Callahan House Board Meeting – October 2023

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Callahan House Board Meeting – October 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
That’s how I get three so let’s call the beat

Speaker 1 0:13
everybody got a chance to repeat the minutes you want to take two minutes to look at it

Speaker 2 0:21
look at them but that’s because I wasn’t here that maybe I thought I was

Unknown Speaker 0:26
as well so I can

Unknown Speaker 0:33
you look at corrections I’m not good a few quick minutes were corrected and improved to a sum to eight minutes or corrected and then number four want to replace the word ribbon report because I want to mislead anyone thinking it’s a report historical painting

Unknown Speaker 1:12
Yeah, just take that quote. And just just put in big words

Speaker 3 1:32
by IE so classes in the final view and editing by recreation and illegal

Speaker 4 1:47
I’m not sure that it will just naturally, sure, yeah, it’s going through the city but I’m not sure that it will end up with legal actually it’s not a

Unknown Speaker 2:05
legal document let me hear thank you for it essentially.

Unknown Speaker 2:14
Okay, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:21
We I think we thought it was going to but

Unknown Speaker 2:22
if we find anything, we’ll but

Unknown Speaker 2:27
so leave as is

Speaker 3 2:29
I just making just five bucks by recreation department because then then that specifies

Unknown Speaker 2:40
Oh, sorry, I’m gonna go through various departments who also want to go through them.

Unknown Speaker 2:49
Well, whichever one of my printing folks. Okay.

Speaker 3 2:57
And then below that, and I think we need to probably insert the word help in between. to get separate means checking departments within the city that might be able to help with this. Yeah. Yeah, I don’t think that tension was ever to adopt to another department to do so. Surfboard Hill then in six V. K board will meet with Karen Cruz and mommy. We did not Brady. I mean, Brittany would have been welcome to come but that means that we met with her I will share more about that later.

Speaker 3 3:51
Date see, really is a question for you all to in my head and misunderstanding. This meeting with and working with St. Mary’s Historical Society to create a list of events and then provide it to the Chamber of Commerce. And my mom, that was

Unknown Speaker 4:18
I wasn’t even at the meeting

Unknown Speaker 4:21
to put in groups and provide it to the Chamber of Commerce. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 4:29
That was very important. That was

Unknown Speaker 4:34
also to the visitors Association.

Unknown Speaker 4:37
Oh, yes. That’s, that’s yes. So to

Unknown Speaker 4:39
create a list of events,

Unknown Speaker 4:42
if there is

Unknown Speaker 4:44

Unknown Speaker 4:47
would that be on a monthly basis or how I think you are the agenda.

Speaker 5 4:56
But the annual list and then if we need to include And then add extra weights

Speaker 4 5:06
along. Okay, so that wording is to create a list of events and historical

Speaker 3 5:12
groups in the area and it’s up historical groups in the area, a list of historical groups in the area and provide it to the Chamber of

Speaker 5 5:21
Commerce and the Walmart areas visitors Association

Unknown Speaker 5:28
love while they tend to get it out to the public settlement, so

Speaker 5 5:36
if we have areas if we have people coming to town to go price that’s

Speaker 4 5:43
positive changes his name actually, I thought was DIFC right now, is that correct? That’s right. Okay. No, it’s in there

Speaker 3 6:03
which is line to try Genda items F and G the notes there should just read Henry’s in late September before 10 one T. But the electrical panel is on the wall where the board member won’t project them. So if there’s any need for clarification, scheduled switching

Unknown Speaker 6:30
do we even have to say that important?

Unknown Speaker 6:33
Is not behind the the panels not

Speaker 6 6:38
behind the house managers but I do think we

Speaker 3 6:44
just put that hang the both of them hanging before the 10 warranty. That was a one oh number letter F and G just if you were to kind of

Unknown Speaker 7:01
put it all together in one

Speaker 3 7:04
they can be they can be confusing as you just stretch this out. But this is so basically Okay. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on

Unknown Speaker 7:36
any other correction so can we hold on? Can we get a motion to approve? I move we approve the minutes as corrected. I’m second I passed okay. And I don’t believe we have any public here. Now the packet this type of packet updates any thoughts

Speaker 4 8:13
on it pertains to something yeah agenda.

Unknown Speaker 8:17
Okay microscopically top Yeah,

Speaker 4 8:22
yeah. Right. Yeah, there’s nothing that’s not able to talk to

Unknown Speaker 8:28
Okay, let’s start into old business. Anything new just report on this HMM. grant project.

Speaker 4 8:33
We heard back from Empire yesterday or day before and they’re still waiting on information unless you have anything else about that. Yeah, we’re still waiting on the window window. That’s that’s about it. It’s waiting gets graded. So we’re creating this outline

Unknown Speaker 8:57
is by the end of this month. Well, I

Speaker 4 8:59
think that’s what it was. We’ll see. I don’t know that it’s you probably have a different timeline.

Speaker 7 9:04
I think he’s his it almost sounds like he’s also at the mercy of someone else’s piano so

Speaker 6 9:10
kick back. Hopefully not all you know, I

Unknown Speaker 9:13
just don’t think he had anything

Unknown Speaker 9:15
concrete to give us. There’s nothing update no new information or like,

Speaker 1 9:19
was there anything contractually with them? As far as deadlines?

Speaker 3 9:25
Not helpful one request, can we follow through on the deliverables, the project commotion and grant application and that just includes providing all pictures before and after newspaper articles which I understand is coming. The educational brochure that we have, that we provide to our guests when we come we should provide that to district Colorado with our deliverables so that they Let’s see how we can follow through on the project promotion. That’s part of the grant part of the process. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 10:11
Even if the windows aren’t here, we should go ahead and fulfilling our obligations

Unknown Speaker 10:20
before the windows back.

Speaker 8 10:22
I think those back, right, we’re done. We’re done. We’re not done until we’re done. Yeah,

Speaker 5 10:31
we’re totally done. I don’t wait on the news release. Because if we’re beholden, and this goes and purchases until we’re trying to deliver, yeah,

Speaker 8 10:47
we’re trying to tell the state give them stuff that we’re done, we’re not done.

Speaker 5 10:54
Why No, but we could do it the part that we’re gonna lease, we’re doing partial completion in the sense that we part of it is that we were going to market this and that we were going to tell people about it. And by doing the news release, ensuring it is a we’ve completed Part of our duties. And then when we come back, and we have the final completion, it’s finally done.

Unknown Speaker 11:20
You touch base with and on what they need.

Unknown Speaker 11:27
So they don’t need a status report or a final report.

Speaker 4 11:30
Maybe we don’t need anything until it’s complete which case we should wait until that time

Unknown Speaker 11:38
gathering information, lots of

Unknown Speaker 11:43
you’ve already gathered the whole

Speaker 5 11:46
thing, quite frankly, if she doesn’t want any more additional paperwork I can understand. Yeah. Just give me the final report won’t be done. I get that too. Okay. I’m sorry. Yeah.

Speaker 1 12:01
Okay. On to our luck, and we did have some artists surveys, and they had really good eyesight. Yes, organizing. Oh, yes. Yeah. Our perspective is overall positive feedback. Yeah. Okay. That’s really good. And that’s actually a first we haven’t had feedback from artists in the past. I mean, I’ve had some phone calls with them just because you get to know him after a while. Right. And everybody was always happy. But it’s nice to get it in writing. Yes.

Speaker 4 12:33
Very nice. We have a survey for next year ago. And, and I from

Speaker 5 12:37
moving up from this point, this is, this is a good, a good add on that we can then flip back from years past and look at what the weather was.

Speaker 2 12:51
I went out to hygiene to the people that had this room, because they had gifted me at wine glass. And I thought what’s the one I got the other three? It’s one out there. They really love doing it

Speaker 1 13:17
they really enjoy I know this year, they were a little overdone. In here. We might want to put the reins in a little. A lot of room. Yeah, we can kind of talk a little

Unknown Speaker 13:32
more simple.

Speaker 1 13:33
Yeah. But it has to be discussed in it. Yeah. But they do enjoy it. So or maybe even outside places.

Unknown Speaker 13:43
Make suggestions on what we could possibly

Speaker 4 13:45
do. We should expand about build a garden with artists

Speaker 1 13:50
in the house. Yeah. She always gets. Yes. Okay. So let’s move on a news release for grant project and discussion. They’re

Speaker 4 14:10
present for you to review and I will go out on Windows, please. Okay.

Speaker 3 14:18
So let’s see my any, any feedback on

Speaker 4 14:23
my feedback? I think he wants to just mostly draft but if you’d like to provide feedback again. I’ll just do it for you to be what you work with. Sounds good. Actually,

Speaker 5 14:37
I’d like to hear what you’ve got. That you’d like to add? Well, let

Speaker 3 14:40
me just make it brief. So at the top of my mind is historic, historic restoration and preservation. I think that’d be nice to have those words reposition. I think that some clarification needs to happen with respect to that historic home also received a cease 25% cashmatch is a kind of 60,000 from the city the capital improvement program, but when people read 25% cashmatch, and they’re looking at 180,000. So I think I can give you a little bit of some suggestions for how to maybe wordsmith that just a little bit differently to incorporate the 240,000. So people understand 60% is 240,880.

Unknown Speaker 15:37
Okay, so, yeah, so it just clicked. So there’s no, because I don’t want

Speaker 3 15:42
people to go calculate, right. So and then I might suggest that we also include in the scope of the work, that was significantly in the first bullet point, significantly, the current window in the library. It’s really notable to to point that one out. That’s in particular, stored there. Yes, there was work done on others. I understand. That one was the one. That was the purpose of the

Speaker 5 16:16
house, that was the best, that really went to work. So that was

Speaker 3 16:23
the point. I might suggest a second bullet point, concrete driveway, because I would say the third bullet point before historical punch, a historical store. Manager, you need to capitalize on Zoom. Ninja. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:52
Yeah. Given that feedback, as well as any feedback that it shouldn’t be capitalized. Well, it

Speaker 9 17:04
shouldn’t. It comes after the name it should be if it comes to

Unknown Speaker 17:08

Speaker 4 17:11
So so it comes after my name is Amy.

Speaker 9 17:15
Yeah, so I think it should be lowercase. Yeah, because it’s

Unknown Speaker 17:19
not a

Speaker 5 17:20
name. It’s just a title. It prior to her name, it’s a it’s a type

Speaker 9 17:25
is it puts after it’s sort of a descriptive.

