document, and we can come back to it.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:56
While we’re looking at this, what’s happening with the stoep and

Unknown Speaker 1:04:04

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
Yeah, it’s I’ve

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12
we’ve not we’ve basically been ghosted by the original company that it was gonna try to help us with that. So I started reaching out to some other ideas.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
And that’s where we’re at. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25

Unknown Speaker 1:04:26
that was not a lot of people that company helped with that kind of, it’s really getting it in the narrow doorway, right? Yeah. Well, yeah. But part of it has to come like it needs to be partially disassembled and then reassembled in the house in order to do that. So that’s, there’s no way to make the doorways a little bit bigger. We don’t want to

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46
do anything. But that should be like our last result. Last Well, I mean, if it’s not something that absolutely is gonna work, is this possible?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
The day that we sell it and do something that’s more functional to begin with. Maybe

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
we could get there. I don’t want to entertain that quite yet but

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
out there

Unknown Speaker 1:05:19
Yeah, just was like he could forklift open windows, but then

Unknown Speaker 1:05:27
do the right company combination company of

Unknown Speaker 1:05:31
moving and? And yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
Don’t do that and appliance companies are.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:40
So it’s just a

Unknown Speaker 1:05:43
it’s a positive, unique thing. Is that an option? Just put it into one. So

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51
that’s really

Unknown Speaker 1:05:53
how do you get it out of the bench? Two weeks now

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
you might have the same problem. They’re just getting the

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05
doorways really

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07
good. The reason I brought up mentioned that are a little wider is because that could become more of a cert. I mean, this is the historical part of the house. And that’s more of the service area.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:18
The problem is we got that transom up there. And don’t want to mess with that. And then we’ve got Steve laughs on the other one

Unknown Speaker 1:06:30

Unknown Speaker 1:06:33
Okay, nevermind, yeah, I am working on it. It’s

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38

Unknown Speaker 1:06:40
that a lot of people

Unknown Speaker 1:06:42
have never been bested by a stove before.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
The whole thing with the stove.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:50
Pretty much disasters, I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:54
feel like we probably

Unknown Speaker 1:06:57
like you said probably in the first place could have just got a 30 inch stove.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:02

Unknown Speaker 1:07:04
stuff you hear.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:07

Unknown Speaker 1:07:09
that’s the last result. Last option to get there. And

Unknown Speaker 1:07:14
that gets so many tries to sell stuff we don’t. It’s not a realm. I agree. It’s a

Unknown Speaker 1:07:25
muddy water I got the auction money available. And it’s just it’s ugly. I don’t want to even but it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39
the other issues.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:43
What’s wrong with this stuff? And that we currently got.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:48
So, so just thrown in our way the CIP budget works, general lifespan of things you want to replace whether whether they’re operational or not, that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:08:01

Unknown Speaker 1:08:10
I totally get it, but I’m just gonna throw it out there. And I have been here at events where there’s been at the gas smell. I’m gonna state that I not sure that it’s a stove as it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:23
Yeah, we’ve had that checked out several times by Excel and facilities team. So basically, it is what it is. It’s the setup of the house. And it’s gonna vent out there when the boilers kicked on. So, but there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just the way that it’s set up. And it’s a courthouse. Yes, here we can do.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:44
Not trying to fulfill you guys. I just just curious if we were, I was hoping to make an stream come through.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:55
Here. Sorry, you

Unknown Speaker 1:09:01
can’t come back. We’re doing it.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:04
I’ll come back.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:08

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
All right. Is that enough on future house reservations. Any other comments? Okay, let’s move on to annual report. I’m sorry, what? So does this stay on here then the agenda? Where is that the restoration preservation projects? Good question. Move it up to old business. Right. Oh, man, I just don’t know if there’s going to be much to touch on this.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:32
So maybe leave it at Duke because we can bring it as an item from staff if there’s something Okay, so leave it off. Unless there’s Yeah, yeah. Leave it on there. I think leave it off. Yeah. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44
why make note of that? Yes. No, I don’t think that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
the only other thing is we could always bring it up by items of the board or almost lines if one of the board members that’s not here wants to add additional stuff. So I won’t do anything. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00

