Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – September 2023

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Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – September 2023

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Speaker 1 0:01
I now like to call the September 11. Parks Recreation Advisory Board Meeting to order. Can we please start with the roll call? Erin Angel? Scott Conlon Thomas Davis will be here shortly

Speaker 1 0:27
and Tim waters Okay, let’s move on to the approval of the agenda. Does anyone have any questions or changes to the agenda that was in the packet? If not, can I get a motion to approve the agenda?

Unknown Speaker 0:43
I move to approve the agenda Second.

Speaker 1 0:53
Okay, moving on to bro of previous months minutes. Does anyone have any questions or request changes to the meeting minutes from last month? If not, can I have a motion to approve previous month’s statements from a recruiter? A second. Second. And all in favor? All right, all four great okay. Do we have public invite Have you heard of awesome?

Speaker 1 1:46
Never would be heard I’m going to go into business in just a second but since pages here

Speaker 2 1:52
if the bylaws take very long for either one of

Unknown Speaker 1:55
these that’s true in this session

Unknown Speaker 2:24
pretend to be an investor right yeah. quick timeout here. Just a German meeting assumption.

Unknown Speaker 2:46
are in general in our first fall meeting?

Speaker 1 3:18
Yeah, you just finished a pop up and tried to be Herbie and don’t have anyone here. So we’re gonna move into old business when you’re alright, let’s move on to business. So the laundry, recreation and culture, Jeopardy getting

Speaker 3 3:42
a whole lot we can talk about we are we have received some information on the factual information that we’ll be able to give out when we receive feedback. So we’ve done that getting some feedback. So we’re kind of waiting for, for that to happen and limited meeting scheduled for Thursday, if I’m not mistaken, to talk about kind of what we could talk about based on that and how we would respond to questions. So I’m looking forward to having some of that. And other than that, I think everyone was well received. And

Speaker 2 4:22
I’ve just said that, that Ben and I as staff had been invited to, I think it’s for three and then backstory. So four different event note five with the one you just talked about. So five events where we’ve been invited to come and give factual information about recreation ballot question.

Speaker 3 4:49
And the 130 is just can’t go that day, but I will be used to

Unknown Speaker 4:58
any questions about that?

Speaker 2 5:02
What if you’re asking? And I don’t know, I have I would have an answer to this question. I don’t know the direct subject to the questions. So if this fails, what’s the future of Centennial pool? I think that is a great question. Because if the question fails, there is no resource to, you know, repair, repair the pool and, you know, limp along like we have, but we’re not going to be able to do that for I’d say, no more than three years. Yeah. We’ll probably have to go to another ballot question to either revisit that, or Okay, closing it down is if the estimated cost was 23 million. Those Bernie, we were going to just do the pool, it’s going to be $25 million. For $8 million. It was going to be just the sport court that lost the pool sport court performing is our share of what the whole package is. It’s I just don’t think there’s been enough conversation about that hopefully comes during these sessions about so what this fails. We know what the implications are on the west side. There’s nothing. But I don’t think we’ve talked enough about what the implications are at Centennial. I think there’s an assumption on the part to many people, that if you don’t do any of this fails, somehow we’re going to continue to patch that up. Or hold that together. And I just need to go out no, that’s unlikely. Yeah. And I think you’ve hit on something that the city really isn’t saying a whole lot right now. And I know that we can’t be advocating one way or another. But I think it would be good. And that’s part of our conversation for Thursday, is to start talking about what is included, why we’re trying to do it, and give at least the background information, again, with no agenda of trying to ask people to vote in favor or against it, but just to get as much information out there as possible. And I think, interacting with some of the advocacy groups, I think they would say that that’s a shortfall right now. Just so this could be eliminated you Jeff on the 25th of September, I mentioned, Scott, I host the program on the media that nobody watches. Although Scott’s a baby watch lots of storytelling about what’s going along with this important story. So Jeff, and Harold, John Solomon, the people,

Unknown Speaker 7:49
you mentioned the Scott,

Speaker 2 7:51
there’s when people show up, we have a live audience. It’s a live program that gets replayed. And we typically give people a chance to ask questions if they’re in the audience. And I’m only going to ask questions that are factual in nature, this would be one of them. Jeff, what do you think would be the future of the pool? This doesn’t pass. But audience members could ask other questions. What do they can’t answer my mind? or reframe it in a way that that’s an factual question. So if anybody’s interested in you get yesterday’s questions that that might give us a chance to expand you know, what, what the understanding when you’re invited, so you’re not doing anything at six o’clock on the 25th. And then you’re gonna move right over to the

Unknown Speaker 8:44
Longmont public media. It’s the Carnegie building north. Okanagan X, I guess?

Unknown Speaker 8:54
What’s the program called? The backstory?

Speaker 4 9:03
Do you will you be able to share what once you talk about what you can talk about, will you be able to share that with the board? Like talking points or fat cheaters? Because I think that would be really helpful. Absolutely. Any Thursday.

Unknown Speaker 9:22
So you would expect to see the final round.

Speaker 4 9:28
Just so the board can share the same messages.

Speaker 3 9:35
Like Jeff said, that information dispersed as much as possible. And we certainly see orders of information at our facilities in the past for various valid questions that involve exactly what we’re talking about. factual information. So

Speaker 4 9:53
what do I mean like would you put facts on this poster? Here’s what’s on the ballot for recreation. and recreation facilities. It’s not just about language, you

Speaker 2 10:08
know, I think it’ll take from the flyer that mailed out every household

Speaker 4 10:22
is there just with regard to the rec center location? Is there someone in transportation, it’s like a key contact for people that have questions about the Transportation and Parking related issues on that site,

Speaker 2 10:37
say Phil greenwall, with appropriate person to refer. I can get you his contact information.

Speaker 4 10:47
And he would be able to participate in public meetings. Just

Unknown Speaker 10:51
you’d have to follow the same. Yes.

Speaker 5 11:03
Yeah. view that Ultra. Yeah. So earlier on, Harold, others had said that there was gonna be a memorandum of understanding between the city and the whi addressing the naming of the facility pricing of the facility, there was a number of city council members, who voiced the concern that even with the higher pricing with city pass, make the life facility as equitable as any of that

Unknown Speaker 11:39
put together yet? No, it’s not finalized.