Speaker 3 17:29
Okay. Okay. And then, by the count later in that paragraph by the Calvin family, I would say by Thomas announced, I think it’s easy for us to be lost in this. And I don’t think that is, there are other companies families means. So I don’t want any confusion when it’s Thomas and Alice.

Speaker 5 17:57
I am going to screen I know it’s supposed to be afterwards with manager. But the way it stated here because of the apostrophe.

Unknown Speaker 18:06
I disagree. I think it should be capitalized because it does look

Speaker 9 18:10
like instead of saying stated, we’re like, comma, mechanical engineer, is very generic. Let you have Callahan house in there. So it is kind of, okay,

Unknown Speaker 18:24
I would go with capitalization. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 18:28
I can decide.

Unknown Speaker 18:30
I disagree. I

Speaker 9 18:31
just I take the fact that you don’t have an article before. You’re not saying and you can’t because it’s a title already. If you said like a mechanical engineer, the Callahan house might be different house

Speaker 4 18:45
managers. I mean, they’ve already perfected it to be a lowercase m. So it’s probably I think, okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:58
For this for this

Unknown Speaker 19:01
day, so I realized that

Speaker 9 19:03
I could I suggest something that would make this perhaps a little more exciting for the public. Just knowing that the restoration has been completed or is nearly complete or whatever. I don’t know if that would grab me as much as what I’ve learned from all of you about the fact that the restoration brings it back to its heyday of 1906 or whatever, you know, that was sets. That’s a really good point. Yeah. And and that the public will see things they haven’t seen prior for decades, because, you know, like the green and everything

Speaker 5 19:49
that we just didn’t come up with the green out of thin air. And the fact that we state, if we state the date, that this is the timeframe. I think that’s a really good point in

Speaker 4 19:59
there. I mean, they talks about they could pinpoint that year. Exactly. So it’s it says colors from early 1900s. So I think the end of it invites the public to come visit. Obviously that needs to be updated because these dates are already passing. But I mean, say, you know, come see the house and it’s originally from from the original cylinders. Yeah,

Speaker 1 20:22
okay. Yeah. And Cindy, were you trying to get a headline that popped?

Speaker 5 20:25
Yeah. That’s all she’s trying to get a pop up pop up. Disappear. Oh, shoo in to finish reading. Exactly. Because if they

Speaker 9 20:33
are ready, they may have already seen the house. I don’t know what they got a picture something or that there’s something to attack the

Unknown Speaker 20:45
house. It’s original.

Speaker 1 20:45
I like to work at night.

Speaker 3 20:59
Presentation, bringing it back to I like available to

Unknown Speaker 21:05
maybe bring in

Speaker 8 21:07
some wordsmithing here. Yeah, let’s let’s let let’s let Erica who’s really good at this. I think it’s a good idea. Trying to work Smith. And pop in. And she’s really good at what that what that means?

Speaker 5 21:24
It’s just Cindy, you did a lot of the stuff for what you did in the past. So sorry, I appreciate your

Speaker 3 21:36
might suggest switching out the word sunup to sundown to dusk, dawn to dusk? Because those are those are those words are actually on our screens on the property. Just being consistent with the property.

Unknown Speaker 21:53
Thank you for sure.

Speaker 3 21:55
Yes. And then the other last thing, and this is what do we do? Do we have the job? So I found the Yeah, so in in December of 2021. There’s a word that before counting the house, and then so you can kind of circle that just so you know, and then go down to the last paragraph. And community members are welcome to view exterior restorations to just saying, I don’t know, it’s up to you. But I just thought it was remember how it would work we do? Do we call it luck. So maybe that’s for you to decide. But that’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 22:40
Because there’s only one in this step.

Speaker 3 22:43
And then I’m about renting since so I guess those are the places where I saw it, though. But there are places where I didn’t see that you want to consistency online or whatever you want to do there. Make it consistent, I suppose.

Speaker 5 23:01
So over the broad scheme of things she went over. So you touched all the broad things, and I appreciate that.

Speaker 3 23:08
Sorry, one last thing, instead of which are now quick. I’m sorry, first of all, instead of which are now equipped with can we put including installation of protective storage regions. And states, including installation of protective storage. I think that’s a really important.

Speaker 5 23:34
That is important because we were just actually referred to from the historic preservation they had a lady come before them about replacing the windows and that it was too hard for her. And she just wanted to replace the window rather than putting an end I literally showed during the tea. I was showing the city council members that no it’s not difficult to put a protective glass piece here. So referred back from Erin and and Susan, who are who are questioning about that second thing that you did a great job.

Speaker 1 24:14
Thank you. Yes. Okay. Okay, so any other comments on the news release? All right, let’s move on to the fall team, which was a lot of fun. People were so

Speaker 3 24:37
so we sent 42 invitations. 24 RSVPs plus five guests. Yes. We have nine that were no, including two that were elderly. Oh, eight were no response. One was returned invitation. Unfortunately,

Unknown Speaker 25:11
she’s, she’s at home.

Speaker 3 25:14
And we have for no shows. No, we had six present board members, eight past board members, one president, house manager to pass house managers, one pass city liaison 16 council members. We didn’t go over the details of voting. The mayor thankfully, didn’t go over the details that we have an in house manager. But first time in the house is history. 85 years. We have a board, we have somebody who was a board member and step into the house notice. So we did talk about that person, how many 85 years 85 years. So it’s person houses history to have somewhat distorted property experience and highlighted. We also noted that the majority of grant project work was completed this year. And curb level leaded federal glass window is still up for restoration. And we highlighted that there were two interior history projects that were completed. One, which was the house manager photo project. There were 16 House managers who went to 38 investment. And then the second one is that the countdown house board member list project is completed. And there were 91 board members. Were 85 years. We’ve had those explained the details about those and then give them a little bit of a nugget to say we’re working for digitizing. That’s how scrapbooks. That will be what’s what’s on the horizon. So those are the highlights of for sharing the things about the house over the course of the year.

Speaker 5 27:20
My little tidbit from that from sharing with people who people are very excited about the scrapbooks being discharged as the other thing is that I did do a little clarification because people asked, I said, you know Britney did apply for the position. And the reason why she received the position is because she’s more than qualified. It wasn’t like she just stepped off the board. And we give the position. So so that was that was a clarification that I did want to make. She’s more than double qualified to be in that position. He applied. So it was put out in one day. Yeah. And it was okay, okay, you do you got shorts?

Speaker 1 28:14
Well, it was a fun thing. And so thanks to everybody. Moving on, is there anything else to be said on donations? I think we’ve covered this pretty well.

Speaker 5 28:25
Other than I want to thank I want to thank Britney and Karen both for working on this but Britney did above and beyond accompany us get this put in place. And this has been all time more. So. Thank you. Sure. Yeah, it’s been on my wish list and I can cross it off.

Unknown Speaker 28:43
Okay, well, yeah.

Speaker 1 28:47
Yeah, after this now, can we remove it from old business contributions is

Speaker 5 28:53
not done. This close, compared to where it was where it was just wishing thinner. And now it’s Yeah, yeah. This is huge to me. Yeah. So,

Speaker 1 29:07
but okay, so they have anything to talk about on the digitized scrapbook? Any information on that?

Speaker 4 29:15
Yeah. Um, so the city can offer digitization of it in a 11 by 17 format, which I think we kind of touched on before. So I went through and measured almost all of the pages, we could do that and most things would be fine and fit within that format. There’s a couple instances or few instances where maybe a quarter inch or so around would be lost. Or we would have to take a piece of it another piece of it and you know, so it is doable to do it basically for free within the city. Another option, I mean, so and using that quote for about $10 a page which costs way too much dollars up yourself, because

Unknown Speaker 30:02
I can go back to them and ask again, if you would

Speaker 4 30:04
consider reducing, I think you want me to return $3 A page. So if that’s a possibility, and the reason that I came up with that number, there are several companies online, which do it and that’s about their price, you have to send the scrapbooks off something damn comfortable with or not. But yeah, that is a reasonable price range that would end up maybe being about 15 or $1,600. But in that case, it’s like eight grand, yes. So that’s not going to happen. So that’s where we’re at, I guess, deciding if feeling by 17 format is okay, and doing it within the city, or if we want to think about funding for having a digitized, but like, I think the two or $3 a pages is a reasonable amount. Okay.

Speaker 5 30:53
I’m going to ask the question, though. It’s not really free, if we could do it through the city visiting staff time. Yeah, I think we need to be conscious that it does take some time, and that we are using city resources. And that is money and time that these people are being paid? Well, ideally, we’re

Speaker 4 31:15
still doing, we’re still doing access to their help and resources. Okay,

Speaker 5 31:21
I just want to have a clarification on that. So there would still be

Unknown Speaker 31:25
some staff time involved. Yeah.

Speaker 3 31:28
But that’s the majority, that heavy lifting is. Okay.

Speaker 5 31:32
But for recognization, on what we do in documentation, I still think we need to acknowledge whatever time goes into that, because it’s still a cost. And whether we have $1 number of hours that city staff put into it or something, but we need to have it in our records, then we could have been access that so much. And I was put on this for a whole lot of either for grants or something else. I just think it’s important that we track that and we don’t sweep that under the carpet. Because, again, this is time and energy that we’re putting on, even if we’re you’re putting in it, I think we need to put our hours and how much time we’re putting as volunteer hours into it. So we’re truly accounting on what this proctored test accurately cost, quote, unquote, whether it be free to volunteer. So that’s something to think about. Would it be the end of the world? If we did take some of the scrapbooks that aren’t gonna fit in very well?

Speaker 4 32:43
scrapbook? Yes. Every single client should be able to format. Some pages. Yes, some pages? No. Mostly yes. And like I said, if anything, maybe lose a quarter inch here and there, I think it can be worked with. Compared to do,

Speaker 3 33:02
but we’re not modifying the actual physical true form. Okay, just taking scans in that size is going to be sufficient. And like you said, separating the page.

Speaker 5 33:17
So doable. It’s doable. Okay. So I think we looked at or the overall idea behind this one was, so people have access to us. The other one on my point was preservation, in the sense that if something, God forbid, nothing happened on this house, whether it was vandalized, or something along those lines, we have this documentation. Not lost, we have a pool can save it. Somewhere, you know what I’m saying so people can have access to it. I’m sorry, with the marshal fires and everything else, we have learned that we are not unsusceptible, for having horrific things happen and things being lost. And I think we have to look at preservation in that aspect, too. So

Speaker 3 34:09
we did talk about in the last meeting that as we’re going through the process of scanning page by page, there are some documents and some things that we would like to provide to the museum and ask that they be placed in the archive. And that will be their decision whether they will include that in the cat and mouse file archives are no not. My guess is that they will probably accept them because these are pretty significant things that are 85 years old.