Unknown Speaker 1:10:01
since we’re talking about things to leave on the agenda now I’m just going to jump up to the top number for discussion of packet updates. Every time we I bring that up, we never, because it was always down in the new items or something. So do we really need number four on our agenda? I don’t know. Sometimes they’re sending the packet. That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:10:19
just a thought. I personally just leave it as as we have it, because it gives us the opportunity. It’s one of those

Unknown Speaker 1:10:29
things, just

Unknown Speaker 1:10:32
skip, skip.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:36
Usually come back down to new items or new staff to talk about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:41
But I was going to the grounds plan and the rental prices will be gone from the agenda next. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:47

Unknown Speaker 1:10:49
Okay, now we can discuss last month, I handed out a rough draft of the annual report that will be presented and if anybody had corrections or additions

Unknown Speaker 1:11:01
on these

Unknown Speaker 1:11:05
Okay, so we can go forward with this. And you’ll get to see me somewhere next year.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:13

Unknown Speaker 1:11:15
When does that get handed in? Like, do we need to leave? December but you’ll have to fill in the these blanks write them out? Anyway. But like it’s carrying our parent has stuff they want to add to that. Is that still going to be on here for December? Or? I think it should?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
It should just just just in principle, because the full Board tonight here and then we can Yeah. But for now it’s looking. Okay. If you sat in here, or

Unknown Speaker 1:11:44
did you visit the last meeting? I should have included a deck but I don’t think I know they’ve gone through. I gave it to you there now. I think I sent you a digital copy to work on. And then and when does that need to be finalized? When you need my numbers? I think like don’t turn it in.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:03
numbers aren’t done until like

Unknown Speaker 1:12:06

Unknown Speaker 1:12:08
But we can we can put in on I think we should put here. So once we have

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
this do the cut off? I would say Well, yes. cut offs December 31. For sure. But you want to give it a couple of weeks for things to process for I think mid January you should be able so so by February.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:29

Unknown Speaker 1:12:33
let me run that by Jeff. And just get his thoughts on that. That’s what I feel like it’d be pretty solid on whoever’s cheering whatever you did this year, I could come in and sign up for it. Yeah, because it’s supposed to be the chairman who’s chairman of this.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:51
That’s how it’s written in the bylaws. So like I said, you’ve

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
you’ve got bribery.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:02
Like my puppy

Unknown Speaker 1:13:12
Alrighty, so let’s keep going on. So yes, there may be additions next month. Okay. Now during any items from staff?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:22

Unknown Speaker 1:13:24
First I want and I’m sure I know you guys talked about the flowers. I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to be with parks. I thought it went very well.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:35
And I did talk with timber superintendents about that meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:40
I apologize that we kind of laid a lot of stuff out there without him being there. But he was very gracious about I told him mommy’s out. That was great. Super, super helpful and receptive.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:54
And I reemphasize, I said we’re not we have to be cautious. That relationship with Parks is something that we work hard to maintain. And we do and that’s time immemorial for that from recreation department.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:12
I emphasize that you know, these are the directions we want to go we don’t have this has to be we’re not telling you what to do. But we want your guides flying in on the directions where

Unknown Speaker 1:14:24
he’s never said that he was good with that. So what is his name? Jember kowski timber just like you think TOS t o t businessperson? Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:38
So yeah, I think I think we can continue to move forward with our with our ideas and focus. And I told him, I said, let’s get a cost for that. And see if we can work that in here. And we can look at the budget here. That would be one of those items that may

Unknown Speaker 1:14:55
well, venue we’re here. So we did I

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
did bring him to the point is this something that we need to look for additional funds outside of the heavy becomes off the charts? Is this something that we need to get a grant for? Let’s let’s

Unknown Speaker 1:15:13
hope not. I’m hoping we’re in the couple of few $1,000. Right, right, or rebuild the thing, but but there’s some good signs. It’s got to be redone. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:23
So I’m hoping it’s not historical work. I’m hoping it’s mechanical.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:29
Yeah. So that. But let’s see, I already put it on the table, just in case that so that we’re aware of.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:37

Unknown Speaker 1:15:39
Yeah, that’s all

Unknown Speaker 1:15:43
I have

Unknown Speaker 1:15:51
I’m sorry, I jumped the gun.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:58
Have a couple of things next month,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:02
wondering how if everybody would be available to have this board meeting on the Tuesday at 9am instead of the Wednesday, so be Tuesday, December 13. Reason being is there’s a train that Kristen and I need to attend that only ever takes place on the second Wednesday of the month at our normal coordinating time. And we’ve asked her that could be moved and it can’t. So we’re wondering if we could supervisory? So you want it on that as well, on the 12