Speaker 5 11:43
Is there is the goal to get that done before November?

Speaker 2 11:47
Yes. All right, to get that done for the 25th. So I will I will check on that. Because,

Unknown Speaker 12:00
yeah, as part of that, too,

Speaker 5 12:05
it’d be interesting is valid language has a list of things that the lie within contract. And so that would be a one way to hold them accountable for their $12 million in the land swap. But I can see that there’s a lot more details that have been discussed, there’s not really an adult language that I know of, is the intention of counsel and staff to help them also do and so it’d be good that that is all outlined, as well. And then I guess, my other question was just timelines, like, let’s say, if we passed in November, it seems like the to me still more public hearings to finalize what the design is, but what is that? What was the construction timeline look like?

Speaker 3 12:54
Well, we kind of we, we’ve kind of imagined this. If it did pass that, if we were able to get out very quickly, that becomes our RFP. See that? Out? Of course, you’re right around the holidays, which is always a joy with those sorts of things. But you can see getting into picking January, February, mobilisation February to March, and then you get a period of publicly that public meetings looking at actual design, so beyond well beyond what we previously had visibility usability study. And so, you know, imagine April, April, May, and then into get some designs, and we have to go through the approval process, which six months, you talked about with the city acumen, maybe it couldn’t be that long. So, you know, that maybe puts us into fall a fall next year? To look to progress?

Speaker 2 14:09
Yeah, Anders, one of the things I’ve just say, is that David and Stephanie have just gone through a process of design build. And the city seems to be very interested in how, how well that’s working in that that might be something that we could consider as well. My my thought is that based on if everything went well, late 25 or early 26 is when the facilities open. And I think the Why might be right around that same timeline. And of course, it really depends on when they can get their community for tax court to build the housing part of the tax credits. Yeah. Right.

Speaker 5 14:59
So uh, I’m so Okay, that’s great. Sales taxes starts January 120 25? I mean, are we accruing sales tax for a year before we actually hear

Speaker 2 15:09
what you know, I don’t? That’s that’s what I read. I thought, but I don’t. I don’t know. You know, if if Jim knows the timeline on when we might get started. So I will verify that and then get back to everybody with his response, is it? It doesn’t seem to make sense that we would need to be collecting sales tax until somebody was ready to open, but maybe there’s something that he knows that I don’t know about. To find that out? It’s a good question. We haven’t had that conversation. The only sales tax? I think that does start immediately, honestly, would be the library funding with the preferred level was that language has particular meaning in terms of therapeutic. If that, if that question asks, I’d be surprised that we started collecting the sales tax until we were ready to staff. Which is

Unknown Speaker 16:08
somewhat facility opens?

Unknown Speaker 16:18
That’s a great question.

Speaker 2 16:19
Yeah, if I remember, right, we open the lawnmower rec center in March. And I think we started hiring the staff that October, before then,

Speaker 6 16:33
you said that we needed six months of approvals is important is that building permits, utility permits, that kind of things,

Speaker 2 16:39
and the design review to make sure all of the different components of the design of the building are addressed and meet to come stormwater getting power there.

Speaker 6 16:52
Are there a lot of external approvers like utilities, or nobody else who providing services there that can be holding it up?

Speaker 2 17:01
Excel would be a part of that, but they’re usually rolled into that development review committee work.

Unknown Speaker 17:11
does get more complicated if the library gets best.

Unknown Speaker 17:17
I don’t know. It’d be interesting in my chair, if that happens. For you, right, I

Speaker 5 17:29
mean, assuming that there’s basically then kind of two groups of the public.

Speaker 2 17:34
But my thought would be that, at that point, maybe we like our design build together, so that we’re all working towards the same cause and the same dates, rather than starting to develop some type of competition that might go between the library and, and recreation that

Unknown Speaker 17:53
don’t want to do that if we’re building a connected facility.

Speaker 2 18:00
Because my natural doing, my goal is it’s not just connected, but that we have some interplay between the staff and not having to have multiple deaths that we have the staff, John Solomon, who’s the library director, really is interested in not having people have to go and stand at a at a, an area to check out books anymore, that he wants people that are rotating around the different floors, that you could walk up to them and say, hey, I want to check this book out, and he pulled stuff out of the device, you do it, and you’re on your way. So lots of different things to talk about. But if they both pass, I think we can share some of the amenities without recreation and the library hadn’t both built things so that we ultimately can provide more to our community.

Speaker 7 19:07
Is that is that an opportunity for that cross training across the Pops and library? Is that that kind of whether or not really,

Speaker 3 19:15
potentially, something we’ve talked about several times, that there’s a perfect role of that. That’s hard to get to?

Unknown Speaker 19:26
Certainly exploring

Speaker 2 19:27
in it. And you know, we’re in a unique situation about a year ago, recreation golf, the library in the museum were all put under one department. John Solomon, again, the library director comes from an experience where a library and recreation were both together in the wood. So he has kind of that background. So I think it works well for what we’re looking at doing.

Speaker 4 20:02
I haven’t heard anything about the other 1000 students or people out there talking about them.

Speaker 2 20:08
I know that arts and entertainment is they kicked off their campaign a week ago or two weeks ago. So I know that they’re they’re starting to work on that. I believe the library is it’s in a difficult spot, because I don’t know that they’ve had an advocacy group step forward. But I think that there’s a potential that the library friends might step up and play that role.

Speaker 5 20:49
Yeah, festival don’t mean the ESA was kind of like de facto talking about artists. Forward, they have the low months of the orchestra. The board member is one of the three key people for their board chair. His name is unfortunately, he is one of the three committee chair people.

Unknown Speaker 21:21

Unknown Speaker 21:23
yes or no questions.

Speaker 2 21:31
I would just say that if you’re out and about, and you have questions that come up, and you’re not sure how to answer, you could certainly reach out to Ben and I and looking up information.

