Art in Public Places – September 2023

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Art in Public Places – September 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:01
We don’t have heard that

Speaker 1 0:02
people really do not and so

Unknown Speaker 0:08
it’s just so should we wait five minutes before

Speaker 1 0:15
I’m sorry yes if you don’t already have a extension cord up in the air

Unknown Speaker 0:29
because I feel like you couldn’t do the middle panel we’re

Unknown Speaker 0:36
gonna be interrupted in just a minute

Speaker 2 0:44
because what we have to do to kind of get this didn’t work did you find one though? I found just research from this year well, what we are technically a construction zone and so now some things have started to move

Speaker 3 1:17
around for the museum. So. Okay, so let’s think about this for a second. Theresa. I totally expect she’s very good about telling us we should be here. Stephanie Danielle’s here Jennifer screws

Unknown Speaker 1:39
on the surface of season one, as long as you can elevate to others they would do. So there you guys inquiry is half of people in the room believe it or somebody else in the media, just people. So I will say whenever I think like, Jennifer, can you still hear us all right. I know

Unknown Speaker 2:18
I have a lot of her. Okay. So once you do

Unknown Speaker 2:32

Speaker 3 2:37
so he’s gonna present in that. Alright. Something Okay, everybody is 603. I’m going to call the meeting to order.

Unknown Speaker 2:54
Roll call. And a Mother Teresa’s in here. Stephanie in your iris,

Unknown Speaker 3:01
probably home here. And now.

Unknown Speaker 3:05
Jennifer, here.

Speaker 3 3:10
Excuse me, Cindy, and Susan is going to show up late. So Laurel and Melanie and many are excused, correct.

Unknown Speaker 3:20
In Iris, irises

Speaker 3 3:24
recover. So she’s not public invited to be heard? Yes, we do. Have Sarah, Brian are observing and sort of contemplating becoming efficient.

Speaker 1 3:42
Do you want to talk a little bit about our little bit about yourself? Are you just observing?

Unknown Speaker 3:48
Well, I’m a fan of what you do.

Speaker 3 3:53
You know, I’m a fan of the of the art. So much so that I did a project for graphic design school. And I brought it with me to share. We had to make postcards. And so I did part of the places spaces around town. So I’ll pass those around. But I thought, well, this is a really great opportunity to get involved in something

Unknown Speaker 4:16
that I’m already interested in.

Speaker 3 4:19
I’m interested in art, obviously. And design so. So yeah, I just want to know more about you know how this is an ongoing project, because from an outside perspective, you can kind of see things happening but you don’t know exactly what’s going on.

Speaker 1 4:41
Oh, come on. Welcome. Welcome. And Lara is the public art program assistant and has been here for four months to see more social media presence, hopefully. And I’m Angela Brown, the administrator You’re

Unknown Speaker 5:02
able to see a property manager with resources

Unknown Speaker 5:06
deployed on the city council at large.

Unknown Speaker 5:13
Correction still on

Unknown Speaker 5:15
17 minutes. And we now are already corrected. And could be

Speaker 1 5:22
was there are two there are two. There were two.

Speaker 2 5:26
Yeah. And maybe if you can’t see. And then we’re just moving things.

Unknown Speaker 5:33
And here’s Susan.

Speaker 1 5:35
Hi, Susan. Is hear. So I was about that. We, Laura and I will call the minutes once again, find those two grammatical errors and fix them. Otherwise, we’re content we put out a motion.

Speaker 2 5:55
No, the content I thought was fine. No, I wasn’t here.

Unknown Speaker 5:59
Okay. So I need a motion to approve the minutes. I’ll make a motion to approve the minutes. And I can second. I second. All in favor. Aye. You don’t think she is? Oh, yeah, I think that it’s up to you. Today, let’s just do it again. Just for the record list. Okay. For the record, guys. The

Unknown Speaker 6:33
motion to approve the minutes was made by Danielle and seconded by Pam the envelope, right All in favor? Okay, unanimous. Additions and corrections to today’s agenda.

Speaker 1 6:48
I have two corrections. First number seven is parks presentation. Fox Meadows park with Steve grands Wyler, remove Clover meadows that will come in addition is going to be number 12 is going to be a IPP meeting scheduled December 21, which then moves number 13. Commissioner comments down to 13. It’s corrected on the agenda that you have in front of you if you printed it out at home. Those are the changes and I can give you one if you like. Good on that. Jennifer?

Speaker 3 7:25
Thumbs up. Okay. Council comments, Shawn, how’s everything going in the city council?

Speaker 4 7:31
Well, we are working on the budget right now. And over the last couple of weeks, a variety of presentations about a variety of different areas of the city, including our public places. And, and I think the $444 million dollar budget is on track to be approved, which might be was the same as a lot of money. But some of that is money that we felt after for a long time to get some of the things like we’re talking about the construction here. This is that’s what we’re talking about.

Speaker 1 8:25
All right. I would like to just make one comment if I don’t know who was an avid City Council watcher. But it is important to note that Tim waters didn’t put forth and request a resolution to the council to support the museum expansion. From an operational standpoint, once we grow, we are added 80% through a capital campaign and capital campaign dollars, of course, are not valid dollars. Some of the initiatives that you’re going to see capital campaign is individual donations to the museum expansion there. 80% there. So we had a groundbreaking the courtyard of course, and then what is going to be larger in my office. We’re going to be moving over and then additional. Lots of additional gallery space, a children’s gallery linking, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 9:24
is there gonna be another conference room like this one?

Speaker 1 9:28
Not a new one. But they will remember we have. Yeah, yeah. So there are moat the majority of the campaign is public space. Yeah, yeah. The minority of it is office space. So the courtyard is expanding lots of different things. So rooms rising from the development in the historical exhibition. So next month’s meeting, you all will go on a little tour around the museum and learn about the expansion, whoever I just wanted to say from City Council front like it’s a lot of City Council’s

Unknown Speaker 10:05

Unknown Speaker 10:08
okay, thanks Ron. Yeah, nobody specifically your work for me right? Not yet

Speaker 3 10:24
can always hope Okay, Steve runs viler parse presentation arcs metals I’m looking forward to this.

Speaker 1 10:31
Okay, almost now yeah, just do the HDMI you should be able just to share the screen and he is given permission as opposed to

Unknown Speaker 10:44
open the

Unknown Speaker 10:46
Zoom meeting he’ll have to have permission to share because you’re supposed to have to give him permission as

Unknown Speaker 10:55
far as open a second here

Unknown Speaker 10:57
scary well

Unknown Speaker 10:59
did you literally just get this

Unknown Speaker 11:08
participants open the participants all participants

Speaker 1 11:19
Oh, it’s because you’re not into we’d like to manage or we can because he’s in the HDMI. You can just flip the channel over Jennifer Jennifer will not be able to see you need to join the Zoom Room sorry so

Unknown Speaker 11:49
we did skip real quick while you do that and talk about our clock.

Speaker 3 11:52
Okay. Let’s let’s skip to Item eight and we’ll run back to Steve when he’s ready. So our clock few success

Speaker 1 12:02
really knew that these were laptop I know the budgets were saying goodness did you recover the bookmaker tax season?

Unknown Speaker 12:14
Oh no your fingers

Speaker 1 12:23
but it was okay because we knew where to run to the yarn shop because Jennifer Miller is all about first name region so I went to Rosalie’s winter Rosalie’s and grabbed ice

Unknown Speaker 12:40
meet yourself and I needed to do so.

Speaker 3 12:43
Yeah but you know what was really most popular was a big binder full of awful little artwork people love digging through their stuff out and finding stuff to put on the bunkers and kids love everything it was

Speaker 3 13:07
snowing has you know sold on so many nice brands were really interesting a lot of good a shop or Fox winners there and that really drew people down inside st rose work ideas.

Speaker 2 13:26
Everybody was really excited I put it that way. I didn’t go to that I had to wet the weather actually.

Unknown Speaker 13:37
You know it’s very odd. But unfortunately

Speaker 5 13:39
next time we will all test at least where some people will read for us. Actually this is great for your work at the end. Do you want any complexes when we go and do our last four the band or whatever

Speaker 2 13:57
we’re doing what I saw was a tote bag. Oh you did

Speaker 3 14:11
so everybody have been hanging on your chair. It’s really a table

Speaker 1 14:18
So Jennifer, can you hear me now? Steve is going to email you the presentation because we still need to solve more than having it on my

Unknown Speaker 14:31
phone. Okay. Okay, okay.

