Longmont Elections 2023: One stop for all candidate videos

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Office Candidate 3-minute statement 21-minute interview 1-hour debate Candidate website
Mayor Ethan Augreen N/A N/A
Joan Peck N/A
Terri Goon
City Council At Large Sean P. McCoy N/A
Steve Altschuler
Beka Venturella
City Council Ward 1 Nia Wassink
Diane Crist
Harrison Earl
City Council Ward 3 Ron Gallegos
Gary Hodges
Susie Hidalgo‑Fahring N/A
Spencer Adams N/A
Videos hosted by Longmont Public Media

The City of Longmont 2023 Regular Election Information web page has more election information, including the wording of the three issues which will appear on ballots of City of Longmont residents. The Backstory on Longmont 2023 Ballot Questions (a 1-hour video produced by Longmont’s own Tim Waters) has additional information on benefits and funding of the ballot issue projects. And Longmont City Manager Harold Dominguez discussed the proposed ballot issues in the Longmont City Council meeting on August 8, 2023. That discussion included the anticipated costs and benefits of the ballot issue projects. The 53-minute discussion begins at 2:31:50 (2 hours 31 minutes and 50 seconds) into the recording of the August 8th City Council meeting and ends at 3:24:40. The City council decides ballot issues for 2023 election article in the Longmont Leader summarized the ballot issue discussion.

Articles in the Longmont Leader and the Times-Call have information about the 2023 election.

A Longmont Town Hall meeting was held on March 30, 2023 in which a panel (including local business owners and members of the Longmont City Council and the Longmont Downtown Development Authority) took questions from a live audience in a studio at Longmont Public Media. The audience included Longmont residents and business owners.

Longmont Public Media is located at 457 4th Avenue (at Kimbark Street) in Longmont.

Longmont Public Media would like to thank the League of Women Voters of Boulder County for co-hosting the debates and Sustainable Resilient Longmont for sponsoring the debates.