Speaker 4 21:46
Great, yeah, to be really helpful to have you heard Factsheet and

Speaker 2 21:52
just say one more thing. If on the 25th this interview goes well, if he is really compelling with answers to my questions for yours wouldn’t be bad for everybody to post a link to that interview on anybody’s social media platform. That’s a way to really expand that at least a messaging whether people are as responsible as Scott Nixon clicking on it, that’s a different question, but

Unknown Speaker 22:20
just the consciousness

Speaker 2 22:23
opportunity. I mean, there’ll be other opportunities as well. But yeah, think about that. I’ll send it to you all and then

Speaker 4 22:34
so do you if we as a Board want to see the resolution of support for that industry? That’s something I think you have yes

Unknown Speaker 22:52
Well, I was in the car

Speaker 2 22:54
there in your packet was also the proposed resolution and if you have comments or thoughts about it h6.

Speaker 2 23:22
Yeah, yeah, so we’re ready to talk about resolution

Speaker 4 23:37
just related to that said, we can pass the pass a resolution, it gets communicated to councils. Can the board also like write a letter to the editor saying we passed this resolution and it’s still not totally we as board, I don’t think you can we can say we support it.

Speaker 2 23:59
I don’t think you can. I think if you’re going to write a letter, it needs to be as an individual not as a board member. Which kind of defeats the purpose of even doing the resolution because you can’t there’s not a lot

Speaker 5 24:18
you can you can set it though. And Matt from the time is called probably given the problem.

Speaker 5 24:42
I would like to add in 992 ish pages. Is that the why is proposing indoor outdoor lap pool. Basically look to like, with a Have enough as is more in keeping with what, like sunset pool is

Speaker 6 25:10
just just adding that indoor slash outdoor and field level

Unknown Speaker 25:22
questions is, is a design that is going to be that a little bubble when cars are mixed retractable roof,

Speaker 5 25:31
what they like to do when the bubble is accustomed too much.

Speaker 6 25:38
Sounds good to me. I had a question about in the very first part talks about number of visitors served each year and that 100,000 residents and outgrown the current rec center. Is there a measurement of that you can add somehow, like we’re at 120% of capacity or

Speaker 2 25:58
there’s no, there’s really not a way to

Unknown Speaker 26:02
to do that. I’m

Unknown Speaker 26:03
just saying we have outgrown it.

Speaker 2 26:05
Yes. And, you know, the new racks or the Rec Center opened in 2002. And within three or four years of it opening, you know, people were complaining about how busy it was. And the minute because there’s so many different nuances of what could be really busy one day, the fitness area another day, there’s really not a way to because we could take 15 1600 people a day and not have issues.

Unknown Speaker 26:44
You know, I mean, it says

Speaker 4 26:47
Skelton 2002 serving 450,000 visitors, then it talks about one month’s population of 100,000 residents. I think it’s kind of confusing. Do you know what the residents, like the population of Longmont was in 2002. Could we find that out to highlight the punctuation even that, or could be like how many visitors you’re serving now?

Speaker 2 27:19
Just that is the that is the now number. It’s

Speaker 5 27:25
it’s you. Maybe the sentence is a little confusing just

Speaker 2 27:30
because implies that we’re serving for 50,002 1002 instead of 3000 200,000 4000.

Speaker 6 27:35

Speaker 4 27:39
yeah. 2002 When long bones population was and then long occupation. Residents are serving visitors.

Speaker 2 27:56
And we might want to use the 1999 population, because that’s when the vote was sure. Yeah, it was approved them. Online has changed a lot. Yeah. The feasibility study didn’t include any recreation facility per capita. Well, like the library study did that the National Parks and Recreation, Recreation and Parks Association has a standard of one recreation facility for every 30,000 people that you have in your community. So we’re really one short with with that calculation. One, one for every 30,000 people turning

Unknown Speaker 28:52
60,000 square feet.

Speaker 2 28:57
Doesn’t get to that welcome. Nash NRPA National Recreation and Park Association.

Speaker 7 29:07
It does look like we’ve added at least 80,000 people since 1999, according to some census data,

Unknown Speaker 29:14
what was the number then?

Unknown Speaker 29:15
I was 72,200.

Speaker 6 29:23
So the question if we’re making suggestions, the language over a new draft back next month

Speaker 4 29:30
can we is there any way we can do email

Speaker 2 29:36
that’s what I’m saying. You could you could approve it tonight was the changes we discussed.

Unknown Speaker 29:48
record those. Okay, so the change you proposed was

Unknown Speaker 30:00
page seven, line two, you had an indoor slash outdoor before

Unknown Speaker 30:25
do extra

Speaker 4 30:37
change on page six 612. We change that to say where as the city’s Recreation Center was approved in 1999 when Monmouth’s population was some 2017 2000. And where as has now surpassed 100,000 residents if cholera is serving 450,000 visitors each year for recreation and quotations I didn’t write that down

Speaker 5 31:33
another Yes. So So in in? Well, I guess there’s two things. First one is not specifically valid, but it’s a question that people ask all the time, let’s get into discussion as the third silent piece of the ballot measure is the $5 million of renovation to the existing Recreation Center to include that as part of the that reinvestment in the current Lamont Recreation Center. $5 million helps to prolong his life and updates. It’s used for residence stewardship and

Unknown Speaker 32:19
city’s money right.

Unknown Speaker 32:21
After the why topics before the

Unknown Speaker 32:25
other four? Yeah. I mean, I’m just thinking about the header. The header is that’s the that’s the ballot. Question. No resolution? Yeah, but I don’t think we want to alter that at all.

Speaker 4 32:48
So the funding for the current epicenter is not in the ballot language.

Speaker 2 32:54
Is it? So? It’s not that simple. So there, there’s a Yeah, there was. So several years ago, council approved recreation impact. That impact fee is much like the park impact fee that every time a new house is built, a certain amount of money goes into that, in that fund. It can only be used to do recreation or leisure type facilities. There’s right now. And as it’s estimated that by the end of the year, there’ll be $4.9 million in that. But that money cannot be used for existing programs, it has to go to new programs. So what is being proposed is that that $4.9 million dollars would go to the new recreation center, and $4.9 million, or $5 million of what was funded in the ballot question Was he used in place to do the improvements at the Longmont recreation center? That way we’re using the funds as is defined in the impact fee. So that the challenge with that is how do you explain that to the general public or doesn’t look or soft and weird. It’s a hard thing for people to comprehend.