Unknown Speaker 1:16:31
hour time zone?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:37
Yes, that’s well,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:40
that 9am, if that’s possible, to me, and I asked Karen, Karen about that as well. But that’s okay. With everybody. We appreciate that. Let’s make sure we get by. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:53
I wouldn’t say what’s your training now?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:56
This is more important

Unknown Speaker 1:16:59
to them.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:01
And they weren’t able to?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:03
Well, this would be first option. But if hear that I’m assuming Karen and Karen will be okay with that. So that’s great. If not

Unknown Speaker 1:17:14
particularly, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:19
So yeah, first option move to

Unknown Speaker 1:17:22

Unknown Speaker 1:17:24
as well. But if Karen and Karen cannot read well, we’ll have it all the time. And well.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:30
I appreciate Yeah. Yeah. I’ll confirm what you say. Yes. Yeah, I’ll send it

Unknown Speaker 1:17:41
up. Okay. Are you sure? Because that’s a total bear. I know. I’m going in for infusion tomorrow. So I get it.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:49
Yeah, if I haven’t, it’s not set in stone. So let me work that out.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:55
change that. To the three days I could change it. Because that goes into

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01
why do you why don’t we wait until your theater parents? For you?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:06
Yeah, because we’d love for everybody to be here.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:10
And some sounds better to keep those very uniform.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:14
So yeah, that doesn’t work. Well. Okay. So we learn from it either way. Yes. Okay, that we want to share first with everybody but

Unknown Speaker 1:18:24
the other thing is a date available times early December for a lunch, annual holiday lunch that we typically do. Does anybody have

Unknown Speaker 1:18:36
a really for that? Or whatever done that we do in the past? Or

Unknown Speaker 1:18:41
could we just do it after the board?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:47
After the board? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:50
Yes. Okay, possibly the 12 and then we will just do lunch afterwards. It makes

Unknown Speaker 1:19:01
we don’t talk as much

Unknown Speaker 1:19:03
no one we were like

Unknown Speaker 1:19:08
okay, I’ll double check with Greenspoint

Unknown Speaker 1:19:11
and then in the past I know we as board members have done a automatic exchange. Is that something that you’d like to still do?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:22
We can or if we don’t want to that’s fine too.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:26
I don’t it doesn’t vary. I’m not a bit more I’m in person so but it’s fun. I mean, we have you have to steal you steal? Is it like a white elephant but yeah, well it’s a nice

Unknown Speaker 1:19:43
it’s a nice tradition. I like to I like to do that that same day too. Yeah, I think I would do it all Yeah, that time. Okay. So for that reason between board members in here as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:58
So if you want to kind of

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
tree ornament. Yeah, a table. You don’t want to participate in you don’t bring one but then there’s enough for everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:08
Okay, great.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:11
So we’ve always included stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:14
So whoever’s at the luncheon, do we do that? Do we usually put like $1 limit just so just so people don’t feel like you know? Sure. Yeah. Was that like, was it 1510 1515? is what we’ve been doing

Unknown Speaker 1:20:33
Yeah, if you go over that your choice but that we kind of have an idea, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:39
Nothing too over the top. One last thing, another potential piano has come to light. So I have a photo it’s a Smith and Barnes Victorian uprights are connecting 100 I don’t know the exact details other than that, and difficult to tell exactly what kind of condition but if we’re interested, it actually does come. So it needs to go through the donations process. When that is finalized. It does come from

Unknown Speaker 1:21:06
from staff potentially would be donated, but we have to cover the cost of moving just like something I was gonna mention. I was we got one too this is wanting to get react. I was waiting for a picture of it actually. Yeah. It certainly to the era, it’s hard to tell some of the edging. I’m not sure about the condition. But it belongs to Jacqueline’s mother. So that’s something else that we have to go through the process, you know, because it is related to the house. But certainly gorgeous. And certainly period appropriate. Yeah. I think they have kind of a quick timeline where that needs to be

Unknown Speaker 1:21:45
decided upon. So how tight and that was like a tall one. Yes. Yeah. I don’t actually I think just more with the era. Offensively sales or something?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:55
Well, I think it would be in replace of this one. I’ve been replaced.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:00
Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:02
I would get

