Callahan House Advisory Board – September 2023

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Callahan House Advisory Board – September 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Okay. All right, nine o’clock. So let’s call order eight.

Speaker 1 0:15
Okay, is everybody have a chance to read the minutes? Oh, thank you, Cindy for taking the call. Sure. Has everybody had a chance to review those? Okay, do we have any change? I have a few changes. It’s very detailed with the changes. So do you want to start? It first?

Speaker 2 0:47
In this number two, in brackets, this is not sure what the change was. It was $10 per file, and two weeks. So do we need to go ahead and put that in there? It’s just $10 per file. Semicolon two weeks? That that was what the change was. Okay. Where are you? Number two? We’re in that bracket. It says Not sure if the change was. Oh, do we have to list? I don’t know why we put Masha with the change. Well, that was I think so I put it in. That was just just take out that

Unknown Speaker 1:29
they were corrected.

Unknown Speaker 1:35
Paragraph five of business a. Did you see question marks and kind of replaces

Unknown Speaker 1:43
me? Yeah, that’s a good thing. I just wasn’t sure.

Speaker 3 1:47
Yeah, I wasn’t sure if let’s see the temporary plus the plus and storm windows. Or as storm windows. I didn’t know at the time. And I got a little more detail from you when I went through the presentation. So I wasn’t quite sure. So worded the way you think it should be?

Speaker 2 2:05
Just remove installed windows with that question. Because the temporary Plexiglas was removed. Yeah, that’s really all there was.

Unknown Speaker 2:16
And then take up the

Unknown Speaker 2:16
question marks,

Speaker 2 2:17
well take out the installing Windows question, because it’s Plexiglas. But then, when you’re saying upstairs has been removed, windows are going are undergoing restoration, the question mark just appeared, there should be just a period there. But when we know that’s going restoration, is the library without stopping? It isn’t it is, is

Unknown Speaker 2:45
basic, basic sem rules, the

Unknown Speaker 2:47
basics, some of them

Unknown Speaker 2:51
some of the wounds to damage to and you

Unknown Speaker 2:55
didn’t know about left to be restored.

Speaker 2 2:57
Okay, so oral Windows is right. Just replaced that question mark. One thing that sort of, like bridges consistency purposes anywhere, but Karen Kay, make sure the period after for Karen are after. And that’s easy find to replace, in word if you just go find and replace and just just said that it’s consistent so that there’s no question. Was that a typo? Or,

Unknown Speaker 3:27
I’m sure was a typo.

Speaker 3 3:28
I was just a little man. It was me putting it in there. I’m sure it was titled and about 30? Because other places. Yeah. Because I meant to

Speaker 2 3:37
Yeah, so so it’s just music finding replace or find a replacement. For that, then you can ks and Karen hires just last,

Speaker 4 3:48
I guess initial along that line, section be under old business. I’m looking further down the line under Artwalk Openhouse. And I just happen to glance at my name on the last line. So I am officially Candice CMD is self I guess. Campus this idea, so we couldn’t lose.

Unknown Speaker 4:15

Speaker 3 4:19
So I know whether I should be taking the most copious notes and being careful who’s going to update it?

Speaker 5 4:27
I’m going to Okay. Great. will be the present house manager. She’s got the file. She makes sure it’s in the ADA compliant format and she’ll make the corrections. Okay, great. Thank you for doing that. Yeah, always a problem.

Speaker 1 4:48
I have one on B for Artwalk. Okay, whereas I guess that’s a little ID or golden one. It says both tabletop for the day. upstairs and display in full time, I think

Unknown Speaker 5:04
that doesn’t need to be in there at all.

Speaker 1 5:07
Just with securities, we at least equipped secured some floor resources what we did

Speaker 6 5:13
we didn’t secure tabletop we’ve had those forever. So I think we could just say has secured easels for maybe for the use

Unknown Speaker 5:21
artists in Recovery One word confusing,

Speaker 4 5:25
it was just unnecessary just strike something like that. I mean, it’s factual you know, just just going forward we don’t have to provide so much detail

Speaker 6 5:35
well that’s that I mean for the display the restoration project and full size therapies it was just more detail than we needed I think so but it’s now

Unknown Speaker 5:46

Speaker 6 6:01
the last paragraph on that page it just gives a lot of detail to that actually changed because people you know, where people are going to be for artwork a lot of that changes during our walk so I just think that paragraph isn’t really needed since none of it came to be you know, we changed people around

Speaker 3 6:22
and so maybe just say Anfernee provide additional logistics

Speaker 6 6:26
maybe that the other is good information but it changes so much during the actual video he didn’t list that

Speaker 2 6:41
it actually provides well that was done so that for future events can be repeated

Speaker 6 6:50
well that purpose not the names of whose password or that kind of stuff because it doesn’t change Yeah, I agree with you

Unknown Speaker 6:57
that sentence is good

Speaker 2 7:16
next item that I see is under CI three

Unknown Speaker 7:23
question of course, we were previous so we needed to scrap it

Speaker 3 7:33
Yeah, that was only a question to you guys. About whether something was right

Unknown Speaker 7:41
because it was it was the previous video

Speaker 2 7:51
and then I would say for in paragraph nine the future agenda items number four letter M. Club affairs is CLTV dash dash and fair so we need to be just didn’t know this the

Unknown Speaker 8:17
lowercase or

Unknown Speaker 8:19
uppercase so we’re having affairs from clubs and

Speaker 2 8:32
that’s just that’s actually the title. Hey

Speaker 1 8:43
I just have one thing and Kenny this is kind of up to you. But under items from the board. Item see. Is that too personal to do? Just that.

Unknown Speaker 8:54
Where are you? Yeah, I would say personnel from the board I see. I would Okay. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 9:09
Sir. Right. Under here economy, the

Speaker 6 9:11
board seat isn’t absence. Let her see.

Unknown Speaker 9:17
Thank you. Because all the

Speaker 2 9:19
time and energy. Yeah. That’s just the time of the meeting adjourned. And that’s just that’s just soon. If you look at the video, it’ll show it

Unknown Speaker 9:37
on my notes at the office.

Unknown Speaker 9:55
Right, thanks again. Can I can I

Speaker 4 10:06
move that we accept the minutes as amended all your second second as you will

Speaker 7 10:21
we had to lose candy I have to say I really appreciate what you do after that’s all approved

Speaker 1 10:34
Okay, motion passed okay we’ve had no public today discuss items for patio so we already discussed

Unknown Speaker 10:52
or after

Speaker 1 10:53
any comments on the photos test other than that

Unknown Speaker 10:57
they look the pages great thank you for doing

Unknown Speaker 11:02
yeah there’s a lot more goes to

Speaker 5 11:09
yeah I really liked how did you store my dough in place turned out because they made a slight slight change that made the storm window just like so much more neat and put together there wasn’t obvious changes in elevation yeah as you went around the window and just think it looks so so sweet.