Speaker 5 34:34
I think most people don’t really care about this super detail of the month. Suarez is I think they are more concerned with or doing something with the existing rec center right when I’m moving on to a new shiny object

Speaker 2 34:49
taking right and, and just I think we’ve talked about this, but just so everybody’s aware, we would really update the painting Throughout the building, we would add a new large waterslide feature in the leisure pool for younger kids, it would be basically a playground, in the leisure pool that would have multiple components to it, where kids could get wet, young and older, it would do a renovation of the locker rooms, if you’ve been in there, each one of the lockers has no small bays, we would open that up so that you can really change in there without having to worry about somebody else being in the bay with you and, and being uncomfortable. The we would also renovate the showers right now we have gang showers, six, seven people, eight people in a shower at a time, I really is not how people want to shower anymore. So we would convert that to individual showers that would be provide some privacy, that also helps provide comfort for all users of our facility. Because at some point in time, we’re probably not going to have male locker rooms and female locker rooms anymore. They’re just the locker rooms and each person will have their own private area to shower dress, change whatever they’re doing. And and then finally, the recreation center has some pretty significant groundwater issues. And we need to get those addressed. So those are the items we would do with five nine Andrei

Speaker 3 36:52
to try to utilize the lobby in a more active way. So a large area that’s couldn’t do that accommodates more, of course

Unknown Speaker 37:06
cardio cardio,

Unknown Speaker 37:09
spreading, being able to spread some

Unknown Speaker 37:10
things out

Speaker 3 37:12
allowing some room for more functional training in different areas by expanding.

Speaker 4 37:21
So could we just I’m just thinking about that statistic. Recommendation, would it be possible for us to add a whereas before line 16 on page six that says basically wireless, the National Recreation and Parks Association recommends communities have a recreation facility to serve 30,000 people so far, and then go to the warehouse staff for the feasibility study to the city council showing the need for new recreation center?

Speaker 2 38:02
What’s the what would be the wording Jeff that might work that addresses this issue of updates to the criminal acts in our warehouse updates the correct Senator have been deferred. Pending new resources are something but but to acknowledge work in a way that’s going to be that that doesn’t show up anyways. So can we do that after the why? Maybe? Yeah, probably page 789 18. there abouts. And I will get some wording on that. And I guess I would ask you to trust that word that right. It doesn’t

Speaker 5 38:53
just have to be a list of all those things it just

Unknown Speaker 38:59
invest $5 million in updating of the Longmont we’re

Speaker 4 39:06
passing this ballot initiative with facilitate the city’s ability to assess That’s right, it makes it possible for you to use that money.

Unknown Speaker 39:19
Yes. Yes.

Speaker 7 39:22
That fund is still growing. Correct. Like she’s like so we should use language that gives you the flexibility to say like oh, it doesn’t can’t be a five nine.

Speaker 2 39:32
Yeah, no, but I think the commandment is 5 million of that. That whatever accrues after that would be used for whatever

Speaker 2 39:49
and we’ll, we’ll run this by page all of this and then make sure she’s okay with it. That works for everybody. That way. We don’t get in an issue. which open meetings?

Speaker 4 40:10
It leaks on page. Is there anything that we could add before the end of that sentence that references so we say the board supports the valid issue approving funding and recreation facilities including construction in rec center partnership with why recreation facility and the associated upgrades. Once you find a

Speaker 2 40:47
nearby understands the land swap is a specific question that has to be approved, because we’re going to be taking some parkland.

Unknown Speaker 41:02
This passes.

Speaker 2 41:04
I think it’s all in one question. So it’s either we’re all good or all.

Speaker 5 41:11
Wait into today was the date that county gets back to the city?

Speaker 2 41:18
I have not heard anything, but I heard the numbering was going to be available today. So if if that is the case, I will let you know. Okay, that’s good. We got that. Notice late Friday afternoon, but I have not heard that. delivered.

Unknown Speaker 41:39
Okay. Well,

Speaker 5 41:42
just to have that number. People on committees need them to use it to print them out. It’s a lot easier than saying the recreation. It’s Yes.

Speaker 2 41:52
I think it’s three, three is usually Nice. Yeah. But I don’t know what order A, B and C

Unknown Speaker 41:59
seem to be great. Because

Unknown Speaker 42:03
you change the order. Yeah.

Speaker 4 42:07
Can I just say my report. So on page 872, can we just do that indoor outdoor before a lot. Similar to that is nice.

Speaker 2 42:31
And retractable is, I think more appealing than the bubble. If you have a bad day, in summary, close the roof. And still,

Unknown Speaker 42:43
yeah, exactly how the storms

Speaker 4 42:50
come fair the other day, and they had the whole weight room and everything. But they can open and close the doors to that too. And so people weren’t open,

Speaker 2 43:00
which is in the new rec center, something that would be an option as well, to be able to work out. But I’m going to call the deck out. That’s the official name.

Speaker 4 43:15
Is it. Notebook sometimes provides funding for recreation facilities, like with the city, if this passes with the city stuff be able to apply for any grant funding for aspects of the recreation center, like say you wanted to propose doing, you know, more indoor outdoor that would, you know, go into kind of outdoor programming?

Speaker 2 43:42
I don’t know. I would, I would guess you could. But I think if you’re if you get $72 million to build a facility, my guess is they’re not going to do that they would find things that would support or add to what what we’ve proposed. Yeah, I

Speaker 5 44:03
think I think disqualified would be competitive, I think could be that.

Speaker 4 44:10
So are there any other proposed changes or concerns with language and the resolution?

Speaker 6 44:17
evermore Yeah. I was gonna suggest that you just move this centennial facility being in need of repair about the YMCA needs question. The first thing could be the pools failing, and there’s no solution to it. And the why is offered to provide a way to fix this. It’s kind of buried in the middle right now. So I was going to suggest we move lines nine and 10. Before line one on page seven

Speaker 2 44:52
I think I think 911 did you say 910 and a low sorry. Yeah,

Speaker 6 44:57
that’s 1112 Yeah. Okay. I’d like to starting with a lot of questions about something else up front for all those 1000s of people that will read this. We’ll get the word out there.