Unknown Speaker 14:35
So just give me a second

Unknown Speaker 14:49
great to achieve that great. Nation she is very keen she opens her subway I bought kimchi and

Speaker 1 15:05
so we had 230 people come through our walk from 40 PM. Of those, we were displaying museum information day, Discovery days. Scholarships, which is the little, little kids, lots of different things related to the museum in the US. But we had a selection panel applications, we had board member applications and that kind of thing. Somebody said the shocker boxes. There’s something about those markets that just draw people over, because they know what it is and then Alaskan those around town. So it does beg the question, if we kind of made to say it, but use that guy’s like a marketing tool, and some of the artists need them for when they go out and paint their boxes, but maybe we just think about keeping some or even making some dummy ones. Yeah, I wouldn’t say I need to make it so many ways. I think Angel I did it enough.

Speaker 5 16:14
Okay, I don’t know. All I have a little bit. All right. That is what I don’t have the exact date, even though

Speaker 1 16:27
I know it was close to the Is that right? Yeah.

Speaker 5 16:33
Yeah. But it’s just, it’s just the general

Unknown Speaker 16:39
city website.

Unknown Speaker 16:42
I think Stephen wants to email you in.

Unknown Speaker 16:48
Okay, well, yeah. No, click on the new iPhone.

Unknown Speaker 16:57
Steve, the city made me

Unknown Speaker 17:01
the city made you get an iPhone.

Unknown Speaker 17:07
Like you were one of 16 was a

Unknown Speaker 17:12
lover. person too,

Speaker 1 17:17
because it’s easy, but do you keep copies? Did it come through yet? I got both of you and the two. So you should each have been sent the same email with each other’s addresses. Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 3 17:37
So, yeah, we can just keep going. So the Artwalk was immensely successful.

Unknown Speaker 17:45
Artists are

Unknown Speaker 17:47
over puberty. And

Unknown Speaker 17:51
when is the next public thing going on?

Speaker 1 17:54
So David, the dead is, of course, the 21st year that the city is hosting the Day of the Dead Festival, which is of course organized by the museum. We will not have a designated Art in Public Places booth that said they are looking for dedicated volunteers. I’ll be there all day long Laurel revelry there her happening because it’s an all hands on deck situation. So you’ll be receiving information about volunteering. If you’d like. Regarding festivals downtown, we probably won’t see anything until what comes about in the springtime, which is creative crawl in the second Saturday. Bits Ltda the creative district have asked us to consider helping them like watch their season, potentially with if we have art on the move installed. If we get to tumors or something like that. So Season One Oh, David, Saturday, October 14 14th.

Unknown Speaker 19:15
Of course Glomar has a booth

Speaker 1 19:21
and it’s down and so they do the same similar thing like our walk the me main street is closed and Fourth Avenue was closed. And it’s basically like, oh, yeah, an Kimbark. I think it even goes as far as the library, because that’s where they did sugar schools last year. I will have lots of information come October 7 Second. That’s the education team is who puts this all together and organizes a little bit and so I can forward you all the information and then highlight our

Speaker 3 19:58
bureau in a way Buy

Speaker 1 20:04
in. Yeah. Oh, oh Tony. Yeah. And then the last thing is I have not spoken to Sam Calhoun, who is the organizer of Longmont, Mike’s Roosevelt wherein we were the judges for flows last year and we had lots of suggestions. So we’ll reach out to her but that was the super refresher. But no I mean, it to be fair for these festivals are being asked for club in comparison to just putting up a booth that was an attempt like we’re doing it’s next level so it was beautiful. It’s just a barometer on the fly templates are a mouthful and so are so Artwalk September day of the dead October but no arm public places of business and then certainly presence at the holiday bit, but not our places. Booth.

Unknown Speaker 21:13
Okay. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 21:15
Great. Let’s not well

Speaker 1 21:19
do you want to just do you want to present just with our paper rather

Speaker 6 21:23
than Jeff a little bit so Kendra emailed you the admins that stuff at home would be Fox Meadows. Do you know how to get the screen up there

Unknown Speaker 21:36
all right, I’m watching for you.

Speaker 1 21:40
Through then we have to click over look at you

Unknown Speaker 21:55
I am surprised I don’t dig PCSing on how to

Unknown Speaker 22:16

Speaker 6 22:25
you can again my name is Steven Dwyer, Senior Product Manager with natural resources and I build new parks and trails throughout the city worked with ABB a lot over the years to incorporate incorporate art into our public bases as much as we can. We have a new park that we are just starting design on located the third south east and sorry Southwestern ninth kind of lined roads in Foxborough neighborhood. It’s a nine acre parcel. And we have started the public process without without the community so far we’ve developed some concepts based on what the public input is. And those are the three concepts that I have given you is that you have this slide showing the three concepts. Tonight we don’t even necessarily talk about the concepts so I’m happy to entertain questions. What I’m hoping to convince the board to do is to allow Angela to put out a call for an artist to get an artist for next couple months so we can integrate art into the design of the park rather than just providing a whole bunch of concrete slabs are there some of the success successful in doing this well already wasn’t so successful to decommission but seemed a part we did that since the ranch we did that. David is more impatient nature is that with the children Josh man so anyway, it has to happen quickly. Because if you guys wait until Christmas then the chip has sailed and you got it there’s one happening in Mexico a couple of weeks in order to meet ours so that’s really I’m going to scroll down gentlemen if you ever get those concepts

Unknown Speaker 24:26
Yes, I got them last night.

Unknown Speaker 24:29
So I’m going to scroll down real quickly to

Speaker 6 24:45
well, I’m going to tell you quickly get an answer to this but honey, the there’s a school site adjacent to it just on the eastern side of the park site. Future schools I should say. Because I’ve invited them in and when they’re gonna go school there didn’t want to land. And there isn’t this pond or this park is located in a detention facility to the eastern portion of the park is constrained by occasional water standing there. Okay, so you’ll see the three concepts, we have pushed motion, most of the time, recreation to the western side of the park.

Speaker 6 25:34
I’m sorry that there we go, Yes, we did put public art. As one concept, we asked people who attended the meetings for their ideas about what they’d like to see in the park, you can see public art was meant overwhelmingly on the right side of the screen with all green dots and red dots. So the public sees interested and Angela was there to make a blog see of people wanting to get into a selection panel. So I’m not sure anybody, I’m not

Speaker 1 26:03
20 people. So which means we have 20 people excited about being on the selection panel, which means the next step is going to find out when those people are available on the dates that once we plug in the RFQ, we get the artist dates of when they would be proposing and presenting making sure whomever will be on the selection panel will be in town and available. And then we’re just going to have to do a lot of because all of them will champion recipes. But of course, there are meetings. So get input and all of that.

Speaker 2 26:35
And so art is basically on the eastern side of the country,

Speaker 6 26:40
that is something our consultants are showing mark is wherever it ends up okay? This is this is just meant to show the public that we are serious series I’m trying to park in this park you know, if we didn’t our subordinates over here design that’s the creative juices start flowing, we do a timeline to it we’re our third public meeting is October 11. At George Middle School, the solid said website. And that’s where we’ll be taking these three concepts. Here’s one concept which is sort of a space adventure theme. The joke is, is that this mark was assigned for 20 years called The Future art. Tasty works. This, this one cannot receive three or four or five. So it’s been 20 years. So this is one concept, if you can see the things that we’re automatically gonna include that part this is the restroom, a playground, an open lawns, shelters, those type things. So this is, you know, our budget is what our budget is. And so this is something that is a representation of something we show can show her out to the public, that means our budget

Speaker 1 28:04
does this line, yay. Just to be clear, of course, the our public places budget for projects is on top of the purse, because we accrued the 1% of their construction line item. So we’ve made sure that the public understood that they wouldn’t be losing any of the amenities of the park by adding public art.

Unknown Speaker 28:27
Camp All right, well, we do not have any other animals. So this might be positioned well in that sense. The because where’s

Speaker 3 28:46
What did the whole blue numbers mean? Plus zero, negative one, negative four.

