Museum Advisory Board – September 2023

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Museum Advisory Board – September 2023

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For 30 to catch the door, sorry. No loss even while

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I’m coming back when we need

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to do an official call

Unknown Speaker 0:18
I don’t mean official, probably technically. Do we have any public speaker?

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Has everyone had a chance to look over the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 0:37
From August? The gravity questions and anything that needs to be amended?

Unknown Speaker 0:48
Can I get a vote for approval the minutes

Unknown Speaker 0:59
we have no accessions. September, we will go on approval of the minutes on paper

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you don’t want to do anything the right.

Speaker 2 1:23
Guidelines groundbreaking and you got a capital campaign was a big success. We have about 90 people there. Way more than we were anticipating. So really great turnout, some great comments that we could get a number of donations, Stewart foundation contributed a million for their labs.

Unknown Speaker 1:54
It’s great.

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And thanks to those of you that were able to make it and understand some had trouble along the way, so sorry to hear that. But so we will be really heavily pushing the capital campaign from now till early November and then really through our gifts day, we are gonna have our fundraising focus on cap. So expect to hear a lot about that. And I’ll just say, again, is super helpful. If we can say as we’re talking to donors and lenders that we have 100% participation in the campaign from powerful words, so doesn’t have to be a large amount, some kind of contribution to the campaign really does. So think about that. exhibits, we have a new exhibit 2013 flood walls here and this was put together by our museum assistants. They’re two young women they’re broke half time and can start is in terms of how are you halftime museum employees to now they basically took this whole started with a really great job and they did a lot of great collaborations with Fox 31 News. Good exhibits and nice use of this space. In fact, it’s it’s popular enough for actually getting people on the front desk and when this is being used for a meeting and we can see the world exhibit right now do some signage to

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exhibit and this will be our body here

Unknown Speaker 4:10

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see Justin talk more about how to Korean programming during these tours. On to education. thing I want to highlight here is our Day of the Dead exhibit celebration, worked with wrapping up for that it’s particularly October 14 is the big event day. Gets a really good opportunity if you’d like to volunteer and museum event. If you’re interested, please let me know or contact our volunteer coordinator for the pledge. She will get you hooked up with some part of that event that has lots of volunteers and great opportunity to see the museum’s biggest signature. Each year it is now held in downtown. Lots of food trucks and vendors and using

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things phase.

Speaker 2 5:25
And we will also still have the exhibition here and so on atrium alters past years, and also notice a new sale on the actual day of recycle

Speaker 2 5:51
collections, we are taking a bit of a break from new donations. We’ve had a couple come in. So you may see some next month, just just given the fact that we are planning for a staff member and to get a portion of what was our storage and staging area is currently under construction. So

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taking a bit of a break from

Speaker 2 6:21
play by November, we’ll be back as part of the public places report as the photos of the shopper officers that were selected, and you’ll see those getting painted on the capital campaign and we’ve had a really great marketing coverage with the agriculture exhibit the PBS news hour to all of you a lot of great coverage around the capital campaign as well and then just mentioned is that a great volunteer appreciation event. Distributing produce baskets on farms and some flowers from the fourth year we’ve done that particular format or launching appreciation right away. Thank our volunteers. You owe us on board. But most of you had a chance to come by and pick up your

Unknown Speaker 7:46

Unknown Speaker 7:53
I will say I got this. Yeah, I spent five and a half years on the transportation advisory board

Speaker 3 8:12
so it’s something hadn’t had plans and she got to do away with tears and she was alright, today as well. pages

Speaker 3 8:34
I have a question for you is so gorgeous the agriculture circle. And the thing is schools what are you going with? What’s going to happen to that? That is so magnificent. The table and the pottery that was done

Speaker 3 8:59
I was taken aback Okay, well now we’re gonna wait. What are you gonna do with that? We’re gonna go.

Speaker 2 9:07
So part of our contract with the artists Margarita Cabrera who coordinated all of that is that at that conclusion, then she gets all of that. So we’re actually going to pack it up and actually take it down in a truck. He lives in Texas. So we’re gonna drive down there, it’s actually cheaper to do that. Shipping packing crates and also locate this lucky person who’s gonna be there.