Speaker 5 34:41
I apologize parents that I didn’t hear that I wasn’t happy the last time so

Speaker 1 34:45
at this point in the meeting before we spend a whole lot of time talking about the scrapbooks. Do we just want to talk about do we want the city to try doing this? You know, make a decision. Yeah, because obviously we could hash this around and there’s a lot to hash around.

Speaker 3 34:59
Here. Well, I think there’s I think we would like to utilize the city resources with our, during our time to make this project.

Speaker 1 35:10
I agree. And we can decide on the format like, do we want indexes? We want content so we can. So is this something we need to vote on? Should we just need

Unknown Speaker 35:22
to make a motion? That the board agrees that we should predict?

Unknown Speaker 35:28
Let’s do that. Can we get a motion

Speaker 3 35:32
to suspend these resources to electronically scanned to digitize scrapbooks include volunteers from the board?

Unknown Speaker 35:44
Yeah. Okay. Do we get a second?

Unknown Speaker 35:51
Okay, second pass.

Speaker 8 35:55
Motion and support for the city to do that. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 35:58
Yeah. Can you cities facility

Unknown Speaker 36:06
we have trouble with

Speaker 1 36:10
this little get the ball rolling anyway. Okay, that was good discussion. Let’s move on to house manager picture project. And again, that one is pretty much complete after just a few little students, you still want to know just a

Speaker 3 36:26
little, I guess, events of information are specific to that. And then the other specific to the house manager photos. Each of the photos that we have selected a color match and had a custom cut to fit and complement the photo that we have as a manager and placed it in its own separate frame. We have let’s see. That is specific to customer Meijer. Just so you all are aware of so Cindy donated to have the small white phrase for two candidates. It’s okay, he did that. That’s kind of nice, too. Okay, so the candidate donated that the black, three window frame that has the first three house managers with no photos. And then also the two small white rice for the two House managers that live photos that kind of more than the normal person. So and so those were donations that came to Kansas. And and after that, aside from maybe Damon’s photo that was already done from years ago, which I did not touch with left intact. I just purchased all of the other materials that brings about it was a mass, the total cost of that project was $399.16. Then, that was a friend who

Unknown Speaker 38:22
bought frames. So that was your donation,

Speaker 3 38:25
yeah. Frames mass, from the materials to the photos and photos in that’s all that then that. And that’s the house manager future project. But that kind of leads me into the past and President board member well project, which the specifics about that is that the piece has three pages in it. And they’re special because the first page has the image at the top and stationery the top. And the second page has the image of England flowers, which was created many years ago by and this kind of that, that we use for children and that was and then the third is that we’re studying. The third page has certain quotes by women regarding volunteerism, which represents the seven C’s of the Calvin house board members from year to year. So that’s something that is of significance and purpose behind it. And so it does include the list. The list includes the names of all my employees and their terms of service that last few years and they are enlisted by decades, and it’s easy to add as new members coming in. So that’s going to be very nice new board members come?

Unknown Speaker 40:03
Oh, sorry, I’m saying, oh,

Speaker 3 40:07
manager we have, yes, we had one gentleman house manager over the years. He’s talking about the ladies of the board. Anyway, so that that was one that was the board member list project. That cost, just so you know, for framing materials and everything under $45.58. And then the last piece, which ended up being the significant historic board member photos, and that’s specifically very shy, who was first president and chairman of the board, and then Virginia Estus, those two, because they’re significant,

Unknown Speaker 40:51
and they were

Speaker 3 40:52
praying, already framed, but needed, remove them and place them into one solid frame that could cover that handle, and also be consistent with on the same wall with all board members. So that is no dumb, it does include those photos, and their name, plates and dates, Terms of Service. And that project, that cost $452.38. So I’m just sharing that with you, for which part for the significant historic board member.

Unknown Speaker 41:30
For basically,

Speaker 3 41:32
so forth, for the whole, I’m gonna call it the Hall of history, for the Hall of history, that total was $697.65. That is a gift for me. So I just want to make sure that, that you know that there’s an investment there. And it’s for the purpose of the education of our community.

Unknown Speaker 42:00
Thanks so much for that very generous, very

Speaker 9 42:02
generous hope that I hope your generation will be added to the list of donors,

Speaker 3 42:08
I hope that in many generations can appreciate. And yeah, and see the history because it’s beautiful. I mean, every five years,

Speaker 5 42:18
I do have questions. So just so we can put it on the board’s calendar that we need to then update that every three years.

Speaker 3 42:29
Well, it can be updated every year. As board member change. It’s it’s easy to do. So.

Speaker 5 42:37
I didn’t know if we were going to add it as in our list of tasks that the board needed to complete. Is it going to be?

Unknown Speaker 42:46
It really should it should be your

Unknown Speaker 42:53
calendar to do

Unknown Speaker 42:54
people leave and come every

Unknown Speaker 42:56
year and it will have to give my chair.

Unknown Speaker 43:00
Okay, okay. That was a great job, Karen.

Unknown Speaker 43:02
Yes. Well,

Speaker 1 43:07
okay, is there any thing to say on the PTO Founders Day Program? I know several people revolted that

Speaker 6 43:15
Karen and I both met with him EDK UK and she was a delight.

Unknown Speaker 43:25
We have met with her

Unknown Speaker 43:27
and then we spoke with

Unknown Speaker 43:29
exactly how

Unknown Speaker 43:30
we’re going to go over talking about the Kalyan house No

Speaker 5 43:36
Come to find out she had a significant tied to the house to her mother. And they had a painting that they donated the house that we’re trying to find that well we don’t know what occurred to that idea know that used to hang upstairs in the hall, but it’s no longer there. So that’s that’s one that was here recently that just got moved. It was secured during Leslie Hortons time it and she told me specifically where it was hung. I have no idea where it got to write it was something that was donated to the house. And it was a significant artist of Walmart that did it. And so this is one of those questions of donations have been made. What happened to them? Were they disappeared? Is it hanging in somebody’s else’s home? I don’t know of at this point. So she asked specifically if she wanted to come and see it again. And I liked going ha ha ha I don’t have

Speaker 3 44:42
changes in Oh, if it’s still there. That’s craziness. It was beautiful. But

Unknown Speaker 44:47
be careful with donation. Points that accept them and when we do accept them we have

Speaker 5 44:55
this comfortable line that I’m so happy that we’ve got our donation thing now. Thanks but but That being said back to the program itself is going to be very exciting. Karen, do you want to state that? How many ladies were going to be there?

Speaker 3 45:08
Yeah, they anticipate approximately 20. Ladies, they would like about a 30 minute presentation. So Maureen and I will create a PowerPoint presentation that includes a lot of the historic photos and information about the house through the years and then tie it in with the PE, because I did. They were one of the original bridge clubs who were there for many years. Alex, was there 30 minute presentation, when will this presentation be scheduled for June? 2024. So

Unknown Speaker 45:47
where will church? Yes. So what I might suggest is that 49 input this presentation good, but I’d like to be able to share it with everyone so everyone can put it

Speaker 3 46:05
back. I don’t know that we would want to do that during a board meeting, perhaps that might be something that we can share with everyone. And say, hey, take a look at this and give your feedback back to Brittany and whatever. But I want ever the whole board to be included in this presentation permissions.

Speaker 5 46:29
But it’s very exciting in the fact that we got another way that we can show off the Callahan house, it’s really, and the fact that they approached us on it. It’s again, very exciting. And I’m pleased that we can be part of it. And as you can see, with that many members with they can’t be here. This is just too big. But

Speaker 3 46:58
that’s like all seven chapters. And yes, there are several chapter seven chapters. So that’s going to be some chapters 100 Funny, ladies, I don’t they don’t all

Unknown Speaker 47:09
right. Yeah, just was just an overview, what is your state

Speaker 2 47:19
PEO was founded in the late 1800s, by seven young ladies who decided to have their own, like a sorority that they decided to put together and they are the founding members of

Speaker 1 47:33
so this is sort of honoring them as okay, because I just wasn’t sure what

Speaker 5 47:37
to say. Because they’ve got here, this is huge. And so this is the other thing that I guess I want to put out there is this is this is one of those clubs that if for the smaller groups, do we want to reach out to them again, has say that we’d love to have you meet back at the house.

Unknown Speaker 47:57
nicely into club.

Speaker 1 48:02
Okay, so we covered this was on the 2024 flower order and grounds plan. And we had a little meeting with Brittany and Karen three. Yeah, we care. We went around parents, you know, I could spend the next hour going over all of the meat. So I’m not going to do in a nutshell, unfortunately, the grounds are incredibly overgrown, over planted and kind of declining in a lot of ways. So a lot of work does need to be done. I know in the last couple of years, we’ve really focused on the house. And so we didn’t focus as much on the garden. It’s been brought up but again, it was, you know, okay, we’ll do that next. Right now we’re working on the house type of thing. So we do have now some open time. For next year, we talked about the type of flowers we’d like to see. So if you’ve got those orders, so those are coming, I have a suggestion that would help us in the future is creating like a journal or a logbook for the gardens. And just like every January we get paid, okay, we contracted with greens and plant the flowers and be contacted with salt. So I don’t know who does the volume to volume, we could just kind of briefly and a few set and say this is what we expect them to do. And then so we will know that because we really had a situation this year when Kathy left us and before you came on, we know who was doing what you know, and we were kind of searching so I think we kept that journal. And then if anything major comes up like oh, we had to read redo the file or just make notes of it. So we have a history that’s easy to go to. I mean, I’m not asking for pages, just comments, you know, dates and times of what happened so we can look back because I kind of like to know when a few things changes were made. There’s that some major changes since I’m kind of an old timer here. Yeah, so 40 years at all, a lot of changes, since I worked in the guidance. And I don’t know when they have, I don’t know, the kind of fun to look back on.

Speaker 5 50:14
I agree, I think it’s really important that we generally have an accurate track record, I think we can also reference back to one of the passport, I’m entering house managers, Leslie whiten when she literally took care of the gardens, and she’s got a good record of certain things, maybe we could refer back to her on what they did at a certain way, because she, literally her and one other person, and I can’t remember the name offhand. They physically took care of brains, what was it? It would have been the early 2000s.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
For me, it was in the 70s.