Speaker 6 28:51
Those are elevations below the elevation the street, okay. So that’s one concepts. Another concept, again, is the thickness on this very, and really embraces the painter painted area on the western side, toward the eastern side of the park. This shows and sand volleyball has some fitness stations apart board. You know, the folks coming to the public meetings are primarily as to the allergy visits by the bus. And they’re trying to commit to the finals as part of a rally. And so right I find this find that works for everybody. So

Speaker 3 29:36
future school, right? They’re not going to be for 65

Unknown Speaker 29:43
They don’t allow Steve to take Bell’s

Speaker 6 29:48
penggilingan test that they’ve been asking me and I’m trying to deflect saying we’re trying to engage all ages.

Speaker 2 29:55
That actually so much of all great people like me up

Speaker 1 30:00
But it hasn’t been laid up in a very engaging and it is true. In one in one moment, there are no kids in the park. And in the second moment, we need to sledding hill because when the kids come to this park at the present moment, they’re sledding and they’re already sledding. And so you just have to, you know, understand our residents that are.

Speaker 6 30:21
So this, you can see. So our recreation director actually was asking about lack of turf, you know, as part of our personal lives budget. Second of all those water conservation. So it really comes down to those types of things or operational budget. We don’t want to put rats in with companies. And so you’re gonna see our way ahead with marks are evolving. And this has been going on since the mid 2000s, reading Mark and C. Mayer book like this, or they have data on the outskirts of the park, and the poor area of irrigated turf in the middle. We don’t design parks like Thompson Park Roosevelt Park anymore, because that is a classical way to design park, but not in a way that meets the needs of the former agent at this time. So that’s why you’re seeing a lot of a barrier on this in addition to the, to the detention challenges on the eastern side of the park.

Unknown Speaker 31:12
I like the small amphitheater,

Speaker 1 31:16
which would be an excellent opportunity for an integrated art project, if that is the direction that it goes.

Speaker 3 31:23
But oh, my god, the seats are? Well,

Speaker 1 31:26
as we talked sorry, as we talk about getting an RFQ out, we would put an RFQ out for integrating something into this park. And then depending upon which one of these directions, there’ll be little bits and pieces of everything, that that’s what Steve was saying about bringing in artists in that they start working with the design team. And then the proposals are born out of those conversations, rather than them starting with something in their mind. So it’s a little bit of a different concept. Can we bring a concept? Yeah, sorry. What

Speaker 7 32:04
were you how are you that just? Or is that

Speaker 6 32:12
just an idea? It’s just a representative graphics, and you’re putting parts and all of that every concept. We know we want to rely on the artists to paralytic our progress.

Unknown Speaker 32:25
Around All right, here

Speaker 6 32:28
we are, you know, one thing I worked on for a long time. One thing that was fun to be had done in the past was working. It says go ranch adventure playgrounds, this would have been the mid 2006 or so. There’s waves and areas. And we had one of the festival domains and one of our clients had areas where kids could make tiles. And then we worked with the loved ones but a local artist,

Unknown Speaker 32:59
Susan Daly,

Speaker 6 33:00
Megan, close 20. But then she fired them all get a contract, and it’s all those in the names, the number of words allowed. But that was sort of a fun little thing that had some planning we were able to think about what our bodies would be good at the first Arbok next year that supplier contract was not to be ready to put something like that until late 2014. We started construction roughly May of 24. Yes,

Speaker 2 33:27
we were they have little chips stuck in there. That’s really cool.

Speaker 6 33:32
So that’s just an idea and understanding that this lesson didn’t wait to the very hard part. Stupid parks great example of not being in a single place. The artist good thing as Steven says. But he has art there’s five or six pieces along the northern side of the park and he has the etching into the gallery in the interest of the art so a lot of successful opportunities and I’m hoping the warble on

Unknown Speaker 34:01
a piece looks at Steven de Park which I can never remember whereas the footprints are landscapes and explore and seek an encounter the artists name murals that are at work.

Unknown Speaker 34:17
This is just another concept Yeah, from

Speaker 3 34:29
concept to culture, they understand the concept. But this perfect overlook, is that just like a peer over them, it’s way over the water.

Speaker 6 34:46
It’s a native area and we have forms into this and overlook wildlife or butterflies fees, things like that. Yes. And yeah, that’s it’s meant to be an element Last call, it’s about three feet elevation

Speaker 4 35:05
into it. It’s like, like a cylinder.

Speaker 6 35:10
Yeah. And we haven’t. We don’t imagine people going from the only over the eastern grass terminal, like rail and things like that.

Speaker 1 35:19
While so and that is a good point, right, like being just because there is a retention area down down there, there are certain things on an infrastructure perspective that you can put in place like that. Yeah. But in our piece, that the retention could come up over the footer, and of course, all the structural have to be signed off on is not is not out of this conversation. So when you bring three artists back of which you would like them to bring a concept, an idea of how they will treat whatever the end of our concept, it could be in any of these spaces. And so while of course, the designers right now are saying are here, it’s just to make sure that art is represented as included in

Speaker 3 36:07
practically everybody listen to this from last year that we allocated 45,000 for this thing, conceivably, they could do like two, two little ones, or be one

Unknown Speaker 36:22
in three different places or some small seek and find,

Unknown Speaker 36:25
yeah, okay, cool.

Speaker 6 36:28
All right, I’m gonna throw my hat in the rain here and say, because anyway, at this point, we have only been able to integrate art into some parts, and the opportunities are greater for our respective parts. So if you’re looking at budgets for other part projects, this might be one of the most memorable or minded people. Out there, also, meadows

Speaker 1 36:56
close. So of the five of the eight projects, and if you don’t know what that is, we can go into a little bit further, but in brief, the parks department in the next few years to ensure that will be the five year aspect that even if it’s even five very broad with somebody, there it is a project in five years, those are coming pretty fast. Three of which is what we’re talking about this park and clover meadows, which you’re going to be hearing about in two months. And I say astroturf, which totally dates me, but whatever it is artificial synthetic turf, which there will not be an opportunity to for public garden, that zone. That said, I think that the contribution roughly which I was given look just after the last community meeting was $150. Divide that by two that 75,000. You could if you would like to put more kitty and a little bolster this up, you could contribute more money that is coming directly from that said, you are also already completely in for 75 to 100 on crack Reg, which then you will probably end up doing a year of that project on Boston bridge. And also it’s important to note in this footage from last meeting as well, you have $171,000 from this year’s budget, which we are carrying over and projects into 2024. And as far as I understand the budget is looking good. And so you do have that significant funds fund for next year as well. So if you are amenable and increasing the budget on these projects that it can be due for one for Boxman knows you need to be prepared to do for the other, but that will need to be accomplished.

Unknown Speaker 38:51
So that you can afford

Speaker 1 38:55
it. Now we can move on. But it just it won’t be to 2023 project to hear Senate.

Unknown Speaker 39:06
Committee slash

Speaker 3 39:13
looking for Listen, this fox knows you said the plans start

Unknown Speaker 39:23
stretching construction

Speaker 6 39:24
will start construction in May. But we’re already working on plans now for work. So I started this, we have our third ball game we’re going to take if we have these three concepts representing the public. There’s opportunities for feedback in the website. We’ll take that comment that input, come up with a concept that meets our budget and reflects the impact input from the city is a popularity contest with top three it reflects what we heard. And what was at that to the public for comment the third meeting, October 10. And then after that, we’ll take To the Parks Recreation Advisory Board meeting in November, and then City Council thereafter for their acceptance at the same time to run in parallel that will be the name of this park FOSS. Now, it was just a placeholder right now because that’s the neighborhood. But there’s a navy criteria and more information on the website about that, that will also give the council the same criteria.

Speaker 1 40:26
And then also, then, in an ideal world tonight, you would make a vote and a motion to Italy, I think you need to make a motion, but it would be nice to have the direction to launch the RFQ with the dollar amount as you decide that it will be an integrated piece. So whomever we’re looking to hire for this will be working directly with the design team, with the parks department. And ultimately, at the end of the day, they’re going to bring a concept to the selection panel. And then they’re going to have to fine tune it with that dollar amount. But all of those things will be parallel. So when our prab, which is the Parks and Recreation board sees that final concept, then they too will have the narrative and the language that’s going along with the public art project. And then that will be a portion of the bigger package. So that goes to castles.

Speaker 3 41:15
So to integrate our schedule with parks in the city, we need to get this going right away. Yes. So because it takes at least a month for this for the call for artists to mature.

Unknown Speaker 41:32
Our contract by the end of the year,

Speaker 1 41:35
our elected work will be working on the contract business at the end of the year.