Unknown Speaker 1:22:03
get the measurements. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:08
The ornamental stuff is pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:12
Anyway, I also have a piano, they’d like to donate by way for a picture of it. Okay. I think the bottom line is, we should be choosy. And I agree. It’s that dances. I mean, it’s really in the one that I know that these people are trying to donate is just been to its label. But I don’t have a picture of it. So I was gonna, if I get one, I’ll send it out.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:38
When it shows up, it’s in fairly. Yeah. immaculate condition. Yeah, like

Unknown Speaker 1:22:45
you know, unfortunately, or fortunately, just the other day, I had a couple of communities, these three different community members have come up to me and talked about the piano upstairs. And it’s still a working condition. And you know, how much they appreciate having out there or whatnot. So I think it’s important if we do choose to place this, we’re going to do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:13
Nice. Yeah. A nice thing that we do with a piano to do. Right. So dimensions on this and maybe a little more clarity about the condition that it’s in? It’s a little hard to tell. Yeah. And also, is it is it tunable? You know, sometimes

Unknown Speaker 1:23:28
it is your bench that comes with it. Yeah, there’s a there’s one tool here. I don’t know if it’s because we don’t I mean, we want a nice one. We don’t want another one.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:40
Because we’re now going to be the ones that are going okay, what do we do with this? Who’s gonna take up?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:48
Okay, that’s all I got.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:52
Okay, now.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:57
This is about Wreaths Across America, if you’d like to take a flyer, I don’t know if you’ve heard about it. But

Unknown Speaker 1:24:04
I participate every year and I have a special wreath that I have put on my father in law’s grave and my dad’s grave and

Unknown Speaker 1:24:12
boyfriend was in the army. And so I can read to and if you dedicate it to someone, they will actually announce their name, specifically or what branch of service they were in, and then you can go put the wreath on their grave if they’re in long lead. It doesn’t have to be

Unknown Speaker 1:24:31
you could do it in honor of somebody who’s not buried in the longest cemetery. But anyway, I think it’s really cause Yeah, so when does it go to veterans?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:44
It’s Yes. So it was a good call. Thank you, nonprofit, just a nationwide organization. So make sure you goes to Mountain View in Colorado and along watch

Unknown Speaker 1:24:59
me on there.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
so great. You

Unknown Speaker 1:25:08
hate you, you bring this up and I’m going to help you.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:12
So I was speaking, both Karen and I were speaking,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:20
going back to our P O Founders Day Program.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:24
Edie who

Unknown Speaker 1:25:27
reached out to us in the first place was asking about a

Unknown Speaker 1:25:31
painting that was donated to the house.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:35
That was originally done by the artists Marine. I can’t remember the last name off the top of my head.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:45
Baby Deacon, Deacon, and it was given to her by one of the Callahans. It was given to her mother and then her. Her mother had it on her her wall at her house. And then when she passed, it was then donated back to the home. Now, it was hanging upstairs and has been in the house. Since at least to the point where Leslie was here. It’s no longer here.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:18
Britney’s gone over the place and tried to find it. i The only other thing that I can check is to see if it was donated, possibly to the museum or put in the archives at some point. But that’s concerning to me that we’ve had things that

Unknown Speaker 1:26:34
she specifically said, I can’t wait to come to the house and see that. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:40
And I don’t know where it is. And Karen and I are looking at each other going.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:46
It was her mother’s it was her mother’s. And it’s concerning that we have things that have just

Unknown Speaker 1:26:55
are no longer here. It was painting our Kalyanam house it was giving Callaghan’s to eat his mother. And now it’s was given back to the house. It was hanging directly outside the office. And it’s no longer here. I wish I had a picture. I wish it a picture because I tend my mind picture what it looks like. Yeah. And it’s it’s concerning. And I’m concerned on where that just went? And then how do we answer to somebody that wants to come and see it. And it was donated to the house. And I know that we were now within our donation policy closing these loopholes so that at some point, we should know where that went. And I also questioned where the doors were in the basement, the historic doors from this house that were taken out of the house over COVID. They’re no longer there. Where did they go? The doors, we have doors stored in the basement, in this far corner. And they’re no longer there. At some point, this board used to do inventory.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:58
And then you’re part of the inventory. And at some point, we’re no longer included in the inventory. What happened to those items that have just dropped off the inventory list? I’d like to see what where they went. And what I mean, it is city property. And it’s concerning to me that things were just when did we stop? Or when did this inventory stop? That’s that’s one of the things I was speaking with, when Cathy became manager that it was discontinued. And I questioned, I questioned we have items that are missing and we have to be answerable to. And it’s really sad that we have to I have to go back to her and say, I have no idea where that went. We don’t know what happened to it, that that causes a problem with us or accountability.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:51
Check with the museum that painting I don’t know if they wouldn’t take. But I want to record that this is a concern. I want to look at those inventory lists. And I want to know where things just given away at some point what happened to the historic doors that were in the basement where they sold