Speaker 5 50:54
And so the fact that she was saying, Oh, it’s way over grown, you need to do this and this and whatever else, and she had an accurate and I wouldn’t doubt that knowing was that, that she probably has some records. Okay, so

Speaker 1 51:09
yeah, I, I just thought we should start at least a journal. So it’s more for you know, it’s nice to have the history. And then for going forward, again, we can come May or something, you could say, well, let’s see. So and so was supposed to be planting flowers. Now, that’s what we’re paying them to do. And we also might want to know that they’re the hours we expect them to do a month, you know, things like that. So we can we see problems we can point at, you know, who’s not doing this and who’s not. So

Speaker 4 51:34
that’s all contracted through the city, we work with two contractors, one that does the beds and one that does the grounds in the fountain. And really, that’s all through parks that manages that. And so, you know, patients and how many hours we like to do this scenario is kind of like, what I’m doing, right?

Unknown Speaker 51:52
Well, I guess, okay, well, I

Speaker 4 51:53
want to keep a journal that says, you know, what we put in at least, that

Speaker 3 52:01
not relying on time, but maybe instead of expectations, and, you know, the bed and the north west corner of the garden is overgrown by wildlife, 10 feet, two feet, so something like that is maybe more specific to a task and what needs to happen, and not so much about the time the parks needs to do to get it done. But what needs to happen.

Speaker 1 52:28
We could have milestones, by June, we should see this. By July, we should

Speaker 8 52:35
say, I think I think designers wants expectations is a word that I don’t get to apply to a different department like that. And either you guys, right? But that doesn’t mean that what you’re talking about as far as putting together here’s some things we’re lacking, right? And we’re these aren’t up to what we think the standard should be. And then letting us go to them. And really try to work with investor expectations in our own parks. We have expectations. fields do not look like I would love them to

Speaker 1 53:19
look and we can’t control the weather but but

Unknown Speaker 53:23
that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort. Exactly what

Speaker 1 53:26
you’re talking. So my point is we’re contract I mean, these are city employees as much as contract employees you know, we do have a contract and we do contract and we do have to have parameters.

Speaker 8 53:37
Last year, they did not they did not get to it. It was in their contract. And then parks and empires eventually got them but again, it’s contract are

Speaker 1 53:51
not doing so we have to if we know that I mean on the board again, we don’t manage contracts, but if we know that they are this is what they were given us their guidelines and they this is what they bid on when they took because if they’re contracted they must put a bid in to do it. We can say okay, you did that you were going to do this but it’s not done you know we should have something that we can go back to them

Speaker 5 54:12
and say it’s not fair that we’re paying for work that wasn’t

Speaker 1 54:16
so just but I would like to be able to look back and just say who who has contracted this year this year was like we could say well that year was perfectly love these guys we want these guys back that type of thing you know

Speaker 8 54:27
been it’s been similar contractor but this last year, they went through some sort of evolution, right that they there was a combining and adjustments so there was some confusion and seemed like okay, as far as that goes, so this was okay.

Speaker 5 54:47
Yeah, I did and I apologize, but I do want to say, Okay, if we have these expectations and they’re not being that night Great. Now, I don’t think there’s anything more wrong with having expectations and you And then we’re putting out there and it’s a bid. And if they’re not following through with that we have to have some kind of ramifications that that wasn’t done and therefore they didn’t meet the contract and whatnot. But if we know that we’re contracting and we’re only contracting for so much labor, is there something as we as board members can get volunteers to go in work on earnings if certain things are not going to be completed? Is there something that we could do to help go and take some of the overgrowth and work on that did I if I’m directed well I can work

Unknown Speaker 55:38
real careful when we student to do it yourself work

Unknown Speaker 55:42
is the quality of the work and

Speaker 1 55:45
again you don’t have a lot of accountability when is that I was going to kind of touch on the topic of this but like the school the stonework that was done you know I don’t care for a lot of that. That was kind of those those but they come trapezoidal shaped stone blocks that if they’re great for home people to do their backyard to do a circle around a tree, but when you’re doing a formal gardens, they don’t last I mean, if you look at them now they’re tipping and cracking and not looking very good a road they road and they’re not. So really if you’re going to put do stonework, you should hire somebody who knows how to do stonework and you know, get a good job done. You know, we did, I don’t know really who did the store out there. It’s kind of time to take it out and start to really look bad, you know. So volunteer work is nice, I guess if we have something meeting, maybe somebody needs to be and stuff but when it comes to planting, I think we really need to go with the experts

Unknown Speaker 56:52
on that.

Speaker 1 56:54
But with that said, I think we have to look at a formal plan a formal garden has, well you’ve seen fall guards everything’s neatly manicured our driveway right now is hidden. You can’t the flowers if you know way too many perennials. Yeah, perennials tend to keep growing and get bigger and bigger. So I think a lot of those medical need to have just the border the border used to be about foot long on either side of the driveway. Now it’s about five feet wide and either side of the driveway. Yeah, I lost Karen Rocky, she wanted to buy Bacchus and I couldn’t see her

Speaker 4 57:35
you know, we went through and talked about what we’d like to see and now that may even happen next year. Over time, so you know, that information gets relayed from me to parks that they then relate to their contractors which that we can write that will be on record in an email that I can share if you will want to keep a record of what the expectations were. But just knowing that our expectations need to also be managed in that not all of it can happen even as soon as I write but I can keep record of what we were

Unknown Speaker 58:07
working towards.

Speaker 5 58:08
So maybe we should get a long term goal and part of that being is a garden lane.

Speaker 1 58:16
That’s what I was gonna jump in and say we need to decide what’s the most important one unit out there we need to work on I mean my two two choices are you the fountain which is you can’t you know it’s got to the driveway. I mean we can’t do everything so it lives up here and wherever the brights you know couples get married get usually by though so we should I think that needs to be redone you know three works completely that could be a project for maybe one year maybe and another year the driveway needs to be reworked

Unknown Speaker 58:47
Well honestly.

Speaker 5 58:50
I’d like to put for a promotion and put you in charge and because you have so much background

Unknown Speaker 58:57
timing out

Speaker 5 58:59
I know but we got you for a little bit longer can you help

Speaker 1 59:03
us get a plane? Yeah, I think you could get in but now I don’t I have to work with them because I don’t know how but the Britany here but how do we determine what can be done? But could

Unknown Speaker 59:18
we overall do a plan

Speaker 2 59:20
for gardens and still do a plan? Yeah, budget and actually getting it done? Maybe

Unknown Speaker 59:24
this might be something that we move forward

Unknown Speaker 59:28
to the next couple years

Speaker 8 59:30
things you know list of than you know prioritize that exactly. We’ll do our best to convey that through so so could we see what sort of buying

Unknown Speaker 59:45
that we get a committee to work on that?

Unknown Speaker 59:48
We couldn’t afford it coming into the time of year yeah, it’s hard to do we got Thanksgiving Christmas.

Speaker 4 59:54
What would be good so we’ve we’ve kind of set forth what we you know, flour for next year and some things We’d like to see this next season and further forward. So, you know, I can put that together basically what is going to go to parks for this year because they need some cash.

Speaker 8 1:00:13
And then you hear from Ben, about when they need stuff about getting together talking about flowers. Yeah, yeah, you did. Yeah.

Speaker 4 1:00:21
He’s expecting, okay. I just checked in with him to see what he needs to apply

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
my expectations to even

Unknown Speaker 1:00:36
talk to timber about so.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
No, I’m not talking about that. Like sometimes a quick check in with Ben to say,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
How long do we have?

Speaker 1 1:00:47
They do understand that next screen you’ve already worked with is isn’t even on the golf course is going on. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Okay. In I think we’re going to not make sure we will schedule anything for

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
me. Yeah, we

Unknown Speaker 1:01:02
tried to leave a window. Like six weeks, so it will be allowed. So that would

Speaker 1 1:01:07
be a good time. If we can squeeze it in. If we pick one unit, like we want to really kind of rehab a little bit I’m still got pushed to the fountain during that two month period,

Speaker 7 1:01:18
depending on what they’ll allow access to the ground or it’s there’s like a timeframe where we can’t go walk to the

Speaker 8 1:01:26
mall, whatever. My plan was trying to get this we talked about flowers we’ll get we gotta get that going. It’s it’s Yeah, at the time. And then, at that same meeting, want to talk to those guys, because I haven’t about lions, lions for the grass. Connect that. And yeah. And then and then I want to tell them, hey, you know, there’s, there’s some work we’d like to see here. Now, the thing I can tell you guys is I go to them and say, you know, we need this done. Right? And it’s it’s pretty big. We’re just gonna straight away say, no, they don’t have the budget for it. So but I still think we can work with them to say, here’s where we want to get to. You guys tell us how do we get here, this neat, we’d like to see this be, you know, you got to balance between professional private pay for gardens. And what does a public garden I mean, there’s, I get that. But we want this to be as nice as it possibly can be. And while it’s still beautiful. There’s a lot of things here a lot of cut back in the back, grow, grow healthy. So I think there’s a lot of movement. So that’s kind of one.

Speaker 1 1:02:48
Okay, that’s I will do this invites, and we won’t don’t all thing, take little bites could could could we get.

Speaker 5 1:02:56
And I would appreciate if you could write it down on what you can prioritize in everything that you think needs to be done, and then prioritize what you can see happening in bites, like you were saying would be helpful. And because you’ve worked on the garden so much. I mean, it would be helpful if we had an overall garden plan that we can then pull out

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
is there such thing

Speaker 4 1:03:26
at the end, please? Oh, you could.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
So that a diagram down?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
Aerial? aerial photo? Yes, I do.

Speaker 1 1:03:38
Yeah. This is a good point for our fundraising. Kevin, I don’t think the city will be able to have enough money to really fab refurbished the whole garden. If we could fundraise. No, I

Speaker 8 1:03:50
talked about how the next goal as far as some fundraising so so if we can push them to do some things. And then we have some support. In addition to that, we can get there.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:03
By and honest, basically, this is a

Speaker 5 1:04:07
specific thing that we can ask people for but people were more willing to donate if we’re buying flowers for this or we’re doing specifics, people are more willing to donate. That’s true.