Unknown Speaker 41:42
Right three,

Speaker 6 41:44
so three major play growth. Like I said, this is the one that received the most support from the public wasn’t far off, we’re going to continue to study both were accentuated on the south side that people currently sled on the west facing. So we might make some improvements to the grading things to make the south and north facing Sunninghill a little bit better, because we’ll hold it snowboarder, and then the snake natural play area, half court basketball court, and then just lon and students mats. It seems like a mix of active recreation of the western side of the path of recreation. The balance we’re trying to find in this kingdom department. It’s a lot of launch effort. This is a nature play area. And so it is companies now with a lot of news now is going to be towards natural play, where whether it’s actual logs or get tickets for nature and build a major player who doesn’t pose to the to the right. But that’s the type of natural lighting features that we’re talking about. When people like this, they like components. With this one, this one overall, we’re thinking about the highest level of support and what we’ll be getting on. This Yeah, this is

Speaker 4 43:16
the thing that scene is called empathy.

Unknown Speaker 43:22
That’s exactly what I was studying

Unknown Speaker 43:28
over like, like half a gallon or two that they got

Speaker 4 43:37
time before I think some some theater group decides that they’re going to have the right components to set this whether it be like just a frame where you can set up that and then have little plays there throughout the year or the kind of cyclical sort of ways that

Speaker 2 44:02
Yeah. And also the other thing about Rogers group, and here, and there’s really not wait, it takes you a second to realize that that’s what they did.

Speaker 3 44:16
Kind of definitely, it’s really an exploration of what happens under the ground. It’s not really a name.

Speaker 2 44:22
It’s kind of Yeah, it’s not like I when I was over here, you know, check on the maintenance and stuff. I was gone. Oh, oh, I see. Yeah, I get it. No, but it’s not like an amphitheater that you just immediately go, oh, music playing stuff like that.

Speaker 4 44:47
You know, the studio or if you could get out. You know, it was a guy playing guitar and another somebody do the improv and somebody else can have people come around and do that throughout the city. And we’ll definitely be experiencing different performance art in different locations. Yeah.

Speaker 3 45:14
Sandstone Ridge has that great mini computer that has the spotlight in the US Capitol where you can hear. Yeah, the other two American where you can see it’s very nice. I like to hurt much

Speaker 8 45:29
with like ideas such as that would something along those lines has that been approved with just like a snap, it looks like pretty close to where neighbors and stuff would be. So that’s my first five just because I deal with that at my job and setting neighbors close by with music. Even the kids really nice. I

Unknown Speaker 45:49
think people like to complain. Yeah.

Speaker 3 45:52
I think this is sort of, oh, I’m doing a lecture on the beautiful native seed over here in this park. I don’t think it’s the kind of different bigger red rocks or you wouldn’t have to do that. Yeah, it’s like small.

Unknown Speaker 46:08
People would have a wedding where people would have small weddings, not where you would have lay

Unknown Speaker 46:18
out that is approved. That’s

Speaker 6 46:22
part of figuring out how we buffer from our neighbors is important. Socially. That’s what’s most important. If recreation does

Speaker 4 46:34
there’s got to be that loud noise of kids running around playing Oh,

Unknown Speaker 46:38
yeah, I’m just gonna say

Unknown Speaker 46:43
this when we could paint about the

Unknown Speaker 46:47
paint the theaters or

Speaker 3 46:50
whether they exist or just thinking about how often are schools using them in the

Unknown Speaker 46:55
first place?

Unknown Speaker 46:57
Good question.

Speaker 6 47:01
The only continual school performance that I know what it’s like in elementary fifth graders come and Thompson park every year do Shakespeare to Burlington, at Thompson. Yeah. So maybe other schools do that might be some other

Unknown Speaker 47:17
race we’re talking about.

Speaker 4 47:20
That’s what I was thinking something of that nature work was a temporary thing. And they could do this in just spread it out where people go, Oh, my gosh.

Speaker 1 47:32
It seems like there’s been a concentrated effort in certain ways, specifically in landing Park I think was the direction that we received from from Council and from a suite leadership of trying to activate those parts. So library has been doing a lot understand that personal Parks and Rec, parks and recreation, and has been doing quite a bit. And of course, you know, the museum on those outreaching moments. I think that they are to it is an interesting conversation is an interesting relationship with the city has with the school district. So yeah, those programming opportunities are suddenly there. But if it’s next to a potential school site, obviously, it’s it’s running more

Speaker 6 48:15
about my elementary was really being built at the same time. So we’ve worked with Renee Gallagher, but I can’t remember the principal, we work with her with the design department. And we do engage with students as much as we possibly can. Within reason, you know, I’ve done some public processes where sometimes the projects take a lot longer than the kids and then so the kids that are third graders are now like 10th graders, they don’t really care anymore, because their thoughts are much much more which are much different. Yeah. So you lose a little bit of that tactile touch now the exciting thing about this is that the city has partnered with both a design team and a contractor. And so we are under a design build contract. So we are going to be designing and starting construction before the plant will make it more efficient, economically and more efficient. timewise to get these projects, these three projects presented involved, we should have done all three done by first quarter.

Speaker 3 49:13
All right, so the local people are going to look at these at the next community.

Speaker 6 49:18
They are able to these they were presented last Wednesday as was. And so we’ve given our given the public about a month so we’re coming back with a concept. Okay. Okay with that concept, we will just show our store. We’re not tied to that label on that that map is a it’s a master clinical document. So the job just like if it’s chosen sledding hill facility, notice that moving the basketball don’t get tied into the layout just be tied into the documents. We only have a survey. So

Speaker 3 49:52
comments to come and just I know we’re not talking about Clover metals, but is this about the same size as this one? Just say nine.

Unknown Speaker 50:04
I was gonna say it was a 6.48 or so small Supersize Me didn’t mention

Speaker 1 50:14
Gallo, we, we’re steam. We have not talked about our layout, but it’s still we have an important part in addition to our bathroom. What is the timing of that

Speaker 6 50:33
girl trying to get out of its way during preparation counselor goes Council on the 24th saw delighted, productive days. That’s committed takes a month or two women contractor so what we started out with

Unknown Speaker 50:55
Thank you very much. Thank you. Well, thank you, sir. Thank you so much. I really wasn’t very good at what I did. On dashboard. Yes, that means. All right. Yes. It looks like he’s out of town.

Unknown Speaker 51:29
Ever. Take care. Thank you. Okey doke.

Speaker 3 51:36
So, so I take from this presentation that we might need to revisit our monetary allocations, we and we need to do

Speaker 1 51:51
to put out an RFQ, I have to present what the budget amount is.

Speaker 3 51:57
Okay. So we also have to, gosh, I’m just wondering here. So we need to put out an RFQ. That’s for artists concepts for the target to be better, I got some concepts here. But the final decisions are going to be

Speaker 1 52:21
let me break it down. Let’s do our cue me means request for qualifications. hiring somebody for a job just like you would anything else except that the job has a start date and hasn’t finished it. Right. So the RFQ is a request for qualifications. And we’re going to say, the bullet points what this is, we’re developing a part, we’re looking for an artwork that will be integrated. And we’re looking for you as an artist to show us what you have done in the public art world. And in especially, have you worked with art designers before. So I’d be a big

Unknown Speaker 53:03
part of this right are part of the centers.

Speaker 1 53:06
And the selection panel, that would all end me and you when you give us your concept and design and all of this is done fabrication installation, all of the bits and pieces, you will get paid X not to exceed, including your 10% contingency, which we require on everything. And so then all of these artists are going to come in, they are going to say, here are the things that I do. You’re gonna get mosaic artists, you’re gonna get sculptors, you’re gonna get painters, and we’re gonna be like, No, we’re not looking for painters. Thank you very much, you know. And the selection panel was going to look at the aesthetic, and projects of all of these different artists. And we’re going to narrow it down to a shortlist. And then we’re going to take that shortlist. And the selection panel is going to vote on it. You’re all going to be there in the Open Meeting and you’re going to raise your hands and you’re going to say we have questions, concerns about these different artists. We’re going to get a downstroke question. And then once we get it down to the shortlist, we’re going to pay those artists a wage to create a concept proposal with for the concept proposal of the park, right. And there’s going to be given tape because they’re going to have an opportunity there to shortlist to talk with Steve to ask a bunch of questions. What about my materials? What about my potential locations? Can I have power? What does the community think about sound art? I want to you know, in all all of those, all of those kinds of things, and they’re going to create their concept in the amount of time we give them and then they’re going to come back and all of those artists are going to give you a presentation. Everyone in the Open Meeting is going to have an opportunity to ask questions within a certain amount of time each artist is going to give be given the exact same parameters say And we’re not have time for one more question and answer, same amount of time for presentation, they’re going to put those out. And then the artists are going to go away, and we’re going to selection panels gonna vote, we’re gonna get it narrowed down to chosen and an alternative, then all of that goes through internal review. Does risk management have any questions? Is anybody on the big bad that has too many questions? And then they are going to go under contract and start working with Steve.