Unknown Speaker 45:16
That’s all. Oh,

Speaker 5 45:20
I do but maybe the question outside the wordings specifically this because counseling has been talked about it more, as well, is that again, the it’s the seventh line 16 whereas city pass holders will gain entry to those special Passholder rates for access.

Unknown Speaker 45:43
The question I have for

Speaker 5 45:44
Paige earlier and he kind of discusses what would it cost to buy up rates? North Longmont is a number of residents have voiced their concern to us about this, you know, the whys basically, kind of a third rec center that is always a city rec center with our investment, investment in it. But if they have to pay a higher rate go to use the local rec center in their neighborhood or in their part of town. They’re probably going to feel that way. Right? You’re gonna feel like the people in southwest lawn markets a better deal. People around Centennial cool. I can’t imagine applying 450,000 residents to five builders, that seems to be a huge number to to say that whatsoever. But I don’t know what the difference in there that council would be comfortable with our staff would be comfortable with to make it more equitable.

Speaker 2 46:49
Are you talking about outside the election? Yeah, this

Speaker 5 46:52
is the election like this question isn’t currently election.

Speaker 2 46:58
What do we do? Why city give? Hey, the wide provide that service? Right. Yeah. Okay. I don’t I don’t know what that number is. But we can look at that.

Unknown Speaker 47:16
In the MMA negotiation? No,

Speaker 2 47:19
no, because we’re, we’re negotiating as we know, right. Now, if, if we were to say, and I’m just going to throw a number out, it’s going to take shorter and $50,000. To get it where city passholders wouldn’t have to pay any more. That’s a whole budget process that city council would have to approve. And I don’t know what that number is. One of the challenges of the $12 million, and how to come up with a fee is, is that the $12 million really goes to build the new facility. So even if let’s just say that the why wasn’t a part of this. And the it was just the city doing it, the 12 million would pay for that we would still just like we’re going to do with the new rec center have to set fees to be able to pay for the operation of it. The why has to recover 100 Plus recreation is that 80% So that, you know, the Rec Center will always be have some type of tax support. But why doesn’t have the ability to do that. So they have to set fees at a rate that covers their pull operation. And I think people forget or don’t understand that $12 million doesn’t do anything to help with day one of opening. It just gets you to day one. Right. And so that that’s a real challenge. And really the only way to make it equal would be the city would have to write some type of check to the why. On top of the $12 million. That’s already

Speaker 5 49:07
right. I mean, I was on transportation board when we decided to buy up fares that RTD you but we didn’t increase the street tax to do it. Right. It became a commitment one year and became well, you know, we’re actually putting more people on the bus on a regular basis. So it’s it’s a neighborhood that, you know, it’s less served. And so price is a bigger concern. mean, really, the proposed rates are basically doubling the seniors rates. If they’re there.

Unknown Speaker 49:41
I would wait. Yeah. We have

Speaker 8 49:44
that. Yeah.

Speaker 2 49:51
Tiers program like creating alignment have to go back in reconstructing my Yeah, but the how we subsidize whether it utilities or other costs that folks in the community are charged or challenged with. It’s not like we don’t do that now, you could add it to a Council could very easily give direction to staff or the staff, the group goes on to say, we want to add that that feature to what we already knew that this just costs, right or this amount of money this money month, in order to participate, residents submit I know it’s an application, but they submit information they have to qualify it which I would assume there’ll be some kind of means testing if we’re going to subsidize this. But Scott, I think that’s where it’s already set up to do this, it would just be a matter of a council saying, add this, and come back with a proposal we want to know that we’re at, we’re successfully addressing, you know, whatever those costs are going to do, even if they have to earmark something in terms of general out of the general fund, beyond whatever the fee structures are. Now, the other thing I would add to this, you know, I took for me, it took a while to understand how I might have any voice in the budgeting process, right. And what I did learn is, you want your voice into that process no later than the first week in April. So whoever chairs this board, make a note to self first week in April, you got to have your budget recommendations. Now, I don’t know that I don’t know the privates ever, as a group offered budget recommendations. And I don’t think you’re asked to do that. If I was on the other side of the table, I would wait to the right. I’ve never been asked. That doesn’t mean I haven’t submitted my recommendations the first week of April, which I do, because the first weekend, the first meeting in May, is when Jim or whoever, Susan Gyps. Still there. Jim, Will, Jim goes will present his budget parameters right now. That always happens now, the first meeting, if you want to have your recommendations, and far enough in advance that Harold and Jim everybody else, these fellows knew somebody from this room is going to be there to ask questions. Nobody ever comes and asks a question. Honestly, from the public, we spent $450 million. Nobody asked question. If I was on your side of the table. I’m still curious how you got additional FTE this year.

Speaker 2 52:33
But it was fun to see some additional FTE in parks and natural resources for 2024. Because that was a bone of contention a year ago. So I would not miss that opportunity specifically on this issue of nothing else. Right. You have a recommendation to make you have to make it and make it early April

Speaker 3 52:53
of 2024 for the 2025 budget. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 53:01
that just didn’t say and I said yeah. Tell me record. Yeah.

Speaker 3 53:10
I think to what you’re saying, Scott, also it should be noted that the YMCA has a significant scholarship program, that they’re they have varying rates for folks that based on their own criteria, I can’t address those I don’t know. They have a high percentage of the population that goes there and not pay their first place

Unknown Speaker 53:47

Speaker 2 53:47
my my that that is my biggest concern with the whole thing. I think, though, the why building is a great opportunity for community that how do we balance that were Passholder further from the wire the city don’t have to pay more money than they’re already

Unknown Speaker 54:11
in Yes.

Speaker 5 54:13
Right. My paycheck that was just gonna stick into that base people because they’re getting a whole facility, nobody else’s anywhere else in the city. So just make them pay more than theirs.

Unknown Speaker 54:32
One sport that has really sharply

Speaker 4 54:38
okay, it didn’t I didn’t hear any disagreement about any of the proposed edits. So based on that, I would welcome a motion that we approve the resolution, including the proposed amendments.