Speaker 1 1:04:20
And once however many years it takes we get to a point where you know it’s back to being a formal no manicured garden. Maybe we’ve laid out some rules for future people coming in because you know, we all change the word changes and it’s right but we want to keep it in line with the formal guidance of the cowhands which

Unknown Speaker 1:04:41
they were very simple.

Speaker 9 1:04:44
Do they ever write down when, when that was done was what like 1906 part of the day, you get the pictures you can was there any history or anything like documented I know A

Speaker 3 1:05:02
street that is documented is a letter from analysts to the board. It’s in scrapbook. It’s also been published in the newspaper. But she describes specific things of where, you know, interest came from and who did it. And the landscaping, the designer, and the gardener, and some specific information about trees and things. So she identifies those things in her letter. But other than that, there is I’ve never seen any kind of formal has written a landscape plan yet,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:38
research that I’ve done on the designer.

Speaker 3 1:05:42
It can be if you’d like I can give you the names there.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:45
Didn’t even put them in that.

Speaker 3 1:05:48
I think I even listed that in the Callahan brochure that we hand out, you know, we hand out to one account and the House and the other about preservation restoration. Well, the one about cabinets and house contains names of what was involved, and that I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
sure you’re thinking that the widow don’t

Speaker 1 1:06:10
like to possibly to see photographs. We have some real photographs on it. No. But what about 1938? When they handed it over? I mean, by then they had lived here. Well, they probably had done. I mean, some of the flowerbeds they might have put in you don’t know. I don’t know somebody could pick up a picture in later

Speaker 9 1:06:31
20 could have still been maintained the way they’d liked it right up until

Speaker 1 1:06:35
then. Yeah, I’m sure they added. I mean, everybody can live in a house. Tony yours. You’re adding clouds and stuff. So well. Yeah. Apparently

Speaker 4 1:06:42
you have anything that you can put forth for that kind of thing. And then and put together? Yeah, sorry, a plan moving forward. And then we’re also meeting with folks and

Unknown Speaker 1:06:53
right there. Okay. Thank

Speaker 1 1:06:54
you. Alrighty. Let’s move along here. Holiday Open House holiday decorating.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:01
Can you start with first party decorating?

Speaker 7 1:07:03
Open Houses? Holiday? Open? Yes.

Speaker 3 1:07:07
Because it’s plural. So we have one on. On the one on the seven that’s just in general, versus the seven on the first is the center Sanford. Okay. So we use that center gonna open house. It remember it was not in the

Speaker 1 1:07:31
racial book. It’ll be one of those who laughs so it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
just gonna be all

Unknown Speaker 1:07:37
in there in the brochure. Yeah, it wasn’t.

Speaker 3 1:07:41
I brought I’ve been using some of the stuff that’s, that’s published in the recreation books for information about this this year from scrapbooks. So I’ve been keeping stuff like that, like regarding to party in America. But I just wanted to, for example, show you, but this does identify you’re undergoing renovations. And that was summer, but the fall recreation, but not it has the open close. September name. And that has Callahan holiday Open House December 7. So it does not include the Senate open house. So I don’t know. I don’t know how the general public is going to know about it, because it’s not listed. No. Here’s, here’s the bit about the Callahan house. And that was specific to Artwalk. Well, because it’d be cool. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Speaker 4 1:08:41
We’re the boss, whoever. Yeah. Last year, I’m not sure. It’s just a question, first of all, um, but I also

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
know that Whelan was getting married. And it could have been one of those things

Speaker 7 1:08:56
that maybe to spend that we increase a photographer in February. That’s the time now for the next one on my brain. So she was getting married, getting married. So yeah, yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
to be fair, you know,

Speaker 8 1:09:13
that’s also a transition. And the transition period, of course, at that point, yeah.

Speaker 3 1:09:18
I guess we just need to be aware of that because I don’t know if we’re going to have any feedback or grumbling about. It was not advertised was not advertised.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:32
And every other avenue that

Speaker 5 1:09:35
I very much when I was at the door at the open house, I told everybody about it. About lookout for the standard open house will be rack level, right. So hopefully, and we again, we’ve never had a problem of it not filling up. So if we get the email blast out there, and this is just something that maybe For next year, we need to be aware of that. Please, let’s make sure that it gets in the brochure. So we don’t have this, that we’re excluding anybody. I don’t know that could be, I want to make sure that we’re being inclusionary in every aspect that anybody can come for the sand open house and the more people that are aware of it, I think it’s important that it gets next year it makes the brochure if we can possibility that connection thing.

Speaker 1 1:10:32
Yeah, yeah, for sure. And what is the date for they can start dialing in to get their reservations

Speaker 4 1:10:37
in Barbados under the respite. So it’s inevitably a shorter time here. But

Speaker 5 1:10:46
I do think we, I have to say that it works so much better with with the time slots and reservations. reservation system is just a good sound and the fact that you know, I still am going to hear what went and said, where we have it, depending on what the weather is, whether we do it the horseless carriage house,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:21
you know,

Speaker 5 1:11:23
something to think about I would be really shoot up there. I

Unknown Speaker 1:11:28
always think of Santa’s Village.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:31
Yeah. It would be nice.

Speaker 1 1:11:36
That would leave the house more for people to see the decorations. Because as it is, now, we don’t want people upstairs, because it same goes up there. But then we have, we have the second one. So that also

Speaker 4 1:11:46
was okay. Okay, because that last year center was upstairs.

Speaker 1 1:11:49
Yeah, we don’t like people there to see the decorations except for the children to people with children. So it does, it kind of holds up a lot of people.

Speaker 5 1:12:00
But that also brings into question that’s additional decorating. Yeah.

Speaker 4 1:12:05
Yeah. I’m planning calendars to see or anybody that we’d love help with every now. So times that work for everyone. And I assume weekdays would be good. And so Jacqueline’s usually available to her that she can help set stuff out.

Speaker 1 1:12:21
At this point, there, yeah, I don’t think we have enough to make cute little Santos village in there, I think we would have to start planning earlier than that, you know, maybe February next year. Because it would take a long time to get

Speaker 3 1:12:37
enough decoration actually to go out there because we used to decorate it. And yeah, so there’s enough decoration. Now, we wouldn’t be able to make it in this. Whatever. But it can be decorated. So there are integrations. So let’s

Unknown Speaker 1:12:54
get some

Speaker 4 1:12:57
what that space looks like. Because right now, it’s still stirring up from the project. It’s not

Speaker 8 1:13:04
it’s not really where we want it to be right at this minute. But he’s actually had some ideas on trying to move forward. The others are still out there. Trying to get in the house. So we’ll have you back with that here shortly. And so it’s just not quite. I think that’s an idea for

Unknown Speaker 1:13:29
this. Yeah. Not sitting there.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:40
So we’ll be open house that is going to be staying upstairs. That’s reservation only on Monday. 700. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:51
we also know so that’s

Speaker 4 1:13:54
so are generating that needs to happen. Right. I think we talked about what

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
Thanksgiving? Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:03
So what? Worse?

Speaker 2 1:14:06
So it’s giving us a choice third, right? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:13

Speaker 4 1:14:20
Worksheets really stay after this board meeting or having totally separate.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:27
I would suggest a separate day.

Speaker 5 1:14:31
For November, yes.

Speaker 4 1:14:39
We do not. So a Wednesday there’s 30 clubs in house. Which I think could be difficult to work around. So there’s some days it is a Yeah, what would you suggest is well, I mean, basically the options then are the only Wednesday the There’s not clubs as the is the last of the month. So that would be ready to sit in place, which is probably not where the 29th would be after Thanksgiving, which might be fine. It’s not like anyone’s coming out with we’re not expecting them, like the diversions to be up. So the 29th is a Wednesday that’s good for people on there are not clubs. Well,

Speaker 5 1:15:23
I look good on the 29th. Could you send an invite for everybody? Yeah, what’s kind of the way to forget?

Speaker 4 1:15:33
I would say a little bit later so that we have time to get the decorations out when they

Speaker 1 1:15:39
come in, like 10 Janish. Yeah. And then

Speaker 5 1:15:43
we work we work as long as we can. And the other discussion was that we were considering redoing the tree in the front to a different color scheme is not going to happen or not. are we continuing with what we’ve got?

Speaker 3 1:15:59
Let’s look at what we have. And if somebody really gets excited about wanting to change them for hotspot might be one of those personal contributions. So

Unknown Speaker 1:16:11
I hope this year have you been?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:15
Kidding? We all

Unknown Speaker 1:16:17
need different things for

Speaker 8 1:16:19
know that. Well, if you guys think about what us what we have, and then say, All right, well, let’s maybe this would be nice for next year, because that will separate me out on December 26. Well,

Speaker 5 1:16:35
that was on the discussion for last year. So this is why I’m bringing it up, just so you’re aware that some comments have been made that some of the decorations are getting a little tired. And so if we can have a plan that we can for the following year have something in place.

Speaker 1 1:16:54
Yeah. When we for this year, just it doesn’t cost much money to get new ribbon. Ribbon is okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:00
Pick out. Yeah. Well, that’s suiting to you

Unknown Speaker 1:17:07
needs small needs before this year. Hey, that’s

Speaker 1 1:17:09
fine. I just want something that pops a little more. I mean, it’s more of a muted color now that they use it. It’s I like, right. White even with oh, I don’t know about that. Snow is white.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:24
Let’s get surrounded by first compensation decisions.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:27
Why don’t we have

Speaker 3 1:17:30
we can pull out what we got. And if we’re not loving the rhythm, we don’t put the burden on tree that said we don’t have to burden that we

Unknown Speaker 1:17:37
kind of made it to the yeah, let me

Speaker 9 1:17:39
find because we’ve got private to the order. Definitely. So intimated like the tiny probably

Speaker 5 1:17:49
we tend to decorate we also tend to stay for lunch tends to be a longer it takes us lunch.

Speaker 3 1:18:00
Yeah. Actually make them and everyone would buy your own. And so but that was a way for us to also support our local businesses, businesses. So that’s what we used to do. I don’t know if you want to continue

Speaker 7 1:18:17
that opportunity. Make sure you also have you in the past set a tear down day.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:22

Speaker 1 1:18:24
Would you know last year No. Jacqueline’s? Yeah, she can do a little by little,

Speaker 5 1:18:30
she’s here like she and she packs in Oregon. She

Unknown Speaker 1:18:35
works. It might be better to do that. But yeah,

Speaker 5 1:18:38
is thrown in a box. Again, if it’s taking too much staff time. That’s why we’re here as a support group. So

Unknown Speaker 1:18:48
remember, 29 starting at 10 o’clock?