Unknown Speaker 11:30
And the dark green really is a nice accent

Speaker 8 11:35
to start where does all have a little bit elation system as well so that the original glass doesn’t get overheated or weathering so it’s really cool if

Unknown Speaker 11:45
you go take a walk

Speaker 8 11:48
and even with the one that’s still missing just seeing that next to the ones that have been done is really great before and after comparison so that that good but it’s so it’s actually kind of nice to see right now so you can really tell the difference so exciting. I do like the email blasts well done

Speaker 8 12:20
thank ya so yeah, that’s I mean, we got 20 new signups are at work so just send these out whenever we have events and things going on and yes,

Speaker 1 12:36
I like it because you don’t have to look otherwise I was going online sometimes the I didn’t have all the right places earmarked so yeah, I see this and then I found one so this is the liberty of

Speaker 8 12:47
signing up so and with the donate button at the bottom there and that’s how we got our first online donation completely unsolicited

Speaker 3 13:00
question I know that the paint chips were analyzed and so on, and that the colors of that 1906 Or whatever the significant time period so does that mean that all these things that are green now were left? Were not green for

Unknown Speaker 13:19
decades? They’ve been they’ve been different colors

Unknown Speaker 13:24
over time. Yeah, they love orange. Orange Yeah,

Speaker 3 13:30
so it’s possible they were green along the way but it might be the first time that it’s this will be like the 1906 Since then,

Unknown Speaker 13:39
we couldn’t say for sure what I was trying to say earlier yeah a

Unknown Speaker 13:46
significant period of

Speaker 9 13:49
probably color since that okay

Speaker 2 13:56
you don’t have you don’t have the report for football it’s an electronic

Unknown Speaker 14:05
format so yes,

Speaker 2 14:06
it can be emailed to you and then you can open it up and maybe you’ll see the pictures of the like I call it Christmas candy ribbon you know

Unknown Speaker 14:16
the white and the red say just paint it over

Speaker 2 14:20
you know the layer after layer after layer of paint Yeah, you don’t have that down look at it. I bet it was from before we were Yeah. Can we make sure yeah, I we

Unknown Speaker 14:41
kind of dry but it has

Unknown Speaker 14:44
the pitch. Picture stay alive. Yeah.

Speaker 8 14:52
Everybody else? Sure. Good practice. At the end of the pictures of the process was, yeah, that’s not really heard it didn’t make it into the packet because it was I was waiting on some things. And it did make more time. So yeah, everybody does, I think we’ll discuss that during I don’t use out.

Speaker 1 15:18
Okay then. So we discussed the packet, any other comments on the packet? Okay, we’ll move on to old business, the first item is status of the SH F grant project.

Speaker 8 15:36
So that’s kind of checked out with the windows as well. But I think everything is about done the library window, we’re still waiting, it’s being restored off site by kind of a third party the Empire is working with on our behalf. So not real sure about timeline for that maybe and October ish, or at least by then a little bit for them to get that back. And then they’ll still need to finish the painting when someone goes in place. So that’s the main thing that we’re waiting on, say the front gates put back on class. Oh, yeah. So there was a little bit of damage to the concrete on itself walk here during the restoration project. So and hire somebody to prepare that for us. sort of accident on their part, but they’re going to repair that. So happening, think that about completes the actual grant project. But then Empire is going to be doing some additional work for us in the house. Things like this upstairs lamp in the burgundy room. And some some things interior things that we’ve done day, she we’re here, Monday, these things over and working on the lamp in the front room and things like that. So and that is aside from the actual SHF fun to kind of continuing things. So you

Speaker 4 17:05
see working on the lamp in the front. Yeah.

Speaker 8 17:10
Sorry, yeah, the light fixture and a friend just some things like that around, they’re going to be working on, they’re also going to be helping us with the upstairs wall. So our facilities team is going to be hanging the escalator here. But paying the paying system for the house manager future project, and then Empire is going to be refinishing that wall and painting good hanging stuff and whatnot after so. So some interior, a little interior things like that, that they’re going to be doing for us. But and again, that’s aside from the actual project. Is your system in place before the activity? But yeah, actually, they’re working on right now. But the wall behind it, something nearly finished until after that time. So I think most of that extra intuitive work is gonna be taking place in October. Yeah, but grant projects were just mostly waiting on the completion of the library window.

Speaker 2 18:20
They’re, they’re not replacing political class.

Unknown Speaker 18:23
They’re restoring Okay,

Speaker 2 18:26
yeah. Really critical. Easier. They better not be replacing those pieces of class.

Speaker 6 18:32
No, they’re restoring all that. Just re re let it just take

Unknown Speaker 18:35
it apart. You know,

Speaker 8 18:38
we are storing the frame. Yeah. That one just replacing

Speaker 6 18:42
the last date it was in it would be difficult for them to so it’d be the cheapest thing for them

Unknown Speaker 18:47
to do is just repair it. Yeah, all of the glass cases aren’t in

Speaker 2 18:50
Tabriz. Interesting. It’s not what happened with flat one in the library, which is why I’m being very specific and asking us because they did use new material to replace the old material in the flat glass in the library, and I did not want that to happen again.

Unknown Speaker 19:06
Yeah, there sorry. Yeah, that’s all I got for the record. Okay.

Speaker 1 19:13
Let’s move on. Any questions? Sorry. Let’s move on to artwork.

Speaker 8 19:21
Yeah, we had 241 Total visitors. And we got $31 in cash donations, and 20 new email signups and overall everything was a success. It was really nice and the weather held out and go artists had a good time. They all sold something. So either guys my son got COVID So

Unknown Speaker 19:53
yeah, I’m really sorry. Yeah, it was great.

Speaker 3 19:57
I enjoyed Notice I was almost here for for two hours early because I on my calendar, Google Calendar, I still marked the full event. And I ignored whatever I put in the minutes

Speaker 8 20:25
oh, well, it turned out well, you hear that a lot people visit the bride’s room. She’s talking about grand project here Yeah. So people like every time I was just like,

Speaker 2 20:38
yeah. Oh, my goodness. Everyone’s questions and it was that was good.

Unknown Speaker 20:46
So I took some snapshots and I think you

Speaker 2 20:53
did We did you sell any of the books sold book? To somebody specifically?

Speaker 8 21:00
Yeah. Yeah. So so that’s good to

Unknown Speaker 21:07
use a credit card

Speaker 3 21:14
I was gonna say I thought it was interesting. That the artist outside of the what would you call that round thing? They when they will? Well, Kenny, it was. Yeah, I mean, that he that had been painted. Yeah. Yeah, and his painting showed that not that coat with a tan. Yeah, so then his prints colored in green.