Speaker 7 55:30
Yes. partially answered, sure. Heavy some background knowledge on, you know, selecting something and then going into establishment and then strike that is very different since this kind of sensitive much more than others that may have been with Wicksteed. act as a

Unknown Speaker 55:55

Speaker 7 55:57
to last risk management, so that we don’t get so far video, yes. And then we have to.

Speaker 1 56:06
Yes, sitting on the selection panel, not as a voting member. But as he will be in all of those meetings, and any concern that he has. This person there didn’t say, say our budget is 45. And the person says, you know, seek and find, I am proposing a seek and find situation, they’re going to be bronze, they’re gonna be two by two, you’re gonna get about five to seven of them. And, you know, XYZ, like something like,

Unknown Speaker 56:42
right, or she does.

Speaker 1 56:44
But maybe instead of bronze, I say I’m gonna make it out of painted fiberglass, right, like, between Steve and I were gonna raise our hands and say, you know, while these floor was a fantastic project that happened in there not conducive to being outdoors. It was management was gonna say, you know, nope, material does not allow that to be claimable. So you know, XYZ, this is not, but Well, if this is the direction you want to go, because it’s a concept. If that’s the, if this is the artists you want to go, and we’re going to create something that is within the scope, maybe it’s not five to seven, it’s actually three. And they are made of something like bras. This is obviously this is just an example, right? It’s financially never be, but it’s like a river rodeo that’s outside where it’s a little little frog that the kids can jump or whatever. But it is going to be very much conceptual. And yes, by the time we get to the point where we have the finalists, giving their conceptual thoughts, as long as they can accomplish in suffice all of the requirements of the city contract, it will be a go

Unknown Speaker 58:00
to trial. Make it is that RAM hours?

Speaker 1 58:06
Yeah. And while Steve says he would like to have an artist under contract by the end of the year, I would say this if he were still sitting there. I am a realist. And that is not real. If we have a finalist or we are working to having that final person in place, by his construction time, which we are on that path by starting now will be fine. But an artist under contract that you have no way.

Speaker 3 58:32
Okay, so let me restate for my old guard shorts, of course, couldn’t put out an RFQ request for qualification credits, when somebody who has hopefully in the past worked with designers, or, you know, understands the internal workings of working with the city. Yeah,

Speaker 1 58:51
this is not a this is not your first public art project.

Speaker 3 58:55
Integrated artwork into park that we are currently developing the crap get it on the ground floor. And no, no limits. They could do. Jose, they could do five different pieces. If they wanted to. They could do sound and they could do whatever we don’t know, we have no idea just open. Then when we get the 150 artists that have time, we will tear down the 50 that absolutely no practice, can’t do painting and do people that are 10 or whatever. Then we do that they send slides. Yes. They’re kind of work. And then we look at those. We select the people that we like or we deselect the people that were the star for us. Yeah. Then we have and then we choose our three to five files. Yes. And then they do a presentation practice. So the first RFQ will be given them a run.

Speaker 1 59:58
Yeah, I’ll probably one It took a little bit longer than that. But yeah, a month in a couple weeks. So we’re looking at the first of seven. This is the RFQ is writtens. I’m sorry, we’re getting rid

Speaker 3 1:00:15
of these. September September, I was so confused. Okay, so the first of November. Okay. So the question is, folks, do we think seeing the same scope of these parks and, and thinking of the many different ways are going to be integrated? Not just, you know, well, the opening, but lots of little things will say it’s this or that or something else? Do we think for you that as colors as mine?

Speaker 2 1:00:48
I think we should embrace it, especially since we have some plans and the end of 2024.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:57
And this will be encumbered money for

Speaker 1 1:00:59
24? Yes, Fox Meadows will be carried over from 2020 threes budget? If, yes, whatever you decide on for this will not impact the budget that has to be approved. So that makes sense.

Speaker 3 1:01:14
I thought, and I could completely misunderstand. I don’t care what we did last month. But I thought we only had so much money left that we had to cover for 23. And that’s why we decided 4545.

Speaker 1 1:01:29
So we said 4545. Because the initial numbers that they gave me, that was what the 10 reps are what the 1% equal, but act in fact, it’s not just the two parts. It’s Fox Meadows over Meadows. But then there’s also that turf. I call it extra synthetic, synthetic, that there’s no public or opportunity. There’s still construction line item that is contributing to public markets. Does that make sense? That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
2423 months.

Speaker 1 1:02:09
It’s just the law that every project that with the city, like the budget, the budget, okay? Because the budget is your checking account, the fund is your savings account. The fund is the 1% from the arts that all of the different infrastructure projects have to put their 1% in. And then every single year, we asked city council and city manager’s office to take out of our savings account and put into our checking account to be used within a year, this year, and every year has a checking account in 2023, we still have monies that we have not spent by spending that means we have to be under contract to uncover those dollars. But we’re asking if we can carry those dollars over into to continue to be used. And the Budget Office said

Speaker 3 1:03:07
yes. Okay. So I don’t want to my opinion, my personal opinion is I don’t think 45,000 is enough for this sort of thing. But I don’t want to go crazy. Those bridges, the bridges are 75 if that makes sense. But I’m thinking maybe 60 What do you guys think? Pull me out?

Speaker 8 1:03:31
Oh, we were calling seven, in fact, but even between 70 and 75.

Speaker 1 1:03:38
I would like to know that you are also setting precedent. So as another is this is a neighborhood park which is the smallest of the park system. A Community Park is a much larger project. So if you think about scale,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
a community project would be

Speaker 1 1:03:54
like are like this is the sisters Park which is Roosevelt sighs Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
So the five years

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
are installation.

Speaker 1 1:04:02
Yes. 45 Plus structure. Yeah. So it was more about a 60,000 project. Yeah. For the day, yep. So

Unknown Speaker 1:04:15
we got into that. I would say

Speaker 3 1:04:23
the bridge project is huge. The Bridge Project is huge. We want something really, really nice. They’re two sides. We allocated 75 to 100. That is still seems reasonable to me. I think that now I’m thinking like 5560 for this. That’s a lot of money. You can get a lot we’re not looking for just a gazebo. We’re looking for something integrated in the park. We split the difference

Speaker 7 1:04:58
if we say between the two See bags and speak to? What do you guys think? I don’t know.

Speaker 2 1:05:06
I definitely I can see what you’re saying. Especially when, especially if you’re looking at bridge project and other things. So, I mean, I would be comfortable with 60 or 65. So what do you think? Is 15,000? More

Unknown Speaker 1:05:26
than? That’s a huge

Speaker 8 1:05:29
is a big amount. Additional? I’d say I’d be comfortable with the dependency. I think it’s safe. But it is

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35
a big part. 298 It’s a big it’s a you know, it’s not, it’s not as big as Roosevelt. It’s no, no, no, no. It’s just a little community.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:47
It’s not as big as

Speaker 4 1:05:55
kind of this small part. Yeah. So that I’m thinking of that as, like the base base where we do a consultancy.