Speaker 5 1:18:53
And then do we go ahead and set a teardown day, whether we’re part of it or not just so we have it? If I if needed? We had

Unknown Speaker 1:19:01
a chat with Jack

Unknown Speaker 1:19:04
Welch that works last year. And

Speaker 5 1:19:05
from there, we can decide at the next board meeting to meet

Speaker 7 1:19:09
or even, right, yeah, are you going up for the whole month? So

Unknown Speaker 1:19:13
yeah, right.

Speaker 3 1:19:14
I think the one thing that we’ll probably need to just put on our calendars and anticipate is the time that we’ll be here for the events. Yes, we all do need to be here for the entire time for each of those two events.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:28
During one go ahead and schedule that if we

Speaker 3 1:19:31
just just put it on your calendar now. lock yourself out for the first year and instead of

Unknown Speaker 1:19:37
starting at 430 or three series Santa’s

Speaker 4 1:19:40
got changed because there are different information, different places. We did something that would accommodate all the information but when you send out November 29 Yeah, let’s find the last times in November

Speaker 5 1:19:53
okay, but you will send out the invites what we have in place that on our calendars

Unknown Speaker 1:19:58
for just for those days. To

Speaker 1 1:20:00
the Santas at 330. In the December 7, open house, it’s starting at four, four.

Speaker 3 1:20:05
Correct? That’s when it begins, again, times that we didn’t hear anything bigger than just talk yourself out first.

Speaker 1 1:20:19
Okay, all right. All right. Can we move to new business? already? I think reveal prototype, the first one rental prices and club fees for 2024. Okay, we kind of covered that last time,

Speaker 4 1:20:33
introduced the idea that that would be changing. So we’re still finalizing that we’ll probably have it here in the next week or so. But the basic structure probably is that rental prices will increase by the hour, but we’re going to streamline our processes to be more in line with other venues in the area and cater and take over some things that cow and house has been doing. Which just makes more sense for us and for them and for being consistent with the market and how that functions.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:06
But don’t have those final numbers where

Speaker 5 1:21:08
I have an excellent question. And I know I fry for this are reopening out for different theaters are using one specific

Speaker 4 1:21:15
we’re going to be doing that probably the beginning of next year.

Speaker 8 1:21:21
We’ll still have we’re still talking about preferred caterers and and

Speaker 5 1:21:27
the currently we’ve got 123 Technically,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:32
I didn’t say we want that one cater caterers

Speaker 4 1:21:39
that’ll be opening up and kind of like streamlining our process, so that we can concentrate a lot more on community programming, and being in line with how caterers are used. So they’ve been kind of making accommodations for Callahan house, which is nice, but we want to also like for our vendors, and our clients be easier to work with and be more like streamline with what goes on at most other similar venues. Yeah, so. But handing over those processes means that we need to recoup some of that complex income for us by raising our prices. Since 2021, and

Unknown Speaker 1:22:19
that’s going to affect

Speaker 4 1:22:22
clubs. Yes, I do kind of have to find all of that for you. But for rentals, yeah, we’ll be inconsistent with affordable but not cheap, like venues

Speaker 5 1:22:33
in Colorado, and how are we going to let the clubs be aware of

Speaker 4 1:22:36
that? Well, so that was rentals. So clubs, the changes for clubs was going to be 14 instead of 12. Tools. Yeah, I think it’s nobody’s gonna bat an eye, I don’t believe. And then the only other challenge for clubs is they’re going to be expected to make one total payment for all of their members at the beginning of the year, rather than paying per meeting or paying per member. So those are really the only changes with clubs and a letter has gone out to clubs this week to

Unknown Speaker 1:23:07
them now. You will know.

Speaker 4 1:23:10
Yeah, I imagine it will be an issue for anybody. But obviously.

Speaker 6 1:23:16
The minute you say that, that will be somebody that knows. So well. That’s that’s so yeah, he’s kind of finalizing the

Unknown Speaker 1:23:30
specifics for you on the actual changes next month.

Speaker 1 1:23:34
Okay, let’s move on to club affair. Does anybody have any information?

Speaker 3 1:23:40
This is something that probably needs to be planned to occur in the next year, but yeah, in your mind.

Speaker 4 1:23:51
Over Yeah, I’m looking forward to finding out to October so in the business, but they still need to.

Speaker 3 1:23:57
So I think it’s probably something that should be discussed, maybe at the next board meeting, but it definitely is simply because it has to be planned.

Speaker 1 1:24:08
Can you tell me what the basics are, you’re going to invite publicized clubs are invited to come here,

Speaker 3 1:24:16
open house for local clubs of all sorts to come in they they purchase a table so to speak, and that’s their people that they can set up that information about their club, and we publicize that it is a club day and so people can you know, be members can come in and it’s an opportunity for them to see what all the clubs are kind of out there and available in case they want to join or recruitment. recruitment. Yes, so it gives all of them it’s not just ladies clubs. I mean we recommend club and other gentlemen you know other General clubs include everybody. So that gives us the opportunity to come into the house, it is indoors there, you know, who set up tables, you know, a set of tables, like plural to every room. So it is kind of like, kind of like a career fair.

Speaker 1 1:25:19
If it was summertime, I don’t know what you’re planning to do this. But if he was summertime, you could have tables outside to the garden.

Speaker 3 1:25:25
I think the reason that has been done earlier in the year, in past years, is because clubs are often just beginning their new year. And they’re realizing we need to add more members, and also is a lower time of season for the house so that we’re not interfering with other wedding activities that might be graduation, weather events. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:51
So February is

Unknown Speaker 1:25:52
pretty close. So it didn’t work, which is why

Speaker 3 1:25:57
the talk needs to begin now. And it’s just another, we can use the same sort of information that was used previously to provide to clubs and communities that, hey, we’re going to host this event, are you interested? And then the same kind of format of publishing, you know, to public debate. But we just need to know, and start talking about that now.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:31
The bottom line is,

Speaker 5 1:26:32
did any of you guys go to unity in the community here? I did. And it’s very similar, where they have the rotary and women’s work, and all of that kind of stuff. And they tend to host that through the chamber. I think we could possibly ask the chamber, which groups they had come in and speak, and maybe we could clean groups off of that, because there definitely be ones that we want to support. That would be great asset to not everything with it. Obviously, we can’t fit the fire shower and other things in here. But there’s other groups that would be like women’s work and, and whatnot, that would be a great asset to ask. And if we could get not have to recreate the wheel on certain things. That would be

Speaker 1 1:27:25
good idea. I would just like to see it this time. I think this really is begging for a committee. I really so rather than spend a lot of time at this meeting talking about it, does anybody want to set up a committee or

Speaker 3 1:27:42
like someone else to take the lead? I have any help at this can share for me,

Speaker 1 1:27:45
yeah, but that’s fine. That’s fine. This is a volunteer type thing. But I really think we need to take it out to the General Board meeting here and move to a committee. So think about it, anybody, maybe at the next meeting, somebody will have come forward to you or call call there. During the month,

Speaker 5 1:28:06
I’d be willing to serve on it, I just can’t at this point. With everything that’s going on, I just can’t

Speaker 1 1:28:14
I can take off because I’m gonna be here. I timeout in January, you’re in December, so I won’t be here. So okay, let’s leave it at that at the next meeting. We’ll see if we have enough interest to get a board or get a committee up but I don’t think we can talk any more about it until we get that so

Speaker 3 1:28:33
but it is a special thing that has passed and it’s is good for the community. It promotes club participation and not just clubs that come to the house or clubs throughout the community. And it promotes volunteerism, it’s just out to the community for them to come in. Until we get it there’s a lot of there’s a lot of

Speaker 6 1:28:55
it also elevates the house. So it’s a good service good service

Speaker 1 1:29:01
it’s a good idea but everybody think it over and maybe the next day okay, can we move on just because Okay, review future house restoration and preservation. I think we’ve kind of covered a lot of this and the gardens are recovered I don’t want to put that anymore. Anything else to bring up about the house can we

Unknown Speaker 1:29:28
complete Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:32
The same list that we’ve provided to the

Unknown Speaker 1:29:35
council and I think that was just

Speaker 3 1:29:37
a matter of okay, go through and cross off the things that are done. Look for things that are the most pressing

Speaker 4 1:29:44
is that are things that are higher who did this or assertion is reached out again, still waiting for final quote from them, but I think you’re getting close for the interior projects such as this and upstairs lamp and some things like that. Some of this will be able to be part of that. Not all of it. Some of it’s a lot more ongoing. But yeah, I mean, we’re, I think we’re gonna be some of this is part of the CIP budget or that we’ll be working on next year for future years. So I’m not sure exactly how to approach this, I guess, seeing a gig that capital improvement projects, money gets put forth for years down the

Speaker 5 1:30:29
road, okay, obviously, because we’re discussing it. Now, this could be discussed next month in in old business, you can get a new sheet of things and just highlight what we’re working on or what’s in the project. So we’re all saying, okay,

Speaker 4 1:30:45
these are projects. Yeah. So this is the last that you all put together and the previous two hours on the board. And then there’s some other things that have come up, but I’ve got a list. So if we can do for next month is compile all of that, check off what’s worked on and what’s going to be done? What can be part of what Empire is putting together for us now and what is future? Cool, thank you. That next month,

Unknown Speaker 1:31:09
next month, after that

Speaker 8 1:31:11
I can email to you, I believe, we’ll try to put that together, we’ll have in the packet please everybody review that because my intent would be that we come down the list. And I want to hear from you guys, what what your your guys’s thoughts. Priority might be? You know, again, we ask some of the things some of the things we look for the projects that are real things we ask, and so over that priority.

Speaker 3 1:31:47
So it has the request or the ask for the CIP already been submitted this year for next year. Okay, so in March of this year, what else? What about renovating the Empire modulus?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:09
Check out we can be turned down. Okay, so this is what I

Unknown Speaker 1:32:16
look for a grant project

Speaker 3 1:32:22
if we can include in the minutes that what was requested in this year 2023. CIP was for pointing.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:33
And it was definitely work off of the

Unknown Speaker 1:32:35
building mortar.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:37
What are we getting into the discussion

Speaker 3 1:32:39
at the moment that was submitted to city walls for CIP for that project was around 100,325. And the purpose of this is only so that going forward for a future grant, we can say we trying we’ve been trying why the

Speaker 8 1:32:59
CIP record for a year? Oh, well, that’s good. We literally shows Callahan house request every single year. That’s what that’s called. That’s every request,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:11

Speaker 5 1:33:14
suspected being turned down. But that’s in some ways works good for us, because then we can then take it out and try to look at it.