Speaker 8 21:49
Before I did the library window and on Saturday

Unknown Speaker 21:55
I was like, oh, everyone should have

Speaker 8 21:59
but it actually did it’d be a great story and I think he saw some of those because he kind of told people so

Speaker 1 22:10
we had another artist asked if she could go outside a job in the parlor and so she was invited back next year. We might talk to see about because the outside works really nice. As long as the weather’s good

Speaker 8 22:23
there was room to have right yeah other hands figured out maybe some lighting on that back end yeah the last 30 minutes got pretty dark but I mean there’s there’s room for another the music

Unknown Speaker 22:35
was powerful Yeah.

Speaker 2 22:39
For almost any artist and he provided that to read through I will try you out for

Speaker 6 22:44
yeah okay because Yeah, he definitely some mana come back. Nice to read advice back again. Yeah.

Speaker 8 22:49
So it’s like a feedback from the artists we learned we asked for that. I don’t know. That would be good. Yeah, vendor markets that I’ve read in the past few really send out

Speaker 1 23:01
kind of a feedback form I know once I call the second year

Unknown Speaker 23:05
they’re outside to get home

Unknown Speaker 23:10
so is that some contact information you share with Brittany so she can get a

Speaker 2 23:19
One quick last question about Greg can we invite him to come back to the house to take a look at the completion

Speaker 5 23:35
yeah she set up all of the meetings been on site you absolutely so so she’s she’s been in contact with Kevin a lot and already know she’s on site whenever there’s a meeting with a contractor

Speaker 2 23:58
All right, that’s great. I just thought because we were not included in that so I did not know how to make sure and see and then

Unknown Speaker 24:18
to this making sure that it’s any other comments that are off Okay, let’s move along to news releases for grant projects.

Speaker 8 24:35
news release has been it’s in the final draft form we’re basically just waiting for the decided to wait until the project is fully complete. So once the windows back in once the sidewalk is finish gates are back on that will send the news release. It’s basically ready to go so

Speaker 2 24:55
we do that are you by intense called coming up take photos? Yes, we haven’t

Speaker 8 24:59
had to a photographer as well. So yeah, depending on the time of year, want to send it out in connection with the time where people can come see the project, or most of it is exterior, so they can kind of visit the gardens at any time. But so it may be the time to send in conjunction to invite people during the holiday open houses or whenever anybody, if not might do a couple of hours of like, open house time, when I’m just here during the weeks to Pepsi or whatever. But I wanted to have it in conjunction with the time where people can come in and see come and see. Yeah, so look, it is

Unknown Speaker 25:39
December 1 week of December.

Speaker 8 25:42
Yeah, it’s much earlier than that. I could put some additional time on it. Because I just if I’m here, people can come through the house and whatnot. But But yeah, just waiting for the final completion. And then that’s

Speaker 2 25:53
all we’re doing now. So what can we see? Happening coordinating? Can you particularly

Speaker 8 26:02
Yeah, sure. Just to make sure we’re gonna be stated. Yes.

Speaker 1 26:09
Oh, yeah. What question how this jumps back a little bit to the email blasts to send Yeah. When it comes time for Christmas, and they have to we’re gonna do the reservations probably, again this year, not America. Well, that’d be in like November news blast at times, you know, the information that they need

Speaker 5 26:25
to for constant contact. But for recreation that goes so hustle to separate, you

Unknown Speaker 26:29
got to think she’s talking about the one that we’ve put

Speaker 1 26:31
together for just that river. Yeah, for the people who want to, you know, get reservations for the Christmas, little gimmick, or whatever. Yeah,

Speaker 8 26:39
I mean, we’re basically sending that kind of stuff out in all formats that we can. So there’s the recreation like Constant Contact. And now, the one that was in the packet is a brand new Callahan, although you Constant Contact, and various other avenues throughout the city to let people know when it’s time to register, and that those events are taking place.

Unknown Speaker 26:59
And always a constant contact is also an email.

Speaker 5 27:02
It is yeah. Oh, it’s a recreation one. It goes out every Thursday around 11am. So

Unknown Speaker 27:13
go to the recreation site and sign up for

Speaker 8 27:16
the link for that, right. Yeah, I can send a link to everybody. I’d like it.

Unknown Speaker 27:28
Okay, now we can

Speaker 2 27:31
fall to October 1, two, four, here. So these will be finalized on September 26, or 22nd. Sorry. And so at that time, those numbers are cut wood to marine and to Brittany. And I don’t have dates or marine about the selection beverage plan. Yeah, she’s supposed to be cooking or doing the food preparation here.

Speaker 8 28:02
Yeah, kitchen the last meeting we discussed that. Someone would form a committee to decide what the menu was going to be.

Speaker 2 28:12
Worrying probably would have been one to leave that.

Speaker 8 28:15
Yeah. As I said, you’re chatting about it, but I don’t I don’t have any Okay, I’ll reach out to marine and ask for that gets finalized because we’re in Rishikesh wherever the meeting again before that mutiny. So

Speaker 2 28:30
what I’m doing is putting together the flashcards last year, so when I’m in

Unknown Speaker 28:42
September, did you say your RSVPs?

Speaker 2 28:55
Yeah. And I’m going to send a confirmation out. I’m gonna send one more one email. Today I was thinking today, because it’s next Friday, that is the RSVP request deadline. And so just as a reminder for anyone who hadn’t yet RSVP to please just

Speaker 2 29:24
responded that in an email to those who haven’t seen we’re looking forward to seeing if you’re planning to bring a guest and they’re absent

Speaker 8 29:41
is anyone interested specifically in assisting marine and some kind of a committee for the menu because I can let her know to reach out?

Unknown Speaker 29:48
I think you’re ready whatsoever. It was listen. That was

Unknown Speaker 29:55
I thought there was but I guess unless this parenting marine

Speaker 8 30:05
I’ll reach out to marine and we’ll Yeah. Okay. Any other details for that other than what’s being served beforehand?

Unknown Speaker 30:19
Help us set up or

Unknown Speaker 30:23
I need to know what we want to set up to be?

Speaker 2 30:25
Well, then I can contact you in 20 seconds, then maybe we can connect to that. Okay. Okay. All right. Thank you.

Speaker 1 30:37
Anything else on the faulty? Alright, let’s move on to donations and contributions.

Speaker 8 30:43
I don’t have a major update on that. Basically, we’re going through the process of editing that within the city for final acceptance, so that we can move forward with it. So that’s how we know it’s editing, I need to work on some edits from some feedback that I received from within the city and send it back again for another review for final approval. But donations are up and running on website. the donate button is going out with the emails worked. That is

Unknown Speaker 31:28
definitely a seven reaction. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:30
So we’re getting there. Thank you.