Unknown Speaker 9:42
She’s gonna be back at the table.

Speaker 2 9:45
So I think we’re gonna give her we’ll pack it all up. She’s not gonna come back. We’ll pack it all up. I think we’ll give her the tables because they’re so custom for those things and we are in the house because I went down to the courthouse and found so that’s an interesting item as well, we aren’t as deliberately made that our organic material, so that it can be recycled, basically put back into your plan will be taken to a field and scattered out field return where everything will go back to the origins. So so all of that we contracted with the artists to make it with the contracts and inclusion that they get.

Speaker 3 10:50
I think that is such an outstanding exhibit. Staying here.

Speaker 2 10:58
So, it was, you know, one of the things we have to work with is you know, what every artist wants and also in all the costs, we didn’t actually look into acquiring the there’s a large they’re their artwork created by woman named Sarah sens, who is Native American that wove together, Boulder County maps and traditional American basketball. We were kind of excited about the idea of acquiring after the collection. Unfortunately, the cost is about $100,000. So, which is our acquisition, but it is, you know, maybe high five digits if you really figure it all out. Right. So. So that was a thank you just the artists. Obviously, they’re making a living at this. They’re hoping to resell those works. That’s

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really amazing. I’ve never seen anything

Speaker 2 12:24
like go to bed submission. Yeah. So that because our exhibits are, the galleries are a bit in flux, just because the construction dates and so forth are, are a little bit. We haven’t yet nailed down exactly when construction is going to start and those things. So we’re moving more to doing this in house exhibits will have more flexibility. So that the one that when we were starting to talk about, you know, what’s what’s been one of our most popular exhibits, like well, like, Lego was far and away the most popular exhibit we’ve ever done. It’s been close to 10 years since we last did the leveling. And we know we bring that back. And we can really show to our children and family audience that they can. They’re welcome at the museum, they come in and find the exhibits. That’s super hands on super connected. And then that’s the opportunity that we have. And hey, as soon as our expansion is done, we’ll have hands on tour family, we’re in the gallery all the time. So that’s been one of the things we’ve we’ve noticed over the last few years before anime, that are Children Family exhibits is that that audiences kind of decline and so want to bring them back with with a big blockbuster than hopefully they will have the museum on their radars when the expansion is healthy, fine finding out so that will be next summer. June, early January.

Speaker 2 14:30
conversations we’re talking about doing maybe like a at the end of the day, we go down there and you know, there’s a really cool piece that somebody has built that day and we take that and set it in a case and say builds up the week.

Unknown Speaker 15:06
So then do we have any unfinished business and then in terms of new business, I know we have fall or frequent

Speaker 2 15:20
so we need two volunteers to participate in interviews we have only one vacancy or Leah’s spot as the only one that is open. We need two folks to do interviews by zoom or teams for the end of October for whatever happened for deposition also we are desperately looking for candidates for the for the wonderful to see a diverse array of folks vying for the slot we are hoping to have a variety of different perspectives you know, younger folks, variety of folks on the advisory board representing the Falls man so you have anybody that you can think of it’s happy to talk with those about what’s involved in the process and focus on our endeavor deadlines as well as October 13 is the deadline for this round of recruitment to people to interview and then the appointments we have ever seen December for charting that runs through

Speaker 1 17:10
so board members that’s going to be counseling that’s that’s my understanding. Right we do the interviews late we could go into early November no more than that and it’s we have we have the questions already set just show up while to do the interview. So this year is just live about the immigration would not be been time consuming during Klein live

Speaker 2 18:01
Captain Greg we have one vacancy why do we need to we need to board members to do the interview Oh allegedly to candidate cell number two board members always interview the monitors.

Speaker 1 18:22
Okay, well, guys, so after the deadline of the 30 Thank you are there any other more comments

Speaker 2 18:37
racist crisis to camaraderie. I don’t think I’m very well attended of water share. Everyone here has had something to say on where they were what they what they do and and it was very engaging and talking to different people about what they what they remember about flutter so very pretty.

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