Speaker 1 1:33:22
Okay. Okay, I’m just trying to move on because even updated video parameters discussion I have with that might take a little time. So let’s move to that. There’s somebody that a lot of work here. Well, I’d like to

Speaker 4 1:33:36
just so this was kind of everything that we’ve talked about so far. And we can kind of I think the details of the technical side of things are just here for us to see. But really, I think what we need from you all is content, you know, what exactly we want in a video content wise, who might be appropriate for interviews, archives, and keeping in mind that the video is meant to be complementary to the existing and not replacing was wanted. So yeah, some of the technical stuff is just kind of here in one place, but the more what we want to talk about is content.

Speaker 1 1:34:16
So first of all, how about the length? What do we want? Like 30 minutes? So they all previous

Speaker 4 1:34:21
that he was 3637? So something like that. So he

Speaker 1 1:34:26
went Brown? No, there we go. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the current right? We could try to try to I would say 30 minutes approximately,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:39
I would probably 30 and 45 depending on the content.

Speaker 1 1:34:42
So yeah, give a range. Okay, so is that right? Does 45 seem a little long? No will save you think about it.

Speaker 3 1:34:51
Any kind of program that you might say could be like an hour long program or if you

Speaker 5 1:34:56
think about 30 to 45 minutes. It And again, one of the things that I had hoped is that we could possibly get this on PBS. Right on time.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:07
Okay, yeah, that’s fine. I don’t have time for commercials rather than

Unknown Speaker 1:35:13
42 minutes.

Speaker 1 1:35:15
Isn’t that? So okay, we will not go recording? Yeah. Another thing we want to talk about is, how closely does it want to match? You know, as far as content that existing, which I don’t mean, looks, I mean, information and stuff. And historical information,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:36
I think the information is going to be more complete, and more accurate.

Speaker 1 1:35:43
So how are we going to say some, there’s, when we talk to like, whoever talks to the people who are potential visitors on this, we need to tell them, what do we want to see, you know, do we want to see a lot of color pictures of the house or videos of the house, they have to have some idea of what we want,

Speaker 3 1:36:03
I would suggest that they read that handout that we give our guests about. It just talk about the house in general and the gardens. But then also, I would suggest that every day, so we get to each room. So if we give them those two documents, that and say you need to capture this content, to go subscribe and in the handout that we give the guests the house tour,

Speaker 1 1:36:45
and then we want the therapist to be feature to do we want to tell complete history and no gardens

Unknown Speaker 1:36:57
are included in that handout that goes to the guest.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:00
But we might want to, we might want to let them know what our emphasis

Speaker 7 1:37:03
is. And I think that’s down here what’s included in our request for but typically

Speaker 1 1:37:13
45 minutes, if you want at least 20 of it. You know, I mean? How are we trying to give them I’m just trying to keep the playing field equal so that everybody trying out? Somebody up you just okay, this guy to give us an email that went out? You know, we want them to kind of have a good idea of what what is wanted?

Speaker 5 1:37:34
I think we do that by giving them these details by giving them the docent guide, right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:41
Let’s see what they do with it. Because it’s very creative.

Speaker 3 1:37:47
They can capture that content and creative and they

Unknown Speaker 1:37:51
like come up with ideas.

Speaker 1 1:37:56
I didn’t want to be restrict them to know that we had a lot of things we wanted to have intended. Detail.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:06
They may be looking to see before they get going.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:12
Yeah, before these are too much a

Unknown Speaker 1:38:14
draft? Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:38:17
Yeah, yeah. So we can say you’re kind of going in the wrong direction here. But go this way.

Speaker 5 1:38:23
For the most part, you for this sort of project. Most people come in with a dress, a draft script that you can go through and then redirect it and go from there. And, and

Speaker 1 1:38:33
that’s just how much of that to do before you even award the contract. That’s what I’m saying this, right. I mean, we’re not going to, I think when you’re, they’ll come

Speaker 5 1:38:43
in with for the most part when if they did.

Speaker 8 1:38:47
Yeah, I mean, I think that’d be I’ve given here’s the bulk of the information. And then when you see you see, let them come up with something. And because that’s not what it has to be, but what you’ll get what you end up with is the field, and when cost between A, B and C can and then you’ll like one, and then when you get that one you say, alright, we like this, but now that’s what we really Yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:19

Speaker 1 1:39:20
All right. Sounds good. Yeah. So just basically giving them our documents every now and then maybe giving one of those CDs that was okay.

Speaker 8 1:39:32
I think please correct me if I’m wrong, but what I what I’ve heard concerning, we want to pay honor to the one that was done. We’re not trying to replicate it. We’re trying to replace it. Yeah, we’re not. But we don’t want to just not take that. There’s some information in there. They’re going to want to use for sure plus our stuff that we have in this new enhanced Yeah. Yes. Sounds like part two. Yes. It’s one again.

Speaker 6 1:40:10
Document its own material.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:17
Okay, so that was easy for me. Anything else?

Speaker 4 1:40:25
I’m sorry, next steps for that then. Is there any other I mean, that’s pretty vague, which is fine. But any other content? Like, are we ready to move forward? For me putting that out for

Speaker 8 1:40:37
ya? They’ll they’ll help us get those parameters and the parameters are very broad. So

Unknown Speaker 1:40:49
RFPs tend to be broad.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:53
Artistic. I just want to

Speaker 5 1:41:01
swim. Okay, great. Okay. Do we know when those that will the board be notified when the R P is out there?

Unknown Speaker 1:41:13
We’ll send out an email once.

Speaker 3 1:41:17
You may want to also give them the restoration preservation handout too, because it does cover some things that have happened in the garden. So we can glean information from it. Yes, yes. Give them all three of those documents

Unknown Speaker 1:41:33
are documents and presentations we want like evolved? Well, that’s

Speaker 4 1:41:43
Well, I mean, no Civic. Now she’s talking about the preservation, that restoration words handout,

Speaker 3 1:41:49
it gives an overall understanding of the upkeep and the maintenance and the continue to write I don’t know,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:59
the specific groundwork involved.

Speaker 9 1:42:12
Maybe you don’t give all the details, but but the point needs to be made. Well, this year three, as lots was done to iconic release for the weeks,

Speaker 5 1:42:25
we share the press release, but we don’t want to overwhelm them. And again, some people might take that ball and go and do research and figure it out on their own. We’ll figure it

Speaker 8 1:42:35
out. Let’s make a note that that’s I think that’s good. And they should have said that in the narrative. And others will into there, the narrative for the biters will add in just about

Speaker 1 1:42:48
just, I think we should also kind of move slowly a little bit, especially if we’re going to be this is going to be a long lasting. And so if we can make some of the repairs to the garden before they take the pictures of it, because otherwise we’ll have documented what it is now. Yeah, so we do want to talk about like significant focus on getting the found

Unknown Speaker 1:43:11
out that we’re doing it so we do it in the spring. If you want to wait a year that we can wait here,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:17
when you’re only going to have a certain amount of change,

Speaker 1 1:43:21
go for making it look as nice as we can before we do it, because it’s going to be out there, that video is going to be

Unknown Speaker 1:43:28
able to do much. Anyway, that’s our key is

Speaker 8 1:43:36
our goal was to have for next spring. But spring Give me the camera work will be done so that they can do outside as they are blooming spring. I mean, after everything is planted, hopefully after we have some grass work done. Right. You know, we’re not going to have done that. It could it could be that it happens in September. I mean, I don’t know that. We’ll need to figure that out based on paper. We will not get the garden to the to the level you’re talking about for a couple of

Unknown Speaker 1:44:12
years. So at least a couple of years. But Is it urgent that

Speaker 1 1:44:15
we get stuck this out and out here? I mean, in a year? I mean, what is the urgency for this video? I’m just throwing this out. We want to wait till we have a really first okay environment to do it, or do we want to do

Unknown Speaker 1:44:28
I just don’t think there’s any time that anything’s going to be absolutely perfect.

Speaker 1 1:44:34
I know what you’re talking about, we can just throw it out there because this video will be around for the next 20 years. I

Speaker 9 1:44:41
know well maybe when you put the garden plan together you can think of what would be able to be in the video that would be part they could do close ups of flowers

Unknown Speaker 1:44:51
and not do

Speaker 9 1:44:54
that I’d say certain things that are in you know the first year of plan. You If those things are done, there, if you decide those would be a good focal point for the video, it might help you decide. You have what gets done and lighters.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:11
The focus could be

Unknown Speaker 1:45:13
the fountain. Yeah. Oh, for sure. That’s what

Speaker 8 1:45:16
we have this set. That’s like a card for me play. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:45:23
yeah. Yeah. Because

Speaker 5 1:45:25
she didn’t want to be around. We don’t want to be known for this. Yeah.

Speaker 8 1:45:32
Yeah, the building looks so fresh and nice right now. So we move forward. And we,

Speaker 9 1:45:39
I just don’t get it just like anything. Nothing is

Unknown Speaker 1:45:43
ever going to be absolutely perfect.

Speaker 1 1:45:45
Oh, and yes, we’re not asking for perfection here. But I’m just saying we’ve got a lot of improvements that I would like to do. I mean, if we’re going to make this extensive video, would it be nice to have something that’s done?

Speaker 7 1:45:58
Well, let’s move on with the mindset that we’re gonna have a video so what was what sustainable? And by that time, right, like, what?

Speaker 3 1:46:06
And who would be like a feature that we definitely point to versus priorities? So that might be like a home. So perhaps, you know, that focus that can get done and then and then in the video there, they’re capturing just pretty much your

Unknown Speaker 1:46:31
whole lot of pictures of the overgrown. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:46:38

Unknown Speaker 1:46:40
see items from staff

Speaker 4 1:46:43
managers report is included. I’ve had a chance to review it. It’s pretty basic,

Unknown Speaker 1:46:49
to expand on it over time. But

Speaker 4 1:46:54
you’ve been working on your Yeah. So there’s no, there’s no real major tidbits in there. But isn’t

Unknown Speaker 1:47:04
that about the board? Anybody got any?