Speaker 6 54:56
I’ll move that we approve resolution r dash 23 Three dash one as brought in the step back and with the amendments discussed recorded by the butcher

Unknown Speaker 55:20
thanks for dropping

Speaker 4 55:39
we have a business so any items from packet can be questions on the items in

Speaker 6 55:55
the Boston Avenue Bridge contract has been awarded sounds like we know enclosure wizard is there.

Unknown Speaker 56:04
And I do have an update to just

Speaker 4 56:05
find all of the questions that were last month, I don’t think we may do that page

Speaker 5 56:12
in mind, I think what we did to the gentleman together just a heads up on their patient well, we’ll we’ll have some updates on the packet and stuff. So if you guys don’t mind, great.

Speaker 9 56:32
So it’s basically a PowerPoint together to share with our transportation engineering team and all the questions that came last month. And so what I’ve done is capture so I’m just gonna go down this list and we’ll touch on a little bit of everything. So one of the questions that came in was having to potentially deal with the route to the north, potentially going to go in circle and low price Park to Boston, just due to the safety issue of going around that corner. Whenever you start to staff, they did explain that whenever they have a detour, assigned detour, it does have to be accessible to ultra users. And so that includes pedestrians, and they have to have sidewalks. Because of that they cannot be assigned to detour on voting, certainly, but they said you know, it’s a public street. And cyclists can certainly use it. Now, obviously, for your first time on the trail, you’re not going to know to go there. But if you’re a frequent sec, where there’s nothing decision, you can they are looking at putting in. Here’s the this is a blow up area, the crosswalk they are looking at putting in the LED enhanced blinking signs at this crosswalk. There are also going to be once it goes under construction, which is supposed to be in the coming weeks, I know that the equipment is supposed to be out there I drove by today and I didn’t see any equipment yet. But then this entirely the Boston price to sensor will be at 25 mile per hour construction zone. So they’re also going to have that element to it. So slowing the cars down. The LED enhanced linking site linking sites are not a definite but they are they’re looking at what it would take a minute or so powerful. So that was their feedback on the north route. And I go to the next slide, and then we can circle back with questions. So then on the south route. So here I’m just showing the south portion from St. Ryan going down Sunset to Nelson overprice road. And the request was could we reset it to go this direction down Boston, along the river and then dancing Francis, it’s the same comment as the other. It needs to have a sidewalk to be an accessible trail for all trails users. This is also going to be a part of the construction area with heavily controlled traffic patterns. That was their response. I can’t go any further as to what that means. But I can I did hear that they’re not going to actually close the bridge at any point. So I think it’s just gonna be a lot of ever changing logistics based on the face of their own. So no, that’s the plan.

Unknown Speaker 59:15
Yes, as well. It’s the same contract

Speaker 9 59:24
so having said that, you know, Boston, you can still go down, you know, I don’t know what that’s gonna look like through, you know how a cycle of bicycle emerged with the traffic through that construction zone. It’s not going to be a scientific route, the same detour from the city. There weren’t any other aside from there really weren’t any other opera Unity’s for improvement alongside caution. So I don’t have as much good feedback to give on that piece of it. But if we continue down I think we did Talk about the lack of signage. And I did once again go around the route to close and it’s cooler, isn’t it? You know, it’s really the resume. And so they are looking at adding 27 additional sites, they’re being fabricated right now. They’ll look like this, but the diamond shape, and there gonna be all these locations that you see along this plant. So it’s going to clearly do mark, the detour route. You should be able to see the next one. Yeah, you’re here. And then you look up and you see, and so then you’re continually going, I noticed when I was going around, you get here and you’re like, Well, where is it, you don’t know where it is, you know. And so they acknowledge that, that that’s an area they can improve. They’re also installing flashers at this railroad crossing at sunset. So that is something that is in progress will be coming in. And then the last piece of it was the train track. So this is zoomed out to show First Avenue and Bolin. And here’s the area and it is it is a big gap. Unfortunately, it’s it’s not the city of Loma, it’s the BNSF railroad real way that we need to make those improvements. So I have elevated it to our transportation team who does interact with them for different crossing, work, collaborate with them, but they can’t tell us that they can cause any, you know, make any headway with Burlington Northern Santa Fe. It’s actually just kidding. But we have raised awareness in that piece. So I’ll open it up for questions when those pieces. Yeah, no,

Speaker 5 1:01:44
it’s good. I appreciate it. This is because spur line is super low priority. Last time we got it approved was saying that was out of plane. That’s the legal requirement that they have to maintain. So those all those timbers are below the plane of the tracks in the road. And so it becomes a priority. So a whole

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22

Speaker 5 1:02:23
yeah, we definitely would appreciate big signs. Yeah, I will gladly forego history while having bigger signs really.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
Intentional, real nice. Exactly.

Speaker 5 1:02:44
Well, just because we were only allowed to pick an assert a certain size, and today, we’re going to be slightly bigger. And

Speaker 2 1:02:55
once the construction starts, how long is it anticipated to take?

Speaker 9 1:03:01
So they have the construction, you know, in this area here, then they have the levee for the Corps of Engineers up here. So once all is said and done and that trail reopens it’ll be most likely somewhere.

Speaker 2 1:03:18
What about you said vice now? won’t close? How long will it take?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
This is I think it’s 18 months. And then this is a little bit past that. This one doesn’t start

Speaker 5 1:03:31
construction until towards the end of the year. So then after the purchase of can we open up the trail behind lock hands, and people can use that to jump back into the eyes and reach where that intersection allows for that section to? Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:47
we’ve gone the other way.

Speaker 5 1:03:49
This way, right? This is this is a concern. There’s only one detour until both projects are done is their current language.