Speaker 1 1:06:06
I think that I think you’re on the right track in the 60s. Okay. Okay. Sure. But that’s just my opinion, do you know

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
what, you know,

Speaker 5 1:06:16
I just think we’re going to talk about 6065 is part that the rooms is going to be well over 100. Women never had to do it right now. But

Speaker 3 1:06:26
the thing about the break. The thing about the bridge, besides being very big, and two sides is that in a couple years, we’re going up to Boston, which is the same size, and we’re gonna have to spend another 75 to 100. If you know, so that’s easily that’s huge. I’m, again, I’m thinking 55, I’m pretty, I’m really pretty comfortable with 55. Susan, because we’re gonna have to duplicate this

Speaker 7 1:06:58
money. And I understand it sounds good. I’d love to maybe go CC just because we’re seeing more and more insulation.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:15
With the custom materials we did, when we did

Speaker 3 1:07:20
the year, and then we just didn’t do the nations we we voted out that are right after the flood, it took us eight years to get it installed. And we had to re step by several times to cover his future. So if we save, if we save 55 Right now, that doesn’t mean we can sit at 5000

Speaker 1 1:07:43
feet per minute administrative point of view, please, let’s not try to and also to be to be very honest, our normal places on the balance is is significant. The flood, I mean, all of those projects are starting to wane and to come in the are noble places, fund balance is flushed and fine. I think the precedent aspect of this project is something that needs to be considered of, you know, if you’re spending $60,000, which I do think that that 45 is too low. It’s how much we spent on planners, we recognize. And the artist was very honest about what we got for the materials that she spent, she probably didn’t make on that. And also to Susan’s point, we spent a lot on infrastructure, or we’re getting infrastructure here. We don’t have to pay anything in infrastructure. And we’re going to be doing so much better in a number of the resources related to when they can bring their you know, installation materials in or concrete. They’re pouring concrete on one day, we all were concrete on the same day. So the footers and all those things are done at the same time. So it behooves us to spend a little bit more on the up front rather than having the IP or coming back and bringing more cat. Alright, yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:09:05
can worry about sprinklers.

Speaker 1 1:09:09
Even though now I am a master of sprinkler design.

Speaker 3 1:09:14
It’s like going back and saying Oh dad, I just need a couple 1004 Yeah, let’s, let’s not do that. Alright, so So what’s your number?

Speaker 2 1:09:24

Speaker 4 1:09:27
Okay. Oh, yeah, you know, you guys. I think you’d have a better grasp of what some of these artists lations surpassing in the labor that the cost of materials and all that is coming up. So yeah, yeah.

Speaker 3 1:09:47
Okay, so I need a motion.

Speaker 2 1:09:52
I’ll make a motion that we allocate $60,000 and release an RFP. to you as soon as possible for the redevelopment of parks Creek Park, is that what they’re calling it spring? Park. And hopefully we’ll have an artist like that out first

Speaker 3 1:10:22
two slides. I have a question. Do we want to say allocate 60,000? Or do we want to say increase our allocation to 60? Increase? Thank you. Okay, please. Okay, I need a second. Thank you, Susan. All in favor? Unanimous before? Jennifer you in? Yes. Okay.

Speaker 1 1:10:55
Then next thing I would like, and I’m sorry, I did not put this in your notes is I need to know on that RFQ. If we’re keeping it regional or foregoing national, I will tell you, we will have a better rule by going nationally national.

Speaker 3 1:11:10
Yep. What is our commitment to the artist? Is that somebody from Pennsylvania? Do we have to pay for travel? We would? And would that be above and beyond the 60,000 60,000?

Speaker 1 1:11:21
Is the project budget and the project budget alone? The stipends come out other ways? There’s another line item for that?

Speaker 3 1:11:27
Yes. Okay. So national I, I like National. National, can we add to the motion make a new motion? I move that the RFQ be released nationally for national artists.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:50
All in favor?

Speaker 1 1:11:55
Thank you. I’ll get that out. Right away. Steve will review the RFQ. Yes, we need a task force.

Speaker 3 1:12:08
Now, is that everything on this? We’re at number seven, the parks presentation? Is that everything we need to consider for this?

Speaker 1 1:12:16
I think that our only challenge is the task force. But because we have so many people missing.

Speaker 3 1:12:22
Let’s push it. Okay, that’s easy. Because we want the arc to be till November 1 or there abouts. So we need to really test by those first or second. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:12:39
And we’ll just draft an email to take this temperature. participate in this. Okay. Thank you. All right. So thank you, everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:48
And now we’re at work. Shaka laverick.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:00
sinamics Keeper telling you that your whole life because I like to joke parties, like don’t care.

Speaker 1 1:13:19
Oh, yeah, they call you Susie. Do those who’s not really Pamela. Pamela not Pam. Yes. I

Speaker 2 1:13:27
had a discussion with the election lady about that. She said, What do you like to be called? I said Pamela, but people just keep on. And they right, here we go.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:43
What do we need to know about chakra?

Speaker 9 1:13:44
So artists has started their work, right? They are supposed to be in done. At the end of November. I’m going to be working is gonna be my project next year. So I’m gonna start working on four materials to help artists do a better job doing the boxes. And then the other thing that I’ve been doing is I’ve been updating the GIS mapping for all the boxes. We didn’t lose a box recently to a car crash.

Speaker 1 1:14:15
And LPC was very adamant that we are not paying his brand new green box. We’re not doing it anytime soon.

Speaker 3 1:14:24
I was not I was very okay with taking them out. It was not a good shape. It was. I mean, it was right by the sprinklers of the facility and bottom it off and peeled off and it was praktischen

Speaker 1 1:14:45
So what it’s an opportunity for traffic, there’s a chapter on traffic

Unknown Speaker 1:14:48
price or their next project. Yep. All right.

Speaker 3 1:14:53
So Laura, Laura, are you Lara, I would like to go through the locational shot our classes because I went through the whole choice, there’s a whole LPC map and look at it all of them, and some of them are Miss located on their map. Which is why I’m convinced we didn’t get notified when the monarch butterfly wings were removed, because they had located in different locations.

Speaker 1 1:15:23
Okay, well, just so the whole world knows that we actually within the city have an entire internal structure of GIS, and they’re slowly but surely building it, that’s becoming this massive asset. And it’s super easy to add layers onto that. So as soon as we have all of our data points, then we put in a ticket, say we would like to layer on GIS, and it’s in a formal database that can be applied on our city website. And as a filter as an entity on the website, it’s fine. So

Speaker 3 1:15:55
I assume the information we need for that is the I think the map has pad numbers. So characters and the location, and what’s there,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:07
and if we just grab the lat long, between GIS and LPC, they’ll be able to

Speaker 3 1:16:14
I do not remember if I said, are a whole sheet. That was the label project that wasn’t the I don’t think I got that one. Is

Speaker 9 1:16:25
there somebody? I mean, I’ve been going around and like, date pictures and all of that needed pictures or like, paint? Where is this actually? So I’m just gonna visit site visits recently, too. So

Unknown Speaker 1:16:37
I have pictures of all of them up to

Unknown Speaker 1:16:41
the year 21.

Speaker 9 1:16:43
Okay, yeah, I think I mean, I didn’t get 20 to do and then obviously, it’s happening right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:47
So we’ll talk.

Speaker 1 1:16:49
And then next steps, though, we should talk about what next steps are, at least from a resource point of view.

Speaker 9 1:16:57
The pamphlet? Yeah. So the whole point of us updating all of these things, is we want to release a new trifold of the shocker boxes, but we were also talking about maybe it also just does a brand new map of all public art and not right now we have like public art and like, but it seems to be too big. Like, yesterday, I went to a couple different places just to figure out where things were. And I bought that giant Napa fan, only a total, like insane person, just like this giant thing in front of me. So we want to get something going.

Speaker 3 1:17:40
But that’s like next year, but like people don’t want us on the revenue. Well, the Bike People have

Speaker 1 1:17:45
a lot of bicycle information that’s specific to bike and they don’t have room for us anymore. And they were very kind about it. But basically said, while I was once upon a time to things, we just can’t have you anymore. And that’s fair. So they’re revamping the BiPAP. And since then, people found out though they’re revamping the bike map and couples are on it. And we’re receiving phone calls.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:09
So briefly, they are

Speaker 1 1:18:13
date they want the new public art, they’re like we’re getting the new bike map, where’s the new public are back and we’re like, yeah, we’re, we’re on it. So

Speaker 3 1:18:26
that’d be great. Okay, moving on Unity update.