Speaker 8 1:47:08
We’re, we’re still looking for a member. And we are in open season playing another six days. So if anybody has reached out in general, or specifically, in general,

Speaker 4 1:47:22
really slow going right now. So yeah, thank you for bringing that up. We don’t have any applicants I reached out a lot

Unknown Speaker 1:47:29
to people and ask if I could be

Speaker 2 1:47:41
mentioned we not heard back from college and they’re not interested in rejoining.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:49
You, she’s still taking care of her mother, she just got off site.

Speaker 4 1:47:52
And check out in her house last year that didn’t make have been reached out to from the city and we say our Constant Contact, and I’ve sent out to people that have expressed interest in volunteering. And so keep asking people because it’s in my Friday,

Unknown Speaker 1:48:09
I’ve asked announcement

Unknown Speaker 1:48:10
else to put out there and

Speaker 4 1:48:13
okay, and we I didn’t hear back from Michelle Gomez. But if we so there are two open positions right into yours. And we will move forward with who we have if Yeah, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have somebody misses a meeting. It’s much more difficult to so we will still move forward with two open spots. And I think they also mentioned that media recruitment as well. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:41
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:45
So so we can consider with your recruitment

Speaker 6 1:48:55
twice a year, okay. Because prior we’re like, No, you miss

Speaker 1 1:48:59
can be helpful because again, we’re in the holiday season now. People might be on the summertime,

Unknown Speaker 1:49:08
when things are a little slower,

Unknown Speaker 1:49:11
February or March.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:13
All right. Oh eblast.

Speaker 5 1:49:20
I’m just gonna put out there that I’m having a Questers meeting here tomorrow and

Unknown Speaker 1:49:25
I’m doing the tour of the house so

Speaker 5 1:49:29
many useful docents guides and do all that and we’re very excited to be here and I have heard from the members already how to delight with so just just putting that out there

Speaker 3 1:49:43
and coming early with cutting or anything else and As historian I would like to ask anyone who has anything from this year that you would like included in the scrapbook to go I can send you some pictures from pictures from r1. Thank you Sydney

Unknown Speaker 1:50:09

Speaker 3 1:50:18
finish of the grant contracts and stuff that whatever you so that I can.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:22
I am excited to see the big picture. Yeah, I just want to make sure that

Speaker 3 1:50:27
okay. Yes, yes, the group picture I will I took several because I wanted to make sure I got everyone. Personal about that I don’t want anyone looking bad. And

Unknown Speaker 1:50:42
I really appreciate that. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:50:43
yeah. The eyes closed.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:46
Right? Because you’ve seen the words here, right? Definitely.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:50
Yeah, anything through here. Just kind of take a look back.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:57
I think I have some Christmas pictures to it. That’s the other thing.

Speaker 5 1:51:01
You have to be aware of what you do take pictures, because the first year that I was on the board, I didn’t realize that we’re gonna have pictures taken sorry. Grumpy, grubby?

Unknown Speaker 1:51:15
You’re decorating, you’re supposed

Unknown Speaker 1:51:18
to take a group picture, so just heads up.

Speaker 3 1:51:23
But to give everyone a timeline, Joe, please do that to me by the end of this month. I really appreciate that.

Speaker 1 1:51:30
Thank you. Okay. Can I see you move on with future agenda? Okay, eblast.

Speaker 4 1:51:37
This, basically we talked about last month that that continues to be on there. I’m sending out the constant contract today, like events are being like we sent out one asking for board recruitment. But we had talked about if any of you all want to put together any content, that’s like a historical tidbit. Or did you know about calling it house I’m always open for that. So a reminder to do that if you want to and send that to me just go out as a as a touchpoint. greater than sign up for Callahan specifically to say, you know, this house and, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:11
this is something that hearing you’re a historian is is? Is that something that that we could consider doing on a quarterly basis?

Speaker 4 1:52:31
I think it’s open for anyone to contribute to that. I’m sure you

Speaker 3 1:52:37
all feel okay with it should not just come from that story. And I think it’s a wonderful thing if all board members can contribute a little something here and there in there. Can you click this? I don’t think I have one.

Speaker 9 1:52:52
So strike but also call to attention. The renovation is that that artist whoever’s name was was out areas medium or media. He’s got several plan to be out there in front of the woody call balcony. And had paintings of the balcony as it’s always looked. Yes. When he seen it. And the day before, week before David before? Yeah, because he had been out there to sort of marking territory. And the day before it turns green. So that day of the event he paints and I think we have some photos of him, he has a good photo of him below it with his stuff. Yeah.

Speaker 5 1:53:54
Well, playing into this though, and we’ve got all the other things going on. So anything that we can think of that we could put out there about our past Christmas decorations that we thought about doing. I mean, we could talk about maybe the health jika Exchange, or something along those lines for the holiday decorations are things that we do or have traditionally done for the holidays. In regards to our decorations and the history behind it. Do we know anything about

Unknown Speaker 1:54:28
talking about the overall

Speaker 5 1:54:30
board this is just a mind blur on on content of things that we could put out there that would

Speaker 7 1:54:39
be relative to the time I did you know back in such a shot so this is where you get the house and now we do this

Speaker 5 1:54:45
Yes, thank you do you are articulating what I can’t and at the moment so. So somehow through that whole

Unknown Speaker 1:54:53
word you got that I’m so impressed.

Speaker 5 1:54:57
But basically can we think of any things along those lines that we Just put in for this next

Speaker 1 1:55:03
the past nothing now because it seems like this kind of kind of a program helped set the tree or the trees or set up the ornaments.

Speaker 7 1:55:14
Well, maybe not decorations, but I was just thinking along those same lines like that.

Speaker 1 1:55:19
Did you know that this was a tradition for? For it’s been doing it for how many years? We could do something like that How many years has the board actually been decorating trees for Christmas? Since 8585 years Oh 85 years know what

Speaker 4 1:55:42
content to say come see the house for the holiday open house. And part of that is the board. So here’s a photo of the board decorating and we’ve got about

Speaker 9 1:55:53
five years ago, I know that when I went to Mexico, with a friend to stay at one of our casita uppers. It looked like 1950s To me, it was around Christmas time. And oh my god was out a blast from the past. Like they still have stuff from the 1950s up on those streets when you come to the corners. And I hadn’t seen that since I was a kid. So I wonder if there is a photo that could be put in not just here’s what we did way back then are not just photo of us decorating. Well, if you want to do that you could but one little toll you know, retro you want me go

Unknown Speaker 1:56:44
scrapbook some lovin there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:50
And it’s very interesting out during to,

Speaker 3 1:56:55
not anywhere close to as elaborate as we decorate today. So just write simple

Unknown Speaker 1:57:02
to describe us. Okay, okay.

Speaker 9 1:57:06
would always have been very short. The kind of things that I was just, you know, kind of like Cuba was 50s. And countries like, I was still have the old, but maybe those are more popular stuff and not so traditional. That would be in a house. I don’t know.

Speaker 1 1:57:28
Well, I’m on the tree. Yeah. Yeah, right. Yeah. We don’t do that anymore. There’s reasons

Speaker 4 1:57:36
like so the bus is going out. Or something to say is for your so Yeah, he’ll show that decorative. But the point is, it’s open at any time if anybody wants to get together. Alright. I think we I like it, we would definitely put something out for the holiday open houses. So that gave us saying, here’s the history of integrating collagen analysis into this year comes Yeah. Okay. Yeah. All right, but always open for anything else that people want to provide content. Okay. So sir, on here, it’s getting late here.

Speaker 1 1:58:11
Is there anything to say on our collaboration with other historical organizations or can we push it to the next meeting?

Speaker 4 1:58:17
Just real quickly, I did reach out to Elisa Santas connected with her. They’re interested in collaborating with us. I think she and I and Llewellyn Lindquist, who runs overhaul are gonna get together, I’m gonna say, hey, what can we do to collaborate, I somehow miss the idea of putting together a list of events with them that we would then provide directly to the chamber. And I also reached out to a law that hadn’t heard anything back from them, but starting to get involved. Okay, so

Speaker 1 1:58:48
All right, moving right along to the Annual Report, which this is a rough draft a chalkboard to give everybody a copy. And rather than do a committee, I think this is something the entire board needs to be part of. So I didn’t want to start a committee for it. So here’s a rough draft of if you notice the quantities when you get to it are empty, they will be empty until you are late, very late. As far as other things if you have an idea that was missed, or you want something but go ahead and work on that, or one month, and we’ll talk about it next, next week. So that’s why I waited till the end to hand this out. So you can think

Speaker 4 1:59:31
clarification on was the first in terms of house manager and staff leaves on vacation from from you, Ben. Kathy was here in January through March.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:43
And we’re trying to figure we don’t know what

Speaker 3 1:59:44
was not here in February. I mean that you’re physically but

Unknown Speaker 1:59:47
she was still Yeah, I

Speaker 8 1:59:48
still think that’s correct. Oh, February

Speaker 4 1:59:54
February, okay. And then. Okay, and then stop. liaison, is that proper that that’s listed as it is or if not present delays on work

Speaker 3 2:00:13
task manager to named manager, the staff liaison, different city staff individual

Speaker 8 2:00:21
historically speaking on a given day, so we have a lot of Nativity one. Yeah, it’s been, I guess the way I would look at it in the way we would like to have this go as Kristen gets more comfortable with Sam. Right.

Speaker 1 2:00:45
Yeah, just you next year. And then look over the overviews, if you want to add to anything but that’s to look at your you don’t have to talk about it now. That’s okay.

Speaker 5 2:01:06
Because this is the report of the whole year and you’ve been you happen. This definitely is on the service super swell. And we want to report that she’s

Unknown Speaker 2:01:15
Yeah, you put it all of us. Yeah, I think

Unknown Speaker 2:01:21
by the next meeting, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:23
Look it over make noise. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:25
For historic purposes, just

Speaker 3 2:01:28
separate from what I was trying to yes state.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:36
In the past, it’s always

Speaker 8 2:01:42
the house managers, members of staff, nurses.

Speaker 1 2:01:50
You definitely might want to look at the future goals. I’ve only listed a few. Hopefully, you know.

Speaker 5 2:01:58
I appreciate that. You have given us phone to take this back and reply. Yeah.

Speaker 1 2:02:04
But I liked that everybody is possible. Yeah. Okay. Is there anything else we need to talk about? In which case can I get a motion to adjourn?

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