Speaker 2 31:36
Digitize to scrapbook. So you got some information about some departments within city that have? Yeah, they can how we can get some help. Yes, yeah. City resources to get this project done.

Speaker 8 31:53
Yeah, hopefully. So that’s what we needed those physically so that they could take a look and see if the potential resources within the city could be used to help us with that project. So hopefully, that will be the case. If not, we’ll go to whatever plan B is and then go from there. But so yeah, so we’ve got those here, taken care of for bringing those and we’ll get some people over to take a look and see how to move forward. But the word will still be very much involved, you know, in that project, actually, yeah. Doing as a project here at the house scanning pages and whatever.

Speaker 2 32:31
can be very much like what Eric would do over an archive. Museum. Yeah. So that’s going to be really important that

Speaker 8 32:39
yes, any anybody who wants to be involved in that we’ll still be involved in we just need to get those city folks over here that how we might be able to do it within the city and confirm that physically with the scrapbooks. And then we’ll go from there.

Speaker 1 32:56
Once this is completed, but what is the then with the scrapbooks? Are they going to be kept at the museum or?

Speaker 8 33:06
I believe they should be kept here at Callahan house? Okay. I just want to

Unknown Speaker 33:09
Yeah, they’re still fragile. Right? If they go to the museum or the archives be there. Yes. We won’t get out. They belong. Yeah. But there is a lot of stuff already there. I believe.

Speaker 2 33:25
Their, their, their history and their files? Yes. They can use their including photos, negatives, or documents. That yes, there’s that account

Unknown Speaker 33:42
after they were digitized, safekeeping place,

Unknown Speaker 33:45
where are they like,

Speaker 1 33:47
in the right kind of atmosphere? You know, where the Yeah, I mean, it’s pretty cool. Well, what

Unknown Speaker 33:57
is the opinion of where they should be? Cargo?

Speaker 1 34:03
Yeah, that’s maybe another time we haven’t talked digitized yet. So what’s next?

Speaker 2 34:09
I think once we got to digitizing, I think that the number of board members can probably say, you know, this document might be best held at the museum archives, no copy of it can stay here, scrapbook. The original as scanned in a photograph can be on the online. But I know for sure when one piece of documentation automatically comes to mind is this signed in list? It’s several pages, and it’s in pencil. Everyone who signed in to come to Callahan house the first time they open it up that to all of the community and said we’re going to have this venue for the ladies clubs. And come on see the house. Everybody’s handwritten signature. It’s So that is my document, I would say. 30s It was 1938. It was 1938. So I find all this fun thing. So that is one that I would say right off the bat. There are going to be some others that I would say you have to go to. But again, I think it should be board members all together saying, yes, let’s let’s ask to submit this to the museum archives and keep copy with us. But of course, the original probably expanded. First. There are some things that

Speaker 1 35:35
should come. All right, so that’s all business any, we just give us a bunch of new business? And the first thing is the 2024. Flower order in the grounds plan. I haven’t worked on it. I don’t know if Dan has anything to add as far as when we need to get the

Unknown Speaker 35:58
order in before November. Right. I don’t know. I think I think what soars

Unknown Speaker 36:05

Unknown Speaker 36:07
but November will not be too late.

Speaker 2 36:10
I was just wondering when is the deadline by which to make sure we can get our order? Just

Speaker 8 36:16
take it. I can ask for a specific date, or? Yes, got it? Or to let them know that we have to have like for who haven’t seen it that by and who do we give this order

Unknown Speaker 36:27

Speaker 8 36:28
To me, I won’t get its perks. But I would love your input everybody’s input on I have some ideas myself after having been here for the last half of the summer. But yeah, I would definitely love some help in putting that together.

Unknown Speaker 36:43
Anybody who wants to help with that? Yeah,

Speaker 8 36:45
that’d be a committee mission? Or

Speaker 2 36:48
can you put it out? Can you send out an email to the board and just say, so and I plan to work on this such and such day and time to cry if you’re able to join us?

Unknown Speaker 36:58
Okay, can I make it an open invitation? Great. Okay. Very good. All right, because everybody has some good ideas somewhere.

Unknown Speaker 37:07
Okay, great.

Unknown Speaker 37:16
All right. Moving on into the PTO Founders Day Program.

Speaker 2 37:23
I guess that will be because it’s between me and Maureen. Brittany introduced us to EDK. And then we coordinated a day in time with her, she would like us to come to the church of the Methodist Church, and to show us the area where they’re going with me so that we understand how many and just how the room setup is going to be and ask her what specifically if there’s anything particular she’d like us to address regarding the calendar? Because I know, I know, in particular that I can address that there was a PEO chapter that met here from the very beginning. So I will talk to you about that. How would you

Unknown Speaker 38:14
like me

Speaker 2 38:16
to expand on that. So we’re going to meet with her on the 20th at the church, and she has a little competency to share with her the Commission asked her how she’d like us to prepare the presentation. So that then we can come back to the board and say, Okay, here’s what they’re asking for and about what the presentation will be about and the length and that it is actually going to be. And so they’ll bring it back to the board and say here’s kind of what the plan is and make sure seems okay

Speaker 4 38:53
with everybody on board. So that’s what she wants us a presentation about cabin house

Unknown Speaker 39:04
sounds great

Speaker 2 39:04
course, which I think is so special, because yeah, they were one of the original clubs,

Unknown Speaker 39:10
even there. So the reading and analysis part of it

Speaker 1 39:17
especially, alright. Okay, let’s move on and talk about the holiday open house and decree. I think we already have some dates set for that.

Speaker 8 39:27
Yeah. And I had some questions. But I said December 1 Is the santur open house for security, the contact information for Santos so

Speaker 8 39:45
so I reached out to him and he’s on board. Same thing we had last year. So for for this year for December 1 So that was great. He did mention to me that there was some discussion last year about having a second date, and I didn’t know if that meant for how They decided to open house and then just a regular stage open houses reservation reservation, the regular Open House is for all ages to come and see the house decorated for the holidays. And that was just a regular open house. I don’t know if that constituted the two events or work we were talking about Tuesday, I

Speaker 2 40:21
think the only reason to Santa’s days came up was the demand for it in the past two years. So is that what we want?

Speaker 8 40:34
Yeah, well, he said that he was available for I believe it was a date at the very end of November, which makes sense if the next one is on the first, if that is of interest. And so he was also going to I don’t know the details of how that functioned before we can do it this year. But he was gonna come to the house at some point and meet and kind of talk about what we did last year and see what we want to do this year. And, you know, I imagine it’s fairly straightforward. But reservations will open up in mid November, potentially, maybe first or second week, this year if we’re having another date in November. But that was what I wanted to confirm as if we wanted to Saturdays and then a regular open house. Well, that was the other question. Historically, the board helps decorate the holidays, Mission love. So I also wanted to kind of get a time potentially ironed out for that. If we can send that now or we could send

Speaker 2 41:41
them the October meeting because the public hearing and the President and everyone should just know and bring your calendar for November because this is a show we’re going to be looking at

Unknown Speaker 41:52
early to mid November decorating to decorate. No. Unfortunate.