Speaker 1 1:18:30
So for only water smart event is this. And you get free breakfast and three ice cream? And I would say are we in a free plant? I would say and I know I’ve said it before. This. This project is I think one of the most successful things that the city has done staff point of view in a really long time. It isn’t the most collaborative cross departmental educational neighborhood inclusive project that that I’ve seen, grant funds are happening within and it’s fantastic. So if you go by Kensington at this point in time, you will see all of the turf that they just ripped out and they’re totally updated all of the sprinklers so it’s not just going to flood everything, but instead is going to be a very strategic drip system for the new water smart garden that was designed by the horticulturist at Denver Botanic Gardens. And so the the growing water smart team received $25,000 from the city or rather the state to do this project. And so it’s our public places because of course we’re protecting unity, the piece that has been hit by the lawn mower over never ever and slow the

Unknown Speaker 1:19:53
just just

Speaker 1 1:19:55
fixed it. This is Mario Mario jabariya

Unknown Speaker 1:19:58
Is this 19

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
You know, it’s some visit once peak and or pleasington. And as long as the last the

Unknown Speaker 1:20:09
last thing in

Unknown Speaker 1:20:13
transit. Yeah, just

Speaker 5 1:20:15
quickly Marlon Lastly, last round, okay.

Speaker 1 1:20:18
Yeah, it’s in kind of the middle, I guess if you would have Kensington Park, needless to say. So it’s it’s us, the people who are doing heatmap being with GIS are going to be there. The parks department is going to be there, the conservation team from growing Water Smart, which is part of sustainability is there. And it feels like that there’s Oh, and then of course, community and neighborhood resources. Is his piece from 1998.

Speaker 4 1:20:46
Okay, and then the other piece that he has is that is eco or Thompson

Unknown Speaker 1:20:51
Tempietto. So we are gathering,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:57
I have zero volunteers right now. I wasn’t sure I was. You know, I

Speaker 2 1:21:03
have some restrictions. Yeah, tours. And so I just wasn’t sure when I should find out. Saturday night was nine to noon. For some reason, I don’t know, it’s just my

Speaker 8 1:21:13
phone. But I can’t get much out of my computer, but it’s very open visiting my phone too short on safari, but it just gives me basically a sign up with a plain white page. So bear with me. So

Speaker 1 1:21:31
I think okay, I mean, really, your presence is is so huge. We’re there from just to inform the residents or attend cool. I think we’re going to take what gives me an accounting. That’s okay. We can I feel Your presence is helpful. Yeah. Yeah, but we’ll probably be there at like, 838 30. Perfect, that would be great. Yeah, I can just do really just talk on that 10 It takes you don’t mind if it doesn’t pull

Speaker 5 1:22:06
up. It’s very intuitive. I was like, I can just

Speaker 1 1:22:13
sort of it’s early though. So that’s why you get breakfast. And then you get ice cream. And you get a plant and you go again, you get a plant plant. So that’s the whole point. So

Speaker 9 1:22:24
I don’t use one of our hands on than what we normally do by hearing him say it’s gonna be really lively. Like, again, in listening, it’s gonna be there’s heatmapping neighborhood community services,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:36
just on this stuff. So I think it’d be a really lively and again, free ice cream. I think it’s from Sweet cow.

Speaker 1 1:22:48
Well, we’re gonna start taking some moves out of Wayne TOMAX playbook, because I don’t know, he just has a way of getting the community out there in a special way. To be fair, they canvass door to door on Monday, I don’t know, Teddy yet. But they’re just, you know, they hit the pavement so long that leaders who

Unknown Speaker 1:23:09
maybe helps them

Unknown Speaker 1:23:10
I don’t know. But they’re

Speaker 1 1:23:12
really trying to because of the tents and things around this is really a resource fair. So there’s going to be some news related to food insecurity. And so I really think that we are in with a good, a good prep so far, we’ll send out the sign up again, if you want to sign up. If you don’t want to sign please just come and if your husband’s are coming to participate, I will also send you a sign up for that because I think that they would like to know, like, I’ll sign I’ll send the sign up and the RSVP link in this email address. Any questions related to run? watersmart? No. Oh, the last thing is that I think that you can expect sir, because the city is focusing on water conservation. And we’re going to be starting to remove a lot of turf, which Steve didn’t. I mean, he alluded to we’re not putting a lot of turf in we are taking a lot of turf out, of course. So I think that you can expect to have the growing water smart team start coming to you asking for to build public art projects, rather than conserving

Speaker 3 1:24:27
seas working with them for the hardest because there’s a lot of majors as far as

Unknown Speaker 1:24:32
Yeah, they’re all talk. I mean, they’re all talking it’s just

Unknown Speaker 1:24:35
this one is very specific because it’s okay, so Commissioner recruited,

Speaker 1 1:24:42
is under way that is open until October 13.

Speaker 3 1:24:47
October 13. And we’re down how many commissioners right before and we’re gonna love him. Team

Unknown Speaker 1:24:57

Speaker 1 1:24:59
no Oh, the voting of attrition has not happened. Yeah, I think we should really take a look at it, though again after this recruitment cycle

Speaker 8 1:25:11
first and getting to go at it again, I think we should really go there. Again, I actually just randomly but a friend of mine is moving to Austin and want to be a part of Austin, are our voices. And I was really shocked, of the city of Austin last 10 people on their admission, and I was like, I don’t know, I’ve never looked at what other conditions hold. So

Speaker 1 1:25:33
we did that either last meeting or the meeting before and I think the majority of commissions and boards in the city is between,

Speaker 8 1:25:41
like five and 7%. Long, long. But yeah, I just wanted

Speaker 1 1:25:47
to ask seven and two alternates, which is weird. And they don’t have term limits.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:57
We didn’t have term limits, I was

Unknown Speaker 1:26:01
kind of an interesting filings. All right. Why don’t apologize. Thank you for being here. I appreciate everything you do. Thank you.

Speaker 3 1:26:13
So we need a volunteer for nominating committees, to

Speaker 1 1:26:17
commissioners, which will mean doing all of the interviews online and then making a recommendation to city council. We’re going to we’ll probably do online interviews rather than in person interviews, just

Unknown Speaker 1:26:29

Speaker 1 1:26:31
we can do it. If you want to do in person, that’s fine. That’s fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:35
You know, I just like people better.

Speaker 1 1:26:38
Let’s try and do it in person. And if we can schedule a person that will do it.

Speaker 3 1:26:43
We currently have absolutely no idea how many people are on the signup sheet yet. And

Speaker 1 1:26:48
we won’t know because the city clerk doesn’t tell us until it closes. So I haven’t. So it could be that we’re having in person interviews with

Unknown Speaker 1:26:58
people. I don’t. What are you trying to do interviews?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:05
Well, it goes to the lady wrongfully. Sometimes when I’m on vacation. That’s what I kind of write exactly what I was asking her to

Speaker 1 1:27:21
move on to the next thing in and I will figure it out, and then I’ll show the clerk

Speaker 9 1:27:31
so we don’t have someone who’s volunteering. Oh,

Speaker 1 1:27:36
no, because we’re here we go area, full board and commission recruitment. See, she just uses all.

Speaker 5 1:27:57
Well, I lived here for the nobody I did it last time, but I like it. Together. To get together. If somebody else wants to do it, or you forget somebody asked me

Unknown Speaker 1:28:11
more than one is better.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:12
Oh, yeah. You have to she has to find out what to do. So

Speaker 8 1:28:21
just because Yeah, whenever she gets back over that are weird. So

Speaker 1 1:28:30
you’re not? You’re okay. You can be then chances are? If I was a betting woman, which I’m not. I would bet that it would be those last couple of weeks of October and they likely start doing then of course they have to everyone has to go in and then again meet with city council. Yeah, I can’t keep the door open appointments. So October I can do I can do as

Unknown Speaker 1:29:04
well. Yeah. Because that’s how we That’s all.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:07
Yeah, it’s not clear. I would I would

Speaker 3 1:29:10
guess it would be the Yeah, well, the day I contribute meetings to my team, so we’ll know more on it. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:29:16
They’ll be close, let’s say after the NP meeting. That’s okay. Yeah. So think about being on the selection pane or the nominating committee.

Speaker 2 1:29:25
That’s the last two weeks in October and finally, the third year okay.

Speaker 1 1:29:30
So we can just table this decision for folks except for as long Yeah, I

Speaker 5 1:29:37
mean, I’m assuming you’re all about we’re doing one group but you know, another we’re gonna go crazy with all these holidays and everything. So anyway, whatever we do, I can do it via zoom.

Speaker 2 1:29:53
And I can’t do the first week because we have a lunch lunch.

Speaker 3 1:29:57
tomorrow. Okay. meetings scheduled to tell the five of us. We want to do we want to cancel the December 21 meeting. It’s December 21.