Unknown Speaker 1:29:11
where they donated to somebody we’re good, we’re good to go. It’s like the original window that was taken out here. What happened to it?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:20
did was it sold and and I know for a fact from dealing with historic houses and being on historic preservation commission, windows like that and other things that are very sought after items to have an original to put back into another historic home. They’re not inexpensive. So once that was taken out, where did it go? What happened to it, which went out the window that came

Unknown Speaker 1:29:49
out? Oh yeah, the trans trans, the trans window here that was replaced instead of repair. What happened to it in at that time. Also

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
The Windows about the doors that then the busters donated those to those thoughts. Those used to be the light glass windows, those just disappear wherever they go. I mean, we have to question that stuff. Can you put? You just mentioned multiple things? Can you give us a list? Sure. Sure, I can do that. And I reached back to past board members, and we were talking about this at the tea. Then we had the that tea, and people were saying, oh, yeah, we have that. And it just when the window was repaired, things

Unknown Speaker 1:30:38
worth just misplaced. It’s concerning.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:45
Well, my mother in law for one. And Mary, he sat sat on the board for years in the in, and I’m just like, when, okay, and when did the inventory stop that? Okay, if people.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:59
This is why I thought it was so important that we had this donation policy put in place, people come in and donate a cup, or a saucer. And then somebody else comes back and says, Well, my grandma, or my aunt donated such and such so many years ago, where is it? They want to see it?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:19
Yes, that’s exactly what we have. If you pick up on those campuses in the name of the cursor should be shaped it used to be on the inventory, we used to have a list of absolutely everything that was in the house, you went and counted all the dishes.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:34
And you do all the books, everything. So linens, linens, there’s an image that was done every January by the board. Well, what I can do is go back and find where passengers live,

Unknown Speaker 1:31:51
how those compiled and available and set up an investor I would, I would love help with that. So ensuring January is the time to do inventory January, you can put a list of these items that you’ve mentioned, maybe we can do some digging, but if we can’t find the answers that we want, at least we have a better plan moving forward. My big thing is I want to know it before that while there’s a living memory, rather than we have people that are still alive. But yeah, some soldier better. You know, somebody know out there knows what happened to that. We just need to figure out really what and I’m not accusing anybody. I’m really not I just want to say, just so we know where they went, yeah, it would be nice to know the original doors

Unknown Speaker 1:32:45
were downstairs. They were there. What doors are

Unknown Speaker 1:32:50
right here, the the doors, the doors, any doors or anything that were taken down or taken downstairs and stored. The window over here in between the space we have that there’s also a slab of broken marble and other things that were used in the kitchen. I saw those up in the attic. Yeah, there’s certain things that are still here and other things aren’t. And I questioned Okay, so we kept those pieces, but why don’t we keep the others? And I

Unknown Speaker 1:33:23
I just wonder where they went?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:27
Well, yeah, you can make a list that will help me do some digging, I don’t have the exact number of the doors, but it should be in the majority somewhere. I can find all the inventory sheets, and we can

Unknown Speaker 1:33:39
we can look into that maybe even as part of inventory in January, if the board can help with that you can that can be looking for old sheets. And same when things are recording. Volunteer right off the bat. Great, it’s really important that we

Unknown Speaker 1:33:52
we as board members have accountability, as well to know and help and this is part of being a working board to help. So we know what’s here. So we have more knowledge. It’s all voluntarily

Unknown Speaker 1:34:07
you’re volunteering to help

Unknown Speaker 1:34:10
and that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:34:13
what we’ve been trying to do in our creation, which is inventory.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:17
General stuff within our facilities a little better than we have. So this is different, but it’s right in line as far as the doing