Speaker 9 1:03:56
Well, and then they’re going to be working starting over here work on the other side of sunset, it just kind of keeps going in. But

Speaker 5 1:04:06
if Can we open that that green light and then we write the detour right for the last six months? That’s a good question. Well, just because the problem right now, right at that point in policy, already know that there isn’t, unless the bridge comes with this. The adequate sidewalk connecting to the sidewalk. When you couldn’t detour and go out to sunset, you’d have to only detour and go the opposite direction, which is super counterintuitive. Someone came up along the trail. So because we’re not even though I think triangle, we’re not going to build 40 feet of sidewalk with this bridge.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03
But it’s Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
what what triangle? Are you talking? So this is

Unknown Speaker 1:05:10
just called the sunset Boston Avenue

Unknown Speaker 1:05:13
and Rica, triangle, river no

Speaker 5 1:05:17
further to your left. I think that has not been annexed into the city. And sidewalks go but halfway. So just before you get to the entrance to Colorado materials, the sidewalks stop. They were built when this intersection was rebuilt like 15 years ago. But they don’t match up to the bridge with the idea that the bridge at some point was going to be renovated. This is a great flood. And so there’s this gap between them so that way you can prepare a detour. This one? Yeah. So even when it’s that part is done, you still can’t detour out to sunset, which is what people would think you want to notice in the direction of the green light.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:08
Yeah. Thanks for all the background on us. Yeah,

Speaker 5 1:06:12
certainly. This last meeting, yeah, we got a lot pulled together internal work groups, extra work groups, and we have pushed again.

Speaker 6 1:06:23
This is the sidewalk alone, price is lessened by ones and that’s what that’s what allows price views for the tourists and pylons as a sidewalk. And so if there are other options to install solar pylons and other sidewalks

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
exist, that that’s beyond the scope of what could be built this

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
reduction in the price Yeah, it stops

Unknown Speaker 1:06:58
Oh, it’s an obvious year.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
That where you work? And before that,

Speaker 6 1:07:28
I was just saying that the truck stops right here. And this is just pile on and saying this is a sidewalk? That was abuse for detour. Right? It’s no safer for right. Anything that you’re seeing right here? Yeah, it’s just that we’re saying someone’s going to be a producer will sort of walk around,

Speaker 9 1:07:44
and it may be in so here there. They made a comment that that’s the technical term, but it’s like a gutter between the parking lot and so they were really hesitant to encourage

Unknown Speaker 1:07:55
pedestrians. They’re very

Speaker 9 1:07:56
detailed and passionate, and they’ll appreciate it. Yeah, it’s like, a lot longer. And then the other day, I was gonna give whiskey, some sprinkles to start. It’s supposed to it’s supposed to come out this week. I tried to reach out to that project manager he was out today. But I did drive up there too. And I haven’t seen it yet. But it’s it’s starting this week. So but it’s essentially from what’s happening on the sixth all the way down to do past releases.

Speaker 5 1:08:35
That’s great. Yeah, we post it and we instantly got like five people who rode their bikes out like I don’t see anything like the week working on so

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
that’s pretty exciting. And he said that that will be completed in July you looked at

Speaker 6 1:08:58
one question, which is what’s the crossing like on camera point six by the reservoir?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:05
That I agree the crosswalk

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
or some crosswalk or that’s,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
I don’t know. I’d have to ask. I’d have to ask

Speaker 4 1:09:20
I wasn’t here at last month’s meeting but I just thank you very much for doing this really clear, like reply to Krabs questions and it’s very easy to understand and appreciate you reflecting what was asked and you know, show me how you addressed it that’s super helpful so.

Speaker 6 1:09:49
Covered up to my three question. No other one was last night. Last week we talked about union a potential closure from the E. coli testing. So we maybe it wasn’t right they were wasn’t it was a

Speaker 5 1:10:00
blip, we thought you couldn’t be a weather event, it could have been a as a bad lab result, particularly the next day, everything was back in line with that zero was zero the next day. So it could have been a winner. There could be something but again, we we dealt with a bad day, we probably did as much science as possible. It was, again, closer to the end of the season, it wasn’t a whole lot of impacted people. The beach is now closed.

Speaker 6 1:10:23
So my only question was, would that have had it not been a flipper that have been on website somewhere, I’d look the next day because I was going that weekend, we

Speaker 5 1:10:33
were watching because there’s a couple pieces there. You know, we work with the water quality people, the Rangers get information, we follow our intro, internal set of policies, and we close the beaches and stuff that information to the public. We had, it was a good reason for us to evaluate how we push information out to the public and we doesn’t fall on this really is we’ve send that off to them. And then they can put it as they see fit. So my recommendation is to put it out there immediately.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:04
But it wasn’t because it wasn’t a problem. It turned out not to be a problem.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:16
So it’s the same one.

Speaker 5 1:11:19
Same topic played somewhere else or experience over the weekend. And so a lot of people didn’t know that the hill was moving away. So we have a couple of dollars on the PR front. I know it’s an unofficial sledding. Some parents were really excited, because they got kids into like, burn or whatever that’s there, but but most were disappointed to know that it was gonna go now check that out. I thought there’s gonna be additional signage out there. Though it’s going away, there’s Sofia’s sign.

Speaker 9 1:12:04
And I don’t know, but I do know that the hills coming back is going to be replaced and then eventually the hill moves across the park.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:12
Yeah, the thing is that in kin

Speaker 5 1:12:16
universe, like that’s can probably be three winters between those two parents that they were going to, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:38
And Did, did Isaac Walton one

Speaker 5 1:12:41
ever get passed and says that it will get passed in q2. Pass sorry. Completion expected. It says in q2 on page nine. I’m assuming high test which we had some certification issue with like a sprinkler head or something. I’m not sure if a fracture or anything so

Speaker 4 1:13:13
kind of a different topic. I wanted to see if you could tell us more about the nature everywhere. application that Taylor

Unknown Speaker 1:13:25
included it’s on page 10.

Speaker 4 1:13:33
Building your team to develop a citywide outdoor equity addition. Wasn’t sure? Who runs the major everywhere program or what? It seems like it would be good for crap to know more.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:56

Speaker 5 1:13:57
I’m looking at here and it’s something that I’m not one things I love. Dr. Taylor. We started working together last year with authority Institute to do some more work up here. I’m not sure at this time to do this. But we have been trying to do more to tie it in. I’m happy to have Caleb, nice to talk about this program. But

Speaker 4 1:14:13
yeah, I just think that the city is contemplating an outdoor equity vision that’s related to recreation and open space and is proud of that and make sure we’re up to speed. You Yeah. I

Speaker 1 1:14:34
got one more thing probably for Ben. There’s the recreation revenue trends in 2023. On page 17. It’s this year that the current revenue project predictions for the year still finishing around more than 1 million which is a couple 100,000 over budget and revenue. So what are the implications of us being over budget?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:57
We’re, well that’s a good thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
When I saw revenue, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:06
That was it happened to the application.