Speaker 2 1:30:11
But I had a cold because we have to vote on Don’t we have to go RFQ from the artist you won’t have you won’t have to have a decision. All right. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:23
Okay. What we did last year because

Speaker 5 1:30:25
we couldn’t we have a party or something during the week before that we did last year.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:30
Yeah, let’s have a party we were

Speaker 3 1:30:33
thinking of maybe like the beginning of January to have one of those are craft parties with them and that never happened. We made I remember

Speaker 2 1:30:44
I never know now is talking about that. Gee, sorry, I misspoke.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:48
There was all that lack of holiday cheer.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:53
There was no Christmas tree

Speaker 3 1:30:55
elves, and all things have names. And yes, it was fun.

Speaker 1 1:31:01
It will be an easier to do something like that probably would be easier to do after the first of the year. Now I’ve already laid out all the facts I ever needed to decide.

Speaker 3 1:31:16
Okay, we need to make a decision like this. I move that we can lose some flavors we can because oh my god December 21

Speaker 8 1:31:22
Yeah, exactly. Alright. 21st so

Unknown Speaker 1:31:26
skinny you’re out? I

Unknown Speaker 1:31:27
know. I don’t care. I’m like

Unknown Speaker 1:31:28
I’m down with them for meeting

Speaker 2 1:31:31
I knew that we canceled the December

Unknown Speaker 1:31:34
21 Meeting seven on labor

Unknown Speaker 1:31:39

Unknown Speaker 1:31:43
Jennifer you don’t want to cancel the

Unknown Speaker 1:31:48
party and

Speaker 5 1:31:55
Yes. I’m sorry about the meeting the meeting already. I’m gonna do one of the most fun but you just need to leave before I just learned that I gave me Christmas holiday party as a whole. Okay, but we’re not

Speaker 3 1:32:15
talking about that. Right. I’m talking about the meeting. All right. We want to have on December 21 No, no, we should get within moved and seconded and seconded All in favor of not having a meeting on December 21 Roll for hours close?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:33
I’m gonna call as much I don’t know

Speaker 1 1:32:34
if so that so then we need to call Any abstentions and extensions names to Robert’s rule number nine states are really forced to abstain now

Unknown Speaker 1:32:58
attention included sounds awesome. I love

Unknown Speaker 1:33:01
it. Okay, so when do you

Unknown Speaker 1:33:02
want to have Molly I forgot like this this chapter for December or his calendar

Unknown Speaker 1:33:24
Okay, so

Speaker 3 1:33:25
this is September right September. Why don’t we decide in October when hopefully there will be more years. Okay. All right. So we’re gonna table the decision on when to fo holiday me for the

Unknown Speaker 1:33:40
party fair.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:42
Sale. Okay, Mr. Powell. Who do we what do we want to do?

Speaker 1 1:33:55
icebreaker? Oh, I have something I will not be present during that October meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:04
My manager is okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:09
Yeah, vacation. No.

Speaker 1 1:34:12
It’s not really because I’m taking a vacation or going to Disneyland with Halloween is actually the Universal Studios haunted houses, which is supposed to the next level, you know, 13 year old is?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:34
Oh, yeah, that’s it. Yeah. That’s him

Unknown Speaker 1:34:37
to go to university who is I guess right or 214 Two.

Speaker 1 1:34:41
All right. We have 1734 We have time for icebreaker

Unknown Speaker 1:34:52
you’re unfamiliar with ice cream. Today there’s so much Employers Yeah, okay guilty pleasure so

Unknown Speaker 1:35:05
what is your guilty pleasure?

Speaker 1 1:35:06
I thought we said TV guilty pleasure or is it just guilty pleasure in mass? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:12
I would say overall going to be pleasure I think that we can reveal a lot about

Unknown Speaker 1:35:21
I explained to her with an album

Speaker 3 1:35:24
that is easy for me because every pleasure I have I feel guilty when

Speaker 2 1:35:35
I say ice cream I love ice cream ice cream to

Unknown Speaker 1:35:39
be too general All right, we

Speaker 5 1:35:47
got a bunch of foodies around here I think I feel more guilty pleasure is really to have a type of beer once a week the beer is good

Unknown Speaker 1:36:00
enough that is part of the

Unknown Speaker 1:36:08
guilt trip guilty pleasure oh yeah oh

Speaker 9 1:36:28
I get the pleasure is when I’m like going down like the highway not the highway like you know, 50 miles per hour rolled down all the windows of last mile. I really like 90s Pop. No one should know about this. Except for you do not look

Speaker 1 1:36:48
on the internet. No, no. No, no. No, I’m not. I don’t feel guilty about the sour gummy worms that are upstairs. I don’t often tell people about what has dispensable collection I love the pen. I’m going to don’t often put the pen in the past dispenser like I do. Because apparently How many of you have a lot

Unknown Speaker 1:37:17
of you want to know how many you have in there. Have you watched that documentary yet? Okay, y’all gotta get to. So good. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:37:31
Yeah, that’s appetitive has thing and I don’t really know why new ones I don’t know. Like it’s it’s a box and my husband’s like, really? And like we did

Speaker 3 1:37:41
this problem. S is delicious. It is just compressed, compressed sugar. Improves the bed. A lot of sugar in there.

Speaker 1 1:37:53
Yeah. And I probably drink more coffee and all of the product.

Speaker 3 1:37:57
I bought a box of chocolates in Chicago last week. And I and then went to union and they’re all cranes. How disappointing is that?

Unknown Speaker 1:38:11
Yeah, I mean, I bought

Speaker 3 1:38:12
this one because they’ve discontinued chocolate covered pineapple, which is my very favorite. And so this was the box that had the only chocolate ever pineapple. So they know that everything else is great. Sometimes

Unknown Speaker 1:38:26
you just wonder what’s wrong with people?

Speaker 1 1:38:28
I know. Maybe that should be what our holiday party is how to come up with fruit and chocolate. And somebody’s like.

Speaker 9 1:38:37
Fun. Right? All right. Well, we will leave the holidays off. But yeah, I just want to remind everyone that we are doing a q&a here on touchup, October 5 or sixth. So that’s happening, which

Speaker 3 1:38:48
means is the art history? And are we going to get artisans helping us

Speaker 1 1:38:51
do this? And why don’t we will be looking for volunteers outside of our group. This is not going to be our typical community come and paint situation because we need to stay in the lines. We need to draw use of time sorry, finances. Yes, it was so really exciting. Oh my god, I think you’re going to be because artists isn’t available on Saturday and Sunday because they have an open studio open studio. And then on the back of your agendas, you will see the dates for the rest of your meetings. And also a number of dates to attend. And then 2024 dates as the third Thursday, unless

Speaker 3 1:39:38
I also have a little thing I have a friend that only skilled who’s opening a display at the Denver Art Museum. And it’s it’s giant house made out of plastic shopping bags. It’s Sunday, October 1 is when she’s going to be there but that’s going to be she says she’s her The contract is for you.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:06
Right, can you have a motion?

Speaker 5 1:40:11
To show November 1, and I’m at your report this year. Cool. So that’s a great mixture of the bouldering in the field is one of the largest cleaning meals in the country that fills up the entire exhibit hall fairgrounds every year. All kinds of every kind of fiber, everything, and they will stay with you. Yeah. Okay. Potential paragraphs in exhibit hall,

Speaker 3 1:40:42
and I’m sorry, I missed the first part of what you said because it wasn’t listening at all. What dates was

Speaker 5 1:40:48
November 1, it goes for a week. And it is older handweavers Guild. It’s an exhibition sharing exhibition, exploring law as the juror and sale of all kinds of fibers.

Speaker 2 1:41:05
Yeah, it’s a great show. It’s really fun. It was

Unknown Speaker 1:41:09
a great various

Unknown Speaker 1:41:12
pottery Guild and handweavers Guild. Okay,

Speaker 1 1:41:15
are we there’s only one other thing I was gonna mention. Speaking of shows, you would notice the public art display in the corner and based upon the flooded submission that was done by two of our newest exhibition staff here at the museum. So see the flooded commission that’s around you here. And don’t forget to visit one of your 101 faces. That didn’t make it.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:41
You’re not seeing faces.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:44
There’s who knows how many faces?

Unknown Speaker 1:41:48
I need a motion to adjourn, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:50
My motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:53
Thank you all in favor.

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