Unknown Speaker 42:01
Yeah. Anytime after the 15th. Yes, yes. So there wouldn’t be a calendar. Schedule.

Speaker 8 42:14
Okay, but we are interested in having a second. Santos.

Speaker 4 42:18
I have a question about that. Yeah. Yeah. When we didn’t have reservations for Santa. We were swamped. So if it ends up being a second date with him without reservations. Well, that same thing happened. I think the second date would still be that’s my question. Yeah.

Speaker 8 42:40
I think they both were really reservations. The one that wouldn’t be would be just the general open house. It’s entrance not

Unknown Speaker 42:47
to come see the hall.

Unknown Speaker 42:49
Yeah. So he’s willing to do to reservation days.

Speaker 1 42:55
Yeah. And then we’re going to have three in addition to always at least threes in December. That would be three. Well,

Speaker 8 43:01
he was talking about a very late November for a second Saturday. And this isn’t something that we need to do. We don’t need to do the second thing after

Speaker 4 43:13
the next weekend for for recreation. Tober. Yeah,

Speaker 1 43:17
let’s having it in November would collide with thanksgiving for a lot

Unknown Speaker 43:23
of people maybe even thinking about. It would be after Thanksgiving.

Speaker 9 43:29
If we want to do it, it will be full. It’s you want to take on another night of commitment. And for that

Speaker 2 43:36
reason we table this to talk about it next month, because yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:41
He’ll get booked up. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 43:44
my God. Was this paid about last year? No. But he is paid. Right? Yeah. How much is he paid? A lot.

Unknown Speaker 43:54
Do we have the funds to pay?

Unknown Speaker 43:59
Yeah, the big picture.

Speaker 2 44:03
Can you expand a little bit on on the how he’s used at the recreation center, and so that maybe if we can’t do two lights, okay. Friday night, it’s like sandals workshop right inside the

Unknown Speaker 44:16
standard line. Okay, because I’m just trying

Speaker 2 44:20
to think, I mean, if we’re not going to have the two days then at least, you know, for anybody who’s who’s walking or upset because they did not get a reservation here than at least we can say you will be so

Speaker 2 44:42
sorry, and not have something saying sorry. There isn’t an opportunity to go here.

Unknown Speaker 44:48
There’s lots of places so I’m going to Southwood thing, just lunch one day. That keeps it special. Each year do too many of them is service So now that

Speaker 2 45:00
we want to lengthen the hours, just a little, the

Speaker 8 45:05
hours are set. And there was some various hours out there. So we basically set a period of time, which is a little bit like then to accommodate all of those hours that are already out there. Well. I’m happy meeting with Yes. And I just want to say 30 to 730, or something I’ll confirm next month, but it’s something like that. And it’s a little bit expanded from the year prior. So that’s good. Yeah, so I think it makes sense. Just one, one, Santo, or holiday.

Speaker 2 45:39
Yeah, there is no change at all, we do just that we’ve had the date set on the calendar year. So there’s no change.

Unknown Speaker 45:48
Early date, we need to do some decorating or wait till we have

Speaker 1 45:53
to let them know that we’re good with the one day. Okay. Thank you. All right. That was just another seven items from staff. Does anybody have anything special?

Speaker 8 46:08
Yes. If that’s okay, I’ve seen well, okay, I think so for the upstairs closet, this is a historic looking replacement that I found, looked through a lot of options, not a lot of companies out there that do these separate hot and cold, it’s obviously a very historic style. So now that options out there, this one has been, I’m gonna say confirmed, but it’s gone through facilities to say that they think it will work. And they can really confirm it until it’s in hand. But the other feature that I wanted to make sure so this mean wanted to take a look upstairs. And actually I meant to bring the old ones down here with me, but you can see they’re very similar. This has the hot and cold same as the tub in that room. And the other thing that I wanted to make sure was that this outreach was decent, the ones that are there now are a little bit kind of close to the edge there. So they’re forced outreach. But I think this is a good option to move forward with and this is probably what will go in anybody has any major concerns but aesthetically, it’s very similar to what we had and I think we’re well in that space so I’m not sure we will have to use a plumber to install these so that’s an extra cost on facilities facilities is not able to do it for us but

Speaker 2 47:47
so I have a very good reasonable charging local plumber

Speaker 8 47:54
we need Okay, well I called one that the city you know already contracts with and they give us a price and then also very available timeline wise it should be a fairly simple process and they pretty much do it yourself now what are we doing with the original pictures? They’re sitting in my office right now and unknown and safe location i Are they I don’t think they’re the actual original original features we can look at the picture okay. But anyway, I have them they’re safe in a box but in terms of what we want to do with them moving forward so this is a good option Sure.

Unknown Speaker 48:42
Things need to be replaced sometimes they

Speaker 8 48:44
were out so yeah, I mean they tried to repair the ones that were there and were able to so then put in a reasonable replacement

Unknown Speaker 48:58
that was all I have well I think

Speaker 9 49:03
the hangar upstairs so so we met with Kevin up there the contractor from Empire that talked about how we might do that. And then we met with Cameron from facilities and I think we came up with a really, really good solution because putting any sort of wall holes into the walls is something want to try to minimize but once you know for putting up a system something has to hold it. So the rail that’s up there is not suitable to take that so what we came up with in the end was to put a piece of a piece of wood above the ground directly on top of it that we can attach. Now attach the hangers because we only have to put we can find the studs proper and put that in then we can attach the P of the thing itself to this piece of wood and then the piece of wood will be painted on the wall always repeated payment so that it will fade right. And it’s above that rail. So I think it’s a really good option. I think we really came up with a good solution to figure out a way to get that up to minimize the the effect on the wall because any increase anybody else check put a hole into the plaster walls.

Speaker 2 50:21
And there won’t be any pressure on the existing historic rail that’s

Unknown Speaker 50:25
totally put the piece of wood there. It’s actually up to the to the studs,

Speaker 8 50:31
it brings it out far enough so that the wires aren’t

Speaker 9 50:37
around. Yeah. And that was another pieces we wanted to have it so when that thing attaches to a hang straight down over that piece of railings, what and then the hanger goes on? Yep, it’s going to be them. Really? No.

Unknown Speaker 50:54
The ball still in

Speaker 2 50:57
their museum quality. It’s a museum quality system. And we’re not talking about chain settings. It’s more like a wire. Yeah.