Speaker 3 1:15:10
Slightly better, but it does. As we go forward and come around the budget, again, that allows us to have more flexibility potentially,

Speaker 2 1:15:19
to appropriate money in the future to bring some of that 1.1 million that was reduced during COVID. Right. So we’re slowly getting some of that money back. But we get we have to hit our revenue amounts. The other. The other challenge. And I don’t know, if you want to talk about is cost recovery by financial product policy is that at least a percent. For the proposed 24 budget, it’s only at about 71.5. So we would have to keep getting those revenue amounts up to start bouncing things back out. And it got skewed by COVID. And then the cost of doing business jumped up with the cost of salaries and wages that we haven’t ever caught up

Speaker 3 1:16:18
with. So that that decrease that fat, that we’re not a we’re actually operating at right about 80%. Right this minute. And we hope to finish the year like that. But the even the budgeted amount doesn’t put as a percent, we need to be at that view 80% plus, and then have the revenues also to allow for that appropriation ability, that flexibility level that we would actually become fairly accustomed to over all my time here. So there’s not available money, okay.

Speaker 1 1:16:57
doesn’t change anything for 2024 Or when not really a definite time?

Speaker 2 1:17:02
It’s too early too early? Yeah, there are a

Unknown Speaker 1:17:06
few things that

Speaker 3 1:17:07
depending on how we ended up the year, budget was very lean for recreation, Library and Museum. And there are a couple of things that we’d like to look at based on how we’re hoping that that flexibility that we end with a percent are a little better allows us to look at a couple of things actually have been able to do

Unknown Speaker 1:17:29
that. Thank you.

Speaker 3 1:17:33
It’s going in the right direction. It’s still wasting your

Unknown Speaker 1:17:42
your accuracy see anywhere in that same topic,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:50
nope. is on your previous one with the other one.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:54
Okay, why don’t we do that? And then is

Speaker 5 1:17:58
this really a question for this room where I started engaging with with Doran they were trying to figure out how to do more engagement within the county they were working mostly in Lafayette one and that was kind of next on the horizon. Did I get Thorin presented this group at any point so maybe that’s what I can see between Taylor that that may be something talking about what their next step was? Really just a few years as I’ve been involved that we really made that transition for Kayla’s gonna take picking up that work but it was a good conversation with one Institute about how they leave like to make law and law that I spot they bring their programs up to

Speaker 2 1:18:32
it just remember we have a history with Florida. Sandstone that always seems to get

Speaker 5 1:18:38
forgotten. Yeah. So they like to build on that to the You Approach conversations when we first started doing this.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:43
Yeah, that’d be great.

Speaker 4 1:18:47
So my question was just I didn’t see anything about that certain construction when will construction for ice start from

Unknown Speaker 1:18:57
in September,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:00
October 1 person

Speaker 2 1:19:04
which is your normal time. We will be hiring a new ice coordinator. Jean Scott who had been part of the ice rink since we opened is has is or has moved. And so she will not be using she

Speaker 10 1:19:24
may. She has now said she might couple weeks. Oh really? Nevermind

Unknown Speaker 1:19:36
Have you heard for peace in the building? Yes,

Speaker 3 1:19:39
but we were very. We were very comfortable with the staff that we had last year. So having her for a couple weeks that reveal to us for sure. Anything else The next step I just want to make sure everybody moves. Saturday we’re rhythm at Roosevelt festival. Two to 10 Come out any and all day. Weather Forecast right now looks really nice. So fingers crossed and up until the summer that never happened is has been upon us and continues to get lost but we think it’s gonna be a great day and I’m really excited. So hopefully, we’ll see all of you out there. I’ll be out there all day long.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:36
Shoot them. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:41
That’s a big difference here.

Speaker 3 1:20:45
It has been for Sam, who’s our event person she’s amazing. Incredible job. Really nice package for you people are gonna have a great time.

Speaker 2 1:21:01
The I just want to let everybody know that Angela Brill will be here next month. She is with Arden public places is one of the items we had on our calendar. We’re a couple months late but she will be here she’s confirmed

Speaker 5 1:21:28
I say 100 pages kind of overdo it, because you haven’t read those packets and see what it’s workgroups to begin with. If it’s Taylor in the volunteer group, Stephanie and her teammates, we really have a great team working right now. What they’re doing is amazing. The stuff we haven’t signed up to date so

Unknown Speaker 1:21:48
it’s been great didn’t really have a word Blizzard see stuff

Speaker 5 1:21:52
in there for years and it really is just been a response from council that we need more people to do these projects. Really great. was a

Speaker 9 1:22:00
perfect segue we didn’t even practice. So this is something we just finished so that

Unknown Speaker 1:22:06
I think is on that too. So

Speaker 9 1:22:09
we did some seeding just trying to create that with the development next door otherwise we would have a continuous drought can we reuse one of those bridges that have been stored this is a

Unknown Speaker 1:22:36
little different. So it’s going to take some time

Unknown Speaker 1:22:45
Green and

Speaker 3 1:22:53
I did have one of our recreation team next Monday to staff members and employee staff for the first time in years, years, five years. So hopefully that will for a couple of weeks. We also together very excited

Speaker 5 1:23:23
over this because Dr. waters here tonight the Philippines because we have some additional staff and still recognizing we can’t do everything we want to do is look in those partnerships. So the Rose Garden which has been something we’ve been striving with you build out your programs around it and still it we kind of went through an exercise and says was it really take to get the vote we want and we probably should have your kids 50 hours a week. And you know we have a staff person works 40 hours a week is leaving Roseville Thompson Collier Roosevelt it’s just not possible. So the volunteer has been great program that we’re meeting on Wednesday with some individuals from follow them to see if we will consider our partnership with another guy iconic business and see if we can do some work out there too.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:11
Any other items from the board?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:27
Meeting second

Unknown Speaker 1:24:35
All right.

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