Unknown Speaker 1:34:30
well, who’s to say that maybe some of the stuff went to the museum and we don’t know about it? I don’t I don’t know. But it’s just one of those things that okay, you know what started underneath the our house. I don’t think anything’s under there. But there’s

Unknown Speaker 1:34:51
but I do know, I didn’t know for a fact there were a larger number of doors stored down below where the heating unit was

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
Robert COVID They just are gone.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:04
Right? Well, yeah, we can. And I only know that from walking through just saying, Okay, well, that’s where we’re at what happened in those years just from walking down in the basement? And I don’t even know, we’re down there. We’re doing salsa, look around the other day with our new board members and wanted to see that.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:24
Everything. Yeah. So so it’s just

Unknown Speaker 1:35:27
like one. But I believe Jacqueline’s aware that about

Unknown Speaker 1:35:34
I don’t know, in shooting your may not be. But I, there’s something in regards to certain things were taken out. And I just don’t understand where they went and why they were. It’s just, it’s not like that space is being used for different storage.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:53

Unknown Speaker 1:35:56
I’ll see what I can find document wise. And honestly, I’m also going going back to speaking with, I think we should ask them. Connie Newman, because she here said at some point, there was a house cleaning done and things were just put out and people can take whatever they wanted.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:15
Outside, just from the board members leaving.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:22
Connie said that to me, at one point, she said, Oh, yeah, there are some dishes and stuff that

Unknown Speaker 1:36:29
we’re just giving away.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:32
Why? Hopefully, those were just full of random bits. But random bits that I don’t know. That’s another reason why, again, I just hope with this painting in particular is not on somebody. The last time anybody actually saw this painting?

Unknown Speaker 1:36:47
Well, I cannot remember I asked it specifically, when Leslie Boyton left, she left it on the wall. So it hasn’t been I know, I’ve seen it for like, six years. I don’t recall. I don’t I have 12 years. Okay, so that could have been as he was,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:05
even though I don’t recall ever seeing payments. That’s one of those things. So it’s really uncomfortable when I look forward to coming back and seeing this. Like going, Oh, God, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:21
Can you verify the name of the artist? I’ll talk to they can get the spelling and everything. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:28
That might help. Because she was so well. And it was a local artists that then made it big national counting was when I remember the first name being being money. So Marine, I’m like put all well, they’re not great. But but there’s very few Marines that I know. So. So that’s one of those things.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:49

Unknown Speaker 1:37:55
But, you know, going back to good enough. Thanks so much for bringing that. That’s pretty.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:04

Unknown Speaker 1:38:07
Okay, future agenda items. The only thing on here is more information on the eblasts content, anything coming out? No, I so what we talked about the last time the reason that this is still on here, it’s just if anybody has like little historical bits or pieces that they want to put together that can go out. That would be you would create the content for that. And I can put it together to go out as part of our county and specific constant contact. So if anybody has a did you know or just something that they want to share about townhouse or experience here?

Unknown Speaker 1:38:42
That has always been about? Holiday one, right? Yeah, we used to do I don’t know. Oh, yeah. It talks about thank you for Marina. Yeah, we talked about food.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:56
Talking about the history of decorating before decorating the house for the holidays, and getting some photos of that happening and seeing what’s done. Here’s the history of having done

Unknown Speaker 1:39:08
for doing for December at least and then I don’t think we’ve even touched the rest of it yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:16
Okay, so that one? Yes. And we’ll get photos I think during and there’s some past photos of diversions of the board had done I think that would be a fun then and now and come see it for me to advertise the holiday open houses. scrapbooks.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:34
Oh, really. I mean, Mr. Carey mentioned that that was she said she had a photo of one I’ve got some recent ones that I took while we were but that’s all connected her about the about the then portion but kids photos on the 29th

Unknown Speaker 1:39:52
Please don’t publish anything on this day.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:56
Please don’t put

Unknown Speaker 1:39:58
the rest of it to

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
Anybody has content moving forward?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:04
And then does that need to continue to live on the agenda anywhere or that’s just an open? If anybody has content? I think we just keep it where it is. And who takes a minute to ask and if we don’t have anything.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:19
Okay. Is there any other comments anybody has to throw out here? Okay. And I get up motion that we adjourn. Motion

Unknown Speaker 1:40:28

Unknown Speaker 1:40:31

Unknown Speaker 1:40:34

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