Speaker 6 51:11
I know, I’m aware of what they have. I’m just saying they’re going to be out an inch from the wall and they’re going to be somebody walks by fast.

Unknown Speaker 51:19
Otherwise, you’d have something’s gonna scratch the wall there.

Speaker 2 51:22
After the meeting, I go up and take a look. Because then that way I can see do I need to put Phil’s ports on the backs of the frames?

Unknown Speaker 51:33
Those cushions

Unknown Speaker 51:34
will be up today.

Speaker 2 51:36
But yeah, at least I’ll get an idea of what we’re talking about. It makes sense. Yes, so called

Speaker 6 51:45
golfers they call for your cabinet doors and sticks. Some of them

Speaker 2 51:51
are felt felt to be different thicknesses. And

Speaker 9 51:54
that’s why it was all circumstances want something like that? In my opinion.

Unknown Speaker 52:05
Thank you. Yes,

Speaker 8 52:08
I do actually have one more update from staff. So we are looking, it’s almost fall and we’re looking towards next year for clubs and programming and the private rentals. So briefly looking at kind of revamping our event, rental package and processes to kind of streamline things since we are a venue we want to work as a venue and less as a more involved wedding planning service. So some things that we’re going to be changing around is the rentals of tables, linens, dish work, things like that actually be done through repeaters, which is very standard. In fact, all the caterers do deals directly with all of their other venues except for Callahan house. So we’re going to be letting them take that makeover actually makes the process very streamlined for everyone. And maybe easier for them. So with that being said, we want to look at raising our rental rates a little bit, we still want to be obviously very accessible for everyone in the community. But still, you know, make sure that we’re not cheap. To be accessible, we’re not cheap. So looking at raising the hourly rates, and being revamping our package of what we offer and being more of a specific radio straight, operate as a venue and not as a wedding planning service. So I’m going to be putting together some information based on market rates, other venues in the area, what we’re passing off giving the right tools to the caterers and put together some, some new rates, and probably have that available for the October meeting. In addition to that, for clubs, as you probably we have not raised club rates from the 16. Inflation. It’s kind of Yeah, and obviously, we want to still provide this for clubs and taking a very nominal raise right now it’s $12, a person for clubs. It seems like over the years, whenever it’s been raised, it’s been raised by about $2. So I was thinking maybe raising to $14 for clubs for next year. And having them pay an upfront fee at the beginning of the year, rather than a five meeting fee. Most of the clubs do that anyway, it’s easier for them to for us. And the purpose of all this is just like these are gonna be nominal raises, really, we still want to be very accessible for our clubs and everybody in our community, but just to make sure that our overhead is covered and we’re still, you know, providing this service but making sure that we’re getting what we need to continue proper functioning moving forward. So, so that’s

Speaker 1 54:59
a year to $14 a year per person or per set for

Speaker 8 55:02
me, so $14 per person to meet monthly or double to meet bi monthly,

Speaker 1 55:10
which is how it says a month. Okay? Yeah,

Speaker 8 55:13
so $14 per person is the annual rate to meet once a month.

Unknown Speaker 55:17
With it, they only pay $14 a year, or $10 a year 20. That’s a nice round.

Speaker 2 55:28
You have some older women in the bridge.

Speaker 8 55:34
There, their use of the house is really pretty limited. I mean, I’m here they in most cases, we do have the Wednesday night clubs as the only ones that really need additional staffing. They they’re not using like in the past, clubs have been provided food and drink and all of these things. They’re not really using much of our resources any longer. The most that we put out is some water and sometimes some linens that

Unknown Speaker 56:00
I was just thinking it’s a round number, it’s in front

Speaker 8 56:03
of you. That’s pretty much what we want to be in pretty nominal. I think that would be a pretty I think we could talk about 15 Maybe, but I think

Speaker 9 56:13
we try to do. So in recreation, we do try to raise fees when necessary is necessary around right now. But we try to stick around between the five and 10% at a given time. So the impact is a little smaller. So I wouldn’t say look at $2 now and then in a couple of years probably look at another increase. That’s bring in is it doesn’t mean

Speaker 2 56:42
we have to keep in mind that this house and the purpose, right? And while recreation does what that they need to do this entirely a different operation than a historic home. This house to the city. So I think smaller, increases

Unknown Speaker 57:00
its cost of operations.

Speaker 2 57:04
That should be increased. Reasonable increase, yeah. Justify questions with regard to how? Yes, it is. But it is a historic venue. So with regard to set up tables and chairs and things, by any caterer, is that going to be supervised by housecats so that we can ensure that like we all know, accidents happen and things happen when staffers of companies are doing job and don’t realize the historic nature of venue that they’re currently spending. So there’s the difference between the venue and

Speaker 8 57:56
historic venue, right? So the caterers that we work with now we have pre qualified caterers and they’re both fantastic. They very much understand the historic nature of Callahan house, and they’re the one I mean, Peters do this. Now, that’s just kind of how that functions. And so heaters have insurance. And we also clients pay a security deposit. If they use our pre qualified caterers, their deposit is lower. If they use other caterers, it’s higher. So the caterers are like, so peers we work with now are great about that. They really understand Callahan house, and they’ve actually been making a lot of exceptions for us. And I want to make it easier for all of us to work together moving forward. So we are also talking about opening up a request for quotes to open up our expand our pre qualified caterers. So I think that would all be very detail details given to these folks about what it takes to work with accounting analysis. And there are other venues like this that these folks work with, they understand the historic nature of a special place like this. So but yes, there’s always also accounting staff on site to usually me to kind of oversee all those operations from our vendors,

Speaker 5 59:19
that I can adjust the time that they spend where we’d like to have five more people fail, Brittany, and then Greg knuckles. All events, we need five more chairs, like seven more chairs, you know, so just cutting

Unknown Speaker 59:32
out that piece. Yeah,

Speaker 2 59:34
I will say about the water. A lot of times. I like the caterers that houses or lists have insurance. And as you said, the one when there are events that people don’t choose to use our preferred pairs while they’re paying a deposit. I’m wondering if we can change this up a little bit to instead require that Okay, venue insurance. Basically, it happens when you rent, rental property. When you go stay somewhere you have to pay. They require, you have to pay this insurance,

Speaker 8 1:00:12
all of the carriers have insurance, whether they’re qualified or not okay, as part of their operations.

Speaker 2 1:00:20
But anyone that’s the guests are bringing in to cater or to serve their event. They have it

Speaker 8 1:00:28
all. Yeah, as part of catering operations in general, they’re going to have insurance. Plus the deposit for the client is paying, which probably need to raise also as part of this package revamp. Yeah. And it’s rare that people are using peers that are not part of our pre qualified set, and we’re gonna be opening that up and making that, you know, have more options there. So I think, yeah, that’s all gonna

Speaker 2 1:00:57
work. Well, whenever there’s caterers in the house, there’s insurance. Yes. Okay.

Speaker 9 1:01:05
city doesn’t work with any contractors have insurance, insurance? Certainly.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
So October

Unknown Speaker 1:01:23
it’s setting up the house.

Speaker 9 1:01:35
So it’s a good question. Yeah. Frankly, I mean, it’s much nicer but no different than we were doing it safely and getting chicken and stuff for you. Same sort of thing that’s covered on your insurance.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:57
As we will be, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:02
Okay, anything else from the staff? Items from the board, anybody

Speaker 2 1:02:09
have a place to share? History Colorado is having their it’s part of their series. It’s kind of new around celebrate Women’s History around the league of old women change history series. There are three events coming up if you’re interested. One is September 27. And these are all in history, Colorado, in downtown Denver. The second one, which is actually sold out, unfortunately, that’s October 12. But the third, final one this year is the symposium and it’s called undergarments revealing the past. Anyway, it’s a full day optionals kind of thing. But you don’t have to purchase tickets if you want to go the tickets for that day of $35. It does include lunch, it goes from 830 to four. I don’t know if anyone’s interested in going something like that. But I’m because they’re going to have several speakers and several different, you know, information. breakouts regarding history and women in history and so on. They do some really wonderful programming, at least this is specific to women. It’s kind of a very cool thing. So let me know if you have some closing date is November 18. Saturday

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
and September 27. We’ll see you then.

Speaker 2 1:03:40
September 27 is Susan Johnson and Charlene Garcia’s a Wednesday at 7pm.

Speaker 1 1:03:55
Thank you. And one thing I’d like to bring up from the board is just planning for next year and we’re talking about the garden but some of the major work that needs to be done out there. How can we get that on the schedule somewhere like the actual turf needs some repairs? Oh yeah, I

Speaker 8 1:04:13
don’t think this was shared. But for April in May, we’re gonna be close to private events because they’re gonna be leveling. Okay, out in the South. Yeah, cuz that was an area here.

Speaker 1 1:04:23
And so the borders are there metal and they’ve got sharp edges sticking up.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:29
value with

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30

Speaker 9 1:04:32
That would be a timber thing you can talk to him about as far as the grass. We met with Ryan headaches from our golf good. And he’s he’s took some measurements, he kind of he has a plan. We have a window it will be obviously somewhat weather dependent. We have a year we had this year won’t happen. But hopefully we have a normal year and we can squeeze six weeks out of that. Are for that done and try to essentially make adding materials whether it is because it’s this is not very flat and things are called compaction. So topdressing when you see new seeds to grow within currency, you can construction professionals.

Speaker 1 1:05:23
I’d like to see in some places reclaiming some turf or the flowerbeds if this kind of expanded more than what I think they need to be. I know especially on the east side here, there, they’ve just gotten so big. And then that’s just more maintenance. And it’s harder to take care of manage flowerbed than just him all along.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:42
Why don’t you talk with

Speaker 1 1:05:43
Brittany? Yeah. Okay. So I think, yeah, reclaim some territory? That’s a different service. Yeah. And it would have to be done about that same time. Okay. Right.

Speaker 3 1:05:56
I just had a follow up on one item that I mentioned. Last time, it’s an items from the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07

Speaker 3 1:06:08
What is it eight D. This is about the city working with the same terrain, Historical Society to work together to create one list that is posted, let’s say in the Chamber of Commerce website, so that when people come to town, or people are just looking for something to do, if they want to look at historical website, historical sites, there’s one place to find them all, as opposed to the city promoting someone that is under future

Unknown Speaker 1:06:46
agenda items.

Speaker 3 1:06:47
Yeah, yeah. So I’m just following up on it. Oh. I Oh, and then Maureen said something about the long run area visitor association would be a good forum. I’m not even familiar with that. But I guess what I want to know is who from who, among us or from the city would would talk to the Historical Society? Okay, to see if it’s something that can be done.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:20
Yeah. I think Julie’s answer that.

Speaker 4 1:07:24
Elise Davis. She’s okay. Yeah, she has DeSantis. Elise DeSantis.

Speaker 1 1:07:32
Okay. Thank you. Okay, so let’s jump to future agenda items. Oh, sorry. I

Speaker 7 1:07:41
already covered. Okay. Contact with

Speaker 1 1:07:47
club affair. I’ve told her. That’s just what we’re going to talk about in the next week, you future house restoration. That’s also October, Callahan house eblast. On Tech, I think we’ve talked about some of this. It’s just continually

Speaker 2 1:08:02
on here, because whenever an event is coming up, this is to remind us, you need to come out, okay. And notice the Constant Contact or nuisance to our Callahan house email list.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:14
It’s also a request for cons to anybody else if you have something

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
that you’re like.

Speaker 8 1:08:21
Yeah. So the other thing that we wanted to do is, in addition to events going on is just to have some kind of some that go out in between events. Yeah, historical tidbits about house. And I would love for that type of swellings idea. Things going out just in between events so that we’re constantly

Unknown Speaker 1:08:46
kind of mining but just Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:48
Did you know Yeah. Yeah, I may get some photos. From archives are things that would be real attention. Yeah.

Speaker 3 1:09:00
Postcards on CPR? Yeah. There’s so interesting. Yeah, just you know, 30 seconds long.

Speaker 8 1:09:09
Yes. You know, the same size is kind of this email that went out with just a few little things. So if anyone has content for that, really, at any point, you could send that to me and say, hey, I want to talk about this piece of history and I can put together a little blurb like this just to say

Speaker 2 1:09:26
I can certainly put together something for when you want to set it up next bit that can be done before the open house. Yeah, events. It will include the Hey, come and see our history walls of managers. Yeah, through the year and the ordinance along with how the house will be dressed up for the holiday. Conservative stuff, but

Speaker 8 1:09:49
again, be great. Yeah, at any point if anybody wants to send me that type of stuff, and we can, you know, space out, have it sent out but feel free to do

Speaker 1 1:09:59
that. thing that might go along with this as the public because there might be somebody out there, you know, maybe getting elderly now, but who has a memory or knows a little hidden fact? Sure. So in

Unknown Speaker 1:10:11
the elderly

Speaker 2 1:10:18
maybe a little tag at the end of each one can be if you have a special, you know, memory to share or if you have a special effect contact to share. reach back out to Yeah, yeah. Share to be posted in the future.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:31

Speaker 1 1:10:33
Or any information? Yes. Knowledge. of you. Okay. Anything else? Okay, moving on to closet cleaning? I think it’s clean.

Speaker 8 1:10:44
Sprinkling? Yeah, I mean, I, so there actually was not very much in there. There’s actually less space in there. So yeah, there were a few random things in there that I might bring down pretty well to look at at some point if it needs to be somewhere special or have something special with it. But otherwise, yeah, I mean, I think it can probably come off of this list. If you’re comfortable with that. It’s you could walk in and it’s I don’t think it was yeah, the only thought I had is maybe if we want to do some curtains for the other side. So that like during open house, they can be open and talk about the history of that space, which was Alice’s closet, and it’s an interesting little space and not have, you know, reams of paper hanging out and whatnot. So yeah, I might pursue that. But otherwise, it’s it’s good to go. I think

Speaker 2 1:11:35
so. It’s just it’s great that people can walk in and look at it. Yeah. Significant.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
It’s an interesting little space. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:42
Thank you. So sure. Good. Walk

Speaker 1 1:11:44
in closets back then. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Okay. And back to collaboration with other local, historic. Did we cover that? And then here’s

Speaker 8 1:11:56
what so Okay, so I’m going to reach out to Elise DeSantis. From St. Grange, de Santas de Gama, GPIO. S. and lava. We’re also interested in contracts where they’re okay. And just kind of cross promoting each other is the idea.

Speaker 2 1:12:19
Is anyone who comes into town who’s interested in what’s new here? Okay. I think it’s gonna be great. Thanks.

Speaker 9 1:12:28
Somebody do too. Okay. In the last six months, okay. pretty dynamic.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
So this is

Unknown Speaker 1:12:44
yeah, it’s my area.

Speaker 7 1:12:47
Associations is a part of the chamber. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:53
Yeah. Yeah, she’s she’s very dynamic experience. So somebody would say, Okay, I’ll figure it out. Because that position had gone on Phillip for quite a while.

Speaker 3 1:13:13
Well, does lava issue promotional things on their own or zone? Okay.

Speaker 9 1:13:21
I don’t know exactly the relationship between the chamber and they work very closely together. What does that folks from the chamber board in the results?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
What is left Longmont area?

Speaker 4 1:13:39
Just a note about those St. Green Historical Society. Pumpkin pie days are October 14 and 15th. Always looking for volunteers. All kinds of capacities for people are interested so that might be a good way to get involved. That kind of thing to neighborly exchange of helping each other.

Speaker 1 1:14:06
Okay. Let’s talk about the house manager picture. I think we’ve already discussed this. So

Unknown Speaker 1:14:14
that and the

Speaker 2 1:14:14
board member piece will become before the October 1 team. So that’s going to be very exciting. And

Speaker 9 1:14:29
interesting thing behind the wall work. Telephone number thing. There’s Thursday electrical boxer.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:35
Oh, yeah. What’s nice about that

Unknown Speaker 1:14:37
electrical panel.

Speaker 2 1:14:38
So that will incorporate the three things they’re going to

Speaker 8 1:14:49
do. Okay. And we wanted to set some time at the end of September because the board project has to be done which standard 22 I’m interested in

Speaker 2 1:15:01
20 of this, like a friend and glasses, and some of that’s going to hit him

Speaker 8 1:15:09
hard. Many. Okay, because, yeah, I’d like some help. And actually, what’s the hanging insulation pieces in place actually getting those?

Speaker 2 1:15:19
I thought were wrong. Marine definitely wanted to be involved in that because she understands.

Speaker 8 1:15:26
So when, when that’s ready or so reach out to whoever is interested in I might

Speaker 2 1:15:30
be another one that does okay, like, we were gonna do with him. We’re gonna get together on this day that you’re interested in joining us. But I would say yeah, definitely, marine. Coordinate with the,

Speaker 8 1:15:46
okay. Push a unit to be there. So I can or wants to help with that. And I imagine that’ll be that buys the house manager project might be sooner than later. And then as soon as they’re done with the hanging system, and then the board project will be when, when that’s done so late, late September, yeah. Definitely before the team, okay.

Speaker 1 1:16:17
And the next item, and I know there’s gotta get this done in concrete here. It’s the updated video parameters discussion, because we definitely have to have the right parameters to to give to our potential

Speaker 2 1:16:29
visitors. So are we supposed to be talking about that in October? Should we be bringing those parameters together? So everyone needs to bring their suggestions for the parameters to next month’s board meeting? Okay. Yeah, people

Speaker 8 1:16:42
want to kind of finalize those next month. I mean, I don’t know if they would want to do so, you know, at this point, we’re doing this filming, because we started the process. Spring. But, but we can get those in place for two apples to

Speaker 5 1:17:02
apples spins, right? Yes, exactly the same thing. So that the, the successful

Unknown Speaker 1:17:10
bidder will be will know what

Unknown Speaker 1:17:13
we’re getting, you know, and other people can.

Speaker 1 1:17:17
And another thing, we’re, we’re kind of at a disadvantage now. But it should be the bids should go to the city, right. And they should be confidential stay,

Speaker 5 1:17:25
it has a very specific process, it will be done through the city system.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:28
So it will

Unknown Speaker 1:17:29
be they’ll be very much it’ll be issued by the city,

Speaker 1 1:17:35
which is almost unfortunate. So we’ve already kind of heard one bid. But we’ll just not, not just everybody should not have to talk? Well,

Speaker 9 1:17:41
it’s interesting, because you, you almost always have to have one sort of bid or quote, because otherwise you don’t have any idea what to put out there. So a lot of times, what we do is we talk to a company that we work with, or in this case, a company that kind of fell into our laps. And those become our parameters. You know, firstly, we like that, then you can use those as your parameters. Do they have an advantage in such a thing? Yeah, they do. But but it gives it clear parameters as opposed to all of us trying to figure out how to use my phone, but it gave us that

Unknown Speaker 1:18:19
baseline. What Yeah, what we want some of that out there. Yeah. For sure. Yeah, RFP kind of silence people. Fine, we’ll go well. All right. That’ll be October. Last item on here is the annual report, which we’ll have to put together and

Speaker 1 1:18:55
get numbers from you. But that won’t really the numbers won’t be complete till the end of December. Yeah. And so other than that, just to kind of have a narrative on things. So

Unknown Speaker 1:19:07
that is generally had that up generally. As a second year student

Speaker 1 1:19:15
Okay, I’ll bring out my to the next meeting and then we can feel it.

Speaker 1 1:19:24
So is there anything else you want to discuss a quick question

Speaker 2 1:19:27
since since we have things that board members all need to be mindful of for next month’s meeting and prepared for for next month? Would you mind sending an email out to board saying Okay, everyone, please remember to come to next month’s meeting prepare to schedule for decorating in November. And accountability. Please also remember to bring with you primedice parameters that you have in mind regarding the video. The things that may only be here to bring to the table next month, they would help as a little heads up on it especially where you care

Unknown Speaker 1:20:13
Okay, anything else? Then can I get a motion to adjourn these

Unknown Speaker 1:20:25
columns later

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